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[X]"I think it's quite cute."
The vote below wins, but I'm going to start on the writing tomorrow since writefag is tired. =_=


[X]Whatever you do, do not linger on her chest area.
[X]"I'm paying for that one."
[X]"I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."
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Okay, I'm no longer about to fall asleep on the keyboard, so here's the next chunk of story before I go off to play Little King's Story and Muramasa the Demon Blade.

Haha! You see that? I'm writing before playing my games!

I can't help but give Reimu's outfit another look before answering, taking great care not to linger on her chest area since there would be some kind of pain involved in doing so. Though from what I saw of it she's actually got a nice body, much nicer than her shrine maiden outfit let on. She doesn't quite have a fully mature figure yet, and probably won't get to Yukari, Ran, or Komachi's level, but I don't think a large chest would suit her too well. Of course, I seem to have forgotten the very thing I told myself NOT to do, and found myself being hit on the head with a stick with tassles, otherwise known as a gohei.

"Yes, I know my true size must be a shocking revelation to all parties present but it's rude to stare like that." I note that she's refrained from hitting me as hard as she could have, which I hope is less of a warning shot and more of a sign that she's not too bothered by it.

"Aside from that, the outfit looks good on you, very cute." It's all I can do to change the subject for now and hope she lets it drop. Though a few more thoughts occur to me after I finish talking: One, I've barely touched the money Yukari gave me a few days ago. Two, despite what Reimu said the prices aren't all that expensive, meaning that I could get away with buying her a few sets of clothes. Three, I think she needs nothing short of a full wardrobe of nice casual clothes. "I have to ask, how many sets of casual clothes do you own anyway?"

"Eh? One or two full sets, why?" The miko hasn't come to the same conclusion I have, which may or may not work in my favor for what I have in mind. "Don't tell me you plan on..."

"Getting you a full wardrode of normal things to wear instead of just your shrine maiden outfit as well as paying for it? If that's what you were going to say, then yes, that's exactly what I plan on doing." Though I have to confess something. I'm not exactly big on 'fashion', and usually stick to what I think looks good yet is also comfortable. I could ask Yukari for help on this but that might be a bad move here... Of course, there's always Akyu. "Say Akyu, do you work here?"

"Part time, why?" So I can ask for your assistance you twit.

"Simple. Yoink!" Next thing the miko and historian know I'm leading the both of them back into the women's section so I can get their opinions on what would work for Reimu.

The next hour or so is spent having Reimu try on various outfits for numerous different occasions but ultimately they're all casual clothes. Quite honestly I'm perfectly fine with that.


Yes, small update but I'm getting interrupted so damn much that if I try to continue I'll lose my train of tought completely, and no one wants that.
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Seen that coming, generally trying NOT to focus on something results in extra focus on it.
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Sheesh, it's mid-afternoon now and we only just got done picking everything out for purchase. The miko and I agreed to pay one-half of the total cost each, which was still enough to take out the majority of my funds. Of course, I'm just a soul right at the moment so it's not that big a deal unless I'm taking someone else out to lunch or buying some kind of gift for them, and since the festival is still a few weeks away I have plenty of time to get some additional cash if the need arises.

After bidding farewell to Akyu, with her trying to rope me into an interview, we made our way back to the main part of the village since there wasn't anything else there either of us were interested in. Of course, my reason happens to be because I could swear some twit had a sword with him when he didn't have one earlier. ...Yeah, I'm actively avoiding a fight, but in my defense that's all I've been doing for the last few days in some form or another and quite honestly I'm burnt out on hurting other people for now.

"You've been quiet the whole way back, what's on your mind?" Man, sooner or later I'll be able to multitask internal monologue with external dialogue so people will stop calling me out on it every time I stop talking for extended periods of time.

"Is one of your suitors a sword wielder?" They're aristocrats, one of them has to have taken up sword fighting as a hobby, and that one might take offense to me being with his potential bride. Which means I'm going to wind up having to duel someone somewhere down the line for the honor of someone I consider a friend instead of a lover. It's a downward spiral I really have no choice but to go down seeing as I've more or less been pushed into this.

"A couple, and they're both likely to challenge you now that they've seen us together." It takes a couple seconds for the meaning of my words to sink in, but after that. "Aheheh... sorry, I know shouldn't use you like this but these guys just don't take no for an answer."

"I'd like my list of personal enemies to stay non-existent thank you." At least she admitted it... "But the damage is done either way."

She fell silent after that.

[X]Even though it was a little manipulative, there's no point in getting mad about it since she apologized. So I'll have to beat some arrogant twits into place, who cares?
[X]I'm done here.
[X]Get that sword wielding twit to go away before he embarrasses himself.
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>the honor of someone I consider a friend instead of a lover.

For now.

[X]Even though it was a little manipulative, there's no point in getting mad about it since she apologized. So I'll have to beat some arrogant twits into place, who cares?
-[x] After all it's her choice who she ends up marrying.
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[X]Even though it was a little manipulative, there's no point in getting mad about it since she apologized. So I'll have to beat some arrogant twits into place, who cares?
-[x] After all it's her choice who she ends up marrying.
>> No. 29342
[X]Even though it was a little manipulative, there's no point in getting mad about it since she apologized. So I'll have to beat some arrogant twits into place, who cares?
-[x] After all it's her choice who she ends up marrying.
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[x] Even though it was a little manipulative, there's no point in getting mad about it since she apologized. So I'll have to beat some arrogant twits into place, who cares?
-[x] After all it's her choice who she ends up marrying.
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[x] Even though it was a little manipulative, there's no point in getting mad about it since she apologized. So I'll have to beat some arrogant twits into place, who cares?
-[x] After all it's her choice who she ends up marrying.
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[X]Even though it was a little manipulative, there's no point in getting mad about it since she apologized. So I'll have to beat some arrogant twits into place, who cares?
-[x] After all it's her choice who she ends up marrying.

You know, I don't feel angry about this. Sure it was an underhanded move to get her more persistent, as well as arrogant, suitors after me so I can beat them down once and for all, but it's also her choice as to who she marries. To that end I'll suck it up and wipe the floor with those that try to force her hand.

"Hey, don't do what I usually do." Next order of business is to let her know that it's not all that big a deal. "I'm not mad about this, especially since you came right out, admitted it, and apologized."

"Thanks..." After that the miko's mood started to improve. "Though this shouldn't be any big deal since all my male suitors are human."

"I'm human too you know, I'm just vessel challenged right now." As if I needed any more reminders on that subject the bags I'm carrying aren't tiring me out at all, nor am I feeling hungry or thirsty. On the flip side, it's starting to get more difficult to feel the sunshine. ...Great, now I'm not sure how long it's going to be before I'm permanently nomadic, but it feels like I'm getting more disconnected from my physical self all the time.

"'Vessel challenged'? You know, you can just retake your body if you're that bothered by being out of it." She has a face that tells me she's just joking around, but her tone and words tell me she's already guessed my more pressing predicament.

"It can wait a while longer. It's not like I'm suddenly going to vanish or anything is it?" Now we're just wandering aimlessly through the village, though it's hardly without it's cares. Or stalkers. How long is that guy going to keep following?

"I don't think anything like this has happened before but I'm sticking to my original opinion on the matter. You're not going to last as you are and ignoring the problem won't make it go away, even if you are holding out longer than I thought." When did this conversation go from carefree to grim? Is Reimu really that good at this?

"So what was your original estimate?" Now we're in the middle of the town square, and the miko motions to sit on the bench in front of the dragon statue the villagers use to keep track of the weather.

"Three days from when we met for real, maybe a few hours give or take. You honestly surprised me with how long you've lasted, especially since you haven't been particularly gentle with your soul. That shattering, transformations, damage inflicted on you while in that state, excessive energy use... the exhaustion from all that is starting to catch up with you. You're like a person who hasn't slept in weeks yet pushes himself to the brink every day. It's not natural, nor is it healthy." Reimu closes her eyes and leans back on the bench as she speaks, then turns to face me without moving from her position. "Honestly, you should get yourself put back together before you either end up before the yama or dissipate entirely."

"I thought the disturbing level of insight was my job." Now there's someone I didn't expect to run into today.

"Well, if he's not letting you try to show him the truth then it's up to whoever's around to keep at it until he figures it out." The miko isn't even particularly bothered by the fact that the seven-colored puppeteer just jumped into our conversation.

"Hi Alice." Of course, someone has to dump cold water on this strange little fantasy...

"Hello Wade. I wish I could say it was my imagination, but those strings are fraying quite a bit." It takes a second for Alice's words to sink in, but those strings are immensely important, and if they're fraying...

"Then they're in danger of breaking." I don't even notice the guy following us coming up to the three of us. At least until Reimu tells him to take a dive into the lake.

[X]They're trying to tell me it's almost too late. Get back to Mayohiga!
[X]Deal with this clown first, I'm sick of him.
[X]Ignore him and try to collaborate with the puppeteer and the maiden.
>> No. 29347
[X]They're trying to tell me it's almost too late. Get back to Mayohiga! Ask Reimu to go with you.
-[x] Tell those punks to consider themselves lucky today.
-[x] Think on the matter of what to do with the Hakurei God and possibly Reimu's role in it

I think we should get back, since we're reaching our limits. Guess it'll have to happen sooner than later; the reunification of body and soul.

I wonder if this would require another shikigami ritual or not. (Since we might need Nari's help in the future)

>"I'm curious about how you can have genuine feelings of love even towards death itself. That and how far those feelings can spread. Even if you're not aware, you have feelings for more than a few people, which may very well be your undoing if you're not careful."

Oh she forgets that the impossible is possible in Gensokyo.

But seriously, I think we might want to spend some quality time with Yukari (not sex) just to reassure her that Wade won't be running off with some other woman. And that if she isn't comfortable with the harem making antics she could just say so.

Then next day or night, spend some time with Nari.
>> No. 29348
[X]They're trying to tell me it's almost too late. Get back to Mayohiga! Ask Reimu to go with you.
-[x] Tell those punks to consider themselves lucky today.
-[x] Think on the matter of what to do with the Hakurei God and possibly Reimu's role in it
>> No. 29349
[X]They're trying to tell me it's almost too late. Get back to Mayohiga! Ask Reimu to go with you.
-[x] Tell those punks to consider themselves lucky today.
-[x] Think on the matter of what to do with the Hakurei God and possibly Reimu's role in it
>> No. 29351
[x] Kick this dude's ass quickly. Reimu deserves to marry whom she chooses, and you're going to make it known.
-[x] "Try actually practicing with that sword sometime, and don't pick meaningless fights."
[x] They're trying to tell me it's almost too late. Get back to Mayohiga - ask Reimu to go with you.
-[x] Think on the matter of what to do with the Hakurei God and possibly Reimu's role in it.

I think we have just enough time to hang him on a tree overlooking the lake. Or at least twist his sword into an origami crane and knock him on his ass.
>> No. 29352

That's if Wade can do so without over-straining himself.
>> No. 29353
[X]They're trying to tell me it's almost too late. Get back to Mayohiga! Ask Reimu to go with you.
-[x] Tell those punks to consider themselves lucky today.
-[x] Think on the matter of what to do with the Hakurei God and possibly Reimu's role in it
>> No. 29354
[X]They're trying to tell me it's almost too late. Get back to Mayohiga! Ask Reimu to go with you.
-[x] Deal with this clown first, I'm sick of him.
-[x] Think on the matter of what to do with the Hakurei God and possibly Reimu's role in it
>> No. 29355
If he can't even kick a guy down, I highly doubt he'll be able to get back to Mayohiga. They're "frayed", not "about to snap the moment he sits up".

Besides, why run away from some arrogant rich kid with a sword he probably doesn't even know how to use, or can use all that well? Just how many human villagers can even be considered anywhere near Youmu or Tenshi in skill, much less ourselves?

If we don't show him his place, he'll act like he's tough shit, and then what happens when we're back to being mortal?
>> No. 29356

Better safe than sorry, that and Wade has a habit of using up a good deal of energy and getting smacked around some when he fights. If what Alice is saying is true, Wade can't do alot of either let alone both.

And you forget that Ben, Wade's buddy seriously fences, he could give Wade some pointers if not take them on himself.
>> No. 29357
Well, I can tell you that choosing to fight would not have resulted in a bad end right away as it would require moderately poor fight planning to fail, and that it would have nipped the problem in the bud if you succeeded. As for Wade merging his soul and body once more, sure you'll become human, but you won't lose everything upon doing so.


[X]They're trying to tell me it's almost too late. Get back to Mayohiga! Ask Reimu to go with you.
-[x] Tell those punks to consider themselves lucky today.
-[x] Think on the matter of what to do with the Hakurei God and possibly Reimu's role in it.

Right, they're basically telling me that this can't wait much longer so I should get back to Mayohiga asap.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?" That person has a sword pointed at my back as I turn to fly away. That person I won't acknowledge, that person I don't have time to fight. "I just challenged you to a duel, are you going to flee like a coward?"

"I have more pressing matters to attend to than to duel someone like you." Great, am I really going to be stuck fighting this guy? ...A border of duel?

"So you're saying you'll cut and run from a duel to defend your maiden's honor?" I turn to face this person and watch as his confidence falters ever so slightly when our eyed meet. "Scum like you-"

Somehow I moved five feet in the span of a second, and delivered a punch that sent this fool flying backwards. I note that he's even got a spell shield of his own as he slams into the border.

"Dissolve border!" The miko must have caught on to my plight and ended it then and there by removing the duel border. "Come on, let's go."

My eyes widen in surprise as she does all this, and my only response is to nod and follow her. "I take it that guy's not going to be too thrilled about this."

"He was asking for it. Bringing such a dangerous sword out into public was bad enough, but trying to turn it on you when you're already weakened... I don't want to have to try to help put what's left of you back together." As Reimu speaks I'm left wondering how I'm going to get back to Mayohiga to begin with. It's a place one can only get to if they're lost and aren't actually looking for it, but I'm guessing that the miko might know a way. "I'm also betting you don't know how to get in and out of Mayohiga."

"Err..." Yeah, I really should learn how to get in and out on my own, especially since Yukari won't necessarily watch me all the time, Ran is usually busy with housework or is out of Mayohiga herself, and who knows what Chen gets up to. "I guess I panicked a little."

"Honestly, EX Midbosses don't panic." Armed with a lance today, huh miko? "Though I can see why. That must be why I decided to come with you."

"Thanks..." There's one more thought that comes to mind in regards to the swordsman we just ditched, and it's not pleasant. "Is it really okay to just ditch that guy? You said he brought a dangerous blade with him and I'd..."

"Don't worry, Alice and Keine will deal with it should he get out of hand. Plus Alice is far stronger than she appears so she could defeat him handily." Well, if the miko's not worried... "Don't think about going back right now, you'll be more of a liability than a help."

"How'd you know?" I don't even notice that the land below is changing ever so slightly, nor that there's a gap ahead.

"Because you're not the type to abandon your friends." Reimu looks ahead just in time for Yukari to grab hold of the both of us and pull us through. The result was a somewhat awkward landing in the living room of the Yakumo household, which would have resulted in something breaking had we been launched through rather than pulled. "I take it you've finally noticed?"

"I had Yuyu double check for me just to be sure." Yukari has the physical me sitting next to her on the couch, and I can't help but feel like I'm staring at someone else right now. "We should get the two halves merged as quick as possible before it becomes irreversible."

"That's what I've been trying to tell you the last few times we've discussed this. I was wondering if I'd have to merge them myself before you made a mistake." Reimu's already pulling out a pair of peculiar seals and attaches one to the forehead of my physical self.

"Isn't that method a little rough? I could do it myself." Yukari doesn't look like she approves of this in the slightest, but the miko's not paying attention. At least until Yukari actually restrains her.

"Look, this is faster, and he'll have to rest either way. Besides, it's up to him." She was offering me a choice?

[X]Trust Yukari
[X]Trust Reimu
>> No. 29358
[X]Trust Yukari
>> No. 29359
[X] Have them work together.

Relationship points for the both of them.

If we chose one over the other, the one we didn't chose will get jealous, with Yukari, she might start thinking Reimu is taking us away from her, and with Reimu, well, do you really want to break the little miko's heart?
>> No. 29360
[X]Trust Yukari
>> No. 29361

Not sure if this is how it works... but, I figured trying to combine the two would be easier than not.

[X] Have them work together. ("What if you tried to combine your methods?")

Well there's always taking a few lessons from those we know, as well as doing some good old fashioned training.
>> No. 29362
[+] Have them work together. ("Two heads are better than one, right?")
>> No. 29363
[X] Have them work together. ("What if you tried to combine your methods?")
>> No. 29364
[X]Have them work together.

Yukari's given me a little time to think over who I want to have merge my body and soul, and quite honestly I think it'd be better to have them collaborate on it since they seem so thoroughly conflicted about how to do this. Two heads are better than one as the old saying goes.

"Why don't the two of you work together on this?" I did have an argument for how they could do so, but I'm cut off before I can even get started.

"Because the method I want to use is completely different than Yukari's. I'm using a special set of spirit sealing ofuda to stick your soul back in your body while Yukari wants to use her manipulation of boundaries to change the border of split to the border of whole." Reimu stopped doing what she was doing to explain the difference at least...

"You left out that you aren't entirely sure that those seals will work for what you're trying to do." Yukari is equally quick to start poking holes in the miko's explanation.

"And you're not sure you can merge the body and soul without screwing something up, so don't try to shoot down my idea when yours isn't much better." Reimu crossed her arms and frowned at the gap youkai, who in turn really did look unsure about this.

"This really hasn't happened before has it?" I felt a solitary bead of sweat run down the side of my head. No, not one of those massive drips like they use in anime, more like the beginning of a stress-induced cold sweat.

"No, it hasn't. Well, not for either of us that is." Yukari's already sitting on a gap while sticking another through to restrain Reimu. Either that, or to remind her that she was in fact here and would stop any rash actions.

I don't get the specifics, but they're saying their methods would clash far too much to possibly work together, and since they're not entirely confident about either method in the first place I probably shouldn't try to force it. As such...

"Do what you need to Yukari." I leave myself in the gap youkai's hands. Reimu looks rather worried as Yukari reappears behind me and once again pulls me through one of her gaps.

"If it were a matter of simply putting your soul back into your body I wouldn't have stopped Reimu, but you have another soul occupying your body. ...That's also why I'm not entirely confident that this will work without some kind of side-effect." Thanks to the fact that she's embracing me from behind I find it a bit easier to take being in her little... whatever the hell this place is. "If you're ready, I'll begin."

"Just one question." One little curiosity needs to be satisfied before she goes through with this.

"What is it?" I note that she's pulled the physical me through as well, and that it's eying me with some level of curiosity.

"Was it really necessary to drag me into the place between borders to do this?" I do find it somewhat suspicious that Yukari has to do that.

"It's necessary to keep Reimu from jumping in the middle of this, though I'm not really sure that will be enough since I've been trying to get her to learn how to manipulate boundaries on her own." Yukari's let me drift off a small distance away from her before stopping me from going any farther. "Well, she does have to learn how in case something happens to me. With that, let's begin."

And everything fades to black.

"Hey, watch where you're- oh, it's you." You know, that sounds familiar. A little familiar at least. "Hey, don't give me the cold shoulder just because I'm residing in you for the time being, I really need your help!"

I look around and see... absolutely nothing. Is it because I'm blind now, or is it because there's nothing to see?

"Eh? Hmmm... Hold on a sec... Try now." The scene instantly clears up and I find myself staring at someone who looks remarkably like Reimu, only with slightly altered attire and purple hair. "You know, thanks to Yukari's minor goof-up I can hear what you're thinking."


"Yup, so cut the monologue. I know it paints the picture but it's really distracting. Besides, I don't need to have you tell me exactly what's in that mess of a mind of yours."

How far back did you look?

"Far enough in to tell you've got rather interesting contents. Ehh, do you want me to get rid of them since we're both right here? Everything labeled 'can't unsee' that is."

I think just sealing it all so I can't remember it as easily would be better. I'm distorted enough as is.

"So that fuzzy mist is you? Here I thought that campfire I made from some wood I found was smoldering."


"I was stuck in a snowy part of your mind so I lit a fire with some wood I found. Also, your mind exaggerated a few points about Yuki-onna."

I'm a guy, I have hormones.

"Well duh. I'm a girl, and I have hormones too. It's just an excuse in the end."

I have a very hard time believing that you don't have similar thoughts seeing as gods tend to have similar sex drives humans do. ...Besides, what are you doing tearing up my mind and inflicting spring cleaning on parts that aren't yours?

"Well, I have to stay here while you accumulate faith, otherwise I'll just up and vanish. And I really don't want that. ...Besides, what's wrong with me staying here? It's not like I've taken you over and kicked your soul out. Heck, I even went so far as to try and make re-entry as painless as possible."

Yet I'm an obelisk that leaks black smoke.

"Well... I don't know how that happened other than it's just the form you took when you popped in. Should I try breaking it to get you out?"

[X]Go ahead.
[X]I'm fine on my own.
[X]Can I ask something(s) first?
>> No. 29365
[X] I don't know, are you sure you want to? How do you know a smoke belching obelisk isn't a metaphor for the intense sexual desires that we secretly harbor for each other?

Hitting on the goddess.

Then there's a bunch of kinky sex performed entirely by each of us manifesting as various symbolic representations of the act.
>> No. 29366
[X] "What brought you to this state, I'm curious?"
[x] "How would I gather faith if you're staying in my body for the near future? Would that mean some perks in the future? Sorry I just had to ask"
[x] "So while you were borrowing my body, anything interesting happened?"
[X]Go ahead.

This is my shot at it.

Well that went as much as could be expected.
>> No. 29367
> I find myself staring at someone who looks remarkably like Reimu, only with slightly altered attire and purple hair.


[X] I don't know, are you sure you want to? How do you know a smoke belching obelisk isn't a metaphor for the intense sexual desires that we secretly harbor for each other?
>> No. 29368

Changing vote to >>29366
>> No. 29369
[X] "What brought you to this state, I'm curious?"
[x] "How would I gather faith if you're staying in my body for the near future? Would that mean some perks in the future? Sorry I just had to ask"
[x] "So while you were borrowing my body, anything interesting happened?"
[X]Go ahead.
>> No. 29370

>> No. 29371
Hard to say; there are varying art styles for both. I'm more inclined to believe it is PC98 as >>29370 stated. Specifically because the description here is "slightly altered" not "completely recolored and decorated".
>> No. 29372
[X] "What brought you to this state, I'm curious?"
[x] "How would I gather faith if you're staying in my body for the near future? Would that mean some perks in the future? Sorry I just had to ask"
[x] "So while you were borrowing my body, anything interesting happened?"
[X]Go ahead.
>> No. 29373
Ugh, I'm glad that fruedian vote didn't win. There's a limit as to how far I'll go with such things, or how much other characters will tolerate it.


[X]"What brought you to this state? I'm curious."
[X]"How would I gather faith if you're staying in my body for the near future? Would that mean some perks in the future? Sorry, I had to ask."
[X]"So while you were borrowing my body, anything interesting happen?"
[X]Go ahead.

Go ahead then, but do try to be careful.

"Aw, come on! You don't have that little faith in me do you?"

Look, I barely even know you and you've already admitted to using part of my mind as firewood. You don't really think that I'd be jumping at the opportunity for you to break something do you?

"You don't have to be mean about it."

This is going nowhere... Could you please break this obelisk? This form's starting to annoy me.

"Okay then! Now hold real still..." The goddess takes aim at me with a yin-yang orb and spin kicks it directly into the obelisk. Which does absolutely nothing. "Eh? That's never happened before-Oof!" And she beans herself with her own yin-yang orb. Is this girl really a goddess?

"Don't get smart, it's been about a hundred years so it's only natural that I'm a little rusty." And so the barrage begins again for what feels like hours until Hakurei simply stops her orb from hitting her again. "Man, what are you made out of?"

My mind.

"Oh yeah, you've got freakish spiritual strength so this is only natural. Maybe I can just yank you out." She walks up in front of the obelisk and tries to step on the altar directly in front of it, prompting the ground to go from a rather pleasant sunny meadow to something that's more akin to a Lovecraftian horror. More specifically, a platform made of clay with a bunch of faces soundlessly screaming for release. I'm also fading in and out while... When did I turn into Dark Falz?

"Now how am I supposed to help you if you're attacking me?" Now she's crossed her arms and gives me a somewhat pouting look. "Or this could be your subconscious mind telling me that it's not happy with the fact that I've been messing around with its stuff. It really needs to learn to share."

There are no words for this.

"I was thinking 'annoying' myself. Eh, I suppose I'll just have to beat up these weird bladed lamps until they go away." She dismisses the monsters surrounding her with a wave of her hand, which is the only warning they get before Hakurei plays Pachinko with her orb and their bodies. This continues for about thirty seconds before they all just drop away.

Stop beating on my mind so carelessly.

"I'm not allowed to defend myself? Screw that."

The obelisk pops back into view before shattering and revealing Dark Falz's first form, which proves to be absolutely no challenge for the goddess whatsoever. It's basically a wash-rinse-repeat scenario for the next two forms which go down just as quickly, and that says alot about her strength seeing as Falz's final form has that shield that jacks up its resistances and defense to ludicrous levels.

"Are you done yet?" She's asking me this?!

I'm laying face-first in another sunny field while Falz's final form crawls away rather comically until it falls off a cliff.

"I wonder if it's okay to leave your mental defenses like that. I mean, they aren't very smart if they just fall off the first cliff they don't see." I can finally get a better look at the girl in front of me. Unlike the Reimu I know, Hakurei has longer hair that's purple instead of brown, purple eyes, a white shirt and red dress instead of the red and white outfit Reimu normally wears. She's also sitting on a large turtle and has the yin-yang orb she was using earlier on her lap while her gohei is tucked neatly behind her ear.

"I have no idea." Regardless, I- Wait, she can't hear my thoughts anymore? Maybe I can hold a real conversation now instead of having her respond to my thoughts.

"You should invest in better defenses, you've got the capacity for it. Anyway, I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Hakurei no- ...Hakurei no... Aw hell, don't tell me I forgot my own given name while I was asleep! What kind of goddess forgets her own name?" The turtle merely rolls its eyes upon hearing its owner's dismay over forgetting something so important. "Eh, you can just call me Hakurei until I think of something or remember my name. Also, you don't need to tell me yours since I already know."

