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Oh dear, it seems I went and failed to notice that twelve went into autosage eight posts ago. Silly me.

>> No. 30086
File 126931865278.jpg- (196.46KB , 500x523 , ShinkiMokou.jpg ) [iqdb]
Very nice start

Here have a practically topless Shinki (Yet SFW due to her moe job of covering herself.)
>> No. 30087
Reposting for quicker access.

"Yes, yes you may." I allow Shinki to lay on me and embrace me while I stroke her hair and place my free hand on her lower back. "You had my first, and you're more than welcome to have me again."

Shinki looks into my eyes as I say this, and I get the feeling she's going to say something. "Thank you, but when I took your first I might as well have been a wild animal. I was drunk, out of my right mind... I want to do this properly." Shinki then lifts herself off me ever so slightly to reveal that she's wearing a button-up shirt that is currently loose enough to display a tantalizing amount of flesh. In fact, it almost looks like she had planned this... I suppose that's why the edges of the shirt just barely cover her erect nipples. "So you had better be ready..." She leans back down to take my lips, and there is nothing innocent about this. After a few moments she starts running her tongue across my lips, then she forces my lips apart, then forces her way into my mouth while I provide only token resistance to her advances.
I let her think she holds the advantage for about a minute or two before turning the tables on her and stealing the leading role from her. She doesn't object my leading her tongue around for a bit while I grope her ass. She responds in kind by groping mine and rubbing my dick until it goes erect, at which point she pulls away. "That's a good start." There's a gleam in her eyes as she allows her shirt to fall away from her breasts until those wonderful melons are fully exposed. "Aren't we wearing just a bit too much still?" Her voice turns downright sultry as she slides my pants and my boxers down to my knees. She then slides her now soiled panties down as well, exposing her dripping crotch for my viewing pleasure. "So many places to drink from... I think you'd like to start from someplace sweet." She then shifts her body to where I can suck the sweet juices off her pussy, and I happily oblige.

I start by lapping up what's already spilled from her folds before placing my lips to hers and suckling from them, drawing forth a small, periodic spurt of a remarkably honey-like liquid that only makes me want to drain every last drop her body has to offer, and if she doesn't stop, I will. My tongue then explores what little of her insides it can in order to draw out more of her sweetness while coaxing the motherload out of her depths, and I manage a steady rythem of suck, lick, release. I repeat that until I feel her vagina heat up from the stimulation. She falls forward and uses both her hands and legs to support herself as I continue to love her, and begins panting in an erratic fashion. She feels good right now, really good, and she's trying to hold back the very thing I'm drawing forth in order to prolong that feeling. A small gasp escapes her, and my mouth suddenly floods with her sweet, sticky love fluids. I can't swallow anywhere near fast enough and as a result much of it spills out of my mouth and onto my cheeks, then onto the bed where it will soak into the sheets. I'll be dissapointed in my preformance when her body stops feeding me.

"Hah... Hah... Wade..." Shinki slumps forward for a moment, which pulls her now exhausted lower lips from my mouth, though I do give them a few more teasing licks to coax forth whatever remains.

I slide the makai goddess down until her face meets mine, where she licks up what I can't get to. "You taste delicious." I find that she truly does. Her flavor is unique, even among the girls I've already eaten out. It's an exotic taste that's 'out of this world'. Shinki then offers me an erect nipple to suck on, and I give it a light lick before running my tongue around it in a circle, then drawing it into my mouth. From there I use my left hand to play with her other breast, and my right hand to toy with the one I'm sucking on. Her cute little gaps are joined by her equally cute little moans as she starts grinding her crotch against me out of restlessness.

>> No. 30088
And now for the next part. Is this a satisfactory compromise to the Shinki scene redo?


It's a rather nice feeling to play with a woman's nipple like this, and if it belongs to a woman you have feelings for, all the better. My tongue makes a rythmic circular loop around the nipple itself while I shamelessly grope the makai goddess's right breast and butt. Shinki herself continues to grind restlessly while forcing my head into her breast even harder than before. She then uses her free hand to toy with my erection before arching her body up just enough for her to point my tip towards her still-drooling lips, then slides it in. Though unlike any other time I've done this, Shinki doesn't just slide it in slowly, but instead jerks forward and back as she moves in closer. I have ta admit that it's a wonderful feeling to have such an active partner. So much so that I begin to move as well.

I'm growing short of breath as well, so my irregular panting joins Shinki's as she wraps her legs around me to ensure that I can't escape her until she's satisfied, along with the arm she was using to hold me in place earlier. Except I find my head, the one on my next, in between her breasts as she uses her left arm to squish my head between them while her right holds me close. I still lick her despite not having immediate access to her more sensitive spots, but at this point I don't really care. Neither does Shinki, who's pants have turned into more frequent gasps as she begins to heat up where our bodies meet. Her movements maintain a steady rythem of their own as she jerks back and forth along my length, occasionally jamming in into herself harder than I would have had I been the dominant one. I don't have any objection to this since I want her to enjoy this as much as possible...

Within a certian room...

"Lady Yukari, are you going to help or are you going to just make a bigger mess?" Ran has a rather irritated look on her face and her tone matches her expression. She's carrying some cleaning tools and is considering using them on the gap youkai, who is sitting on the ground facing away from her shikigami. "I can hear and smell what you're doing you know."

Yukari seems to flinch as she hears that, then turns to look at Ran with a blushing face. She's aroused, and the kitsune knows it. "Just a couple more minutes Ran..." Yup, she's pleasuring herself alright.

"Ugh..." Ran merely totes the mop and bucket off to clean them out and refill them. While she wouldn't interrupt her master now, there would be a price to pay for adding to her workload in such a fashion...

Back to the only part you really wanted to pay attention to...
You know, I didn't think it was possible but I would have suffocated in Shinki's bosom had I not tilted my head downward ever so slightly so my nostrils would be free to breathe in the sweet smell of a demon goddess in heat. I don't even try to keep up with her increasingly energetic motions and focus on enjoying the feeling of her body rubbing, bouncing, and sliding on mine until the warmth of her insides becomes irresistable. She's not done, but I can't hold back anymore. Her body's tempting folds are simply too much for my human body to resist, and I release. She feels it and clamps down tighter until she reaches her climax as well, at which point a mix of our fluids, mostly Shinki's since her body pumps out far more than mine does, gush out her hole and onto the bed. She slumps against me without disconnecting us, though I feel my manhood start to go limp inside her. Eventually it will slip out on its own, but until then I fall back onto the bed so we can lay together. There's the small problem of how we're going to get cleaned up before Yukari and Ran are done...

"There's a private bathroom connected to this room, I used it to change earlier." Shinki slides down and releases my head from its soft, firm prison. She looks satisfied and content with the world. "We should use the shower before we meet up with the others." She sits up on me and finally slips free, then pulls me up. I'm more than happy to oblige since this means I'm going to help clean up the mess I made of her. Or maybe just make another one. Who knows?

Back at that room...

"R-ran! Stop that! Please, that's enough! I know I've been a bad girl!" Yukari's currently struggling against her shikigami's tails, which are pinning down her arms, legs, and torso while another keeps the gap youkai's panties down. Ran seems to be applying the mop from earlier to the floor Yukari had made a mess of, and the source of the mess itself. She's not being to kind about it either... "Ahn~"


Yes, Yukari was happy to see that.
>> No. 30089
File 126940595249.jpg- (289.91KB , 500x728 , ShinkiSatori.jpg ) [iqdb]

Here's a picture of Shinki as Satori; barely SFW, but just in case.
>> No. 30093
"Ran, if you're quite done I'd like to finish up so we can call everyone here." Yukari's face had not lost the massive blush it had gained when Ran had used a mop on a particularly sensitive area, and she seems rather indignant that her Shikigami would be so rough on her. Especially since she was going to clean up her mess right afterwards! She then gaps a bucket of ice water to dunk her head in to try and get her state of arousal down to a dull roar since contrary to what everyone seems to think, she didn't gather everyone here for a massive orgy. ...Not at first anyways. Maybe if there was any kind of mood at all after certain events were taken care of, but not before. Nothing would get done after all.

"Now that you're done pleasuring yourself to your lover and your benefit-granting friend, certainly." Ran on the other hand was neutral in expression. In fact, had no one seen what she had done just moments ago they would never have been able to guess that the fox's tails could be so... Multipurpose. She has put the cleaning implements away and has set out a large number of candles in preperation for Yukari's gathering, even if such lighting was completely wrong for the mood. "Are the candles really necissary Lady Yukari? The overhead lights will be enough won't they?" She then turns to look at her master, who in turn looks a bit more like someone who was only cleaning instead of doing something much more interesting.

Yukari simply sighs once she's done, then looks her shikigami in the eyes. Maintaining eye contact in the middle of a conversation is important you know. "They're more of a just-in-case kind of deal. I really don't expect them to be used, but like with most other things it's better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them." She then sets to work gapping the candles into place while her shikigami finishes rearranging the furniture. Enough places for everyone to sit, and enough room for Wade to be experimented on in the middle in case this proves more difficult than she had planned. "That should do it." Once she's satisfied with the results she begins to let the others know that she's ready for them. ...Hopefully they won't jump to the more obvious conclusion, even if it means they'd be scantily clad throughout this. The gap youkai has a hard time keeping her thoughts straight when she has such tantalizing sights in front of her...

In a certian shower...

"That was far better than last time." The makai goddess happens to be standing in the shower just in front of me so I can scrub her back more effectively. I'm almost tempted to take her from behind while her guard is down, but I'm not Yukari. I do have some dignity after all. "Mostly because I could actually feel everything instead of only having the vaugest sense of what was happening to me." She then turns just enough to give me a sly look that's almost inviting. "Shame you couldn't summon up some tentacles. I think I got off to those pretty hard when you used them in your spirit form." Yep, she's trying to set me off again. I really have to wonder if Yukari's harem consists soley of perverts. "Sorry, I shouldn't try to seduce you in the shower when we should be getting cleaned up. The last thing I want is for Yukari to think I'm stealing you away from her."

"She wouldn't have to worry about it. I'm hers, and I'm also Nari's, even if I find myself loving you." I finish washing out Shinki's hair, then move on to her back. We do have to make ourselves presentable when Yukari and Ran are finally done... Speaking of which, when are they going to be done anyway? I completely lost track of time once I stepped into the guest room.

"You let Shinki have her way with you. You really think that your body's going to care about what time it is?" Hakurei speaks up from within once more for a sarcastic comment about reproductive urges taking priority when the satisfaction conditions are present. "You know, you're sort of turning into a Yukari-like person. You're a pervert, you have a bakeneko shikigami, you're absurdly powerful, and you're more than happy to let close friends have their way with you."

Wait, are you saying Yukari is submissive?

"Maybe. I don't think she'll ever be that way towards you until you can emulate what Ran does."

What Ran doe- You mean her tails? She can use those for that?


"Wade, you're spacing out again. ...And if you're going to grope me like that I won't old myself back." Shinki has turned around to face me and her confident look has been replaced by a meek blush. It's kind of strange how a woman can go from being dominant to cutely submissive so quickly... Oh. I should probably stop squeezing her rear so absent-mindedly. Still one of the better feels I've ever had. Even if I'm now filled with a strong desire to take her home. "Thank you. It's sometimes a little difficult to come down off an arousal like that when I didn't properly exhaust myself, and you need to be ready for whatever Yukari has planned." She finishes washing herself, works on my back so all the sweat will be washed away, then we linger for a minute or two while we contemplate whether to risk annoying everyone or not.

"Just finish up aready. You don't want to worry your girlfriend and make her do something stupid, do you?" And now she acts as my voice of reason. I'm both thankful and a little annoyed. "You're welcome."

Shinki and I quickly get dressed before stepping out of the bathroom, then the bedroom, to check up on Nari. The bakeneko happens to be slumped on the floor with a hand-towel under her crotch and a hand that looks like it was recently licked clean. Despite all that she tells us Yukari let her know that everything's ready and that we should come as soon as possible, all with a straight face and no indicator of what she was doing not too long ago.

One boring walkway segement skip later...

Yukari sits on a cou- err, love seat with her shikigami right next to her. From there, Yuyuko, Suika, and Byakuren sit in a counter-clockwise fashion on the various sofas and chairs arranged into a circle that happens to have three open seats. Clearly these are meant for myself, Nari, and Shinki.

The gap youkai is the first to speak. "Thank you for putting up with my sudden summoning, but there's something that's come up that I could use some help with." Yukari motions for the three of us to sit down, and we do. After that she starts pointing her finger at space above the circle as though she were drawing something with it. It shouldn't be much of a surprise that something does begin to form as she continues. "Namely, the Watasuki sisters."

"Ehh? No orgy? How anticlimactic." Suika then speaks up...

"How unusual." Yuyuko raises her eyebrows in surprise...

"How uncharacteristic." Byakuren holds a hand to her face in surprise...

"How serious." Shinki simply folds her hands in her lap.

"Who is this and what did they do with Yukari?" And Hakurei has to add her two cents in.

"That's enough you twits." Yukari takes on a rather deadpan look as she hears everyone's exclamations of surprise. "I'd rather they not manage to kidnap Wade or something similar, so I brought you all here to help with something that would ease my worries to a degree. And no, that doesn't mean sex."

[X]"What would that be?"
[X]This is probably about getting your soul back into fighting condition, so maybe Suika would know how to help with that?
[X]Just stay quiet and let Yukari get things set in motion.
>> No. 30095
[X]Just stay quiet and let Yukari get things set in motion.

When has she ever steered us wrong before? Besides, she knows more about them than anyone else.
>> No. 30096
[X]Just stay quiet and let Yukari get things set in motion.
>> No. 30097
[x] Just stay quiet and let Yukari get things set in motion.
>> No. 30098
[X]Just stay quiet and let Yukari get things set in motion.

I'm sure she'll explain things, and I wonder which worries.

But Hakurei isn't no saint either, taking about Ran's tails like that. Makes me wonder if Wade'd ever experience "TAIL FEEL GOOD!"
>> No. 30099
> If you're going to grope me like that I won't old myself back.

I suddenly imagined Shinki aging a couple hundred year right before our eyes.

[X]Just stay quiet and let Yukari get things set in motion.
>> No. 30100

So she'd look exactly then same then.
>> No. 30101
>Yukari sits on a cou- err, love seat


[X]Just stay quiet and let Yukari get things set in motion.
>> No. 30102
[X] Just stay quiet and let Yukari get things set in motion.

No orgy? I guess it's a good thing Wade had time for Shinki.
>> No. 30103
Not one right away; I'm sure if Yukari thinks she can get one going, then she will.
>> No. 30104
[X]Just stay quiet and let Yukari get things set in motion.


Well knowing Yukari, she'll have it right after her speech or after the Watatsukis go back to the moon.
>> No. 30105
File 126967843855.jpg- (234.91KB , 500x663 , ShinkiMurasa.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm still curious to what Yukari meant by "Ease her troubles" I hope she's not going to do anything stupid.

But here have more Shinki while you wait.
>> No. 30107
You know, it's really easy to tell when I'm taking too long to update.


[X]Just stay quiet and let Yukari set things in motion.

As certain as I am of what Yukari's going to talk about, I figure it would be simpler to let her say what she wants and let her set things in motion. It's not like she's steered me wrong before.

"You have to remember that she's picked a big bedroom to do this in. She might be taking this seriously for now but considering how perverted she is I don't think this seriousness will last." Nari's voice simply pops into my head via our shikigami link and she brings up a couple points that I had considered for a few moments before tossing away.

I get it. You don't trust her not to turn this into an orgy.

"Pretty much. I know I'm supposed to be over this whole thing but I still feel a little jealous when other women make you feel good like that."

Don't make me feel guilty about this. You know I wouldn't refuse you if you asked.

"I know... I also don't like what Yukari's done with you. Ever since she's caught you with her hook you've been getting more and more perverted. Just look at what happened an hour ago, you didn't even resist Shinki's advances!"

Do we have to have this conversation now?

"I'm sorry... I'll just be straight about it. When we go to sleep tonight, I want to share a bed with you. Just you."

I don't have an issue with that.

"Of course not. It's another chance to jump in bed with a girl you like." Hakurei snorts before saying this, which is minorly annoying since it's going to be somewhat difficult to relay who is talking about what.

Mima, did you dye your hair purple and grab some matching eye contacts somewhere along the line?

"No, I'm still me. I just happen to find your situation funny." Of course, Mima is supposed to still be at the shrine to act as its evil deity. Not that it means much since the evil spirit, that isn't quite so evil, is a spirit and spirits can possess people. "I'm telling you, I'm not Mima."

"Butt out! This is my private conversation!" And Nari's getting annoyed. This won't end well...

"It's not my fault that the conversation went in that direction."

"That's quite enough you two." And that would be Yukari. "Yes, it would. Now if you two are quite done, I need Wade in the physical realm instead of the mental."

"Aww..." Nariko, as expected, is a little dissapointed with the outcome. Though I'm not too surprised since a small conversation would have turned into an arguement with the Hakurei goddess had it gone on for much longer.

"You know what would be really funny?" Suika takes a long draw from her gourd after saying this and I'm left wondering if she's going to be sober enough for whatever Yukari has planned. "Stickin' him in a room with Satori and kicking up a mental arguement. It'd drive her up the wall."

"Who's Satori?" Shinki then speaks up, which makes sense considering that she probably hasn't met the undergrounders. It'd be interesting to say the least.

"A mind reader that exiled herself into a former hell when she grew tired of humans persecuting her and her sister." Yukari seems rather bent on stopping the derailment of the conversation, though now that Suika's knocked it off course I doubt very seriously that the gap youkai will get it back on track so easily.

"That's terrible..." And of course Byakuren would sympathize since she was sealed in Makai. "Perhaps I should..." She never gets to finish her sentence because Yukari has grown tired of the interruptions.

"Can we please get back to the original topic?!" Sheesh... Maybe I should have joined in instead of having that little internal conversation. Yukari seems pretty irritated right about now... "Now if you're all done derailing this, I'd like to discuss exactly how to get Wade's soul back up to its former capacity so he can fight the lunar princesses if it comes to that." I can understand why she's being so short-tempered about this, though getting hot-headed won't do much of anything.

"Didn't he already get that peculiar medallion when you visted my home earlier? The one that came from that Karas cosplay?" Yuyuko does bring up a perfectly good point: Karas could possibly go toe-to-toe with Yorihime at least.

"He does, but Yorihime learns quickly so the advantage of being a Karas would diminish quickly. Wade's strongest point is his unpredictability, which happens to work well against those two. After all, how can you fight an enemy you can't understand?" Yukari leans back into her seat while using her shikigami's tails as pillows. And I feel a strong urge to feel them up. What's up with that? "What I really want to see is Wade using his soul the way he did before."

"Everybody gets that urge at least once. Though I get the feeling you're going to get more than you asked for when you do it." I really should just ignore this and focus on the conversation at hand.

"That also damages it, doesn't it?" Yuyuko brings up another point, though I get the feeling that it was only because the transformations were placing additional strain on a fragile system.

"I don't think that'll be an issue now that I've been put back together. And I do miss being able to do all the over-the-top things I've done in the past, so I have no objection to doing what Yukari wants." I finally find a reason to speak. Not only do I have the Karas medallion to play with but I've got all sorts of stuff in my soul to work with, and all those transformations I could pull! I've had a taste of what I can really do and I'm not willing to give that up, not unless it would bring harm to others... Well, harm not inflicted by me, and others as in 'those I care about'. The lunar princesses don't qualify for that.

"That's the spirit Wade! Kick reason to the curb and go beyond the impossible!" Suika pumps her little fist in the air when she hears what I've said. Not that I really expect anything else from her. Though I'll have to ask where she got her hands on those pointy orange glasses.

>> No. 30108
File 126972156980.jpg- (294.61KB , 500x719 , ShinkiByakuren.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's not that it was taking too long, I just felt like showing my appreciation, and who wouldn't want pictures of a moe yet Shinki cosplaying?

>"That's the spirit Wade! Kick reason to the curb and go beyond the impossible!" Suika pumps her little fist in the air when she hears what I've said. Not that I really expect anything else from her. Though I'll have to ask where she got her hands on those pointy orange glasses.

I'm now imagining Suika on top of Iku's shoulders as Iku tries to make a massive drill.

But as I see it, outside of any other methods, we need to find more things to interact with.

But to help tide folks over, another Shinki picture.
>> No. 30109
It's not you specifically, it's simply that Anon's conversational topic swiftly turns to sex when I don't update often enough. Say, within a day or so.


"That's all fine, but how do we go about this? Humans don't usually utilize their souls as weapons." Yuyuko asks a question I had thought she would know the answer to, which isn't encouraging in the slightest.

"I would have thought you'd know, seeing as Youmu is a half ghost." Yukari seems to be doing little more than fishing around for idea before taking things into her own hands. Either that or she wants to do this without boundary manipulation.

