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File 154111647815.png - (326.96KB, 900x750, MikoByaku.png) [iqdb]
41094 No. 41094
It’s embarrassing, but I woke late that morning. My head hurt, my perfected body whined at every move. I snuggled tight into my wife’s welcoming, curvaceous body to shield my poor, defenseless eyes from the burning sunlight. My legs entwined with her own full, healthy thighs and strong shins.

The legs she lost. Years ago. Centuries ago.

Still groggy, I groaned. Too tender to dare look, I listened.

She conveyed the same old fears of abandonment and isolation. Frustrations at trust betrayed. The same unwavering determination to see her ideals realized. That unflinching spirit that first drew me in. Then something else slipped through.

A sense of protectiveness. Not for her descendants or allies. For youkai. Not some youkai. All of them. Or most of them, at least. All underlaid with a broad distrust of humanity.

…And a wish to repent for severe misdeeds.

I groaned again, louder. She stirred, conveying similar physical discomforts and a distinct yearning for a good cup of sake. That one puzzled me.

Straining, I peeked one eye open.

A full head of fluffy purple hair, transitioning to brown around her shoulders.

Just as I’d thought. The grand monk herself shared this futon with me. Not Tojiko. I’d rather have awakened to Yoshika.

We were both quite clothed, but that only worried me more. Judging by the sensation, it appeared that I had slept in my common dress. A masterwork that didn’t deserve the wrinkles it would soon suffer.

[ ] Look around.

[ ] Wake her.

[ ] Get away.

[ ] Write-in.


No timer today; votes close when I post the next update.
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>> No. 41423
[X] I looked for one of her close followers.
 [X] Nazrin

She seems like the one with the ear closest to the ground, in many ways.
>> No. 41424
[x] I looked for one of her close followers.
 [x] Nazrin
>> No. 41425
[X] I consulted Seiga

When in doubt, pick the choice most likely to result in hijinks.
>> No. 41428
File 154328116310.jpg - (177.90KB, 700x1064, slyga.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I consulted Seiga.

I passed by a young sparrow youkai and a human boy. As the muffled hum of wants flowed around me, I considered how best to solve this problem. And then decided that conventional solutions wouldn’t do.

So, I walked through the temple wall, coming out in a quiet, cozy room. The sharp, unpleasant aroma of sulfur, mercury, and ginseng wafted through the air as the woman before me beat a pestle against the interior of a small, wooden bowl. I sat down, folding my legs together as I rested against the wall.

She sat before a table, her twin loops of vivid blue hair bobbing as she pounded the bowl.

She ground the pestle into it, crushing the roots. Then, after a few finishing whacks, she tossed the contents into a cup, then dipped a small rod into a bowl of mercury and dabbed a few drops into the cup. She set the rod down.

“It’s rude to spy on ladies, you know.” She said, her voice sour.

“Oh, you’re a lady now?”

“More than you are, prince.”

“Such cold treatment. I merely wished for a share of your wisdom.”

I felt more than saw the roll of her eyes.

“You also barged into my private room.”

Now I rolled my eyes. “So, you wish to talk of pots and kettles, then?”

She paused, setting the pestle down. “What do you want, Miko?”

I pressed the shaku to my lips, thinking. “I’m having some relationship trouble.”

“You’ve been married for what, twelve hours?”

“A little longer.” I shifted my weight. “You would know how to… entice someone away from their inhibitions.”

“Choose your next words carefully, Miko.”

I sniffed. “I wish to entertain her. Nothing more.”

“Entertain Byakuren?”


She turned around, lounging against her medicine desk. “I think I’m just the woman for you.”

I rubbed an earmuff. Her desires reeked.

“If you want to tempt someone like her…” She picked her wand up from an empty corner of the desk, twirling it in her hands. “Well, I know a show she’d never forget.”

I knew where that was headed. “No.”

She frowned. “How about you just ask her? I can arrange a meeting place where no one will listen in.”

“I could just bring her to Senkai if I wanted that.”

“On neutral ground.”

“What if I wanted to surprise her?”

Seiga turned sideways and tapped her fingers on the desk. “I suppose I could give you a few pointers in the art of… entertainment. But only if you swear to follow through.”

[ ] I opted for the meeting.

[ ] I chose to learn from her.

