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[X] "Your neck. I'll be taking it." then kiss her neck

She's so cute when angry. Her slightly red cheeks, teary eyes, irritated expression. You love it. You love it all.
"Make your mind already!"
Lowering your voice, you whisper to her ear.
"You neck. I'll be taking it."
She wants to look at you, but it's too late. Touching her smooth skin with your lips, you kiss her slender neck.
"What are you-- ah!"
Wow, she really is sensitive. Just a kiss made her moan in pleasure.
"Stop it! I-- ahh! Don't--aahhnn!"
Her cute, childish voice fills the bathroom. Moving your lips all over her neck, kissing every little spot, you make your way lower and lower, towards her chest.
"We really shouldn't be doing that! Reimu's gonna be--aaaahhh?!"
Her body jerks up as you lick her left nipple, her voice breaking into a loud moan.
"Ah! Don't! Really, I--ahhn! Nhhnn!'
Amazing. She can't even control herself enough to say a full sentence. Well then, let's show her the ultimate pleasure. You reach to her crotch with your hand, and...
"Suuuuuuuuikaaa! Where are yooooouuu?!"
Reimu's voice.
"Tch! At the best moment..." you mumble, looking at the bathroom door.
Suddenly, it feels like there's much more empty space beneath you. Suika disappeared! You hear a loud thump as the bathroom's sliding door closes.
"Y-yes! I'm here!"
"I see. Having a bath at my expense again, huh? Nevermind, I have a favor to ask of you."
"What is it?"
"There's a... mess in the front yard. Our... guest overreacted a bit and got into a fight. Well, you will see the rest when you get there."
"So you basically want me to clean up?"
"Well, seeing that you are freeloading off me, I think it would be appropriate for you to actually do something for the shrine."
"Roger. I'll get to it right away."
"Wait! What did I tell you about running around naked! Get some clothes on you!"
"A-ah... Yes, okay."
"Is there something wrong? Your face is all red."
"N-nothing, ahaha!" an insecure laugh
"Is that so? Well, it's none of my business. Ah, and Suika?"
"Did you see our guest anywhere? I can't really find him anywhere..."
"Nanaya?" aw, what happened to that cute nickname? "I... I haven't seen him since morning. M-maybe he's wandered off somewhere, you know how those humans are..."
"I see. Well then, get to work. I'm going to look for him in the backyard. Wait a moment... Sui-- ah, she's already gone... Strange, did I tell her his name? Uh, no use thinking about that now. Let's go, let's go."

With that, voices settle down.

Damn it.

What were you thinking, letting your instincts take control? Suika may be a drunkard oni, but her mentality is still that of a child. And you did something like that to her...
"What is wrong with me...?"


Few minutes later, you walk out of the bath. Wiping yourself with one of the towels, you rummage through the baskets in the changing room. One of them contains clean, dry clothes, contents of the rest are now uninteresting to you.
Finding a hakama-like pair of pants, you put them on. Guess she doesn't always wear her miko outfit.
It's already afternoon when you finally exit the bath. Better go meet Reimu in the backyard, it wouldn't be too good if you made her angry.

"Ah, here you are. I was looking for you."
Waving her hand at you, she walks closer.
"You must be hungry, right? Well, I've prepared a dinner and I thought I could as well share it with you since you ARE my gues after all."
"Thanks, that's really--"
"BUT! Don't think I'm doing this for free! You will have to pay me back later somehow! Let's worry about that tomorrow though, because I'm hungry as well. Dining room is this way."
Dragging your feet behind Reimu, you follow her to the dining room.

The dinner is plain rice. Perfectly suiting your mood. Both you and Reimu keep silent throughout the meal, though she's doing it because of manners, while you're simply too depressed to start a conversation.
"Thanks for the food."
Finishing your bowl of rice, you mutter a silent thanks.
"I know it was plain, but I really have to keep my feeding expenses low. I'm not getting much donations these days and guys like the one in the morning aren't making it any easie... Oh, I'm sorry. You probably don't want to talk about that."
She looks at you with slightly worried eyes. How unusual of her, to be worried, even if it's a very weak kind of worry. Too bad you're not in the mood to appreciate that.
"No, it's okay. I... I think I got over it already."
"I see. You're a strong one, aren't you? I still remember my first time... I couldn't sleep for 3 days afterwards. All these nightmares made me scared of my own thoughts... Uh, sorry for this digression." she stands up "I am going to drink tea on the front steps. You can join me if you want."
With that, she leaves the room, sliding door close behind her.


Guys, I'm sorry to say that, but I'm visiting my mother's place today, and I'm probably going to stay over for one or two days. I have a computer there, but no internet connection, so I could always write a wall of text instead of few shorter fragments with choices.

5 votes decide the main theme of the wall.
Choices are:
[ ] Look for Suika, try to apologize
[ ] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk
[ ] Wander around shrine grounds, despair

>> No. 549
[x] Some more psycho action
>> No. 550
[x] Look for Suika, try to apologize

Delicious watermelon.
>> No. 551

Just pick a right option, you, you...DOUBLE ANON!
>> No. 552

Would you accept
[X] Wander around shrine grounds, traumatize some more riff-raff
>> No. 553
[X] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk
>> No. 554
[X] Wander around shrine grounds, look for that hot ghost, Mima.

The phrase "afternoon delight" in the Reimu option makes me waver, though, I must admit. Suika gets no apologies, because we're going to end up hitting on her later anyway.
>> No. 555
[X] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk
>> No. 556
[X] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk

She's killed? Can't say I quite expected that.
>> No. 557
[ ] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk
>> No. 558
[x] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk
>> No. 559
[x] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk
>> No. 560
File 120975642982.jpg - (83.16KB , 1024x640 , 1203546225690.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk

Do we still have bandages on?
If so, fuck yes, awesome, but unfitting.
>> No. 561
File 120975738283.jpg - (13.22KB , 184x236 , alicecry.jpg ) [iqdb]
>She's killed? Can't say I quite expected that.

>> No. 563
[X] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk
won. YAF has been informed. Expcet wall of text on sunday
>> No. 564
[x] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk

We need to give Suika some time. Also,


>> No. 565
[x] Look for Suika, try to apologize
>> No. 566
[ ] Wander around shrine grounds, despair

>> No. 567
You know, if we'd done something really despicable, I think Mima would have stopped us.

I don't... think... we need to apologize.

But I still want my drunk mue oni girl. ;_;
>> No. 568
Fuck no we're not apologizing; she would've killed us had circumstances been any different. And this is after we attempted to save her life (which of course wasn't in any actual danger).

And Oni probably don't even understand the concept of apology. She'll just think you're gloating over her, treating her like another human. Respect her damn Oni pride.
>> No. 569
What the hell, guys? I leave for a few hours, and anon molests an oni child? Y U DO DIS?
>> No. 570

And furthermore how can we allow such a minor to drink so heavily?!

Of course, murdering a man sits alright with you.
>> No. 571
>> No. 572
[ ] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, reminescence and talk
>> No. 573
I don't think there's hardly anyone who loves Reimu.
>> No. 575
I actually like this Raymoo. She is pretty hardcore.
>> No. 576
She is more Hardcore in this Story, more like the MiG Reimu. Gives no Shit about who lives or dies.
>> No. 577
i think Reimu is a pretty cool guy, eh overlooks murders and doesn't afraid of anything.
>> No. 578
YAF is the new Nasu, shit only needs more mollusk now.
>> No. 579
>only needs more mollusk now

y u do this
>> No. 580

It sounds like a good idea to me.
>> No. 581
File 120983101572.jpg - (33.03KB , 400x400 , assassins-creed-20070710000750338.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hay guys, I'm back from my mother's place. Wall of tex is prepared, just have to make a few corrections and I'll post it.

BTW, if you think it's too short, blame Ubisoft for making Assassin's Creed such an awesome game. Good for you I couldn't run it on my home PC so I won't be playing it 24\7 instead of writing.
>> No. 582
>>Assassin's Creed

Sounds like the repetivity hasn't caught up to someone yet

Get ready for a really lame ending
>> No. 583

Huh, I've only played it for w few hours when I was on my mother's PC. Probably won't be finishing it till I get a new rig. Crashan and laggan is unbearable.
>> No. 584

You start to get sick of doing the same thing around block 4 or 5. It's not terrible, but you stop playing for long spurts around there.
>> No. 585
File 120983326497.jpg - (198.37KB , 425x600 , 1208389607827.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Join Reimu in afternoon delight, talk and reminiscence

You sigh.
Suika seems to have ran off somewhere, her not being present at the dinner and all. It's not really that strange, considering what you did to her in the bath. Seriously, what's gotten into you? You've always despised the douchebags that treated women as cum dumpsters and now you've tried to force a girl into doing something she didn't want to do yourself.
Enough! There has to be something that would help to keep your mind busy. Something that-- oh, wait. What did Reimu say? Tea at the front steps?
"Well, it's better than nothing."
The conversation may at least occupy your thought processes so that you won't be constantly worrying and drowning in despair.

