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Another day, another sortie.

You're a pilot of the Great Terran-Vasudan Alliance forces, an honorable member of 64's Fire Courtains. At first you thought it was a weird name for a generic fighter-bomber formation, but after your first action, you saw that the name was not given for nothing. Their-- now yours - special tactics and manouvers allowed even small wings of light crafts take on ships much larger and heavier. By using advanced targeting systems, finding weak spots, then using the special formation - called "Focused Movement" - a wing of three Perseuses from 64th was able to take down a Daimos class corvette without even firing a single secondary weapon.
Truly a frightening squad they were. The "Focused Movement" manouver was dangerous in itself, requiring pilots to almost collide with each others' fighters, then, in perfect synchronisation, doing a spinning movement while bombarding enemy's weak spot with gunfire. Seeing that the squads of 64th were capable of doing such things, Allied Command gave them an unique place in GTVA's hierarchy, placing them almost on top of the pyramid.

It's been 20 years since Capella incident and three months since your assignment to 64th. You were a graduate from the elite pilot school of Vega III. Scoring almost perfect 100% score on both theoretical and practical tests, you impressed the instructors enough to ensure you a good place in military. That's how you got into 64th. Though their inside training programs proved to be quite difficult even for you, you still managed to adapt quickly and to grasp the concept of "Focused Movement" and other 64-specific manouvers used on daily basis there.
"As expected from Vega's best graduate." your instructor, a white-haired woman wearing a two-coloured uniform said after you finished the training course "I'm sure you'll fit well."

And you did. Even on your first action - a routine patrol in one of Epsilon-Pegasi's sectors, you proved to be quite efficent in battle, taking down a wing of HercII fighters single-handedly. Though both their motives and origins were unknown, being attacked has to result in retailation - according to 64's rules. They were not responding to radio messages and were acting very desperately, almost like amateurs... Well, even after an Aeolus cruiser jumped in, your wingmates, along with your help, quickly stripped it down of it's flak turrets and proceeded to smash it's hull with continuous "Focused" fire.
"What was that about?" one of your wingmates, a young pilotess (they allow women on military?) asked on radio after the pieces of the has-been cruiser floated far enough to not prove any more dangerous "They weren't respondin to hails, what the hell?"
"Hey, we've got a newbie in squad, it could've been a test for all we know." second wingmate, also woman (wait, wut?) responded in calm voice "Scan the area, Moku, your Pers has tuned sensors, right?"
"You don't have to blabber about it left and right, Kaguya! Do you know what commander Reimu would do if she knew about it?"
"Girls" you interrupt "We're on open channel, so cut the chatter."
"Oh, you're a rigid one, aren't you?"
"I'd rather call it 'refined'. Vega's teachings, Alpha 2."
"You know you can call me by name, right? I believe we've been introduced before the briefing?"
Yeah, indeed. There was a woman that approached you just before you went to briefing room, but you had ignored her, thinking she's just someone's relative staying on board of GTD Hakurei - your base of operations in this system.
"It may be so. I apologize for forgetting. Though I have to remind you, we're on duty now, so cut the chatter."
"Vega's teachings, huh?" the pilotess on your communcations display shrugs "Stiff, stiff. Moku, got somethin'?"
"Still scanning. There appears to be something ten or so clicks towards the node, but it could be as well a mere interference. You know how those modern sensors are, taking every little disturbance in subspace as potential threat."
"Got it. Command's telling us to return. Hit your burners and we may make it back before dinner. Alpha two out." the women on your communications display disappear, replaced by blank, black monitors. Before the voice link goes off though, you catch something like 'vega's teachings' and an angered snort from one of the wingmates.
Are they really that relaxed here or those two are just some school drop-outs with outstanding skills?

No, they're all like this here.
It didn't take you a month before discovering that everyone, including General Hakurei, the head commander of this ship (damn, what a big ego does she have to possess to name a ship after herself?), everyone here is relaxed and friendly. Well, even though it's kind of good to have friendly people here in cold, deep space, it still somehow collides with your court teachings and methods. Guess you'll just have to get used to it.