[ ] I considered a proposal of my own.
 [ ] Cute things.
 [ ] Music.

[ ] I asked for that show.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/11/27(Tue)21:00

>> No. 41429
[X] I chose to learn from her.
>> No. 41430
[X] I opted for the meeting.
>> No. 41431
[x] I chose to learn from her.
>> No. 41434
[x] I considered a proposal of my own.
 [x] Cute things.
>> No. 41435
[X] I considered a proposal of my own.
 [X] Cute things.
>> No. 41436
[X] I chose to learn from her.
>> No. 41439
[X] I considered a proposal of my own.
 [X] Cute things.
I cannot resist seeing what Seiga's idea of "Cute" is.
>> No. 41441
[x] I considered a proposal of my own.
 [x] Cute things.
>> No. 41443
File 154337839996.jpg - (162.63KB, 750x750, unzanblush.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I considered a proposal of my own.
 [x] Cute things.

“Let’s consider a different approach.”

She gave me a flat, almost bored look.

“An associate of hers suggested she may enjoy things that are cute.”

“So, you want me to… what?”

“Provide me a chance to get her away from her…” I looked aside. “Meditation, or preaching, or whatever she’s doing right now. And get her around something utterly adorable.”

She chuckled. Then cackled. I sat there, waiting for her laughter to die down. Finally, sighing long and happy, she spoke. “Aww~ How charming. The prince wants to spend some soft, sweet, cuddly time with her wife.”

I couldn’t help a tiny, quiet smirk myself. “I guess I do.”

She leaned back. Tapping her stick to her chin. “I think I could make that work. Now,” she flicked her hand toward me, “shoo. Go talk to her, I’ll have your heart-stopping encounter ready when you leave the temple.”

I gave her a curt nod of the head, knowing by the mere fact of her acceptance that she’d get something out of this herself. I stood up, turned around, and walked through the wall and out of the mausoleum.

I returned to the temple, finding the hallway smothered in a deep, pink fog. I heard a manly squeak, followed by a quiet, embarrassed grunt. Then the fog receded, rushing down the hall. The fog wanted to hide.

I blinked, momentarily confused, before the bearded face of a billowing cloud poked its head around the corner. Recognition dawned.

“Nice to meet you, Unzan.” I gave him a calm, charming smile. “Do you work out? Because your fi—”

He vanished.

I sighed, shook my head, and walked forward. Really, he had such splendid fists.

Keeping my ears open, I noticed Ichirin ahead, just by Unzan. A pair of young, youkai novices sat in a nearby room, trading ghost stories. Byakuren sat much further away, meditating.

Despite Seiga’s assurances, I knew I had some time before she’d be fully prepared.

[ ] I visited Ichirin.

[ ] I visited the novices.

[ ] I visited Byakuren.

[ ] Write-in.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/11/28(Wed)21:00

>> No. 41444
[X] I visited Ichirin.

Already met Unzan, might as well hang out with his hitbox while we're here.
>> No. 41445
[X] Unzan's stand user
>> No. 41446
[x] I visited Ichirin

While it'd nice to talk to people who doesn't have a formed opinion of us, I doubt the others would take that as anything but a suspicious attempt at corruption- or something
>> No. 41447
[x] I visited Ichirin.
>> No. 41452
File 154345048565.jpg - (722.00KB, 707x1000, plainchirin.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I visited Ichirin.

I turned the corner to find Ichirin engaged in hushed conversation with the cloud. I advanced, walking beside her with Unzan on her other side.

“My apologies, by the way. To Unzan.”

Ichirin raised a brow, then turned to him.

He either jiggled or rippled, depending on perspective. It could have been a shudder, a shrug, or something else. I heard his desire to forget the event, but little else of interest.

“Well, I appreciate your care.” A whisper. “Unzan appreciates it, too.”

“Good, because I have business to address.”

Ichirin focused her gaze forward. “Of course, you do.”

“I need regular access to the temple now and prefer not to cause confusion. Not intentionally, that is.”

She scowled. I retained a passive, almost neutral smile.

“And just why did you ask me?”

“You’re here. I suspect you also know a few things about the needs of this temple and the people in it.”

“And you want me to tell you because?”

“Because I’ll enter anyway. My wife does live here. And you might just keep me from stumbling into your dark secrets.”

