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10073 No. 10073
You tear into the meal set before you. You’d swear that it was a feast, befitting a king, but then again, you hadn’t eaten in almost 2 days. Scarfing the food down, you’re done almost as soon as you begin. Hearing a commotion in the hall, you look up to see several rabbits running past. A rabbit with black hair, and a pink dress runs along too, but backpedals when she sees someone in one of the rooms.

“Hiya! Who’re you?”

[ ] Greet girl
[ ] Ignore girl
[ ] Get up and leave room

No. 10076
[ ] Greet girl

I hate Tewi with a passion. But let's be friendly.
No. 10078
[ ] Greet girl

Zaniness ensues.
No. 10079
[x] Greet girl

Maybe.. maybe we can add her to our little sister harem.
No. 10081
[x] Greet girl
No. 10082
[x] Greet girl

Must maintain good relations in Eientei.
No. 10083
[X] Greet girl
Hair ruffling Time!
shes low lvl, its allright
No. 10084
[x] Greet the Girl
"I'm the motherfucking Speed Grapher."
No. 10085
[x] Greet girl
No. 10088
[ ] Greet girl

2) Ruffle Hair

3) ????

No. 10089
[ ] Greet girl
I'm pretty sure she only pulls the jerk stuff on other rabbits, so we should be fine.
No. 10090

She'd kick us in the balls just like Rinnosuke.
No. 10091
[X] Greet girl
No. 10093
[X] Greet girl
No. 10094
[X] Greet girl
No. 10095
[X] Greet girl

Seriously, though, what the fuck is with us hallucinating by not having anything to eat for a couple days? And why did we not get hurt by Reimu this time?

We had goddamn better be getting to ruffle someone's hair soon.
No. 10098
oh shit, that's true!
No. 10099
We don't need a devious thousand+ year old in our harem.
No. 10100
[X] Greet girl
She is not bad at all.
No. 10101
Our rufflings tamed three lesser Youkai, Twei is smarter perhaps but less agressive. She also adores attention, ruffling will please her and maybe Reisen will become curious to such a thing.
No. 10102
>>And why did we not get hurt by Reimu this time?

Cuz we're the Chose One and she's and undead zombie, so yeah.
No. 10104
I already miss the banana
No. 10105
[X] Greet girl
No. 10106
nightmare on gensokyo street
freedy is the little girl
No. 10110
But it'll be the most moe kick to the nuts ever
No. 10111
File 120788055426.jpg - (66.92KB , 500x500 , 1200591170590.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know, her hair really does look deliciously ruffle-able.
No. 10112
Reimu is freddy
No. 10113
We need to level up our hair ruffling, so we can ruffle even more hairs.
We cant stop until we have ruffled even Yukaris hair
No. 10114
It all makes sense now!

W-we have turned into a Youkai over time. Our ability is to manipulate hair. Specifically, hair on the head.
No. 10118
Eventually, our hair-ruffling powers will become so great, we can even impregnate others with it.

Even men.
No. 10120
I'd say we've lost our soul or something, but we did end up in the netherworld before the time retcon so I'm not sure.

Erin thinks we've got something "missing"
No. 10121
Our ruffle is the ruffle that shall ruffle the heavens!
No. 10122
File 120788073269.jpg - (47.43KB , 320x440 , 1206718920098.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tewi is supposed to bring humans luck. I like luck.
No. 10124

Even if they're bald?
No. 10125
File 120788076887.jpg - (21.49KB , 280x280 , Ruffles.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know what you must do
No. 10127
We need more training for that
No. 10129
Hand me a hack saw and I can get you luck you can carry with you.
No. 10130
You greet the small rabbit girl. She tilts her head to one side.
“That’s not the question I asked. Jeeze, are you stupid or something? I didn’t ask you to greet me, I asked who you were!”
You’re taken slightly aback by her bluntness.

[ ] Shout.
[ ] Give her your name.
[ ] Ruffle hair.
No. 10131
Rabbit's foot?
No. 10132
[ ] Give her your name.
No. 10134
[X] Give her your name.

She did ask.
No. 10136
[ ] Give her your name.
[ ] Ruffle hair.
No. 10137
[yEAh] Ruffle hair.
No. 10138
[x] give her your name.

Hair ruffling is too soon.
No. 10139

[x] Ruffle hair.

Anon has no name to give.
No. 10141
[ ] Give her your name.
No. 10142
[X] Ruffle hair.

1) The less Tewi knows about us, the better off we're likely to be.

2) RUFFLE ALWAYS WINS. Except that one time. Man, I still can't believe that.
No. 10143
[X] Give her your name.
No. 10144
This raises the question: does anon know his name?
No. 10145
[ ] Ruffle hair.
No. 10146
[X] Give her your name.
No. 10147
[X] Give her your name.
No. 10148
add [x] Give her your name.
multichoice never hurts
No. 10149
[x] Give her your name.
"I'm Cu Chulainn, legendary Celtic Hero. And don't you ever forget it."
No. 10151
[ ] Give her your name.

Ruffle later.
No. 10152
[X] Give her your name.
Don't be hasty, anon. There will be plenty of time to ruffle.
No. 10153
[ ] Give her your name.
[ ] Ruffle hair.
No. 10154

Anon's name is anon.
No. 10155
[ ] Ruffle hair.

Rude bitch, you get the hook! I mean the ruffles!
No. 10156
[x] Give her your name.
[x] Ruffle hair.
Both, in that order.
No. 10158
[x] Give her your name.
"I'm the manly purple man."
No. 10160
[X] Give her your name.
Its too soon to ruffle her hair, we need to wait, even if its hard
No. 10161
Kirakishou has written a little over 19,387 words now.

He's writing like the motherfucking fist of the north star.
No. 10163
No. 10164
[ ] Give her your name.
[ ] Ruffle hair.
No. 10165
[X] Give her your name.
No. 10166
[X] Give her your name.

No ruffles. Not yet. Soon precious, soon.
No. 10167
It would be nice if we can pick our name from a list.
No. 10168
P.S. Kirakishou will be away 7 minutes max. Sump pump stopped working again.
No. 10169
Aye, we need to wait for the proper moment to execute the ruffle. We used it to extraordinary effect on Wriggle, no? Keep that in mind, men. The ruffle is not a toy, it is a finely tuned implement of affection. Use it wisely, or not at all.
No. 10170
In the meantime, what should we call ourselves? Lets come up with a name.
No. 10171

Or we could just get this:

"You tell the girl your name."

Then have the use of the actual name dodged for the rest of the story.
No. 10173
File 120788139335.png - (37.25KB , 564x525 , anon2.png ) [iqdb]
No. 10174
The Ruffling Finger should only be used during the climax. Also, it needs to come with a hotblooded speech.
No. 10175

Tatsumi Saiga.
No. 10176
That works, too.
No. 10178

We don't need to know Anon's name. For us, he may as well be nameless.