Beep, beep, beep.
The communicator on the wall of your cabin blinks red. Getting up, you throw aside the latest issue of 'Spacecraft World' (featuring newest design - Perseus Mk2!) and walk up to the annoying device.
Mokou's face appears on the screen. She's dressed in pilot's outfit, carrying a helmet in her hands. Damn, even though she doesn't have that much to show, this tight uniform highlits her features to the point of almost being arousing. Almost.
"Yeah, what is it, Mokou?"
"Hakurei's calling us for briefing."
"Is it time already?"
"No, but something's happened and she wants to see us ASAP."
"Got it. I'm hanging up."
"Alright. Come as soon as you're done with changing. Don't forget that after this sortie, we're having a dat--"

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After putting on your uniform, you direct your steps to the main elevator. Though GTD Hakurei is not a big ship (what is a Hecate compared to Collossus?), it still takes much time to get to the bridge from your cabin.
Entering the lift, you see some of the employees, minding their own business. Fortunate people, they. Not having to worry about a sudden sortie when enjoying their leisure time, not having to spend at least 20 hours in space per week... There's a girl with bunny ears, carrying a large carboard box entering the elevator. Rabbit ears? You've seen her before... Though yeah, rabbit ears are a strange fetish. There is also a purple-haired girl with a book leaning against the wall.
Women, huh? In Vega, they told you women are not allowed in military. And now, here on GTD Hakurei, it appears that most of the staff is female.
Another country, another traditions, huh?

When you're finally on the main deck, making your way to the briefing room, someone pats your shulder.
"Ah, it's you, Kaguya."
"Hello!" With a beaming smile, she greets you by hitting your back. "You late too?"
"Was reading my magazine when suddenly Mokou called me. You?"
"Absorbed in playing games. You know, the newest The Elder Scrolls is just toooooo~" she waves her arms "Good! The graphics are amazing, and the world... The scenario! Awww, I want to go back and play more!"
Throughout these last months, you've spent considerable amounts of time with Kaguya, enough to know what Elder Scrolls is, despite your usual dislike for video games. Hell, some of them were even enjoyable... Especially the space-sim ones.
"Still hooked up on it, huh? What level?"
"I'm still exploring the world, not levelling much..."
"I see. Do it at your own pace, as they used to say in Vega."
"Says the one who wants to rush in as soon as possible."
"That's how I am."

Finally, the two of you each the briefing room. Walking inside, you see that Mokou, General Reimu and the rest of your squadmates are already here. Reimu has her arms crossed on her chest, tapping her fingers on her forearm impatiently. Vice-commander Marisa seems to be talking about something animatedly with Field-Op Morichika.
"Late as always."
Reimu speaks up in irritated tone.
"Not my fault I always get informed last."
"Hey, Reimu~!"
Kaguya casually enters the room, waving her arm at Reimu and Mokou.
"Kaguya, we're on duty. You could at least show some respect."
"What are you talking about, we're friends, aren't we?"
"We're on duty, so shut the hell up already!"

