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7899 No. 7899
[X] Stay here, comfort Reimu

Eh, to see her crying... And she's not feigning it either... Damn, it's getting on your soft side. It can't be helped then. Geez, why does she have to look so dismally...
Sitting beside her, you stroke her hair gently. Huh, it's nowhere as near nice to touch as Mary's hair, but it's still quite pleasant.
"Come on, it'll be alright."
You put on your best assuring smile (or at least you think it is assuring) and continue sliding your head up and down her head. She calms down a little, then suddenly grabs your wrist.
"Hands off if you value them, buddy."
Woah, even though emotionally crippled, she's still sharp as a knife. Obediently, you take your hand off her head, patting her shoulder instead.
"Dang, why do you have to be so touchy? Keep your hands on yourself!"
"What, you don't like it?"
"Not when it comes from someone of your kind. Did you sweep the yard?"
"Uh..." damn, she knows about that "N-not really..."
"Anything else I should know about?"
"I... made a breakfast using your supplies."
"That I already noticed." she raises her arms in dear-god-for-what-sins gesture "Really, you should've asked first. I'm not letting you stay here because I want to, you know."
"Wait, so why don't you kick me out already?"
She shrugs.
"Can't tell. Someone asked me not to. Besides, I'm interested how things will go with those two..."
"Those two?"
She totally ignores your question, not even blinking.
"I warn you though, even if I promised not to, I WILL kick you out if you get on my bad side. So ya better do some work tomorrow. In fact, I'll be having you do something for me." she grins through tears "And it won't be an easy task. Ready to take the risk? Not that you have much to say anyways."
"Why are you asking me that then, for fuck's sake?" you palm your face "Reimu, I like you and all, but you really have to change a bit if you don't want to be a shrine MAIDEN for the rest of your life."
"Oi, oi, oi, you did NOT just go there! There are guys who have tried to get in my pants before, you know!"
"Mikos wear pants?"
Smack. She hits your head with her fist.
"Metaphore, dumbass, do you know it? Anyways, I'd rather not talk about my private life with someone who's freeloading at my home and ate all my food."
"Sorry about that. I swear I'm going to pay you back somehow."
"Of course you will. As for tomorrow breakfast... I think I'll just ask Marisa to cook something."
"Tomorrow? What about today's meals?"
She stands up.
"Food is for the weak! Fasting for one day will make our spirits stronger!"
"You're just making excuses, aren't you..."
"Shut up! Weakling! I have to leave now, shrine matters. I'll be back in two hours, don't kill yourself by then!"
"Yeah, right, as if I really would."
"Stupidity knows no limits."
"Wait, you're saying I'm an idiot?!"
She closes the door behind her.
What a capricious woman...

So, Reimu's gone for two hours. Mima is nowhere to be seen. Mary and Renko are enjoying themselves on the terrace...

[ ] Go to terrace
[ ] Front steps
[ ] Your room

>> No. 7900
[X] Go to terrace.

Time to go see our girls.
>> No. 7901
[x] Front steps

Maybe Wriggle will show while Reimu is out.
>> No. 7902
[x] Go to terrace
>> No. 7903
If I remember right Red will show up the day after tomorrow right?
>> No. 7904
[x] Go to terrace.
Okay, NOW we can go to our targets.
>> No. 7905
[x] Front steps
>> No. 7906
[ ] Go to terrace
>> No. 7907
[x] Go to terrace.
>> No. 7908
We need to try and build some Mima points this time, too, so that we can stop Red from killing her.

Meemers ;_;
>> No. 7909
>[ ] Front steps
I'm afraid of the front ever since it triggered the twin flag.

[x] Go to terrace
>> No. 7910
[ ] Go to terrace
to the Terrace!
>> No. 7911
[ ] Go to terrace

>> No. 7912
Actually, didn't YAF say we could avoid the Twin flag just by not choosing to eat out on the steps on that day?
>> No. 7913
[X] Go to terrace

Now you can go see your girls without feeling guilty for leaving a crying girl alone. Not that she'd really mind. Still, that miko somehow makes your soft side resurface for no particular reason. She hasn't really done anything to make you like her... Just the opposite, actually. She's unsociable and kinda egoistic. But, there's this strange feeling that inside, there might be another person beneath the steel facade. Why do you even know that? Why? Is this because of this strange feeling... That you've met her before? That you've even got to know her really well? Same with Mima. When talking with her, you get a feeling of deja vu. This is not normal... But it's the same with Mary. Though with her, it's somehow diffirent. While you feel that you've met Mary in the past, Mima and Reimu... And another person... You haven't really met them... But at the same time you have.
"I'm running in circles here..."
Smacking your head back to reality, you decide it would be best to see Mary and Renko now. And apologize. Really, what's gotten into you back then? Spin, spin, spin? What the hell was that?

After arriving at the now-familiar door to terrace, you quietly slide it open.
Upon seeing the girls, your thought processes freeze. Oh my god, what is THAT?! What the FUCK is THAT?!
"Oh, look who's awake!"
Mary greets you happily, waving her arm. Which makes her armpit and sideboob totally exposed. Because... She's wearing a miko outfit. Same as the one Reimu wears, only the ribbons are missing. And she's not wearing sarashi... Fuck, the sight is just too eye-catching. You can't avert your gaze... Oh god, those breasts...
"Nanaya? You look pale."
Get it together! You can't loose it now! Not in front of them! Breathe, breathe!
"Uff, huff..."
"You're still feeling nauseous, aren't you? You shouldn't strain yourself, you know."
"I'm okay... Just... Lower your hand... Please."
"Hm? Why... Ah, I see."
Mary seems to realize what was it that made you come to a halt. Renko watches the whole scene with a look of bewilderment on her face. Now that you look at her, she's wearing the same outfit, but, having much more less to show, it's not really that attractive. Of course, it still IS attractive, but compared to Mary...
Damn it.
Trying to keep your mind occupied with something else, you notice that they're playing chess. A board is set on the table two two of them are sitting at. The game's already hit the middle mark, most of the pieces are gone.
"Hey, Nanaya, how about you help Renko? She's not too good at this."
"M-Mary!" Renko yells "I don't need help!"
"Oh, don't sweat it! Just let him make one move, come on!"

[ ] Help her
[ ] Don't help her
>> No. 7914

Well we have to meet him sooner or later if we're going for the family ties route. All we can do is hope that Mima doesn't wind up dead.
>> No. 7915
Yeah, but since things are all slightly different this time around, I'm a bit wary. There may be new dangerous flags, so I decided to try and stay with Mary and Renko instead of wandering out front.
>> No. 7916
[x] Help her

Let's see whether Nanaya's ACTUAL chess playing ability matches his IMAGINARY CEILING CHESS skills.
>> No. 7917
[x] Help her

Where's anon of the rebellion when you need him?
>> No. 7918
[X] Help her.

Well, I suppose this time we're getting close to Renko and Maribel, and so Red would try to target them. Since we haven't had much interaction with Shrine crew this time, I'm not sure he'd put much priority on them.

That's why we need to train Renko into being a tactical-thinking, knife-wielding assassin poet like us. So that he can be totally surprised when he tries to kill her and instead winds up with a knife through his face.
>> No. 7919
[X] Help her
We are going to destroy her.
>> No. 7920

You're on the wrong board buddy. Shirou is on /eientei/ this is Nanaya.
>> No. 7921
[x] Help her

Chess gaems yo.
>> No. 7922
[x] Help her
>> No. 7923
[x] This King is an eyesore.
>> No. 7924
[X] Help her

"Why not. I'm not good either, but two minds are always better than one. Let's do it."
Pulling up a chair for yourself, you join the fray.

Moving her piece, Mary says in a calm manner. Her face is not betraying any emotions. To top it off, she's a damn good player. Where did you learn this, Mary? Situation on the board is bad, not to say tragic, for your forces. With most of the troops knocked out, you can't really pull out any good trick or manouver. At this point, all you can do is dodging her attacks. Check after check, she mercilessly gets closer and closer to your King. Damn, if it keeps up like this...
Another one... Just one clear move.. One free shot!
Trying to deconcetrate her, you strike up a conversation.
"So, when I fainted in the bath... What happened after that?"
Perfect. This should knock her off tracks, or at least make her blush or something... Any reaction would be good.
"Hm?" without looking up, she answers "We took you to your room, dried you and dressed you up. Check."
Damn it. No embarassment whatsoever. Time for another blow.
"Hm... I wasn't wearing anything but that towel... How did you copewith that?"
She looks up. Yes! A partial success!
"Hm, why don't you ask Renko instead?"
"M-Mary! I-I didn't look! At all!"
Renko jumps up and slams her fist on the table. Her cheeks are bright red. Woah, she really is a diffirent person in front of Mary.
"There you go. We didn't look. Satisfied?"
"Liars~. They took a good look at everything."
Suddenly, Mima appears out of thin air above the chess board. Hanging upside down in the air, she smiles in a vicious way.
"M-Mima!" Renko hits the table again.
"I'm just saying the truth. Not that there was much too look at..."
"Shrinkage, Mima." Mary speaks up, still managing to keep her face straight "Do you know it?"
"Hahaha~" Mima laughs "You're no fun, Mary! Why don't you blush and yell like Renko?"
Mary grins.
"That's how I am. Now, please, you're deconcentrating me."
"Yessir, Mima out!"
With that, she disappears. Simply disappears.
Mary sighs.
"Really, that ghost..."
She's not looking at the board! An opening!
"Bishop on C6! Your queen's goin down, Mary!"
With a satisfied cry, you knock away her queen and place your bishop on it's place.
"Check! I won! Just as planned!"
"Not so fast. Hetman on B8. Check."
"Goddamnit, Mary! Renko! Don't just sit there! Help me!"
Renko shrugs frantically.
"I-I don't know what to do..."
"I guess I'm all alone then. Very well. Bring it on, Maribel Han!"
"Sure will, Nanaya. Here." she moves a piece "Check and mate."
"Am I... being defeated?!" With disbelief, you examine the board. No, how did she... Close off every possible way of escaping?! "It... It was a feint then...?"
Mary clasps her hands together and smiles.
"An obvious feint. I'm suprised you fell for it. Weak~."
"R-Renko! Why didn't you tell me?!"
"I didn't notice either..."
"Why?! WHYYYYY?!"
In almost theatrical gesture, you fall on your knees, genuflecting before triumphing Mary. She leans back with that warm smile still on her face... But it's not a smile of compassion... It's a smile of a DEVIL behind a sweet facade!
"Ho, ho, ho~! I wonder what should we do with you...?"
"You mean..."
"Losers have to obey winners, right? And, since you lost... Are you ready for a penalty game?"

[ ] NO, MARY! NO!
[ ] Fortune favours the brave, agree to the penalty game
[ ] Run
>> No. 7925
[ ] Fortune favours the brave, agree to the penalty game
>> No. 7926
haha, fucking awesome again written.
[X] Fortune favours the brave, agree to the penalty game
>> No. 7927
[x] Fortune favours the brave, agree to the penalty game

I wonder what it'll be.
>> No. 7928
[x] Fortune favours the brave, agree to the penalty game
>> No. 7929
File 121148681085.jpg - (29.29KB , 480x480 , 1210523089837.jpg ) [iqdb]
>haha, fucking awesome again written.

You lost me.
>> No. 7930
[ ] NO, MARY! NO!
>> No. 7931
[ ] Fortune favours the brave, agree to the penalty game
>> No. 7932
[x] Fortune favours the brave, agree to the penalty game.

Penalty games.
>> No. 7933
[x] Fortune favours the brave, agree to the penalty game.

>> No. 7934
[X] Fortune favours the brave, agree to the penalty game

To lose at something so simple as chess... No, it's not simple. It's a game of minds, a game of tricks and cheats! It's a game of wits and manliness, where only the strongest can survive! And you... You lost. Simple as that. You lost the game. Then this is... A total defeat. Your manly spirit crushed, your mind outwitted. But, since it's Mary... That devil behind a sweet face... You can let it go. Now, to accept your loss like a real man.
Standing up, you grin.
"Very well. I accept your penalty game! What will it be? Crossdressing? Spooking Mima? Punching the sun? Just name it!"
Mary observes your rise, still smiling.
"I see you've got over your defeat. I'm happy to see that."
"Get to the point, Mary. Let's end this."
"Hey, let me savour my success! After all, I've won, so let me gloat over you and taunt you a little!"
"So that's what you like, Mary..."
She puts her leg on the other, giving you a nice panty flash from under her skirt. Damn you, Mary, you're doing it on purpose!
"What? You don't like something? Wanna voice your complain? Come on, bring it!"
She grins.
"Well then. I think you're a devil of a woman, Maribel Han. Pulling your best friend in a merciless fight, crushing her spirit and strength, then involving another person only to squash his ego under your heel and make him obey a random order just for the heck of it... You're an evil person, Mary."
"Hahahahaha~!" she laughs like a mad scientist "I really am, right? I really am!" She laughs for a moment longer, then calms down. "But seriously now, enough with acting. So, about your penalty game..."
She puts a finger on her lips as if in deep thought. It's dangerous. You can almost SENSE all those evil ideas running into and out of her head. You can almost see the scenes unfold. Putting on Reimu's clothes and greeting her with 'Welcome home, Master.'. Parading naked around the shrine. Collecting red mushrooms, but only those with four white spots. Cleaning her shoes with your tongue. Massaging her feet as you call her 'mistress'. Caressing her breasts while she smacks you with a whip.
Wait, those are YOUR thoughts, not hers, right?
"Okay, I've decided." Mary stands up
"What will it be then?"
"Oh, that's going to be simple. You have to kiss Renko."
With that warm smile, she drops the bomb.

[ ] "WUT."
[ ] "Mary... What the hell are you thinking...?"
[ ] RUN
>> No. 7936
[ ] "WUT."
>> No. 7937
[x] Hm, okay.

And then Renko ran off into the woods.
>> No. 7938
[x] YES
>> No. 7939
>> No. 7940
[x] Hm, okay.
>> No. 7941
[x] "WUT."

>> No. 7942
[x] Sure, why not?
>> No. 7943
File 121148800658.jpg - (87.95KB , 1024x768 , what.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "WUT."
>> No. 7944
[x] "WUT."
>> No. 7945
[x] "WUT."
>> No. 7946
[ ] "WUT."
[ ] "Mary... What the hell are you thinking...?"
>> No. 7947
Needs moar [X] YES.
>> No. 7948
[X] "WUT."



>> No. 7949
[] "WUT"

Though really, could be one of the best times for an anemia option.
>> No. 7950
File 121148889670.png - (23.32KB , 287x381 , 121120404120.png ) [iqdb]
[X] "WUT."