No. 10179
I'm sorry... but I vote no on names. "Human", "You", "That guy"... this is anonymous we're talking about. I'm not talking about that b-tard "ANONYMOUS IS LEGION" crap, but anon is anon because he is anon.
No. 10180
T.L.(Touhou Legend) Anon
No. 10181
File 120788164646.jpg - (98.77KB , 400x533 , cyborg-ninja-hige-10.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I am like you. I have no name."
No. 10182
Oi, I know that problem well enough...
No. 10183
The name of us is Anon or thatguy or HUMAN, nothing else will be accepted
No. 10184
Anonymous shouldn't even be referenced as anonymous inside of the actual story.
No. 10186
"This hand of mine is burning red, it's loud roar tell me ruffle hair!, hissatsu! Bakunetsu ... Ruffling Fingaaa!!!!!!!"

a 4th wall breaking speech

"My future self is dead, he's no longer here, however in my heart and within my ruffling hand, he lives in me!, i'll ruffle even the heaves, who do you think i'm? I'm "image not avaliable", not my future self, i'm myself, "image not avaliable" the ruffler!"
No. 10201
Can't wait to see Reimu a third time, which is probably when she'll REALLY start fucking us up.
No. 10202
Your English is AWFUL. Please, at least download Firefox and use the built in spell chequer.
No. 10205
No. 10208
Archibald Necron Oversoul Necromancy. Anon for short.
No. 10209
You know, I kind of liked it better when we were slightly unstable in the head.
No. 10212
Don't worry. Raymoo will come around shortly to fuck us up in the heads again.

But we'll be able to ruffle her one day. And that day will be a sweet one indeed.
No. 10218
Aww, is Kira done for today? I just got off a work and skipped the rest of the Day/Threads to get to this!
No. 10221
you mean the day we finally sever that undead head from its rotting corpse and be done with the lich queen?
No. 10222
Or that. I'm surprised poison worked against the undead, though.
No. 10224
you know, your right. Liches don't have con scores. unless it was somehow a straight magic attack with no energy type like magic missile or something.
No. 10226
File 120788402213.jpg - (62.20KB , 441x404 , 1203987839432.jpg ) [iqdb]
This Kirakishou guy,
He's like a machine.

A machine.
No. 10229
It was obviously a ravage since it can hurt the evil undead but it didn't harm us. The real question is why the fuck are we using the BoED?
No. 10235
confused BoVD with BoED. well if you look at anon's actions lately, I'd say we are definatly within chaotic good range.
No. 10236
Nah. It left us woozy. It simply wasn't concentrated at us.
No. 10237
No, we created the miasma. It is our plasmid. We use the camera hax to steal powers from others.
No. 10238
I don't remember Aya's camera doing this.
No. 10239
...In all seriousness, though. I'm pretty sure the miasma happened because the photo we took was punctured/medicine woke up, saw us attacking a human, decided to help out.
No. 10240
We're special. We can use it to an extent beyond what Aya can.
No. 10241
It's not Aya's camera anymore, it's 'Ours', and I'd like to say it's taken on a power we don't even know yet, but it doesn't see so.

If it's capturing the power of the character taken (AFAIK, Medicine is the only one it was used on, and it was her sudden mist that knocked out Reimu), it's be more than awesome. Only thing is I feel it's like the Camera Obscura and its flash harms Youkai, meaning Medicine woke up and fucked Reimu's shit up, and we barely caught the tailend of that fuck up in our escape.

I say we take the next Youkai's pic and test the waters. If it like Option 1, we find Flandre and own this place!
No. 10244

Aya's camera is special because Aya uses it. The camera is special for us because WE use it. If Aya used our (well, hers but now ours) camera, it'd do the same thing for her that it always did.
No. 10245
Her camera is another tengu artifact, a perfect weapon which can capture a moment in time and display it as a picture(*1).
No. 10249
Actually, she said:
>"You seem like nothing more than a normal human to me, when I examine you, but there could be something that I’m missing. I’m not sure."

Or maybe we DID capture Medicine's soul in the camera...
No. 10250
7 minutes, etc.

I am sad now.
No. 10253
Perhaps he is not as far away as you think...
No. 10254
No. 10257
Anon is too stupid to realize he should be hurt?
No. 10258
Yeah yeah. Fucking basement sump pumps. eh stoping working in flooding rain conditions and doesn't afraid of anything. Always a bitch. Back from playing neanderthal with a wrench, and beating on the strange metal objects.
No. 10259
I guess we are finished for today.
Just when it was getting good. I hope Kira doesnt burn out from all the massive writing lol
No. 10260
Kick reason to the curb, etc.
No. 10261
Siki said it was our gift. Camera is important. Kira should put in more camera options.
No. 10262
This is the second time you've done this, Dumbass.
No. 10263
Also, mini-choice
Check Inventory?
[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
No. 10265
[ ] Breasts.
No. 10266
[ ] Yes.
No. 10267
[ ] Breasts.
No. 10268
[ ] Yes.
No. 10269

This option seems good to me.
[x] Breasts.
No. 10270
Welcome back Kira. Hope your okay now
Get some rest first, then write us some stories lol
No. 10271
[X] Yes.
No. 10272
[X] Yes.
lol not my fault, i was writing the same time he wrote
No. 10273
>>Get some rest first, then write us some stories lol

I do not agree with this sentiment.
No. 10274
[x] Yes.
No. 10275
I will retract this vote if one more vote for breasts comes in.
No. 10276
[X] Yes

as well as:
No. 10277
[x] Yes.
No. 10278
No. 10279
I'd bomb her inventory, if you know what I mean.
No. 10280
[x] Yes.
No. 10282

[x] Genuflect
No. 10283
[X] Sing Bananaphone.
No. 10284
You reach up, towards the beautiful pair of breasts infront of you and grab them fiercely. Mauling them like a dog with a new chew toy. Too bad they're you're own.
Camera 1ea. Film 19ea. Note 1ea. Clothing 1ea. Photography for dummies 1 ea. Bottle Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1ea. Carrots 4ea.
No. 10285
[X] Read note
No. 10286
Hourai elixer? camera for dummies? whut.
No. 10287
[X] Read note.
[X] Examine Hourai Elixer.
No. 10288
>Get some rest first, then write us some stories lol

No. 10289
Drink Elixir.

Read note.

Give carrot to Tewi.
No. 10290
Also, check out [X] Photography for dummies
No. 10291

We ought to check out that note.

>Bottle Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1ea.

I might be interpreting this incorrectly, but... there are brand name Hourai Elixirs?
No. 10292
I don't particularity want to become immortal myself.
No. 10293
Status- armor 79% Damage to forearm section. No status ailments.
Stats- N/A
Surroundings- you can't see shit cap'n.
No. 10294

Some make you more immortal than others.
No. 10296
Ok, I'm back, all I got to say is, wtf?
We've been tripping some major balls during this little story right here
No. 10297
>Bottle Hourai Elixir (Generic)

No. 10299
its more likely that this hourai elixer will grant us no special powers other than the ability to resist death. no magic hax for us with this.
No. 10300

No. 10301
I guess that'd be helpful, then.
No. 10302
oh, give it a rest already.
No. 10303
That being said, I'd still rather be a vulnerable Anon, for the sake of comedy and avoiding POWER LEVELS
No. 10304
[X] Read note.
No. 10305
[x]Read note
No. 10306
>Carrots 4ea.

No. 10308
[X] write own name on note.

failing that

[X] read note
No. 10309
[X] Photography for dummies

Plot armor also comes in vending machine mode it seems....

Also FFS don't drink the Hourai Elixir. You have to give it to a loved one on her deathbed.
No. 10310
We must feed them to the rabbits.
No. 10311
We should do a cavity search on ourselves. Maybe the Mooninites stuffed other useful items elsewhere.
No. 10312
You unfold the note and read it's contents. It says, simply, this.
"Lol, why are you wasting time reading this damn thing? Don't you have better things to do? - NEET.
PS- The password is shitsux."

Examining the bottle of Hourai Elixir (general) Reveals nothing about its properties, except that it appears to be in a plastic bottle, and the lid has been removed before.