"That's almost entirely different. Youmu was born with half her soul outside her body, while Wade was destroyed and reconstructed well after birth. I could have figured it out beforehand if I had more forewarning about the subject matter." Yuyuko gives Yukari one of those looks as she speaks, then goes back to a neutral expression once she stops talking. "I think that your soul responds to immediate threats, such as the Saigyouji Ayakashi's influence and that it may not matter whether we awaken your potential here or not. I'm almost certain that you'll react to the lunarian's hostility if it is present."

"Yukari, I have to ask. Why did you request all of us when this issue is new to most of us? We can't provide ideas without some kind of information." Shinki's the next to speak up and turns to the gap youkai as she does so. She does bring up a point in the fact that out of everyone here, only Yukari, Yuyuko, and Suika really have any qualification to work on this.

"I thought you'd be able to help by drawing out that potential. Emotional highs can draw out the potential of a human and since intercourse between two people happens to fit the bill..." The gap youkai trails off since the conclusion is rather obvious. "It seems that it wasn't enough though."

"Just leave the guy be Yukari! He'll do what he needs to, when he needs to. Tryin' to force it might do more harm than good." Suika takes a nice long draw from her gourd before speaking, and there's now a light liquor scent in the room. Not enough to get one drunk just by smelling it, but it'll get there if the little oni has anything to say in the matter. "I know you're worried about the lunarians takin' him away from ya since you've finally found a guy who can take what Gensokyo has to throw at him, but have a little faith in him will ya? I don't think he'll go down that easily."

Yukari merely starts wringing her hands and looks away from us.

[X]You know, I haven't even tried using my soul yet. Ask to head outside so I can give it a shot.
[X]Consult the goddess in my head for ideas.
[X]Even if I can't use my soul directly, there's a bunch of stuff in there I could use. See about getting some of it out.
[X]Maybe I should pitch in some kind of idea of my own... (specify)
>> No. 30111
[X]Even if I can't use my soul directly, there's a bunch of stuff in there I could use. See about getting some of it out.

Kinda wished we got Alice at the start now, but thinking on it, it was much better than we didn't it. I doubt she'll have an easy time accepting the fact that Wade's had sex with her mother twice and the matter of love between the two. And I'd think about having Yukari get Alice now, but with Yukari's plans...

But look at that sword Alice pulled out.

It's not every story that a Guy ends up getting this lucky. That and Yukari's the heroine of this run...
>> No. 30112

There's the small matter of the fact that if Wade did go after Alice the story would have changed accordingly. Both rounds with Shinki only occurred after anon chose Yukari. Of course, if you're talking about now, then yeah, it'd be almost impossible to add her.
>> No. 30113
[X] Even if I can't use my soul directly, there's a bunch of stuff in there I could use. See about getting some of it out.

It'd help to know what's in there so Wade can use it effectively.
>> No. 30114
I wasn't talking about romantically but the matter of taking her with on this trip

At first- bad idea due to the implications

Now- Bad idea due to the fact if all goes well there will be an orgy. Alice would be too busy talking with her mother to really want to leave.

I've said earlier how we basically had no chance of getting Alice due to various things, the main point is time spent with her. Though I know if we went after Alice or Reimu, things would be much more clean.

Out of the 3 secondary targets to most, Komachi is the easiest (a bit more effort and bam she's added), Reimu and Merlin are harder, not sure which one is harder than the other. Each has their hurtles.
>> No. 30115
[X]Even if I can't use my soul directly, there's a bunch of stuff in there I could use. See about getting some of it out.

>"I know you're worried about the lunarians takin' him away from ya since you've finally found a guy who can take what Gensokyo has to throw at him, but have a little faith in him will ya?

That was harsh, Suika. Harsh.
>> No. 30116
[X]Even if I can't use my soul directly, there's a bunch of stuff in there I could use. See about getting some of it out.
>> No. 30117
File 12698363358.jpg- (181.93KB , 500x653 , ShinkiAya.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know guys, we're going to have to tell Alice about this, since we did set up an appointment in the past. Though not sure if that's before or after revealing the fact that Wade's more or less her step father.

I think Shinki likes this cosplay due to her erect nipples keeping the top on her. Sound familiar folks?
>> No. 30118
Actually, we never got to set up that appointment due to a jealous Yukari.
>> No. 30119
>> No. 30120
Hmm, I just had another interesting idea in terms of Wade's ability usage. It'd depend on whether or not anon chooses to try using Wade's soul or not later though.


[X]Even if I can't use my soul directly, there's still stuff in there that I could use. See about getting some of it out.

You know, Alice said that there's a lot of stuff in me and that some of it doesn't even have grounds in reality. She also said she ran her hand across a small device that felt like it could be inserted into armor, so a Unit maybe? This warrants further investigation I think. "Yukari, from what Alice told me there's more where this-" I bring the Honjo Masamune into view to specify what I'm talking about. "-came from. On top of that there's stuff in here that would have been 'real' under normal curcumstances so it'd be worth checking them out."

"Eh? I don't think I rolled up any concepts into ya when I put ya back together..." Suika crosses her arms briefly as she thinks things through. Her concentrated look gives way to an energetic smile, then a sly one. "I think this'll be up to Yukari." Before anyone could do much of anything the oni wrapped the gap youkai in her chain, then yanked her over. From there she grabbed a hold of me and pulled us both over to the couch Ran was occupying before forcing me to lay down on it.

"Suika! What are you doing?!" Yukari's mostly surprised by her diminutive friend's initiative, though I detect more than a hint of annoyance in her voice. I can't complain about the chain job since it's emphasizing certain aspects of her body...

Naturally, everyone else is leaving Suika to her own devices.

"I didn't do nothin', I didn't do nothin'!" Suika's grin replaced her smile as she undid the chain wrapping her friend up. "I gotta remember to use my chains more. You look so cute when you're surprised~. Aaaaaand there." With the chain now off she pushes Yukari into a kneeling position next to me and yanks off her gloves, or whatever you call those crosses between gloves and arm socks. "Gotta have plenty of feelin' right? Now for my next trick!"

"You're going to pay for this later." Yukari gives the oni a rather cross look as she places her bare hand on my chest. Not that this affects Suika in the slightest.

"Aww, don' be like that! I think you'll forgive me once you go into this next part." She then does something, I'm not sure what, and part of my soul emerges from my chest. It's not much, but I think she only wants to use it as an entryway. "Now push into him!"

Yukari looks to me for the okay, and I give a nod in conformation. She gives me a worried look regardless as her delicate hand sinks into the exposed soul, then her forearm, and eventually she's almost up to her shoulder. "I can feel something... Something aside from your soul Wade. You really should have warned me about how it feels." And she could have given me time to adjust! This feels weird enough without her moving around as fast as she can! "Ah, there's some kind of sphere here." She pulls out an orb that seems to be filled with blue and black smoke and surrounded by a pair of silvery-black rings. I breathe a sigh of relief until Yukari sets it aside and dives in again, though this time she seems rather eager to do so. I practically jump from the force used...

"Heh heh, careful Yukari. Don't need him forcing you out prematurely 'cause you were enjoyin' yourself too much." Suika's more or less picked up on why Yukari is more sure of herself, though she does absolutely nothing beyond that.

"I know, I know. This will warrant some experimentation later~." Now Yukari's smiling at me in a less than innocent way. At least wait until we're done with this... "Quite the arsenal you have in here. I think these little things would help, maybe this armor too... Maybe this? And finally..." She's pulling a few things out at once, and it feels like none of it really wants to come out in bulk. Thank doesn't stop her from doing it without incident. "Let's see, the armor is Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou, the Units are all V101s, this little gem is the head part that allows limitless special weapon usage in Megaman X4, and this..." She pulls out a large purple cannon that would be better mounted on a ship than used by hand. "Would be the Fusion Cannon from Descent, correct? I imagine it would be an obscenely powerful shot type."

"Yeah. How did you know all that?" I raise an eyebrow at her since she not only correctly rattled off what everything is, but correctly guessed the Fusion Cannon's strong point.

All I get is a cheerful smile, closed eyes and a content giggle. Freaking duh, she's the gap youkai, of course she could figure out anything she wants.

[X]This should be enough. Time to test it out!
[X]Let Yukari fish around some more.


The orb is an Invincibility Device from the Descent series. It provides a boost to your shields that is so powerful that all enemy attacks bounce right off. It grants this benefit for 30 seconds, which is almost broken in Touhou.
Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou ups attack speed by 40% when equipped.
Unless I'm mistaken the V101 units also grant an additional 40% attack speed boost while equipped along with some decent stat boosts, meaning the whole set would add an extra 200% attack speed, allowing the user to attack three times faster than those without that set.
The Head Crystal upgrade reduces special weapon energy usage to such a tiny amount that any usage doesn't even register on the meter, even if you fired it non-stop for a long time.
The Fusion Cannon starts out at 50 damage per bolt and gains power for every enemy it passes through, so if individual danmaku bullets qualify as enemies...
>> No. 30121
[X]Let Yukari fish around some more.

Huzzah! Our broken awesome powers are still there! Just that...we can't have access to it ourselves.

While on the subject of Mega Man X4 though, why not throw in Zero's Sigma Blade from Mega Man X8? That thing is absurdly broken. Couple that with all his Command Arts throughout the X series...

Aaaaaaanyway...Suika's rather handy with those chains, IYKWIM
>> No. 30122
[X]Let Yukari fish around some more.

Let's have a bit more digging, then we do testing. Anything else we'll save for Alice.
>> No. 30123
[X] This should be enough. Time to test it out!

Save the rest for Alice.

>allowing the user to attack three times faster
But does Wade turn red?
>> No. 30124
[X] This should be enough. Time to test it out!
>> No. 30125
X8 isn't exactly well received by the fans. I think the head crystal will make using his shots easier (more stamina, I wonder if there's other uses for it IYKWIM)
>> No. 30126

That's true, but it was much better received than X7 was due to the fact there wasn't a retarded flaming hyena who insisted rather adamantly that you burn to the ground.. Sigma Blade was still pretty broken though in-game at least. Maybe we could find the Z-Saber both versions of it in our soul somewhere.

>I think the head crystal will make using his shots easier (more stamina, I wonder if there's other uses for it IYKWIM)

At least it wasn't just me thinking that.
>> No. 30127
> allowing the user to attack three times faster
> But does Wade turn red?

What do you think we are, a boss?
>> No. 30128
No, a CHAR.
>> No. 30129
[X] This should be enough. Time to test it out!
>> No. 30130
[X] This should be enough. Time to test it out!
>> No. 30131

>> No. 30132
You do BURN TO THE GROUND realize that I BURN TO THE GROUND[/spoilers] tend to [spoiler]BURN TO THE GROUND take ideas like the ones you spoilered and BURN THEM TO THE GROUND make silly things out of them don't you?

And I almost feel bad for doing that.


[X]That's enough. Time to test it out!

"I think that's enough for the moment. I should test out what I've got so I can get used to it, seeing as all my attacks are going to go three times faster than normal." I sit up from my previous position on the love seat and slide Suika's hand off me. My exposed soul then receeds back into my body, which brings me a fair bit of relief since this means the stuff that makes me 'me' is back where it should be instead of being exposed to a couple of perverted women who might want to mess with it just for the heck of it.

"You sure? Maybe ol' Yukarin here oughta take a skinny dip into you to see about getting more stuff out." Suika's got her mind well and truly in the gutter, doesn't she? I just give her one of those looks and she decides to relent with a shrug and a smile. "Fine, fine. Shoot me down when I'm offerin' an innocent idea."

"You're Suika. That automatically disqualifies you for innocence." Yukari seems more than happy to hand over the armor and units, and I get to work getting it all set up. Thankfully since this was all born from my mind I get the whole setup dealt with and put on in record time. It's actually pretty cool looking too.

"Hey!" Suika makes a small exclamation before putting on a pouting face and turning away from me. Sheesh, for all her maturity and wisdom she still manages to act like a kid sometimes.

"She certainly does."

Now you're a voice I wasn't expecting to start talking.

"It was also pretty interesting having Yukari stick her arm in your soul. Judging from her expression I'd have to assume she's not going to let that little bit of information slide." Hakurei seems to be rather amused with all this even though I can't see her to confirm it. "Gensokyo's biggest pervert and the man who can use his soul for anything. Maybe she'll be happy with you and leave it at that."

Do remember who you're talking about here.

"Actually, I'm dead serious. She might just settle down with you and have kids if everything goes well. She might be high up on the power chain here but she's still got a maternal side." She pauses for a moment before continuing. "Plus I think she's kind of jealous of Reimu since the miko gets hit on every other time she goes into the village while Yukari is usually regarded as being too far out of anyone's league. Speaking of which, maybe I should help Reimu with her suitor problem sometime..."

Somewhere along the line I had also equipped the crystal into a normally non-existant fifth slot in the armor and managed to resize the Fusion Cannon to where it can be weilded on one arm even though it has three barrels now. You heard me right, it's arm-cannon size. The others have more or less decided to talk amognst themselves while Yukari finishes up her little antics. Nari's sticking right nearby as she usually does, though I think she's contemplating whether to crawl in my lap for a nap since this isn't exactly exciting. "That's all set up. Shall we step out?" Everyone's that wasn't looking at me is, while those that were looking give a confirming nod.

And a quick drop through a gap reveals that everyone is now in a small field while I'm standing next to a grassy knoll. Very funny Yukari. Next you're going to make me play the banjo.

>> No. 30133
About the suitor problem, I'd hope that's still on the agenda after the moon sister bit.

Though I'd still like to see a Reimu route just to see how Wade develops different during it, and something a bit more down to earth.
>> No. 30134

...I actually had to find this. See what you made me do?!

>> No. 30135


...I should track whoever made that monstrosity down and have them arrested for ear rape.
>> No. 30136

I don't know though...if we happen to pass through the village to get Reimu anyway, we may just run into him.

Though seeing a less perverted Wade route does sound rather...intriguing.
>> No. 30137
That too since we're in better shape to fight the guy; MUCH better shape.

But I mean I'd like to Add Reimu to the harem, and see her get a route of her own for two main reasons: It's been too long since she got one and second for "Less perverted down to earth route" I hope Yukari won't be too sad the second run.
>> No. 30138
Huh boy, I went and got Red Steel 2 today and it's awesome. I just got to the lower city in one sitting and have found that the game's currency is very quickly spent on upgrades and new guns, even if you have 150,000+.

Did I mention I love the badass longcoat the MC is wearing?

"So now what?" Here I am in a speedy offensive getup and it seems like Yukari's just having me stand here doing nothing. I should know better than to think that's going to remain the case for long, though I didn't expect Yukari herself to take center stage. "Yukari?"

"I figure I should take a moment and see if you're really ready to take on the lunar princesses. Equipment can only get you so far after all." With that she gaps in her parasol and folding fan, then manipulates her hair into a bun in order to keep it out of the line of fire. She flicks her fan open before swinging it down to the side, then opens her parasol and leans in on her shoulder. I guess she means it then. "We'll still operate under the spellcard rules, so don't you dare hold back!"

Unexpected battle?
[X]She says we're operating under the spellcard rules, so I should use an actual spellcard. I have to make sure I haven't gotten rusty or anything. (Specify)
[X]Focus on using my equipment's bonuses to keep the playing field level.
[X]Play a change-up game with Karas and your- Oh god, I can't believe I'm going to say this... -Fusion Suit. Keep her guessing if at all possible.
[X]Some other strategy? (specify)


Yeah, a little short but it's been a while since I've gotten to do an actual fight scene.
>> No. 30139
[X]Focus on using my equipment's bonuses to keep the playing field level.

I think this is a sound tactic.
>> No. 30140
[X]Focus on using my equipment's bonuses to keep the playing field level.
>> No. 30141
I'd use spell cards, but with the advent of Wade's morphs, they've been left on the wayside.
>> No. 30142
[X] Focus on using my equipment's bonuses to keep the playing field level.
-[X] Keep a couple of spellcards handy. You haven't dueled Yukari before personally, but we do know just what she can do.

She may be our girlfriend...but she does seem pretty serious about the moonbitches. She might not take it easy on us. After all, she knows for the most part what all our stuff does.
>> No. 30143
She has an idea, but Wade knows better about the stuff he's using than she does. It's just the matter of finding ways to surprise her.
>> No. 30144
[X]Focus on using my equipment's bonuses to keep the playing field level.
>> No. 30146
[x] Focus on using my equipment's bonuses to keep the playing field level.
>> No. 30147
No April Fool's joke here folks, just a regular BURN TO THE GROUND!


[X]Focus on using my equipment's bonuses to keep the playing field level.

No fancy tricks yet. I'm doing this to get a feel for the increased attack speed and the range of motion the armor will give or restrict me to. Once I have a general idea of what it'll be like I'll switch gears and focus on being unpredictable. I already know that attacking blindly won't get me very far in this fight so I should wait for her to throw some kind of attack out there so the Fusion bolts will build up power.


Nothing. Not even a twitch. I guess I have to start the fight, which is the exact opposite of how I duel in games. Usually I wait until the opponent rushes forward to attack since that can give you an advantage in some cases, though I think she's waiting to see how I'll attack. As such I level the Fusion Cannon with her body and fire. Then again, and again, and again until it looks like I'm firing an offense-type danmaku shot. However, once I stop firing I see that she's simply not there anymore. I expected this to happen, yet I still have the reflexes of a human so trying to keep my cannon aimed at her will be a difficult task given her habit of boundary manipulation when fighting.

Homing shots at the 8oClock direction... A spreadfire of kunai coming down from above... Roadsigns causing me to have to move... Yup, she's actually started. She's using the minimal amount of projectiles and physical objects to create a dense enough field to trap and deal damage to her target. Unfortunately- No wait, there she is. A quick blast throws me back a bit as I launch the three bolts through the light field of danmaku and I'm actually a little surprised when they not only move at ridiculous speed but wipe out anything solid in their way. Yukari once again slipped into a gap to avoid it but now I only have to worry about the normal danmaku hitting me since I can just blast away everything else. Light step around the homing bolts, blow away the signs as they pop up- Wait...

She pops up with an obvious bit of damage done to her shield. Are those signs directly connected to her? Given that she's now taking to the air I'd have to assume so. And now she's going into a basic- Well, basic for her, pattern while I'm stuck on the ground... Wait, why am I stuck on the ground? I flew around before so why should I obey the laws of gravity? Because I'm human you say? Screw that! I leap into the air just as the initial wave of bullets strike the ground and narrowly avoid getting tagged. From there I force her to spend time adjusting her aim while I shoot charged shots at her, and I take some risky dips into the dense field to ensure that I get the bolts to do maximum damage. Unlike when she was on the ground, Yukari doesn't move much and her shield is quickly overwhelmed. I get the feeling this is still just a warm-up though.

The bullets cease to be as the shield around her shatters, and in its place is a solid barrier that prevents either of us from heading down to the ground. "It's good that you can still fly, that will make this more interesting that way." With that Yukari shuts her parasol, puts it into a gap, and pulls out an actual spellcard. "And your attacks deal some decent damage at speeds I didn't consider when pulling out that basic pattern, but you won't get the same advantage twice! Bounded Field [Spell of Dreams and Reality]!" Two large gold orbs shoot out from her at 45* angles to form a triangle, at which point they start shooting four streams of cyan arrowhead bullets each while Yukari herself fires off a constant spray of green bullets that don't seem to have any direction at all. She's just begging to eat a overcharged fusion bolt with this pattern...

The green bullets aren't dense enough to cover the whole playing area and I refuse to stay on the boundary she set in place. I'll have to dip into the ever thickening bullet pattern to get my shot lined up, but this one's going to hurt when it does. The bullet streams follow my every movement, but they only ever shoot at where I am rather than where I'll be. Obviously they don't land any hits, and the green arrowheads are only just starting to stray from their 2-D field. There's a convenient opening that lets me get the gap youkai between me and one of her orbs, then fire off a quick bolt straight through the bullet stream. Since she doesn't move, or rather, seems to be too busy concentrating in order to move effectively she's struck thrice more by a trio of now massive bolts. She's really going to have to rethink her current strategy if she plans on making this challenging.

>> No. 30150
Good there's only so much trolling I can take in a day.
>> No. 30153
I apologize for the slowness of the updates thus far, Red Steel 2 is proving to be quite fun so far and the fact that it's day two and I haven't beat it yet is a good sign. Unlike The Conduit, which I literally beat in a day.


Okay, I wasn't expecting her to give up on the pattern early. Maybe I just did so much damage with that one shot that it was pointless to continue with that spellcard? I did shoot it through a dense stream so that's probably the case. Now as for where she is...


Where is she? I thought she would have popped up by now. ...And she must be behind me the- A quick flick from the gap youkai sends me stumbling forward. "I'm guessing Yorihime can really do that." I'm starting to wonder if this is really the best way to see if I'm ready to take on the moon sisters or not since I don't really want to go all out on Yukari.