“We don’t have dark secrets.”

“Then you’ve got nothing to lose.”

She walked, quiet.

I piped up again. “I think I’ll use the storeroom.”

She stopped. “Why there?”

“You don’t just wander through a storeroom or do private things there.”

She glanced aside. “W-well. Maybe some disciples might want to…”

I clapped her shoulder, giving her a wink. “Dark secrets, I understand.”

She brushed me off. “What? No. It’s just that someone might want to do some… private meditation there?”

Her desires told me two things: She did not appreciate Shou’s excesses, but she was in on the conspiracy.

I slipped a hand across her shoulder and pulled her close. “Relax, you can trust me.”

She pushed away. “No, I can’t.”

“Suit yourself. I’ll just use the main entrance hall, how does that sound?”

“I don’t think the youkai will appreciate that.”

I smiled, not even bothering with a mock pout. “So harsh.”

We walked a bit further. Then Unzan whispered again. Ichirin sighed.

“Unzan wants to know what you tried to say earlier.”

“Hm? Oh that.” I flicked my wrist. “I wanted to complement his physique. His fists are exquisite.”

Unzan looked away, turning from pink to red.

“He says ‘thanks,’ by the way.”

[ ] I asked her for romantic advice.

[ ] I asked about temple affairs.

[ ] I chatted about Unzan.

[ ] I hashed out this teleportation plan.

[ ] Write-in.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/11/29(Thu)21:00

>> No. 41453
[x] I asked her for romantic advice.

Hilarity WILL ensue.
>> No. 41454
[x] I asked her for romantic advice.
>> No. 41455
[X] I chatted about Unzan.

I want to embarrass the cloud man more.
>> No. 41458
[x] I asked her for romantic advice.
>> No. 41460
[X] I asked her for romantic advice.

Time to see just how uncomfortable she can get before she explodes.
>> No. 41462
File 154353966959.jpg - (110.11KB, 800x678, blushirin.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I asked her for romantic advice.

I pondered my future as we passed into a cozy interior room. Two long, thin tables ran almost from end to end, each lined with a simple bench. She walked between the two, wanting to know why I still followed her. In truth, Byakuren still worried me.

Ichirin sat down at the far end. I stepped around and sat opposite her. Unzan settled over the bench behind her.

I thought for a moment, then decided to rip the bandage off at once.

“Do you prefer men or women?”

Her eyes narrowed. “Excuse me?”

I leaned back, almost touching the wall behind me. “Would you take a boyfriend or a girlfriend?”

She looked away. “I-I don’t know. Does it matter?” Unzan frowned.

I sighed and looked back to the door, drumming one hand. “I need advice.”

She stared at me, perplexed. “And you’re asking me?”

I set the shaku down between us and stared her in the eyes. “Yes. I need your help, Ichirin.”

She looked down. Unzan shifted behind her, staring me down.

“What do you even want me to say?”

I picked the shaku back up, tapping my chin. “Would she prefer sweet nothings and the occasional white lie, or blunt honesty? Careful, intimate caresses, or polite, studious affection? Candlelight dinners or—”

Ichirin, cheeks turning red, held her hand out, palm flat.

“You’re talking about Byakuren, aren’t you?”

I blinked once, smiling. “Who else would I want to romance?”

She let out a shaking breath. “Okay. Okay. Just- just making sure.”

“Are you feeling okay? You look a little pink.”

“Fine. I’m just fine.” She leveled her eyes back to me. “Just… take it slow. And be honest. Tell her she looks fat if you have to.”

I gasped, pressing a hand to my lips. “I would never do that. But…” I leaned over the table, letting out sly grin. “What about a more intimate setting? Would she like a kiss? A cuddle? Or would even handholding be too much?”

Ichirin’s face turned beet red. “I-I don’t know! Why should I know?” Unzan shifted forward, misting over her face.

I backed off, chuckling. “I’m sorry. Perhaps that was a bit too much.” I stood up. “I wonder what sort of gift she’d like.”

“A gift?” Ichirin shook her head, folding her arms Unzan receded and her blush faded. “The temple could use a few more statues. She might also appreciate a good amulet or staff.”

“Hm…” I rubbed my chin. “I’ll think about it. Thank you for your time, Ichirin.” I walked toward the door.