You open the book, 'Photography for Dummies'.
1) Point camera.
2) Press Button.
3) ???????
No. 10313
Hourai Elixir (Generic) is a tonic. It goes along with the theme of our poison powers as being a plasmid.
No. 10314
Hardy har har
No. 10316
Medicine stole the pen, remember? You've nothing to write with.
No. 10318
[x]Attempt to enchant armor
No. 10319
File 120789256957.jpg - (345.32KB , 1011x800 , 1206748511979.jpg ) [iqdb]
Password will be useful later when we try to visit delicious NEET.

Also, NEET feet.
No. 10320
[X] Say "shitsux"
No. 10321
Isn't there a tewi waiting on a reply or something? how do we have the time to ruffle through our inventory?
No. 10322
[x] Do the Rumba again until we get an idea of what to do next.
No. 10323
The game pauses when you open your inventory.
No. 10324
GOD DAMNIT! Can't unsee.
No. 10325
[x] Read the back of the note. Surely there is something on the back.
No. 10326
It's called a stall tactic. Quite effective, I might add.
No. 10327
[x] Close inventory
No. 10328
The most humourous thing to do at the moment would be to whip out the carrot, use the elixir as lubricant, and give Tewi a suppository.

If Tewi doesn't kill us, we'll get away with it.
No. 10329
Looking on the back of the note, there's aparently a small map drawn. You can't tell where it is from the size of it, nor does it really seem to be of any use.
You start to tell Tewi your name, but a loud noise prevents it from being heard by anyone but her.
“Ohhhh.. so you’re,” But her voice is drowned out by another similar noise, “eh?”
You comment on the noise.
“Oh, that’s probably just that black white coming back again. I didn’t think she would, but the red white was also here earlier. It’s probably nothing for you to worry about, they like humans.”
Marisa’s here? Causing that much noise? Why do you get the feeling that no good can come of this?

[ ] Stay put, and ignore Marisa.
[ ] Escape.
[ ] Ask Tewi to hide you.
No. 10330
Ok, if I counted right (which is usually highly unlikely) Ruffle won. Delicious Tewi ruffle
No. 10331

>Drink Hourai elixer.
No. 10332
[x] Ask Tewi to hide you.
No. 10333
[X] Ask Tewi to hide you.
No. 10334
You got us good, Kira. You got us good.
No. 10335
No. 10336
[X] Ask Tewi to hide you.

Tricky rabbit should have some tricks up her sleeve.
No. 10337
I'd be hidden by Twei, if you know what I mean.
No. 10338
>[ ] Ask Tewi to hide you
Death by embarrassment.

[X] Escape.
No. 10339
[ ] Ask Tewi to hide you.
No. 10341
No. 10342
>>10332 seconding cardboard box.
[X] Ask Tewi to hide you.
No. 10343
[X] Stay put, and ignore Marisa.

No. 10344
Ready your cameras, gentlemen.
No. 10345
[X] Ask Tewi to hide you.
Horrible idea but I can't resist.
No. 10346
[ ] Ask Tewi to hide you.

Read as

[ ] Ask Tewi to ride you.
No. 10347
She will hide us in her vagina. If you know what I mean.
No. 10348
Cue Shirou.
No. 10349

Oh, and while we're at it, be ready to make Tewi join the ruffle alliance.
No. 10350
You turn to Twei, The noises seemingly moving towards where you’re at, and ask her to hide you.
Twei cocks her head to one side. “Hide you? Why?” A sly grin crosses her face. “ Did you do something to the black white that she’d want to hurt her for? Like maybe insinuating she wears pads?”
You quickly agree to anything just to get Twei to hide you.
“Fiiiiiiiii~ne. I’ll hide you. But it’s gonna cooooooost you~” Twei says in a sing-song voice.
“Whatcha got to offer me, eh?”

[ ] Offer Carrots.
[ ] Offer Elixir.
[ ] Offer Note.
[ ] Offer self.
[ ] Ruffle her hair.
No. 10351

[ ] Offer Carrots.
No. 10352
[X] Ruffle her hair.
Now is the time lets raffle
No. 10353
[x] Offer Carrots, ready your ruffling hand
No. 10354
+ [ ] Ruffle her hair.
No. 10355
[x] Offer self.
[x] Ruffle her hair.

Double choice, Double choice, it's Awwwwriiight
No. 10356
[ ] Offer Carrots.

No. 10357
[x] Offer Carrots.
No. 10358
[X] Offer self.
No. 10359
[x] Offer Carrots.
No. 10360
[X] Offer Carrots.
[X] Ruffle her hair.
No. 10361
[X] Offer Carrots.

Ready the ruffles as a reward.
No. 10362
[X] Offer self.

If you know what I mean.
No. 10363
[X] Offer Carrots.
She might find this insulting but it's all we got.
No. 10364
>>[X] Offer self.

I don't think this option will pan out the way you guys think it will pan out.

I'd go with carrots, or ruffling.
No. 10365
Lesser artifact, Hourai Elixir (generic): "Even in this adulterated form, the legendary draught of House Yagokoro is still of priceless value to mere mortals. Humanoids who consume this elixir are granted permanent immunity to level drain, ability drain, poisons, disease, and death effects."
No. 10367
Because we have so many levels that can be drained.
No. 10368
[x] Offer Carrots.
[X] Ruffle her hair.
No. 10369
You reach into your sack and pull out the carrots. Before you can offer them to Tewi, she’s already swiped them from your hand. Quickly counting them, she seems slightly disappointed, but turns back to you, tucking the carrots away into her shirt.
“My usual fee is higher than this, but since everyone else likes you, I’ll cut you a break.” Quick as a flash, Tewi opens up the futon closet and shoves you inside.
“Now, stay quiet and don’t make a noise, no matter what happens.” And with that she shuts the closet door.
The noises grow louder, with interspersed shouts by the various rabbits who are apparently attempting to waylay Marisa’s approach. They get closer and closer until…
“Oh. ‘Sup black white.”
“Ugh. It’s you. The more annoying of the rabbits.”
Tewi laughs at this. You can just imagine the smirk on her face when confronted by Marisa.
“Alright, so where is he?”
“I’m sorry, who? I dunno what you’re talking about.”
“Don’t toy with me rabbit. The human that hurt Reimu. I need to find him so I can find out what he did to her.”
“Oh. Him. He’s in the closet. Go look for yourself.”
FUCK. That little bitch just sold you out, and for NOTHING!

[ ] Trust Tewi
[ ] Try to flee.
[ ] Wait for Marisa to open the door, and tackle her.
[ ] Come out of the closet.
No. 10370
[X] Offer Carrots.
[X] Ruffle her hair.

then, if
is correct, drink elixir while hiding
No. 10371
It's been awhile since I've played D&D, but I think that when you run out of levels to be drained you die instantly. Immunity is useful no matter what level you are.
No. 10372
[X] Trust Tewi
No. 10373

[ ] Trust Tewi
No. 10374

No. 10375
[ ] Trust Tewi
Shes got a plan!

I can feel it!
No. 10376
[ ] Trust Tewi

Everyone KNOWS she lies and tricks people. marisa's going to think Tewi is dicking with her.
No. 10377
[x] Come out of the closet, if you know what I mean.
No. 10378
[X] Come out of the closet.

