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You know what, last thread is about three posts away from auto. Time to start a new thread.

Also, you'd think it'd be easier to find a pic of Merlin in a yukata. Ten bucks says someone finds one not too long after I post this.


"Ahaha~ I'm glad you think so!" ...I think I finally understand why some people online do that HNNNNGH thing when they see something cute, because her closed eyes and bright, innocent smile make her look absolutely adorable and I swear my heart's going to fail soon. "Uhh, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I'm just a little dazed is all." And there's absolutely no reason for her to stop smiling, or hugging me for that matter. This feels nice. "I suppose I should let go sooner or later."

"Mmm..." Despite that the poltergeist doesn't so much as twitch. "Okay. I'm sure your girlfriends would get jealous if I kept clinging to you like this." ...Is there a tinge of regret in her voice? I wonder if we were so close before to the point where she'd regret not being able to get me back. Regardless of my internal thoughts she does let go of me, and any trace of unhappiness vanishes from her without a trace. "But since you're here alone, I guess your group went off to do their own thing, right?"

"Merlin, we are supposed to be playing a song right... now..." Lunasa is in a black yukata with a yellow crescent moon on it along with a yellow sash, and from the looks of things she's just as vulnerable to Merlin's 'Adorable' special ability as I am. "Oh fine, go run off."

"We're not getting paid to do this Lunasa, and we did just get through with a good three songs. Let's take a break for a bit." Lyrica then drives the proverbial nail in the coffin containing Lunasa's argument. As for her yukata, it's a nice crimson piece with numerous green stars on it. "I want to go annoy the bunnies."

"You don't need my permission, I'm already out-voted." Lunasa then steps off the stage and walks off to do who knows what, and Lyrica does the same. This leaves me alone with Merlin, and she looks quite happy about this.

You know, I really can't complain about the fact that I have a cute girl clinging to my arm save for the fact that this could have some unexpected consequences. "So, how have you been? You look quite a bit better than before, even if you still look a bit odd."

"How much could have changed in a day?" There's not too much to do, but there's plenty to snack on so at least we can stay occupied in some form or another.

"A day? Oh, that's right, you visited with your outsider friends the other day. I think I did notice that your soul didn't look like it was haphazardly stitched together, but I didn't notice that it looks like a white flame." She places a hand on my chest and looks at the spot. "It feels warm too. It's way different than before."

"Warm?" It sounds silly to just repeat what someone says, but there are times where you really can't think of anything else to say.

"Yeah, you can't feel it?" Merlin then takes my hand in hers.

"No, but if you say you can I-" There's something that decides to interrupt me before I can finish.

"Oh, hey! You're that weird armor user from before!" Oh hell... It seems Toyohime hasn't forgotten about my use of the Karas armor, or perhaps she just saw the medallion and that triggered something. "Sis, this is the guy I kept trying to recall. Apparently he's a really good swordsman."



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>"Oh, hey! You're that weird armor user from before!" Oh hell... It seems Toyohime hasn't forgotten about my use of the Karas armor, or perhaps she just saw the medallion and that triggered something. "Sis, this is the guy I kept trying to recall. Apparently he's a really good swordsman."

Aw, fuck. Searching for any way to get out of this one...
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[X] "Well, I wouldn't say I'm that good. I haven't really practiced in a while, to be honest."
-[X] "Besides, I don't think anyone would appreciate a fight while this festival going on. We should just enjoy the party while it lasts."

Throwing this one out there. Feel free to come up with something better.
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[X] "Well, I wouldn't say I'm that good. I haven't really practiced in a while, to be honest."
-[X] "Besides, I don't think anyone would appreciate a fight while this festival going on. We should just enjoy the party while it lasts."

Can't think of something better at the moment.
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[X] "Well, I wouldn't say I'm that good. I haven't really practiced in a while, to be honest."
-[X] "Besides, I don't think anyone would appreciate a fight while this festival going on. We should just enjoy the party while it lasts."

Maybe we can avoid this fight altogether. And add the Watatsukis to the harem if we play our cards right. At least get through with no incident.
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[X] "Well, I wouldn't say I'm that good. I haven't really practiced in a while, to be honest."
-[X] "Besides, I don't think anyone would appreciate a fight while this festival going on. We should just enjoy the party while it lasts."
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[X] "Well, I wouldn't say I'm that good. I haven't really practiced in a while, to be honest."
-[X] "Besides, I don't think anyone would appreciate a fight while this festival going on. We should just enjoy the party while it lasts."

This...this just might work.
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[X] "Well, I wouldn't say I'm that good. I haven't really practiced in a while, to be honest."
-[X] "Besides, I don't think anyone would appreciate a fight while this festival going on. We should just enjoy the party while it lasts."
>> No. 30648

You know, there's a thin line between 'crazy enough to work' and 'downright insane'.

Also, is it really that hard to find a good Yorihime pic that hasn't yet been posted?

[X] "Well, I wouldn't say I'm that good. I haven't really practiced in a while, to be honest."
-[X] "Besides, I don't think anyone would appreciate a fight while this festival going on. We should just enjoy the party while it lasts."

"This kid? Sure his spiritual power is high for a human, but he just doesn't have the build for it. On top of that, he can't be more than twenty or so so he wouldn't have the same fine tuning I've got. It'd be a pointless fight." And judging from the fact that the voice responded to Toyohime, I'm guessing this is Yorihime. ...I already don't like her, and I'm saying that because she's being judgmental before she knows all the facts.

"Yeah, but he has this weird armor with a raven motif that gives him wicked mobility and a chain! Plus, I think he's got the Honjo Masamune too." Oh great, the blond is trying to get her sister to duel me now. Wonderful. At least Yorihime sounds against the idea, even if her reasons are based on fluff.

"Toyohime, I came down here to visit Eirin and relax. I can't do either of those things when you're trying to get me to indulge in your weird fetishes." Yorihime turns out to be fair-skinned like Toyohime, but with purple hair done up in a ponytail and matching eyes. The shade is a light purple that's probably just a couple steps below pastel. She's also got a deadpan expression on her face as she walks on by. Her outfit has got to be just as busy as her sister's and would probably take several paragraphs to describe properly.

"You're not really going to just let her walk by are you?"




Apparently that causes Yorihime to stop in her tracks and look at me as though I just appeared. "Can't be..." Her voice is just barely audible against the various murmurs of the crowd, but I can tell more than a few pairs of eyes just fell on me.

"Merlin, let's go find someplace a bit more quiet. I don't want to go attracting unwarranted attention." The poltergeist seems to agree with my suggestion given that she doesn't resist my pull at all. In fact, she starts pulling me along when she finds another spot to sit at.

"Hey, wait!" Dammit, it doesn't look like I'm going to get out of talking to her at the very least. "I just want to ask you something!"

"And what would that be?" I don't really want anything to do with her in case it turns into a duel of some kind.

"Can I speak with the goddess Hakurei?" Wait a tic, how the hell did she know?

"Ah heh heh, I think she heard me."

If this results in my getting killed, I'm going to haunt you.

Merlin just gives me a worried look as I contemplate what to do next.

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Whoops, mistake on the quote. I meant >>30614
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Goddammit Hakurei.
>> No. 30658

It miiiiiiiiight not be a bad thing. If do end up engaging Yorihime in MORTAL KOMBAAAAAT!!!, Hakurei could at least take over our body and handle the fighting. And since she's been in our mind for so long, she probably knows what can and can't be pulled out of there to help.
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Hey, that's just not doable, it'll be hard enough shoring things up with Reimu and Komachi, and possibly going after Merlin, but those two are just NO.

Reimu and Komachi would be easiest, seeing how Yukari likes both, and how Wade and Yukari basically had a threesome with the very full bodied death goddess. All that's needed is time, something I'm not sure if SLDT will give us much of.

Merlin would be definitely harder, seeing how there's a obvious rivalry.
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I think Shinki's basically in 100%, being part of Yukari's 'friends' already, her rather fond feelings towards Wade, etc.

I do feel sorry for Alice... when she finds out, she might have a catatonic moment like in the post story of HLA, where she ends up going "Mom? MOM. MOM!?"
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"This is your fault, so you get to talk to her." I really wish I could back that statement up with a physical change, but I don't have any skills where I can just switch physical forms with the goddess herself. Instead I think I'll just make her take over for a bit.

"H-hey! Stop shoving!" And I'll do so by pushing her to the surface. As a result my body's eyes start glowing purple, and my voice takes on a double tone to signify that Hakurei's in control. She doesn't want to be, but I seriously stopped caring a few minutes ago. It's weird though. I can still see through my eyes and feel through my limbs, I'm just not in control of any of it. From my viewpoint I can see Yorihime's somewhat confused expression, and I feel Hakurei's disorientation from being thrust into such a peculiar situation. "Eh heh heh..."

"I take it I'm speaking to the goddess of the Hakurei Shrine?" The lunarian's eyes narrow as she views my body with scrutiny. She's not making any motion to attack so that must not be what she's here to do, and if I'm lucky it will stay that way.

"You are." Thankfully she seems to have gotten the hang of speech in another body in fairly short order. "Don't think I've forgotten what you've done." God dammit.

"I kind of figured that. It's understandable as well, seeing as I did more or less put Gensokyo on the brink of collapse." Her expression doesn't soften, but her eyes show something a bit of what's behind that mask. Unless I'm mistaken she's actually regretted her decision. "If you haven't forgiven me, you're free to challenge me to a rematch. Just don't do so now since I want to enjoy the lunar viewing and Master Eirin's company." Regret or now, she's carrying herself with an arrogant swagger that screams her real opinion of how Hakurei would fare. ...I happen to agree with her. The goddess doesn't stand a chance.

If you want to challenge her after this is all done, do so. I'll back you with everything I have.

I feel my body take a deep breath and sigh as the goddess remembers that she doesn't really have the power to manifest outside her vessel. "I'd prefer it if I didn't have to call on you, but if I couldn't beat her at my prime a thousand years ago, I'd be beat down and sealed within ten seconds of initiating the duel."

If you're worried about getting me in trouble, don't. Not only would we be walking into this together, but my soul's no slouch in battle. Not to mention that my shikigami connection to Nari would bolster our power further. I also get the feeling that you didn't intend to use me as your vessel for this so you shouldn't go blaming yourself for that either.

"You're pretty forgiving to someone who basically dragged you into her hopeless grudge match with someone she hates on a near-irrational level."

You've got every reason to be pissed off at her. Your hatred was born from the fact that she destroyed your livelihood and family, and she's pretty much confessed to doing so. Unless she's got a damn good reason for doing so other than to exterminate those who might pose a threat somewhere down the line I see no reason to show her any mercy or pity. She knows what's coming.

"I should let you enjoy your date before then." I can tell she's letting me take control again and that she doesn't really want to talk about this anymore. I can hardly blame her since that had to have hit her in a way not unlike how losing a child a hit a parent, and it's only made worse by the murderer coming right out and confessing to it.

However, I should do my best to keep that melancholy mood at bay. I've got a lovely poltergeist to keep company and to reassure. "Alright, now that that's out of the way, let's get back to what we should be doing."

Merlin's response is something akin to surprise at the fact that I sound like me again, though I don't get why until she says something. "You're back to being Wade? Your eyes haven't changed."

"They haven't? That shouldn't really matter should it?" It's probably a little off-putting to see someone you care about get possessed by a goddess who didn't really want to be at the forefront of the conversation only for the physical changes not to revert when she turns the body back over.

The only question is, what to do next?
[X]Music is always good for livening things up...
[X]Maybe there's someone else interesting to talk to that isn't a jerkass.
[X]You know what? This is Merlin time.
>> No. 30685
[X]You know what? This is Merlin time.

Well, that was rather nasty. The more I read of Yorihime's entrance, the more I wished she'd BURN TO THE GROUND! hoped we'd fight right then and there.

But yeah. For now, enjoy our time with Merlin~
>> No. 30687
[x] Maybe there's someone else interesting to talk to that isn't a jerkass.
>> No. 30688
[x] Maybe there's someone else interesting to talk to that isn't a jerkass.

Talking to other people could be fun.
>> No. 30690
[X]You know what? This is Merlin time.

Always time for Merlin time.
>> No. 30692
[X] Maybe there's someone else interesting to talk to that isn't a jerkass.

We don't have to leave Merlin behind to mingle.
>> No. 30697
[X]You know what? This is Merlin time.

Clearly she must be worried about us after that confrontation. Besides, she's missed us. We owe her a bit of time alone.
>> No. 30698
[X]You know what? This is Merlin time.

Too bad I doubt Komachi's around, but as it is, we might as well spend some time with Merlin.
>> No. 30699
[x] Maybe there's someone else interesting to talk to that isn't a jerkass.
>> No. 30700
[x] Maybe there's someone else interesting to talk to that isn't a jerkass.

Mingling is fun.
>> No. 30709
[X]You know what? This is Merlin time.
>> No. 30731
[X]You know what? This is Merlin time.
>> No. 30735
[x] Maybe there's someone else interesting to talk to that isn't a jerkass.
>> No. 30739
[X]You know what? This is Merlin time.
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Wow, votes are really divided this time. Seven for just Merlin and six for mingling...

ARRRRRRGH. Why is it so frigging hard to update lately? It's like I have no motivation. Screw motivation, I have stupid levels of defiance!


[X]You know what? This is Merlin time.

I would consider finding someone not a jerkass to mingle with for the time being, but I find myself wanting to spend some alone time with Merlin seeing as everyone who's already laid claim to me said it was okay. "We shouldn't let little things like that get in the way. This is the first time we've gotten any alone time in quite a while, so we should make the best of it."

"Yeah..." Merlin seems more than a little distracted by the fact that Yorihime basically invited the Hakurei goddess, and by extension me, into a duel with an unspecified rule set. That is, if she even plans on using the non-lethal spellcard rules. "Just don't do anything stupid when you fight her. From what I read in the Bunbunmaru, Reimu and the rest of the people who went up to the moon were all beaten by Yorihime single-handedly. There was a lot of exaggeration, but Reimu herself stated it later."

"I'll probably have to do something stupid to get an edge over her." Merlin gives me a rather cross look when I say that, and it's almost enough to make me recoil from her. "I don't mean stupid-stupid, I mean my brand of stupid." Er, that didn't help at all. Now she's advancing on me.

"You do and I'll..." She's pushing into me to further express her irritation, and while this doesn't feel bad at all the fact that she's basically intimidating me is detracting from that.

"Okay, okay! I'll be careful!" That doesn't stop her from giving me a cross look, but she seems to be content with that.

>> No. 30762
If there was a sign of definite Komachi time, I'd have voted to Mingle.
>> No. 30776

I'm not complaining, just a little surprised that the votes were split after near a near-unanimous streak for so long.


"Good. I've already had to watch you die and feel like I've killed you, so you had better be careful or else I'll drag you away from judgment just so I can punish you myself for being such an idiot." Merlin certainly has a way of showing she cares, even if it is kind of scary. Still, her infectious cheeriness is coming back as she's smiling throughout that threat, and it's making me smile too. "But that's enough depressing for one day, let's go do something fun!" And now that heart-failure inducing smile is back. I swear she's trying to kill me with sheer adorableness just so she can have me all to herself. I wouldn't mind so much if I weren't spoken for twice over already.

"What is there to do? As far as I can tell there's not much to do other than get drunk while looking at the giant rock orbiting the Earth." This is supposed to be a very laid-back gathering where people can just forget their worries by getting themselves drunk off their asses in the company of good friends. ...So why did I have to run into the two people who would want to ruin that? It's like I have a habit of running headlong into conflict.

"Not really. I wouldn't mind just looking at the moon without getting drunk." Merlin leads me off to a nice out of the way spot after we get a few more snacks to much on, mostly pounded rice cakes, then has me sit down so she can snuggle with me. "In truth, I don't like getting drunk all that much. I'd rather enjoy the moment by feeling it everything I have with someone willing to share it with me in such a way. It makes for better memories, don't you think?"


Wow, look at what getting sidetracked did to this. Waaaaaay shorter than it should be.
>> No. 30778
>I wouldn't mind so much if I weren't spoken for twice over already.

At the very least.
>> No. 30782
File 127606338547.jpg- (377.15KB , 620x877 , 1276033208700.jpg ) [iqdb]
So, when? We haven't really had much time with just Yukari.
>> No. 30785
Most likely after the story end, seeing how SLDT's put things into near plot overdrive mode.
>> No. 30806

Chalk that 'overdrive' up to nerves and a strong desire to get this run seen through to its conclusion before life gets in the way.


"Yeah, I'd have to agree." I wrap my arm around Merlin and draw her in a little closer in order to get her full weight on me. It's still not that much, but I prefer to feel that. "I don't think we're going to be moving for a while, wouldn't you agree?"

Merlin just sighs in contentment and closes her eyes. ...God she's cute.

"She looks an awful lot like a cat who's got her human exactly where she wants him."

Decided to pop in for a visit, eh?

"You're not going anywhere or doing anything until this viewing is over right? It's either talk or fall asleep until someone wakes you up."

You wouldn't be offended by that would you?

"It's not like I'm incapable of manifesting outside your soul. I've gotten a fair bit stronger by now so I can sustain myself to interact with other people for a bit."


[X]Maybe there's something to talk about here.
[X]You know, even though Merlin's falling asleep there's still a way to interact with her without waking her up... Time for a little soul searching.
[X]Just dream about something.
[X]Obligatory write-in option.


Dare you see what exists in her soul scape...?
>> No. 30807
[X] You know, even though Merlin's falling asleep there's still a way to interact with her without waking her up... Time for a little soul searching.

I doubt it would be as messy as Wade's junkyard.
>> No. 30810
But she is known to be a tad kooky so it's a risk.
>> No. 30813
[X] You know, even though Merlin's falling asleep there's still a way to interact with her without waking her up... Time for a little soul searching.
>> No. 30814
> Dare you see what exists in her soul scape...?

Sounds like an invitation to me!

[X] You know, even though Merlin's falling asleep there's still a way to interact with her without waking her up... Time for a little soul searching.
>> No. 30815
[X] You know, even though Merlin's falling asleep there's still a way to interact with her without waking her up... Time for a little soul searching.
>> No. 30823
[delicious]You know, even though Merlin's falling asleep there's still a way to interact with her without waking her up... Time for a little soul searching.

The only option.
>> No. 30825
Hm... I think I'm going to have some fun with this.

"How so?"

By doing this.

And by 'this', I mean take a dive back into my own soulscape so I can go bug Merlin on a much more interesting level. My soulscape hasn't changed a bit since the last time I was here, but I'm not here to investigate my own self, I'm here to see if those connections work the way I think they do. So I just start flying toward the cluster of three that belong to Lunasa, Merlin, and Lyrica respectively, and go for the sky-blue one. Strangely enough it feels a bit like I'm being pulled in rather than my flying toward it. ...Just one of those little afterthoughts for later I suppose.

Transit is indescribable, but mercifully quick. I pop out well above what anyone could consider ground and decide to get a closer look at the sea of clouds that seems to make up Merlin's soulscape. The clouds themselves reflect sunlight relatively well, which gives them a soft gold glow. The small 'islands' of grassy land don't reflect the light so they're a fair bit easier to spot once I get down to about five-hundred feet or so. Mostly these islands consist of what I can only assume are scenes from her life thus far since there appear to be people on each and every one of them, along with a large, gleaming white mansion on a particularly large chunk of land. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until I get a closer look at some of those scenes, at which point I realize the 'people' consist almost entirely of empty clothes that just so happen to look like they're being worn by people preforming various tasks. It's kind of unnerving when you think about it.

A quick turn around later and I see something that looks like it should be chasing and swooping down on Mario in a desert level instead of me on a sea of clouds. A small blue sun with a near-comical appearance has started coming closer, and I set off toward the mansion at a speed that Speedy Gonzales could respect, which just so happens to mean that I can't get a good look at any more of those scenes if I don't want to find out what that powder blue ball of plasma would do to me if it catches me.

Islands and clouds speed past my view as I fly low to the clouds in a vain attempt at picking up some speed, and I'm not even really willing to look back to see what that sizzling sound is. I almost make it to the door when I feel something hot enter my bo-

[X]Back one- Wait, what?