I heard a rustle behind me. “Wait. Unzan recommends flowers.”

How cliché. Yet I turned around. “Thank—”

A woman elbowed past me, carrying two bowls of rice with thin strips of salted meat on top. Greenish-black hair bobbed above a white sailor’s shirt and skirt as she passed down the aisle. Minamitsu.

Ichirin glared at her, getting only a shrug back. Minamitsu wanted to ‘share the spoils.’

[ ] I stopped by the grounds for flowers.

[ ] I stopped by Senkai for an amulet.

[ ] I gave them a halfhearted lecture.

[ ] I visited Byakuren.

[ ] Write-in.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/11/30(Fri)21:00

>> No. 41463
[x] I stopped by the grounds for flowers.
>> No. 41464
[x] I gave them a halfhearted lecture.
We gotta follow our Love's lead. This is the secret good option, I can feel it in my bones
>> No. 41465
[x] I stopped by the grounds for flowers.
>> No. 41466
[x] I stopped by Senkai for an amulet.

C'mon, who wouldn't appreciate a +2 natural armor enhancement?
>> No. 41467
File 154359922510.png - (126.44KB, 640x640, Mh5JBNz.png) [iqdb]
[x] I stopped by the grounds for flowers.

>Mystic amulet to a rival religion
>> No. 41471
File 154361772478.jpg - (116.12KB, 550x1218, smugjiko.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] I stopped by the grounds for flowers.

I shrugged them off, walking back to the halls and soon outside the temple. I stood before the great stairs and tiered grounds at the front, took one look down, and wandered around the temple’s side.

A flower, huh? I closed my eyes and listened. Outside the noise in or near the temple itself, I heard little. No one I heard I heard wanted to view something a little longer or to understand why something appeared the way it did.

I sighed and wandered off. Myouren temple spent no effort that I could determine in cultivating flowers, and its head monk would not likely appreciate a gift from her own garden anyway. Senkai told a similar story with gardens made of rock and sand rather than common vegetables or living ornaments.

I strolled across the grounds, winding a slow, lazy circle around the temple itself. I stopped at the humble stone walls marking the cemetery border. Cherry blossom trees hung over one side and I found myself tempted to pluck one of them to have this done with. But I shrugged and moved on.

I was not a woman of half-measures. Not when it came to matters of true love, nor political arrangements, nor even false romances like this. I would move on to a far better woman than Byakuren, and she would no doubt move on as well, but I had no intention of letting her forget these two weeks.

I walked into the cemetery. Plain, block headstones passed as I wandered deeper, moving instinctively toward the rocky outcropping that lead to my mausoleum.

I heard a desire. For something.

“What are you doing out here, Miko?”

I turned around to find Tojiko sitting on a headstone, her wispy tails wafting across it. I half-drew my sword. “You have five seconds to change.”

Her form flickered, resolving to a thin woman in a simple black dress and similarly simple black hair. Those familiar red scythes and blue tendrils hung from her back. I sheathed my blade.

“Good afternoon, Nue.”

“How’d you catch me?”

“You thought you could imitate the woman I spent half my life with.”

Nue rubbed her neck. “I guess that was a dumb move. How about this?” Her form rippled again, this time resolving into the white dress and gray topknot of Futo.

“Thou wilst never see mine true face!”

I snickered. “Nice try.”

“What’d I mess up this time?”

I turned and continued walking. “Talk with her. You’ll find out soon enough.”

She floated forward, landing and walking beside me. “And what are you doing here?”

“I’m looking for a flower.”

She folded her arms. “I do not get you hermits. Why a flower?”


“You’re talking in riddles now.” She stopped. “But, I guess I could be persuaded to help you out.”

I smiled. “How kind of you.”

“Wha-hey! That’s the part where you’re supposed to make an offer!”

I tapped my chin, still smiling.

[ ] I offered a drink.

[ ] I offered a secret.

[ ] I offered a view.

[ ] I declined.

[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 41472
No timer this time for reasons I need to explain. I'll be taking a few days off from this thread, hopefully no longer than a week and almost certainly no longer than two. I don't plan to do daily updates when I return, but I hope to be able to do three to four a week.
>> No. 41474
[x] I offered a drink.