We'll stand our ground. Time to get Manly again
No. 10379
[x] Trust Tewi
I want to believe...
No. 10380
[X] Trust Tewi
All according to plan.
No. 10381
[x] Trust Tewi
No. 10382
[X] Wait for Marisa to open the door, and tackle her.
You can not trust her. get ready for a fight
No. 10383
[X] Trust Tewi

I hate her, but I trust her in this instance.
No. 10384
[X] Trust Tewi
fucked if we do, fucked if we don't. the bravest sticks to his plans though, no matter how retarded.
No. 10385
No. 10386
[X] Wait for Marisa to open the door, and tackle her.

Worked last time.
No. 10387
The bravest don't plan at all.
No. 10388
File 120789454931.jpg - (249.38KB , 1011x696 , 1204771303532.jpg ) [iqdb]
god damnit.........
No. 10389
[ ] Wait for Marisa to open the door, and tackle her.

Cant use master spark if she can use her hands
No. 10390
[ ] Trust Tewi
[ ] Wait for Marisa to open the door, and tackle her.

Trust, but be prepared. Unless it's a magic invisibility closet, Marisa will see us the second she opens the closet anyway.
No. 10391
Yes, instantly slain, may arise a wight.

Additionally, per d20 rules immunity to Con drain means Remi can drink as much of Anonymous blood as she wants.
No. 10392
It seems we are trusting Tewi
No. 10394
>[ ] Come out of the closet.

I see what you did there.

[X] Trust Tewi.
No. 10395
I don't mind trusting Twei myself. She told us to not do anything no matter what happens.
No. 10397


I can't remember how to calculate market price in DND, but effect wise, that thing is worth atleast 100k golds.
No. 10398
[x] Wait for Marisa to open the door, and take her picture.
No. 10399
I wish I had Kaiji narrating skills. This would be a perfect moment to use them. ZAWA ZAWA
No. 10400
You're assuming we could find somewhere to sell it. Also, Yukari would just take the gold away and you know it.
No. 10401
[x] Wait for Marisa to open the door, and take her picture.

I like this option. It might not work on humans, but what the hell.
No. 10402
[ ] Wait for Marisa to open the door, and tackle her.
No. 10403

Get it in credit.
Exchange it for the deed to kourindou.
No. 10404
Why is it that everytime I read that ZAWA ZAWA part I can't help but to want to yell out "ZA WARLDO"
No. 10405

If it works, we've captured Master Spark
No. 10406
“Do you really expect me to believe that, rabbit? Who would ACTUALLY hide in a futon closet. Now tell me where he is, or I master spark you.”
Tewi giggles, “I don’t think you’ll be doing much of either. Hey Reisen”
You hear what sounds like Marisa turning quickly, but apparently it’s not quickly enough. A few seconds later you hear a thud, and something clacking to the surface of the wood.
“Tewi, Where is our guest?”
“Eh? He’s in the closet. Why?”
“Urgh.. So you weren’t lying… Damnit…”
“Alright, Tewi, I need you to listen carefully. I need you to take our guest, and flee from here. Apparently the red white is on her way back with reinforcements. You need to take him to his friends who are on their way here from the forest of magic. We’ll stall the red white here, so you shouldn’t have to worry about running into her. Do a good job, and there’s a bonus in it for you, Understood?”
“YEAH!” Tewi sounds quite excited at the prospect of the bonus.
Suddenly the closet door slams open, and Tewi grabs you by the collar and drags you out of the closet. You see Marisa’s prone form on the floor. She looks over at you.
“You! You were the one at Kourin’s store!”
You try to say something but Tewi pulls hard on your collar choking you before you can say anything. Several rabbits rush in grab Marisa’s prone form, and rush out carrying her. Tewi, still pulling you by the collar, opens the sliding door to the outside, and pulls you along. Coughing profusely, Tewi turns to look at you.
“Would you stop coughing, it’s getting annoying.”
You rub your throat and tell her that you can follow along on foot just fine. Standing up, you brush yourself off. Tewi’s already at the edge of the mansion, and is waving for you to follow. You quickly chase after her, hoping that you’re not forgetting anything.

[ ] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost
[ ] Wait, I forgot something in the mansion.
No. 10407
[ ] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost
No. 10408
[ ] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost

*cue metroid escape music*
No. 10409
[ ] Come out of the closet.

You guys do know that Marisa just want to know HOW we beat Reimu two times! She is the thief of techniques, so this is definitely something she want to harness.
No. 10410

[x] check inventory

That rabbit pickpocketed our shit I just know it
No. 10411
[X] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost

Must drive forward, straight into it
No. 10412
[X] Check Inventory
No. 10413
[X] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost

Assuming we didn't drop anything important (i.e. camera) I choose this.
No. 10414
bad DM vibes from these options.
No. 10415
[X] Wait, I forgot something in the mansion.
No. 10416
[ ] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost
I suggest we move away we might have been lucky against red-white before but she got help this time.
No. 10417
[X] Wait, I forgot something in the mansion.

The camera! Do we have the camera?!
No. 10418
[x] Check inventory
No. 10419

[x] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost
No. 10420
[X] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost

Let's get the hell out of Dodge.
No. 10421
[X] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost

No time.

Also, we've got luck on our side for one with Tewi as a guide.
No. 10422
Why do these options remind me of an upcoming boss battle?
No. 10423
File 120789546725.png - (14.35KB , 520x520 , dante.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost
No. 10424

lets be sure first, guys
No. 10425
All items in your inventory are with you currently.
No. 10427
Okay then. Phew. Vote change from >>10417:

[X] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost.
No. 10428
[ ] Wait for Marisa to open the door, and tackle her.
No. 10429
[x] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of CRAAAAAAAAZY!!
No. 10430
That thing we left behind in the mansion? It was our humanity. Next thing we're going to do is develop a taste for human flesh.
No. 10431
The metal gear solid stairway music is currently playing in my head. The one that you hear when you have to run up a hell lot of stairs while shooting with the Famas
No. 10432
[x] Equip Camera
[x] Reload Camera

Lock and load people, it's about to get CRAZY!
No. 10433
of course they are, the inventory is on us
but assuming you say we have everything, let's GTFO, Reisen agreed.

[X] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost following Tewi closely
No. 10434
[X] Forward into the Bamboo Forest of Lost.

We're forgetting something, I'm sure.
No. 10435
Hello slowpoke
No. 10436
>to run up a hell lot of stairs while throwing guys over the railing
No. 10437

Oh, I see what you did there
No. 10438
Are all items that WERE in our inventory with us? That's really more the question, isn't it?
No. 10439
[X] Go back into the mansion and find the NEET. Proceed to rape the NEET.
No. 10440
It's been a while since I've played MGS[2], but only acapella 'Snake Eater' from The Ladder is playing in my head.

No. 10441

The Blue Monday Electrical Parade is playing in mine.
No. 10443
You run ahead, full steam, following Tewi as she guides you through the Bamboo Forest of Lost. Well, guides might be too strong of a word. She runs along ahead of you, and you run along behind her, changing direction whenever you catch a glimpse of her running off in a different direction. Some distance behind you, you hear several loud noises, and the faint sounds of what must, by now, be a raging battle. You hope Reisen and the others are alright. You continue running until you come across Tewi, stopped dead, staring straight ahead. You look forward, but see nothing. You start to ask Tewi what’s wrong, but she shoves her fist straight up in the air, just missing punching you in the chin. You take a step back , but get the hint that you need to be silent right now. Tewi moves her hand in some arcane motion, and several dozen strings, crisscrossed through and around the bamboo suddenly appear, then burst into flames. The strings quickly burn away, leaving slight char marks on the bamboo. Tewi grabs your shirt and pulls you down close to her.
“There’s someone out here, and I’m fairly certain they know we’re here. You need to stick to me like glue.” She whispers into your ear. You nod in understanding. She nods back. Moving forward at a quick pace, but not as fast as before, the two of you continue running. Until she stops dead again. You almost tumble over her, but manage to catch yourself at the last moment. Directly in front of the pair of you, there’s a small doll sitting on the forest floor. Tewi’s looking around, apparently looking for something else and ignoring the doll.

