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To further my study of the Black Arts, I sacrificed my time to build a Renko folder of my own. To become her fan as well. Doing this, I thought I'd be able to write more efficiently... But I was wrong.
No wonder my updates are so slow.

Anyways, here is the wall, the wall that I built, steadily growing a structure that will stand the test of time.
in b4 I fuck the mood up with stupid typos and other shit. It's 2AM, and I got only 2 hours of sleep yesterday.
[x] Stop Mary. "Hang on, let her decide. Who will it be, Renko?"

And you... Can't simply stand here and watch. You may have told Mary to do it, but... The resolve to touch that smooth skin still lingers in your mind.
That back. That back. That back.
"Mary, wait a moment."
She turns around. Renko directs her gaze at you as well.
"What is it? Second thoughts?"
Uh, this is kinda troublesome. You want to put that lotion on Renko's back. Hell, even without lotion, you'd still want to touch it all over! Your resolve is glowing! The back of yours is burning red! They will see, you'll fight until eternity! Nothing shall stand before your determination! Before your strength! Your power! Your lust! Your youth! Your spirit!
Politely bowing your head, you voice your wish.
"I WANT TO PUT THAT LOTION ON RENKO'S BACK! So, who it will be, Ren?"
"Uweh?" an incomprehensible squeal from Renko.
"Huh." a sigh from Mary.
There you go. You've said it. Now, there is nothing to lose. You've said it all. Fuck. Now all that's left to do is wait.
Wait. Wait. Wait for their response. What to expect? What is it you fear? A smack on your head? Renko's escape?
"Okay, I get it." Mary speaks up "You want to do it, right? You should've said that in the very beggining, especially if you're THAT eager to do it." she sighs again "It's not like you'd mind, right, Ren?"
"W-Wha?" Renko stutters "I... uh, I..."
"Oh damn it."
Mary bends over Renko and whispers something into her ear. The latter jumps up slightly in suprise.
"W-What are you talking about?!"
"Really. So, if you hesitate..."
"Alright" Mary pouts "I won't say anything more. So, will you let him?"
Renko glances at you. Then returns her gaze at Mary.
"There you go."
Mary passes the bottle to you and returns to her chair, slapping her hand on your stomach on her way there. Oh right, she had that lotion on her hand already. Damn, not a smooth move. Not cool, brah. Not cool.
Well, at least she seems to understand your resolve. Still, you feel kinda obliged, you'll have to repay her for this hassle later.
And now, as for the main event...
You take a deep breath and turn to where Renko is laying. She's staring at your with slight uncerainty, her lips slightly open, waiting for your move. Your legs almost automatically guide you up to her, kneeling beside the deckchair.
"Ren, can I..."
She nods slightly. That's all you need. Standing up, you open the bottle and squeeze some lotion on your hand. But before you put it on Renko's back... You use your other hand and slide your fingers along her spine, from her neck, all the way down to her butt. Why did you do this again? Hell, you have no idea. But the fact that she arched back a little under your touch almost made you burst with euphoria. What is this feeling? Is this a joy of conquering something new and normally inaccessible?
"What are you doing..."
Renko asks in weak voice. Oh right, you've lost it yet again.
"Sorry, I'm going to put it on now."
You put the other hand, the one with the lotion on Renko's back.
"Ssss..." she hisses "It's cold."
You can't help but feel like you're being observed. Brrr, unpleasant feeling. Shaking it off, you answer Renko
"Of course it's cold. Now don't wriggle around."
You begin to smear the lotion all over her back and sides. Damn, even though the direct contact with her skin is minimazed, you can still hear a choir of enthusiastic cheers sounding inside your own head. Who could've thought that doing this to Renko would be so... enjoyable?
Alright, time to get serious. Standing astride her body, you bend down and start massaging the lotion into her shoulders. She purrs quietly as you do that, her arms moving slightly with your every stroke. Looks like she's enjoying it as well. Then, you slide your hands down her body, along the sides of her ribcage, your fingers catching a glimpse of the soft flesh on it's frontal side. Then again. And again. Renko, totally giving in to this little massage, moves along with your slide, making those cute purring noises.
"Mmm... Lower..."
Lower? Does she mean... Ah, right. There are blank spots on the lower part of her back and her legs are still untouched. Alright, let's get on with it. Putting another portion of lotion on your hand, you smear it on her lower back and thighs. Damn, as much as you'd like to stroke her ass cheeks, you know that doing it would result in an instant kick to the guts, followed by a quick escape by the guilty. Wait, wouldn't that situation make you the guilty one?
Oh, well. As long as she doesn't ask herself, you're not... going... to... touch... them...
Getting lower and lower with the work, you reach her foot, which, after lotioning them, you playfully tickle. Well, might as well play around a little.
"Hehey, stop that!" Renko waves her leg, giving you a nice view of what she's hiding in between them. "Say... You're finished?"
"Pretty much."
"Oh... Okay..."
What is it, she's disappointed? Okay, why not give her a little push...
"If you want, I can give you a second round."
She turns her head to you, with a wide smile on her face.
"Can you? Uh--" she turns away again "I mean, please, if you could."
"As you wish, princess."

So you give her a second round of this marathon of direct skin contact. This time beggining from the legs, and getting higher and higher, finally repeating the massage you gave her shoulders earlier.
"Hey, stop squirming around, I can't grab a hold..."
"I--- I can help it!" she moans "I-it feels so good!"
"Come on, don't move..."
Oh ho. Classic situation, now isn't it? Crap, if someone recorded your conversation right now, who knows what future listeners would think you were doing... Really, Ren. Now that you got into the mood, you're getting too loud...
"Mmmm, yes! There!"
"Stop wriggling around!"
The crazy dance continues for a while, then your fingers grow weary. Ren groans in disappointment as you retract your hands.
"Aww, done already? I wanted more..."
"My fingers are sore."
No, but really. You're not a professional massager, and all this intensive work made them go almost numb.
"Sorry, sorry."
Still, you haven't had enough. But is there left for you to do? Hmmm...