"You're something else, you know that?" I can't help but facepalm at this goddess' antics. Though now that I've had a chance to think properly I actually have a few questions I want to ask her.

"Eheheh~ Thanks!" Is she oblivious or something?!

"On another subject, what happened to bring you to the point where you have to reside in someone else in order to live?" The more I think about it the more I'm seriously questioning whether or not Suika's inability to remove my chunks of soul from the sleeping goddess was because Hakurei was actually awake and clinging to them.

"That? Geeze, you gotta go and bring up such a depressing subject." Again with the look, but she relents not too long afterwards. "I suppose I should answer that. It's the least I can do for the person who's been harboring me for the last few months." A pause... "Ehh, wasn't the lunar counter-attack, wasn't that forest witch trying to kill me, there wasn't any disease I remember, youkai knew to leave my priests and priestess' alone or they'd have to answer to me... I think it has to do with the dwindling bloodline. Last I remember there were ten male heirs to the Hakurei line and donations were down that year. Toss in the fact that people were starting to take us for granted... Eh, how many people bear the Hakurei name now? Aside from me."

"You haven't been paying much attention to what's going on, have you?" If she did, she'd know that there's just one living person that bears the name 'Hakurei'.

"Nope. I figured once you got your two halves merged you could tell me." Okay, so much for my suspicion that she took over my physical half... "So did things ever improve?"

"Actually... There's just one person left." And that's how I managed to turn Hakurei's cheery smile into an identical one that made her look desperate.

"Just one? ...Male or female?" She recovered just enough to ask something she really won't want the answer to.

"Female. You can meet her yourself if you'd like." I note that she stopped listening once I told her the gender of her sole remaining maiden.

The turtle vanished in an instant, causing the goddess to drop face first onto the ground. This conveniently muffled whatever she was yelling to where I could only just make it out rather than splitting the clouds. It sounded like a drawn out 'No'.

"Are you okay?" I walk toward her with a grimace on my face in preperation of the panic attack she was likely to inflict on me.

"I'm not alright. I'm not alright at all!" She sits up and looks me directly in the eye, using the most pitiful look I've ever seen. ...Downright unbecoming of a goddess. "I wake up after getting some faith, get my hopes up that maybe things have turned around for my family since I felt your strength and assumed you were a member of my family, and I find that it's actually on the brink of extinction! If this maiden marries into any other family the Hakurei line ends right then and there! Who knows what'll happen then!"

That's it, she's lost it.

With nothing better to do I try to comfort her as best I can as she slowly but surely calms down from the shock of being told that her family is down to one shrine maiden and an almost fathless god. This takes about two hours before she's willing to talk about anything else, though she's still got a slightly scared expression on her face.

"Okay, so how do I go about regaining faith while you're in here? I'm already getting some for beating up random fairies but I get the impression that it's a short-term solution." How long is she going to keep moping like this? Giving up and not doing anything is the equilivant of suicide for her.

"It's not that short term. By gaining the faith of fairies you gain the faith of nature itself, and nature counts for alot. Obviously godly displays of power will remind people that you exist, but no matter what you do you can't direct that collected faith at me unless you pray to me or let me use your body. This is because you're making people believe in your power instead of mine." Hakurei has essentially slumped against me somewhere down the line in her fit of depression, but at least she's talking now. "If you can make people believe in me again, I'll be able to help you. 'Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' as the saying goes."

"Sounds fair. So you'll teach me how to pray to you?" What? It's a step in the right direction. It's not like I'm asking to be her consort, despite one point in her panic attack where she started kissing me and talking about making more heirs. Something I simply resisted until she shifted tangents. Come on, I already have a sexy, lewd, and absolutely wonderful gap youkai girlfriend who has a 'friends with benefits' sort of deal with her friends so why get greedy?

"You ought to know how now. Just don't forget about me or even this won't be enough." I think her mood has improved just a tiny, tiny bit since I took an active interest in restoring her to previous levels, but you couldn't tell unless you looked thoroughly. "Anyways, you ought to wake up before those two have a fight."

And I wake up properly this time.

I note that I'm being tended to by Ran and Nari while the miko and the gap youkai are having what sounds like a heated arguement a few rooms away.

"Oh good, you're awake now. You should go let Lady Yukari know you're alright before she and Reimu tear the house down fighting each other." Ran looked somewhat disshelved, most likely from having to deal with her master and the miko. "And yes, I was worried about you too." A genuine confession of worry?

"Wade!" After that, I find myself trapped beneath a Bakeneko who is very happy to see me. Enough to where she's got my face in her chest and a very loud purr going.

[X]Try to ask Ran to get those two in here, I don't think I'm going anywhere right now.
[X]Try to head out to them, happy kitty or not.
[X]Look at Ran quizzically- oh wait.
[X]Try to ask what happened while I was out.
>> No. 29374
[X]Try to ask Ran to get those two in here, I don't think I'm going anywhere right now.
>> No. 29375
[X] Try to ask Ran to get those two in here, I don't think I'm going anywhere right now.

> She started kissing me and talking about making more heirs.

Not sure if want.
>> No. 29376
[X]Try to ask Ran to get those two in here, I don't think I'm going anywhere right now.
>> No. 29377
[x] Look at Ran quizzically- oh wait.
[x] Try to ask Ran to get those two in here, I don't think I'm going anywhere right now.
>> No. 29378
File 126292291066.jpg- (265.97KB , 328x600 , rei98.jpg ) [iqdb]
There's nothing sexier than a desperate woman on the brink.
>> No. 29379
[x]Act flattered that she was worried, and thank her for the concern. (One way or another she's going to be like family, either as an older sister figure or occasional 3rd partner in Yukari's bedtop sports)
[X]Try to ask what happened while I was out.
[x]Try to ask Ran to get those two in here.

seesh if she wants heirs, she can wait until we seduce Reimu.

>Come on, I already have a sexy, lewd, and absolutely wonderful gap youkai girlfriend who has a 'friends with benefits' sort of deal with her friends so why get greedy?

Especially since I think one of those friends now include a very busty Shinigami.

Yeah there's limits to where i'd go.
>> No. 29380

You're not sure whether you want the nude form of a gorgeous goddess writhing against you as she begs aloud for your seed, and demands that you allow her to bear your child, all while coiling her legs around your waist to ensure that not a single drop of your essence is spilled outside of her eager, welcoming folds?
>> No. 29381

The problem might be the goddess yoinking away Reimu's body or something from her. And nothing good comes of panicked sex.
>> No. 29382

Seriously, do I use so freaking many underused characters that your first instinct is to try and get me to write an H-scene about each one?

Moderation, do you know it?

Listen to >>29381 since he's got it right. Taking advantage of a panicking girl is one of the fastest ways to damage, perhaps heavily or irrepairably, all relationships Wade has in this story (Especially now since while they've gone so far as to exchange intamite body fluids Yukari isn't entirely convinced her bad luck is over), and nobody wants that.

And I'm already supposed to be doing a Merlin scene in the side stories thread so if you want an alternate story scene you'll just have to wait.
>> No. 29383

Seriously, do you not know a joke when you see one?

I swear, no one would have reacted so seriously to that quip back in the day.
>> No. 29387
Agreed. In fact that was a little more extreme than most instances I've seen where someone has taken a joke far too seriously.

It makes me physically ill.
>> No. 29390
[X]Try to ask Ran to get those two in here, I don't think I'm going anywhere right now.
>> No. 29396

To be honest? No, I can't tell a joke from a serious post anymore since anon routinely attempts to go down a more perverted route than I would have originally written, and since you were serious every other time, why would I treat it as anything other than serious?

I apologize if it seems that I've gone overboard, but keep in mind that such jokes tend to not go over well with me.
>> No. 29397

People here have a nasty habit of taking joke votes and running with it, often much to the horror of both the writer and the voters who aren't such complete retards.

Humor has a hard time translating over to the internet.

Yeah, Yukarin is worried about that (Hence why when the chance comes up I plan on having Wade assure her that he will not be running off with a potential harem mate.

Which is unless Yukari encourages more action, chances are the harem would just have Komachi and Reimu (Unless she says to stop even that).
>> No. 29398
[X]Try to ask Ran to get those two in here, I don't think I'm going anywhere right now.

As much as I'd like to ask Ran what's going on or try to get out to where those two are I doubt Nari's just going to get off me. Especially since she's probably been quite worried about me and I doubt my physical self has paid enough undivided attention to her for her to really be content.

Still, trying to convey my desire to have the miko and gap youkai enter the room is made difficult by the fact that my head is pretty much buried in a pair of soft warm things that happen to be attached to my bakeneko.

"Heh, mama Ran, you want me to go get mama Yukari and Reimu since he's busy?" Chen's taking a moment to do me a favor and take a shot at me simultaneously, which is only somewhat annoying since it would result in what I wanted to happen.

"If you could Chen. Thank you." I think Ran has gone to sit down while her nekomata goes off to retrieve the two others. "I know it's probably none of my business, but what happened? You were out most of the afternoon."

Very funny. Talk to the guy who's borderline suffocating while he tries to pry his cat off. Nari does eventually get the picture and shifts down to where she's merely straddling my body, which happens to be laying on a bed. "I wound up talking to the goddess of the Hakurei shrine for a bit and she had an emotional breakdown."

Ran merely raises and eyebrow at me, probably because she thinks I'm responsible for that and that it's uncharacteristic of me to do such a thing.

"She wanted to know the status of her family and broke down once she learned only Reimu remained. I spent the next two hours getting her to calm down enough to where she wouldn't mess around with my mind any more than she already has." And since this isn't a comedy-romance manga I plan to kill the misconception before it becomes something much more menacing. Heck, it's not like I'm going to be spared the front page treatment Aya's going to give me tomorrow, or maybe today if she can't contain herself. "Case in point, she set some wood she found in my mind on fire without even considering what it would do to me."

"Nyyyn... Why can't people just let you be you? First you get broken up and now you've got someone else living in your head." Nari doesn't look too thrilled about this bit of news, but it kind of makes sense seeing as she probably would consider Hakurei to be more competition for attention. Yeah, those issues were settled a while ago but it doesn't mean she isn't going to stop wanting my attention, just that she's more accepting of the fact that I give attention to others.

"That also seems rather... air-headed. I don't recall the Hakurei shrine goddess to be that careless." So she knows the Hakurei goddess? That makes sense since the Yakumos probably visited her before she went to sleep.

"Goddess? So that chunk of power wasn't just power?" Yukari appeared out of a gap in the ceiling, which also deposited a disoriented miko onto the bed. Chen on the other hand landed on her hands before pushing off the bed to launch herself onto the floor in a perfect three-point landing. "Well, this is good news. Another one of my drinking buddies survived after all~"

"My shrine has a god?" Reimu doesn't know about this in the slightest, which makes sense if said goddess was asleep before the miko was even born.

"It does, and she's finally woken up. Though she's residing in my body rather than your shrine in order to keep herself from disappearing." Nari's shifted off my body and onto the bed so I can sit up, though that doesn't stop her from occupying my lap so I can pet her. I have to stifle a yawn as well, which is probably an indication that I need some rest soon.

"Well, it's good that you're still you and that I didn't mess up as badly as I thought. I think it's time we left you alone so you can get some sleep before we pick up your friends tomorrow, you'll need what rest you can get if you plan on being able to keep them safe." With that little bit from Yukari, and reenforcement from both Reimu and Ran I slip under the covers of the bed to get some sleep. The reason I'm going with this so readily is because I know full well they're right.

Nari slips under as well and snuggles up against me, which makes it immensely easier to actually sleep.

[X]The apocalypse couldn't wake me.
[X]Damned moonlight.
>> No. 29399
[X]Damned moonlight.

Something tells me this will lead to something, perhaps a character bonding moment, perhaps? (Most likely Yukari)
>> No. 29401
[X]Damned moonlight.

> []The apocalypse couldn't wake me.

There might be something more sinister with this one. Or we just spend more time with the Goddess in our head.
>> No. 29402
[X]Damned moonlight.
>> No. 29403
[x] The apocalypse couldn't wake me.
>> No. 29404
[X]Damned moonlight.
>> No. 29405

It's her concerns that make me want to somehow have Wade spend some time and assure Yukari that we won't be leaving her, not even a minor thing like death could stop us from loving Yukari. (Considering her connections, being dead would not be much of anything. All that said, I'd rather not have Wade die prematurely in the first place)
>> No. 29406
[X]Damned moonlight.
>> No. 29407
Just to let you know, there were no sinister intentions behind either choice. Just whether or not Wade would be able to sleep all night and have some kind of peculiar yet unimportant dream like last night or wake up and interact with someone.


[X]Damned moonlight.

It can't have been more than a couple hours before the bright moonlight forces me to wake back up from an otherwise peaceful sleep. Of course, seeing as my face was pointed at the window when I went to sleep, and the fact that the full moon is what, two days away? Anyway this really shouldn't surprise me at all. Though out of my avalible options I briefly consider burying my head in Nari's bosom to block out the light but I am trying to not be a total pervert so I allow the idea to slip out of my head. For now.

Next order of business is to slip out of bed and wander around until I either meet someone or give up and just shut the blinds before going to bed like a sane person might have in the beginning, but that would have made it so I can get a full nights rest.

I do look back to see that Nari's pulled a pillow and some of the covers into her arms, which leaves me feeling somewhat guilty over leaving everything I knew behind... But it's only been a day, nothing's going to fall apart just because I wasn't there to hold it together, plus I'm bringing my friends over tomorrow to hopefully convince them to come with me.

I take note of the fact that nobody else appears to be awake at this hour, leaving me the only one bothered by the intense moonlight. "Ehh, screw it. This isn't a VN so why am I wandering around hoping something will happen?"

"Probably 'cause you want somethin' to happen." The sound of Suika's voice comes from nowhere. A point confirmed from the fact that I looked around for her, meaning that she must be incorporeal right now.

"It was that or shut the blinds. Wandering around seemed to make more sense at the time." A weak justification and everyone present knows it.

"In short, you're bored." Suika reforms into that little oni I'm so familiar with and takes a swig from her gourd. "Don' worry 'bout it, everyone gets restless every now and again. In your case that's not a good thing 'cause you really do look as tired as you feel."

"That bad huh?" It is taking quite a bit of effort to keep my eyes open at this point, which means I should get back to bed soon before I collapse onto the hardwood floor. Suika picks up on this and starts dragging my half-awake self back to my room. "Suika, just one question."

"Shoot." She turns to make eye contact with me before returning to the duty of watching where she's going.

"How do you know which room I'm staying in?" And for that matter, how was she able to find me all those other times? I mean heck, how would anyone have guessed that I was staying in the Myouren Temple?

"Heheh, that's a trade secret. Can't tell anyone somethin' that would compromise our agents out on the field now can I?" Her grin tells me she isn't taking this seriously in the slightest and that I shouldn't either. "I'd be tarred and feathered for doin' somethin' so silly!"

"Oh, those agents wouldn't happen to belong to the Pervert Corps. would they?" As if a sleep deprived conversation partner like myself would let something like that go.

Suika gives a gasp of mock surprise before speaking. "Who told you? Nobody knows about the Pervert Corps.! ...But since you already know and are a trusted individual I suppose I could tell you that I'm really Captain Ibuki of the Panty Retrieval Division, though I do retrieve boxers every now and again." Suika materialised an army captain's helmet on her head to illustrate the point, and said helmet was not decorated with small gold stars, but rather small gold panties. I can't help but chuckle at the sheer absurdity of such a helmet. At least until I note that she spinning my boxers around on one finger, which probably explains why I don't feel that extra layer of clothing.

"Suika, give those back..." I really am too tired for this...

"No can do private! I, Captain Ibuki, cannot jepordize the mission given to me for any reason!" She opens the door and promptly shoves me in. I then take note that the moonlight, while still bright enough to illuminate anything in its path, was nowhere near the level it was mere minutes ago. "This bothered you that much?"

"It was a lot brighter when I woke up." I still managed to shut the blinds before prying my pillow and share of the covers away from Nari, who in turn latched onto my arm first chance she got.

"Really? It's close to Eientei's lunar festival so it'd make sense for ol' moonbitch and her sister to drop by there for a visit." Somewhere along the line Suika replaced her helmet with my boxers, which made her contemplative look that much sillier.

"'Moonbitch'?" I raise my eyebrow even as Nari unconsciously drags me into her arms.

"Just a nickname for a lunarian I find paticularly unpleasant. Get some shut eye and I might tell ya about it in the mornin'." With that Suika turns into mist and slips out the door, most likely to use one of the other women as a pillow or else to raid the liquor cabinent.

With that, I make good on my earlier thought and snuggle against Nari before nodding off.
>> No. 29409
>ol' moonbitch and her sister

Funny how Suika says that when she wasn't involved with SSiB. (Chances are Yukari said something through)
>> No. 29412
She's a lot older than she looks; she might have been part of the First Lunar War.
>> No. 29414


I wound up not sleeping as well as I might have liked since I spent part of the night waking up and falling back asleep in an endless cycle that only ended once the sun rose. The only good part about that is the fact that I had an excellent pair of pillows to bury my head in.

"Mrrrrm? Ny... Nyaaaaaah..." Nari rubbed her eyes with one hand while covering her mouth with the other before noticing the fact that I'm trying to sleep on her. "Waaaaade... Time to get up."

"Nnnnngh..." I don't make any other response than to adjust my head a little.

"Waaaaade..." Now Nari's gently shaking me... "Wake up already. You have to get ready to show your friends around!"

"Can't it wait?..." I felt halfway decent yesterday, yet now it feels like I got hit with a ton of bricks without the pain. Or like I tried to stay awake for an entire week for no good reason. Either way, I'm not at my best and feel like any attempt to move will result in me falling to the ground.

"Can't wait. You told them to get ready for today so you can't just ignore it!" Now Nari's picked me up and appears to be hauling me into the nearest bathroom. I really hope she's not going to try cold water...

"Oh my, you really don't look all that well." Yukari just stepped out of her bedroom only to almost walk into the bakeneko carrying me. "You didn't get much sleep at all, did you?"

"No. Last night the moon got freakishly bright, then after the blinds were shut I just kept waking up for no reason. You'd think a warm cat would be an excellent sedative..." Now I'm rubbing at my eyes to try and wake up a bit more.

"Well, if you're not up to it just say so, and we'll figure something out. Collapsing in front of your friends is no good after all, it gives the wrong impression." Yukari then gapped herself into a different bathroom, but not before saying something else. "It might be to your benefit if you forged a shikigami contract with Nari before we go out to collect your friends. That might help make up the difference and make you feel a bit more energetic. Or I could make you feel better myself~"

I'm not even allowed to answer that as Nari shuts the door on the gap youkai before having me sit upright on the toilet. "Sheesh... She had her fun with you all of yesterday and this is the first time I've had you all to myself in a few days. You'd think she would let me try before trying to lure you away."

"All I want is to freeze time for about a week and sleep for the entirety." Even sitting upright takes some effort on my part. "So what do you plan on doing?"

"No offence, but you need a shower. I like how you smell, but right now it's a little over the top so I'm going to help you bathe." That gets my attention at least. I do give her a somewhat worried look as she pulls a fresh change of clothes for each of us out of my duffel bag and sets them aside, which she catches on to relatively quick. "It's not like last time. I know you're not going to abandon me or ignore me in favor of Yukari. This really is just to help you get cleaned up."

That's enough to ease my nerves as I start pulling my clothes off and setting them in the laundry hamper. Now that I don't have to worry about getting my clothing soaked in a sleepy stupor I step into the shower stall and turn on the water. "Thanks... I don't know what I'd do without you." Maybe it's just because I'm still not entirely awake, but I know I should feel gratitude for her help as well as joy for getting to be naked with her again.

"Be left to the mercy of your lewd girlfriend." Nari steps in with a small smile on her face, then she closes the shower door before setting the water flow to come out the shower head. "Eheh~ Not that I'm thinking anything less dirty, just that it's not apropriate right at the moment."

"So we're turning into a family of perverts?" A washcloth, some soap, and I set to work on cleaning myself while admiring the view.

"Seems like it~ Though once we're done I would like to get started on that shikigami contract. Aside from hopefully getting you back on your feet sooner it'd mean... You know..." Aw come on, don't blush like that! We've already exchanged each other's firsts so we should be able to talk about other intamite actions without- No, that's not what she's talking about. Shut up perverted part of my brain.

"Have an even deeper bond than we already share?" Honestly, I can't help but wonder if we can go much further than we already have.

"Yeah... I'd certainly want that." After that, conversation was kept to an absolute minimum as we got each other cleaned up. Well, that is what a shower is for.

What to do next?

[X]Screw it, fall back asleep.
[X]Go see if Yukari's done so we can do that contract.
-[X]A simple blood exchange works.
-[X]Nari and I can't have any bond other than the deepest possible. We'll need a bed.
[X]Breakfast first... Good Shinki I'm hungry...
[X]Didn't Suika say something about explaining 'moonbitch'?
[X]See if Yukari can't do something to help me wake up.
>> No. 29415
[x] Go see if Yukari's done so we can do that contract.
-[x] Nari and I can't have any bond other than the deepest possible. We'll need a bed.

I'm not really interested in the sex part of it, but I like the intimacy part of it. Rather be joined to Nari in a loving embrace than simply swapping blood or something.
>> No. 29416
[x] Go see if Yukari's done so we can do that contract.
-[x] Nari and I can't have any bond other than the deepest possible. We'll need a bed.

It's not woot sex, but Nari does need some quality time.

I wonder if we'd cover some of the other things, such as asking Yukari about the moon sisters at breakfast perhaps?

We still owe Yukari quality (I don't mean sex, though it might still happen) time. we do need to reassure her that nothing's going to drag us away from her (Nor Nari for that matter)
>> No. 29418
[x] Go see if Yukari's done so we can do that contract.
-[x] Nari and I can't have any bond other than the deepest possible. We'll need a bed.
>> No. 29419
[X]Go see if Yukari's done so we can do that contract.
-[X]Nari and I can't have any bond other than the deepest possible. We'll need a bed.
[X]But first breakfast first... Good Shinki I'm hungry...
[X]Wait...didn't Suika say something about explaining 'moonbitch'?

Breakfast, then contract. Hopefully Sukia will be there. For breakfast,not sex. Horny Oni bad.
>> No. 29420
I think Suika will get her time with Wade tomorrow story wise. (Remember how Yukari was inviting all her friend including Suika?)

But for that reason it'll be best tonight that we spend it reassuring Yukari.
>> No. 29424
[x] Go see if Yukari's done so we can do that contract.
-[x] Nari and I can't have any bond other than the deepest possible. We'll need a bed.
>> No. 29425
Well, however you want to call it there won't be anything particularly nsfw in this update since I don't plan on getting terribly detailed with it.

Don't give me that look, you just got one last thread and I consider H to be like a spice. As in, best used sparingly lest it overpower the main course.

[X]Go see if Yukari's done so we can do that contract.
-[X]Nari and I can't have any bond other than the deepest possible. We need a bed.

Like Nari said, we really did just clean each other off in the shower. Once we're done we dry ourselves off and put on a new set of clothes as I contemplated what to do next. I could go for some breakfast, or go talk to Suika since I'll probably meet whoever this 'moonbitch' is when we go to the lunar viewing in a couple days time, or even just see about having Yukari alter the flow of time around me so I can get an actual good night's sleep before I have to face the day. While good, sensible, and in the case of breakfast fairly high prority, I cast all those ideas aside in favor of one that I probably should have worked on a while ago: Forming a contract between Nari and myself so we can be shikigami and master.

"I think we should go form that contract before doing anything else." To that point and purpose I relay the point and wonder where Yukari is since neither of us know how to actually preform the needed ritual. I could ask Ran for assistance, but I don't feel comfortable with bothering her about something like this just yet.

"Alright. It's going to be a little weird having to call you 'master' since you've been mine up 'til now, but I don't have any problems with being yours." Nari gave a reassuring smile before following me out of the bathroom in pursuit of the wily gap youkai.
Of course, it'd be much easier if I had as intamite a knowledge of the Yakumo household as the residents or frequent guests or the ability to just sense where people are, but since neither of those are the case I have to wander around the house while checking various rooms for any sign of which one might be the one Yukari decided to occupy. Something made even more annoying by the fact that my body was trying to get me to go in the direction of the dining room rather than whichever steamy bathroom I was looking for, but all I can do is keep going. It'd suck if I fell asleep in my breakfast wouldn't it? Plus this isn't an anime so odds are unless Yukari were around I would just collapse to the ground instead of anything more pleasant- Why am I rambling like this again?

"Try the door three doors down and to the left." The voice in my head must be Hakurei speaking to me. I'm guessing she must know her way around Mayohiga somehow so I decide to trust in her advice since I'm starting to get just a little impatient about this.

One knock on the bathroom door and... "Hellooooooo~ Now what could you be here for?~" A gush of warm air flows out of a gap when Yukari decides to go for a flashier, albiet more modest, entrance that results in her hugging me from behind. "Need me to wake you up?~"

"Tempting, but you made mention of the fact that it'd be a good idea to get a shikigami ritual done for Nari and myself and was hoping you'd help." Okay, I suppose her entrance was only modest because I'm not actually looking at it, because I'm pretty sure she's either only partially dressed or not dessed at all.

"Oh? Let me get dressed then. In the meantime, wait here~" By 'here' Yukari means a nice romantically-lit bedroom with a bed that could fit more than just two people, candles lining the edges of the room, curtains hanging off the bed itself to give the occupants some level of privacy if needed... It's a nice little set-up. I do note that the sheets seem to be big enough to draw some kind of magic circle on it. "Done~ Now how do you want to do this?"

"Well, what are the options?" I know nothing about this Yukarin, you have to explain it.

"Well, there's three off the top of my head: One, a simple magic-based bond like the one I initially used with Ran, two, an exchange of blood which would result in a more powerful contract between the two of you, or three, a nice little exchange of body fluids~" Yukari seems perfectly fine with any of the three, but I've already got myself set on the third option. With Nari's consent of course. I think something like this would have almost no value if it were forced. I do wonder if she recalls how to do this since I can't imagine Yukari finalizing her contract with Ran anytime recently.

