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File 154043409481.jpg - (222.86KB , 860x1204 , KogaRei.jpg ) [iqdb]
41060 No. 41060
Rice and Rain >>/shorts/2209

Inspired by, or shamelessly stolen from. Take your pick. Mibya wrote that (>>/gensokyo/15535).
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>> No. 42122

That's a good question to ask, thanks.

[X] Leer openly.
>> No. 42123
[x] Don’t look, no matter what.

It feels natural for this girl and is bound to make Kogasa curious.
>> No. 42127
[x] Don’t look, no matter what.

I feel like this is the most in character vote. Being embarrased and doing her best not to look.
>> No. 42128
File 156096697937.png - (269.55KB , 900x626 , eyeful.png ) [iqdb]
The image is NSFW, so are these full sizes:
https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1835602 for the mouth


[X] Leer openly.

Reimu’s eyes widened, and her thoughts settled from chaos to a simple, clear ethos.

There was a saying like this, right?

If you’re going to eat poison, you may as well swallow the whole plate.

Kogasa entered the room, and the young woman awaiting her took in everything.

Without reservation, she stared at the youkai’s naked body.

“Looks like your bathtub’s big enough for two, huh?” Kogasa observed in a chipper tone.

“Mm...” Reimu vaguely answered.

“I’ll wash myself off first, of course!”


The tool walked past, putting her closed umbrella against a wall. Reimu’s eyes fell on the most obvious aspect presented.

Kogasa’s breasts were healthy.

She wasn’t sporting cannons like the Shinigami, and she wasn’t absolutely bountiful like Myouren Temple’s head priest.

But wow, they’re full.

Reimu swallowed, and breathed out.

They clearly resembled globes, practically making her own chest look like a pair of modest mounds (or rather, it in fact was). It was criminal, she thought, that these breasts above her were always locked up in a shirt and vest. On the other hand, that meant they were probably quite warm—stuffy by now at the end of the day. A massage probably couldn’t hurt. Not at all. She honed in on the pale-rose areolae at their front. They, too, were noticeably larger than her own. Looking at them stoked a deep, smoldering need within her. She closed her thighs together, and felt in her heart a waving tremor.

Kogasa brought a bucketful of water over her head and soaked herself. At once, Reimu’s attention went to the water’s fall, ending on the absorbent mound of teal hair above this tsukumogami’s crotch. The hair bent and shimmered from the moisture, droplets and rivulets falling from curl to curl, and Reimu didn’t realize that she was leaning toward those nethers to closely record the finer details to memory. The proprietor of that nether region, however, did.

“I-Is something wrong?” Kogasa asked, her hands lifted awkwardly. She didn’t seem embarrassed, just concerned. Reimu, whose heartbeat was deafening in her ears, barely heard the question.

She put her hand against the tsukumogami’s stomach (making her flinch), looked up with the intent to meet her eyes, and stopped at her glistening breasts. The maiden felt like the old heart of Yatsugatake; her temperature was now driving her to near total, instinct-only action.

She swallowed again.

“I’ll wash you, alright?” she offered.

“Oh, thanks!” Kogasa innocently replied. She pulled up a stool in front of Reimu, put her hands atop her thighs, and waited. Reimu, realizing what was about to transpire, looked into the youkai’s face in a bit of a huff. In fact, she was huffing through her nose rather heavily. She couldn’t really contain herself. She wouldn’t. Reimu took her bar soap from its dish, quickly lathered her hands, and pushed her palms against Kogasa’s chest.

How much is this...!? Uh, uhh, seventy—? Maybe—ninety cm!? she thought, her fingers twitching. No, no, definitely!

She kept her mouth closed to avoid panting, but it would really have only taken a parting of her lips to have her excited breath exhaling over Kogasa’s body.

These breasts are...! Th-These are Kogasa’s...!

Her thoughts became more driven.

Between her fingers was the substantial, pliable bust of Tatara Kogasa: heavy, soft, and most importantly slippery. With the soap over her hands, her fingers slid along the youkai’s youthful skin easily. The breasts smoothly changed shape to her washing: undulating, pressing together, suddenly escaping her grasp. When she got her hands underneath them, and felt Kogasa’s body heat especially well, transferring into the very grooves of her palms and fingers, her breath could no longer be contained. Her pretense of cleaning evaporated, and she openly groped Kogasa while her breath escaped her like billowing steam.

She put the prints of her fingers against the pink-color ends and rotated, the buds beneath her push flicking out and slowly swelling. She lifted the left and slowly brought her hand across the skin of the right, starting from the inside. She gently held the now-holdably stiff part of it like the end of some heavy, filled-balloon, pulled it up, and let it drop with a half-loud slap against Kogasa’s ribs. With more excitement, she pressed the heels of her hands into the front of Kogasa’s breasts. She extended her fingers and caressed the outer sides, rubbing both slowly until she felt a dull, yearning pain in her heart urging her to grasp them both completely, forcefully. Instead, she continued to mold and play with Kogasa’s chest for what felt like several minutes, eventually wincing from how much of her lust was knocking away at her own reason. They may not have been the largest, most blatantly erotic pair of breasts Reimu had seen, but that they were Kogasa’s had the human in a near stupor. When she, in passing, accidentally flicked against their erected points one more time with the pads of her thumbs, and a shock ran through Kogasa’s body making all of it cutely quiver, the last vestiges of sensibility holding the shrine maiden back shattered entirely. Her jaw dropped, and her breath began to warm Kogasa’s flushed chest. Reimu’s hands moved over the now-thumping breasts (thumping, it seemed, from Kogasa’s heartbeat) with a blatantly sexual goal in mind.

Her hands glided between them; she gripped them with some strength and trembled at the resistance; she brought Kogasa’s nipples and areolae between the thumb and forefinger of each of her hands; she slowly felt their lightly bumped texture, their growing heat, their enticing stiffness, and she—

“I-I-I think those are clean already, Miss Reimu!” Kogasa stammered, blushing seemingly from shame. “A-And why are you using your hands!? A-A wash cloth, or something...” she lost her voice, hardly able to keep her mouth controlled. She was sitting up straight now; Reimu’s wide eyed stare went from Kogasa’s breasts to her fluster-filled eyes. Reluctantly, she resisted the urge to squeeze down and tug on those now-hard tips between her fingers, instead only holding the pillows from the front.

Somehow, even with her arousal at an all-time high, Reimu managed to address Kogasa’s concerns in a staid voice, “I’m lathering you, what else? I’ll scrub you down later...” Her stare returned to the breasts still in her hands. “Lift up your arms next.”

The youkai did. With her focus so sharpened, the maiden only barely saw Kogasa’s tightly closed mouth and blushing face at the top of her vision.

Somewhat with more reason reigning her in, if only to make sure she could get the most out of this as possible without provoking too much suspicion, Reimu professionally returned to her claimed duty of soaping Kogasa’s body by starting with her right arm. Haaahh... It’s cute too... she thought, her heart aching as she pulled both her hands up the arm’s length. Probably, objectively, she could call it “a girl’s arm”: not gorgeous, particularly slender, or muscled. It was... plain, she wagered. She began to rhythmically scrub her right hand along its inner side, and she glanced to see that Kogasa was not looking her way—eyebrows knit, bottom lip being chewed lightly. ... Chance! she thought.

She slid her fingers down and into the umbrella’s armpit, careful not to tickle the girl. Looks erotic... she thought, and she pushed her thumb into the crevice, Feeling the warmth there, she shuddered, and then bit down on her teeth when Kogasa slowly closed her right arm in reflex. Whoooaa bad. Ahhh, th-this feeling...

It was hot, tight. Spurred on, she extended the rest of her hand and didn’t neglect to press and cup the nearest breast while the umbrella was still embarrassed. She finished lathering the arm with her left hand, dropped it down, slid over her right, and just like that had Kogasa’s ribcage in both her hands. She lifted her chin and watched Kogasa’s now anguished expression with attentive examination. Through her right palm, Reimu felt how rapid the tsukumogami’s heartbeat had gotten.

Thus, with Kogasa’s left arm Reimu was much more “normal” in her application of soap; not to bring Kogasa any worries. No, the plan was to push this carefully, methodically. Just not giving up. Marisa had told her: if there was a chance, take it. Well, to start, she needed to get the girl’s eyes closed.

“I’m gonna lather your face. Careful,” she warned. To this Kogasa promptly shut her eyes, and obediently kept them shut. Reimu soaped up Kogasa’s neck with easy movements, then her cheeks, then her ears (which she squeezed and, as a result, was subject to such a good jolt of feeling that she squirmed in her seat), and then most of the rest of her face. With that done, Reimu wasted no time pulling Kogasa closer to her, straight into something of an embrace.

“R-Reim—Mi—What are—!? Ah! Ah!” The other girl panicked, but noticeably remained firmly seated.

“For your back,” said Reimu, beginning to lather just that. In her mind, her thoughts were, WOOOWW! HER BOOBS ARE PRESSED INTO ME!! G-God, this is so hot—aaahh, her spine...!

She settled down. Reassure her!

“Um, Kogasa,” she spoke with an honest voice, “Um, your... your body did—did you choose this yourself?”

“Uh, I, uh, mostly I-I did...” Kogasa answered hands still raised in confusion and alarm.

“Hmmm...” Reimu moaned a blasé response, pressing wholly against Kogasa’s upper body and entirely losing it within. “It’s nice,” she complimented.

“Th-Thank you...” Kogasa accepted. “I... um... Reimu, you... you like how I look?”

“It’s cute,” answered Reimu and, finished with the back, she withdrew and moved her hands to Kogasa’s sides. Feeling this, Kogasa bounced in her grasp. After savoring this reaction, Reimu brought her hands to the front of Kogasa’s body and squeezed very gently, “Hm.”


“Your stomach is soft.”

“Are you making fun of me!?”

Wordlessly, Reimu softly probed and pushed at Kogasa’s stomach. It didn’t have much of a roll, but she could pinch it and did. She also caressed the umbrella’s ribs, teased her nipples once more for a brief second, and started teasing her front side by carefully tracing her forefingers in parallel over Kogasa’s skin. She also put her face in Kogasa’s breasts from the top, hoping the tsukumogami wouldn’t notice as she breathed in deeply, her eyes shut from burgeoning feeling.

“Um, Miss Reimu?” she heard, and she opened her right eye. “Th-That feels good, so...”


It was a positive comment delivered politely in protest, and somehow that was the last straw.

“I’m just washing you though,” said Reimu.

“‘J-Just’...” Kogasa repeated, seemingly now noticing where Reimu’s chin was.

“Hm, is it a tsukumogami thing I wonder?” Reimu pondered as she drew a little back and began tweaking the tool’s nipples once again, now gently pulling at them too and squeezing them intermittently. Kogasa started flinching. “Like taking care of a tool... you just like it because of what you are?”