"Oops!" Now I appear to be in a building with an enthusiastic poltergeist pulling herself out of my dizzy body. "I didn't mean to scare you like that, I was just so excited that I couldn't help myself." I know that my heart isn't physical at this point, but it still feels like it's beating at several thousand beats per second. Merlin, who is now doll-sized for some reason, simply giggles. "I guess I shouldn't come in you anymore. The excitement's just too much."

>> No. 30834
I expected the mind-bending to come from Merlin's soulscape, not the poltergeist herself. It's no exaggeration to say it threw me for a loop, yet I should have known better than to think everyone would be as disorganized yet boring as me. "Heeeey, are you really okay?" The smallish poltergeist returned to normal form and is squatting next to me while poking me. "I didn't think I did that much to you."

A groan escapes my mouth in response, which is kind of what happens when someone drives a ball of excitement into you like a twit instead of greeting you like a normal person. "Sort of." I manage to sit upright with a little help, at which point I get a good look at the building I'm in. It's definitely the mansion from before given how it's got that 'rich' feel to it, but the fact that there are innumerable paintings of various people that she's met hung on the walls makes it feel a bit more... 'her.' "So this is you..."

"Yup. Welcome to me! Enjoy your stay, because you're never leaving." Now she's in a classy tweed suit with a monocle over her right eye and a cup of tea in her right hand. I'm more than a little unnerved by that deceleration since I'm not sure if she means it or not. "Ju~st kidding! I wouldn't want to keep you here against your will anyway, it's no fun if you're miserable."

Slowly, very slowly I start to stand up since Merlin's ball of excitement left me feeling more than a little exhausted. "That's good to hear... ugh."

Merlin grabs me by the shoulder to support me, and cringes when she realizes what that must have done. "Huh boy, sorry about that. I guess I went overboard there." Of course, she changes once again, this time into a full tuxedo suit. "Well then, if you can't walk, I'll just show you around myself~" She then sweeps me into a bridal-style carry before walking off toward the stairs. "It's nice you came here to visit me like this though, usually it's just my sisters who come here to talk to me when we're sleeping."

Somehow this feels like the reverse of what should be happening, but quite honestly I let it slide since there's no point in questioning it. "You know, I'm going to ask the obvious just this once. You sleep?" Because it's driving me nuts that frigging much.

"Sort of. Being poltergeists we don't have to sleep, we just emulate a lot of thing the living do in order to make ourselves less obvious. It's kind of hard to preform concerts when you accidentally drive away the crowd." And she begins her ascent of the stairs without ever breaking stride in either her step or speech. "But we don't even dream like people, we just sort of... Are. This place is actually the result of my learning how to lucid dream because I was that tired of drifting around with nothing to do."

"Seriously? That's not something I really expected to hear." I swear she's groping me for the fun of it.

"Well, what do you expect an artificial soul to be like?" Merlin's smiling at me, but for a brief moment her eyes are sad and empty. That actually scared me... "Hehe, sorry. But that's just part of my explanation." She finally ascends to the top of the stairs and opens the door in front of her with her mind, which leads into a large, marble-tiled hallway with what appears to be naked mannequins of various people displayed behind impenetrable glass. "Memories that people take for granted... I keep them safe and tucked away so I never forget all the people I've met."

"This is..." I tilt my head up to look at the 'mannequins' closest to me, and I see that they're actually accurate memories of not just the people she's met, but memories of what they were when she meets them and how much they've grown since then. "I don't have anything like this."

Merlin cracks a genuine smile at that remark. "You do, it's just tucked away in that jumbled mess of your own self. I can't blame you for not knowing where anything is in yourself since it's been broken like that." She keeps on walking, never stopping once.

>> No. 30846
>"I guess I shouldn't come in you anymore. The excitement's just too much."

Merlin's the best.
>> No. 30851

On second thought, let's not go to Merlin. 'Tis a silly person place.


"Aside from all that, is there any particular reason you brought me here?" My stamina's slowly returning, though I swear that she's slowing my recovery down on purpose just so she can keep carrying me.

"Hm? Well, you're not going anywhere for a bit and you're interested in me, so I figured I'd show you a few things before you go back to you." Her terminology both makes sense and is slightly confusing to those who don't know what she's talking about. "I know I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting you back without your other girlfriends tagging along for the ride, so that's part of why I'm just wandering around with you in my arms while I have the chance."

Something about that statement bothers me, and it takes the better part of a minute to figure out why that is. "You're implying that there's an alternate reality where I end up with you and we make half-human, half-poltergeist babies?" ...Plus I want to see if I can fluster her a bit. I think Merlin's one of the girls who looks absolutely adorable flustered.

"Yeah, what with the whole 'infinite possibilities' deal." Didn't even make her blush, even faintly. ...Then again, she seems to either be okay with the idea or so screwy that it simply can't phase her until it's actually happening. She takes on a deadpan tone afterward though. "Ugh, I sound sad when I start talking like that. Next thing you know I'll be writing stories where we do end up together and fapping to them."

"Merlin, that doesn't make any sense. Who writes love stories and accompanying porn in this day and age? You'd think we would all have better things to do by now." Somehow, this makes me feel rather uneasy. Almost as though we were hitting the nail on the head for some person, or people, neither of us know or will ever know. "This is kind of unsettling, can we change subjects?"

"What do you want to talk about?" And it's like that little back and forth never happened. Wierd.

[X]"So if this is a hall containing all the people you've ever met, clearly there would be some that have left a bigger impression on you than others."
[X]"Could we go somewhere else? Seeing nothing but naked women in your mind isn't exactly making me think about you."
[X]"What's with the clouds outside? Is there anything under them?"
>> No. 30852
[X] "So if this is a hall containing all the people you've ever met, clearly there would be some that have left a bigger impression on you than others."

>Who writes love stories and accompanying porn in this day and age?
He's onto us, quick, reinforce the wall.
>> No. 30853
He has yet to realize what we're plotting with him, unlike meta-Ivan.

Seems Merlin really doesn't want to share...

[X] "So if this is a hall containing all the people you've ever met, clearly there would be some that have left a bigger impression on you than others."
>> No. 30855
[x] "So if this is a hall containing all the people you've ever met, clearly there would be some that have left a bigger impression on you than others."
>> No. 30875
[X] "So if this is a hall containing all the people you've ever met, clearly there would be some that have left a bigger impression on you than others."
>> No. 30890
Huh boy, I wanted to do both this and WA as a daily update schedule, but hell if I can actually do it. WA is taking precedent over AoS right now simply because I'm having an easier time writing it.


[x] "So if this is a hall containing all the people you've ever met, clearly there would be some that have left a bigger impression on you than others."

"Well, yeah. Same goes for everyone don't you think?" Merlin doesn't slow down or stop in response to my question, but instead moves along at a quicker pace. "They aren't represented here. Or rather, they are, but not in the way you're talking about."

I fall silent as the hallway literally warps into a larger room with a large fountain in the center and a large number of spherical objects that make it relatively easy to tell who's represented by what. Her sisters are represented by a yellow sphere that casts moonlight on the room, while a red sphere casts a much weaker, yet still entirely visible light from multiple tiny points. However, the one that really catches my eye is the sphere that looks like it can't decide what it is. One moment it looks like some kind of dragon's egg, another it looks like a small metal sphere with several jewels adorning it, to a simple chaotic static-y mess that distorts the air around it.

"Yeah, that's the one that represents you. It's actually pretty accurate seeing as you soaked up a lot of stuff. But I'm guessing there's an event that happened to make that little distortion happen." Merlin finally lets me down on the ground, and I find that I'm perfectly capable of walking. "Here I keep the memories of the very souls of the people who mean the most to me. As you can see, there are far fewer people represented here than there were in that hallway." She then points to a softly glowing green sphere perched atop the fountain. "That one means the most to me. It represents my sister Layla." There's a tinge of sadness in her voice so I decide to let her bring up the subject, if at all. "You're probably wondering why the ones who mean most to me are represented by a bunch of spheres instead of bodies, aren't you?"

"More or less. I think I know the answer, but I'd prefer to hear it from you." There's not a whole lot for me to say here.

"Simple. A body is a temporary thing, but the soul? Not much can change that so it's easier to remember people by their soul rather than their bodies. Yours is really easy since you've got such a chaotic mess, so don't change okay?" Wait, is she asking me to stay messed up? ...Assuming what I'm calling messed up is really messed up for me. For all I know that mess is what's normal for me. "I'm betting it has something to do with why you're not a cracked mess."

"I was put back together properly in the boundary between dream and reality, that might have something to do with it." It didn't really occur to me back then that parts of myself had adhered to parts of the boundary between dream and reality, but now it seems that it may very well have been the case. ...I'm such an overpowered cheating jerk.

"Probably. But, aside from that, you can see that there are more than a few people who've made a strong impression on me, and I value them all quite a bit." Merlin's essentially standing there as I take in the sight, and I really have to wonder if she can switch between this view and normal view or if there's some kind of superimposing going on. "I could go into greater detail, but that's something for another time. I don't think you'd see me in quite the same light if I explained everything now."

"So now what?" I turn to look at the poltergeist beside me.

"There's not a whole lot to do here that isn't tiring or thoroughly depressing. Kind of silly, coming from someone who can induce euphoria in other people." Again that happiness drops momentarily before she winks at, and wags a finger at me. "Bu~t, you're not even supposed to be here to begin with. A soul is a very personal thing you know? All the secrets of that person would be laid bare for the visitor to see, and I'm not ready to let you do that. So, it's time to wake back up."


Wow, she really was able to drop me back into my own body. She's still asleep, but it looks like a fair amount of time has passed, maybe an hour or two. ...It didn't feel like that much time had passed.

"Nnnnh..." And with a yawn, Merlin wakes back up and gives me a sly smile before going back to her usual happy routine. "You'll have to let me see a bit of the inside of your soul for that sometime."

...Now what?
>> No. 30893
[x] Mingle some, get the blood flowing.
-[x] If Merlin wants to come with, let her.
>> No. 30908
[x] Mingle some, get the blood flowing.
-[x] If Merlin wants to come with, let her.
>> No. 30912
[x] Mingle some, get the blood flowing.
-[x] If Merlin wants to come with, let her.

This works. Finally caught up to vote.
>> No. 30929
[x] Mingle some, get the blood flowing.
-[x] If Merlin wants to come with, let her.
This Merlin is rather nice.
>> No. 30940
[x] Mingle some, get the blood flowing.
-[x] If Merlin wants to come with, let her.

"Some other time then. I want to see who else is here." Merlin still hasn't gotten off me, but she's stirring to some degree.

"Okay, fine..." She stands up and pouts a little, then breaks out into another smile when she can't keep up the act any longer. "It is kind of boring just sitting around not doing anything. It's kind of a miracle that I was willing to sit still this long. I guess you just have that effect on people." I take the hand Merlin extended to me and allow her to pull me up, though the fact that she flew off with me in tow before I could brace myself kind of annoyed me. I guess this is what happens when you befriend such an overly energetic person. She comes to a halt in front of a small group of bunnies, a reality altering girlfriend of mine, and...

"Naomi?" I recognize her from the color of her hair, but I would have been thrown off completely if she had done something else with it. ...Not that she could do much with her short hair, but still. "Yukari, would you stop smothering her in your boobs?"

Yukari merely huffed in an indignant tone when I said that. "I'm not suffocating her! She's getting plenty of fresh air!" She does let Naomi stagger back from her a bit before snatching her up into a more appropriate hug. "And you can't really blame me for wanting to hug someone so cute~"

"Hi Wade." Somehow Naomi gets a couple coherent words out despite being stuffed into the Yakumo valley for Shinki knows how long before I came along. She's rather dazed, but it's wearing off faster than before. She shakes her head once before talking again. "I didn't think you were going to show up with the Watasuki sisters around. It's kind of nice to see another friendly face, but now I'm more worried than ever."

"Hey, don't be. This guy's got to be the biggest cheating jerk I've ever seen." Tenshi's here too? She's even grinning at me... "Those bitch sisters won't know what hit 'em."

Naomi manages to turn her head around to look at the blue-haired celestial and gives her a confused look.

"The guy cheated oblivion, turned my own attacks back on me, and turned into all sorts of fantastic things, and that was when he was stuck in soul form." Tenshi simply starts munching on a rice cake that she swiped off a stack that another rabbit was carrying. "And if they make the mistake of killing him, that'll be the beginning of the end for them."

"Kill him?!" I facepalm at Tenshi's lack of tact, and feel guilty over Naomi's horror upon hearing those words. "Th-they wouldn't...!"

"Depends on how much of a threat he is, really." Speak of the devil. Yorihime pops up behind the group with her arms crossed. She's sizing me up with those critical eyes. "I don't get how one human can do what my sister described. Especially an outsider. And thinking a human soul could cheat death the way you think he can? Just who do you think he is?"

"Your worst nightmare." It's nice to hear Tenshi vouching for me, but I'd prefer it if she wasn't trying to pick my fight for me.

"We'll see about that. But it would be nice if someone down here could put up a serious fight." And she struts off again. ...I'm seriously starting to think Eirin and Kaguya are the only decent Lunarians in existence.

"Oh, don't worry~ Wade will be just fine regardless of what happens." Yukari ruffles Naomi's hair to try to get the artist's mind off all the possible ways I could die in combat against a swordswoman. "Considering that he's more or less harnessed the power of dreams through sheer willpower."

"Is that what that is?" I cock an eyebrow at Yukari since she just referred to my ability with an actual name.

"Pretty much. You came through here through a dream, and turned your dream into reality. Even if it's really something else, it's fitting don't you think? Achieving the impossible through willpower alone." Yukari's overstating my role in a big way, but she's got the point across.

Still... "Oh come on, as corny as it sounds, everyone who knows me knows that the only reason I even exist right now is because of all the support everyone lent me." Now I'm cracking a smile of my own, and it's not poltergeist assisted. "I swear, I owe so many people my life it's not even funny."

"Nah, just a favor here and there. Wouldn' go makin' ya swear your life to someone like little ol' me when you've already pledged your heart elsewhere. Or elsewheres." A tiny Suika pops in on my head, and I have to wonder why she didn't pop up sooner. "Who woulda thunk that a shattered human soul would turn into this?"

"A massive pervert with enough power to wipe a small town off the map? I would have thought he'd turn out a bit more respectable than that, but alas, Yukari sunk her claws into him." And Mima? It's kind of odd how she's opted for her usual casual attire than the more fancy wear everyone else is wearing. "Of course, given the selection of women that showed up around him it was only a matter of time anyway."

>> No. 30942
Hooray Naomi! I wonder if we'd hear her answer sometime soon then...
>> No. 30944
*'Yakumo valley'*...I like that.
>> No. 31006
Nearly unrivaled in size of the mountains save for the Onozuka peaks.
>> No. 31026

I always thought that Ran had a slightly bigger bust...

...Hm, just to ask, would people be interested in a straight up second run starring Wade, or would a shift to another character's viewpoint be more interesting? Or should I do another story starring Naomi? She was originally supposed to be the main character.


"Alright you lot." It's kind of annoying how people just keep popping up to either toss in their comments or to be annoying, but it's also a relief as well. "Though I have to admit, I'm happy so many people showed up. Merlin and I were getting bored."

"I get the feeling Merlin wouldn't mind it if there were less people rather than more~" And leave it to the pervert to make such a comment. Of course, the fact that Merlin didn't say a thing and simply blushed didn't help that matter any. "Ah, but I think Naomi would like a word with you after all this is done. I think she's reached a decision~"

"On her own, or did you coerce her into it?" I give Yukari the kind of deadpan look that makes it clear that I'm suspicious of her intentions. Especially when she's made it clear that she likes Naomi to some degree.

"Wa~de! So cruel! I wouldn't force someone so cute!" And she takes on a vulnerable look in response. Not that anyone's going to take that look at face value.

"No, I really did come to my own conclusion, and I do want to say it in private. No offense but..." If she says so... But I understand why some things are better said without an audience. If it were refusal it would be better if everyone let me reveal it at my own leisure, and if it were acceptance I would want to make it known once Naomi is ready to make it known.

"You don't need to say any more Naomi." I just shake my head in response to her commentary. She doesn't need to say any more.

"Hey, are you implying that you can't trust us with some kind of big decision?" Mima isn't annoyed so much as she's amused by Naomi's unwillingness to speak about her choice, but it's starting to annoy me.

"Yes." Is my one-word response.

"I'm starting to wonder what would happen if you went after Reimu instead. We'd probably have a deadpan snarker couple for incident resolvers." And Mima shrugs it off as though my comment were nothing. People certainly have a wonderful ability to selectively ignore the effects of ones tone. "Aside from that, most of us are just getting prime seats for the upcoming rumble since that's about all there is in terms of excitement."

>> No. 31027

I wouldn't mind another run with Wade, but this time going the Shrine Priest Route.
>> No. 31029

Personally, Wade's awesome. But out of all your introduced OCs, I'd love to see a second run or maybe a whole different story from Naomi's POV, IMHO.
>> No. 31030
Ran too, I do consider her, Komachi, and Eirin to be the bustiest of the busty. Still not to say Yukari's unremarkable, considering all things.

As far as next routes? Well I'd rather have you focus on the Letty story first, then perhaps a more normal Reimu route story, even if Wade ends up getting Reimu into the harem in the end.

I just hope you make it so Yukari's heart isn't broken in the process. Your Yukari really is the best.
>> No. 31031

Right, it really helps keep the raging at Ex-Nines Yukari down.
>> No. 31033
That too, but I think his Yukari is the high bar for Yukaris. It's something when one character can get all the attention when before, anon was deciding between Reimu or Alice.

She can pull off both sexy and moe at once. It also says alot when you just want to hug someone able of making reality their bitch.
>> No. 31034
Naomi, with Wade cameo.
>> No. 31035
Please do another Wade run. This has been an enjoyable journey.
>> No. 31038
Definitely a Naomi story next. She got a pretty significant amount of character development for an OC, and considering how much OCs are looked down upon on here, or at least the times they were on a much bigger scale, Naomi broke a lot of those barriers by getting pretty significant character development that not only was story-relevant, survived Anon's ADD, and even got some requests for a full-blown route, her character actually seems very believable, not just some randomly placed outsider in Gensokyo with little to no explanation as to how they got there in the first place, like a lot of stories on here seem to have. You've broken quite a few barriers with this piece of work, SLDT.
>> No. 31055

Pretty much this.
>> No. 31060
To be honest, I'm not exactly excited about a Naomi story... not that you're not a good writer or anything, just the sheer perspective issues. That and sometimes a character is better left off a NPC than a MC.

A prime example would be The two Persona 2 games, each with a different MC. Said characters when they were Non-main characters ended up to be more interesting than they are as MCs.
>> No. 31073
Huh, going by the ones who outright state their decision, it's actually a tie between doing another AoS run or doing a story from Naomi's point of view. Unless I'm misinterpreting things that is, in which case AoS second run wins out.


Wintertime Alchemist will continue regardless of whether or not I decide to do a second run of AoS right off the bat, so no worries there. As for Yukari? She openly states in-story that she didn't expect to be chosen, but was pleasantly surprised by it. If you need another reason not to worry, it's not like she can't just jump over to the timeline where Wade becomes hers. Yukari is pretty accomodating about her wanting to bang people she likes.


Heh heh, I have read EX Nine's Yukari and I have to say they're at opposite ends of the spectrum, to the point where if the two ever met my Yukari would probably call EX Nine's out on her shit, consider her actions unforgivable, and possibly fight her. Bu~t, that's just not going to happen.


Thank you. I have heard people on THP refer to my Yukari as one of the better ones, as well as one that breaks the mold the character has been placed in, but I have to say that Anon's decision to pursue Yukari blindsided me for a bit. I had entertained the idea but never got serious about it since this was supposed to be a /shrine/ story.

Funny thing is, I wasn't even trying in that department. I wrote her on the spot as I viewed her in my mind, like how I do pretty much all my characters, embarrassingly enough. Only Naomi and a couple other characters got any prior planning.