I look to Nari before asking her what she wanted, and recived an agreement to do the third option since we're already close as can be. Ironically neither of us feel a need to strip the other naked and pleasure them until both are satisfied, which makes this that much more awkward. Or it could be because we have an observer in the room...

"Let me draw up the circle first~ Going at it now would do no good at all~" Yukari seems happy. She pulls out a peculiar paintbrush and almost sets it to the bedsheets before opening a gap. "Hello past me."

On the other side of a gap is a slightly older looking Yukari, more on the order of twenty, maybe twenty-one years old in appearance, and looking quite flustered as well as exhausted. "Yes future me? Let me guess, you forgot how to draw the lines."

"Why yes, yes I did. Centuries of not forming any additional rituals does take a toll on the ol' noggin." The present Yukari raps herself on the head ever so lightly as she speaks.

"You've got an incredible sense of timing me, I just got done with the ritual that made your shikigami true family." The past Yukari tilts the gap to look at the bed, which is identical to the one we're sitting on right now with a rather complex looking magic circle. "I imagine that's enough of a memory refresher?"

"It is, it is indeed~" Present Yukari seems to be recalling a fond memory before setting the paintbrush to the sheets to draw the same circle that was in the past. "I should go give Ran a helping of nostalgia sometime~"

Past Yukari simply shakes her head with a bemused smile before taking a good look at Nari and I. "Helping a pair of young lovers forge a bond? My, I seem to be able to play matchmaker no matter what era I'm in~"

"Sadly this isn't entirely my doing. I just accelerated what was already going to occur, then these two worked out their issues and became quite close. It's cute~" Round and round she goes, where present Yukari's going to stop, nobody knows... "Anyway, thank you for the help me~"

"Of course, I'm always happy to help myself, be it to the last piece of cheesecake or Byakuren~" Past Yukari then closes the gap behind her, leaving me, as well as Nari, somewhat... Well, something. Regardless, Yukari's done and sets it glowing.

A brief explenation, some hesitation, and one very awkward series of events later...

"I didn't think it worked that way." I feel better than before I merged my body and soul, but things are more awkward now.

"I thought that kind of thing was supposed to be between two people, not three." Nari was quite red in the face from the events only fifteen minutes prior.

"I already said I was sorry! I saw the two of you going at it and... well... I just couldn't help it!" Yukari seems somewhat embarrassed herself for jumping in partway...

Basically, things weren't going so smoothly since neither Nari nor myself were really in the mood for intamite actions, mostly due to a lack of breakfast, then Yukari decided to help and before we knew it the circle reached its climax and burnt out, signaling the end of the ritual. Except instead of a clear cut exchange between Nari and I, there was a confused three-way exchange with no clear 'master' in any of it. A pact was formed, but between who?

[X]Breakfast time.
[X]You know, I'm actually full.
-[X]I think I need some time to myself...
-[X]Sort this thing out now.
-[X]Something to take my mind off this? Talking to Suika maybe?



I can't believe it took this long, but a Nari x Ran scene half-popped into my head while writing this.

Anyway, hands up. Who was expecting this?
>> No. 29427
[x] Sort this thing out now.
-[x] Then see about a quick breakfast.

Well that was interesting, seeing two Yukaris. Skipping breakfast never really feels right to me, not on a busy day like this.
>> No. 29428
Did Yukari nearly turn herself into a Shinigami?
>> No. 29429

you mean Shikigami, and hell if we know, since I think it'd be best to sort things out, but it's fitting considering how Yukari and Nari are tied at no.1 in Wade's heart regardless of any future additions.
>> No. 29430
[x] Sort this thing out now.
-[x] Then see about a quick breakfast.
>> No. 29431
[x] Sort this thing out now.
-[x] Then see about a quick breakfast.
>> No. 29432
Is everyone still on holiday or something? I would have updated yesterday but there were only two votes...


[X]Sort this out now.
-[X]Then grab a quick breakfast.

I can't take not knowing anymore, this needs to be sorted out now before it becomes a problem somewhere along the line. One thing that's in my favor in regards to this is that there's someone less than five feet away from me who could help sort this out with barely any effort.

"Yukari, is there any way to tell who became the master and who became the shikigami?" I did of course, make eye contact with Yukari before speaking to her. At least this way I'll know she heard me.

"There is, and even better is that it's relatively simple." Yukari opened a gap and seemed to be fishing through it for something until she pulled her hand out. She held up six blank cards and handed two each to Nari and myself, leaving each one with two cards total. "A strong desire to call your shikigami to your side is all it will take to tell who belongs to whom. It's similar to using a spellcard as a matter of fact, only instead of shooting a pattern of bullets outward you're pulling your shikigami to you."

"So they're blank until we sort this out?" Nari looks over the cards intently before asking that, coming to the conclusion that they are in fact blank.

"I figure this way we'll get a two in one kind of deal. Using those cards to summon your shikigami will also imprint those cards with a bullet pattern that is linked to the summoned shikigami. You can think of it like summoning a creature to attack for you in an RPG." Yukari then opens a gap behind the three of us... "I think putting some distance between each other will help make it a bit more clear cut, so get ready~" ...and pushes each of us through a different gap. The result of which is that I'm by myself in a part of the house I'm not familiar with, with just a pair of blank spellcards and the ever useful duffel bag.

"A three-way ritual... What was she thinking when she jumped in on it?" Hakurei chimes in while I try to figure out what I should do. "Honestly, the number of ways that could have been screwed up are just mind boggling. Hmm? Oh, I'm distracting you, aren't I?"

"Not really. Unlike someone trying to talk to me physically this is actually easier to deal with." I'm not having any problems that I'm aware of, so I doubt it's that big a deal. "So just how screwed up are you thinking?"

"That there could have been any number of master-shikigami combinations. One of you could have been left out of it, there could be some kind of hierarchy, there could be multiple masters for one shikigami, one shikigami for multiple masters, or heaven help us, each of you winds up being master for the other two." Hakurei, did you have to drop the severity of the situation on me like a ton of bricks? Not that being a master for both Yukari and Nariko would be a bad thing... I need to stop thinking like that.


Next part comes later.
>> No. 29433

I think it's more due to everyone agreeing on a course of action.

And it seems Wade now has a voice in his head.

But what was Yukari thinking exactly? Was she THAT worried about Wade running off?
>> No. 29434
I know, I really should stop complaining about the lack of votes. I know people read this story and more or less enjoy it but that doesn't stop me from worrying.


"So it's a wild card situation right now?" Next on the list is trying to focus long enough to call either Nari or Yukari to my side, but so far I've got nothing. That's not giving me any confidence in the matter either, since I don't think shikigami can summon their masters...

"Yup, which is why three way contracts are considered a really dumb idea. The more participants you have the more likely you'll end up with a combination of masters and servants you neither expected nor wanted. In your case you'll benefit no matter the outcome since a shikigami will live as long as his or her master, plus you love the both of them and they'd treat you kindly even if you wound up serving them both." Wait a tic, how did she know that? "...What? I'm all alone in your head and you've got a lot of neat stuff in here. What am I supposed to do?"

"I have a pretty good incentive to gather faith for you now." That would be: Getting that goddess out of my head before she mucks something up even further, or starts getting into the more embarrassing parts of my mind, or any number of things that wouldn't be particularly pleasant to have known by another person.

"It's not like I'm doing much in here other than rennovating things." How am I supposed to concentrate with this twit in my head?! At this rate I won't be able to see if I'm the master of the other two and I'll-

"Ara? This is a pleasant surprise~" -Be called by one of the others without having a chance to see if I could call them myself. Specifically, Yukari. Well, not to summon Yukari but rather that I was just summoned by her, and am now being hugged by her. "I wasn't expecting this, but a shikigami is fine too~"

"See? Unexpected results." Quiet you.

"So have you been able to summon Nari yet?" Not the question I really wanted to ask, but it can wait just a bit longer.

"No, so that must mean I'm not her master." Now she's thinking to herself... "I wonder though~"

"You wonder what?" I'm not sure I like where this is going.

"Whether she owns you like I do~" I'm giving Yukari a rather deadpan look right now, because I do not want to be considered anyone's property. "Don't give me that look, I... Okay, I messed up by joining in the middle of your ritual, but I saw the both of you having trouble and couldn't help myself."

"If you just left the room or if I had thought about eating breakfast beforehand there wouldn't have been any need for you to jump in." Still, I start hugging Yukari back despite the fact that she's been such a twit. After all, it's not like she couldn't fix this if I asked nicely, and even if she decided not to... Well, I could think of worse fates than being bound to my lovers in such a fashion.

"Hunger would detract from the mood..." She puts a finger to her lips as she thinks to herself while I'm left wondering if Nari's figured out how to summon me yet, if she also became my master. "Well, I could just fix this you know. Nullify the current contracts and let the two of you do it over properly, and maybe not watch the two of you~"

"I think letting it be a private ritual would reduce the odds of something odd like this happening again." Still, I can't help but wonder if Yukari didn't plan this out or if she just spontaneously decided that she wanted another threesome today. Either way, I'm not sure she meant to become my master, but if she did, she's a really good actor.

But, maybe I should give it a shot... I focus on calling Nari to me, and sure enough she comes without any hesitation whatsoever. "I guess we figured it out huh?"

"So Yukari's your master, and you're my master? I gotta answer to Yukari now?" Nari doesn't look too thrilled at the concept of being an inderect shikigami to Yukari at all.

But now I need to make a decision...

[X]It's okay if it's like this. Continue as is.
[X]I'm not really thrilled about this setup.
-[X]Suggest configuration.


Just in case anon doesn't like the Yukari>Wade>Nari hierarchy I present the option to change it to your whim, but you only get this one opportunity to do so so it would be best to think it over. After that the story will continue as it would have regardless.
>> No. 29437
[x] I'm not really thrilled about this setup.
-[x] Suggest configuration.
--[x] Nullify contract with Yukari, Reestablish Wade = Master, Nariko = Shikigami relationship.
>> No. 29439
After all this is a big choice and it should be made wisely, and after consider all aspects of it.
>> No. 29440

>Since I'm not sure if having a Shikigami will extend one's lifespan or not (Care to clarify this SLDT?)

I believe it's been said in previous threads that creating a shikigami pact would increase Wade's lifespan.

Besides, even he should die there's always the option of having Yukari override Higan's decision to process Wade's soul for reincarnation and having her take him back by force if she wants to.
>> No. 29441

But why didn't the Goddess say anything about the other way around?

And what to do about the matter of Yukari's worries (of Wade leaving her) since if you take those into considering, that's why she jumped in, as so she could 'keep' him.

That's partially why I'm in favor of keeping it so Yukari has that very obvious reassurance that we won't leave her.

Since I think Wade at heart would never leave Yukari at all.
>> No. 29442

>But why didn't the Goddess say anything about the other way around?

Dunno, but reading this back in the 5th thread, this says differently.

>A tiny Yukari was staring back at me, giving a full smile. "Didn't expect me to show up like this hmm~? I didn't want to intrude too much, especially since it seems you're getting all heated up~" I didn't know what was more unnerving: The fact that there was a tiny Yukari staring out of a blank greeting card, or that she had opened one side of the card up into that creepy borderspace of hers.

>"So how much did you catch on to?" I asked the most pressing question- no wait, the second most pressing question on my mind.

>"Enough to warrant helping clean up the mess I made, but from what I saw there really was no need. You and Nari know each other extremely well to get out of such a panic situation without her overpowering you and doing something she may very well have regretted later." Yukari inadvertantly answered my second, unspoken question. "I think she may have calmed down enough to consider becoming your shikigami now."

>"How do you figure?" I spoke, and Nari stared intently. I kind of hope she wouldn't drag Yukari out and try to fling her out the window like she did with Suika.

>"A shikigami contract is one person becoming the master of another. It's a lifelong thing and permits you to recall your shikgami no matter how many times she is killed, and you both would recieve a decent power boost from it as well as you-" Yukari paused to point at me dramatically for a moment. "would recieve a greatly increased lifespan, all of which will be important should you decide to live in Gensokyo as your physical self."
>> No. 29444
[x] I'm not really thrilled about this setup.
-[x] Suggest configuration.
--[x] Nullify contract with Yukari, Reestablish Wade = Master, Nariko = Shikigami relationship.
>> No. 29445

Still why would the goddess say otherwise? That is unless it's a screw up by the writer.

What about Yukari's worries about Wade running off with another girl? Hasn't anyone thought on that matter or are they just thinking so narrowly again.

In fact that question/matter has been seemingly ignored.

I'd like to hear some people's take on what to do in the wake of undoing the shikigami bond between Yukari and Wade. Since if we do so, we will have to take care of those worries in another way.

Since If you think about it, it's damn obvious why Yukari jumped in the ritual. Since Wade is her shikigami he'd never be able to run away. Sure that sounds like a dick move to do, but since Wade isn't intending to run away, letting that stick would be a sign of reassurance to her.
>> No. 29446

>What about Yukari's worries about Wade running off with another girl? Hasn't anyone thought on that matter or are they just thinking so narrowly again.

That's why we have reassure her later into the night, perhaps by making love to her without the use of gaps.

Makes it more intimate to me.

Or maybe get married sooner than we'd thought.
>> No. 29448
Okay, Hakurei states that a shikigami will live as long as it's master. Yukari states earlier that the master will receive a boost to their lifespan. Where's the contradiction here? Unless I missed some kind of screw up that is.

Both parties in a shikigami ritual receive a boost regardless of who's master or servant. In the case of lifespan I thought people wouldn't treat those values as contradictory but rather different conditions.

Also, try thinking less with your dick and more with what might actually reassure a person. Sex without meaning is worthless, and right now I don't see the meaning in repeated acts.
>> No. 29449

That was the original plan for tonight in my just spending the night and not even so much sex, but just together time where Wade can reassure her.

But considering the stunt she just pulled, we might need to a little something now lest she does something even crazier.

Thank you for really clearing things up. It's just that Hakurei seemed to be arguing for Wade being a Shikigami. My apologies.

And I agree that sex isn't the best reassurance, but time talking.

[x] I'm not really thrilled about this setup.
-[x] Suggest configuration.
--[x] Nullify contract with Yukari, Reestablish Wade = Master, Nariko = Shikigami relationship.
[x] Reassure Yukari that you won't ever run from her ever.

Just a stop gap until tonight.

But I wonder what's the problem with Yukari's Shikigami other than it irritating Nari some? I'm curious.

Since it seems like a case of bandwagoning to me.
>> No. 29450
[x] I'm not really thrilled about this setup.
-[x] Suggest configuration.
--[x] Nullify contract with Yukari, Reestablish Wade = Master, Nariko = Shikigami relationship.
[x] Reassure Yukari that you won't ever run from her ever.
>> No. 29451
A note to all the horn dogs: Go read "Mind the Gap" in /at/ it has no way lacking in H-scenes.

(Girls with scenes so far in it? Yukari, Ran(no intercourse yet), Shinki, Chen (some playing around), Nazrin (some playing around as well)

So read that and give the man a break.

Still SLDT, you do owe us a proper rendition of the Shinki scene, just on general principle.
>> No. 29452
[x] I'm not really thrilled about this setup.
-[x] Suggest configuration.
--[x] Nullify contract with Yukari, Reestablish Wade = Master, Nariko = Shikigami relationship.
[x] Reassure Yukari that you won't ever run from her ever.
>> No. 29453
Thank you. And yes I do know you guys aren't going to let me forget about that Shinki H redo.

Good god am I a sad little writefag... Writing porn about fictional characters... /breakdown

It is good anon seemed to think about the situation before voting since this will have an impact on the relationships as well as how the ending plays out.

[X]I'm not too thrilled about this setup.
-[X]Suggest configuration.
--[X]Nullify contract with Yukari, reestablish Wade = master, Nari = shikigami relationship.
[X]Reassure Yukari that you won't run from her, ever.

"Actually..." I'm concerned with the way the hierarchy works here, seeing as I'd rather not be anyone's servant unless there was an exceptionally good reason for it. If Yukari intentionally jumped in then in order to keep me on a leash out of worry then I'd rather get her to calm down first and think things through. Relationships aren't built in a day y'know? Stupid stunts like this will only impede progress. "Yukari, could we nullify the contract between us? This was meant to be between Nari and myself."

"I don't mind doing that since it was wrong of me to intrude on something like that. You did look cute when you were panting beneath me though~" Yukari didn't even move from her current position but I could tell she's nullified the contract. It's a little hard to explain... It's like someone left a hole in you, and you're left trying to grasp at what filled it only to realise it's too late. Yukari noticed this and gave me a sharp rap on the head with her fan, which coincidentally made that empty feeling dissapear. "You're not getting out of showing your friends around that easily~ Besides, it's unbecoming of a man to cry, even in front of his beloved woman." Yukari glanced over to Nari before correcting herself. "Excuse me, women. Now let's go get breakfast before those gluttons eat it all."

"Nyeh, you being one of them." Nari sticks her tongue out at Yukari before making a mad dash to the source of the breakfast smell.

"A race?~ Ufufufu~ Consider your challenge accepted fuzzball!" With that, Yukari flies after Nari, leaving me confused as to why she didn't just gap herself into the dining room.

"You know, you might want to get a move on yourself before all the food's gone."

"Yes mom." Of course she's absolutely right but actually getting there is another matter entirely since I barely know this place. "Err, where is the dining room from here?"

"After copping that attitude sonny? You best be knowing your place you li'l whippersnapper!" Okay, that at least got me to snort in amusement if nothing else. "Seriously though, you're not too far away from it so just keep walking down the hallway. And if you really want to I'll even pop out and hold your hand."

"There is such a thing as taking a joke to far grandma." I do follow the sound and smell of breakfast until I find the right room, but not before making a wrong assumtion and finding a ladies changing room, which was unoccupied. Of course, who would start their day by putting on a costume? Especially that black and red one that resembles Lunasa's, or that miko outfit...

"That's great- Wow, uhh... if you're nineteen and the average generation jump is about twenty-five years that would put me as your..." Is she even aware of what she's saying?

"You do realise you're about to unveil your age don't you?" I finally find the right room and open the door, making a mental note to not talk to Hakurei while around others unless it's critically important.

"So? If you ever get to be as old as I am you'll understand why I don't consider age to be that big a deal. I'm well over thirteen-hundred years old and unlike some people I'm not ashamed to admit it." Now I'm mildly curious as to what her exact age is, but breakfast takes presidence. Heck, it's half gone now...


Next part will be up later~
>> No. 29455

Sounds like someone likes cosplay. Must be Suika or Yukari.

I wonder if undoing the bond has any negative effects that can't be undone by the attempt to reassure her.

Since no one else did state their reasons why they were against the bond. (I just changed my vote so I could work in the reassurance vote)

Also you should read 'Mind the gap' yourself. (The Shinki scene is rather warm fuzzy yet hot).
>> No. 29456
Who's to say I didn't read MtG? I did poke through there but haven't read it recently. I've been trying to keep my mind clean(er) as I write this story and reading another person's H would not be beneficial to that end. Allowing a story to spilar down to the gutter then into the sewer is a rather nasty thing after all.

Well, regardless of whether anyone gave it sufficient thought or not you're now stuck with your configuration, and I hope that I made the implications of what would happen if you continued to make and break contracts quite clear. There is no irreparable damage this time however.

Ugh, I sound overly formal right now don't I?

As for cosplay? Oh ho, you'll just have to wait now won't you?~


Even when half demolished Ran's breakfast spread still looks downright incredible, and for some reason it even inspires me to try to at least match her. Well, even though she's likely had a few hundred years to get good at this ahead of me but there's no reason not to try.

"I was beginning to wonder if I'd have to have Lady Yukari find you." Ran seems to have gotten used to me rather quick, which to me is somewhat strange because I've only known her for a couple days. Unless I happened to make a good impression before Suika started her work that is, but since I haven't dragged any memories related to that to the surface I couldn't say for sure whether she likes me or is taking Yukari's vouch for my character. "You might want to sit before Lady Yukari and Reimu finish off what's left."

"Now that's not fair Ran! I haven't had anything to eat yet!" Yukari looks mildly offended by her shikigami's comment, even going so far as to stop gorging herself for a moment.

"Oh really? I had the impression you at least had a light snack." Perceptive as ever Ran...

"Such a conversation at breakfast, are you sure you aren't turning into me?~" Yukari manages to tease right back before resuming her breakfast. "So inappropriate~"

"I suppose I did walk into that one. The others ate their fill not too long ago and are off doing their own thing until you bring your friends over. If you want to have a last-minute talk with any of them all you have to do is walk around a bit." Ran collects the remaining plates and empty containers before taking them off to the kitchen to get them cleaned off.

Well, that kind of puts a damper on breakfast conversation if I just got done talking to Yukari and Nari. Well, not really but there's the fact that they're busy eating as well as the fact that I should get my fill or else I'll have to wait until lunch, and that's no good seeing as I'm supposed to be recovering from exhaustion and even though my newly established contract with Nari is helping to make today more doable I'm far from being at my best. Obviously I'm going to have to monitor how much I try to do today, even though I don't like limiting myself.

So skip ahead a bit...

Yukari's wearing something that's a bit more modern than usual yet still retains her usual flair. This being a simple violet turtleneck with the Yakumo family emblem off to one side, an interesting pair of blue jeans that seems to have an insulation layer on the inside, while her hair is braided up with one exeptionally long red ribbon and lays on her front rather than freely swaying in the back. I did note that she has once again conveniently forgotten about certain undergarnments.

Nari picked out something that was a bit more suited for comfort than fashion, but then again she's not going out to catch a guy's attention seeing as she's got mine already. Obviously she's hidden her ears and tails since we don't want any undue attention, but I can't help but wonder if she's really got them stuffed away somewhere. I say this because she's got a baseball cap on that would cover her cat ears without much trouble. Well, along with that she's got a pair of solid brown cargo pants on with a pair of sweatpants on underneath, which is a winter tactic I happen to favor, a dark green undershirt with a fluffy brown jacket. I also note the gloves, which makes me wonder if she's still got retractable claws and happens to be using those gloves to hide them. Then again, I've never seen her have them out before in her bakeneko form...

"Ready to go?~" Once again Yukari is behind the wheel of her Porche and is waiting on Nari and I to get strapped in.

"Hold on, I need to pray to as many luck gods as you're willing to wait for." I don't know any, but I still feel like saying it.

"Funny how you seem to be able to replace an entire peanuts gallery when you feel like it." Yukari gives a mildly threatening rev of the engine to help speed things up. Namely by cutting the wisecracks while convincing us to get our seatbelts on before we get bounced around like a pair of pinballs in a 3-D machine. "And here~ we~ go~"

Despite my earlier uneasiness at getting in the passenger side of a vehicle Yukari happened to be driving she's actually quite civil about it, forgoing the usual insane antics for a drive that happens to be at the legal speed limit, as well as things like a safe following distance, respect for the signs and traffic lights... It might be missing that Yukari flair, but I don't miss it right now.

"I wonder though, Wade's mom isn't a very nice person and I bet she was mad when you told her you were going to leave." Nari suddenly starts up after being silent most of the trip so far. "Mad enough to lie."

"You think that detestable harpy called in a kidnapping to the local authorities?" Yukari, no, no one in this car has a favorable impression of my mother and would all easily agree that she'd pull some kind of stunt to try and ruin what I have. Of course, that would require her to have any idea who she was dealing with, but it's her loss. "I get what you're saying, we should be careful since we don't know the status of the area we're going to be in."

"Much as I don't want to admit it it's the most likely scenario. Wade's mother is selfish, she'll try to stop us and get back what she considers hers at least once before accepting it." Nari's looking out the window and has a worried expression on her face. Sure, I can just call her back if she dies but I'd rather avoid getting into that situation to begin with.

"We're nearing our first stop aren't we?" Yukari turns onto a street in the city, which doesn't quite escape my notice since we were on the freeway no too long ago and there weren't any exits to the city in the stretch we were in, let alone something that leads directly to Naomi's home. Apartment complex, whatever you want to call it.

"Do you think she's here?" Naomi has a fairly bad relationship with her parents and will not stay here unless absolutely necissary. Of course, Yukari could just use her boundary manipulation to track her down so we don't have to play twenty locations and waste valueable time, but that might be noticed...

"Well, where else would she be?" Yukari's not asking a rhetorical question, she really means it.

[X]Go ahead and check for Naomi here.
[X]Maybe Dave knows where his niece is.
[X]Check around the usual hiding spots.
[X]...Visit the local youth detention center.
>> No. 29457
[X]Maybe Dave knows where his niece is.

The man would have some decisive leads.

So is the whole reassurance part going to wait until tonight (story wise) exactly?

That and it's a bit late to start being super prudish now. I'm not a horndog that insists on H every update, but should we ever officially add Komachi and/or Reimu, I'd like something to 'celebrate' such events.

But look on the bright side, future runs will be cleaner (I think the main candidates of the future runs might be purely Reimu, purely Alice for starters) I doubt there'd be much in the way of other routes that would be so smut-filled as the most perverted gap youkai's
>> No. 29458
[X]Maybe Dave knows where his niece is.
>> No. 29459
[X]Maybe Dave knows where his niece is.
>> No. 29460
Eh, once we actually get to the ending I can anticipate a cleaner run. The problem being is that I actually meant for this run to have ended a while ago (back when Gengetsu was defeated) and am now thinking of an apropriate ending point that will have a sufficient level of closure, yet won't require me to keep this going for the full story month I had planned since I want to start refining the story via additional runs.

I'm sure a few anon agree that some parts of this story felt out of place or awkward.

[X]Maybe Dave knows where his niece is.

"Yukari, do you know where Naomi's uncle lives?" I figure if anyone has any chance of knowing where Naomi is, it'd be her uncle Dave. While it is true I have a few ideas where my artist friend might be, some less to my liking than others, I'd rather have a solid lead rather than run amok and waste time.

"I do. I take it you plan to ask about your cute little friend?" Yukari gives a momentary glance before returning her eyes to the road.

"I figure it's better than just randomly guessing, and having you just gap her to us would probably raise a stink since people like us aren't supposed to exist out here." I can't help but note that despite it being a Saturday it's still rather crowded in the streets, both on the sidewalk and the number of cars on the road. I can't help but worry about the increased number of cop cars in various locations or question whether or not I should have worn some kind of disguise, but I shake those thoughts out of my head for now since they'll only distract from the task at hand.