>> No. 9839
File 121245045731.jpg - (180.20KB , 580x557 , 50ddaf9ea6ccec0c8ad7b11da4acd8da.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bending down, you whisper to her ear.
"Ren, are you.... Ticklish?"
"Wha--?" Not letting her finish, you slide your fingers along her sides. Her body suddenly jerks up. "H-hey! Stop tha--!" Again, you tickle her sides. This time, using more strength. Tapping your fingers in her soft spots like if it was a keyboard, you continue this childish caress. "Hahahahahey! Unhahah, please, stop it! Hahaha!"
Oh man, this it priceless! She fidgets around, trying to escape from your ticklish grasp. But to no avail.
"Oh, do you like it? Oh, you like it! Admit it!"
"N-nyahahahaha! L-let me-ahahaha! Let me g--!"
Whoops. She jerked a little bit too strongly. And...
Almost jumping up in the air...
Turning around...
She changes her position, from laying on her stomach, to laying on her back.
Though it was an accident, she was fast enough to cover her breasts with her hands.
And the moment you look down....
Everything stops.
Your thoughts freeze. Your movements freeze. Your eyes freeze. Your whole body suddenly becomes extremely heavy and hard to move.
Because... Her flustered face, her empurpled cheeks, her pink lips... Are now mere centimeters from yours.
Her movements die out as well. Falling silent, she simply stares up blankly into your eyes.
Unknown force urges you to bend down, lower. Lower. Lower. Lower. Lower. Lower.

[ ] Give in
[ ] Viking spirit, etc
[ ] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
>> No. 9840
>Mary bends over Renko and whispers something into her ear. The latter jumps up slightly in suprise.
>"W-What are you talking about?!"
>"Really. So, if you hesitate..."

>> No. 9841
[ ] Give in
>> No. 9842
[x] Viking spirit, etc

>> No. 9844
[ ] Viking spirit, etc
[ ] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
>> No. 9845
[ ] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction

I don't even know which route we're even on now.
>> No. 9846
[ ] Viking spirit, etc

I'd say [ ]FLEEEX, but I don't want some idiot actually voting that.
>> No. 9847
[x] Viking spirit, etc

Man, that stare is freaking me out.
>> No. 9848
[x] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
>> No. 9849
[X] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction

Our emotions are always being swung around so crazy by these heroines. I for one can't decide who to aim for anymore.
>> No. 9850
Regardless of what happens, Yukari will urge Mary to be more..direct so Renko can't her Anon all to herself, right?
(I hope)

[x] Give in
(ah, so torn!)
>> No. 9851
[ ] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
>> No. 9852

[ x ] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
>> No. 9853
We need more Mary points, and she's obviously staring at us, but...I'm not sure what she really wants.

Ah, fuck it, she already dared us to kiss Renko once.
[x] Give in
>> No. 9854
[X] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
>> No. 9856
[x] Give in
>> No. 9857
[X] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
>> No. 9858
File 121246135512.jpg - (968.04KB , 1134x1142 , danchou.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Viking spirit, etc

>> No. 9859
[ ] Viking spirit, etc
[ ] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
>> No. 9860
[ ] Viking spirit, etc
>> No. 9862
[X] Viking spirit, etc
[X] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction

No one cares about the shirt, huh?
>> No. 9863
[x] Give in
>> No. 9864

We only had one shirt too!
We're fucked.
>> No. 9865
Dear Anonymous, this only mean more FLEX options
>> No. 9866
>Dear Anonymous, this only mean more FLEX options

Nothing wrong with more FLEX options. If we had flexed before handing over the lotion, things might have come to this point faster.
>> No. 9867
[x] Viking spirit, etc
>> No. 9868
File 121247270583.jpg - (98.51KB , 788x407 , Vinland Saga2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Viking spirit?
>> No. 9869
[ ] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
>> No. 9870
[ ] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
>> No. 9872
[x] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
[x] FLEX
>> No. 9873
[x] Give in
>> No. 9874
>I don't even know which route we're even on now.



No, Gaatz. YOU are the idiot!
And then Gaatz was flexing like a madman.

>No one cares about the shirt, huh?

Yeah, and Mr. Shirt is deeply disappointed.
>> No. 9875

>Not a single person voted to grieve over the shirt. I will be taking this into account.
>> No. 9876
[x] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction
[x] Put some lotion on your hand and prepare to massage her front.
>> No. 9877
You know what, this is good.

[x] Deadpan, completely straight face. "All right, time for the other side. Close your eyes and relax." Squeeze out some more lotion.
>> No. 9878
File 121250519294.jpg - (28.72KB , 551x400 , raisinballs.jpg ) [iqdb]

But there was one vote for the shirt, so no.
>> No. 9879
[x] Deadpan, completely straight face. "All right, time for the other side. Close your eyes and relax." Squeeze out some more lotion.
Alright, this sounds better than current options.
>> No. 9880
[x] Try to stay like this for a while longer, see her reaction