“You don’t really clean umbrellas...”


Reimu went silent. She was gazing down at Kogasa’s pubic mound.

“M-Miss Reimu...?” Kogasa asked, still unable to see, but likely still feeling the fingers rounding and toying with the tips of her breast, given all the twitching.

Reimu slowly pushed at Kogasa’s right thigh with her left hand, parting the youkai’s legs. In her right hand, she felt Kogasa’s heart going from fast, to rapid. Reimu moved that hand back.

“Kogasa...” she whispered, and she lowered the hand further, further, feeling more and more blood rushing hot through her body.

And before a single hair could grace a fingertip, Kogasa grabbed Reimu at her wrist. Reimu looked to see the blue-shaded youkai puffing out her cheeks. With this absurd expression, she slightly lifted Reimu’s hand, moved it past her left thigh, and put it “down” in the air.

She exhaled.

“I can do that part myself!” she insisted.


Reimu looked on.

Kogasa sheepishly asked her, “... Do you really want to?”

“‘Want to’? What are you thinking about?” Reimu asked while looking straight at Kogasa’s vagina. “Do you not want me in there?”

To this, Kogasa’s response was a high pitched, low volume whine and a general movement of frustration.

Reimu put both her hands on Kogasa’s right thigh now.

“You said you’re feeling good...? Well, I don’t really get it but...” saying this, she firmly massaged the limb’s top, “... if you’re feeling nice, then feel nice.”

“M-Miss Reimu, that’s really close!” Kogasa protested.

“Hm? What to?” Reimu asked. She started pressing up, moving her hand closer to where the leg began.


“Your vagina, you mean?”

Kogasa covered her face in her hands. Reimu left the mound untouched, and instead focused on improving the umbrella’s feeling. Her massage down the leg was deliberately sensual, all over, and after she’d meticulously ran her fingers between and around each of Kogasa’s toes, she returned her right hand to the inner thigh and simply, slowly, amorously rubbed.

“... Nmm...”

The first moan kept her going. Reimu continued to pleasure Kogasa indirectly, and it wasn’t long before the blue haired girl began spreading her legs further on her own.

“Haah... haa... Nnm... Ah...”

Reimu’s focus was directly on the shining, small puddle in the seat of Kogasa’s stool.

She began to rub deeper, switched to her left hand, and moved her right to Kogasa’s left inner thigh, caressing both at once in strong, deliberate, motions.

“Hah!! Oh... A-Ahh...” Kogasa’s voice got stronger, echoing everywhere.

Reimu, with the sensation of a powerful engine exploding in her chest, ventured nearer and nearer to the middle point, careful not to slip straight there when Kogasa’s hips involuntarily began to thrust.

And when she was close, and found herself on her knees before Kogasa, completely entranced—

she switched to only the firm, strong press of her thumbs, carefully got near as she could, pushed deep into the springy meat of Kogasa’s legs, and spread.

Eep! Ah! Ah! Ohh—Nng, th-that’s—! Miss Reimu, um...!”

Kogasa’s natural scent overwhelmed her and, as she realized that she was about to make the other girl cum, Reimu arrived at her senses, face directly before the slightly opened, entirely moistened, and twitching pink folds of Kogasa’s most precious place. That face went pale. What the Hell, Reimu...? she thought.

This... This was molestation. Now, she knew she had a habit of being impulsive, but this was far and away too much. With her head rapidly clearing, yet her own vagina begging for a hand, she definitely wasn’t at 100% judgement, but she knew that this was not the ideal way to forge a relationship. At least, no good one.

... She had not removed her hands though.

Kogasa’s vagina was still flinching in front of her, really, really as though it was asking for something more, and Reimu, at least, wanted nothing more than to lurch forward and plunge her middle finger within. Mentally, she slapped herself in the face.

Okay... The back down. Somehow you can... probably back out of this, Reimu, she thought, eyes still affixed to the eager female part in front of her. Let’s just recover...!

And, as she formulated a new plan, Kogasa spoke up, saying,

[] “U-Um... a-are... aren’t you gonna keep going?”

[] “... Oh? A-Are you, um, done? I—I was getting a littl... a little worried.”
>> No. 42129
[x] “U-Um... a-are... aren’t you gonna keep going?”

What even is this vote
>> No. 42130
[x] “U-Um... a-are... aren’t you gonna keep going?”
>> No. 42131
[x] “U-Um... a-are... aren’t you gonna keep going?”

hey, there's only one choice, what gives?
>> No. 42132
[x] “... Oh? A-Are you, um, done? I—I was getting a littl... a little worried.”

Bad touch, bad touch.
>> No. 42133
[X] “... Oh? A-Are you, um, done? I—I was getting a littl... a little worried.”
>> No. 42134
[X] “U-Um... a-are... aren’t you gonna keep going?”

It's there really a choice?
>> No. 42136
File 156112038355.png - (942.18KB , 1600x1600 , accidentally alpha.png ) [iqdb]
image source: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=23591778


[X] “U-Um... a-are... aren’t you gonna keep going?”

The question made her heart beat louder than ever before.

“N-N-N-Not that I really, really want you to, but, um—!” Kogasa shouted. She forced out some laughter, and thus didn’t notice Reimu coming closer. The shrine maiden brought her face all the way up to Kogasa’s parted crotch, at which point she breathed in for a while, and sighed hotly, deeply, when she was completely satisfied. “Wha—!? Is that your breath!?” Kogasa put her hands above Reimu’s head, but was hesitant to push back.

This smell... thought Reimu, feeling lightheaded, I can’t get enough...

Kogasa’s not-yet clean part, obviously excited and readying itself, had a thick, alluring, aroma. Reimu breathed it again, “Hahh... Hm, fhm...”

Now she felt her heart pounding into her throat. Kogasa’s pussy was wafting with heat onto Reimu’s cheeks, and it looked so enticing... “Yeah...” said the human breathily, and Kogasa tensed from the feeling of her voice. Reimu gulped, sat up (pushing past Kogasa’s hands), and told the girl, “I’ll continue. I didn’t finish your other leg.”

“Eh...?” Kogasa voiced her confusion, still going through spasms as Reimu did as she said she would and lathered the lower left limb. When Reimu was finished, she tossed a clean rag into Kogasa’s face.

“Here,” she said, “I just realized if I scrub you I’ll take forever to get clean myself.”

Kogasa quickly cleaned her face, ears, and neck all around, hurried to grasp a bucket, filled it, cleared her face of soap, and looked at Reimu in bewilderment. Reimu, looking calm, was scrubbing her arms with a different cloth, and seemed exclusively focused on that task. She wasn’t, in fact; she was paying close attention to Kogasa, watching her indirectly and trying to settle down.

Kogasa seemed to want to talk, but instead remained looking perplexed, contorting her eyebrows while looking nowhere in particular. She slowly started to scrub herself as well, and when she was finished (and Reimu was not—she was working on her face), she looked upon Reimu with a purposeful and clearly directed stare.

The Shrine Maiden could not see this—like Kogasa before, her eyes were shut to prevent soap suds from entering—but if there was one thing she could always do it was sense when someone, particularly someone who was a youkai, was thinking of getting her. She straightened her back, knowing that Kogasa was prepared to splash her, or dump water over her head, or throw a rag into her face in retaliation. She was not, however, expecting the youkai to grab her wrist.


With her vision dark, she relied on her other senses. So presently, on her right wrist she felt an obvious, firm grasp. The cloth in her hand was pulled out of it, and she heard it fall somewhere on the floor. Unsure of what was transpiring, she lifted her free hand with hesitation, and was surprised to brush against the freshly familiar curve of Kogasa’s bust. In spite of herself, she grabbed it at once, and heard the quietly umbrella whine with a mix of aggravation, astonishment, and arousal.

Soon, she felt her hand being pushed back toward her, revealing to her that Kogasa was moving closer. The hair over her right ear was brushed aside by something soft, but prominent—the tsukumogami’s nose? She heard Kogasa’s voice directly just after, which about confirmed her suspicions.

“Miss Reimu,” Kogasa addressed her, and she kept silent. “Hmmm? You weren’t expecting this, huh? After messing around with me so much...”

What the heck is she doing!?

“I-I already know, I can scare you,” Kogasa stammered. “... Are you scared? What’ll happen, I wonder? What...”—Reimu froze; Kogasa’s fingertips were on her knees—“will...”—they progressed onto her thigh, and their destination was obvious—“happen...?”

There was no mistaking it.

Before Kogasa could do anything particularly surprising, Reimu shut her legs tight, and when she did she realized from the tug of the umbrella’s arm that that “obvious” destination had likely been a ruse.

Now, because of the timing of her shutdown, the back of Kogasa’s hand was pressed against Reimu’s lower lips.

Reimu could tell that the sensation and revelation had given Kogasa quite the jolt. The youkai seemed to quickly try to extract her hand, but... even if Reimu wanted to, she couldn’t open her legs. Factually, she could not: her thighs were inflexibly, reflexively, squeezing together, and she couldn’t stop rubbing them together either. Kogasa plainly shivered.


Reimu did not let go. In fact, without thinking, her legs closed more.

“Ah...! I-It’s twitching...!”

Reimu sighed, slowly dragged her hips forward, and shivered with pleasure. She opened her eyes just slightly—such that the cage of her lashes could prevent harmful entry—and observed.

She saw the blurry form of Kogasa struggling to free herself, and when the girl braced, let go of Reimu’s wrist to grab her own and suddenly pull, Reimu thought once more: ... Chance.

Kogasa yanked, and Reimu “fell” forward, grinding her way up Kogasa’s forearm—thrilled, flinching, and gritting her teeth as her thoughts went blank. Beneath her, she heard Kogasa panicking.

“Hawawawawa~!? Awawa, ahh... Hah! Wha—!”

She was on top of Kogasa now in a strange position. Her eyes once more closed, fallen to darkness, she wagered from feeling that she was pressed against the other girl’s torso, and that that girl was slouching, her right arm stretched forward. Against her knee, Reimu could feel a familiar, significant heat. She spoke, panting through her words, “Ah... sorry... phew, looks like I fell.”

“THERE’S NO WAY YOU FELL! M-M-Miss Reimu, my hand is on your—...! Kgh, ahhh...”

Very carefully, only occasionally, with no noticeable rhythm, Reimu pushed her hips forward, and rocked them back, shuddering from the slick sensation between her legs and not even attempting to hide the crooked, involuntary smile carving across her lips. Every time she moved herself, seeking pleasure, Kogasa gasped.

“Hey, I can’t move my left arm,” she lied (it was between the two of them, so that she could keep rotating her thumb around the areola beneath it), “and if I move my right, I’ll fall again.” She referred to her perfectly safe and stable other arm, thread under Kogasa’s left armpit to keep herself aloft. “Could you finish my face for me?” she asked, peeking through her soaped eyelids again. She saw Kogasa swallow, and nod.

