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Oh, hey. Hi there, nice to meet you all. I probably suck at this, but hey. Try and read a little. A generic (probably) CYOA of Reimu.

"Oh god, what's with the terrible weather?" I sighed, as I climbed the steps back up to my shrine. That last couple was a troublesome one, asking too many question about how i do my job even. looking into the far distance, i sighed, putting my ahnds onto my waist. "Geez, you would think that this would be gone after a few days..."

Oh yes, I should introduce myself. Reimu Hakurei, shrine maiden of the Hakurei shrine. If you didn't know what i was talking about, I could help you to understand.

Let's see, it was sometime about this month, a peaceful summer with little troubles with the local youkai. Then, one morning, instead of the warm sunlight, i was greeted with this ominous red mist.

I could barely feel warmth of the sun, let alone see it. God, i want my warm weather back.

"Reimu, Reimu..." I mumbled to myself as i continued my trip back up. "Maybe you should have a look yourself, eh?"

I really should, don't I? As the shrine maiden, it was my duty to ensure peace in Gensokyo, not that i like it alot. However, the mist isn't threatening anyone right now...

Sighing deeply, i took a deep breath in as i reached upon the front doors of the shrine. Well, that was a long climb up. Not that i really need it, but it's good to exercise sometimes.

"There goes my afternoon..." I headed for the kitchen, to get started on my simple dinner. a simple diet, for one like myself. I don't eat that much, and I'm rather content with what i have.

"Hm..." I took a quick into the pot, where i keep my rice. It was almost empty, only enough to last me for another few days. "I should probably buy some at the village tomorrow...just in case."

It was a simple fare, consisting of a bowl of miso soup and vegetables that i planted myself. Not the bad food for a growing miko, but i can't afford anything else.

A quick meal with a quick ending, i was already finished as the sun was setting. Well, you couldn't really see the sun in the first place, so i assumed it was.

After a quick clearing up of the table, i sat down at the table again, enjoying the tea i had prepared. I wonder if i could get some herbs from the mountains...though it might be impossible with that mist around.

"Ah..." I smiled, a good cup of tea never fails to cheer me up. "Let's hope that this mist will go away..."

To be honest, i didn't even begin to think that this mist would be the beginning of my troubles and worries to come...

I slept rather early, only to be rudely waken up in the middle of the night as i heard who knows what was banging their best at my front door. I hurried and gotten my sleepwear off, getting my shrine maiden outfit on perhaps in record time.

"Y-Yes?" I opened the front door, to see some of the villagers had gathered around at the front door, including the village chief. With a puzzled look, i was afraid to ask. But... "I-Is something wrong?"

"Shrine maiden! W-We need your help." The village chief stepped closer, his walking stick looking much charred. "T-The youkai are attacking...suddenly in the middle of the night, nonetheless."

"R-Right." I nodded, knowing what i have to do. "I-Is everyone alright?"

"Yes, we managed to get everyone out safely...but it seemed that the youkai were...gathering food." The village chief started to mumbled to himself, feeling rather disturbed with the behavior of the youkai. "W-We will be relying on you again, shrine maiden."

"Don't worry, I'll pay then back tenfold." I smiled, assuring the chief. But firstly, my weapons of choice.

- The Hakurei ying-yang orbs. Pretty much fatal to any youkai that gets in their way. Who wants a bump of their head with that thing?

- The scared amulets, charms or whatever you want to call them. Pretty effective to minor youkai, but it would take something else to get the stronger ones.

- Blessed needles. This would pretty much hurt anyone, youkai or human. How many times have i been stung by the needles...

Maybe i should bring one only...but i feel that there's more to meet to the eye. Should i include rations?

[] Let's hope for the best and prepared for the worst.
[] There's no need to worry. (Giving up on rations)

Equipping - [] Hakurei ying-yang orbs
- [] Scared amulets.
- [] Blessed needles.

Health - 100%
Magic - 100%
Status - Normal.

Intro, intro! People from DS should recognize me, if not, I'm a member there.

Enjoy...and perhaps some yuri scenes would be in order. Oh, of course, if you want to, dear readers.

There's no bad ends...as far as it goes. Only bad routes, that gets you to different endings than the real story itself.
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>> No. 29207
Right, maybe i should work on my writing skills.