After finding your way to the front gate, you notice that the thief's body is already gone. Only a few bloodstains remain on the stones where it used to lie.
"Why did I even do that..."
Killing someone of your own kind... That youkai girl was a diffirent thing, she was trying to kill you, so you had a RIGHT to defend yourself. But this man... He was unarmed. Unprepared. His only target was the offering money from the donation box. He didn't DESERVE to die. Sure, he tried to threaten you and Reimu, but it's still not enough to make oneself deserve a death sentence. Yet you killed him with cold blood, and even tried to look cool afterwards by returning the donation money in a stylish fashion...
It seems as if you've gone insane the very moment you arrived at Gensokyo...
Or not?
After all, you've stalked Renko and Maribel just because they were talking about paranormal things. It's not how an ordinary human behaves, now is it? Does that mean you've been insane from... the very beggining?
"Hey, I'm over here!"
You hear Reimu's call.
Turning your head in her direction, you see that you've already passed the spot she was sitting on and actually continued to walk along, not noticing that.
"Ah, sorry. I was... Uh... Thinking about something."
"It had to be something very important, for you to be so deep in thought."
"Yes... It was important... In a way."
"I see. Come on, sit down, I'll pour you some tea."
And so you do. Reimu pours you a cup of green tea and hands it to you.
"Shhh, hot."
"Of course it's hot. Tea's not supposed to be drank cold, you know.
Both of you sip on the yellowish liquid without word, admiring the sight of late afternoon's sky. The sun has already started it's way towards the horizon, slowly flooding the world in a peaceful shade of red.
Reimu places her cup on the floor and looks at you. Her expression is quite hard to read, like she was hesitating about something.
She finally breaks the silence.
"Did something happen? You're not acting like yourself ever since I've returned from the inner sanctum. Has Suika walked in on you taking a bath?"
Her sudden question makes you spit your tea in shock.
"Wha-- wha-- what are you talking about?!"
"Ah, so she did... But is it really that bad? I mean, you look pretty down right now. I'd rather expect a young male like you to be happy about a girl walking in on you."
Haha. So that's your opinion about men, Reimu. Greedy, horny beasts that think only about seeing naked women. Well, you may not be that far off...
"N-no, that's not it... You see... We... Uh... We got into a little fight."
"And you lost? That's nothing to be ashamed about. She's an oni, no human can beat her in physical contest."
"Eh, you see... The problem is... I kind of won."
"Kind of?"
She closes one eye, glaring at you suspiciously with the other one.
"I'd rather not talk about that, really. Can we change the subject?"
Her stare continues for a while longer then she shrugs and sighs.
"I hope you didn't do anything... weird to her?"
"Wh-- Of course not! Who do you take me for?!"
"Fine. Just remember one thing: there ought to be no man at Hakurei shrine. If anyone learns about your presence here, or what's worse, that you flirted with women on the shrine grounds, there's gonna be an uproar in the human village. It may not appear so, but I'm a really respected person in Gensokyo, admired by both humans and youkai. So I'll appreciate it if it stays that way. Well then." she lays down on the floor, using her forearms as head pillows, giving you a nice view of her smooth armpits. You can't help but glance at her sideboob, still sexy despite being covered by sarashi.
"See, that's what I'm talking about."
Reimu grins in a vicious manner.
"More self-control, Nanaya. You can't be staring at every non-covered inch of a female body."
"Yeah, you may be saying that, but why aren't you changing your position even though you know I WILL be staring?"
"Whatever, let's talk now."
Now what was that about...
Trying your best to concentrate, you mutter a silent agreement.
"Can I decide the topic first?"
Well, why not.
"Sure, go ahead."
"How about..." she puts her finger to her lips "I want to talk about you. I've already heard about how and why you ended up here from those two-- ah, yes." noticing your sudden change in expression, she remembers something "Those two have already left. Back to the outside world, I suppose. They told me to 'take care of you' since you said you wanted to stay here... Well, how could I refuse? Leaving an injured human without any help is not a honorable thing for a priestess to do."
"Now that you mention it... I haven't thanked you properly yet."
"Don't sweat it, don't sweat it!" she waves her palm at you in dismissal "It's not a big deal, since you've already helped me once."
That thing again...
"Now, don't get all depressed on me. Hey, I thought you said you already got over it?"
"Yeah, that's right, but... Wait, how did you know it was my first time killing someone?"
"Huh?" she lifts herself up, looking at you with suprised face "What do you me-- ah, you mean what I said before the dinner?"
"Yeah, that."
She falls back to the floor.
"Well, that was merely a guess, but... There was... Something in your eyes after... it happened. Even though you acted all cool, there was some... insecurity in your eyes. You may have not felt it yourself, but your body can sometimes betray your true emotions. I think that's what made me sure it was your first time."
"I.. understand. I'm sorry. Making such a mess out of a such a trivial case..."
"What are you talking about? I mean, sure, you overreacted, but if it wasn't for you, I'd have to beg for food for tommorow's breakfast in the human village by now. Heh, okay, maybe not, but every little bit of money helps, and that bastard was trying to steal more that just a little bit."
She smiles at her own half-assed joke.
"So." she looks at you again, this time with mild curiosity "Tell me about your life before you came here. For some reason, I want to know more about you. You're an interesting one, I must say."
"My life? It wasn't really that exciting, I was just an ordinary university student, there's really nothing to talk about."
"Less whimpin, more talkin! Get to the point!"
"Argh, okay. I was born..."
>> No. 586
File 12098332952.jpg - (165.21KB , 800x794 , Reimu Hakurei022.jpg ) [iqdb]

After telling Reimu the story of your life, you both sip now cold tea in silence.
Reimu finally says.
"It wasn't an interesting story."
"Told ya so. Damn, there's no tea left."
"Not interesting at all. Let me make more. I'll be back in a moment."
Reimu enters the building through large sliding doors.
Taking advantage of this calm moment, you admire the red sunset. It was never so beautiful back home. Guess the border somehow intereferes with light and makes it travel much longer distances, flooding whole of Gensokyo in gentle vermillion.
For no particular reason, you take out your cellphone and look at the screen. It says it's only 3PM. Seems Gensokyo has it's own time zone. You set the clock at 7:30PM and as you're about to put it back into your pocket...
"Oh, it's one of those bleep-bleepy devices, isn't it?"
Whoa, Reimu's already back with fresh pot of tea.
There's a lock of black hair on your shoulder.
Reimu's leaning over you to see your cellphone. Her hair is brushing against the back of your neck and ear. Your heart suddenly speeds up as you notice Reimu's face is very close to yours. So close. One short move and she's already in your embrace, your lips locked in a passionate kiss. Then, pulling her closer, you could play with her silky hair as she sits in your lap, cuddling against your chest...
"I've seen one at Kourindou. What are they for again?"
Damn, you got carried away again.
"Uh... They're for, uh, communication. You can talk with people over long distances."
"Huh. Damn, if you want to talk with someone, why not just fly over to them? Really, you people on the outside sure got lazy over all these years."
'Yeah, like you're the one to say that' - you think to yourself.
"Is that all it can do?"
"Ah, no. It can also be used for taking pictures. There is a camera built into the back."
"A camera, is it? Like the one Aya has?"
"I suppose. Though from what I know, her camera is an old analog, while this is a digital camera with 3mpixel matrix, autofocus, and--" you notice Reimu's confused stare "Sorry, I'm kinda obsessed with all those new technologies. Some of the newest models have really amazing features. Flashligts, global localization systems, access to internet, all these obscure things have became all but a standard in today's cellular phone design... Shit, I got carried away again. Sorry."
"No problem. I'd like you to watch your tongue though. We're on a holy ground after all."
"Sure. Sorry."
"So what have you, people from the outside invented besides those cellular-pho-somethings?"
"Ah, that's going to take quite some time. You see, times have changed completely since the creation of the border."
"Don't we have a lot of time? You may as well start talking instead of complaining."
"Very well, let us begin then."
Sitting beside you, she fills two cups with fresh tea.

And so you tell Reimu a brief summary of all the important historical events that have happened since XIX century. Though she's clearly bored with historical talk, after changing the topic to modern inventions, she suddenly becomes more active.