"I'm well aware of the fact that the three of us officially count as fairy tale creatures so relax. I'm not about to do something so stupid as to let anyone know about us other than those who should." I'm quite glad Yukari's driving like a sane person right now given all the idiots and jaywalkers out on the road this morning.

"Naomi wouldn't be out in these crowds at least." Nari's busy looking around for any sign of Naomi, but her statement rings true. No way in hell would Naomi willingly enter a crowd without someone to cling to.

"This would be the place woudn't it?" Yukari pulls to a stop in front of the building in question, much to the annoyance of the people behind us who begin honking almost immediately.

"It would. I'd look for an actual parking spot since this is still smack in the middle of the roadway." Honestly, for someone who's lived as long as she has as well as learning everything she possibly can about the Outside she certainly has her moments.

"Oh fine. I think there's a space up ahead." Yukari drives to the parking spot she picked, which happens to have one of those annoying parking meters on it. I'm not particularly concerned about that however, and say nothing as she stops the car and turns it off.

Yukari exits the car first and moves over to the parking meter, inserting a coin once she gets to it. It just so happens that that particular coin gave us two hours to park here which will be more than enough time to ask where Naomi is and still get to the car before some irate cop gives us a ticket or has the Porche towed.

Next are Nari and I, who more or less get out at the same time. Once we're together once more we set off to Dave's little abode.

"Dave? Are you in there?" I knock on the door a couple times, but get no response. "Come on, answer!"

That time I get a response, or rather will get a response once those footsteps reach the door. "Who is it?" You gotta be kidding me.

"It's Wade." I get the impression that I should just leave it as that.

The smaller slot on the door opens to let Dave get a good look at all three of us... "Are those two friends of yours?"

"They are."

The viewing slot shuts and the door opens. "Come on, it'll be easier to talk inside." Dave waves us in and we oblige. "So you don't know where Naomi is either huh?"

That was unexpected. "This sucks, I came here to ask if you knew. Do you have any ideas?"

"I wish. I had the police knocking at my door not too long ago asking about Naomi. And as much as I'd rather not think about the implications I have to assume it's because her parents want to put an end to her nighttime excursions, they're genuinely worried about her, or they've finally got enough evidence and have sold her out 'for her own good'." Dave does look pretty worried right now. Doesn't suit a guy like him at all. "The fact that you don't know just makes it even more worrying."

Yukari hasn't even bothered to sit down during all of this and is merely listening intently, while Nari is just looking around since this is the first time she's been able to as a human.

"So you'd like me to find her first." I'm really hoping that some inconvenient crisis hasn't popped up for Ben or Marine too. It's bad enough Naomi could end up serving prison time...

"Please. Try to contact me if you do find her, it'd be easier to calm down if I know you're with her." Dave then sits down on one of the chairs. "I apoligize for not being a particularly good host right now, but this hasn't been the best morning so far." That last bit was directed more at Yukari and Nariko than at me.

"Not a problem. It's only natural to prioritize family over those just dropping by." Yukari merely waves it off with a sincere smile. "You'll have to introduce me properly next time Wade, I get the feeling this man would make for an interesting conversation partner."

"I will. Alright, we should get going before I get more worried than I already am." With that I lead Nari to the door and make sure Yukari follows, while giving a hasty farewell to Dave.

"Never a dull moment around here is there?" Yukari seems to be mildly amused by something as we make our way back to the car. I know, or rather hope I know that she wouldn't find this situation in itself to be funny, but rather that every time she comes something happens. Now that I think about it that seems to have stemmed from me as of late...

"I'd prefer that this was just a dull drive. Gensokyo's exciting enough to make up for how boring this place usually is, and that excitement is usually nothing anywhere near as nerve-wracking as this." Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating the severity of this by a little but I'd like to get this resolved before it gets out of hand.

"Don't go having an ulcer on me, that won't help anything. Where does she usually hang out?" Yukari has no way of knowing that Naomi doesn't really 'hang out', especially not when she's having to avoid police forces. Still, general areas are a start.

Dave was a bust, where to next?
[X]Head for the rabbit holes.
[X]If she's looking to lose the heat, she may want to put distance from herself and her home. Costal town next.
[X]I vanished pretty suddenly, maybe she tried to use my old home to hide again?
[X]Ask Nari for her insight.
[X]Find a place where no one's going to notice, then have Yukari figure out where she is.
>> No. 29461
[X]Find a place where no one's going to notice, then have Yukari figure out where she is.
>> No. 29462
[X]Find a place where no one's going to notice, then have Yukari figure out where she is.

Like the light house?
>> No. 29463

True such as how things went straight to the problem resolution stages, but hey don't feel bad, not even the run of SDM LA was perfect (but it was so good no one gave a damn about some of the sizable flaws)
>> No. 29464
[x] Find a place where no one's going to notice, then have Yukari figure out where she is.

I don't see why Yukari just couldn't have made a peephole-sized gap inside the car.
>> No. 29465
You should be proud of one thing in addition, SLDT: Your story is so far 1cc (No bad ends encountered), a very rare feat.
>> No. 29466
Well, aside from one write-in vote that was quickly squashed by a different one I haven't felt the need to do any bad ends since anon hasn't done anything dumb enough to warrant it. In fact, you guys have been really cautious despite Wade being a soul (and as such difficult to kill off for real) for the vast majority of his time in Gensokyo, more so than I thought you would given the archived stories I've read. That's not a bad thing though.

'Course, now you'll have to be a shade more careful since Wade's human, but given his current circustances I doubt death itself (or her boss for that matter) could get him processed before someone managed to bail him out or he breaks out on his own somehow.

As for why Yukari doesn't use a tiny gap? Well, no one's perfect right?

Of course, stuff like this should be saved until I can do it in the story or I finally hit the end point for this... Ah well, I suppose I'll toss in a Q&A thread afterwards if anyone wants that.


[X]Find a place where no one's going to notice, then have Yukari figure out where she is.

"Any ideas Wade?" Yukari happens to be looking my direction instead of straight ahead as we make our way to her car.

"I don't feel like playing twenty questions when Naomi could get locked up at any time. We'll find a spot where no one's going to notice anything, then I'll leave locating her to you." Despite the seriousness of the situation I find myself chuckling just a little bit when I notice that the parking meter just happens to be coneniently stuck on the two-hour mark, which happens to be exactly how we left it. Still, I don't like the idea of being in close proximity to a cop right now so I only wait until Yukari unlocks her car before hopping inside.

"Sounds fine to me. Though I have to wonder why you didn't think to have me find her before asking the first 'question'~" Yukari takes on a teasing tone as she gets in the driver seat and turns it on.

"That was before we found out Naomi became prey." Nariko had slipped into the back seat and buckled up, and no, I couldn't see her expression from here.

"Why would that girl have a police force after her?" I was almost able to forget about the voice in my head since she had decided to be quiet up 'til now. "Wow, this girl... Naomi does some rather impressive work. Too bad it's all where people don't want it to be."

"...Yukari, this might seem a little out of the blue but can you make it so a goddess doesn't need faith?" At least she's not paying headgames. I do want Hakurei out of my head as soon as it's possible for her to do so without simply vanishing. A guy has a right to have secrets you know.

"Ara?" One, no, about ten of Yukari's hairs just popped out of place once I said that and she's now sporting one of those 'I can't believe I didn't think of that' faces.

"Could it be that Yukari didn't discern Naomi's location at first because she didn't think of it?" Nari decides to add on to that without thinking about it too much, but it doesn't mean she's wrong if Yukari's reaction is any indication.

"Of course I thought of it! Think about it though, if I solved all your problems for you you'd never grow! How do you expect to hit level two-hundred when I'm busy casting Megid on all your problems?" Either she genuinely didn't think of it and is trying to cover herself, or she's admitting there wouldn't be much of a story if she had fixed everything to start with despite it being well within her power to do so. Annoyingly enough she's also right since I doubt I'd have become as powerful as I have if she had allowed me to take the easy way out.

"But Megid became a regular damage dealing spell in Phantasy Star Zero, and since unless you severly outlevel a normal mode enemy in that game you won't be one-shotting it with a regular damage spell." Yeah, I'm spitting hairs now, but it's somewhat amusing.

"I'm talking in terms of Phantasy Star Online you twit." Yukari's successfully gotten us out of the city as we hold our little conversation and are now on the highway once more. From the direction I'd say we're going to the coastal town...

"Either way, if your start comparing our situation to Phantasy Star wouldn't that mean the final boss would have to be Dark Falz in some form or another?" Yukari merely rolls her eyes at my comment.


Continued later.
>> No. 29467

I liked that reference, since Yukari could have easily played the original game on the Dreamcast (owned by Yuyuko perhaps, they share the same symbol)

I'm more familiar with the original PSO than PS0. Alot is different.

Back in the first version of PSO HUnewearls had the highest potential defense of the classes (while in PS0 it's the HUcast as expected)

>'Course, now you'll have to be a shade more careful since Wade's human, but given his current circustances I doubt death itself (or her boss for that matter) could get him processed before someone managed to bail him out or he breaks out on his own somehow.

Yeah since he could easily distract the lovely reaper.
>> No. 29468
Well, a neat little bit of trivia for you then: The HUnewearl is still the best hit-taker in the game since it can easily hit 800+ EVP without much effort. And unlike PSO, where EVP is used to determine whether you block an enemy attack or not, PS0 in fact uses EVP to determine whether an enemy attack even hits you. Essentially a big fat MISS for whatever's trying to hit you.

So yeah, lots of changes between Online and Zero. (The changes they made to Mechguns? Not so happy about that.)


"The closest thing you could get to Falz in Gensokyo would be an immensely powerful evil spirit, and even then you could just banish it or sic a soul eating creature on it." Yukari doesn't look particularly concerned about the concept of an immortal evil. Then again, things like that would probably be dealt with in very short order since even a conscience would have to obey the rules or reincarnation somewhere along the line.

"Now you've got me thinking about whether soul eating creatures have souls of their own." I'm now wondering how in the world our conversation got to be like this, but it makes passing the time a bit easier.

"Of course. Even those that 'destroy' other souls have souls of their own, it's how things work." Counting the turns Yukari's making and keeping an eye on the landmarks I have to assume she's headed for the cape point. Noticing my questioning look she spares me a glance. "Now why would I wait until we get to someplace secluded before tracking down your friend?"

"So it did slip your mind." Nari saw through it almost immediately however.

"Are you poking fun at me?" Oi, quit with the sudden vien popping Yukari, it's weird. And for that matter, stop smiling like that, it's scary.

"Could you please keep your eyes on the road? You're about to drive off the edge." I point out something Yukari really should have figured out to begin with, which is 'both eyes on the road at all times, especially when there's a nice high cliff to fall off.

"Oops. I suppose I should slow down then." Even when she decided to do that she still had to manipuate a boundary or two to keep us on the road.

Rgardless, we did in fact make it to the cape in one piece, and by extension the lighthouse out on the point. Of course, if Naomi is hiding out here I'm really curious as to why she would. It doesn't have any insulation against the heat or cold, the lighting's poor, and on top of that people will try their hardest to clean off anything Naomi might put on there. Though on the flip side all the undesirble factors would make it the ideal place to hide unless you've got an extremely savvy detective on your tail.

"So she's here?" I still have my doubts since Yukari didn't say anything outright.

"Why don't you go take a look around? I'm sure she'd react to you if she knew you were here." Is she up to something? Yukari's looks like she's up to something.

It's still worth a look, so I begin making my way around to the lighthouse entrance...

"Is she really here, or are you wasting time?" Nari doesn't seem to believe Yukari right now.

"Oh, she's here all right. It won't do any good if all three of us just charge in however." Yukari went to go sit on one of the nearby benches before manipulating the boundary of seen and unseen to hide us all from prying eyes. "When you don't know the status of another person, wouldn't it make sense to send in the one person who knows her best?"

"I guess. But at this rate it'll be lunchtime before we ever get back." Nari decided to join Yukari in sitting down, though she still didn't look entirely convinced.

"Ufufufufu~ Time is ultimately meaningless you know. We could take all weekend gathering his friends, yet once we return it would be as though we took mere seconds." The gap youkai merely gazed upward after that, content to look at the clouds for now.

...Of course, it didn't take too long since there weren't too many places one could hide in this lighthouse. Of course, that would require the target to be hiding in the first place.

"Naomi?" I approach her from the stairwell. She's looking out at the sea from the window, which kind of surprises me since she never told me that she comes to this place.

"Don't tell me I'm hearing things now..." Wait a sec, she doesn't see me? Yukari, you mean the world to me but you are such a twit sometimes. Of course, said gap youkai could have left a gap in her manipulation... I place my hand on hers and watch her eyes widen in surprise when I seem to suddenly appear next to her. "Eheh, sorry."

"Sorry for what?" It looks like Yukari made it so physical contact is enough to extend the manipulation to another person, or else to cancel it out. Well, so long as I'm visible.

"You asked me to be ready yesterday with that letter, but my parents found out and blew a few fuses over it. I vanished during the night and decided to hole myself up here." It does look like she's been crying recently. Sheesh, sometimes I wonder who got the worse deal between the two of us. Me, who has a bitch of a mother, or Naomi, who has a jackass of a father and a mother who's downright apathetic to her daughter's plight. I wonder if this is why we became such fast friends, mutual dislike of our parents.

"I managed to find you anyways." Well, it's mostly true. There would have been alot more trial and error if I didn't ask Yukari to pinpoint her location. "This may sound like a stupid question, but are you ready to go?"

"Pretty much." With Naomi's confirmation I lead her out of the lighthouse and back to the car. "I don't get why your hands are always so cold."

"You know, I have no idea either." It's just one of those little things that I never bother asking about or fixing.

"Right on time too." Yukari flips a rather nice looking pocketwatch shut before carelessly tossing in back into a gap. She does cringe when she hears a crunching sound. "And that was my favorite pocketwatch too..."

"On time for what?" Nari gets up off the bench and begins walking back to the car.

"Oh, a little thing known as timing the patrols. It seems that I've somehow ended up on a 'wanted' list." Yukari follows suit before sighing. "Remind me to thank that harpy with a letter bomb sometime."

"What about Naomi then?" Nari happens to bring up a good point, one the gap youkai had an answer for.

"She's with us now, it'll be fine. I doubt her parents would keep a search like this going for long. They know full well their daughter can get away from almost anything if she chooses." And with that the artist joins our group, and then there were four.

[X]Since we're so close we should pick up Marine.
[X]Let's go grab us a fencer.
>> No. 29469

In PSO the mech gun was such a unreliable weapon that only two classes could use it well: the RAcast (so it does nice damage with some decent accuracy) and the RAcaseal (Most accurate class)

Though if they got buffed in later versions, that'd be new to me.

Since Pistols were considered the main side arm for non-ranger classes and as for Rangers, a rifle would be best.

Personally as far as combat goes, I'd prefer defense and HP, something more reliable than evasion.

Then again I am a fan of the raw simplicity of using a HUcast. (I did like how the races got buffed from PSO to PS0; though the art style change is a bit hit and miss)

[X]Since we're so close we should pick up Marine.

Why not? Perhaps we can try to find out what areas of Gensokyo she might like. (I still haven't given up on my idea on pairing her up with Rinnosuke, she looks as if she'd make him settle down)
>> No. 29470
[x] Since we're so close we should pick up Marine.
>> No. 29471
[x] Since we're so close we should pick up Marine.

I have to wonder why we'd even be given this choice, and then it leads to unnecessary worrying and contemplating.
>> No. 29472

I hope it's just a formality, kinda like that part in Tales of destiny where you get to choose which wayward ally to pick up first. You still pick up both, just the order might be different.
And it'd beat an update dragging on for so long. But I don't see the harm in Marine being picked up first since she's so close. I think she's come to terms with Wade being the one that got away.
>> No. 29473
[x] Since we're so close we should pick up Marine.
>> No. 29474
Huh, I must be doing something different because I can hit things pretty reliably with my L&K14 mechgun that I have my HUcast use. On Very Hard mode I can usually get a full combo to hit in its entirety and do about 100 damage per individual bolt, meaning a full volley usually outclasses even my Shield of Delsaber/Delsaber's Buster set bonus. Sure I can't use the top class Mechguns, but if I could ever find a Rocket Punch...

Up until my rather sobering first attempt at Ultimate mode I used a slicer as my side-arm of choice since it hits multiple targets instead of a pistol since that only hits one target. Plus the damage of a pistol has always been lackluster to me.

[X]Since we're so close we should pick up Marine.

Next on the list was to pick up Marine since she's already fairly closeby. A quick drive through town and we arrive at her shop in a matter of minutes.

"See you in a few then." I got out of the parked car after taking a moment to quietly apologize to Naomi for leaving her in a relatively small space with Yukari, who seems to have decided that it's fun to bother her somewhere along the line.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm actually surprised by the fact that everything in this shop has more or less stayed the same. I shouldn't since it's only been a day, but it certainly feels longer... I push the front door open and ignore the bell that makes sneaking missions impossible in favor of going to the upstairs door and knocking on that.

"The store's located on the first floor, and I did hear the bell so I'll be with you in a minute." Judging from Marine's voice she's either in a somewhat irate mood or this has happened enough times in the past that it's just a knee-jerk reaction. The door swings inward and our eyes meet, and after a second her expression softens up considerably. "How many times do I have to tell you that you should announce yourself? And here I was thinking I'd have to bodily throw someone out so I could take a bath." She's dead serious by the way.

"Well, sorry for ruining your fun then." I can't help but try to make a joke out of it. "Ready to head out then?"

"Pretty much. It's just for the day right?" Marine motions for me to follow her as she walks into her room, and it certainly feels awkward once I'm in here. Mostly because of the memories from the times I've been in here, not the least of which was... No, I'm not going to tell you. Go away.

"Just for the day, then you'll have time to think it over before answering. This is a big decision you know." I opt to lean on the wall while Marine finishes organizing a small bag.

"Yeah, but you came to a conclusion pretty quick didn't you? I'm guessing your mother didn't like the fact that you finally blew up on her as a farewell gift." Marine's certainly eye catching today... I do have to wonder how she found out about that, but given my mother's nature... "Yes, one of the first things that bitch did was phone me up and start yelling. That's how I knew you walked out on her."

"It wasn't that quick a decision, it took a week and falling in love with someone before I decided that I could." Of course it's better not to hide the truth from her since all she has to do is step outside to find out.

"Seriously? I was wondering when that would happen. So who's the-" She actively pauses mid-sentence as she recalls what happened yesterday. "That blonde woman who dropped herself into your lap, Yukari?"

I nod in confirmation. "I don't really know how to explain it other than we just became more fond of each other until we finally realised it and told each other 'I love you'." That and we've done 'interesting' things together already- Gah, don't need to bring up the memories of those pleasant sensations while I'm trying to look presentable.

"Here I was worrying that you turned gay somewhere down the line." Marine's comment caused me to misjudge my step and fall down the stairs, but I'm perfectly fine. ... Okay, I'm in pain but it's nothing to worry about. "Wade! Err, anything I can do for you?"

"I'm fine. I was just wondering if I should make a crack about my having a harem of women or start pushing your mind twoards having indecent thoughts about poor innocent Naomi." I do make a point of feeling my face just to make sure that I'm not bleeding and that nothing's broken.

"You're definitely fine. Let's go then!" Marine does take a moment to lock up her house, then turns the open sign around to where it says closed, locks the front door and walks out to Yukari's car with me. "Is that yours?"

"Nope, it belongs to Yukari." I suppose I should check on the back seat before doing anything else...

"Is she rich or something?" Marine walks over to the passenger side door with me and opens it up to reveal that Yukari's been bound and gagged on one side of the car while Nari sat between her and Naomi acting as if this were the most natural thing in the world. "Huh?"

"Hi Wade! I guess I oughta untie Yukari now so she can drive." Nari sets to work undoing the rope and removing the gag.

"Is this normal?" Marine looks a little apprehensive about getting in after this little scene, but I assure her that it's fine.

With that we head for our next destination.

Next part comes later.
>> No. 29475
Either Naomi overpowered Yukari, or Yukari let that happen.

I'm going with number two.
>> No. 29476

Well alot of things did change between PSOv1 and PS0.

Though for hunters a pistol is mainly used to soften up targets before going in with some melee weapon in my reckoning.

of course, if she really wanted to get loose she could have very easily.

Though Wade in regards to Marine (this run at least) liked her as a friend, found her attractive, but not relationship material.

>"Is this normal?"

When Yukari's involved it is, in fact normal would be weird if you think about it. A day without someone being molested, things or folks getting blasted.
>> No. 29477
I no longer have any words for this, just ubridled irritation at this being my fifth rewrite of the same effing scene. Why? First two times I get 'lol240023:can't find remote server'. Other two times were my not being on the computer long enough to make a full update.

But now the next vote begins.

I find myself at the center of attention when Naomi and Marine decide to ask questions about Gensokyo, such as what is it like, how the people are in comparison to here, things to watch out for... Between Nari, Yukari, and myself we answer everything because it's better to know what you're getting into than to be ignorant. Especially since I don't want any of them to hit some gruesome end because they didn't know not to go out into the forest at night or something. Once there's a lull in the Q&A session I finally remember something of at least minor importance that I might want to ask about.

"Yukari, did you happen to see if the newspaper came yet this morning?" Maybe it's because I don't enjoy the thought of being the talk of the town or potentially having a reputation change but I find myself being kind of nervous.

"Are you really that worried about what that crow wrote about you?" Yukari seems to have caught on to my anxiety if her expression is any indication. "Do remember that not too many people read that thing or take it seriously. ...Oh? Anxiety over your fame? How cute!~"

"Fame? Wade, what's Yukari talking about?" Naomi happens to know for a fact that I don't enjoy being in the limelight at all, so it only makes sense for her to ask about something like this.

"It's not so much 'fame' as it is that I happened to be interesting enough to wind up on the front page of a newspaper written by someone who happens to exaggerate what she reports." I roll my eyes while looking at Naomi but once I'm looking through the windshield I actively cringe at the possible exaggerations and embellishment Aya was likely to come up with.

"So it's closer to a tabloid than an actual newspaper." Marine's crossed her arms while sporting a tone that suggests she doesn't like the idea much either.

"From most perspectives, yes, it is a tabloid. Though that's really only when the newspaper's author tries to spice up dull stories or gets such exciting material that she outright fails to keep the facts straight out of sheer excitement." Yukari spares me from explaining that much since she seems to have taken note of my lack of desire to answer questions about the Bunbunmaru.

"So you're afraid the author's going to exaggerate things?" Naomi's hit the nail on the head. "Why are you worried then? If what this person's written is so over the top then why would anyone believe it?"

Because unless Aya manages to make her story thoroughly unbelievable, such as saying I'm a transforming space alien from Zebes she might be fairly close to the truth regardless of what she writes. My other worry is that there are eyewitnesses who have seen my ludicrous transformations for themselves and some might not keep their mouth shut about it, which will only add fuel to the fire.

"Think of it this way, you're becoming better known through good deeds rather than villany." Yukari does have a point, but I'd still prefer to stay hidden rather than have a spotlight cast upon me. "Is that your friend's car going the other way?"

I pay attention just in time to see Ben's car pass us, but it's enough to know it's his. "Looks like it. So are we going to turn around at some poi-"

I don't get a chance to finish since Yukari pulls off a high speed U-turn. This results in all the sane people grabbing a hold on whatever solid handle they can. "Why wait?~ We'd have lost him if we took much longer~"

Conversation came to an abrupt halt after that, and nothing of interest occured for the next ten minutes. That's when both cars finally parked and I could get off this crazy thing.

"Is Yukari some kind of stunt driver? She did a sixty mile per hour U-turn without ever leaving the pavement!" Ben seems impressed with Yukari's antics.

"No, she's just skilled. So, ready to go on the grand tour?" I ask of my friend before I get back into the car that does a good impression of a screaming metal deathtrap.

"That's what I was driving to the coastal town for." Ben then gets into Yukari's car.

Now, where to next?
[X]We should start from home.
[X]Hakurei Shrine first?
[X]The human village would give them an idea of the standard of living.
[X]I wonder if Tewi would be surprised if we brought her friend to Eientei...
[X]The Moryia Shrine and the surrounding area would be a good place to begin.
[X]Hakugyokuro might have it's appeal.
>> No. 29478
[X] We should start from home.

Gotta let Tokiko meet our friends.
>> No. 29479
[X]We should start from home.

Sounds good but Eientei and Hakugyokuro are definite future stops as well as the Hakurei Shrine.

I think Marine might like the village perhaps (Though she's pretty content with her outside world life other than the man matter)
>> No. 29480
[X] We should start from home.
>> No. 29481
[X] We should start from home.
This bandwagon. I must jump it!
>> No. 29482
>[ ] Buddhist Temple
Seems like the only plausible write-in.
>> No. 29483
Temple of Myouren is included in the Human Village vote, just so you know.
>> No. 29486
You know, listening to Dancing Mad - Cefka (A wonderful remix, look it up on youtube) is highly detrimental to writing a non-fight scene. It'd make a wonderful battle theme against a strong opponent though.


[X]We should start at home.

Once I put a little more thought into it I decide that starting the tour at Mayohiga would be a good idea. They'd be able to meet my lady friend's family, I'd be able to introduce them to Tokiko, sneek a peek at the Bunbunmaru assuming Ran hasn't thrown it out, and plan out the trip better from there. Not to mention it's one of the safest places in Gensokyo.

"You're thinking about starting the tour with Mayohiga aren't you?" And I briefly wonder if Yukari's been taking peeks into my head. "Guilty as charged~" Keep smiling...

"Mayohiga?" Naomi jumps on that straight off the bat, which is probably what Yukari was aiming for in the first place.

"Basically it's Yukari's home, and now mine as well. It's a village that can only be found by the lost, but only if you're not looking for it. Hence it doesn't get a lot of visitors." I take a good look at Yukari before turning my attention to those in the back seat. I'm guessing she wants to try and keep the attention off her gap space by keeping it on me. Not like it's going to help too terribly much but it's still a small chance that they'll ignore it.

"Those who originally owned Mayohiga can in fact get in without any trouble whatsoever. I think that makes me a tenant who inherited the hotel." She's still got that smirk on her face as she opens a gap beneath the car, but does a good job of concealing it by somehow continuing the 'tires on pavement' sound and making the transition more along the lines of falling through the surface of a lake. I'd applaud her work if it weren't for the fact that she was showing off by driving on thin air.

