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Finally. Although you knew what you wanted to do with your life long before you came of age, it certainly took you long enough after doing so to build up a decent nest egg for it. Your former boss didn't pay the best, but he was the only tailor that was hiring, and you needed to learn if you wanted to open a shop of your own. You're pretty sure he kept back a few tricks of the trade, but you know enough to make rough but serviceable clothing.

That's all behind you now, though, and you gaze at the village paperwork for opening a new shop in your hands. All you need to do is fill it out and wait for it to be processed, and the village will have a new clothing shop in the abandoned lot that's on the way to the Hakurei Shrine.

At least legally. As of yet, you haven't gotten a means of construction or done anything to make your store stand out, so if nothing changes, your shop will be dead in the water. Luckily, shops are approved for commerce just before harvest, which just passed, so you have about a year to advertise, learn more about tailoring, find new sources of materials, and get your shop built.

So why does the child of two farmers want to open a clothing shop? Well, it probably has something to do with your ability. When you are wearing a set of clothes related to a profession, you somehow gain the instincts of an expert in that profession. It seems to be related to how well-made the outfit is, although it's seemingly a bit different in the case of your casual wear. Also, you can instantly change outfits, though the magic only seems to work on clothing you yourself own.

Anyway, you propably should get to filling out those forms. Most of it is standard stuff like name, gender, purpose of shop, location of shop, although a few of the later questions suggest whoever was in charge of this was fooling around.

[x] Name:
[x] Gender:
[x]Purpose of Shop: Tailor
[x]Location of Shop: Road to Hakurei Shrine
[x]Power: Power of clothing
[x]Everyday Outfit:
[x]Favorite Headgear:

Hello everybody, this is my first CYOA. Assuming you didn't immediately close your browser after reading that last bit, I might as well let people know how this story's gonna work. First off, the stuff in the first vote will be decided entirely on what seems good to me. Other votes won't work like that, though I will ignore write-ins that our character probably wouldn't do. That brings me to my next point, write-ins are always welcome, though they might be ignored. In fact, I might end up doing a system like Patchy Quest where you guys come up with the choices. Updates should be at least weekly, and I might occaisionally pop into the thread to give answers to questions you may have. Be free with criticism, as I'm only too aware that my writing is not perfect. Finally, please enjoy the story!

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