Getting completely knocked off tracks, you blurt out what comes first to your mind. Which is, a totally confused, slightly ungrammatical question.
"Eh?" Renko mumbles in bewilderment "What did she say? You have to do what? I couldn't hear..."
Mary continues to smile.
"Mary..." you regain a little bit of control "Wha... Did you really mean that?"
"Of course I did. I kind of want to see how... skillful you are with that."
"Eh? Eh? What do you mean? Skillful? Mary, what did you tell him to do?"
"Mary, that's ridiculous."
"Less questions, more obeying! I won, remember?"
"Mary, I can't simply--"
"Oh, of course you can! It's not that she'll really mind that, you know." She interrupts you, frowning. "Look, she's distracted. Do it now."
You turn to Renko who just stares at you in confusion.
"Eh? Me? Distracted? What do you mean?"
She's totally clueless about what Mary just told you to do.

[ ] Just a simple kiss on lips will do
[ ] Kiss her on cheek
[ ] I'll show you what it means to kiss!
>> No. 7951

You've anemia'd too much today. Not letting you faint again.
>> No. 7952
[ ] Kiss her on cheek

My brain exploded.
>> No. 7953
[ ] Kiss her on cheek
>> No. 7954
[x] Just a simple kiss on lips will do
>> No. 7955
[X] I'll show you what it means to kiss!
So be it
>> No. 7956
>Punching the sun
>> No. 7957
[X] I'll show you what it means to kiss!

>> No. 7958
[x] I'll show you what it means to kiss!

Right down her throat.
>> No. 7959
[ ] I'll show you what it means to kiss!
>> No. 7960


damn it
>> No. 7961
[X] I'll show you what it means to kiss!

Let's get this party started!
>> No. 7962
[X] I'll show you what it means to kiss!
>> No. 7963
[] Kiss her on cheek
Playing it safe.
>> No. 7964
[x] I'll show you what it means to kiss!

And Renko will show us what it means to kick someone in the balls.
>> No. 7965
[X] I'll show you what it means to kiss!
Full force, no holding back.
>> No. 7966
[ ] I'll show you what it means to kiss!

Final Destination.
>> No. 7967
[X] I'll show you what it means to kiss!
Might as well take it all the way
>> No. 7968
[X] I'll show you what it means to kiss!

This is ridiculous. Inconcievable. How can she ask you to do something like that? Renko's still confused. Her pink lips move as she asks the same question over and over again. Seeing those soft lips, thinking about what you're about to do, you realize that you're involuntarily licking your own lips.
This is crazy. Mary's really a devil in beautiful girl's skin. That demon...
This is absolutely crazy.
This is absolutely crazy.
To hell with reason! Out the window with logic! Those pink, soft lips are waiting for you! You want me to kiss Renko, Maribel? Then we are the same.. Because those lips... They were calling out to me ever since our knife training. Then it is decided.
"Your lips."
Renko jerks up hearing your sudden line.
"W-what? M-my lips?"
"I'll be taking them."
Then, not letting her answer, you grab her shoulders. Pulling her close to you, ignoring her shocked stare, closing your eyes, you make your lips meet. Soft pressure and wet feeling makes your mind go blank. Cocking your head to the side, you lean forward, pressing Renko down on her chair. She struggles. Tries to push you away. But to no avail. She's no match for your strength.
That's why...
You'll be making her yours.
Never hesitate. Never retreat. Never surrender. To the last breath, you'll be kissing thoe lips passionately.
Wanting more and more, you force her mouth to open. Sliding your tongue inside, you begin a search for hers, still holding down her shoulders.
There it is. Urging it to move, you begin to spin your tongue around. Her resistance weakens. Her arms gradually stop pushing you away.
She's answering. Her tongue seeks yours as you stir it around, mixing your saliva with hers.
She tries to moan.
That makes you lose it. Giving in completely, you reach down with your hand. To her soft stomach. Then, slide it higher, and higher, caressing her skin through that red blouse... And when you're about to reach her breasts...
Taking you by suprise, she suddenly pulls back.
Your vision becomes black as her shoe lands in between your legs.
Unable to stand the pain, you roll off Renko and fall to the floor. Purple and white stars float around in black void, which is all you can see right now.
Clutching your crotch, you feel another kick. This time it's on your side.
Hurried footsteps, then a sound of closing door.
But it doesn't matter.
All you can think about now is that tremendous pain in your jewels. And stomach.
Goddamnit, Renko...

After lying on the floor for a minute or so, you finally regain enough strength to lif yourself up. It still hurts, but it has calmed down enough for you to not have problems with sitting.
Mary's still sitting on her chair, observing you with her palm on her mouth. She's lost that playful glimmer in her eyes, instead you can see a mixture of curiosity and hesitation there.
"Mary... Why did you make me do that..."
"I was interested... In both your skill and Renko's reaction. You're a real beast, aren't you?"
"I... kinda lost it there for a moment."
"I see. You can't take advantage of girls like that though."
"HEY, HEY, HEY! You were the one that made me do this! I blame my aching jewels on you!"
She grins.
"Still eager to joke around, despite being kicked in the balls, huh? That's so like you."
"How can you say that? We've met just yesterday."
"I think we've already discussed that. I just have a feeling that it is indeed your style to do something like that."
"Anyways, shouldn't you go after her? She might do something stupid if you leave her like that..."

[ ] "Right."
[ ] "Mary, you go after her. As much as I'd love to chase the runaway bride, I really value my testicles. So you do it, please."
[ ] "Mary, you made me do something ridiculous... Now I've lost it, I know I can go crazy."
>> No. 7969
I should really restrain myself a bit... The posts are way too long today.
>> No. 7970
>"Mary, you made me do something ridiculous... Now I've lost it, I know I can go crazy."
Oho, why not go CRAZY?

...tempting, very tempting.
>> No. 7971
[x] "Right."
And this is where we have our encounter with Wriggle, right?
>> No. 7972
[X] "Right. I should probably apologize. I did go overboard."

Even so, it was amusing.
>> No. 7973
[x] "Right."

>> No. 7974
[X] "Right."
Oh Mary, you really are really linked with Yukari.
>> No. 7975
[ ] "Right."
>> No. 7976
posts are fine like they are, make them even longer.
>> No. 7977
Now I've lost it, I know I can go crazy

I see what you did there.
>> No. 7978
[ ] "Mary, you made me do something ridiculous... Now I've lost it, I know I can go crazy."
>> No. 7979
[X] "Right."

Oh-ho, this might not be a Mary route after all! I thank you, YAF.
>> No. 7980
[ ] "Right."
>> No. 7981
[X] "Right, I have to finish what I started."
>> No. 7982
[X] "Right."

She's right. You did go overboard, be it your fault or not. Still, you owe Renko an apology.
"Right. I should probably go after her."
Mary makes a... strange face. Like if she was disappointed. Though it changes after a second. What are you doing, Mary?
"Then go. Don't let her run too far away."

Following the traces that are open doors, you chase after Renko. She went through the corridors, one bedroom, dining room and finally outside.
Jumping from the steps in front of that unfortunate donation box, you look around.
She's nowhere to be seen. Not on this stony path. Not by the gate. Nowhere around. But you have a feeling.
That's where she went.
Not wasting a second, you enter the forest, making long leaps instead of running.
Time's of an essence here.

Soon, you're deep inside the green labirynth. You've followed what you thought were Renko's traces, but that got you nowhere. You may as well be pretty much lost right now.
Your senses tingle. Someone's jumping at your from behind.
Quickly pulling out your knife, you spin 180 degrees and dodge. The person jumping at you falls to the ground.
It's Renko. Her shirt is a bit torn. She's clutching the knife you gave her earlier today.
Groaning, she gets up on her feet. Her eyes glimmer with anger as she faces you.
"Renko, I wanted to apologi--"
"Have at you!"
Swing. Not letting you finish, she swings the knife at you. Of course, it's no problem to dodge, but still, she's done it so quickly, so mercilessly, without any hesitation... Did she finally grasp the concept of killing? Or is she just angry?
Swing. Another fast movement. Her arms, flashing in the air, making lightning-fast waves... It's beautiful. So she can do it too.
Swing. Barely dodging the knife, you jump backwards.
"Don't praise me! It's not a practice!"
Renko jumps at you again. The knife flies at your neck.
With that sound, your blades meet. Deflecting her blow, you do a sidestep. She trips on a stone. But keeps her ballance.
She's good. Even though still lacking speed, she's gotten better. Is it anger filling her with this power?
Baring her teeth, she simply continues her attacks. Swing after swing, cut after cut, your duel continues in silence.
Gradually, her movements become slower and less skilled. She's growing tired.
Well then, time to end this.
Deflecting her next blow, you take a step forward and push her down to the ground. She lets go of the knife.
Panting heavily, she looks into your eyes.
"Huff... So... You won... Again... What are you going to do now...?"

[ ] Apologize
[ ] Kiss her
[ ] "What do you want me to do?"
>> No. 7983
[X] Kiss her
Make her ours... for all eternity.
>> No. 7984
...That was pretty hot, just now.
[X] "What do you want me to do?"
>> No. 7985
[X] Apologize.
[X] "There's nothing else I want to do. Now, unless you have something you want from me...?"

We really should apologize, but... if she...
>> No. 7986
>...That was pretty hot, just now.

You have weird tastes.


But so do I.
>> No. 7987
[x] "What do you want me to do?"

It'd be hilarious if we ran into Wriggle eating her.
>> No. 7988
[x] Apologize.
[x] "There's nothing else I want to do. Now, unless you have something you want from me...?"
I like this, even though something tells me it'll be vetoed.
>> No. 7989

Can't make her regenerate from decapitation in just one day.
>> No. 7990
[X] Walk away, possibly of the moon variety
>> No. 7991
[x] "What do you want me to do?"
Let her decide
>> No. 7992

>Mary makes a... strange face. Like if she was disappointed. Though it changes after a second. What are you doing, Mary?

Strange. Maybe there's more Yukari in there than we thought. Or maybe Maribel really likes us more than she lets on, and wants all our attention.

Either way, that's a strange reaction to us wanting to apologize to a girl that we went a little overboard with. Especially since that girl is her friend.
>> No. 7993
[X] "What do you want me to do?"

Got her.
>> No. 7994
[x] Apologize
>> No. 7995
[x] "What do you want me to do?"
>> No. 7996

Or maybe she wanted to check us out before letting us do the same thing we did to Renko.
>> No. 7997
[x] Apologize
>> No. 7998
[X] Apologize
Well, that's what we came to do.
>> No. 7999
I'm not sure we should be trying to bang Renko out here. If Mary was really so horrified by Red when she saw through Yukari, then would she really approve of this?

Then again, if Renko makes the request, then at least we're not the one initiating it. Not like Red and his BS claim that he wanted magic for anything other than revenge and a rise to power.

We need to kill Red before this is out. He's a horrible person.
>> No. 8000
I request an alternative version of BKC where Renko works with us.

Because a female tsundere spider webbing in the darkness must be an awesome thing to read about.
>> No. 8001
>>We need to kill Red before this is out. He's a horrible person.

"Kill"? Oh my, no. Killing is too good for him. Too fast. Too painless.

By the time we are finished with him, he will be BEGGING for the sweet release death would bring.
>> No. 8002
We need to join Red, so we can have a threesome with Yukari.
>> No. 8003
Mary needs to gain some hax to go along with her devious side; then she'd make a great femme fatale. Muahaha, then we can make our grand entrance with Renko and Mary on either side! We'd show them what it really means to make an entrance with STYLE.
>> No. 8004
Hey YAF, it's a GET. This has to happen now.
>> No. 8005
[X] Apologize
[X] "What do you want me to do?"

Her face is covered in sweat. Her cheeks and nose are red with exhaustion. At least it seems it vented her anger.
It's... a little sad. It was really delightful to see her swing a blade like that. If only she had more training...
"Hey, don't space out on me."
Right, now's not the time to sink in thoughts.
"I wanted to apologize. For what I've done earlier."
"Like hell you should apologize!"
"Well then, I do now. I've gone overboard. Mary dared me to kiss you and I did... Well, I kida lost it when it started. Thanks for kicking me before we took it too far."
"T-thanks?!" she frowns "You're thanking me?"
"Yeah, it would be bad if you just let me do as I please. It doesn't suit a killer to be overwhelmed by the situation."
"I'm not a killer."
She averts her gaze. You can't help but smile. This is kinda cute.
"You may not be a killer, but I can tell you're a natural. Your movements just now... They were beautiful. So fast, so clean... If it's anger that allows you to perform such manouvers..."
"Well yeah, I admit, I got carried away a bit."
"See? Now, if you could only summon that feeling whenever it's useful..."
"Oh, I will have no problems with that. I assure you. Even now, thinking about it makes my blood boil."
"Good thing you're tired then. Otherwise I'd be pretty much fucked, right."
"Pretty much. Seriously, taking my first... And in front of Mary... You shouldnt've done that, even if she asked you. She is... Uh..." She bites her lip. "Anyways, you shouldn't be doing things like that in front of her. Be it me or anyone else. Remember that, okay?"
You nod.
"I don't really get it, but alright."
"Thanks..." she looks back at you "Then, is there anything else you want to ask me?"
"No. Is there anything else you want to ask ME to do?"
Her eyes narrow.
"If you're thinking that I'll ask you to kiss me, you're terribly wrong."
"Too bad."
"Stay on fucking target, damned womanizer."
"Arghhh, nevermind! Just get off me already!"

After helping Renko up, she picks up the knife she's dropped earlier.
"Well then, shall we return?"
"Yep. I really need a bath." she smells her armpits "I really need a bath. You don't look any tired though."
"You think so? Maybe. I haven't broke a sweat. I feel pretty much refreshed to say the truth."
"Good to be you. Let's go."

Then, you return to the shrine. Renko makes her way to the bathroom (again), and you sit on the front steps.
It's still relatively early. There's still at least half an hour until Reimu returns.

[ ] Go to your room
[ ] Go see Mary
[ ] Spy on Renko
>> No. 8006

Holy fuck, suggestion GET.
>> No. 8007
[ ] Go see Mary
>> No. 8008
[x] Look for Mima.
>> No. 8009

I will try to think of a story to go along with this before going to sleep today. I've got pretty much everything for FAMILY TIES thought up (including some major mindfucks), so I may as well come up with something. AAA doesn't need that much thought after all.
>> No. 8010
>"Stay on fucking target, damned womanizer."

[X] Spy on Renko

Because she told me to.
>> No. 8011
[x] Go see Mary
>> No. 8012
[X] Go to your room.

