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Thread 190539 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146865968563.jpg - (432.90KB, 1920x1200, alone in the dark.jpg) [iqdb]
190539 No. 190539 hide watch expand quickreply
One-thread story, aiming for multiple updates a day, as fast as I can manage until we finish.

Good? Good.


Let there be life.

Agonizingly, astonishingly alive.

Your first breath rattles for eternity; heart seizing in a tight ball of agony - then you cough it out as it catches and runs.

Your breath, that is, not your heart - scarce though the difference feels. Your body is one cold cramp; dead flesh frozen through the marrow. Sluggish blood churns through stiff veins; pins and needles of painful heat penetrating your limbs.

Your second breath leaves as a whimper, and the third, a wail - too weak to reach help. Tears leak down your cheeks as your body strains for existence. You move without meaning to and pain pierces you clean through, punching a hole in your mind that your meager thoughts swirl down into. Only the echoing scream remains, one shrill shrieking note you've not the breath to voice.
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>> No. 191025
Well, for one thing, because I'm not sure.

For another, I am sure it's not the M1 Garand. It's also not the M1 carbine, the M1 Thompson carbine, the M1 mortar, the M1 helmet, the M1 flamethrower, the M1 chemical mine, the 90mm M1 anti-aircraft and anti-tank gun, or the 120mm M1 super-heavy anti-aircraft gun.

It's the 57mm anti-tank gun.

(All of those M1s were used by the US in WWII, incidentally.)
>> No. 191047
[X] ... I know my name.

-[x] I am... but a spent shell, a fallen man.
[b][x] I am M1.[b] I, uh, know my first name?

Problem solved.
>> No. 191148
File 147094810868.jpg - (97.26KB, 1024x1370, 13680225_688182434662054_4015032972934780559_o.jpg) [iqdb]
[X]... I know my name
Write in

Thread 190296 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146795959492.png - (1.45MB, 1400x1139, e92e3982ff96985ef5d8ca14a44fafe1.png) [iqdb]
190296 No. 190296 hide watch expand quickreply
“Got any…” Chen trailed off, scrunching her face slightly in thought. “...tens, Ran?”

“No, Chen.” said Ran Yakumo. “Go Fish.” said Yukari Yakumo.

They were playing Go Fish, if it wasn't evident. Both Yukari and Ran could probably flawlessly win any game of Go Fish, but they went easy on Chen. They even reward her with real fish for winning.

“Dawwhh…” She still had a hard time winning, however. She pulled a card from the deck. A ten, how fortunate.

“Ah, hah!” She exclaimed. “Okay, think.” And think she did, a bit too hard, perhaps.

Looking up from her hand, she says, “Got any tens, Yukari?”

After a slight glance at her cards, there was a very slightly strained expression on her face. “Eheheh… yes, Chen.”

She technically didn't have a ten, not in her hand, anyway. She did, however, have one in her gap space.
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>> No. 191055
Between the check and the raise, I need a tiebreaker. (Also if you could specify what chip, or how much money exactly, that'd be great)

Also don't worry about the Aces thing, I'll fix it.
>> No. 191056
[X] Raise (1 white chip)
>> No. 191057
Vote called. We will be raising one white chip.

Thread 190332 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146809484027.jpg - (234.20KB, 850x1138, d1f8d4cb2e152703124ca8b2e2eb8923.jpg) [iqdb]
190332 No. 190332 hide watch expand quickreply
The thin man leans over the table among the cluttered stacks of paper and tools. Stroking his chin with his thumb and forefinger, his eyes flicker an inch left and right, studying the information before him. His chest rises and falls once, a long, slow breath as his sorts his thoughts. With a curious hum, he nods his head and clears his throat. Despite being alone in the room, he speaks to himself.

"I don't understand."

Before him are several papers. Reports of happenings around the large village where he works at. At a glance, the reports don't seem related. A child's words about a snake. A woman who saw a youkai in the sky. A man who spotted a group of fish swimming through a river. Some events are more uncommon than others, but each of them aren't a cause for concern.

"No, each one isn't a problem."

But rather, it's all of them together that hints at something.