Soon, the typically sullen youkai was confidently navigating Reimu’s features with a soft cloth. Reimu bent into the youkai’s hand as she moved it, and she continued to sigh and gyrate throughout the umbrella’s noises of anxiety.

When finished, Kogasa poured water over Reimu’s face, and Reimu leaned in. She opened her eyes slowly, knowing how close that face was to her bathing partner’s. Her hair fell forward, touching Kogasa’s reddened cheeks and ears. She was wearing a complex expression now. Her aggravation from Reimu’s teasing was gone, and instead she was left with a somewhat narrowed gaze, uneven and twisted brows, and an only slightly opened mouth. With a small, implicative smile, Reimu then told the girl, “Alright, shall we get in the bath next?”

= = = = =

After unwinding their small game of Twister, Reimu watched as Kogasa went into the tub up to her shoulders. Reimu rid herself of any excess soap and, when that was done, joined directly across from Kogasa. They soaked for quite a while just quietly, Reimu wearing a cattish smile and Kogasa looking contemplative. Now that such a while had passed, the former decided to rise from the water. She sat down on the bathtub’s edge, looked into Kogasa’s eyes, and opened her legs with a slow, deliberate pace, planting her arms out far apart and bringing her hips just slightly forward. Her intent was obvious. Immediately, Kogasa began worriedly glancing at the patch of dark hair a meter or so in front of her eyes.

After about a minute of this had passed, Reimu posed the question “What?” bluntly.

Kogasa answered, “Y-Your... it... is umm...”

“Ahh, this?” Reimu asked, looking down to her pubic hair. “I was getting hot, so...”

“Oh,” said Kogasa, cocking her left eyebrow and looking at a wall.

Well, that’s probably enough bullying... Reimu thought, puffing a bit of air from her nose. Really, that’s enough. If I go any further than this, it’s probably over.

Looking toward the ceiling, she sighed, closed her eyes (and her legs) and slid back into the bath, making sure to shift to her left so as to no longer be parallel with the umbrella youkai. In the swaying waters the soothing temperature, what little tension which still remained in her body ebbed entirely away. She exhaled long from her nose, until her chest depressed, and she returned to her thoughts again, thinking, I really am like a beast, though...

She opened her eyes.

I practically “ate” Kogasa. I was crazy.

She brought her head back down then, and saw Kogasa dazedly looking her way. When she noticed that Reimu’s hazel eyes were on her, she jumped a little and turned her two-color eyes away. Despite this, for some reason she looked back shortly after, smiled a bit pitifully, and then directed her gaze toward the bathroom’s window.

Haaahhhh... She’s cute.

I wonder what she thinks I was doing...

Reimu crossed her ankles and bent forward.

She said “messing around” like it was just playful, but she was definitely about to cum. I basically climaxed right on her arm, too. Thinking this, Reimu smirked with a sense of self-deprecation. I’m just ridiculous.

But... it wasn’t only that it felt good... I was really, really happy.

Thinking that, she lowered her eyelids near to closing and began directing her hand slowly toward her still-eager insides.

“Miss Reimu,” Kogasa said, and it was Reimu’s turn to jump in place, splashing the water around her as she covered her creeping hand, brought up her shoulders, and looked at Kogasa a little panicked, “what were you trying to do, earlier?”

So she doesn’t realize it... “I was just trying to cheer you up, more,” Reimu lied, and when the lie passed her lips, she felt something acrid on her tongue, and a muddled pain in her heart. “I-I didn’t want you feeling down...”

It became a stabbing pain, and she found herself looking to the water at her left with entirely knit brows.

“I don’t know if it worked...” said Kogasa, and Reimu grimaced, thinking Of course it didn’t while slouching into her now-raised knees. Slowly, she sank until the bottom half of her face was submerged in the bath. Kogasa spoke again, saying, “It, um, kinda felt like sex.”

Reimu spat, spraying water out ahead of her. Flustered, she swiveled to Kogasa, her arms lifted out of the water in reflex and at once she demanded to know, “H-HAVE YOU HAD SEX!?”

“Hwuh!? No...!” Kogasa answered, shrinking a bit.

Reimu covered her mouth, thinking that that was just a... horribly embarrassing moment. Kogasa continued with an explanation.

“I-I just know about it! And it felt good like... like I’ve read, but... Uuugh, I’m sorry! Why are we talking about this!?”

Because I basically was about to fuck you! It’s not your fault! Reimu thought. The two of them now had their eyes shut, and were each observably ashamed. “You’re, um, not at fault?” Reimu eventually managed to say.

“Are you sure? Like, I didn’t make it weird?” Kogasa asked, obviously very earnestly.

What!? I made it weird!! “N-No! Come on, I don’t blame you for anything! What the heck are you thinking!?”

“I was just thinking, you were just trying to wash me and I was feeling weird about it...” Kogasa admitted. Reimu was glaring at her, mostly due to being baffled. The umbrella youkai was shyly holding her toes out ahead of her, and not making any sort of eye contact.

She then sat up.

She cupped, and held up both of her breasts.

“You did tease my nipples a lot, though...” said Kogasa, and Reimu went stiff, “I didn’t read about that in books, so I wasn’t sure why it was feeling good...”

Some god, any god, save me: she’s begging for one of those scenarios out of the “Adult Works” section of Suzunaan.

“Oh no, it’s definitely supposed to feel good. Here, I’ll show you again.”
“Not just there... your... ears... too... you can feel good from those...”
“How about I show you where it feels best... here...” and I’d like, lean over her and t-touch her clitoris and I’d say, “So? Did your books teach you about this?”


Reimu grabbed at both sides of her head, causing another splash and making Kogasa blink in surprise (while still holding up her breasts).

She’s not asking for it, Reimu! She’s an umbrella with a body! One she’s apparently not entirely familiar with! Hasn’t had sex... I mean, me neither—but has she even masturbated!? She doesn’t know anything!

So, what? Do you want to start... p-pushing her down and... s-sliding your f-f-finger... slowly up and down her lips, watching her body flush as she moans, and squirms, and she starts panting, the s-sounds of her crotch getting louder and noisier until she opens up her legs and g-grinds against your hand and says. “M-Miss Reimu, I can’t...!”

Ahh noo...! I’m getting wet! I can totally tell I’m getting wet!

Reimu’s legs were squirming together, Eventually, she stopped having an episode of lust long enough to take her hands off her head (keeping them held up a bit over it, though) and address Kogasa’s concerns. “Don’t worry about it,” she forced herself to say, “I was just messing with you.”


Again, it was like there was a knife going through the left side of her chest. She winced, and groaned.

What the heck...?

“Well, uhm, I’m still sorry,” she heard Kogasa apologizing, and she turned her anguished eyes onto the other girl. “... Maybe I’m weirder than I thought, that’s all.”

... Huh? What...?

Before she knew it, she had moved over to Kogasa, and put her hand down on that sky-blue head, caressing her just once to the right in a gesture of reassurance. They locked eyes, and Reimu, blushing once more from her feelings rather than her base desires, firmly told her, “I don’t know about weird or not weird, but hey: don’t look down on yourself.” For a moment, she lost eye contact, but as she said her last words she caught it again, “You’re not bad... Actually, you’re pretty damn admirable.”

Like that, a smile found its way on Kogasa’s lips again and, a little misty-eyed, the tsukumogami glanced away, saying, “That really is nice...”

Closing her eyes, she started to lean into Reimu’s touch, and on cue the shrine maiden gently started to pet her with care. As she did, another pain began slowly boring its way through her chest. Eventually, she slowed to a stop behind the tsukumogami’s head, leaving a few of her fingertips gracing the nape.

Her fingers began to close through Kogasa’s hair and into her own palm.

... I’m gonna kiss her.

After she thought this, and determined to make this thought a vow, Kogasa opened her eyes with a kind, almost sleepy expression.

“Do you want to play with my boobs again?” she asked.

Reimu’s stare hardened.

Stopping her left hand from instinctively darting up, she paused entirely, waited a beat, and unconfidently asked, “Wh... Why?”

“Well, you looked like you really liked it, and right now you kinda look hurt,” Kogasa answered with an ordinary cadence. “If it makes you feel better, you can use my boobs!” She beamed innocently. Reimu, however, felt not at all innocent.

“Listen, you...” the shrine maiden began with anger obvious in her tone. “Okay? You shouldn’t say something like that so easily.”

“Hm? Why?” asked Kogasa, tilting her head.

“B-Because...” Reimu hesitated... If I lie again... is it gonna hurt even more? Why’s it so tough for me to lie unless I’m about to become a damned molester...?

She breathed in through her nose.

She sighed, and breathed out.

Finally, she swallowed her spit.

“... that... wasn’t... really something even girls do with each other, not unless—...” Reimu stopped, looked away, and grimaced, but soon she found her words, “... I was definitely turning you on on purpose, um... That’s all. I was doing it selfishly, and I didn’t ask, and uh... It was... almost... sex...”

After whispering the final word, she glanced at Kogasa and saw that the girl was in awe. Her jaw was slightly dropped, her eyebrows were up, and the eyes below it wide. All over her face, she’d turned bright red. Reimu dodged another bullet of love urging her to lock with the girl’s mouth and tongue.

“Wh-Why... sex... me?” Kogasa asked in broken Japanese.

“Ahaha... I’m just—I, I went and had some sake before we got in here and I’m a little drunk,” Reimu lied, breaking eye contact again. Somehow, this lie passed without harm. “I guess I was feeling um, horny?” Reimu! “Frisky!? It’s, like, it’s not, well you know—it’s just, I... yeah, hah, right?”

“Are you still horny? Do you want to have sex?” asked Kogasa with an almost distressed tone, her brow and eyes showing clear and passionate concern. Hearing this bold question, Reimu brought her hand from the back of Kogasa’s head to its top, grabbed, and pushed down.

“Stop asking stuff like that!!” she snapped. “What the hell is it going through this tool’s head!?”

Kogasa lifted that head, prompting Reimu to move her hand and meet her eyes. In a plaintive voice she explained, “Because...! I wanna be useful! I’ve read about using tools to feel better, and, umm—! If—If that’s what you want then I—”

“I don’t want to have that kind of sex with you!” Reimu shouted, truth shining through her tone. As soon as she said it, she realized the statement’s implications, and went pale. Kogasa was slower to realize, but assuredly after a few seconds of stewing over the words, her eyes widened again, she closed her mouth, and her blush reached her ears.

In a moment, she spoke.

“Th... Then... does that mean—”

“We’ve been in here way too long; let’s get out before we start feeling faint...”

Reimu hurriedly backed away from Kogasa, trying to hide her face by turning it away. She stepped out of the tub, and moved swiftly to the door.