Mary seems to be feeling strange. Maybe we should give her some time to herself, and just meditate for a while.
>> No. 8013
[x] Go see Mary
>> No. 8014
It is true.
[X] Spy on Renko
>> No. 8016
[x] Go see Mary
>> No. 8017
[ ] Go see Mary

Bloody hell Renko sure is tempting.

Will getting a harem end with her and Mary invalidate Family Ties? She'll make a good foil if nothing else.

And when do we meet MANOSUKE again? He kind of faded into the background last time after things got crazy, can we help him make Reimu happy?
>> No. 8018
File 121149536988.png - (41.22KB , 700x600 , CRAZYYYYYYY.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 8019
[X] Spy on Renko
>> No. 8020
[x] Go see Mary
>> No. 8022

Well, you missed one chance to go to Kourindou, but depending on what you do this (in-game) night, it may slow down some events and give you more leisure time before the shit goes down.
>> No. 8023
[X] Spy on Renko

This might result in a bad end. I don't think we've gotten any on this play-through yet?
>> No. 8024
[X] Go see Mary

>> No. 8025
On an unrelated note, I'm still trying to decide on a theme-song for Renko. I mean, uh, not a theme song, but a song to which I'm listening when writing character's scenes.

For instance, Mary has Red Hot Chili Peppers (slower ones), NANAYA has Distorted Pain by Electric Music Group "Karen", Reimu has Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin and Suika has You Spin Me Right Round by Dead Or Alive.
>> No. 8026
>>Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin

>> No. 8027
>[X] Spy on Renko
>This might result in a bad end.
Is it a bad end if you are happy the instant before your death? Well, who cares. This needs more DFC.

[x] Spy on Renko
>> No. 8028
[x] Go see Mary
>> No. 8029
[X] Go see Mary~
>> No. 8030

You call that gay? Go watch Dead Or Alive's tv clip for Spin Right Round. THAT'S what you call GAY!
I listen to music for music, not for singers. Maybe with the exception of KOTOKO.
>> No. 8031
[X] Go see Mary.

This target. I must stay on it.
>> No. 8032
[x] Go see Mary
>> No. 8033
[X] Go see Mary
[X] Spy on Renko

Wall of text? Please?
>> No. 8034
Aside from incest, why is she a target again?
>> No. 8035

Nuh-huh, not this time. Choose only one.
>> No. 8036
Oh well.
[X] Spy on Renko.
>> No. 8037
[X] Go see Mary
Renko is so tempting
>> No. 8038
[X] Go see Mary
>> No. 8039
[X] Go see Mary

Well, now that you're done with Renko, maybe you should see Mary again. She was acting rather strange before, especially when she made that face... Yep, it will be good to check up on her.

After searching a few places, you find her on the terrace, playing chess by herself. Silently sitting on the opposite side of the board, you give her a smile.
"May I?"
She nods. Quickly analyzing situation of battlefield, you choose the best avilable option and move your piece. Mary retailiates by blocking it's way with a pawn. Well then, let's move this bishop....
Glancing up, you see that she's sporting a quite bored expression. Supporting her chin with one arm, she looks at the board. Noticing your stare, she returns the glance, but quickly averts her attention back to the board.
"Yes, princess."
There she moves again. What a reckless move. You dispatch her bishop with your hetman.
Her expression doesn't change as she moves her King.
Next move...
Wait, is it possible? Could it be...? No, no way... If you move this tower now... It's going to be a check-mate. Didn't she notice this? Or maybe it's another trap? No, there's no possibility of escaping this. Well then.
"Tower on A2. It's a check-mate."
She continues to stare at the board.
"I guess you're right." She leans back and sighs. "I lost."
"Mary. You set this up, right? I couldn't possibly win against you."
"No, I didn't set this up. Now then..." she turns her gaze to you "I guess it's your turn to give me an order."
"I don't really want to. It wasn't a fair game. I joined in the middle, so--"
"Oh, but I don't mind. Well then, what will it be?"
"Mary, I don't want to--"
"What will it be, I ask?"
Her face is totally straight. Only her eyes betray a little bit of... What is it? Anticipation? Nah, couldn't be...

[ ] Write-in
>> No. 8040
[X] "I want you to tell me what you want. Honestly, and sincerely."

>> No. 8041
[X] Kiss Renko

Just because she thought it was an amusing order to give.
>> No. 8042
[X] "I want you to tell me what you want. Honestly, and sincerely."

I like this.
>> No. 8043
I like this
[X] "I want you to tell me what you want. Honestly, and sincerely."
>> No. 8044
[x] "I want you to tell me what you want. Honestly, and sincerely."
Fuck it, let's do this.
>> No. 8045
[X] "I want you to tell me what you want. Honestly, and sincerely."

>> No. 8046
>> No. 8047
[x] Sex
>> No. 8048

>> No. 8049
[X] "I want you to tell me what you want. Honestly, and sincerely."

Nanayamous asks this quite a lot, huh?
>> No. 8050
[X]Tell her to kiss Renko
>> No. 8051
[X] "I want you to tell me what you want. Honestly, and sincerely."

>> No. 8052
File 12114973435.jpg - (13.31KB , 330x333 , accloud.jpg ) [iqdb]
>[x] Sex

She's not going to agree just like that, dumbass.
>> No. 8053
Will lead to [ ] Kiss her on cheek
>> No. 8054
[X] "I want you to tell me what you want. Honestly, and sincerely."

>> No. 8055
File 121149790095.jpg - (116.61KB , 640x480 , 18-05-08_20002.jpg ) [iqdb]
Curse you, write-ins!
>> No. 8057
What, you haven't planned out what Mary wants? Okay, I'll help out a bit:
She wants us to get along with Renko
...Yeah, I wish.
>> No. 8058
We can always dream, Anonymous.

We can always dream.
>> No. 8059
[ ] A dance

Just because it's nice and romantic, this Nanaya can dance right?
>> No. 8060
File 121149942439.jpg - (36.70KB , 480x640 , 1xx0.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "I want you to tell me what you want. Honestly, and sincerely."

Why is she so eager to hear your order? And why did she lose? If it was on purpose, then why...?
Mary, just what the hell are you thinking? What are you planning again? And what are you expecting me to say?
But, then again, this opportunity must be used. Possibly, in a way that you could finally get to know something.
"Mary, I think I made my minds."
"Yes?" she leans towards you, supporting her chin on her hands "What is it then?"
"Tell me. Tell me what you want. Honestly and sincerely. I want to tell me what you feel."
Her eyes widen. She's suprised.
"I... I thought you'd want to get back at me for what I made you do to Renko... But, you ask such question..."
"Uh-uh, I said sincerely. Don't try to change the subject."
"..." she falls silent for a moment "Do you really want to know?"
"Didn't I just say so?"
She looks down. Picking up a chess piece, she starts to play around with it.
"Mary, I'm waiting."
"I..." she doesn't look at you "I don't know. I really don't know. I met you just yesterday, but... It feels like we've known each other for years. I think... I don't know. I want to... I want to stay here with you, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid of that other me and other you. I'm afraid of Renko's reaction. I know she wants to go back."
"If it's about Renko, I thinko I've already convinced her to stay. I told you, I'm going to protect you both. So don't be afraid." you pat her head "Just believe in me. I'm not going to let that other me hurt you like he hurt the other you."
"But, how do you know what he--"
"It's just a feeling. Judging from your reaction yesterday... and what you told me today. I think I know what happened."
"I... see."
"Mary, I'm not going to let you be hurt. By anyone. I'll take on Reimu Hakurei herself again if she decides to do you harm. So please, don't be afraid."
Her hands are trembling. This is sad. Why is this sad? She's afraid. Fear. Fear. Fear. Consuming feeling. You can't let her be sad. Can't let her be afraid. Because... Because...
You grab a hold of her hand. Clutching it tightly, you look into her eyes.
"Mary, I want to know. I want to know how you feel about me. Will you stay here?"
"I... I will stay. If Renko decides to stay, then I will too."
"That's good. And, now please answer me honestly, what am I to you? Who am I to Maribel Han?"
She hesitates.
Tremble. Tremble. Tremble.
You can feel blood pulsating inside the veins in her hand. With each heartbeat, you can feel pressure under your fingers grow and fall. She hesitates.
"I... Nanaya, I think... I can't... You... Renko..."
"Mary, look at me. I like you. I really like you. So tell me. Honestly."
"I... could you please do the same thing to me that you did to Renko?"
That completely kicks you off the tracks. Wait, what? This is really not what you expected. Now what the shit?
She's looking straight into your eyes, with a totally serious expression.
You stand up.
"Mary, I..."

[ ] Kiss her
[ ] "I can't. We're not in that kind of relationship."
[ ] "Let's save that for later, okay? I don't want anyone to walk in on us."


And that's it for today. Plans for tomorrow include: moar M3, moar Renko, potential H-scene, a nice mindfuck and others! Stay tuned for the next chapter of THIS SHRINE!
>> No. 8062
[X] Kiss her.

She asked. Honestly, and sincerely.
>> No. 8063
[ ] Kiss her

>> No. 8064
[x] Kiss her
>> No. 8065
[X] "I can't. We're not in that kind of relationship."
>> No. 8066

[X] "I can't. We're not in that kind of relationship."
>> No. 8067
[ ] Kiss her
>> No. 8068
[x] Kiss her.
She asked for it.
>> No. 8069
[X] "I can't. We're not in that kind of relationship."

I'll be damned if I go kissing my potential sister like that.
>> No. 8070
[X] Kiss her.

>> No. 8071
[x] Smile at her "Yes, I think I could do just about anything for your happiness Mary" Kiss her tenderly.

Anon, you honey-dripper you!
>> No. 8072
[x] Kiss her

Huzzah! Highpoint, GET! Hmmm, now on to the despair and mindfucks, I suppose.
>> No. 8073
[X] Kiss her.

It doesn't even have to be a hot-n-heavy kiss. Just a nice one. To show her that we care.
>> No. 8074
File 121149999766.jpg - (44.98KB , 450x352 , outrage.jpg ) [iqdb]

I'm amused and enraged at the same time.
>> No. 8075
[X] Kiss her.
[X] Love her tenderly.
>> No. 8076

Excellent. ( ´∀`)
>> No. 8077
[X] "I can't. We're not in that kind of relationship."
>> No. 8078
[x] Kiss her
>> No. 8079
[ ] "I can't. We're not in that kind of relationship."
>> No. 8080
[ ] Kiss her
>> No. 8081
>[X] "I can't. We're not in that kind of relationship."


[X] Kiss her, you huge faggot
>> No. 8082
[X] Kiss her
>> No. 8083
Fuck yes, KOTOKO is awesome.

[X] Kiss her.

>> No. 8084
[x]Kiss her.

Isn't she "connected" to our "mother"?

I expect some serious BAWWW and DESPAIR in this playthrough.
>> No. 8085

And mindfuck. YAF promised mindfuck.
>> No. 8086
YAF, don't bad end us now plzkthanx
>> No. 8087
Maybe if we tenderly love Maribel, instead of our usually more aggressive style of sex, Yukari on the other side will see and slowly begin to realize how much of a creep Red is. And how much he's lied to her about us. And how much better than him we are.

Thus, we help eliminate part of the problem with him before it even comes up for us. He'll be weaker, and easier pickings when we do face him, that way.
>> No. 8088
[X] Tenderly love Mary
>> No. 8089
>Isn't she "connected" to our "mother"?
Why the hell else would we be hot for her?!

Incest is best, put your potential relative to the test.

[x] Kiss her, dammit.
Although maybe take it inside.
>> No. 8090
[x] Kiss her

Just fucking do it.

Who cares if Renko walks in? Mary will chase after her and they'll their moment together where Mary fixes everything by eating Renko out, and the whole episode is out of her head by morning.

>>[ ] "I can't. We're not in that kind of relationship."

lol pulling this shit after we just frenched and felt up Renko simply because Mary told us to? Mary'd be out of here by sunrise tomorrow, and Renko with her.
>> No. 8092
[X] Kiss her, you indecisive stumpfucker.
>> No. 8093
[X] Kiss her
>> No. 8095
[ x ] Kiss her.

Incest. Its alwight.
>> No. 8096
File 121154516226.jpg - (22.48KB , 450x318 , 21k8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Kiss her

There she goes again. Another completely ridiculous request. Do you even know what you're asking for, Mary?
"Mary, if I lose it again... I don't know what I might do." She remains perfectly still. "Do you REALLY want me to do it?"
Mary sighs.
"Renko seemed to be enjoying it. I wonder how does it feel, to be... Uh, you know."
You slap your forehead.
"Mary, you're asking for something intimate here... I said I like you, but... I'm not sure if it's 'that' kind of 'like'..."
Leaning forward, she looks straight into your eyes.
"Listen, you wanted to hear my feelings. I strained myself to let it out. I want to know how does it feel to be kissed by you. In those dreams, the other you... Nevermind. Just do it."
"Nanaya, please..."
Her eyes... Glimmering with impatience and nervousness... Her golden hair swaying in light breeze... Her soft voice, caressing that sunk emotion deep in your mind...
Can I really...? Is it alright...?
Then... What if she...?
I can...
Touching her cheek, you bring your face close to hers. Her eyelids slowly fall down. Her lips are slightly open, twitching lightly in anticipation... Tickling in your chest gets stronger with each centimeter your you move, getting closer to her warmth, to her scent, to her lips...
Finally, you feel them meet. Familiar wetness and pressure. Feeling of deja vu, but at the same time, of reaching a new goal. She's wriggling around, her lips trembling, wanting something more. More.
/Well then, let's give her more, shall we?/
You're right. She asked for it. There's no point in quitting now.
Urging her lips to open up more, you slide your tongue inside her mouth. Immidiately responding, she wraps her tongue around yours and starts moving.
Still standing in front of her chair, you can feel her wrapping her legs around your waist, pulling you down. Her arms are thrown around your shoulders.
The pressure on your lips gets stronger. As if wanting even more, she pulls you down stronger. It's almost painful. But it's too late to retaliate.
Because you've totally given into this pleasure.
Your body is not yours to control anymore. Amazing. She's an incredibly good kisser. Though a bit aggresive, she's really good.
Reaching your hand down, you find a slit on the side of her blouse and slide your hand in. Mary jerks up as you touch her bare skin. Caressing her side, you slide your hand upwards. Just as before, it's almost an automatic movement. Getting closer and closer to her breasts, you feel excitement getting higher. Your thoughts are covered with white haze. Then it strucks you. She's not wearing anything under that blouse. If it wasn't for this layer of red fabric, she'd be completely naked. Mary, what are you thinking?
Her embrace becomes stronger. Her movements faster.
She takes one of her arms off your shoulders and grabs your wrist. Before you're even able to pull back, she forces your hand to grab her breast.
Her body arches back slightly as you squeeze the soft fleshy pillow, just the right size, just fitting your grip, a perfect handfull, her hard nipple is pressing against your palm. Not stopping to kiss, you continue to caress her breast.
You're totally lost. Sunk in this soft sensation. Then... Let's take it even further...
Reaching down with your other hand, you slip it inside her skirt and panties. Her pubic hair brushes your finger as you make your way down, and down, and down...
"Enjoying yourself, aren't ya?"
Suddenly, someone speaks up from behind you.
Shock, suprisement, fear, bewilderment.
White haze disappears instantly, instead those emotions take over your mind.
Quickly getting your hands off Mary, you turn around.
Standing there, leaning against the wall, with arms crossed on her chest, is Reimu. Her expression mixes curiosity and irritation in one weird smile. Her eyebrow is twitching.
"Reimu, this--"
"Oh, I know what this is. No need to explain yourself, really. You're a young, healthy man, I understand." She's tapping her sandal on the floor in vexation "Though, really, doing those things at my shrine... This is a holy ground, you know. I'd APPRECIATE it, if you restrained yourself from doing such things in my home."
"Reimu, I--"
"And don't even think about flirting up Mima or Suika. If I ever hear that your tried to do something to them..."
"Listen, I have no--"
"Or perhaps..." she grins viciously "You'd like to do that to me?"
She grabs her breasts and pushes them up.
You gulp in astonishement. Damn it, it's turning on. Extremely turning on. Reimu notices your stare.
"Well, try in 50 years or so, horny beast."
She opens the door and walks inside. Turning around, she gives you a glance.
"Remember what I said."
Then the door closes.