"When life is created, it creates others. When life fades, others fade as well. Therefore, when life moves, then others should move. A similar reaction, but I wouldn't say I know for certain."

That conclusion is already uncertain. But if we assume that to be true, then....

"If that's true, a movement of this degree would be...."
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>> No. 190884
File 146983538737.jpg - (161.75KB, 850x1133, d0b3d126e0334edb6e57c75f83ed06a3.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Kaiun Kirisame
[X] Youkai Mountain - Moriya Shrine


Setsuri heaves her shoulders while she sighs.

“It would be a good idea to go somewhere where one of the three people are going. You know, for answers.”

“Then,” Kaiun says, “allow me to ask if we can go to the mountain.”

The shrine maiden blinks. “Sure. Mind if I ask why?”

“I thought we needed someplace to go?”

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>> No. 190886
[X] Accept Suwako’s proposal and bring Aki with you.
>> No. 190907
[x] Accept Suwako’s proposal and bring Aki with you.

Thread 187453 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 145598351725.jpg - (33.91KB, 512x288, MtG_color_wheel.jpg) [iqdb]
187453 No. 187453 hide watch expand quickreply
Longtime MtG fan here, have been interested in Touhou for a while and thought I'd try my hand at writing this idea I've had in my head for months.

You are a planeswalker. In the vast Multiverse, only you and your kind know of the countless worlds beyond your own.

As you hurtle, lost through the Blind Eternities - the space between worlds you desperately grasp for the familiar feeling of mana, of reality.

Which do you grasp?

> Chargen!
> For those of you unfamiliar with Magic: the Gathering, explanations of the colours have been provided below.

> Note: the colours chosen will determine the powerset & personality of the PC, as well as the plane the PC hails from and previous planes visited.

Pick up to two
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 190826
It's more fun than anything. I'm not suggesting we do it soon.

>dies to removal
Other than shrouded and hexproofed creatures, what doesn't?

We have a deluge of counterspells, so removal wont be the biggest deal.
>> No. 190846
We autosage now~
>> No. 190897
New thread.

Thread 170014 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 137164881040.png - (342.93KB, 800x900, 49f6124d99c44a1e322173ce15986471.png) [iqdb]
170014 No. 170014 hide watch expand quickreply
Not to worry, not to worry, we won't stop updating the other story.


You pause, looking out at the path. You had been making your way home, through the trees, as usual, to avoid being caught out in the open, but... That person on the path... there's something about them. A strange feeling coils in your chest. ...You... step out, into the open.

The boy on the path looks up at you sharply and lets out a gasp as he stumbles backwards in surprise. It's that fear...no, it's not fear. It's...surprise? The boy's eyes are clear and fearless, but...interested.

"Well, hello there~" You greet him, with a grin.

The boy stares at you, mouth open in awe as he watches you with those wide, naive eyes of his. He finally speaks to say...

"You're really big." He says with a faint trace of awe.

You blink, before clearing your throat.
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>> No. 190618
[X] They're probably just in the closet, right? Somewhere?

>> No. 190626
[x] They're probably just in the closet, right? Somewhere?

Dai's really pent up.
>> No. 190646
[x] They're probably just in the closet, right? Somewhere?

I love this story more than is considered healthy by medical professionals. Your Daiyousei, no, your Big-Sister-type is God-Tier.

Thread 189261 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146535296484.png - (3.52MB, 1260x1490, clever girl.png) [iqdb]
189261 No. 189261 hide watch expand quickreply
“Just how long are you planning to lay about?!” she asked a split second before unleashing a most vicious attack. The world spun around as I tumbled to the floor, crashing onto a pile of old newspapers.

“I was trying to take a nap!” I snapped indignantly, smarting from the fall. Why the hell would you put a hammock next to a window with a view if you didn’t want people just laying around and sleeping? Three days with her and already I felt like I’d never understand her.

The feeling was very mutual, apparently.

“It’s been three days already, you can’t keep doing just nothing,” she scowled, crossing her arms as she looked down at me. “I’ve got my next edition just about done and all you’ve accomplished in the meantime is to scarf down most of my snacks.”