"That's more something Toyohime can do, though only within the confines of the lunar capital. You really should be ready for something like that. Though if it were me, I'd have beaten you already and put you at my mercy~." There we go, there's the pervert I know and love. I missed her teasing. Anyways, she steps back and takes her ready stance. "Though this isn't really doing much to calm my nerves. I thought you'd be pulling out all sorts of fancy tricks to best me, yet you're sticking with the suit."

"You're trying to make me fight you, one of the two women closest to my heart. Of course I'm not going to fight as hard as I can." I keep the Fusion Cannon aimed at her even though I don't really want to fire it. "I'm still wondering what you were thinking when you decided that this was a good idea."

"Wade, take this seriously. Yorihime might not be as strong as I am, but she does have a few thousand years of experience under her belt and command over pretty much every Shinto god there is. Call it what you will, but I want to see your strength again before I let you take either of them on." Yukari doesn't move to attack either, so we're at a standstill. The energy went out of this in a hurry...

[X]Use everything at your disposal.
[X]Do I really want to do this?
>> No. 30154
[x] Use everything at your disposal.
>> No. 30155
[X]Use everything at your disposal.
-[X]"Could you can replicate both of the Watatsuki's powers and use them against me? I'll get a better understanding of what they can do that way."

Not too sure how familiar Wade is with Shinto, but Yorihime's broken enough for him to take pretty seriously. He's already seen a sample of what Toyohime is capable of. Shinki forbid if they fight him at the same time.
>> No. 30156
[+] Use everything at your disposal.

Hoping to avoid a CLENCH THOSE TEETH becoming necessary.
>> No. 30157
[X]Use everything at your disposal.

She's asking for it.
>> No. 30158
[X] Do I really want to do this?

Sorry, I just can't see Wade going full-out against Yukari. No matter how much he tries to rationalize it, he'll still end up pulling his punches.
>> No. 30159
File 127028190596.jpg- (57.06KB , 480x425 , lets_get_dangerous.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Use everything at your disposal.

We have to if we're going to beat the Watatsukis. She may be our girlfriend, but there's no guarantee she won't pull HER punches.

Pic related...somehow.
>> No. 30160
That's why I took the vote as a statement of intention. Have him plan to go all out, at least; we all know he'll hesitate at the last second and get scolded anyway.
>> No. 30161
I don't know... he might end up overdoing it in a bad way. I hope you're right, but my soul tells me to vote

[X] Do I really want to do this?
>> No. 30162
[X]Use everything at your disposal.
>> No. 30163
[X]Use everything at your disposal.

All right, I've made up my mind. She wants to see me go all out and defeat her with a clear, decisive victory to cause her less worry, so I'll do as she asks. I don't want do go all out against her though... "Fine. You asked for this." The Fusion Cannon morphs into a single-barreled arm cannon while I pull out the Honjo Masamune with my free hand. A quick switch of the order and I now have an arm cannon of my left arm and the sword in my right since I think my off-hand would be better used for a ranged weapon that doesn't need to be as precise.

"We're not going to kill each other doing this. This is merely play, so feel free to be as rough as you want~." 'Because I'm not going to hold back for you' is what she probably meant to add to the end of that. Regardless, she gaps about ten feet away from me and snaps her fan shut for the moment, opting to use her parasol as her primary weapon. Not being one to waste any time she spins backwards through a gap...

...Only for me to catch her in the stomach with the Masamune and fling her away in one swift motion. I wait until she's back on her feet to be absolutely sure that I didn't impale her by accident, and to my relief she is unharmed. Well, about as unharmed as one can be after getting stabbed and thrown like that. The Masamune really can let the wielder choose what he cuts. "You've already pulled that party trick Yukari, it's not going to work twice." Especially not when I hear a little warning noise when an enemy is about to attack from an angle I can't see from. I start charging the blade while Yukari fires off a literal machinegun busrt of kunai, and blow it all away with a burst of wind launched from my blade. A quick dash forwards and I bring my blade to bear just as she sinks through a gap. Thanks to my angle of attack I end up following her through only to impale the barrier she had set up to act as the ground above the ground.

My arm cannon morphs into a Gauss Cannon as I swing it behind me, then fire it without checking. I only need enough time to yank the blade out and judging from the surprised sound I hear out of her I have to assume I got her attention. From there I bring the blade around and stop it just ahead of where the gap youkai had moved to in order to launch another wave at her. Needless to say she avoided it. She then brings her parasol down while I'm busy looking for her, yet does so at the absolute edge of my peripheral vision so I simply guard with my blade. The guard in question just happens to have shot out a pulse of energy that caused the gap youkai to stagger backwards, and I take advantage of that by hitting her hard twice, flinging her up into the air with my blade, then follow her up while morphing my arm cannon into the Helix Cannon. From there I shotgun with the Helix while using light slashes to keep her off balance, and end it with a strong downward slash that would have slammed her into the ground if she didn't open up another gap to fall through.

My descent to the ground is relatively quick since I was going to use a downward stab, yet at the same time I'm just a litte dissapointed that the gap youkai had haxxed her way out of the combo like that. Now that she's gone back into space between borders it's going to be impossible to tell where she'll come out next. Kind of annoying since I probably won't be fighting Toyohime on the moon, even if I did I'd cut it short by surfing back to Gensokyo on the back of Robo Dracula, and I doubt Yorihime can do that. Oh look, she's pulling out a spellcard. I can barely make out [Border of Life and Dea... Aw crap.

She's not even bothering with the easier patterns. In fact she's starting out with her most difficult portion of the pattern, which means I have to face the whole freaking rainbow! Screw that! I leap back before the first barrage reaches me and morph my arm cannon into a plain white barrel with a green crystal at the end.

I level the cannon with where Yukari should be, and... "Vol... TEKKAAAAA!" A predominantly green laser blast shoots out with enough force to almost knock me over, and more than enough force to cut a hole clean through the pattern. Once that's done I aim again... "VOLTEKKA!" And fire one mostly orange and red laser directly from my forehead in the style of the original Tekkaman. Once that's done I intentionally shatter the crystal on the cannon... "Omni-directional Super... VOLTEKKAAAA!" Another green laser blast that happens to be bigger than the two before it shoots out with incredible speed. It cuts a third hole in the wall of danmaku, then causes it all to vanish. I managed to hit her with that last one I think.

"Hehe, guess Wade really does have to beat some sense into Yukari." Suika happens to be watching the whole scene from a cloud created from her own mist. In fact, said cloud is large enough to support everyone else present. "She's just not going to be sure he'll be okay until he shows off like he used to."

"One could say that he's doing a good job of that right now, if his increasingly ridiculous attacks are any indication." Byakuren decided to sit a little ways away from the oni and is watching the battle with some interest. "If he used any more beams at once, I would say that he's gone overboard."

"In my experience, you can never have enough laser beams shooting at your opponent at once. Just so long as it doesn't destroy your home in the process." Shinki happened to be lying on her chest as she drinks some of Suika's liquor. He eyes are mainly focused on me since I'm the one getting ever more crazy with my attacks.

"Does anyone feel like making a bet on the winner?" Yuyuko views the whole thing with an air of indifference. She knows that the whole battle is ultimately pointless and that my energy should be saved in case of lunar attack.

"What're your terms ghostie?" Suika pretty much falls backwards to look at the ghost princess, and does so with a wide smile on her face. "But don't you think a drinking game would be better? Say, one bottle for every laser in the match?"

"We'd be drunk off our asses and at your mercy within minutes. No thank you." Shinki's rather quick to shoot this idea down. It's kind of funny since she's the only other one drinking. I guess people and goddesses have their limits.

"Aw, you're no fun." Suika merely pouts upon having her idea shot down.

>> No. 30167
Okay, since when did this turn into some over the top fight? I know I said I'd use everything at my disposal, but this is getting to be a bit much! Yukari's basically called upon a number of options that have been shooting bullets at me for the last couple minutes while the gap youkai herself is using a pair of bladed fans to attack me. I, on the other hand, am literally using everything but the kitchen sink in this fight. Everything I can think of, and several things that just came to mind in a particularly hectic moment, has either been used or is being used. In one hand are three purple blades held between my fingers while the other has the Honjo Masamune. I've been throwing the purple blades while parrying with the Masamune and it's pretty much been even the whole fight. Somehow neither of us have gotten the upper hand, but I'm running out of steam.

Her options have switched from bullets to needles, and that's my cue to use something different. I throw away the last batch of blades before pulling out a purple wand with a mirror orb on the end. Once I do that I parry her next attack and generate a reflective field with the wand, which knocks all four needle streams right back at her. Suddenly she's hopping around all over the place as she opens up gap after gap and spares me nothing but a smile before opening a gap directly in front of her. The streams flow in...

And dozens flow out of the collective gaps. I switch from a reflect barrier to a reflect guard in order to survive all this since I'm pretty sure those needles aren't just for decoration. They bounce off the shield with no effect, which is what I was aiming for, but Yukari realized that I can't move like this and immediately grabs me. I respond by reminding her that I do in fact have a blade in my spare hand and crack her over the head with it to make her lose her concentration. It's not enough to make her lose her grip, but it's more than enough to make her lose the gap advantage she just gained. A quick pulse from the wand is enough to launch her backward with me still in hand, which isn't necessarily good from a battle perspective. Mostly because she has a much sturdier body than I, and partially because she just switched our positions. Another pulse and we're sailing through the air.

She throws me downward and begins to follow right up until she realizes that I'm not there anymore. Instead there's a raven-styled fighter jet with a sword jutting out of one wing and a wand out the other waiting for her, with everything pointed at her. I fly straight at her and miss completely since she flipped herself to the side, but I'm doing the same even as she avoids my initial charge. The result is a chain firing out one of the wings and around her body, which pulls her right into the sword on the wing. It doesn't do any physical damage but this is more for the surprise factor than anything else. What I'm really doing is setting her up for a finisher so that I can end this while I'm ahead. One hand on the blade and another on the wand, I undo the chain so I don't go down with her before sending her crashing through her own border with the strong pulse I just shot at her. The sword slides in until the hilt hits her flesh, then it pins her to the ground while I pull another blade out of nowhere and jump backwards. I then rush forward at incredible speed to deliver a final overhead blow with the hilt of the sword.

She sees me coming, but does nothing to stop it.

She merely closes her eyes in resignation.

Does she really think I'm going to end her?

She should know better.

A careful aim later and the hilt forms a crater less than an inch from the gap youkai's head, and I can see her eyes widen in shock. Her heart's racing, she's sweating too, and she then gives me a rather cross look.

"I hope you did that on purpose, because if you missed by accident..." You wouldn't think I just ran her through with the way she's talking. And scolding me for not preforming a finishing blow on her? Is she out of her freaking mind?! Yukari yanks the Honjo out of herself with ease... Okay, not really. She's still pinned, and she sighs as she realizes that she is in fact more beat up than she wants to admit. "Could you do me a favor and get this out of me? I admit you have it jammed into me and the ground pretty hard."

I put one hand on the blade and yank it out in one swift motion. No sense dragging out something that could very well be painful for her, even if she'll never admit it. "Actually, I should be the one scolding you for trying to make me smash your head in. Do you even think about how I'd feel if that happened or did you just expect me to be too weak to actually do it?" Out of armor already. I can tell she thinks she's not done, but I say otherwise. A pulse sends her arms to the ground and her whole body another half inch into the dirt. After that I pick her up bridal style and carry her back towards the group, only for her to smash me into the ground while I wasn't expecting it. "What the hell?!"

"Did I say we were done?" Even after all that, she's still raring to go? I have to admit I'm having a tough time keeping a straight face now that I have my girlfriend more or less on top of me in a less than innocent fashion. She's determined to keep going, but I've had enough.

"I say we are. Honestly, if we keep going you're going to grind me into a fine paste." That would be true because all the pain is starting to catch up to me and it's making it near impossible to move. Yukari picks up on this and her face goes from combative to worried in less than a second, and I find myself in her arms not too long after that.

[X]You know, I'd enjoy passing out right about now...
[X]Staying awake will hurt, but I'd prefer it.
>> No. 30168
[x]Staying awake will hurt, but I'd prefer it.
>> No. 30169
[X] You know, I'd enjoy passing out right about now...

How will Wade wake up? It's a mystery.
>> No. 30170
[X]Staying awake will hurt, but I'd prefer it.
>> No. 30171
[x] Staying awake will hurt, but I'd prefer it.
>> No. 30172
[X]Staying awake will hurt, but I'd prefer it.
>> No. 30173
[X]Staying awake will hurt, but I'd prefer it.

We may just need a massage now~
>> No. 30174
[X]Staying awake will hurt, but I'd prefer it.
>> No. 30175
[X]Staying awake will hurt, but I'd prefer it.
>> No. 30176
[X]Satying awake will hurt, but I'd prefer it.

Thanks to Yukari's rather brutal fighting style the only thing on my mind right now is how badly I want to just pass out and wake up somewhere more pleasant, or at least be in a bit less pain than I am now. But if I do that then the odds are very good that I'd miss something and I'm not really in the mood to let that happen, even if it is the less intelligent of the two options.

The pain comes in a dull throbbing with some intense spikes if I so much as twitch. As a result I simply relax into Yukari's arms as she gaps herself and my battered body back to Mayohiga, where she then places me on a nice soft bed in yet another room I'm unfamiliar with. As I sink into the matress I'm struck with a rather nasty realization: Nari must be feeling what I'm feeling right now! I didn't get her involved physically yet thanks to our deep-rooted connection she'll be paying for it all the same. Perhaps if I can do something to block it from being shared between us...

"Are you sure you want to do that? What you're feeling isn't all that much to me since all I'm feeling is a dull echo of your pain." Even though I can't tell where she is the bakeneko still manages to make me feel a bit better about this.

Wouldn't it be better if you didn't have to?

"Not being able to feel you would mean either our connection was broken or jammed by magic-based means or that you're dead. I'd like to keep on feeling what you're feeling, even if it's unpleasant." So not only does she know more than I do, she's using that knowledge to convince me to not keep this all to myself. "Because the good comes across far better than the bad."

"Wade... Oh, you're conversing with your shikigami. Here I thought you were unconscious already." Yukari sits on the bed next to my battered body as she speaks to me. Part of her must be feeling regret for going this far in our fight to test my limits, though I think she's currently worried if her expression is any indication. "I have to admit that I'm impressed with how you handled yourself in that fight, and that you didn't hold back for the most part."

>> No. 30177

From the tone of the gap youkai's voice I'd have to assume there's a 'but' at the end of her sentence. I really hope she's not going to berate me for holding back in the end since there's no way I'd be willing to land that kind of blow on her without some kind of guarantee that she'd live through it without getting hurt too badly. "That's not all, is it." Not a question, but a statement of fact.

"But I'm still not satisfied. Quite honestly I doubt I'll really calm down about this until the Watasuki's have left Earth or there's some kind of proof that they aren't a threat. I am a little more confident that you'll be able to at least give them hell assuming you're up to it when we go to the moon viewing tonight." She takes my hand in hers as she speaks and I visibly wince at the light pressure she puts on me. I really didn't think it was possible to hurt like this all over and wouldn't be surprised if my entire body was some off-color purple right now. "I suppose the train was a bit overkill..."

"You think?" I simply raise an eyebrow at her when she said that. Seriously, it's kind of obvious that even with a spell shield and armor getting hit with a bullet train would hurt. "I'm starting to think that half the reason you wanted to go all out was to incapacitate me so I can't go to the lunar viewing."

Yukari merely rolled her eyes when I made that little accusation. "I'll admit that you being bed-ridden until your body heals poses a bit of a problem. It's rather difficult to do anything fun when every move you make brings you more pain." And she's dodging the question. I like the fact that she cares, but this is straining the definition of 'tough love'.

"She really underestimates the strength of your shikigami bond, doesn't she?" Hakurei chooses then to voice her opinion. "You're already healing from the beatdown she gave you and should be back on your feet within the hour if nothing else happens."

That's convenient.

"That's just how close the two of you are. At this point you can use some of her power and you can grant her some of yours without even thinking about it." Huh, I wonder what's got her in such a good mood.

"Oops! I left the others out in that field... I'll be back in a minute Wade!" Yukari suddenly gaps herself out of the room, leaving me sort of alone. Now what?

>> No. 30178
[X] Since I'm not going anywhere, I might as well talk to that voice in my head. Yes, I mean you, Hakurei...
-[X] "What did you think of that fight?"
-[X] "Find anything new?"
-[X] "You mentioned a solution to Reimu's suitor problem. Please tell me it's not going to involve me."
>> No. 30179
[X] Since I'm not going anywhere, I might as well talk to that voice in my head. Yes, I mean you, Hakurei...
-[X] "What did you think of that fight?"
-[X] "Find anything new?"
-[X] "You mentioned a solution to Reimu's suitor problem. Does it involve me? I can imagine that guy is still itching for a fight"
-[x] "But what has gotten you so chipper all of a sudden? I doubt seeing me get pummeled is that enjoyable"
>> No. 30180
[X] Since I'm not going anywhere, I might as well talk to that voice in my head. Yes, I mean you, Hakurei...
-[X] "What did you think of that fight?"
-[X] "Find anything new?"
-[X] "You mentioned a solution to Reimu's suitor problem. Does it involve me? I can imagine that guy is still itching for a fight"
-[X] "But what has gotten you so chipper all of a sudden? I doubt seeing me get pummeled is that enjoyable"
>> No. 30181
[X] Since I'm not going anywhere, I might as well talk to that voice in my head. Yes, I mean you, Hakurei...
-[X] "What did you think of that fight?"
-[X] "Find anything new?"
-[X] "You mentioned a solution to Reimu's suitor problem. Does it involve me? I can imagine that guy is still itching for a fight"
-[x] "But what has gotten you so chipper all of a sudden? I doubt seeing me get pummeled is that enjoyable"
>> No. 30182
[X] Since I'm not going anywhere, I might as well talk to that voice in my head. Yes, I mean you, Hakurei...
-[X] "What did you think of that fight?"
-[X] "Find anything new?"
-[X] "You mentioned a solution to Reimu's suitor problem. Does it involve me? I can imagine that guy is still itching for a fight"
-[x] "But what has gotten you so chipper all of a sudden? I doubt seeing me get pummeled is that enjoyable"

There's really not much to do now that I'm almost out of commission other than to talk to the voice in my head. And yes, I do mean you Hakurei.

"Just don't start calling me 'you in there' or there'll be trouble." I'm really wondering if the goddess even knows that's a reference to a character who was in a position not unlike hers. ...Nah. "So what do you want to talk about while Yukari rounds up the others?"

For starters, what did you think of that fight?

"It was pretty good. You really have a knack for pulling unexpected stunts out of nowhere, even more so than Yukari, and she's the biggest cheating jerk I know."

Oh ho, very funny.

"Maybe next time we could try combining our power since I want in on your fight with Yorihime."

That's if I get into a fight with her. It's still up in the air as to whether or not she knows about me or if she even cares.

"You've got some obscene spiritual power and are Yukari's boyfriend. Of course they're going to care, seeing as any child the two of you have will likely surpass the both of you and be nigh unstoppable with Lunarian tech."

I think that was already said.

"It's the most obvious point. I don't know what the Watasukis will try but I wouldn't put it past them to try and obliterate or seal you once they figure out who you are, and which goddess you're sharing your body with."

They'd see us as a mutual threat, huh?

"I hope that question was rhetorical."

It was. I just hope I'm at least close to 100% if I get into a fight with those two. I've already seen Toyohime's power for myself and I don't like it at all. It's just not the sort of thing you can really defend against, is it?

"That sort of thing is more 'up in the air' than most. It's true Toyohime's fan disrupts things on the atomic level, but from what I can tell from the earlier encounter it relies on the target being 'impure', as vague a term as that is. If you want my opinion, if you do get hit once you won't have to worry about it again until you get another physical body."

You think it'll leave spirits alone?

"There's a good chance of it. You're not evil or demonic in any sense of the word, and neither is Nariko."


"There won't be any feedback from you to her."


"I know you don't want to run the risk of getting her harmed or killed, so if worst comes to worst have someone help protect her."

She won't like that. She'd probably try to jump in and help.

"That's just another wild card in the deck, and one that might not have a negative value since you've got a strong, loving bond between the two of you."

That doesn't mean I want to play it.

"I get it, I get it."

On another note, did you find anything new in there?

"Quite a few actually. The only problem is that I don't know what any of it is or even what any of it does. It's like you got the power to turn dreams into reality thanks to being blown up and reconstructed inside the border between dream and reality..."

So long as it wasn't courage alone.

"Being a coward wouldn't have gotten you this far, so why is courage a bad thing?"

Never mind, it's nothing.

"Okay... Anyway, there's a few things in here that would be worth looking at if you were so inclined. And you'd know what to do with all this better than I do, so I won't muck with it unless I get really, really bored."

So long as you don't cause any damage I don't really care what you do in there.

[i}"Ah, but what would cause damage?"[/i]

...Good point.

"Glad you think so. I'd rather not have Suika on my case because I managed to break you into bits again, seeing as you either were or are her pet project."

