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It was fucking hot.

The girl staring out the window was consumed by this thought. Sure, it may have been the middle of summer, but it seemed like the sun was trying as hard as it possibly could to melt her into a puddle. Two weeks with out rain, and not a cloud in sight either to offer even the briefest chance at some shade.

This was the last week before the end of summer vacation. Little miss procrastination, however, still had not started her summer homework. Nothing new there, mind you. It simply bears mentioning because this is why--currently anyways--the lovely prisoner was being forced to endure the ungodly heat in her home instead of seeking out cooler locales. Her parents were on a huge ‘energy saving’ kick, which meant that they ran the air conditioner sparingly, and only in one room. That one room not being her bedroom.

“God damn. Why’s it gotta be so hot?” The young woman griped to no one in particular, her chin resting on the window sill, arms hanging limply at her side. Even with the fan blowing on her, she was still overwhelmingly warm. With the window open, there was always the slightest hope for a breeze to come and help cool her. Luck had not been on her side today. Not that any had been anymore forthcoming over the past week, either.

She sighed again. Maybe she should just do the homework already. It’s not like there was that much to do... right? Then her mom would let her go out and the heat would be a thing of the past as she went to the mall, ice skating rink, or hell, even the LIBRARY would be preferable to here. And she hated the library. Turning her head on its side, she stared at her desk. Mounds of paper and textbooks were strewn haphazardly across its surface and were a painful reminder of just how much homework she had been given. Extra because she was behind in several classes, extra-extra because of some stupid fight the day before summer vacation started. Her face screwed up in distain over the memory and the fact of how much homework was still left to do. Sighing again, for the umpteenth time in as many minutes, she decided that surmounting Mt. Everest would be a far more simple task than completing that monstrous assault of homework. No, staring out the window, hoping for a passing breeze... That was the logical thing to do. There was no way that she could even put a dent in that over the week span that she had left.

If it were only a few degrees cooler, she mused, this would be the perfect weather for napping.

As her mind lazily turned, focusing on nothing in particular, a voice called out from downstairs.

“MOKOU! Your father and I are going out for a bit! I expect you to have some of that homework done by the time that we get back, or else you’re grounded for ANOTHER week. Understood?”

Visibly agitated at the thought of losing yet another week of freedom to this accursed pile of paper, Mokou called back, “Yeah, I gotcha mom.”

“Good.” Her mother called back.

Mokou just stuck her tongue out at her bedroom door.

“I HEARD that, young lady!”

Mokou jumped in shock and glanced around her room. Did sticking out one’s tongue make a noise like on Anime? She really hoped not, otherwise there could be quite a few problems. Well, not to horribly many. Just the occasional inconvenience. Still annoying though.

Turning her attention back to the window, Mokou remained immobile until she heard the family car start. ‘Oh? What’s this?’ she thought to herself. If her parents were using the car, that meant that they were going somewhere that they couldn’t walk to which meant...

As soon as the car was safely out of sight she was off on her bike. If she hurried she could make it to the corner store and back before anyone was the wiser. With the last of her allowance, she should be able to get 6 boxes of popsicles. Sure she’d have to hide them in that old freezer in the shack behind her house, but it’d be better to have them around for cooling off than to not have them at all. Of course, that counted on her not eating all 6 boxes in one sitting.

Sweet bliss. That’s what the air conditioning felt like to the sweltering girl. Truly, air conditioning was mankind’s greatest achievement, the ultimate invention. While she was loathe to leave this delightfully cool environment, every moment she wasted in the store was a moment that her parents could return home to find her absent. There was no way that would end well.

After making her selections, two boxes of cherry popsicles with four other assorted flavors, she proceeded towards the check out counter. The girl was paying little attention to her surroundings, far too enamored with the contents of the boxes was she. Scarcely had the bill been paid when Mokou ripped open one of the boxes and began sucking on the icy delights contained within.


So engrossed was she in the delicious icy treat as she left the convenience store that she failed to notice the girl barreling down on her. The two collided in a loud thud, sending both parties sprawling to the ground.

“Ow! Why doncha watch where yer going?!”