It's not like we care for Buddhist traditions, either of us.
>> No. 41475
[X] I offered a drink

I think it could be cute, especially if she gives Miko an amulet in response.
>> No. 41476
[x] I offered a drink.
>> No. 41477
[X] I offered a view.

I can show you the world!
>> No. 41486
File 154405568688.png - (362.32KB, 595x842, futogrin.png) [iqdb]
[x] I offered a drink.

“Have you tried any of our wines?”

Futo—I mean, Nue—glanced across the headstones. She licked her lips. “Can’t say I have.”

“Would you like to?”

“Is that your offer?”


“Hmm.” She hopped backward, landing on a taller headstone. Standing on one foot, she scanned the scenery. “Wait here.” She lifted off.


She stopped, floating just above me. Mischief reigned in her head.

“Do you a good wine, or the cheapest I can find?”

She narrowed her eyes. “What’s your game?”

I chuckled. “That I don’t play one right now.”

She stared a moment, then groaned. “Fine. I’ll get you something good.”

She flew away.

I chose to rest against the headstone she took off from. A slow breeze ruffled my radiant hair.

I cast a glance around, half-hoping to find Tojiko float near. I sighed. This would be a long two weeks.

Rough earth crunched under heavy feet, hitting the ground two at a time. I looked to the side, where I found Yoshika hopping my way. Her talisman fluttered, and her black skirt swayed with each leap. She stopped a short distance away, making room for her outstretched arms.

“Hey, you there.”

“Miko.” I smiled.

“Yeah, Miko. What are you doing here?”

I stared at her. She stared back. I reached forward and patted her head.

“Wha- hey!”

“Good job, Yoshika.”

“Huh? Good? What did I do?”

“You protected my body.”

“I did?”

I chuckled. “Yes. And thanks to you, I got all the sleep I needed.”

“Uh… yay.”

I sighed. Yoshika appreciated the praise, but I doubted she’d remember it for long. She’d already forgotten why she approached me, a choice made in part on forgetting why she visited this graveyard.

She was a good girl, but a somewhat erratic one. Thanks largely to my former teacher.

She poked my gut. “Uh, do you just rest here?”

I closed my eyes, listening to the wind. “I’m waiting for someone.”

“Is he a good person?”

“She’s okay. Say, has Seiga told you to do anything recently?”

“Seiga? I don’t think so.”

That was a no. She hadn’t been around here recently.

I heard Nue’s desires approach, alcohol now taking prominence in her mind.

I opened an eye. “Yoshika, how about you stop by the mausoleum?”

“Uh, okay.” She hopped away, toward where I knew the cave entrance lied.

Futo-Nue touched down, holding out a deep red carnation. I lifted it from her hand to study. They were remarkable flowers, really. Few looked quite so much like a ball of frills as these. A good choice for lovers, though a rather ironic one, given Byakuren’s disposition.

“Thank you, Nue.” I turned back toward the temple.

“Hey, what about the wine?”

“Good wine demands a good atmosphere. You’ll get it soon.”

I felt her eyes narrow. “Are you trying to pull something?”

I turned back to her. “Have you ever had truly good wine? The real, top-shelf stuff?”

She grinned. “Yeah. Of course.”

“Didn’t you take care at least to get a good ambience when you did?”


I returned to my path. “You’ll thank me later.”

She huffed, but she left me alone. I carried the carnation back to the temple. I entered through a side door and wove back through the now calmer corridors. Judging by the atmosphere of desires, most visitors had left and those still here had started eating. I took the stairs into the basement, until I approached a closed door, from which I heard the quiet recitation of what I guessed to be some sutra.

Shou stood nearby, staring at the door with a bowl of plain rice cupped in her hands. Byakuren’s lunch, based on Shou’s desires.

“I’ll take care of that for you.” I took the bowl from her.

She fretted, then looked at me. Then sighed in relief and walked behind me. Her steps echoed off the thick walls as she went upstairs.

[ ] I waited outside.

[ ] I snuck in.

[ ] I barged in.

[ ] I sang back to her.

[ ] Write-in.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/12/07(Fri)19:00

>> No. 41487
[x] I snuck in.

Don't go full Solid Snake though.
>> No. 41488
[x] I snuck in
>> No. 41490
[X] I barged in.

As Byakuren's wife we have every right to be obnoxious and loud!
>> No. 41494
[x] I sang back to her.