Once again, thank you. I knew I was doing something right when someone said my OCs were better than my Touhou characters, and I'm glad people still like them. It's also kind of interesting in how while Wade does know a good deal about his rebellious street artist friend, he hasn't really explored her all that much. I think Naomi is a bit like an iceberg in that regard, you can only see a small part above the surface of the water. Though Wade's taken a peek below the surface from time to time prior to the story.

And it's nice to hear that I've accomplished a big part of what I set out to do. Making it so that there's interesting real world characters is pretty important to me since good characters with depth can mean the difference between a place being believable and being a cardboard cut-out.


Ah, you do bring up a good point. Main characters can be uninteresting because you're playing as them and in the case of some games, like Knights of the Old Republic and Deus Ex, you tend to mold them to your desires or make them act as you do, removing or heavily rewriting a great deal of the character that makes them tick. In my view, NPC characters tend to be more interesting at times because you can't see into their heads or choose their actions. I hope that I could break that mold as I've done with different ones here, but I can respect your arguement.
>> No. 31075
>Huh, going by the ones who outright state their decision, it's actually a tie between doing another AoS run or doing a story from Naomi's point of view. Unless I'm misinterpreting things that is, in which case AoS second run wins out.


Do an AoS run with Naomi taking Wade's position in the story.
>> No. 31076
I've enjoyed this story and wouldn't mind another Wade Run.
>> No. 31091
> I have to say [Mine and Ex-Nine's Yukari's are] at opposite ends of the spectrum, to the point where if the two ever met my Yukari would probably call EX Nine's out on her shit, consider her actions unforgivable, and possibly fight her. Bu~t, that's just not going to happen.

Fund it, and then make it happen.
>> No. 31097
> I have to say [Mine and Ex-Nine's Yukari's are] at opposite ends of the spectrum, to the point where if the two ever met my Yukari would probably call EX Nine's out on her shit, consider her actions unforgivable, and possibly fight her. Bu~t, that's just not going to happen.

That reminds me, this is similar to the wide difference between The Game's Sanae and NewAgeRetroHippie's Sanae. One very reviled, and one absolutely lovable. (The man himself said if he were to ever write his Sanae and Kogasa in the same scene, he'd die of moe overdose.)

I suspect that's why Kogasa wasn't around too much, risk of too much moe. (On that note I'm curious of how she's doing. She seemed to have disappear during the whole plot overdrive)
>> No. 31100

Surely you don't mean putting Naomi in Wade's original position? Naomi came to Gensokyo through Tewi, Wade came through lucid dreaming. I don't really want to make Naomi into Wade, especially not when I have my own pre-existing plans for her should she ever get the spotlight for herself.

Unless you mean having Naomi take over Wade's role as the MC in order to see the world through her point of view?


"Is that why people are dropping in left and right?" I can't help but raise an eyebrow at Mima's comment. Sure people have seen me fight before, but surely such a thing wouldn't be enough to draw such a huge crowd.

"Pretty much. It's nice to kick back and relax, but there's a certain appeal to the possibility of certain pompous Lunarians getting their asses handed to them. Plus, I don't quite believe that they managed to beat Reimu as easily as she says they did." Mima then procures a seat by reaching through a wall and phasing a chair out. She then sets it down on the ground and parks her rear end on it. "'Sides, I love a good curbstomp, and you're the one who's most likely to deliver."

"Nice to know I'm such quality entertainment for you." There's no hiding the deadpan tone in my voice, and I make no effort to even try.

Of course, this also attracted the attention of a certain pesky blue-haired celestial. "Speaking of which, you'd better not lose. I lost to you, so if these two beat you that means they could beat me." She says this as something akin to an order. I don't plan to lose since I don't know what that would result in, but it'd be nice if I didn't have Tenshi threatening me over it.

"You certainly have an odd way of showing support, don't you Tenshi~?" And Yukari's the first to comment on it.

"It's a matter of pride. That and I won't be able to take it if I have to consider a bunch of Mooninites as being above me." ...Yeah, that sounds about right for Tenshi. I can't help but roll my eyes at that comment. "Don't you roll your eyes at me!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Yorihime pops up in fairly short order after that, and she's fairly annoyed. "First of all, you're all fools for thinking a mere Terran can beat me, second, would you stop calling us Mooninites? I don't even know what those are."

"Yeah man, speak a lingo we understand!" Toyohime walks up beside Yorihime, which causes the latter of the two to start scowling. I'm guessing the reason for that is because the former is talking in a slightly higher-pitched voice and slightly faster.

"God dammit Toyohime, don't encourage them!" Yorihime's outburst causes me to blink a few times, then to start laughing. "What's so funny?!"

"Nothing..." I can't really stop laughing either, the comparison is just too funny.

"Whatever! Just get out to the courtyard, I'm ready." Yorihime simply stomps out to the middle of the courtyard, and I notice that there's a much bigger crowd than before. They're all familiar faces though, which is a nice change. I'm kind of annoyed at Toyohime's giddiness...

[X]It's time. No holding back, hit with everything I've got.
[X]Why am I doing this, exactly?
>> No. 31101
[X]It's time. No holding back, hit with everything I've got.

Might as well get it over with.
>> No. 31102
[x] It's time. No holding back, hit with everything I've got.
>> No. 31103
[X]It's time. No holding back, hit with everything I've got.

Cue obligatory final boss intro music.
>> No. 31104
[X] Why am I doing this, exactly?

This was supposed to be a peaceful moon viewing. But Mima and Tenshi just had to boast about him in front of the Lunarians. With a friend and rival like them, who needs enemies? At least Hakurei didn't antagonize them.
>> No. 31105
[X] Why am I doing this, exactly?

We're prepared in case of a fight breaking out, not picking said fight.
>> No. 31106


Naomi starts slipping over, and Tewi bribes Suika to gather up the pieces. Or Tewi sticks by Naomi's side when she starts slipping over, and Naomi never ends up all broken in the first place.
>> No. 31108
[X] Why am I doing this, exactly?

Maybe it's just me, but I get the feeling that Toyohime already knows who and what we are and is egging us on to fight Yorihime on the pretense of watching us do cool stuff to get us killed anyway. ORRRRRR that could just be paranoia speaking. Either way...this fight can be avoided. Enjoy the festivities first, then we'll have time for MORTAL KOMBAAAAAT!! fighting Yorihime.
>> No. 31111
[x]It's time. No holding back, hit with everything I've got.
This fight is silly, let's go all out into an obvious trap.~
>> No. 31113
[X]It's time. No holding back, hit with everything I've got.
- [X]Why am I doing this, exactly?

Ex-Nine's Yukari made an appearance. New update here neutralized the raging. Good work.
>> No. 31127
[x] Can't this wait til AFTER the festival?

Throwing this one out there because asking why we're doing this may come across as a bit of a dick move to some, considering all that strategizing we did to see if we couldn't avoid them.
>> No. 31128

I'm trying to be patient here, but I'm quickly running out. Your 'compromise' is retarded as all get out, and it seems you don't even understand just how fundamentally different Naomi and Wade are and why such a scenario wouldn't work for her. Naomi has no desire to dream about Gensokyo when she has a direct and relatively safe method of getting there, while Wade is wishing with all his heart for a way out of his boring, nest-bound life.

On top of that, Naomi is defiant and resourceful enough to find a way out from under her parent's collective thumb without hoping that something will just drop in her lap.


"I suppose there's not much of a choice here, is there." This isn't a question so much as a statement. Now that certain parties have started to egg the sword-weilding princess into a fight I doubt I could get out of so easily. I could just walk away, but that may very well infuriate her further.

"Stupid ghost, stupid celestial! Wade didn't want to fight, but you pushed him into it!" Nari finally comes back to me after doing whatever it she's been doing. Saying she isn't happy about this turn of events is the understatement of the year. "What do you have to say for yourselves?"

Mima and Tenshi merely shrug it off before turning their attention to the ever more impatient Yorihime, while Nari, and Yukari look like they're about to shoot laser beams out their eyes and into the backs of their respective skulls. In the case of the latter, she actually does. Naomi, on the other hand, managed to slip out of Yukari's grip to hug me before I step into the arena. There's no real need to say anything, just to enjoy the feeling while it lasts. Merlin adds to that by hugging me from behind, but I'm more focused on the one who thinks this may very well be a life or death fight for me.

"I won't bother saying 'don't worry' since you'll end up doing so anyway, so I'll just settle for promising you that I will come out of this alive." And then I do something I don't think I've ever done with Naomi before: I lift her up just enough to kiss her full on the lips. I don't think she ever closed her eyes during the entirety of that due to the shock factor, but I can feel the warmth radiating off her face as she blushes, and the subtle shift as she leans into me. ...Why did it take such a cliché scenario for me to finally kiss her like this? Especially when we've both seen Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan?

When Naomi breaks away, she doesn't answer and instead focuses on fighting back tears. And just like every other scenario involving a cute girl trying to convince me not to do something ridiculously dangerous, I find myself less and less inclined to actually go out there. But just like every other time, I eventually find myself walking away regardless.


"Toyohime. Don't think I don't know what you're up to."

"Me? I'm not up to anything. I just want to see my sister duel that guy."

"But there's no real reason to do so, is there?"

"There's every reason! He's something we neither understand nor are able to control, and on top of that his heart belongs to the youkai of boundaries! I don't think I need to tell you just how dangerous a combination that is."

"More like, you're looking for a reason to hurt-"


I finally make it out to the courtyard, and I can feel the audience's gaze fall on me. The emotions are mixed, but heated all the same. Some want to see a good show. Others want to see the Lunarians cut down a notch. Others still just want this to end with my life intact.

"Before we begin, I just want to ask one thing." Yorihime hasn't drawn her sword yet, simply standing there with arms crossed.

"Ask." Is all I say in response.

"Are you fighting for your own sake, or did you feel pressured into this?" ...That's not what I expected to hear.

[X]"I wanted to duel a strong opponent, that's all."
[X]"I feel that my life is on the line regardless of whether I fight or not."
[X]"Why, did you feel like you got pushed into this too?"
[X]"Because I don't trust you or Toyohime to leave me, or anyone I care about, be."

Plan of attack?
[X]Start out as Karas, go from there.
[X]Equip that Fusion set from before.
[X]This is supposed to be a spellcard duel, right?
[X]Maybe, just maybe I could pull off something a little more fantastic...
[X]Try to talk her out of it as we go. There's really no reason for this other than we got pushed into this.
>> No. 31129
[X]"I feel that my life is on the line regardless of whether I fight or not."
[X]"Why, did you feel like you got pushed into this too?"

[X]Start out as Karas, go from there.
[X]Try to talk her out of it as we go. There's really no reason for this other than we got pushed into this.

>"Toyohime. Don't think I don't know what you're up to."

>"Me? I'm not up to anything. I just want to see my sister duel that guy."

>"But there's no real reason to do so, is there?"

>"There's every reason! He's something we neither understand nor are able to control, and on top of that his heart belongs to the youkai of boundaries! I don't think I need to tell you just how dangerous a combination that is."

>"More like, you're looking for a reason to hurt-"


Good call...Although I'm not sure just how many people already saw something like this coming."
>> No. 31130
[X]"Why, did you feel like you got pushed into this too?"
[x]"I merely wanted to avoid this fight if I could. But if you attack, I'll defend myself and those dear to me."
[x]"You have it in for me and Yukari after all. What did Yukari ever do to warrant you two taking countless attempts at ruining her life?"
[x]"Despite all the desire for vengeance going around, I do not want to fight during a supposedly peaceful occasion."

Plan for attack (If it comes down to it; since if the above fails to stop fighting, there's no real talking her out of it)
[X]This is supposed to be a spellcard duel, right?
-[x]If not, transform as Karas to start with.
>> No. 31132
[x] "I feel that my life is on the line regardless of whether I fight or not."
[x] "Why, did you feel like you got pushed into this too?"
-[x]Start out as Karas, go from there.
>> No. 31133
[X] "I feel that my life is on the line regardless of whether I fight or not."
[X] "Why, did you feel like you got pushed into this too?"
-[X] Start out as Karas, go from there.
>> No. 31136
[X]"I feel that my life is on the line regardless of whether I fight or not."
[X]"Why, did you feel like you got pushed into this too?"

[X]Start out as Karas, go from there.
[X]Try to talk her out of it as we go. There's really no reason for this other than we got pushed into this.
>> No. 31137
[X] "I feel that my life is on the line regardless of whether I fight or not."
[X] "Why, did you feel like you got pushed into this too?"
-[X] Start out as Karas, go from there.
>> No. 31140
[X]"I feel that my life is on the line regardless of whether I fight or not."
[X]"Why, did you feel like you got pushed into this too?"

[X]Start out as Karas, go from there.
[X]Try to talk her out of it as we go. There's really no reason for this other than we got pushed into this.

Now, if they can be persuaded into a showoff of sorts (a mock-battle, or something, if you will), then that'd be cool too.
>> No. 31141
[X]"I feel that my life is on the line regardless of whether I fight or not."
[X]"Why, did you feel like you got pushed into this too?"

[X]Start out as Karas, go from there.
[X]Try to talk her out of it as we go. There's really no reason for this other than we got pushed into this.

Work that Wade charm~! Not even the moonbitches shall escape it!
>> No. 31145
>I'm trying to be patient here, but I'm quickly running out.

... I think you might be taking this a bit too seriously. I'm just kidding around.
>> No. 31183
[X]"I feel that my life is on the line regardless of whether I fight or not."
[X]"Why, did you feel like you got pushed into this too?"

[X]Start out as Karas, go from there.
[X]Try to talk her out of it as we go. There's really no reason for this other than we got pushed into this.
>> No. 31190
"Simple. I feel like my life is on the line regardless of whether I fight you or not." Having stepped into the courtyard, I take my spot opposite Yorihime and simply stare her down for the time being.

"Isn't that sort of thinking a bit paranoid?" Yorihime simply crosses her arms in response. It seems she's not all that interested in starting a curbstomp battle with her doing the stomping. That's just arrogance on her part.

"Paranoid? Maybe. On the other hand I usually wind up being right about it." There's no real change in my expression, and I see no need to explain that I've got some kind of knife-nut stalker on the Outside.

"So you think one of us would kill you?" No change in Yorihime's expression either, but she seems to at least be willing to entertain the idea that I know what I'm talking about.

"Once again, that's simple. You already have Yukari under close watch and deem her a high level threat, not to mention that I'm quite certain that at least one of your kind has a personal vendetta against her. Considering that none of you have even scratched the surface on what I can do and that fact that I'm human, I think I'd make for a pretty tempting target." I don't think Yorihime's the one I need to watch out for. At least at first anyway.

"I see." Yorihime shifts position just a little, but who knows why that is. Perhaps I made her nervous by hitting the nail on the head? "You assume that any Lunarian would be so petty as to lash out at an innocent to get revenge?"

"Can you prove that no one will?" A simple question that bounces her question back in her face.

Yorihime stays silent for a moment before finally sighing. "...No. I can't prove that statement."

"Then you can't convince me to drop my guard around your kind." Simple cause and effect. If she can't give me a one-hundred percent assurance that no one will come after me in a pre-emptive strike or for revenge against Yukari, then I can hardly afford to let my guard down around any of them.

"I see. ...And judging from your previous words, I can only assume that this means you think my presence means that someone is here to kill you."

>> No. 31199
"Pretty much. Maybe not you, but someone here would have it out for me simply for being so close to Yukari." The conversation is just about done, but there's one question I want to ask before we start. "Before we begin, I have a question of my own. Did you feel like you were pressured into this as well?"

Yorihime doesn't really answer immediately, instead opting to stay silent for a minute. "...I do." So there's a crack that I might be able to wedge open if I play my cards right...

However, that strategy will have to be preformed on the fly since the duel started without my paying attention, though it looks like Yorihime was a but surprised by this turn of events as well. She flips her blade straight up and begins chanting some kind of spell while I open up the gold circle that will let me transform into Karas. I know that I can't finish what I want to do before she finishes, but I can give her one hell of a nasty surprise in response. Namely, driving straight out of the fire pillar she called into being and firing a number of missiles at her. Her eyes widen as she jumps into the air and slices the missiles in two, and to add insult to injury she manages to jump off me to escape my attempts to ram her. From there she tries to call on something else, but I've already transformed back into the normal Karas armor in order to dash at her at high speed. She realizes that she's not going to get this one off in time so she cancels out of it and brings her blade down to try and catch me, only for me to dash right on through it as though it weren't even there. From there I land an uppercut that launches her into the air, nail her with my chain, then dash up at her so I can use her like a surfboard. The result is her being rammed into the border of duel head-first while I slash at her a few more times, then send her back down to the ground with a strong blow.

Yorihime's impact caused the ground to crack, yet she gets up as though that were nothing. I'm left hoping that it was because of the spell barriers in place around each of us, but something tells me that she's far tougher than her lithe body would suggest. "Are we operating under the spellcard rules? I don't recall it involving such coordinated melee." Her voice and movements suggest that she hadn't even been pushed. ...This might almost be a fair fight.

"We're operating under an alternate set of rules that incorporate both danmaku and melee combat. It's still entirely non-lethal, but it's much more involved since we're not restricted to patterns." My blade's gone back to its sheath since I don't need it right at the moment, but something tells me that Yorihime's going to be incorporating her own melee skills here in a minute.

"Really? So it's a good way to cut loose without killing. That's good to know." Is she smiling? She brings her blade up before slashing it diagonally downward, but it seems to be nothing but a little flourish. "I wonder just how rusty I've gotten..." She suddenly rushes forward with blade drawn, but she's almost teleporting when she side steps. It's obviously to confuse me, but I refuse to let myself be drawn into such an obvious trap. Instead I draw my blade and hold it in a pose that someone less knowledgeable would have deemed useless.

Unfortunately for Yorihime, that useless pose turned out to be a vicious counter when she attempted to strike me from a blind spot. My blade connects with hers, but for me it feels like time itself has slowed down considerably. It then becomes laughably easy to knock her blade away and cut across her in one fluid motion. Yorihime falls to the ground once again, yet she gets up just as fast as the last time. "Huh. I guess it's going to take a lot more than that to land a hit. Maybe Toyohime was on to something when she said you're good with a blade..." She jumps away once again and prepares to do something else, but I don't really feel like letting her get her shot off. I make the Honjo Masamune hover in the air directly in front of me, then make it spin so fast that it appears to be a transparent silver disk. From there I launch it, and myself, at Yorihime. It's clear she didn't expect that since she was forced to try and counter attack, but it's kind of hard to hit what isn't even there to begin with. "So that's how..." She says in a thoughtful tone before being tripped up by my blade, then was knocked around in the air for a few hits before being dropped back to the ground once again.

And she still gets up without any hesitation.

>> No. 31203
> ...This might almost be a fair fight.

Well we both have incredibly broken powers, so yes, it's almost a fair fight.
>> No. 31263
"Clever. You make yourself immaterial for brief moments to avoid my attacks in order to break my guard more easily. Your trick with your blade is most impressive as well, as even I can't pull off a technique like that so easily." Yorihime dusts herself off now that there's an appreciable lull in the battle, then sizes me up again before bringing her blade to bear. "Shutting my summoning down right from the start was a good idea too, and I'd love to know precisely how you changed into a car before going into that armor mode. As well as how you got your hands on a Masamune, especially one that's been lost to time." ...There's no way in hell she gleaned all that from fourty seconds of fighting. "Now, let me show you how useless those tricks are!"

Something doesn't quite click here. She's not doing a thing but there's something going on with her. She's taking on power of some kind, but she's still too slow! I dash forward almost immediately, but skid to a halt when I feel some kind of metal tug at the back of my mind.

"Stupid! You don't just rush head on into an enemy you know nothing about!"

I've done it plenty of times before, but I assume this one's something special.

"Duh. She's invited a Sun Kami into her body in order to banish the shadows you were using to keep yourself unhittable. If you had attacked she would have countered with ease, especially since you were going to use an attack she's already seen."

...What? She's only seen that attack once! How can she know what to expect from just one half-glance?

"I don't know either, but fight under the assumption that whatever you do is a trick that will only work once."