"So how do you guys fly?"
"We've got planes and helicopters for that. They're usually big machines, powered by gasoline engines. Those engines spin the propellers, and well, you can start flying."
"Sounds very troublesome and uncomfortable to fly a thing like that. I'm really happy we've got magic here. It's much more convenient."

After asking a few more questions about planes and copters, Reimu turns to you and says.
"It's your turn now. What are we going to talk about?"
"Hmm... Since we were talking about me all the time until now, why don't we talk about you for a change?"
Reimu giggles.
"I somehow knew you'd say that."
"Wouldn't it be fair?"
"Yeah, I guess you're right. What do you want to know?"
"I dunno. Anything interesting."
"Heh, I have to disappoint you then. Life at shrine isn't that exciting like you'd like to think. Every day is the same, as long as Yukari's sleeping there is nothing interesting going on. Though... yeah, maybe there is one interesting story, but do you REALLY want to hear it?"
Reimu stares at you with a scary look in her eyes. A shiver runs down your spine.
"Is it... the story of your first murder?"
"I wouldn't call it a murder. More like... radical self-defence. But yeah, it is. So, wanna hear it?"
"If it's not a problem for you to talk about it, then why not."
"Okay, it all begun on a rainy afternoon. Not so long after I took over the position of the head priestess in this shrine. I was in the front yard, when a young man, just like you, walked up the stairs. It was unusual, seeing someone here, in such a bad weather. I thought maybe he lost his way or was being chased by some youkai, but he just walked up to me and said hello. Then he said he had come here to make a donation. I was really suprised. So I told him to leave it in the donation box. And he did. Whole 10 000 yen! I felt so happy I even considered inviting him for a tea to warm up! But.. then he walked up to me again and asked about 'service'. I didn't know what he meant by that, so I asked him what's up. Turned out there was a rumour in the human village that if you make a big donation for the Hakurei Shrine, you'll receive a 'service' from the miko. Really, those people have to be really bored to make up things like that. Anyways, I told him he was mistaken, that I don't do any 'service' to anyone, but I can make him tea. That seemed to tick him off quite a bit. He screamed at me. 'I came all this way to be told it was all a farce!? What the fuck!', he yelled. At that point, I reminded him that he's on holy ground and shouldn't be using words like that. Then, he lost it. Next thing I know, I was lying on wet ground, with that bastard sitting on top of me, pinning me down. He was saying something about 'taking it himself' and started to.. well, undress me in a rough manner. You know, there's a policy of not using danmaku or any kind of magic on unarmed humans. Of course, youkai don't care about it, but it has been an old common in Hakurei priests' bloodline. Not that I really care about it, I was too shocked to defend myself with magical means anyway. It requires much concentration to fire a single projectile, and even more of it to imbue your body with magical strength et caetera. Getting back to the point, I was really shocked. No, maybe taken by suprise would be a better description. I couldn't do anything as he made his way between my legs, still holding my forearms with his hands. That was when something inside my head snapped. I kicked him in the throat. He let got of my arms. Then.. I grabbed the nearest rock and smashed it against his head. Hard. He dropped to the ground almost immidiately. Needless to say, he couldn't complain about what I did to him. I literally cracked his head open. Huh."
Reimu shivers. You'd really like to hug her, tell something nice or do anything to comfort her, but you know it's a bad idea to do it now.
"And that's the story. I buried the body in the forest. As I already told you, my mind was a wreck for a few days afterwards. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. If it wasn't for my friends, I'd probably die of dehydration or starve to death. But I got over it. Youkai kill humans all the time. They don't have to do it, since human meat is not their only food, but they still do it. So I deducted that killing a human is not a bad thing after all. Now that I think back, I was really foolish. Heh."
You really want to hug her now. She looks so delicate, so innocent... You want to hold her tightly and never let go, protecting her from all the evil of this world.
>> No. 587
File 120983332911.png - (241.14KB , 450x550 , 1208387514957.png ) [iqdb]
But... This is Reimu.
Hakurei Reimu.
Strongest persona in all Gensokyo. Protector of this land. One of the most important people for it's security. A powerful priestess. She does not need someone like you to protect her.
"But you know what? I realized something."
Reimu stands up, looking at the red sunset.
"I have to be strong. Not only against youkai, but against humans as well. I decided it would be the best to always act a bit hostile to people, just so they don't think I'm a weak person. I thought that having my guard up all the time would help me deal with people."
She walks up to the shrine doors but stops there.
She turns towards you and gives you a smile. Not a vicious one. Not a sly one. Just an honest, warm smile.
"Too bad I failed at it today. I let my guard down in front of you. Silly me."
With that she disappears into the dark corridor.
"What was that about?"
Leaving you dumbfounded, Reimu seems to have gone to sleep.
"Uhh, it's cold. Better return to my room."

After somehow finding the way in the darkness, you fall on your futon.
"Really, what a day..."
Yeah, it was a tiring day indeed.
"I feel like... I'm going to fall asleep... any moment now..."



Not long after you fall asleep, you are wake up, just so hear those strange noises. It sounded like someone closing a sliding door somewhere near. So near it could as well be the door to your room.
Now you can feel quiet steps, getting closer and closer.
This someone is trying to be sneaky, but fails miserably.
The steps are irregular and vary in volume.
This someoneeither has no idea about sneaking or is extremely drunk.
Ugh, judging by the smell it's the latter.

[ ] Feign sleep
[ ] 'Wake up'


Yeah, anon, you've become Reimu's buddy-in-crime, but don't expect to be treated so lighlty tomorrow. And if you make a mistake in next few choices... Well, she's going to be rough, to say the least.
>> No. 588
[ ] Feign sleep
>> No. 589
[x] Feign sleep

Suika's here for revenge?
>> No. 590
>Suika's here for revenge?

Revenge, or...?

Also, fucking leprechauns, making typos in my posts.
>> No. 591
[x] 'Wake up'
"SHE GOING TO KILL US" said the Nanaya
>> No. 592
[ ] Feign sleep

If she's trying so hard to be stealthy, it seems only right to humor her a little.
>> No. 593
[x] Feign sleep

Nice skyscraper of text.
>> No. 594
[x] Feign sleep

A drunk loli sneaking into our room? I like where this is going
>> No. 595
[►] Feign sleep

I'd like to know what her intentions are before making a decision.
>> No. 596
[X] Feign sleep

Just humor her.
>> No. 597
[ ] Feign sleep
>> No. 598
[x] 'Wake up'
A surprise attack with that Attack stat...
>> No. 599
[ ] Feign sleep

We're Nanaya, we can always jump up and beat the shit out of any potential attackers.
>> No. 600
File 120984262182.jpg - (199.84KB , 600x880 , 4e5c4899c425dd2225eea726c7054f41.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Feign sleep

Someone sneaking into your room, huh? Well, let's wait and see what happens. Sitting up and saying "Who's there?" sure would make you look lame. Make the enemy think they're safe, then launch a suprise attack at the last second. Now that sounds like a battle plan.
The footsteps draw closer and the stench of alcohol grows stronger with each second. One would have to absorb tremendous amounts of beverages to emit such a strong smell.
Coming up to your futon, the footsteps suddenly stop. For a second nothing happens, but then...
Someone sits on your lower abdomen and you can feel two small hands on your naked chest, probably supporting the rest of intuder's body.
"Aw, shucksh!"
Sudden words from the intruder reveal her to be Suika. Or at least it's someone with Suika's voice. And alcohol tolerance. Jesus, did she drink a whole tanker of sake?
"Cshome own, whake uppph!"
She's shaking your shoulders.

[ ] Continue feigning sleep
[ ] Wake up

[ ] "Why, hello there sexy!"
[ ] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"
[ ] "I don't know who woke me up, but doing so is like saying "kill me". Am I right, miss intruder?"
[ ] "Oh my god, what the fuck?!"
Back from my daily dose of SWINGAN SWORD LIKE THE FIST OF THE FUCKING NORTH STAR JESUS CHRIST, and now lying in my bed with laptop, so you can expect frequent updates.
>> No. 601
I pick secret option number five!

>> No. 602
[ ] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"
>> No. 603
[ ] Wake up

[ ] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"

There's no telling how much control she has over her strength as plastered as she is right now. Best to not risk her attempting rougher means of bringing you around.
>> No. 604
[x] Wake up
[x] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"
>> No. 605
[ ] Wake up
[ ] "Oh my god, what the fuck?!"
Reimu is going to kill us....
>> No. 606
[X] Wake up
[X] "Why, hello there sexy!"
OMG i'm hitting on suika like the fucking fist of the north star
>> No. 607
[X] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"

either she somehow liked what we were doing, but was to scared to admit it to herself, and now the alcohol brought up her true face....

or she wanted to kill us, thougth she shouldn't and now the alcohol brought up her true face...