"I'm guessing cars can fly here." Marine's taking a nice long look out the window at the landscape below, and I'm rolling my eyes.

"That's... pretty impressive." Ben doesn't have quite as good a view since he's in one of the two middle seats, but it's good enough to tell that we're not on the ground.

"'Even without wings we can all fly.' I didn't think she was right until now." Right, Naomi wouldn't be as phazed by this since she's had Tewi for a friend for who knows how long. Though come to think of it, I thought she'd be the most excited since this is essentially her fantasy as reality.

"Yukari, I'm sure they're impressed but I can't really show them around up here." I'm rolling my eyes at the fact that Yukari decided that this was the best way to do an entrance. Though this does seem to be a happy medium between 'Hey neighbor, what big teeth you have' and 'OhgodeyesstaringallaroundmeWTF?!', which means Yukari did in fact think about her actions beforehand. Of course, she could have done this on a whim, which is just as likely now that I think about it.

"Spoilsport~" With Yukari's decleration of me being a killjoy she kills the manipulated sound and begins driving the car to the ground, parking just in front of the main house in a controlled landing that couldn't even be felt. "Thank you for choosing the Yukari express, the exit can be found on either side of the car."

"You're certainly full of good cheer today." I can't help but comment about Yukari's mood right now. She seems happy about having guests over, or maybe it's because of one guest that she's deemed cute?

"I don't get to entertain guests that often, especially not cute ones like Naomi~" Yukari locks the car up and gets the automatic garage door to shut before walking to my side. "Oh don't worry, I'm not going to do anything to them. It'd be bad of me to influence them so soon."

"I appreciate it. It'd be better if they formed their own opinion after seen everything." There's only time for me to say that before the others walk up to us.

The tour of the empty outside village is relatively short since there isn't anything of importance there, though I do note that most of the houses are in fact in livable condition or better, meaning that Yukari anticipated making this into an actual village again or she's just preserving things in case another potential owner of Mayohiga decides to drop by. Regardless, it's unimportant right now so we head to the one house that does have occupants to begin the tour proper.

"This isn't what any of you expected is it?" Yukari hides a smile and a quiet laugh behind her fan once we get to the living room. The reason she says this is because it has a large number of items that originated from outside the border, but odd in the fact that it seems like every other warning label, magazine, dvd cover, game cover, or book seems to be in a different language. It's no problem for those who have had the border between language and understanding removed, but what about those who don't?

"Not really, it looks like it belongs to a business tycoon. Is this really Gensokyo?" Marine is a little skeptic from the initial showcase, though I can hardly blame her since everything here seems pretty ordinary. That should change soon enough.

"It is." And Ran's here to drive the point home with her nine fluffy tails that move naturally. She does hand me the newspaper with a smirk on her face. Clearly something about it amused her. "I don't think you have to worry about people believing what's on the front page. It's ridiculous, even for Aya."

"Thanks Ran." I accept the paper from her and roll it up for later. "So everyone's been rounded up?"

"Yes they have. I figured it would be better to wait until your friends were ready, but I think they're already stunned." I get the feeling all three Yakumos are going to get some level of amusement from my friend's reactions.

Naomi had approached while Ran wasn't paying enough attention and felt one of her tails. "They're real..."

"Why yes, yes they are~" Yukari joined in on this by hugging one of her shikigami's tails.

"Please don't do that." Ran's trying to yank her tails out of Yukari and Naomi's grip with little success. "No seriously, cut that out!"

"That looks like fun!" Chen then appeared out of the woodworks (read, the kitchen) and bodily hugged another of Ran's tails which sent the fox woman stumbling into me with enough force to send us both to the floor. "Mama Ran's tails are the best~"

"Please help..." Of course I would, if I weren't pinned down by an embarrased blushing Ran.

I can see Tokiko peeking her head around the corner as well. I wonder if she's actually a little scared of humans? It doesn't make much sense since she can use magic that's probably strong enough to deal with any human that threatens her, save for the odd youkai hunter, and is cute enough that she'd become quite popular if she gave them a chance.


Why write-in only? I want to see what you come up with since it's not time to change locations yet.

It is also early morning story-wise.
>> No. 29489
[x] Try and untangle yourself from Ran.
-[x] After you get untangled go over to Tokiko and introduce her to the others. Reassure her that your friends won't hurt her.

Time to introduce our friends to our 'little sister'
>> No. 29490
[x] Try and untangle yourself from Ran.
-[x] After you get untangled go over to Tokiko and introduce her to the others. Reassure her that your friends won't hurt her.
>> No. 29491
[x] Try and untangle yourself from Ran.
-[x] After you get untangled go over to Tokiko and introduce her to the others. Reassure her that your friends won't hurt her.
>> No. 29493
[x] Make no effort to get yourself out from under Ran.
- [x] Beckon Tokiko over. "Don't worry, they won't hurt you."
- [x] Introduce your friends to Ran, Tokiko and Chen.

'Cause it's easier, and who'd want to leave the presence of a warm, fluffy fox youkai?
>> No. 29494
Dancing Mad is awesome.
>> No. 29495

Now I'm regretting not thinking of using Kefka as a form we could have used.

Hey, could we maybe have a Danmaku battle with Yukari for kicks? We could say it's so our friends know what one is, since talk is cheap and talking about it doesn't do it justice.
>> No. 29496

We're human, so our overall power is reduced, that and using Kefka as a form isn't the brightest idea due to possible side effects and the fact his favorite phrase is KILL EM ALL.
>> No. 29497
[x] Try and untangle yourself from Ran.
-[x] After you get untangled go over to Tokiko and introduce her to the others. Reassure her that your friends won't hurt her.
>> No. 29498

[X]Try to untangle yourself from Ran.
-[X]After you get untangled go over to Tokiko and introduce her to your friends. Reassure her they're not going to hurt her.

Okay, first thing's first: Get untangled from Ran. Or to be more precise get Yukari and Chen off her apparently sensetive tails so I can get out from under the fluffy fox youkai. Not that I mind being in this situation, it's just that my friends are here and this won't leave the best impression.

Of course, I could do the obvious thing and just slide out from under Ran... It's boring but it works. After that I drag Yukari off Ran with minor protests from the gap youkai while Chen simply lets go.

"You know Yukari, it'd probably be a good idea to introduce the others before doing such things." I let Yukari go once we were clear of the fluffy tails and immediately reminded her that none of my friends know who Ran, Chen, or Tokiko are.

Having recovered from the suddend tail grabbing Ran stood up, attempting to regain her usual dignified air only for Chen to hop on her shoulders. "Hi there, I'm Chen!" The nekomata wasted no time introducing herself...

"There goes having a diginified entrance." Ran smiled while sighing in recognition of the fact that she'd have to settle for this kind of greeting. "I am Ran Yakumo, shikigami of Yukari Yakumo."

"The name's Naomi, and sorry about feeling up your tails like that without permission." Naomi introduced herself first, then shook hands with the fox youkai.

"It's not a big deal, this would be the first time you've seen a youkai like myself." Ran really doesn't think that it's that big a deal, though I think she really wanted to say something along the lines of 'It's not that big a deal because it happens every day' but opted for something more polite I think.

"I'm Marine, I happen to run a little souvenier shop of sorts, and all the stock happens to be hand made by me." Marine opts to give a polite bow instead of shaking anyone's hand.

"Everything?" Yukari does seem to be genuinely surprised by this. Just one more little snippet nobody aside from a select few would know had she not said that. "Maybe we should include Kourindou on the tour Wade, it's fairly similar."

"Are you sure it'd be smart to inflict the owner on Marine like that?" Personally, I think it's a stupid idea to introduce the two to each other. Primarily because I don't have the highest opinion of Rinnosuke right at the moment, and I'd prefer not to have to beat people senseless today unless it's absolutely necissary.

"Who knows? They might hit it off fairly easily. Marine looks like the kind of woman who could keep Kourin's Mannosuke tendencies in check." Yukari, could you at least let them decide if they're going to stay or not before plotting things? Sure it'd probably be universally praised if MANnosuke never showed up again...

"My name's Ben, nice to meet you." Ben wound up shaking Chen's hand somewhere along the line. "This is just as shocking as it was yesterday. What kind of youkai are you?"

"Me? I'm a nekomata, a two-tailed cat youkai with the power to animate the dead." Chen's explenation is a little misleading, but that might just be because I think her power is to control corpses by leaping over them, which is a little different than animating them outright. "Eheheh, it's a morbid power isn't it?"

That just leaves a certain scarlet ibis youkai... But, where is she?

"Yukari, I'm going to go see where Tokiko ran off to." She was peeking around the corner last time I looked, but she can't just hide from people. Especially not when she said she'd meet them the other day.

"Alright, but do be quick. I'm sure staying here all day won't make for a good tour." Yukari understands that I think it's important for me to introduce my little sis- little sister? Do I really think of Tokiko that way?

Regardless I step into the kitchen to find the little ibis leaning against the wall. Hopefully it shouldn't take much to convince her to come out. "Tokiko, what are you doing in here?"

"I... I got nervous. Humans don't like me very much." I'm certain Tokiko was about to go on about why that is, but she simply stops talking altogether rather than tell me her reasons.

"Hey, I'm a human and I like you." I actually find her statement a little funny, though it's not a good thing to laugh at another's insecurities.

That got a short-live giggle out of her before she puts her arms around me. "You're the exception to the rule." Geeze, I can't even stop myself from ruffling her hair. She's just too cute. "But I did say I'd meet them, and that I wanted to..."

"I never said you had to do it alone did I? Come on Tokiko, they aren't going to hurt you." ...So long as I don't become a hot-blooded idiot like Kamina I think it'll be okay for me to play the role of big brother. I don't think I have a high enough Charisma rank for it anyway.

"All right, let's-" And before poor Tokiko could even finish her sentence both she and I are pulled through a gap by Yukari.

"The two of you were certainly taking your time." The both of us landed on the couch next to the gap youkai responsible for this. "Keep it up and I might make you wear orange sunglasses~"

"Would you get me a giant mecha then?" Boy, did that derail my train of thought. Here I was trying to think of how to have Tokiko introduce herself without getting overly nervous...

Poor Tokiko seems to have gone quiet upon seeing that the others have turned their attention to her, though I did take her hand before she panicked. Upon looking at me she saw that I nodded to her, and with that she took the small step of introducing herself. "Greetings, I am Tokiko, a scarlet ibis youkai."

And yes, everyone present found her cute.

[X]Begin the tour proper. (Where to first?)
-[X]Maybe I should take a peek at the paper before we go, just so I have some forewarning.
>> No. 29499
[x] Begin the tour proper. (The Human Village)
-[x] Maybe I should take a peek at the paper before we go, just so I have some forewarning.
>> No. 29500
[X]Begin the tour proper. (Hakugyokuro)
-[X]Maybe I should take a peek at the paper before we go, just so I have some forewarning.

Ben MUST meet Youmu.
>> No. 29501
[x] Begin the tour proper. (The Human Village)
-[x] Maybe I should take a peek at the paper before we go, just so I have some forewarning.
>> No. 29502
[x] Begin the tour proper. (The Human Village)
-[x] Maybe I should take a peek at the paper before we go, just so I have some forewarning.
>> No. 29503
[x] Begin the tour proper. (The Human Village)
-[x] Maybe I should take a peek at the paper before we go, just so I have some forewarning.

> Ben MUST meet Youmu.

And we will get to that, just not right now. Not to mention we still owe Youmu a duel.
>> No. 29504
You guys seem to have list ready for this.


[X]Begin the tour proper. (The Human Village)
-[X]Take a peek at the paper before we go, just so I have some forewarning.

"Now that we're all introduced, and that we've shown you around Mayohiga I think it's time to move on to the next location." Yukari's already thinking of where we should go first, my reason for thinking that is because she has a rather thoughful look on her face as well as has one leg crossed over the other as she drinks some tea Ran brought out not too long ago. "Where do you think Wade?" Of course.

"Me? I think the Human Village would be a good place to start. Plenty of stuff to look at and it's a good look at how people here usually live." There's still a little bit of time before Yukari gaps everyone to the chosen desitnation so I pull out the copy of the Bunbunmaru that Ran handed me. "I'd like to see what was written, do you mind?"

"It's making you nervous, so I don't have a problem with you knowing for sure." Marine happened to be sitting opposite me since Tokiko decided to talk to Naomi once I gave her a nudge in the right direction. Of course the shopkeep could want a look at the Bunbunmaru for herself.

I unroll it and read the headline along with the accompanying pitcure, and nearly spit my tea out. Some of it went the wrong way so I'm left coughing for a minute or two before I can speak again.

"Hmm? Now what could that tengu have written to get a spit-take out of you?" Yukari pokes her head through a gap, and over my shoulder, to read the paper for herself. "Oh my~"

"You weren't kidding about how unbelievable it is." Marine leaned over for a look as well, and seemed to be somewhat amused by the headline at least.

"Fox God Takes Human Form: A special report by Aya Shameimaru." Ben also decided to see what the commotion was about. "This tengu's got to be off her rocker if she thinks you're a god."

"It's *cough* more the fact that she greatly exaggerates things than *cough* anything else." Finally. Now that I've gotten the last of the tea out of my windpipe, or at least enough to where my body isn't complaining about it anymore, I can actually respond to what people are saying.

The illustration just beneath the title depicts one of my fights against Cirno while taking Meta-Ridley's form while another depicts the dragon form I used against Tenshi along with the fireworks show that accompanied it. Not to mention all the pictures of my mecha forms... I furrow my eyebrows and frown as I read more of it, going through Aya's article with a fine-tooth mental comb only to see that aside from the claim that I'm some kind of five-tailed fox god it's mostly accurate and has some well presented arguements for that case. There's no malicious intent behind it but it's still going to be annoying when it comes time to actually interact with the villagers if any of them actually read this particular edition of the Bunbunmaru. In all honesty I'd rather she have said that I was some kind of spiral entity or something since that would be less credible.

"I have to wonder what Aya was thinking when she wrote this. If you were really a youkai I would have found out by now and made you my shikigami, especially if you were a god-like fox." After that little comment Yukari slides back through her gap and gathers those who would be going to the village. This means my friends, myself, and Yukari since Ran and Chen didn't display much interest in going there while Tokiko was absolutely certain she would be accosted or attacked outright. To be fair, she did tell me her reason for refusing and I made a mental note to have a word with the people she specified.

Once everyone had gathered Yukari opened up a gap that lead to the path that goes from the human village to the Hakurei Shrine. Basically it's just outside the forest as to avoid any potential attackers, not that I think any would be stupid enough to attack while both Yukari and myself are around, while giving a good view and not giving the guards a reason to get suspicious. Okay, no more reason than Yukari would give them.

"That's going to take getting used to." Naomi looks a little dazed by the sudden gap travel so I give her a little support so she won't fall over or anything.

"Various people have various reactions to gap travel, some don't take it as well as others." Yukari closes her gap after everyone comes through, then opens her parasol since it's sunny out. Despite that there's still the feeling of autumn in the air, which translates to less than ideal temperatures as the seasons change from autumn to winter.


I'm going to continue this later since this isn't a good spot for a vote.
>> No. 29505
But I am tempted to introduce Marine to Rinnosuke; I think she can tame him.
>> No. 29506

Unlike some stories, we do agree on a general course of things even if we disagree on small details.
>> No. 29507
I can take a wild shot in the dark for at least one of the stories you're reffering to.

And somehow I seem to have gone back to being /shrine/'s sole writefag despite there being a couple stories popping up along with the story NewAgeRetroHippie wrote before I even started, and Additional DEFT.


"Naomi, are you sure you're okay?" Despite her assurances I find myself supporting my artist friend as she stumbles along the path to the village. Everyone has slowed down to accomodate her speed and I can tell she's not too thrilled with the fact that she's still disoriented.

"I'd like to say I am but..." Naomi manages to trip over her own two feet and would have fallen face first into the dirt if she wasn't using me as a crutch. "This is stupid, I could keep active and alert for a full twenty-four hours without any aid in any normal condition, but one little trip through a tear in reality and I'm practically crippled."

"Rest assured that those effects are only temporary and should wear off before we get to the village gate." Yukari's currently floating along via gap. Of course she's also flying upside-down...

"Since we're going to be in transit for a bit why don't you tell us about this village?" Marine slowed her pace until she was right next to us, then matched pace so she could listen to what we'd have to say on the subject.

"It's kind of like the town your shop's in, only with a lower level of technology and an emphasis on agriculture since they can't just ship food in. Though I'm not exactly the best person to talk to about this since I don't spend much time there." Now that I think about it I really didn't spend much time there at all lately save for my trip to the Temple of Myouren, and my second go at annoying Shou with tiger poetry.

"Or is it because you suck with verbal explenations and prefer visual?" Ben's quick to nail down the reason why I'm not the best choice when it comes to explaining things.

"It's easier to just go see the village anyway since we're so close." Yukari's simply shrugging at that as she starts walking again, presumably to not disturb the guards.

Naomi does in fact start walking on her own without a single misstep meaning that she's probably recovered for the most part. "Haah... Finally. So, where're we going first?" I note that Naomi hasn't let go of me yet, but it is a little crowded...

[X]School's not in session today is it? Go pay a visit to the village guardian/schoolmarm.
[X]Byakuren's group is a little eccentric but the're nice folks.
[X]You know, I get the feeling someone in this group is going to bring 'ol Rinnosuke down a notch or two.
[X]I do believe that I spy a bunny or two...
[X]The puppeteer happens to be at the dragon statue, why not say hi?
>> No. 29508
[X]You know, I get the feeling someone in this group is going to bring 'ol Rinnosuke down a notch or two.

heh, this seems like an interesting choice...
>> No. 29509
[x] You know, I get the feeling someone in this group is going to bring 'ol Rinnosuke down a notch or two.
>> No. 29510

Perhaps you might open up the door for future things eventually. At least you have people checking /shrine/ just about every day.

[X]You know, I get the feeling someone in this group is going to bring 'ol Rinnosuke down a notch or two.
[x] If Alice is still by the statue or visable, go and say Hi.
>> No. 29511
[X]You know, I get the feeling someone in this group is going to bring 'ol Rinnosuke down a notch or two.

We'll probably stumble into some of the other folks, at least I hope so.
>> No. 29512
[X]I get the feeling someone in this group is going to knock 'ol Rinnosuke down a notch or two.

"I suppose we could start with the shopping district, it's not too far and there's almost always some interesting people there." I'm not sure why I thought that would be a good place to start, but it would give Marine an idea of what her competition would be like.

The shopping district's name actually covers a wide variety of shops ranging from food, to textiles, to antique stores, toss in open air vendors such as the one that makes a regular trip from Eientei, the one Marisa of all people happens to own, one run by Nazrin, one run by- Not him again... Rinnosuke is standing in front of his little vendor trying to sell some of his stock in naught but a piece of cloth wrapped around his indecent areas, which I refuse to describe for obvious reasons, while going on about manliness. Obviously people give him a nice wide berth, or they try to anyways.

"Aha! Perhaps chance for me to have a repeat customer!" Despite my and Yukari's attempt to blend into the crowd Rinnosuke manages to call us out. Well, that's not too surprising given that one, Yukari is walking around the village and people give her some berth, two, my friends are all from the outside as well as dressed in outsider clothes, and three, he already knows my face. Standing atop his vendor stand in all his 'glory' he begins to speak. "I see Yukari Yakumo has some outsider friends!"

"Just ignore the whackjob and maybe he'll go away." I continue trying to get our group away from Rinnosuke...

"He looks desperate, though given most of his stuff looks like junk I can see why no one would even give it a glance." Marine happens to have a sharp eye when it comes to judging the quality of a particular object, and happens to be looking at a particular piece the near-naked shopkeep brought over.

"He's a hard sell isn't he?" Naomi doesn't look too thrilled about the exposed hairy armpits being directed her way.

"Are you sure it's not because he reeks?" Ben does raise a good point. Now that Rinnosuke's closer I catch a whiff of something that smells like a cross between 'sweaty man' and 'decaying corpse' with the intensity of dog crap. If you've ever had the misfortune of smelling fresh dog crap you'll know that it's so bad you can't even smell it properly, there's just a burning sensation in your nose until you flush it out with clean air. That's kind of what this is like.

"Not convinced eh? Well let me show you folks something most people ever see!" Rinnosuke retreats back to his stand and sorts through his items...

"Whatever it is it had better involve keeping his pants on." Naomi does look about ready to kick Rinnosuke's ass.

"And we just had to encounter him on one of his 'days'." Yukari's silence was explained by the fact that she has donned a gas mask sometime between Rinnosuke showing up and his smell wafting over. Given the fact that she's a youkai, trying to smell whatever it is he had on is probably torture to the nasal cavities. "If I had the foresight to check I would have just avoided this part outright, but I guess I was just a bit excited."

"I think this would have happened at some point anyways since things like this seem to gravitate towards me." I roll my eyes just as Rinnosuke shows back up with a maid outfit of all things.

"Oh dear." Yukari has her fan in hand in case this goes a bit overboard.

"You know, I think I'm going to sit this one out." Ben walks over to Yukari and I for a pretty good reason. Namely...

Naomi immediately drives her knee into Rinnosuke's gut, driving the wind out of him as well as knocking him flat on his ass. "No means no jackass!"

"Nice, and here I was going to settle for decking him." Marine had her arms crossed while giving Naomi an encouraging nod.

"Aheheh, not interested?..." Rinnosuke gets up from that with the outfit still in hand. "Then why don't you try it-"

And then there was a painful thunk sound as Naomi drove her foot, which happens to have a steel-toed shoe on it, right into the shopkeep's crotch. The result was his glasses cracking as small bits flew off, as well as him falling over and slowly drawing himself into a fetal position on the ground while his earlier confidence and 'manliness' slowly vanished. His diginity was another victim. "Try to touch Marine or me again and I won't even leave that bit attached." Naomi stood tall over Rinnosuke while Marine, who was just off to the side, slowly went back to a neutral position.

A low whistle and a solitary clapping could be heard as the crowd went back to its business. "And here I was thinking I'd have to beat that guy to a pulp to get him to stop bothering you." Tewi seems to have popped out of the woodworks and is currently leaning on that mallet of hers. "Welcome to Gensokyo Naomi."

"You know, five seconds earlier and you would have been the hero of that particular incident." In one of my moments I decide to poke fun at the bunny.

"Ugh, it's you. I figured there was a reason my friend showed up here without me bringing her." Tewi throws me an annoyed look before Naomi hugs her. "Aw, look at ya, fully capable of bringing down a half-youkai man in one hit, yet still gentle on little 'ol me."

"It's nice to see you too Tewi." Naomi gives the earth rabbit an affectionate hair ruffle before letting her go. "Wade brought us here to show us around to see if we want to live here."

"From what you were telling me it's not like it'd be a hard sell for you so long as you could paint. Anyway, I figure your tour's gonna include Eientei so I'll go drop by there first and see if Kaguya would mind having guests." Tewi starts walking off in the direction of the bamboo forest of the lost. "Oh, I suppose I should keep myself avalible since It'd be bad if ya went off into the bamboo forest on your own. Maybe I'll go back to helping the purple haired playboy bunny in the meantime."

"Ugh, eau de manliness... hup!" Before any of us can react Aya swung her fan to blow the stench away, then flew off before anyone could speak to her.

"Now that that's over with, shall we continue?" Yukari's ditched the gas mask and seems to be interested in continuing the tour now that Rinnosuke's been put out of commission.

A cat cart? Orin sets some stuff into her cart and dashes off to her next stop, Kanako seems to be getting groceries, and a girl who looks remarkably like Marisa happens to be wandering around with a girl with blue hair in a white dress. I guess everybody's out today.

"Ah, Wade. There you are." Alice walks up to us next, and I immediately spot something out of the ordinary for her: Her grimoire lacks its lock. In other words, she probably opened it yesterday. Her eyes are currently green, and Shanghai has opted to sit on her shoulder. "Yes, I did open this book but it's not what I wanted to talk about."

[X]Hear the puppeteer out.
-[X]In fact, why not have her accompany us?
[X]Visit one of the other kiosks.
[X]The smell hasn't completely gone away... Let's go somewhere else.
-[X]The main square, plenty of clear air and nobody's likely to overhear.
[X]Pay a visit to the temple, it's not too far.
[X]Wander aimlessly until something happens.

>> No. 29514
[X]Hear the puppeteer out.
>> No. 29516
[X]Hear the puppeteer out.
-[X]If she wants to, let her come along.

I wonder what she has to talk about.
>> No. 29517
[X]Hear the puppeteer out.
-[X]If she wants to, let her come along.

If her Grimore is unlocked, things are getting bad.

> a girl who looks remarkably like Marisa happens to be wandering around with a girl with blue hair in a white dress

No clue who these might be.
>> No. 29518
>> No. 29519
[X]Hear the puppeteer out.
-[X]If she wants to, let her come along.
>> No. 29521
[x] Hear the puppeteer out.
-[x] In fact, why not have her accompany us?

Naomi is moe~
>> No. 29522
I don't remember us ever pissing off Tewi. Did Eirin catch on about the log and punish her, or am I forgetting something?

Or could we have made her mad before we gained consciousness in Gensokyo?
>> No. 29523

It might be the matter of Tewi seeing Wade as a threat in terms of time with Naomi, since they do have a sistery bond, but I'm not sure which is the little sister and which is the big sister.
>> No. 29524
[X]Hear the puppeteer out.
-[X]If she wants, let her come along.

"So what is it?" I don't really get the significance of Alice's grimoire being opened like that, but I can feel one hell of a lot of power eminating from it. Just how strong is she?

"I assume you know about the suitor that went beserk yesterday?" Alice's statement made me feel guilty almost immediately since I had chosen to run rather than deal with the problem. "You can not be blamed for choosing to run when you did, in fact I would have forced you back to Mayohiga myself had you chosen to stay and fight."

"I assume from the fact that you unlocked your grimoire that you kicked the crap out of him." Well if that's not it, then what?