The girl who had run into Mokou was already on her feet and bowing deeply. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Mokou pulled herself up to her feet, eyeing this girl. Long grayish-blue hair, ratty and tangled, a blue one piece dress, dirty and tattered. This girl looked like she had been homeless for quite some time, or was just involved in some sort of fight.

“Oi. You ok? You look all torn up.” Mokou continued eyeing the girl. Some scrapes and bruises on her face, slightly obscured by smudges of dirt and other substances. The girl’s eyes opened wide.

“Oh. No, no, no, nothing like that! I.. I err... Haven’t...” Panic was evident on the frightened girl’s face, casting glances about like she expected someone to jump out of her very shadow.

“What’s yer name?”

“Eh? Oh uh... Keine, I guess. You can call me that.” Nearby noises drove her frantic searching into overdrive, “I’m sorry, I really have to go!” Without so much as a reply from Mokou, Keine vanished around the corner of the building. Just as the last of her blue locks were out of sight, three blond girls came tearing around the corner of the block. They looked around rather mechanically, like they were searching for something. It wasn’t long before they took notice of Mokou. She eyed the three cautiously as they approached; the head of the trio addressed Mokou.

“Hello, human.” her glassy eyes betraying no emotion, “We have been looking for an escapee who should have run past this position. Pray tell, have you seen our target?”

“Eh? Whatcha on about?” Mokou examined the girls closer. Their features seemed almost... wooden. Any movements they made were highly mechanical and stiff... it struck her as being quite bizarre.

“See, this is why I should talk! You always mess things up!” one of the trio, who had the same long blonde hair, and long blue dress that the other two wore, pushed up to the front. The only difference between this girl and the last is that she had blue eyes, compared to the green eyes of the first. “We’re looking for a runaway. She probably came this way. You seen her?”

“Oh! Heh,” Mokou thumbed her nose, “Why didn’t you say so. Saw her a few minutes ago. Bitch stole my popsicles. She ran off that way.” Mokou pointed to an alleyway across the street. “Grimy looking girl with long grey-blue hair, right? That away.”

Mokou figured the girl was eyeing her suspiciously, not that she could tell with those frozen features and dead eyes. “Are you sure?” It finally asked.

“Tch. Yer pissin me off.” Mokou got right up into the face of the girl, causing her to draw back. “If I said she went that way. She went that way. Or do we have a problem?”

“N-no. Right. That way girls!” The trio retreated hastily; quickly crossing the street and vanishing down the alleyway.

Mokou sighed. ‘Really. What a bother...’ She watched as the girls continued running straight down the alley. Once out of sight, Mokou called out. “Oi. They’re gone. You can come out now.”

The sound of shuffling and a garbage can being knocked over echoed out from next to the convenience store before the further dirtied Keine appeared. “Th... thank you.” The girl started bowing deeply again.

“Oi. OI! Knock that off. I didn’t do it entirely for yer benefit. Someone’s gotta pay for those.” Mokou pointed at the ground where just a few moments before her Popsicles had been. The space was strangely vacant. “Eh?! Where’d they go?”

“Ha~ Ha~ They’re ours no~w!”

Mokou brought her head up to see who had addressed her. There, on the sidewalk, on the other side of the divider, stood several kids snacking away on HER popsicles. The barefoot girl in a blue dress smeared almost black beneath the grime had four shoved in her mouth at once. The one next to her in a torn brown dress called out again in her sing-song voice.

“Thank you for the delicious treats lady~” She pulled down an eye while the blue one turned around and slapped her ass a couple of times.

“Knock it off! I got her bike! Let’s go!” A green haired girl wrapped up in some sort of plastic bag cape ran past with Mokou’s bike. The brats all jumped onto it while a girl with dirty blonde hair ran along behind.

“Waaaaa! Wait for Rumia! Wait for Rumia!”

Mokou stood there frozen in shock as her bike vanished with the three girls. “Oh that is IT. If I catch those brats, they’re DEAD.” Mokou stomped a foot on the ground, cursing loudly. “YOU HEAR ME, BRATS? I’M COMING FOR YOU.”

