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Thread 197130 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149775631892.jpg - (396.64KB, 1297x4460, gja7X.jpg) [iqdb]
197130No. 197130hidewatchexpandquickreply
Once more, you find the intercom and insert the key. The wave of exhaustion hits you as soon as the static, but you find that you’re able to fight against it this time.

“What do you want of me?” You ask the white noise.

“Don’t let her struggle be in vain.” You don’t hear the words so much as you feel them. “She deserves that much, wouldn’t you agree, dear?”

An image appears in your mind - of a woman with long, ink-black hair in red and white shaman attire, standing tall with her back to you.

“You’re talking about the Hakurei? Well, what would that entail?” You ask, muffling a yawn.

If it was possible for a butterfly to shrug, you swear it would have. More figures appear before your mind, this time blurry and indistinct - flashes of a woman in red and a man in blue, both with silver hair - but the vision slides across your consciousness like suds on glass before you can see it clearly.

“I’m going to need more than that.” You say, earning an annoyed flick of antennae.

This time, you see them with plumes of light rising from their backs, reaching for the sky.
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>>No. 200246
[X] Run for the Yamanba zone (Clamshell)
>>No. 200252
[X] Run for Eirin’s field (Clamshell)

Eirin's reputation is probably more than sufficient to deter the tengu, I think, and if it's not we'll at least have a head start.
>>No. 200256
next thread:

Thread 199440 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154112981134.jpg - (85.05KB, 800x581, this could be home.jpg) [iqdb]
199440No. 199440hidewatchexpandquickreply
For a long, long time, all is silence.

All is dark.

You know nothing. You are nothing. Everything has passed - you are dead.

This is where your story begins.

For the first time in a long time, your heart clicks, gears skipping a tooth, before catching, the clockworks pumping your turbid blood as you awaken, slowly.

You stare, blankly, across the graves for some time before you realise that they've not been cared for.


All you can bring yourself to feel at this realisation is a vague sorrow - you feel a bit sad, nothing more. You take a long, shuddering breath, your first that you can recall.
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>>No. 199904
Looking forward to it, this is a pretty good story!
>>No. 199928
Best of luck to you and your family. (Or you, at least, if they're the ones causing problems.) Take care of yourself.
>>No. 200168
Hey OP

You doing okay?

Thread 200126 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154429135272.png - (242.20KB, 550x950, òæ_ï-é½.png) [iqdb]
200126No. 200126hidewatchexpandquickreply
I am not sure if this is the right place to post this and if it is not, I sincerely apologize. I notice that there are many of you within this website that are quite talented when it comes to writing, especially in relation to Touhou material. With that being said, any of you are more than welcome to join Gensokyo Unlimited, which is the most active Touhou role-playing community on Discord! Use original characters or take control of a canon character as you embark on incidents that are made by yours truly! We are a very welcoming community dedicated to creating wonderful experiences for veterans or newcomers in relation to role-playing alike! The link is below!

>>No. 200135
this is 'general stories', you probably want 'general discussion' for this kind of thread

also discords are in my opinion cancer. furthermore I don't feel they're good place for stuff that isn't liveish chat — I don't think they can replace a forum.
>>No. 200137
No one was saying it would replace this. Calm your tits.
>>No. 200138
I didn't mean to imply that was what was being attempted. I consider imageboards and forums as distinct things, after all.

Thread 199530 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154129962372.jpg - (97.25KB, 600x840, nanowrimo-3.jpg) [iqdb]
199530No. 199530hidewatchexpandquickreply
“That’d be nice,” you say. This is where you’d don a pipe and forlornly look to the sky. But you don’t have a pipe, and you’d look silly staring at the roof. You wonder, though, how different it would be if you lived in a world that didn’t hate you—but you don’t dwell on it for long. There’s no use dreaming about what could have been. What can you do anyway? Change yourself? Hah, good one. Gods don’t change. People do.

Hieda’s definitely miffed because she doesn’t like your answer. Real hard to please, that woman. “Don’t make it seem like it’s not your problem,” she says.

“But it’s not?” you reply. “Why should I care about humans think about me?”

“Because you’re a god. Really, is it too difficult for you to stop acting so detached about everything? Don’t you suppose that life would be a lot easier if you stopped trying to alienate every human you come in contact with?”