"Alright, now that we're all here, take a look at the holograpgh."
Reimu sits at the round table in the middle of the room and taps some buttons on the side panel. Blue-ish light fills the room. A 3d image of an unknown thing appears in the air above the table.
"Do you know what it is?"
"Uhh..." damn, as much as you'd like to shine and impress the General, you have no idea what it is.
"It's a... uh..." Vice-Commander seems lost too.
"Alright. There's no way you could know. None of you have fought in Second Great War after all."
Letters around the image blink and swird around, probably displaying more and more data about the object.
"It's some sort of a stationary device, isn't it?"
Reimu clicks her fingers. "Exactly. As expected from Kourin."
"Field Operations Officer Morichika, if you will."
"Kourin. Alright, it's a stationary device of unknown origin, set up in this sector not long ago. Well, at first we thought it's another comm satelite set up by some company, but it turns out there are no records of any work of that kind in this system."
"So, basically, it could be an illegal deal, right?"
"That's right, Marisa. The weird thing is, our scanners picked up a signal characteristical for devices of shivan origin."
Everyone but you gasps at the same moment. Shivans? But they weren't seen since the Capella incident...
"Shivan? Reimu, are you sure?"
"I am, Marisa. My parents fought in Second War, I know what Shivans are about. Now listen. We're sending out a wing to investigate it. Mokou, Kaguya and greenhorn."
"I'm not a greenhorn anymore. I've been serving here for three months, don't you remember, General Hakurei?"
"Greenhorn." Reimu repeats.
"Greenhorn." Now Marisa
"He's greenhorn." Kourin?
"Greenhorn, right?" Not you, Mokou!
"Greenhorn~!" Kaguyaaaaa!
"Then it is settled. You are greenhorn. Now, let me continue." Reimu turns back to the holographic image. "You are to approach the target, scan it, examine what kind of signal does it emit, and destroy it."
"Destroy?" you ask "Just like that? Without any inve--"
"There were no records about any device like this in this sector. Even if it's harmless, the only right course of action would be to destroy it. Just in case." Huh. The ways of GTVA... "Well then, you've got your orders, now get up and roll ou--"
A communicator on the wall sounds up.
"Gee, I sure hate those things."
Reimu walks up to the device and presses a button. And image of a blonde girl appears on the display.
"Yes? What is it, Alice?"
"Reimu. A hit-and-run attack on the starboard. Uknown IFF, no hails, went into subspace before we were able to retaliate."
"What? Again?"
Huh, so it has happened before?
"Alice, listen, power up the AAA cannons and be ready to fire. Tell Cirno and squad to stay sharp."
The girl on the display bows.
"Acknowledged. It will be done."
A hit-and-run attack and escape into subspace...
"General." you step up to Reimu "May I suggest something?"
"Go ahead."
"If they've escaped into subspace, we can easily track their origins. I want to humbly ask for a permission to--"
"You've got your own orders, greenhorn."
Aw, sharp. General Reimu is sharp! Though she acts all friendly with female squad, you and other men have been suffering her harsh treatment ever since your assignment. From what other pilots said, she's been like this since forever.
"With all due respect, that task can be done by practically anyone. Tracking someone in subspace and pursuing... That's what real professionals should be doing."
She frowns.
"Listen, greenhorn. I gave you your orders. I will deal with those raids myself if there's a need. Now I need you to investigate that satelite, not to track some insignificiant pests."
"Reimu, he's right." Mokou speaks up "They have confirmed our position. That means they're probably going to return in greater force. Those continuous raids could be just them confirming that we're still here."
"She speaks truth! Give her booze!"
Marisa sounds her approval.
Reimu palms her face.
"Alright, I got it. Damn, and I'm the commander here... Change of plans! Alpha wing, track the unknown fighters, discover their origins, then come back and report."
"And if their forces are weak?"
"Permission to shoot on sight."
"Yay!" Kaguya cheers.
Damn, what a staff this ship has...
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You, Mokou and Kaguya enter the hangar where your fighters are kept.
"Alright, mine's there. See you in space."
"Mine's there~! See ya, Moku!"
Ignoring their cheerful goodbyes, you approach your own fighter.
Ah, the sturdy Perseus... Two gun banks, each with two barrels, two secondary weapon slots... Nice capacity, considerable speed, strong hull... Damn, there's no way something's ever gonna beat this boy! Even the Erinyes with it's eight-barelled primaries can't outfight this miracle of terran technology.
"Hey, Nitori." you greet the mechanic girl who's cleaning your Pers' wings. "How is he?"
"All up and ready. I was just cleaning some stain on the wing, the usual space clutter, you know."
"Right. Thanks for the hard work."
"That's my job." The mechanic girl salutes and gets off the Pers' wing. "I've also cleaned the right-top barrell and left engine nozzle. "
"Thanks again."
Putting on your helmet, you get inside the cockpit.
"Alpha three to GTD Hecate flight control, can you hear me?"
"Loud and clean, alpha tree, communication officer Sanae here, you're clear to take off anytime you're ready."
"Thanks, Sanae, good to hear you're finally out of bed."
"Thank you, I feel much better now. I'm not really that healthy yet, but work's work, can't skip it."
"You're a good girl, Sanae."

