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File 150811588083.jpg - (135.65KB , 600x714 , merlinthewhite.jpg ) [iqdb]
40658 No. 40658
Pic unrelated.


Front Matter. Skip this section if you wanna go straight into the story.

This story will probably be centered around the Human Village, with some adventurous moments. MC will most likely be close-to-earth and interacts more with the humans. There shouldn't be any fights more dangerous than… say, against Rumia in the dark with bare hands.

I deleted my previous CYOA: Endless Flight since I started to get spams from my exposed email address. Also, that setting was so complicated that I decide to scratch it all together (I suppose Anons don’t like massive original setting crossover. I will keep those at bare minimum this time). One idea, however, is stuck in my mind: a low-profile low-power white mage who can teleport. What can he/she do?

Important: I am not a native English speaker, but I am a professional English user. If you spot a grammatical error, it does not imply I suck at English. I fix many problems in each pass of proof-reading, and I always proof-read three times or more, but I always miss one or two places. Unless you spot consistent mistakes, most will be one-time only. Remember, for every grammatical mistake you spot, I have fixed at least ten. It is frustrating to spend hours to polish a wall of 3000 words and the only comments are about how I messed up plural forms (though I had that one coming because I did make the same mistake quite a few times). If you really want to comment on my grammar, try to mix it with comments about the plot. I do not have a problem with grammar-picking, but please remember that commenting on grammar is trivial, especially for native English speakers, but the action gives an impression that I did not put work on polishing: an impression which is completely wrong and misleading. Honestly, I think criticizing the plot is much more helpful than picking errors in my grammar.

TL;DR: I appreciate criticism on my plot, pace, settings, character development and interaction, and recurring grammatical mistakes. Skip one-time grammatical errors, please. Names follow Asian conventions: Last Name then First Name


First step, build your investigator. Single choice only. No “proper” adventures before next update when character is defined.

Gender (For flavor* only)
[ ] Male
[ ] Female

Age (Sliding scale of intuition vs logic. Also affects physical ability and flavor*)
[ ] 12
[ ] 18
[ ] 35

* For “flavor” I mean flavor of the story, not the other meaning.

The Story Begins.


Gensokyo, a wonderland of fantasy and adventure, filled with colorful bullets and frilly dresses. Or a crazy-dangerous place where everything can kill you in an instant if you don't know what you're doing. You've been here for a month right now, and you already learned that experiencing fantasy is completely different from watching it across the Fourth Wall™.

No, you were not gapped by a certain someone. No, you did not mysteriously wake up in a forest. Instead, you were demonstrating “real” magic to some eager high-school students, who insisted you to move on despite your stern warning about Sanity loss. For whatever reason, you attempted to open a portal to a fictional world those students told you about. You cannot fathom what you were thinking, but it seemed like a good idea at that time.

The best part was? You succeeded, in a “dry run” which was not supposed to have any side-effects. Then followed a long story about how you stepped in and was blocked from returning, how you got ambushed behind your own portal, and how you played the most terrifying game of hide-and-seek you have ever imagined. Yeah, that was a long story. Later, you learned that your portal opened in the Bamboo Forest of Lost, and understood that this was the exact reason why you managed to escape: by getting you and your pursuer lost in different ways.

Later, you settled on the edge of the Human Village in a formerly abandoned bar, courtesy of sheer luck and the protector of the village, Kamishirasawa Keine. It took you quite some time to fix the plumbing (it’s surprising that they actually have some crude sewage system in this Edo-period village. Though you really mean “crude”), and got your hands dirty putting up a large sign saying “White Magician’s Clinic”. Under the sign, there is a poster which says “Spiritual Healing, Depression Treatment, Possession and Curse Removal at price of your own choice!” with tiny prints saying “Minor illness only, no responsibility taken, owner reserves right to refuse service”.


A crisp ring of bell echoes through the doorway. Enough immersion in the past, there is a customer! You immediately pull your feet away from your wobbly table, grab your trusty wooden rod, stand up straight, and appears immediately behind the bar (which does not serve drinks) in the most professional manner you can act.

You mean it literally when you say “appear”. With a flick of your wrist, you performed that one spell, the pinnacle of your pride, Translocation, and show up in a faint glow of light. In front of the bar stands an old man in his mid-sixties, hair flushed white, and holding a cane in a trembling hand. He is none other than your nice neighbor, Takei Harumi. He does not even blink at your sudden arrival.

You lightly bow at the old man standing in front of the bar, and ask.

“How may I help you, Master Takei?”

He answers with a wrinkled smile, one that reminds you of a loving grandpa (not that you had one).

“Flashy entrance as ever, kid, and stop those formalities. You doing well these days?”

You nod and reply with assurance.

“Yes, Mister Takei. I have cleansed the entire building, and I’d say it must be as serene as a shrine now!”

Well, the last point is kind of an exaggeration, and Takei knows it. He lets out a relaxing laugh before sitting on a stool and turning back to you, stamping his cane on the dirt.

“Well, well, anyways. As usual, kid, I come here for my back. You sure know what you’re doing.”

“All right. Follow me, Mister Takei.”

After hearing the request, you immediately switch to professional mode. You walk out behind the bar, and lead the old man inside, and help him lie down on an examination chair. You put your wooden rod aside, and hold up the old man’s left hand.

“Now, relax. I know you have heard this for a dozen times, but I will repeat it every time. Do you permit me to resonate and examine your inherent energy?”

“Yes, yes. Go on, kid.”

Takei shows a faked annoyed expression, and you continue with your standard procedure. You close your eyes, and carefully examine his flow of life energy. A few moments later, you identify a few clogs present in his back and his limbs which make his back hunch and muscles tremble. Therefore, you speak calmly.

“Your life energy is somewhat clogged up, and I can clear up your muscle tremble and back problems. The malicious spirit which jammed up your mind last time has not returned. With my current abilities and equipment, I cannot do anything to your eyesight, hearing, and heart problem. Do you agree me to treat your back and your muscle tremble?”

“Haha, sure things, kid, you asked me the same question every time. My old, rusty body is still salvageable.”

Takei laughs again, and you smile back while beginning to guide a steady, delicate stream of life energy through your palm, into his left hand.

“Any body still alive is salvageable. I am but one who calls up on power of the collective soul to buy precious time for individuals suffering illness. Please make good use of the extra time to be a better person. Your good thoughts will replenish any energy I draw.”

“Wise kid, huh.”

As if trying not to disturb your concentration, old man Takei does not make further remarks. At the same time, you start to draw out the clogged life energy through his hand. A stream of stinging chill diffuses through skin contact and travels up your arm to your body, where you neutralize the energy with your own. You see the old man’s expression loosens, the tense of his back reduces, and his arms relax. In a few minutes, you have cleaned up any problems in his flow of life force, and release your hand.

“All right, Mister Takei, it’s done.”

“Hoho, always works wonders, kid. Feel’s much better now.”

The old man stands up, no longer trembling, and tries to straighten his back, spending small crackles through the air. You reply warmly.

“My pleasure. You should try this on your own, too. The method should work with anyone with a soul.”

“I have, I have, just not as good as you. Thank you, kid.”

Takei walks up to the “donation box” you set up on the bar counter, and you turn away. You are not a money-hungry person, but the sound of bouncing coins is still very satisfying.

You wonder how long you can sustain yourself on this insane business model, given that there are only about ten customers per day. But well, you will find a way.


Again, about yourself:

[ ] Male
[ ] Female

[ ] 12
[ ] 18
[ ] 35

Status Wall here. Future status walls will be much shorter.

Your Status
-Healthy and normal

Your Spells (Will be abbreviated in future updates)
-Translocation. A fancy name for “teleporting yourself”. Requires a reference point, so you cannot go somewhere you don’t know or cannot reference
-Portal. You can use one pair at a time. More versatile and more brain-demanding than Translocation. Don’t expect it to work during combat
-Spiritual Healing. Heals various subhealth conditions and minor illness (like a cold), and speeds up physical injury recovery. With adequate preparation, you can also lift some curses and expel some possessions
-Barrier of Will. A spiritual defense against possession and insanity. Works only on yourself
-Light. Just like its name, a blob of light for illumination purpose. Don’t blind yourself

Your Skills (Will be abbreviated in future updates)
-You are very good at navigation. Otherwise, you won’t be able to teleport accurately
-You have training on first aid (Disclaimer: the writer does not have said training, yet)
-You can make paper charms to store magic. Good when you need a burst of energy (Disclaimer: the writer does not possess such skill)
-You can create Circle of Protection. Good for containing or expelling malicious energy or evil spirits. Also discourages (but not prevent) Yokai attacks (Disclaimer: no guarantee to work IRL)
-You are an adequate illustrator
-You can do anything one would expect from a regular human of your size
-You have education proper for a regular person of your age

Your Inventory (Will be abbreviated in future updates)
-Water skin. Filled with fresh water
-Dagger. Sharp and sturdy, good for utility and self-defense
-Long wooden rod. About a meter long, doubles as a wand and a pointer
-A fan you picked up from trash. It’s summer, and it’s hot
-Paper charms x 150 in a wooden case. They don’t work very well on Yokai, but are devastating against spirits. Use them en masse
-A few coins. You are still on the edge of poverty
-A map of Gensokyo. Important locations and roads marked. Too abstract and crude for you to “shoot the map” with Portal or Translocation

Your Stored-Away Possessions (Will not be shown again unless requested)
-Cell phone. A low-end smartphone. Turned off and still has 99% power. Might be useful in the future
-A lithium battery pack. Around 50% power left
-Identification for outside. Might be useful in the future
-Outsider clothes. Slightly damaged from the first chase

Your Clinic (Will not be shown again unless requested)
-General Status. Atmosphere/aura as calm and serene as you can make. Lots of work to maintain this energy field, though
-Bar top. No stock of alcohol. You use it as a reception desk. You also use it as a kitchen
-Back room (?). You have an examination chair and some first aid supplies
-Bedroom. A small bedroom which doubles as a study and a workshop
-Backyard. A small garden, unkempt. You pour life force into it every day when you meditate, because why not
-Bathroom. A Japanese style toilet and a few buckets for shower
-Attic. Dark, triangular space between roof and ceiling. Empty but clean
-Basement. Planned for heavy equipment (if you have any). A corner is designated to contain evil spirits or negative energy
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>> No. 40767
File 150959862478.jpg - (669.16KB , 850x1202 , sample_a9323caf2c0f514b04228b4a06244957d6f9dcd4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Do it! What could possibly go wrong?

Sorry, I am not very good at writing a scene with more than two characters… I just have no idea how to forge one, so bear with my “indirect shortcut” methods. Any suggestions? Maybe I should go read some more books.

Three part updates here, because titles.

Walls, just because what I am. A Mad Scientist. A Crazy Engineer. A Yokai of Walls. Whatever.

Disclaimer: Events might deviate a bit from official.


If this barrier is supposed to be powered by belief, you might as well trust the fairies.