You can't help but sigh in relief. That was dangerous. You haven't expected her to act like she just did. Especially pushing up her breasts... That's unlike her. You'd rather have her hurl those spikes at you, it'd be at least easier to dodge and wouldn't require that much thought. Completely oblivious to the fact up till now, you notice your forehead is sweating profusely.
Mary's voice brings you back to reality. Turning around, you almost gasp in suprise.
She's still sitting in that chair, one of her breasts totally exposed, a dribble of saliva running down her chin. She hasn't regain full control yet. Her eyes are kind of... blank. Like if she wasn't here. Staring somewhere in the distance, somewhere far away...
Walkinh up to her, you bend down, wanting to wipe the saliva from her face, but she jumps up, wrapping her arms around your neck once again.
"Mary, stop it."
She doesn't give up. Forcefully pushing her back on the chair, you take her hands off your shoulders. Her gaze is still distant, looking at nothing in particular.
"Mary, calm down!"
She struggles, wanting to get closer to your body. Damn it. This is troublesome. It's not like her. It's... not Mary.
Then, if it's not her...
You grab a hold of her wrists and hold them up. After using your sleeve to wipe her cheek, you fix her blouse so that her breast is no longer exposed.
And when you look at her face again... She's asleep.
"What the..."
Just like that, she's fallen asleep. What a hopeless girl...

Then, you carry her to her room. Deciding it would be good to let both you and her cool down, you simply lay her down on her futon and leave the room.
What's gotten into her?

[ ] Look for Renko
[ ] Your room
[ ] Look for Reimu
>> No. 8097
[ ] Look for Renko
Time to find the other Target. Yukari got too much into Mary.
>> No. 8098
[ ] Your room

Time for bed said Zebadee.
>> No. 8099
No one around today it seems, all quiet.
[X] Look for Renko
>> No. 8100
[x] Your room

Summon Mima by talking to yourself.
>> No. 8102
File 121154784490.jpg - (157.81KB , 1024x768 , Wolfenstein-Enemy-Territory_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>No one around today it seems, all quiet.

It's still early. I'm playing Enemy Territory BTW, if someone plays too and sees a player named "YandereAliceFag", give me a shout.
Will be checking here every few minutes.
>> No. 8103
[X] Look for Renko
>> No. 8104
[x] Toss your blade aside.
>> No. 8105
[x] Look for Renko
>> No. 8106
[X] Your room

Heck, maybe we'll find one of them there. It could even be a boat.
>> No. 8107
[X] Look for Renko.

Ask if Mary's been acting weird around her, too. Reaffirm that we'll protect them both and that we'll teach her to protect Mary.
>> No. 8108
[X] Look for Renko.
This sounds good.
>> No. 8109
[ ] Look for Reimu
At least give her a court FUCK YOU.
>> No. 8110
[X] Look for Renko.

>> No. 8111
P.S: how was Indiana Shits?
P.P.S: I don't actually know anyone who plays ET:QW.
>> No. 8112
1. Exaggerated in every aspect. Too much car ridan and chasan, too little mindfuckery and dungeon crawling.
2. I play first ET, which is vastly superior to QW.


[X] Look for Renko

Maybe Renko's out of the bath already. It shouldn't take too long to take a quick wash, right? She's bathed earlier, and though it was rather short stay (due to your spinning faggotry), one simply loses the will to stay in water after washing for the second or third time in just few hours of timespan.
Well then, onto the search for tomboy tsundere.

Soon after you find her in the dining room, talking with Reimu.
"Uh, hi. Ya finished with bathing?"
"As you can see." Both of them turn to you, bearing slightly irritated expressions. Uh-oh. "We've been talking about you."
"Re-really?" trying to act stupid, you take a seat on the opposide side of the table "W-what was it about, I wonder?"
"You've done something stupid. Again."
Taking a glance at Reimu, you see she's looking somewhere away, not at either you or Renko. Damned bitch.
"Uh... So what exactly did I do?"
"Stop acting stupid goddamnit. You know what you did."
"Alright." seeing that there's nothing to hide anymore, you shrug off your facade and put on a serious face "I admit to whatever Reimu has told you. I did it all. Satisfied?"
Renko sighs.
"I'm glad you're at least honest with that."
"I'm a good man, you know. On the subject of Mary, I have to... probably ask you about something."
"What could it be?"
She's staring intensively straight into your eyes. It's kinda deconcentrating, but you manage to remain still.

[ ] Tell her about what happened and ask if she's been losing control like that before
[ ] Tell her that Mary has nice boobs
[ ] "Actually, nevermind, I want to talk about something else." (insert subject)
>> No. 8113
[x] Tell her about what happened and ask if she's been losing control like that before
>> No. 8114
[X] Tell her about what happened and ask if she's been losing control like that before
>> No. 8115
[x] "Actually, nevermind, I want to talk about something else." (insert subject)
[x] "Did Reimu tell you that she made a pass at me too?"
>> No. 8116
[x] Tell her about what happened and ask if she's been losing control like that before
Choice is kinda obvious. We shouldn't change the topic and we shouldn't do anything stupid (again).
>> No. 8117
[ ] Tell her about what happened and ask if she's been losing control like that before

[ ] After conversation ends (+2 Paragon): "I need to max out your Blade skill. Commit me."
>> No. 8118
[X] Tell her about what happened and ask if she's been losing control like that before

"Want it in straight or nice version?"
"Make it straight."
"Very well."
Leaning back, you begin your story.
"After we had returned here and you went to take a bath, I decided to visit Mary. You know, in case she was worrying. I found her on terrace, playing chess by herself. So I joined." Renko crosses arms on her chest, listening carefully, still drilling you with her gaze. "She set up everything in a way that I could win, or at least I think so."
"She could've been jealous."
"Jealous." you repeat with disbelief "Jealous of what?"
"Mary's a delicate being, but she has a shell of a devil. Maybe she wanted to check how would you react. You know, if you would take revenge for what she had made you do earlier."
"I understand. Maybe. Anyways, she forced me to give her an order, even though I opposed. I'm not that kind of a man to force myself on a girl if she doesn't want i--"
"Alright. I can get carried away sometimes, but it's not my fault, okay? Anyways, I told her to tell me how she feels about me. Honestly and sincerely."
"And?" she's tapping her fingers on her arm.
"She... She didn't want to tell me. When I pushed her a bit, she just told me to kiss her."
"So I did. I wanted to make it a short one, nothing much, but then... I think the 'other her' kicked in."
You notice Reimu turning her head to you, as if interested in what you have to say.
"What do you mean, 'kicked in'?" Renko asks.
"I mean... Uh, she stopped acting like herself. She made me lean on her and wouldn't let go... Then she... uh..."
"Spit it out. It's not like I'm going to punch you. Not that I wouldn't like to, anyways."
"She grabbed my hand and made me squeeze her breast. It wasn't my fault! Really! I didn't want to do it! Alright, maybe I did, but I wouldn't do it by myself!"
"Gee, calm down."
"Seriously, that's why I'm so honest. I'm worried. After we were... uh, finished, I noticed her eyes were kinda... blank. As if she wasn't really there. And then she just fell asleep. I carried her to her room and left her there. That's all."
Letting out a sigh of relief, you lean back. That's it, you've told her everything.
She doesn't seem really pissed. Maybe that's because Reimu's told her you've molested Mary before you did. Maybe she's cooled down before you got here. Anyways, your body is still intact and that's what counts.
"Renko, this is serious. That wasn't Mary. I could sense it."
"I understand what you mean... But..."
"Has she ever lost control over her actions like this before?"
Renko looks down.
"From what I know... No. All that was happening were those dreams. And that's all. Sometimes she acted a bit... Tired, but I think that's because the other her was awake at those times too."
"Excuse me." Reimu interrupts "You kinda lost me. 'Other her'? What the hell does that mean?"
She has a look of worry and curiosity on her face
[ ] Tell her
[ ] Don't tell her, change the subject
>> No. 8119
[x] Tell her
>> No. 8120
[x] Tell her
>> No. 8121
[X] Don't tell her, change the subject
>> No. 8122
[X] Tell her.

Exposition games.
>> No. 8123
[x] Tell her
>> No. 8124
[x] Tell her

Possibly bad in the short term, but in the long term we'll need her help when Red and Yukari come calling.
>> No. 8125
[X] Tell her

"Alright, no use in hiding this. Renko, can I?"
She nods.
"Well then."

So you tell Reimu the whole story about Mary's dreams and visions, how she told you about them yesterday, how she freaked out after waking up in your arms, how she can simply fall asleep at random times. Reimu listens to it all with straight face, sometimes nodding as you make various remarks and point out the things that connect together.
"I see." She nods again. "If that 'other her' is an inhabitant of Gensokyo, it could be that..."
You interject "The link between them got stronger because they're closer to each other."
"Exactly. Though I'd appreciate it if you don't interrupt when I'm talking."
"Anyways, if that 'other her' indeed exists, we could find her and eliminate the problem once and for all." she clenches her fist with a triumphant smile
"Why are you so eager to help?"
"Because it's fun! Finally, a case in which I get to do something seriously, not just go-there-and-kick-that-ass!"
Reimu stands up with that triumphant smile still on her lips. It's kinda pleasant to see her smiling, but it's not right. She shouldn't be so eager about it. It's a matter of Mary's safety. You can't just barge in and do random things that you think are right, Reimu!
"Calm down. We need to think this through. Do we even know who is that other her?"
"Ah." her expression gets stale "Right."
"First thing first. We have to figure out who that is. What do we know?"
Renko rises her hand.
"Yes? Speak up."
"I know she's similar in appearance, but not in age."
"Good. I figured out she lives with a male that doesn't treat her too good."
"How do you know that?"
"Mary told me. And that person..."
You hesitate. Maybe it's not good to tell them about the other you. If other Mary and other you are connected in some way... But what bad could possibly happen?
"That person... He's my look-alike."
"What?" both of them ask at once
"Mary told me he looks exactly like me. The only difference is eyes. I... I think I sometimes feel a connection to... people I shouldn't know or places I shouldn't be familiar with... Not to the extent of Mary's visions, but still."
"That's... complicated." Reimu sits down "If it was only Maribel, we could narrow the suspects to just few people. But if she lives with your look-alike... I don't know anyone who would resemble you even remotely. That makes things much more difficult. None of the people I suspect may be other Maribel live with males. First person that comes to mind is Yukari Yakumo. But the only... people that live with her are women and youkai at that. No human males."
Now that she mentions it... Yeah, she's right. If there was someone that resembles you somewhere out there in Gensokyo, she could recognize you. But she didn't.
"Do we have any more clues?"
"You'd have to ask Mary. That's all I know. Someone that looks like her, and lives with someone that looks like me."
Reimu smirks.
"Fate's really brought you together, didn't it."
"What do you mean?"
"Oh come on! Don't you have any sense of romance? Two people living with each other, and other two people, searching for their look-alikes, bound by the strings of fate."
"Didn't expect you to have such side, Reimu."
"I'm a girl too, you know."
"I know. I was just teasing you a bit."
She sighs.
"Uh..." Renko finally speaks up "It's getting kinda late. Let's leave the rest for tomorrow, okay? I'm kind of tired. Reimu, you said Marisa would bring a supper, right?"
"Then, I think I'm going to relax a bit in my room." she glances at you "I advise you the same. You look worn out." Then she stands up. "See you in some time."

[ ] "No! You can't sleep yet! You need to get max stat gains per level!"
[ ] "You're right. I'm kinda tired. Renko, come to my room in some time, okay? I've got something to talk about."
[ ] "Alright."
[ ] "I'll stay here with Reimu. Thanks for worrying though."
>> No. 8126
[ ] "No! You can't sleep yet! You need to get max stat gains per level!"

It's too funny to pass up.
>> No. 8127
[X] "You're right. I'm kinda tired. Renko, come to my room in some time, okay? I've got something to talk about."

Tempted by the first choice...
>> No. 8128
[x] "No! You can't sleep yet! You need to get max stat gains per level!"

>> No. 8129
[ ] "No! You can't sleep yet! You need to get max stat gains per level!"

Give em a few seconds, then

[ ] "Alright."
>> No. 8130
[x] "No! You can't sleep yet! You need to get max stat gains per level!"
>> No. 8131
[x] "No! You can't sleep yet! You need to get max stat gains per level!"

Nanayanon's already spent too much time asleep or unconscious on this run through. Let's see what random encounters he gets from staying up.
>> No. 8132
[X] "You're right. I'm kinda tired. Renko, come to my room in some time, okay? I've got something to talk about."

I'm boring~
>> No. 8133
[X] "Let's play chess, Reimu"
>> No. 8134

Going to your room doesn't mean sleeping. I've already told you, you've slept too much today, not letting you again.
>> No. 8135
[X] "No! You can't sleep yet! You need to get max stat gains per level!"