After performing a routine check on your Pers' systems, you open up the channel again.
"Alpha 3, up and ready to go. Requesting promised subspace coordinates, we're going to jump as soon as possible."
"Right, General Reimu sent them personally. Transferring now.... Transferring complete. You're good to go, Alpha 3, come back safely."
"Thanks, Sanae. You know I will."

Ah, finally in space. You can't help but feel at home in this endless sea of nothingness. Only occasional stars and planets disrupt the beauty of this pure blackness...
"Alpha one to Alpha two and three, can you hear me?"
Ah, and this.
"Loud and clear, Moku!"
"Loud and clear."
"Very well. Form on my wing, we're going to enter subspace simultanously."
"On it."
Grabbing your steering levers firmly, you turn your Perseus towards Mokou's ship.
Ah, so clean, so smooth! Nitori's done a really good job on this!
"Alright, we're on, Moku."
"Good. Synchronising deck computers... And done. We're going to enter at 20G!"
"TWENTY G!?" you scream "Mokou, are you crazy?!"
"Hey, calm down! We've done this before! It's not dangerous!"
Twenty G?! What what you've been taught at Vega, entering subspace using afterburner devices results in tuning up your ship's speed in subspace tenfold, taking care of those few minutes spent in subspace tunnel, practically making you appear out of nowhere on the other end, with no chances to track your movement by any sensor avilable in wide use. Basically, a perfect method of appearing out of nowhere, without any signals of anyone incoming.
What's so scary about it then? Tremendous gravity load, that's what. Getting your eyeballs pushed inside your skull, your veins burst, loss of consciouness, resonance frequency of vibrations shattering your organs...
"Mokou, there's no way we're going to--"
"Too late! Jump in three, two..."
All that happened later passed in blur and pain.

"We're out! No sight of enemy."
Mokou's voice wakes you up from a terrible nightmare you were having while unconscious. Twenty G... Twenty fucking G...
Opening your eyes, you can see Mokou's face on communications display. Other than that, there is nothing here. Just plain space. No planets in sight, no ships in sight, only occasional stars...
"Are you sure it's the right place, Moku?" Kaguya's worried voice sounds in your headphones.
"Pretty sure. Wait, the sensors are picking up someting... Below us!"
"WHA?! How could we not notice this?"
"Damn, they've detected us! Hit your burners NOW!"
Your reaciton was instinctive. Not even knowing what is attacking you, you pulled the lever responsible for the afterburner, pitching your fighter forward in evasion manouver.
Red beam of energy flies through the spot where your Pers was just a while ago.
"What the?!"
What you see behind your cockpit's windshield...
Surpasses your wildest expectations.
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When will we sex up Captain Anonymous?
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Captain Anonymous = NOT IN SPACE
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Nanaya X David
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Allright i will stop asking for it.
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Get the fuck back to work.
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It's shit like that that is the cause of him doing nothing anymore.
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Thanks for making me look bad again, YAF.
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I was thinking of a Freespace-esque LA for /eientei/, and then this comes up and makes my writing look like crap...
>> No. 9155
Just noticed this:
>"Alpha three to GTD Hecate flight control, can you hear me?"
Should be GTD Hakurei.

Hey, post it anyway. If you let yourself be discouraged by anything, you're not going to get any better. Come on, if I got discouraged by all those faggots telling me to go back to work, where would we be today?

Also, I'm planning to continue writing this today, since I won't have access to internet. So no AAA, no TS, just another irrelevant wall of tex. I'm still thinking whether to give some choices at the end of the next part or leave it choice-less.

in b4 nigger
>> No. 9159
Choices are fine too.
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>Surpasses your wildest expectations.

Juggernauts are pathetic.
Needs more flak spread out

If anything, the ability to use it as a nice big wall between you and enemy fire makes life easier.

Now a corvette and 40 maras?
That'd be frightening.
>> No. 9181

How about a fleet of Corvettes, protected by 40 wings of Maras and Astaroths, patrolling around a hueg Juggernaught of an unknown class?
>> No. 9182
>>40 wings of Maras and Astaroths

That comes out to 200 fighters.
You are already dead.
>> No. 9183
Only use one '>' next time
>> No. 9184

I have a hotkey for it, so it's a habit.
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[ ] Can't let you do that, Star Fox
>> No. 9187
is this a new story? Goddamn, its getting hard to differentiate between all of them.