Yes, you know how belief works… sort of. It allows will power and thus magic potency to be “stacked up”, thus exponentially increases the amount of magic summoned. However, you’ve never seen or heard anything that involves directly powering a complex phenomenon, like Spring, using belief alone.

You deeply breath to clear up your thoughts, and enter a relatively peaceful state. You look around at the people, who are clearly summoned by Keine who is in turn informed by Daiyousei, and spot tiny little Imari fairly easily. She waves her arms in a dramatic fashion, pulling along the quiet boy Atsutane with her.

You wonder for a second about Atsutane’s suspiciously blurry outline, then proceed to ready yourself. You loosely hold on the hand of charms, and mentally connect to this Barrier of Spring.

It took you quite some time to establish a clear idea about the bounds of this barrier, and you lock on this entity firmly. You look at Daiyousei, and she nods at you.

So you discharge. Charms flare up into heatless flame and ash, and you inject the pulse of energy into the barrier, which eagerly absorbs all of it. You follow up by summoning as much magic as you can and push through the barrier.

You cringe as the barrier drains energy directly out of your spiritual channel, and you keep your mind in a delicate focus to maintain the flow. It’s tiring like a spiritual battle, but in no way it is unmanageable or uncontrollable.

For a minute, you don’t see any effects except for the energy drainage. The fairies, however, soon become ecstatic and start to fly around in intricate patterns. You only have some brief attention to look at them, but the patterns are quite beautiful. Mesmerizing, actually.

And then all a sudden, with no warning at all, the blizzard stops and the snow in your fields melts. You cannot believe your eyes as you feel the frigid wind warms up instantly and watch the white cover disappear within seconds. You watch the brown soil uncover and yellow-green buds and tiny flowers sprout out all over. You cover your eyes and reopen them. You pinch your cheek to check if it is a dream. You pull down your glove to feel the breeze.

It’s real.

One step outside your fields, the world is deep in the winter, covered in white and sliced up by blizzard, yet in this world of frost, one abrupt patch of brown and green expels the cold and roars with vivid life. It makes no sense. You say, emotionlessly.

“Oh, so it works.”

Why are you so calm? Your world view just gets shattered!

“Yes, it is surprising to me too.”

Daiyousei says in a similarly calm tone, so you ask, not realizing that you already cut off your energy output.

“Oh hey, Dai. Is that real? It really works? Is it illusion? Spring is here?”

“Spring is here~”

Daiyousei repeats, happily. You reply, absentmindedly, looking at the fields, feeling the warm breeze, looking at the sprouts, staring at people bulging their eyes out.

“You know, I thought I would be more exciting about this, after that hell of a winter…”

Then you add in a monotone, ignoring anyone trying to speak to you, turning your back palming the side of your head, looking into Open Space.

“… I guess I should go get some sleep, and recover some Sanity points. Yeah, good idea. Let me have a break, for real.”

Then you’ll experiment how to grow this barrier.

You disappear, not answering to anybody’s calls.


Your Status
̼̟̤̮A̮̗̝̩͝H̘̖̝̘̲̳̉͑͠A̻͓ͣ̏ͬ̒̆̌͠ ͈̥̯ͫ̆Ṡ͈͎̳͚̯̜̠͑̽̏ͣ͛̚P͏̤̮͈͇̠̼̺R͎̫͉̠̱̎͋ͩ̇͌̋I̛̥N͚ͭ͊ͧ̒̔̋Ğ̻͖̫̇͐ͧ͗̃͘ ͮ̅ͦ̋̑̿͘Ĭ̞ͭ͊̍ͮ̄̉S͌̉̚ ̯̰̗͈̩͍͝H̳̤͔ͦE̵̘̞̦̻͆͑̌̈́R̲̫̭̺̯͂͌ͦ̃̕Ḛ̉͑ͯ̏̉ͥ͟!̵̰̠ͧͪͭ͌ͅ!̌̎̔̋ͫ!̲̬͇̲̝͕̓̆͡!̦͕̿͋ͪ!̥̝͇͚̜̠͑͛̓͛
-So calm that you creep yourself out
-Completely sane. Totally. Absolutely. No doubt
-Serene and Healthy White Magician
>> No. 40768
File 15095986775.jpg - (186.99KB , 1024x737 , GtpjgW9.jpg ) [iqdb]
Reveal Mysterious Choices (RIKU):
[ ] MaRisa
[X] ReImu
[ ] SaKuya
[ ] YoUmu

Congratulations, you people chose the least !!xxFUNxx!! option from miles away! I hope no one actually found out what they were at that point.

Localization: Danmaku = Curtain Fire


So, spring is here. At least, your fields are in spring now.

After recovering from the sanity shock of seeing something so AWESOME, you asked Daiyousei about how to expand this barrier. Her answer?

“There is no Barrier of Spring in the first place. We made you think there is a barrier. Although, adequate life force is still required.”

The revelation shocked you for another minute, before you realize that all you needed was to expand Barrier of Life… except that the fairies have messed it up so much that you don’t even understand that barrier right now.

After a few days of attempt, you gave up on expanding your old Barrier of Life, and just let people gather in this patch of warmth. They are happy, and all those stern expression of fearing an endless winter start to dissolve. Even though it is not a complete solution, you can feel the sense of hope radiated from the relieving crowds, and it is heartwarming. You were not lying when you said good thoughts are very powerful at recovering life energy.

Surprisingly, it seems that the boundary of this “barrier” slowly seeps outwards hour by hour. Since there isn’t a barrier to begin with, it must be this hope that’s changing the winter. You have read about how collective belief, once coherent enough, can create great miracles, but to actually witness it… is a completely different experience. It almost makes you cry, seeing such a true miracle, but you barely manage to hold the urge.

Because there is one problem. Before, there are only occasional pockets of cherry petals attracted by your Barrier of Life. However, right now you are receiving an entire stream… no, a river of them, paving straight into the heavens and branching away towards some other place, burning in red flames against your Barrier of Protection and eating up its power. Really annoying, and you suspect that there is exactly where the “Spring” in Gensokyo has gone to.

As you are working inside the basement to reinforce the Barrier of Protection, you start to feel fairies calling for power. Well, that is not really uncommon, so you simply respond them with power at first.

Then you notice that their locations, as vague as they seem, are moving straight for your place.


You’re a bit confused by the massive amount of calls. Yes, the more calls, the more power you can return to them… but that also means there is a big battle happening, and the frontline is coming straight towards here. You put down your half-made wards, and try to decipher the calls. Of course, deciphering fairy calls is way above your ability.


Then you yelp in surprise as fairies start respawning all over you. You immediately translocate into your fields, and is stunned at what you see.

There in the last light of dusk, fairies zip through the orange tinted sky in formations, unloading walls of walls of Curtain Fire in to the air. Confused people scramble out of your fields under heavy stray fire, and you are no better informed than they do. You shout on top of your lungs while trying to take cover.


They keep firing at something as if they hear nothing, obscuring the figure so thoroughly that all you see are endless blinding projectiles. They respawn right beside you, take dents in your energy reserve, then immediately charge into a new round of battle, crying in excitement.

You stop answering their calls, and the volume of fire instantly reduces dramatically. You are astonished and somewhat scared. The effect is magnitudes more drastic than when there are only dozens of calls, and you finally get a peek through the much sparser Curtain Fire.

Hey, isn’t that Reimu? Why are the fairies attacking her? They are supposed to be calm in your place! Unless Reimu attacked first, that is.

You simply stand there, wait for fairies to respawn around you, and give them stern eyes to stop them from charging in again. There is nothing you can do about those already in the air.

Reimu dives in, carrying a steel face, clearly in business mode. You kindly ask the fairies to go back to your clinic and stop the fight, then turn back to Reimu, who’s hovering a few meters in front of you, crossing her arm.

“White Magician, what’s this field of spring in the middle of the winter? And what are the fairies doing here?”

Straight to the point. You point to the edge of your field and its wards, and keep your sentences short.

Barrier of Spring, solution to this Ice Age. Succeeded a few days ago, and fairies are central to this barrier. Fairies created this barrier.”

Reimu continues crossing her arms, staring into your eyes.

“So you have nothing to do with the winter?”

You deadpan.

“I asked you to investigate the winter five months ago.”

Reimu gives you a similar blank face.

“Right, but you know it was impossible at that time.”

Shrugging, you grab your rod from a portal, and point at the sky.

“Reimu, I would also wish you to deal with whatever those cherry petals come from. They are eating up my barriers. They are evil.”

“What, cherry petals?”

A moment of confusion, and the Red-White shrine maiden looks at the sky, then she goes wide-eyed.

“Ahh, I see… Winter… I’ll go find whoever’s behind this.”


As she floats up and towards the flower petals, you translocate a piece of charm right in front of her. Reimu turns around, slightly annoyed.

“What’s that for?”

You narrow your eyes, and zip out a hand of charms in hand, covering your mouth.

“Reimu, as much as I wish you to solve the incident now, I have a question for you.”


You tap your wooden rod on the soil, trying to look completely serious but your mouth just keeps curving up, because you just found a perfect excuse to start a Spell Card battle.

“I am sure that fairies around me are calm. Did you shoot at them first?”

Reimu hesitates a bit.

“… Yes”

With the answer, your hand of charms is swapped for a Spell Card. Not containing your grin anymore, you declare.

“Then I will tell you, shrine maiden, that no one touches any fairy in my place!”

With the Spell Card border rising, you sweep the entire battlefield with a grid of Displacement Charms, and Reimu darts up and weaves across the gaps, while shooting some sort of card-shaped and needle-shaped projectiles at your risen shields. You translocate across the fields every few seconds to avoid targeting, but Reimu is clearly the more experienced one, managing to track down your position very quickly.

As you shield wears down, you decide it’s time to end the ineffective attack. You hold up your first Spell Card:

Vector Portal ~ Gravity Masked!”

All shots clear from air, and you restart the sweeping process, attempting to confine your target. This time, you manage to sweep the charms with Translocation vastly faster due to your experience. You blast out a pair of portals right above and below the shrine maiden, and her movement jerks up just as planned-

-and she gets damn lucky and passes straight through a lucky gap formed at the worst time possible! Bummer.

Your portals collapse, and you know you don’t get a second round. Your Spell Card breaks in the next second, and you return to your charm-sweeping attacks. However, this time you will be adding in some spice.

You trace Reimu’s position carefully, and use your grid of charms as spatial reference point. You estimate her flight path from the stream of needles, and sweep charms around her trying to block her movement.

Not effective, again. You are too slow at aiming, so your target lead is completely wrong. Looks like you’ll need to perform the first live test with your other Spell Card now. Granted, that one is made to counter Rumia, but it should work on any creature with eyes, if a bit less effectively.

You take a deep breath, and declare right after the shield breaks.

Trick Sign ~ Alternation of Light and Shadow!”

