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He intends to kill her. Kill her. Ren is too weak to defend herself. That's why...
You have to protect her.
But isn't that exactly what he wants? To make your attempts futile, to make your confidence shatter, to make you wallow in despair? That's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it, that's it! That is his plan! Weak, weak, weak! Predictable! You wanna kill her, Red? Go ahead, we'll see how it works!
A simple smile appears on your face. Against your will, against your intentions. That sly smirk comes out of nowhere.
Laugh, laugh, laugh. Chuckle all you want. You too, Red. Wanna kill her? Then do it! Go for it! Go ahead and violate that weak body of hers! I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I DON'T CARE ONE BIT! SO GO AHEAD! DO IT!
What's wrong? Why did your movements suddenly get slower, Red? What's the matter?
Just as he was about to pass you, a silent curse gets out of his mouth.
Do you see it, Red? Wanna make me despair? Try harder, cause I WILL NOT LET YOU.
Making a violent swerve, he turns to you.
And jumps.
There is no time to react. But there is no need either. His intentions are not to kill. You are not his target. Because the one he wants to kill... Remains sealed inside your mind.
It's almost tragic, isn't it? Outside, enemies. Inside, enemies. Surrounded from both sides, from all directions. Merciless murderers on every step, wherever you turn.
Tragic, right? It really is tragic.
/Tragic indeed./
Tragic, huh? Tragic... Tragic? Heh, tragic. What a badly chosen word. Because, if it really was 'tragic', that would suggest there's no escape from this situation.
No escape, huh? Well, that sure would make you despair in normal circumstances. But not now.
Because, there is not a single thing.
Not a single thing.
Not a single thing that would make you feel anything other than icy coldness right now.
Pain in your back is irrelevant. Pressure on your forearms is irrelevant. Red's blood shot eyes just a few centimeters from yours are unimportant. The fact that you can't move is unimportant. Him holding you down is irrelevant.
"Playing cold, is it." he shakes his head "Not even going to protect the one you cared so much about?"
"I don't care, Red. You're not going to get him out, no matter how hard you try."
"Really. We'll see. If one method failed, there is always another one. I will slowly cut this body of yours to pieces, until crushed by the pain, you will release him, be it at your own will or not."
Standing up, he steps on your forearms. Holding them down with your feet, huh? How rough. How uncivilised. How distasteful.
"Don't you have any subtlety, Red?"
"Shut your mouth, imposter." Red bends down and hovers his knife millimeters from your nose. "Shall we begin?"

[ ] "Go ahead."
[ ] Try to struggle
[ ] "How about we talk a bit instead?"
[X] "How about we talk a bit instead?"
[X] "Or are you scared of that?"

What a dick.
[x] "How about we talk a bit instead?"

Our Calmness is an eyesore for him.
[x] "How about we talk a bit instead?"
[X] "How about we talk a bit instead?"
[X] "Or are you scared of that?"
[X] "How about we talk a bit instead?"
[X] "Or are you scared of that?"

[x] "Didn't you do this to Yukari too? It's kind of homoerotic..."
[x] "How about we talk a bit instead?"
[x] "Where's MY brother? The one you've been keeping locked up for so long? Everyone's at the party now except for him."
[x] Sing "Always look on the bright side of life"
tWINcest end
[X] "How about we talk a bit instead?"
[X] "Or are you scared of that?"
[x] "Didn't you do this to Yukari too? It's kind of homoerotic..."

>[x] "Didn't you do this to Yukari too? It's kind of homoerotic..."

Save it for PARODY NORMAL.

I dunno
I can't really think of something that would throw him more off-balance.

[ x ] "How about we talk a bit instead?"
Sorry, guys, I've spent almost all my day outside and had a friend come over to do various stupid things (involving a glass, an AEG, tomato, and a training sword) and I'm completely out of stamina points.
Both stories postponed for tomorrow. Enjoy your /sdm/.

Get back to work nigger.

He's your brother, who for five years has been plotting to kill you and your alter-ego for revenge and to prove his superiority. You want him to feel like a failure, that even with the odds completely stacked in his favor and your death certain, you still find him the inferior.

Your Alchemy can't be that bad. Make some Restore Stamina.
[x] "How about I mock you a bit instead?"
Allright, i hope you will go full power tomorrow!


I'm out of beer it seems, so no restoring stamina via alchemy.

goin to bed now.
Eat some bread, it won't restore much but it'll do the trick!
[x] Try to snuggle
[x] Cop a feel.
[X] "How about we talk a bit instead?"
[X] "Or are you scared of that?"

Begin? Already? Feh, this is not what they call a heartwarming family reunion, now is it?
"You sure know how to throw a party, Red. No food, no dri--"
"Shut up. Enough with the silly references."
"Hey, I just wanted to talk with my precious brother. We ARE family after all. It would be a waste if we had to... part so suddenly without even talking for a bit."
He raises an eyebrow.
"Talk? Family? Tell ya what, I've already had a talk with my brother. Just so you know, I DO NOT consider you as my brother. You're just an imposter. The real one," he points at your forehead "Is in there. And I am going to let him out."
"Alright, I get it. You're just scared of talking, aren't you? Because it might turn out that your 'real' brother no longer exists, that I took his place and only acted as him to piss you off. And then, your whole plan, your revenge, they will be ruined. Because, I was not the one that 'killed' you. It wouldn't be satisfying to let off steam on someone completely unrelated, right?"
"You're running in circles. First you tell me I'm your dear brother, next second you're 'completely' unrelated."
"Right, right. You're a sharp one, aren'tya?"
"You're just desperately hanging on to every chance of prolonging your time before getting hurt."
"Maybe" you sigh "You could be right. I am not a killer after all. That's why, you won't get him out. Because I am not a killer. I can't fight you. I coudln't have murdered you. Because I am not a killer."
"We'll see about that."
Red places the tip of his knife on your forehead.
Stinging pain. It hurts. As he slides his knife across your forehead, towards your nose, the pain gets stronger. Wetness. Something wet flows down your head, into your ears. It's blood. It has to be blood.
Damn, it hurts.
Still, your face remains unchanged.
"Not enough, huh?" Red lifts his knife. "Let's try cutting your lips next."

[ ] Try to struggle
[ ] Remain still
[ ] Try to talk him out of this.
[X] Try to talk him out of this.

[x] Remain still
Talking doesn't seem to do us much good, and struggling won't get us any farther. Let's hope this option contains some convenient device, like someone showing up.

Where the hell did Renko go, anyway?
Fuck yes, YAF finally writes the next part.
[X] Remain still
[X] Remain still
Gotta show him our spirit, he won't stop us.
[ ] Remain still
[ ] Laugh at the pain.
[X] Remain still
Pray for miracle in the name of Renko.
[X] Remain still

/You really wanna go through this?/
Edge of the blade is touching your lips now. Just a little more and it will cut your skin, blood vessels, flesh... It will be painful. But, you have to stay calm. Stay calm.