"Are you going to keep chatting with the goddess in your head all day or are you actually going to attack?" Yorihime hasn't even moved from her spot... She's just standing there, waiting for me to make the mistake of using the same attack twice. But she claimed that my skill made me immaterial, but summoned a sun kami to banish shadows in the hopes that I was using darkness to make myself immaterial.

I dash forward again, and sure enough I can feel the warmth of the sun washing away my advantage. However, I don't stay there and instead all but teleport above Yorihime's head and bring my blade down on her. ...I'm glad I played Muramasa the Demon Blade, or else I might not be able to pull off half this crap. Regardless of my musings about my own bullshitting, the blade does jam straight down into her in what would have been a lethal blow had the spell shields not been in place, nor if I had intentionally held back on the blow. From there I slide off the ground, pick up the stunned princess by the hilt now lodged in her head, then sling the whole package to get the blade out of her. Unsurprisingly, there's no blood, nor any sort of indication that I just stabbed her brains out.

Once she recovers, she gets back up again and stares at my blade. "How in the world did you avoid cutting me with that attack? The Honjo Masamune has the capacity to not cut things the owner does not wish to cut, but to the extent that a direct, fatal hit only hurts?" She then looks at me with an unreadable expression on her face. "Just what are you?"

"I'd like to think I'm human." My voice comes out in Karas' deeper tone.

Yorihime doesn't respond, instead reciting something by mouth movement alone.

"She's summoning Hachiman?!"

[X]Lunarian or god, there's nothing I cannot bring down.
[X]Summoning? What the hell is this, a children's card game?
[X]Something tells me this isn't going to cut it...
>> No. 31264
[X]Something tells me this isn't going to cut it...

Is there any way that we can somehow morph into Kratos from God of War?
>> No. 31265
[X]Something tells me this isn't going to cut it...
>> No. 31266
[X]Something tells me this isn't going to cut it...
>> No. 31267
[X]Something tells me this isn't going to cut it...

Busting out the very god of war himself already? She must be getting scared.~


Knocking the moonbitch around with the Nemean Cestus? That's fine too.
>> No. 31268
[x]Something tells me this isn't going to cut it...
>> No. 31271
[X]Something tells me this isn't going to cut it...

damn moonbitch
>> No. 31303
"Wait, she's breaking out the god of war already? Does she even intend for this to be an even fight or is she trying her hardest to grind you into the dirt as soon as possible?" Hakurei brings up a rather interesting point: Out of all the Shinto gods Yorihime could have summoned, she chooses the one who's most suited to take down entire armies.

I think she either wants to wrap this up quick, or she thinks she needs that level of firepower just to deal with me. I'm not entirely convinced it's the latter of the two, but that'll change as time goes on.

"Assuming we have that much time. Hachiman is, as you've guessed, capable of bringing down entire armies in defense of Nippon. I could stand against him, but the faith I do have is chicken scratch compared to what he's got, even if belief in the gods has declined."

He's just better known than you.

"Yeah, yeah... But you get the picture. This is one of the worst case scenarios right here. I hate to break it to you, but Yorihime's still above you in terms of power, and me?"

Hey, don't give up on me just because things look bad. You've seen everything I went through.

"You were also a soul disconnected from your body and had freer access to the boundary between dream and reality, something I'm pretty sure Gengetsu is working to shut down completely."

That doesn't really matter, I've got a chunk of that place in my soul thanks to Suika.


You know firsthand how my bits stuck to everything they could adhere to, you included. I saw for a fact that they adhered to, if not took over bits of the boundary between dream and reality. It doesn't matter what Gengetsu does to her share, I've got mine and all the power that comes with it.


Don't go silent on me.

"You think I could take over that giant robot you've got in you?"

Why would you...? Oh. OH. That's actually not a bad idea, you can use that to tap into my power as well as manifest outside my body. That's also good since I don't think I can manifest things in my soul outside my body on my own yet.

"It's a gamble, but it's one I can believe in."

"Hey, are you done with the back and forth banter yet? This is a battle after all." Yorihime doesn't look like she's changed in the slightest, but your eyes can lie to you. She's definitely even stronger than before...

...But she hasn't seen anything yet.


Yorihime cocks an eyebrow as I allow my armor to fade off me, then she grows curious as the ground beneath me turns to a navy blue ocean surface. It's calm until I feel Hakurei tap into my wellspring, at which point waves begin to form on the surface. 'Water' washes over my feet but I don't feel wet at all. Eventually the surface takes over roughly half the field, and Yorihime is taking a defensive stance while stepping forward. She knows she can't just rush in when she knows nothing about her opponent, but it's only just now occurring to her just how much of an enigma I am.

Finally, the mech's giant head breaks the surface, and Yorihime almost drops her sword in shock. Yin-Yang themed eyes adorn numerous surfaces and give the impression that nothing escapes its sight. This is its way of showing that the goddess Hakurei is in control.

The mech's torso breaches the surface, and I find myself being lifted into the air as well, shielded from view by the mech's fearsome claws. Eventually the machine stands well above the rest, earning a round of applause from the crowd. The chest door opens, at which point I find myself being pulled into the heart of the machine, then into Hakurei's waiting arms.

"Now, let's begin." She doesn't even need to make a move to make the machine do as she wishes, as she proves by making every 'eye' on the mech stare down at the lunarian and her summoned god.


"My, those two work well together." Yukari sips from a shallow dish provided by her diminutive oni friend, more or less stating the obvious.

"That's it, I'm impressed. The kid's just as broken as you are Yukari." Mima doesn't even bother with a dish, and instead drinks straight out of the bottle until someone snatches it away from her. "Hey!"

"Yeah? Well I'm not." The angelic demon sits cross-legged on the grass with the half-empty bottle of sake and downs the whole thing in one go.

"...You're drunk Gengetsu." Mugetsu walks up beside her sister and more or less states the obvious.

>> No. 31321
File 127856520949.png- (435.33KB , 640x480 , Just the vaguest resemblence.png ) [iqdb]
My clawed hand impacts the ground where Yorihime stood mere milliseconds after she was able to slip away. The missiles launched from the forearm launchers are all cut away, but that doesn't work out so well since they're Earthshakers. Why is this such a bad deal for her? They split into seven mini-shakers when destroyed, regardless of reason. Given the number she had just sliced clean through...

"We're not doing too bad. I would have thought that we'd be stuck sitting still for the duration of the battle." Hakurei speaks this into my ear as I backdash away from Yorihime's sword beam. I misjudge just how far it'd be able to pursue us and counter with a quick, strong slash of my own, which clashes with the beam for a few seconds before they both fizzled out.

"What do you expect? Reality is breaking down around us, and it's getting replaced with dreams. We wanted a bigger field to maneuver around in, so we got it." At least within the duel border anyway. The 'ocean' has long since been replaced with a metal floor, the crystalline boundary of duel with metal walls and a roof, and in the center of this massive room is a solitary reactor that stretches from the ground to the roof above. On top of that, while we can't see out I'm pretty sure everyone can see it. The whole thing is lit quite well.

"Well this is annoying. I guess this was your plan from the start. Lock me in at just one deity instead of having free reign to switch as the situation demands until I beat that mech you and your goddess are piloting." Yorihime then crouches down in order to give her jump more force, then launches off the metal floor hard enough to leave a very noticeable dent in it. This is the least of my worries as she's coming at us with a slash backed with the power of a god, and would have dealt some major damage if I didn't teleport clear across the room. "Ergh! And that! I hate that already!" She uses the power stored within her blade to shoot one very powerful piercing round at me, and I literally feel it take off the heavy armor plating covering one of the shoulders. As if that wasn't bad enough the attack punched right though a couple of the pipes leading into the reactor, which began to spray hot fog into the room around those areas. Despite the fact that it must be scalding hot, the lunarian comes rushing through it to engage me at close range once again, at which point I draw both the mech's blades to block with. The result is that I'm getting pushed back while she's putting a huge strain on the blades themselves.

However, she underestimates the sheer amount of force I can put out and soon finds herself being flung across the room at high speed, and just to make matters more interesting for her I decide to up the pressure by firing Fusion Cannon shots at her the entire way. This meant she went through another couple pipes and got knocked around by a few of the bolts, but started bouncing them away with the same technique I was using to launch myself at her when I was in my Karas armor! Not long after that she started flinging herself around the pipes and kicking off them to get closer, which would have worked if I didn't decide to start launching more missiles at her. The resulting explosions took out even more of the thick pipes running from the walls to the reactor, and they also almost covered up the fact that Yorihime was shooting more of those piercing rounds directly at me. I manage to dash away, but not before taking damage to the other shoulder, my left leg, my right arm, and one of those shots came horrifyingly close to taking both myself and Hakurei out in one go.

Still, she hasn't figured out why I'm drawing her fire away from the reactor itself, but who knows how long that will last? A quick flip over and I'm flying straight at her with blades drawn, and so begins my furious assault on her Lunarian forged blade. Sparks fly as our blades clash, but this time she's the one to knock me back with a particularly powerful slash that slams me cleanly into the wall. I have to use a bit of force to free myself as I'm actually embedded fairly deep into what was supposed to be unyielding metal, and am met with a sudden impalement and another solid throw. This time into the reactor's shields!

"Let me guess. Something bad will happen to you if I take that thing out, right?" Yorihime takes a stand on one of the remaining pipes and fires sword beam after sword beam directly at me, then at the reactor itself. The truth was that the reactor core is actually at the center and is heavily protected by a strong force field that should have deflected all but the most resolute attack. Unfortunately, I didn't count on her forcing me into the shield itself to knock it out, nor that she'd actually be dumb enough to attack the core.

"Self Destruct Sequence activated."

"Huh?" The lunarian's expression becomes puzzled when she hears the monotonous voice announcing the end of this part of the duel. Or rather, the 'ninety seconds until reactor goes boom' warning. "!"

"Yeah, you fell right for it. Now we've got eighty seconds to decide a winner before this duel comes out as a draw and we're both heavily damaged." I pull myself out of the metal I had been forced into and launch myself toward the lunarian once again, this time with no concern for the reactor's pipes. With that little limitation out of the way I focus on trashing Yorihime as well as the surrounding area to give her as little room to move as possible, as well as to obscure her view to a ridiculous degree.

...However, all that does is eat up the remaining seventy seconds since neither of us can see the other clearly enough to land a hit. Embarrassingly enough, somewhere along the line we lost track of one another and were really landing blows on the exploding reactor core with each of us thinking it were the other.

The resulting explosion returned the border of duel to normal and resumed the original appearance of the courtyard we're dueling in, but with the major difference that we're both smoldering quite badly. Yorihime gets back with with a small stagger while my mech won't respond. It seems that somewhere along the line it just took too much damage...

[X]Now what? (Write-in. Decide alternative method of attack)
>> No. 31332
[x] Take the form of Lancer.
-[x] Neither of you have much power left. Use Gae Bolg's range advantage to finish this.

I doubt Wade could do anything huge at the moment. Lance > Sword.
>> No. 31333
[x] Take the form of Lancer.
-[x] Neither of you have much power left. Use Gae Bolg's range advantage to finish this.

Why the hell not.
>> No. 31337

[x] Take the form of Apothesized Ialdabolth.

>> No. 31339
[x] Take the form of Apothesized Ialdabolth.
>> No. 31341

Where were you at the beginning of this fight!?!

[X] Take the form of Apothesized Ialdabolth.
-[X] Shinha Mōgeki Reppa!!
>> No. 31342
[x] Take the form of Apothesized Ialdabolth.
>> No. 31343
Ahh, I was just going to put Valzacard in but Shinka Ialdabolth is fine too.

[X] Take the form of Apothesized Ialdabolth.
>> No. 31344
[x] Take the form of a shoggoth.
>> No. 31352
[X] Take the form of Apothesized Ialdabolth.
>> No. 31355
[X] Take the form of Chuck Norris
>> No. 31375
When in doubt, throw a giant robot at it!


The mech's just about gone, but only this form. I can probably squeeze out another form if I push it, so the question becomes: What form should I have it take? "...Apotheosized Ialdabaoth." Even as I say that I can tell the mech's body is changing shape according to to what I want it to be, and it's becoming a bit smaller and stockier in order to accommodate the close quarters fighting I'll be employing in this form. The white and red body finally finishes forming out of the guardian mech's body, and a brilliant red mane flows from the head.

Yorihime doesn't seem terribly impressed by all this, but that's probably because she didn't think I'd be able to reshape such a damaged mech into something useful again. "You're just full of surprises, aren't you? You're also pretty persistent if you can stand up after taking an attack that left me reeling." She then says something under her breath to Hachiman, and I can feel the god of war's presence fade from the arena. ...Did she really just dismiss a god that's still suitable for combat?

"Hachiman might be just as hurt as this mech was. If that's the case then it makes sense that she dismisses him instead of forcing him to battle on through that." Hakurei brings up a point that might have deeper implications than anyone realizes, and as a result I have to ask one thing in particular.

"Hakurei, when a god tied to a summoner is damaged, is there some kind of feedback to the summoner? These big attacks might be doing direct, unblockable damage if that's the case." It's an idea that doesn't really appeal to me, but if it means Yorihime's getting hurt worse than she would have normally...

"I'm not sure. I've always challenged opponents directly so I wouldn't know if there's any backlash to the summoner." The goddess hasn't moved from her position directly behind me, nor has she let go. This is a good thing since I'm pretty sure she's serving as a direct conduit for me to pull off these impossible feats. This means I'm going to have to make sure that she stays safe for the duration of this fight, or else it's going to be a very, very short finale. "But it's worth a shot. Yorihime never seems to take all that much damage from direct attacks. Heck, I've seen what that Fusion Reactor can do in your head, and she's still standing like we had managed to land a quick gut punch and nothing else."

"Alright, from here on out, we target everything." And I know just how to open the second round.

"Watch it, she has the thunder god Raijin in her. She probably thinks she can either shut this mech down by overloading it with energy or she'll be able to move at the speed of lightning."

"Got it. But with this, speed won't matter." Seeing as she's standing there, waiting for my first move. It's a mistake that will cost her.

A wave of energy emanates from Ialdabaoth's eye and covers the entire field via the duel boundary, and just as Hakurei warned me Yorihime started to move at speeds even I can't track. However, she can't escape something that's already been put in place the way this has, and a quick hand clench later proves this point by freezing her in a bubble of space that's essentially been frozen. From there it's pathetically easy to preform the first backhanded strike, then another, and another until Yorihime is being forced back by what appears to be a bunch of ever elongating blurs that just happen to be my right hand bitchslapping her to kingdom come.

>> No. 31376
>my right hand bitchslapping her to kingdom come.

Gotta keep that pimp hand strong.
>> No. 31377

Can't wait to see the reactions to Shinha Go Shousen or Shinha Mougeki Reppa.

If Shinha Mougeki Reppa doesn't end with Wade breaking through the border of duel and into the night sky bringing Yorihime with him I'll be disappointed.
>> No. 31378

He better not, that's grounds for permanent extermination. As much as Yukari would hate to admit it, Gensokyo comes first.
>> No. 31379
Someone remarked about Rare Akuma, which would have been a good choice here.

SRW attacks do not really affect the surroundings and often involve absurdly impossible things like making mountains appear in space.

But having that be said, make sure to aim AWAY from youkai mountain.
>> No. 31380
File 127885400850.jpg- (631.92KB , 1689x2548 , 1b29bdc1b913f5c97396956a6aad33e3.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Shinha Go Shousen or Shinha Mougeki Reppa

Oh god yes YES YES.

No matter what comes out, Yorihime must go down.
>> No. 31389
Shinha Mougeki Reppa!!

But there may not be a VERTICAL limit on the border of duel. That way we can knock her around with it and 'splode her mid-air. Besides, we're with the youkai of borders. What's a bit of subtle boundary stretching in order to take care of one of her archenemies?
>> No. 31390
A quick, lunging kick later and Yorihime's forcibly frozen form is knocked away only for me to make one last kick at her, at which point the resulting shockwave catches her in the middle just as the freezing sphere wears off. This leads to a rather satisfying moment where the lunarian is smashed back-first into the border of duel, which makes the normally opaque to outright invisible crystalline, aurora-like pattern stand out like a sore thumb against the rest of the space around us. She falls to the ground, or so I thought. The next thing I know I'm the one flying through the air involuntarily via a chain of lightning fast hits, and once I feel that they've stopped connecting I right myself and kick off the border of duel I had almost been slammed into with the same method I had used against her mere seconds ago. However, it's clear that she didn't intend to follow through with that attack since she's standing clear on the other side of the field chanting something I can't hear from this distance. The result is her pointing her sword into the air, which in turn begins to draw in dark storm clouds that attempt to cover the whole sky. It would have given her a huge advantage if not for two things: One, the moonlight shining down cut through the clouds, giving the arena one mid-sized brilliantly lit spot. Two, I've already launched my next attack, which consists of producing a fist-sized ball of red energy and punching it repeatedly to make it produce arcing bullets that rain down on the area Yorihime had chosen to chant some spell in. Red bolts rain down on her, but at this point she's simply too fast to be hit by any of them, despite my using a completely random launch pattern.

There's more than one way to skin a cat of course, but given that Yorihime seems to only be susceptible to any one attack only once before she figures out a perfect counter for it, so I have to make this one shot count. A set of drums tied together in a circle materializes behind Yorihime, at which point lightning strikes each individual drum to play some kind of tune. The problem is that I don't know what. Obviously I can't just sit here and do nothing so I begin to lash out with various shockwaves generated by my punches, only to note that Yorihime is nailing each and every one with sword beams of her own. ...This is going to get very annoying in very short order if she's going to do what I think she's going to do.

When her song ceases to play, the storm clouds flash with lightning, which illuminates the battlefield in a rather patchy, annoying way. I know for a fact that it's really to align the field to her current element, but it won't won't be of much use when I start showing off some of what I can do. Especially if I can chain attacks the way I want to...

She dissapears from view, and I teleport to where she should be. I catch a brief glimpse of her as she brings down her sword where my blind spot would have been before she catches on to what happened and vanishes again. This time I swing my fist around to clash with her sword before teleporting again, at which point the entire battlefield started to shine with sparks emitted from my fist and her blade as we clash at speeds that outmatched the fastest of the tengu, and this lasts for a good three minutes or so before I decide to use my ace in the hole. Instead of attacking, I sheath my hands in a orange/gold field of energy and time it to where Yorihime strikes them just as I finish. This knocks her off-balance just long enough for me to set up my next attack. "DARK HOLD!" First The Tiger, next Dark Hold to immobilize her so she'll have to take her medicine instead of bolting the moment my attack would have landed.

The first part of this is generating a shockwave with enough power to carve an instant trench. This serves the redundant function of immobilizing Yorihime as I set rush forward and land the first punch, which blasts a new hole in the ground, then one punch, then a three-hit combo to launch her into the air at a perfect 45 degree angle, and unleash a full on barrage of punches that knock her even further upward. After that I get under her, charge up my right hand once again, and land a perfect hit that sends her flying skyward right into the top of the border of duel. The border cracks almost immediately, and gives way moments later in a massive explosion that somehow causes the now useless chunks of boundary to rain down all around me while the remaining part of the dome turns into a cylinder in an attempt to contain us. There's nothing but shocked silence at this little display, which isn't all that surprising, but I'm not even done yet so what can I say?

While she's still coming down I charge up the last part of this overly long, over the top maneuver. When she's at the proper height I unleash a pair of long snake-like dragons formed from energy, not unlike what Tenshi used against me, that strike her once each to keep her still before circling the duel arena to the point where it's nearly pitch black. From there I all but teleport beside her and backhand her once, then go into a lengthy full combo that would leave even the most experienced Street Fighter veteran reeling, complete with a couple more teleports to keep her from recovering before I'm done and a few energy blasts until I'm sure that she's down far enough to where this will finish the duel.

From there, I fire an absolutely massive energy beam out of the chest crystal, which catches the lunarian full-force and pushes her back up through the hole in the border I left with my last attack, at which point the dragons from earlier bite and nip at her before one picks me up in its mouth to give me one more shot at her. I grip the sides of its mouth with both my feet and one of my hands, leaving just one fist stuck out to strike her with. One very fast, dragon empowered fist that plows right into her and launches her a mile high, easily.

