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You wander into the sealed cave after having thoroughly tossed the weak barrier aside. Really now, it may have stopped you in the past, but the pathetic humans taking care of this item of sheer value to you are clearly showing a strong lack of interest in keeping it safe for you. Just as well, you wanted it back now anyways, and this way, you don't have to snap a few necks to get what you want. Everybody wins.

As you approach the pedestal brimming with black luster, you feel a small sense of satisfaction. After today, you will be back to full power, and you won't have to take shit from anyone anymore. Not even, ugh, him, god forbid you take anymore from that sad excuse of a demon. No, in fact, you won't have to take anything from any demon back in hell anymore. Once you're at your fullest extent, you think you'll take it over. What a nice prospect. Being able to command a massive legion of demons at the beck of your call. You think you'll do some remodeling while you're at it. Both downstairs and up here. Gensokyo was always very cold, you could probably stand to heat things up.

Just as you reach for the pendant stationed on top of the pedestal, you hear a voice. Someone's entered, without your permission. This just won't do.

"Hey! Who are you?! This is off limits!" Why yes, yes it is off limits. Precisely why this girl behind you is violating that very rule is what you want to know.

"My identity is of no importance. More importantly, who do you think you are, addressing me in such a manner?" You turn around a bit and spy a red-white. This shrine maiden has guts, you'll admit. To not know who you are, she must also be quite dense you figure.

"My name is Reimu Hakurei. I'm the keeper of the shrine that oversees this cave. You're not taking that pendant...are you?" Quite. Dense.

"...and if I am?"

"If you're a youkai, then I must exterminate you." You want to burst out laughing, her? Exterminate? You?! She makes very good jokes. But you don';t falter the least bit, oh no. You continue your strong, stoic gave upon this foolish miko as a warning to show her who exactly should be in control here.

"Exterminate me...very well. Give it your best shot. Don't disappoint me, miko." The very moment you finish that sentence she's spread out a complex pattern of fast talismans. You throw up your guard just in time, you underestimated her a bit. To be able to throw so many so fast, those are prime reflexes. Seems she will be fun to mess with for the time being. The talismans however, are very weak. You know that the moment you get a hand on her, it's all over. It's only a matter of time.

After the initial barrage of talismans, you find the miko foolishly charging at you. She appears to have enough spiritual power to at least fly. Somewhat unexpected, but doesn't change the outcome at all whatsoever. You bare your long, red, bloody claws on both hands and welcome the shrine maiden with open arms...arms that kill.

Something goes wrong though. Somehow, you weren't fast enough, your wide swipe with both hands misses her as she jumps backward just barely. Maybe that was to be expected, since she previously demonstrated her speed. But what's this? Another display of her incredible agility, you find she's stuck another talisman on the ground below you, and it's glowing. You know what's about to happen next. A simple trap like this is nothing to you. As you backstep yourself, you watch the talisman explode in a mighty pillar of light, and you realize something.

This strength...this power. How could she put so much spiritual power into one little talisman so fast, without you having realized it? You must be getting rusty after all these decades of being a lower demon for so long. It makes you angry. You think you'll stop holding back and start releasing some frustration on this idiot human. Enough is enough.

In a blinding flash, you're dashing up under the miko, about jump up into her and drill your powerful claws into her, literally tearing her into shreds, but you don't get the chance right at this moment unfortunately. She rains dozens of yin yang orbs down on you from above and you end up underestimating those as well, the first one you bat away nearly damages your hand because you didn't count on it being so heavy and powerful, the next ones you put more muscle into and are destroyed with little effort after that. Now yo-wait. This can't be...where did she go?! You look up and find her missing! You didn't even sense her moving from her current spot! In fact...you can no longer sense her at all now! Where di-


It happens in an instant. The miko delivers a forceful kick into your back, so hard that it sends you deep into the ground, the rocks breaking your skin and the dirt getting everywhere. You're about to get up and retaliate, but then you feel a strong, shocking sensation spreading through your body, which quickly turns into an unbelievably intense pain surging throughout, fraying your nerves and causing you to scream in plight. How embarrassing.