“You saw where the towels were, right?” she said after grabbing the flush handle. “Make sure you dry yourself properly.”

With that, she left Kogasa back in the bath. The inhuman girl stared after her, watching the door slide closed, speechless. With her hands between her knees, she thought about what had just transpired, and what she might say after following the shrine maiden out.


For the next part:

[] Reimu.

[] Kogasa.
>> No. 42137
[x] Kogasa
This whole bath scene was far lewder than expected. Nice
>> No. 42138
[x] Kogasa

>> No. 42139
[x] Reimu.

I simply must see how she handles everything she just revealed.
>> No. 42140
[x] Kogasa
>> No. 42141
>Sekibanki threw an arm out forward, casting her cape out dramatically behind her as she declared (once more speaking in a deep voice), “We’ll settle this the Gensokyo way...!”
Sekibanki... wasn't wearing a cape in this scene.

>Sekibanki threw an arm out forward, apparently used to casting her cape out dramatically behind her even with it not on. She thus declared (once more speaking in a deep voice), “We’ll settle this the Gensokyo way...!”
and here
>her cape waving slightly with her energy
her cape -> the flaps of her collar

Masterclass in paying attention: Sir Kizin
>> No. 42142
>not keeping an extra cape in your pocket at all times for emergencies
I sure hope you guys don't do this
>> No. 42149
File 156207941977.png - (1.50MB , 1800x1105 , pleasures.png ) [iqdb]
Image is indeed NSFW.
Source: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=75479146

[X] Kogasa.

/ / / / /

When she left the bathroom and dried herself and her umbrella half, Kogasa found in a basket next to her now-clean clothes a simple, white, yukata for sleeping, and a note on paper above it. The note read:

Sorry for bothering you, but, I also thank you for today. If you’d like to go back home, I understand. If you don’t mind staying, a bed is open for you.

I’ll be having a drink outside before bed myself. If I’m unable to do it in person, here I will say good night. Sleep well, Miss Tatara.

Kogasa held the note in both hands, well-thinking it over. In the dark changing room, with cicadas and frogs outside chirping and croaking evening ambience, she crumpled it just slightly, and left it beside the basket. She put on the white robes.

Without footwear, her light steps out of the room were nearly silent. She left the area and found herself outside, the moon’s light giving the shrine a cool glow, She peeked around to the front side, finding it empty, then peeked around the back—quickly backing off at the sight she found.

... After a moment, she began to stare again, as surreptitiously as she could. She put her umbrella half down on the rise.

Reimu was wearing a yukata like hers, sitting cross-legged and slouched on her back porch, and there was a glint in her upraised hand. Squinting, Kogasa surmised it must have been a lacquered sakazuki. She shrunk behind the wall she was hiding at, gingerly holding its edge.

Reimu sipped from her cup, looked down at her right side and poked a pale tokkuri flask that was there. At this action, Kogasa flinched and cowered away, her heart thumping. She eased her gaze out again, and watched the contemplative human.

What’s she thinking about... pondered the youkai. Is she thinking about me?

I-Is it conceited if I think that? Miss Reimu... thinking about me...

Kogasa’s focus slowly dropped, and her shoulders slumped.

She wants to... with me? No no no—I’m overthinking it.

She looked at Reimu again. The young woman had brought her right leg out from under her left, and was absently kicking it while it hanged. She drank more, staring into the forest out ahead of her—the sleeping cherry trees, long-since done showing their flowers.

Cool... admired the tsukumogami. With this admission, she pulled away, albeit reluctantly. Still holding the wall with her left hand, staring at the stone walkway beneath her feet, she decided, I’m gonna go to bed.

She carefully entered the shrine’s main building and made her way to Reimu’s bedroom—a room which, perhaps not surprisingly, most youkai in Gensokyo seemed to know the location of. Opening its door, she found two beds, side by side, and perhaps a foot or two apart. She stopped, leaving her right hand on the wood of the entrance. Her heart thumped again before she could step onto the tatami in front of her. Her face felt hot.

A thought occurred to her:

Put one futon away...
Wait under Reimu’s sheets...
She would pull them away and...

A warped, embarrassed smile formed on Kogasa’s lips, and now that heat in her face crept to the top of her ears.

Wh-Wh-Wh-What kind of surprise would that be!? That’s not scary! That’s p—... p-perverted! I mean, opening my yukata and waiting for herrrr—WHAT!? WHAT!? Kogasa, when did you get naked in this plan!?

She shut her eyes—frowning as if from tooth pain—set her umbrella part down, and put her left hand on her respective cheek. She was definitely blushing.

That damned shrine maiden...! She messed up my head! A-And my body’s all... Kogasa opened her eyes, looking down at herself and opening her mouth, letting out a humid kind of breath. At her chest, two points had distinctly risen.

Swooping up her umbrella, Kogasa dashed into the bed on the left, wrapped herself in the sheets, and hugged the tool part of her while beneath the covers.

M-My... My that feels—

She cut herself off, and looked down toward her legs.

The eye of her umbrella stared at her. She lifted her head quick to meet its gaze,

What? Don’t look at me like that!

It’s a human-like body, you wouldn’t understand!

S-See, it...
it feels stuff! I-I-It’s basic biology! You only have a tongue and a foot and an eye! You don’t know!

As a matter of fact it did not know at all. Her umbrella half was not at all sentient or independent: it was a part of her. The eye could look, but not on its own. The tug could wag, but only if she wanted it to.

Truly, she was talking to herself.

Her gaze went down again.

A-And, it’s supposed to feel good if you touch it, right? Like, in a certain way. She was gonna touch it... right?

She looked at her lower body in all seriousness. She wasn’t wearing anything beneath the yukata. It would be a simple matter to have at it, actually.

“H-Hey...” she whispered, “hide me, okay?”

She hugged the tool a bit closer with her left arm, the one that was to the floor. With her right, she began to reach down, hearing that thumping in her ears and from her chest even louder than before.

Uahh... it’s my first time trying this but... But I don’t got a choice! I feel... I feel like... like I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t do something! S-She didn’t finish and...

Her hand ended over her other head of hair.

... How was she... gonna do it...?

Kogasa turned her head and put her face against her pillow, exhaling into it.

Like... Like this?

Finally, she touched it. From the top, with her middle finger, wherefrom she slid to the bottom.

“Fhm...!” she puffed, and her entire body shivered.

W... Wow!

She pulled her finger back up.

“Mmh... Hm!”

Th... This is crazy!

She was almost convulsing. She could still feel Reimu’s hands on her thighs. Reimu massaging so dangerously, but nicely. In all her movements, caring. It had felt so good... Keeping it in mind, she rhythmically caressed the crevice between her legs.

“Mmf... mmf... mmf... Mm...!”

It was... almost ticklish, but there was usually something very uncomfortable in being tickled so perhaps not. Maybe she could better describe it as that tingling, fine sensation one would get from relieving a random itch. The prickling of her body hairs raising, the feeling like her skin was sparkling... It most definitely felt fantastic. She hadn’t heard wrong about all this. Pushing her right knee up (and ruining the bed’s spread), her left followed (ruining it more), and without thinking, soon her hips were lifted behind her. As she continued to pleasure herself, she huffed into the pillow over her mouth, her stare far off while she just about entered a daze, and she squeezed her umbrella half harder.

She began to hear something like the sound of drizzle against a cloth canopy.

Mm... Mm... Am I... too hot? I’m... sweating?

She closed her eyes, and pushed against herself more intensely.

I feel hot, she thought, as the distance between every pitter, patter sound shortened more and more. She soon began to notice a sound like something almost... soggy, perhaps. Wet. She promptly realized it was herself.

I-Is this really sweat...? It’s sticky... F-Feels good...

As she thought this, the first joint of her finger slipped inside of herself, entirely on its own.


A lightning strike. That was the sensation. Like a bolt from the sky had just struck her, and riddled her body with a strange power. She squealed, and quickly pulled her hand out, collapsing, quivering, and lifting her face from the cushion she’d been using to quiet herself, her panting unfortunately loud. She brought her hand, now coated in something slick, under her left breast to wipe it off. Her heart was going wild...

What...? What...?

She knew that... base things felt good, and she knew that when... sex... happened, a human male would put his sex part into a human female’s sex part. She hadn’t quite imagined that the sort of sensation resulting from this connection could be so... Too much.

Too much, but...

She turned onto her back, opening her legs a bit sloppily (her left knee up, her right leg out) to look down at her crotch. Moonlight was entering through the paper screens of the doors to the yard, and past the sheet over her, and she could see that that “sweat” was glinting now.

Certainly, putting a finger in it felt like too much.

... But, if it was Miss Reimu, then...

She put her hand over it, braced herself, and spread it apart.

Hahh...” Ahh...

In a moment, her palm became moist and warm. As the cool night air hit her exposed flesh, she twitched and bit down in quick restraint. That feeling was something she liked—like when Reimu’s breath had connected. That sudden, almost sharp feeling, and the ripples of that thrilling sensation emanating from her crotch... That was good.

Thinking that, she kept herself open with her index and ring finger, extended her middle, and tapped at her insides.

“Nghah! Wh-Wha—Hahh!

Her hips bucked.

What what what, I, what!? Kogasa thought nonsense, tapping herself again.

“NNgmm~! Ffh... Ah! Ah!” Every tap was ludicrous. That dry, rough, but brief contact—

“Fuu... Huh—kgh—”

—it was addicting. And as kept teasing herself, she began to think very much. She began to imagine, at some point. She risked madness circling her fingertip around her entrance, making it slippery, and she imagined it was the shrine maiden’s tongue. Perhaps it was strange, but she had expected Reimu to kiss her there when her face had been close, and now the thought of that freewheeling human between her legs again, having come in in the middle of all this and discovered her, chastising her, pushing apart her legs more and controlling her: that thought became desire, and fantasy.

She pulled her finger up with a detectable amount of force, and immediately shook.

“Kgha! Miss Reimu...! Can’t you...”

Closing her eyes in reflex, she let go of her umbrella part to push the first joints of her left hand’s fingers against her mouth, with the hand balled into a fist and the mouth open from her breathing. Her teeth were parted and almost bit against two of her knuckles. The pretend tongue licked again.

“Ohh... can’t you only do this... with lovers—Nn—hah!”

She moved like she thought Reimu might.

“Th-There...!? Ng... Aw no... that’s... ah... Hah, Miss... Reimu...”

Reimu would grind her tongue against those folds on the sides, and caringly tongue all around, in a circle. Oh, how that would be. And then she’d lap very strongly, that—that would set Kogasa off. Her hips lifted again. That “tongue’s” movements became shorter and faster.

And then—

going in...

She pushed inside herself, on purpose this time, and held back an involuntary groan.

It was shallow, but—

she had had honestly felt nothing before so intense.