Lower. Lower. Lower.
The invisible force sends contradictory signals to your body. It urges them to bend lower, towards Renko's face, towards her lips...
But you can't let it take over. Not now. Not in this situation. Not now...
Tap, tap, tap, tap.
A silent, tapping sound. Somewhere on your right. Distand, quiet. So silent, even though the source is close. That's because, your mind is intoxicated with Renko's presence. Her lips, her neck, her smooth hands, her small bust, her skin, eyes, nose, fingers, shoulders.
Her whole presence, the fact that she is here, just a few centimeters away, it seeps into your thoughts, infecting them with this feeling.
Tap, tap, tap, tap.
You try to speak out her name, but your throat's dry and cramp, not letting you speak properly. Her scent. Her nearness. It's like if your mind was getting drunk with her existence.
She doesn't move.
Tap, tap, tap, tap.
Opening her lips, she tries to say something. But it seems she's unable to talk as well. Is she... feeling the same as you? She jerks up her head, and closes her lips rapidly, as if wanting to catch something out of the air.
Her head falls back down on the chair. What was that?
Tap, tap, tap.
"Ren..." you manage to mutter out her name "I--..."
Tap, tap, tap-- the sound suddenly cuts short.
Then, a few steps, and...
"OH DAMN IT!" Mary's angered yell sounds from somewhere above you. "HOW LONG DO YOU TWO WANT TO KEEP CARRYING ON LIKE THIS?!"
She catches the back of your head, and pushes it down.
Straight onto Renko's face. Her eyes widen as your lips connect.
It lasts for a few moments, before Mary's hand's pressure disappears. Not wasting a second, you lift yourself up.
"What the hell!"
You can't help but yell at Mary. Sure, she made you kiss Ren, for which you're quite grateful, but... Damn, she's ruined the whole mood.
She pouts.
"Seriously! If you want to put on a show like this and then stop mid-way and just freeze in place, then don't even start!" damn, what is she angry about? "You've kissed before, so it's not a big deal, now is it?!"
Putting her hands on her hips, she looks at you, clearly irritated about something.
"Listen," you touch your forehead with your fingers "I don't know what you're getting at, but it's definitely NOT alright to do something like this! You can't force people to do things they don't want to do!"
"Really!" she yells "So you didn't want to kiss her? It didn't look like it!"
"Hell! I wanted to! Gods my witnesses that I DID! I wanted to kiss her, okay?!"
"Then what's your problem?!"
"What if SHE didn't want?! First, you went ahead and decided who's going to put sun screen on her back without even asking what she thinks! Now this! What is your problem, Mary?!"
"What is my problem?! What is YOUR problem?! Both of you, acting so innocently while you're both after each other! This pisses me off!" she slams her fist on the table "Just do it already if you like her so much! Hesitation's not going to get you anywhere!" She turns away and walks up to the door. "Really!" then she opens it and enters the building, sliding the door close behind her.
You hear her shouts lessening in volume as she gets farther.

Just what the hell IS her problem?!

[ ] Go after her
[ ] Stay here
>> No. 9881
[X] Stay here
Who needs Mary?
>> No. 9882
[X] Stay here
Mary can fuck off, we need more Renko.
>> No. 9883
[ ] Stay here
>> No. 9884
[ ] Stay here
She's just being a drama queen.
>> No. 9885
[x] Stay here
>> No. 9886
[x] Go after her

I do believe Yukari is dicking with her mind.
It may be a good idea to get that checked out.
>> No. 9887
You're reasoning is sound to me, this may be a tatic by Yukari to mess with the group mechanic. Make sure Ren knows what we think though so mention it to her YAF
[x] Go after her
>> No. 9889
[x] Stay here

Mary is irritated and going after her with no plan at as is pointless. Stay here and think about the situation.
>> No. 9890
[x] Go after her.
We've already earned enough Renko points to get the good stuff (I think)
>> No. 9891
[x] Stay here
>> No. 9892
[X] Stay here
I don't really care if Yukari is messing with her mind, which I doubt. This seems just like kind of thing Mary would do normally.
>> No. 9893
[x] Go after her
>> No. 9894
[X] Stay here

This likely has nothing to do with Yukari and has been a long time coming, ever since we messed with Mary and Renko's relationship in the first place. Renko's the one who should chase after her if anything. She's got a point, we should be more honest.
>> No. 9895
[ ] Stay here

>> No. 9896

[X] Stay here.
>> No. 9897
[ ] Go after her
>> No. 9898
[x] Go after her.
>> No. 9899
File 121251326625.jpg - (42.68KB , 500x418 , 67a4ee7350164216fcd27189f7cd0dd7.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Stay here

Okay, what the fuck! First she does something reckless, and now YOU are the one at fault?! What the hell are you thinking, Maribel?!
Pissed off, you slam your fist on the table.
"What the fuck, Mary!"
Sitting down on a chair, you rub your temples.
Irritating. Self-righteous. Egoistic. Playing with others like that...
Alright, there were some benefits for you in that, but, hell, she's taken it way too far. Seriously, if you're going to fool with others' feelings...
"Goddamnit, Mary!"
You slam down your fist again. You're pissed. Maybe it's pointless, maybe it's unreasonable, but you can't help but feel angry.
The mood was so great, yet she had to simply ruin it! Hell, if she didn't intervene, it might've turned out that you'd get something far more serious than a forced kiss! Mary, you fool! Idiot! Imbecile! Crazy buffoon! Damn you!
Yet again, you slam your fist down. The table creaks under your hand.
Shut up! You're noisy!
You stand up, knocking down the chair. This table is an eyesore! Out of my sight!
It doesn't move.
Still nothing.
It's still here. Here. Here. HERE. HERE. HERE.
What the hell is this. Getting all worked up because of some stupid table? What is this... Why is your body so hot? Why is your blood almost boiling? Why are your legs moving on their own, furiously kicking the unfortunate piece of furniture?
Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT!
Kick, kick, kick. Slam after slam, the table slowly comes apart. The nails keeping it together let go. Broken planks fall on the floor.
This is ridiculous.
A part of you still remains sane while your body mercilessly hammers the table with it's feet.
This is truly taking aback. What the hell is going on?
Slam, slam, slam.
Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous. Your anger is pointless, nonsensical, absurd! Why, why, why?! Why can't you control it?!
Slam, slam, slam, ---- and suddenly...
Your shoulder is being pulled at. Taken by suprise, you spin around, turning 180 degrees. Before you're able to retaliate in any way, something presses against your lips.
Standing on her tip toes, Renko gives you a kiss.
The whole anger from before disappears in an instant. Instead, your mind is throwing around in confusion.
What? What? What? What?
She continues to press her lips against yours for a few moments more, then pulls away. Still keeping her eyes closed, she takes a deep breath.
You're completely frozen in astonishment.
"Here you go."
She finally says. Her hazel eyes stare straight in yours.
Wait. What? What does she mean? Why?
"R-ren... What are you..."
"I kissed you on my own accord, so calm down, okay?" She remains there, still covering her breasts with her hand. "Done?"
Renko used kiss!
It's supper effective!
You don't feel the irritation anymore. It worked like a miracle. Really, a true miracle.
"Yeah, thanks to you..."
"Good to hear that. I, uh..." she averts her gaze "Um..." though not blushing, she looks a little bit embarassed "I... I'd like to thank you."
"For what?"
"F-for... Ahh!" she flails her free arm around "For everything, okay! For everything!" Her movements die down as she lets out a sigh. "Now, what should we do about her?"
She nods.
"Yeah, we can't just leave her like that..."