After you notice the pain has went away, you lay there on the ground, fully paralyzed, your body variably twitching here and there. The only parts of your body in working order are your mind and eyes. You can just barely breathe too. The miko walks further behind you, and you realize she's taking your precious pendant.

"I guess I better hide this somewhere safer. I know I said I was going to exterminate you but...I think it be a good lesson for you if you were sealed in here where this was instead."

W-What?! No! You won't stand for this! If only...urgh! Damn that miko...you can't move an inch. You see her walking past you and to the entrance, turning around.

"Have fun then!" She closes up the cave with a large rock and you see the rock getting a large seal placed on it, glowing an ominous red that you'll have to sit and stare at for another...god knows how long. This...sucks.


Ah. He's here. About time. You sensed his arrival upon awakening. You get up and walk over to the large red rock. The seal somehow blocks your own attempts to open it from within and ends up sealing up the entire cave from every direction. You sorely underestimated that shrine maiden for sure, you won't make that mistake again. She will be the first to die by your hands once you're regained your full demonic powers.

After waiting a few moments, the red glow disappates and the rock slowly moves out of the way. The bright shine of the sun's rays nearly blind you at first. After the rock has completely moved out of the way, you look down at...a tiny imp. Hmm.

"...Jaaku. You're looking rather unwell." The imp is panting quite hard before realizing you're talking to him. He then scrambles a bit and attempts to make himself look more proper in front of you, however badly it may be failing.

"A-Ah! So sorry about that, Master! You see, I had been working on this seal for some time and after having finally broken it, it had sucked all my life force dry, but haha, you see I am still alive! Although it left me in a practically unusable and sorry state that you see me in now, so uhm..."

"...it is alright. We will just have to wait until you get your power back. I can do that for you once I get that pendant." You walk past your little impish servant who is very grateful for your words, which he very well should be.


"Enough of that though. Take out my mirror. I wish to assess the damage done by that spiteful miko."

"Oh! Yes Master!" The little imp takes out a small bag, and digs inside it, and from it, he pulls out a large, expanding body-size mirror, from which you examine your whole body with. The bag was a famous creation of your brother's, but you'd rather not talk about that. All you know is that it's abbreviated ASH for some reason.

You look into the mirror, your bright, red eyes still carry that hardened tsurime look, with your pupils in the shape of the immortal kanji for sin () to demonstrate your level of "demonsy", at least, that's what he always told you. You knew this to be a lie however, as it was a true testament to how much of a blasphemy you were to the family and to hell itself. To be the very embodiment for which the very place you were born from punishes for all eternity. It makes you sick.

Moving on, the rest of your face is as per normal. Neither of your short fangs were broken. They don't tend to poke out from your lips anyways unless you're particularly angry. On the side of your cheek though...feh, a large scar reaching down from a couple inches to the side of your left eye stretching down to your lower cheek. This was one of the things you oh so hated about your genes. Despite not only being youkai, but a full fledged demon at that, your regenerative skills were highly lack luster. It took you almost as long as an ordinary human to heal typically unworrysome wounds. While your burning flame of life is extremely difficult to put out, your physical body takes forever to recoupe, this is proof, despite the fact that you were in that cave for weeks.

That miko will surely pay.

You look at the rest of your wardrobe. That appears to be the only damage you've been charged with for now. Your clothes are simple, a long black robe stretching down and splitting into various points at the knee, revealing a different, white robe underneath that goes all the way down to your ankles. You have two belts criss-crossing at your waist, carrying a few things you like to keep at hand at all times. Your long black sleeves cut at one point to show the sleeves of your white robe under it, both stretch down so far to usually cover your hands and keep them out of sight. Your claws which are constantly covered in blood, are too much of a give away at times, and sometimes fooling someone into thinking you're human is the best strategy.