“Nah. Because that’s how I am. It’s my nature.”

“She’s right, though,” adds Tewi. “Some humans are okay. Especially the kinds that you can sucker into doing something dumb.”

“I especially don’t like those types of humans.”

“You’re implacable,” Hieda says with a sigh, propping herself up with a hand on the desk.
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>>No. 200141
Congrats on that, I'll be joining you soon I think.
>>No. 200145

>I'll be joining you soon

Aaaand creepiest dude of the year go to....
>>No. 200242
Next thread: >>200225

Thread 199414 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154109902381.jpg - (213.17KB, 850x638, village diorama by rekishitai.jpg) [iqdb]
199414No. 199414hidewatchexpandquickreply
Generations ago, before Gensokyo was sealed away, the patriarch of the Sen family led an expedition into the rolling hills along its southwestern side, where the trees grew so thick that it was pitch-black even at noon, and behind each tree lurked a malicious youkai. The legends say he and his brothers and cousins went out with many amulets adorned upon their necks, and armed with crane-feather arrows and blades made from the precious iron of the Youkai Mountain.

They emerged weeks later, battered and scarred but alive to a person, and announced news of their victory. Such fear did they strike into the malevolent spirits of the forest, they announced, that even the foul winds didn’t dare blow while they were there. The governor was so pleased with the Sen family’s success that he granted their dynasty a great swathe of land in the rolling hills between the two mountain ranges.

Then, the Great Hakurei Barrier went up. It was nice in a way, since it meant getting away from the watchful eye of the centralized imperial government, but it also took away the fear of the Shogun deciding you were a bit too uppity and deciding to kill your entire family. Details get much more fuzzy around there — there were border disputes, suspicious land purchases, what may or may not have been a civil war, and so on.

The point being, that sort of thing doesn’t happen much anymore, thankfully. The humans of Gensokyo have reached a tense but solid peace, and the Human Village has grown into more of a large town, with tiny new villages sprouting up around it. Things are comfortable enough that folks have even started growing luxuries like tea and sugar and silk, and some of the braver humans have even started trading with the various types living on the Youkai Mountain, providing both valuable metals and various exotic knick-knacks.

Which ultimately brings the subject to me, Morozumi Goro. Our family is the head of the small village of Magarimachi in those same rolling hills, with a few hundred people living there. The local elders handle most of the domestic affairs, but it’s up to us to make sure the village and the capital-v Village stay updated on each other and don’t s
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>>No. 200107
>It took me a moment, but I recognized the name. She was the crow tengu who had taken a lump from Reimu for causing too much noise flying over the shrine. Hopefully, this work was a little safer for the poor gal, I thought as I looked at her frayed smile again.

In a way, it was all thanks to her, uh? I hope she's happy now.

What a good way to end a good story. FeelsGoodMan
>>No. 200108


good job on this one tho
>>No. 200125
>tfw kogasa wouldn't stand still long enough to get adopted

Thread 199408 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 154104566537.jpg - (70.97KB, 850x478, 1.jpg) [iqdb]
199408No. 199408hidewatchexpandquickreply
What are dreams? Manifestations of the psyche? Fragments of future possibilities, of unborn worlds and past events alike? Pieces of information, carefully extracted from a piece of biomass that is colloquially referred to as a "brain" that keeps us alive? Or perhaps something more, something much greater? For a brief moment, it feels like the answer is closer than ever before - like it's right at the tip of your tongue. Ah...

You come to, in your single room apartment. It's 3 AM and all lights, save for a pleasant glow of your computer's 20-inch display are out right now. Your neighbors are quiet - a much-welcomed change from what came to be the standard these last few days. The only sound in the room is the noise of a CPU fan. A window in your room shows a beautiful sight of a white crescent moon, surrounded by gray clouds. Relishing the atmosphere, you begin to reminisce.

A simple life, yet a comfortable one. Went to school, just like everyone. Never really liked other people. Got shunned - loners attract attention, not the good kind. At times there was trouble, at times it was peaceful. When there was a need to work, you did and when there wasn't, you slacked off. There's really no regrets about the way you've lived so far. ...Damn it, this sounds too much like a eulogy - or at least an introduction to some kind of terrible midnight flick that you would usually see at an empty cinema somewhere. MAN FEELS PERPETUAL DISGUST AND HATRED WHILE LOOKING AT OTHER HUMAN BEINGS just sounds more correct and to the point.