Springing up, you point your finger at Renko.
She turns around, looking bewildered.
"You can't sleep yet!"
"Why not?"
"IDIOT!" you knock her head "You need max stat gains per level!"
"What are you, dense? Are you deaf? I said, YOU NEED MAX STAT GAINS PER LEVEL! You know, you go to sleep, time skips and when you wake up, there's a window with stats to raise."
She frowns.
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"IDIOT!" you knock her head again "Try to rise your Blade skill even higher!"
"Stop it!" she knocks your hand off her head "I've trained enough for today! Besides you said yourself that my movements are beautiful, didn't you?" Reimu whistles in whoo-hoo manner. Damn it, it's now what you're thinking! You meant her movements, not her... uh, everything! Even Renko pulls back a little hearing her do that "A-anyways! I'm going to take a nap now, so don't disturb me!"
Before you're able to say anything else, she leaves the room, closing the door behind her.
"You're a loony."
Reimu says at your back.
"Oh, shut up."
"Oh, but I'm not saying anything" she whistles again.

[ ] "This is the last straw! I challenge you to a game of chess!"
[ ] "Whatever" go to your room
[ ] Cry in a corner
>> No. 8136
[x] "This is the last straw! I challenge you to a game of chess!"

Have at you!
>> No. 8137
[x] "This is the last straw! I challenge you to a game of chess!"
>> No. 8138
This scene.
This scene. This scene. This scene. This scene. This scene. This scene. This scene. This scene!
>> No. 8139
[x] Go to your room (minus Squall)

Random encounter tiem?
>> No. 8140
[x] Cry in a corner

No one appreciates good meta gaming.
>> No. 8141

This scene spreads before your eyes. Sheer riciulousness makes all your thoughts disappear.
This scene. It is talking to you. Inside your head. An alone thought appears. Not out of your own will. It tells you to...
Draw it.
And that is all.
>> No. 8142

You have recieved a Quest: The Gaps That Bind

I talked to Reimu Hakurei about Maribel's erratic behavior. After describing her dreams, she said that the closest match to Maribel in Gensokyo is a Yukari Yakumo, but she apparently doesn't live with humans. I should investigate.
>> No. 8143
Also, [ ] Go to your room and make potions.

Your Alchemy skill increased.
>> No. 8144
[X] "Whatever" go to your room

Don't care for chess with miko.
>> No. 8145
>I talked to [Reimu] [Hakurei] about [Maribel]'s erratic behavior. After describing her [dreams], she said that the closest match to Maribel in Gensokyo is a [Yukari Yakumo], but she apparently doesn't live with [humans]. I should investigate.

>> No. 8146
[x] "This is the last straw! I challenge you to a game of chess!"
In the ceiling.
While flexing muscles.
>> No. 8147
[x] "This is the last straw! I challenge you to a game of chess!"

MANLY chess I hope.
>> No. 8148
Best hope you guys don't loose at chess.
I don't think Reimu's penalty game will involve fun hijinks like Maribel's.
>> No. 8149
fuckdamn and I started writing going back to room

well, whatever, writing chess now
>> No. 8150
[X] "This is the last straw! I challenge you to a game of chess!"

"Reimu, I really... Didn't mean what you thought I did."
"Heeey, am I even saying anything here? It's your business. Just try to keep out the dirty things out of my shrine, kay?"
She leans back, smiling viciously.
"Reimu, you... you... DOUBLE MIKO!"
"This is the last straw!" you stand up and point at her face "I CHALLENGE you to a game of chess!"
She grins.
"Want to make me do something dirty? I warn you, I'm a good player."
"Dirty? Oh no, how could I even THINK about something dirty? Well, if you want, we can involve a penalty game for the loser, but..."
"Alright." she reaches out her hand "Let's do this. No turning back afterwards though. Deal?"
"You're pretty confident in your skill, aren't you? Deal."
"Bring the board then."

After 20 minutes, it's over.
Reimu looks at the board with terrified face.
"No... how can this be...?"
It's a check mate. Thanks to earlier match with Mary, you've managed to spy a few tricks and now used them against Reimu. She's shocked.
"No... You cheated, right? Tell me you used some sort of a trick!"
"Nah. Just a few special moves. Cheating would be a stain on my honour."
"But... I..."
You smile. She's woeful. Looks like she really didn't expect to lose.
"What about our deal?"
"Our deal? Do I really have to do it?"
She looks up. You can see a trace of tears in her eyes. Geez, aren't you taking it too far, Reimu? It's only a chess match...
"Uh..." damn it, she's gotten on your soft side. How can you refuse to such cute girl? And she's crying! "Erm..."
Puppy eyes. They're staring straight into your soul. Into your deepest thoughts. Drilling in your brain, they start erasing all your thoughts about giving her a penalty order.

[ ] "A-alright.... Let's forget about that..."
[ ] "Oh no. We had a deal. Your order will be..." (insert order)
>> No. 8151
Want to crush the miko's soul?

[x] "Oh no. We had a deal. Your order will be..."
[x] "Let me stay for free."
>> No. 8154
Haha. Too many months of 10,000 yen services, mayhap?

[ ] "You owe me."
>> No. 8157
[x] "Oh no. We had a deal. Your order will be..."
[x] "Let me stay for free."

>> No. 8158
[x] "Oh no. We had a deal. Your order will be..."
[x] "Let me stay for free."

>> No. 8159

[X] "You owe me."

This is good. We can make her cash in the favor later. It might just save our ass.
>> No. 8160
I don't know if telling her to let us stay for free is a good idea. Knowing her, she'll say it's a disproportionate request, slap us upside the head, and then refuse to do anything for us.
>> No. 8161
File 121156167628.jpg - (231.77KB , 900x1512 , fffffffffffffffffffffffffff.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 8162
[X] "Oh no. We had a deal. Your order will be..."
[X] "To let me teach you about jazz. We can start with the sax."
>> No. 8163

She's the one who said no turning back.
>> No. 8164
[x] "Oh no. We had a deal. Your order will be...not to use those puppy eyes on me in the future."
>> No. 8165
[ ] "Oh no. We had a deal. Your order will be to take me to meet Yukari Yakumo."

Reimu mentioned that she looks a lot like Mary. Furthermore since Nanaya researched Gensokyo before going there he should know that Yukari is very powerful and would probably be able to help find the other Mary.

The real reason I want to meet her is due to metagame knowledge, so I'm just using the above as a flimsy justification.
>> No. 8166

( ´∀`)
>> No. 8167

This leaves me feeling slightly ripped off.
>> No. 8168

Penalty games != massive, long-term favors.
>> No. 8169

Oh u
>> No. 8170
>> No. 8171

Love Naya's expression in 5th panel. Where are my max stat gains, though?
>> No. 8172
[x] "Oh no. We had a deal. Anon Li Nanaya orders you to take me to Yukari".

But without Mary, since I'm scared of Pime Taradoxes.
>> No. 8173
[x] "Oh no. We had a deal. Your order will be..."
[x] "Let me stay for free."

Oh no, no, no, no, NO! You're not going to give in, are you? She's an evil woman, you can't trust her puppy eyes! Even though it's cute, still... You had a deal. Trying to avoid her penalty makes her even worse of a person than she already is!
"Oh no, Reimu. We had a deal. You can stop making sweet eyes, unless you want me to give in and give you a giant hug."
"Tch. Don't ya dare touchin me." in one instant, her sweet expression is gone, replaced by an irritated scowl. "Argh, okay, damnit." Wow, now you feel kinda bad for making it disappear. She looked really cute like that. "So, what will it be? I warn you though, don't even THINK about making me do something perverted. You're gonna drop dead if ya don't keep the reins in restrain."
You can't help but smirk. To see her flinch from your order so much... It's kinda adorable. You get an urge to pat her on the head, but keep your hands on you.
"Oh, come on, I would NEVER make you do anything dirty. Though, if you insist, we can go to my room anyti--" Suddenly, something flies by your head, by millimeters missing your ear. "Alright! I get the hint! For fuck's sake, Reimu, you have no humour sense!"
"Get to the point."
"Okay, okay. All I want is to stay here for free."
Her eyes widen.
"I don't think you realize how difficult that will be."
"Excuse me?"
"I can't afford to feed another person. I'm simply low on cash. 'Staying' here is fine, but if it's about food... You'll have to gain it by yourself. I'm simply broke."
"Ah." now that she mentions it... She said something about Marisa making supper before... And food for tomorrow... Damn. "Alright. I get it. It's a deal then. You let me stay for free, I make money for my own food." You reach out your hand to her, which she quickly shakes. "Of course, I wouldn't mind providing some extra service to my favourite miko, if she needs any-- OW!"
Her grip suddenly get tighter. Much tighter. So tight it hurts. She's fucking crushing your hand!
"I told you. Do NOT try to make me do perverted things."
"That was a joke! A joke! Ow! Let go! Let go, goddamnit!"
She lets go. Finally.
Oh fuck, it hurts.
Massaging your hand, you see Reimu cleaning up the board.
"I'll go and put this thing back. You go and rest. Marisa's gonna be here in some time. I'll call you when she's here."

"Whew, what a day."
Falling down on your futon, you close your eyes. You're really tired. But not quite sleepy. Guess you've slept too much these past hours.
"Now, what can I do...?"
Something catches your attention. That leaflet fell out of your your shirt and is now laying on the ground. Huh. Whoever was responsible for making it eye-catching has made a good job, cause right now, you're feeling an irresistible urge to read it.
"Well then, here goes nothing."

As you noticed earlier, this leaflet contains informations on how to strangle someone with bare hands. Really, what a subject... And it's so detailed... Complete with drawings to illustrate each step. Grab here, press there, hold for a few seconds... Extinguishing human's life is so easy... But seeing this, you feel kinda tempted to try those techniques out...
Wait. Was it author's intent? To make you wanna try them out?
And people blame violence on video games when shit like this is just lying on the street...

Then, you remember about the oppai ball. Why did you even take it with you in the first place? Damn, you don't even need it, cause, well, now that you got to touch some real breasts, it's not even tempting anymore.
"Fucking life-like texture..."
Bouncing the ball against the wall, you play catch with yourself for a bit.

After a few minutes of this bland game, you hear someone knocking on the door.
Who could it be?

[ ] Reimu. Dinner's here!
[ ] Mary. Maybe she's woken up already.
[ ] Renko. She probably wants to talk.
[ ] What is door? Is door free? How does I opened door?
>> No. 8175
[x] Mary. Maybe she's woken up already.
>> No. 8176
[x] Mary. Maybe she's woken up already.

Too early for dinner, and Mary's probably still asleep....so it's either Renko or someone else. But I'll think wishfully nonetheless.
>> No. 8177
[x] Mary. Maybe she's woken up already.

lol hope
>> No. 8178
[x] Maybe it's Wriggle!
>> No. 8179
[x] Renko. She probably wants to talk.
>> No. 8180
[x] Mary. Maybe she's woken up already.

Making sure we put away the ball before we open the door.
>> No. 8181
[x] MANnosuke Morichika.
>> No. 8182
[X] Mary. Maybe she's woken up already.

Want Mary. Want her.

Also, want to ask her how she's feeling after that weirdness earlier.
>> No. 8183
[X] Reimu. Dinner's here!

Eh, she did say she'd call us.
>> No. 8184
[x] A cat is fine too.
>> No. 8185
Oh shit, Yukari has sent her minions to capture us!
>> No. 8186
[ ] What is door? Is door free? How does I opened door?
>> No. 8187

Marysuke Mirachika
>> No. 8188
[X] Mary. Maybe she's woken up already.

Hm, it could be Mary. She's been out for some time now, maybe she finally decided to wake up and check on you.
"Mary? Come in."
The door slides open, revealing... Renko with a troubled smile on her face.
"You wish, huh?"
"Renko. What's the matter? Shouldn't you be taking a nap right now?"
"Yeah, maybe... Mind if I come in?"
"No, not at all. To say the truth, I'm happy to see you. Come on."
Slipping inside the room, she closes the door behind her. A bit troubled, she looks around the room.
"Don't stand like that. Come on, take a seat." patting the futon beside you, you gesture her to come closer.
She gives you a nod.

"So, what is it?"
Breaking the silence, you try ask the question that's been on your mind since her arrival at your door. Damn, having her sit so close... It brings back the memories of her soft tongue and scent... Fuck, it's hard to remain calm, but they don't call you 'ironic man' for no reason! Your will is made of iron, your hands are made of iron, your manliness is made of iron too! Or was it steel? Steel will? That kinda rhymes.
She's still hesitating. What could it be?
"Ren, come on."
Wait, did you say that for real? Oh, damn...
"I, uh, I thought that Renko is too long, so... Mary has a nickname, you might get one as well."
"But... Ren?"
"Oh, it's a nice name! It reminds me of a black cat in the middle of a dark night..." She stares at you with a 'wut' expression. "Nevermind. Ren, okay? Can I call you Ren?"
"S-sure... If you wish so..."
"So anyways, what did you want to talk about?"
"That is..."
She fiddles with her fingers. What could it be that makes her so hesitant? Trying to take a look at her, you freeze in place.
HOLY FUCK, you forgot about that Oppai ball. It's laying on the futon, just a few centimeters from Renko's hand. Oh shit, if she sees it...
Still hesitating, she stares blankly at the wall. Good. Great. Now, just to reach for that little fucker...
You reach your hand towards the ball. Just a bit more... A bit more...
Renko suddenly turns to you. Her shoulder bumps against your arm, which, suddenly interrupted on it's sneaky way for the ball, slips down. Straight on Renko's hand. Your palms meet.
Suprised, she wants to look down at your hands... But the damned oppai ball is still there! Can't let her see it! Can't let her!
Grabbing her chin, you make her look at your face.
"E-eh? W-what are you...?"
Then, your other hand slips. The one touching Renko's palm. Total defeat. Oh god, what a fail! She falls down backwards, and you follow close behind her, landing on top of her.
She lets out a squeal as your head bumps against her chest.
"W-what are you doing?!"
Lifting your face up, you see that the oppai has rolled away, out of Renko's sight. Whew. Good. Now she won't be able to see it, because...
Her face is so close. Her eyes are staring straight into yours. Her pink lips are so close you can feel her breath on your cheek.
This is bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. BAD! This doesn't look good! Not good at all! Even after she's told you to not do such things in front of Mary...
Mary is not here. Surely, you're now laying on top of Renko, but Mary isn't here.
This thought... Does that mean it's okay? Is it okay to be doing this?
Her warm breath... Brushing against your cheek... Her wide open eyes... Staring in suprisement...
And her soft lips... Her lips that felt so good earlier..