And then...your hair. You look at your long black hair. It stretches seomwhere just past your lower back, but it doesn't fan out very wide at all. It likes staying straight as it falls down your back like a dark waterfall. You take very good care of it. It's one of the few things about yourself that you're invariably proud of. Your bangs are also fairly long, but you tend to keep it brushed over to one side, causing it to typically half way cover your right eye. It doesn't particularly bother you. Your side burns are probably the highlight of your hair, stretching down long and resting lightly on your shoulders, falling further down the front of them and onto....ugh. Your chest. Your flat. Miserable. Sad excuse for a chest. You hate it. With a burning passion. All the succubus in hell made fun of you for it saying you'd never amount of anything as a demon with breasts like these. The sluts.

"A-Ah, Master Satoko, please don't think about your, uhm, chest too much. Remember what Miss Yokou tol-ULPH!" You deliver a swift kick to your little impish servant, sending him flying into a nearby tree and he slams into it a sickening splat. He's much easier to punish in this state, funny enough. You almost want him to stay like this just for that.

"I thought I told you not to mention her. Either way, put this mirror away. I am done assessing my damage counts. We're leaving."

"Y-...Yes Master Satoko..."

As your little servant goes and regains his bearings to put the large mirror away, you take note of your surroundings. Not much has changed. You're still in middle of the forest from which the cave was stationed in. The pendant is long gone and you can no longer sense it's whereabouts. How this could be is a mystery indeed. You'd ask the miko, but you're afraid that facing her in your current state, and under her own turf, for that matter, might be counter productive. You need to find a better way around this.

To the west of your lies the magic forest and beyond that, the human village. To the south of you stands the famous Youkai Mountain, the place of another shrine whose shrine maiden is likely much more of a joke then the one you just encountered was. And to the north of you is the entrance to Makai, which eventually leads it's way down into the lover levels of Hell, your birthplace. To the east? The shrine belonging to that detestable miko that put you in your place. Just thinking about it makes you angry.

Now that you've bravely solved the riddle of where the fuck you are, you should get going, preferably in one of the cardinal directions you've made note of.

_ Go North
_ Go West
_ Go East
_ Go South
>> No. 29584
_Go South

Why not? Also, nice to see a new story here.
>> No. 29587
[x] Go North
North is hot. North is up. North is good.
>> No. 29591
[x] Go North

If we're lucky, there might finally be a story worth reading in /shrine/.
>> No. 29592
Okay I only realized that what I intended on doing with this thread could be a dick move until several hours after already posting it, but to make up for it, I'm going to be upfront with it now.

This thread was meant to be an experiment, and a reminder of something I wanted to do in the future. Preferably after I've finished one of my two other stories. The experiment part means how well this goes will determine whether or not I want to actually go forward with this idea when the time comes.

See that prologue title? This story will last nary a few updates, but enough to characterize the protagonist a bit and determine a starting trait for the future story. It will focus mainly on the shrine, despite this beginning choice.

So yeah. Uh. Something to look forward to I guess.

sage for being an asshole
>> No. 29593
[equis] Go South

Damn, I thought this was from Mima's POV, for the first half, and explaining why she had so much hate.
>> No. 29595
-Go West
Trees are probably a lot less painful than shrine maidens.
>> No. 29597
[X]Go West

So much like when one plays a demo of PSN/Live eh?

I dub it TRoU
>> No. 29604
[x] Go weast
>> No. 29605
File 126542533724.jpg- (104.86KB , 384x512 , d007103183643b5a55a0b0224b636d04.jpg ) [iqdb]
x Go west

Deeper into the forest, you feel an odd sense of magic emanating from there. Your instincts are telling you to go check it out. The miko can be dealt with at a later time. The forest is closest and any inhabitants there might have more or less a better idea of what that miko is up to. Possibly even any weaknesses she might have. While it is normally not within your judgment to take advantage of such things like a coward, in order to attain what you want, some sacrifices must naturally be made.

As you walk further into the forest, deeper and deeper, the foliage gets thicker and thicker, and your sensing ability starts becoming cluttered. This forest is indeed enchanted, many, many youkai about and plenty of rampant leftover magic hanging in the air. It would be a bit difficult to predict if something had snuck up on you. But this confirms something; your sensing ability is still up to snuff, which means the total lack of spiritual energy you felt from that miko was indeed all a cover up. In order for her to down tune her powers like that...she must be much more exceptionally stronger then you had ever thought. This will require lots more care now.