>> No. 608
[ ] Wake up
[ ] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"
Nanaya would say this.
>> No. 609
[x] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"

Suika! Suika! Tsurupettan Suika!



but only if the opportunity arises.
>> No. 610
File 120984349538.jpg - (6.50KB , 100x132 , nanaya2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Wake up
[x] "I don't know who woke me up, but doing so is like saying "kill me". Am I right, miss intruder?"
Nanaya Points +1
>> No. 611
[ ] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"
>> No. 612
[x] Wake up
[x] "I don't know who woke me up, but doing so is like saying "kill me". Am I right, miss intruder?"

GOGO Nanaya style
>> No. 613
[ ] Wake up
[ ] "I don't know who woke me up, but doing so is like saying "kill me". Am I right, miss intruder?"

My bedroom is my killing chamber
>> No. 614
[X] Wake up
[X] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"

>> No. 615
x] Wake up
[x] "I don't know who woke me up, but doing so is like saying "wrestle me". Am I right, miss challenger?"

GOGO wrestling style
>> No. 616
see, when Nanaya says shit like this, it's fine because he can back it up. Anon cannot. let's not be faggots, shall we?
>> No. 617
[X] "I don't know who woke me up, but doing so is like saying "kill me". Am I right, miss intruder?"
>> No. 618
[X] Wake up
[X] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"
>> No. 619

Yeah so far whenever we act like nanaya we end up fucking things up.
>> No. 620
so far we've killed 1 person and 2 youkais
>> No. 621
[X] Wake up
[X] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"
>> No. 622
File 120984439187.jpg - (302.64KB , 700x990 , sample-0c5ca615b9681de2718db2854979b2a9.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Wake up
[X] "S-Suika?! What are you doing here?!"

No point in simulating further, who knows what would she do next to wake you up in this state...
"Nnnh..." you immitate a tired moan "Who woke me u-- Suika?! What are you doing here?!"
Trying your best to sound suprised, you sit up, making Suika back away a little. She's not sitting on your crotch. FUCK! NOT AS PLANNED!
"Awh, finhally whoke uph!"
She's wearing a miko outfit, most probably she snatched one when she departed to clean up the mess in the front. But... There's something wrong... Something's missing...
Suika looks at you with hazy eyes.
"Ah, hhhhow couldya jhust lheave me ahlone afther baaath?"
She's trying her best to sound angry, but the promiles she has absorbed make it rather impossible.
Moving her hips, she tries to find a more comfortable position. Oh, fuck, so stimulating. She's rubbing against your manliness.
Quick, think about something disgusting! Dead puppies! Gore! Whatever will help to keep control!
"I whass lhonelllyyy, yhouu knhooww, dhrinkin alll by mysheeeellfff... Whyyy dhidntya cooomhee to me?"
Spouting that out in flustered voice, she suddenly wraps her arms around you.
"I wassh waitin, you know."

[ ] Hug back. "Sorry. I... really couldn't come."
[ ] Hug back. "I wanted you to realize that you're mine."
[ ] Don't hug back. "Aren't you angry for what I did to you in the bath?"
[ ] "Wha--?! Suika, we really SHOULDN'T be doing this! If Reimu sees us, I'm dead!"


Wha! What are you, a BAD END detector?! Damn you!

Which is it, I wonder~?
>> No. 624
we've also lost two continues.

not to mention we don't really have hax - all we've got is plot armor, and i have my doubts on how well that'll hold out the way we're stressing it.
>> No. 625
[X] Hug back. "Aren't you angry for what I did to you in the bath?"

I don't see why I shouldn't hug her, but I want the question answered, too.

Hugs and questions write-in it is, then.
>> No. 626
[ ] Hug back. "I wanted you to realize that you're mine."

see, THIS is where we get to act like Nanaya - when there is a distinct lack of BAD END possibility.
>> No. 627

The only case in which plot armor actually worked, was choosing "I'm not done yet" when dealing with Wriggle. The other two times, ripping Mima's ribbon and eliminating Suika resulted in bad ends.
>> No. 629

Why not. If it gets enough votes...
>> No. 630
[ ] "Wha--?! Suika, we really SHOULDN'T be doing this! If Reimu sees us, I'm dead!"
>> No. 631
[x] Hug back. "Sorry. I... really couldn't come."

But I'm about to.
>> No. 632
[ ] Hug back. "I wanted you to realize that you're mine."
>> No. 633
[x] Hug back. "I wanted you to realize that you're mine."

and then Reimu, who's evesdropping outside, busts down the door and kick our ass.

still worth it.
>> No. 634
[X] Hug back. "Aren't you angry for what I did to you in the bath?"

I agree with this
>> No. 635
[X] Hug back. "Aren't you angry for what I did to you in the bath?"
This seems better than actual hugging options.
>> No. 636
Q: Why should Reimu kill us/kick our ass?
>> No. 637

Oh, wow. Why didn't I see this coming?
>> No. 638
because she specifically told us to not lay our grubby hands on Suika?
>> No. 639

She mentioned she didn't want us fooling around with women on shrine grounds, because it could muck up her reputation.
>> No. 640
[X] Hug back. "Aren't you angry for what I did to you in the bath?"

changed to write-in vote
>> No. 641
[x] Hug back. "I wanted you to realize that you're mine."
>> No. 642
but we have Mima's approval, so yeah
>> No. 643

But Mima is easy-going enough to excuse most things, including her Miko killing us, so yeah.
>> No. 644
File 120984543824.png - (59.17KB , 150x150 , photo-1151.png ) [iqdb]

"I can see what you're doing there, Anon."
>> No. 645
we are not fooling
we are serious with suika
delicious flat chest
>> No. 646

[x] "I know"
>> No. 647
I've always wondered: why does Suika wear those chains? they've got to be uncomfortable. i bet it gets caught everywhere.
>> No. 648
[ ] "Wha--?! Suika, we really SHOULDN'T be doing this! If Reimu sees us, I'm dead!"

>> No. 649
Anonymous doesn't really like Suika. We just like Suika's delicious flat chest.

that said,
[x] Hug back. "I wanted you to realize that you're mine."
>> No. 651

Maybe you are.

I'm still hoping for delicious Mima route.
>> No. 652
File 120984572147.png - (25.57KB , 600x500 , 1204291606334.png ) [iqdb]
like pic related?

You've read the ZUN text for Suika's sketch?
Chains are the mark of an oni.
circle represents, bla bla
>> No. 653
Fuuuck, decide already. There was a tie when suddely next vote came up.
>> No. 654
maybe it's time to kill reimu, too
>> No. 655


>> No. 656
[X] Hug back. "Aren't you angry for what I did to you in the bath?"

Compromise action. Also less likely to kill us.
>> No. 657
[x] Hug back. "I wanted you to realize that you're mine."
>> No. 658
[x] Hug back. "I wanted you to realize that you're mine."
>> No. 659
even if it kills us, we have no regrets.

we lived our life for DFC. it was a full life. it was complete.
>> No. 661
Jebus, this thread moves too fast for me to keep track of.

[x] Hug back. "I wanted you to realize that you're mine." won.
>> No. 662

Unless we fail to get any before we die, and are then forced to use our last continue..
>> No. 663
well we'll just spend our last continue then. no biggie.
>> No. 664
the next part better has some tsurutsuru and pettanpettan in it
>> No. 665
In b4 CAVED by Suika horns.
>> No. 666
In b4 CAVED by Suika horns.
>> No. 667
hey, she's drunk off her ass. our nanaya mode did reasonably well even when she's sober. we're covered.
>> No. 668
File 120984729083.jpg - (358.93KB , 602x850 , 1208389535329.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Hug back. "I wanted you to realize that you're mine."

A strange satisfation appeared in your head after she said those words. What is this feeling?
/She wants you./
Is that it? She's drunk right now. Are those her true feelings? Or just alcoholic delusions? Wasn't she angry for what you did to her in the bath?
/What are you talking about, she was covering for you./
Now that you remember it... She didn't tell Reimu that you're inside after running out of the bathroom. Could it be... she actually liked it but didn't want to be discovered?
Suika's embrace becomes tighter as she buries her face in your chest.
Not being able to resist anymore, you hug her back. She jumps up a little when you do that, but quickly settles down. You can't see her face, so you can't tell what's her expression right now.
"Yeah, sorry I didn't come."
/She's all yours./
"I wanted you to realize that you're mine."
After saying those words, you realize what they actually mean. Mentally preparing yourself for a punch to the guts or something along these lines, you close your eyes.
Suika's arms retract. There is a slight movement.
"Yeah... Suika is aaaaall yours."
You can feel something wet pressing against your lips. Opening your eyes, you see Suika's face. Close. Very close. She has her eyes closed as she kisses you.
It's a childish kiss. No tongue, no twisting head to either side.
But even though it's childish, it still is erotic as hell. You can feel tension gathering up in your gland. There's nothing you can do about it now. Suika's kiss made you lost all control.