Because what?
You don't want to let him out? Let that inner murderer come out? Why not? Why do you persist in your lonliness? With his help... This would end in mere seconds. Then why?
Because he's not your friend. He said so himself. Not your friend. Next time I take over this body, it won't be so easy on you. That's what he said.
And that's why, he has to remain sealed. He's equally dangerous as Red. If not more. The things he said and done in that... dream... It's not safe to let him out here. Not now. Not in this place.
"You really want me to do it? Why keep it inside? Let it all out. Your hate. Your fear. Your instincts. Stay true to who you really are, murderer."
"I am not... a murderer."
"Yes, you are."
"Fuck you, Red." You spit in his face. Ignoring the knife on your lips, you send a wet projectile straight into his eye. "Fuck you and your sick ways. Fuck you and Yukari. Fuck your ugly face."
"You..." He wipes his eye with a sleeve. "Now you've really crossed the line..."
"What, you wanna kill me now? What about your revenge?"
"Revenge... Right. You're right. I can't kill you. But I'm going to torture you until you let out that screwed up inne--!"
Something wet falls on your face. Looking up, you see that Red's lips are painted with blood. There's blood gushing out of his mouth. Blood flowing down his neck. Blood flowing from a...
Knife of that familiar design. It's sticking out of his neck.
He still seems oblivious to pain, but is suprised nonetheless. It's almost hilarious. How he tries to shout out in surpise even after having his windpipe and arteries pierced by a steel blade.
He turns away his face. Distracted. Distracted. Distracted. Distracted. Distracted.

[ ] Use your feet, kick him away
[ ] Stay still
[ ] Try to free your hands
[~] Use your feet, kick him away
[X] Use your feet, kick him away

Fuck yes Renko.
[X] Use your feet, kick him away.

Nice and calmly.

I still say that with our ability to achieve serene mind, we would make a far better killer than either of these murderous idiots.
[X] Use your feet, kick him away
Renko saves the day!
[X] Use your feet, kick him away
[x] Use your feet, kick him away

Preferably away from Renko.
[X] Use your feet, kick him away
Off topic, I know, but have we ever gone through a change of clothes in TS without getting them covered in blood?
File 121199804166.jpg - (62.32KB, 722x1024 , shitsux.jpg) [iqdb]
Even for a low-effort piece, this sucks.
Oh well.
Well I'm not going to insult you by giving insincere praise, but you still deserve a great deal of credit for this. Keep up the good work

Hey, it's STILL better than any of my drawings! Not that it's difficult to be better than them, the real challenge is to get any worse than them.
Even your worst is good.
Ever thought about drawing all Anons on the same pic, interacting with each other? That could be awesome.
I've thought about it, but I don't know what all of them look like.

Hey, how about drawing Nanaya X David?

Well, we know what Nanaya, Cu Chulain and Adahnko look like. ⑨ seems to have good idea about what Futako is like, and so does Scorn about David.
Others would propably be happy to tell.
Yaffy, can you answer a question?
File 121200306652.png - (3.79KB, 334x322 , YAFFYtea.png) [iqdb]

If it's about work, then I'm not here.
Well not exactly
About red- is it even effective to damage him in any way like kicking or stabbing?
well, i know he's psycho and doesn't mind the pain, but- does the damage we're causing have ANY effect at all?
File 121200414736.png - (3.19KB, 334x322 , yatb.png) [iqdb]
Hello there. Remember me?
Of course you won't forget your own brother, now, right Yaffy?
Holy shit its YAFFY. Epic fight incoming Yaffy vs YAFFY.
File 121200445316.png - (3.80KB, 334x322 , YAFFYtea.png) [iqdb]

Well, let us see. His body is that of a half-youkai. Therefore, his regeneration abilities are far superior to those of humans'. Though normal youkai would 'die' (cease to react to outer stimuluses), Red is diffirent. His consciouness is constantly active, even when his body should be dead already - as long as the head stays intact. That means, even if you 'kill' him in a way that would work on normal youkai or human, his consciouness will still be active, as well as his organs. That means - you cut off his head, he still spouts random nonsense at you. Same when you stab his heart, drain his blood, etc. M, Remilia would like an infinite source of blood like that. Since he can regenerate from any wound but skull-crushing.

Stop doing that stupid ZA WARUDO trick, and enjoy your tea in silence, stupid Fay.
So he is like Dio?
Just crush his head, then light him up with Gasoline and he is dead.

You fotgot to look at the eyes. look closer.

he saw wat i did thar.
So we need to bounce his head off the pavement?

How quick is the regeneration? Could we, theoretically, slice the head of and leave the stump of the neck a small dish of acid? So that he always regenerates and gets destroyed as he does?
File 121200610357.png - (3.79KB, 334x322 , YAFFYtea.png) [iqdb]

Well, if you hung his head above a container of acid, it could work. I mean, his regeneration starts from head and down, so yeah.


Stupid Fay.
[x] Use your feet, kick him away

Disctracted, distracted, distracted! Too figety, Red!
While he's looking away, you bend your lower body and spring it upwards.
There's a satisfying crack as your shoe hits his chin. The blow was strong enough to make him fly several meters back. Woah. Who could've known you've got so much strength?
Your arms are finally free. Ignoring the pain, you use them to propell yourself upwards and stand up. Hmm, feels good. Even though it hurts, you're feeling good. Perhaps that cut on your forehead made adrenalin spread throughout your body and wake you up a bit. Red lands flat on his back but quickly recovers.
He tries to speak again, but to no avail. The knife in his neck makes it rather impossible to talk. Why is he even still alive? Shouldn't he at least faint because of oxygen shortage? Having his windpipe pierced...
Renko is lying on the grass not far from you, breathing hard, staring at Red with widened eyes.
"Thanks, Ren. You saved my life there." She doesn't react. Must be the shock of seeing something like that... And doing something like that... Well, you can somehow understand her. "I'm going to repay you later. Stay back. Don't stick out. Keep it low. Protect Mary. Now, I've got something to take care of..."
Red pulls the knife out of his neck, sending a fountain of blood to his right, painting nearby grass and ground with gruesome vermillion.
He groans again. Even though he may not mind or feel the pain, he still seems bothered by having a large hole in his neck. That means, until he's done with regenerating that, he's going to be distracted and nervous.
That means... Your chances just got much higher. Not being very high in the first place, they're still rather miserable, but now there's at least a little bit of hope to defeat him on your own.
Red glares at you with bloodshot eyes.