[ ] "Okay, I'll go after her."
[ ] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, and go after her. I'll wait here."
[ ] "Just let her get over it on her own. Besides, we're not done here yet."
>> No. 9901
[ ] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, and go after her. I'll wait here."
Waitin gaems
>> No. 9902
[x] "Okay, I'll go after her."
>> No. 9903
>>It's supper effective!
Time for supper!
[X] "Okay, I'll go after her."
>> No. 9904
[x] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, and go after her. I'll wait here."

>> No. 9905
>Time for supper!

>> No. 9906
[x] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, and go after her. I'll wait here."

>Standing on her tip toes, Renko gives you a kiss.
>> No. 9907
[ ] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt." Then go after her together.
>> No. 9908
It's suppa effective!
[x] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, and go after her. I'll wait here."

...but I have somehow the feeling, that after leaving us and Renko alone, she wouldn't want to see one of us going after her.
>> No. 9909
[X] "Okay, I'll go after her."
>> No. 9910
Ohhh right. I almost forgot the talk we were having with Ren some thirty minutes ago about our temper and its triggers. Smart girl, Ren...

[X] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, and go after her. I'll wait here."
>> No. 9911
[X] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, let's go talk to her together."
>> No. 9912
[x] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, and go after her. I'll wait here."
>> No. 9913
[ ] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, and go after her. I'll wait here."
>> No. 9914
[x] "I get it. Here, put on my skirt, and go after her. I'll wait here."
>> No. 9915
>> No. 9916
File 121251490714.jpg - (169.49KB , 900x684 , 1209125732363.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9917
[x] "Okay, I'll go after her."
>> No. 9918
[X] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, and go after her. I'll wait here."

Huh. Maybe she's right. After all, there is a possibility that this whole outburst happened under Yukari's influence... Well, the chances are thin, but it's still possible. Either way, Renko's right.
"I get it." you walk up to the deckchair and take your crumpled shirt. I has some oily traces all over. Damn. That reminds you of that sight.. "Brrr." shaking it off, you hand the shirt to Renko. "Here. Put it on. We don't want to get your clothes dirty, right? And this one's already messed up."
She turns away and slowly puts it on.
"Uh... It's uncomfortable to wear clothes when you're all oily..." She struggles with the sleeves. "Uhh..."
Looks like she can't find the opening. Oh well.
Walking up to her, you pull the shirt's sleeve up. Without a word, she accepts your help and slides her arm inside. Then the other one...
Crap, even though you kept telling yourself not to look down, you still took a glance.
And what you saw...
Not able to control the impulse, you turn away and put your hand on your face, trying to hide a wide grin that involuntarily creeped out onto your lips.
You saw it. Saw it. Ueheheheh...
"What are you doing?"
"Ahem!" coughing theatrically, you wipe the smirk off your face and turn to Renko "Nothing at all. Okay. Now go, I'll just wait here."
She nods and enters the shrine.

Letting out a groan, you fall down on one of the chairs.
Alright. Alright. It's quiet now. You can finally relax a bit. No Mary, no Renko, relax only. Whew.

Sun lazily creeps along the firmament, flooding the earth with warm light.
"In the time before the light..."
Your lips start humming a song almost automatically.
"In flames of death's eternal reign,
We ride towards the fight..."
You sigh. Come to think of it, there are some things you miss. From the outside world, that is. The first that would come to mind is music. Even though your hitherto prevailing experiences were fun for sure, the lack of some things gets to you as a free moment like this surfaces. In moments like this...
Yeah, you kinda miss the outside world.
Now wait a moment.
Wasn't it you yourself that said you hate the outside world? Heh, how ironic. But you really DO miss it. And those two... They won't want to stay here forever, right? When Yukari heals up... No one knows what she might try to do. Staying here is dangerous. Still, you haven't come here just to simply leave, right?
It has come to a full circle.
At first, they didn't want to stay, but you did. Then, just after convincing them to stay, it turns out it's dangerous and you'd rather leave than stay...

How ironic.


After some time, you can hear someone opening the door.
"Hey, Ren" you greet the person "How was i-- WHA?!"
Before you're able to finish, someone pulls on your chair's back rest and flips it backwards. Your head hits the floor. Hard.
It hurts.
"Owwwwww!" You groan and try to massage the bump. But then, someone grabs your collar. "What are you--!"
That someone's fist flies straight down into your stomach. Oh fuck. Air is instantly knocked out of you, dull pain taking over your nerves as you desperately try to intake a breath. But you can't.
Because that someone's lips are pressing against yours.
Her long, golden locks brush against your face as she pulls away.
She smiles. No, rather grins. In quite a frightening way.

[ ] "Excuse me, wtf are you doin?"
[ ] This is too much. Anemia option.
[ ] "WAT."
[ ] "Alright, now THAT was special."
[ ] ".... whatever."
>> No. 9919
[x] Manage to pant out "Well, you certainly took my breath away"
>> No. 9920
[X] "WAT."
>> No. 9921
[ ] "Excuse me, wtf are you doin?"
>> No. 9923
[x] "I get it. Here, put on my shirt, let's go talk to her together.
>> No. 9924
[X] "Excuse me, wtf are you doin?"

Mary, wtf?
>> No. 9925
[ ] "WAT."
Says it all, really.
>> No. 9926
[X] "Excuse me, wtf are you doin?"
>> No. 9927
Anon, you idort. You had to go to Mary.

[x] "Proceed."
>> No. 9928
[x] "Tastes like Grandma!"
>> No. 9929
[x] "WAT."