Immediately, the inside of the barrier becomes dimmer. Good things you don’t need power of darkness to do minor environmental changes like this. You loosely sweep out a grid of charms, doing your regular sweep-and-close approach. You block Reimu’s direct path toward you, driving her farther and making her aim a lot more difficult.

Reimu easily weaves around your charms, rapidly closing in the distance. You smirk since she is diving right towards you, making your ranging much simpler…


You call, and cast Portal right in front of Reimu’s path, other side opened in front of you. You close your eyes and FLASHBANG! Blinding white light!


Without looking, you destroy the portals and open a second set sending her straight into the tightest cluster of charms-

A big shockwave, along with a pink circle and huge cylinder of light, blasts through your shots and breaks your second and last Spell Card.

You are Bombed. Which is not bad news at all because it means you managed to get a close call to, of all people, Reimu! Hail to Spell Card rules! Though you are a bit upset that you didn’t get to stage two of this trick card. Repeatedly blinding your opponent must be fun, but alas.

The Spell Card border shatters, and Reimu steps down in front of you, barely smirking.

“Have fun?”

You smile and nod back.

“Totally. Wish you good luck.”

Then you remember something, and add.

“Oh, and don’t touch the petals, they are evil.”


With this economic respond, Reimu floats up into the sky. You trace her path, and see that she decides to investigate the other “ground branch” of the cherry petals first.

It’s near night now, and you should go check up on the fairies.
>> No. 40769
File 150959900678.jpg - (3.60MB , 4761x3305 , Lily_White_full_1584720.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hours after that battle.

You asked and examined nearly all fairies one by one, and you confirmed that they feel no pain when they are respawned by you. What a relief!

Another part of your mind tells you that it opens a whole new line of tactics, but you rejected the thought noticing that you have absolutely no control about what the fairies shoot at. Yeah, if you just power-up all fairies in a Spell Card battle, then the battlefield will become a complete chaos because most fairies don’t care enough to make sure that you, or anyone else, are not in their way when firing a storm of projectiles. You already witnessed their carelessness when they fought Reimu.

And you are not exactly the most maneuverable being around here.

Anyways, since that incomprehensible “Barrier” of Spring makes the temperature around your place normal, you move back to ground floor.

You can’t sleep, because fairies are calling, all over Gensokyo, and you only respond with energy which is supposed to calm them down. You don’t want to give Reimu extra difficulty. Not before the incident ends. Then you can go crazy.

The calls come from least three places simultaneously. They move higher. And higher. Above the clouds. Into the unknown. Coordinates which do not exist.

You sit on the roof, sipping a cup of tea. Above you is the dark, night sky. Around you is the lively, growing field. Right outside the field is white, cold, snow. Surrounding you on the roof, hundreds of fairies gleam under your Lights with their transparent wings.

“It’s ending.”

A soft voice come next to you, and you manage the best to not get startled. You idly pour out a second cup of tea and hand it to the new figure. You ask.

“What’s ending, Daiyousei?”

She takes the cup, and looks at the sky. Her green eyes shimmer a bit under the dim light. She points her delicate finger at a point in the dome of deep blue.

“The winter.”

And you see it. A tiny, bright figure, diving through the air, trailing with vast amount of projectiles, illuminating the night sky with blue and red.

Like fireworks.

It zips across the forest, across the fields, across the village. Snow disappear wherever she passes. The land unfreeze behind her trail. Life restores under her wake.

You hear her voice, echoing across the land and waking everyone up:


[ ] *sob*
[ ] “Spring is here!”
[ ] “SPRING IS HERE!!!!!”
[ ] “SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!” FIREWORKS!!!


Next update will be final for the chapter.
>> No. 40770
[X] “SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!” FIREWORKS!!!

Odd, I see only one option given. :p
>> No. 40771
[X] “SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!” FIREWORKS!!!

Lets be happy and party with our Fairy friends!
>> No. 40772
File 150966770495.jpg - (102.80KB , 850x499 , sample_c0c87c753a271988d37223d2afd69ba4ffaddea6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!” FIREWORKS!!!



The voice once again echoes through the breeze in full Doppler Effect, and this time, you are sure you are not dreaming.

Spring is here.

Spring is really here!

You spring up and carefully balance yourself on the support. Your body is shaking, your fists are clenching, and you cannot hold back your excitement anymore. You point at the sky, trying to stay as composed as possible.

“Fairies! For now, promise me you won’t play pranks or damage anything on ground. Oh, and try not to shoot any creatures, really.”

The hundreds of faces immediately light up, and the fairies nod with great expectation. Daiyousei looks at your evil grin, and shakes her head.

“Miss White Magician, are you going to do what I think what you are going to do?”

You pump your fist at the sky.

“Of course! I have enough of this winter and all those resource-management games! It’s time to have some FUN!”

You swipe your hand against the dark curtain of sky, and loudly declare.

“Fairies! You all know what to say! Have FUN for, like, five minutes!”

Their wings rustle in excitement, and they look at you eagerly. You deeply inhale, and roar on top of your lungs:


The declaration barely carries across your field, and all fairies, except for the big one, launch into the sky in a great flock, screaming “SPRING IS HERE” as happily as fairies can be. In seconds, the entire sky explodes into a gigantic vortex of Curtain Fire, spiraling with numerous colors and chaotic patterns.

The fairies are calling you. Hundreds of calls and increasing, their requests becoming crisper and clearer, weaving into unison and strengthening into unprecedented levels, almost piercing and shaking your soul. You’ve never seen the united will of fairies achieving such a level, and it is fascinating. You answer them, returning the fairies with power to their hearts’ content, and the sky is saturated by the most splendid firework you have ever seen. Messy, but filled with infinite variation. Disordered, but lively like force of nature.


You shout into the sky again waving your arms, watching the chaotic yet beautiful patterns unfold. What a breathtaking sight! You’ve never been so exciting in your whole life, and that is totally something worthy to see after suffering through six months of winter!


Without warning, Daiyousei lightly smack you on your forehead while giving you a light smile. You dramatically palm your forehead, and ask.

“Hey, what’s that for!”

She only shakes her head, and answer.

“There are tens of thousands of fairies in Gensokyo.”


You ask. Daiyousei’s smile goes slightly wider.

“You didn’t tell them what not to do, so it will be another incident to have all fairies in Gensokyo start shooting at everything.”

It takes you a second to process the information, then go wide eyed in realization (and disappointment).


With that, you pout and fidget and cross arms and reluctantly stop your power channel, and begrudgingly watch the colors dissipating and see the stars reappearing.

Oh right, Keine is totally going to headbutt you after this midnight firework show. Hopefully she won’t find out who did it…

Ah, dammit, she is standing right outside your clinic.
>> No. 40773
As you may notice, this chapter was originally intended to be a “winter survival” chapter. Unfortunately, it turned out different from what I expected. Part of it is because I neglected environmental/social observations from MC’s POV, so it never had the “feel” of a survival chapter. Also, I kind of dragged it too long, because of the time scale involved. Next chapter will be back to interpersonal level and short time frame, more like Chapter 1, and will be centered around fixing up some problems exposed in MC.

I have cut out quite a few subplots from the chapter due to its length. Originally, I planned to have Barrier of Spring up in April and have MC fight the gang of Yatsuhiro, but I found the timeline and tone hard to negotiate, so I scratched it. The hibernation plot was my first attempt to throw in a meaningful time skip (I kind of noticed the timeline problem there). It was not enough, but it would be way too much a stretch to have MC sleep any longer.

I also planned for three dream sequences encountering that one, with the third and last one happening after you fight Reimu. The third dream would have you successfully triangulate the spirit’s physical position and give you a choice whether to translocate “there”, and thus throw yourself straight into THE battle at the end of PCB Stage 6. Again, I determine that the chapter was already too long so I scrapped the plan. I also don’t like a possible mood whiplash right before the ending, because if people actually vote for “go there”… it’s gonna be hard to tie up.

Think about it. Evil cherry petals, “S. Aya”, you carrying more life force than anything else, your connection to Barrier of Spring, and timeline… what could possibly go wrong? (Hint: Everything)

Also at the end, I originally planned for MC’s fields to become Stage EX0 because of all those overexcited fairies shooting at everything… Then I realized that this is in the Human Village, and it would be such an irresponsible action that MC’s not even going to consider that. Therefore, fireworks.

Now, explanation of choices.


Plan for tomorrow: not much, really. Mainly for reader’s insight about what MC does.

RIKU: Thrown this early on to determine the timeline later. If Reimu/Marisa/Sakuya is chosen, then Barrier of Spring is activated later. If Marisa/Sakuya is chosen, you will fight at full power, and Daiyousei will come to assist. In game terms, the player would be running through an S4-hard fairy gauntlet then face a Stage 1 midboss, i.e. you (Honestly, I think Daiyousei powered-up would be much nastier than MC herself. MC’s spell cards are designed to trap on first encounter, not firepower, and MC’s got only 2 SC). If Youmu is chosen, BoS must be up in somewhere April, and epic (I hope) trickster fight will be involved. Expect massive Portal mechanic abuse.

Next action: Thrown in a whim by me, because at this point I suddenly remembered that Daiyousei can teleport, so why not fight her?

Long-term goal: originally useful in Winter Survival, but turned out to be irrelevant.

Today’s action: Find Urist comes out just right. Literature research will allow you to learn “Spring” at this point.

Response to knocking: Flavor, mainly. If you don’t respond, Keine/villagers will bash in anyways. You will also be too weak to use Spell Cards, but Portal/Translocation are just fine.

Insect/Bird: Wriggle/Mystia. Wriggle would be in a much more desperate situation because she is a firefly Yokai, which is less tolerant to cold. The fight would be less stand-off and more action. Expect massive Portal abuse and repeated opposed POW rolls. You will end up trying Spiritual Healing on a Yokai for the first time.

Dream sequence 1: Wake up would have you miss all information about the spirit. Purify will also gain you some information. Turns out to be no difference because the subplot is cancelled.

Go/Stay. You will go anyways, with the stay option wasting some time draining more of your brainpower trying to figure Spring out (which you won’t). Dwarf interaction will also be affected, but I don’t know how ‘cause I didn’t write them.

Building/Rest. If you try building BoS, you will fail and sleep until the PCB events end. You will wake up in spring, and there are effects carried to Chapter 3.

Do it/…: Another mainly flavor option. Has other effects carried to Chapter 3.

Final choice: Is it a choice?
>> No. 40774
No side story between Chapter 2 and 3.

Chapter 3 aims to resolve some problems within and around MC, so she will probably get power-locked for a while. Hopefully, this chapter will be relatively short (i.e. <= 7 updates?).

They will all be written, but choose one first.

[ ] Lamprey
[ ] Ice
[ ] Crow
>> No. 40775
[X] Crow
Lets get interviewed by a nosy reporter!

Did we get invited to the customary incident after party at the shrine? Would be fun to see people and scold Reimu in front of Yukari for being so lazy.