[ ] I just want Renko
[ ] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!
>> No. 8189
[x] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!

Mildly surprised that I'm not going for a harem route. Eh, what can I say? I have no excuses.
>> No. 8190
[x] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!
>> No. 8191
[x] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!

>>"Ren, come on."

I see what you did there.
>> No. 8192
[z] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!

>> No. 8193
[ ] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!
>> No. 8194
[X] I just want Renko
We all know which choice is gonna win anyway. Some variation to the WILL OF STEEL.
>> No. 8195
[ ] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!
>> No. 8196
[x] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!
>> No. 8197

Eh, you know, at first I wanted Mary to be the target, but after the forest fight scene, I realized that Ren might be fine too. She's a fun character to write.
>> No. 8198
[X] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!

...I only feel slightly guilty.
>> No. 8199

Yeah, Renko's cool. I just really want to see what kind of mindfuck stuff you'll write if we end up on family ties end.
>> No. 8200

Why not both, good sir?
>> No. 8201


[X] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!
>> No. 8202
[x] Gather your thoughts, goddamnit! Steel will! STEEL FUCKING WILL!

Where's your STEEL WILL now? Goddamnit, you can't let yourself give in! Not now!
Gathering your thoughts, you slowly lift yourself up.
"R-Ren... Sorry, my hand slipped."
She remains still, her eyes still widened, staring at you.
"N-no... It's o-okay..."
She tries to sit up, but...
"Y-you're still holding my hand."
OH SHIT. You haven't really noticed that. Shit, shit, shit! You quickly retract your arm as if it could get burned if you let is stay there.
Renko sits up, staring at her feet. Awkward. Awkward. Fucking awkward!
"R-Re--" "N-Na--"
Both of you speak up at the same moment. Well, shit.
"Yes? What is it?"
"No, you speak first."
"Ren, really you're the girl here."
She hesitates for a moment, but then takes a deep breath and straightens up. Then, directing her gaze at you, she says with a serious face.
"I'm sorry to say this, but I think I will leave Gensokyo after all."
What?! After all this convincing...
"Ren! You told me you'll stay! You can't just leave!"
"I can. And I will. I can't let Mary stay here any longer. It has... Bad influence on her. You've seen how she acts. It's not normal."
"It certainly is troublesome..."
"See? That's why we have to go back. We can't stay here any longer. I'm sorry." She looks down. "I... wanted to stay here with you. But I can't. I can't let Mary be hurt. I'm sorry."
She looks up again, and puts on a fake smile. It's painfully obvious that she's trying to comfort you. So obivious it makes you feel bad.
"O-of course, you can return with us. I'm sure Mary will be happy about that. I... I'd be happy too... If you returned with us..."
Her gaze drops again.
You're speechless. This came so suddenly. Leave. Leave. Leave. Leave now? Leave? After just getting inside? No. This is wrong. You can't leave just now! Not yet! You haven't even met more than three Gensokyans! This can't end yet!
"Ren. I won't leave this place yet. I can't. It was my goal for too long to reach it. Therefore, I can't just leave."
You place your hands on her shoulders.
"This place... I feel at home here. Youkai? I don't care. I can feel it's my home. I don't want to return. Not to that world where people bare their teeth at each other, ready to sell their soul just to see their neighbour get hurt. I don't want to return. But..." you bring her close to yourself, embracing her tightly. She's not struggling, letting you do what you please "I don't want to leave you. I don't want to leave Ren. I don't want to leave Mary. I said I'm going to protect you. And I will. If you come back... I won't be able to keep my promise. That's why... Please. Reimu said she'll help us. Just let's stay here until tomorrow. Then, I will settle everything. With other her and other me. I'm going to protect you. So stay. I beg you."
She's silent. Even her breath grew shallow. She's trying her best not to make any sound.
"... I...."
"I want to stay too. I... don't want to leave. I think I've come to like this world. It's clean air. Giant forests. But Mary... Mary is suffering."
"Just until tomorrow. I swear I'm going to settle this tomorrow."
"How can you be so sure? What if... If something happens to you? Dealing with that other Mary... Won't it be dangerous? Why are you so eager to take the risk?"

[ ] "Because I love her."
[ ] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."
[ ] "Because nothing will break me. I'm going to kill everybody who stands on my way."
>> No. 8204
[ ] "Because I love her."

>> No. 8205
[z] "Because I love her."
>> No. 8206
[x] "Because I love her."

Aha I can't wait to see Renko's reaction to this.
>> No. 8207
[ ] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."
>> No. 8208
[X] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."
[X] "I'm going to make sure you can live in this world that you love."

We're going to be a hero.
>> No. 8209
[x]"Because I love her."
>> No. 8210
[X] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."

Well, I don't love Mary, but...
>> No. 8211
[x] "Because I love her."


Last playthrough I would've definitely chosen the third, "I'll kill them all!" option, but this Nanaya seems more of a softy.
>> No. 8212
[X] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."

Renko and Maribel can both be part of our family!
>> No. 8213
[x] "Because I love her."
>> No. 8214
[ ] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."

>> No. 8215
[X] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."

Nobody hasn't explained what's so great about Mary. She's just cunning woman with big breasts and possible incest option.
Renko on the other hand... Has small breasts.
>> No. 8216
[x] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."
>> No. 8217
[X] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."
>> No. 8218
File 121156818636.jpg - (13.33KB , 330x333 , accloud.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Has small breasts.

Yeah, that's a fact. What about it?
>> No. 8219
[ ] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."
>> No. 8220

He has good taste.


Why not?
>> No. 8221
[X] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."

We had both Suika and Reimu last time, no reason we can't have both Renko and Maribel. And Yukari. And possibly the other Yakumo family members.
>> No. 8223

>> No. 8224
What is this sudden influx of haremfaggotry.
>> No. 8225
Dammit. I wanted the Yukari route.
>> No. 8226
[X] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."
[X] "I'm going to make sure you can live in this world that you love."
>> No. 8227
Isn't the closest thing to Yukari route the 'Family Ties' route? In that case, we should still be on it.
>> No. 8228
[X] "Because I love you. Both of you. That's why I'm going to do it."

"Because... I love you." She stops moving. "I love both of you. Mary and Ren... I love them. That's why I'm going to do it. I don't care about the risk. I'm going to do it."
"Love?" she remarks with disbelief "Are you sure? Love? Isn't that a little bit too much? We've only met yesterday. I know Mary feels familiar to you, but... Love? I can't believe it. You're just bluffing, right?"
"I'm not. I... don't know why, but I get this feeling... I don't want to leave you. I don't want to see you hurt. Isn't that what you call 'love'?"
Renko pulls back a little. She looks up at your face, biting her lip.
"I can't believe it. Love is not something so simple. You're lying."
"I'm not."
"Please, be serious. I'm worried about you. Are you really going to take the risk just to protect a person you've met yesterday? And call it love?" she shakes her head "It's not love. It's foolishness. Even if you have the power to to that, it's ridiculous. I can't believe it." She breaks out from your embrace and stands up. "You're either crazy or just stupid. Love. Really."
She turns away and approaches the door.
What is she thinking? To deny you like that... To deny your love... Your pure feelings... How can she...
"THAT'S WHY!" It's too much. You're pissed. Angry. How could she just like that... "THAT'S WHY I HATE OUTSIDE WORLD! People can't even trust in others' feelings! Are you really so blinded by your arrogance, Renko Usami?! Let me say this again." You stand up "I LOVE Mary. And you can do FUCKING nothing about that. Do you understand?! NOTHING." She shakes her head. "Whatever you say, whatever you do, you WILL NOT take away my love! Do you understand?!"
"You really are crazy."
"No! YOU are the crazy one! Blinded with your own arrogance, with your own disbelief! That's why I hate mankind!"
She shakes her head again.
"I think Reimu's calling you. Come on."
Then, she leaves.

Dinner passed in silence. Mary was just eating mechanically, in an almost robotic way. She really is... absent. Like if she really wasn't here. You HAVE to do something with that. Just wait till tomorrow, Renko, I'll show you!
Neither you or her speak up. Reimu seems to sense the atmosphere and just chats quietly with Marisa.
What a dreary dinner...

After that, it's already dark. Everyone has returned to their rooms. And so have you. Laying down on your futon, your thoughts are filled with anger. How could she turn you down just like that, after you had been so honest... What the hell was she thinking?! That girl! Fuck, she could've pretty much killed you in that forest if it wasn't for your senses! Doesn't that make her owe you something? An apology perhaps? You've went through trouble to teach her how to fight, gave her advices, fuck, you even made her taste the pleasure of kissing! And she... Just like that...
Rolling around, something catches your eyes.
That leaflet again.
How to kill someone with your bare hands.
What a fucking bullshit. What the hell were they thinking?! Fucking bastards. If you could get them in your grip...
What a shitload of fuck.
Your head filled with angry thoughts, you feel drowsiness slowly slipping inside your head. Giving in to this pleasant feeling, you fall asleep.
>> No. 8229
next part in writing
>> No. 8231
Oh, nothing. Small breasts are fine. And Renko is awesome othervise too.
>> No. 8232
So who else saw that coming?
>> No. 8233
Shiiiit. Nanaya spent too much time training Blade and Acrobatics, and not enough time training Speechcraft. Looks like Renko's disposition just took a hit.
>> No. 8234
File 121156992966.jpg - (5.97KB , 285x365 , blood.jpg ) [iqdb]
Waking up, you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. It appears to be a village of sorts. In front of you is a short building with a signboard that simply says "Pub". It's dark. Middle of the night. Lights are on inside and you can hear people talking and laughing inside.
Your hands are wet. Your sleeves are drenched. In your hand, you're clutching a bloodstained wallet. Red liquid drips from your fingertips and falls to the ground. Whose blood is this?
Well, it doesn't matter.

Walking inside the pub, your senses are bombarded with sounds and smells. Hoarse voices talking about unsignificiant shit like farming and their families. Someone's singing a stupid song about beer. And over this whole pathetic scene, stench of beer and sweat hovers, like a cloud of importunate insects. Peplorable. You're disgusted. They should all die. Those pathetic beings don't even deserve to live.
But what would a spider do if there are no flies around?
Searching for a free seat, you find only one. In the corner of this stinky hall, there's one free seat. There's someone sitting at the table already, but there's still one chair free.
"This seat free?"
Black haired man... Perhaps around your age... doesn't even look up and nods.
"Mind if I take it?"
You sit down.
He's just an ordinary youth, coming to a pub to waste himself. Pathetic.
A guy in black apron approaches you.
"How can I help you?"
"How about you hang yourself?"
He frowns.
"Listen, if you've come here to threaten people, just get the fuck out. You wanna drink or not?"
"Alright. Vodka. Lots of it."
"Hey." The black haired man speaks up. "Care to order one for me?"

[ ] "Sure. Always glad to help my neighbour." after all, it's not your money
[ ] "Get lost."
>> No. 8235
>"I'm sorry to say this, but I think I will leave Gensokyo after all."
>"You really are crazy."

I don't think we convinced her to stay Anon. Now she's going to take away the only person we've managed to build up notable affection points with. She's going to ruin everything. You know what you have to do.

[ ] KILL
>> No. 8236
[x] "Get lost."

Are we getting our first taste of mindfuckery?
>> No. 8238
I get the feeling that that's Red, but...

[X] "Sure. Always glad to help my neighbour." After all, it's not your money.

Even if we killed for the wallet, might as well be the one almost-decent person here.

Also, was there a way to avoid that little scene with Renko? I can't imagine she would have reacted all that differently if we had said we loved Mary. Or if we had embraced our dark side and voiced our love of murder.
>> No. 8239
[ ] "Sure. Always glad to help my neighbour." after all, it's not your money
>> No. 8240
[x] "Get lost."
>> No. 8241
[ ] "Sure. Always glad to help my fellow butcher." after all, it's not your money
>> No. 8242
[ ] "I need the level-ups."
>> No. 8243
[x] "Sure. Always glad to help my neighbour." After all, it's not your money.
>> No. 8244
[ ] "Sure. Always glad to help my neighbour." after all, it's not your money.

Guess we switched from Family to CATASTROPHE pretty quickly.
>> No. 8245
File 121157083810.jpg - (31.74KB , 112x147 , SHIKI(2).jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Sure. Always glad to help my neighbour." After all, it's not your money.

Having a friendly drink with our fellow killer? Fuck yes, you're the best brother ever.
>> No. 8246

>> No. 8247

Nah, it's not CATASTROPHE. That wouldn't have happened unless we were a complete and total asshole when dealing with Reimu. We tried to comfort her, and we've been reasonably amiable. I'm fairly certain that the CATASTROPHE route mostly has to do with us and Reimu trying to kill each other, culminating in angry hatesex.
>> No. 8248
File 121157118976.jpg - (86.69KB , 640x480 , SHIKI.jpg ) [iqdb]
It doesn't have to be like that! It can be like that side-story in KT where we cast aside our hatred for each other and have a friendly, drunken conversation about life and such with each other, and see Red in a new light.
Or maybe I'm just too optimistic.
>> No. 8249
Shit. We're pulling a Mary, here. This is the other 'us', getting some POV while we sleep.