Because that's what you would say.
>> No. 9930
[X] "Excuse me, wtf are you doin?"
>"In flames of death's eternal reign,We ride towards the fight..."

FUCK YEAH Dragonforce
>> No. 9931
[x] Manage to pant out "Well, you certainly took my breath away"

I like this.
>> No. 9932
[x] Manage to pant out "Well, you certainly took my breath away."
>> No. 9933
[X] "Excuse me, wtf are you doin?"
>> No. 9934
[X] "Excuse me, wtf are you doin?"
>> No. 9935
[X] "Excuse me, wtf are you doin?"
>> No. 9936
[ ] "Alright, now THAT was special."
[ ] "I love a fast woman."
>> No. 9937
[ze] Manage to pant out "Well, you certainly took my breath away."

Oho, why not 007 ourselves?
>> No. 9938
Stop trying to kill the Mary points, you faggots.
>> No. 9939
Stop trying to kill the Renko points.
>> No. 9940
[X] Goddammit Yukari!
[X] Proceed to rape 'Mary'
>> No. 9941
File 121251967681.png - (294.99KB , 453x362 , 121045886550.png ) [iqdb]
>[ ] "I love a fast woman."

>> No. 9942
[x] Manage to pant out "Well, you certainly took my breath away."
>> No. 9943


If we play this right, it's possible we could get both Renko AND Mary. There is no need to fight. Let us co-operate.
>> No. 9944
[x] Manage to pant out "Well, you certainly took my breath away"
>> No. 9945
[x] "Excuse me, wtf are you doin?"

>> No. 9946
File 121252015343.png - (462.27KB , 600x700 , 7b27649d52f76e7cacd0cb85a0197eda.png ) [iqdb]
Alright, I'm going to write [x] Manage to pant out "Well, you certainly took my breath away", even though it probably didn't win (too lazy to count votes)
Anyways, I have to write a report for tomorrow's class, so excuse me while I take a seven minute break.

As an atonement, have an appetizer of what may come.
>> No. 9947
>> No. 9948
>> No. 9949
>> No. 9950

>> No. 9951
Which is why I'm saying we should raise Mary points.
>> No. 9952
[x] "Excuse me, wtf are you doin?"
>> No. 9953
File 121252334985.gif - (78.33KB , 600x355 , 1212350809627.gif ) [iqdb]

Too srow!

Anyways, done with the report, will write when done with eating supper.
>> No. 9954

That was a pretty fast seven minutes overall.
>> No. 9955
Did you mean "super"?
>> No. 9956
File 121252423314.jpg - (24.77KB , 476x360 , SHAMEIMARU6.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9957
File 121252429383.jpg - (3.62KB , 128x96 , heavy.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9958
File 121252452955.jpg - (64.13KB , 238x238 , yuukawhat.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9959

No matter how many times I see it... that damn face is still awesome.
>> No. 9960
File 121252479226.jpg - (40.21KB , 238x238 , yuukawhat2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9961

in b4 UBOA
>> No. 9962

BTW, GD, Don't know if anyone's asked already, so I will.
We were talking on irc and decided it would be nice to save all the things you've made for us, and, since looking for them would be a pain in the ass, we came to a conclusion that asking you to create a thread where you'd post everything you've done would be a good thing to do. What say you?
>> No. 9963

>> No. 9965

I don't care what everyone else says... I still love you.
>> No. 9966
File 121252659679.jpg - (54.86KB , 398x450 , 09d179ff693f7b8b87c723cd858aa8d5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Manage to pant out "Well, you certainly took my breath away"

Okay. Now calm down. Your breathing is still unstable, with your stomach cramped in pain.
You cough. Mary remains perfectly still, sitting on top of you.
"Well," you manage to pant out "You certainly took my breath away."
Her smile widens as she bends down. She touches your nose with her index finger. What is this supposed to mean now?
"Heh," she chuckles "That was my intent. So, how did you like it?"
Like what exactly?
"My head hurts."
She nods.
"That's obvious, since you've hit it quite hard. Mhm."
"Next, I have problems with breathing."
Another nod.
"That's because I punched you in the stomach, so yeah."
"And finally, you're sitting on top of me, making it even worse."
"Of course. After all, my weight has to interfere with your breathing process, right?"
Suprisingly, both of you manage to remain perfectly calm even faced with the awkwardness of this situation. Okay. Okay.
Now, you really have to get her to tell you why the hell has she done that.
"So, Mary--"
"Tch, tch. You haven't answered my question." She places her finger on your lips. "Now, tell me, how did you like it?"

[ ] "Bite me.", then bite her
[ ] "I've had better. Like our previous one."
[ ] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."
[ ] "I don't know, care to give me a second one to make sure?"
[ ] Punch her
>> No. 9967
[ ] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."
>> No. 9968
[x] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."


( ಠ∀ಠ)
>> No. 9969
[X] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."
I like how you put up picture of Renko even though we're speaking to Mary.
>> No. 9970
[x] "I've had better. Like our previous one."

Needs less punches, Mary!
>> No. 9971
[ ] "I've had better. Like our previous one."
>> No. 9972
[ ] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."

Need more tsundere moe.
>> No. 9973
[ ] "I've had better. Like our previous one."
>> No. 9974

Subliminal messages

[x] "I've had better. Like our previous one."
>> No. 9975
[x] "I've had better. Like our previous one."
>> No. 9976
File 121252736690.jpg - (82.09KB , 935x546 , a9597d238d9f172e0b001ce8f0b4ce3a.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Subliminal messages

You saw what I did there.
>> No. 9977
[X] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."

Hahaha, bitch. Can't faze us.
>> No. 9978
[X] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."

Well, consider THIS issue forced.
>> No. 9979
[X] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."

Target is Renko.
>> No. 9980
File 121252761611.png - (67.94KB , 852x960 , 119985985988.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] Punch her
Not in a GRRR I R CRAZY way but in a GRIT YOUR TEETH way.

To be honest, I'm starting to hate mary. She's too bloody unpredictable, gimme a nice girl like Renko any day.