Also i really like how we are a minion master danmaku fighter, our fighting style is basically a stage on its own and if we ever manage to somehow coordinate fairies building spellcards around them would also be possible. After all Yukari uses Ran and Chen in her spellcards so we should be able to use fairies.

>>what could possibly go wrong? (Hint: Everything)
So basically if that would have happened we would have been the final spark that the tree needed to fully bloom?
>> No. 40776

> Did we get invited to the customary incident after party at the shrine? Would be fun to see people and scold Reimu in front of Yukari for being so lazy.

Oh, totally forgot about that. I should think for a moment and see how to write this... but for now I want to avoid Yukari because I am not sure how to write her yet.

(But Portalling in front of Yukari must be fun.)

> Fighting style

I plan on doing something fun in the Imperishable Night line (Chapter 3.5/4?), because... A few nights of full moon doesn't sound like too big a logistical strain, so there's some space to have some fun. Unfortunately, fairies know nothing about friendly fire.

> So basically if that would have happened we would have been the Final Spark that the tree needed to fully bloom?

Fixed for you.

Originally planed, until I recognize how hard the damn thing would be to write. I mean, how can you write a mental struggle (read: opposed POW roll every turn) against a tree under a ridiculous amount of Danmaku fire? Sounds super !!FUN!! but I can't warp my mind to figure out how to write that.
>> No. 40777
Actually, I am going to take a break for a few days. Author is currently in a state which can only be described as "possessed" and I cannot think straight. I will probably open a new thread when I continue, or I may not.
>> No. 40778

>>Unfortunately, fairies know nothing about friendly fire.
Heh friendly fire is only a problem if friendlies are in the area!

>>I plan on doing something fun in the Imperishable Night line
IN seems like a good place to get an upgrade like that since it had this mechanic where every boss had familiars that shoot danmaku.

>>“You didn’t tell them what not to do, so it will be another incident to have all fairies in Gensokyo start shooting at everything.”
Also i just really noticed this. I didn't realize our influence over fairies extended this far, that's actually absurdly powerful since fairies are literally everywhere even if its not very usable since there is no way to direct the fairires to do specific things.
>> No. 40780

Before you get any ideas, MC is not that powerful, because she will blow herself up if she tries to power up too many fairies (you know, plot point etc etc). It's more like this: 300 fairies are excited; they call for power ups; you give them; more fairies get excited and call for power ups; you can't distinguish between the calls, and the calls get stronger due to numbers. At some point you'll hit your maximum output, and hopefully there isn't a runaway effect.
>> No. 40781

In a fit of madness, I recognized something. Barrier of Spring is an non-existant barrier powered by pure faith... mostly from fairies. Now you gave me an idea about how to spice The Great Fairy Wars up five magnitudes... Say, if MC accidentally kickstart a new entity of faith which gives all fairies power-ups.

The Great Fairy War -> The Second War of Faith -> The Great FUN War.

I think it's an awesome idea, but I don't think I am capable of writing it, because the scale is too large.


And I haven't started writing anything yet because I dumped five hours of my free time into making this:


Journey of an Ordinary Human Being. The continuation of the previous video.
>> No. 40782
It honestly wouldn't surprise me if the MC gets to be a living god somewhere along the story, she already is the go to person for the villagers when it comes to getting rid of curses and minor ailments and the villagers see how the fairies, a major nuisance for everyone else, behave around her which would translate nicely into belief.
And the ascention from regular human to living god needs belief from humans but the sustaining of their existence requires faith which can come from any creature capable of thought.
Fairies might be mostly simple creatures that don't generate very much faith in comparison to a human or a humanform youkai but there are tens of thousands of fairies in Gensokyo and a lot of them already have faith in her and her barrier of spring.

So the MC becoming a living god of Purification, Life, and Fairies sustained mostly by said fairies when they remember her would be pretty interesting. Not to mention Reimu getting annoyed by another competitor for faith and the possibility of imbuing charms with divine power like Reimu does.
>> No. 40791
File 150995915840.jpg - (360.59KB , 960x1200 , Aya5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Crow

Aya is hard to write, because I have never written anyone like her. But then, I found an interesting (read: FUN) way… You’ll see.

Disclaimer: I don’t think FTL (Faster Than Light) is possible. It’s just an expression.

<Last Name> <First Name>


You learned the hard way how hard Keine’s forehead is.

You also learned that you really shouldn’t get the fairies too excited inside the village. Which is not really a problem because your spiritual power is much greater when you keep yourself calm and in peace, so you just need to be aware how crazy fairies can really become.

Speaking of fairies, there are a lot fewer of them sticking around your clinic. It seems that since spring has finally arrived, the Barrier of Life no longer makes any difference between the inside and the outside. In fact, you tore down the old Barrier of Life and created a new one, since the original was so messed up that you didn’t have an idea on how or whether it worked. In addition, Barrier of Spring also seems to fade away, but it doesn’t matter at this moment. You just wish you had the time to understand how that “barrier” works.

That is not important right now, since you are finally back to your long-missed herb-runs. Yes, you can buy food. Yes, you can eat sweet potatoes. However, the herb-run has already become a kind of habit, so you just keep doing that slightly before sunset. Although, today you are extending your collection period until the moon rises to a certain height, because why not? It’s not like anything can keep up with your (possibly) FTL translocating.

And then, all a sudden, a blur of figure zips into your view, complete with a gust of man-toppling wind. Before you can even think about firing up that spell, she is already standing in front of you, within arm’s length. Your movement freezes for a fraction of a second, before you slowly stand straight and face the new person.

Again, before you can ask who she is, this new person, with semi-long black hair and wearing black skirt and white blouse with black wings protruding from her back, starts to speak with great enthusiasm at a speed you can barely keep up with.

“Hello! I am True and Honest reporter Shameimaru Aya of Bunbunmaru, the most popular newspaper in Gensokyo! Would you spare a few minutes to take an interview?”

She speaks while gleaming and tilts forward expectantly. You nudge back a bit as she stands significantly taller than you are, with those crazy-high geta she is wearing. You answer hesitantly, not looking into her red eyes.

“…Um, yes?”

You must admit that you are intimidated, even though she clearly does not mean to do so. You can sense that she is a powerful Yokai, and that alone makes you quite a bit uneasy. Not to mention her speed overwhelming your Translocation’s reaction latency, her towering over you by probably a full head, and her complete disrespect of personal space. Hearing your response, the woman instantly springs straight, and takes out a pen and a notebook, before suddenly remembering something and pulls out a roll of… newspaper.

“Oh, right! I almost forgot this, I’ve got an article on you!”


You lightly reach out taking the newspaper. In fact, you have just caught on the fact that this person mentioned “newspaper”, because it sounds a bit too industrial for this land. What is her name, again? S-something Aya?

“Hold on a moment.”

Then something clicks in your mind, and you instantly translocate a few meters back, pointing the newspaper roll at the woman like a wand. She tilts her head as response, and you eye her sharply.

“Are you the spirit who intruded my dreams? Oh wait, your name sounds slightly different. Hmm, right, not the same soul. Never mind, you didn’t hear anything.”

And then Aya grins even brighter as she closes in with another blur, almost scaring you to drop the paper.

“Oh~ Please tell me more about that! After you read the paper, of course!”

“No can do, not even I know what was going on.”

You unroll and read the slightly cringed paper under a Light orb, while trying to give a refutation. Your eyebrows twitch as you read on.

“Let’s see… Portal Lady Summons Spring in Midst of Winter. Now, I am ‘Sane and Healthy White Magician’ just like how you are ‘True and Honest Reporter’, not ‘Portal Lady’. Please throw that name away… And no, I didn’t summon Spring, the fairies did it. And no, I cannot command fairies. And no, I cannot just ‘open gigantic portals’ and throw armed force anywhere I want; those are great photographs but if you were there you should know how it was practically burning my soul. And NO, NOT TELEPORT, TRANSLOCATE! And no, I don’t actually move when I translocate. And no, I cannot just appear anywhere I want. Wait, you are definitely taking more notes than I am talking!”

“Oh~ You know that’s all speculations before I can get an interview!”

Aya replies while jotting down magnitudes more notes than you speak, so you return her an dissatisfied gaze while firmly locking on the signature of the village and maintaining a reverse-triggered Translocation (not that it will really work against someone this fast).

“So you publish speculations… Anyways, I’d rather go back before the moon rises quarter-high, so questions?”

Aya quickly finishes writing… whatever it is, and taps the notebook.

“All right! First question, is it true that you successfully removed a divine curse?”

Boom, bombshell. You immediately take a step back, covering your mouth with a hand of newly translocated charms and stare up at her eyes impassively.

“You are not supposed to know that. Can’t believe those Dorks actually leaked the information.”

“Ohhhh~~~~ But they did, anyways! Second question-”

Before she asks, you catch a glimpse of a familiar energy signature and see a blob of darkness which you trained hard to recognize. You instantly recoil, and speak at a rate that amazes yourself.

“Wait she’s coming this way and I’d better go now see you next time just come to my clinic Okay?”

Aya immediately moves between you and the blob, wrapping her arms around your shoulder and spreading her wings out protectively, pressing you against her warm body.

“Oh, don’t worry, because nothing gets in the way of my inter-”

The reporter didn’t finish her sentence. You disappear (via a misfire) just a second too soon to witness a one-sided Spell Card beat down between the hardest-hitting reporter you would ever see and an unfortunate Yokai getting in the way of her interview.


Reverse-triggering, the “insane” version of trigger which you actively prevent a magic from firing. Said magic will be fired as intended even if you go unconscious or killed, but you need to actively spend part of your consciousness to station-keep it.

Just now, you translocated because you accidentally slipped it by seeing your arch-nemesis, your living nightmare, the one who busted half your Sanity points (probably), then get suddenly startled by another very powerful Yokai. Well, it’s not like you can just translocate back because you didn’t memorize the magical signature there, and if Aya is able to dig up that secret from the Dorks, she should have no problem finding you in the village.

But darn, the Dorks must have partied too hard to forget something as critical as this one. Or is it one of the individuals with low Discipline levels? You don’t know, but you also don’t particularly care, so long as no one knows how you did so.

You read the paper again, just to double check. You have to say that, even though the article is based on speculations and secret information gathering, the text itself is quite well-written and eye-catching. Not to mention that AWESOME photo showing your large-scale portal in operation, complete with burning and scattering charms, your rod flicking at just the perfect angle, and men armed to teeth standing on the other side. You just wish that…

…removed multiple curses. According to Anonymous report, she performs a ritual to pull the curse onto herself, and then…

Your face flushes white as you read the sentence. You want to swear at fate itself, but it’s already too late. A part of your mind tells you that this will happen sooner or later, but you still don’t want to see this. Not right now. Belief is power, which can be blessing and a curse, and you know what it means to have the entire Gensokyo realize that you’ve got dozens of curses on you.