Keine stopped Mokou before she could run off. “You almost forgot your bag.”

“Huh? Oh. Thanks.” Mokou scooped up the seemingly empty bag from the ground, “NOW, GET BACK HERE YOU BRATS!” Mokou ran off after the kids who had stolen her bike.

While Mokou never saw it, a knowing smile passed across Keine’s face as she watched the other girl chase off after her bike.


Several hours later, Mokou climbed the hill that lead towards her home. Next to her was her severely damaged bike. While she hadn’t caught up to those kids, she did catch up to her bike, and the telephone pole they had apparently run it into. Front wheel was busted and the handlebars were all twisted about. It’d be quite some time before it’d be back in in any condition to ride. ‘Damn brats. If I ever see them again...’ her fist shook ruefully.

At the crest of the hill her spirits sank. There in the driveway was the family car, which meant that she hadn’t beat her parents back. If she was lucky, which she doubted given the way her day had gone, they had just gotten back and she could sneak in. No one would be the wiser, if she was lucky. Well, she had to try anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and similar such bullshit.

Her plan involved dumping her bike in the neighbors yard, which would be the most damning evidence that she left if caught. It wouldn’t be much trouble if it was found by the neighbors, which it shouldn’t be. Kaguya’s family was on vacation, and they weren’t due back for some time. Too bad, really.

Fishing the key out of its secret spot was little trouble at all. The gate opened silently. ‘Thank goodness for small miracles.’ Mokou’s heart was about ready to jump out of her chest. Just as silently, the gate was closed behind her. Both she and the bike made haste to the back yard where the bike was dumped behind the shed. Now all she had to do was get over the wall and into her yard. ‘Piece of cake, right?’

The wall was tall enough to require jumping and climbing to get over it. Mokou was about half way over when she heard her mother clear her throat. ‘Shit.’ Climbing the rest of the way over she landed and turned to face the music.

“H-hi, mom.”

“Don’t you ‘Hi mom’ me, young lady! Do you have any idea how worried your father and I were when we came home and found you missing? No note, no call, no nothing!” her mother pulled out her cell phone, “And another thing, hold on. Yes, dear. She’s home now. I caught her climbing over the wall. Yes. Yes. Hurry home.” The cell phone was retuned to the pocket it had been drawn from, “And another thing! You’re still grounded. It seems someone wants another two to three weeks of being confined to her room!”

Mokou opened her mouth to protest but never got the chance.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Fujiwara, but this is entirely my fault.”

Mokou’s mother turned to face the newcomer, glower still firmly affixed to her face. When she saw who it was, however, the glower vanished in an instant, replaced by a bright smile. “Ah! Kaguya-chan! I didn’t know that your family was back from vacation!”

“No ma’am, just me. My parents ended up working for most of the trip anyway, and now they have to go overseas again. So I decided to come home early. Mokou saw me when my cab pulled up and I asked her to come help me with my luggage.”

“O-oh, right. Right! I helped you get your luggage in! You always have so much of it and those idiot cabbies never want to help.” Mokou scratched the back of her head, hoping and praying to whichever Gods may be listening that her mother would believe Kaguya.

Kaguya giggled, “Yeah. And it’s not like they can match you in sheer brute strength!” She made a mock strongman pose. “But, I digress. She came over to help me and we got to talking. I’m afraid that we both lost track of time. She glanced out the window and saw your car, and I believe that she panicked. Kept going on about sneaking back into the house. I tried my best to dissuade her, as I was absolutely certain that you wouldn’t be too upset if she had been helping me. But she would have none of it. Please forgive her.” Kaguya bowed deeply.

“Well.” Mrs. Fujiwara appraised both Kaguya and Mokou before replying. “Alright. If Kaguya says so, it must be true. So, you’re really back all by yourself? You have to come over for dinner then! I won’t take no for an answer, understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kaguya bowed to Mokou’s mom once again, “Thank you for your kind hospitality. Please take care of me.”