I reckon Mary knows she's going to be absorbed into Yukari and is trying to set us up with Renko before she does, but her own feelings are getting in the way.
>> No. 9981
[x] "I don't know, care to give me a second one to make sure?"
>> No. 9982
[X] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."

Jerknaya incoming.
>> No. 9983
[x] "I've had better. Like our previous one."
>> No. 9984
[X] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."
Mary is tiring.
>> No. 9985
[ ] "I've had better. Like our previous one."
Let's just say I hate commitment.
>> No. 9986
File 121252889635.jpg - (224.74KB , 450x580 , 9557a4acb2c7e304fc0f647e66f225c5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "I've had better. Like the one with Renko while you were gone."

What the hell are you on about, Mary? Like it? It? You mean that kiss?
Okay, let's analyze it cold and statistically. Okay? Ready? Well then.
*Kiss with Mary
*Head hurts
*Stomach hurts
*Troubles with breathing

I think it's pretty clear, Mary. Your kiss... It wasn't a good one.
"Sorry. I've had better."
She frowns.
"After all the trouble I went to do it by suprise?"
"It's not the effort that counts. It's the first and brutal principle of this world. All that counts is a the final result. And the result is..." you lift a hand and count on your figers "One, I almost can't breathe. Two, My stomach hurts. Three, my head hurts. And four, other than that, it was good. I... appreciate your feelings."
She sits up and straightens her back.
"Huh. Appreciate, eh?"
"Yeah. Though still, I've had better."
"For example?"
Wait, what. She wants you to tell her about your experiences with kissing? Ehh...
"For example the one I had with Ren while you were gone."
For a moment, she freezes in place. Then, her expression changes to the one of shock while she puts her hands to her mouth.
"You... You did it?!"
"Woah, woah. Slow down. All we did was kiss. That's all. She didn't want to leave you alo--"
Before you finish your sentence, she stands up hastily and disappears inside the shrine.
Confused, you collect yourself from the floor and go back to your chair.

Not long after, Renko flies out the shrine, panting and sweating.
"Oh, hey."
She appraoches you.
"W-.... Was... she.... here?"
Uh oh. She's all red from the exhaustion, and angry as well.

[ ] "What happened?"
[ ] "She went that way."
[ ] (lie) "She went that way"
[ ] "Let's chase her together!"
>> No. 9987
[x] "Let's chase her together!"
>> No. 9988
[ ] "What happened?"
[ ] "Let's chase her together!"
>> No. 9989
[X] "What happened?"
After that:
[X] "Let's chase her together!"
>> No. 9990
[x] "Let's chase her together!"
>> No. 9991
[ ] "What happened?"
[ ] "Let's chase her together!"
>> No. 9992
[X] "Let's chase her together!"
Catch, sit down, talk, maybe possibly break through this pussyfooting kiss-me-no-kiss-her-no-I'll-kiss-you-unless-you-kissed-her-run-away bullshit and have an honest conversation about what the three of us all actually feel and want? Maybe?
Probably not. Worth a shot, though.
>> No. 9993
[ ] "What happened?"
[ ] "Let's chase her together!"
>> No. 9994
[x] "Let's chase her together!"
Harem romance comedy mindfuck?
>> No. 9995
[x] "She went that way."
[x] (lie) "She went that way"
This will be helpful.
>> No. 9996
[x] "What happened?"
[x] "Let's chase her together!"

Dammit, still not any good opportunities to FLEX.
>> No. 9997
[ ] (lie) "She went that way"
[ ] "Let's chase her together!"

Suddenly we appear in a room together all alone. Just as planned..
>> No. 9998

Much better.
>> No. 10000
>> No. 10001

>> No. 10002
File 121253029326.jpg - (47.21KB , 379x296 , quiet rage.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 10003
[ ] "Let's chase her together!"
>> No. 10004
File 121253035890.jpg - (66.58KB , 500x603 , digletrage.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 10005
File 121253042437.jpg - (14.72KB , 704x396 , KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMIIIIIIII.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 10006

>> No. 10007

Good job, Gaatz.
>> No. 10008
lol good job Gaatz
>> No. 10009
File 12125314687.gif - (40.04KB , 400x400 , 34469153636b5bdc0d43e00d30f33476.gif ) [iqdb]
[X] "What happened?"
[X] "Let's chase her together!"

"Wait a moment!" you blurt out "Wait a damn moment! What the hell is even happening here?"
Ignoring your question, Renko approaches you. Her arms reaches to your cheek and pulls your head down.
"What are you--"
Brining your face close to hers, she inspects your lips closely. She then rubs them with her fingers and examines them instead.
"Damn it!"
Overtaken by curiosity, you touch your lips with your own fingers. What you see on them... Is a pink trace. Lipstick.
Mary's? Oh damn, that means...
"Where did she go?!"
Renko yells as she pulls on your collar.
"Woah, slow down! What's going on?"
"There's no time to explain! I have to catch her! She's done something stupid again!"
"Stupid, yeah. Okay, let's look for her together and you'll tell me on our way, okay?"

So the two of you engage in a chase after the blonde troublemaker. Because you couldn't really see her, you're pretty much running blind out here, aimlessly choosing random corridors and checking the rooms on the fly.
"R... Ren..." you pant out "So... what is it about?"
She closes the door of the room she was checking and begins running again.
"She... kissed you, right...? When... Before... She... Whispered... Then... She told... That... If I don't... Decision..." damn it, her panting blocks out half of her words, but it's still comprehensible "Then... She... Advantage..."
Renko checks another room. Okay, so to recollect it. When Mary was whispering to Renko's ear back then, she said, that if she doesn't make a decision, she'll take advantage... Of what? Of whom? You?
Damn it, what the hell is that? A love comedy? Seriously...
"So..." Renko continues "When... I... found... she... ran... away.... to you... she... thought... that... hufff... you know...."
This is getting more and more complicated.
Well, no use thinking about it now. Brain consumes 20% of the oxygen inhaled. Don't think, save the air for running.
As you run along the corridors, you get and urge to kick off the wall and do something with the ceiling, though you're not sure what exactly. Well, since it's a ridiculous thought anyway, you decide to ignore it.