Speaking of which, I do owe her big time. If it weren't for her I might not even exist right now.

"True. Even though you've been put back together I can still tell that you were reduced to unintelligible fragments that were incapable of healing itself, and since the shinigami is such a slacker you most likely would have just faded away if you were left alone."


"Cut that out, ellipses are for chumps."

Sorry. Changing subjects once again, you mentioned a solution to Reimu's suitor problem? I assume that one is still itching for a fight.

"Eh heh heh, that problem~? I've got ideas about how to handle it, but if you're offering to lend me a hand in the matter..."

Depends on whether or not I get through tonight without becoming a prisoner or something.

"I'll keep that in mind."

Speaking of which, you've gotten rather chipper again. Why is that? I doubt very seriously that watching me get pummeled was that amusing.

"I'm getting a big shot at payback tonight, and that's for starters. As for what else is causing my good mood? You'll just have to wait."

[X]I think I blanked out during that conversation. Check to see if Yukari's back yet.
[X]Is there anything else I want to ask the goddess?
[X]Huh. How often do I get a shot at exploring my own soul? See if I can't wander around in it again for a bit.
>> No. 30184
[X]I think I blanked out during that conversation. Check to see if Yukari's back yet.
[x]If not... do a bit of looking, just a bit.
>> No. 30185
[X] Huh. How often do I get a shot at exploring my own soul? See if I can't wander around in it again for a bit.
>> No. 30186
[X]Huh. How often do I get a shot at exploring my own soul? See if I can't wander around in it again for a bit.

I wonder if we can pull certain powers directly instead of having to rely on items constantly.
>> No. 30187
[X] Huh. How often do I get a shot at exploring my own soul? See if I can't wander around in it again for a bit.
>> No. 30188
even if we end up missing some quality time with Yukari and possibly a couple other folks?
>> No. 30189
Wade's not in condition to do much of anything right now, and I doubt a little exploration will eat up the rest of the day. Take it easy.
>> No. 30190

>"She really underestimates the strength of your shikigami bond, doesn't she?" Hakurei chooses then to voice her opinion. "You're already healing from the beatdown she gave you and should be back on your feet within the hour if nothing else happens."

Wade's not in that terrible of a shape if his recovery time is 1 hour barring more fighting.
>> No. 30191
To me, "on your feet" doesn't mean perfect condition, just that he can move around without being crippled by the pain.
>> No. 30192
[X] Huh. How often do I get a shot at exploring my own soul? See if I can't wander around in it again for a bit.

...You know, I didn't get much of an opportunity to explore the last time I went into my own soul. This seems like an ideal time to go ahead and do a little exploration of my own since Yukari and friends won't be back for an undetermined amount of time. As a result I start to drift off, and find that my vision immediately comes back to grant me a look at a grassy meadow under a starry sky. It'd be peaceful and mistakable for the waking world save for all the objects embedded in the ground, floating in the air, and the impossible creatures that inhabit the area. Not to mention the gold wormhole looking thing that takes up a small bit of the sky.

"Eh? Why did you come in here?" The purple haired goddess is currently sitting on a stump not too far off from my current position. She seems to be, or at least has been, playing with a number of small fluffy chicks that have made their nest in a tree not too far off from her position.

"Isn't this my mindscape? One would think I have every reason to come in here. Or at least every right to be here." I approach the goddess while speaking, and I contemplate if this is one of the reasons she doesn't get bored and bother me more than she already does. "It certainly looks different."

One of the small, fluffy birds nestles into her hairs once she turns to face me, while another dozen or so take up various perches on her. It seems they've either gotten used to her or they're just not afraid of people. "Now that your subconscious isn't trying to attack me. Everything's sort have gotten used to me over time, like these little birds. These cuties used to run away." But now they look like they don't want to get off. "It's a little weird how they seem to pray to me with their chirps."

"You're earned their respect then. That's good isn't it?" I take up the opposite side of the stump and find that the birds don't seem to mind that I've gotten so close. It's clear they have minds of their own, but they seem to be able to tell what's a threat and what isn't. "It means you should eventually get stronger."

Hakurei looks contemplative for a moment before smiling even wider than before. "True. But if these little guys believe in me to the point where I can do my work again, then that means you also believe in me." She then leans on my back while absentmindedly petting one of the birds.

"I don't think it's all me by any stretch of the imagination." I scoop up one of the little fuzzballs and note that it's incredibly light. It looks at me with inquisitive eyes before deciding that I make for an acceptable perch myself. "Don't take this the wrong way, I do believe in you, it's just that I'm pretty sure everything here has a mind of it's own."

"That wouldn't surprise me. I imagine that all the physical foreign objects you've accumulated have leaked some of their magic, power, or faith into the surrounding area. As a result things have sprung to life within this dream world." She gestures off into the distance where a tall statue like object towers over the landscape.

When I take a look I see that it's predominantly brown in its color scheme yet seems to be made of metal. Its torso is more like a thin upside-down rectangle than anything else, and its head is another, smaller right side up rectangle with robotic green eyes set upon a black background. These eyes scan back and forth along the length of each 'eye' in a rythmic fashion that gives the impression of constantly switching from cross-eyed to wall-eyed. The arms are fairly blocky and have a number of small silos along the length of each arm while the claw-like hands have one lens on each palm, which I can only presume are for firing some kind of laser or something. Each shoulder has a peculiar growth that, in width, spans from the neck to halfway to the shoulder. From there it drapes downward and eventually curves inward around where the waist is. The legs on the other hand seem to serve no major purpose other than to look interesting as they both taper down into points. The rings surrounding each point seems to indicate that they're generating some sort of levitation force. On the back are a pair of long, blade-like protrusions that jut out of each shoulder at a sharp angle and come down to where the mech's knees would be if it had any, and if I didn't know any better I'd say that they're removable. The one other notable thing is that there seems to be some kind of panel on the chest, maybe it opens up to do something?

"Is that some kind of guardian mecha?" I can't help but stare at it for a while seeing as it's nothing I've ever seen before. It seems to have a base in Descent or something similar but the overall design and possible capabilities point to it being something different, perhaps original.

"I don't know what it is, other than it doesn't seem to move for any reason. Its head will rotate around to scan the environment every so often though." Hakurei speaks of it in an almost dismissive tone since it doesn't appear to interest her that much. Not that I can blame her though. It neither moves nor does it provide faith of any kind, and I doubt very seriously that it talks.

[X]Let's take a walk and see what else we can find.
[X]Investigate the mecha more closely. It looks benign for the moment...
[X]This is enough for now I think.
>> No. 30193
[X]Investigate the mecha more closely. It looks benign for the moment...
>> No. 30194
[X] Investigate the mecha more closely. It looks benign for the moment...

>upside-down rectangle
Huh? Rectangles are symmetrical, it's not possible to tell if one is "upside-down".
>> No. 30195
[X] Investigate the mecha more closely. It looks benign for the moment...

Here to explore, etc.
>> No. 30196
[X] Investigate the mecha more closely. It looks benign for the moment...

I guess I'll go along with this for now, but we might end up on missing something nice if we take too long poking around. These 'powering up games' have a nasty way of sucking up time.
>> No. 30197
Wait, wh-

God dammint, that was supposed to be 'Trapezoid', not 'rectangle'. Writefag had a 'durr' moment...
>> No. 30198
[X] Investigate the mecha more closely. It looks benign for the moment...

I would say IT'S A GUNDAM!, but anyone who says that tends to get killed first by it.
>> No. 30199
File 127103242467.jpg- (1.00MB , 852x4000 , TobiaMotherfuckingArronax_.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not the lead of Crossbone Gundam, Tobia Arronax. He'd make Garrod Ran proud (Lead of Gundam X; totally NOT emo)
>> No. 30200

True, but that's probably due to plot armor preventing the mook curse from taking effect.
>> No. 30201
[X] Investigate the mecha more closely. It looks benign for the moment...

The more I look at that mech the more I want to go see it up close and personal. Maybe it's because I have a thing for giant robots, or maybe it's because I want to pilot it. After all, blowing stuff up is fun. "I'm going to take a closer look at that mech for a bit." I sit upright to help try and convince the goddess leaning on my back to let me get up.

"Alright, just be careful. I don't know what would happen if you got hurt in here, nor am I certain I could help if you did." Hakurei shifts her weight upright as well and allows me to get up. She then turns to give a farewell wave before going back to playing with the small fluffy birds she seems so fond of.

I wave back as I fly off in the direction of the mech. Along the way I see that the more I look at my own mindscape the more bizarre it becomes. The law of physics simply don't exist here, the evolution of the life within my mind takes entirely separate courses over the course of a few seconds, and perhaps the most bizarre thing of all is the fact that the points of light I had considered stars seemed to be very tiny versions of the gold wormhole that took up so much of the sky. Those would be my connections to other people unless I'm very much mistaken... It's kind of interesting how they represent themselves by taking the form of points in space and time that connect from one point to another and makes some level of sense when I consider the largest of them all. That must be my shikigami connection to Nari, and even from here I can get a general sense of what she's feeling.

Hmm, I suppose I should pay more attention to the mech I'm coming up on shortly. As Hakurei said, it doesn't really move or respond to anything. The head does rotate to take in the surroundings every now and again but other than that it's pretty dull. There's not much here to describe in a level of detail greater than what I've already specified, other than the fact that the chest door won't open and that the color scheme is actually primarily brown with some white. I suppose that's all there is to it...

At least until it focuses its gaze on me.

User identified: Wade Trenton. Status: Idle until need arises.

How did it...? Never mind, this is something created within my own mind, of course it's going to know my last name. Either way, it looks like it's going to be inactive for now regardless of what I do. It did respond to me so perhaps it's merely waiting for me to be in actual trouble before it comes out. Or maybe it's...

"Oh. This is where you went." That sounds an awful lot like...

"Yukari?" I end up spinning around to face her with a surprised look on my face since I genuinely didn't expect her to come in here. Of course, seeing as she can manipulate boundaries I really shouldn't have been surprised...

"Who did you think it was? Not too many other people can just pop up in here without issues." Yukari's halfway through one of her gaps while looking at me with a mildly amused expression. "You've changed quite a bit, don't you think?"

"I guess. I've never been in here before. Well, not before getting broken into little pieces." Honestly, how does one traverse their own soul without some kind of magic prowess? I had issues with simple lucid dreaming for a while, and once I got over them I only wound up in Gensokyo or the border between dream and reality.

"You can't tell, but I can. In fact, quite a few people can see what's happened to you." She then gestures to the surrounding mindscape as she continues speaking. "It's pretty amazing when you think about it. A human with nothing but the trained ability to traverse dreams crosses the border of dream and reality from his own mind, and gains things that would be impossible for others to obtain under normal circumstances. It's true that you paid a price for it, but one could argue that everything good that has happened since then was compensation for that bit of bad luck."

[X]"So what does this mean?"
[X]It's probably time to 'wake up'.
[X]It hasn't been an hour yet has it?
>> No. 30202
[X] "Everything? And here I thought you were compensation enough."
[X] It's probably time to 'wake up'.
>> No. 30203
[X]"So what does this mean? Just curious, though I must say I've been more than compensated for my bad luck. Cool powers, nice friends, gaining understanding of some dear people, and the best girlfriend ever."
[X] It's probably time to 'wake up'.
>> No. 30204
[X]"So what does this mean? Just curious, though I must say I've been more than compensated for my bad luck. Cool powers, nice friends, gaining understanding of some dear people, and the best girlfriend ever."
[X] It's probably time to 'wake up'.
>> No. 30205
[x] "So what does this mean? Just curious, though I must say I've been more than compensated for my bad luck. Cool powers, nice friends, gaining understanding of some dear people, and the best girlfriend ever."
[x] It's probably time to 'wake up'.
>> No. 30206
[x] "So what does this mean? Just curious, though I must say I've been more than compensated for my bad luck. Cool powers, nice friends, gaining understanding of some dear people, and the best girlfriend ever."
[x] It's probably time to 'wake up'.
>> No. 30207
[+]"So what does this mean?"
I like the first part of that write-in, but I'm more interested in what SLDT has in mind for this option.
>> No. 30208
[x] "So what does this mean? Just curious, though I must say I've been more than compensated for my bad luck. Cool powers, nice friends, gaining understanding of some dear people, and the best girlfriend ever."
[x] It's probably time to 'wake up'.
>> No. 30209
[X]"So what does it mean?" + Write in. (I don't feel like going back and forth a dozen times to recall everything.)
[X]I probably should 'wake up'.

You know, for her down to earth, carefree nature Yukari certainly knows how to be enimatic at times. It's kind of annoying since it means I'm very unlikely to get a straight answer out of her about this particular subject. It won't stop me from trying though. "So what does this mean?" Is the only thing I ask of her.

"That depends. What 'this' are you talking about?" She props her head up on one fist while laying her other arm sideways across her upright one. She seems amused by the question I posed, and wants me to define it further.

"All of this. I got the best girlfriend I could possibly ask for, got closer to those dear to me, found new and irreplacable friends, and obtained enough power to conquer the outside world single-handedly if I so choose. And it's all because I just so happened to take up lucid dreaming just as the border betwen dream and reality started breaking down." And no matter how good it gets, something always nags me in the back of my head that insists that this is all too good to be true, that it will all come crashing down around my ears or turn out to be just a dream, and that I'll be left wishing I could come back to it.
"It means you just got incredibly lucky, that's all." She floats out from her gap to me, then puts her arms around me once she sees the look on my face. "But don't look so worried, you're here to stay. I've seen to it already." And with nothing but a cheery smile and closed eyes, she manages to grind my worries into dust. Why should I be worried about that anyways? This isn't some doujin game that contradicts canon! "And you might want to change that to 'The best two girlfriends I could possibly ask for' since Nariko would most likely get all offended if you placed me higher than her."

..."Wait a tic. You've seen to it already?" Despite one part of me demanding that I hug my cute 1300 17-year old girlfriend another part of my mind starts to wonder what she's done this time.

All I get is a giggle at first until Yukari opens her eyes and holds me even closer. "You gave up the outside world for me didn't you? Everything you've ever known..." She pauses momentarily before continuing on in a sly tone. "Though you shouldn't be surprised by the implications seeing as I can be my past, present, and future all at once and even call in different mes from different times. So my saying that I've seen to it is both entirely accurate and meaningless."

"So does this mean you've already held an orgy that consists of nothing but multiple yous all doing me?" Yup. I'm just as perverted as the gap youkai now. There's no hope left for me... All there is to do now is to enjoy what I get.

Yukari does seem surprised by this for a moment, then laughs. "Oh my~! The first thing that comes to mind when I mention the possibilities of multiple mes is sex? Hmm~ Tempting, but it'll have to wait. You have a prior engagment with your shikigami later and I'm quite certian someone will have an issue with us doing it in here." With that it's her turn to lean in close and give me light kiss. She then breaks off and heads back to her gap while I consider waking up since it's probably been long enough.


"Geeze, I thought you were gonna sleep the day away!" The first thing I see upon waking up is Nariko laying in between my legs as she was so fond of doing when she was a cat. The obvious difference being that she has a human form and knows that her position is more suggestive than innocent. Not that it stops her from laying on me and purring. "You weren't responding to anything, so Yukari went in you to find out what happened. She was really worried!" I have to wonder if Nari's even aware how ditzy she sounds right now. Not that it matters since she's being so darn cute. "C'mon, let's get back to the others!"

"Can it wait just a bit? I'm still kind of sore here..." And the reason I even went into my own soul to begin with reminds me of its existance by taking the form of a dull throbbing throughout my body.

"Nnnyn? Oh, you still hurt all over don't you?" Nari then strips me of my shirt without any shame whatsoever, flips me over as gently as possible, then begins to rub my shoulders. "Yukari should have stopped when she hit you with that train instead of trying to push you further and harder. It was reckless of her, not to metion stupid." Her movements across my sore and tired muscles are firm yet gentle, which once again makes me ask the question 'What exactly did Yukari put in her head?' "All stiff and bruised... Really, if she wanted you to be in your best shape she wouldn't have done that." From my shoulders to my back and oh man that feels good... "Personally I don't really want you going anywhere near Eientei during the lunar viewing. There's just too much that can go wrong too easily." Her hands glide from my back to my lower back as she speaks. "Especially with that Toyohime person. She seems nice enough, if not a ditz, but her weapon just shouldn't exist. How do you defend against it anyway?" In between her various worries and complaints she ensures that every area she works on is loose and limber before moving onto the next, which is very nice of her. I should return the favor sometime. "If you do fight them, I want to be by your side fighting along with you."

"But that would put you in danger right along with me." I still manage to groan that out even though she's more or less reduced me to a happily drooling lump. "I couldn't take it if you got killed, even if I could just bring you right back."

"And how do you think I'd feel if you got killed in battle when I wasn't there to help you even though you know I can? It'd be even worse because that ressurection benefit only works one way." There's some annoyance in the bakeneko's voice as she continues to knead my muscles into submission. "If you do get into a fight with them, I'm fighting with you. End of story."

"I'd prefer it if that wasn't the end of our story..."

"You get the picture." She merely rolls her eyes as she continues.

[X]Go see what Yukari's doing.
[X]Simply stay here and pet the cat.
[X]Come on, there's a giant mech in my soul and I'd be willing to leave it be? See about getting it out in the open!
[X]Perhaps one of the other lovely ladies could use some attention?
>> No. 30210
[X]Simply stay here and pet the cat.

If possible to multi-vote
[x]See Suika.

First we should spend sometime with other other best girlfriend ever. There might be value to chatting with say Yuyuko or Byakuren, I think Suika goes first.

In that write in, I mainly focused on Yukari as to reassure her some, I never intended to leave the infinitely loyal (and quick learning) Nari out.

>Yup. I'm just as perverted as the gap youkai now. There's no hope left for me... All there is to do now is to enjoy what I get.

>> No. 30211
[X] Perhaps one of the other lovely ladies could use some attention?
-[X] Yuyuko

Based on Yukari's comment, I think Nari gets Wade to herself tonight. If Wade's still in bad shape, he should stick to the people who won't get very physical.
>> No. 30212
[X] Simply stay here and pet the cat.

Nari time.
>> No. 30213
[X]Simply stay here and pet the cat.

We haven't really spent that much time with her as opposed to Yukari. Plus if she is going to be fighting alongside us, eventually we have to see what magic she's capable of.
>> No. 30214
Eventually, yes, but I think Wade's juuust a wee bit too busted-up to test her magic at the moment.

For a similar reason, Suika Fun Time will have to wait.

Still, just spending time with Nari won't bring bruises... I think.

[+] Simply stay here and pet the cat.
>> No. 30215
Nari knows about Wade's shape and is being considerate.

I think Yukari's comment was referring to when he woke up.
>> No. 30216
[X]Simply stay here and pet the cat.

As much as might like to get up, move around, and see how everyone else is doing I think it's high time I take a moment and spend time with the lovely catgirl that's graciously easing my pain. That and we haven't exactly had much in the way of alone time as of late and I'd like to talk to her in private for a bit to see how she feels, as well as to reassure her that she isn't being shunted aside if necessary. "Depressing topics about Lunarians and possible death by their hands aside, how do you like it here?" I can't really turn to face her since she still has me pinned down on the bed so I simply lay my head sideways so I can catch at least a little glimpse if I strain enough.

Nari gives it a moment of thought, evidenced by her furrowed brow, before answering. "It's better for you. The people here care about you as a person instead of just a thing that does things for them. Why?"

"That doesn't really answer the question. As for why I ask, it occurs to me that I didn't ask you for your opinion in any of this. I feel guilty about this since we're supposed to be equals." I can't find it in myself to look her in the eye, though it doesn't help that she's not where I can easily look at her in the first place.

"Hmm..." She then sighs as she realizes that she can't just keep dodging the question. "I wish you didn't take up residence here. I know I'm being selfish and thick-headed here but I still don't trust Yukari with you. Just look at what being around her has done to you! You used to be a lot more reserved than you are now, but now..." She ends up putting more pressure on me than she consciously thought, though she realizes what she's doing once she feels me wince out of pain. "Ah! Sorry! But now you're much looser about who you're willing to consider special." It doesn't sound like anything big, but I can tell all the underlying meanings of her use of that word.

"Come on, you can feel it can't you? I'm not about to leave you just to chase skirts." I get the general gist of what she's trying to put into words, yet I want to hear her say it.

"I know that. We've had this discussion a while ago and I'm okay with you also loving that gap youkai as well as me, it's just that I don't want it going farther than that. And truth be told, I'm not sure she wants it to go any farther either." What she says does have a ring of truth to it. Yukari has been more than a little worried about me running off with another girl when she finally found someone she not only could be with, but also wanted to be with. ...Still, she seems okay with the concept of sharing me with others she sees as hers.

"Even so... It feels like I've become less and less important as time goes on. You grow by leaps and bounds from the ashes with me alongside you, but..."

Stop. That's a dangerous road to go down. If you're so worried about how important you are to me, look at the bond we share. It's powerful enough to where we can communicate with our minds and sense each others feelings. If you want my opinion, you've got nothing to worry about.