[x] "Sure. Always glad to help my neighbour." After all, it's not your money.
>> No. 8250
File 121157246962.jpg - (50.21KB , 600x461 , blood_splatter.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Sure. Always glad to help my neighbour." after all, it's not your money

"Sure." after all, it's not your money. "One vodka for this man. Wait, make it two. And two for me. And no glasses. Don't want to catch any nasty shit."
"Sir, I--"
"Shut the fuck up! You got your order, now get going!"
He steps back.
"C-certainly. I'll be back in a minute."
Then he runs off.
"Thanks, man. There was a guy before you, you know... He refused to buy me a drink."
You smirk "What happened to him?"
"Well. Heh. You could say he lost his head for me."
Both of you chuckle at this half-assed joke. Why does it even amuse you?
"I knew you're my kind on the spot. You give that kind of feeling."
Your lips automatically speak those words. You don't get it. Why did you...
"Your kind?" you see a glimmer of red from under his fringe "So, you are 'it' too?"
"'It' being...?"
You mentally choke at the mention of that word. Your body, though, doesn't react negatively. Just the opposite. You can feel a smirk crawling onto your lips.
"Heh. I guess we always sense each other, huh? No one knows the criminal better than himself..."
"Your drinks."
The waiter returns with a tray with four bottles on it. After leaving them on the table, he quickly makes his way back behind the counter. Black-haired takes one of the bottles and shatters it's neck by hitting it against table's edge. Heh, that's an amusing way to open a bottle.
He gulps down the contents in an instant.
"You a strong drinker, huh?"
As if to mock him, you carefully open your vodka and take a sip.
"Alcohol's for getting drunk, not for enjoying."
"Whatever." you slowly drink your vodka while Black-haired downs the second bottle.
"So, anyways. What's ya name?"
"Me?" you answer suprised "I don't have a name. I'm just a spider webbing in the darkness."
He chuckles "Come on. You must have a name."
"Alright. You can call me Nanaya. Seven Nights. Seven for short."
"Seven. It's a displeasure to meet you. I'm Red." he reaches out his hand to you. Under his too long fingernails, you can see remains of what seems to be meat. Heh, what an uncivilised fellow.
Nevertheless, you shake his hand.
"Bad to meet you too, Red." You open up the second bottle. "So, anyways. You from here?"
"No." he returns to his previous position, his head hanging low above the table. "I live with a woman in the forest."
"With a woman, huh? What kind of woman would like to feed such a monster?"
He chuckles again.
"Sharp tongue, huh? Heheh. No, it's more like... I tricked her into taking me home. You know, just acted all weak and pathetic for a while and she was all over me. Women."
"Women." you take a sip "Indeed. Women are despicable beings."
He grins.
"I see you had bad experiences with them too?"
"Heh. Ya have to show them their place. I did."
You can't help but smirk. With each moment, you like this guy more and more.
"Oh, nothing much. Just showed her what happens if she opposes me. You could say, heh, I've pretty much totally brainwashed her."
Both of you burst with laugher.
"Really. And?"
"Whenever I get back home, she crawls under my feet, begging for more torture and violation. I am ready to bet that she gets wet when she hears the front door opening."
"Hahaha! You're great! Magnificent! I like you!"
"It's not that much. I just made her turn into a horny bitch. That's all. If you could see her beg me to fuck her over and over again... Hahah!"
"Hahaha! I can see that, man! You're really impressive. I couldn't do that with mine women."
"Women? You have more than one?"
"Two, actually. But my... let's call it a soft side... It's my other personality. He's just a giant wimp. Seriously, he doesn't deserve this body. He should've just let me do the business."
"Split personality, huh? What a fitting disease for a murderer."
"Tell me about it. So... You're not normal either. I can sense it. Are you a youkai?"
He laughs.
"You have good eyes. But no, only a half youkai. And guess who's my dear mother."
Your face stretches in a grin.
"Don't tell me..."
"Yes, she. The same person that begs me to fuck her every day."
"You're a sick one."
"So I am."
"Hahaha! Damn, I really like you."
"And you?"
"Same. Half youkai."
"What are your powers?"
"Oh, very simple, yet very useful. See that guy over here?"
Your arm points to a sleeping guy on the opposite side of the pub.
"I do."
"Look at this."
Then, your body moves just a little bit and returns to previous position.
"And? That's all?"
"Take a look at his neck and wrists."
Red takes his hair off his eyes. 'You' get a clear look at his fiery-red irises. What a suiting colour for a killer. Too bad your eyes are dark blue. It would be really nice to have terrifying eyes like that.
He chuckles.
"I see! He's already dead! You cut his neck and wrists without even moving from here! Impressive!"
"No. I did move from here."
"Did you?"
"Yes. I'm just... that fast."
"Ho, ho... Really, REALLY, impressive."
"And yours? What are your powers?"
"I have strength."
"Everyone has."
"Mine is way bigger than your ordinary strength. I can crush rocks with my bare hands."
"And that is all?"
"No. I can also... Stretch my arms really far. It's hard to explain. It seems one of my veins is longer than the others and much more resilien. I just need to rip my skin, muscles and break my bones and I can stretch my arm at distance of 10 meters."
"Sounds painful."
"Not really. There comes my third treat. I can regenerate from any wound in a short time. As long as my head remains intact, I can revive over and over again."
Your clap your hands.
"You're an amazing one."
"So are you."
"Right. We murderers have to stick together."
"You're wrong. Just the opposite actually. We shouldn't even meet with each other."
"I see you're not stupid. You've passed the exam. I'll let you live."
"Heh. You think you could kill me?"
"I could. And you could kill me. We're pretty even here."
"Let it be then."
You stand up.
"Goin already?"
"Have some things to do. Good hunting."
"Good hunting, brother."

>> No. 8251
>> No. 8252
File 121157272648.gif - (9.28KB , 285x365 , blood_splatter_donor.gif ) [iqdb]
You wake up drenched in sweat. You had a horrible nightmare. Though you can't really remember what it was, you can tell it was horrible. Your whole body is wet, your clothes too. Your clothes... Drenched... Drenched in red... Red...
No, it's not... It can't be...?!
Blood. It's blood. On your sleeves. On your shirt. Blood. Frantically examining your body, you discover no wounds. Then... It's not your blood... That means...
Looking around, you see a bloodstained wallet.
I cannot be....
Sudden knocking makes you jump up in shock.
"Nanaya? You awake? Can I come in?"
It's Reimu.

[ ] "Just a moment!" take off the bloodstained shirt, hide it in the cupboard with the wallet
[ ] "Just a moment!" Hide shirt and wallet under your futon
[ ] "Come in." ingore shirt and wallet, it has to be an illusion
>> No. 8253
[ ] "Just a moment!" Hide shirt and wallet under your futon
>> No. 8254
[x] "Come in." ingore shirt and wallet, it has to be an illusion

Well, that solves the money problem.
>> No. 8255
[x] "Just a moment!" Hide shirt and wallet under your futon

Shiiiit. Also, do not want to be Bad End'd by Reimu.
>> No. 8256
[x] "Just a moment!" Hide shirt and wallet under your futon
>> No. 8257

You faggot... and we don't have extra clothes, either.

[ ] "Come in." ingore shirt and wallet, it has to be an illusion

I'm going to pick this, if Nanaya's going to try to explain the dream (the less insulting parts) to Reimu.
>> No. 8258
[x] "Come in." ingore shirt and wallet, it has to be an illusion
>> No. 8259
[x] "Just a moment!" Hide shirt and wallet under your futon
>> No. 8260
[X] "Just a moment!" take off the bloodstained shirt, hide it in the cupboard with the wallet
>> No. 8261
[ ] "Come in." ingore shirt and wallet, it has to be an illusion
>> No. 8262
That's it.

Red dies. Not even going to torture him - he dies fast, just so that the world doesn't have to put up with that smear on it any longer than necessary.
>> No. 8263

>[ ] "Come in." ingore shirt and wallet, it has to be an illusion


[X] "Just a moment!" take off the bloodstained shirt, hide it in the cupboard with the wallet

You roll a futon up when you're done using it, amirite?
>> No. 8264
[X] "Just a moment!" Hide shirt and wallet under your futon
Red that fucker, too bad we killed him so painless in the last Route, this time we have to do it slower, kill him and save our Mother, that has to be our goal.
>> No. 8265
[X] Try to answer, but just curl up and cry really loudly. This isn't right. This isn't right at all.
>> No. 8266

Don't get caught up in your emotions. He dies as quick as possible.

The best killer is the one that can divorce himself of his emotions. Red enjoys killing so much that it will be his undoing. Those who can become dead inside are the ones that can spread death best.

When the time comes we will be empty of emotion, we can pour everything into destroying him. Every last fragment of our being. By the time we're through there won't even be a soul to salvage from him.
>> No. 8267
File 121157412718.jpg - (190.55KB , 900x900 , 1208387340378.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Just a moment!" Hide shirt and wallet under your futon

"Just a moment!"
Damn it, at a time like this... Quickly taking off your shirt, you slide in under your futon. Same with the wallet.
"What are you doing there?"
"Just wait a second?"
Now you have nothing to wear besides your pants. Well, shit, you'll have to greet Reimu half-naked.
"Alright, come in."
The door slides open.
"Listen, we have to-- Why the hell aren't you wearing a shirt?"
Reimu stops in her tracks and stares at your naked chest. What is that face? Suprised for sure, but...
"Ah, that... Uh... It got dirty... And I sleep without shirt anyway..."
You try to make an excuse. Reimu continues to stare.
"Sure... I understand... There should be... A shirt in that cupboard... I always have some spare clothes in case guests come..." She's acting like hypnotized, staring at your naked chest with blank face. "So put on one... I guess..."
You search the cupboard and find a kimono top. It clashes a bit with your jeans, but it has to suffice. Reimu sighs with relief.
"So, what is it?"
"We're... We're going to the human village."
You hulp with astonishment.
"W-why human village?"
"I've talked with Marisa yesterday. She told me that something happened in Yakumo household. Ran and Chen, Yukari's shikigami, were driven out and now live in human village. We're going to check up on them and investigate what happened. Don't worry about Mary and Renko, I asked Mima to take care of them."
"Thanks. What time is it anyway?"
"Early morning. They're still asleep."
"That's good. Let's go then."
"We're going to fly. You can't fly, right?"
"Not really."
"Okay, I'm going to carry you."

The flight was an amazing experience, the pleasant feeling increased by the fact that you were holding onto Reimu's hand the whole way, but... Your head was too full of thoughts to enjoy it.

When you finally arrive there, Reimu lands in the middle of what seems to be a market street. There's a little crowd in front of one of the buildings.
"Let's go."
Reimu directs her steps in direction of that crowd.

[ ] Follow her.
[ ] "Reimu, let's... uh, try another way, okay?"
>> No. 8268
[ ] Follow her.
>> No. 8269
[ ] Follow her.

Can't get killed around the shrine maiden, 'rite?
>> No. 8270
[x] Follow her.
>> No. 8271
[x] Follow her.
>> No. 8272
>>Ran and Chen, Yukari's shikigami, were driven out and now live in human village

Has this been one of the differences between this time and last? Or has this happened before and we didn't know about it?
>> No. 8273
[X] Follow her.
Is it time for the Final battle against Red yet?
>> No. 8274
[x] Follow her.

Will we be recognized? Let's find out!
>> No. 8275
>Ran and Chen, Yukari's shikigami, were driven out and now live in human village.
Mindfuck route indeed. "WUT" moments galore.

[x] Follow her.
>> No. 8276
[X] Follow her.

I fully expect Ran to try and kill us on sight, granted.
>> No. 8277

I'm thinking if YAF never mentioned it to us in the first playthrough that it never happened. Or it might have happened but it wasn't important at the time. We were busy trying to get it on with Reimu after all.
>> No. 8278

Last time, Yukari wasn't brainwashed. She didn't even know that Red was fooling her. Would 'normal' Yukari throw out Chen and Ran? I don't think so.
>> No. 8279

Before further questions, there is one factor that made it possible for Red to brainwash Yukari. And Naya was the one that brought that factor to Gensokyo.
>> No. 8280
So this means that Yukari will not just stand by this time when we fight Red. At least we have Ran and Chen with us when we go up against the two, with Reimu, Marisa and Alice this should be possible to win.
>> No. 8281

Damnit, we really should have increased Speechcraft, shouldn't we? We can talk her out of her crazy, right?
>> No. 8282
The oppai ball?
>> No. 8283
Shit. We weakened Yukari by bringing in Maribel, to the degree that Red could do brainwashing? Dammit.
>> No. 8284

What is it? The existence of her sons?
>> No. 8285
[X] Follow her.

It's alarming that there's a crowd at such an early hour, but... It has nothing to do with you, right? Following Reimu silently, you get closer to the crowd.
("What happened?"
"Somebody got killed!"
"That's the second one today..."
"What's happened here?")
Bits of conversations reach your ears as you pass the villagers.
("The previous one..."
"In his own house, right?"
"That's terrible."
"Hey, look, that guy!"
"Which one?")
Oh shit.
("He was here yesterday!"
"Yeah, I've seen him!")
Reimu, completely ignoring the shouts, presses forward. She's not interested at all.
("It's him, I'm sure!")
"Hey, you!"
One of the people in the crowd yells at you.

[ ] Stop
[ ] Don't stop
>> No. 8286
[X] Don't stop
>> No. 8287
[x] Don't stop
>> No. 8288
[X] Don't stop
Bloody hell.
>> No. 8289
[x] Don't stop
Lalala can't hear you
>> No. 8290
[x] Don't stop

Lalalalala, I can't heear yoouuu! Nothing happened.
>> No. 8291

I'm assuming that same factor will be what allows us to break his hold over her.

Oh, Mary...
>> No. 8292
[x] Don't stop

>> No. 8293
[x] Don't stop
>> No. 8294
>> No. 8295
[x] Don't stop

Keep walking.
>> No. 8296
[ ] Don't stop

Holy shit, this route's fucked up. So now we have to deal with:

a) our instinct (Lv. 99)
b) Yukari, our own mother (Lv. 99)
c) Red (Lv.80)

Even with her shikigami and Reimu (and maybe Suika and Mima), this is going to be hard as hell.
>> No. 8297
Ran and Chen are immediately going to attack us since we look like Red. It will be awesome. I like this route.
>> No. 8298
We can force Yukari's level down a notch, since Yukari's weakened/asleep when Maribel's awake.

Let's hope we can weather Chen and Ran's fury. They're not going to like us, considering our appearance. And our craziness will not help us on that count.
>> No. 8299
We should befriend Red and have a threesome with him and Yukari, kill him when he's not looking, so we have her for only us.
>> No. 8300
[X] Don't stop

You have nothing to do with that. Nothing to do with that. It was just a dream! A bad dream! That's why... Don't stop. Don't look back. They're not calling out to you.
That's right. It's not you. You've never been here before.
"Hey, stop!"
He's not talking to you. Ignore him. Ignore him. Ignore, ignore, ignore, ignoreignoreignoreignoreignore...
"I'm telling you to stop!"
That someone catches your shoulders.
You can't just run now.
Slowly turning around, you take a deep breath.
"What do you want?"
The guy holding your shoulder is much older than you. And bigger.
"You. You've been here yesterday, right?"
You hear Reimu stopping behind you. Yes! Help me, Reimu!
"Excuse me. What are you doing?"
Reimu approaches that guy with a scowl.
"Ah, miss Hakurei. You see, we had a murder at the pub yesterday. And this guy here" he points at you "Is a suspect."
Reimu frowns.
"He? He's never been here before. This guy is my guest and never once left my shrine. I can vouch for him."
"No, miss Hakurei. I know what I've seen. He's been there."
"Listen here, bastard." Reimu takes a step forward. The guy holding you pulls back a little "I repeat, he's never been here. I can vouch for him. Or do you want to question my authority?"
"N-no, of course no, miss Hakurei."
"What's the commotion about anyway?"
"Jose- I mean, one of the villagers got killed. Someone sliced his neck and wrist while he was out cold after drinking. Poor man couldn't even see it coming."
"Get to the point."
"Y-yes. Some of us have seen this guy here" Reimu coughs "SOMEONE THAT LOOKED LIKE HIM yesterday night."
"Is that all?"
"Then, you want to accuse a person who's never been here just because he resembles someone you've seen, while most probably being drunk like a pig, is that right?"
"Miss Hakurei--"
"I think it's settled. Dismissed."
"I said dismissed. Move along!"
The guy lets go of your shoulder and walks back to the crowd. Reimu grabs a hold of your wrist and pulls you away.
"If it's the work of your look-alike..."
"I... I think it's possible."
"We'll settle that later."