Also, is this based on something real? Because it sounds awesome.
>> No. 9188

FreeSpace 2 by Volition Inc., one of my favorite games of all time. It's a space combat flight sim.
>> No. 9189
>>Also, is this based on something real? Because it sounds awesome.

>> No. 9193
Just out of curiosity, has anyone played Homeworld?
>> No. 9194
>> No. 9195

>> No. 9197

No. Never go to, actually. I don't like space RTSes, with the exception of NEXUS: Jupiter Incident. Now THAT game is badass.
>> No. 9206
Shit's awesome. Makes me want to play spacesims bad. I'm going to resort to downloading the isos of freespace.

Great job. As long as no one touches my real-robot conflict thingy, I'm happy. Glad to see you're also as uncommited as always.
>> No. 9211
Behind it... In the blackness of vast space... Tens... no, hundreds of beige-coloured objects. And...
"There it comes again!" Mokou's scream makes you react involuntarily.
Another beam grazes the space where your ship was just a second ago. Red in colour... Red? But those ships... Beige... Beige... Vasudans? Red beams?
"Moku, I can't get a lock! They're not broadcasting IFFs! Can you-- Aaah!"
"Kaguya? Kaguya?!"
"It's okay, it just grazed a little... Good thing we're out of their secondaries' range. Can you target them, Moku?"
Damn, those ships... Beige in colour, but of an unfamiliar design... No, it is familiar... Especially the largest one...
"I can't! I'm only getting faint signals from their direction!"
"I can't see anything! It's like if they're protected by some kind of radar-shielding device!"
"Greenhorn, you? Can you get a lock?"
The largest one... Humongous in size... The other ones are only flies swarming around their queen... The largest one... With four spikes in front of it's hull... Four horizontal spikes...
This... Can't be... You've seen it before in tech database, but... It was a Shivan design, not Vasudan...
Instinctively, you dodge another salve from an AAA beam cannon. Damn, there's something on that big ship... A symbol... A logo? Even though it's at least fifteen clicks away, you can see it clearly... Fifteen clicks? And it's still able to target you with AAAs?
Snapping out of reverie, you finally notice Mokou's worried face in comm display.
"Yes? Sorry, I was--"
"Can you get a lock?"
"No, only visual. Listen, there is--"
"How many time till jump drive cools down?"
You quickly glance at the little liquid-crystal unit on the right side of your steering console.
"One minute and twelve seconds. Mokou, listen to me, there is something on that big one--"
"The fighters have broke their formation! Heading this way!"
"Kaguya, how did you?!"
"I can see that!"
Damn, you can 'see' too, but only little dots on black background.
"Kaguya, are you using some sort of zooming device?"
"Yeah, I got one here, installed just yesterday."
"Good! Listen, there's a symbol on that big ship, look at it and tell me what is it!"
"Greenhorn, we don't have time for that!" Mokou interrupts "They're coming at us!"
"We HAVE to confirm their identity! And we can't do that by scanning their IFFs!"
"That's right, but--"
"No buts! Sorry, I know you're the commander here, but our orders were to find out those raids' origins!"
Mokou frowns. Damn, she looks worried. Biting her lip, she nervously glances at her own cooldown indicator.
Crap, she really looks miserable. You get a feeling that you'd like to hug her and tell that everything's gonna be alright...
"What am I doing?" Catching yourself touching the comm display with Mokou's face, you gather your thoughts. Seriously, spacing out like that when there are several wings of untargetable fighters charging at your position... "Kaguya, got it?"
"Yep! There's a crescent moon, with a hammer-like symbol and two strange letters, probably Vasudan. Can't read it, sorry."
Crescent moon... Hammer... Vasudan...
"HAMMER OF LIGHT?!" you and Mokou exclaim at the same time
"I thought they were eradicated during the Great War!"
"So did I. And those ships... They look like shivan ships, but made of Vasudan materials... And in Vasudan style... The big one, do you recognize that design?"
"No?" Mokou says in uncertain tone "Kaguya?"
"Me neither."
You sigh.
"Then I reccomend you to read the tech database entry on SJ Sathanas when we return."
"And the others?" Mokou asks
"Can't see them clearly. Kaguya, I suppose you don't recognize them?"
"Uhh, some look like Molochs and Rakshasas. Other than that, no."
The fighters are now close enough for you to see their features. Damn, they look like Maras, but the colours are way off... Did HOL rip off Shivan designs?
A salve of rockets miss your ship by mere meters, leaving a yellow trail behind them.
"Mokou, Kaguya, enter the coordinates, we're going back!"
Just as the first bursts of red energy began hammering your shield, a blue-ish portal appears before your Perseus. And then, you enter the subspace tunnel.
>> No. 9212
"Whew, that was close."
Leaning back, you relax your legs and arms. Seemingly endless corridor of the subspace tunnel spreads before your eyes. Ah, how peaceful...
But what you saw... Was worrying to say the least. HOL? And Shivan technology? Two things that shouldn't exist...
Monotone voice of your deck computer announces in emotioless tone.
"That thing was HUGE!" you hear Kaguya's excited voice in your headphones "I've never seen anything like it before! It's bigger than collossus!"
"Yeah, me too." Mokou answers "Though I'd only seen Collossus on TV, never with my own eyes."
"Mokou, Kaguya, we have to return and warn Hakurei."
"Oh, so we're now Alpha two and one anymore?"
"Shut it, Mokou. This is a serious situation, they're not going to sit still now that we've initiated a contact."
"But they've been raiding Hakurei for some time now..."
"This is a diffirent thing. Previously, they've been only making hit-and-run attacks, and we weren't retaliating. Now we were the ones to 'raid' their positions. They're not going to take it easy." Mokou bites her lip. "As soon as we arrive there, I'm going to convince General Reimu to make a jump. We can't risk confronting them here on our own."
She nods. Man, good thing they've installed those displays in your fighters, otherwise it would be too difficult to communicate with them... Well, Kaguya is a loud one so it's no problem, but Mokou often limits herself to gestures.