[ ] Go get the doll.
[ ] Throw a rock at the doll.
[ ] Wait for Tewi to make a move.
[ ] Scream.
No. 10444
[ ] Wait for Tewi to make a move.
No. 10445

No. 10446
[x] Wait for Tewi to make a move.

It's either Alice or Medicine. Chances are it's Alice.
No. 10447
[ ] Wait for Tewi to make a move.
No. 10448
[x] Go get the doll.

So Alice is trying to kill us.
Steal Shanghai.
No. 10449
[X] Prepare Camera
No. 10450
[X] Wait for Tewi to make a move.
No. 10451
[X] Wait for Tewi to make a move.
Beating up the doll does nothing, lets wait for her to find Alice
No. 10452
[ ] Wait for Tewi to make a move.

I don't like Alice and I don't like her shitty trap!
No. 10453
[x] Wait for Tewi to make a move.

That doll is EEEEVIL. Will probably set a trap off on us. I'll trust the 1200+ year old youkai to handle it.
No. 10454
[ ] Throw a rock at the doll.
Probably one of Alice's explosive dolls we see in IaMP.
Boss battle is near.
No. 10455
[X] Wait for Tewi to make a move.
No. 10456
[X] Wait for Tewi to make a move.

No. 10457

[x] Throw a rock at the doll.

Artful Sacrifice--It's a booby trap.
No. 10458
[X] Wait for Tewi to make a move.
This is basically Tewi's forest. Follow her lead.
No. 10459
File 120789667120.jpg - (216.70KB , 700x1025 , deidaravictory.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Artful Sacrifice

Off-topic, but LOL
No. 10460
Tewi was in 'Nam
No. 10461
Do we even know why they are out for our blood?
No. 10462
All of a sudden, I started thinking of those old text adventure games.

What's that? You forgot to pick up the cheese sandwich in the very first chapter? Too bad for you. You lose!

And your saved games are worthless, worthless, worthless...I'm going to go over there and sob now.
No. 10463
this place is a lot like Australia. everything here will kill you.
No. 10464

dunno lol
No. 10465
[x] Wait for Tewi to make a move.
No. 10466

Well, we DID poison the Shrine maiden while trying to defend ourselves. She's also responsible for keeping the barrier around Gensokyo up. If she dies, Gensokyo goes kaput. So a lot of people are out for our head.
No. 10467
Tewi was probably the CAUSE of 'nam.
No. 10468
- Reimu want to deal with our "flux"ing the world of Gensokyo.
- Marisa just wants to know how we smashed on Reimu twice now.
- Alice isn't even out for our blood. We don't even know it's her.
- Medicine's evil. Don't bother her about it.
- Anyone I'm missing, chalk it up to being the low-man on the Gensokyian food chain.
- Mokou... we had that one coming...
No. 10469
That can not possible be the only thing why she is out for our head.
Somethings wrong with either her or us
No. 10470
You decide to wait and see what Tewi does. She does the same arcane motions that she did before, but this time, nothing bursts into flames. Looking around, Tewi picks up a rock and throws it at the Doll. The rock bounces off the doll, knocking it over from it’s sitting position. She ducks back like she expects it to explode, but nothing happens.
“ I guess that this was the doll who’s strings I cut earlier. We need to keep moving.” Tewi moves forward, going around the doll. You start to go past the doll, but something about it strikes you as odd.

[ ] Get Doll.
[ ] Leave doll.
[ ] Stomp on the doll.
No. 10471
Probably with her, according to our conversation in Hakugyokurou.
No. 10472
How do the exploding dolls work? Do they explode on contact, or what?
No. 10473
you are Correct sir! Hurray for being at the bottom of the food chain!
No. 10474
[ ] Get Doll.
No. 10475
I... don't know.

[ ] Leave doll.
No. 10476
[X] Get Doll.
Hostage Get
No. 10477
[x] Leave doll.

I'm not pausing to examine something odd about a potential trap AFTER I'm already near it.
No. 10478
[ ] Get Doll.
No. 10479
[x] Get Doll.
I smell BAD END but I'm praying we can use it as a bargaining chip to befriend Alice. Violently.
No. 10480
[x] Get Doll
...screw logic
No. 10481
Like all good explosives, it varies.
No. 10482
Reimu is GROSSLY exaggerating our misdeeds, I'm sure. I mean would she actually admit to losing to a mere human? I'm impressed that everyone in Eientei is helping us out so much though.

Hey Kira, if (when) we run into Alice, PLEASE don't have a "so I heard you leak poop" option. Its overdone and Anon is dumb enough to choose it. I don't want to die again...
No. 10483
[ ] Get Doll.
No. 10484
If it looks like medicine:
[x] Get Doll.

Otherwise its just an artful sacrifice waiting to happen, so:
[X] Leave doll.
No. 10485
So Alice is out for our blood too? Well that minimizes our surviving chances towards 1%
We need a goddamn wonder now. Still something is wrong with us, who knows what we are
No. 10486
might as well get this out of the way.

[X] Ruffle Doll's hair.
No. 10487
[x] Get Doll and hold it hostage in case Alice finds you.
No. 10488
...Anon really wants to get hit with a delayed explosion, I see.
No. 10489
I'm changing my option to this. Why didn't we think of it earlier?
No. 10490
[X] Get Doll.

I *like* dolls, you know.
Anon *likes* dolls.
They remind him of his youthful days, when he had no notion of sex, and he played with Barbies as often as he did Tonkas.
But those days are long past.
No. 10491
File 120789746981.jpg - (49.49KB , 470x500 , yukarireimu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't forget who's game we're playing here, Doc. Reimu doesn't have to admit a bear shits in the woods for the word to STILL spread like wildfire. GOD DAMMIT, YUKARI!!

Also, I'm saddened we've disregarded Marissa twice now.
No. 10492
something just occurred to me. an old saying on /co/ is "Sometimes you just have to take a step back. if your greatest allies are the Green Goblin and Venom then your on the wrong fucking side."

We're pretty much hanging with the rogues gallery in gensokyo, so I have to wonder if thats part of the reason we are being hunted.
No. 10493
0_o I just played with Legos....
No. 10494
[x] Get Doll.

Its strings are cut, so Alice can't control it. Shanghai get.
No. 10495
The concept of good and evil is overrated.
No. 10496
Considering the "other side" in this case is basically headed by a mega-bitch shrine maiden, I feel quite fine being on the side that we are.
No. 10497

seconding change
No. 10498
We just need to ruffle Reimus Hair, alls right in the world. Its just a big misunderstanding nothing more.
We all know that in the End we are going to be drinking tea with everyone
No. 10499
But being a bad guy means we get cooler looking clothing with better color selections, so yeah!
No. 10500
[x] Take a picture of the doll and gain "Self Destruct" ability. (Warning, only works once. But at least you will look FABULOUS doing it.)
No. 10501
Hey, Venom is a GREAT ally to have. He can't help it if he's misunderstood and does villainous things to try to kill ONLY ONE person! That's like admitting hanging with Mokou is a bad thing!
No. 10502
No. 10503

Anonymous will found Gensokyo's Legion of Doom
No. 10504
We arent hanging out with the bad guys, we have Cirno, Wriggle, Rumia, Rinnosuke. And the whole of Eientei and we all know that they are refugees who did do nothing wrong
No. 10505
A significant difference between supervillains and stage 1 bosses is that the former specifically intend harm/domination to everyone, and will enact plans for that purpose regardless of what's done to them.