I sprung up to my feet and patted away the dust. “A bit gutsy of you to be so disrespectful. I mean, chances are, one day I’ll be your leader.” I cocked my eyebrow, trying to stare her down. I was taller, so if she thought she could just push me around, she was dead wrong.

“That’s the whole point,” she paused and bit her lower lip, clearly thinking it more prudent to not be quite so insultingly candid. Grabbing her fan from nearby, she began to smack it gently but firmly into the palm of a hand, using the prop to underscore her words, “if you don’t complete the ceremony, you will never be a leader. Instead, you’ll be little more than a petulant child forever.”

“Hey now, Aya,” I frowned, “I’ve completed my coming-of-age ceremony just like you. Just because you’re like a two or three years older, doesn’t mean you have to act like you’re much better than me.”

“Says the twerp who just tried to pull rank on me,” Aya swiftly smacked me on the top of my head with her fan. It didn’t hurt. She was holding back. “Until you’re accepted as part of the leader caste, you’re about as important as the common crow. Don’t you forget that. Now don’t make me regret promising to help you out.”
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>> No. 190553
[x] Reisen mentioned something about a ‘master’. Try to find out more about the household.
even more networking
>> No. 190560
[x] Ignore Tewi’s taunts and just continue to get to know them better.

Sounds better than the other options
>> No. 190624
New thread.

Thread 189365 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 14655357884.gif - (67.44KB, 888x888, She seems to have forgotten something.gif) [iqdb]
189365 No. 189365 hide watch expand quickreply
I live, yada yada, excuse about spending 12 hours drawing this and that, shall we get on with this?


You͞ bac̨k͜p͝ed̢al to҉ ̴the pil̕lars͞, d͞ra͝g͞gi͞ng ̕Hour̷ai a͡lon͟g҉ wi͟t̨h́ y͝o͢u͟.

As she’s longer than you are tall, there’s a quiet chorus of wood bouncing on stone.

It sounds a bit like irritation, somehow.

Before you know it, you find yourself standing beside the s̕exy,͟ ̨s̸exy̴ trio of architectural features.

You think you may have a problem, but ignore it.

You look to the three, wondering what you should ask.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 190267
Vote called.

Heads up: Expect the next month to be choppy, as suddenly important phonecall at the worst very specific time range.

If I don't write on a particular day, expect me to have fallen asleep.

Wait, don't I already do that...?

>> No. 190271
Getting back to work. Did a bit last night, so it should be out by bed, assuming I don't fall asleep early again.
>> No. 190284
File 146793333923.png - (141.58KB, 679x700, Fancy eating you here.png) [iqdb]
>>190278 Next thread!

Thread 189136 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146517933675.png - (664.17KB, 848x1200, you gonna get unlucky?.png) [iqdb]
189136 No. 189136 hide watch expand quickreply
This was not how you wanted to start your day.

It's such a nice summer day, and you finally have your home to yourself.  It was just the time you had been waiting for; just for a little while, there was nothing to do.  House was clean, laundry was run, and every other chore had been taken care of.  And, just for a little while, you have no work to be bothered by.  You were considering sitting down on the roof patio and just reading some while the sun was out.  Maybe even just lying back and enjoying the peace as the clouds pass by and taking a short nap as the whistling wind lulls you away.

You certainly didn't plan to be face down on your concrete sidewalk with a splitting headache after answering the door.

"I'm so sorry, sir!"  A young woman calls out her apology as she rushes forward.  "I didn't mean to cause such an injury!"  You just grit your teeth and push yourself back to your knees.  Your vision sways a bit, but you spot a woman in a long dress rushing forward, straight towards you.  "Just let me help—"

"No, no, I'm sure it will be alright."  From behind her, an woman in a suit steps forward.  Even in your injured state, there is something odd in her eyes.  "After all, he isn't too out of it; much better than the last one."

"Last… last what?"  You finally manage to make it to your knees as you sway.  Before you can reach out and grab anything to steady you, the first woman grabs your arm and holds it up.  "Who are you people?"

"Oh, I am such a dork!"  The woman sighs and just shakes her head.  You must be seeing things as that hair is tied—  "Here I am causing my host this much distress and we've just met.  I told your government that this was a bad idea."