So now what?

"I was thinking about finding something to do now that you can at least walk."

[X]Does she have any suggestions?
[X]I think 'pet' should be changed out with 'massage'.
[X]Actually, why don't we... (specify)
[X]Obligatory yet unnecessary insertion of a write-in option. It's not like I'm stopping any of you.
>> No. 30217
[X] Does she have any suggestions?
>> No. 30218
[X] Does she have any suggestions?
>> No. 30219
[X] Does she have any suggestions?
>> No. 30221
[X]Does she have any suggestions?

I don't think any girl would be as particularly dear to Wade as Yukari, Nari, and most likely Naomi.
>> No. 30222
I know Nari and Yukari might be worried, but while we may care for a few girls, They're clearly above the rest. Though if not for looser thinking, Wade'd would've had to leave one hanging.

Dearest: Yukari, Nari, Naomi (regardless of if she returns Wade's feelings)
Romantic interest: Komachi,Reimu,Merlin?, Shinki(confirmed indeed)
Friend that Wade's indebted to: Suika
Good Friends: Alice, Yuyuko
Friends: Team 9, Mokou, Marisa, Byakuren
"Little sister": Tokiko, Chen?
>> No. 30224
Isn't it sad, Ran?
>> No. 30225
Sorry... I didn't know how to put Ran up, since compared to the others, she hasn't spent too much time around Wade. I'd think she'd be a friend at least.
>> No. 30226
[X]Does she have anything in mind?

Do you have any ideas about what you want to do?

"I do, sort of. I just feel really restless right now. We used to go out almost every day together, and that hit a high spot when Yukari gave us that five-star hotel room for the night. Even getting sliced by that brat wasn't that bad since I healed out of it overnight." Come to think of it, that nice little quiet time with her in the hotel was the high spot for me too. Not to mention the point where I saw Nariko as someone I love as a woman instead of a little sister figure. The bakeneko herself does seem a bit antsy as of late... "I want to go out and explore, see what's out there. Maybe..." She then blushes and turns to the side as her thoughts turned rather dirty. "...we could find a private room and..." She shakes her head before she can go any farther down that route. "At least just explore."

"I think that's going to be limited to Mayohiga and the surrounding area for the time being, and I'll want to let Yukari know we're going out so she doesn't turn Gensokyo upside-down looking for me." And given how Yukari has been acting she might just do that if I up and vanish on her. Either that or turn the lunar capital inside out looking for me, and I'd prefer not to have a little misinformation blossom into a full-scale battle.

"If we have to." She knows that letting Yukari know is the right thing to do in this case, but I suppose she doesn't necissarily want to do it.

We both get up from our respective positions on the bed and head out into the hallway, at which point I remeber part of the reason I wanted my friends here with me. That one little prick is now deprived of his one main target and is very likely to take it out on those closest to me to draw me back out. The problem being that I'm thousands of miles away from my home and even if he did kill them all and put their corpses up for display, there'd be nothing I could do. ...I can't think like that. Thinking like that will only make it into a self-fuffiling prophecy and that's the absolute last thing I want or need. I just need to wait a day or two for them to make up their minds, hope they all say 'yes' to my request, and spirit them all out of harms way.

I think I understand how Yukari must feel right about now.

"You're really worried about them." Nari asks something that's entirely rhetorical in order to get my attention. She knows what and whom I'm worried about, and even guessed the extent of it. Though it's really more to snap me out of my own thoughts than anything else.

"Yeah. Though I should be worried about Marine most of all seeing as Ben knows his way around a sword and Naomi could easily leave that brat a bloody pulp on the ground if she needed to. ...Even that isn't enough from wanting me to just yank them all here, beyond his reach." Even though Yukari seems to be trying her hardest to cheer herself and everyone else up, I finally see the melancholy tune that's settled over Yukari, Nariko, and myself. "But I promised to let it be their decision. All I can do is hope nothing happens to them in the meantime."

"And if something does... None of us will stop you if it comes to that." She more or less finished my sentence for me.

I spot Yukari talking with Yuyuko in the living room, which makes me wonder either just how far the two of us have walked or where the room was in relation to everything else. I step in front of the gap youkai and catch her attention not too long after that. "Yukari, Nari's feeling restless, and quite frankly so am I. So I thought you'd like to know that we'll at least head out to look around the village of Mayohiga for the time being."

"Just the two of you I see." She contemplates this for a moment before continuing. I can't even begin to tell what's going through her head right at the moment so I'll just let her finish. "There's no reason to be cooped up in Mayohiga if you don't want to be. If there's any place you'd like me to gap the two of you to, just say the word."

[X]Since she's offering... (Specify)
[X]Just a quiet walk for now.
>> No. 30227
[X]Since she's offering...
-[x] Ask Nari if there's anywhere she'd like to go.
-[x] If not, a quiet walk will do.
>> No. 30228
[X]Since she's offering...
-[X] Ask Nari if there's anywhere she'd like to go.
-[X] If not, a quiet walk will do.

However, has there been any place that we haven't yet been to? I've sort of lost track.
>> No. 30229
File 127148159575.jpg- (497.60KB , 640x800 , KomachiYuugi.jpg ) [iqdb]
Makai, though Wade only spent very brief moments going through the forest of magic, Bamboo Forest of the lost, Youkai Mountain, the misty lake area.

If it was any other time I wouldn't mind spending time with Team 9, but this is Nari time.

Sooner or later the kid will get what's coming to him, just like Kikuri said. On a side note, this picture would have been prefect for a past update (mainly concerning the two full-bodied amazons)
>> No. 30230
[X]Since she's offering...
-[X] Ask Nari if there's anywhere she'd like to go.
-[X] If not, a quiet walk will do.
>> No. 30231
File 127164737566.png- (784.54KB , 805x748 , Shinki.png ) [iqdb]
Why did you get a Shinki pic in this update? Because I felt like it.

Also, does anyone have a link to the doujin that spawned the 'Please let me squeeze your boobs!' line? I want to see if that's updated, and to read the newly translated parts.


[X]Since she's offering...
-[x] Ask Nari if there's anywhere she'd like to go.
-[x] If not, a quiet walk will do.

I almost say something until I consider otherwise. This is something I should let Nari have some input on seeing as I just got done telling her that I still hold her close to my heart regardless of what has or will happen. "Is there anyplace you'd like to go Nari?" I make a point of telling her that this is now her decision.

"Mm? I was thinking about going to go see the human village more since it's so lively. No offense, but most other places seem kind of lifeless by comparison." We've already been there yesterday, but that was marred by the appearance of MANnosuke. Aside from that we haven't exactly seen much of that place beyond a little of the market square and the Temple of Myouren.

With a quick farewell we're more or less dropped into the middle of the town square. Or to be more specific, we wound up on top of the kappa made dragon statue that tells the weather. Naturally this means we get more than a few odd stares, even more so since we basically dropped out of one of Yukari's gaps. Still, we simply float down to the ground so we can get started on this.

"Hey, you do realize that we're probably going to run into that suitor again don't you?" Hakurei speaks up and reminds me of the fact that I haven't dealt with that a-hole yet.

You think we're going to have to take a minute to grind him into the dirt?

"If he spots us or is even out and about today."

Got it, I'll keep it in mind.


Short, but I'm a little out of touch with this story right at the moment. It shouldn't take long to get back into it.
>> No. 30232
Kicking his ass should be pretty easy, he's just a spoiled human with overpriced weapons.
>> No. 30233
>Also, does anyone have a link to the doujin that spawned the 'Please let me squeeze your boobs!' line?
You mean the one where the artist plays the games for the first time?
>> No. 30234
I think more infamous was how the self-insert basically mind raped Satori.

Sometimes mind reading is a major disadvantage.

One thing I was SORELY disappointed in was that she was not affected by Kogasa's moe. How is that possible?
>> No. 30235
It mostly consists of looking around and going through the various shops, yet it's still a nice way to spend time. Even though the village isn't as advanced as the outside it still has its charms. No building is greater than two stories in height, and aside from the stone pavement there's mostly some well-packed dirt paths. It's also a pretty lively place seeing as there are a lot of people going about their daily lives, be it shopping, heading to and fro from their jobs, working in the fields, or simply milling about.

And yet, my mind is only half-there as Nari happily drags me about from point of interest to point of interest. There's all sorts of things that she's trying to get me to do with her, and I end up bullying myself into spending time with her and interacting with her. Just because I'm almost worried sick doesn't mean I should ignore those around me just to worry.

"Hey! Pay attention, will you?" I almost jump from the sudden outburst. Nari's standing over me with an ice cream cone in each hand, and her face is a mix of annoyance and concern. "Sheesh, you've been out of it for a while now. Your constant worrying is making me worry."

I accept one of the two from her and make a point of sitting close to her as we both start on ours. "I know. There's not a thing I can do about it until they either say yes or I beat that prick into submission." I pause for a moment to gather my thoughts and manage a smile. "But that's no reason to let it become paralyzing. I'd have to be heartless not to worry though."

"Things have strange ways of working themselves out sometimes. I feel like this is going to be one of those times where you should just wait for the right time before acting on it. And, Yukari was willing to wait for you wasn't she?"

"That was a different scenario. Sort of." Now that I think about it, being busted up into little bitty pieces and constantly running the risk of breaking apart again or fading would put anyone on edge if they had the capacity to help. In fact, Yukari wasn't the only one who had to put up with that. "Okay, you have a point. Besides, none of them are entirely defenseless so it's not like they couldn't fend him off if they had to, and even then he's only human."

"See? The situation only looks bleak when you're on the outside looking in." A sly smile crosses the bakeneko's face as she continues her line of thought. "I'm certain they'll show the same level of defiance as you did when things looked hopeless for you. And they're not alone, nor are they stupid, so just take it easy."

A simple 'heh' is all I utter in response to her statements. I should worry about them, but I should also keep in mind that they have their talents and that those talents will see them through when crunch time comes. Hell, Naomi has been one of the most successful when put under pressure, even when she has to come to me to help hide her every once in a while.

"Stop getting lost in your thoughts already. I want to have fun with you!" And the increasingly impatient bakeneko starts tugging on my arm while I finish up my cone.

I have noticed that most people have decided to give us some space, save for a few youkai and a couple of strange girls that look oddly out of place here, even if one of them does look a lot like Yukari. Plenty of options here, and it's not like there aren't ways to contact Yukari in the event that we should feel the need to go home.

[X]When's the last time I bothered Shou...?
[X]Maybe people watching would make for a good time-waster.
[X]See if there's anyone interesting around.
[X]The village isn't the only lively place. (specify)
>> No. 30236
[X] When's the last time I bothered Shou...?
Tease the tiger.

>a couple of strange girls that look oddly out of place here, even if one of them does look a lot like Yukari
Maribel and Renko? How did they get here?
>> No. 30237
[X]When's the last time I bothered Shou...?

I think Nari would like hanging around with the Myouren temple crew. Byakuren should still be at Mayohiga currently if Yukari hasn't gapped her back already.
>> No. 30238
[X] When's the last time I bothered Shou...?
[X] After that, see if there's anyone interesting around...say, the Yukari-lookalike and her friend.

Sealing Club, eh? I smell a potential plothook!
>> No. 30239
[X] When's the last time I bothered Shou...?
[X] After that, see if there's anyone interesting around...say, the Yukari-lookalike and her friend.
>> No. 30240
[X] When's the last time I bothered Shou...?
[X] After that, see if there's anyone interesting around...say, the Yukari-lookalike and her friend
>> No. 30241
[X] When's the last time I bothered Shou...?
-[x] Make sure Nazrin's not around.
[X] After that, see if there's anyone interesting around...say, the Yukari-lookalike and her friend.
-[x] Possibly try to ask Yukari the meaning behind that when possible. It's almost too uncanny similarities.
>> No. 30242
[x] When's the last time I bothered Shou...?
-[x] Make sure Nazrin's not around.
[x] After that, see if there's anyone interesting around...say, the Yukari-lookalike and her friend.
-[x] Possibly try to ask Yukari the meaning behind that when possible. It's almost too uncanny similarities.
>> No. 30243
[x] When's the last time I bothered Shou...?
-[x] Make sure Nazrin's not around.
[x] After that, see if there's anyone interesting around...say, the Yukari-lookalike and her friend.
-[x] Possibly try to ask Yukari the meaning behind that when possible. It's almost too uncanny similarities.

No fun time for the kitty ;_; at least there's a chance a certain bird will be sneaking around.

Calling it now: TIME PARADOX when Yukari and Maribel meet
>> No. 30244
>No fun time for the kitty ;_;
Don't look at me, I thought Shou bothering would be fun for Nari too. But then Anon threw in the no Nazrin qualifier and the Sealing Club option (I shouldn't have pointed them out). I wish people would justify their votes rather than jumping on the bandwagon.
>> No. 30245

Eh, we'd likely have noticed the Sealing Club anyway. "Two out-of-place people and one looks like Yukari" stands out when its right at the end of a post.
>> No. 30246

Well to be fair, Shou isn't exactly fond of anyone chasing Nazrin around, even if it is for lulz. But that is a good point...so I'll change vote.



[x] When's the last time I bothered Shou...?
-[x] Warn Nari not to chase Nazrin while they're there.
[x] After that, see if there's anyone interesting around...say, the Yukari-lookalike and her friend.
-[x] Possibly try to ask Yukari the meaning behind that when possible. It's almost too uncanny similarities.

Shouldn't give up a visit due to one simple factor.
>> No. 30247
And Byakuren wasn't amused by it either. Sure she's not at the temple at the moment, but I doubt she wants to come back to hear that kind of news.

Where's Aya when you need her?
>> No. 30249

Well, at the time I write this chunk of story the subvotes are tied with the unaltered votes so I'll just go with whatever I feel like doing. They're all pretty much the same thing save for the subvotes.


It occurs me that I haven't pestered Shou in while, and that it might be worth making a trip to the Temple of Myouren on less hectic terms so I can actually talk to the inhabitants more. I consider making sure that Nazrin's not around so Nari doesn't feel tempted to act like a cat when we get there, but she ought to be a good girl when we visit this time. "Hey Nari, shall we go pester the tiger?" I crack a smile at the possibilities of such a risky endeavor.

She perks up as she finishes off the last of her cone and regards me with wide eyes. Not really 'wide' in the sense of having her eyelids wide open, but rather having her irises open to where there's more black than color in her eyes. She then reverts them to normal since having them open like that must be painful in the sunlight, though she gets her point across as well. ...And that kind of thing still puts me off just a bit. You think I'd be used to that sort of thing by now, but that just goes to show you that a little over a week just isn't long enough to desensitize you to everything Gensokyo can throw at you, or even to a solid chunk of what can spontaneously show up.

Anyways, we walk off in the direction of the temple and I make a mental note to talk to that Yukari lookalike and her friend. The resemblance is downright uncanny. Uncanny enough to where I'd be tempted to think that she's Yukari's long lost twin sister if I didn't know any better. It's not something I want to get into right now though since we're already closer to the temple than we are to them, though it doesn't look like they're going anywhere for a while yet.

Oddly enough, Shou is not present on her current perch on the roof. Given that I don't see her anywhere I must assume that she's either somewhere else or that she's inside the temple itself, so I decide to check the temple interior since I'm pretty sure they have an open door policy to those who wish to enter. ...There's no rules about those who wish to annoy the tiger, but that should be a self-evident danger. I open the door without a word and note that the entry area is devoid of life save for the odd mouse here and there, which means that Nazrin ought to be around at the very least. I then step up to the door that leads to the inner sanctum of the temple and knock.

"Just a minute..." If I recall correctly, that sounds like Murasa on the other end of the door. I could be wrong though, especially since Nue has shown a certain fondness for taking the form of others. She opens the door, takes a good look at the both of us, then regards us both. "Welcome. I don't think anyone expected guests today. But do me a favor and keep your pet on a leash this time, will ya? I don't feel like hunting around for all of Nazrin's scouts again."

"You have my word that she won't go chasing Nazrin or her scouts around this time. We're more here to pester Shou." We step inside at the ghost's invitation, and I make a point of at least trying to reassure her that Nari won't go running off to be a cat. I don't know how well my word will hold considering that deep down Nariko is still a house cat, but she's one that can feel my emotions and sense my thoughts.

"Shou, huh? She's off in the dojo, and it's your funeral if you do." She says that with a grin on her face as she points off in the direction of the indoor training facility.

"She's not still mad about Nazrin getting chased around is she?" If she is, then that means I'm going to have to apologize to the tiger for Nari's actions. No sense letting bad blood linger if there's no reason for it, or if it's entirely one-sided.

"Sort of. She thinks of Nazrin as her adopted daughter, so it only makes sense that she'd be a bit P.O.ed when she found out your cat was trying to use her as a toy. I doubt she'd go so far as to kill you for it, but she'll probably challenge you to a duel if you try her patience too much." Murasa simply floats alongside Nari and I as we head down to the dojo, and I'm left feeling rather guilty for not helping the others stop Nari sooner. "I'm not going to try and soften things up for you, but I don't hold you responsible for that little incident. You might be her owner, but your cat's perfectly capable of making her own decisions."

"So I'm not the one who should be worried about the possible duel." A nod from Murasa confirms my suspicions on the matter, and I begin mentally preparing myself to support my shikigami however possible in the event she has to beat up Shou to let the tiger vent enough to where she'll be reasonable. If it comes to that that is. "Thanks for leading us here Murasa."

"No problem. Actually, I wanted to stick around for this since I've never seen either of you fight before. I've read about your exploits in the odd tengu newspaper and I never quite believed any of it. Turning into a giant warship on a whim is pretty out there, even for Gensokyo." She steps inside before us, then waves us in. She takes a seat near the doorway and watches Shou go through her movements.

"You know what's even more unbelievable? I could have turned into an even nastier warship if I had half a mind to." That's right. I almost forgot about the time I turned my soul's shape into a Hiigaran dreadnought. While I can't mimic the form anymore, I could mimic the firepower that came with it, or even take another step up and mimic the Siege Cannon, or even Sajuuk's primary weapon. Come to think of it, the Siege Cannon might be something to keep in mind when up against Toyohime since, if I recall correctly, the cannon disrupts the target to deal damage or destroy it outright. Range is a bit of a concern but it's not like I'm going to be fighting at anywhere near the same distances.

"Heh. I'd pay good money to see you put your money where your mouth is." She doesn't quite believe me, but that's fine. I could show her at some point if I can figure a way to expand my soul's radius outside of my physical body and transform it that way...
>> No. 30250
>"You know what's even more unbelievable? I could have turned into an even nastier warship if I had half a mind to."

Why turn into a miniature warship when so many forms better oriented for duels exist?
Take the shrike from the hyperion series as an example: a nigh immortal, three meter tall and four armed killing machine sporting spikes like it was made by a possessed dwarf.
Capabilities include copying himself, travelling through time, slowing/stopping time and being a creep, besides just terrorizing or killing everything it comes across.

Giving anon too much power can end up biting you in the arse...
then again, if our form defines our powers, what happens if we turn ourself into yukari?
>> No. 30251
I think the matter of changing back at that point uses up more energy than a weaker form, and for the time Wade was separated from his body, that would have made things worse.

If Yukari caught Wade taking her form, she'd never let him hear the end of it.
>> No. 30252

I know full well that giving anon such power could bite me in the ass eventually, but it tends to bite anon harder than it does me when it does happen.


"Hey Shou! We have guests!" Murasa calls out to the tiger, which in turn causes her to stop thrusting her spear into the air. The captain then leans back into her chosen seat and crosses one leg over the other.

A quick flourish later and the spear has been holstered on Shou's back. She then regards us with a certain level of feline dignity mixed with annoyance, which means she's still sore about that little incident. "What are the two of you doing here? Byakuren said that she would be called to Yukari's side today, and since you seem to be on friendly terms with the gap youkai I assume that you'd have stayed with her." And on top of that, it sounds like she doesn't approve of Yukari either.

"A few things happened and we're more or less taking a break for a bit. Nari here decided that she wanted to go someplace a bit livelier, so here we are." ...Only after the fact do I realize just how weak that sounded. It's true, but it leaves too much room for interpretation and the temple isn't exactly lively without all its occupants. "And no, 'things' does not translate into sex if that's what you're winding up about."

"Of course it isn't!" Suuuuure Shou, keep telling yourself that. "But why come here? Most of us are out of the temple save for Murasa and myself. ...I can't say for sure where Nue is so she might be here as well, but nobody except Byakuren can really tell where she is."

"If you want the honest reason, I came to bed every woman here." It's a little bit of improvisation, and it sure as hell isn't true, but it's worth the shocked reaction on Shou's face. Of course, the joke's length will depend on how straight I can keep my face...

"W-wh-whaaaaaat?!" Shou's not only sporting a massive blush, but an expression that has surprise and anger mixed together to form something that I simply can't take seriously. "Are you not content with what you have?! For all you have spoken for, is this your true color?"