She was unware of it, but fear seemed to hold her back from truly experimenting. Still, from her suppressed and eager voice, from the stain she was making on the bed and its noisy accompaniment, from her completely open legs, from the fact that now, genuinely, she was truly drenched with sweat all over her body... Yes, this was likely enough.

Lost in unfulfilled wishes, Kogasa went on with herself, alone, until a proper orgasm. Her consciousness drifted away shortly after, without concern for the sheets cast aside, or her robes that were in utter disarray.
>> No. 42151
File 156207955177.gif - (1.62MB , 655x537 , desires.gif ) [iqdb]
Image is indeed NSFW.

= = = = =

Then, Reimu tossed the covers off her body. She yelped, and quailed as the strong shrine maiden took a position over her, hands planted at either side of her head. She looked down at her body, seeing it was shining, and she realized she hadn’t properly hidden what she’d done. She looked for her umbrella half, but it seemed to have abandoned her.

Reimu looked into her eyes. The human’s expression was serious, and handsome. Kogasa closed her eyes, and opened her mouth. As if this was a command, Reimu leaned down and kissed her.

Adult kisses, she’d heard, involved tongues. Reimu’s tongue danced with hers almost aggressively, but mainly it felt very nice. In fact, she adored the feeling. It made her incredibly happy, such that it was as if her heart was glowing. She lifted herself onto her forearms, and tried to equal the shrine maiden’s efforts. Opening her mouth and panting into the humans, over and over, their spit entwining and making their smacking more intense. Sucking on Reimu’s lips, catching the scent of her shampoo so close—she felt needy. She wanted Reimu to push into her, fiercely, now. On cue, Reimu did.

She cried out for a moment over the shrine maiden’s face as she felt two slender digits going into her from below. Soon, with her head in Kogasa’s chest, Reimu was fingering the tsukumogami fast, and almost roughly, the sounds of her place loud and shameless with noisy squelching. While she’d thought she’d lost her mind before, this absolute assault of physical sensation was making any sense within Kogasa’s head collapse. She sat up, and hugged Reimu around her back. Their clothes fell away, and she hugged even tighter. This was what she was expecting, she was so glad that this had happened.

Reimu kept going until Kogasa was trembling on top of her, and squeezing the two fingers plunged deep within the girl as if said girl never wanted to let go. She pulled them out, and kissed Kogasa again, on her mouth, like a partner. It felt kind. She then spread Kogasa’s legs apart, and opened her own.

Kogasa looked down at where the two would meet, and she implicitly understood what was going to happen.

To have sex. To make love with Reimu,

The human’s teeth were grinding together, and that expression thrilled her. She shivered, in fact. Reimu lifted Kogasa’s left thigh with a nail-to-skin grip. She clenched her toes, and felt throughout every inch of her body anticipation, and eagerness.

Kogasa couldn’t take her eyes away, even as their mounds approached, and a blinding, white light grew to obscure them.

Ah... she thought, finally worried, I’ll have a baby...!

She woke up splayed on the futon, the bright Sun absolutely merciless, even with a wall attempting to stop it. She stared wide-eyed at the ceiling. Bird song. Morning.

Her heart was beating too fast. Her crotch felt breezy—Was it opened!?

Was that a dream!? she thought, panicked. I... I’m stupid in my dreams! Girls and girls can’t make babies, even if they DO have sex!


She gasped.

She was mortified.

Why would I want Miss Reimu to do that to me!? Was I that, um—Um! Um, pent... what? That... thing they say!

She looked to her to her right. Her umbrella half was there.

She looked to her left. Reimu was sleeping peacefully.

She quickly looked down, and closed her yukata.

Did Miss Reimu see me!? I... I masturbated last night! In her house! In a shrine! She was wrong... I’m definitely an evil youkai... This is lust! One of the seven sins!

Kogasa was sat on her knees, and covering her full-blushing face.

Ohh... what... what do I dooo? Oh no, oh no... She looked at her sheets. Look at the sheets! They bore evidence. Oh no...

Taking her hands from her face, she looked at Reimu again. Reimu was completely out. She was face-up, sleeping under her sheets, perfectly ordinarily.

Mmm... Kogasa was concerned.

Well... she thought, and with this thought she made a choice:

[] Calm down, and wait for Reimu to wake up.

[] Make Reimu breakfast.

[] Skedaddle.
>> No. 42152
[X] Calm down, and wait for Reimu to wake up.

This lets Kogasa calm & prepare herself for upcoming discussion, is romantic, and doesn't rely on Kogasa's cooking which we don't know about.

That said, making breakfast is an appealing choice. Gives Reimu a chance to unwind a bit by processing last night (and its likely hangover). Also gets her a potential great (maybe) homemade meal filled with love from Kogasa.
>> No. 42153
[X] Make Reimu breakfast.

Congratulations, now get married before the pregnancy starts showing, degenerate.
>> No. 42154
Whoops didn't mean to sage a vote
>> No. 42155
[x] Skedaddle.

Clearly, what she needs is some good old distance to clear her head.
>> No. 42156
Oh and to be entirely clear, that lustful encounter was indeed a dream. Reimu did not yobai Kogasa. That said, we don't know how her evening went.
*Bath stuff: All happened.
*Kogasa jilling off: Did happen.
*Reimu coming in and doing all that: dream
>> No. 42157
[X] Make Reimu breakfast.
Not even sure if Reimu would even have enough food to make something complex with but let’s try it
>> No. 42158
[X] Make Reimu breakfast.
>> No. 42165
[x] Calm down, and wait for Reimu to wake up.
>> No. 42166
File 156290663882.gif - (2.00MB , 551x391 , reimu reimu reimu.gif ) [iqdb]


[X] Make Reimu breakfast.

= = = = =

When she cooked the fish, it became black.

She wasn’t sure when to take the rice from heat.

After adding the miso to the dashi base, she panicked when she realized doing so without an udon tebo or something similar meant she couldn’t be sure that all of it properly dissolved. So, she brought the pot of it to a boil, only then recalling that miso was never supposed to be boiled.

The meal was completed. At a glance (and whiff), she knew it was a failure.

She now sat seiza before the low dining table, her eyes wide, her skin pale, her lips twitching, and her fists clenched over her thighs, thinking, What do I do...

There was a long yawn from down the hall. She flinched.

After almost a minute had passed, she shrunk further and further into a slouching position as soft footsteps out the room got nearer and nearrer.

The door slid open. She flinched. Behind her Reimu said, “Breakfast?”

“Y... Yes...” Kogasa muttered while her host stepped past her and sat down on the side of the table to her right. She swiftly picked up her head, and her right hand, when Reimu took up a pair of chopsticks. “Uh...!”

“Hm?” murmured Reimu, looking her way.

“Uh, I,... not... cooking good...” said the umbrella.

“S’fine,” Reimu replied, taking too-soft rice into her chopsticks, “I’ll eat anything.”

And she followed through. Without disgust, without delight, she simply ate the food before her. Kogasa felt... muddled over this.

She was eating it, but only because she had an iron stomach.

... Ah, wait! A thought occurred to Kogasa. It’s Miss Reimu!

Her face flooded with red immediately.

I...! I... guess she doesn’t know, huh!? She didn’t notice!

Reimu was chewing with a dull, rather sleepy expression, staring toward the paper walls of her home, illuminated by daylight. Her hair was down and not in order, she was still in her white-robe sleepwear (Kogasa had changed, and tried to hide whatever she’d soaked at the bottom of Reimu’s hamper once she was sure it was all dry). She seemed wholly, honestly, unperturbed by Kogasa’s presence. Kogasa sighed into her own chest with relief.

Okay... she thought, placing her hands lightly on the table, I guess I’m in the clear...


... Really, why’d I do that? Should I ask her about it?

She looked Reimu’s way again, her eyes narrowing the slightest bit.

She got angry when I talked about sex before. I... I think I got it after that. I get why...

Her gaze drifted off, and her shoulders began to slump.

... Let’s not think about that. Yeah. Yeah... Dreams are only in your head. The kind of relationship I have with Miss Reimu right now is good. A business partner! M-Maybe a friend!? I... I don’t really want anything more than that much...

“Thanks, by the way,” Reimu said, taking Kogasa out of her thoughts and grabbing her attention again. “Yeah, ‘cooking not good’, but at least I didn’t have to do anything myself this morning... Thanks.”

Something Kogasa had noticed in the bath while they were close and later in bed while she was fantasizing was that she rather liked the shrine maiden’s hair. She found it to be, simply, very nice to look at. It was so pretty, all on its own. She often did it up in different ways, but even seeing those light, auburn locks fallen all down, silkily, and undone, was, just... so nice. Aesthetically pleasing. Straight, soft, and—

“Wh-What...?” Reimu stammered.

“What what?” asked Kogasa, oblivious.

The maiden’s left shoulder was slightly raised, and she was side-eyeing Kogasa’s fingers in the hair beside her cheek. Fingers... Kogasa stiffened, but did not pull back.

“... Um... I just wanted to, so I guess I, um... Is... Is that okay?” asked the youkai girl, genuinely worried at how emphatic Reimu’s answer of “no” would be.

Reimu looked away, returned to her meal, and answered, “... It’s fine.”

After a short moment of silence, Kogasa did not allow herself to be stunned. She seized the chance, and continued.

It feels good, too... So smooth, she thought, lightly pressing a lock between her thumb and forefinger, and rubbing a few times. I wouldn’t change my hair or anything, but boy do I like this.

Birds continued to sing, Reimu continued to eat; Kogasa began combing her fingertips through strands, ignorant of the warmer color now on the other girl’s face. Without intending to, the youkai eventually grew bolder, lifting up from her knees enough to lean closer to the human. Reimu’s eyelids slowly fell from calm – near to squinting – while Kogasa continued to play with her hair with more and more affection: twirling it ‘round a finger, gently grabbing it, stroking it...

I should sit next to her, thought Kogasa, hearing the beat of her heart in her ears once again. But, she remained where she was, only bringing her hand from beside Reimu’s face to behind Reimu’s head, where she began to absentmindedly pet the shrine maiden’s full length of hair, all down her back.

Reimu, now wincing, turned those narrowed eyes on the dazed umbrella’s face, saying to her, “Um, did you sleep well?”

The umbrella paused. With the answer, “Yes”, however, she continued. Reimu plainly shivered.

“That’s good...” Reimu whispered, waiting some seconds in silence before she straightened her back. “I wasn’t the nicest last night,” she said. “Sorry.”

“Not the nicest”...? Kogasa repeated in her thoughts, cocking an eyebrow and stopping her hand at the very back of Reimu’s cranium. Well, she was scarybut...

“If anything I was a little disap...”

Kogasa mumbled just a bit of her thoughts.