Sorry, Aya. You pray sincerely that Bunbunmaru is not a credible source of information, otherwise…

You are not a god. In the worst situation, you will be hit extremely hard by more than twenty revived curses backed by thousands of thinking minds, at once. If that happens, you’ll die within one day, unless you either find another person, preferably a god of some sort, to remove them from you… or somehow summon up enough will power to counter that of a thousand people’s.

Thankfully, that is only the worst case, which is very unlikely to happen. In any case, you’ll need to reinforce Barrier of Protection, and you will need it fast. You’ll also need to pause your curse-removal service, for now.

[ ] Ice
[ ] Lamprey
[ ] Crow again Not yet.
>> No. 40792
[X] Lamprey
>> No. 40793
[X] Ice

Fairy time!

Aya spreading the curses thing sounds like a lot of trouble.
The gods that come to mind in this situation are either Hina, even if she is technically not a god and mostly deals with misfortune, or Suwako since she has literal curse gods under her command.
>> No. 40795
[X] Lamprey

Actually, I think Hina would be quite pleased that we removed that curse by using the nagashi-bina dolls that we used.
>> No. 40798
Lamprey, then. Already half-written
>> No. 40799
File 151019731814.png - (395.99KB , 640x480 , 1-P3_1_-_(1).png ) [iqdb]
[X] Lamprey

Technically speaking paper dolls thrown into magma are not classified as nagashi-bina dolls.

Disclaimer: According to canon materials, Mystia’s stand is probably open after events of IN, but this is not canon.

And this update turns out longer than I expected. Three parts from the Yokai of Walls.


Today, you are at business as usual, although you crossed out the “Curse Removal” text on your poster. You’ll need to wait for at least a few weeks and make sure none of the curses reactivate before resuming the service. You are devoted to help others, but you are not suicidal. You still have a lot of lessons to learn from the last winter.

It’s strange that the tengu reporter hasn’t come here after a few days. You guess that she is probably caught up on some other business. That, or she is actually hidden somewhere around. You never know, because she is way too fast for you to keep track of.

Just as usual, you sit behind the bar counter and slowly recharge charms by batches. Now that you’ve turned this into a routine, you notice just how fast you eat through these charms. This can’t be environmentally friendly, and you’d better get some non-disposable replacement of the Blanks. You might be able to get by with high-quality clothes or amulets made with sturdier materials, but there are so many choices that you are not sure which one to select. You’ll worry about that later.

Then, there comes the familiar, happy pair of boy and girl (or you really should say girl and boy). Takei Imari drags Takamaru Atsutane here in airplane arms again.

“Hey!! Miss White Magician!”

You put away the small wooden case, and smile at the pair.

“Hello, Imari and Atsutane. Aren’t you supposed to have school today?”

Imari jumps in excitement, as if she is not already excited enough.

“Lunch break! Look look look, do you know that? I heard someone opening a night stand somewhere near the roads!”

You lift an eyebrow, while silently cleaning up the two kids’ energy field. They are about to grow up, so you’ll need to stop that at some point… maybe in a few years.

“Oh? Where?”

Then Imari points at the village gate, which alerts you immediately. She answers cheerfully.

“I heard it is outside in the roads at night! They sell eels… or something like that?”

That makes you a bit curious… Who would be insane enough to open a night stand outside the village? However, there is one thing you must address. You look at Imari sternly.

“Imari, you are not planning on secretly going there, right?”

Then the girl casually dismisses your question.

“Nah, I am not stupid. Only Yokai will make a stand out there.”

You are slightly surprised that she actually thinks about the danger. Child needs praise.

“Oh~ You’re growing up, Imari. Nice induction. And by the way-”

You look at the taller quiet boy on her side, who almost managed to be completely ignored. You scan him carefully, trying to look for an explanation of his tendency to get ignored. You ask, slowly.

“Atsutane, did you stand on the edge of my vision again?”

The boy seems to be startled by your sudden question, as if not expecting you to notice him at all.

“Huh? Yeah… I am practicing that. It’s really interesting, though…”

You lightly smile at the boy, but you decide to speak your concern.

“Atsutane, you are standing right in front of me and I saw you walking towards me. Yet you still walked on the edge of my view. Have you heard of folk stories about kid getting too good at hide and seek and never to be found again, wondering around the land for the next eternity?”

You made that story up on spot, and Atsutane responds a bit nervously. Maybe you hit the bull’s eye?

“Well, kind of…”

The boy fidgets and glances away, nudging behind the girl (who’s striking an akimbo) even though she is considerably shorter. You reach over the counter to ruffle his hair, slowly allowing the boy to relax. You look into his eyes, and say slowly.

“Listen, boy. You are already very good at hiding, so good that it might be considered magic. You may consider practicing turning off your trick now: don’t let it get into your subconscious mind before you can turn it off. I learned it the hard way when I got stuck in the air for a few hours when I first learned Translocation and allowed it to run wild. In your case, you can be ‘unseen’ by all until you know how to stop it. Do you understand?”

Yeah, you remember that event deep in your soul. You practiced Translocation to make it as natural as breathing… except that you didn’t learn how to calm your mind. One stray thought was all it needed to drop yourself into the high airs, and your fear just kept generating more stray thoughts and almost splattered you at terminal velocity. You were practically forced to attain peace and calm while you were wildly flinging across the air, and you miraculously made it. Nothing, however, can guarantee that the boy to obtain such spiritual stability in a short period of time.

The boy nods, slowly. He doesn’t look very happy, but you hope that the message seeps in.

>> No. 40800
File 151019737679.jpg - (477.02KB , 1000x1595 , rmqtWfr.jpg ) [iqdb]
A scene with FIVE persons? That’s too much for me, though I’ll try my best.



You know what? A night stand outside the village sounds fun and suspicious. You know it is dangerous, but you think you can manage it: it’s not close to full moon tonight; you are not going there after midnight; most animal Yokai are deterred by you; you have instantaneous travel back to the village, the shrine, the dwarves’ fortress, and various locations around the village. Obviously, nothing can possibly go wrong!

Nightfall. You greet the guards and spawn out a few Light orbs around. Unlike most journeys, you are walking this time, because you don’t have any reference point near this “road” nicknamed the Yokai Trail. What a scary name.

According to your intel collection, the road seems to be mostly infested with beast Yokai, which is not major threats to you because they can never oppose your will power when you use spiritual energy displacement. Most of them won’t approach you once they have a taste of the burn caused by the attack.

You spread out many small orbs of light, creating a roughly spherical three-shell structure, allowing you to illuminate a decent area around and above you. You hope that you have a parabolic reflector for a more focused beam, but it is probably too expensive for you due to the low technology level here.

Of course, you know fairies are trailing you and they pack a bit firepower, but since Yokai are more active at night, you keep yourself at high alert, trying not to miss any trace of sound. You also arm up a reverse-triggered Translocation, just in case.

Speaking of sound, you kind of hear someone singing in a distance. No sane human would do such attention-grabbing things, so it must be a Yokai… OK, you are surrounded by three big shells of lights, so you aren’t in any position to accuse anyone.

As you move closer to the source of the voice, however, you start to notice a strain on your Barrier of Will. Looks like it’s no regular song, but one that carries strong spiritual power.

And now everything outside the range of your Lights are nothing but DARKNESS. You stand still for a while and notice that the lights themselves are not affected, thus ruling out Rumia. You try to counter its power with Barrier of Will, but this funky barrier, though powerful and can be used by anyone, requires you to know what’s coming to have any effect.

Well, you have fifteen meters of visibility with or without the darkness, anyways. It also doesn’t stop you from searching your own energy field to find the offending energy. You’ll just make sure that you can fire up Translocation if anything goes wrong.

Are those red lanterns? You squint your eyes a bit, looking past your Light orbs. The song and the spiritual power comes from that place, and you are sure that the offender is right there, in your field of vision. With that in mind, it doesn’t take you long to match the energy inside your body.

Right, charmed night blindness, which can be cleared up by a tap from another unaffected person. However, you know spiritual healing, so you only need to recognize the source.

With a small discharge of power, you manage to clear up the adverse effect, and hold your will against it. In the cleared-up field of view, you see a red lantern night stand not too far away. The lanterns have “lamprey” written on them, and a young girl with wings on her back stands behind a grill, singing the blindness-inducing song. You can’t make out more details at this distance, but you feel that you’ve seen her somewhere.

The stand owner is chatting with another small girl (boy?) with green hair and antennae sticking out of her head. No doubt both are Yokai, and they turn around to look at your completely detectable approach.

One humanoid Yokai is dangerous enough, and you don’t want to face two. Just as you dim the lights and prepare to leave, you feel a cold breeze and notice a familiar blue girl, also engaged in a happy chat with the two Yokai.

Cirno. Now the level of danger suddenly drops to non-existent. You smile and wave at the ice fairy, and she immediately flies over with a visible gleam… and a ring of icicles.

“Hey! White Magician, you disappeared for the entire winter! Are you finally coming to challenge the strongest?”

You answer merrily while walking cautiously towards your target: the stand.

“Not at night, but next time I will totally break through your Perfect Freeze!”

And the fairy crosses her arm and thrust her chest forward confidently.

“You said that thirty times already! You will never beat my perfect technique!”

The night stand owner glances at you two thoughtfully. You make calculated movements with Cirno following along, who clearly does not understand why you are walking so slow. The bird Yokai flips a lamprey on the grill, and asks.

“Oh~ Portal Lady, you seem to know our beloved strongest fairy very well~”

When she says “strongest”, you can feel that Cirno practically beams with happiness. You answer in a calm voice, drastically different than when you spoke with the fairy. Not helping when you are concentrating to keep a reverse-trigger running.

“I can probably say the same. Have we met before?”

As you ask, Cirno flies over to bug the other girl, boasting about her Awesome and Glorious battle freezing your entire pattern plus your portals mid-air (even though the portals weren’t actually frozen). The bird-girl glances at you with her gray eyes, and remarks slightly mischievously.

“Really~? I never thought humans have such bad memory~”

You ignore that comment, while something clicks in your mind. You say in a thoughtful manner.

“’Portal Lady’… ah right, it was the first Lumber Raiding operation right after I slept for a month… Miss Lorelei.”

She obviously gives you a strange eye when you mention sleeping for a month. You don’t particularly care, because it was just thrown out to bumper the speed of conversation so that you can keep track of the surrounding. You are still standing, and you would never forget that there are two Yokai within five-meter radius around you.

Then, Miss Lorelei… Mystia points at a board.

“So~ Human, why not try my menu~”

You do not respond, and she continues after a moment.

“We don’t eat customers~”

You carefully assess the situation. Mystia doesn’t seem to be lying, so… You decide to sit down, after you prepare a second set of reverse-triggered Translocation which locks on the Hakurei Shrine. Just in case if Keine hides the village for whatever reason.

You hold out your hand, and a few coins appear in your palm. You put them onto the counter.

“The regular grilled lamprey plus tea, then.”

>> No. 40801
File 151019745064.jpg - (348.15KB , 600x848 , Team_9.jpg ) [iqdb]

You glance at the eel sizzling on the grill, and turn your attention to the ice fairy sitting right next to you.