Then, your lips split. She backs off a little, seemingly unsure what kind of reaction you'll make.
You can't move. There's sweat dripping down from your forehead.
Suika is starting to take her clothes off. First the top. Then the skirt.
Exposing herself completely to you, she looks in your eyes with mixture anticipation and embarassment. Her little breasts shine in lunar light which comes through the slightly opened door - the one that Suika came in through.
"C... C-can we continue?"
She mutters out those words.

[ ] "Come to me. I'll show you heaven."
[ ] "I... I can't. Sorry, Suika, I appreciate your feelings, but I can't do it. I.. like someone else. Sorry. Will you forgive me?"
[ ] Close the door first.
>> No. 669
[ ] Close the door first.

won't stop Mima, but hopefully Reimu won't get an eyeful.
>> No. 670
[X] Close the door first.
[X] "Come to me. I'll show you heaven."
In that Order, dont want anyone else walk in on us, Reimu would kill us.
>> No. 672
File 120984746779.jpg - (8.65KB , 200x184 , REIMU.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 673
File 120984753635.jpg - (9.36KB , 224x180 , GODDAMNIT.jpg ) [iqdb]


>> No. 674
[ ] Close the door first.

>> No. 675
woohoo it worked.

all you who doubted me, I expect genuflection.

[X] Close the door first.
[X] "Come to me. I'll show you heaven."
>> No. 676
[X] Close the door first.
[X] "Come to me. I'll show you heaven."

Honestly, Suika is most interesting of people at shrine.
>> No. 677

I see a good reason to:

[X] Close the door first.
>> No. 678
i have a premonition that the next day Suika will wake up with a terrible hangover and forget all about it.

we need to be a light sleeper, anon. when she wakes up beside us tomorrow and find herself naked, she might panic and accidentally kill us while flailing around.
>> No. 679
[x] Close the door first.
[x] "Come to me. I'll show you heaven."

This is:
1: Fucking awesome. For something that I just followed as an off-time story, this just moved up a notch.
2: Probably not going to end well.
>> No. 680
File 120984789768.gif - (6.91KB , 386x412 , uboa cute.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 681
fuck, now that I think about it, there's a distinct possibility that she'll kill us accidentally while we're having sex.

still, far as deaths go this is on par with UBW.
>> No. 682
[x] Close the door first.
[x] "Come to me. I'll show you heaven."

Sounds reasonable, i will go with it.
>> No. 683
now that the choice has been made, i have a sneaking suspicion that leaving the door open would have lead to the Suika+Reimu ending.
>> No. 684
[x] "I... I can't. Sorry, Suika, I appreciate your feelings, but I can't do it. I.. like someone else. Sorry. Will you forgive me?"
this must be Mima's doing. foul trickery, dispell it
>> No. 685
If we [x] Close the door first. Reimu won't hear us that easily but:

she can't peek inside. So she will open the door to see what we are doing with Suika and interrupt our joy.

Now if the door is slightly opened, would she do the same as above or keep outside and keep peeking (and masturbating)?

[X] "Come to me. I'll show you heaven."
>> No. 686
...dude, even if it's Mima, it would still be awesome.
>> No. 687
[x] Close the door first.
[x] "Come to me. I'll show you heaven."

We'll pierce her heavens with our mighty drill!!
>> No. 688
File 12098483682.jpg - (34.67KB , 150x150 , portrait_shirou.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm pretty sure she's not an anti-spiral.
>> No. 689
File 120984853127.jpg - (191.25KB , 566x522 , f5ba82283254e307eeb3b900d1d8eb6b.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Close the door first.
[x] "Come to me. I'll show you heaven." won.

Writing now.

You make me sad, anon. You make both me and Reimu sad.
>> No. 690
if this turns out to be an illusion of some kind, I am preparing to fire my nerd rage cannon.
>> No. 691
Suika, Suika, tsurupetta Suika
>> No. 692
I would've let Reimu watch... or even tell Suika to get Reimu to join.
>> No. 693
what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

...although getting Suika to put up a convincing facade will be a bit of a problem, yes.
>> No. 695
Hey hang on a second. How the hell will this make reimu's shrine look bad? No one knows we're doing this except for the watermelon. No one knows we killed someone except reimu and the watermelon. Is gensokyo covered in CCTV or some shit?
>> No. 696

Gensokyo has Aya.

You have no idea how far she'll go for a story.
>> No. 697
>> No. 698
If someone goes to the shrine and doesn't come back then most will probably assume he died in transit from a youkai attack. For this to happen close to the shrine makes Reimu look sort of incompetent.
>> No. 699
Goddamit Yafkari (yes, every single one of you writefags is a manefistation of Yukari's evil torturous side)
>> No. 700
File 120984925413.png - (46.45KB , 325x289 , 1209326025712.png ) [iqdb]

It's really easy to make a running gossip, you know. One wrong word from Suika to wrong person and you're fucked.

Jesus christ, I had no idea writing H-scenes would be this hard. This will take some time.

>> No. 701

But how will anyone know he was actually at/near the shrine if there is no evidence of him being there? Blood can be mopped up corpses can be buried.
>> No. 702
So you wanted us to brush off a girl who striped before us?
>> No. 703
In b4 Nanayonymous gets paralyzed from the waist down by way of shattered pelvis
>> No. 704
File 120985017991.jpg - (16.17KB , 210x143 , death-by-snoo-snoo-34791.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 705
File 120985038326.jpg - (118.36KB , 600x750 , 90b9ab1133eff110cb3e481730c8ed41.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Close the door first.
[x] "Come to me. I'll show you heaven."

"Wait a moment."
You have to stay sharp. This is dangerous. Battle plan should have no weak spots. If Reimu sees you--
If Reimu sees you...
You feel a sting of guilt in your chest.
She told you not to fool around with women in the shrine, she even specifically expressed her worries about you doing something weird to Suika.
And that smile.
That gentle smile she gave you just a few hours ago...
What will happen to that smile?
What will happen to it if she finds out?
'Too bad I failed at it today. I let my guard down in front of you. Silly me.', she said.
It would be a waste if that beautiful smile was to just disappear.
Suika says that cute nickname in trembling voice.
"Ah, sorry, I spaced out."
You glance outside through the gap in the door. There is no one in sight. Quickly sliding the door closed, you turn around to Suika.
Taking a deep breath, you say:
"Come to me. I'll show you heaven."
No escape now.
There's nothing else behind you.
Nothing else on either of your sides.
Nothing else in front of you.
Just this little oni girl.
Just Suika.

When she walks up to you, you pull her onto your lap. She's not resisting. Not resisting at all. It's just like she said: she's all yours now. All yours to take.
"Well then, let's begin."
Whispering that in her ear, you bite it gently, and then proceed to kiss her neck.
"Ahhn, yes!" she moans "I-it's just like before!"
You stop for a moment.
"But you won't run away this time?"
"Ah, please, don't stop! No, I won't run! But, please, continue!"
She wants more? Then it's more she will get.

Lying her down on your futon, you proceed to her chest, licking and kissing every little spot of her petite body.
She moans as you lick her little nipples.
"D-Don't stop! Ahhh!"
Just like you noticed before - she's extremely sensitive. Sliding your fingers along her body is enough to make her jump up. At this pace she's not going to last long. Kissing both her nipples for the last time, you slide your hands down, in between her legs. Feeling around you find out she's already wet.
"Suika, I'm going to slide them in. Are you ready?"
"Y-yes... Please, be gentle..."
Stretching her slit with one hand, you find your way inside with fingers of the other one.
Her loud moan is interrupted by your passionate kiss. Not even having to force it, you slide your fingers deep inside of her pussy while your tongue enters her mouth, spinning around, forcing hers to do the same.
She wants to get out a yelp, but you're not letting her. Not yet. You're not satisfied enough yet. Still sliding your fingers in and out of her slit, you continue to move your tongue inside her mouth. But after a minute, you are out of breath and have to break the kiss.
There's a stream of saliva on Suika's cheek, flowing out of her mouth.
The sight makes you even more excited. There's nothing that can stop you now. The only thing that matters now is Suika's voice, silently asking you for more.

[ ] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.