[ ] Stay here, defensive position
[ ] Rush at him
[ ] Taunt, try to lure him somewhere else (specify)
[ ] Rush at him
[ ] Taunt, try to lure him further into the shrine

Where the fuck is Suika??
[X] Rush at him.
[X] Taunt, try to lure him into making more openings for your attacks.

We're faster than him. A fuckton faster. Objective: crush his fucking skull. Possibly through curbstomping him repeatedly.

[ x ] Rush at him
[ x ] Taunt, try to lure him somewhere else (specify)
[X] Rush at him.
[X] Taunt, try to lure him away from Renko.

Don't lure him into the building, we all know what happens if we fight inside.
This. I'll be damned if Renko dies again.

[X] Rush at him.
[X] Taunt, try to lure him away from Renko.
[x] Rush at him
[x] Do something flashy
[X] Rush at him.
[X] Taunt, try to lure him away from Renko.
Whoops. Kinda triple voted there.
I'd like to apologize for recent lack of updates. I'm just not feeling too good, and busy with various things... Like restoring my laptop's software database. I'm absolutely NOT spending whole days playing Freespace or anything... I mean, why would someone ditch the awesomeness that writing is, for ultra-awesome space shootan simulator with bigass giant ships that fire megalicious fucking damn cool beams? Seriously now.
Quit your bitching and get your ass in #MiG. The writefags are holding palaver.
"NO, YOU WILL BE KILLED BY YOUR BROTHER", "I WILL RUSH AT HIM", and then Nanaya was a murderer, etc.
Just go back to your usual updates, then all will be fine.

Yeah, I will go back to usual updating tomorrow or the day after.

God damn Man, it's been AGES since i played that game, i don't know it anymore.
I fucking love your stories, but not this one. Go write This Shrine or Killing Chamber, that rocks more. And put plenty of DMC shit in there, always makes me laugh.
>Go write This Shrine or Killing Chamber, that rocks more. And put plenty of DMC shit in there, always makes me laugh.
>Go write This Shrine
>THIS SHRINE, thread 6

[X] Taunt, try to lure him away from Renko.
[X] Rush at him.

Alright. He's distracted. What would be the wisest course of action in this situation? Trying to land a blow as soon as possible. Attacking while his attention is still unfocused. Still...
He's clutching his neck. What is it? Do you feel pain after all, Red? Or is it just an instinctive reaction? Human side kicked in?
Still, you can't fight him here. Thanks to Renko's suprise attack you've managed to break out of his grip, but now there's a chance he'd want to pay her back... Equally, if not with with a vengeance. And that you can't allow him to do.
After all, you've promised to protect her, right?
"What's the matter, Red? Does it hurt?" He remains silent, just glaring at you with hatred. "Does that wound really bother you? I thought you'd be tougher than that. Where is your almighty regeneration and composture now?" Red bares his teeth, still unmoving. You smirk and chuckle.
/Nice act./
"It's not enough then, is it? Alright." you straighten up and raise one arm. "Ren. Knife."
Your hand almost automatically catches the object flying at your back. Flipping it open, you grab the knife in reverse-grip position, then lower your stance, bending down, shoving your left leg forward.
"Red, I'm going to make it easy for you. After all, it would be just boring to let it end just like this... Am I right?"
He still remains unmoving. Though his hand is no longer on his neck, he still seems to be quite bothered by that wound. Nodding his head, he clutches the knife tighter. He intends to use the very same blade that 'killed' him to kill you? You sure have weird tastes, Red.
"Well then."
With a ridiculous speed, you charge forward.
Where does this strength come from? Hatred? Fear? Is it the same as with Renko, whose movements become smoother and more precise when she's enraged? Or was it there from the very beggining, slumbering beneath your everyday exertions, but never surfacing? Well... It doesn't matter.
Because now that you have this strength...
"Behind you, Red."
Heh, so easily fooled. He turns around in suprise. Like a little child, getting pranked on by his friends. Red, are you really that naive?
Last step.
His arm swings at your head.
But you were already prepared for that.
Diving in between his legs, you jump up.
Swinging your armed hand.
You drive your knife into Red's eye socket.
His movements die out. His legs become limp. His lips twitch as he falls to the ground, devoid of any strength. It looks like...
He's 'dead'.
"Head intact..." you subconsciously repeat those words.
Dead. Dead, huh? No... His lips are moving slightly... Blurting out silent insults... Though his gaze is unfocused, you can 'feel' that he's glaring at you.
"This is hilarious. How CAN YOU STILL LIVE?!" this is unbelievable "WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE, RED?! How many times have you died today? Three? Four? Tell you what..." you bend over his body "I can't stand looking at you anymore. You're an eyesore, Red. That's why... I'm going to cut short your suffering." you place your shoe on his forehead "Goodbye, brother. And go to hell."
Just as you're about to stomp on his skull, Renko lets out a frightened shriek. Damn, what the...?!

[ ] Turn around
[ ] Jump sideways
[ ] Ignore her, end this maggot's life
[x] Jump sideways
[x] Turn around

Spinning leap to the side!

Don't tell me someone's trying to kill Nanaya because they think he's Red. I'd really love to end his life quickly...but I don't really want to get h4xed in the back due to some misunderstanding.
[x] Jump sideways
[x] Turn around

It is probably Yuakri, she doesn't want us to kill her son.
Well then, we have to put her to rest until our fight with Red is over.
[X] Jump sideways
Trust Renko's warning. After all this, she's not going to scream like that for just us curb-stomping our foe.
[x] Jump sideways
Needs more people voting.
[x] Jump sideways
[x] Turn around
[x] Jump sideways
[x] Turn around
[x] Jump sideways
[x] Turn around
[x] Jump sideways
[x] Turn around

Damn, not now! What is it again!" Just as you were about to end this...
Almost instinctively, you twist your body sideways and jump back. Just in time to dodge someone's arm, trying to grab your leg. That arm is... coming out from a black hole in the air.
DAMN! Before you can react, there's a hand on your mouth. And another, grabbing your hands from behind.
Shit, you can't break free. The grip is too strong.
In front of you, standing with her arms 'lost' in gaps, is Yukari. Her face doesn't show any trace of emotion.
Crap, you can't speak. Yukari walks up to you, with her arms still spread apart and lost in gaps.
"I suppose you'd want to know why I'm doing this?" Well of course, you damn bitch! What the fuck are you thinking?! "Alright. Just don't struggle and I'll tell you. And when we're finished... You will be... missed." she gives you a sad smile "Can we begin?"

[ ] Nod
[ ] Shake your head
[ ] Jump to the left
[ ] Step to the right
[ ] Do a pelvic thrust
[ ] Do the time warp again
[x] Shake your head

[x] Shake your head
[ ] Shake your head
[ ] Shake head

[x] Shake your booty
[X] Shake your head
Knew it would be her. FUCKING TRAITOR!
The whole thing was JUST AS PLANNED by her.
[X] Shake your head

You bitch. YOU BITCH.