After that, the Apotheosized Ialdabaoth starts to power down since it had been formed from a heavily damaged mech and I just got done with a very energy intensive special attack combo strings. Seeing that it's given me all the help it can give, I step out of it with Hakurei still holding onto me, then place my hand over its. "You did well." Is all I say as it sinks back into the ocean it sprang from. It smiles in response.

"There's still about a minute or so before she comes back down. Think we should set up something for her arrival?" Hakurei just happens to have the same general idea I do, and I get the feeling she's acting on the possibility that even this might not have finished her off.

[X]Hell, I may as well leave this up to you. (write-in)
>> No. 31393
[X]Hell, I may as well leave this up to you.

Speaking of Street Fighter...

[X] "Hey Hakurei, you know who Ryu is, right? Just for insurance purposes only, he has this one attack called Metsu Shoryuken...it'd make for an epic finale if by some miracle she survives all that."

>> No. 31394
[X] Turn into Rare Akuma.

>> No. 31399

[x] Turn into Rare Akuma.
-[x] Add in graze ability.

A 999hit teleporting raging demon is just the start of the craziness.

There's a case of an earlier version losing badly to "Boss Spell card" Touhou characters. But I heard about one that isn't so badly affected by projectiles.
>> No. 31400
Also watching various Vs Rare Akuma vids would give you an idea just how crazy cheap he is (VERY)
>> No. 31401
[x] Turn into Rare Akuma.
-[x] Add in graze ability.
>> No. 31402

first is an example of the insanity of latest ver. Rare Akuma

the second is a tutorial of his moves; and there's a few others like it.

A bit of information I heard P.o.t.S made him as something of a parody of the cheapies on MUGEN, and also hilariously over the top.
>> No. 31403
[x] Turn into Rare Akuma.
-[x] Add in graze ability.

It will be glorious. Yorihime is going to freak.
>> No. 31404

Rare Akuma comfirmed for nigh-projectile immunity (the graze? For the few that CAN affect him)

As well as everyone else, let's see farting out mini clones, dropping moons/death stars akin to Roller Da, Katamaris, TIME STOPPING (Complete with full 9 levels)
>> No. 31407
[x] Turn into Rare Akuma.
-[x] Add in graze ability.
http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BeyondTheImpossible much?
>> No. 31408

There's no such thing as beyond the impossible when dealing with a moonbitch. Besides, this is for Yukari's love, her anger, and all of her sorrow!! so it's all well-deserved, anyway. I'd almost be surprised if she even survived that Shinha Moukgeki Reppa. But it's always good to do something completely crazy for a finishing touch. This IS Wade, after all.

[x] Turn into Rare Akuma.
-[x] Add in graze ability.

999-hit Raging Demon complete with unfitting music and auto-kill giant stomp? THIS MUST HAPPEN!!

Though I wonder if at all it's possible to sever her connection to the gods somehow.
>> No. 31409

Somethimes the giant stomp is replaced with the opponent falling to the ground, where they then explode upon hitting it, or it changes to a scene where the opponent is transported to a Liberty Akuma statue, then die due to their mind breaking.
>> No. 31415
I wished that Komachi were around at the party... but even in such a slow area like Gensokyo, I doubt there's much days off.
>> No. 31420
I swear to Shinki, I could not have a more consistently disruptive day today. Any time I try to do something, I get called off to do some other crap.

Also, I know alllll about Rare Akuma, seeing as I've got the cheapie in my roster♥


"I do, and I've got one idea, but it's going to kick the crap out of me stamina-wise to pull it off. On the flip side, I don't think Yorihime would be able to counter this one even if she knew what was coming." The idea I have in mind just happens to be to utilize the form of a particular Mugen joke character, but as I said, the power requirements would be off the charts given just how much stuff I'd be doing and maintaining at once.

"What do you have in mind? I need to know so I can get it for you." Hakurei once again puts her arms around me and begins to open the connection once more.

"There's going to be something in there called 'Rare Akuma'. You ought to know it when you see it." I take a moment to visualize what it is I'm talking about to the goddess, at which point I feel her return to my soul to dig it back out. In the meantime I take a good look at the hole in the aurora-like border of duel only to see that Yorihime is... "Damn it, what the hell does it take to HURT her?!"

Descending down from the sky is one Yorihime, who's falling down in a gracefully controlled fashion for someone who just had the living crap kicked out of them by an impossible Apotheosized Ialdabaoth combo. It looks like she still has those drums floating behind her as well, which doesn't bode well at all since those clouds haven't dissipated. Speaking of which, how did I miss that?! Those were brought into being with a spell, so it stands to reason that they would dispel when she takes enough damage.

"I found it, but I think you're just going to have to settle for its power instead of its form. You're not a shapeshifter after all."

"The power's good enough. I don't want to waste time on pointless changes when Yorihime's diving down on us." I didn't mention this, but she actually is diving down at us blade first, so there's no rush is there.


"T-thats...?" Naomi stares on in complete disbelief. Out of all the things she could have seen me do, summoning and transforming a giant mech into something to kick lunarian ass clear through the border was not something she ever would have expected.

"Yes, that's what Wade can do. He doesn't hold sway over his dreams for nothing~" Yukari on the other hand was watching the fireworks while munching on some popcorn she gapped in from Mayohiga. Supposedly anyway.

"So when he said he was practicing lucid dreaming, was this what he meant?" Naomi was still too shocked to take any popcorn for herself, despite the gap youkai offering her some.

"Of course not! This is because he has some of my realm in him and that lucid dreaming taught him how to control it! The guy's a hack." Gengetsu laid back on the grass, not really caring for or about the battle playing out right in front of her. It seems like she's here specifically to complain about the fact that I'm on par with her or something. "The guy's an anomaly, and it'd have been better if I could have just erased him when I had the chance, but nooooo, I had to let him go because I want a REMATCH."

"Hey, don't let this change your perspective of Wade. Just because he's strong doesn't mean that he isn't Wade." Mima took the opportunity to slide up alongside Naomi to talk to her, and judging from the artist's BSOD she really needs it.

"I know, but..." Naomi shook her head to try and clear it up. "I saw his transformation into Karas, but that was peanuts to this. Is this sort of thing normal for him? Why didn't he ever use this when he really needed it on the outside? Marine, Ben, and I all know what he had to deal with out there, and if he could do this..." It seems the shock still hasn't worn off. "Is he scared of what we'll think of him...?"

"I'm not sure. That doesn't really sound like the Wade I know. The one I know would try to ease you into the idea, sure, but I don't think he'd lie about it just to try to keep things normal." And Mima decides to vouch for my character in an attempt to talk Naomi through this. "Speaking of which, Yukari, keep an eye on that blond lunarian. She hasn't acted yet but she looks kinda pissed."

"Toyohime? ...I'll do just that." Yukari's calm smile turned to a small frown when Mima brought up the subject.

"She's the one that can destroy things just by swinging that fan at them, isn't she." Naomi doesn't say this as a question so much as a statement. She's seen Toyohime's fan for herself and probably knows just how dangerous it is, especially when it doesn't look like there's any way to defend against it.

"Wade, Toyohime may attack you if you keep beating down her sister like that."

What do you want me to do? I can't very well lose this.

"I'm not saying you should. I'm saying you should have something handy to either defend against or take advantage of the attack she'll deliver."

You think she'd be so stupid as to break the danmaku rules?

"She's arrogant enough to think she could get away with it. Still, keep my words in mind. I don't want to have to revert your body to normal or drag you away from the Sanzu because you got careless."

I've got a couple things that could work, but I don't think any of them would be pretty since it takes a special kind of beast to take atomic disruption and keep on swinging.

"You don't have to run them by me, just keep them handy. If things really go south I can revert you back to normal."

>> No. 31421
Incoming EPIC!
>> No. 31422
Well, i suppose that rare akumas moveset is ridiculous enough to make toyohime stop for a moment and gape... especially the katamari bit and the part where he drops a miniature moon.
>> No. 31425

Dropping a miniature moon on her would probably be considered a pretty big insult to both of them, and only make her rage even more.


Wonder what would have happened if we became Captain Falcon....you know, without the huge nerfing.
>> No. 31428
We may have to use our shikigami bond to warn Nari of Toyohime's possible interference.


[spoiler]Watching Nari Metsu Shoryuken Toyohime to stop her from interfering would be so much more satisfying.~ After all, all she needs to do is knock the fan away from her. And since shikigami grow stronger in their master's presence, I think she could pull it off. And it would be glorious to see Toyohime's chin get rearranged.
>> No. 31429
As a matter of fact, Yorihime is staring at me in utter disbelief right about now as lightning bolt after lightning bolt bounces off me and into the ground. Eventually she stops trying ranged attacks and stares at me in utter exasperation. "You have got to be kidding. It's like every time I manage to outlast or blow away one of your forms you come up with something even more powerful! Just what the hell are you?!"

All I do is shrug. At this point even I don't know exactly what I am, just that I can do all sorts of amazing things without any appreciable limits as to what I can do. ...Though something does occur to me. How big of an insult would it be for me to use a miniature moon in a Road Roller Da? Time to test that out I think. But first, I jump back and start rolling a large katamari made out of pre-collected stuff, which included various objects, people, magic things, and not to mention most of the crowd. ...How does that even work? Aw well, time to... watch the ball of stuff disintegrate when it's sliced in half.

"No. Just... NO." Yorihime's all but in my face at this point, but her sword swing's all for naught since I just parried it again with a quick jab. "Ugh, fighting you is getting kind of boring. Nothing I do works in the slightest."

"Then why tolerate it in the first place? I could blow that form away in one strike if you'd just let me." ...Wait a sec, when did Toyohime get in here?

"I said this is boring, not that I want to stoop to his level." Yorihime then brushes off the comment before bringing her blade up to the sky again. "Seriously though, would you stop trying to butt in? I can beat this guy on my own."

"I've seen some laid back fights before, but this is just a straight up one-eighty. We were locked in epic combat less than a minute ago, and now you're basically ignoring me." The lights suddenly go out as I'm saying that, and the special effects have more or less cut out.

"Basically." That's a rather arrogant thing to say just because you're not winning, moonbitch.

And so, I stop time. It's not a hard thing to do in this form, all you have to do is think 'stop' and it happens. The world goes greyscale in response since apparently that's what happens when you stop time. Regardless of any of that I decide to charge up to full power by doing a few air raids, then fly up into the air only to bring a fake moon down on their heads. Both princesses are caught off guard by the instantaneous move, not only because I basically set four or five air raid's worth of glowing skulls down on them, but because Roller Da turns off the time stop for whatever reason. A hurricane kick later and the moon dissapears, leaving a crater in the ground with both Yorihime and Toyohime at the bottom, and they both look more surprised than anything else.

"Did he just...?" Yorihime sounds surprised.

"Drop the moon on us?" Toyohime sounds dumbstruck. "That's not a bad trick though. It has a certain amount of irony to it."

"You're telling me."

>> No. 31430
>"Did he just...?" Yorihime sounds surprised.
>"Drop the moon on us?" Toyohime sounds dumbstruck. "That's not a bad trick though. It has a certain amount of irony to it."
>"You're telling me."

>> No. 31431
The audience probably appreciates the irony of the moon drop a lot more than the moonbitches.
Still awesome though
>> No. 31433
"You know, I think I may just have you figured out." Yorihime gets up from the small crater and dusts herself off in the most casual manner possible, as if this weren't even a fight worth acknowledging. "You attack with all manners of alternate forms, using those to shield yourself. You're a little like a clam in that regard, you retreat into your shell to avoid direct harm yet find some way to retaliate anyway." She then looks to her sister before continuing. "Sis, if I'm right you can use that fan to break his shell, but only swing it once. I don't feel like having all of Gensokyo come down around our ears because you turned trigger happy."

"Killjoy." Toyohime brings that fan of hers to bear, and I simply stand and wait. If I'm right, then that fan only creates a disruptive wave instead of flooding the whole arena. "Still, it means I get a good shot at you!" The fan's brought down, the wave speeds toward me... "Huh?" And all that gets vaporized is a log left in my place. "Where did he...?"

Toyohime never got a chance to finish that sentence as I immediately appeared behind her and went into another time-stop fueled combo that basically involved firing a bunch of fully charged skulls at her, stopping time again, building it up, then continuing this until the cumulative ethereal danmaku skulls are essentially one really bright controllable bullet that hurts the eyes, even in time stop mode. Canceling time stop floods the arena with a painfully bright light that obscures everything, but there's a number of bright flashes as Toyohime is carried along by the skulls. When the attack finally stops, Yorihime uncovers her eyes just in time to see her sister drop to the ground and smolder.

"Ugh, looks like I may have to do this my-" Once again, I stop time. It seems like she has next to no defense against someone who freezes time as an offensive maneuver. That increasingly angered face is stuck in place as I crouch down and spring up in a Metsu Shoryuken, then stop time, charge, and do this over and over and over until I'm sure that the cumulative hits will at least hurt her if not knock her out. Upon restarting time I see that the hits cause her to react in surprise, yet it's nowhere near enough to actually...

Toyohime's recovered by this time and has launched not one wave like her sister instructed, but one after another in what looks like a desperate attempt to finish me off before I can get another hit off. The ground starts to rip apart under the continuous assault, and I stick a hand out and hope that any kind of shield I emit will be enough to stop this in its tracks. The waves start to slam into one another against an invisible shield, and I can feel my hand wanting to fall apart in the most literal sense possible. What's worse is that she's neither stopping nor are the waves dying down. I can barely make out Yorihime knocking the fan out of her sister's hand, but it's too little too late. I don't think I could even teleport through this...


[X]Exit, stage gap.
[X]See about punching right on through this stupid thing.
[X]Final bosses never stay down. (Note, there's no mental penalty for form choice so things like Kefka are perfectly acceptable.)
-[X]Metroid Prime Exo
-[X]Dark Samus
-[X]White Fatalis
-[X]Dragiroth (Doragyurosu, Monster Hunter boss.)
-[X]Wizeman (modified)
-[X]Beast Virus (Homeworld Cataclysm)
-[X]Leave it up to the writer.
>> No. 31434
[X]Final bosses never stay down.
-[X]Dark Samus

I think if we pick this choice we'll get banned from the moon because Dark Samus NEVER FUCKING DIES.
>> No. 31435
[x] Final bosses never stay down.
-[x] Dark Samus

Let's corrupt the "pure" lunarians. Phazon Madness ahoy.
>> No. 31437
[x] Final bosses never stay down.
-[x] Dark Samus
>> No. 31438
Besides enduring this, how do we prevent it from destroying everything else?
Even if we managed to weaken it so it wouldn't destroy all of gensokyo isn't just about every person we care about sitting immediately outside of the duel border?
>> No. 31439
[x] Final bosses never stay down.
-[x] Dark Samus
Fuck them moonbitches.~
>> No. 31441
File 127940431576.jpg- (259.12KB , 600x465 , 2590768.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X]Final bosses never stay down.
>> No. 31442
[X] Final bosses never stay down.
-[X] Dark Samus

Hey Toyohime, guess who can survive being disintegrated multiple times?
>> No. 31443
[X] Final bosses never stay down.
-[X] Dark Samus
>> No. 31444
File 127942207349.jpg- (531.90KB , 1670x1052 , concordantkiller.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Write-in.
[x] Concordant Killer

Yorihime relies on gods' powers. Indeed, all of Gensokyo operates on a system of belief in something. Mere physical attacks will only take us so far.

Let's bring out something that uses belief against its enemies. The stronger their convictions, the more polarized their world view- the more capable we become.
>> No. 31445
[X]Final bosses never stay down.
-[X] Giygas


Failing that, I'll go with -[X] Metroid Prime Exo, then Dark Samus

Though I'm not to thrilled with having the possibility of going against the moonbitches in Hypermode.
>> No. 31448
[X]Final bosses never stay down.
-[X] Night of Wallachia
>> No. 31449
[X]Final bosses never stay down.
-[X] Perfect Cell
>> No. 31451
[X]Final bosses never stay down.
-[X] Nyx Avatar/ Nyx

P3 anybody?
>> No. 31460
[X] Let's try something a little different...
-[X] Change into Yorihime.
-[X] Turn the Honjo Masamune into Toyohime's fan.

>> No. 31461
You're insane.
I like it.
>> No. 31465
[X] Let's try something a little different...
-[X] Change into Yorihime.
-[X] Turn the Honjo Masamune into Toyohime's fan.


You're either completely insane, or a complete genius. Either way, I would love to see this work.

With Yorihime's ability to summon gods, we can actually call Hakurei out into corporeal form to fight alongside us. Not only does she have the extensive knowledge of the Shinto gods that Wade lacks so we could figure which gods can counter those of Yorihime's summons, but we could also have DEATH FAN hax. So basically...we have their hax PLUS the very god of the Hakurei shrine herself. When in doubt, break the game in every way possible!
>> No. 31466
[the] Let's try something a little different...
-[only] Change into Yorihime.
-[way] Turn the Honjo Masamune into Toyohime's fan.

Best idea yet.
>> No. 31467
[X] Let's try something a little different...
-[X] Change into Yorihime.
-[X] Turn the Honjo Masamune into Toyohime's fan.

Brilliance. And they thought dropping the moon on them was irony.
>> No. 31468
[Unlimited] Let's try something a little different...
-[Hax] Change into Yorihime.
-[Works] Turn the Honjo Masamune into Toyohime's fan.
>> No. 31469
[x] Final bosses never stay down.
-[x] Dark Samus

Suddenly votes.
>> No. 31471
I don't think so... I have a really bad feeling about this.

That and where's your pride, we have all these options and you're stooping to their exact level?
>> No. 31472
[x] Final bosses never stay down.
-[x] Dark Samus

Going with this. Rather not have to become the race that hates our kind.
>> No. 31473
Dropping the moon was irony. Being a doppleganger is not.

And we don't even know what effects the fan attack will cause on what's outside the duel border. Remember what Yorihime said?
>I don't feel like having all of Gensokyo come down around our ears because you turned trigger happy.
Let's not compound the problem.
>> No. 31474
[x] Final bosses never stay down.
-[x] Dark Samus
>> No. 31475
File 127960150435.png- (233.96KB , 839x553 , Dark Samus Concept 2.png ) [iqdb]
Whoa, twenty total votes? I guess people are a bit more conflicted about what to do next.

Also, which Dark Samus form did Wade take? I leave it to your interpretation.


I've pretty much hit my limit here. My body's giving out, there's no real escape, and my only real option left is to let this wall of destruction vaporize me.

On the other hand, that will be where the fight truly begins.


The wall of white destructive force finally turns Wade's body to dust, then to nothing after roughly three minutes of constant blocking. This would have been a victory for the lunarians save for the fact that he's more than a little persistent, and that despite the fact that he's now officially out a body he's still more than capable of manifesting as something else entirely, as the two combatants would quickly discover. That and the fact that the duel border changed from a distinct crystalline aurora form to something a bit more like the detonation from a Sonic Boom charge combo out of Metroid Prime 2.

Wade's soul didn't really appear as a normal wisp, but rather a collection of distortions with a vaguely defined wisp center. Said wisp flew up to about the midway point in the arena and started to glow blue of all things, at which point the distortion started to grown into a human sized object with a electric blue skeleton in it. From there it began to charge up in a way as it suddenly went from being some kind of skeleton to a black suit of armor with electric blue lights coming from various parts of the armor, such as the visor, points on the chest, shoulders, and legs. The distortion was blown away, and the duel of border became something more along the lines of an opaque light blue crystal wall in response. Wade leveled his new arm cannon at his foes, and let loose the first of many dumbfire missiles.


Naomi on the other hand, wasn't taking this whole thing so well. The one thing she feared about this had come to pass, but that's not really what scares her at this point. Wade had just defied death itself to form back into some kind of strange suit of armor to do battle with the sisters, and she was close to fainting over it. After all, it's not every day that you see someone act out a near-staple of final boss battles firsthand.

Nari was more than a little pissed off about it, but punishment time would come later.


"Damn it, how does this even happen?" Yorihime sliced away another missile as Wade made a wide sweeping motion in order to fire off a full volley of Phazon Missiles that bounced off the duel border for some ridiculous trick shots that left the sisters on the defensive. "Whatever this thing is, it's not human!"