I find it ironic I was listening to QUEEN's "Don't stop me now" when writing this.
>> No. 706
>> No. 707
[x] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.

>> No. 708
>> No. 709
[x] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.
This is wrong. This is too EASY MODO.
>> No. 710
[X] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.

Hand to hand... It is the basis to all combat. Only a fool would dare trust his life to a weapon!
>> No. 711
What's our target anyway? Even so, this is...
[x] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.
>> No. 713

I can't resist.

Even if a BAD END, this is totally worth it.
>> No. 714
>There's nothing that can stop you now.
>> No. 715
[x] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.
>> No. 716
no bad end. only long time consequences

+she moans a bit too loud.
>> No. 717
I think he's giving us second chances on account of our previous acts of recklessness.
>> No. 718
[x] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.

We are a cold, calculating bastard.
We can get off on our own satisfaction later.
>> No. 719
I'm warning you - right now there's a song called "Where's your head at?" playing from my speakers.
>> No. 720
[ ] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.
>> No. 721
File 120985099525.gif - (402.77KB , 300x168 , despairing.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.
Back in my day we threw our cubs off a cliff and forced them to climb back up while dodging boulders that we threw at them! You can't build character without a decent challenge!
>> No. 722
[X] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.

Well, hey, at least this way there won't be any full life consequences.

Plus, I'd like to have a go at the other two women later.
>> No. 723
[x] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.
>> No. 724
>full life consequences

Holy shit, I lol'd IRL.

Okay, [x] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands. won. Writing.
>> No. 725
[x] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.

Don't want pregnant oni BAD END.
>> No. 726
Oddly enough, I'm listening to Hold Your Head Up.
>> No. 727
don't listen to YAF. he's trying to escape his h-scene-writan destiny
>> No. 728
[x] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.

We love Suika, we shouldn't do it while she's drunk.

>I find it ironic I was listening to QUEEN's "Don't stop me now" when writing this.
listened to it 10 minutes ago as well. lol.
>> No. 729
Suddenly. you hear god saying "sage for sexualizing awesome Suika"
>> No. 730
suika is never really sober, so yeah!
>> No. 731
[ ] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.

you can stick it in her butt later
>> No. 732
[ ] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.
>> No. 733
[X] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.
>> No. 734
>> No. 735
File 120985278291.jpg - (77.45KB , 500x600 , 538049e6f9b30dc3baf1a399b5a33a5d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Don't do something you'll regret later. Just make her come with your hands.

There she is, lying on your futon, completely defenceless, breathing heavily, looking at you with hazy eyes, silently whispering to you to give her more.
Her flat chest, little nipples, her wet slit, shining body.
Every little bit, every little part of hers makes you want to violate her. First, whip it out. Then thrust it in, with great force, not caring about any obstacles, any outside hindrances.
But... This is wrong...
Her slippery hole, wet lips, her arms reaching for you, all of those is now yours to take.
Your body tells you to go ahead, do what's in your nature. Commanding you to give into primal urge.
But, you can't do it. You can't do it after all.
She's only a child you met just today. You tried to force her into something she didn't want to do before, isn't now the same? She's drunk, she probably can't tink straight.
Realizing that, the sight of her naked body suddenly becomes much less tempting.
"N-Naya... W-what are you waiting for?"
Still, there's no way you could leave her now.
'I'm sorry, Suika' you think to yourself 'I'm going to use my hands only.'

She jerks up as you place your hand back on her crotch.
"This time I'm going to do it harder. Ready?"
"Y-yeah, go aheaAAAaaahnn!"
Not letting her finish the sentence, you slide your fingers inside her tight vagina.
"Ah! Ah! Ah!"
Faster and faster. Harder and harder. Her moans become louder with every second.
"Ahhn! Harder! Ha--Aaahn!"
Carressing her chest with your other hand, you kiss her again. This time it's more to keep her quiet than to give her pleasure.
Then, just as you're about to break the kiss, she embraces you tightly, with both her hands and legs, pulling you closer to her naked body. Her hard nipples are pressing against your naked chest.
She jerks up three times and then her limbs weakly fall to the floor.
Pulling out your fingers, you discover they're now covered in whitish liquid.
Suika is lying on the futon, breathing really hard.
You lift yourself up.
"So, how was it?"
She looks at you with blurry eyes.
"It was... Was... Amazing... It felt so good... But... I'm really exhausted now... I feel like sleeping..."
Unbelivable. So soon after coming, she just falls asleep. She is a child after all.
Covering her with your eiderdown, you open the door and go outside.
After silently closing the door behind you, you sigh.
"Really, what was I doing... One second and there'd be a disaster... Ugh, I have to wash my hands..."

After finding a smaller bathroom somewhere in the shrine, you wash your hands and head back outside. Moon's already high up on the sky. It has to be at least 2AM.

[ ] Go find somewhere else to sleep
[ ] Wander around the shrine
[ ] Inner garden, it calls out to you
>> No. 736
[x] Inner garden, it calls out to you
>> No. 737
[x] Wander around the shrine
>> No. 738
[ ] Inner garden, it calls out to you
>> No. 739
[x] Inner garden, it calls out to you

We find another wicxtim to slice and dice?
>> No. 740
[ ] Inner garden, it calls out to you
>> No. 741
☞ Inner garden, it calls out to you
>> No. 742

>> No. 743
[x] Inner garden, it calls out to you

Reimu's siren song calls to us
For a battle to the death
>> No. 744
[X] Inner garden, it calls out to you
You horny bastards, shouldnt have done this shit to her, Reimus our Target. Our Knife hungers for blood, let us find another Victim.
>> No. 745
[X] Inner garden, it calls out to you.

Time to pray to the shrine goddess that we don't regret any of this.
>> No. 746
[X] Inner garden, it calls out to you
it calls you
>> No. 747
[X] Inner garden, it calls out to you

The inner garden. You feel somehow tempted to visit that quiet place. It'll be good to calm down a little after what just happened.
"Wow, the sky sure is pretty tonight."
You make that remark aloud while looking up at the starlit firmament.

Reaching the inner garden, you are suprised to see there's someone already here.
"Oh, hi. I heard you coming. If you want to scare me, you have to be more sneaky, you know."
Reimu greets you with a sly smile, waving her hand.
"You not sleeping?"
"Nah, I somehow couldn't calm down. Besides, the sky's so pretty tonight, it would be a waste not to stargaze a little."
"Stop it."
"Ahh, tomorrow's gonna be a pretty day!"
"Stop it."
"I'm sure something good will happen!"

Reimu looks at you, shocked at your sudden outburst.
Why is she acting so cheerful? Isn't she supposed to be a lazy, bitchy girl? Then why... Why is she so kind right now?!
It pisses you off.
"Stop... what?"
"Stop acting so friendly towards me."
"Wha? Is it bad that I'm kind to you?"
"IT IS! Aren't you supposed to be a lazy, egoistic shrine maiden of Hakurei?! Why are you acting so friendly?! We only met yesterday!"
Her eyes widen.
"Lazy and egoistic?"
"Uh, I don't mean, I... Uh... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that."
"No, it's okay." she looks away from you "I'm used to being called lazy and self-centered. Really, it's no big deal."
"I'm really sorry."
"No offense taken."

You both remain silent for a while longer. Reimu is still looking away from you.
You almost jump up as she suddenly starts talking.
"What was that about?"
"You mean what I said just now?"
She nods. Slowly turning her head towards you again, she wiped her eyes with her forearm. Whoa, you haven't noticed it before, but she's not in her miko outfit anymore. She's wearing a sleeveless black shirt and blue shorts. They're probably her sleeping clothes.
Wait a while.
She was wiping her eyes? Could it be that she--
"So, you tellin me or not?"
"Ah, yes, sorry. I spaced out."
Sighing, you look into her eyes.
"I couldn't take it anymore. You were acting so kindly to me today. First rescuing me in the forest, saving my life. Then, you forgave me killing a human on your shrine's steps. Then you fed me a dinner, only once reminding me about my debt to you. And our talk after that... I was really suprised when you opened yourself to me. I... I really wanted to comfort you somehow after you told me that story about your first murder. But what really caught my heart was that smile you gave me just before leaving. Yet here I am, even though I almost betrayed your trust--"
"Betrayed? What do you mean?"
SHIT. Did you really say that? Oh god, nice fuckup you got there.

[ ] Be honest, tell her the whole story
[ ] Be honest, tell her the whole story, leaving out molesting Suika in the bath
[ ] "Betray? Did I say something like that? You've probably heard wrong, ahaha!"
>> No. 748
[x] Be honest, tell her the whole story
>> No. 749
[X] Be honest, tell her the whole story, leaving out molesting Suika in the bath
Don't forget to say it wasn't our fault
>> No. 750
[X] Be honest, tell her the whole story.