No. No more control over our life. You've fucked it up enough. There's no excuse for this.
[x] Break out into song.
[X] Shake your head

Oh, no Yukari! Not on my fucking watch! Just as I was about to kill this fucker, you appear out of fucking nowhere and what? 'Missed'? Oh, no, no, no!
You energetically shake your head. Yukari frowns.
"You don't want to know? You really want to die without knowing anything?" You shake your head again. "Then what is it?"
Damn it! Her grip on your hands is quite strong, but for the mouth...
Jerking back your head, you set free of her hand.
"FUCK YOU, YUKARI!" She steps back hearing your sudden outburst. "FUCK YOU! I DON'T FUCKING CARE IF YOU'RE MY MOTHER, I DON'T FUCKING CARE IF YOU'RE HIS MOTHER. BUT I WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU IF YOU DON'T LET ME GO NOW! I am going to finish this guy and you can do NOTHING about it! NOTHING, you hear me!"
Her expression changes to that of an irritation.
"Listen, I don't think you're in the position to demand anything here. I could break you without even using my hands, you know."
"THEN DO IT! FUCKING DO IT! Why are you holding back?! Did some pesky, motherly love get in your way?! DO IT!"
She hesitates. Resigning from holding your mouth, she pulls back one arm completely.
"Do it? Are you really that eager to die?"
"FUCK DYING!" you shake your head "I don't care if I die! What the fuck were you thinking, Yukari?! Letting this bastard to run free, helping him get here - it was all your doing, wasn't it?!"
She sighs.
"Listen, I was just about to tell you everything, when you suddenly--"
"SHUT THE FUCK UP! Damn you, Yukari! Everything was your plan from the very beggining, wasn't it!" You are a bad woman, Yukari! A fucking bad woman! Are you right in the head?! Just what the FUCK were you thinking?! Do you have any idea what Red wanted to do?! LET ME GO!"
She takes another step back.
Crap, your thoughts are a complete mess. Anger and confusion mingle in your head, fighting for domination over your thinking processes.
And your giggling doesn't help one bit! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!
"What were you thinking coming here?! What about Mary?! Don't you care one bit for her?!"
"No." she simply declines "The Tear was an error from the very beggining. An error I shouldnt've ever made. I guess I got carried away by the guilt of leaving my children... What an unsuiting... way of thinking for a youkai, don't you think?" Damn. You try to struggle as she speaks, but all you can do is wriggle around your hands and reach in your back pocket at best. "That's why, I let him do it. He had potential. Not even once I thought of him as my son. He had potential. He could've become a powerful being, having inherited my blood and all... Too bad his father was a human. You know, I was really suprised when it turned out that he was my son. At first I thought it's just another outsider, but then... Well, I somehow sensed it. And after some time, you came here with The Tear. That made me grow weaker. And I don't like being weak."
You had three.
Three knives.
One was in your hand, knocked out of it when Red pinned you to the ground.
Second was in Renko's hand, now is sticking out of Red's skull.
That means... There's one more.
"Heh, a true villian aren't you?" interrupting Yukari, you try to reach into your back pocket "Has to explain everything before his inevitable defeat, huh?"
She smiles.
"Of course. What kind of villian would I be if I left things unexplained? Anyways, let's continue our story."

[ ] "Fuck you."
[ ] "Alright, get on with it."
[ ] Reach for the fucking knife
[X] "Alright, get on with it."
[X] Reach for the fucking knife.

Going to cut the bitch. Seriously, what the hell Yukari? You're just as bad as Red. Damn. To think I felt sorry for you in Reimu's route.
[ ] "Alright, get on with it."
[ ] Reach for the fucking knife
[X] "Alright, get on with it."
[X] Reach for the fucking knife

And i even felt sorry for her, i thought she was the victim and regreted leaving her children and being tricked by Red, but damn her.
Thought, i don't want to kill her, just make her immovable.
[X] "Alright, get on with it."
[X] Reach for the fucking knife.
[ ] "Alright, get on with it."
[ ] Reach for the fucking knife

Yukari is much less likable in this one, what's the difference? Or is Marible's presence the only difference? How does that effect the events of the previous game?
Every Route is an alternate universe.
[1/2x] "Alright, get on with it."
[1/2x] Reach for the fucking knife
[X] "Alright, get on with it."
[X] Reach for the fucking knife.

"Alright" you exclaim "I guess it would be really... sad if I just died without knowing anything."
She smiles.
"I knew you'd understand. So anyways, after you appeared, I suggested to Red that I could give him some of my power." you reach closer and closer to your pocket as she speaks "Of course, I knew Ran wouldn't agree to that, so I made it look like if he'd brainwashed me. You know, just in case something went wrong, so I could 'run crying' to her and blame it all on Red. A precaution if you will." just a few more centimeters... "Devoting my body to him made him feel more attached to me, I think. Serves me further."
Damn, you almost got it.
"And for what purpose?"
"Oh, that's easy. For the same purpose for which Ran and Chen served me. To be my right hand. Besides, having a male servant made me consider some new possibilities."
"Oh, that's easy. Males allow reproducing. There are some people in Gensokyo whose kids will become powerful personas in the future. And if those kids were my son's... Now don't you think that'd be useful for me?"
Alright. You got it. There was a knife in your pocket, just as you expected.

[ ] Whip it out, pierce Yukari's forearm, then collect the knife from Red's head and rush at Yukari
[ ] Take it out, but wait for a right moment to attack
[ ] Whip it out, cut her wrists
[ ] Take it out, but wait for a right moment to attack
[x] Whip it out, pierce Yukari's forearm, then collect the knife from Red's head and rush at Yukari
[X] Take it out, but wait for a right moment to attack.

Same deal as last time. Lop her arms off, slice her to pieces, knife through the skull. The whole shebang.
[X] Take it out, but wait for a right moment to attack.
[x] Whip it out, pierce Yukari's forearm, then collect the knife from Red's head and rush at Yukari
God damn it Yukari.
Second verse same as the first. Yukari's wickedness a whole lot worse!

Well at least we know why Yukari wanted us to do Reimu so bad. Doesn't explain the condoms though.

[x] Whip it out, cut her wrists
[ ] Take it out, but wait for a right moment to attack
[X] Take it out, but wait for a right moment to attack
Think Tsukihime, always wait for the right time.
>Doesn't explain the condoms though.

Would be explained if you went for the hospital H-scene.
The Yukari in this Route is another one as in the other Route.
This Yukari is evil to the bone, time to end her reign.
Pin holes in all of them?

[x] Whip it out, cut her wrists
She's open to attack. But don't take the knife out of red, I think it's the only thing keeping him down.
Explain to us.