"I think he's human, but he's just taking advantage of something to let him defy death. Don't all souls feel some kind of desire to go to the Sanzu?" Toyohime simply kept using her fan to destroy the projectiles, then landed another shot against Wade. He vaporized just as she expected, but he quickly reformed in order to continue his assault.

"Who knows, and who cares? He's doing stuff no human should be capable of." Yorihime brought her sword down on Wade, who almost literally split in two to evade it. Wade and his Dark Echo then unleashed a rapid fire stream of missiles to deal out a counter attack before Toyohime destroyed them both, the former being a futile effort. It was almost as if he was intentionally taking the hits and reforming just to make it painfully obvious that her fan wouldn't work as well as she would have liked.

>> No. 31476
Do the laugh.

>> No. 31477

Sorry, couldn't resist
>> No. 31478
File 127963498060.jpg- (352.62KB , 700x1000 , 265d77c3400f2216e23bdd2bcda83aca.jpg ) [iqdb]
Holy shit that is awesome. I just hope Wade will kick the Watatsuki's ass across the moon figuratively and literally. I hope when he does this at the sisters as a finisher, even if it's unnecessary.
>> No. 31479
So far, the fight's been laughably easy. Each time Toyohime destroys me I come right back at the exact same strength I was at when I was hit, and I'm being highly minamalistic about the types of attacks I'm using so I'll have plenty of trump cards on hand for trashing Yorihime's counters. As far as abilities go, my sight is basically in Pre-Phaaze hyper-mode combat visor. As in, everything's greyed out save for the living targets in front of me and the Phazon-colored duel border in order to make them stand out more. This in turn makes it easier to keep tabs on them both as the ground is torn up even further.

I leap up into the air and fire off a Super Missle, at which point Yorihime summons some goddess with a really big mirror to fling it back in my face. Thankfully, her counter fails miserably as the mirror didn't change the designated lock, so the missile streaked around to where it hit the ground. From there I start spinning in place to start in inpromptu Screw Attack and streak down at the mirror just as Toyohime fires off some kind of electrical blast with her left hand. It hits, but my attack diffuses it to the point where it's rendered useless and I proceed to crash into the mirror. Yorihime's trying to bolster her chosen goddess, and said goddess is trying her hardest to bounce me back, but I refuse to let that happen.

The energy 'blades' of the screw attack clash with the giant mirror, causing cracks to from on the surface and bits of glass to come flying off as it fails. No more than five seconds later and Yorihime is forced to dismiss her goddess as I cut the mirror clean in two, possibly to avoid letting harm come to her. ...It makes sense since she has no idea that my attacks are still entirely non-lethal and legal for the most part. But, I think as I flip away from a combined sibling fireball, my little stint as Rare Akuma surely broke some kind of rule since I froze time and delivered quite a few unavoidable attacks. A quick rebound shield throws another of their combined attacks back their way, and it occurs to me that in all honesty, they most likely broke the rules first. I split off two Dark Echoes and start spinning around with them while firing a large beam outward, which Yorihime deflects with her sword by cutting through them as they pass over her, and Toyohime uses some kind of barrier spell that makes the beam react like a refracted laser. After all, Yorihime used no spellcards, and probably wasn't holding back since she summoned the god of war first instead of using any non-lethal bullet patterns.

Hm, it seems they're both annoyed with me. Toyohime is firing a very concentrated disruptive blast in a futile effort to take me out, while Yorihime calls forth a goddess of purity. ...What does she intend to purify, exactly? Despite my appearance, I'm not corrupt, merely me. Or is she so set in her view of terrans that she believes that we are incapable of purity? I initiate another Screw Attack only to be bounced back by a concentrated shockwave, at which point I'm left all to vulnerable to whatever Yorihime just did.

The Phazon-colored border cracks, and I'm left smoldering on the ground, but for an entirely different reason than what the Lunarians must believe. I can make out Toyohime asking Yorihime if it's over, and Yorihime shaking her head no and pointing at me. 'If anything, I think we just made things worse' is what she's saying, if I'm not mistaken. Well, she's right. Phazon comes in two different colors for certain: The typical sky-glacier blue Metroid Prime veterans are used to seeing, and a much more volatile orange that was only present in the last area of the first Prime. I assume that the latter isn't just more concentrated, but perhaps more 'pure' as well. As a result the blue Phazon explodes off me and is replaced by orange, at which point I shoot up into the air and fire some of it off into the duel border to reflect the change. The duel is obscured no longer, and I descend to the ground on the other side of the field. And then, for the first time since this duel started, I laugh. A hollow, echoing, mocking laugh that ridicules their efforts to destroy me and mocks their ability to deal with me effectively. They couldn't handle a blue Phazon Dark Samus, so how could they ever hope to stand against an orange Phazon Dark Samus?

>> No. 31480
>A hollow, echoing, mocking laugh that ridicules their efforts to destroy me and mocks their ability to deal with me effectively.

Hoping there's no "bad karma" that comes from this.
>> No. 31481
Things are about to get AWESOME.
>> No. 31482
I'm a bit worried about that myself
>> No. 31490
Ugh, just to let you know that I am still working on this update and that it's getting increasingly difficult to get the free time to do this one justice since there aren't really any votes on what to do until the end.

Either this will be a fuckheug update that takes goes to a timeskip to the harvest festival since I said I'd do it, or it'll just be a reasonably large update with a vote on the end.
>> No. 31491

Just don't burn yourself out.
>> No. 31492
It's more or less a result of Wade's voice changing to fit the form. I'm not about to karma'd you just because of a form choice when I explicitly stated that there was no such penalty.


It's clear they're changing up their tactics now, as Yorihime is no longer relying on her gods to control the battle and Toyohime is not using her fan at all. Given that I've more or less spat in their faces regarding their cheap tactics, it's no surprise that they actually rely on something that actually doesn't require the opponent to do something predictable, sit there for long periods of time, or to be unable to defend against their attacks. They're having to actually put some effort into it, and the reactions are different between the two of them. Yorihime seems to have become a bit surprised, and perhaps a bit excited that there's someone she can actually let loose against, while Toyohime seems to be increasingly annoyed about the fact that I'm not going down at all. They're both more determined than ever, but for entirely different reasons.

Toyohime's shooting large homing exploding bullets at me while Yorihime has taken to firing a stream of blade-like bullets at me. The former could be dealt with a simple rebound barrier, but the latter would start chipping away at me and I'm not sure if she's dealing normal danmaku damage or if she's trying for a lethal air-cutter attack. I need to avoid both to maximize my time on the field, though I really need to start doing something about those homing bullets since they aren't vanishing after any length of time. ...Hm... They probably won't work quite as well when there are more than one targets on the field. I take a moment to split off another two Dark Echoes in order to throw the homing bullets for a loop and to infuriate the sisters since they haven't figured out how to tell the real me apart from the fakes. The explosive bullets lose lock as they try to follow three targets at once, and Yorihime's cutting bullets start to bounce right off as I re-absorb the echoes to give myself a temporary boost.

"Ugh! Every time I think you couldn't get any worse, you turn around and show me just how wrong I am!" Yorihime's annoyed, but her motions seem to indicate otherwise. She's pulling out all the stops, using entire combos I'd have never thought possible and even using some Karas moves I showed her. Either that's just how fast she learns, or things like Karas really existed at one point. Regardless, her rushing at me with her sword's going to be a problem since I need at least a little distance to pull off my next brilliant trick. "Eh?!" This is remidied by my catching her sword blade with one hand and flinging her to the ground. While she's still picking herself up out of the dirt I go into Morph Ball mode and proceed to Boost Ball her into the air, go back to normal form, then start Screw Attacking her until it looks like she's managed to get a counter ready in her mind.

I drop to the ground only to have a batch of bullets explode under me, which isn't entirely unexpected since Toyohime's been free to set something up while I attack her sister relentlessly, and part of the reason I soaked up both echoes to kick my shields into overdrive. I've lost the overcharge, but I didn't get hurt by that attack at all and as a result am free to throw up a rebound field just as the next homing bullet closes in on me. This does double duty as not only does the bullet get forcibly locked onto its previous owner, but it also throws Yorihime fairly far away from me since she came down almost directly on top of me. "Why won't you just give in already? You won't beat us, and I doubt you can keep resisting the urge to move on for long." Just to try to prove her point, she wipes out her own bullet in short order.

..."Understand... Nothing... You... Do..." Speech is pretty frigging difficult in this form, but I hope I can give her the picture in relatively few words. And just to prove my point I take a moment to blow away every single bullet coming at me. I then dash away from a sword slash that's been extended by the use of a wave of air, and counter with a massive beam of Phazon that Yorihime handily cuts in half. I have to admit that I really didn't think she would be able to do that. Still, I have a free hand and a Grapple Beam, which results in me preforming a ranged grab on Yorihime and slamming her into her sister before following it up with another quick Phazon missile shot.


"He's putting up quite a fight." Eirin happened to be sitting somewhere off to the side along with Kaguya with a cup of liquor in hand and an amused look on her face. "It's been too long since those two have had someone force them to use actual effort instead of just summoning deities or using that fan."

"Do you think he'll win, Eirin?" Kaguya's interest in the fight wasn't all that great since it was more a hinderance when it came to actually viewing the moon. However, she was being polite about it since her friend showed interest in the fight's result.

"Maybe, but it will take a while. If both sides are too stubborn to back down then the fight will conclude sometime around daybreak. Four, maybe five hours from now." Eirin took another sip while gauging the combatants. It seems she did pick up on her princess' displeasure as she said something about it afterward. "I am sorry about this princess, but it seems like a waste to stop them now."

"I understand. It's only natural to see how one's students would fare in a real battle where the half the combatants didn't throw the match." Kaguya then paused for a moment before continuing. "Ah, this is a bit selfish of me. We'll live forever, and it's not like the moon is going to dissapear any time soon. I'll put my desire aside this once, but if they start up another fight the next time around, I want you to help me end it so we can enjoy this little party in peace."

"Understood, my princess. It would be an opportunity to test them myself." Eirin then cracked a full smile before getting a refill.


Yorihime finally caught me off guard long enough to land a decent hit while her sister followed up with some magic lightning, but that didn't exactly do much considering the fact that it was a couple of weak hits at best. I immediately go back into morph ball mode and barrel right into Toyohime, then wheel around to hit Yorihime while shooting out Phazon Lightning of my own, but that was more or less countered with a strong blade swipe that managed to throw me across the field. I landed a couple small hits but quite honestly they were pretty much nothing compared to what I wanted to do. Still, I've got a fair few other options, not the least of which involves rolling up the side of the border to set up another attack. This one still involves the Boost Ball, but this time I don't even plan to go near the two of them if I can avoid it. I boost off the border of duel, then start boosting past the two princesses at high speed, dropping Power Bombs as I go. It's obvious that they didn't expect me to start dropping huge explosions instead of trying to hit them directly, but they still manage to find a way to avoid them for the most part since the explosions take so long to actually become a threat. ...At least until I charge up one particular shot that lets me fling them all over the place as I'm boosting.

Suddenly they're on the defensive again as the Power Bombs go off all around them in suitably chaotic fashion, though Yorihime's trying her damn hardest to sling at least one back at me. Unfortunately for her they don't affect me, proven by the fact that I'm boosting straight through my own bombs repeatedly. Eventually my trick runs out of shots and I'm stuck charging again, and Toyohime's having none of it since she's starting to attempt freezing me. She does actually freeze me solid at one point, which Yorihime takes advantage of to deliver one particularly painful cut that someone wallbounces me. That doesn't stop the charge though, so I'm free to start charging them again.


"It's still..." Naomi still hasn't quite adjusted to the fact that I've essentially told death to pack sand so I can keep fighting, though she is faring quite a bit better than before. "So unreal. Even the whole part about this place being a sealed land was less of a shock than this."

"It really is, isn't it?" Yukari happened to be holding the artist in her arms, and wasn't even trying to molest or suffocate her for once. The expression on her face happened to be changing every now and again as her thoughts drifted towards various subjects, such as how she'd get Wade back to life without getting a visit from the Yama, the fact that even death wouldn't stop him, and the possibility that he wouldn't need to come back as a human. "Truthfully, I'm not much happier about this, but Wade has it under control, don't you think?"

"Let's see, he's got a chunk of the boundary of dream and reality in him, he has his shikigami bond with Nari to empower him, has the goddess Hakurei supporting him, not to mention the faith of everyone who believes that he's genuinely going to kick their asses. Yeah, I'd say he has a pretty good handle on it." Mima happened to be sitting fairly close, though this was for no reason in particular other than the fact that this also happened to be part of the rabbit's route and she could swipe some extra liquor and snacks as she wished. She then snorted as something occured to her. "Hey Yukari, are you sure you didn't go tweaking things to where he'd be able to pull this off and survive in some form? You had an interest in him long before he ever regained consciousness."

Yukari looked at the spirit with some level of amusement. "I don't know what you're talking about~"


Somehow I managed to cross-counter Yorihime with my left fist, which ended up throwing us both back a fair distance yet never actually knocking us both down. "For heaven's sake, do you EVER tire out or get hurt?" She's definitely annoyed by this point, but even she's not quite moving as quick as before. She wants to throw out another attack, but she's trying to conserve energy at the same time, which is kind of what I'm trying to do at this point. Never the less she does eventually run at me with sword raised once again...

...Which I block with a improvised wrist blade formed from a stiff Grapple Beam. "You... Same... Asked..." And since she's using both hands to try to break my guard, I bring my arm cannon up to her gut and fire off the charge beam I had been storing up for just such an occasion. I then whip it around and fire off an absolutely relentless stream of Phazon Beam shots as I close the distance, which Toyohime is doing her best to counter one for one. Sadly for her this isn't my main goal as I throw out my Grapple Beam to catch hold of her again. I need to end this fairly soon since I've exhausted quite a bit of stamina just dealing with Yorihime's tendencies to get up close and personal.

From there I decide to start swinging her around, building up speed, at which point I somehow catch Yorihime with Toyohime as the former picks herself up off the ground once again, then rise up into the air in order to create a vertical swing. Once I'm sure I've gotten enough speed I decide to let go just as the whole thing is pointed at the moon, letting it drag me along until I decide to retract the beam and start riding the lunarians like a surf board. Somehow I manage to tap into the Lunar Veil in the process to speed up the transition to the moon, then proceed to impact the both of them onto their home soil. After than I decide to take advantage of the fact that I have them both lassoed and fling them both back down toward Earth.


"It's about over, I think." Reimu watched as Wade flung the lunarians up to the moon with a neutral expression.

"What makes ya say that?" Suika happened to be next to her, pulling swigs out of her ever-present gourd. The little oni looked at Reimu before looking skyward. "Hey, he's coming back down!"

"That's why." Reimu then points to Wade, and the fact that he's using this as a very long asteroid drop of an attack. "Good thing the field will keep all the dust in."

"Huh?" The poor oni looked a little confused about why that would be.


I decided to simply Screw Attack them right into the ground the moment we hit Earth's atmosphere, and given the fact that they're not even putting up a token escape attempt I would have to say that they're already knocked out and that I'm just making sure that they stay knocked out. That's not a bad idea in the slightest when we're talking about people who tend to have this annoying habit of being able to take far more damage than they're supposed to.

A minute later and we've impacted the ground, Lunarian first of course, and I've used them to form a small crater and one hell of a dust cloud. The barrier only drops once the dust has settled, and I find that my Dark Samus form has worn off and that I'm essentially me again, albeit lacking a body. ...Unfortunately, I'm left even more tired than I had thought and quickly fall unconscious not too long after.

>> No. 31496
I wonder if this means we'll see Komachi again~
>> No. 31497
"So, you won huh?" That sounds like Nari... I open my eyes to find that I'm back in my soulscape, but it looks like someone took a tornado to it. "You do realize you broke your word about sleeping with just me tonight?"

"Erk..." That wasn't something I expected to hear first thing when I woke up.

"Idiot." She steps on over to me and hugs me, which wasn't what I thought she'd do. Then again, she's not a female from a harem manga/anime. "Yukari's made it so you're alive again, but that doesn't change the fact that you threw away your life on a stupid duel." She's pissed off, and with every reason in the world. "Don't you ever do that again!" She then kisses me full force, and I drift off to sleep once more.


"My, Nari isn't terribly happy with you, is she?" Yukari is next for some reason, and she's sitting in mid-air as is typical of her. She doesn't look all that thrilled either, and probably for the same reasons. She opens her mouth to speak, but I cut her off.

"I get it, I did something that was beyond stupid. You don't have to grind that into my skull since I'm sure no one will let me forget about it." ...I'm actually starting to feel guilty about this. I won, but I wound up hurting Nari in the process...

"It's good that you recognize that fact. It saves me the trouble of having to chew you out, and lets me congratulate you for achieving a proper victory against those two." Her expression goes from saddened to happy in a few seconds, and she's even got her fan out. "Mind you, you're going to have to take responsibility to what you've done~" ...That's something I haven't heard in a while. It's probably only been a few days, but it feels like years. There's no mistaking that mischievous smile though, she's made up her mind and nothing's going to change that.

"And how do you plan on making me do that? Taking you as my date for the harvest festival?" And if she's acting as she has in the past...

Yukari puts her fan to her lips to hide her already revealed smile, as if it would really help her case. "Maybe~ Or maybe I have something else in mind~" She pulls out a small box and tosses it to me. "I've put quite a bit of thought into it, and I've decided that I want you to look in that box at the end of the festival. Then come to me with your answer~"

"Is this...?" I look at the little box with a mild sense of wonder, and if I'm right...

"Don't go spoiling it~ I want it to have the full effect~" And as usual, she's being cute about it. Ah well, no sense messing things up by pressing the issue needlessly. "Oh yes, keep in mind that while I may have decided to let you off the verbal abuse hook, quite a few other people want to yell at you for being so stupid, so take it as it comes and do what's needed to set things right."
>> No. 31510
With that last sentence from Yukari, I close my eyes again.

The next time I open them, I find that I'm in an actual bed, that I've been stripped down to a fresh pair of boxers, and that while this body seems to be in fairly good shape I don't feel like I have the energy to do much of anything. But that's kind of a given when you consider how much I exhausted myself last night taking on both Yorihime and Toyohime. ...Speaking of last night, I really did bank more than a couple plans on my being awake for the end of the fight. Sheesh, Yukari said a few other people want to take their shots at me, but I already know just how big an idiot I was about this and don't really need it.

"They only want to chew you out because they care." Hakurei starts talking in my head in response to what I just thought, and this time it's more a comfort than an annoyance. Of course, she seems to have heard that as well since she snorts at me. "I guess you're awake enough to deal with the others if you're awake enough to snark."

Just one thing: How long was I out?

"Roughly two days. You would have been up sooner but the whole bit about celestial beurocracy managed to turn that into a bigger fuss than necessary."

Dare I ask how?

"The Judge of Faith and Shikieiki both showed up not too long after Yukari restored you and requested that your soul be turned over. ...Don't think badly of them. Even they have to take orders."

I know, I know... Go on.

"The problem was that your clock was supposed to have run out during that fight, and for some reason it glitched up and recalculated itself the moment you tapped into your soul to take another form."

This sounds vaguely familiar.

"Probably because a lesser form of this has already happened. Your soul probably wasn't meant to ever recover once Gengetsu busted it, but we all know what happened to that."

I already know I owe my existence to that little hornball, you don't need to remind me.

"Wasn't trying to. Anyway, the first time around your clock changed and spontaneously hit zero, but since you were reformed so quick St. Peter was able to treat that clock change as a glitch and restore it to its original value. The obvious problem was that it wasn't accurate anymore and that he needed to make adjustments. Still, they more or less let that one slide on the condition that you be brought to Higan for some kind of inspection."

So my clock was recalculated to end two nights ago.

"And from what Peter told us, it did. He couldn't sweep it under the rug a second time, not with that obvious a change. His higher-up put his foot down on the matter and refused to budge, saying that your time has come and that's that."

I take it Yukari had a few choice things to say about that.

"She doesn't want to let you go, in case you haven't noticed."

Obviously. Not that I'm complaining mind you, I'm glad I've gotten so far in her good graces.