>> No. 41496
[X] I sang back to her.
>> No. 41515
File 154440549138.png - (1.20MB, 700x1021, toyojiri.png) [iqdb]
[x] I snuck in.

I held the rice bowl in one hand and the carnation in the other as I stared at the plain oak door. A different wood from the rest of the basement. They must have installed it after the temple’s construction. Or transformation.

Byakuren’s chanting continued. We had only recently gone out to eat. Did she forget to tell them? Did they forget she said anything? I pushed the rim of the bowl with my thumb, rotating it through my hand. Was there another purpose to this bowl? A token of concern?

Well, I wasn’t one to fret over small details, so I patted the wall, found a crack only a hair’s breadth wide, and squeezed in. From within the infinite space between spaces, I found…

No outlets. None where I wanted, anyway. I stepped back out. I stroked my chin, considering the oddity that this presented. I wished to make myself known, but also to do so inconspicuously. I ran a hand down where the door met its frame. The same principles that allowed me to travel through cracks did work on other gaps, but things could get strange when I used those.

Down here the doors had hinges and levers, which did not help me. But I was not about to wait any longer, so I slid the lever down and nudged the door inward. Metal slid against metal and wood against wood, but it did so in small, slow increments.

I got it open just far enough to squeeze through, then slipped to the other side and guided it closed. With a quiet snap, the latch caught, and I turned around.

Byakuren sat, legs crossed with each foot resting on the opposite thigh. Her hands laid, palms up, over her knees as her chant continued. I considered my own body quite well-honed, and yet I couldn’t help but wince at witnessing her contorted legs.

I sat down across from her, merely crossing my legs as I rested my back against the door. The turmoil in her heart had eased, but barely. Though the relative calm, I made out one thing. Her desire for transcendence had overcome the rest, but that a yearning for something still gnawed at her. What that was, I couldn’t tell.

Her chanting drifted off.

She gave me a tired sigh. “What do you want?”

I set the rice bowl in her lap. She opened her eyes and picked it up.

“Your followers are quite attentive.” It was the one thing they had over mine, after all. Except Futo. No one beat her in raw enthusiasm. I preferred the quiet of my own side, of course.

“They’re good people.” Byakuren ran a finger along the bowl’s rim. “But it seems they forgot to include a utensil.”

Sure enough, no chopsticks adorned the bowl’s rim.

She set it on the floor beside her. “I suppose it’s the thought that counts.”

I cleared my throat, lifting the flower from my lap. “I have a gift for you. My love.” I extended it toward her.

Byakuren looked down on it, frowning in consideration. Gingerly, she reached out and took it. “Thank you.” She held it before her eyes, thinking.

I reached out and slid a hand down her arm. “Need some company?”

She blinked, cheeks flushed. “Company? I don’t… no. I’m fine.”

“Perhaps some entertainment? A song, perhaps?”

She set the carnation in her lap and stared down at it.

I clicked my tongue. “This is the problem.”

She looked back up, blinking.

“We have an act to perform, but we’re both crap at our roles.”

“No one’s watching us, Miko.”

“They will be.”

She sighed. “I know, I know. It’s just so confusing. You…” She looked to me, then bit her tongue. She leaned down again. “It’s different. It feels strange. And it’s not an act.”

I studied her eyes.

She faced me back. “We’re married, Miko. We have duties to each other now, and we’re going to fulfill them until they end.”

I listened to the temple. A couple desires to know our conversation emerged, but none approached the basement yet.

[ ] I argued with her.

[ ] I listened to her concerns.

[ ] I invited her to an outdoor stroll.

[ ] I insisted on some practice.

[ ] Write-in.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/12/11(Tue)19:00

>> No. 41516
[x] I listened to her concerns
>> No. 41517
[x] I listened to her concerns.
>> No. 41522
[X] I sang back to her.
>> No. 41523
[x] I listened to her concerns.

She doesn't have a person she can complain to. All of her friends are also followers so her image must be maintained.
>> No. 41524
[X] I sang back to her.
>> No. 41526
[x] I listened to her concerns.
The duties of a married person are very much real, so might as well follow them.
>> No. 41527
[x] I listened to her concerns.
this is literally the thing we're famous for
>> No. 41529
[X] I listened to her concerns.

Time to play to our strengths!
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