“Huh?” Reimu grunted, turning to look at Kogasa directly. In her action, she moved her ear into the tsukumogami’s grasp. Immediately, a stifled gasp passed her lips, and her posture grew sloppy again. Kogasa, hardly noticing all of this but certainly noticing what was touching her palm now, put her thumb to the unique grooves of the human’s ear and carefully brushed the pad of it against them. Reimu flinched, but did not deny her this. “Uh-Uhm, whatever. Yeah, I... Sorry. Don’t know... what came over me.”

Kogasa did not reply. The combination of pliability, softness, and stiffness within her fingers was too engrossing. It was terribly cute, in looks and in sensation. Like an adorable, peculiar toy. It was getting warmer in her hand, too. As it did, she began to fiddle with the top of Reimu’s ear, pushing the indent of it out from behind and finding the dull pop-like feeling to be very satisfying.

“A-A-Anyway, if you w-weren’t... bo—th-thered—! ... Mm... I’m glad,” Reimu spoke while holding her bowl of miso soup steady in her left hand, but having trouble with the chopsticks in her right. Kogasa remained unaware of the human’s physical responses, though she was listening to the human’s words. Soon, she had moved to Reimu’s side as she’d wanted, to play with Reimu’s ear with her left hand and palm Reimu’s hair with her right hand. Reimu seemingly focused on finishing her meal, and she was still not the slightest bit angry.

So, Kogasa squeezed at her earlobe. Squishy.

She caressed the nape of her neck. Pretty.

When her hands had slid into Reimu’s robes to feel her shoulders, and when her nose and mouth were pressed into the top of Reimu’s head, only then did Kogasa notice that she was not only behind the shrine maiden, but was on her knees and pressing against the other girl’s back with her chest.


She briefly stopped to think about what she was doing here.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t like what Reimu had done to her, nor what she had done to herself, the night before.

She thought, it was akin to finding a very cute cat that wasn’t particularly mean. It didn’t mean anything more than that. See? Miss Reimu’s still eating just fine, and I haven’t surprised her at all. These facts confirmed it: this was completely, utterly, innocent affection.

But, wow... Awesome... Miss Reimu’s hair smells so nice! It’s like the Sun... And there’s that scent like branches from the bath... Nice... So nice...

Her thumbs began to rotate in small circles on the bone of Reimu’s shoulders, unconcerned with the sudden jolts and trembles going through Reimu’s body as a result. She breathed in, and closed her eyes.

“Wh-What the heck are you getting so comfortable for?” asked Reimu. Her voice, Kogasa noticed, was breathy, and it didn’t have the sort of bite it usually did when she spoke like that.

“Well... it’s soft,” Kogasa explained as she reluctantly pulled back from Reimu’s head to indicate, by touch, that she meant the shrine maiden’s luxuriant hair. Bouncing it a bit infrequently, she sighed in an almost depressed fashion, saying, “You’re so pretty, Miss Reimu... Ahh, I’m jealous.”

“C... Come on...” grumbled Reimu through a mouthful of rice. She was nearly done eating.

I envy your life~!” Kogasa sang the generic ghost’s ghastly wail, clasping both of Reimu’s ears and rubbing at them earnestly.

“Shut up...” moaned Reimu, but still she was not actually protesting.

“...” After having her fill of either ear, and after she began to notice that Reimu was slightly panting and her eyebrows were flinching, Kogasa looked at Reimu’s back as she pulled her hands slowly down to rest her palms against it.

A mischievous (but not only that) thought then occurred to her.

With only... a little movement... her hands could be right over Miss Reimu’s—

She shook her head. No. No! Why? Why would she even think of doing that? After how agonizing the night and early morning had made her, what strange wind had blown across her and made it so she might invite more tension? Invite stressful complication?

... Then again, it doesn’t have to be like that, I mean... I can just say “Ha ha! I gotcha~!” and that’d be okay, right?


Her nails pulled gently through Reimu’s robes.


In doing so, the right and left sides both slid off her shoulders.


Her two-color eyes focused on Reimu’s flawless, exposed body, and her mind started to wander. She realized, with some elation, that her own body was getting excited.


[] Wrong.

[] No.

[] No!

[] Nuh uh.

[] Stop!

[] What are you thinking!?

[] She’ll exterminate you!

[] Absolutely not!

[] Revenge.

[] At... At least a massage!
>> No. 42167
[X]All of the above.
>> No. 42168
[X] Revenge.
Surprise her by taking the offensive! Do super lewd things like, uh, hand holding and uhhhh

I'm a little surprised Kogasa was so bad in the kitchen. I mean, I wasn't expecting master gourmet chef, but the basics at least... Well, luckily Raymoo will eat anything so long as it fills her stomach, she's too poor to be picky.
>> No. 42169
[X]All of the above.
>> No. 42171
[x] She’ll exterminate you!

We just messed up her sheets or something with our naughty thoughts. She'll surely throw us out if we take this any further!
>> No. 42174
[x] Revenge.
>> No. 42176
[X] Revenge.
>> No. 42182
File 156388391454.jpg - (214.75KB , 417x863 , step forward.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Blow a fuse; grope the shrine maiden.

Kogasa did as she was thinking: she made a little movement, slipped her hands under those arms, and put them right over Reimu’s breasts.

Reimu flinched again, and went still. As did Kogasa. The two of them were, it seemed, equally surprised by the umbrella’s move.

But, after six or so seconds had passed, Kogasa moved again.

So small... she thought as she squeezed the human lightly. She could hardly feel the breasts from over the cloth of Reimu’s robes. She could feel them though: enough that she was bothered the sensation wasn’t so obvious. She pushed her palms up and down Reimu’s chest, squinting as she tried to determine the optimal way to feel them like this.

... Ah, that’s right.

A thought suddenly occurred to the youkai.

She spread out her fingers, in particular her pinkies, smoothing the cloth out and unbunching the natural folds.

It’s all folded up...

She grasped the lapel with her right hand and lifted it a bit, to slide her hand under it.


I knew the cloth was thin.

Now it felt very almost like Kogasa was palpating Reimu’s exposed breasts. The fabric was, of course, in the way, but she could feel the gentle and cute slope of the human’s chest very well. The squish, and amusing sensation of squeezing those soft, small shapes. It felt a bit like messing with the balloon of a not-too-full yo-yo tsuri. For a minute or so, she simply had fun seeing how they would reshape to her grasp and touch.

Reimu, subjected to this, was quiet. After Kogasa had had her fill experimenting, she looked at the side of the human’s face, expecting to find a tomato shade coloring it. And indeed, Reimu was blushing, but it wasn’t near as much as Kogasa was hoping for. The tsukumogami remembered: this wasn’t how the shrine maiden had tormented her last night. It had been a lot... slower, hadn’t it? Hotter, and...

Kogasa rested her hands calmly against Reimu’s chest, before resting her chin on Reimu’s left shoulder. Nosing away the hair beside Reimu’s face, she whispered into the human’s ear (remembering, also, how it had made the young woman shiver before).

“W-Well, were you expecting this? Don’t lie... I mean, I can tell, Miss Reimu. I~ got~ you~,” Kogasa teased, cupping Reimu’s breasts gently. She wanted to pull it off right this time: to tease Reimu without having the tables turned. To that end she mimicked what had felt pleasant to her from their time in the bath, feeling all over the front of Reimu’s body while closing her eyes and imagining the robes away. Focusing on the contact under her neck, and the heart-aching aroma of Reimu’s shampoo.

It was a crucial error. In no time, Kogasa forgot her intentions entirely.

Once more, she put her nose and mouth to Reimu’s hair, though now she was nearer to the human’s face and ear. After breathing in Reimu’s scent for a little while, she rubbed a cheek against that ear and allowed herself a small and blissful smile, enjoying the grooves again. Meanwhile she let her hands move not playfully, but amorously. How to make Reimu twitch like she had... Like this? Grasping here? Rubbing like this... Squeezing, and tugging just a bit...

She lost track of what she was doing, and for how long, and when next her senses drifted in, she realized that the two of them had shifted to a more empty part of the table. Reimu had her left hand pressed to the wood, and her right forearm bent ahead of her, hand gripped into a fist. She was panting, and her nipples were hard.

In this new situation, Kogasa thought, ... I won!

This is it! The shrine maiden’s just like clay in my hands!

She grinned, a wicked feeling pulsing through her. She was leaning over the shrine maiden’s back now, with her right thigh between the other girl’s legs, the hem of the sleepwear partially hiked up (though by who, she wasn’t sure). Of course, there was nothing beneath this sleepwear... so now there was an unmistakably damp and warm sensation on the youkai’s skin. The wicked feeling inside of her vanished, being replaced very quickly with panic.

Uh, I—uh, wha-WHA-WHAT DO I DO!? Her... that! With m-my leg!?

“Hah...! Hah...!” she let out her breath as an incredibly enticing image came to mind.

Her heart was thumping.

Pull it down... Pull it off... her shoulders...

She started to do that, lifting her right leg and muttering thoughtlessly her host’s name. Reimu, beneath her, began to bring her legs together, almost locking Kogasa’s invading one in place. Or perhaps, a better term would be “locking it into a specific route”, with a target in mind.


Kogasa gazed on as the robes fell down. It was like the shrine maiden was glowing... And the way her right shoulder was raised, that almost mid-writhing position her body was trapped in...

But it was really most of all that beautiful skin, being revealed inch by gradual inch as she undressed the shrine maiden. So pretty... she thought absently, her heart feeling very tight now. She touched beneath Reimu’s left shoulder blade, and traced her finger over Reimu’s body. It felt nice—like perfect, smooth, like a soft porcelain, and it was almost “cute”, but mostly... mostly it was “sexy”. Holding the robes with both hands again, Kogasa pushed her knee toward Reimu’s crotch, rubbing between her firm thighs and making the girl groan with feeling. Reimu’s body twisted the other way, and she bent her head as if trying to hide her face. With her hands still gripping the robes, Kogasa almost felt paralyzed. Only almost. Something more than fear was compelling her to—


—bend forward and kiss Reimu’s back, right between the defined and beautiful bones there—


—and breathe the other girl’s scent of sweat while prodding closer, closer, with that lascivious thigh. Over, and over, brushing against ticklish hair, and this sticky, moist sensation. Press. Press. And slowly swivel it, seeking, as you nearly force yourself against it. She’s moaning, isn’t she? So, tease her again. Again. Again...

“How much... are you gonna do—ah!” As Reimu finished her question, Kogasa stopped teasing and brought her knee to Reimu’s womanly place, though fabric bunched between skin and skin, barring a direct touch. Undeterred, the tsukumogami ran her fingers up Reimu’s sides, over her ribs, and finally Kogasa returned the favor by pressing the points of Reimu’s breasts between her thumbs and the joints of her index fingers, sniffing the human’s hair deeply as she tugged the nipples forward. Reimu’s back arched against Kogasa’s chest, and Kogasa kissed it again before panting hotly and bringing her face up the spine. The shrine maiden sighed a long, sexual breath—

“Yo, Reimu! I came over to play!”