[Subspace Drive Disengaged]
When the tunnel's exit closes behind your ship, you open up the channels again.
"Alpha wing to GTD Hakurei. Requesting clearance to land."
"Clearance granted, you're free to land in hangar 3. Welcome back, pilots."
"Thanks, Sanae. Could you hook me to General's office? This is an emergency situation."
"General's? What's the matter? I mean, I could try, I don't think she'd mind, but..."
"Listen, Sanae, we probably have at least 40 wings of fighters and several cruisers and corvettes on our tails."
"Fourty...? What happened there?"
"Sanae, please, just do it."
"Right. Sorry. Connecting now... Alright, she's there. Good luck."
Sanae's face disappears from the display.
"'Sanae', huh?'"
Mokou's irritated voice sounds in your headphones. After a second, angry face of General Reimu lights up the black screen.
"What is it? Found something? It's rare for you to request a direct channel with me."
Did you interrupt her? All she's wearing is a red bathing robe. Well, she has her own privacy too, right?
"Actually, a whole fleet of ships. At least 40 wings of fighters, several tens of corvettes and cruisers, one juggernaught."
"Juggernaught? There is something this big in this system? Did you identify it?"
"No," you shake your head "They weren't broadcasting IFFs, we also couldn't get a lock on them. Probably radar cloaking devices."
"All we could make out was Hammer Of Light's logo."
She frowns.
"HOL? Are you sure? HOL wasn't seen since the first Great War."
"According to what Kaguya told us she saw, it was HOL's symbol. I don't know what it could mean either. Anyways, General, I suggest we make a jump for allied blockade in 036EP. They could be tailing us and we DO NOT want to face them alone."
"I am the commander here, Greenhorn. I give the orders."
"Sorry" you apologize "I'm just suggesting what would be the best course of action here."
She nods.
"You're right. I'll inform everyone. Land and report in my office, I want all details."
The screen becomes black again.