With that particular internal monologue finished, you open up @chan after grumbling a bit - your prime source of entertainment. It's one of the few places where people are, for some reason, more tolerable than in real life. Immediately, headlines pop into view - "MADMAN SLIPS ON A CAN AND EXECUTES A PIROUETTE OFF A GARAGE ROOF THREE STORY HIGH, ONLY INJURY IS BROKEN TOE", "NEXT %VIDEO GAME% IS ALSO QUITE SHIT", "POLITICIAN EATS OWN SHOE TO ENLIST SUPPORT IN PASSING BILL". Home, sweet home.

After brewing a cup of coffee - the cheap and strangely pleasant stuff that usually get
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>>No. 199646
It's a tie. If there's no tiebreaker vote in an hour, I'm flipping a coin.
>>No. 199647
[x] Dark Witch Kirisame has invaded!
>>No. 199648
called, writing

Thread 197773 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 150389065056.jpg - (9.13KB, 184x184, fosty.jpg) [iqdb]
197773No. 197773hidewatchexpandquickreply
"Staying tuned" edition
Previous thread: >>184073

[X]Try and get a better look, and ask if he has anything else for sale.

Before the door can finish swinging shut, you call out. "Hey, you got anything in the back that's for sale?"

There's a small crash from the other side of the door, and you wince slightly. Hopefully whatever he had wasn't too fragile.

"Uh, I suppose," the man calls back, and you can hear some mild effort in his voice. "Come on-" There's the sound of a box being set on top of another box. "-back, if you'd like to see."

You push through the door, and find the man inspecting a stack of crates, particularly the one on top. Judging by his sigh of relief, nothing was actually broken. The back room itself was in a pretty much identical state as the rest of the store, but with a lot more boxes piled up along the walls and in the floor. There wasn't any organization method you could recognize at work, here.

The man adjusts his glasses. "So, what exactly are you looking for?"

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>>No. 199191
[x]Tell the truth, or at least some of it. You were a stock trader with a hobby in guns and old gas masks, and you stumbled into Gensokyo while on vacation. It doesn't answer any of the man's questions about the rest of the Outside, but it's something.

Lie by telling the truth.
>>No. 199321
[x]Tell the truth, or at least some of it.

I mean, we've already told people Britain's fucked by D̶i̶v̶e̶r̶s̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶M̶o̶n̶s̶t̶e̶r̶s̶ anarchist rioters/war, so we should just keep on trucking there. Oh look another big European war is it that time of year already? As for Japan, well, we don't know anything there.
>>No. 199639
[x]Tell the truth, or at least some of it. You were a stock trader with a hobby in guns and old gas masks, and you stumbled into Gensokyo while on vacation. It doesn't answer any of the man's questions about the rest of the Outside, but it's something.

Thread 186758 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 145081207435.jpg - (249.66KB, 850x1175, are-there-even-any-downsides.jpg) [iqdb]
186758No. 186758hidewatchexpandquickreply

You are a necromancer. As a practitioner of what many in the magical world revile, you have been forced to skulk in the darkness to seek precious knowledge. It is in the shadows of humanity, far away from the any civilized denizens, that you have faced countless horrors. The simplest, the giant half-spiders that could bisect a man with the strength in their legs or the mutated locust swarms that could deafen a town and strip it bear of life in under an hour, would be enough to drive any modern human into a panicked frenzy.

Such mundane worries don’t trouble you. You have seen worse. You have encountered the raving madman looking to resurrect his daughter. The self-proclaimed scientist preyed upon a small village, kidnapping women in the night, dragging them kicking and screaming to his underground lair where he strapped them to a blood-soaked table where he sawed off their limbs, sliced open their bellies, and extracted their throbbing organs. He entrapped their souls with magitechnical devices and slowly picked those women apart, stripping skin and gouging brain matter to see what effects the body and mind had on the soul.

You animated the mutilated corpses that were discarded in the corner and mobbed the madman. Then you cut apart his stitched together doll of a daughter who could only weep blood all night long. She was unreasonably, unfortunately, durable.