"Heh. She won, by the way, and has demanded that your self-recalculation stand, or else she'd start making their lives miserable."

Normally I'd ask how she got away with blackmailing Higan, but I think it's obvious how she managed to pull that one off.

"She is the demon of boundaries. Still, I shouldn't keep you for too long since I'm sure Merlin wants to hit you at the very least."


No further response. I guess she's decided to kick back and watch the fireworks.

>> No. 31512
File 128012057634.png- (437.50KB , 600x600 , Yukari again.png ) [iqdb]
Sheesh, why is finding a non-perverse Yukari pic that suits the mood so difficult?


Moving's not that difficult, but it feels like it takes more than it really should. Sitting upright's pretty much the same deal, but I don't dare try to get off the bed yet since I'm pretty sure this would result in me falling over in less than comedic fashion. Instead I focus on taking a look around the room I'm in since I'm still waiting for the inevitable response to my dying, and notice that it seems to be Yukari's room, or perhaps the one she uses most often. The reason I can tell is that I've been here before and easily recognize little things like the color scheme, the various things lying about that all make this room look like Yukari uses it. I could be wrong about this and Yukari could actually use multiple rooms, but that's just a trivial matter that doesn't merit much thought.

...Man, it's nice to actually be relaxed enough to spend time thinking about little details like that.

Wait a tic, I still haven't...

I jump back when I finally notice that there's a less than amused Merlin looking me in the face upside-down, or rather, I would have if my head weren't already against the wall, so instead of jumping back I slam the back of my head against the wall. It's not a terribly pleasant thing to do, let me tell you. "You weren't thinking again, were you?" The poltergeist the proceeds to flip herself upright and comes to a rest on my legs, all the while wearing a frown that's both cute and making me push myself against the wall even harder. "Yes, I'm mad at you. No, you're not going to get out of this." She then brings her hand across my face in a swift slap. "You complete idiot! Why did you let yourself die like that? What made you think it could ever have been a good idea?!" Thankfully all she does is plant a hand on each of my shoulders and yells at me, but the fact that there are tears forming in her eyes makes this hurt in a different way... "Never... NEVER do that again." She's holding back some of her venting on the matter, but she chooses to act out on it by wrapping her arms around me and crying on my shoulder instead of yelling at me more than she already has. ...I really didn't think about how people would have reacted.

Naomi's the next one to walk in, and unlike Merlin, who was pissed off over my actions, she looks like she can't believe her eyes. Her walk is pretty slow, though it doesn't take her that long to walk up next to me and put her hand on the side of my face not occupied by the poltergeist. "You... You're really alive?" And her voices mirrors her expression. It's one of distinct disbelief, and it hasn't been lessened by her touching me.

"I'd like to think I am." Putting one arm around Merlin and the other on Naomi's hand, I try to comfort them both. "Rest assured that I'm not going to do something like this on purpose again. I like being alive a little too much to go throwing my life away like that again."

Merlin pulls away just enough to look me in the eye, and I have to admit that tears don't really suit her. The smiling, yet still angry look doesn't really suit her either since that means she's probably going to do something to me. "Even if you do, I'll make sure you don't move on without paying for it in all manners of ways that would leave you pissing your pants." She seems to have calmed down a fair bit within those last few minutes...

Naomi says nothing, and instead wraps her arms around me as she too starts to cry. However, these are tears of joy in their most obvious form. I then put my arm around the artist and draw her close, both to try to help reassure her and to feel her body against mine once again. Even though I've been close to so many others, I've found that I missed Naomi in particular.

Roughly an hour passes without either of us noticing it, and in time others start to come into the room without us ever really noticing it.
>> No. 31542
I know it's probably not that big a deal, but I want to apologize for it anyway: Sorry the prelude to the festival is coming out so sporadically and in such tiny chunks, I really wanted to get this all knocked out in two, maybe three updates rather than make you all sit through not-so-rapid fire small updates.

And yes, you'll get a chance to interact with whomever you wish during the festival.

After that is the ending, and I hope it'll be worth the wait since I've put quite a bit of thought into it since early in the story.


Before I know it, pretty much everyone I'm on good terms with shows up in the room, though I have to wonder if there wasn't some gaphax involved to give them all someplace to stand. Off subject, bad me. Anyway, it seems more people came to chew me out than I had any reason to expect and the results varied from almost yelling, to truly terrifying gazes that promised untold punishment if I were to ever die on purpose again, to those who felt that the others were doing a good enough job without them, to those who were simply glad that I was alive.

Among the guests were Marine and Ben, which practically made my heart skip a beat. Despite my calm demeanor earlier I had neither forgotten about them, nor had I ceased caring, especially when that knife weilding brat was in the same general state that they were in. I tried to force myself to walk over to them without thinking about it and promptly paid for it by falling to the floor. Or, I would have if Komachi hadn't suspended me in freefall and Nari didn't catch me. After that my shikigami decided that she was going to curl up on me in order to make me refrain from moving, which was probably smart since I wanted to get out of bed more than once during that whole episode.

Yukari popped in not too long after I finished apologizing to everyone to state that while I was an idiot, I managed to defeat the lunar sisters under my own power and essentially cheated the system, which was more than enough reason to have a party and get drunk. Obviously certain parties declined, but the rest joined in. I joined in as well, but apparently not only did I lack the energy to really move, my alcohol tolerance took a nosedive as well.


The next time I wake up, it's already night again, but I get the impression that no one has actually left. ...Man, this is such a cliche, but just as good an opportunity to go talk to someone who might still be up.

[X]Go say hi to death and her boss.
[X]The little oni needs some attention.
[X]When's the last time I had some one on one time with Yukari?
[X]Perhaps the puppeteer is awake?
[X]I could have sworn I saw Mima around.
[X]Not enough red-white in my sight.
[X]I still want to talk to Merlin.
[X]See about visiting my fellow Outsider friends.
[X]Annoying though she is, Marisa's been helpful in her own way.
[X]...Where's the goddess in my head?
[X]Someone else? (specify)


Yes, tiny update, but I figure that this might be a good time to actually leave a voting choice here for making a nighttime intrusion.
>> No. 31544
[X]See about visiting my fellow Outsider friends.
>> No. 31545
[X]When's the last time I had some one on one time with Yukari?
-[X]...Where's the goddess in my head?
>> No. 31546
[X]Perhaps the puppeteer is awake?
>> No. 31548
[X]When's the last time I had some one on one time with Yukari?
>> No. 31549
[X]Go say hi to death and her boss.
[X]When's the last time I had some one on one time with Yukari?

Am I the only one who missed Komachi with her absence?
>> No. 31550
[X]When's the last time I had some one on one time with Yukari?
>> No. 31552
[x] When's the last time I had some one on one time with Yukari?
>> No. 31554
[X]When's the last time I had some one on one time with Yukari?
>> No. 31555
[x] When's the last time I had some one on one time with Yukari?
>> No. 31556
As I consider who to go pester, my thoughts turn to the one person who probably needs it. Yukari hasn't really had any sort of alone time with me at all these last few days, and I can't help but feel guilty about it since I know she was so worried that I'd fall for someone else in the meantime. Yeah, I need to go see her. Odds are good she won't be asleep anyway. With that thought I crawl out of bed, which was mercifully easy thanks to the fact that Nari wasn't clinging to me as I thought she would, and test my legs. Somehow I'm able to stand upright, and even better is the fact that I can actually walk.

I've got no further reason to stick around, and walk out into the hallway. ...I momentarily berate myself for not floating since it would be quieter, but I'm not about to push my luck and risk making a ruckus when so many people would be asleep. There's also the small issue of not knowing where Yukari would be since I don't know precisely what she does this time of night, though given her perverted nature I think I could hazard a guess. My eyes almost roll all on their own as I keep walking, but they still look for any signs of Yukari, be it a name plaque on a door or so much as a glimpse of her gold-blond hair. The fact that it's pitch black doesn't help, but these things always end up working themselves out.

Stopping in front of a door, I decide to feel for some kind of identification, and can't find any. Still, the fact that there's warm air coming from the tiny gap between the door and the doorjam is very suspicious, so I open the door and forgo knocking. ...In retrospect, it was both polite and stupid as I could very easily have walked in on Byakuren, or met Shinki and promptly lose sight of my goal as we express our love for each other once again, as we seem to do almost every time we meet. The door behind me closes, and I sigh at my own foolishness. It's just as dark in here as it was out there, but I know I got it right when I smell the air. Yukari's natural scent fills the air in here, and it's interwoven with someone else's. I started to worry until I noticed that it's another feminine scent, then berate myself again for even considering that Yukari would be loose enough to take another man without formally rejecting me first, especially since I'm pretty sure that box she handed me earlier contains an engagement ring at the very least. So one of her harem members is here, and from the smell of it they were having fun in here. That's hardly something worth worrying about as I'm quite certain that it's a routine thing, but this could impede what I set out to do if I wake them both up.

I walk up to the bed as silently as possible, then smell my way to my girlfriend, who's on the right side of the bed. Just to be sure it's her, I brush my hand on her cheek first, then stroke the length of her hair for good measure. ...I'm still not confident that I've got the right woman, but I lower my head to hers and kiss her on the lips regardless, all while praying this doesn't turn out like some stupid harem manga stereotype.

"Mmm~" That sounds like Yukari, smells like Yukari, and when those glowing purple eyes open up, I know it's Yukari. "Well hello~" Her tone is both happy and teasing at the same time, and I'm pretty sure she's smiling too. "To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?"

"I wanted to spend time with you. I haven't been giving you any undivided attention for a while now, and I felt like an idiot for it. You're my girlfriend after all." What I'm saying comes out as a bit of a mess, but I hope she gets the right idea regardless.

"You just wanted to spend time with me, in other words." I don't need to see her face to tell she has a very Cheschire cat smile on her face, yet it softens into a smile that only conveys her happiness. "I'm glad you came then, but you're wearing too much for this visit~." And suddenly I'm stark naked, with Yukari sitting upright on the edge of the bed staring right into my eyes. "I won't let you get out of coming to bed with me, but I leave you this choice: Sleep, or... Me~"

[X]Sleep. I pushed my luck with simple things like walking.
-[X]But nobody says we can't talk before then.
[X]Yukari. If she's offering, I can't refuse her.
[X]"Wait, isn't there someone here with you?"


A bit earlier than expected, but this is important~
>> No. 31557
[X]Yukari. If she's offering, I can't refuse her.

Finally, some Yukari time.
>> No. 31558
[x]Sleep. I pushed my luck with simple things like walking.
-[x]But nobody says we can't talk before then.
I'm worried about our health, as nice as a Yukari scene would otherwise be.
>> No. 31559
[X]Yukari. If she's offering, I can't refuse her.
- [X] Try to take it easy though, she wouldn't forgive us for dying in the middle of the act
>> No. 31561
[X]"Wait, isn't there someone here with you?"

Would at least want to confirm this.
>> No. 31562

If we died, she would go ballistic, as it would have been her fault then.

[X] Sleep. I pushed my luck with simple things like walking.
-[X] But nobody says we can't talk before then.
[X] "Wait, isn't there someone here with you?"
>> No. 31564
[X]"Wait, isn't there someone here with you?"

Threesome? Yes please.
>> No. 31565
[X]"Wait, isn't there someone here with you?"
>> No. 31566
[X]"Wait, isn't there someone here with you?"
-[X]Yukari. If she's offering, I can't refuse her.
-- [X] Try to take it easy though, she wouldn't forgive us for dying in the middle of the act.

If it's possible to mix.
>> No. 31567
I wonder who girl number two is...
>> No. 31568
[x] "Wait, isn't there someone here with you?"
>> No. 31585
[X]"Wait, isn't there someone here with you?"
-[X]Yukari. If she's offering, I can't refuse her.
-- [X] Try to take it easy though, she wouldn't forgive us for dying in the middle of the act.
This ze.
>> No. 31586
[X]"Wait, isn't there someone here with you?"
[X]Yukari. If she's offering, I can't refuse her.
[X] Try to take it easy though, she wouldn't forgive us for dying in the middle of the act.

>> No. 31593
"You drive a hard bargain Yukari, but I think I'll take you first." I roll my eyes and take a mock 'twist my arm' tone to my voice, but the offer really is tantalizing. The offer of a quiet night alone with Yukari to properly convey our feelings without a third party interfering is too good to pass up, and might even go a long way towards keeping her from doing anything stupid. There is the small issue of my only recently recoving enough to walk, but she won't let me kill myself to finish the act. "Though there's just one thing I need to ask before we start. Who's the other woman in bed with you?" It makes sense to ask this, seeing as I smelled Yukari and someone else.

"Oh?" Yukari raises an eyebrow at my question, but doesn't stop smiling. "It's just Ran, and I've already worn her out. This might annoy her though, so perhaps we should take this somewhere else." Yukari then tries to get out of bed only to notice that she has a couple slick tails wrapped firmly around her waist. "Oh my~" The gap youkai laughs to herself as she turns to look at her sleeping shikigami. "It seems I'm not going anywhere, so we'll just have to do it right here~"

I didn't notice that Yukari had already put one of her hands into a gap, which resulted in my hairless pink monkey suit being shoved onto the bed by about ten or so hands that came out of gaps. I then notice that not only was Yukari not under the covers, but neither is Ran, and the latter is just as exposed as her master. Case in point as my neck lands on her thigh, and my head in front of a spot that smells strongly of, and is most likely the source of, Ran's scent. Still, she's not the one I plan on doing, unless she wakes up and joins in, so I sit back upright and face Yukari once more. "So, anything in mind?" Given that this is really her time, she should have first pick.

"Hm~" Yukari gives a thoughtful, happy hum as she thinks to herself. "An offer to do as I please~ That doesn't come often." Her look turns momentarily apologetic after a minute or so. "I'm sorry, but I want Ran in on this. She does some wonderful things I'm sure you'd enjoy, and it's important that she comes to accpet you as well."

"It's your time, so feel free." So much for a nice, quiet night with just Yukari, but she wants this for herself and I have no reason to refuse her.

"Ran..." The gap youkai leans over her shikigami and shakes her lightly. "Ra~n..." Still no change in her voice other than the fact that she's drawing out that name and shaking her a bit more roughly. "Ran, darling, you need to wake~ up~" I think she's gotten under her shikigami and is using one hand to cover her mouth and the other to hold her close. I can't imagine for a second what she's doing until I make the mistake of coming into contact with her leg, at which point it's pinned down by a couple inch-wide worm-like things that are pulling her legs apart to spread her pussy wide open. "Last chance~" Her tone still hasn't changed, and from her body language it's still that of a slightly annoyed lover. I get the feeling that Yukari's going to skip the foreplay here...

A gap opens up just enough to let a peculiar, opaque, gold colored tentacle that seems to be gelatinous in nature and more than capable of bringing its thick width down to something more realistic through. Thanks to its slight, bioluminescent glow I can see that there's nothing at tip, yet the texure looks like it's designed to massage every last bit of sensitive inner wall. The thin tip pokes and prods at Ran's crotch for a few moments before gently wrapping around a small nub of flesh and sliding back and forth on it. "Aaah..." And finally Ran wakes up, albeit in a rather slow, pleasure-blurred way. The gap youkai removes her hand when she's certain the fox won't scream. "Y-yukari...? Didn't we just get done with this?" She asks in a sleepy tone even as it's clear that she's growing ever more sensitive. ...On another note, somehow I got my hand out from under that writhing batch of tentacles holding her legs apart. That would not have been pleasant had they mistaken me for their target.

"Mmm, we did, but Wade needs some fun time too~" Yukari's looking her shikigami right in the eye while playing with one of the fox's nipples. "I thought it would be nice if you could help me~" Her tone's teasing, but the intent dead serious.

Ran looks up to look at me just in time for the tentacle to give up on the clit and to push into her, most likely soiled many times over, flower. "I see." And for some reason, she's not acknowledging the fact that a tentacle as wide as the world's biggest python is somehow filling her without hurting her. I'm guessing it stretches itself down to where it's at a comfortable size and it just looks like it's forcing its way in with no consideration for its victim. ...And I only just noted that another one is squeezing its way into her butt. Good Shinki, how does she take that without so much as a flinch?! "But wouldn't this be better without my interference?" The most I can make out is that her face is reddened.

"He needs to feel your tails at least once you know, and he should get used to some of my fetishes before he goes popping the question~" Which doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I'm guessing she'd much rather use those tentacles on herself too. "So~"

Ran rolls her eyes as she sits upright on the bed, still somehow ignoring the effects of the gently thrusting tentacles. "Since Yukarin has wished it, I will help. ...Even if I am certain this would be better without me in the middle of it." Something else occurs to her, as her eyes go wide while an eyebrow arcs up. "Yukarin, he is a man isn't he? Not to mention that I don't think he's the type to enjoy penetration."

I remain silent. This whole thing looks nice, and there is one obvious solution to the problem that I'm sure Yukari's already thought of and plans on asking me if I want to do it. "Well, that depends. Wade, how would you feel about letting me, say... swap your gender for a bit?" Her smile turns sheepish as she suggests it, which means she might be embarrassed by the thought as well. "I won't force you, and it'd only be temporary..."

[X]Maybe it's just nerves, but I'd like to stick with what my genes gave me.
[X]...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
>> No. 31594
[don't be a pussy] Do it.
>> No. 31595
[X]Maybe it's just nerves, but I'd like to stick with what my genes gave me.

You wanted a man Yukari, you're going to get a man, not another girl, you have like fifty of them already.
>> No. 31596
[X]...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.

Why the hell not.
>> No. 31597
[X]...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
-[X] But the balls and dick stay.

Why not the futanari route?
>> No. 31598
[X]...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
>> No. 31599
[x] ...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.


>> No. 31600
[x] ...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
>> No. 31601
[X]Maybe it's just nerves, but I'd like to stick with what my genes gave me.
>> No. 31602
[X]...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
>> No. 31603
[X]Maybe it's just nerves, but I'd like to stick with what my genes gave me.

Go with what you know. Or at the very least, wait until you haven't been dead and back as recently as we are currently.
>> No. 31604
[X]Maybe it's just nerves, but I'd like to stick with what my genes gave me.
-[x] Another time for sure.
>> No. 31605

I agree.

[X]Maybe it's just nerves, but I'd like to stick with what my genes gave me.
>> No. 31606
[X] ...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.

Who hasn't wondered what it's like for the other side?
>> No. 31607
[X] ...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
>> No. 31608
[x]...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
Oh yes.
>> No. 31609
[X]...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
>> No. 31610
[X]...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
>> No. 31611
[x] ...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
-[x] Although, uh. Hmmm. Shouldn't I be able to do it to myself?
>> No. 31613
[X]...This is kinda weird, but I wondered what it would be like.
-[X] But the balls and dick stay.
>> No. 31617
I come back and find pornpornporn.

[x] Genderswap option.

what is this i don't even



maybe i do
>> No. 31618

I don't see you complaining~


It's a strange proposition to be sure, but stragely enough it's one that I don't mind accepting. Maybe it's just because I can't refuse that face, or perhaps I have my own strange curiosity as to what it would be like to go at it as a girl, as Shinki knows I've done it enough with my standard equipment, so I find no reason to say no. "I don't mind doing a bit of genderswapping for a little while." I can feel my cheeks heat up just by saying that. Good grief, am I really that bored?

Yukari looks shocked too, but it quickly turns into a smile. "Ah, I didn't really think you'd agree to it! I will only make this stick for one round, then I'll let you do me proper~" Then then pushes me down onto the bed and gives an excited giggle. "Okay, now this is going to feel a little strange~"

A little strange, and a little instantaneous! I don't feel my manhood shrink away into nothing, nor do I feel my chest expand to its currently healthy proportions. I do feel a bit weird in the fact that I have a pussy where my dick should be, but that's quickly overwhelmed by the sheer novelty of it. Wasting no time, I start feeling myself up in utter disbelief only for Yukari to pull my hand away. Looking up at her, I see that she's smiling and shaking her head no. "I'm guessing you want to do me first?" It's a rhetorical question with an obvious answer, but I'm not really in the mood to be sensible. I just agreed to a genderswap fetish for Shinki's sake!