"Alright, now tell me."
Reimu sits back on her chair. Now fully dressed in GTVA uniform, she stares at you intensively.
"Ahem." You clear your throat "We've emerged from subspace at our designated coordinates. At first, it appeared as if there was nothing there. But then we got attacked with AAA cannons. Turned out there was an entire fleed below us, but because we couldn't detect them, we didn't notice that they're there." Reimu nods "Since we had to wait for our subspace drives to cool down, I ordered Kaguya to investigate the juggernaught's hull and take a look at that symbol."
You describe the symbol and repeat what Kaguya told you. Crescent moon, with a hammer-like symbol and two letters. Reimu bites on her fingernail in thought.
"I immidiately thought of HOL. By the way," you glance at her computer's monitor "I hope yo're getting us the hell out of here as soon as possible?"
"Subspace drive is warming up already, we'll be jumping to the blockade at 036. About those ships."
"Right" you nod "At first I thought they were Vasudan ships, judging from the colour and style, but their designs looked like shivan in origin. I could swear those fighters were just vasudan versions of Maras and Astaroths."
She shakes her head.
"That's not enough. Ripping off design is one thing, what about their weapons?"
"That also looked like shivan technology. Red projectiles, red AAA beams." She bites her fingernail again. You can't help but think it's kinda cute. To see such a strong person to be lost and upset. Not that it's a good thing in current situation. "And what you said about that satelitte... Signals characteristic for shivans, right? I think it's pretty clear that either HOL is using shivan technology or the shivans took control over a group of Vasudan extremists and are using them to threat us."
"You may be right. But... And that juggernaught? What was it? Don't tell me..."
"SJ Sathanas. At least, the overall design reminded me of it. 6,2 kilometers long, four horizontal spikes on the front, bug-like armour plating on the main body... I think it's pretty clear that we're against another Sathanas he--"
"Sorry." Reimu stands up and approaches the communicator. "Yes?"
Alice's concerned face appears on the screen.
"Attack on the starboard! Multiple wings of fighters, ten clicks away, also incoming jump signatures of several larger ships, possibly cruisers or corvettes!"
"Curses... Alice, ignore them. All power to engines, tell Cirno and others to stay down."
Alice nods.
"I understand."
"We'll be jumping in two minutes, I hope the hull will stand it in case they catch up..."
Image dies down and Reimu turns back to you.
"Were there any bombers?"
"Didn't notice any."
"Good. Now it's all about speed and hope." she sighs "I know it may sound unreasonable, but go and relax a bit. You've done a good job on discovering such a dangerous threat in this system. If we need help... I'll be sure to call for you."
You stand up and salute.

Even though you're worried, a Hecate should be able to withstand even a massive attack. Besides, there is a possibility that you'll be able to escape before the fighters even manage to catch up to you.
Leaning against the elevator's wall, you hear computer's monotonous voice counting down the time left to jump.
Just a few more seconds... Looks like you will make it after all.
"Three... Two... One..."
Light shock shakes the elevator's cabin as GTD Hakurei enters subspace.

Safe at last. There is little possibility that the enemy would follow the GTD Hakurei in subspace. Especially seeing the fact that there's an allied blockade waiting on the other side.
Three hours, huh?

[ ] Go relax in your cabin
[ ] See Mokou
[ ] See Kaguya
[ ] Visit the canteen
[ ] Visit General Reimu
[ ] Visit Hangar
[ ] Visit Sanae
>> No. 9213
[X] Visit Sanae

The superior Miko.
>> No. 9214
Sanae is fine, but you GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.
>> No. 9215
[x] Visit Hangar

Mount more missles
Coulda shot down something before retreating by spraying dumbfires if we had em.
>> No. 9315

[x] Visit Hangar
>> No. 9343
If someone-- ANYONE cares, multiple votes are allowed.
>> No. 9348
[x] See Mokou
>> No. 9349

[x] Visit Hangar

Bet everyone is F5ing the shit out of YWUIG, just like the old days.
>> No. 9353

Then I'll append



[x] Visit General Reimu
[x] Visit Hangar

Ask Reimu for permission to mount the entire supply of tempests.
>> No. 9379
File 12121059747.jpg - (145.98KB , 800x600 , Rider - New - 11.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Visit the canteen
[ ] Visit Hangar


We are not in the 19th century anymore. Adding "ess" is archaic, and looks horrible.