Finally, you arrive at an ordinary house near the border of the village, very close to forest. Reimu boldly approaches the door and knocks on it.

[ ] "Reimu, go in alone. I'm going to keep watch."
[ ] Just stand behind her
>> No. 8301

We'll have to convince them, but that might not be so hard, IF we're allowed to mention Yukari from what we know in the last game and the depths of our mind.

>> No. 8302
[ ] Just stand behind her
>> No. 8303
You know, Nanaya should be able to put two and two together by now...

1) Red-Eye = crazy evil bastard
2) Person with red eyes is assaulting Dream-Mari
3) Dream-Mari looks like Yukari
4) Yukari's shikigami were kicked out
5) Red-Eye is boning his mom
Red-eye = Dream-Mari's tormentor
Dream-Mari = Yukari
Nanaya = going to catch some shit now
>> No. 8304
[X] Just stand behind her
>> No. 8305
[x] "Reimu, go in alone. I'm going to keep watch."

'Cause I don't want Ran leaping for Nanayanon's throat the second the door is opened.
>> No. 8306
[ ] Just stand behind her

We need to use Charm.
>> No. 8307
[x] Just stand behind her

He might be outside waiting to ambush us or he might be inside waiting to ambush us.

>> No. 8308
[x] Just stand behind her
MUST stay near Miko.
>> No. 8309
[X] Just stand behind her
Oho why not kill ourselves
>> No. 8310

The name Yukari has already been mentioned by Reimu. Nanaya should be able to make the series of realizations in >>8303 .
>> No. 8311
The climatic battle for Yukari's mind is going to be a lot like a mix between Lavos (PROTIP: shoot the bits (party members, HEADSHOT Red)) and Giygas (PROTIP: pray (talk to Yukari)), isn't it?
>> No. 8312
[x] Just stand behind her
>> No. 8313
[x] Just stand behind her
>> No. 8314
Where is Yaffy, we need more Yaffy.
>> No. 8315
>Lavos (PROTIP: shoot the bits (party members, HEADSHOT Red)) and Giygas (PROTIP: pray (talk to Yukari)), isn't it?

>> No. 8316

Red got 'im.
>> No. 8317
File 121157666358.png - (3.71KB , 334x322 , YAFFYtea.png ) [iqdb]

Yes? What can I do for you?
>> No. 8318

Hey. Hey, Yaffy.

Can we recover Yukari's mind and save her from brainwashing? Can we do that?
>> No. 8319

Bosses from RPGs. Lavos is from Chrono Trigger - his Bits are supporting units which make the battle bitch hard, while Giygas (Earthbound/Mother 2) is basically invincible, and can only be killed by praying for help from the earth.

I have a feeling you've composed a magnificent boss battle for us, YAF, you sonofabitch.
>> No. 8321
Can we kill Red and take his place in abusing Yukari night for night?
>> No. 8322
Well, it sure looks like we triggered the flag for Red.
>If you trigger a TWIN flag (which was eating on the front steps in your previous playthrough), then Mima will be killed.
It was nice knowing you, Mima. ;_;
>> No. 8323
File 121157696998.png - (3.79KB , 334x322 , YAFFYtea.png ) [iqdb]

Hm, can you, I wonder? I guess that with a little help from someone who knows her best... It may be possible. But is Yukari the one you need to 'fix'?
>> No. 8324
My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 8325

Are you saying we need to somehow fix Mary?
>> No. 8326
[X] Just stand behind her

Deciding it would be best to stand behind Reimu in case 'something' happens, you do so. Meanwhile, she knock on the door again.
"Yeah, right there!"
Someone says from the other side of the door. It's a rather young voice, almost that of a kid.
Door opens, revealing a small girl with cat ears sticking out from under a green cap on her head. It has to be Yakumo Chen. She looks up at Reimu.
"Ah, Reimu! It's nice of you to come and visit us! Who's that behi--"
Chen's eyes widen. Her mouth closes and opens like that of a fish taken out from water.
"----a---- You----- A--"
She can't let out a word. Her eyes get teary.
Reimu glances inside the house.
Before you're able to react, a yellow flash emerges from inside the house. Knocked back, you fall down on your ass. Something pushes you down. It's too fast to follow with sight.
Sitting on top of you, there's a woman with fox ears. Her red eyes glimmer with anger... No, rather fury. Her clawed hand is hovering millimeters above your throat. Damn, she's fast. You couldn't even THINK about reacting.
"Ran, calm down. Look at his eyes. Eyes, Ran."
The woman sitting on top of you pants heavily. You can clearly see her sharp fangs.
Her breathing gradually calms down. Her expression changes, but her hand remains where it is.
In steely tone, she blurts out this one word.
"Ran, calm down. He's not him. That's why we're here. Calm down. Now. His eyes."
The woman... Ran Yakumo, stares into your eyes. Slowly, with an almost unnoticable movement, she removes her hand from your throat.
"That's right, Ran. It's not him."
"I... see that..."
Ran slowly stands up, still looking in your eyes.
"Ran, let's go inside. Chen is on the verge of crying. Give her a hug. Come on. Ran."
"Yeah... You're right, Reimu."
Ran walks back inside the house and picks up Chen on her way. Reimu gestures you to follow.

All of you sit in what seems to be a living room. Reimu boldly pours herself a cup of tea. It looks like she's the only one relaxed here. Chen's sitting cuddled up to Ran's tails, the latter stares intensively at your eyes, while you yourself try to be as quiet as possible.
"So." Reimu begings to talk after taking a sip "From your reaction, I suppose you've found out the reason of my visit."
Damn, her voice is cold.
"That's right. She... Something's happened to her, right?" Ran nods. Reimu takes another sip "This guy here... You know him, right?" Nod "Well then, I have to suprise you. It's not him."
"I know. I said I know him, before he resembles that one."
"Only in looks though. I assure you, he's harmless."
"If he tries to do anything suspicious--"
"He won't."
"If he tries--"
"Ran, calm the fuck down. He only looks like him."
"I'm listening."
"Straight to business. Just as I like. Well, listen then."

Reimu tells Ran your and Mary's story. Ran listens carefully, not once interrupting.
"That's all. What do you think?"
"I think it'll be best if I tell you Yukari-sama's story then. Five years ago, an outsider appeared in front of our house. For reasons unknown, Yukari-sama decided to take care of him. Then let him stay. She's grown fond of him throughout all these years. Then, a few days ago... Yukari-sama's changed. She... stopped acting like herself. She... she started having... intercourses with that guy every day. Soon after, she simply told us to get out." Ran grits her teeth "I couldn't believe it. When I asked why, she simply told me that that guy... He ordered her. She didn't want to talk. She just gapped me and Chen out of the house. Then we moved here. That's all. And now, you show up, with a guy who resembles the one responsible for Yukari-sama's... change. I demand an explanation, Reimu."
Reimu sighs.
"I've told you everything I know. The rest... We have to figure out."
"We can't do anything. That guy... Yukari-sama gave him a portion of her power."
Reimu's eyes widen.
"Gave him power? You mean...?"
"Yes, I just told you, weren't you listening?"
Reimu whistles. "Now that's unexpected for Yukari to just give out her power like that..."
"That's not all. That guy, he managed to make this power grow with every day. I don't know what his current abilities are. One thing's for sure - even I am afraid of facing him right now. That guy--"
"Red." Your lips speak on their own. Reimu and Ran fall silent, directing their suprised stares at you. "His name is Red. I've... met him before. In a dream. Though I'm not sure if it really was a dream..."
"What do you mean?"
Reimu leans towards you with worried face.

[ ] Tell them about that dream, say what your theories are
[ ] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are
[ ] Try to change the subject
>> No. 8327

He could mean that we have to "fix" Red with that wonderful knife of ours.
>> No. 8328
Well, if you mean in the sense of saying "Oh, I'll fix you but GOOD" to Red, then yeah, we should fix him.
>> No. 8330
[ ] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are
[ ] "I want to kill him too. That slime... violated, twisted someone who could be my mother. Let me come with you. Let me come and end him."
>> No. 8331
[x] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are

No need for them to know about true nature yet.
>> No. 8332
[X] Tell them about that dream, say what your theories are
We have nothing to hide here.
Right into his skull.
>> No. 8334
[ ] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are
[ ] "I want to kill him too. That slime... violated, twisted someone who could be my mother. Let me come with you. Let me come and end him."
>> No. 8335
[X] Tell them about that dream, say what your theories are.

We will be killing him. We will be saving Mary. We will be saving Yukari.

There are no other options.
>> No. 8336
[ ] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are
[ ] "I want to kill him too. That slime... violated, twisted someone who could be my mother. Let me come with you. Let me come and end him."
>> No. 8337
sounds better
[ ] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are
[ ] "I want to kill him too. That slime... violated, twisted someone who could be my mother. Let me come with you. Let me come and end him."
>> No. 8338
[ ] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are
>> No. 8339
[ ] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are
[ ] "I want to kill him too. That slime... violated, twisted someone who could be my mother. Let me come with you. Let me come and end him."
>> No. 8340
[ ] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are
[ ] "I want to kill him too. That slime... violated, twisted someone who could be my mother. Let me come with you. Let me come and end him."

Moar speechcraft plzkthanx
>> No. 8341
[z] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are
[z] "I want to kill him too. That slime... violated, twisted someone who could be my mother. Let me come with you. Let me come and end him."
>> No. 8342
[X] Tell them about that dream, leave out killing the sleeping guy, say what your theories are

Nothing to hide now.
"I've met him... Here, in the village. Last night. I had a dream that wasn't a dream. I went to the pub, and sat down at one of the tables. I say "I", but it wasn't really me. I was just observing. Then, I ordered some drinks. Four, two for me and two for that guy that was sitting there at that table. Then... We talked. He said he was a murderer. And told me... About what he did to someone who he claimed was his mother. I... That me in dream told him he's a murderer too, so they exchanged information about their abilities. I repeat, that wasn't me. I couldn't do anything. He said he... had a great strength. Enough to crush rocks with bare hands. Then, about the fact that he can stretch his arms on long distance. 10 meters to be exact. And finally, he told me that he could regenerate from any wound, as long as his head was intact. I think that's all."
Ran observes you carefully with narrowed eyes. Reimu on the other hand seems to be quite shocked.
"Then... When that guy said he had seen you... It was..."
You shrug. That little movement makes you feel a lot better after all those minutes of sitting still.
"I don't know. I might've acutally been there."
"Then, the one who killed that villager..."
"I don't know." you swallow after saying this lie
Reimu pulls back and sighs with relief.
"That's good... You made me think it was you for a moment here. Hahaha." she lets out a troubled laugh.
"So, what do you suggest, mister look-alike?"
Ran continues to stare at you.

[ ] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We don't know if we'll have to fight Yukari too. We need more information."
[ ] "Let's crush him. As soon as possible."
[ ] "I don't think we can do anything for Yukari."
>> No. 8345
[ ] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We have to save Yukari, but first we need more information."
>> No. 8346
[X] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We don't know if we'll have to fight Yukari too. We need more information."
[X] "And I think I might know where to start." Suggest heading back to the shrine. We need to find Mary.
>> No. 8348
[X] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We don't know if we'll have to fight Yukari too. We need more information."
[X] "And I think I might know where to start." Suggest heading back to the shrine. We need to find Mary.
>> No. 8349

Also, you can't count YAF?
>> No. 8350
[X] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We don't know if we'll have to fight Yukari too. We need more information."
[X] "And I think I might know where to start." Suggest heading back to the shrine. We need to find Mary.

>> No. 8351
[X] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We don't know if we'll have to fight Yukari too. We need more information."
[X] "And I think I might know where to start." Suggest heading back to the shrine. We need to find Mary.
>> No. 8352
[X] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We don't know if we'll have to fight Yukari too. We need more information."
[X] "And I think I might know where to start." Suggest heading back to the shrine. We need to find Mary.
>> No. 8353
[X] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We don't know if we'll have to fight Yukari too. We need more information."
[X] "And I think I might know where to start." Suggest heading back to the shrine. We need to find Mary.

Aha I hope YAF lets us do this.
>> No. 8354
[X] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We don't know if we'll have to fight Yukari too. We need more information."
[X] "And I think I might know where to start." Suggest heading back to the shrine. We need to find Mary.
>> No. 8355
Probably was no the time yet to mention that Yukari is our mother, that Red is our long lost brother and that we have split Personalities.
This route is better then the last.
>> No. 8356
We need a new thread too.
>> No. 8357
[X] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We don't know if we'll have to fight Yukari too. We need more information."
[X] "And I think I might know where to start." Suggest heading back to the shrine. We need to find Mary.
>> No. 8358
[X] "I suggest a game of chess. If i win, you ladies have to strip naked."
>> No. 8359


[X] "I suggest... We should end this. Though not yet. I need to find out more. We don't know if we'll have to fight Yukari too. We need more information."
[X] "And I think I might know where to start." Suggest heading back to the shrine. We need to find Mary.
>> No. 8360

Good luck against supercomputer Ran.
>> No. 8361
[x] "Let's crush him. As soon as possible."
>> No. 8362
>"And I think I might know where to start." Suggest heading back to the shrine. We need to find Mary.

Little did Nanayanon know, Red had already been to the shrine, killed Renko, and took Mary back to use as his sex toy like Yukari.
>> No. 8363

>> No. 8364

Wouldn't surprise me to see this event happen.
>> No. 8365

Well, then our next course of action is simple.
Get a pair of red contacts and sneak into Yukari's place when he goes out for the night. Meanwhile, Let Reimu and Ran deal with him.
>> No. 8366
Sounds hot.
>> No. 8367
Just go with this plan: Kill Red, take Red's place and abuse Yukari night for night.
>> No. 8368

Knew we shoud've maxed out her Blade skill.
>> No. 8369

But we're the hero. If we do that, we can't finish the Main Quest because we've broken the prophecy.
>> No. 8372
new thread


I lol'd.
>> No. 8424
I want to see this as a Bad End.