"M-Master Satoko, if I may ask, where uhm...where are we going?"

"We're seeking out anyone who might know the whereabouts of my pendant, and possibly any information on that damnable shrine maiden that attempted to imprison me. Keep an eye out for any form of living life that can speak, Jaaku."

"Yes, mi'lady!" You stop for a moment and look down at your impressionable impish slave. He's squinting and looking about in a foolish manner. You're not terribly impressed by it, that's for certain.


"Oh! Yes mi'la-OOPH!" Another swift kick has sent him flying into a nearby tree. This is so laughably easy, it's almost amusing.

You stop suddenly though, someone approaches. They appear to have a wide array of magic too. After such an incident you had with the miko, awareness might have been risen. Brash actions would be against your better judgment for now, so you take care to keep your hands inside your sleeves as the mysterious person comes closer. You're not about to let your guard down, however.

"Uggh...M-M-Master Satoko, if I may, could you please refrain from using such violence on me in the future? My lowly life-drained body can't take much more I'm afr-"


"Oh! Y-Yes, mi'lady?"

"Get out of sight. Someone comes."

"Oh! O-...Oh." Your infallible impish servant then looks around and races up a nearby tree, hiding behind it's many leaves. Perfect.

As the entity draws closer, you turn towards them. You end up spying a short, black and white witch, apparently gathering mushrooms. She also appears to be bright and cheerful, ugh. You can't stand people like these. You'll have to resist the urge to mindlessly slaughter her for now though, she might hold valuable information.

"Let's see, a few more should do it..oh, hey there!" As expected, the witch greets you with sickening excitement and runs over to you in a way that you can only describe as disgusting. "Never seen you 'round before, what's your name?"

"It is impolite to ask someone's name without introducing themselves, first."

"Oh, right, silly me." The witch knocks herself on the head like a moronic jester and bows to you in the first ever smart gesture made by this fool. "I'm Marisa Kirisame, I own the magic shop not too far from here! Now, your turn!"

"Just call me Satoko. I have a few questions I want to ask you."

"Alright then, shoot!"

_ Ask about the miko
_ Ask about the surrounding area
_ Ask about her powers
_ Ask if there are others occupying this forest
_ Ask about the pendant
>> No. 29607
[X] Ask about the miko
[X] Ask about the surrounding area
[X] Ask if there are others occupying this forest

{x} Ask about her powers
{x} Ask about the pendant

[X]=Definite choices
{x}=Maybe, but may not be a good idea

Reason for...

Powers: She may challenge us to a danmaku duel, and Marisa is one of the higher powers in Gensokyo. Not good.

Pendant: 1.)She may know nothing about it, or 2.) She knows, then gets suspicious as to why we want to know.
>> No. 29614
[X] Ask about the miko
[X] Ask about the surrounding area
[X] Ask if there are others occupying this forest

>> No. 29615
_ Ask about the miko
_ Ask about the surrounding area
_ Ask if there are others occupying this forest
_ Ask about the pendant
This sounds right to me. I don't think some magic pendant is common knowledge, and asking about her powers seems a bit suspicious.
>> No. 29616
[X] Ask about the miko
[X] Ask about the surrounding area
[X] Ask if there are others occupying this forest
>> No. 29617
Just wanted to make something clear. I had been brought to the attention that there is a rather similar story elsewhere on the site and that it might be effecting this story a bit. (In all honesty I didn't know the story existed until just an hour ago)

I want to ensure while Satoko might be a dick, that the purpose of the story would actually be focused on turning this around. Right now, she a demon from hell with ill intent thanks to her background (which is something I intend on opening up later) so it's natural she's gonna look like a bad guy. But the "general goal" is to make her into someone who's at least tolerable. There are very many ways of going about this and that's where the direction choosing comes in.

I hadn't intended on saying so much so early but I didn't want to compromise the popularity of the story when I'm performing an experiment with it. Though I'm afraid in the end I might've either not made much difference or in fact have actually compromised it by saying this; I haven't fully read through the other story yet so I might be incorrectly assuming something.