Yep, her description of the battles is much more… epic than they actually were. Although, as boastful as she is, Cirno does give you credit for getting her every time you managed to finish your Spell Card without everything being frozen. She clearly still hasn’t figured out how to counter your instantaneous zero-gravity yet.

Then, as if suddenly remembering something, Cirno zips behind you and lightly presses your shoulder, turning you towards the other Yokai who hasn’t spoken anything yet. For an ice fairy, Cirno sure is surprisingly warm to touch, even though the air around her makes you shiver.

“Right! I forgot to introduce you to our team! Wriggle, Mystia, this is… Umm… What’s your name again?”

Cirno turns towards you, filled with uncertainty. You sit up straight, and try your best to answer in a completely straight face.

“Nice to meet you all. I am the owner of White Magician’s Clinic in the Human Village. Please call me Sane and Healthy White Magician, or Unmoving Traveler of Light, or Friend to All Fairies, or anything except for Portal Lady.”

Yeah, it is hard. At least you didn’t call yourself Anon. The insect (?) Yokai referred as Wriggle quickly scans you for a moment, then gives you a small smile while supporting her cheek with her palm.

“Hello, human. I am Wriggle Nightbug. Um… scout and rearguard…? of the Strongest Team.”

Scout and rearguard? How does that even work? You think idly about what her abilities might be. Then, the stand owner starts to dexterously put small bamboo sticks through the eels, and speaks.

“I am Mystia Lorelei, The owner of this stand~ Biiird of the niiiight~”

Then she starts to sing. You immediately tune up your magic energy to counter its effect. Mystia glances at you, and you smile slyly.

“Nice try, but I can still see.”

Then, Cirno jumps down to the stool next to you, and points her chin up confidently.

“And I! Am the champion! Our team is the strongest! Although, Dai and Rumia are not here…”

She breaks from the pose, and you immediately freeze in place for a second. You turn around, nearly hearing creaks generated by your stiff neck.

“Excuse me, you said who?”

“Oh~ It’s you again, magician~”

You don’t even need to think about who this voice belongs to. Your form flickers a few meters backwards and you quickly recover your stance from the “air chair”, and hold a Spell Card over your mouth, staring at a blond face poking out of a nearby shadow.


“No fighting near the stand~”

Mystia waves a piece of bamboo stick, so you reluctantly stop declaring the Bomb. Cirno flies between you two and pouts.

“Oh come on! Don’t be so afraid of her!”

You roll your eyes at the ice fairy, still holding on your Spell Card, as Rumia pops out of the darkness.

“Cirno, she tried to eat me for something like ten times, every time I see her. And she almost succeeded twice.”

Rumia responds with an innocent sweet face… that is, if you didn’t have your memory of those encounters.

“Last time I didn’t~”

You stay completely impassive, but the tension between you two is so high that it may shatter like glass at any time. Cirno frowns, and turns to Rumia.

“Rumia, she is our friend… Don’t eat her!”

Using a Portal trick, you quickly glance over the other two Yokai while still keeping an eye on Rumia. Mystia and Wriggle seems to be watching in amusement. Rumia continues her adorable smile.

“No worries, Miss~ You are too fun to be eaten, it would be a waste~”

You keep your mouth covered with the Spell Card, and answers sarcastically.

“Oh, how reassuring. You should have said that last time. And the time before.”

Virtual lightning bolts discharge between you two. Cirno seems a bit uneasy, and you feel a bit sorry about her… but you will probably never allow yourself to let down your guard around the little Yokai of Darkness.

As if to break the unsettling tension, Mystia takes out several plates and start putting skewered lamprey on the dishes. One of them contains much more content than the others.

“All right, girls~ Lamprey is ready!”

So you semi-reluctantly move back to the stools, while spinning a Light orb around your body.

And Rumia deliberately takes the seat next to you. Thankfully, Cirno comes sitting down on the other side, so you feel at least some amount of security.


Not counting the fact that Mystia repeatedly challenges to blind you and that Rumia constantly stares at you with her innocent but uncanny smile, you must admit that the lamprey grill is beyond awesome.

You are not really in a rush since you have no agenda, and you hold not one, but two reverse-triggered escape routes. You slowly bite into the wondrous meat, while the darkness girl gulps down entire sticks at one time. You don’t give additional comments so long as she is not trying to eat you.

You remain relatively silent (to conserve computational power), while Cirno resumes talking about her AWESOME battles.

Not like she will run out of stories, because it seems that she runs into conflict every day. You can’t help but think how you can possibly break her Perfect Freeze other than luring it out with smaller attacks… but conversely, she hasn’t broken your Gravity Mask yet.

Mystia seems to catch attention on something the ice fairy mentions.

“Say, Cirno~ How many projectiles can you freeze from the white magician?”

Cirno fidgets and scratches her head.

“Well… It’s too many to count…”

“The most was around ten thousand: a spectacular failure on my part. Generally three thousand or so early stage or hundreds later stage. My portals cannot be frozen even if they are covered by ice.”

You idly reply while tracing your finger over the rim of a teacup, then continue.

“Good things that consumables are not actually consumed in a Spell Card battle, though recently I switched to energy shots to reduce some strain.”

“Wow, Cirno, I know you are a powerful fairy, but I never thought you can freeze so many bullets at once!”

That’s Wriggle, her blue eyes slightly widens. Cirno holds her chin, and seems to enter a thoughtful mood.

“Hmm… Now that I think about it, I did feel the ice are easier to control at those times…”

You look at Cirno with a small smile.

“All fairies get stronger around me, even if I am fighting against one. I can’t and won’t turn if off, though.”

“Hmm, interesting~”

Mystia lifts a few more sticks of lamprey from the grill, and gently gives Rumia a… third refill. Cirno gleams at you in excitement.

“So does that mean the strongest gets even stronger?”

You nod.

“Yes, of course. So long as I don’t turn off my magic, the effect is there. If you are an ally, however, there is a bett-”

A sudden heart-throbbing pain makes you gasp and recoil. You press your right hand over your chest and almost tumble backwards over your seat. The trio of Yokai and the fairy looking at you in confusion. Cirno is especially startled as she reaches out to grab your hand.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

You hold your breath for a second and focus on the pain. A second later, it dissipates. You put down your hand and sit up straight as if nothing happened.

“No idea, but it’s quite late I need to go back now. See you in… maybe tomorrow.”

You quickly gobble up what’s left of the lamprey, wave a small goodbye, and disappear.


What’s your plan for tomorrow? Choose 1.

[ ] A usual business day. You’ll observe yourself
[ ] Meditate the day. You need to sharpen your spiritual power
[ ] Stay a while with fairies in the forest. Remove yourself a while from people with negative thoughts
[ ] Others?

Your Status
-Sane and healthy
-Something feels a bit off
>> No. 40802
[X] Meditate the day. You need to sharpen your spiritual power.

We need to be at the top of our spiritual power if something happens with the curses. It would kinda suck to just keel over suddenly because ten different curses suddenly start flaring up again.
>> No. 40803
File 151029207152.jpg - (960.32KB , 2696x1564 , 2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Plz vote~ I will wait for another day (probably).

Also, picture is a 4-minute rapid illustration of what MC might look like. I tried to capture her essense from my mental image, though the dress is just a generic, simple-to-draw one. I hope it matches what you perceive from the story... If not, well, that's an illustration from a person who's half way through an introductory drawing class.

Yes, you can see the front and back of MC at the same time, 'cause Portal.
>> No. 40804
[X] Meditate the day. You need to sharpen your spiritual power.
>> No. 40805
[X] Meditate the day. You need to sharpen your spiritual power.

Definitely need to deal with the curse situation first, and this seems like it'd help the most.
>> No. 40806
[X] Stay a while with fairies in the forest. Remove yourself a while from people with negative thoughts.

Taking it easy.
>> No. 40807
Call for Meditate.
>> No. 40808
File 151042955960.jpg - (359.11KB , 524x743 , 5e668f1ce36356f45567c832c64264ae57bb0e5c.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Meditate the day. You need to sharpen your spiritual power

I spent a hell lot of time playing with soft pastels. I wanna draw dramatic lighting!

Disclaimer: I probably will not throw in images for short updates…


You sit behind the bar counter, as usual. However, you clearly remember that you encountered a spiritual attack last night.

You cannot rule out the possibility about being cursed, but the problem dealing with curses is that, if you believe you are cursed, then you definitely are cursed by yourself. On the other hand, if you are indeed cursed, disbelief won’t fix it. The only way you can remove one is either destroy/divert its source or wait until belief die down.

You can’t help but remember the days Outside. In the outside world, curse is generally not an accepted concept, thus making it vastly easier to deal with: most are unintentional in the first place, and they disappear very quickly. In Gensokyo, the situation might be more complicated. Therefore, you decide to spend today on meditating and sharpening your spiritual power, as well as performing a rigorous maintenance of your clinic. No one says you cannot move while meditating.

On the bar counter, you put up a cool-sounding sign saying “Closed. Barrier Maintenance Ongoing”, then retrieve a broom and a tray from your storage room. You take a deep breath, and start to intensely monitor your thoughts and sensations, while praying something unimportant akin to “may whatever benevolent being lend me power to cleanse my energy field”.

Humming a light tune from outside, you idly observe the surprisingly clean counter, the sunlight gleaming on its slightly glossed surface, and the complex but vivid texture of wood. The straw broom glides across the wooden floor with gentle sound, stirring up a small vortex of dust. Time by time, you look up to see pedestrians passing by. Some walking relaxed, others marching in a rush. Some walking alone, some accompanied by others or the guards.

You watch and observe, but do not comment about anything. Meditation is a practice to free up the power of your mind by noticing everything while not wasting thoughts on trivial matters, such as judging the clothes of every single person you see.

As you finish the bar area and decide to move on, you catch a glimpse of a familiar face, walking in a fast pace and passing by your clinic rather quickly. You recognize the man: he is one of the Outsiders you managed to ferry to the Hakurei Shrine. What is he still doing here?

Since he is already out of view and you are in meditation mode, you decide to defer the question for later investigation.


You slowly sweep and mop every corner of the above-ground structures of your clinic, using Portals when you can’t reach them. However, even though you sweep your place every day when there are no customers, the building is still a bit suspiciously clean. Then, you walk around your place replacing all wards on your Barrier of Protection and Barrier of Life, and check up your spiritual link with them.

Yep, the barriers are in perfect condition, and they can only grow stronger as you sharpen your mind.

In a serene and calm state like right now, your senses, both physical and spiritual, are no longer obscured by energy from stray thoughts. In this naturally heightened state, you notice the familiar stinging and contracting sensation passing through your body, just like when you perform Spiritual Healing. This feeling is abnormal, because you are standing under Barrier of Protection, which should block most negative energy from outside.