Wriggle and Rumia are more like animals. They may kill things that threaten them or look good to eat, but only if they're close by. Like animals, they're incapable of really being villainous.

Basically, we've been hanging out with wild carnivores and had the misfortune to run into a hunter.
No. 10506
File 120789787329.jpg - (20.63KB , 236x370 , 1206030318474.jpg ) [iqdb]
Its dangerous to go alone (+Tewi). Take this.
No. 10507
You know, I was just wondering. What if somehow the anon from MiG and the anon from WUiG somehow met each other in some kind of epic final battle?
No. 10508

No. 10509
YWUIG Anon, FUIG Anon, Breasts Anon and MIG Anon will all band together to fight one common enemy: The Lake.
No. 10510
They'd merge.
No. 10511
Don't think GM and Kira aren't plaining that... We'll kick his ass, I hear he's a wuss.
No. 10512
If the two Anon were to ever meet, they would do Respect Knuckles, and all of Gensokyo would implode.
No. 10513
You know, I was JUST thinking "man it would be funny if they ran into each other. that would be beyond fucked up."

It shouldn't and won't happen, but its funny it imagine. Kinda like CERN and the potential black hole.
No. 10514
I remember three of those, but which one was Breasts Anon?
No. 10515
You grab the doll and quickly run after Tewi. The two of you continue on for sometime before she screeches to a halt again. This time you don’t even come close to running her over. Her ears perk up, and she suddenly dives backwards, right into you. A split second later, a doll with a spear slams into the ground right where you had been standing. Several more dolls holding various weapons float into view. Tewi curses.
“How the hell did I miss these damn dolls.”
“Oh, I’m certain it’s a mistake anyone of your… level could make.” Issues forth from one of the dolls. The voice sounds echo-y and distant. Tewi laughs.
“I’ve been alive for 1300 years. People far more skilled than you have tried to bring me down. What makes you think that you’ll be the one to succeed?”
“Oh? And how many times before have you had a weak little human that you’ve had to protect.” the voice laughs.
Tewi backs up to you, and spits out some instructions tersely, before shouting “NOW” and launching herself at the dolls.

[ ] Try to find Alice.
[ ] Move to a safe distance away and watch.
[ ] Ready camera.
[ ] Take a picture of Tewi.
No. 10516
But.. water heals MIG anon, so the lake is technically our friend.
No. 10517
MiG Anon will win, hes got the Camera, jumped down a building, crossed the sanzu, got judged and traveled back in time to save his own miserable self. hes too awesome
No. 10518
[X] Ready camera.

Oh, boy! I feel like I'm in Pokemon Snap!

Hm, I'm out of practice. Did I make you rage, just a little?
No. 10519
[ ] Ready camera.
No. 10520
Wait, what did Tewi tell us to do?
No. 10521
[X] Ready camera.

Don't take a picture of Tewi. We don't know what it'll do to her.
No. 10522
[x] Ready camera.
"I take off my glasses, to kill my enemy."
No. 10523
[X] Ready camera.
No. 10524
[X] Ready camera.
Its payback bitch
No. 10525
Now, follow the complicated instructions that you weren't listening to!

Anon has the attention span of a gnat.
No. 10526
>>[ ] Ready camera.
Load Type-90 film and wait for a Zero Shot.
No. 10527
[ ] Ready camera.
No. 10528
[ ] Take a picture of Tewi.

No. 10529
[ ] Ready camera.
[ ] Try to find Alice.
in that order
No. 10530
[x] Ready camera.
Shit is heating up, I can't sleep now. Onward into the story!
No. 10531
Why is there no "follow Tewi's instructions" option? Or is that to run and hide?

[x] Ready camera.

And DON'T take a picture of Tewi. You don't need her distracted or potentially to lose powers. I'm going to laugh if in the end the camera had no powers whatsoever.
No. 10532
[x] Try to find Alice.
[x] Ready camera (covertly)

Maybe the doll were just Alice's eyes? Could explain why we're suddenly ambushed.
No. 10533
[X] Ready camera.

I wish I were posting from home, so I could include that "IT'S GO TIME" picture. So perfect for this moment.
No. 10534
No. 10535
No. 10536
[x] Ready camera.
No. 10537
No. 10538
File 120789851647.jpg - (11.62KB , 170x237 , MaidSight.jpg ) [iqdb]
There is no time left. You what you have to do.

[x] Make love to the doll. Delicious doll joints GET!
No. 10539
Why is everyone trying to kill us? Fucking shit
No. 10540
Remember, the enemy's gate is DOWN.
No. 10541
See >>10468
No. 10542
f5 f5 f5 f5
No. 10543
You load film into the camera, and press the button. The camera makes a noise like it’s charging a flash, but very slowly. Tewi seems to have all the dolls occupied, and you seem to have an excellent vantage point for everything going on. From what Tewi said in the instructions she gave you, Alice has to be nearby. She can’t see through her dolls, and she has a difficult time controlling them if she can’t see them. You quickly scan the area, seeing if you can’t find where Alice might be hiding at. Suddenly, On either side of you, two dolls appear from seemingly nowhere. They grab you by the arms and drag you away from Tewi. Tewi’s still engaged in combat with the remaining four dolls.

[ ] Yell for Tewi.
[ ] Let yourself be dragged off.
[ ] Struggle to free yourself.
[ ] Take a picture of Tewi.
No. 10544
Not EVERYONE is trying to kill us.
Just Reimu, Marisa, and now Alice.

...we're gonna die (again), aren't we?
No. 10545
[x] Ready camera.
[x] Try to find Alice.
No. 10546
[X] Take a picture of Tewi. is here for a secound time, maybe its a hidden option for power up like with medicine
No. 10547
[ ] Let yourself be dragged off.

No. 10548

[X] Let yourself be dragged off.
probably take us right where we want to go.
No. 10549
[x] Struggle to free yourself.
Tempted to get dragged to the source so we can blind Alice. But lets struggle a bit first.
No. 10550
[x] Struggle to free yourself.
If we call for help, Alice is just going to cut our Command Spell arm off. Brace for manly.
No. 10551
[X] Yell for Tewi.
No. 10552
File 120789882250.jpg - (134.21KB , 415x750 , 1203028247623.jpg ) [iqdb]
Arg, I gotta get some sleep. Do me a favor, Anon.

Beat the shit out of Alice.

No. 10553
[X] Struggle to free yourself.

No. 10554
[X] Let yourself be dragged off.
No. 10555
[X] Free yourself.

Why are we getting manhandled by FUCKING DOLLS!??
No. 10556
[x] Let yourself be dragged off.
And then use our Grapple Beam on a well placed electric panel.
No. 10557
[ ] Struggle to free yourself.
and then
[ ] Punch dolls
we beat Reimu, we can take this bitch down
No. 10558
[X] Let yourself be dragged off.
Right to Alice.
No. 10559
[x] Let yourself be dragged off.

Alice, you've activated my trap card.
No. 10560
[X] Take a picture of Tewi.