My apologies for anything in advance. Expect an update tomorrow.
>> No. 29622
x Ask about the miko
x Ask about the surrounding area
x Ask if there are others occupying this forest

"I want information on that shrine maiden occupying the shrine not too far from here, first of all."

"Ah, Reimu? She's a bit hardy, that's for sure! Getting on her good side is kinda tough unless ya get money, so maybe it'd help if you donated a bit to her once in a while, eh?" You want to cut her open already, but raising awareness of you to that red-white could prove counter productive in your current state of recovery. You don't know how well her sensory powers are but if her levels are to be believed, it would be no joke.

Ah, if Jaaku wasn't deprived of his power, this might not be a problem. Getting rid of her would be as simple as stomping her flat. She's still only human. But at this rate you're not sure what will happen to Jaaku. Damn...on top of being strong she's a master chess player too. She's thought of everything.

"So, ya know her, eh? Where you from?" The witch asks a question back before you can continue on with your interrogation. It wouldn't hurt to go along through to get what you want.

"From further up north. I just moved down here recently." You take this moment to perfectly segue into your next question. "What is this area like, anyway?"

"Hah! Magic Forest is pretty famous, ya know? Must've been living under a rock!" Even if that's partially true, that's beside the point and makes you want to kill her more. The urges are becoming harder to repress. "There's a whole bunch of strange and mystical youkai that lives here with an air of magic blooming here. A lot of the youkai come from Youkai Mountain too. This place is pretty dangerous you could say, you better watch your back!"

You're busy thinking she should watch her back. You don't necessarily have to alert the red-white if you can silently kill this person with a single swipe.

"Although, judging from your looks and power, I'd say you're probably a youkai yourself, huh..." Hrm. Nevermind. She's onto you. And yet she still stands before you rather fearless. You don't know if she's underestimating you, is particularly brave, or just plain stupid.

"...yes. You are correct about that. So are there any other notable youkai in this forest?" It'd be best to take inventory of them now, in case you have to deal with them later.

"Well, only one that immediately springs to mind is Alice. She's a strange puppeteer with magic of some sort. She's okay but don't get on her bad side, alright?"

"Right...I will try to do that. I suppose that's all I have to ask for now."

"Ah, alright, well I hope ya enjoy your stay here!" This woman is so...so...happy. It's went beyond sickening and into just plain angering. It's obnoxious. "Oh, I should probably get back to picking. See ya later, Satoko~!"

The witch turns around and starts running back to resume her joyous activity. Now's your chance.

_ Follow her and keep an eye on her
_ Quickly dispose of her, no need for future complications
_ Search out this Alice she mentioned
_ That's enough, back to the shrine
>> No. 29623
[Q] Follow her and keep an eye on her

Tempting though it might be to kill her, it's probably to our benefit to shadow her for a while and see where she might go.
>> No. 29624
[x] Follow her and keep an eye on her
>> No. 29626
_ Follow her and keep an eye on her
Maybe we'll learn something useful...like the
fact that having people follow her is creepy.
>> No. 29635
[x] Follow her and keep an eye on her

Poor Satoko is grossly underestimating Marisa, just because she's a human.
>> No. 29637
x Follow her and keep an eye on her

You turn around and give the impression that you'll be on your way too, which is just as well, you need to fetch your little impish slave first.

"Jaaku, come out. We're leaving." The tiny devil pops his head out of the bushes, shaking his head.

"Ah, where are we going, Master Satoko?"

"We're following that witch. There is more to her then meets the eye. She might prove useful..."

"Ohh...you're so perceptive, Master Satoko! If I still had my original power I might be able to tell too!" The imp then pulls himself out of the bushes and, quite frustratingly, climbs up and sits on your shoulder. "Let's go then! Onwards to victory!"

He probably thinks he can do this now because he's so light. You'll give him the benefit of the doubt just this once though and continue onward, you hav bigger fish to fry. Besides, you'll be sneaking around, no one's going to see you housing a little rodent on your shoulder like an eternal ten year old.