Nanaya owns up to his actions.

Admittedly mostly because he has no shame, but still. Honesty is, apparently, the best policy.
>> No. 751
[ ] Be honest, tell her the whole story
time to come clean
>> No. 752
[x] Be honest, tell her the whole story, leaving out molesting Suika in the bath
>> No. 753
>>"Betray? Did I say something like that? You've probably heard wrong, ahaha!"
Let's pick this! Nothing could go wrong!

[X] Be honest, tell her the whole story
>> No. 754
[ ] Lake
>> No. 755

Does that mean I made you feel bad?
>> No. 756
[x] Be honest, tell her the whole story
>> No. 757
[X] Be honest, tell her the whole story
>> No. 758
☞ Be honest, tell her the whole story

>> No. 759
[x] "Betray? Did I say something like that? You've probably heard wrong, ahaha!"
>> No. 760
[X] Be honest, tell her the whole story

Because it'll probably rape us the least. Man, badass one second, moralfag the next. Oh well.
>> No. 761
Since when is making sure we don't get lynched a moralfag thing to do?
>> No. 762
I was thinking that telling Reimu the Destroyer that we fingerbanged a loli on holy grounds would get us raped the MOST.
>> No. 763
[►] Be honest, tell her the whole story

have to, after an outburst like that.
>> No. 764
File 120985664136.jpg - (74.03KB , 576x819 , Reimu Hakurei058.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Be honest, tell her the whole story

"Guess there's no point in hiding it anymore..."
"Hiding what? Get to the point!"
"Okay, okay. Listen."

You tell her the whole story. Not leaving any details out, not hiding anything. Almost drowning in embarasment, you spit it all out.
Reimu is listening carefully, sometimes nodding at your comments, chuckling at your introduction to Suika, keeping silent when you tell her about how you couldn't restrain yourself and molested Suika in the bath. Then you tell her about when Suika came to your room at night. How she seduced you into fingering her.
"... and then, just as I was about to do it, I remembered something. I remembered that I have someone else in my head, in my heart."
You didn't tell her who was that someone, but she's not interrupting you with pointless questions.
"So, I just finished up the job and came here. That's all."
Reimu keeps silent for a while, than stands up and looks at the sky.
"Well. I can't say I understand you. Neither can I say you didn't do anything wrong. I also can't say that it's okay. But I still can say that I forgive you. After all, it wasn't really your fault."
"Stop it. I told you to not force yourself to act kindly towards me."
"I'm not forcing anything."
She looks at you with resentment.
"Then why are you so kind to me?"
She looks up again.
"Why, I wonder?"
In this peaceful garden, she stands there. Hakurei Reimu. Her long hair waves in a warm breeze.
"I guess... I feel a slight fondness for you."
There's another gust of breeze.
"Mmm, it's cold. I'm going back to sleep. You better get some rest too, because I'm not going to go easy on you tomorrow. I'm the egoistic, bitchy shrine maiden, right? Prepare yourself. You can sleep anywhere you want, just find an empty bed. And..." she ruffles your hair "Sleep well."
With that, she leaves.
You sit there for a few more minutes, completely unable to move. It's like you're paralyzed.
"Did I... really hear what I did?"

Finding an empty room didn't prove any difficult. This shrine is so huge it could serve as a hotel for tourists from the outside.
"Hm, maybe it's not a bad idea... I'll have to tell Reimu about it."
Laying down on a fresh futon, you quickly drift off to sleep.

Random choice time!
[ ] 1
[ ] 2
>> No. 765

When you could've avoided the whole thing had you not opened your scripted mouth. We could have gotten away scot free, but it changed.


Well, I think it'll be the safest option because if we try to deny it, she'll probably ask us further, and if we leave out certain scenes, she might get suspicious. Reimu asks us further, we lose more trust. Now if she were to ask Suika after our white/outright lie, we're going to die...

Just telling her will get us in trouble too, but she knows we're honest. You're right though, it could backfire too.
>> No. 766

Damn, I type slow...
>> No. 767
[X] 2
>> No. 768
[►] 1

>> No. 769

[x] Her thumb
>> No. 770
But two can be just as bad.
It's the loneliest number after that number one.
>> No. 771
[X] 2

Because 1 is the loneliest number.
>> No. 772
[X] 1
One is the loneliest number becuase it is alone.
>> No. 773

You're thinking too hard.
>> No. 774
[x] 1


There's no guarantee Suika would keep her mouth shut. Especially when she's hammered.
>> No. 775
[x] 1
[x] 2
With both of these numbers combined, it will form 3, and 3 times itself will make 9 which is the strongest number.
>> No. 776
[x] 1
>> No. 777
>> No. 778
[x] 1
>> No. 779
This Man is a Genius
[x] 1
[x] 2
>> No. 780
Good story so far, i like it.
Reimu seems to like us, despite the short ammount of time we have been at the shrine. I guess we are going for Reimu then, sounds like a plan.
>> No. 781
>> No. 782
[x] 1
[x] 2
>> No. 783
[x] π
>> No. 784
[x] 1
Aim for the top!
>> No. 785

You're setting your ambitions too low. We're gunning for all of them. Or at least an "experience" with all of them before we settle on one choice.
>> No. 786
File 120985803430.png - (72.42KB , 512x504 , Ananayamous.png ) [iqdb]
>This Man is a Genius
>This Man
>> No. 787
>she ruffles your hair
Our only weakness.
[x] 1
>> No. 788

handsome devil.
>> No. 789
[] 1 won


BTW, can somebody post a picture of real SHIKI Tohno, preferably a render, just like Nanaya in >>786 ?
I'd appreciate that.
>> No. 790
File 120985909139.png - (96.98KB , 250x368 , shiki.png ) [iqdb]

Why not just use the wikipedia one?
Unless you need a clean one
>> No. 791
>> No. 792

Ah, disregard me, I suck cocks.
>> No. 794
File 120986014184.jpg - (67.51KB , 563x750 , dark_mmm_54.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] 1

Yeah, this futon. This futon is so warm and comfortable.
Mm, yes, so comfortable...
This futon...
Door to the room you're sleeping in flies open, making a loud noise.
Being awakened so suddenly, you jump up and shout something nonsensical.
Reimu's standing in front of you, she seems rather pissed.
"Uh, no?"
"Wha, why?"
"WE'RE ALREADY LATE! I told you you're going to help me today, didn't I?! Now get up and put this on."
She throws something at your face. Peeling it off, you see it's a kimono shirt.
"You can't be walking around half-naked forever. GOD, WHY ARE YOU SITTING THERE, GET UP ALREADY!"
"Okay, okay, you don't have to shout. What are we doing anyway?"
Reimu explains the plans for today while you struggle with shirt's belt. Oh well, may as well leave it unfastened, looks cooler this way.
"First, we're going to Korindou. I need a few things from there. Then, you're going to the human village to buy food. Then we return to the shrine and you sweep the backyard. Understood?"
"The let's get going! We don't have all day! Move it!"
After dragging you outside, Reimu takes off and starts to fly away.
"Just follow me! It's not really that far!"

[ ] "Wait, I can't fly!"
[ ] Just follow her on foot
>> No. 795
[x] "Wait, I can't fly!"
Hold me in your arms Reimu~
>> No. 796
[X] "Wait, I can't fly!"

Our sorry ass doesn't need to get lost in the forest. Unless one of the other girls would be willing to come to our aid.
>> No. 797
[x] Just follow her on foot
No begging.
>> No. 798
[X] "Wait, I can't fly!"
>> No. 799
[x] "Wait, I can't fly!"
>> No. 800
[x] Just follow her on foot
Bad feeling she will get more pissed if we say we cant fly
>> No. 801
[x] Just follow her on foot
She knows we can't fly, we just talked about this shit yesterday.
>> No. 802
[x] "Wait, I can't fly!"

Though she should know this because we went over how humans in the outside world use planes and helicopters to fly.
>> No. 803
[X] "Wait, I can't fly!"

come fly with me! lets fly! lets fly away!
>> No. 804
[x] "Wait, I can't fly!"