"Eh, he'll be fine.  He didn't hit his head that hard."  The woman takes a spot by your other side and kneels down.  "Right as rain, he is!  No problem in the least; his skin didn't even break."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 190060
File 146706328878.jpg - (73.78KB, 359x546, tough luck eh mate.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, I had been hoping the vote would turn around. Looks like those first two will be it. And to think that most of the options were safe.

Update will be next thread.
>> No. 190071
>> No. 190075
(Mis)fortunate Tidings >>190073

Thread 188421 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146401941498.png - (525.09KB, 750x750, b46ae8c424e5732ae981f9a3822626b26101e9ee.png) [iqdb]
188421 No. 188421 hide watch expand quickreply
You shift slightly downward as the Judge of the Deceased continues her stern stare down. Sitting down behind a desk larger than her small stature, the green-haired Yama is garbed in an outfit you don’t know the name of, and an admittedly awesome hat-slash-crown, and carrying what looks like a plank of wood.

For the nth time since you’ve found yourself in here, it occurs to you that the Judge of the Deceased looks oddly cuter than you would’ve expected—which was something of a red giant, with horns, and angry eyes. You’re not complaining, of course, but it’s simply jarring. Nevermind the fact that the afterlife is apparently based on Japanese Mythology despite your ethnicity.

Still, despite all of her adorableness, the blob of ectoplasm that is you cannot help but quiver under her stare. Judging. Calculating. Intense. Cutting through layers after layers of your roundy blobbiness, indiscriminate to all… if you could, you would be blushing right now. You couldn’t, so thank God for that.

“Normally,” she says suddenly, flinching you out of your thoughts. Her lips purse, and looks down at the papers strewn on her desk. “Normally,” she starts again. “I would not be the one on duty to judge your soul, but since the one responsible to do so is apparently on vacation, it befalls to me to decide where you should go from here.” She pauses, humming. “So tell me honestly; who are you, and how did you die?”

You wobble left and right at her question. A part of you wants to say ‘no’ for shits and giggles, but you’re not that suicidal. Yet. Humming in thought, you speak for the first time since your death:

[] “It was a noodle incident. There was a party for my friend’s birthday. I loved to cook, see? So I baked him some cookies, and some pastas. And, uh, I sorta slipped. Got spilled boiled water all over my face, and a very large pan.”

[] “It was a traffic accident. Same old, same old. Probably even a drunk driver. The light was red, and I was crossing the street—where all of the sudden, this car came out of nowhere and bowled me to next sunday.”

[] “It was from a fatal wound. Some mili
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>> No. 189708
Damn. Although this story just got funny now.

>What is this, some kind of tea youkai?
>> No. 189731
In during tea youkai
>> No. 189852
[X] This green tea is calling for you.

It beckons.

Thread 184051 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 142235192822.jpg - (72.29KB, 600x600, don't call it a comeback.jpg) [iqdb]
184051 No. 184051 hide watch expand quickreply

You wake to the sensation of your head falling down onto something hard and floor-like.
Your previous encounters with this sort of thing lead you to believe it to be a floor of some sort. Hardly unusual for you, of course, but something about this particular instance still strikes you as somehow odd.

“Uh, whoops! Sorry about that!” you hear a girl's voice say from somewhere above you, as a pair of hands grasp the sides of your head and pull you up from the ground.

As you feel yourself being hoisted into the air, the odd feeling you have only grows as you begin to notice a strange sense of weightlessness from the rest of your body. Despite your head being lifted and turned in such a way that you are almost positive would require pulling and bending your neck and spine in a rather uncomfortable way, you don't feel even the slightest twinge of discomfort.

“W-woah! Hey, are you really awake? Wow!” a blonde-haired girl holding your head says, looking at you with a mix of surprise and wonder. “Can you hear me? Like, blink once if you can and two if you can't.”

[ ] Blink once.
[ ] Blink twice.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 189544
[x] You get it!

Time to...

[x] Apologize!

[x] Is she offering to teach you to ask someone out to dinner?
>> No. 189546
[X] You get it!
Is it still an epiphany if someone has to tell you?
>> No. 189675
Next thread:

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