"What's so funny?!" She has the spear out and has it pointed directly at me, yet I double over in laughter.

"You... Ahahahaha... You think..." I have to struggle to get my laughter under control after that. The timing, the expressions, the hostility, it's all too perfect! "Sorry Shou, that was wrong of me."

"Eh?" It takes her a second to catch on to what I've done, but she merely sighs afterwards. "Honestly..." She then spins her spear around once and raps me over the head with the butt end. "You're right. That was wrong of you. On the other hand, I should have noticed how much trouble you were having in keeping a straight face."

"Admit it, for all the threatening you were doing you certainly didn't object." Murasa's quick to tease now that Shou finally gets the fact that my little comment was nothing more than a joke.

"Silence you, or you're next." Shou shoots the ghostly captain a withering glare, and Murasa completely ignores it. "So what's the real reason? And no more jokes!"

"I really just came here to annoy you." Rubbing that sore spot where she struck me helps a bit but it doesn't really dull the pain enough. "And from the looks of it, I succeeded."

"Yeah, yeah, count your blessings now, because I will get back at you for this some day." Despite her earlier bad mood my little tasteless joke seemed to replace it with a much improved mood, if her smirk and firey eyes are any indication. "No go on, shoo. I can't practice with you in the way and I doubt you could spar with me without going overboard."

Well, no sense arguing with her if she's managed to forget what she was annoyed about originally. Now, where were those two...?
>> No. 30253
>"If you want the honest reason, I came to bed every woman here."

you just had to reference that line from "Mind the Gap" didn't you? That Yukari is interesting, but yours is still just LOVELY.
>> No. 30254

Hey, if the glove fits, wear it.


"I didn't think we were going to get out of that without some kind of fight." Nari keeps pace with me as we leave the temple. While it was nice to annoy Shou again after so long it's not wise to press our luck, especially when I managed to get her train of thought off its previous tack. "Really though, 'I came to bed every woman here'?" She shoots me an annoyed look, and unlike every other person who's ever taken one I can't just shrug it off.

"It was spur of the moment, I didn't actually mean it." In this case I end up cringing under her fierce glare.

"I know you didn't. It's just that you're eventually going to get yourself in serious trouble if you say things like that without shame."

"It's not like I'm going to say that to every group of girls we meet. Besides, I already have you and Yukari, or however that works, so why would I want more than that?"

"I think it works out to be... You're both of ours and we just happen to be willing to give you free reign." Of course, Nari being a cat and someone who regarded me as hers in the past I really shouldn't be surprised by that comment. In fact, unlike the bakeneko shooting me a withering glare this doesn't even phase me. Maybe it's because it's just a joke and she can't hide her mirth from me. "Act smug why don't you?"

"Like you don't." Yeah, keeping track of where we're going is probably a good thing right now, especially since those two girls would have gone off to do something by now. I can't really think of any other reason to go after them than the fact that one of them looks uncannily like Yukari. ...So why am I doing this? Curiosity?

Still, it doesn't take too long to locate them, but how to approach them?

[X]How to go about it? (specify)
[X]...Maybe I should just head off somewhere else.
>> No. 30255
[X]How to go about it?
-[x] Perhaps offer the help them as one outsider to another, then go on from there.

>"I think it works out to be... You're both of ours and we just happen to be willing to give you free reign."

So very true.
>> No. 30256
[X]How to go about it?
-[x] Perhaps offer the help them as one outsider to another, then go on from there.
-[x] Inquire as to how they managed to enter Gensokyo
>> No. 30257
>if the glove fits, wear it.
I think you're mixing up your phrases, there.
>> No. 30258
[x] How to go about it?
-[x] Perhaps offer the help them as one outsider to another, then go on from there.
-[x] Inquire as to how they managed to enter Gensokyo
>> No. 30259
[x] How to go about it?
-[x] Perhaps offer the help them as one outsider to another, then go on from there.
-[x] Inquire as to how they managed to enter Gensokyo
>> No. 30260
I wonder if SLDT can do Q and A with characters from this story.
>> No. 30261
I wish that this would happen.Just saying.

[x] How to go about it?
-[x] Perhaps offer the help them as one outsider to another, then go on from there.
-[x] Inquire as to how they managed to enter Gensokyo
>> No. 30262
I could do a Q&A thing here, but that was something I used to make WA more interesting. ...Not like this couldn't use it.


[X]How to go about it?
-[x] Perhaps offer the help them as one outsider to another, then go on from there.
-[x] Inquire as to how they managed to enter Gensokyo

The first thing that comes to mind is perhaps seeing if they need help from one outsider to another, but seeing as the Yukari lookalike is currently speaking with Keine I have to wonder if it's really necessary. ...Then again, since when have I ever done things on a strictly necessary basis? Either way, my curiosity won't be sated until I speak with those two so I start walking over to them. The brunette spots me and points Nari and I out to her friend, who in turn regards us with an inquisitive eye.

"Wow, another outsider? I thought we were the only ones who managed to survive here." Honestly, if she had a fan in hand and a parasol on her shoulder she'd be a dead ringer for the gap youkai. Yet she has a decidedly 'human' aspect Yukari lacks. "I guess I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, my name is Maribel Han, and that's my friend, Renko Usami. I assume you're Wade?" If nothing else, that caught my attention in a hurry.

"I am. How'd you-?" This is already weird enough as it is. I raise an eyebrow at her recognition of me since I'm not exactly what you'd call famous, and certainly not a noteworthy individual outside Gensokyo.

"Know? I've seen you before in my dreams. You have the ability to reshape your body at will, right?" Under any other context that could be taken in ways that are entirely incorrect. If it weren't for the fact that I was physically, or spiritually, present in this sealed fantasy land when I was asleep I wouldn't be able to- ...Wait.

"Yeah. Or, that was a trick of mine. I used to be some kind of..." I struggle to find the words to explain it. An extension of my soul manages to wander out of my body, through the boundary of dream and reality, and does its own thing. I suppose calling it a half-ghost would be a possible explanation, but that doesn't really make sense either. "If you want to hear it, can we sit down for this? This'll take a while to explain." Nari's being surprisingly quiet throughout this, though I can see that she's observing them with a curious glint in her eye. I hope she's not going to cause trouble...

"Certainly! We're the sole two members of the Ghostly Field Club, an occult club that deals with paranormal activity and Gensokyo. This sort of thing would be really interesting, especially since you don't look Japanese at all. North American maybe? You've got the build for it." She's good at this. She ends up leading us to a nearby cafe after bidding Keine farewell and saying thank you for the help, then sits herself and her friend down.

Nari and I follow suit, and I'm still at an impasse as to how to go about explaining what I was. I certainly don't know and never bothered to ask those who might know. "You've got it right. North American, west coast. I can take a wild stab at this and assume that you already know my next question." Since she's guessed it right once, I have to think she could do so again with relative ease.

"That would be... 'How can I tell?', wouldn't it?" She then calls a waiter over and places an order, then said waiter moves to each of us in term. Ultimately I'm the only one who didn't order anything, but I'm not really in need of food or drink right at the moment. "I've traveled all over the world when I was younger, and I managed to remember the structure of the people of every single nation. It's quite the feat and it might seem useless, but I find it interesting. Also, Renko, nobody's going to bite so why not talk?"

"You're not exactly giving anyone the opportunity. Besides, you're already asking all the interesting questions." Or maybe she's not that talkative. ...No, she'd probably be content to chat my ear off just as readily as Maribel, it's just that Maribel is beating her to the punch. "But since there's a lull... How'd you get here?" That last one is directed at me. "Maribel can see tears in the boundary, so I'd have to assume you have a similar ability."

"And that's a story that's simultaneously too long and too short. I don't think you'll settle for the cliff's notes version, yet I don't want to take up too much time." I think I can explain this now. It was a shameless stall though. "Basically, I, or rather, my mind, somehow crossed the border between dreams and reality in my sleep through Lucid Dreaming. From there I started to explore Gensokyo every night since I wasn't able to stop after that point. That's where it gets even more unbelievable."

"Do tell." With the way she's holding her head up on the back of her hands and the way she's looking at me, I'd have to assume I'm talking to Yukari. I really should get off that line of thought before it becomes a problem.

"Basically, my soul was shattered by the creator of the dream world, who happens to be a demon by the name of Gengetsu. From there I started to lose my sense of self until I reached some kind of critical state, and from there an oni by the name of Suika Ibuki decided to put me back together." I can't decide if their looking at each other is a point of interest or not, but I wouldn't blame them for not believing me. Even I have a hard time believing all this since I've come out of it so far ahead. "That's the point I was able to change my shape since I wasn't restricted by a physical body. After that it was mostly the work of those I befriended that lead to me being able to go back to being a physical being, and the work of someone quite close to me that lead to me becoming a permanent resident."

"That's still s gross oversimplification, isn't it?" There we go. I figured it'd be impossible for her to leave something like this alone.

"You know Yukari, when you impersonate people you should match their eye color." It seems the gap youkai didn't check her own eye color before taking Maribel's place. The possibility of the two being the same person flew out the window once I spotted the real Han a few feet away from us, though that didn't stop it from being a surprise for Renko.

>> No. 30263
This will be interesting, especially if she's made to explain how a human girl looks so much like her.

That and the remarks Yukari herself might make; she might joking remark on not having to go that far to get two of her.
>> No. 30264

"Oh, couldn't you play along for a little bit? It's no fun when someone calls me out on it right off the bat!" It's rather cute how she starts pouting the moment I call her out on her switcheroo. I get the feeling that it's not going to last too long once she decides on something else. "Anyway~ It's nice to see you got here in one piece Maribel. Even better that Keine and Wade found the two of you instead of some hungry youkai." She got up and pulled Maribel into a tight, yet somehow platonic, hug.

"Mary, are you going to explain any of this or are you going to leave everyone in the dark about it?" Renko on the other hand seems less than amused with the combined antics of the gap youkai and the girl who can cross borders.

"What is there to explain? Yukari would know about someone who could cross borders and she's not the type to ruin someone's life just for the amusement." Nari suddenly starts talking in response to Renko's question, and she makes some amount of sense, yet she can't explain the whole story with that alone.

"Oh yeah, maybe I should. You see, I encountered Yukari during one of my nighttime excursions into Gensokyo and..." Maribel starts her explanation only for Yukari to pick up when she leaves and opening.

"I considered her interesting. Cute too, so I just had to make friends with her. The rest is, shall we say, history?" I get the feeling there's far, far more to it than that, but when Yukari isn't willing to go into details I doubt that anyone could force it out of her. She does pick up on the look I'm giving her. "Wade, I doubt that they'll end up going through the same... scenario you did. They crossed the border physically instead of through the border of dream and reality."

"But the possibility was there, and we don't even know why Gengetsu attacked Wade to begin with." Nari brings up another fine point: Other than the fact that Gengetsu was pissed off for some reason we didn't actually uncover a solid reason. I think Mugetsu said something about her older sister being on her period, but what kind of dream demon suffers from that? Could she just make it not happen?

"There's no point in getting worked up over it right now is there? The more you think about something the more paralyzing it gets until you can't act on it anymore. If something happens we'll just handle it in the usual fashion." But as it stands, it's not worth getting real excited about it. The only remaining question is:

Now what?
[X]Conversation doesn't have to dry up. (specify)
[X]Do either of them know how to fly or use danmaku? Maribel might.
>> No. 30265
[x] Ask/warm then about Rinnosuke.
[x] Perhaps trade some (Safe for mixed company) tales.
-[x] Ask if anyone unusual appeared in Japan during a certain period, referencing the time where Gensokyo residents were dreaming about the real world.
[x] Ask how often Yukari and Maribel pulled the guessing game in the past.
[X]Do either of them know how to fly or use danmaku? Maribel might.
-[x] Do a light demonstration.

>"I considered her interesting. Cute too, so I just had to make friends with her. The rest is, shall we say, history?"

Interesting way to saying "it's just like looking in the mirror." Though I seriously wonder if Maribel's Yukari's daughter.
>> No. 30266
[x] Ask/warn then about Rinnosuke.
[x] Perhaps trade some (Safe for mixed company) tales.
-[x] Ask if anyone unusual appeared in Japan during a certain period, referencing the time where Gensokyo residents were dreaming about the real world.
[x] Ask how often Yukari and Maribel pulled the guessing game in the past.
>> No. 30267
[x] Ask/warn then about Rinnosuke.
[x] Perhaps trade some (Safe for mixed company) tales.
-[x] Ask if anyone unusual appeared in Japan during a certain period, referencing the time where Gensokyo residents were dreaming about the real world.
[x] Ask how often Yukari and Maribel pulled the guessing game in the past.
>> No. 30268
[x] Ask/warm then about Rinnosuke.
[x] Perhaps trade some (Safe for mixed company) tales.
-[x] Ask if anyone unusual appeared in Japan during a certain period, referencing the time where Gensokyo residents were dreaming about the real world.
[x] Ask how often Yukari and Maribel pulled the guessing game in the past.
[X]Do either of them know how to fly?

We're still in the village, danmaku might be a bad idea. Flight on the other hand, is pretty much normal.

Surprised there was no time paradox when Yukari and Maribel encountered each other. Then again, it IS Yukari we're talking about here.
>> No. 30269
I figured when he put down the Danmaku choice, Yukari would arrange things so that it wouldn't damage anything.

Hard to tell how those two are connected, but do remember earlier in the story, she had her younger (yet older looking) self give her help on the Shikigami Ritual.
>> No. 30270
[x] Ask/warn then about Rinnosuke.
[x] Perhaps trade some (Safe for mixed company) tales.
-[x] Ask if anyone unusual appeared in Japan during a certain period, referencing the time where Gensokyo residents were dreaming about the real world.
[x] Ask how often Yukari and Maribel pulled the guessing game in the past.
>> No. 30271
[x] Ask/warm then about Rinnosuke.
[x] Perhaps trade some (Safe for mixed company) tales.
-[x] Ask if anyone unusual appeared in Japan during a certain period, referencing the time where Gensokyo residents were dreaming about the real world.
[x] Ask how often Yukari and Maribel pulled the guessing game in the past.
[X]Do either of them know how to fly or use danmaku? Maribel might.
-[x] Do a light demonstration.

"Though now that I think about it, have the two of you met Rinnosuke?" There's no reason the conversation has to dry up yet, especially since there's a glaring issue that has yet to have been brought up. Specifically, the shop keep who just seems to be completely... Off his rocker. That's putting it nicely too.

"He's that shopkeep who owns Kourindou, right?" Renko speaks up first, and she doesn't look to thrilled at the use of that name. I guess they've already seen his ugly side. "We've met him. He's a cross between an ugly jerk and someone decent."

"He did seem to have something of a split personality... One moment he's being reasonable and the next we have to kick him in the family jewels just to get out of his store." Maribel continues on from where Renko stopped talking, and she seemed a bit saddened about that.

"That sounds about right." Yukari hasn't relinquished her hold on her lookalike though. In fact, I'd say Maribel isn't going anywhere for a while yet. "Talking about that unsettling man isn't exactly what I'd consider pleasant conversation, so let's move onto something a bit more upbeat shall we?"

"Like how you've got a boyfriend?" Nari's quick to jump on that topic of discussion. A little too quick if you ask me, but I can't tell you what's going through her head every second of the day.

"Seriously? Who?" Maribel seems fairly interested in this little fact, and seems surprised when Nariko points at me. "Wow, you certainly have an eye for people Yukari."

"Like you, he was interesting. He simply became more interesting as time went on~."

>> No. 30272
"That's sort of a story all on it's own, but I will say Yukari's quite cute when she's letting her vulnerable side show." Just to add to it, I decide to pitch in my two cents.

"Did you think I was going to get flustered because of that? Silly, it takes more than that to phase me." Yukari finally lets go of her friend and allows her to return to her seat. She takes up a seat next to Maribel and simply looks on at our group with a content expression on her face. "Anyway, what have you two been up to? Given how things have been on this end I have to assume you've met some interesting people at the very least." Clever. She's asking whether they've met any of Gensokyo's residents without stating it bluntly.

"Interesting people? ...We met someone who reminded us a lot of Sanae, and a strange girl who seemed able to tell what we were thinking without any clue about what was going through our heads." Renko took on a slightly melancholic tone when she recalled Sanae's dream form, and a puzzled look when recalling Satori's dream form. It's kind of curious that the mind reader would end up on the outside in any form since she doesn't seem to keen on humans. ...Now why do I know that?

"Because I know her, and it didn't make any sense to keep you in the dark about it."

That brings up another question.

"One that I don't have to answer."


"There was also a weird girl who had an empty smile all the time, but we didn't talk to her too much." Maribel and Renko met Koishi then? ...I hope she didn't do anything weird to them while she was out there. Alice said that her powers didn't seem to work when she visits the outside world like that, but there are exceptions... "That was about it though. Aside from some really weird tears in the border border popping up."

"That's probably from when the border of dream and reality started to break down. I assume that's how you two crossed over?" Yukari takes on a thoughtful look for a moment before asking that question, and that gives me a bit of relief as well since that means these two probably won't be ganked by an angry dream demon.

"It is. We ended up here in the village a minute or two after that, when we were engulfed in a white light. We woke up, and I looked around for Keine to see if she could help us. She's been giving us a place to sleep for the last couple days now, and while I am grateful for her help I'm starting to get a little worried." Maribel turns to Yukari before speaking, and the gap youkai nods in silent understanding.

"I understand. You still have a handful of friends out there, not to mention your parents. Bu~t, I don't get to have you often at all, and this is the first time I've gotten to meet your friend in person. Why not let us show you around a bit? Maybe demonstrate danmaku while we're at it?" Yukari then takes on an enthusiastic tone upon offering Maribel and Renko a chance to see Gensokyo. I guess when you have to leave them alone most of the time you tend to want to take advantage of what time you do get.

>> No. 30273
So it seems they know Sanae.
>> No. 30274
I'm late! I'm late!
For this incredibly important routine update!


Maribel looks like she's about to object when she sees Yukari's pleading face, and from there she starts opening and closing her mouth as though to form a refusal. Failing that, she gives in. "Gaaaah... I can't refuse you when you're being cute like that. I suppose we could wait another day if we have to, and it's not like you can't make it so we go back to our world just after we left it." Perhaps it's because Nari's sharing her point of view with me, but I think this was an even easier sell than Maribel made it out to be.

"Yay!" Energetic Yukarin... I could get used to that. "Then let's go, shall we?" And by that she means 'I'm going to drop us all through a gap that no one will be able to tell where it comes out at'. Needless to say, that's precisely what happens.

When we drop out of the gap I find that we're actually on a low-flying cloud above the village. The fact that nobody's suffocating makes no sense since humans require an air density that's not present at this altitude and the small fact that unlike my duel with Tenshi that ended up finishing on the fringes of the atmosphere, there's no spell shield to keep all the air in. Of course, this being Gensokyo I shouldn't be surprised that common sense takes a flying leap out the window. Of course, for those of us not gifted with flight or those not choosing to use it have to wonder how a bunch of suspended water particles could possibly support our weight. Nobody says anything on the off chance that asking about it would cause it to revert to real-world physics, kind of like how cartoon characters will run off a cliff and keep going until the look down.

"Is there any particular reason why you've suddenly violated the celestial realm?" And of course, the other possibility is the one that is right. Iku isn't too far away from us and she looks mildly annoyed with the sudden intrusion. Not that I can blame her.

[X]"For a danmaku duel. Care to oblige?"
[X]"Just showing off the fine art of arial movement."
[X]"Because this is where Yukari gapped us."
>> No. 30275
[X]"Because this is where Yukari gapped us."
[x]"But we weren't planning on disturbing anyone, just using a wide open space to demonstrate flying and spell card duels."
-[x] "Care to Help us with that, Miss Nagae?"

I'd be worried about Tenshi butting in, but Yukari's around. She'd go gap her and Tenshi somewhere to do unspeakably sexy things.
>> No. 30276
[X]"Because this is where Yukari gapped us."
[x]"But we weren't planning on disturbing anyone, just using a wide open space to demonstrate flying and spell card duels."
-[x] "Care to Help us with that, Miss Nagae?"

I suppose this could work.
>> No. 30277
[X]"Because this is where Yukari gapped us."
[x]"But we weren't planning on disturbing anyone, just using a wide open space to demonstrate flying and spell card duels."
-[x] "Care to Help us with that, Miss Nagae?"
>> No. 30280

Iku does have a point here, mortals aren't supposed to be in the celestial realm until they're judged worthy. Of course, they probably never accounted for a capricious reality warper who loves nothing more than to toss the rules out the window. "Because this is where Yukari decided to gap us to so we can demonstrate danmaku without causing too many issues." The gap youkai in question is basically leaving me to explain things to the oarfish in the hopes that she'll let us stay. Another thought occurs to me as I consider who we could use as an opponent. "Miss Nagae, would you mind being a demonstration partner?"