>There is also a purple-haired girl with a book leaning against the wall.
...Is that you, Rider?

>"You're a good girl, Sanae."
>> No. 9382
>We are not in the 19th century anymore. Adding "ess" is archaic, and looks horrible.

I wanted to highlight the fact that the pilot was indeed a woman.
>> No. 9383
File 121210748899.jpg - (95.92KB , 500x500 , patchy5.jpg ) [iqdb]

>>There is also a purple-haired girl with a book leaning against the wall.
...Is that you, Rider?

>> No. 9384

Also, Akyu moe.
>> No. 9393
YOF while im ouyt of right thinking i want to say i like your wiriting and ui like yourt storyies they good
>> No. 9394

Someone take advantage of the drunk UBOA while you can.
>> No. 9395

im not drink you mean peraon i love you. hi love whats for bejfast is it egg?
>> No. 9396

>> No. 9397

Alright, alright. I'll do it.

But you have to hold my pants for me. And I'll need compensation. You couldn't get Mike Rowe to do this shit.
>> No. 9398

hi love wat are you doing on the intewrnot? i just helfd you in my arms you sexy gitar. come baclk and kiss mde
>> No. 9399

>> No. 9400

dont look at me like ythst sweety i know you love me. my friends say toyur taking adantge og me but i lobe vyou.
>> No. 9401


More likely you just smoked one to finding this shit amusing.
>> No. 9402



dont talk just golher me. i just sid id fuck my friend if he wer a lass. and hes a hsiry fcuk. just lick me.
>> No. 9403
omn gona be sick how do i stop bring sick? please i dont want to be suck. i dont like vomitin g
>> No. 9404

disregad i thrw up and i feel better. before i get sensible agan i just wan a ay i love you guys. asnon i love you. yagf i'd habv you rbabies if i wewre a woman/ good nigh evetyone,.
>> No. 9405

Unfortunately YAF, "pilotess" is not a word. We can't just go smashing prefixes & suffixes onto base words whenever we like; there has to be history of usage, and there is none for "pilotess".

This neologism is an eyesore. Disappear.
>> No. 9407
You'd have to be some sort of ginormous nerd to create protologisms. It's enough to make me chortle.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to leave cyberspace--my affluenza is killing me, what with the McJob I've got among the neurotypical sheeple.
>> No. 9412
File 121214007087.jpg - (39.76KB , 315x480 , FAIL (2).jpg ) [iqdb]

Oh what the fuck did I do last night?
>> No. 9413
File 121214109638.gif - (121.86KB , 640x400 , 1209035173527.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9414

Yeah sorry.
>> No. 9415

You're an eyesoress, disappearse.

You know, if I was drunk, I'd probably enjoy a nice conversation with you. Too bad.
>> No. 9416

Are you still up for being taken advantage of? After all you appear to love Anon very deeply.
>> No. 9417

Ask me when this hangover is gone.
>> No. 9418
[X] Ram the Colossus
>> No. 9419

Excellent. Do you prefer having sex with the lights on or off?
>> No. 9420
File 121215150717.jpg - (34.54KB , 438x600 , 1210590728260.jpg ) [iqdb]

Off. Just don't be too rough my everything still aches like fuck.
>> No. 9421
File 121215415351.png - (79.95KB , 360x200 , 1212151905902.png ) [iqdb]

That's fine, we'll take it easy.
>> No. 9422
File 121215718869.png - (10.49KB , 695x379 , 12050999189248.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9423
[ ] Park a destroyer in front of the node
>> No. 9424
[x] Visit Hangar

Moar TS plz. Moar mindfuck.
>> No. 9426

Will get to it.
>> No. 9427
File 121216308219.jpg - (122.58KB , 800x600 , Photo-0006.jpg ) [iqdb]

Calm down. Have a chair.
>> No. 9428

Jealousy will get you nowhere YAF.