No. This is the same Yukari. We're just getting a better look at her plan in this route. She's a bitch, and her plan went well in the first path - she made it look like she was hurt and betrayed, and her crying was a fucking act. She managed to completely avoid the repercussions of her actions when decided not to strangle her.

Damn, she is such a fucking bitch.
[X] Take it out, but wait for a right moment to attack

She smiles.
"Anyways, I think everything's pretty much explained now. I admit, you've got a nicer personality than him, but it's his temper that makes him useful. Reimu seemed to enjoy his company too."
Still, you can't attack just now. Not yet. Not yet.
"Well then, if we're finished... I think it's time for our dance to end."
A gap opens in front of you. Large enough for your whole body to slip through it without any problems.
"Goodbye, son."
Yukari's hand lets go of your wrists and pushes you forward.
You lose ballance and fall forward, head-first into the gap.

Then a brief flash of light.

The rest went quickly and painfully.

The next day, a worker of a meat-processing factory was very suprised to find a fresh supply of meat already prepared in the mincers.


[] Go back one choice
[] Go back two choices
>>"Let's wait for an opening. DERP."

She was already right on top of us! Are you guys fucking retarded?
[X] Go back one choice.
[X] Whip it out, pierce Yukari's forearm, then collect the knife from Red's head and rush at Yukari.
Fucking Bitch plans to make Reimu and Red or Nanaya have children and so to take control over Gensokyo. Let's do this like we did in the other Route.
[X] Go back two choices
[x] Whip it out, cut her wrists
I think taking out the knife in Red's skull will allow him to regen faster.
[X] Back one choice.
[X] Whip it out, cut her wrists.

The other knife is keeping Red down. Kill her before we retrieve it. With any luck, she'll be thrown off balance by her wrists being slit open, and we can use the chance for 17 Dissection.
once choice with this.
[x] Whip it out, cut her wrists
[X] Back one choice.
[X] Whip it out, cut her wrists.
[x] 1 choice
[x] /wrists
[X] Whip it out, cut her wrists.
So are you going to insult Anon in every story when he takes the obviously worse/worst decision?

[X] Whip it out, cut her wrists.
[x] Whip it out, cut your wrists
>>the obviously worse/worst decision?

Yes, if it's obvious. Not just me either.
Scorn is the worst among us.
[X] Back one choice.
[X] Whip it out, cut her wrists.
Sorry for not updating, I'm retconning my H-scenes atm, will get to writing later. Thank Gaatz in #MiG if you're feeling like it.
Maybe its all a lie. Maybe Yukari just went crazy from being weakened from being near Mary, kinda like Arc being succeptable to her bloodlust cuz Shiki cut her. And so she gapped over to the Shrine and just lost it. It was all a lie, cuz mommy wouldn't come up with an elaborate plan and do that to us, right?

I damn hope that FOREST doesn't involve Red. I've had enough of the guy.
I just can't see Yukari as being evil, i just can't. She is manipulative, fooling around a lot and doing things for the fun of it, but evil and such a bitch? No, i don't think she would ever do something like that.
[X] Go back one choice
[X] Whip it out, cut her wrists

Good. There it is. You favourite tool of all times, your most faithful companion.
It's become almost like an extension of your hand by now...
Feeling the rough surface of it's handle under your fingers, you can't help but feel relaxed. Nothing can stop you now, right? Then... Why should you worry anymore?
"I guess that's all."
Yukari ends her story, just like that.
But you don't care. Even if it's a stupid thing to do, you have to fight.
Death is waiting for you one way or the other, right?
Then... There's nothing to worry about.
"Mom, I want to say one thing before you kill me."
Yukari cocks her head to the side.
"What could it be, I wonder? Well, make it quick, please."
You chuckle and lower your stare. Measuring with cold precision, estimating the distance.
Calculating possibilities. Analyzing possibilities.
"Then? What is it?"
Impatient voice.
"Oh, that's simple. A last wish of a dying man."
Seven steps, no less.
"Spit it out."
"A simple request from your son." Perfect. You flip open the knife's blade. "Please, die, mom."
And cut Yukari's wrist. Warm blood splatters onto your hands before the grip on them finally disappears.
Yukari is clutching her cut forearm. Well then...
/No time to lose./
Without wasting a second, you dash towards her.
Where does this speed come from? Where did you get those skills? Why is there such a strong murderous intent lingering under your every thought?
You're there.
Braking your dash just before you collide with her.
Rising your arm.
You take a swing at her neck.
Even though she's a youkai, she's simply too weak.
Too weak. Too slow.
No match, no match for your speed.
/For our speed./
Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Cutcutcutcutcut!
Without any retaliation, she simply dies like that. With her neck cut apart, with her torso cut open in several places.
Her body falls forcelessly to the ground.
"What's wrong?"
Some of the blood spurting from her neck falls in your eyes, paitning your vision red.
That's right. There are still some things requiring your attention. This... thing here won't be moving for at least two days now. Even with it's regeneration abilities...
You turn to Red.

"I wonder when he'll be done with that..."
You say your thoughts out loud while staring at the knife sticking out of his eye socket. The sight, gruesome to say the least, doesn't faze you one bit. Maybe the red filter on your vision made the blood and other fluids stand out less.
"As much as I'd like to kill you completely with your eyes staring at me with full attention..." You pull out the knife "I guess I'll have to settle for this."
And stomp on his head with all your strength.
Loud cracking sound, followed by wet splashing.
You don't even want to think what you're stomping on down there. All that counts...
Is that he won't be getting up again.
Stomp. Splash. Crack. Splash.
A little concerto of disgusting sounds continues for a while, until you decide that it's enough.
Your head hurts. Pain. Pain. Dull pain.
Your body suddenly stops obeying your commands.
Is this... The price you have to pay... For using that power?
Damn, not again... Not again... Not this blackness again...

-next part incoming-
[ ] Iron Heart Surge

Use it to end the effect of PSYCHO mode
[ ] Iron Heart Surge
[x] Iron Heart Surge
[ ] Iron Heart Surge

And hell, we even get a bonus for it.

[x] Iron Heart Surge
Waking up, you find yourself in front of a building. Your clothes, a red kimono set, are clean. There is no trace of blood on them.
It's dark. Night. Starlit sky glimmers above you. And there's this building. Standing lonely in the middle of a forest.
A plain, western-style bulding. Built with red bricks. Red light leaks outside from between the pink courtains.
[House of Earthly Pleasures]
The sign above the door says. Earthly pleasures. So, basically, it's a brothel. Why are you even here?
/You know what for./
That's right. There's an instinct to be sated.
You walk inside.

Greeting the host behind the counter, you ask for 'usual' service. Why does he act so familiar to you? Why does he know what 'usual' service means?
/Don't bother thinking about it./
He gives you a key. The number plate says: [7].