Your extrasensory abilities come in good handy for tracking the witch down, even if they're clogged with all the magic hanging in the air around this mystical forest. Keeping an eye on her without being seen is fairly easy, but you have to be careful because you're unsure if this witch has similar powers. You gravely underestimated the shrine maiden and paid the price; you're not about to let that happen again.

Studying Marisa for a while, it seems she's gathering mushrooms for a magical experiment of some sort. It's always the same with these witches, always trying to find new magic, never really doing anything else productive. She's no different from the rest. You almost consider dropping following her, but it'd be counter productive to do so at this point already without having learned much else.

Hopping through the trees silently, the black magician finally comes to a stop at a somewhat worn down old house that she goes inside. Must be her living quarters. This knowledge might come in handy, but for right now, it feels like you just wasted a massive chunk of your time on a wild goose chase. How upsetting.


"Ohh, Master Satoko, what's wrong?"

"This was a spectacular disuse of effort." You hop off the tree and land down next to the trunk, looking onward to the house.

"Is that because you overestimated the witch's usefulness due to how your last battle failed in a miserable ma-GAHH!" It's at this point you've got a tight stranglehold on your dumb servant's neck. You would rip the vocal cords out but you're afraid it'd just regen within days. So instead, you just fling him into one of the further trees and he hits it with the most satisfying splat. One of these days you'll get around to washing that impertinent mouth of his.

You overlook Marisa's abode. You're a bit indecisive on what to do. Perhaps Jaaku was right, the last battle had caused you to become more wary then you usually are. But you're still recovering, and your servant is about as useful as a hankerchief in battle, which is a massive loss. Most of anything you could steamroll under normal circumstances proves a much greater threat right now.

You should consider your next action carefully.

_ Sneak in and attempt a stealthy kill
_ Knock on the door, you have more business with Marisa
_ Just continue to keep an eye on her
_ Screw it, barge in claws drawn
_ Leaving is most productive
>> No. 29646
>_ Sneak in and attempt a stealthy kill

Marisa's house is pretty messy, there's no guarantee that we won't trip something. Though the prospect of going ninja for a minute does seem rather appealing.

>_ Knock on the door, you have more business with Marisa

It might raise suspicion, but it seems pretty obvious our MC doesn't exactly have the brightest ideas about Gensokyo. We'll be able to learn who to worry about and possibly find someone who can help get the pendant back. Problem is, no one is really "evil" in Gensokyo Save for maybe Mima

>_ Just continue to keep an eye on her

We might learn a bit more about the witch's. Obviously she's close to the miko, perhaps she can give us some sort of lead.

>_ Screw it, barge in claws drawn

Two words: Master Spark

>_ Leaving is most productive

Nah. She didn't really tell us anything important, anyway. We've already gotten our ass handed to us once, we're not in any condition to fight now.

With that said...

[X] Knock on the door, you have more business with Marisa
>> No. 29647
Metaknowledge much?

[x]Sneak in and attempt a stealth kill.
>> No. 29648

Ok, that was a bit much...Forgot to take MC's current state of mind into consideration. Choice still remains, though.
>> No. 29649
perhaps but our lead might go and think twice just due to how powerful some humans can be. At this point she can't really fight off someone of Marisa's calibur. And there's Marisa's habit of Blast first, ask questions never.
>> No. 29659

Besides, after getting her ass handed to her, I think her pride is a bit shaken right now as it is. To just barge in, only to get our ass kicked again would not be good for the ego at all. Besides, currently we know Marisa does indeed know Reimu, but just HOW MUCH she knows about her, we're unsure of. So >>29646 aside, we shouldn't just go off and try to kill what could be a valuable source of information, despite how much we currently don't like her.
>> No. 29763
File 126678486093.gif- (49.21KB , 339x479 , rin1a.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Knock on the door, you have more business with Marisa

Why not. We want info, let's get it.

So, how long until we pick up an adorable, helpless traveling companion for no apparent reason? I give it 3 threads.
>> No. 29821

Keep dreaming. Maybe my /forest/ story will be about Rinnosuke turning into a female by being splashed with cold water.

Oh wait.

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