"Putting it simply, yes. Keine also confiscated his Masamune blade which reminded me of an issue that has so far remained unresolved." Alice nodded to confirm my statement, then made me wonder a bit more... "I would like to speak about it at your earliest convenience. I realise that you do not mind speaking of it openly, but I would prefer not to have people come after you."

"Oh, that. I guess that is another mystey that needs solving. All right, later then?" I get it now, she saw the suitor's weapon and thought of all the stuff that accumulated in my soul while it was still scattered to the four winds. And since I'm pretty sure some of it is valueable it would make sense not to speak about it so openly.

"I would speak of it now but I figure you're busy right at the moment." Once again Alice guesses the situation with uncanny accuracy though I note she's refrained on saying why I am busy.

"Showing my friends around, yes. You're welcome to come along if you'd like." After all, it's been a while since I've been able to hold a conversation with Alice that didn't involve me needing to leave after a period of time.

Alice smiled at this, but her response wasn't in the same vein. "I would, but I think my presence would be a bit unnerving for your outsider friends right now." She does direct my attention to the fact that even Youkai are keeping their distance from her.

"Well, that's a bit of a given seeing as you've decided to show your true strength." Yukari seems to have a mild curiosity towards why the puppeteer undid her lock, but didn't put it into words.

"Who is this?" Naomi finally speaks up after holding back her curiosity for the entirety of the conversation.

"I am Alice Margratroid, the seven-colored puppeteer." Alice gave a polite bow once she gave her name. "I do apologize for not introducing myself first."

"I'm Naomi, street artist." She held her hand out to shake hands with Alice, though the puppeteer seemed a little hesitant.

"I know what an aritist is, but what is a street artist?" She did in fact shake Naomi's hand, and seemed to be a bit surprised by the fact that Naomi wasn't too bothered by her unlocked grimoire.

"Someone who uses buildings as their canvas." Naomi's casual delivery of the line just makes the picture here.

"I assume this would not be at the request of the owner." And Alice nails it in one guess.

"Nope, so she gets in trouble more often than not. Only reason she hasn't gotten caught is because she uses some well-made disguises and she has a bunch of hiding spots." Marine walks up next and seems facinated by Shanghai. Of course someone in her line of work would be, Alice does good work when it comes to her dolls. "My name's Marine. So did you make this doll? It's perfect..."

"Yes I did, Shanghai is one of my greatest works and one that I would never part with." Alice seems to have misinterpreted Marine's meaning, and has acted accordingly.

"I don't want to buy her, I'm just admiring the handiwork. If I didn't know any better I'd say Shanghai was alive." Marine was giving Shanghai a very thorough look, to which the doll responded by blushing and turning away. "I am tempted to take her home though, she's so endearing."

"You certainly have an appreciation for crafted items, are you a craftswoman?" Again with the correct guess! Cut that out Alice!

"Yup, I hand make everything I sell. If I knew I was going to find someone with skill in handcrafting I would have prepared for it." Marine backed off to give Alice back her personal space, though Shanghai seems to express an increased level of interest that her owner is trying very hard to mask in her own expression.

"Less than an hour into this and a couple of your friends have already found someone interesting to talk to~" Yukari on the other hand decided to gap herself above me and has loosely wrapped her arms around my shoulders while resting her head on mine. "Those three happen to partake in similar trades so it's only natural that they'd find it easy to talk to each other."

"In that case we might want to make a trip to Hakugyokuro at some point. Ben's a skilled fencer and I'm kind of curious as to whether or not he'd be able to speak with Youmu as freely as those three." I take one of Yukari's hands into my own and feel some enthusiasm of my own. So far so good!



Remember folks, you can pick any of the previous village options if you don't feel like doing something on your own.
>> No. 29525
[X]The smell hasn't completely gone away... Let's go somewhere else.
-[X]The main square, plenty of clear air and nobody's likely to overhear.

Choose your destination from there. That's all I got right now, hope to see some better ideas.
>> No. 29526
[x] Perhaps there are some shops that might cater to swordsmen and artists for resupply and repair.
- [x] We should head over to Eientei, next.

There's not much else interesting in the human village. It's safe to assume that it has all the basic essentials for humans to survive on a daily basis.
>> No. 29527
[X]Pay a visit to the temple, it's not too far.
>> No. 29528
[X]Pay a visit to the temple, it's not too far.
-[x] Perhaps the shrine then.

This would be a nice place to stop by, and I think we should stop by the shrine as a sort of formality and chance to chat with Reimu some.
Though with what Yukari has planned for tomorrow, we might have to wait until the day after or later tomorrow to talk with Alice.
>> No. 29529
[X]Pay a visit to the temple, it's not too far.
-[x] Perhaps the shrine then.
>> No. 29530
[X]Pay a visit to the temple, it's not too far.
-[x] Perhaps the shrine then.
>> No. 29531
We should think of a way that a now very human Wade could beat the crap outta that suitor. But I find it hard to believe a human with a rather fancy sword could make Alice unseal it (something she which she avoids doing just because she fears losing at full power). Perhaps he could borrow a sword from someone (he does seem to know his way around a sword, something I'm sure he'd retain even as a human)
>> No. 29532
Well, if you want the answer to those questions you'll have to find time to talk to Alice.


[X]Pay a visit to the temple, it's not too far.
-[X]Perhaps the Shrine then.

"You've got another place in mind?" Ben shows up next to me after taking a moment to introduce himself to Alice. He wasn't quite as interested in the puppeteer's work as Naomi or Marine but he did listen to her for a bit.

"I was thinking about visiting the local temple, then the Hakurei Shrine after that." I'm not religious by nature so of course it would confuse those who know me.

"I didn't think you had any interest in religion." Ben raised his eyebrow while sporting a suspicious look.

"I have no interest in Christianity or any of it's sub-religions. I do however, keep an open mind towards other religions even if I don't practice them." I note that Ben isn't entirely convinced. "Look, Gensokyo is a fantasy kitchen sink and that includes dieties. If you don't believe me I know where to find a couple hanging around. Or we could go say hello to the one doing her shopping."

"Really? Which one?" He starts looking around, but he'll never find one just by looking. To the untrained eye most humans, youkai, and gods are indistinguishable from one another since aside from some ornaments or wild hair colors they aren't so different.

"You see that tall, imposing, purple-haired woman with the red shirt and the mirror over her breasts? That's the goddess of wind and rain, Kanako Yasaka." The goddess in question happens to have an annoyed look on her face, but given the fact that she has a familiar googely-eyed hat on her head it's easy to see why. Poor Sanae's trying to coax Suwako down from her perch with little success.

"Wow." Ben then turned to face me. "You're not kidding about this either. So does this temple have a god?"

"Not really. It's a Buddhist temple where instead of worshipping a diety they focus on reaching the state of enlightenment. Enlightnment being the point at which one can remove him or herself from the karmatic cycle." I kind of surprise myself with that bit of knowledge since attaining Nirvana is pretty low on the to-do list. "The Hakurei shrine on the other hand has a goddess of its own, but she's hit a rough patch since people don't believe in her like they used to."

"You really know your way around don't you?" Ben doesn't quite believe me yet, for very understandable reasons, but he hasn't even been here an hour so I don't expect any miracles.

"I've been here longer. So shall we collect Naomi and Marine?" Poor Alice seems rather flustered by all this, but if Shanghai is any indication of her master's mood then she's actually quite happy to have people to talk to who don't consider her creepy. "Hey you two, we're heading for the next stop in the tour and I'm pretty sure neither of you want to get left behind."

"Fine, fine, we're coming." Marine made a half-hearted acknowledgement before returning her attention to Alice. "I'll definitely look forward to taking a look at the rest of your work Alice."

"I am also curious as to what kind of objects you make Marine. We shall meet again at a later time then?" Alice allows a small smile to grace her features while Shanghai was looking expectant.

"I've got no objection to it!" Naomi seemed enthusiastic herself, most likely because Alice also works with paint, albiet of a different kind than Naomi's spray-paint murals.

"I look forward to it, farewell for now." It didn't take long for the puppeteer to vanish into the crowd after that, which seemed a bit strange considering she was practically youkai repellant not too long ago.

"You've got a good friend here Wade." Marine gives my hair a small ruffling, which I shy away from.

"Yes she is. And do you mind? I've already got sleeping beauty here snoring into my ear." I point at the gap youkai hanging on me while fast asleep. I guess she really isn't up to a human's waking cycle yet.

"I heard that~" Very funny Yukari.


Next part comes later.
>> No. 29534
Tatsunoko VS. Capcom happens to be awesome. That is all.


"Huh? Wade, where's Nari?" Naomi brought the fact that my second, fuzzier girlfriend is nowhere to be seen to my attention.

"...If it were Nari all on her own, it'd be because she was bored and happened to spot something that looked like fun to her. Something like a bird, or a mouse-" I turn my head in the direction of Nazrin's little stand only to discover that the mouse is in fact absent and that it looked like someone got out of there in a hurry. "I don't think there's anything to worry about."

"How come?" Despite being just as confused as the rest of my friends Naomi opted to keep pace with me once I started walking, most likely so she can hear my reasoning for not going into an increasingly potent panic mode.

"The local temple has mice." It's a cryptic answer but it'll make sense once they see Nazrin for themselves.

It's a relatively short walk to the Temple of Myouren, and despite the periodic snorts and snores of a sleepy gap youkai it's also fairly quiet. No evidence of a playful Bakeneko yet but I figure poor Nazrin would flee into the temple in an attempt to throw Nariko off her tail. Not that it would help in the slightest...

"Eyaaaaaaah! No! Go awaaaaaay!" A drawn out yell tells me I'm right, or that it's evidence that I might be right. Regardless of what it is I step in front of the main door and wait until the sound subsides before opening the door.

"Are temples always this noisy?" Marine certainly doesn't look too sure about this.

A disshelved looking Murasa (That's Captain Murasa to you!) runs by but pays us no mind. I'm guessing it has to do with all the commotion we heard about ten seconds ago.

"No, but I'm sure most temples don't have cats chasing talking mice." I step through the door way and immediately notice that it does look like some people ran through here recently if the tracks are any indication. More specifically the ink tracks that show two sets of footprints moving at a running speed accompanied by about a half-dozen mice, all running for their lives. Of course, Nari doesn't eat mice, she just plays with them until they stop being fun. "Anyways we might as well go track down the temple's owner so I can introduce you guys. Then go track down Nari."

"Whatever you say." I can understand the look Marine's giving me. Heck, I didn't accept that this was all real for at least two days after becoming conscious.

Another quick trip through a few doors and I succeed at locating Byakuren, as well as Nue. The latter sleeping atop a color-changing UFO, and drooling to boot. "Oh? Welcome. You certainly have some interesting timing Wade." The former decides to speak first though. "Nazrin came running through here not too long ago while being chased by your cat."

"That wasn't intentional by any stretch of the imagination, and I apologize for it. I figure I should introduce my friends first before rushing off to track down Nari." Besides, if I'm right once more then Nazrin will probably burst through one of the doors in the room while being followed by Nari.

[X]On second thought, track down Nari first.
[X]Stay put, moving around will only make it harder to find her.
[X]Nari's my shikigami so she ought to come when called right?
[X]Annoy the Nue.
>> No. 29535
[X]Annoy the Nue.

No justification needed.
>> No. 29536
[x] Nari's my shikigami so she ought to come when called right?
>> No. 29537
[X]Annoy the Nue.

>> No. 29538
[x] Nari's my shikigami so she ought to come when called right?
>> No. 29540
[x] Introduce your friends while nonchalantly annoying the sleeping Nue and ignoring all protests on her part.

"Well, let me introduce you to my friends-"
"This is Ben, Naomi, Marine-"
"Waaaaaade~ Stop pulling on my cheeeeeks~"
"I'm showing them around Gensokyo-"
"Waaah, Byakuren, he's picking on meeee!"
"Oh, hey Nue. Didn't know you were awake."
>> No. 29541
[X]Nari's my shikigami so she ought to come when called right?

She can play later. (Being a youkai now she has many, many years to play)
>> No. 29542
[x] Nari's my shikigami so she ought to come when called right?
>> No. 29543
[X]Nari's my shikigami so she ought to come when called right?
[X]Annoy the Nue.
>> No. 29544
[x]Annoy the Nue.
>> No. 29545
Too bad Nue would be more likely to retaliate than take it.


[X]Nari's my shikigami so she should come when called, right?

My eyes wander to the sleeping Nue atop her spacecraft and briefly admire her rather attractive features, like her cheeks (The ones on her face you pervs), her nose, those lips... Heck, she's just cute all around. Cute enough to annoy. Pulling her cheeks, feeling those 'wings' of hers, seeing if I could tweak her dream from out here, tying her blue tails into a knot around her...

However, I don't think that would go over well, not with Byakuren in the room. Plus it would look childish, or sadistic, to start bothering her in such a fashion. The most blatant reason is that I still remember how she wound her blue tails around me to bring me in close while accusing me of using her room without permission, all while wearing a smile that could easily have belonged to a rapist. If I couldn't escape her then as a soul then she sure as hell could overpower me now that I'm human. Of course if I didn't already have a delicious gap youkai girlfriend I'd actually be tempted to see what Nue would do to me if given the chance.

"It's not polite to stare." I snap to attention when Nue makes her presence known while having her face much too close to mine and having me stare into her eyes, and almost fall on my ass had she not used one of her blue tails to grab hold of my arm. "I have to wonder why Kogasa doesn't seem to be able to surprise you. I can spook you easily enough." With that she pulls me upright. Only now do I notice that she hasn't moved a muscle from her sleeping position other than to move her head.

"It's easy for you because I keep going into monlogue mode when I look at you too long." I slide my arm out of Nue's grip despite the fact that it doesn't feel bad at all, but one should respect the customs of another person's home, and Buddhists are against giving in to the desires of the flesh. Thankfully something pings in my mind as though to remind me that I should recall Nari before she does something untoward to Nazrin. It doesn't help that Aya taught Nari some of the finer points of lesbian sex during that party... I really should track that Tengu down and make her take responsibility for corrupting Nari like that. A strong pull, aaaaaaand~

"Nya?!" Nari pops in out of nowhere and brough Nazrin with her. Judging from the mouse youkai's appearance Nariko had been using her as a chew toy, though she was obviously fairly gentle about it. "Oh, hi Wade! What're you doing upside-down?" Wait what?

I look up and notice the hard wooden floor that's taken the place of the open ceiling which results in me widening my eyes in shock until I feel a familiar sensation on my ankles. The sliding of a familiar blue tentacle that's tightening its grip on me. "Very funny Nue, now put me down. Gently."

"I wasn't planning on dropping you." Nue uses her other two blue tails to grab me by the shoulders and flip me upright, though I immediately trip when she fails to relinquish her hold of me. "You should pay more attention." And she's giving me a playful smile with her eyes closed.

"You're about one shot away from me declaring war on you." I pick myself up off the ground and make sure Nue's let go of me before talking another step. "I guess you all got aquainted with each other while I was preoccupied?"

"Sure did. Byakuren was explaining her religion to us and I've gotta say it really is different." Ben must understand that there's some massive differences between Christianity and the eastern religions by now, and why I'm more accepting of them.

"So now that we are gathered, shall we take a small tour of the temple?" Byakuren stood up from her sitting position before walking over to Nue and giving the cute chimera a small rap on the head. "You shouldn't annoy humans Nue, it doesn't help youkai-human relationships."

"Oh I don't know, I thought it showed how cute she can be~" Yukari woke up and is currently occupying the seat Byakuren just left. "Nice and pre-warmed too~"

"Sheesh, what a mess..." Murasa walked in, and quite frankly she looks like she's in need of a shower. "Byakuren, I got most of the ink stains cleaned up and Shou's still turning this place upside-down looking for- Oh." The ghostly captain than laid eyes on Nari, who was in turn cuddling the mouse youkai. Nazrin certainly looked like she wanted to be let go of... "I'm going to go let Shou know where Nazrin is."

"Of course." Byakuren then turned to face me and wore a worried look. "Perhaps it would be best if you left the temple for now, Shou is panicking because she's certain Nariko has done something to Nazrin and will hold you accountable for your Bakeneko's actions."

[X]Then let Shou come. Worst comes to worst I'll be demonstrating Danmaku early.
[X]I'm supposed to be resting for now, and that means no crazy antics. Wait outside the temple while Byakuren shows the others around.
[X]Skip the temple and gap to the shrine.
[X]Of course you realise, dis means war!


I find myself liking Nue more every time I write her.
>> No. 29546
[X]I'm supposed to be resting for now, and that means no crazy antics. Wait outside the temple while Byakuren shows the others around.
-[x] Ask Yukari to wait with me, it's better with company.
>> No. 29547
Funny how Wade mentions making Aya take responsibility (look what happened the last time someone had made to take responsibility.) I was thinking Aya'd have to be Nar's play thing when she comes by. That and try to get her to warm up to Yukari more as to enable threesomes with the top (tied) two women in Wade's heart.
>> No. 29548
[x] Pry Nari off of Nazrin and get ready for some diplomacy. Try not to fight.

I'd rather not run into a sore suitor while we're alone, outside.
>> No. 29549
[X]Of course you realize, dis means war!

Lets see where this goes...
>> No. 29550
Just to point something out, Byakuren meant for both Wade and Nariko to vacate the temple, and it's not like Nari can't fight for Wade should it come to that.
>> No. 29551
[X]I'm supposed to be resting for now, and that means no crazy antics. Wait outside the temple while Byakuren shows the others around.
-[x] Ask Yukari to wait with me, it's better with company.
>> No. 29552

I figured something like that, wouldn't make much sense otherwise.
>> No. 29553
[X]I'm supposed to be resting for now, and that means no crazy antics. Wait outside the temple while Byakuren shows the others around.
-[x] Ask Yukari to wait with me, it's better with company.
>> No. 29554
[X]I'm supposed to be resting right now, and that means no crazy antics. Wait outside the temple while Byakuren shows the others around.
-[X]Ask Yukari to wait with me, it's better with company.

"I think I will vacate the temple. I'm not supposed to be doing anything crazy today and Shou would probably challenge me to a danmaku duel at the very least." I can hear movement, meaning Murasa must have found Shou already and as a result the tiger youkai is storming her way over here. "Yukari, do you mind waiting with me? And sorry guys, I wanted to show you three around personally but it looks like I have to leave it to Byakuren."

"We'll be fine. You trust Byakuren right?" Marine gives a small reassurance which the other two reenforce wordlessly.

"Ufufufu~ Do you really think I'd refuse some quiet time with you?~" Yukari then opened a gap, then Nari and I stepped through while Yukari used her own to appear outside the temple. "Byakuren certainly looked relieved, I can't help but wonder why~"

"I'm guessing it had more to do with you being around than the possibility of Shou beating the crap out of me, if her nervous look towards you was any indication." And just like that I find myself lying in the gap youkai's lap with Nari perched on me. The bakeneko looked confused but I'm perfectly fine with this.

"That? Oh, there's a story behind it. A short one, but a story none the less." Judging from that smile of hers I'd have to say she probably did something raunchy to Byakuren. "Byakuren was once a youkai exterminator you know."

"Huh?" That doesn't click with the Byakuren I met, not unless she started out like most other exterminators.

"Hard to believe isn't it? She was a top class youkai exterminator until her brother passed away, at which point she began to fear for her own life." I get the feeling this is going to take a while so I snuggle up to her. That action results in Yukari wrapping her legs around me and smiling warmly. "Byakuren's brother, Myouren... That boy meant the world to her. I bet if he had lived those two would have gotten married~"

"Seriously? Wouldn't their parents have forbidden it?" Yukari seems to understand my confused look and explains further.

"You're from a land that has conditioned its people to find things like bigamy, polygamy, and 'incest' to be disgusting or obscene. Back then in Japan things were much looser, and those two weren't just accepted, their pure love was encouraged. Especially by their parents." Yukari put emphasis on that last part. "But that didn't come to pass."

"What happened?" I felt Nari position herself on me before settling down for a nap, effectively sandwiching me between my two loves. My mind was more curious about what could have happened, and Yukari saw that.

"Byakuren never told me, but after that she used some powerful magic to give herself a life that couldn't be ended through natural causes, which required ambient youkai magic to function. She then began to save the youkai she had been sent to exterminate, but only to ensure her continued life. At least at first." Yukari repositioned Nari so that she was more like a blanket for me, and I could feel my body heat up in response. "Eventually she came to desire true peace between youkai and humans. After that she saved them out of a desire from her heart instead of a cold obligation."

Next part comes later.
>> No. 29555

"And I'm guessing that didn't go over well with the local populus." Even now some people are against the more stable and carefree relationship humans have with youkai, and since I doubt the spellcard rules were implemented back then it would make sense that more people would be biased against them.

"Once they found out. After that Byakuren and some of her youkai followers were sealed within Makai and the underground respectively, and that's when I first noticed her. Or rather, the first time Shinki made mention of why the humans thought they could violate her world and get off scot-free." Yukari gently placed one of her hands on my head as she continues. "I see you don't know, but that's why I'm telling you. It has everything to do with why Byakuren isn't entirely comfortable around me."

"I'm guessing it involved kinky lesbian sex at some point." Note, this was said in a way that makes others think that it's the most obvious conclusion in the world.

Which earned me a light rap on the head with a folding fan. "Oh, quiet you. Don't go spoiling the ending." She is smiling though, so I must have gotten it right or the act was a fond memory for her. "Well, obviously the humans back then didn't understand that Shinki has a case of 'Mama Bear' when it comes to dealing with those who threaten her world, so the ones who sealed Byakuren by violating Makai's innermost realm while slaying anything that got in their way paid the price. The miasma claimed a couple, but Shinki's warning shot vaporized a few more."

"And the remainder high-tailed it?" I knew Shinki is a demon goddess, but to think she wielded that much power...

"Of course~ Those arrogant humans understood that Makai was not a place they could dump anything they didn't like and left it alone after that. Then Shinki tried to increase revenue by opening Gensokyo up for tourism, but that's a different story." Yukari paused briefly to breathe since she said all that in one go. "That also inadvertantly answers why I didn't just release Byakuren when I found out. It would have brought even more harm to Makai to forcefully undo the seal the humans put into place as the lock to Byakuren's cell. That didn't stop Shinki and I from visiting her though, for us the seal was ridiculously easy to bypass, even if Byakuren herself was unable to leave."

"I'm guessing that's where you first hit it off." Come on, admit it already.

"Not quite. I thought Byakuren was just a peculiar human until I took a good, long look at her life. I started to sympathise with her after that, and before long Shinki and I became Byakuren's friends, teachers, and in my case, her lover." Somehow, since it's Yukari, that last part doesn't surprise me in the least. "I do have feelings for her, but back then I was a bit more careless. I didn't care that a Buddhist monk could lose their power if they strayed from the path and poured my heart out to her. I confessed to her, and had a rather wonderful night with her."

"But she didn't lose her power." Lately I've been able to feel the power eminating from other people, and Byakuren is far too strong to have ever lost her power. That's what I think anyways.

"Funny thing is, you're right. I still don't quite understand how it worked, but apparently our act was out of love for one another and not just to pleasure ourselves. It's a strange little loophole that I haven't dared to exploit since, all because I don't want Byakuren to lose her power because I was being selfish."

[X]See if Shou's cooled down enough.
[X]Have Yukari take a peek inside the temple.
[X]Just lay here and ask Yukari something. (Specify)
>> No. 29558
Mind you that this won't be all the reassuring that will be done. Since some more might have be done at night, quality one on one time. And I'm not talking about sex.
>> No. 29559
[x] Smile "You're a good person." Lean up and kiss her.
[x] "Do you still love her?"
-[x] "Man, I'm gonna get ditched for a Buddhist monk. That's just sad." Mock tears.
>> No. 29560
While that's a nice joke, it might hit too closely to home for Yukari to find funny. That is her concern that he'd go running off for another girl. If not for this issue, I'd vote this as well.
It's kinda cute that Yukari has an issue like this despite everything.

[X]Just lay here and talk with Yukari about something.
-[x] "Perhaps the only thing more boundless than your beauty, brains and power is your heart" also add that it's just one of many traits that you love about her.
-[x] Tell her that if the whole harem notion is making her uncomfortable, you'd stop in a heartbeat, anything for her. Also assure that you're not leaving her or Nari for anything.
--[x] Also tell her that you had her in mind when going after some of the girls. (If she lets Wade continue, add "Because it's my or your harem, but OUR harem.")

I tried improving it.
>> No. 29561
[X]Just lay here and talk with Yukari about something.
-[x] "Perhaps the only thing more boundless than your beauty, brains and power is your heart" also add that it's just one of many traits that you love about her.
-[x] Tell her that if the whole harem notion is making her uncomfortable, you'd stop in a heartbeat, anything for her. Also assure that you're not leaving her or Nari for anything.
--[x] Also tell her that you had her in mind when going after some of the girls. (If she lets Wade continue, add "Because it's my or your harem, but OUR harem.")
>> No. 29562
[X]Just lay here and talk with Yukari about something.
-[x] "Perhaps the only thing more boundless than your beauty, brains and power is your heart" also add that it's just one of many traits that you love about her.
-[x] Tell her that if the whole harem notion is making her uncomfortable, you'd stop in a heartbeat, anything for her. Also assure that you're not leaving her or Nari for anything.
--[x] Also tell her that you had her in mind when going after some of the girls. (If she lets Wade continue, add "Because it's my or your harem, but OUR harem.")
>> No. 29563
[X]Just lay there and talk to Yukari about something.
-[X]"Perhaps the only thing more boundless than your brains, beauty, and power is your heart." Also add how it's one of the many things you love about her.
-[X]Tell her if the whole harem notion is making her uncomfortable, you'd stop in a heartbeat, anything for her. Also state that you wouldn't leave her or Nari for anything.
--[X]Also tell her you had her in mind when you were going after some of the girls. ("Because it's not my harem or your harem, it's our harem.")

"You know, I think the only thing more boundless than your brains, beauty and power is your heart. And that's just one of the many things I love about you." I tilt my head up as I say this so I can look directly into Yukari's eyes, and the sight that greets my eyes...

"Pfft..." Is Yukari hiding her smile behind her fan. "Pffhahahahaha~ Wade, that was so corny~" She pulls me, and Nari, up to where she can press my head into her chest.

"Come on, I'm being serious here!" I can't really look at Yukari anymore since I'm facing away from her, but I do see Nari rolling her eyes as she adjusts her hold of me.