Room number seven. As if you were a patron in this... store, you find it without problems. Why is there this black haze clouding your thoughts..."
Walking inside, you see a small room with a bed. On top of it...
/Close the door./
Your hand mechanically closes the door behind you.
"Hello." The girl bows. She's naked. Stark naked. Her naked skin glimmers slightly in dim light of an oil lamp standing beside the bed. "How may I serve you today?"
Her golden hair sways slightly as she bows.
"The usual service."
Why does she look so familiar?
"I understand. Take a seat." You sit on the bed. The girl unfastens your belt and slides down your pants. "I hope you'll be enjoying this."
Then, she takes off your underwear. Without any emotion, any sign of embarassment, she begins sucking on your erect shaft.
Even though she's trying her best, you can't feel any pleasure at all. Even though she's sucking on it, stroking it with her tongue, there is nothing in your head.
"Did you say something, sir?"
"You're boring."
She seems shocked. Backing off, she bows apologetically.
"I'm sorry. I'll get to the real thing right away."
Approaching you again, she pushes you gently, forcing you to lay down on the bed. Then, seating herself on top of you, she grabs the base of your cock, and rubs it slightly against the entrance of her vagina.
Still, no pleasure at all. It's boring. Boring. Boring.
/How boring./
She's no fun. No fun at all.
"How does it feel?"
She seems to be unfazed herself, almost cold, oblivious to the intimate nature of the act she's probably forcing herself to do.
"Boring." Her eyes widen. "I think you're boring."
She stops rubbing.
"I-I'm sorry, sir, I'm trying my best..."
"I- Please, I won't be taking payment, just don't say anything to old Johnson, I don't want to be thrown out."
Pleading to you so eagerly... How pathetic. She's not even pretty. Her freckled face is nothing compared to other women you've met those past days. She's ugly. She's an eyesore.
"You're boring, woman."
She doesn't even manage to scream before you cut her throat.
Then, making another cut, you slice open her stomach.
Her intestines leak out of her abdomen, spilling onto your chest and sides.
You sit up and grab one of her instestines.
Then wrap it around your erect shaft.
Warm blood feels good, stimulating your most sensitive nerves. You begin to slide it up and down, masturbating with her bowel. Faster and faster.
/Now this feels good.../
You can feel it now. The pleasure that she was unable to make you feel. Soft warmth spreading throughout your body, then flowing down, concentrating on the tip of your penis. And then...
Your mind goes blank.


Jumping up, you open your eyes.
You're inside your room in the shrine.
You're sweating. Your clothes and bed's covers are drenched in sweat...
And blood.
Red stains all over the white eiderdown and sheet. All over your red kimono... Sticky, disgusting fluid.
You want to scream. That nightmare...
Knock, knock.
Your mind starts to panic. Someone's knocking at the door.

[ ] "Come on in."
[ ] Ignore the person, run through the back door
[ ] Try to hide everything in the cupboard, along with clothes
[x] "Come on in."

We have an excuse for insanity now.
[x] "Come on in."
[X] "Come on in."

Hopefully we're covered in blood just becuase we killed Yukari.
[X] Try to hide everything in the cupboard, along with clothes


[x] "Come on in."
[ ] Try to hide everything in the cupboard, along with clothes.

Today's Groundhog day?
[x] Try to hide everything in the cupboard, along with clothes
>You sit up and grab one of her instestines.
Then wrap it around your erect shaft.
Warm blood feels good, stimulating your most sensitive nerves. You begin to slide it up and down, masturbating with her bowel. Faster and faster.

fap fap fap fap
[X] "Come on in."
[X] "Come on in."
[x] "Come on in."
Scorn, did you steal YAF's trip?



Your Head.

Haven't read any of the replies so naturally that's bound to happen.

Scorn is infamous for scat and gore.
We just fucked a whore's intestines.

Put two and two together here.
Shit, it's not over until we master ourself right?
[X] "Come on in."

No, this has to be some illusion. This cannot be happening. That was just a dream!
That's why... Ignoring it would be the best course of action. That's right. This blood is a lie. This blood is a lie. This blood is a lie. There is no blood. There is no blood. There is no blood. There is no blood. There is no blood. There is no blood.
"Come on in."
Forcing a weak invite, you try to relax your senses.
The girl who opens the door is... Renko.
"Hey, you awa--" She abruptly stops and stares at your covers. "Wha..."
Her eyes widen in shock. What is she looking at? There is nothing abnormal here. Just ordinary covers. That soft, wet thing touching your leg? Has to be a hallucination of a half-asleep mind.
"What's wrong, Renko?"
"T-- B... Blood..."
"What blood?"
She looks into your eyes.
"What do you mean 'what blood'? I'm talking about your covers and... Your clothes too? Are you hurt somewhere? I thought I'd treated all your wounds..."
Oh, that may be it. This blood could be yours. Wait, this blood? What blood? There is blood? Or there isn't? Is there? Blood? Red? Crimson stains? Soft flesh poking against your calf? Is it real? Or not? Real? Real? Real? Hard work you've done? Does it exist? The pain of thousand suffering lambs? Vermillion seas of undecipherable instructions? Red? Red? Red liquid? Red? Brother? Family? Mother? Blood?
Renko kneels beside you.
She says something.
But you can't understand it. Your thoughts are a complete mess.
"...ae... u... urt"..."
Fragments of words, reaching your ears as if through thick mist of disturbances.
Wait, that doesn't even sound right. Disturbances?
Your head hurts. Renko's worried voice.
"Hey, you're really not alright, are you? Should I call for someone?"
You push her back gently.
Looks like the control over your body is back in your hands.
"I'm okay. I'm okay... This blood... I don't know, just ignore it..."
She backs off a little.
"A-Alright... If you say so..."
Renko stands up. Then leaves the room.
"Join us in dining room as soon as possible.... And change those clothes."

Damn it. What the hell...
Blood? How did it got here? Unless...
That dream...
Something wet poking against your leg...

[ ] Peek under the covers
[ ] Leave it as it is, don't look there
[x] Peek under the covers
In b4 we find the head of our prized race horse.
[ ] Peek under the covers


I knew someone would make this reference.
[X] Peek under the covers
Instestines wrapped around our erect shaft.
[x] Peek under the covers
[ ] Peek under the covers

Silly Nanaya, your ice cream has melted! You shouldn't eat in bed.
[x] Peek under the covers
File 121209293384.png - (272.36KB, 640x368 , shirou.png) [iqdb]
[X]Peek under the covers
And then we find the whore's intestines still wrapped around nanaya's dick
File 121209317969.jpg - (14.58KB, 288x160 , yukkuri1.jpg) [iqdb]
[X]Peek under the covers
I've seen this everywhere and have no clue what it means


or maybe like that one Tewi doujin where she wakes up and thinks it was all a dream but then finds something from the night before.