Iku's mind races for a few moments before sighing. "Oh, very well. But if you lose you will vacate the celestial realm immediately!" She's pointing at me, so I guess I have no choice to fight her. "Three cards each, alternating between attacker and defender. Since you are violating the Celestial realm you will play the role of 'attacker' first."

...No imput from anyone else, eh? "That sounds reasonable."

[X]Pick three!
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]Lucid Dreaming [Pink Elephant in the Room]
-[X]Dream Sign [Magnificent Illusion]
-[X]Waking Dream [Travel to a Distant Land]
-[X]Border Sign [Boundary Between Dream and Nightmare]
-[X]Nightmare Sign [True Destruction]
-[X]Creation [A New World]
-[X]Death Sign [Black Death]
-[X]Life Sign [Long Live the King]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[X]Gensokyo Memory [Of Beloved Friend and Foe]

[X]Shot type? (Optional)

[X]Bomb Type? (Optional)

Short yes, but I figured you'd like to pick your loadout before the battle starts.
>> No. 30282
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]

>Crimson in the Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish

Seems fitting...

-[X]Lucid Dreaming [Pink Elephant in the Room]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]

We have to use the pink Elephant card this time! Since the Raining Little Girls card doesn't appear to be an option.

Shot type: [X] Raiden IV's Proton Laser

Bomb type: [X] Strike Sign [Falcon Punch] [X] Death Sign [Black Death]
>> No. 30283

Actually, it's the last card on the list. I just gave it a new name and forgot to say anything.
>> No. 30284
> -[X]Gensokyo Memory [Of Beloved Friend and Foe]

This is a new one.
>> No. 30285
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]Lucid Dreaming [Pink Elephant in the Room]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]

Shot and bomb: [x] Leave it to the writer.
>> No. 30287
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]Lucid Dreaming [Pink Elephant in the Room]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]

-Shot: [X] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
-Bomb: [X] Death Sign [Black Death]
>> No. 30289
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]Lucid Dreaming [Pink Elephant in the Room]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]

-Shot: [X] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
-Bomb: [X] Death Sign [Black Death]
>> No. 30290
[x] Pick three!
-[x]Nightmare Sign [True Destruction]
-[x]Creation [A New World]
-[x]Life Sign [Long Live the King]

Shot Type: [x] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
Bomb type: [x] Death Sign [Black Death]
>> No. 30291
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[x]Creation [A New World]

As much as I'd love to see what the pink elephant will do...after that Hate Sign [Helldoken], I only see SPARTA! madness coming from that.

-Shot: [X] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
-Bomb: [X] Death Sign [Black Death]
>> No. 30292
Wade's changed much since then.
>> No. 30294
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[x]Life Sign [Long Live the King]

Shot Type: [x] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
Bomb type: [x] Death Sign [Black Death]

The Black Sea one is just too fitting to pass up. But the Life Sign I am also curious about
>> No. 30295
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[x]Life Sign [Long Live the King]

Shot Type: [x] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
Bomb type: [x] Death Sign [Black Death]

I could roll with this.
>> No. 30296
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]Lucid Dreaming [Pink Elephant in the Room]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
>> No. 30297
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[x]Life Sign [Long Live the King]

Shot Type: [x] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
Bomb type: [X]Lucid Dreaming [Pink Elephant in the Room]
>> No. 30298
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[x]Life Sign [Long Live the King]

Shot Type: [x] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
Bomb type: [x] Death Sign [Black Death]
>> No. 30299
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[x]Life Sign [Long Live the King]

Shot Type: [x] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
Bomb type: [x] Death Sign [Black Death]
>> No. 30300
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[x]Life Sign [Long Live the King]

Shot Type: [x] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
Bomb type: [x] Death Sign [Black Death]
>> No. 30301
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[x]Life Sign [Long Live the King]

Shot Type: [x] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
Bomb type: [x] Death Sign [Black Death]
>> No. 30302
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[x]Life Sign [Long Live the King]

Shot Type: [x] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
Bomb type: [x] Death Sign [Black Death]
>> No. 30303
-[X]Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]
-[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
-[x]Life Sign [Long Live the King]

Shot Type: [x] Raiden IV's Proton Laser
Bomb type: [x] Death Sign [Black Death]

I pull out three cards to work with, another to re-purpose as a bomb card, and focus on changing my shot type to something more suitable for this since I doubt I can keep myself lined up with her all the time. ...Not that I couldn't just aim the Ion Cannon beams at her, but the Proton Laser has its uses too. Even if those uses are more for dealing with multiple enemies rather than just one, but I think I could get it looped around her multiple times to up the damage output. Come to think of it, this might be a good way of turning Tenshi's usual battle tactics back on her if I can make her stones blow up on her before they can get out to a safe range. "Alright, I'm good to go." With a wave to the others I kick off the ground and into the air, at which point I notice that the clouds have grown darker, and there's now lightning bolts surging between them. I shoot Iku a glance and nod towards the bolts since I'd rather not have my lady friends get charred to a crisp.

"They will not be harmed. The storm will not reach this place." Iku's assurance doesn't quite satisfy me at first, but she has no reason to lie about it. She does take her sweet time getting up here though, which strikes me as a little odd since the storm is building up as she makes her graceful float upward. With her eyes closed and her arms spread she matches my height... Then strikes a 'Saturday Night Fever' pose that seems to cause every possible lightning discharge to happen at once, which momentarily blinds me. "Oh dear, I think I need to work on that. A fancy introduction is no good if no one can see it."

Beautiful Scarlet Cloth
Iku Nagae


Waking Human Dream
Wade ...

"You think?" My vision returns a little slower than I'd like, but it's fast enough for me to see what's going on. Iku is at the ready yet she waits for me to recover and declare my spellcard before doing anything. "Black Sea [Shatter the Lurking Nightmare]!" Card held aloft, and Iku's eyes go wide as the scenery changes. The clouds go from their dark grey to pitch black and begin to restrict both our movement by moving closer together, but only within the agreed duel area. She seems even more surprised when I intentionally dive into them.

"I see. Controlling the field for your own use. Interesting." She doesn't move from her spot, but even as I surge upward again I can't imagine for the life of me that she'll actually sit there and take this. "...However." I break the surface as a blinding rainbow colored bolt, then detonate it right next to her. "This is still my domain." She managed to get far enough away to avoid it, yet she's still dangerously close."

>> No. 30305
"Getting awfully confident aren't you? This may be your domain but you know nothing about your enemy." Getting electrocuted is actually less painful and more annoying, which is surprising considering the fact that human bodies tend to not react all that well to overriding electrical impulses. I suppose it's acceptable given that it seems to be Iku's shot type and I have a spell shield up. Regardless, I'm floating near the oarfish as she fires on me and it seems that she simply hasn't caught on to the fact that my attack isn't over by a long shot.

Iku merely frowns as I continue to take damage, and her expression hardens even further when she sees that the bullets I sprayed out are swirling around me in an ever tightening circle. She starts flying away thinking that like most spellcard users I can't really move all that much, and dawning comprehension crosses her face when she sees that I'm keeping up with her. "Hmm... This is still a simple card to deal with. You leave yourself far too open far too long." That dawning comprehension reverts back to a neutral expression even when it's clear that she's botched her escape. "It's a shame that I won't be able to capture this spellcard since it's still interesting to me, but personally I'd prefer victory over defeat." She brings her hands and her scarf ends together, at which point vicious blue electricity crackles between them before being unleashed in a bullet-clearing explosion. I'm forced to guard against it as best I can, but it still tore a small chunk out of my shield in the process.

I fly upward to re-enter the black sea and to plot out my next attack, though I can't spend too much time doing that since I'm on a timer. I settle for surfacing and detonating again, but dive under before she can get more than a second or two's worth of shot on me. I reappear further away and begin drawing the bullets back in while moving, and she's moving right along with me. She's got the basis of the card figured out but she's not thinking ahead. I left the card's use ambiguous so I could change tactics on the fly without compromising the main pattern since being predictable would ultimately lead to a much quicker defeat than I'd like so I don't say anything one way or the other. Still, she's getting her fair share of shots in and it's wearing me down. I doubt I can keep this card up that much longer so I decide to do something a little different with it. Once the bullets converge on me again I dive back into the black sea to try something a bit different.

"Your pattern is simple to figure out to say the least, though I have to admit that your tricks are interesting. I'd have to assume that you're not planning on leaving me many openings anymore." Iku doesn't move from her spot and merely focuses on where I'm going to come out next. It's annoying how she seems to be able to predict where I'm going to pop out next, but that's not going to help her too much. "...There!" She fires a quick lightning bolt out where I'm surfacing, which hurts like hell, but it's not enough to stop me as I dash across while preforming an incomplete detonation. It's enough to put some bullets onto the field, and they'll stay there as I line myself up for my next attack. There will be replacements within the main attack however. On top of that, each launch is quicker and quicker until-

And it doesn't quite go as planned as I misjudged just how strong her lightning bolts would be after this point. Or rather, I didn't think she was going to up the voltage so much so soon. That means the spellcard just ended, and that the duel area is reverting back to its normal state. "It's my turn. Jewel Sign [Pearl of the Five-Clawed Dragon]!" Numerous five-point stars created from connected lightning orbs spin outward from Iku's position, and it's fairly clear that you're supposed to treat these like interlocking cogs so it's relatively simple to avoid them. ...It's even easier when I don't have to bother with staying on a 2-D plane and all I have to do is avoid the now spherical waves of small yellow stars until she adjusts to it. "Eh? Not to many people bother with that..." She keeps her gaze on me as I fly around outside of where her card intended to be used. A smirk crosses her face as she starts to spin the stars in a vertical as well as horizontal fashion. "You have a habit of making things more interesting, don't you? Then come." The stars go a little faster and she starts shooting electric wire-frame stars that are actually designed to catch things in a 3-D space.

It's annoying how she's starting to up the density, but she's starting to trade time for difficulty. The problem with that is that even though her fire is getting increasingly dense it's still got a series of gaps that are open enough for me to get through with minimal effort. In fact, I have to wonder if she realizes how unusable this card is in its current configuration...

It's a simple one to time out since she's exerting herself too much to adapt her card wasn't made to catch what doesn't stick to the 2-D plane.


[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
[X]Life Sign [Long Live the King]
>> No. 30306
[x]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
>> No. 30307
[x]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
>> No. 30308
[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]

Save the trump card for last.
>> No. 30309
[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]
>> No. 30310
[X]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]

This specifically means death caused by electricity, for the record. It's not a huge issue though, because everyone misuses it.
>> No. 30311
Injury or death.
>> No. 30312

>> No. 30313
[x]White Inferno [Compelling the Waiting Dream]

Now it's my turn, and I have another tricky card up my sleeve. Literally. It slides out my sleeve as I float to the middle of the areana, and I hold it aloft when I get into an ideal position. "White Inferno [Compelling the waiting dream]!" And a white fog obscures a large chunk of each end of the field, roughly one-third each, which leaves a relatively small section of clear space to move around in. I fly back into the fog behind me while Iku remains motionless in the clear space. I don't think she's going to bother with any straight shooting shots this time...

And I'm right on the money. I don't see so much as feel a lightning bolt lock onto me, at which point my shield's durability starts to go down. The good news is that this has a decent amount of durability to it and that homing shots tend to not be all that strong when used in an unfocused state. The problem is that she knows exactly where I am, though that won't tell her much until the first volley comes through. Of course, the whole 'pull in fog as the pattern forms' thing would be a major tip-off too, but again, that requires the victim to be able to see what's coming. Various bullets of various color, size, and speed rain from the side I'm on across the clear area to the other side. That's all there is to it, but I don't have to move straight during this. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I also count as a bullet, didn't I? I'm the only one that moves in the whole pattern so it's easy to tell where I'm moving to, but that advantage stops when I get to the other side. Not that it matters since I've still got that lightning bolt trained on me.

Speaking of which, Iku was moving around slower than she was earlier, which to me means that she's focusing her shot to make this relatively short. The bullets have a ratio between size and speed, with the smaller bullets being faster, but there's the fact that there's a number of patterns to use. It means I have to give my opponent more of a breather between volleys as I think about what I want to use next though. And while I'm thinking, my shields going down in strength. I should just go before I lose another card. Another storm of bullets trickle, then flood out of the fog, and Iku's hard pressed to dodge them all while focused. Why she's staying focused instead of adapting to the situation is beyond me. Other than to make this go faster than it already has...

And she doesn't quite move out of the way fast enough, and I end up colliding with her on my way through. So, one for me...

>> No. 30314
File 127361510798.jpg- (26.60KB , 325x214 , The_More_You_Know.jpg ) [iqdb]

The More You Know ☆
>> No. 30315


Iku took a hit, so I suppose that I should extinguish the pattern now since I'm pretty sure that how many cards you fail against is what matters here. The fog clears up as the pattern dies out, and I prep my Proton Laser in response to Iku pulling out another spellcard. "Dragon Palace [Dance of Sea Breams and Flounders]!" Her voice is tinged with excitement, and I have to admit that it's not something I'm used to since she struck me as being rather unexcitable and one who would rather go with the flow rather than carve her own path. She floats off away from me to the far end of the field before calling in a number of bull... ets... A wall of moderately dense bullets on each far side of the field begins to move in on me much in the same manner my last spellcard came in on her, save for the fact that all the bullets are the same size and that they don't move in a straight line. This is good since if they did it would be completely impossible. I fire my Proton Laser and focus on dodging the bullets while trying to loop the laser around her. This works to a degree, but only for a few moments a shot since I'm having to change up the shot properties in order to dodge the sheer amount of bullets flying at me, and on top of that Iku's accounted for my 'fly around in 3-D' tactic so I can't just keep ahead of a horizontal plane in order to keep out of the field.

Iku's keeping completely still throughout this, but she doesn't really have to move when she's the one making me dance like a lunatic in an attempt to avoid her bullets. There is a marked change from her last card. It feels like she's putting more effort into making it difficult than last time, and it's much more satisfying to make those near-misses when there's an actual danger of getting hit. ...Heh, I wonder if she's going to get anywhere near as hot-blooded as Tenshi with just three cards? I doubt it, but she'll come close. A couple more near-misses and I'm starting to feel a bit more heat than I really want. On top of that she's not taking as much damage from my weapon than I'd like so I should consider either combining it with something else to up the damage or bomb and hope that's enough to rip a hole in her shield. In fact, I think I'll do both. I feel an immediate strain as I triple the number of Proton Lasers in play and mix them with the Fusion Cannon to create three large, writhing purple lasers that flip around like mad. The only way that could be made any better is if the cleared bullets or slowed them down, but I don't want to get greedy with this.

Even so, I'm still dealing with more than I really want to deal with so I bring another card to bear. I don't use it to generate a spell shield or to give Iku something to worry about in the long(er) term, but rather as a bomb since I don't really have any bomb spells of my own. I could improvise something, but... A number of black cored white bullets begin to trace paths across the field leaving white lines along their paths. The oarfish understands what they're for since there's not much else they could possibly be, and she knows there's not a thing she can do about it. Black cored white lasers expand from the lines until they cover the entire field, wiping the bullets clear of the field and dealing a great amount of damage in the process. It's not enough to topple the card though, but she's low enough on health for it to be much of an issue.

>> No. 30317
That'll teach me not to use fucking Encarta.
>> No. 30318
The bullets in question are still coming, and in ever greater numbers now that Iku's shield is so weak. From what I understand the user ups the ante as they take more damage in order to make things more difficult for the opponent, but sometimes I have to wonder whether it's a conscious decision on the part of the user or if its some kind of unconscious reaction to a failing battle strategy. That sort of speculative thinking won't get me very far though, not with all these bullets eating up every last bit of awareness I have to keep up with them all and plot paths through them on the spot. That doesn't really help her much since her shield just shattered. The bullets fade away just as they usually do, and Iku doesn't so much as twitch throughout this. "That was an interesting trick. I didn't think people changed shot types in the middle of a duel. It's certainly something to think about for next time." She's still amused by this.

"Flexibility gets you a lot farther than being static, and I just happen to have made that into a battle strategy." I pull out my final card while we're still doing our mid-battle banter and think about how I'm going to use it. Sort of, it's a fire and forget kind of thing so there's not much opportunity to mix things up like the last two cards.

"True, but you never strike me as having a battle strategy to begin with." Ouch, Iku...

"Guilty as charged." I shrug my shoulders in response to the accusation. I tend to toss out battle strategies in favor of making myself as unpredictable a target as possible, which has only worked in my favor so far. ...Sort of. Suwako comes to mind in terms of people who unpredictability did not work as well on. Speaking of which, I should have another rematch with her sometime. "Anyway, we should keep going before our audience gets bored. Life Sign [Long Live the King]!"

Three magic circles fly out from my front and begin to circle the battlefield while spraying bullets. Two fire lines of danmaku while the third fires a wave, and it would be obscenely easy if it weren't for the fact that every time a line impacts the boundary the bullets that comprise the line break up and scatter across the field. This gives Iku an interesting job as the spellcard progresses since the longer it lasts the more difficult it gets, but that's pretty much universal. Iku's avoiding everything with a grace I wouldn't have expected someone like her to have, and I can't help but admire how she's avoiding everything with such tiny margins for error. She's grazing so close to each bullet that I can't help but think she must have been hit somewhere along the line, but I know she hasn't been hit at all since there's no stagger or period of invulnerability where she's crossing the paths of the bullets to get at me.

She's concentrating on every possible path in and out of each bullet cluster as she moves, at which point it occurs to me that she might not be able to move fast in a danmaku battle. She never seems to move fast, and when we first met Tenshi had no trouble at all in fleeing from her. So she makes up for her slow movement by being incredibly precise as well as powerful. The lighting bolt that knocks my concentration right out for a moment is proof of this, and the bullets freeze in place while faltering for a few seconds before they resumed course in random directions. From the looks of it, she has to charge it while focused... Time to disrupt that I think. A quick speed up forces her to drop her current charge in order to avoid the bullets fired at her from new angles, though she starts charging again once the circles align themselves to me. Two to my side, one to my front. The ones on the side become lance-wielding knights while the one in front becomes a sword-wielding king. The king commands the two knights to rush forward, who hunker down and charge straight forward without any thought as to where Iku is. They had no chance of hitting her, but they left bullets in their wake, which the king took advantage of by swinging his sword once to unleash a large wave of danmaku. The knights and king reverted to circle form and resumed their normal firing patterns even as Iku struggled to avoid being hit. For someone dealing with a card she had never seen before, she's doing quite...


I fly backwards as a single, powerful, sudden lighting bolt strikes me unaware. I manage to get back on my feet before the pattern fades completely yet it's more than enough time for Iku to get her act together. She's now glowing with electrical power, and starts shooting it both upward and downward into the clouds. I get it. She's taking advantage of her natural environment to hit me with heavier and heavier shots until my concentration breaks completely. It's her acknowledgment that she thinks she won't be able to run this one all the way down normally without taking a hit, and I can't evade lighting when it's used like that.

True to form, my shield breaks in the next blow...

[X]She's upping the ante, so I should put on a show as well. Hit her with everything I've got!
[X]I still have to conserve my strength for later. Winning's hardly important, but don't throw the match.
>> No. 30319
[X]I still have to conserve my strength for later. Winning's hardly important, but don't throw the match.

I was about to choose the other choice but remembered about the possible 'meeting' with the moon sisters.
>> No. 30320

Something tells me that this duel is going to be what gets the moon bitches' attention. After all, sporadic lightning strikes like that can't go unnoticed.

[X]I still have to conserve my strength for later. Winning's hardly important, but don't throw the match.
>> No. 30321
[X]I still have to conserve my strength for later. Winning's hardly important, but don't throw the match.
>> No. 30322
If that's the case I'm sure that might get Iku to help out.
>> No. 30323
[X]I still have to conserve my strength for later. Winning's hardly important, but don't throw the match.
>> No. 30324
[X]I still have to conserve my strength for later. Winning's hardly important, but don't throw the match.
>> No. 30328
[X]I still have to conserve my strength for later. Winning's hardly important, but don't throw the match.

All I'm doing is putting on a show so winning isn't important enough to warrant going all out, especially when I may end up having to fight the lunar sisters tonight. There's still a really big 'if' attached to that but I'd like to be prepared and not have to fight rather than have to fight and be too tired to deal with it. Given how things are going I'll probably come out on top regardless.

"Dragon Fish [Dragon Palace Messenger's Swimming Shot]" Iku declares her last spellcard, and she's really getting into it now. She's striking another pose as a bunch of medium bullets and curved lasers flow out from the tip of her finger in a pattern that kind of looks like... A bunch of curved lasers and bullets going around in increasingly large circles. I'm not feeling particularly creative, sue me. I also knock down the number of Fusion Lasers to just one to conserve energy so this might take a bit longer. ...Not that I really need to worry about that since this card is actually fairly disappointing.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYOo-V8S6Ig&feature=related Spellcard in question.

"Geeze, this is something of an anticlimax if this is the best card you can come up with." Weaving between the bullets and lasers is quite easy, which makes me wonder if she's going to pull a bait and switch once she's taken some damage. I doubt it since she's too honest and straightforward for such tactics.