"I know I shouldn't laugh, more so because you mean it. I just couldn't help it." She has a rather sing-song tone to her voice now that I've said that bit about her heart. "But thank you anyways."

"Anything for you and Nari." Sheesh, I'm stuck between a few marshmallows, and I have to say that if heaven doesn't feel or smell like this then I'd want to be reincarnated.

"Anything?~" Okay, judging by Yukari's voice I'm guessing she has something unpleasant planned. She does notice my body tensing up and relaxes her grip ever so slightly. "Calm down, it's only a joke."

"And here I thought you were going to do some weird gender-reversed antics." I only notice what came out of my mouth after the fact and promply try to recover from it since I hear Yukari humming in a thoughtful tone. "Don't go getting any ideas."

"Too late~" Great, that means Yukari probably has something in mind at some point in the future. When am I going to learn not to give this woman ideas?

"On another subject, you made mention about how you were worried about losing me? I gave it some thought and I'd have to guess you're not entirely comfortable about the notion of a harem." Next item on the agenda: try and get Yukari to be completely assured that I'm not going to leave her or Nariko.

"Ara? No, not really..." I can tell she's not looking at me directly anymore as she speaks.

"All you have to do is say you're not happy with the idea and I'll drop the notion." I close my eyes as I speak, mostly because I'm starting to fall asleep from the soft warmth of two healthy women.

"I don't like the idea of someone seducing you and taking you away from me. Ironically however, I am perfectly fine with having a harem. In fact, I already have one~" She seems to cheer up upon hearing that... "I don't mind making a couple additions."

"You're serious." ...Fine time to get a boner from this.

"Merlin really does care about you. I was certain that once you met her that you would go back into her welcoming arms instead of mine. ...I wonder how she'd feel about sharing you?" Yukari really is serious about this.

"Yukari, just how big is your harem?" I tilt my head up once more to look her in the eye, and am met with a gap assisted kiss.

"Mmm~" Yukari pulls away before speaking again. "Oh, you'll see~ But I don't think it will be just my harem, I think it'll become our harem. You'll understand when you meet them~"

"You know, I'm supposed to be resting..." I can take a wild shot in the dark at what meeting Yukari's harem is going to result in.

"Spiritually." Yukari is quick to correct my assumtion. "Physically you're just fine. The only problem is that you tend to get into trouble fairly often so you have to call upon your power to deal with it, which puts strain on your recently reconstructed soul. I'll be making sure you don't strain yourself until I'm satisfied, and I'll exhaust you every day if I have to~" Somehow I don't think she'd mind that too terribly much.

"You two might want to get off that line of thought, Byakuren's coming and master's friends are with her." Nari speaks up despite appearing to be asleep, then adjusts herself further to plant a kiss on my lips herself.

[X]Tour has to be ending soon, get ready to challenge the next stage!
[X]Screw it. Soft boob pillow~
[X]Stay as you are.
>> No. 29564
[x] Tour has to be ending soon, get ready to challenge the next stage!
>> No. 29565
[x] "One quick question: Was Komachi a good choice? I figured you two would get along."
[X]Tour has to be ending soon, get ready to challenge the next stage!

We can have Yukari boob pillow later. Since things are going well, well planned next would be Reimu/shoring things up with Komachi, then trying for Merlin. Then maybe Alice (she might prove much harder to convince than Reimu or Merlin.)
And I think Wade will meet Yukari's harem tomorrow. And we never did ask how Yukari enjoyed Komachi.
>> No. 29566
[x] Tour has to be ending soon, get ready to challenge the next stage!
>> No. 29567
Update~ Update~


[X]Tour has to be ending soon, get ready to challenge the next stage!

"As much as I'd love to have sweet dreams with you I think it'd be better to wait until later." Getting off my 'bed' is easier said than done however, at least until Nari climbs off me and Yukari allows me to get up. I in turn offer the gap youkai my hand which she uses to pull herself up.

"It would be rather rude to ditch your friends to take a nap on me." Yukari pulled out her parasol and opened it in one elegant motion before perching the shaft on her shoulder one-handed.

"Out here we have our zen garden. This kind of garden is quite different from others in the fact that it only contains a handful of flowering plants, and instead focuses on the more meditative aspects." Is Yukari timing this? Byakuren rounds the corner right as we finish fixing the minor details of our outfits. "Oh, Wade, Yukari, Nariko! We're about done with the tour."

"Thanks for showing them around for me Byakuren. I would've dealt with Shou but-" Byakuren wound up finishing my sentence for me.

"You are in no condition to deal with her. I'm well aware of that, it's easily seen." To Byakuren and a few others, sure. On the flip side my friends probably don't understand what she's talking about in the slightest. "I assume you wish to take your friends to the next destination?"

"Ready to go?" I make sure to direct that at the others, and I received positive responses.

A few minutes and a farewell to Byakuren later...

"I still think that woman has a screw loose." Ben was making his opinion of Byakuren known, and I sort of agree with him. "Not in a bad way, I just don't get how anyone can live their lives like that."

"You weren't raised with Buddhist values so it only makes sense that you wouldn't get it. Of course, I understand either..." Marine's walking just a little ahead of everyone else on the path to the shrine, which happens to be in good condition considering how lazy the miko is.

"I notice that they also possess a great deal of material possessions, which runs contrary to their religion. I have to wonder if they're entirely serious about their belief." Nari decided to jump in on the conversation for once with her usual insight.

"Man, I still smell like Byakuren... Why do I seem to find my head planted in huge breasts every time I run into a mature woman around here? Do I really look that childish?" Naomi had a small taste of marshmallow hell during the tour when she tripped into Byakuren. The motherly buddhist then decided to hug her for a minute or so while continuing the tour, which resulted in Naomi picking up her scent. Weird part is that I thought that kind of musk could only be transfered in that strength through intamite actions, but as they say, 'live and learn'. Maybe youkai women have inherently powerful scents.

"I think it has less to do with being childish and more to do with how cute you are~" Yukari happens to be floating behind the artist while putting her arms around her. "I don't get what you're complaining about, your smell mixed with Ren's is quite good."

"Maybe because I don't swing that way?!" Naomi ended up pulling Yukari off her and sped up her pace in a huff.

"Did you really have to do that?" I cast an annoyed glance at Yukari for annoying Naomi.

"I don't get why she'd assume that I was talking about Byakuren being a good partner for her. Though I keep forgetting that outsiders are usually plain straight or gay rather than bisexual." Yukari points out something that I don't think any of us knew up until now.

"Are you serious?" Ben doesn't look convinced of this, but seeing as I've been the 'filling' of a 'sandwich' while Yukari and Komachi acted as the 'bread'... Back ero, back, back!

"Quite. It's actually fairly common with youkai women since most kinds of humanoid male youkai are very rare, not to mention elusive." Now Yukari's floating alongside me since she managed to annoy Naomi. "And those that aren't as rare or elusive are still heavily protected by others of their own species."

"Wow. So why'd you take Wade to be your boyfriend? Last I checked he's still human." Marine brings up another valid point, one that I want to hear an answer to.

"Why would a long-lived entity like myself pick a human to be my lover? If you feel up to it Wade, I'm sure you can demonstrate one or more of my reasons~" Yukari took my hand in hers as she closed the gap she was riding on so she can walk with me. "Though make no mistake, finding a suitible youkai man for a partner would have been extremely easy for me. I happen to think humans have their own charms. Plus, Wade is rather unique so I couldn't pass him up~"

"Wait, lovers?" Marine caught that little bit and furrowed her brows. "As in..."

"I'm sure you've already guessed my meaning~" Yukari's smile is rather reminiscent of the Cheschire Cat right at the moment.

"Yukari, stop talking." Nari seems to share the general irate mood.

"Eh? I'm only answering her questions." And that smile died as quickly as it came.

"Whether you realise it or not you're rubbing the fact that you've made Wade yours in her face. Or rather in both Marine and Naomi's faces. They care about him a great deal and you're basically going 'oh, by the way I've had sex with someone you have feelings for'." Nari lays out the blunt and bashes it through the conversation as one would break down a wall with a battering ram.

The group fell silent for a while after that.

"I didn't mean to make it sound like I was against this that strongly. I already knew I did too much too soon with Wade." Marine opens up the conversation on less aggrivated terms.

"I guess I'm not that good at picking up on an unfamiliar person's feelings. I meant no harm in my statement, just that I love him to the point to where I invited him into my arms, and he reciprocated my feelings." Yukari actaully seems a little nervous, which is kind of strange considering that she could wipe Marine out of existence if she so chose. "I decided on him as my lover, I won't abuse his trust."

"I didn't say you would. But I'm not sure I'm the one you need to reconcile with." Marine glanced over to Naomi, and the realisation hits me like a megaton punch. In all of this, I never once asked how Naomi felt.

"Just give me some time to think about it, I don't want to talk about it right now." The artist makes her wish for time known, and we'll respect it.

"Thanks for not saying anything." Nari placed a hand on Ben's shoulder, then gave him a warm smile once he locked eyes with her.

"I get the feeling I would have only made things worse if I said anything." Ben then falls silent as we climb the stairs to the shrine.

[X]I can't let this deep blue funk persist. Maybe Suika can do something about this.
[X]If I know Mima at all she'll be posing as Hakurei Shrine's evil diety for the rare visitor that isn't family.
[X]Locate the miko and her maid.
>> No. 29568
[X]I can't let this deep blue funk persist. Maybe Suika can do something about this.
-[x] Ask Suika to send a mini-Suika to tell Reimu we're here.
>> No. 29570
[X]I can't let this deep blue funk persist. Maybe Suika can do something about this.
-[X] Ask Suika to send a mini-Suika to tell Reimu we're here.
[X]And if I know Mima at all she'll be posing as Hakurei Shrine's evil deity for the rare visitor that isn't family.
>> No. 29571
[X]I can't let this deep blue funk persist. Maybe Suika can do something about this.
-[X] Ask Suika to send a mini-Suika to tell Reimu we're here.
[X]And if I know Mima at all she'll be posing as Hakurei Shrine's evil deity for the rare visitor that isn't family.
>> No. 29572
[X]I can't let this deep blue funk persist. Maybe Suika can do something about this.
-[X] Ask Suika to send a mini-Suika to tell Reimu we're here.
[X]And if I know Mima at all she'll be posing as Hakurei Shrine's evil deity for the rare visitor that isn't family.
>> No. 29573
[X]I can't let this deep blue funk persist. Maybe Suika can do something about this.
-[X] Ask Suika to send a mini-Suika to tell Reimu we're here.
[X]And if I know Mima at all she'll be posing as Hakurei Shrine's evil deity for the rare visitor that isn't family
>> No. 29574
Sheesh, two days of being unable to update is certainly annoying when one is trying to keep an 'at least once a day' schedule. Either way the next update'll come tomorrow.
>> No. 29575
[X]I can't let this deep blue funk persist, maybe Suika can do something about this.
-[X]Ask her to send a mini-Suika to tell Reimu we're here.
[X]And if I know Mima at all she'll be posing as the Hakurei Shrine's evil diety for the rare visitor that isn't family.

Somehow this has gone from being an interesting tour to a depressing one, and the general atmosphere is really starting to annoy me. Things need to be livened up in a bad way and I happen to know someone that can accomplish that quite nicely...

Of course, that would be if the angry peach hat doesn- Ugh, that alcohol smell means that the little oni's around. But why is Tenshi here of all people, and why today?!

"Wade, maybe we should skip the shrine for now." Yukari displays some worry over the fact that the angry peach hat is sitting on the donation box with a bottle of beer and... Flashing her panties?

"Yukarin, I don't think Tenshi's going to be much of an issue." Now that I take a good look I can tell Tenshi's actually drunk. "Not in the usual violent way at least."

The drunk peach hat has a rather impressive alcohol-induced blush while swaying her body from side to side in time to some kind of music. To top it off her eyes are closed and she has a goofy smile on her face. She opens one eye and gives a greeting. "Hiiiiiii!~ You're late you know!"

"Dare I ask for what?" I've decided something. Happy drunk Tenshi is scarier than angry peach hat Tenshi by a long shot.

"Who is this girl?" Marine points to Tenshi with a worried look, though the cause of worry is definitely different than Yukari's.

"Chiko Hinanai! I'm the drunken Celestial of this shrine!" Tenshi finishes off the bottle and tosses it aside. Once she does that she hops off the donation box and stumbles forward, but to no avail; She trips over her own two feet about ten steps into it.

"Just to answer everyone's question in advance: No, she's usually not like that. In fact this is the first time I've ever seen her drunk." I cross my arms as I look down at the drunk peach hat that's picking herself up off the ground.

"I've got to hand it to you, when you said the Hakurei Shrine is different you really meant it." Ben, like the others, doesn't seem too interested in getting closer to Tenshi. "I'm just not sure that's a good thing or a bad thing."

"Wade, I'm going to go track down Suika." Nari gives me a little forewarning to what she's about to do before changing back into cat form and darting past Tenshi.

"Oooooh, a kitty! Hey, don't run away!" Tenshi once again trips over her own two feet as she tries to chase Nariko.

"I think we should give Tenshi a wide berth while we make our way to the shrine." Yukari states this and receives nods of assent from the others.

"I'm hoping there won't be any more surprises once we actually get inside the shrine." Despite Yukari's warning I don't watch where I'm walking and as a result find that Tenshi's grabbed my ankle. "...You're hopeless." I turn around and pick her up piggyback style so I can put her someplace more comfortable.


Next part comes later.
>> No. 29576

The interior of the shrine is just as modest as it was the last time I was here, but there are small signs of improvement here and there. Any damage that was inflicted on the shrine yet too small for the lazy miko to bother with have been fixed, the furniture doesn't look threadbare anymore... Well, that could just be because there's a maid here now. Sure there are bottles of liquor on the floor but considering that it looks like the miko's out that kind of thing is to be expected. I set the drunk peach hat on the sofa so I can look around for the last permanent resident of the shrine.

"Looks like no one's home." I'm hoping Naomi's comment isn't on the mark, though it looks like everyone has vacated the shrine for now.

"There are people here. You're just not looking closely enough." The evil deity makes her presence known despite the fact that she was intentionally hiding herself for some reason that's currently beyond me. "I wanted to do a grand entrance but that blasted oni got the celestial drunk on the front porch."

"You couldn't sweep her aside as part of it?" I'm getting some odd looks right now... Wait a tic, they can't see her can they? "Will you stop being invisible? This bit is hard enough to do without you being your usual detrimental self."

"Well excuuuuuse me princess." And sitting with one leg crossed over the other and a cup of tea in her hands is one Mima, self proclaimed evil deity of the Hakurei Shrine. "This isn't too bad, I managed to get some shocked reactions." And of course, her smug smile.

"Found her." Nari conveniently makes her entrance with a certain oni slung over her shoulder fireman-style, much to the latter's protests. "Where are Reimu and Ruukoto?" She then looks to Mima.

"Off at Hakugyokuro. Apparently they got invited there for something. And no, I don't know what for, but I'm going to be pretty annoyed if it's some kind of big social event like a flower viewing." Mima responded with a slight tone of irritation but didn't let it get any more apparent than that. "What? This isn't an RPG, you can't expect people to be around waiting for you to show up. We have lives you know."

I can't help but raise my eyebrows at that little outburst. "Mima, are you jealous?"

"All I get to do is sit around here and cover for that goddess that's hitching a ride in your head. Of course I'd be annoyed that everyone else could run off and have fun." That's surprisingly straightforward coming from her.

"I'd actually enjoy it if I could go back to being the goddess of this shrine." Hakurei pipes up in a disgruntled tone.

"Man, I was havin' fun all on my own! What'd you go and carry me off for? That sorta thing's my job!" Suika also seemed rather annoyed, but with Nari instead of me.

"It makes sense for the shrine's residents to show guests around." Nari on the other hand is completely disregarding the oni's annoyance and is off doing her own thing. "Should I try to make something to drink or are we heading elsewhere soon?"

"That's a good question. You mentioned how Reimu isn't present right now, and she owns the shrine doesn't she?" Marine finally speaks up.

"By inheritance, but yeah. If she were here she'd probably try to get out of doing a tour anyways so it doesn't really matter." Mima responded to Marine's statement in an uncharacteristically annoyed voice.


[X]Head off to Hakugyokuro.
-[X]Drag the spirit and oni along so they'll stop being in such a bad mood.
[X]Maybe the other shrine won't be so weird right now...
[X]Eientei for the next stop?
[X]Just show them around. The miko needn't be present for this.
>> No. 29578
[X]Just show them around. The miko needn't be present for this.
>> No. 29579
[+]Head off to Hakugyokuro.
-[+]Drag the spirit and oni along so they'll stop being in such a bad mood.
Shrine is no fun without miko.
>> No. 29580
[X]Just show them around. The miko needn't be present for this.
>> No. 29581
[X]Head off to Hakugyokuro.
-[X]Drag the spirit and oni along so they'll stop being in such a bad mood.

Sounds interesting, and everyone needs a party!
>> No. 29582
[X]Just show them around. The miko needn't be present for this.
>> No. 29585
[X]Just show them around, the miko needn't be present for this.

"Especially when I plan to show my friends around anyways. I think introductions are in order." I then turn to my friends to begin the tour. Despite the fact that this is a Shinto shrine and I don't really have more than a passing knowledge of the religion. "This is Mima, self-proclaimed evil deity of the Hakurei Shrine."

"Evil deity?" Ben gave Mima a good look before returning his gaze to me. "I'm guessing there's a reason for that."

"Hmph. Of course there is." Mima shifted position after setting her tea down before continuing, ticking the reasons off on her fingers as she went. "I got sent to Hell, got my ass kicked by Reimu after about a thousand years or so, took advantage of the entry point she used and escaped while the resident Oni and Shinigami were still recovering from the initial turmoil caused by the other escaping spirits, declared the whole world my enemy for some reason I don't recall, got my ass kicked by Reimu again when I tried to steal her power, then gave up my evil ways for the most part and decided to hang around and bug said miko."

"So you're a textbook villain with a dash of Defeat Means Friendship." Ouch Naomi. It might be accurate, but still...

"I still chase away would be donators and people who offer their prayers. I figure if I keep that up long enough Reimu will be weakened to the point that I could curbstomp her in a danmaku duel." The evil deity manages to keep her dignified air despite the direct hits to it.

"And I keep tellin' ya, that's never gonna happen. Reimu's practically a livin' god right now and I'm bettin' she could rival Yukari if she got serious." Suika managed to make herself virtually unnoticable thanks to her gourd being closed. She's got a slight alcohol scent coming from her but nowhere near strong enough for me to pick out when that smell is already all over the place. "Looks like I went and forgot to introduce myself somewhere along the line! The name's Suika Ibuki, one of the four oni devas of the mountain."

"Suika, none of Wade's friends understand the significance of that seeing as they're outsiders." Yukari manages to get Suika to do a double-take with that last word.

"Really? They're taking this pretty well so far! We gotta celebrate this!" Suika would have flipped the lid off her gourd had Nari not skillfully hooked it on one of her tails and pulled it away. "Aw come on, it's been a slow day today!"

"If this is a slow day, I can't imagine what a normal day is like." Marine sits down on the couch next to the oni, though said oni is quick to pursue Nariko as she walked off to make some tea.

"Wow, you're really a spirit?" Naomi took the opportunity to start talking to Mima. Naturally I keep a close eye on this since while Mima isn't all that evil she still manages to have her moments. "I would have thought that you'd be less... solid."

"I'm splitting hairs over this but I'm really a soul, not unlike Mr. Spook over there." Mima doesn't understand just what kind of bombshell she just dropped on these three. "Regardless, spiritual beings like myself can alter themselves at will- Hey, are you listening?"

"Mima, we merged Wade's soul and body yesterday. Now he's just an extrodinary... Oh." Geeze Yukari, took you long enough to figure that out. "Wade, when did you plan on telling them about your ability?"

"Okay, you three lost me when you said Wade is a soul. Does this mean he's dead?" Ben's the first one to recover enough to ask.

"No, I'm not dead. I just had one hell of an out of body experience, that's all." I don't really know what else to call it since I never died in the traditional sense. I don't know how long it was from that final shattering to Suika deciding to put me back together but that shouldn't matter when my physical body is still working.

"That explains the cards and the gloves then." Naomi... Aw hell, she knows about Gensokyo but she must have been waiting for me to come clean about everything else.

[X]Cat's out of the bag now, explain what happened to you during the last year in detail. ...Minus the raunchy bits.
[X]Give them a summarized version and move on.
[X]If I explain it we might have to postpone the tour to give them time to digest it all.
>> No. 29586
[X]Cat's out of the bag now, explain what happened to you during the last year in detail. ...Minus the raunchy bits.
>> No. 29588
[x] Cat's out of the bag now, explain what happened to you during the last year in detail. ...Minus the raunchy bits.
>> No. 29590
[X]Cat's out of the bag now, explain what happened to you during the last year in detail. ...Minus the raunchy bits.
-[x] If the tour's done, head over to Hakugyokuro
--[x] Ask if Suika wants to come with, she likes parties right?
>> No. 29594
[x] Cat's out of the bag now, explain what happened to you during the last year in detail. ...Minus the raunchy bits.
>> No. 29596
[x] If I explain it we might have to postpone the tour to give them time to digest it all.
[x] We'll tell them at the end of the day.
>> No. 29598
[X]Cat's out of the bag now, explain what happened in the last year in detail. ...Minus the raunchy bits.

"I guess I'm cornered. Sit down and I'll explain it as best I can." I didn't want to explain what happened to me until the time was right, but thanks to Mima and Yukari I'm stuck trying to come up with a coherent recreation of everything that's happened to me in the last year. It'd be far easier if I could remember everything clearly, but as the turmoil from Suika's method of putting my soul back together subsided my memories became fuzzier. Natural order had been restored to my body and I wound up forgetting most everything regardless. "Remember last year when I said I managed to nail down lucid dreaming?" I let a bit of my soul bubble out so that it could form a white flame dot. "Somehow that resulted in my conscious mind ending up in the border between dream and reality."

I let a bit more flow out to create a fairly accurate model of that particular border, which the flame dot crossed through. "I don't get how it happened but from what I learned my mind slipped through a hole in the border. Specifically between my mind and the space between dream and reality." To emphasise this I let a bit more flow out and shape it into an accurate model of my own brain before sliding it partway into the border model. At that point the flame dot began to move from my mind to the dream world. "This is where things make even less sense than they already do. The border of dream and reality exists wherever conscious or unconscious thought exists, and Gensokyo has an active entryway to said dream world making transit from my mind to Gensokyo to be fairly easy." At that point I let a bit more flow out to create a tiny scale model of Gensokyo, at which point the flame dot began to shoot through the dream world directly to Gensokyo, then back to my mind.

"Transit between these places conveniently only occur at sunrise and sunset, which is why I try to ensure that I'm someplace comfortable before then." Two more small blobs float out to form the moon and the sun. The sun situated itself next to my mind and the moon next to Gensokyo, then the whole diorama began to rotate with the flame dot merely taking the path of least resistance. "This is my best interpritation of the phenomenon so far. This continued for about six months or so without incident until..." The mass making up the dream world swallowed up Gensokyo, my mind, the moon and the sun in order to magnifiy what occurred next. A tiny Gengetsu floated between the rapidly approaching flame dot and ran it through with her fist, shrinking the flame dot considerably as fragments scattered everywhere. "This happened. That being you see there managed to break up my soul and scatter a large chunk of it across her own world and Gensokyo, but that didn't stop me from making the transit." The diorama resumed its normal state but increased its size in order to increase detail.

The expressions I'm getting vary wildly, from Ben's shocked but skeptic view, to Suika's knowing look, to Mima's interested gaze. Heh, even I still don't quite believe everything I remember... Though I have to keep going. "I don't recall the specifics of what I did from there on out since almost every time I visited Gensokyo in such a fashion my soul was busted up even more, which scattered memories, personality traits, everything that makes me me to the four winds." The flame dot shuddered violently at varying intervals whenever it crossed to the model Gensokyo before growing smaller and slipping back into the dream world for the remainder of the day. "I wasn't aware of it, and as a result wasn't able to stop it. Speeding up what happened over the next six months shows that things got pretty ugly indeed." Skipping ahead made Genskyo look like someone dumped a bunch of glitter in it while the flame dot was nearly extinguished. One more transit and it fell apart completely. "I really don't know what happened here for certain, but Suika decided that she'd start collecting those loose soul fragments and see if they were what she thought they were." Next a small batch of tiny flame dots congealed into a slightly bigger dot, while all the other miniscule dots began to converge on whichever points they wished. Once that occured the flame dot that hovers over the Hakurei shrine began to move again and went back to the steady flow that it had initially.

"I was bent on putting myself back together, and ironically learned an important skill right around that time." Another transit, which happens to be right around the time I transformed for the first time. "I learned how to change the shape of my soul in order to aquire the power of whatever I turned into. Of course that power was actually backed by an unknown number of powerful artifacts, but I didn't know that at the time." The scene changed to the time I fought that giant plant as a Hiigan fleet, then skipped ahead to where I fought Cirno as Meta-Ridley. "That doesn't change the fact that I became exceptionally powerful in a short time frame, and used that power to locate more fragments." The scene changed to the flame dot moving across Gensokyo in order to absorb that which was once mine, while obeying the time limit set before it.

"I only really managed to get myself put back together within the last week or so, and quite a few things happened. I met some friends I made..." I recalled Merlin and her sisters the most easily out of all of them. "Fought some rivals..." Suwako and Cirno came to mind quite readily. ...And I have to end it there. I guess when I was worried about my friend's reaction I really should have thought more about mysel-

"Wade!" Naomi tries to shake the enigma awake, but it doesn't do any good.

"He's just sleeping. Even small tasks like that are very taxing for him right at the moment." Nariko moves in to explain. "Give him an hour or so and he should be fine."

"If simple projector play like that is his limit that means Danmaku's out the window." Yukari frowns upon hearing about the temporary new limits of her lover.

>> No. 29599
[x] Pass the time telling some tales of Wade's adventures... at least ones fit for mixed company.
-[x] Perhaps try telling Ben about Youmu.