>> No. 805
...Heavenly stars above?
>> No. 806
True, but having lived in Gensokyo, where pretty fucking much everyone can fly, it's a statistically reasonable assumption that a given person you're talking to can fly.
>> No. 807

Not many humans can fly in gensokyo.
>> No. 808
Lets just get Reimu, she needs some loving, the poor lonely girl.
>> No. 809
[ ] Just follow her on foot
>> No. 810
☞ Just follow her on foot
>> No. 811

Polyamorous relationship it is, then. Two more girls means Reimu gets the love of three people.
>> No. 812
[x] Just follow her on foot

I wonder, are we dreaming? Anyway, she knows we can't fly, and if she doesn't it will become apparent to her soon.
>> No. 813
If anyone in this shrine needs some love, it's Mima.
>> No. 814
>> No. 815

True. She's an evil/vengeful spirit, so one would presume she could use some loving.
>> No. 816

Evil spirit haet love.
>> No. 817
File 120986323158.jpg - (41.09KB , 515x436 , LAAAKEEE.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Wait, I can't fly!"

Whoa, she's fast!
"Wait! I can't fly!"
Running on the ground behind her, you shout as loud as you can. Still, either she didn't hear you or decided to ignore it.

Great. Just great. Followind Reimu on the ground turned out to be harder than you expected. While she was simply flying over all obstacles, you had to walk through or around them. Even though she did slow down after you asked her to do it, she was still flying relatively fast. Too fast for a normal human to be able to catch on on foot.
"Seriously, Reimu, I know you're pissed, but this is just too much..."
Making your way through thick undergrowth in the forest, you try not to loose orientation.
"I'm sure she went this way..."
Really, what was she thinking? Of course, it's daytime, most youkai are sleeping, but it's still dangerous.
"Geez, what a pain..."
And there's this weird feeling. Like a premonition. Like someone was following you. Ever since you've entered the forest, you had that feeling. But, nothing happened. Someone may be following you, but he's too good for you to find him.
You cut your way through large bushes.
"Damn, can't get through here... I have to find a diffirent way. Shit."
Turning around, you make your way of of a giant bush, when suddenly, you hear a crack somewhere in your near vicinity.
"What the..."

[ ] Ignore it, probably some animals
[ ] "Who's there?!"
[ ] "I know you're there! Come out and fight like a man!"
[ ] Prone, listen and observe


That's it for today, guys. I'm falling asleep here. Will continue tomorrow.

>I wonder, are we dreaming?

lol no
If you were dreaming, I'd make it look obvious. Or make it an erotic dream.
>> No. 818
[x] Prone, listen and observe

>> No. 819
[ ] Prone, listen and observe

>> No. 820
[X] Ready Knife.
[X] "I know you're there! Come out and fight like a man!"
>> No. 821
[x] Ignore it, probably some animals
There's no way we could be attacked by random Youkai at daytime. Right? RIGHT?
>> No. 823
It is time to massacre another little Youkai.
>> No. 824
[x] Prone, listen and observe

We are hunters, and no longer on shrine ground.
>> No. 825
[X] Prone, listen and observe.

This is what Nanaya does: tense for battle without making a sound. We're an assassin, not a brawler.

Also, if I have to kill another nineball any time soon, I will lose it.
>> No. 826
[X] Prone, listen and observe.
Let us hope that it is Rumia, our Knife hungers for blood.
>> No. 827
[X] Prone, listen and observe.
Into 17 pieces
>> No. 828
[X] Prone, listen and observe.

Your Sneak skill increased.
>> No. 829
[X] Prone, listen and observe.

Nanaya, this is a sneaking mission.
>> No. 830
Nanaya lies prone, as still as the leaves he's lying on inside the belly of this forest. He waits, silently, for his "stalker" to come out of hiding, where he'll make his one, and only, attempt for its throat.
And then, suddenly, his cover is blown as he becomes startled by a voice out of his range of vision.
"What the fuck are you doing?"
Nanaya gets up. Nanaya turns to face the voice. It's Reimu, looking very bemused at Nanaya's actions. Shit.
Cirno Point +1
>> No. 831
>[ ] Ignore it, probably some animals
This is the kind of option chosen by people who are really surprised that the front door of the creepy mansion would suddenly just slam shut like that.
>> No. 832
I go away for a few hours, and Anonymous turns into some kind of moralfag? wtf is this shit?

well, at least we seem to be in good terms with the red white bitch. Suika + Reimu route GO.
>> No. 833

I don't even like Reimu, but I'm going to go for the harem ending just on basic principles.
>> No. 834
Reimu seems nice in this story, just stay on target for her.
>> No. 835
[x] Prone, listen and observe

"Remember this is a stealth sneaking mission."
>> No. 836
but what about Tsurupettan?
>> No. 837

But what about hot ghost tail?
>> No. 838
Yo, chances of a sample post of what would have happened if we Jammed it in?
>> No. 839
why bother? when we get back to the shrine there'll be plenty of time for round two.
>> No. 840
also, note what we said to her: "I wanted you to realize that you're mine." we never said we're hers.

Nanaya logic says she and Anon will get along just fine so long as we don't ignore her and we sex her up in regular intervals - even if we're going after other girls. I can tell by the EASY MODO and from having played quite a few Type Moon games in my time.

tl;dr: harem route GO
>> No. 842

Door left open -> sex with Suika -> her moans alarm Reimu -> Reimu peeks but you don't notice -> Reimu kicks you out of the shrine the next day -> KILL BY WRIGGLE bad end

Door closed -> sex with Suika -> you both fall asleep -> [] 1 (wake up late) -> Reimu walks in and sees you sleeping with naked Suika -> furious Reimu bad end

Door closed -> sex with Suika -> you both fall asleep -> [] 2 (wake up early) -> carry Suika somewhere else (or leave her as she is, leading to a furious Reimu bad end) -> go outside with Reimu, this time she's less bitchy as she doesn't know about your affair with Suika

What comes next, you'll see when you return to the shrine.
>> No. 843
Also, those three choices:
[ ] Go find somewhere else to sleep
[ ] Wander around the shrine
[ ] Inner garden, it calls out to you
were really significiant

[ ] Go find somewhere else to sleep would give you a Mima encounter.

[ ] Wander around the shrine would give you a 9-squad encounter in the backyard and a gruesome BAD END.

[ ] Inner garden, it calls out to you triggered a series of meetings with Reimu under starlit night sky.

Ah, sorry, got you wrong the first time. Nineball me. You want me to write the whole H-scene, right?
>> No. 844
Only write that if we vote for the choice for it to win, otherwise no. It wouldnt be any fun at all if you just gave it us like that.
>> No. 845
lol minefield of BAD ENDS.

we're doing pretty good, considering. that said, GET ON WITH THE STORY. the extra h-scene can wait.
>> No. 846
i bet you only play Junai games where there's not a single h-scene to be seen until right before and ending, don't you.

>> No. 847

I didn't say I'll write it, I just asked if I understood his post right.


Gee, let me take in my daily dose of sword swingan gaems. It's fucking sunday, there's plenty of time. Besides, there's national holiday on monday and tuesday so I will probably be online whole day.

Oh wait, I'm going out to drink on monday. Huh, considering I'm getting all friendly and outgoing when drunk, that may be a good thing. After all, the whole Suika thing in the bath happened because I was drunk.
>> No. 848
one question: will Marisa and Alice show up at some point?

if so, are they valid targets?

in fact, a list of valid targets would be nice.
>> No. 849
>> No. 850

see YAF's post in

>> No. 851

>> No. 852

well that's fine. we'll get all lovey-dovey and then we'll use the knife.

afterwards we live happily everafter with our friendly ghost and pet oni.
>> No. 853
why is there no love for the red white?
>> No. 854
>>"Use the force Nanaya."
"Scorn? Is that you?"
"What's the matter Nanaya? You've turned off your targeting computer..."



>> No. 855
that would have been fine except we DO NOT WANT.

sideboobs are pig disgusting.
>> No. 856

you guys have it all wrong. the name of the game now is "let's see how many toehoes we can sleep with behind raymoo's back and still get a raymoo end".
>> No. 857
>let's see how many toehoes we can sleep with behind raymoo's back before we get our NICE BOAT.

which is, in fact, fine too.
>> No. 858
>sideboobs are pig disgusting.

>> No. 859
DFC > sideboob+armpits.
>> No. 860

As much as I love DFC, I have to disagree. If it's about naked chests, Reimu's is superior to Suika's.
>> No. 861
File 120991089035.jpg - (145.95KB , 512x512 , Reimu (2).jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 862

Oh, I didn't have this one. Thanks.
>> No. 863
File 120991372551.jpg - (53.02KB , 615x744 , 1209647969920.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 864
File 12099151884.jpg - (12.59KB , 356x393 , whyyoudothis;_;.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 865
File 12099162658.jpg - (53.98KB , 650x936 , r103.jpg ) [iqdb]

Too saggy.
>> No. 867

We missed a Mima scene?