You stand still in your fields, trying to trace its source. It definitely is not directly fed by a curse: a curse would feel much more “connected” to a phantom external entity, while this one feels almost like a flickering radiation in constant movement, like feeling the heat from a moving torch. Seconds later, the feeling disappears, but it appears again not long after, from another direction and with a slightly different “hue”.

You are intrigued by the phenomenon. You keep filtering your stray thoughts, and move very slowly and gently to keep track of the tiny, unstable feeling.

It’s like a wild goose chase. The small radiation appears and disappears repeatedly, and you stay vigilant to capture the moment when it happens. After walking through most of your fields and your clinic, you finally find the location where you receive the sensation most: the bar counter. It doesn’t take you long to realize that the feeling becomes stronger when a person walks by, so you finally reach the conclusion.

That feeling comes from others’ negative thoughts. You never thought you can be this sensitive, so much that you can resonate even under the barrier. This gives you even more incentive to stay at a protected place. High sensitivity is good when performing Spiritual Healing, but you think this is a bit too much for you to handle… especially when there is a potential curse lurking around the corner.

Sitting at the counter, you pour out a small cup of tea, and continue your thought-monitoring exercise while paying utmost attention to everything around.


That’s not a sound, but a tiny magic fluctuation, and someone appears behind you. You don’t even need to look back to know who that is. You greet her without turning around.

“Hello, Daiyousei.”

There comes a soft but surprised voice.

“Oh~? You are not startled this time.”

You lightly smile and turn towards the hovering girl. It’s more surprising that you don’t sense a trace of negative thought from the fairy, even in your ultrasensitive state.

“When properly meditating, one cannot be startled by anything.”

She smiles back, speaking in a soothing tone which blends harmoniously with the serene atmosphere here.

“True. Fear has no place when your mind is completely clear.”

You raise an eyebrow at Daiyousei, while she mirrors you a peaceful expression. You wonder if you have completely underestimated the big fairy, even though you are probably the last person to belittle fairies.

You take out a new cup and start to pour tea, while asking.

“So, what are you coming for today?”

The green fairy pulls out another stool next to you, and lightly shakes her head.

“Nothing much, really.”

You put the second cup of tea in front of her, while idly considering teaching her Spiritual Healing some time.

Honestly, you have the feeling that she either knows how to do that already, or will outperform you shortly.

The rest of the day is pretty much spent on staring at the street and enjoying your clean state of mind.



Just so you know, Spiritual Healing works IRL, and is done almost exactly the same way as MC does it (sans charms). Author is not very good at it (yet), though. It is up to you to believe.
>> No. 40809

It’s been a few days after your “maintenance cycle”, and you have confirmed one thing.

A curse is indeed active. It is far less serious than you would expect, but is also very covert. Its only discernable effect is to make yourself a bit more sensitive to the surrounding energy field and others’ negative thoughts.

You figure that it is an “unintentional” curse caused by the newspaper, so you conclude that you must break it by having people forget it. The best way to achieve this goal is to go on with your life normally, not showing a trace of evidence to feed people’s confirmation bias.

“…Your own problems don’t resolve themselves. Please make good use of the brief clarity to be a better person. Your good thoughts will replenish any energy I draw.”

You say your standard closing clause as a young man who suffered depression leaves. You sigh as you dump the negative energy into your heavily warded “dump zone”. You looked completely normal to him, but another spiritual healer would immediately notice that you were affected. Honestly, when this guy walked in, he was so possessed with negative thoughts that his mere presence was borderline insufferable, reflecting imaginary pain all over your body. At least, he leaves with a much clearer mind (and a lot less painful on your side), and hopefully he learns to counter depression in this temporary clean state.

That curse definitely eats up quite a bit of your tolerance. Before it is gone, you might not want to go near anyone with strong negative thoughts, locations with powerful negative energy, or most Yokai.


Choose 1
[ ] Hey, isn’t that an Outsider you dumped into the Hakurei Shrine?
[ ] Look, that sneaky boy is hiding in plain sight again!
[ ] …Fairies are around, really close, but why can’t you see or hear them?

Your Status
- Sane and Healthy
- Active curse. Covert, makes you more sensitive to negative energy, but otherwise kept in check.

Your Inventory
- Water skin. Filled with fresh water
- Dagger. Sharp and sturdy, good for utility and self-defense
- Fan. Just a fan
- Wooden Rod.
- Case of paper charms.
- Some coins.
- A less-crude map of Gensokyo. You can shoot the map around the Human Village
>> No. 40810
[X] Look, that sneaky boy is hiding in plain sight again!
>> No. 40811
[x] Hey, isn’t that an Outsider you dumped into the Hakurei Shrine?
>> No. 40812
[x] …Fairies are around, really close, but why can’t you see or hear them?

You can never have too many fairies. This trio especially (well, assuming its them) thanks to their abilities.
>> No. 40813
[X] …Fairies are around, really close, but why can’t you see or hear them?

Best fairy and friends incoming!
>> No. 40814
Well, then. Looks like it's fairy time
>> No. 40815
OK, I will delay this update for a few days. The next week is a deadline-pile up.

It also gives me time to write better updates.
>> No. 40863
File 15132084057.jpg - (189.82KB , 1080x1720 , 3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just saying I am still alive. You should be able to recognize which drawing I am imitating. Just finished final, and there is still Graduate admission going.

But the real reason I am stuck is that it is goddamn hard to characterize so many characters. They are coming too fast... and I should probably stop doing that. My head is exploding.
>> No. 40916
File 151444977060.jpg - (1.16MB , 1162x1644 , Strange_and_Bright_Nature_Deity.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] …Fairies are around, really close, but why can’t you see or hear them?

I’ll probably have to stop introducing new characters/encounters… because my brain is exploding trying to characterize everyone. I have no professional fiction writer, so this is mind-wrecking hard.

Anyways, I really should slog through this and transition to something I can handle better. “They” will probably come back later too, though.

Disclaimer: Dialogue format change, using more formal(?) tags. Please tell me whether it works better or not.


After a rather demanding healing session, you decide to consume some of those spiritually charged Sake you have produced over time (a.k.a. Strategic Reserve). As you retrieve dish and bottle, you notice that same Outsider man walking by chatting with some tall blonde woman with many tails (obviously Yokai). You overhear something about “nuclear thermal rocket” and “megawatt lasers” and “space abominations”. You wonder what the heck they are planning to do. Are they trying to build a starship? Prepare for a Flood invasion, or something?

Nah, that would be too early for the timeline. You shrug off that ridiculous thought.

Even though you are curious why this Outsider is still here after you sent him to the shrine, you don’t feel like interrupting his conversation. You glance over the other side of the street, and see the sneaky boy, Atsutane, jumping excitedly and talking to some floating green girl. You avert your gaze for thirty degrees, and he vanishes. You turn your eyes back a second later, and the boy reappears, alone and crouching while silently playing with a mud ball. He has been doing this nonstop for a few minutes already.

You can’t help but feel that you overlooked something, and let out a small sigh. You wish the boy doesn’t go too far with his trick. Even though it is arguably less dangerous than having Translocation out of control, practicing “vanishing” without supervision is still dumb.

You shake your head slightly and concentrate your mind. Maybe it’s the effect of the curse, your senses and perception seem to be conflicting all over. There is the boy who may disappear at any instant, stronger-than-usual contraction caused by radiated negative emotions, calls of fairies, and something that just makes you feel wrong about your vision.

When you focus a bit more to filter out the uncomfortable reactions to emotions, you find that some of the “calls” come from a very close distance. In fact, you can almost feel their life force, but you see nothing when you turn around.

So fairies must be what causes the perception mismatch. You think, but you also know that fairies are very good at blending into nature, so who knows if they can also blend into your clinic.

You observe for a few moments, and conclude that it is much more efficient to let them reveal themselves. You can’t distinguish their numbers yet, so you deliberately take out teacups one by one, placing them on the counter.

“There’s no need to hide, fairies.” You speak as you pull out tea leaves and teapot, only to find that you have no hot water. A few moments pass, and you start to suspect that there really is no fairy around.

After starting a fire to boil water and putting an entire line of cups on the bar top, you sense a blurry blob of life force, characteristic to fairies. Now you are sure that they are hiding.

“You know, no one hurts any fairies in my clinic, so you have no worries,” you say again. You glance at their general direction and gesture at the line of cups.

Finally, three small figures emerge after an empty space near the doorway warping around for an instant.

“Hey! How do you know we are here?” A red-haired fairy in a red dress jumps around the bar counter and sits on a stool, eyes beaming.

“Of course, you three are calling me for power,” you say, while peeking at the heating kettle.

“Did we?” the fairy seems to be a bit confused, while a second curly blond fairy wearing a white dress imitates the maneuver of the first.

“Oww!” she yelps. The next moment, the second fairy fails to stop her momentum and tips over her stool. You reflectively turn to your side and open a pair of portals, trying to catch her-

-except that you catch the stool instead, while the fairy crashes outside the portal.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” You stand up and look over the counter, while the fairy pulls herself up dusting her dress.

“Don’t worry~ It’s completely normal~” The third black-haired fairy in blue dress claps her hand with a smile which looks completely innocent.

“Come on, Star…” The fallen fairy gave “Star” a small glare as you position and translocate the stool back to its original spot.

“Wow! What was that?” The fairy in red dress jumps up as she sees the appearing stool.

“Do you really want to know?” you say, grinning and seeing the fairies sitting up and nodding vigorously.

You reach out and open the cupboard behind you, and point to the line of cups in front of you. You tap the bar top, and all but four cups disappear and are stacked up in the cupboard with some rattling sound.

“This, is The White Magician’s ultimate spell: Translocation,” you say, sticking out your chest and overflowing with pride. “None can catch up with me as I am as fast as light!” You let out a big smile as you see the wonder on the fairies’ faces. “Now, how about introducing yourself?”

“I am Sunny Milk, the fairy who can bend light.” The first fairy crosses her arms with an energetic smile. “No one can possibly find me even if I stand right here!”

“Ahh, so that’s why…” you say, figuring that she was responsible for hiding the fairies. “That’s some remarkably precise control.”

“I am Luna Child, the fairy who can mute sound.” The second fairy holds a hand in front of her chest. “None can hear me even if I follow right behind!”

“Hmm, I am not so familiar with sound,” you comment.

“I am Star Sapphire, the fairy that can sense living things.” The third fairy backs her hand. “Nothing that moves can hide from me!”

“Wow, I wish I can do that too!” you said, remembering your struggle in distinguishing life force and spiritual calls.

You hear the boiling of the kettle behind and proceed to make tea.

“All right, just remember that fairies are welcome in this clinic,” you say, then add, “if you don’t play pranks around here.”

Then comes a lighthearted fairy tea time. You wonder whether you should stock up some biscuits for visits of fairies and other kids.


Stock scene, isn’t it?
>> No. 40917
File 15144498044.png - (273.50KB , 723x723 , US-ChemicalSafetyBoard-Seal_svg.png ) [iqdb]
The next part is not written yet, but I decide to put these up first to break the hiatus.
Around half an hour later, you see the reoccurring Outsider walking straight at your place, and the fairies quickly hide themselves and seem to be gone. Although, you have a feeling that they are still around.