Is this from Yukari's PoV?
>> No. 29600
Oh hell, I completely forgot to say this but yes, you are in Yukari's POV for now. I apologize for the confusion.
>> No. 29601
[x] Pass the time telling some tales of Wade's adventures... at least ones fit for mixed company.
-[x] Perhaps try telling Ben about Youmu.
>> No. 29602

Some backing logic behind the choices I made:

The stories one: story telling is a nice way to kill time, and this might be a chance to reference events not yet known, since I think Yukari had been keeping an eye on Wade from teh beginning but more so after he helped out Yuyuko and Youmu.

As far as the telling Ben about Youmu? Case of Yukari playing match maker, and the principle of "He likes swords, she likes swords. And friends should help friends find happiness."
>> No. 29603
[x] Pass the time telling some tales of Wade's adventures... at least ones fit for mixed company.
-[x] Perhaps try telling Ben about Youmu.
>> No. 29606
Delicious Fruit, spike, and tantrum-throwing sites will not stop me from updating!

Delicious Letty on the other hand, and maybe delicious Shinki...

Also, >>29602 :
I'm not the one you need to justify your vote with, but rather your fellow voters. I confess that I had to rush this last update because I came pretty close to losing it.

I find your logic to be fairly questionable though since I outright stated that Yukari wasn't aware of Wade's initial appearance for a good six months, and is part of why she finds him interesting. Few people slip under her radar, and fewer do so for long.

Your suggestion of telling Ben about Youmu might not work the way you want it to either since the two don't even have a sword style in common. (Youmu used kendo if I recall correctly, and Ben uses fencing.) Playing matchmaker based on the mutual enjoyment of the sword alone is doomed to failure. It could work regardless, but you'll have to work at it.


Wade, why in the world was that one little stunt enough to knock you out? While you were separated from your body you were a force to be reckoned with, but now? ...I shouldn't be surprised by this though.

"Wade's fine, his body simply hasn't adjusted to the level of power his soul possesses yet." The cute little bakeneko reassures his friends while letting him rest his head in her lap. It's silly but I'm kind of jealous...

"I thought magic power came from the soul, why would... Well, his body and soul was split for a year, then captain drunk over there turned his soul into a katamari and picked up a bunch of artifacts." Mima provided her little bit of commentary.

"Oi! That wound up bein' a good thing you know!" Suika pointed at the formerly vengeful spirit in a small rebuttal.

"I never said it was a bad thing, only that it explained why he wouldn't be able to hit the ground running so to speak." Mima in turn didn't look particularly concerned with the oni's outburst.

"Why is that?" Naomi decided to plop her cute little butt next to Nariko, and I briefly consider having Wade's body across my legs so I don't feel so left out.

"Simple: When the body and soul are together, they get grow together. When separated, like with Wade here, if either of them grow the other doesn't until they're reunited. Wade's soul went from being a normal soul to a powerful one while separated from the body, so his body is forcing itself to change rapidly in order to match the changes made to the soul now that they're one. Only this instance is a little rougher on him since his soul's also packing artifacts and physical objects just make the process a little harder." Mima certainly knows quite a bit about this. Of course I could have known that if I synchronized my past self with my future self, but if I did that this would be rather boring. Not to mention most people would be more annoyed with me than usual. "I'll also throw in what his ability is so far. It's the ability to change his soul's shape. Normally it'd be useless but Wade has the backing of some unknown objects along with his own acquired strength so it's become a pretty broken power."

"Just means my toy only benefited from havin' me fix 'im up!" Suika happened to be occupying the back of the sofa with her open gourd in hand. Somehow she's managed to keep the usual overwhelming smell of alcohol from bothering anyone, but I suspect she's just trapping it within the gourd.

"Hmph, toy? You certainly claimed your stake in him." Mima's looking rather smug while I find myself fuming ever so slightly... Why though? I trust and love Suika as though she were a sister, and I have no issues with sharing. "Huh boy, looks like I need to have a talk with you before you do something stupid again." Next thing I know the spirit's facing me with a knowing smile. "Sorry folks, I need to drag little miss gap youkai off for a bit. I think Wade can take over in the next minute or so and I should be done before he is."


Continued tomorrow.
>> No. 29608

Even with his various adventures? Sounds like it's time to hit Aya up for back issues then. Well I wasn't assuming it'd go perfectly, or so much to set them on a date right away, but more like having them meet and see what happens. And speaking from experience, similar yet contrasting interests can be grounds for a nice dynamic.
>> No. 29609

"You're such a pain sometimes, you know that?" Hakurei taps her foot against the floor while wearing a minorly annoyed expression on her face. Somewhere along the line she started rearranging things without my permission, but I'm not complaining since she looks like she knows what she's doing.

"I'm back in my own head?" If I am it's awfully non-descript. Just a gray floor and a lone lamp hanging down from a chord, but I know there are things beyond the reach of the light. I also know she's gone off to look around more.

"Pretty much. It's probably because there's two of us in here right now." All I can see is a poorly-lit sillouette of the goddess along with the stuff she's rearranging. "You should be waking up soon, just as soon as I put this here."

Then I open my eyes properly, and find myself staring into Nari's eyes. A quick scan of the room reveals that everyone is still present save Mima and Yukari. "Nari, where'd the ghost and the gap youkai run off to?"

"Mima dragged Yukari off. Apparently the latter of the two was becoming jealous of the attention you were recieving while unconscious and was considering doing something drastic." Nari removes her hand from my chest so I can get back up. One look at the sun through the window tells me it's probably around 11:00 AM in the morning. We came here at around 8:00 AM, so three hours have passed total.

"I have to apologize for how this has been going so far, I really did want to show you all around personally." The constant interruptions are getting annoying. First Shou overreacts to Nari's playful antics around Nazrin, then I over-exert myself trying to show my friends the truth about what happened to me. At the rate things are going I may as well leave things to the others...

"Don't sweat it. From the sounds of it you've been struggling to stay upright all day." Marine really doesn't look phazed by any of this.

"Personally I'm just glad that I'm getting some time between antics to think about all this." Ben seems to be doing his best not to overwhelm everyone with questions right now. "Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous of your luck with women. That Yukari is something else."

The drunk peach hat finally woke back up, albeit in a half-asleep state, and walked over to me before falling on me. "Eheheh... Mine..." I found that she put her arms around me and fell back asleep.

"At this point I have to wonder if I'm blessed or cursed." I can't help but roll my eyes upon hearing that my male friend is jealous of me. "Tenshi here usually isn't this docile, nor is she particularly affectionate. In fact she's usually pretty violent."

A snap of a shutter? Another intrusion. "I wouldn't worry 'bout that, I got this." Suika seems a bit more immaterial than she was a minute ago... "Why don't ya tell your buddies about some of your adventures before you got all busted up? I'm sure you've got some real lunacy in your past."

All eyes are on me now. No pressure whatsoever. "Now that you bring it up I do remember one incident involving Yuyuko and Youmu. This probably needs some set up before you'll be able to understand the basics of it so I'll start with the location and the people." A quick breather... "The location happens to be one of the places we're going to visit on today's your so you'll get to see it yourself since words don't really do it justice. It's called Hakugyokuro and is the home of Yuyuko, who happens to be a shapely ghost princess, and Youmu, a half-ghost servant to Yuyuko. Don't ask me how that works because I don't know myself." Shift the drunk peach hat a little... "But the story's simple enough: Yuyuko, despite being a ghost, has a massive appetite and scarfs down enough food to feed a small third world nation. She's also pretty carefree and likes to indulge her whims, and the one I'm going to tell you about is her desire to fly around in a hot air balloon."

Thankfully no one interrupts, though I think I see Aya bound and gagged by a bunch of mini-Suikas dressed in grass skirts, sarashis, and peculiar hats. They also happen to weild tiny spears and ropes and most of them are currently using Aya's healty bust as a tramploine, much to the Tengu's annoyance. "Hakugyokuro doesn't have easy access to technology so Youmu had to improvise parts of it, and personally make the balloon as well as the basket. Even then they didn't have a burner to make it fly, so Yuyuko thought up something rather gross yet effective: She'd spit canola oil upward and have Youmu ignite it to emulate a working burner. Crazy as it seems it actually worked perfectly. They got up to about three-hundred feet or so before Yuyuko got bored and decided to look around, which presented three problems. One, the flame actually started to ignite the oil in her throat, which in turn traveled to her stomach. Two, the balloon quickly ran out of hot air and began to fall. Three, they were going to smash through the roof of their mansion."

"So the balloon basket smashed through the roof, Yuyuko impacted the floor only a second afterward a promptly demolished the surrounding mansion with the resulting explosion. Afterwards I helped out since I happened to be in the area."

[X]Go help Aya, and see about introducing her.
[X]It's about time to head to the next location isn't it? Find out where Yukari got dragged off to.
>> No. 29610
[X]Go help Aya, and see about introducing her.
-[x] Make a mental note to ask Yukari about gapping the contents of your room from your old home to Mayohiga.
>> No. 29611

[x] It's about time to head to the next location isn't it? Find out where Yukari got dragged off to.
[x] "Oh, by the way," jab your thumb in Aya's direction "that tied up pervert crow-girl over there is Aya. She writes that paper with all the lies in it. Pay her no heed."
>> No. 29613
[X]Go help Aya, and see about introducing her.
-[x] Make a mental note to ask Yukari about gapping the contents of your room from your old home to Mayohiga.
>> No. 29618
[X]Go help Aya, and see about introducing her.
[X]It's about time to head to the next location isn't it? Find out where Yukari got dragged off to.
-[x] Make a mental note to ask Yukari about gapping the contents of your room from your old home to Mayohiga.

Why not multi-choice?
>> No. 29619
[X]Go help Aya, and see about introducing her.
[X]It's about time to head to the next location isn't it? Find out where Yukari got dragged off to.
-[x] Make a mental note to ask Yukari about gapping the contents of your room from your old home to Mayohiga.
-[x] Make ANOTHER mental note now that you and Nari are bound by the shikigami contract, teach her how to use danmaku. You can also teach your friends while you're at it.
-[x]Find some time to talk to Naomi alone. We need to know for certain how she feels.

Seriously, hasn't it been long enough since Nari became a Bakeneko that she learn how to use danmaku at the very least? We've established the shikigami contract with her now, so hopefully we can make teaching her how a lot easier. Not only that, we have our friends with us now, and to survive in Gensokyo, danmaku is a must.

Plus I doubt that setting the truth about Naomi's feelings on the back burner will bode well for us.
>> No. 29620
[X]Go help Aya, and see about introducing her.
[X]It's about time to head to the next location isn't it? Find out where Yukari got dragged off to.
[x] Make a mental note to ask Yukari about gapping the contents of your room from your old home to Mayohiga.
-[x] Make ANOTHER mental note now that you and Nari are bound by the shikigami contract, teach her how to use danmaku if she doesn't already.
-[x]Find some time to talk to Naomi alone. We need to know for certain how she feels.

Considering things I don't think that'd be a great need for our friends (Naomi would end up at Eientei so she'd never be out somewhere dangerous unsupervised, Marine would if anything stick to the village, which is quite safe. Dunno about Ben yet), and seeing how Nari had some perverted knowledge implanted into her head by Yukari, chances are she'd also ahve Danmaku basics implanted as well.
But you do raise a good point about Naomi; though this is what happens when you go about being tsun (out of tsundere): Some other girl who's much more open with her feelings will get him. The only problem with adding her to the harem is mainly Naomi's reluctance to be in one. (Yukari finds her plenty cute and Nari doesn't seem to mind her too much.)
>> No. 29621
File 126557051914.jpg- (76.80KB , 374x437 , hidden05.jpg ) [iqdb]

That may be, but we haven't seen any evidence of Nari actively using said skill at danmaku if it was implanted. Though...someone refresh my memory: how many of our battles has Nari watched, anyway? Besides, I want to see what kind of spellcards Nari has. She hasn't really gotten a chance to show us her moves.

Pic more or less related.

On a completely unrelated note, Nari x Aya x Nazrin H-scene side story. ULTRA. GRAPHIC. DETAIL. Maybe once this run is over?
>> No. 29625
[X]Go help Aya, and see about introducing her.
-[x] Make a mental note to ask Yukari about gapping the contents of your room from your old home to Mayohiga.
>> No. 29627
YES! YES! Got one!

The only reason Nari was never taught or tested was because nobody voted for it. It's nice to see someone finally consider that point since it's a good one.

Did Naomi really come off as Tsundere? That certainly wasn't what I was trying to accomplish...
Though I have to assume the meta-reason Naomi was never picked was because anon went 'Ohsi- Yukari route!' and jumped on it.

Maybe. I still have that Shinki scene to redo (Which I keep getting reminded about every so often) before I do any more side-H. Not sure how well I'd do high-detail anyways. ...Fuck, now I'm thinking about it. Thanks alot.

Huh boy... How do I call this one? Two votes that are close to one another in writing make a point of adressing some matters that have been on the back burner for far too long (Nariko's danmaku ability, ect.), but the majority vote is the simpler one and may allow those topics to slide right under the radar again.

Well, I'm no Eggan (Am I? Or am I not? Mumble Mumble...) so I'm just going with what's currently the majority vote. Now there's enough active topics in the minds of anon to book the next couple story days...


[X]Go help Aya, and introduce her.
-[X]Make a mental note to ask Yukari about gapping the contents of your room to Mayohiga.

"You were right about it being gross." Marine certainly gets the mental image. Now I've spread that image even further! Muahahahaaaa! ...*cough*

"I did say that already. Try not to think about why she exploded, it's not worth the headache." I made that mistake early on and got a migrane. Oh yeah, there's an Aya on the floor isn't there? All bound and gagged too... "Hey Suika, is Aya going to be an offering of some sort?"

The tallest of the mini-Suikas faced me and pounded a fist on her chest before answering. "This will be an offering to the beer god! First we must fill the tengu with booze before placing her on the altar!"

I turn to look at the original Suika, who is in turn snickering to herself. "It's only fitting since she's tryin' to sneak more pictures for her paper. Could just wreck her camera instead..." Which prompts Aya to start struggling harder as her precious camera is taken away by mini-Suikas. "But I think just swipin' the film and the battery oughta be good enough."

"Are we stoned or something?" Naomi's currently looking at the mini-Suikas carrying the camera to me, as well as the ones doing some kind of ceremonial dance around her, then the ones bouncing on the tengu's bust, and finally the ones bringing out the booze.

"Sadly enough, no. Suika's ability is to manipulate density, and somehow that also means she can split miniatures of herself off to do her bidding. And Suika, we're not making Aya into some kind of offering." The tengu looks to me with some kind of shimmering hope in her eyes... "Wait until we move on. I'm betting what you have in mind isn't appropriate for mixed company." ...And renews her struggling while shouting muffled curses. It's a simple matter to yank the film and battery even if it's foolish to think she didn't bring spares.

"Nyahahahaha! Did you see the look on her face? She seriously thought you were gonna bail her out!" That got the oni laughing hard enough to fall off the sofa backwards. Not like that stopped her.

"I never said I wouldn't. I want to introduce her while she's here before tossing her back to you. I'm still bailing her out, just temporarily." I do get to work undoing the gag and the binds after getting Tenshi off somehow.

"You're a real jerk sometimes, you know that?" Aya sits up and knocks the few clinging Mini-Suikas off her, especially those that have decided to cling to her... "Perverted oni!" Those ones cause small craters when they land. Reimu's not going to be happy about that one, no sir.

"You say that like Oni are supposed to be anything else!" Suika resumes her previous position on the sofa as she speaks. "Of course, there's also the saying 'pot calling the kettle black.'"

"I haven't done anything like you were going to do!" Aya snatches her camera out of my hand, though the battery and film are suspiciously absent.

"Not in recent history ya old hag!" Suika's having fun annoying the hell out of Aya. Come to think of it the crow tengu's older than Gensokyo isn't she?...

"Anyway, the girl here is Aya. She's the writer for that tabloid I was worried about earlier." I jab my thumb in Aya's direction without the slightest care in the world. Big mistake.

"What're you calling a tabloid?!" Aya's quick to knock me off my feet and to plant her geta on my stomach. I notice she's completely ignored Suika at this point. "Heh, I know you can't fight back right now. Too bad there's company or I'd make you regret insulting my paper in ways you never thought possible!"

This was cut short by Nari, who in turn jumped on Aya's shoulders with enough force to knock the tengu to the floor and give me a facefull of panty. "That's enough of that." She then kept her weight on the tengu in order to stop her from moving. Air please...

"Aya dear~ Why are you trying to violate Wade like that?~" And as though she was summoned by Murphy himself, Yukari happens to step into the room at that exact moment.

Mima then lets off a low whistle from the doorway. "That pervert's in for it now."

The next thing I see is that Nariko is helping me up and that Yukari has Aya by the back of the shirt. "Hey! I wasn't going to do anything to him!" The crow tengu's trying to protest, but is simply dropped in a gap.

"Hey! I was gonna offer her up to the beer god!" Suika reforms into one oni and protests Yukari's sudden action.

"Oh don't worry, we can play that later once we're done for the day~" Yukari then closes the gap in question before turning to me. "Ready to move on?"

"Just about." I silently let Nari know that I'm fine, at which point she stopped supporting me. All I did was get knocked to the ground after all. I then made a point of whispering to her when we were going to move the contents of my room to Mayohiga.

"Soon enough~" Yukari seems strangely cheerful now.

[X]To Hakugyokuro then...
[X]Eientei next.
[X]Just what did Mima do to Yukari?


A little short...
>> No. 29628
[x] Just what did Mima do to Yukari?
-[x] Eientei next.
>> No. 29629
[X]Just what did Mima do to Yukari?
[X]To Hakugyokuro then...
>> No. 29630
Not heavily so, but she did deny the feeling of being close to Wade.

Well I just assumed if Yukari took enough time to plant Dirty ideas in her head, she'd also plant Danmaku basics.

[X]Just what did Mima do to Yukari?
-[X]To Hakugyokuro then...
-[x]Ask if someone there could give a demostration for your friends sake and to give Nari a few ideas.

We should take some time out before they go back to talk with Naomi about the issue of feelings.
>> No. 29631
[x] Just what did Mima do to Yukari?
-[x] Eientei next.
>> No. 29632
[x] Just what did Mima do to Yukari?
-[x] Eientei next.
>> No. 29633
I was figuring we'd go to Hakugyokuro while Reimu was still there to kill two birds with one stone (One of them introducing our friends to Reimu), and if we come back later, she might have gone back home and would require us to make another stop.
>> No. 29634
I'm surprised Nari didn't jump on Aya earlier.

[X]Just what did Mima do to Yukari?
[X]To Hakugyokuro then...
[X]After that, then Eientei

Now I'm kinda worried. Mima's been insightful throughout the whole story Though not nearly as freakishly accurate as Alice's insight and I'm kinda worried of what she actually told Yukari. I mean, she still hasn't exactly explained how she was able to speed up Nari's process in becoming a Bakeneko To this anon's knowledge, at least But at the least, we're aware of what the matter with Yukari is. Though I'm REALLY worried about what a yandere Yukari is capable of. We just have to keep reassuring her that she won't lose us to anyone else. I mean, she's Yukari Shinkidamn Yakumo, she may be a pervert but she has always had the best intentions for Wade even if they weren't all innocent.. By talking to Yuyuko about this, we can gain a bit more insight on Yukari and how her thought process works...possibly delve a bit deeper into her knowledge of Yukari's love life and what all went wrong.

Plus Wade can gain enough space to talk to Naomi about how she actually does feel about him, since we don't really know what him feels towards him aside from their friendship. I mean, Hakugyokuro's fricking HUGE, there's got to be a quiet spot to talk.

Just stay away from the Saigyou Ayakashi at all costs.
>> No. 29636
[x] Just what did Mima do to Yukari?
-[x] Eientei next.
>> No. 29638
Let me ask the eientei voters why they're picking that; since that's what bugs me most about such votes: they don't explain why.
>> No. 29639

>>29628 here.

I chose to go to Eientei because I felt like going there instead of Hakugyokuro. No other reason than that. Sure, we may meet more people there but I'd rather choose Eientei.
>> No. 29640
[X]Just what did Mima do to Yukari?
[X]To Hakugyokuro then...

I'd rather get to Hakugyokuro while Reimu is still there, so we can get introducing her out of the way.
>> No. 29641
Four votes for Eientei, four for Hakugyokuro. Requesting tiebreaker vote.

Not unless you want me to flip a coin or something.
>> No. 29642

Just flip it and hope for the best.
>> No. 29643
[X]To Hakugyokuro!
>> No. 29644
File 126569708463.jpg- (25.59KB , 640x481 , asplannedrd3.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 29645
One more vote for ghost land. Hakugyokuro it is!

I am glad to see the number of votes are going back up. I guess the voterbase is more than a little divided on the subject.


[X]Just what did Mima do to Yukari?
-[X]To Hakugyokuro then...

I start eyeing the formerly vengeful spirit, who in turn gave a wide smile. I'm guessing she's done something or said something to put Yukari in this cheery mood, and I'm not sure I'm going to like what that was. I walk over to her regardless. "Just what did you do to Yukari?"

"Absolutely nothing~" And that is the most bald-faced lie I've ever heard in my life. "Don't you need to show your friends around all the other locations you have planned?"

"Are you allergic to straight answers today?" Next stop on my list is Hakugyokuro, which will allow me to kill multiple birds with one stone. I'll just have to keep an eye on the Saigyouji Ayakashi's influence and make sure they don't drop dead or suddenly get lured to the tree. It's sealed, but one never knows...

"It's the most unfortunate development. I did develop an allergy to straight answers just five minutes ago~" Mima sneezes to emphasise her point. "See? Being cryptic or unhelpful is the only way I'll survive the day."

I in turn mock sneeze at her statement. Mima raises an eyebrow and almost asks what I'm sneezing for. "I'm sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit."

"Very funny. Now shoo, off with you lot." Despite her earlier jealousy at everyone getting to go places but her, Mima tries to get us all to leave. Without her. "You don't have all day to sit here and argue with someone as stubborn as I am and there's nothing else here that really qualifies as interesting. Except the hot spring out back, but that's more for the end of the day."

"Yukari, we may as well go since Mima's trying to be mysterious again." I turn away from Mima in order to adress Yukari. "I think Hakugyokuro's next on the list."

"That's going to be a bit of an issue. The stairs leading to Hakugyokuro don't really start until you're about one-hundred feet in the air, and none of your friends can fly. There's also the fact that you can't turn yourself into some kind of airship anymore so we're kind of stuck." You've got to be kidding me Yukari. "What?"

"Mima~ I don't know what you did, but you're paying for it later." I barely disguise my irritation towards Mima before resuming the diologue with Yukari. "Did that ghost hit you with a blunt object? You've got gaps! You could manipulate the boundary of gravity and weightlessness, call upon your own transportation, make your car fly again!"

"There's that, but I thought we were trying to cut back on the excitement." Yukari's in ditz mode now? I shouldn't have to deal with this... "After all, Naomi didn't take gap travel all that well the last time."

"I only got dizzy from that. It's not like I threw up or anything." Naomi in turn probably wants to get this show on the road.

"You do realise that Hakugyokuro might not be the best place for someone in your weakened state?"

Is that why you're protesting this?

"Just because I've calmed down doesn't mean I'm going to stop worrying."


Next part comes tomorrow.
>> No. 29650
I get it. I'll just have to be more careful than last time.

No response, just a worried look. "Then we'll use a gap to get there." Yukari seems to just give up for the time being.

"What was that about?" Marine seems to be rather curious about our exchange, along with pretty much everyone else. I can't help but wonder how often Yukari breaks down the boundaries between minds if someone as old as Mima doesn't appear to know. Then again, how would you tell?

"It was a private exchange between the two, nothing to be concerned with." Nari then looks to me with a 'well? Are we going?' look.

Next thing we see is a vast expanse of cherry trees in full bloom, or in my case a white-tinted view of an expanse of cherry trees. The mansion is in plain sight along with the gardens but the occupants are nowhere to be seen. Guess they must be inside right now.

"Wade?" Naomi walked up to me without my noticing which made me jump a little. "What's with this?" She then moves her hand through what appears to be a opaque white fire. This isn't what I think it is, is it?

Narkio also takes a good look at it before speaking. "This is one of the lands of the dead. I think his soul is reacting to the environment."

"That's not too surprising considering what's here." Yukari happens to be looking at the largest cherry tree in Hakugyokuro right at the moment, then she turns back to us. "No sense lingering out here since everyone else is inside."

"Alright, lead the way." Ben looks like he wants to put some distance between himself and the Saigyouji Ayakashi. Not that I can blame him in the slightest, I don't want to go anywhere near there either.

"Whoa, did you see this? I found some kind of shield in here!" Hakurei chooses a rather strange time to speak up, but I'm not about to tell her to shut up. "I don't know what it is though, it's not a design I'm familiar with. Strange that it only showed up once you got to Hakugyokuro though."

I didn't even notice when we entered the mansion. I guess that just goes to show you how distracted I was. It's probably a miracle I didn't walk into anything either... I do notice that only Yuyuko is present in the sitting room and that she has a rather content smile on her face.

[X]Get some introductions done.
[X]Ask where Reimu is, she's supposed to be here.
-[X]In fact, inquire about why she's the only one present.
[X]Ask if she can show everyone around.
[X]Judging from her look she knows exactly why I'm reacting to Hakugyokuro this way. Ask about it.
>> No. 29651
[X]Get some introductions done.
[X]Ask where Reimu is, she's supposed to be here.
-[X]In fact, inquire about why she's the only one present.
[X]Judging from her look she knows exactly why I'm reacting to Hakugyokuro this way. Ask about it.
>> No. 29652
[X]Get some introductions done.
[X]Ask where Reimu is, she's supposed to be here.
-[X]In fact, inquire about why she's the only one present.
[X]Judging from her look she knows exactly why I'm reacting to Hakugyokuro this way. Ask about it.
>> No. 29653
[X]Get some introductions done.
[X]Ask where Reimu is, she's supposed to be here.
-[X]In fact, inquire about why she's the only one present.
[X]Judging from her look she knows exactly why I'm reacting to Hakugyokuro this way. Ask about it.

Works for me~
>> No. 29654
Huh. Looks like it's about time for me to begin a new thread. It's been a while since I've last had to make one hasn't it? At least compared to when I first started and forced people to F5 to keep up.

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