...Well, exactly like that, really, except Nanaya, not Tewi. And with more guro.
File 121209528490.jpg - (169.27KB, 480x640 , 1211999475888.jpg) [iqdb]
Would doing this to Wriggle make her a feminine dude?
File 12120961706.jpg - (189.27KB, 808x838 , 1211913521176.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Peek under the covers

There is something there. Something... Round... Soft and wet... Dripping with blood...
There is something...
Gulping, you lift the cover.

Two minutes later, you're running like a madman through the forest with a package on your back. Wrapped in white cover, a body of a young woman, cut in eight pieces.
You run. And run. And run.
So it was real after all. It was real. It was real. Her touch, her blood, her flesh....
All of it was real.
And now, her dissected body bumps around your back as you run through the forest.
"I have to dispose of this." you speak your thoughts out loud "I have to..."
Panting heavily, you stop in your tracks. Dispose? That was the first thought you got. On an impulse, you grabbed the cover and ran out of the shrine, straight into the forest.
But was it really a good idea?
Is it... good to hide what you've done?

[ ] Scatter the pieces of body around, then return to the shrine
[ ] Burn the body
[ ] Sit down, try to come up with a rational explanation
[ ] Confirm that it indeed is a body, not a hallucination
[x] This is, without a doubt, reality, wrought by my own hands.

Yep. You flip a reverse trap's gender, and they become a trap.

In fact, someone should do a story where all the Touhoes meet their gender-swapped counterparts from some parallel dimension. Naturally, none of them get along well, because they're too damn similar. Female Wriggle hates the male one for being girlier than her, and male Wriggle hates the female one for being more boyish than he is.
[x] Sit down, try to come up with a rational explanation
[x] Confirm that it indeed is a body, not a hallucination
I can taste the FOREST END and NANAYA PSYCHO END on the tip of my tongue now. I refuse to let this go to waste.
[X] Confirm that it indeed is a body, not a hallucination.


Ciel route. Might actually be a good way to infuriate YAF, eh?

[ ] Have sex with the body, again
We call those "traps."
And probably, yes.
I think I would hit Trap Wriggle even harder than normal Wriggle.
[ ] Sit down, try to come up with a rational explanation
[x] This is, without a doubt, reality, wrought by my own hands.
[x] Scatter the pieces of body around, then return to the shrine

Bugs prefer raw meat, yes?
File 121209652222.jpg - (4.17KB, 117x126 , IDORT.jpg) [iqdb]
>Ciel route.

[X] Have sex with the body, again
YAF make this happen.
[ ] Sit down, try to come up with a rational explanation

[X] This is, without a doubt, reality, wrought by my own hands.


Prepare yourself, YAF. It's your turn to RAGE.
[x] call for wriggle, feed her the body parts.
[x] Scatter the pieces of body around, then return to the shrine

You wanna make me rage, anon?
Then we are the same.
Come on, let's kill Wriggle in the next post!

Fine with me. Ciel can swing by after the fight and take care of us after she brings us back to her apartment.
File 121209757757.jpg - (18.75KB, 380x315 , ist2_407872_blood_splatter.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] This is, without a doubt, reality, wrought by my own hands.
[X] Confirm that it indeed is a body, not a hallucination

You take a look inside the package again.
Odor of blood and other bodily fluids invades your nasal cavity, mercilessly bombarding your smell sense with hideous stench. That alone makes you want to vomit. The sight... Is even worse. Cut apart into eight pieces, four limbs, head, and torso cut in three portions. The cuts are crude and look more like if they were made by a handsaw more than with a... knife...
How do you even know how they're supposed to look? That was just a dream! Just a terrible nightmare! Nightmare, right? Just a... nightmare...
But the body before you is real. Those pieces of meat... That used to be a person... She had her home. Probably family. Probably friends. And now... She's nothing more than a mass of raw meat. It's not even flesh anymore. Just random chunks of meat and bone. The same you would buy in a shop and boil for dinner. She's now a mere...
She's a meal.
This is, without a doubt, a reality wrought by your own actions.
The chunks of meat resting on the ground before you.... It was your doing. You've been deriving pleasure from the contact with her uncovered innards. The sensation of her blood... Dripping down your erect penis... Just the thought alone makes you hard again.
Really. To think, that from the very beggining... You've been that kind of a man...
The meal is calling out to you.
The meat, raw, uncooked, still dripping with blood. It smells...


It doesn't disgust you anymore. It's not something you should feel ashamed of. This is just all a natural... reaction... To... Hunger...
The unknown sensation in your head orders you to reach for that meat. Bite on it. Chew it. Then swallow it.
Sate your hunger.
And when you're finished...
Let's hunt something more...

The voice in your head, the sensation in your brain, the hunger in your thoughts...
All tell you just one thing.


And that is all.

What's the deal with all the bad ends lately? Did you play with the difficulty settings anon?
This went from harem to BAD END central pretty quickly..
[x] Sit down, try to come up with a rational explanation
[x] Confirm that it indeed is a body, not a hallucination
wow is there a way to somehow get a good end out of this?

[ ] Back one step
[ ] Scatter the pieces of body around, then return to the shrine
[x] Sit down, try to come up with a rational explanation
[x] This is just a dream.
[x] Back one step
[x] Scatter the pieces of body around, then return to the shrine.
youkai feeding time

Stop pissin me off, start voting moar and there'll be some H-scenes. Also vote in FS story so I have something to write tomorrow in case I don't have access to the interwebs.

Are you interested in knowing which character has the most affection points atm?
[x] Sit down, try to come up with a rational explanation
[x] This is just a dream.
[x] Back one step
[x] Scatter the pieces of body around, then return to the shrine.

I is interested. I suppose it's Maribel, and aside from her, we don't have many for any others?
>Stop pissin me off

Hey, YAF, did you know?

In Tsukihime, there's this Ciel girl who belongs to an important religious organization. She hunts demons and vampires and stuff. She has trouble with her personal life because of her duty.

In Touhou, there's this Reimu girl who's the latest in a line of important religious icons. She hunts youkai and vampires and stuff. She's commonly depicted as having trouble with her personal life because of her duty.

I wonder, what kind of point was I trying to make...

They're both also 'immortal'. Yeah, I know that. Except Reimu is CUTE and MUE and BITCHY while Ciel is just PLAIN and BORING.
Oh, YAF.

You crazy son of a bitch.