The elder Fujiwara laughed deeply. “My, you’re always so formal aren’t you, Kaguya-chan? I wish some of it would rub off on Mokou.” She ruffled Mokou’s hair affectionately. “Maybe then we wouldn’t have to worry about her so much.”

“Mo~m!” Mokou cried in protest, swatting at her mother’s hand.

Her mom and Kaguya simply laughed.

“Well, I should be getting dinner started. I’ll explain to your father, young lady. Don’t think you’re completely off the hook. You still have that homework to finish.” Mrs. Fujiwara retreated to the kitchen leaving Kaguya and Mokou alone in the back yard.

“Hey, thanks for covering for me.”

“Not a problem. You owe me though~” Kaguya replied in a sing-song voice that caused Mokou to wince.

Kaguya’s ‘favors’ usually involved costumes. Things that Mokou would normally not be caught dead wearing. Photographs too. Mokou wanted to, desperately, burn all those photos. But as it stood, Kaguya had made it quite clear that the pictures were for her and her alone and had never made even the slightest attempt to blackmail her with said pictures. All thoughts of such were driven from her mind as Kaguya ran forward embracing Mokou tightly.

“It’s so good to see you! I missed you while I was on vacation. All these nasty boys kept hitting on me and there was nobody to chase them off!”

“Oi. I keep telling ya, You gotta learn ta do this stuff for yourself. I won’t always be around to protect you.” Mokou stuck out her tongue.

“Don’t say horrible things like that!” Kaguya rubbed her face against Mokou’s arm, “You don’t really mean that... do you?”

Mokou sighed. She was defenseless against a Kaguya like this. “No, You’re right. I’ll be there for you as much as I can.” She brought her free hand up and gently patted the shorter girl’s head.

“Yay! Oh, by the way. I did some of your homework while you were out.” She pointed up at the ladder that was once again bridging their respective rooms, “I figured your mother had levied her usual ultimatum of ‘another week of grounding’ if you didn’t finish it.”

A sour look crossed Mokou’s face.

“Oh, don’t be like that. I hate it when you make faces like that. It ruins your pretty face... Don’t worry about the homework, though. I made sure to get enough wrong that nobody would suspect it. Besides, the Prismriver concert is the week after school starts. You wouldn‘t make poor, defenseless, little old me go alone, now would you?” Kaguya’s mouth turned down in a pout. Eyes starting to tear up.

“Hey, hey! No waterworks! You just want me to come along to buy drinks and snacks.” Mokou chuckled, as Kaguya‘s fake tears dried up, “Otherwise you’d have a grand time by yourself.”

“Nooo~ I wouldn’t! You know I wouldn’t! And that’s not why I want you to come along. I really enjoy having you there with me. It really makes the whole experience that much more fun to share it with you. I really don’t think it’s all that bad of an arrangement. I get the tickets, you get the snacks. Besides. I already got us tickets!” Kaguya fished around in her pocket looking for the tickets. “Ah! Here! See?” she pulled them out and waved them at Mokou.

Mokou just shook her head and took one. “Alright, alright, princess. I can’t very well deny a request like that, now can I?”

A bright smile dominated Kaguya’s face as she looked up at her friend.


School came faster than Mokou was ready for. Pulling on her uniform, she grinned at how she managed to get away with wearing the boy’s uniform. Sure, the school had strict regulations, but it had never specified beyond that students were required to wear ‘a’ uniform. Though, she was quite certain, they’d try to change it even though she’d managed to grandfather clause herself in. Several of the younger students were starting to emulate her and that brought the administration and the student council no end of headaches.

‘Serves them right for leaving such a gaping loophole’ Mokou chuckled as she buttoned the shirt up, thankful for the fact that the summer uniform didn’t include a coat like many other schools did. That ungodly heat had yet to abate, and she really didn’t want the extra weight from the jacket.

Catching the time out of the corner of her eye, Mokou rushed down stairs. Swiping a piece of toast held out by her mother, and her lunch off of the counter she rushed to the entryway. Shoes on, she met Kaguya out in the street. The pair waved to Mokou’s mother as they headed off to school.

They walked along, chatting about various inanities. Kaguya, in her dark blue uniform with matching ankle length skirt hung on Mokou’s arm, like most mornings.