The two of you come to a corridor branching.
Renko stops to catch a breath and so do you.
"Where... do we go... Now...?"
Hm... You get a feeling that Mary's chosen to turn left here... But you're not sure. It's just a feeling. Why do you even know that?

[ ] Go left
[ ] Go right
[ ] Ask your imaginary friend for advice
>> No. 10010
[x] Ask your imaginary friend for advice

Well, if nothing else, he's probably having a grand old time laughing at this situation.
>> No. 10012
[X] Go left
>> No. 10013
[ ] Follow your eyes (Sex Scene A)
[x] Trust your intuition (Sex Scene B)
>> No. 10014
[ ] Go right
>> No. 10015
[ ] Ask your imaginary friend for advice

>> No. 10016
[X] Go left.
Oh, bugger it, Yukari. Stop that.
>> No. 10017
[ ] Go left
>> No. 10018

>> No. 10019
[X] Go left
>> No. 10020
[x] Go left
>> No. 10021
[ ] Go left
>> No. 10022
[] Use the ceiling(?)

I don't know, it calls out to me,
>> No. 10023
What, you doesn't knows Yaffy?

[X] Tasukete, Yaffy!
>> No. 10024
[x] Go left

>> No. 10025


I don't think what you're thinking about is what is about being thought about.
>> No. 10026
[x] Ask your imaginary friend for advice
>> No. 10027
File 121253505942.jpg - (230.21KB , 500x580 , 2bcc77cddfbe8d42a325cca8dff32b75.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay, the internet crapped out on me just as I was about to post.

[X] Go left

"That way."
You may be not sure, but it's always better to follow the signs that your body gives you instead of ignoring them and trusting that you'll have a dram of luck. Alright, to the left it is, then.

Corridors, corridors. Turns, corners, swerves. Door after door, you check every room. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
She is nowhere to be found. Your search continues, mercilessly straining your muscles and lungs. Why the murderous pace anyway? It's not like she's going to run away or anything... Well, even so, you continue to run, following Renko just a meter behind her.
She yells while stretching her hand forward, pointing at something. An opened door.
A trap? Possibly. A trace? Most certainly. She's either inside, or has left that door opened as a decoy. Well, it doesn't matter to you one way or the other. You're drunk with exhaustion and adrenaline. Remembering the basics of CQC, you enter the room, trying to keep as many corners in your sight as possible.
But the room is empty.
Renko follows behind you, looking around.
"Not here..."
You shake your head. Not here? No, you definitely see... No, feel something. A scent? Maybe. Though you don't feel it with your nose, rather... With all of your senses. Smell, sight, intuition... They all merge and fill your mind with informations.
She walked in, too careless or busy to close the door behind her. Then, she walked here... To the cupboard in the wall... And went inside...
Yeah, there is a japanese-style cupboard built into the wall. Exactly the same type you have in your room. Alright, here goes nothing.
You slide the door open.

Mary's grimacing face sticks it's tongue out at you. Without word, you close the door.
Not really knowing why, you rub your eyes. Done? Done. Let's try it again.
Opening the door again, you're faced with Mary's laying figure. Stretching herself on one of the shelves, she casually looks at your suprised face.
"Oh hi."

[ ] Drag her out
[ ] Tell her to get out of the cupboard
[ ] Close the door, try again
[ ] "What are you doing."
>> No. 10028
[ ] Close the door, try again
[ ] "excuse me wtf r u doin?"
>> No. 10029
The best I can hope for at this point is for Nanaya and Renko to catch Mary, and explain that they both love her, h-scene, and then Yukari is booted out of Mary's head by the wonderful happy kitten rainbow filled force of love or something sappy and cute like that.
>> No. 10030
[x] "What are you doing."

>> No. 10031
[ ] Drag her out
[ ] Drag her kicking and screaming all the way to the bath to be thrown in as punishment
>> No. 10032
[x] Join her
>> No. 10033
[ ] 'Renko, get in the cupboard.'
>> No. 10035
[x] "What are you doing."
>> No. 10036
[x] Close the door, try again
[x] "What are you doing."
>> No. 10037

... this could be hot.

[ ] 'Renko, get in the cupboard.'
>> No. 10038
[x] "What are you doing."

Seriously, Mary!
>> No. 10039
[x] Close the door, try again
[x] "What are you doing."
>> No. 10040
[x] "What are you doing."

>"Oh hi."
"I upgraded your cupboard."
>> No. 10041
[x] Walk in, close the cupboard door behind you.

So we can have some alone time. Something we have YET to have ever since she woke up. All this running around is merely delaying things.
>> No. 10042
[X] 'Renko, get in the cupboard.'
>> No. 10043
[X] 'Renko, get in the cupboard.'
>> No. 10044
[X] Close the door, try again
[X] "Wow, this cupboard is huge!"
[X] "Ren, get in the cupboard."
>> No. 10046
Ha, wow! Mary talks about Yukari being similar to Nanaya, but really the recent temperamental Mary strikes me as much more akin to our beloved crazed Nanaya than Yukari is akin to Nanaya.
>> No. 10047
[x] "What are you doing."

Besides being awesome, I mean.
>> No. 10048
>> No. 10050

>> No. 10051
File 121254413776.png - (23.02KB , 550x400 , 1205898750528.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 10052
Gb2/bed/, Shaymalan.
>> No. 10053
[ ] Close the door, try again
[x] "What are you doing."
>> No. 10054
[X] 'Renko, get in the cupboard.'

>> No. 10055
[X] 'Renko, get in the cupboard.'
>> No. 10056
[X] 'Renko, get in the cupboard.'

>> No. 10061
[x] 'Renko, get in the cupboard.'