Back one, scatter the pieces.
Don't forget CURRY and ASS.
Ciel is exactly like her favourite food. Rice and Curry. Plain and boring. Run of the mill.
File 121210051234.jpg - (38.33KB, 674x523 , fuckyouYAF.jpg) [iqdb]
You have no taste in wimmenz
File 121210103351.jpg - (47.24KB, 640x480 , GTFOScorn.jpg) [iqdb]

You are no longer welcome here, NUISANCE. Why do you STAY when you sense my DISPLEASURE?
File 121210132072.jpg - (16.21KB, 199x315 , 200px-Jon_Irenicus.jpg) [iqdb]
Silly girl, you just don't understand what I'm doing.
File 121210146830.jpg - (47.24KB, 640x480 , GTFOScorn.jpg) [iqdb]

Look at you, hacker. A pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?
File 121210156962.jpg - (14.12KB, 199x315 , 200px-Jon_Irenicus.jpg) [iqdb]
Enough! I will no longer listen to the babbling of ignorant children.
File 121210165345.jpg - (47.23KB, 640x480 , GTFOScorn.jpg) [iqdb]

Why do you bother with this constant struggle?
File 121210197648.jpg - (38.10KB, 441x404 , 1211486474275.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121210224031.jpg - (79.41KB, 354x354 , 120909211151.jpg) [iqdb]

You... you...
Bitches need to get voting.

Come on guys. Can't get moving without a push.
[x] Back one step
[x] Scatter the pieces of body around, then return to the shrine
[y] Back one step
[y] Scatter the pieces of body around, then return to the shrine

[x] Sit down, try to come up with a rational explanation
We're one step away from FOREST END and now we're trying to go back to the shrine? You're not the Anonymous I know.
File 121210279618.png - (166.97KB, 936x662 , YAF=FAG.png) [iqdb]
[X] Back one step
[x] Scatter the pieces of body around, then return to the shrine

Fuck you nigga, tryin to go for what's left of FAMILY TIES.

YAF, how close are we to FAMILY TIES END?

This isn't FOREST END time. This is FAMILY TIES time.
[X] Back one step
[x] Scatter the pieces of body around, then return to the shrine

Youkai and animals. Your friendly, neighbourhood corpse disposers. Maybe. Hopefully, anyway.

Please tell me it's Maribel, and that her points have not been reset due to fuggin' Tear of Reality personality erasure.
File 121210417323.jpg - (20.54KB, 320x304 , SCORNISPIGDISGUSTING.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121210500544.png - (2.88KB, 295x247 , Yaffyw.png) [iqdb]
There are two leading characters with lots of affection points. Though there's one character with at least four affection points, even though she's been being ignored most of the time. One of the leading girls has two more points than the other. Which is it? Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella? Blonde or Brunette? Deredere or Tsuntsun? Heaven or Hell?

Also, no more updates today because Scorn is a bad, bad person.
File 121210547728.jpg - (20.39KB, 410x285 , 120785588343.jpg) [iqdb]

Can we actually get FAMILY TIES with Ren?
File 121210679436.png - (2.69KB, 295x247 , Yaffyww.png) [iqdb]

Of course. FAMILY TIES end is not a character-specific end, you could end up with any other girl that has the highest affection points number. Only the very ending would vary a bit.

Hey, that guy(?) on the far left looks funny.
This Thread went from awesome to Shit in less then 2 hours.
Needs more get back to work nigger instead of dicking around.
So no boning Yukari, huh.


Could you specify what was awesome and what was shit?


However, I believe Meribel should be leading if I counted right. That's almost as good, I suppose.
Goddammit, Yukari.

At least she didn't throw us through some fuggin' time acceleration portal that leaves us old, dying, and watching Red livin' it up.
Get back to writing nigger.

Why pick one when we can have both? Do it faggot.

>Could you specify what was awesome

Yukari is acting all GRIMDARK & just as keikaku, even if she's stringing together half-truths and bluffing; listening to her, it's like she's trying to convince herself. She shows up just in time to save Red, and then here she is talking about him in the past tense like he means nothing to her. And her backing off from us during the outbursts was very cute.

>and what was shit?

Probably the tripfag drama & roleplaying.

Second, the sex scene read like you really enjoyed American Psycho for the wrong reasons.

Story-wise, I would've expected more dialogue from Yukari than we got. If she was just turning Nanaya and Red against each other to see who could succeed her line, why did we get the meat grinder after we beat Red? If she was trying to get us to use PSYCHOSIS, why didn't she just beat up Mary or Renko like she did with Reimu in the last run? And fuck, was Renko just standing there the whole time?

In the last play Yukari made no reprisals against us, but this can be explained because she needed to cut her losses (Red was dead), and because we already had a relationship with Reimu, with few suspicions of Yukari.

I can only conclude that the dream and us waking in a pool of someone's blood is yet another attempt to mindfuck us by Yukari. At this point, looking at that mess should've made us eat only a light breakfast, not putting us on the Forest Express without any options. Fuck, we don't even know if Mary's okay. Or if Yukari is still dead.

Yukari was such a huge bitch this whole time. So, why can't I bring myself to hate her? Maybe because she's such a useful excuse?

Reimu: [stops eating, turning] So Nanaya, why are my best linens soaked in blood and ichor?
Nanaya: [nonchalant, eating] Yukari did it.
Reimu: Oh! Huh. [resumes eating]
>If she was just turning Nanaya and Red against each other to see who could succeed her line, why did we get the meat grinder after we beat Red? If she was trying to get us to use PSYCHOSIS, why didn't she just beat up Mary or Renko like she did with Reimu in the last run?

She wants a emotional/violent pawn that will produce powerful heirs, or so she says. If she goes against Nanaya personally by attacking Renko or Maribel, she'd definitely lose that pawn. Moreover, since Nanaya primarily associates with Renko and Maribel, she may think that any heirs he produces may be underpowered. The fact that Maribel's an eyesore to Yukari, but Nanaya's close to Mary, is also a mark against him. And then there's the fact that Nanaya seems to be consciously working to suppress his violent tendencies, while Red is not; a pacifistic pawn may be of little use to Yukari.

All in all, Yukari's invested more in Red, while we've shown little promise in replacing him as a violent, powerful, manipulable pawn or as someone who would produce powerful heirs.
It all makes sense, she is a Youkai after all, a monster, like Nanaya.
So she is not human or capable to feel like human much, so it all makes sense.
Being one of the strongest youkai in Gensokyo, she wants her line to go on even after she is dead.
Who knows, maybe getting children with a human and now this all was all in her plan from the beginning and even we killing her was too in the plan.
I get the feeling that we play right into her hand with every move or every thing we say, and that we arrive at exact the location that she has planned for us.
Well this all has to be seen, i am just thinking that everything was over way too easy and way too fast.
I thought what she really wanted was an obedient heir with immense power. Someone who could hold their own, but wouldn't be difficult to manipulate into creating more children with influence. A violent pawn wouldn't be worth the effort trying to restrain or break in, but someone who could defeat her without massacring Gensokyo in the process would be a worthy successor. It would be easy to make her son obey by showing that he can't escape her plans...

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