“Jeeze. How can you bear wearing the winter skirt in this heat? I‘ve never understood that.”

“Mn? Oh, this isn’t the winter skirt. It’s the same weight as the summer skirt, I just don’t like how much skin that the shorter skirt shows off. Too many of those disgusting pigs try to hit on me then...”

Mokou just shook her head. “Well, one day you’re going to have to settle down with one of those ‘disgusting pigs’, you know?”

“I know...” Kaguya’s listless reply was accompanied by a frown. “But they’re all just so immature at this age! If I could meet a boy as nice as you, as mature as you, and as PRETTY as you... I don’t think I’d have a any problems.”

“I’m not that pretty, and besides, boys don’t really ever look that pretty outside of anime.” Mokou chuckled.

“Ah! We’re going to be late! Hurry!” Kaguya pulled on Mokou’s arm as she started to run.

Kaguya’s stop was two before Mokou’s, given that Kaguya went to an extremely exclusive all girl’s academy. At her own stop, throngs of students wearing the white shirt and light blue skirt that signified her own school’s uniform exited the train. Forcing her way out of the madness of the station and out onto the streets, Mokou made her way to the school by the back route. She hated the crowds that gathered at the front gates; most of all though, she didn’t want to run into any teachers. Sure, it took a bit longer, but it was well worth it in the solitude it afforded her.

Popping the latch in her usual method, a sharp strike to the weak lock, Mokou slipped in through the now unlocked back gate.

The gate swung shut behind Mokou with it’s usual grinding squeak. It was infrequently used and ill cared for, but it still worked as it was supposed to. ’Well, mostly’ Mokou thought to herself as she checked to make sure that it had latched again properly. While examining the lock she didn’t see the group that had gathered behind her. Finally convinced that the lock was indeed latched, Mokou stood up. A familiar voice called out to her. “Oh? Trying to sneak in the back way again? Shame on you~”

With out even a chance to respond Mokou was tackled to the ground. Wordlessly, she was dragged roughly to her feet then forced to face her tormentor.

“Remilia.” Mokou‘s voice dripped with venom.

“I’m glad to see that our little break hasn’t completely turned your brain to mush, not that there‘s much further that it could go.” This elicited a chuckle from Sakuya.

Remilia continued, “Though you seem to have forgotten our... agreement. Your refusal to wear a proper uniform,” Remilia waved her hand at the boys uniform that Mokou was wearing, “and to use the proper entrance is a continued blight upon our school.”

She paced back and forth under the large umbrella held by her maid, Sakuya. Remilia prided herself on her pale skin and as such, went to great pains to maintain it.

“I don’t recall ever ‘agreein’ to anything like that. I remember you getting Meiling here to try and beat me into agreein, but I don’t recall ever ACTUALLY agreein. So, again. Go blow it out your ass.” Mokou spat at the ground in front of Remilia.

“Hmph. Crass as always, I see. Sakuya?”

In the blink of an eye, Sakuya was upon Mokou. With the skill of a highly trained fighter Sakuya delivered a painful blow to Mokou’s stomach. There wasn’t even time to brace against it. If it wasn’t for Meiling supporting her at this moment, Mokou would have likely been doubled over in pain. Sakuya, who hadn’t uttered a single word during this entire exchange, quickly retreated back to her lady’s side. With no other recourse available to her, Mokou simply grit her teeth, not giving Remilia the satisfaction of crying out.

“Oh ho. Still clinging desperately to the tough girl routine, I see.” Remilia smirked. “Well then, maybe I should get Meiling to...”

The great clock tower in the front of the school chimed loudly.

Sakuya turned her head to one side, listening to the chimes. “Mistress.”

Remilia waved her hand at Sakuya. “I’m well aware, Sakuya. It would seem that we have dallied here long enough today. Come, Meiling, Sakuya.” Remilia turned and started walking towards the school. Sakuya followed quickly behind while Meiling lagged behind, still holding Mokou.

“Meiling. Come. Now.” Sakuya was as curt with her words as always, speaking to Meiling as if she was a dog.