At your heightened state, you can sense that the man is filled with gloom. Something must have happened, and you concentrate a bit to deflect the pain caused by the resonance.

The man drops onto one of the stools, lets out a long sigh, and slumps his shoulder.

“Do you serve booze?” the man asks in a hoarse voice.

“Sorry, I don’t,” you say. “You seem to be unhappy. How about trying my Spiritual Healing?”

“No need. I can kind of do that to myself.” The man grabs one of the teacups on the counter and drains it, then apologizes and starts to stand up. “Sorry for bothering.”

“I remember sending you through the border,” you ask, “so why did you come back?”

The man sits down heavily, pinching his hand against his short beards. “This is on the surface, so I have no place to return.”

“What do you mean by ‘surface’?” you ask, glancing up to study the man’s feature. He seems to be in his mid-twenties, but he also seems to suffer some injuries in the past, already gaining a few old scars.

“Ah, I am not supposed to say that!” The man shoots up his head and slams his face into his fist.

You are a bit taken back by his frustration, but you prepare a new cup for him anyways. “Young man, something unpleasant seems to be occupying your mind,” you say as you gauge your own status, “if you don’t mind, I might be able to help you.”

The man briefly looks into your eyes with a weary expression, stays silent for a while, before starting.

“Look, this e… place is beautiful, no doubt. But I am an Outsider, I can’t go anywhere, and that is not the problem.”


“It normally wouldn’t bother me, because…” The man interrupts himself with a gulp of tea. “But when I really get to know the magnitude of the incident those Yokai can cause, I just want to stop caring to prevent…” He makes light cough, taking another sip. “I mean, what the hell are you supposed to do when someone can make spring never comes?”

“I can’t pinpoint it yet, but I think you made a mistake somewhere…” You scratch your chin, thinking. “Let’s see, you are thinking that some Yokai have enough power to start an incident single-handedly, while the humans rarely have anything to match, except for the miko?”

“Not quite my point, but go on.”

“Well then, I admit that less than a handful humans can solve an incident, like Reimu, but you do know that most Yokai require the presence of human to exist, right?” you said, raising an eyebrow while thinking a few steps ahead.

“Doesn’t change the fact that we can’t do anything, huh?” The man gives a tired glance.

“So you think that the humans can’t do anything… Give me a moment.”

You look around, trying to find an interesting object. You look at the bag of dried sweet potatoes around the corner, and shake your head.

“Firstly, messing with food production is plain stupid, pass this one.”


After a few moments, you pull out the roll of newspaper Aya gave you some time ago. You consider for a moment, before mildly grinning.

“OK, I think I found a way to cause an incident, in an ‘Outside’ way which is probably within the power of the humans. Probably,” you say. “A white magician must practice thinking about logistics.”

“Well, that doesn’t really address my worry, but you interest me, so please explain.” The young man sits up a bit, somewhat less gloomy than before.

You nod, then place the newspaper on the counter and ask, “looking at this roll of newspaper, what clues do you get?”

The man thinks for a moment and say, “I know the tengu here are found of gossips and news, and there are many individual reporters. I do not think their rivalries are enough to cause an incident, however.”

“What does rivalry have to do with this?” you ask, but continue without an answer. “Anyways, this newspaper is made of newsprint and ink, which implies printing presses, paper mills, and ink production.”

You pull out a piece of paper, and start to draw a tree diagram.

“Ink is consisted of pigment, let’s assume Carbon Black for simplicity, and probably a solvent. Carbon Black is probably produced in some sort of kiln.” You add in branches from the ‘ink’ section. “Paper mills need sources of wood and other chemicals, especially solvents, to remove impurities, adjust chemical properties, etc.”

“Fair enough.” The man nods.

“Printing presses and paper mills also have machineries, which means production of metal.” You add ‘metal’ into the graph. “I assume that Gensokyo doesn’t have all the metal ores in the world, and it has magic, so this part is actually dubious. I don’t believe they have plastic, though.”

“All of these require power to run. Here, they have a few options,” you say, while quickly brainstorming. “Wind, solar, water, wood, and probably geothermal energy. Wind and solar are unlikely unless they use electricity, while the others can use mechanical energy or steam.”

You draw a large rectangle enclosing the entire graph. “Up to here, they need wood and metal for machinery, pigment, and probably fuel, certain crops for production of solvents since they probably don’t have petroleum. Let’s stop here for the production part.” You take out another piece of paper, and start to make a second draft.

“Now, you don’t see smoke and toxic substance pouring out of the tengu’s mountain, so they must have some post-processing. Biomass reducing for printing press and other crop-based productions. Then there’s the need for filters and other stuff for chemical treatment.” You append the graph. “I don’t know a lot in these fields, so let’s just stop here.”

You circle Carbon Black. “Dust explosion.” You circle solvents. “Vapor explosion and pressurized chambers for production.” You circle electricity. “High voltage.” You circle steam. “High pressure pipelines.” You circle all chemicals. “Spills.” You circle biomass treatment. “Methane and hydrogen.”

Finally, you point at all the uncircled parts. “Of course, there are a thousand ways for these places to go wrong. Think about all the transportation, conveyer belts, and anywhere that accumulates static electricity or causes friction, anywhere that contains pressure, any exothermal reactions, hydraulic shock, fatigue, etc. Let’s pray that the tengu have OHSA compliance, otherwise when all their plants are stuff inside the same mountain…” You raise your eyebrows suggestively. “You get the point.”

After a long silence, the young man lifts his gaze from the graphs.

“Well, that’s… well analyzed,” the man says, “but did I come here for this…? Anyways, I feel much better for some reason, thanks. I am now nervous for a different reason, but I can handle that.”

Said that, he stands up, then turns back and stuffs a paper bill into your donation box. “By the way, I am Miska Hahn, in case you forgot.”

You nod as he turns back, then you look at the two pieces of paper you produced.

Even though you sidetracked a bit, you still think it is a good reminder that you should think logistically instead of focusing too much on raw power.

Now it’s time to relax your mind. You feel like you missed something, but you assume that it is not very important.

Thanks for the random name generator!
>> No. 40918
File 151444985360.jpg - (165.46KB , 1080x1711 , 4.jpg ) [iqdb]
No story here, just another (failed) drawing.
>> No. 40919
No, that's not failed. It's actually kinda nice!
>> No. 40920

It's sort of failure in comparison to the original, which has really dramatic lighting. I used all the wrong colors, and drew it too small with those thick dusty pastels.

I'd like some comments on my writing. Not grammar, since I know I made some mistakes in my previous update because I checked only twice and it was after midnight (when I was on reduced computation capacity). Plot? Characters? Consistency? Deus ex machina (I hope not)?

My plan is to try steering the MC back towards the logistics side. Now I recognize the challenge of using a single viewpoint...
>> No. 40921
Did we just enable a potential terrorist or did i understand that wrong?

Also what do you mean with steering the MC back to the logistics side?

As far as plot goes there is no real need for some far reaching plot except for the general Touhou stuff happening in the background while our Magician helps Keine organize/protect the villagers during the incidents (IN stage 3 midboss anyone?), or for some more action involve herself somehow (her own path during PoFV?).

Regarding Characters i must say that most of the OCs beyond the MC you have introduced are kind of forgettable, except the dwarfes because they are pretty much walking stereotypes which is fine as long as its not to prominent. That however might be mostly because we as players went mainly for the fairy options.

And as far as i remember the story has been fairly consistent and ive noticed no major plotholes or something.
As for the deus ex machina? This is Gensokyo, straight up divine intervention is very much a possibility!
>> No. 40922
File 151525435062.jpg - (816.83KB , 1920x1200 , 00028267.jpg ) [iqdb]
Author made this, wasting 12 hours of his life: https://musescore.com/user/27282168/scores/4862826

Guess whose theme it is?

I should have some more time these days.



It has been days after you retreated back to the stability of your clinic, and you feel much better now. You step out into your field, and take a look.

As small as your field is, it is almost a mess. You have to admit that as an urban person, you lack proper farming techniques.

"At least, weeds are not growing all over the place, given the amount of life energy here." You silently console yourself, watering the plants through a portal directly under a hand pump.


The sound of a bell.

"... Hello?"

A familiar voice travels from the bar area just as you start considering creating a crop circle of some sort. You close the portal, then translocate behind the bar. As expected, Atsutane is poking his head over the bar top. You reach out to ruffle his hair as usual, drawing out negative energy from the boy.

"What are you looking for, Atsutane?" you ask, smiling and confirming that you have recovered a bit.

“Um,” the boy fidgets a bit, "could you take me to the shrine?"

"For what?"

"Well," Atsutane averts his gaze, "I promised a girl to meet her at the shrine today..."

"Girl?" You are slightly surprised. "Is it Imari? There are better places for a date, you know."

"No!" Atsutane says, shaking his head vigorously, his cheeks slightly blushing. "She is, she is..." His voice hesitates and becomes silent.

"I, I don't remember"-Atsutane scratches his head, turning and pacing nervously-"but I know I made that promise!"

"Alright, relax," you say, holding the boy's shoulders, calming his energy field.

Atsutane moves around against your hands for a while before finally relieving his tension.

"Why the shrine, anyways?" You look into his eyes, encouraging him to answer.

"She says there is a flower viewing party."

"Flower?" you say, glancing over the walls of the village. "Are there still cherry flowers at the shrine?"

"Maybe?" Atsutane pauses, then pleads with a light voice. "Please don't tell Keine... She's not going to let me go that far..."

"Whatever you think, I am not the best escorter," you say, checking up your energy flow and considering your options.


What shall you do?

[ ] Keine may disagree with the trip, but ask her anyways.
[ ] It may be bad to break promise with... who? Escort Atsutane to the shrine.
[ ] Others?

Your Status
- Sane and Healthy
- Active(?) curse. Slightly more sensitive to negative energy.

Your Inventory
- Water skin. Filled with fresh water
- Dagger. Sharp and sturdy, good for utility and self-defense
- Fan. Just a fan
- Wooden Rod.
- Case of paper charms.
- Some coins.
- A less-crude map of Gensokyo. You can shoot the map around the Human Village
>> No. 40923
[X] Keine may disagree with the trip, but ask her anyways.

We are the responsible adult here! Even among all the hundreds of years old youkai around.
Also if there's a party happening Reimu and Marisa will be around and noone will dare start something.
>> No. 40924
[X] It may be bad to break promise with... who? Escort Atsutane to the shrine.

It'll be fiiiiine.
>> No. 40925
[X] Keine may disagree with the trip, but ask her anyways.

If we're the one escorting him, Keine should be fine with it. Plus I just think its better to let her know regardless.
>> No. 40926
Writing now. Currently my Internet connection is struggling to load the thread, so I might start a new one.
>> No. 41000
Please come back
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