So crazy, it JUST. MIGHT. WORK.
No. 10561
that stuff only works in space, chief.
No. 10562
[x] Struggle to free yourself.

Can't get captured too easily, or Alice will be suspicious. If we break free, good; if not, camera time.

Yelling for Tewi while she's in battle could make her distracted at a crucial moment....
No. 10563
[X] Struggle to free yourself.

Alright. Alright.
We've got to keep our options open here.
On one hand, getting captured is perhaps the worst thing that could happen to us. Because getting captured is--well, getting captured. And we don't have a clear intention of what our enemy has in store for us.
On the other hand, maybe by being captured and interrogated by the enemy, we can clear this whole thing up. Maybe. And there's always the camera.
We can't count on the camera. But--just in case--
No. 10564
[X] Switch to focused mode for faster charging.
No. 10565
Call for Tewi = distraction = Tewi gets taken down = ANON DIES

Photograph Tewi = distraction = Tew gets taken down = ANON DIES

Let the little dollies drag us off = ANON DIES
No. 10566
[x] Struggle to free yourself.

No. 10567
God damn you and these FF reference. You make me want to replay that shit...
No. 10568
Let the little dollies drag us off = YOU'VE ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD
No. 10569
[x] Let yourself be dragged off.

Tewi is depending on us. Just one clear shot...
No. 10570
[x] Struggle to free yourself.
No. 10571
Ready camera.

Don't take a pic of Tewi. It hurts who it takes a picture of, remember? We koed Medicine in one shot. We need Tewi more than we need to have her powers.
No. 10572
Remember, we have a hostage.
No. 10573
File 120789933217.jpg - (64.01KB , 369x418 , slow.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 10574
Remember, she could easily make a replacement. I'm not counting on this tactic to have any effect.
No. 10575
No. 10576
If she knows we have the doll she might just take control of it again and make it blow up or shank us or something. Using it as a hostage might be a bad idea.
No. 10577
You struggle against the dolls to no avail. Your resistance only makes them grip you harder. Who would have thought that such small things would have such steely grip. Things may be going just as planned, but it’s still making you feel uneasy. The dolls drag you along, away from the sounds of the battle, to a nearby rock outcropping. Standing on top of it is Alice, who seems very focused on controlling her dolls right now.
“Ah Good. You were closer than I thought.” Alice states, matter of factually, the dolls bring you a bit closer, but not close enough that you could actually hit her.
“Reimu already told us about your bizarre little powers. I’m not going to let you get close enough to actually hit me here, nor use that strange little cloud. Marisa isn’t sure of what you are, nor am I. Patchouli would also be fascinated to examine you, so be a good little boy, and stay there while I finish up with my current task.”
Alice seems to feel that you’re no threat while her dolls have you in their grasp. She turns most of her attention back to the battle with Tewi. There are also several more dolls lying at her feet.

[ ] Take a picture of Alice.
[ ] Struggle against the dolls again.
[ ] Wait for a better opportunity.
No. 10578

Slowpoke here
What the hell, No one RAGED at this?
No. 10579
[x] Take a picture of Alice.
No. 10580

[x]Take the picture.

No. 10581
[X] Wait for a better opportunity.
Its too eary to use the camera yet, we have to do it Nasu Style
No. 10582

[ ] Take a picture of Alice.

But only if it's a good picture. Nothing shitty.
No. 10583
[x] Take a picture of Alice.
Theres no better opportunity then now, while shes occupied I say.
No. 10584
[X] Wait for a better opportunity.

This seems vaguely familiar somehow...

If we wait too long, some black shit is going to sneak up and kill us, isn't it?
No. 10585
[x] Take a picture of Alice.

No. 10586
Actually, I'd rather wait. A picture of Alice's back sucks anyways.
No. 10587
[x] Wait for a better opportunity
Wait, FUCK
No. 10588
Nobody cares. Grow up.

[X] Take a picture of Alice.

Second chances are too rare to count upon.
No. 10589
No yet guys, it says there are several dolls lying at her feet
No. 10590
[X] Take a picture of Alice.
No. 10591
[ ] Take a picture of Alice.
No. 10592
[x] Take a picture of Alice.

No. 10593
[]Wait for a better opportunity.

PATIENCE. Make her commit more to the attack before we strike, when her defenses are nothing!
No. 10594
>>Second chances are too rare to count upon.

And yet first chances are so easy to screw up, and lose forever.
No. 10595
So we should wait for her to start using them? What good would that do?
No. 10596
>>Nobody cares. Grow up.

Proper rage is good the community. Without proper rage, power level degrades over time.

For example, No one cared at /a/, and look what happened.
No. 10597
can't we get her to turn and look at us first? and have you guys never played shoot the bullet? you get a better pic if there is danmaku in it.
No. 10598
I'm gonna lol hard if it turns out that the camera is useless and anon's powers are all a delusion.
No. 10599
We're too busy paying attention to the thread to harp on one faggot at the moment.
No. 10600
I agree. A photo with no damanku or attacks in it is worthless.
No. 10601
>>So we should wait for her to start using them? What good would that do?

If she starts using them to go after Tewi, it would mean she wouldn't have anything to suddenly throw up to block our own attack.
No. 10602

[x] Wait for a better opportunity.

She has to at least be facing in our direction.
No. 10603
You can't block Aya's camera. It would simply devour the barrier.
No. 10604
[X] Take a picture of Alice.

Copy "Puppeteer" Skill.
Take control of nearby puppets.
No. 10605
It seems like a trap, she wouldnt be that vurnerable, she has to have some defense or something. We got Reimu when her guard was down, but she is taking us serious. I hope nothing happens
No. 10606
[x] Wait.
No. 10607
It knocked Medicine out cold. That could have been a fluke, but Yukari thought it important enough to return to us after we lost it, and Sikieiki went out of her way to mention it.
No. 10608
Exactly. Just because she doesn't APPEAR to regard us as a threat doesn't mean she would just leave herself completely defenseless.
No. 10609
>For example, No one cared at /a/, and look what happened.

Everyone cares too much at Pooshlmer, look what's happening there now. Wasting RAAAAAAAGE on anime smilies and Jump-series pages is just as unhealthy as not using it at all.

But, whatever. We've got a puppeteer to deal with right now.
No. 10610
You can't actually defend against the camera. In fact, the more "defense" you have, the more effective the camera is. God damn it. Play more Touhou.
No. 10611
[x] Take a picture of Alice.

Just as planned, indeed.
No. 10612
You start to raise the camera to take a picture, but Alice catches the motion out of the corner of her eye. Waving her hand, several more dolls come over and snatch the camera away, and a couple more latch on to you.
“ I don’t know what you were attempting to pull off here, but I’m not going to allow you to do this.”
The dolls drop the camera on the rock, before flying out to join the battle.
“ I do wish Marisa or Patchouli would get here soon. I could really use some help.”
You curse yourself for not waiting longer, when she might have been more distracted by the battle to have noticed you doing something. But there’s no sense crying over spilt milk, You’ve made your bed, and now you have to lie in it.

[ ] Struggle against the dolls.
[ ] Try to get to the camera.
[ ] Do “that” thing.
[ ] Make as much noise as you possibly can, and attempt to Distract Alice.
No. 10613
You don't have to defend against the camera, just the person using it. Dolls and danmaku might not stop a shutter chance, but Anon's flesh won't stop a spear or a bullet, either.