"Call me a bit selfish, but I never got your first time. I figure I can make up for that by being your first in a slightly different arrangement~" Yukari sits directly in front of me, and I actually feel a little skittish as she gives my body a solid once over. "My, your body isn't half-bad~" There's no drool, no hint of lust in any of her actions. Just an innocent smile and a desire. "Ra~n."

"Yes, Yukarin." Ran then sits behind me, facing away from me while Yukari pulls me up and slides me back-first into that bushy bunch of divine fluffiness. The effect is immidiate; two of Ran's tails wrap around my waist, one somehow slides up my asshole, two slip underneath my arms and toy with my nipples, but what really sends me into a state of bliss are the four that start massaging my back.

The look on my face is already one of content, and my face is rapidly reddening from the other tails working my sensitive spots, but it seems Yukari's not content with that alone. "Hm~" She hums in a happy tone. "This'll be fun~" She then leans in and kisses me full on the lips, and wraps her arms around me for good measure. It doesn't get in the way of the back massage either. I decide to reciprocate it, pulling Yukari in close to where our bosoms rub together, at which point the two tails working on them retreat to my back, and we rub them together in tandem until both our sets have fully erect nipples. ...Rubbing our pillowy mounds together doesn't feel half bad either. With that out of the way, Yukari pulls back and asks for permission to move on without words, to which I give the go ahead. She puts her own pussy into a gap while I spread my legs and pull open my own folds, which feels weird in a sorta-good way, and stare in wonder as a gap opens up on the sheet directly in front of it. An opaque, gel-like gold tentacle slips out of it and probes my lower lips a few times before giving my clit a gentle rub. This is enough to make me jump ever so slightly, and Yukari laughs softly as I do so. Still, I don't know how but somehow she is both the woman in front of me and the tentacle so keen on slipping into me. Sensing this, I grab hold of it and pull it up to my mouth, where I lick it once and kiss it before letting it fall in front of my now-spread pussy. I could see that Yukari shuddered when I kissed it, so it must be her and as such, I have no problem with this.

The tentacle pushes against me, then forces its way in with a delicate touch. She's determined to get in, but not to the point where she's going to hurt me to do it. The feeling is essentially having an empty space filled to the brim, and with a textured tentacle that seems specially built to stimulate every last inch of inner wall as it slides in, I find that words fail to describe it. It eventually hits a fleshy blockage, which it pushes aside with a small wince and a whimper from me, and finally probes as far in as it can go. Then it retreats, and slides back in. Then again, and again, and again until it hits a rythm that makes me lean backward onto Ran and spread my legs just as far as they can go. Ran's tail is also thrusting in and out of me, and it feels like I'm going to melt from the back massage. Not good since I want to be able to reciprocate, but good because this is the best I've felt since I've come here. Yukari then embraces me again, slides one leg underneath one of mine, then pushes her pussy directly onto mine. This is really weird since I know that the tentacle is coming from her and going into me, yet at the same time she's rubbing our womanhoods together in a rythmic dance that I can't help but follow. ...It's a little like patting your head and rubbing your stomach, except it feels a hell of a lot better.

As time goes on, Yukari picks up speed in her antics until I feel a hot sensation bubble up from within me. My fluids start to soak both the tentacle and Yukari's crotch, and with a bit more persuasion my body hits a fever pitch that I can't resist. Lacking any further will to fight, I fall backwards into Ran's tails, at which point they start to rub everywhere, while my slick inner walls massage Yukari's tentacle with fervor until it comes as well. That last act leaves me feeling remarkably satisfied all on its own, and I'm tempted to fall asleep here, connected to both Ran and the woman I love.

[X]She's had her fun, now it's my turn.
[X]...But surely she was holding back?
[X]This is good enough, sleep.
>> No. 31619
[x] ...But surely she was holding back?
>> No. 31620
[X] ...But surely she was holding back?

>I come back and find pornpornporn.
Do I need to sing the song?
>> No. 31621
[X] ...But surely she was holding back?

Yes, I would like more FemWade.
>> No. 31622
[X]She's had her fun, now it's my turn.

Let's have some proper one on one time now that we've done this.
>> No. 31623
[x] ...But surely she was holding back?
>> No. 31624
[x] ...But surely she was holding back?
>> No. 31626
Wow... once again look what happens when MtG Anon takes too long to update.
>> No. 31627
[x] ...But surely she was holding back?
>> No. 31628
[x] ...But surely she was holding back?
>> No. 31643

Actually, MtG's got nothing to do with it. I planned on doing a Yukari scene near the end regardless. 99% of the time you guys pick the 'get laid' option regardless of what I put down, or Wade's current state.


But something tells me Yukari isn't satisfied with this, that she wants to ravage me further still before she's satisfied, and that she wants to do so without interference. My mouth's not occupied so I'm still able to speak. "Yukari..." Unfortunately I'm still feeling the afterglow of her recent antics and can't get everything out in one go. "If you want... to go further, I... I'll let you, just this once." ...There must be something terribly arousing about my sweaty body, the vulnerable look I'm giving her, my erect nipples, the fact that I've all but fallen on my back thanks to Ran moving off, and the one throbbing, gelatinous tentacle letting her see inside me as her face is both bright red from the heavy blush, and slowly turning from unsure to predatory.
She actually wipes a bit of drool from her mouth as she contemplates what to do next, but comes to a conclusion in very short order. "Ran~ This is something I want to for myself~." Her smile's bright and cheery, but there's none of the innocence from before. Just an awakened carnal desire and the ability to use reality warping to make it into whatever the hell she wants. "So I'm taking Wade somewhere else to love her properly."

Ran merely rolls her eyes when she hears this, but she makes a point of saying something before she gets back on her side of the bed. "Just be careful with her, she's won't have the stamina or durability of your usual partners." She then gets under the covers to get some much needed shut eye.

"Mmm~" Yukari makes a happy little humming noise as she brings her hand down to the gap allowing the tentacle through, and pulls it open further until it's just wide enough for me to slip through. She opens up another gap beneath herself, but kisses me full on the lips before descending. "Wade, this might be a bit strange to see, but I really want to ravage your female body. I'll be gentle, and it will be me so please don't resist~" She then sinks into her own gap, which closes behind her. ...Is she going to do what I think she's going to do?

I don't spend much more time than that thinking about it as I'm sure that I couldn't escape this even if I wanted to, evidenced by the tentacle thrusting into me again, so slide myself to where I'm sitting on the edge of the gap and look down for a moment. There's nothing but black down there too, but Yukari wouldn't make me do something dangerous for no reason. With no further reason to delay, I slide into the gap.

"Ah, took you long enough~" Yukari catches me in her arms and holds me tightly after a bit of freefall, and I notice that it's a bit warmer in this new place than it was in Yukari's room. "I was wondering how to do this since this will be your first time being 'deflowered' as it were, and I want to make sure that I can play with you while making you feel bliss." She then allows me to stand on my own, though the tenacle is not helping with that. She also takes a step back, and I can imagine why. "So I decided on a bit of irony as to how I want to do it~"

I tilt my head quizzically since I can't think of what she could possibly mean, at least until I see somethings poking out of the soft ground. A number of violet octopus-like tentacles rise from the ground and surround me, then close down on my body from the waist down. I say they're octopus-like because the skin texture on the outer part is smooth and octopus like, but they lack suckers on the inner part. Instead the inner sides have the slick, familiar texture of a woman's inner walls, and the general shape is more like a tongue than a tentacle. I can feel a number of smaller, normal tentacles sliding onto my trapped body, while another large one makes me sit on it and spread my legs once again.

>> No. 31644
Delicious almost-rape incoming~.
>> No. 31646
I said that just due to the whole Genderswap thing; the pervs always get out of hand when he doesn't update regularly. Personally I'd rather go back to normal as it's what Yukari seems to want at the moment... at least what I thought she wanted at moment.
>> No. 31648

Ah. Yeah, you're right about the perverts then, as this story is the one they seem to flock to when MtG hasn't updated. Also, Yukari has a tendency to enjoy her partner regardless of gender, and has no strong preferences other than who it is.






If I said I wasn't nervous about the situation, I'd be lying. Having a bunch of tentacles clamped down around your body from the waist down in preperation to deflower you in ways no human, or even some youkai, could is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. It'd mitigated to a degree by the fact that it's Yukari doing this, and I know that these things are also Yukari, but I still shudder as the tongue-like tentacles begin their synchronized rubbing of my body. These slide up until their textured undersides tease the underside of my breasts, then slide back down to my waist, leaving a pleasant sensation and a sticky, slimy trail in the process. The one that's made me sit on it allows me to stand on my own before it and a second one wrap tightly around my legs to both support me and to retrict my movement. Yet another one slides over my pussy and asshole repeatedly to get them nice and wet, like they weren't already, then retreats. Something akin to a flower brushes against those sensitive parts before 'blooming' to reveal two, perfectly placed tentacles that are more suited for actual penetration. I can't help but moan as they both push their way in and the 'flower' clamps down around that area like a very perverse pair of panties. I gasp as the tentacles thrusting into me become textured, and start to lean backward unconsciously as they continue stimulating me.

I can still see straight and even feel, yet it still catches me off guard when Yukari walks over, leans over the outermost shell of tentacles, and pulls me upright. "This isn't too much is it? I want to be absolutely sure before I continue so I can make this as enjoyable for you as it is for me." Yukari's face has a respectable blush and a concerned look on her face. ...Even when in the middle of the act, she puts me first. It's really cute...

I force myself to breathe properly for several seconds in order to not have this come out in a sieries of gasps, pants, and moans that would make it very difficult to actually say anything. When I do, there's a striking blush on my face along with a smile, and I pull Yukari into a hug for no reason at all. "No, you're doing fine. I might climax early because of it though, I'm not used to this."

Yukari happily returns the hug with a pleased humming sound. "That's good to hear~" Is the first thing out of her mouth. "If that's so, then let me change something."

With those words, Yukari makes the tentacles thrusting into me... Rougher. Not in their speed, but in the bumps covering them. The bumps push outward and harden just a tad, but it's enough to make me squat down just a bit without thinking. I wind up losing a bit of ground I don't think I can get back, but it doesn't matter right now. "That's as far as you should go..." And instead of letting Yukari respond, I pull her into a kiss and use the surprise factor to deepen it within seconds. The tentacles speed up in response, but their touch is more a gentle caress crossed with experimental tweaks to what they're doing. Without a doubt, they are a personification of her perversion and love.

Eventually she decides to tease my clit with another small tentacle, and it does so by slipping into the 'flower', lowering the front just a tad, and affixing itself to it in order to twist it, suck on it, and tweak it in general. This, coupled with everything else causes my body to hit its limit within minutes. With nothing holding me back, my body tenses up and orgasms. The thing is, the tentacles climax as well, and do so in different ways, though they all tense up as well. The tongue-like ones spurt Yukari fluids from each individual bump on their underside, the 'flower' does the same, but in greater volume, the ones in me start pumping out their fluids while thrusting desperately to get the most of my innards rubbing them and their own orgasm, and the one on my clit sends something akin to a shockwave of pleasure through my body that causes me to lose my footing. Yukari breaks off and stands back, letting the lower half of her body take care of me. As new tentacles begin to milk my breasts, as penetrating tentacles are replaced by suction, as I slide deeper into heaven, I finally notice that Yukari's body is hidden in a gap from the waist down. The outer 'flower' closes around me as Yukari pulls out all the stops, but I just feel too sleepy to continue. I manage to give one of the tongue-like tentacles a good-night kiss, and the whole thing shudders. Good to know~


I wake up the next morning with my face in Yukari's still-naked breasts, but thankfully I'm once again a man. ...Just to be sure, I peek under the covers.

Yup. Definitely a man.


And with that, it's time to skip ahead to the festival.
>> No. 31649
I'm curious if anything with Komachi will get finalized or not...
>> No. 31655
Roughly a month later and things have finally settled down. Whatever's caused me to be sucked into Gensokyo has been fully repaired so a similar incident can't happen again. Nobody knows quite how it happened, but Gengetsu's certain I was the one behind it. Unfortunately, or thankfully depending on your point of view, there's simply no evidence to support this so she can really do anything except challenge me and hope for a happy accident. ...So yeah, we did have our rematch, and because I couldn't utelize my power properly without dying first I pretty much got curbstomped. It's kind of funny. When I was dead I was all but undefetable, yet when I'm alive... Well, it does bring up the point that Yukari decided I need proper training in order to utelize my power over dreams, which managed to eat up a fair bit of my time. The bad news is that I still can't pull off any really fantastic transformations, but the good news is that I can still utelize what Yukari yanked out as well as summon human-sized weapons and call on that guardian mech of mine. The last one takes a fair bit of effort without help from the goddess Hakurei, but...

Yeah, I should explain what happened there. Hakurei was really more of a manifestation of the near-dead god located within the shrine. It held the goddess' memories and some of her power, but as I later learned she really wasn't meant to live by herself. A large chunk of faith might put her on the same level as her old form, but people continue to ignore her. It's ironic since people have begun to pay more attention to Reimu. Donations outside of what Mima and Suika bring in are increasingly common, and thanks to a few well-placed lies from the evil spirit, people have begun to pray to Reimu instead. From that perspective, it makes sense to give Reimu back what was hers to begin with, and with that careful, yet unnoticed merging of goddess and priestess, that lie conveniently became truth. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the goddess, as she was a comforting presence in my head. Even if she spent the vast majority of her time being a smart-ass. ...I do regret not giving her a real name, though given the form that she took and the mannerisms she held, I may as well have called her Reimu too.

On a less depressing note, my friends all survived and gave me their respective answers. Naomi agreed to stay at Eientei where Tewi and her family can keep an eye on her, Ben opted to wait until he can move out since he needs time to decide on a place to live over there, and Marine decided to set up shop in the Human Village.

Naomi was especially interesting to help move to Gensokyo simply because her family, save for Dave, the only smart one out of the bunch, got the police out to their apartment complex and planned to force her back 'home' as it were. Given that Naomi's already a competent fighter, that Tewi and Eirin decided to come with me and Naomi to get her stuff and to say their proper farewells... Well, you can guess how well that went for the cops. Then Naomi's parents did something that made me lose all respect for them. They sold Naomi out. Either they were so desperate to get their daughter back that they'd try to mark everyone around her with a death sentence and throw her into prison and community service, or they just want to make her completely miserable. I am ashamed to admit that I did lose it momentarily and put them both in my summoned mechgun's sights, but Naomi stopped me from actually going through with it. At least I managed to put the fear of god in their hearts when they saw me as something less than human. In all honesty, I'm really something more, but why correct a couple of bigots who won't listen? This did lead to a rather interesting scenario where we wound up knocking out every policeman/woman within the city, which hit its peak when we made a visit to Naomi's uncle Dave. Turns out Naomi's most recent dissapearance was turned into a kidnapping case and he happened to be the prime suspect, but thanks to Yukari's timely intervention we got him, and his whole shop moved.

>> No. 31656
Forgot my trip. Yes, the above post is mine.
>> No. 31658
So is this story reaching the finale? I can't wait 2 go another round with Wade and Reimu's route. Also curious how powerful he is as shrine priest.
>> No. 31659
It's almost there. Once I get done with this segment, it's on to the festival and then the ending.


Ben was a much less hazardous case as his immediate family didn't consist of a bunch of bigoted retards, but he did say he wanted to at least finish two years of college to give himself time to figure out where he wants to settle down. Given that he's done with almost one by the time I explain this, it'll be a little before New Year next year before he comes up with a concrete answer. He does plan to explain it as going overseas to train himself in the ways of the sword to keep things from becoming a weird cross between a soap opera and a cop show when he does up and vanish, and he plans to be able to write letters to his folks every now and again. Given what I'm asking of him, it's a small wish to grant.

Marine was a very simple case as she was already packing things up before I even got there. When she said she's serious about going with me, I guess she meant it. ...No, 'guess' is the wrong word to use. I knew she was, and is still quite serious about this whole thing. Almost everything was in boxes by the time I got there, and she was waiting for me to come pick her up. She decided to take her chances by setting up shop in the Human Village and hopes she could be treated as a respectable curio shop. Obviously the whole Rinnosuke thing is still a sore spot with her. ...Though among other things, the simple act of talking to her was a little awkward since it's clear that even though she backed down that she still loves me. She got a little flustered when Yukari popped in and made mention of the fact that she's very open about that sort of thing and believes that if someone loves more than one person they should be free to express that love with those people, or in her words 'I don't mind if you have sex with him, so long as it's used as an expression of feeling and not simply to satisfy the desires of the flesh. Not that I forsee you being that type of woman~.' Ultimately, I think that big-hearted pervert will make things several times more awkward before the dust settles and everyone grows adjusted to the idea.

Speaking of expressing love, I did take the Sanzu ferrywoman out on a couple dates, much to her boss' chargin, and with some effort it turns out that there really is something between us, or the possibility for yet another close bond to form. Obviously Komachi had to time these things perfectly so that she could be back on duty before her boss notices, but hey, I can't complain.

Speaking of awkward moments, one of my recent and lighthearted conversations with Alice was interruped by Shinki, who had swung by to visit her daughter. It wouldn't have been quite so bad if Shinki hadn't answered Alice's question of how we met with 'A drunken, debauchery-filled party in the Hakurei Shrine~!' Unfortunately, somehow Alice picked up on the fact that I got laid by her mother, and Shinki shamelessly confirmed it while exposing her rather revealing undergarnments and all but climbing on top of me. Alice took the better part of six hours to recover from the resulting BSOD, and a week of getting her embarrassment over her mother's offhand suggestion to double-team me before she could talk to me again. We both agreed to treat it as, and hope it is simple teasing on the part of the Makai Goddess. Thankfully, the talks after that were far less awkward, even with Shinki present.

Tokiko had been fully accepted into the Yakumo family as Yukari's second shikigami. The reason for this being that the gap youkai sensed a great deal of untapped potential within the little ibis, much as she did with me, and decided to haul her off to preform the ritual. ...Needless to say, she dodges the question whenever it's brought up, but we're still on good terms with one another and I have no problem with letting Tokiko keep that sort of thing in the bedroom.

The Prismriver sisters also took up a bit of my time over the month, mostly because Merlin keeps wanting to see me and the other two happen to have nothing better to do at the time, but I happen to like Merlin and enjoy the company of the poltergeist family. Merlin, much like Marine, hasn't given up on me in the slightest and thanks to Yukari explaining her views on the matter she's become much more agressive in the matter. Her sisters refuse to interfere in the matter either, leaving me to the mercy of their eccentric sister. Not that I have a problem with that.

...Ugh, someone's going to take a look at me someday and think I'm some kind of lecherous player. Everyone who knows me knows otherwise, so I should take solace in that and ignore any potential riffraff.

Speaking of riffraff, I finally did challenge each and every one of Reimu's potential suitors to a duel, and thanks to Narkio's bond with me and some assistance from a pissed off red-white we were able to grind the fact that Reimu will chose someone when she wants, not when someone wants to force a marrige or when someone wants to get into her pants into their thick skulls. Of course, all that did was refocus their efforts into beating me instead of simply seducing Reimu... Still, even the strongest of them all weren't all that tough to deal with, and I could curbstomp them even harder if I really felt like it.

To help with my training Yukari brough in Shinki, Mima, and Mugestsu since the three of them know a fair bit about what I can do already and what it would take to make it so I can use at least part of that formidable power in battle unassisted. This was the final piece of the schedule for the month, and I started humming the Tetris theme every time I looked at the calendar. Between training, time spent with friends and lovers, making sure I payed attention to Yukari and take her out on dates to make sure she knows she's still the lead girl in my heart (along with Nari, but she knows and happily accepts it.), patching things up with the SDM, getting my friends out of harms way, and preparing for the festival, I wound up being incredibly busy.

But the harvest festival is tonight, and it's my first responsibility-less day for the better part of a month. On top of that, the time seal for the small ring box Yukari gave me is set to be unlocked at the end of the day... Things will be interesting, that's for sure.
>> No. 31664
What was Naomi's answer? You never did state if she'd fully return Wade's feelings or not.
>> No. 38530
The only Yukari sex scene and it was Wade that got penetrated. Fucking shameful.

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