In a hushed tone, Meiling whispered to Mokou. “I.. I’m really sorry about this... Remi, I mean the Mistress means well, she just doesn’t always know how to accomplish her means. Really, I’m sorry.”


“Coming!” Meiling shouted before returning to the same hushed tones as before. “Here, have my curry bread. I didn’t know Sakuya was going to hit you, but you really shouldn’t be spitting at Remilia.” Meiling hastily shoved a wrapped piece of bread into Mokou’s pocket before dashing to keep up with Remilia and Sakuya.

‘Every time, eh Meiling? I wonder what she’s got on you that you’ll keep serving her like a dog despite the fact that you obviously don‘t want to.’ Mokou shook her head, rubbing her sore stomach while entering the building.


The great clock tower chimed once again signaling Mokou’s freedom from these educational confines. It was all she could do to keep from running out of the school as fast as she could. Given her... fateful encounter that morning, she had to exercise some caution. Another run-in like that was not what she needed right now. The teachers were on high alert about her as well, given the fight before break, and even the slightest hint of her fighting would be more than enough. They’d threatened her with expulsion this time.

Waiting for just the right time, Mokou slipped out the front gate in a gaggle of other girls. No doubt Remilia would be behind the school, waiting for Mokou to slip out her normal way. ‘The joke’s on you Remilia. I’m not so stupid as to fall for the same trick twice.’ Mokou thought smugly, consciously ignoring the fact that if Remilia was back there, she’d won a small victory by making Mokou use the proper entrance.

Once clear of the school, Mokou made a beeline for her usual path. Crowds of babbling school girls were not something she usually chose to spend her time with. As she merged onto her normal path she let out a sigh. ‘Finally, some peace and quiet’ her pace slowed considerably. Meeting Kaguya after school meant that Mokou had considerably more time than if she had to rush home. So much more peaceful to spend it strolling along the streets, taking her sweet time to reach the station.

Usually more peaceful, anyways. Strolling down the street in front of her was one of the brats from the other day at the convenience store.

“Oi! You brat! Stop!”

The girl whipped around, a horrified look on her face. Mokou, almost in a dead run already, ran towards the girl. With amazing speed, the girl turned and fled. “Get your sing-song ass back here, you little bitch! You’re gonna pay for those popsicles!”

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‘God DAMN what speed that little shit has.’ Mokou was panting and gasping for breath. She’d chased that girl for quite some time, never really gaining on her, until she had finally lost her. The girl must have run in circles or something, Mokou figured, as she was back near the school. Well, she could see it anyway. She’d never really been this direction from it before, though. ‘Ugh. I wonder how much time that cost me’ Mokou wondered idly, finally catching her breath. She was about to leave, after looking around to get her bearings when she heard someone shout. Glancing around the corner of a nearby alleyway, she was shocked to see Meiling and Keine.

“What do you think you’re doing to her!” Meiling roared. “Get off of her!”

The three ignored Meiling, continuing to shout and struggle with Keine.

“Fine. I warned you.” Meiling charged forward and leapt. One of the girls went flying as Meiling’s kick connected firmly. She spun back around and nailed another one squarely in the face with her fist. The third released Keine and charged Meiling. Sliding her foot forward, Meiling flipped the girl into the wall. She slid down the wall, landing on her head with a dull crunch. Feeling that the situation was now well in hand, Meiling reached out, offering her hand to Keine.

She smiled brightly at the battered girl. “Are you ok?”

“T-They’re not down. They’ll be back up in a minute! You have to run. Now!” Keine was frantic.

“They’re not going anywhere for a while,” Meiling chuckled, “I may not look like it, but I’m actually quite skilled in martial arts.”

“Look out!”

The girl Meiling had punched now lunged at her. Meiling was barely able to sidestep in time.

“Blue. Green. Rise.” The one who was still standing called out to the other two.

The girls spun around on the ground and were jerked to their feet. They hung there in the air limply, arms and legs dangling down, feet floating just off the ground as if they were held up like a puppet on strings. The unseen puppet master then pulled the strings taut.