The two looked at once toward where the front of the shrine was, Kogasa’s face stuck in Reimu’s hair, and Reimu’s crotch stuck to Kogasa’s leg.

Miss Marisa!? No, right, it’s the morning... Why wouldn’t she come over!? Kogasa thought in a panic. In her grasp was a frozen, sweat-glossed Reimu, almost completely disrobed and smelling very lewd. Just looking made Kogasa squeeze on the shrine maiden’s nipples and wince with longing at the girl’s pleasured reaction. She leaned down, unable to get enough of the feel of Reimu’s back against her lips. Parting those lips, she moaned “Miss Reimu” between the shoulder blades, holding Reimu’s body longingly and asking, “More...”

“No! No!” Reimu whispered harshly, now realizing what was going on. She turned and pushed her right hand against Kogasa’s forehead, making the umbrella shut her eyes and whine. “Go... hide! Or run away!”

This made Kogasa depressed.

“D-Don’t get like that! You know what’s happening, right!?” Reimu took her hand back and started fixing her robes. “Tha... That’s enough playing around! Right!? You got your payback, so...”

“Right... it was just playing...” said Kogasa, intending this to sound truthful and enthusiastic, but delivering the words with a bleak, empty, weightless voice, and feeling sick for delivering them at all. She had wanted... to make Miss Reimu feel good. The starting excuse... was only that: an excuse. What she’d wanted, was...

Just like that, Kogasa felt her eyes well up with tears.

Reimu, seeing this, went pale.

“D-D-Don’t cry!! Ah, jeez...!” said the human girl in a hurry. She grabbed Kogasa’s head and pushed her to her breasts. “There, there, get it together, you stupid monster umbrella.”

Kogasa was unable to get it together. She quietly hiccupped, wept, and shook, upset with herself, but unsure if she should be, and unsure about anything. Her already fragile emotional state had gone through too many sudden turns in too short a period of time. What she wanted, what she thought she wanted, her thoughts on Hakurei Reimu, her own sense of worth. What she was doing, what she was trying to do... What? What were these last eighteen hours? What did she actually want? What was she thinking? What was she thinking? Now, her thoughts were left in a tumultuous mess: an awful, turbid deluge of lust, self-loathing, longing, confusion, and laments. Whenever she became depressed over things, she would tune out for hours. With this kind of turmoil, she could probably be sobbing for days.

Reimu, however...

\ \ \ \ \

Reimu was terrified.

Marisa would not be the worst person to find her in this kind of state, all things considered, but that didn’t matter. Logic wasn’t going to help her horrible shame over having, apparently, seduced an umbrella to breaking point, such that said umbrella was ready to outright molest her, and she had been all for it.

She could understand the tsukumogami’s disappointment. The two of them had begun to near an understanding through sex, but with this interruption she had to imagine Kogasa was only more confused and bothered with herself. And, it couldn’t be helping that the one who had encouraged the feelings within her in the first place was now rejecting them, no matter the reasons for that. Again, logic wasn’t about to mend the wounds dealt to her heart.

But she couldn’t be seen here. Even if Reimu could trust Marisa to not spill the fact that she and a youkai had shared a tryst so shortly after only one half of this pair had realized her feelings, she couldn’t trust that her friend’s surprise wouldn’t be heard by tengu on the wind, draw attention and cause a controversy. Hakurei Reimu, no matter how she fancied herself, was not “nobody”: she was arguably the most “somebody” in all of Gensokyo, and her actions (or at times, her inaction) could and would cause stirs.

Tatara Kogasa had enough trouble. Hakurei Reimu didn’t want any more on the tsukumogami’s head.

So really, what could she do?

[] Don’t make Kogasa leave. Protect her by not letting Marisa anywhere near the main room or bedroom (two beds, too suspicious).

[] Drag Kogasa (and her umbrella!) into a hiding place before Marisa comes in.

[] Kiss Kogasa on the cheek, and calmly tell her that they can talk later.


image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1888844
>> No. 42183
[x] Drag Kogasa (and her umbrella!) into a hiding place before Marisa comes in.

Something something umbrellas are supposed to get wet
>> No. 42184
[X] Kiss Kogasa on the cheek, and calmly tell her that they can talk later.
>> No. 42185
[x] Drag Kogasa (and her umbrella!) into a hiding place before Marisa comes in.

I'm sure she'll have no problem with this turn of events.
>> No. 42186
[x] Drag Kogasa (and her umbrella!) into a hiding place before Marisa comes in.
>> No. 42187
[X] Kiss Kogasa on the lips, and calmly tell her that they can talk later.

And I mean a chaste kiss, a quick closed-lips peck
>> No. 42188
[x] Hide her unbrella in the closet. Marisa won't recognize her without it.
>> No. 42194
File 156446558149.png - (51.78KB , 800x800 , koga cri.png ) [iqdb]
image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/487879


[X] Drag Kogasa (and her umbrella!) into a hiding place before Marisa comes in.

No real time to think...!

Ironically thinking that, she pushed her left arm underneath Kogasa’s right, hefted the tsukumogami’s somewhat heavy body (now near-bereft of will or spark) toward the hallway doors, and snatched up the umbrella’s second body before she reached them. She next planted her foot against the black catch of the rightmost door (and some of the paper surrounding it), quickly kicking the fusuma open with a less than slight clatter.

Reimu growled in frustration, and Kogasa (still sobbing) began to slide out of Reimu’s grasp while she was distracted. The human swore under breath and got a better handle on the youkai by her abdomen, pulling her into the hallway and hurriedly shuffling over the floorboards—away from the entrance where she could now hear approaching footsteps. Away from those, and toward her kitchen. The best she could do would be to use her “broom and general tools” closet—most things she kept in the shed, these spares she kept in the shrine for disastrous weather/out of laziness. Shortly finding the western-styled door that marked it, Reimu set down Kogasa’s umbrella a moment, opened the door, pushed the more toolish tool inside, and then dragged Kogasa herself into the dark space, shutting the door swiftly behind them.

And, like that, their surroundings were deafened.

Reimu quietly, but hastily breathed, her past arousal by now almost entirely vanished by the prospect of her friend catching the reason for it. She swallowed, listening for her fellow human’s movements.

“... Hcku... hk... hk... Ohh...”

Kogasa’s crying made that difficult.

Reimu looked down at the youkai’s face, or... at least where she felt the youkai’s face: her forehead, it seemed, was at Reimu’s chin. It was pitch black in the closet. There was a light and a string to power it overhead, but she didn’t want to give Marisa any leads.

Against her better judgement—perhaps, even, she had no judgement in this at all—Reimu carefully brought her hands to each of Kogasa’s cheeks, holding her still, kindly, and with intent to address her. Reimu could feel the tears running over the tsukumogami’s skin, barely pooling at the fingers touching them, and flowing slow over her digits. Slightly, very slightly, she bent toward the other girl, stopping her lips before they could connect.

“Kogasa...” Reimu whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Quietly, she opened the front of her robes and used her lapel to wipe dry Kogasa’s face, even as the umbrella continued to hiccup and twitch, adding more liquid.

Guilt, like a cool and finely sharpened knife, slipped agonizingly through Reimu’s chest. She sat down in the tiny hollow, bringing Kogasa low with her, at which point she cradled the other girl’s head, letting tears fall against her chest and stomach.

From somewhat far away, she heard Marisa’s muffled voice. The magician was announcing something loudly, and sounded worried. From past experience, Reimu imagined she had seen the sorry state of the dining room and assumed serious trouble had befallen her best friend. The heavy, fast, and fading stomping told Reimu indeed: that was probably the case, and Marisa would be out questioning others about the Hakurei Shrine Maiden’s whereabouts.

So, there was a little more time before anyone else would come.


Reimu was now quite upset as well.

Being uncertain wasn’t something she ever truly was while facing an ordeal.

... Stop being stupid, she thought, her empty stare narrowing. Her heart’s beat got heavier. A weight began to bear down ugly on her shoulders. Be clear.

Say it.

“Kogasa...” Reimu whispered beside what, she was sure, was the youkai’s ear, “I want to see you.”

She didn’t lie.

“I don’t want to push—... Listen, okay? I... I...”

She felt like she was shaking. It could be that she was.

“I’m... I...”


The room illuminated.

Kogasa, who had lifted herself to pull down the light’s cord, was directly in front of her.

Enough that by accident, in the moment the two of them were only moving by the breaths filling and leaving their bodies, the two’s top lips touched, brushing together briefly, and Reimu’s eyes went wide.

Kogasa, perhaps, hadn’t noticed. Her rosy, tear-marked visage was certainly showing that she was hot and, in fact, bothered, but that contact had done neither more nor less for her passions. She just said, weakly, “Okay... here I am.”

Thmp. Thmp. Thmp.

Reimu, disheveled and still close to her, gripped her hands (now to the floor) into fists. Without thinking, she whispered, “... Stay together with me.”

“Huh?” Kogasa’s confusion was pure, and showed in her brow. “What... do you mean? To be yours?”

“No—That’s not—...” Reimu stammered, and looked away. Where was her confidence from the evening? Her determination to give herself minutes earlier? No: all her drive was there, it was just stuck. In her throat, in her chest.

I... can’t... say it!

I can’t say it!

What was the problem?

What was—


She made a queer sound as she felt the touch of a hand on her left cheek, She looked at the only person it could be.

“If it’s okay with you...” Kogasa said. She moved close, closed her eyes, and kissed Reimu, simply, without reserve.

There was no eros to the kiss. It was, in fact, completely innocent. With that quiet innocence, all the tension, all the lust that had swirled so wildly between the two of them since the previous evening came to a sudden and flat halt. With Kogasa’s lips on hers, Reimu’s thoughts and movement ceased as well.

With a small sound, Kogasa pulled her lips away. Red and blue, she looked into Reimu’s fully opened eyes.

“Miss Reimu...” she said with little volume, “sorry. If you didn’t, um, want me to do that... Ah... Ahem, ah, I... I don’t really know what I’m thinking.”

Reimu didn’t answer.

“I think I’m going crazy...” Kogasa continued. “I’m going to say ‘sorry’ for that again. But... I do... like you, Miss Reimu.”

While saying this, Kogasa couldn’t meet Reimu’s eyes, but on her lips she wore a small, shy smile that marked her words as honest. She turned her eyes onto Reimu’s again and said, “I just need to figure out what that means.”

Vaguely, Reimu attempted to process that statement.

While trying and failing to do so, Kogasa returned a favor: hugging Reimu’s head warmly to her tear-marked, soft and safe-feeling chest. Reimu felt the tsukumogami’s face resting against her hair, and felt the strands shift as the youkai spoke again. Her senses started to return.