She won't, but it'll be hilarious.
>> No. 10064
File 121259782359.jpg - (19.73KB , 640x480 , [AnCo]Mahou_Sensei_Negima_-_05.jpg ) [iqdb]
With a loud noise, you slam the door close. What. The. Hell.
Renko stands freezed in place, probably even more dumbfounded than you. Alright, now what are you doing, Mary? What the hell is this show? What for?
"... damn it."
With resignation, you open the door again. Only to be faced with kneeling Mary. Seeing you, she puts her hands on the floor and bows down in an old-fashioned japanese way.
"Welcome home, Master."
No, this is no good either. Renko now looks more she's given up on trying to figure out what the hell is going on. You on the other hand, feel the confusion and astonishment welling up in your head. Okay, now you're scared. Who knows what will there be, hiding behind those doors next time you open them. You'd rather not risk anything.
Alright, alright. Calm down.
You glance at Renko.
She backs off as she notices you staring at her. Her expression reminds you of that of a father, learning that his daughter is pregnant. What. Did you do something iappropriate? No, you certainly did not. Then what the hell is she scared of?
She flinches again as you take a step.
Step. She backs off more.
"Inside. Now." Not knowing where it came from, you say something ridiculous. "Go inside. Now."
"Y-your face... It's scary..."
She doesn't move.
Your mind is getting filled with incomprehensible blabberish. Something along the lines of 'FFOFFFGIKSBAVHAOSAFJFOEJNFSAFFF' would probably describe it pretty well.

[ ] Grab Renko and shove her inside the cupboard.
[ ] You're a crazy coconut, snap out of it.
[ ] Imaginary friends. I'll be talking to them.
>> No. 10065
[ ] Grab Renko and shove her inside the cupboard.
[ ] You're a crazy coconut, snap out of it.
>> No. 10066
[x] Grab Renko and shove her inside the cupboard.
[x] You're a crazy coconut, snap out of it.
[x] Get in the cupboard as well.
>> No. 10067
[X] Imaginary friends. I'll be talking to them.
>> No. 10068
[x] You're a crazy coconut, snap out of it.
>> No. 10070
[x] Grab Renko and shove her inside the cupboard.
[x] You're a crazy coconut, snap out of it.
[x] Get in the cupboard as well.
>> No. 10071
[ ] Grab Renko and shove her inside the cupboard.
[ ] Get inside too
>> No. 10072
[x] Grab Renko and shove her inside the cupboard.
[x] You're a crazy coconut, snap out of it.
[x] Get in the cupboard as well.
>> No. 10073
[x] Grab Renko and shove her inside the cupboard.
[x] You're a crazy coconut, snap out of it.
[x] Get in the cupboard as well.

>> No. 10074
Huh. So here I throw in a random update, made up completely on spot in the middle of the day, and I get votes.


Anyways, returning to my laptop and writing moar.
>> No. 10075
Oh hay anon, I didn't know you were taking over TS.
>> No. 10076

lol forgot to change my nameplate
>> No. 10077
[x] Grab Renko and shove her inside the cupboard.
[x] You're a crazy coconut, snap out of it.
[x] Get in the cupboard as well.

Sounds like fun. Will things get CRAAAZY?
>> No. 10078
Anon is omnipresent.

Wait, were you doing this on a schedule? I didn't even notice, reading too many stories at once.
>> No. 10079

I'd support this.
>> No. 10080
File 121260208434.jpg - (81.78KB , 640x480 , 8a93ed3d02a3d3cd09d647d808afd1ad.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Grab Renko and shove her inside the cupboard.
[x] Get in the cupboard as well.
[x] You're a crazy coconut, snap out of it.

Oh wait. You know what you want to do. Why? It's a diffirent thing, it doesn't matter now. Now's the time to give in to the crazyness.
"You're goin in."
Not letting Renko retaliate in any way, you grab her shoulders and drag her to the cupboard's door. Opening it hastily, you shove her inside, straight into Mary's outstreched arms. What was she planning this time? Titanic?
Meh. It doesn't matter.
Ignoring their muffled squeals, you close the door behind you.


Wait, there's something wrong. They're both inside. And you're here. Yet they're inside. And here, you are standing. There, they are. Inside. And here, outside, is you. Something's definitely not right here. Here and there. Not here and not there. You and them. You're here and not there. And they're just the opposite.
No, there really IS something wrong with that.
Really, how could you not see that!? They're inside, why you're left here, all on your own!
No, this cannot end like this!
"It's Nanaya time!"
Yelling out something unreasonable, you open the cupbard's door and slip inside.

The moment you close the door behind you, something snaps in your head.
Just what were you doing? Seriously, what's gotten into you? Sure, it WAS an REALLY awkward situation... But to lose control just like that.
Now that you're faced with this deep darkness, you're suddenly feeling nauseous. Damn, for a moment, you can't even feel the floor under your feet.
Seeking to support yourself with your hand, you move it sideways.
It touches something soft. Well, not really soft, but... Yeah, on the surface, it's soft, but... When you push your fingers against it, you can feel that there's something harder underneath. It's also moderately warm. Just what could it be?
A noise sounds in the perfect darkness. Something like a muffled moan, like if someone was trying to yell with his mouth closed. Weird.
Exploring further, you discover a small hole in the flat surface. Your finger slides inside it. Huh. It's one centimeter deep at most. What is it?
That noise again.

[ ] Explore further
[ ] "Can't see shit, cap'n. What am I touching?"
[ ] Get out of here, as fast as you can
>> No. 10082
[x] "Can't see shit, cap'n. What am I touching?"
Awkward threesome in the dark GET
>> No. 10083
[x] "Can't see shit, cap'n. What am I touching?"
[x] Explore further
>> No. 10084
[X] Explore further
[X] "Can't see shit, cap'n. What am I touching?"

Oh, goodie, time for a threesome in the darkness.
>> No. 10085
[x] Explore further
>> No. 10086
[ ] Explore further
>> No. 10087
[x] "See? Isn't it more fun to be together? Even mom's here for the occasion!"
>> No. 10088
[X] Explore further
>> No. 10089
[X] Where is this? What am I touching now?
>> No. 10090
[ ] Explore further
[ ] "Can't see shit, cap'n. What am I touching?"

>> No. 27040