“What the...?” Meiling stepped back, throwing her arm out between the girls and Keine. “Get out of here” She growled to the girl who had been getting beaten on a scant few moments ago.

“No... It’s me they’re after. Run!” Keine’s voice was barely above a whisper.

“Not a chance of that. Looks like the chance to run has passed anyways.” The three girls, now fully regrouped, charged Meiling.
Mokou watched the fight from her vantage point at the end of the alleyway. Meiling was getting her ass handed to her now that the three were working together. ‘Damnit. I may not like the girl, but I’m not about to sit here while she gets the shit beat out of her.’ Mokou was just about to charge in to help Meiling when there was a sharp tugging at her school bag. ‘Eh? What the...?’

“You can’t beat them like this!” A gruff voice spoke from within her bag.

“THA HELL?!” Mokou shouted.

Unseen by her, one of the girls started towards the noise.

“No time to explain. Take this,” A pink pen shot out of the bag at Mokou. She managed to catch it, somehow, before it impaled her face.

“Now, repeat after me. ‘Magical Pretty Super Special Awesome Transform!’, quickly now!”

“Like HELL I’m saying that!”

“There’s no time! Do it now!”

“Fuck this. ‘M-Magical... Ergh. ‘MAGICAL TRANSFORM’”

“No you--”

Mokou was enveloped in a bright light. As it faded away, she seemed to be wearing something entirely different. “Oh HELL no. No. no. no. No. I am NOT wearing this. This is worse than Kaguya’s costumes.”

“We can deal with it later, now DUCK!”

“Wha-?” Mokou barely dodged in time as the girl with blue eyes rounded the corner and swung at her.

“Eh? A Magical girl...? I don’t recognize you...”

“Don’t worry about her. Your primary attack is ‘Conflagration’. Call out it’s name and then shoot the flame into the doll!”

“I don’t really get what’s going on but... CONFLAGRATION!” Mokou’s fist burst into flames.

“Good! Now aim it at the girl and concentrate. It’ll shoot off at her!”

Mokou looked at her fist, engulfed in flames. “I’ve got a better idea.” Rearing back, she punched the shocked girl square in the face. Instead of flying back, like Mokou expected her to, her head just exploded into a fine dust. “Oh shit! Oh SHIT! I just killed her!”

“Don’t worry about it. She wasn’t a person, she’s just a doll. See?”

The body crumpled to the ground as Mokou watched, horrified. A fine smoke was released from the body and a card appeared as the body finished evaporating from inside the clothes. Horror turned to shock, turned to disbelief.

“Wh-What the fuck was that?!”

“Now hurry! The other two will be taking notice now.”

Mokou dashed into the alleyway to just in time to see the girl throwing Meiling to the side.
“You have severely damaged our compatriot. You will be suffering quite a bit at our hands now.” The green and red eyed girls launched themselves at Mokou.

“Con.. Con.. Damnit what was the attack again?”

“Conflagration! Hurry!”

“Right! ‘CONFLAGRATION!’” Mokou’s fist burst into flames again, with out a moment to spare. The first girl barreled down on her. Taking a step back, Mokou wound up and punched as hard as she could. Her fist went through the first girl’s head and into the second one’s head a moment later. ‘They’re not very smart it seems’ Mokou allowed herself a moment to relax. “Now, just who in the hell was telling me all this crap?”

A small, round, red bird waddled into the alleyway. “Sup. Name’s Phoenix.”

“Uh...” Mokou blinked a few times just to make sure she was really seeing what she thought she was seeing.

“Phoenix! What did you do?! Why didn’t you stay with that girl who’s bag I snuck you into?” Keine rushed over to the small animal and scooped it up into her arms. Cradling it she turned to Mokou. “Where did you find him, anyways? He should have still been with that girl.”

“Eh? Whatcha talkin about? I’m the girl who’s bag you shoved him into, apparently. Given that you’re still the same hobo lookin girl, and those three... things were still the same bitches they were the other day...”

Keine got right up in Mokou’s face, her brow furrowed in concentration. “You... you kind of look similar... I guess. It must be some effect from the transformation.”