“I’ll come back tonight.”

And like that, she was stunned again.


Was that monster umbrella saying something?

She thought she heard a door shut, but she stayed still on the floor, unaffected by the sound.

“Like”, and what that meant...

Reimu felt, she needed to figure that out as well.


I'll try to get the next bit out shortly.
>> No. 42197
File 156475988530.png - (1.55MB , 1929x1575 , exasperation.png ) [iqdb]
image sources:


/ / / / /

Was that smart?

Even jokingly, she couldn’t give an answer to that question. Tatara Kogasa had kissed the Hakurei Shrine Maiden. What did that mean?

The most obvious answer was that she’d be exterminated. Barring the kiss, she’d felt up that human, a lot, and it hadn’t ended at her breasts. Somehow, she’d gotten very heated, and Hakurei Reimu’s body became irresistible. Thinking of it, hadn’t she kissed Miss Reimu’s back...? A number of times, at that.

But she could explain that, like she could explain exploring herself before sleep or the dream she’d had during sleep: it was lingering, bodily desire. Physical, immutable feelings inside of her “human-like” form that she couldn’t shake. Just... lust. That’s what it was. That’s what it mostly was. Indeed, it wasn’t just that.

So what was it?

Something to think on; ruminate on.

In the human village now, she stopped in front of a small, unassuming house, and knocked on the door.

The door opened up with a creek, though only enough to see the face of the homeowner.

Sekibanki within looked upon Kogasa dully and said, “Wow, you’re serious about this.”

“Of course,” Kogasa replied with a smile. Sekibanki squinted at the expression. Though Kogasa was not aware of it, her smile was rather vacant.

“Hm. Did something happen to you?” Sekibanki asked, opening the door completely. She was, again, not wearing her cape, and her collar was open to show a... perfectly unblemished neck (not even a scar—surprising). She looked Kogasa up and down, with one hand on the door and her other on her hip.

Kogasa lost her smile and replaced it with a touch of surprise. She asked Sekibanki, “Oh? Would you like to know?”

Sekibanki turned her mouth at a slant, murmuring, “I dunno...”

The two of them had no words for a moment.

The Dullahan spoke again first. She moved aside and bid Kogasa, “Well, come in.”

“Okay...” was Kogasa’s quiet answer as she entered her fellow youkai’s home.

It was rather pleasantly low temperature in the darkened place—different from the day before. Somehow, she supposed, Sekibanki’s house did decently well with dry heat, but not humidity. Getting inside made her realize that it must have been a very nice day today; in her travel to the Human Village she hadn’t noticed the Sun at all, but its sudden absence was at once, drastically noticeable.

After exhaling a short breath nearby the entrance now that she was cooling off, she went to sit at Sekibanki’s table in the corner. Again to her surprise, a tray and two cups of tea had been set.

Sekibanki sat at the side adjacent to her, in a rather unladylike (knee up) manner. Kogasa scrutinized her host’s undercarriage with a lopsided frown.

The rokurokubi kept on, saying, “It’ll be a pain if you’re mopey while we work so... get whatever stupid worries that are on your chest off it now.” She picked up a yunomi and lifted her chin. “So? What happened?” she asked, lifting the cup toward her lips.

After a few seconds, Kogasa replied:

“I kissed the Hakurei Shrine Maiden.”

And Sekibanki spat her drink into the umbrella’s face.

Kagh! Koff! Wh—What!?” Sekibanki yelled. Kogasa sat with lukewarm tea dripping from her face, her expression neutral.

“... On... On the cheek?” Sekibanki ventured. She wasn’t offering to clean at all.

“No, mouth to mouth,” Kogasa explained.

“What the Hell!?” the other girl screamed, leaning back and dropping her drink on the table. It fell in the tray, and pooled there. “How aren’t you dead!?”

“Ah, well...” Kogasa paused, looking at the ripples in the tray, moving like liquid shadows in the youkai’s lightless home. “... It’s... um... strange,” is how she decided to explain it.

She peeked at Sekibanki with a sideways glance. The red-head was now red-faced, and glaring. She brought her knee down to sit cross-legged, bringing an arm onto her table, slouching, and pushing her cheek and half her mouth against the palm of her other hand. She began to, arhythmically, tap a finger against the wood. “Hm—Hhmmm... That’s... well... I... I get it I guess.”

Neither said anything for a little while.

And when that while was up, and after much thought, Kogasa was the one who decided to break the silence. She

[] would push away those concerns, and focus on her lessons.

[] would make an attempt... to get Miss Sekibanki to help her sort out her feelings and concerns.

\ \ \ \ \


The shrine maiden was shaken into focus by a pair of slender, but calloused hands. She recognized, immediately: they were Marisa’s hands. She looked at the blond witch, whose hat had fallen to the floor behind her with how fast she’d dropped down onto her knees. Reimu realized: she was still indecent. With Marisa’s hands still on her shoulders, and with a blush now spreading on her face, she covered up.

“Hey... Hey! Did something happen!?” Marisa demanded to know, looking into her eyes with not even a shimmer of humor. So, she was in full concern-mode... As Reimu had been expecting.

“Nothing... bad,” she said, squinting while turning her eyes away. She then locked her gaze with Marisa’s, trying to match her friend’s intensity of expression. “Calm down, Marisa,” she said, hoping this severity would convince the jumpy magician of her honesty. “I’m fine.”

“Really? Really really?” asked the other girl, but she still hadn’t loosed her hands. After searching Reimu’s eyes to find truth within them, she pulled her hands back and put her right one over her heart, almost crumpling into a heap before Reimu. She sighed a rattling, body-trembling breath, growling, “Daaamn, I was worried. Thank god.” She fell backward into the opened closet door, leaning her head back, closing her eyes, and sighing again. “Don’t scare me like that, Reimu...”

“Don’t just barge into my house,” Reimu replied.

Marisa opened her eyes to lift her brow in doubt, picking up a knee and dropping her left hand onto it. “What?” she began. “I’ve saved you by doing that how many times now? Thank me for being nosey.”

“Thanks for breaking and entering,” said the shrine maiden.

“Just entering,” said Marisa, and she sighed, long, once more.

Reimu, now in possession of her awareness once again, meanwhile looked toward the bit of floor in front of her and thought about the reason she had lost it.


The scenes played out in her head.

What she’d done, what Kogasa had done. What she wanted and what she’d tried to do.

I never said it, she reminded herself. So did I get through? By... Well, kind of by accident?

I wanted to have sex with her, so much that it was like possession, but what I really wanted—why it was I even tried to find her in the Village in the first place... Did she... get it? That I wanted her to feel good? About herself...

I hope she got it...

... I made her cry.
Reimu thought this, and her posture gently sank as a frown fell on her lips.

“You aren’t pensive much,” Marisa noted. Reimu lifted her head to pay her friend attention. The magician now had her legs stretched out and her hands behind her head. “Yer sayin’ there’s nothin’ wrong but you’ve got too much of a bad look on your face, Reimu. And I mean...” Marisa continued, her face contorting with a general, mild sense of discomfort, “you were half-naked in here... What the heck?”

“... I fell down,” Reimu said. Her voice was a bit hollow in tone. Marisa scrutinized her, frowning more—irritated.



“You fell in the closet and lost your mind?”

“Who said I lost my mind?”

“You were starin’ at the wall, blank, just staaaaaaare.... Like that.”

“Not for a long time or anything.”


“Eh...? What’s a liar doing calling other people liars?”


“I tripped and stared off into space for a minute. That happens to people.”

“You’re like, the second least clumsy person I know, Reimu.”

“So that means I can’t ever trip and fall?”

“I’ve never seen it.” Marisa finished, her hands now pushed down into the front of her dress. She sighed, obviously annoyed as she told Reimu, “Don’t wanna say? Fine, don’t say.”

She didn’t.

There was a lot to sort out in her head, and though the memory of that kiss was nice, absolutely, the words that came with the kiss meant:

-Kogasa was not ready.
-Reimu had, mostly unknowingly, pushed her to do that and more.
-And, for all of the shrine maiden’s feeling, for all this genuine attraction she felt... couldn’t it not matter at all? If Tatara Kogasa could be safely called innocent, nothing Reimu felt mattered. If that was how it was, then she was manipulating a person who still lacked a concept of what they were even being manipulated toward. And, that made Reimu an even worse person than she’d ever considered. A selfish, waste of breath.

She was horribly, horribly selfish.

“You were supposed to meet Kogasa yesterday after you left.” Marisa seemed to have a knack for yanking her friend away from downward slopes. “How’d that go?”

Reimu wore a serious face again. How to answer that...

Her eyes drifted away from Marisa’s.

Explain the actual events...? Lie? Neither seemed like a good idea and neither she wanted to do.

She straightened her back and made eye contact again. She no longer had the hesitation inside of her that had made her only reluctantly take Marisa’s suggestion from the day before. Inside her heart were two strong desires, and she felt more strongly one over the other. It didn’t matter, that was how she felt. She made her conviction and asked:

[] “What can I do to make her mine?”

[] “What can I do to make her happy?”
>> No. 42198
[x] “What can I do to make her happy?”

Still not sure on the other one, though...
(Also, you really need to do more proofreading on your Sekibanki segments!)
>> No. 42199
>you really need to do more proofreading on your Sekibanki segments!
I... didn't notice any errors! Well, I have 0 doubts there are errors of grammar I'm entirely unaware of, though. Odd phrasing, too many commas... perhaps
>> No. 42200
In retrospect, I think it's more likely that the one being an idiot was me...

> Kogasa lost her smile and replaced it with a touch of surprise. She asked Sekibanki, “Oh? Would you like to know?”

> Sekibanki turned her mouth at a slant, murmuring, “I dunno...”

Since the most recent thing to be mentioned in-text was Seki's lack of a scar or some other mark where her head detaches, I assumed they were talking about that, and forgot Seki's most recent statement re: Kogasa's bodily state...

>> No. 42201
It's fine. I've made dumb mistakes and wouldn't put it past me
>> No. 42202
[x] would push away those concerns, and focus on her lessons.
[x] “What can I do to make her mine?”

Reimu can be a little possessive sometimes, but Kogasa may want to wait a bit before trying to delve into her mess.
>> No. 42203
[x] focus on lessons
[x] “What can I do to make her happy?”

Smelly dumb phone posting scum so I can only easily copy and paste one option.

I admit, we got too lewd too fast. Take it easy and slow down, communicate more. It may be very unjap, but it may be necessary.

As for 'banki, well, if she brings up romance, don't drive it away, but don't push the topic yourself.
>> No. 42205
[X] would make an attempt... to get Miss Sekibanki to help her sort out her feelings and concerns.

[x] “What can I do to make her happy?”
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