"True, I should work on my collection a bit more but I think this could be a bit more difficult in the current battle."

>> No. 30329
Kinda does suck to have a character whose only known vertical spellcards are in a photo game.
>> No. 30331
"How do you plan on doing that? I could probably clear this card blindfolded." ...It's true. The bullets and lasers are separated to the point where a little forward and back movement is more than enough to avoid the whole thing. It really makes me wonder precisely why she chose it if it's only going to do this much.

"Just this." Iku makes another motion and the bullets and lasers respond by coming together in a scissor motion, which doesn't help that much since they only close in one specific part rather than keeping together in a close-knit formation. Weaving is still a simple task. "Er..." Iku sees the problem almost immediately as well, and her pose drops a bit as a result. "So much for that."

Her shield breaks fairly quick after that. Well, not really, but I don't think anyone would want to be bored to tears by the incredible monotony and lack of dialogue of that last card. Iku's powerful but she's just not that good a conversationalist when push comes to shove.

"I suppose you're going to continue annoying everyone here?" Iku floats down right alongside me now that the duel's more or less over.

[X]"Pretty much."
[X]"Actually, all we came here to do was demonstrate danmaku and flight, so..."


Let's see if getting this duel wrapped up will get me to make bigger updates.
>> No. 30332
[x] "Actually, all we came here to do was demonstrate danmaku and flight, so..."
>> No. 30333
[X]"Actually, all we came here to do was demonstrate danmaku and flight, so..."
>> No. 30334
[x] "Actually, all we came here to do was demonstrate danmaku and flight, so..."

Is the spell card as easy as it looks?
>> No. 30335
[X]"Actually, all we came here to do was demonstrate danmaku and flight, so..."


On first glance, yes, but it's actually kind of difficult. The tricky part is avoiding the orbs and not being chased right into an oncoming laser. At least, that was my situation when I tried it.
>> No. 30336
[x] "Actually, all we came here to do was demonstrate danmaku and flight, so..."

"Actually, all we came here to do was demonstrate danmaku and flight, so we're actually done here." You know, if anything truly made this trip worthwhile it would have to be Iku's expression right now.

"Did you really have to come up here just to do that? You could have done that anywhere." Iku has gone from energetic to deadpan in a few seconds flat. "In fact, it's like your group came up here specifically to annoy me."

"Well, not you specifically, we could have annoyed anyone with our antics. Personally I was hoping to annoy Tenshi for a while." Better to be honest about one's intentions, right? Even though it was really Yukari who gapped us all here before we could really say anything to object. Not that she'd listen anyway, but at least we could have said say we tried. "But we should be done by now, right?" I look to the gap youkai as I ask that.

"Oh fine~ I was hoping to pester the celestials a bit more before we left, but the safety of my friends is a much bigger priority." Yukari pulls Renko and Maribel in to the point where their heads are more or less forced onto her boobs. "Remeber, if the two of you are good girls you'll get to come up here~"

"That's not going to happen if you keep getting your mitts on them. Just look at the job you did on me. And you only needed a week to pull it off." I tilt my head downward just a little and cross my arms as I lock eyes with Yukari.

"Oh come now, I don't turn everyone I meet into perverts~" Yukari lets the two of them go after nuzzling both their heads. "Just a minute Wade, I want to see the storm clouds clear up. It's quite the beautiful sight."

"You wished to view the world from up here? There are any number of places that let you do that. You don't have to invade the Celestial realm just to get a good look at the land." Iku hasn't so much as twitched from her previous position on the clouds, and it's clear that she wants us to vacate the area fairly soon.

"But there's something about this spot that makes it much better than the rest." Yukari aims her fan at the clouds obstructing our view and waves it to the side. The clouds part as though swept aside like a hand sweeping away a fine layer, revealing something you really couldn't see anywhere else. "This place is above the mortal realm, yet beneath the realm of gods. The two views are quite something, don't you think?"

...Yukari understates things sometimes. Above is what appears to be the entrance to the realm of gods stylized in a feudal art style, which would be amazing in and of itself if it weren't for the fact that there's a fimly, floaty veil draping down from the moon and onto the earth. Looking down I see that I'm not just looking at Gensokyo anymore, but almost the entirety of Japan.

"Lost for words are we?" Someone else stepped into view nearby, and if I were drinking something at the time I would have spat it out. "Surprised? You should know that I can exist as anything I wish. A celestial isn't out of the question so long as I behave myself."

"Oh look everyone! It's the me that became a celestial!" Right, so not only is Yukari able to interact with past and future versions of herself, but alternate realities?

"No, I never quite went that far. Interpret that little revelation as you will."

...You're still confusing no matter what you're currently being.


"Oh, don't go drawing attention to me. I'm just popping in for a little trip down memory lane." And with that she vanished into thin air.

"I think we'll end up doing a lot of good for each other if we stick with it." Nari finally starts talking again once Celestial Yukari fades away to wherever it is she came from, but if there were any indications that this will work out, that would be it I think. "Oi, booby monster, we've bothered these people enough haven't we?"

"Must you call me that?" Yukari frowns yet is unable to convey her annoyance at being called that. "There's plenty of other places we could visit, but this is pretty much all I wanted to drag the two of you up here for."

"...It's really amazing." Renko is still staring upward at the sight laid out before us. "If we started walking around up here, I'd never be able to tell where we are. There's just too much interference for my ability to work."

"Really? I kind of envy you. I'd love to see what you're seeing." Maribel is staring upward as well, yet she turns to face Yukari in fairly short order. "Alright then. I suppose we're due for another visit sometime soon then?"

"Once the dust has settled again." Yukari more or less confirms that before moving on to a different yet not unrelated subject. "I think I'll wait to drag you two out here again until the harvest festival. It'll be quite the event~"

The pair of outsiders nod in unison before Yukari opens a gap up to allow them to head back to where they came from.

"I know it's not quite time but we should get ready for the final event Wade." Hakurei speaks up after going unnoticed for so long, and I'm inclined to agree with her.

[X]Skip ahead to the Lunar Viewing.
[X]Drag it out and see all the details.
>> No. 30337
[x] Skip ahead to the Lunar Viewing.
>> No. 30338
[X]Drag it out and see all the details.

Details are good, who knows something might happen.

I wonder if Komachi's doing well.
>> No. 30339
[X]Skip ahead to the Lunar Viewing.

The main event
>> No. 30340
[X]Skip ahead to the Lunar Viewing.
>> No. 30341
File 127441664628.jpg- (288.25KB , 768x1024 , Fun-size Yukarin.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Drag it out and see all the details.

Wall me. Also, Yukari becoming a good girl? I don't believe it!
>> No. 30343
It wouldn't be too out there to consider that at one time Yukari might have tried that, one way or another. But in the end, this Yukari found being a pervert to be far more fun.
>> No. 30344
[X]Drag it out and see all the details.
>> No. 30345
[x]Drag it out and see all the details.
>> No. 30346
>It wouldn't be too out there to consider that at one time Yukari might have tried that
Celestial Yukari is from the future, not the past.
>"Oh, don't go drawing attention to me. I'm just popping in for a little trip down memory lane."
Also, I was joking around with the "I don't believe it" comment. Look at the picture.
>> No. 30347
I think that's from a possible future, since it'd take a major shock to convince Yukari to change.
>> No. 30349

>A major shock

That doesn't give me a good feeling about this fight then.
>> No. 30350
It's just one possible future, and for all we know Yukari might actually end up mellowing out 500 years down the line.

Also the plan isn't to pick a fight, but to prepare if one starts.
>> No. 30426
You know, this is nearing the end for real this time so I can't blame you for wanting to drag it out a bit longer. On the flip side there will be a couple post-ending bits to help tie up loose ends so don't worry about it.

There probably won't be any options between now and the lunar viewing, but I hope I can get to that point relatively quickly.

[X]Drag it out and see all the details.

What time is it exactly?

"I don't know. I haven't been paying attention and I don't feel like digging up a clock in here."

But if I don't know the time, how would a clock located within my soulscape help?

"There's probably a clock in here that keeps to its own beat, but once again I don't really feel like going out into the great wild just to find a clock item. Given how your soulscape works I would probably find it in the possession of some kind of monster."

So once again, I'm on my own.

"If there wasn't the possibility of something crawling out of your mind's gutter to take a shot at me I'd be more willing to help you."

Don't blame me for that one. I didn't even think of that until-

"Excuses, excuses. Anyway, you should get back to your girlfriends before the boundary manipulator decides that she needs to come bother me."

Yukari and Nari do look like they're being patient so it wouldn't be a good idea to test it any more than I already have. "Hakurei's saying we should start preparing for the lunar viewing, and I'm of the same mind. How long is it until it starts?"

"A couple hours from now." Yukari pulls out a somewhat fancy pocket watch from her dress despite not having any noticeable pockets and gives it a quick once over before shutting it and putting it back where she took it out from. "That would be more than enough time to get dressed and the like, and I imagine you wouldn't mind helping me put on what I plan to wear~" Of course her mind would go straight to that sort of thing. She'd be teasing me and working me up since the typical festival dress would be a kimono, and those are supposed to be worn without anything underneath save for the undergarments. If that. "I honestly don't think we're going to have to prepare much at all aside from making ourselves presentable to the company that would be present."

"I can't think of anything either. Not without making Wade look like he came to pick a fight, which would be wrong." Nari tilts her head down just a bit and puts a hand to her mouth as she thinks about what sort of precautions we could take without antagonizing anyone. "Nope. Would be best if Wade didn't have to deal with the fact that he has a physical body, but you can pull things out of nowhere, right?" She then looks to me to ask for my thoughts on the matter without saying so in a direct fashion.

"I can do that much, plus I have that Karas medallion that I can call on if push comes to shove." I don't think I need to tell them why this is such a good trinket to have on hand since they've both seen it for themselves, but there's the whole surprise factor where I can pull out any number of combinations with a Karas' already deadly arsenal. I make a point of pulling it out and tossing it up into the air so I can catch it.

"Time to head back home~" Yukari then opens up a gap under the three of us in order to deposit us back in Mayohiga, which is a good thing since I think Iku was getting a wee bit impatient and that Tenshi would have gotten involved had we stayed much longer. "Now then, there's not much to do other than get cleaned up so feel free to do as you wish for the moment. I have a couple tiiiiny things to take care of before we go so I'll be out of the house for an hour or so. If you need anything, just let Ran know." With a smile and a wink Yukari takes off through another gap to Shinki knows where, leaving Nari and I alone in the Yakumo household.

"I'm going to go take a shower, you want to join me?" Nari asks me with not so much as a glint in her eye. She's not planning any funny business this time around.

"Sure, it'll be a good opportunity to talk with one another on more private terms." With that we walk off in the direction of one of the house's many bathrooms.

>> No. 30428
I'm just curious to see if any of the plans put into motion succeed or not (coughgettingreimuandkomachandnaomimaybemerlincough)

since the plot seemed to go faster than expected, that and it's a fact that Yukari approves of the first three.
>> No. 30466
"So what did you want to talk to me about?" I find that it's still a little suspicious that she wanted to talk to me in the shower.

"You know, I didn't really didn't think about it all that much." I'm letting her use the stream of hot water first since it looks like she's enjoying it. I can tell primarily because her tails are almost straight up in the air and she's swaying her hips back and forth ever so slightly.

"It'd be better if you got whatever is bothering out in the open, otherwise you'll just let yourself think of even worse scenarios until you've decided that it'd be better to keep me restrained for the entirety of the lunar viewing." Despite the fact that there's a really, really nice distraction in front of me I decide that I should keep my mind out of the gutter and focus on washing her back.

"Even if I do talk about it, I'm going to think of all those awful things because I can't stop worrying." One of her tails has drooped back down in response to her rapidly dampening spirits, though it perks back up when I start scratching the base. "Ah! Oh, cut that out. This isn't the time or place for those antics." Despite that she winds said tail around my waist. "Even though using that as the means to keep you safe has crossed my mind~"

"We're not going to have a relapse of the time you tried to..." I stop myself before bringing that little instance up again since she's supposedly moved on from it. ...No, not supposedly, she has moved on.

"Rape you in order to make you mine? Silly, you already proved that I have nothing to worry about. Besides, this isn't like then because I felt you were losing interest in me and that you would just stick me back in the animal shelter where I would have to hope that a more loving owner would come along and take me home." ...Did she really have to make me feel guilty about something that's already past? Perhaps she sensed that because I find that she's caressing my body and prodding it with her other three tails to get my attention again. "Bu~t, I felt bad for losing faith in you like that so I'm not going to try anything stupid like that again." On top of that she starts leaning into me. "Maybe to ease my anxiety..."

"Ugh, I could cut the tension between the two of you with my gohei. Either cut it out or act on it."

"Nobody asked you Hakurei." And of course I had to forget about the fact that she's stuck in my head thanks to the lack of faith she has, which is something I should hurry up and work on before I have to spend the rest of my life with a smart-ass in my head.

"The goddess is being a smart-ass again?" Nari's pulled away ever so slightly in order to continue washing herself off. "Alright, we don't really have time to play around like that tonight so wash my back and I'll wash yours. Then we'll get ready for this."

>> No. 30545
Given my now... No, now that I've acknowledged that I'm a pervert I can't help but admire my lady friend's curves as she dries herself off, though I get the distinct impression she's giving me just as long a look while she's putting on a lacy little number. Strangely enough, that's all she puts on and I shoot her an inquisitive glance in response. "Because we're going to be putting on kimonos for this and you're not supposed to wear normal clothes under it. Yukari ought to be back fairly soon so you may as well settle for just your boxers unless you want her to strip you." Nari's eyes twinkle in a rather dangerous fashion for a moment as I take my shirt back off, then leads me off once I'm in naught but my boxers.

"You know, I'd prefer it if I could wear something that's a little less delicate. Silk tears easily doesn't it?" I imagine that something that light and airy would be pleasant on a warm autumn night, but it would also be so fragile that the weakest attack would tear right through it. ...You know, I'm starting to think that Yukari had some very interesting ulterior motives when she wrote those rules. A person can't have greivous bodily harm inflicted on him or her under the spellcard rules, just some angry blemishes, maybe a bruise or two, and lots of clothing damage. This being in a world where the main practitioners of danmaku are mostly women... How does Reimu stay a decent person with such rules around? Perhaps a better question would be; how does anyone not become a pervert under those rules?

"Don't worry about it. Yukari can just alter the properties of the fabric so that it won't tear, burn, disintigrate, ecetera..." I'm still a teensy bit skeptical even though Nari displays such confidence in Yukari's willingness to take this seriously. Though I chide myself for worrying about that to begin with seeing as I have this nifty medallion that will give me a suit of armor at my command. "Getting ready without us I see." And what I see next is something I will try to keep engraved in my mind until the day I die.

Chen's already done up in an orange kimono with falling red leaves on one side and matching ribbion, or whatever you call that, tied around her waist. Ran and Yukari have yet to dress each other and the latter is in the process of undressing herself while the former helps Tokiko put on a silver and blue kimono. Tokiko's is a bit plain, but I honestly think that she doesn't need any fancy patterns or anything. I imagine my opinion wouldn't be different once she's... fully... dressed. Lo and behold, her entire front is still exposed, and her face is quickly reddening in embarrassment. "Excuse me!" Is the first thing out of my mouth as I spin around to exit the room. While I'm comfortable with Yukari and Nariko doing that, I don't think that it's appropriate for me to go staring at what a lady friend might not be ready to show me.

Of course, now that I think about it it could also have something to do with the fact that I have nothing but boxers on. Regardless of any of that I quickly find myself being carried bridal-style by the gap youkai herself. "Oh my, it's nice of you to try to preserve a girl's chastity, but we're a family. There's no need for any of that~" With that she sets me down upright, but keeps a hand clamped down on my shoulder. "And as such, these will have to go~" She slips a thumb between the fabric of the boxers and my skin and starts to take it off...

"Lady Yukari, if he wishes to wear underwear while wearing the outfit you chose, let him. The rest of us are wearing panties at least." Ran then figures out why I would have turned and try to flee, at which point she emitted a low growl. "My lady..."

Which was more than enough to make Yukari give in. "Okay, okay! It was just a joke, no need to be so serious Ran." A very long cloth strip and a pair of solid crimson panties fall through a gap and into Ran's outstretched hand, at which point the shikigami handed the latter of the two garnments to Tokiko while applying the sarashi herself. "It's not really the proper way to wear a kimono, but there's the small problem where there's nothing to keep ourselves decent while in flight. Toss in the fact that a certain crow tengu will most likely be trying to get shots of those places..." She shakes her head as she drapes the top half of my outfit onto me. It's clear that it's of the same general design as a kimono, but adapted to a male body. "It really was just an excuse to strip you, but that was a little out of place now that I think about it."

So, nothing to do but stand here and wait until she's done, eh? "I can't make it up to you tonight, but I'd be more than happy to do so later. ...In fact, I don't think we've been alone together for that." The one time we were in the mood there was a shinigami in the middle of it, which while fun, it took away from the meaning.

I didn't turn to look at Yukari, but for some reason I get the feeling she's a bit flustered. "That's an offer I'll take into consideration. Out of everyone I'm still the only one who hasn't had you all to myself. Hmm... Ufufufu~ You'd best be ready at that point~" But it does put her in an even better mood than before, and she finishes up with me in record time because of it.

Embarrassment aside we manage to get all our kimonos and such on along with any ornaments or satchels we would want to take with us. Mine has a sunset gradient with a powerful looking white dragon adorning it, and the Karas medallion that's hanging from my neck only adds to it. Yukari's is pure white with a purple yin-yang orb design on it, Ran's is a solid indigo piece with cat paw prints in its design, and Nari's wearing a earthy green kimono with a very peculiar shape shifting streak spiraling around the cloth. What's also a little stunning is the fact that nobody is bothering with hats or hair ornaments, which meant that once Yukari was done I almost didn't recognize her.

..."Yukari, it's still a couple hours. Why'd we get ready so soon?" That does bug me just a little.

"Because I'm feeling impatient~" With a wave of her fan Yukari opens a gap beneath our group and deposits it smack in the middle of Eientei's courtyard. "How's that for a timeskip?"

I choose not to answer that and instead take a good look around at who's here.

[X]Meh, just get some liquor for later.
[X]Go bug the bunnies.
[X]...Music? Sounds like the instruments the Prisimrivers would use.
[X]Looks like this party can't escape the little drunken oni. See if that means the rest of the shrine's inhabitants are around.
>> No. 30547
[X]...Music? Sounds like the instruments the Prisimrivers would use.

>> No. 30548
[x]...Music? Sounds like the instruments the Prisimrivers would use.
>> No. 30550
[X]...Music? Sounds like the instruments the Prisimrivers would use.
>> No. 30551
[x]...Music? Sounds like the instruments the Prisimrivers would use.
Also, inb4 the moonbitches get added to our ad-hoc harem...though I think I called that already, heh.
>> No. 30552
I think that'd be a bit much, we have yet to fully shore things up with Komachi and Reimu, let alone Merlin.

Though I do think with what happened with Shinki, I think we can count her in the harem. Wonder what Naomi ultimately says....
>> No. 30553
[X] Looks like this party can't escape the little drunken oni. See if that means the rest of the shrine's inhabitants are around.

I think we should warn Reimu that something might go down tonight. Just in case she needs to step in.
>> No. 30554
[X]...Music? Sounds like the instruments the Prisimrivers would use.

Do want more Merlin.
>> No. 30555
Agreed :D
>> No. 30558
Also the sisters could serve as a powerful and unexpected diversion. The moon sisters may keep a strict eye on Reimu, but never suspect anything about the musicians.
>> No. 30600
[X]...Music? Sounds like the instruments the Prisimrivers would use.

The sound of music being played is something I didn't expect to hear here, but given that it's a keyboard, violin, and trumpet ensemble I'm fairly happy to hear it because that means the Prismrivers are around. And since they're around, I should go talk to them if they're not busy. "Mind if I-" I start to ask Yukari if she'd mind my walking off to go talk to the sisters, but she's already off bothering Reimu. I guess we're on our own for a bit. "Nari?"

"Go on." Nari gives me her permission before she walks off to go pester the bunnies. Given how much her tails are flipping around I'm guessing some poor bunny is going to get a rude awakening here in a minute.

So one little person, all on his own, seeks to talk to the poltergeists and... I really shouldn't try to make that rhyme because I'd screw it up. Instead I'll just walk on over to the three lovely poltergeists and wait for a bit.

Fortunately I don't have to wait long since Merlin notices me shortly after that. She cuts her playing short and all but tackle hugs me. "Wade!" And I hug her back since there's really no reason to deny her enthusiasm. "I didn't expect you to show up!"

"And I didn't expect to see you in such a lovely yukata. It really suits you." A light blue piece with a white sash keeping it together, and a powder blue sun on it. Carefully applied light blue lipstick actually works as well...

>> No. 30605
Excuse me for useing this but...


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