And unlike Aya, we AREN'T the fastest thing in Gensokyo.
No. 10614
[x] Do “that” thing.
No. 10615
[X] Do “that” thing.
No. 10616
[ ] Make as much noise as you possibly can, and attempt to Distract Alice.
No. 10617
[X] 'THAT' thing

Anon, we couldn't possibly do the ominous "that" thing, could we?
No. 10618
[X] Do “that” thing.

X-Factor, GO!!
No. 10619
Ah fuck it
You guys shouldve played more Tsukihime hell
now we are fucked for real. what to do
No. 10620
[ ] Do “that” thing.

We know struggling won't work from our first try, if we can't break free we can't get to the camera, and making noise will just make her knock us out to shut us up.
No. 10621
See? SEE?

"Oh, no, NOTHING can protect against the CAMERA!"

Smooth move, Ex-lax.

There is no other choice, now. We have to use..."that".

>>[ ] Do “that” thing.
>>[ ] Do “that” thing.
>>[ ] Do “that” thing.
No. 10622
You twits.
No. 10623
[x] Do “that” thing.
No. 10624
[ ] Do “that” thing.
Damnit, no choice now!
No. 10625
well fuck, now you leave us no choice but to use our ultimate weapon
[ ] Do “that” thing.
No. 10626
[x] Do "that" thing.
No. 10627
No. 10628
No. 10629

Well, I suppose that's fair enough if you're on dial-up, or multi-tasking. I'm catching up here and F5ing as usual and it's not much trouble to reply.


On the contrary, I think pooshlmer has a large amount of rage, but fails to wield it correctly. Targetting anything not remotely touhou related instead of the incredibly low level weeaboo.


[ ] Do “that” thing.
No. 10630
[X] One choice back.
No. 10631
[ ] Do “that” thing.

No. 10632
[ ] Do "that" thing

You couldn't mean... 'that'. There has to be another way!
No. 10633
[x] Do "that" thing.

Oh hell, might as well.
No. 10634
[x] Do "that" thing.
Hopefully it'll be something that'll save us.
No. 10635

[X]Do 'that' thing
No. 10636
[ ] Start chanting "I am the bone of my sword.."
No. 10637
[x] Do “that” thing.
[x] Make as much noise as you possibly can, and attempt to Distract Alice.

Probable synonyms.
No. 10638
[X] Do “that” thing.
Bone of our sword? Glowing Power Hand? I dunno lol.
No. 10639
No. 10640
I keep hoping that Anon would learn from his mistakes, and realize that he's no longer in EASY MODO. The second the protagonists start trying to kill us, we've gone straight into Motherfucking Luna-fucking-tic Mode, motherfuckers.

So far, I can only weep.
No. 10641
[X] Use Bankai
No. 10642
[X] Make Alice laugh!

Use the jokes the Banana told us during our delusional state!!
No. 10643
>>[ ] Do “that” thing.

No. 10644
We are the lord of the dance!
Treble before our rumba!
No. 10645
I bet you all quicksave every 5 seconds in PC games. MAN UP, PRESS FORWARD.
No. 10646
[x] Make as much noise as you possibly can, and attempt to Distract Alice.

so i herd u liek independent dolls?
No. 10647
oh good lord.

no. not that.

Do not. DO NOT.



No. 10648
I bet you see Bad ends quiet often
No. 10649

No. 10650
You decide that there’s no other choice. You let loose a piercing whistle that cuts through the air. Alice seems slightly shocked by this, and jumps visibly. The strings from Alice’s hand leading out into the battle suddenly all catch fire, and are gone in seconds. Alice snorts distainfuly. She glares quickly over at you, and one of the dolls holding you slaps something over your mouth, before flying back to Alice. Only two dolls hold you now, instead of the four from before. Tewi comes bounding over to the rock outcropping. She looks quite well beaten up which is unsurprising, given that it was, essentially a dozens on one battle.
“Ah. I thought I told you to whistle only when she had committed ALL her dolls to the battle…” Tewi sighs.
You’d call out an apology, but there’s this thing on your mouth. The two dolls that Alice still has that aren’t holding you begin attacking Tewi. These ones, however, don’t attack with weapons, they start blasting with beams of magic. Tewi starts hoping around like mad, attempting to dodge the blasts. She starts throwing some elemental blasts up at the dolls between dodging, but given that the dolls are such small targets, and Tewi’s obviously getting tired, she’s not having much luck in hitting them.

[ ] Struggle against the dolls.
[ ] Fall to the ground.
[ ] Try to run away from Alice.
[ ] Do nothing.
No. 10651
No. 10653
[ ] Struggle against the dolls.
No. 10654

[ ] Struggle against the dolls.
[X] Get camera
No. 10655
[X] Struggle against the dolls.
No. 10656
[X] Fall to the ground.
No. 10657
[ ] Struggle against the dolls.
No. 10658
[X] Fall to the ground and [X] Pick up Camera.
We must not get taken to the SDM
No. 10659
[x] Fall to the ground.

Because it's the only thing that works 100% of the time.
No. 10660
[X] Struggle against the dolls.
Its our chance!
No. 10661
Oh. whew. I thought we were going to "that" place for a second. had me worried.

Struggle, anon! divide her attention!
No. 10662
[X] Fall to the ground.

The best way out of most holds is to go limp.
No. 10663
[ ] Fall to the ground.
[ ] Reach camera?
No. 10664

No. 10665
[x] Struggle against the dolls.
Now or Never
No. 10666
[X] Fall to the ground.
No. 10667
[x] Struggle against the dolls.
[x] Photograph
[x] *squeeze*
No. 10668
Kira has pity on us idiots already, dont stress it too much
No. 10669
[]Fall to the ground.
No. 10670
[x] Fall to the ground
No. 10671
[ ] Fall to the ground.

We initially had 2 dolls manhandling us. The same situations applies. Let's call on help from out nemesis, gravity!
No. 10672
I'll change my "struggle" to a "fall". And then camera.
No. 10673
Lets change the votes from 5 to 7 or 10
No. 10674
'That' is the only thing that can save us now...

....man I really, really, REALLY hate it when they do this in anime. It's something that people would never do if there wasn't for audience benefit, like "You're _____ as usual, Friend X." or two characters discussing backstory/exposition even though both of them already know it well.


[X] Do 'that' thing.

Also, we should have put the damn thing on timer mode, and then made sure she was looking right at it before it went off, probably by saying, "HEY, DOLLBITCH" or something.

Also, is anyone else liking that this is the businesslike Alice, not the ronery sniveling girl pining for Marisa?
No. 10675

seconding this vote change.
No. 10676

See >>10573.
No. 10677
Slowking?!? You're alive!!!
No. 10679

Protip: Hit F5 before voting.
No. 10680
And I'M a slowpoke?
No. 10681
They're multiplying!
No. 10682
This seems sensible. Five worked in early chapters, but the thread has more of a following, now.
No. 10683
Five during less busy hours, seven during busy.

That shouldn't be too bad.
No. 10684
Changing my [X] Struggle to [X] Fall as well
No. 10685
This usually IS a less busy hour. This is the first time I've seen the board this active this late.
No. 10686
Ah. I was planning on going to bed but you guys made this shit get INTERESTING. New thread INC.
No. 10687

I'd say just stick with five. It would help keep the warp speed writing.
No. 10689
Looking at the clock, I figured you were, but FUCK YES, NEW THREAD!!
No. 10690
Dear Christ, I ramble on.

[X] Fall to the ground
[X] Pick up Camera.
No. 10691
We cant stop until we beat Alice, we cant!
No. 10695
I'm usually long gone during these hours. Forcing myself awake cause things are heating up.