“While this is all nice and good,” Phoenix interrupted, “We’ve got more pressing problems. One of the other MG’s are coming, and fast too. We need to get out of here!”

Mokou glanced down at Meiling. The girl was a little beat up, but still conscious. She seemed to be recovering from the beating much faster than Mokou would have thought. ‘She’ll be fine here on her own.’

“Alright, let’s get going.” Mokou went to leave the alleyway.

“Y-You’re just going to leave her here?” Keine sounded quite upset, “She risked her life to save me! You can’t just leave her here!”

“You may not always agree with me, cutie, but we need to get out of here. The thing that’s coming is two to three times more powerful than the neophyte over here.”

“But... but...” Keine stomped her foot. “Fine! I’ll turn myself in. Just to make sure that they leave her alone! Unless you help her!”

“Yeah, sure, fine, whatever,” Mokou really didn’t like the sound of two to three times more powerful, given that she had just punched through three girl’s heads. “I’ll grab her, now you two just hurry up and--”

“And what, prey tell.” A new voice spoke from the end of the alleyway. All eyes were upon the newcomer as she entered. Striking violet eyes with wavy blonde hair down to mid-back, she was clad in what appeared to be some kind of pajamas. A strange nightcap rested on her head with a crescent moon pin attached. “Are you hurrying up to do?”

“Ah...” Mokou moved between the new arrival and Keine. “And who th’hell are you?”

“So crass.” The girl waved her hand, “But I could ask the same of you, and why you interfere with our re-capturing of a valuable specimen. I’ll kindly ask you to hand the girl over, once,” The girl coughed, “After that, I’ll have no choice but to force you two.”

“Not a chance in hell, Sagacity!” Phoenix shouted from the ‘safe’ confines of Keine’s arms.

“Oh? The phoenix is here as well? It would seem that I have stumbled upon quite a bounty. Quite a bounty indeed. Now, this is your first, and only, warning. Hand them over and leave quietly before I’m forced to unleash my powers upon you.” Taking notice of the rousing Meiling, the girl speaks again. “Unfortunately, it seems that there’ll be collateral damage as well.”

Mokou grit her teeth. “Keine, get Meiling out of here.”

“Eh? Wha-”


“Don’t think that I’ll be allowing you to do as you plea-”

“CONFLAGRATION!” Mokou’s fist burst into flames for the third time in as many minutes.

“Your body can’t handle the strain! Don’t do it!”

“Oh? So you’re aligned with fire?” Sagacity grinned, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen any magical girls aligned with the primary elements. Very well then, come. Test your mettle, novice.”

The girl’s eyes opened wide in surprise as Mokou charged her. Just before her fist connected with Sagacity’s head, however, it was stopped by some unseen force. Mokou tried her best to force through, but in the end she was bounced back, body and all, from the girl.

“How exciting!” Sagacity cried, “It’s been quite some time since someone managed to get that close to me! Exquisite!!” The girl began chanting something.

“We have to get out of here! Now! If she finishes that spell...” Phoenix gulped loudly.

“Fuck!” Mokou dashed back and supported Meiling with Keine on the other side. They half dragged her down the alleyway before running into a barrier similar to the one that had stopped Meiling’s fist.

“Shit. Well, I’m sorry I dragged you into this, kiddo.” Phoenix hung his head. “The best thing we can do now is pray for a mir-”

“UWAAAA~” Sagacity cried out. Mokou and crew turned back to see what had just happened. Out of nowhere a short girl with wavy black hair had slammed a comically sized wooden mallet into Sagacity’s face. While the taller girl was stunned, she waved at the group to follow her, pointing down a manhole cover. Not having to be told twice, Mokou dragged Meiling over to the hole. After Keine and Phoenix had descended safely, Mokou gently lowered Meiling into the hole before jumping in after her. Their silent benefactor followed closely behind Mokou, pulling the manhole cover back into place.

The five moved quickly through the maze of twisting corridors. It seemed that they had somehow lost Sagacity, or that the ‘stunning’ blow was quite a bit more powerful than looks would have given away.
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