You have infiltrated the gibbering cults that worshipped astral nightmares. They had rituals for summoning tentacled monsters that would punch a hole in a man’s chest, chewing through his fleshy innards and tunneling into his chest cavity to nibble at the victim’s heart.

All manner of demons and devils have assailed you, brought forth by powerful Satanists. Some demons were towering in stature, the fiery generals of Hell capable of crushing you underneath a hooved foot. Devils little more than whispered words on the air have attempted to subvert your mind and subsume your thoughts.

You have encountered the abominations of your ‘fellow’ practitioners more than you care to count. You
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 197807
inb4 necrobump rage
>>No. 199319
Honestly I hope Keine just completely eats this little trip into Eintei, it wasa really bad idea from the start, and we've lost so much. As someone who read all of the story in two days I undoubtedly have benefits that previous voters do not but man, what was everyone thinking.
>>No. 199545
oi faggot. bumping this cause you wouldn't see it otherwise.


Thread 198503 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 151508337290.jpg - (81.18KB, 850x601, Sleepy Banki.jpg) [iqdb]
198503No. 198503hidewatchexpandquickreply
You wake up once again to the same somewhat-bright shapelessness in a soft bed. Birds chirp from out the window and you can hear the faint sound of village chatter in the distance, as well as smell the tea that Keine is having for the morning.

You sit up, letting the sheets fall away and groping around the table you know to be beside the bed for your folded shirt. Your fingers brush against the familiar fabric and you pull it towards you, not expecting the weight that you didn’t know was on it give way and topple to the floor.


You wince, more because the curse was shouted so loudly than the impact sounded incredibly painful, and tentatively reach down, hoping that what you feared would happen would not happen.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.


“Jesus!” You withdraw your hand, cradling your now-sore finger as Seki “hmph!”s and floats her way out with a creak of the door.

Putting on your shirt, you can’t help but sigh.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 199501
[X]”You said you have a friend here?”

“Yeah. I thought you wanted to clear your head?”

You shrug. Clearing your head doesn’t always have to mean sitting around in silence, dead to the world around you as you empty your mind. In that regard, it’s not really clearing your head than taking a break and focusing on something that doesn’t make you immediately anxious or agitated.

“...Eh, why not? You’ve already met Kagerou anyway,” Seki’s footsteps crunch against the grass, which you note to be unusually cold.

“Anything I should know about her in advance?” you ask, just to be safe.

“...You have any repressed trauma about mermaids?”

“...one, I’m not sure that’s how that sort of thing works. Two…” you pause, massaging your forehead as you feel a mild ache coming along. “As long as she doesn’t sing, I won’t try anything.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>No. 199503
I honestly have no idea how close we are to the autosage but since we've been on Thread 4 for the better part of the year, new thread will be up shortly
>>No. 199506

Thread 196629 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149614876874.jpg - (69.60KB, 595x841, tewi.jpg) [iqdb]
196629No. 196629hidewatchexpandquickreply

“It’s down the hall and to the left. Should be at the end of the corridor.” Tewi gives you a knowing look. “Though, you’re heading elsewhere, aren’t you?”

“What? Who, me?” you say, careful to keep your voice hushed. Don’t want to wake the cute bunny pile. You inch out of all the napping rabbits’ grasps. “Naaaaaw. I’d never. I ain’t one to lie, y’know. I just really need to go. Badly.”

“Then I guess I believe you. Just don’t disappear again, alright?”

“I’ll try.”

Ha. Tewi thinks that you’ll really disappear like that again? Just because you feel like it? Absolutely preposterous. Impossible, even! No way you’d do something like that.

...She knows you too well. But whatever. That won’t stop you from trying. Once you finish your business in the washroom, you head out the nearest window and slip away into the night. Of course, you have no idea where the heck you are and it’s really dark and now you’re suddenly lost, but no big deal. You’ll find your way. You always do, even if it takes a while.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 199499
[x] That’d be nice.

Optimistically pessimist route.
>>No. 199513
[TEWI] That’d be nice.

It would be. He wouldn't have to play up the 'Bringer of Corruption' shtick if he could get belief and power through worshipers.
>>No. 199531
Next thread, now with a real title: >>199530

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