Just bear with me, since I'm too used of writing like that.

Oh, and I'll take three votes, if there's any of them.
>> No. 29211
[X] Let's hope for the best and prepared for the worst.

- [X] Hakurei Yin-Yang orbs.
- [X] Scared amulets.
- [X] Blessed needles.
>> No. 29214
I'd read this, but I can't bring myself to go through such grammar.
>> No. 29217
so there's no apparent downside to bringing rations? or should we assume it'll weigh her down or something?

also, why are they both stuttering?
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File 126146010415.jpg- (193.34KB , 377x500 , 2486895886_54487e3616.jpg ) [iqdb]
I have to apologize for that... working on it. Really sorry. I always forget to double check.

Rations can either help you or hinder you. Like tempting the youkai in the forest. The stuttering is just...an effect. I guess.

Gathering what I could hold in my two pockets, it should suffice for this youkai extermination. I could use a good washing up too, but my duty comes first.

Heading out immediately, I did not think twice about the dangers that would befall upon me. After all, this was just a much more dangerous extermination, or so I thought.

The journey to the village was quick and swift, yet there was something unnerving about what I saw as I stepped into it. There was not even a single youkai there.

"So, where are the youkai...?"

It was unsettling, like I was being watched by someone. With my charms in hand, I entered the village with caution, wanting to finish this as soon as possible.

"What was it that they were saying...something about the youkai gathering food?"

It sounded unnatural enough to me. I don't ever remember that youkai would do something like that. It was just like they were under someone's order. Anyway, I was more concerned with my current job.

Searching around the village, and there were no signs of any youkai that i could see. Darn it, why couldn't it be in the morning?


Was that someone? A small shock for me, nonetheless. I thought that the villagers were all at the shrine...

Looking around, it seemed to came from direction from the Forest of magic. That's perfect. More legwork for the poor shrine maiden. Still, I'm required to find out what was the cause of this.

In the morning, the Forest of magic was creepy enough. Now, in the middle of the night, it was full of dangerous youkai that would tear apart anyone who was 'dumb' enough to enter it.

"Nothing like a trip into the forest..." I sighed, wondering how long was this going to take me. I wanted my futon much more badly than ever now. "Here goes nothing, Reimu."

Forest of Magic

The path was straight and true enough, yet I didn't think it was that easy. That scarlet mist was still around, but I could feel something, as I stepped into the forest.

It felt like my body wanted me to back away, away from the source of the mist. Maybe, I was on the right track? Perhaps I could finish the youkai extermination and end this scarlet weather at the same time...


Not again. What was that? Someone was certainly watching me, from the time where I was in the village up till now. It could be bad, if was a youkai that was looking for it's next meal.

[] Investigate that immediately. Something doesn't feel right.
[] It was my imagination at work...perhaps.

Hakurei ying-yang orbs. [Equipped]
Sacred amulets. [Equipped]
Blessed needles. [Equipped]
Rations x 2.

[Note: There's a limit on how much Reimu can use, since she does not have an infinite amount of charms, etc. Thus, think twice before using them for the occasion.]

[Weapons can be unequipped anytime, except in battle.]

Health: 100%
Magic: 100%
Status: Normal.


Any comments would be helpful, if you feel that I should have any change to what isn't right.

>> No. 29226
I can't help but ask.

Would it better if using notepad or microsoft word for writing? A silly question, but yeah.
>> No. 29228
[x] Investigate that immediately. Something doesn't feel right.
>> No. 29229
Personally, I do all my writihng on the spot since I'm mostly stuck doing AoS on my Wii and that habit has carried over to when I write on the PC.

I am curious as to how your retelling of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil will go and am keeping an eye on this, but do work on your grammar. (Reading other stories and practicing goes a long way.) I am curious though, is English your first language?

[X]Investigate that immediately. Something doesn't feel right.
>> No. 29234

Yeah, English is my first language, though I'm much more used to Chinese. I'll work on those problems of mine. Thanks for the tip.
>> No. 29237
This was a perfectly comprehensible post.
>> No. 29241
File 12615642871.jpg- (14.25KB , 250x250 , Rumia.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X]Investigate that immediately. Something doesn't feel right.

Trust my instincts. That's was what I was taught about. Taking a deep breath in, I decided to look for the source of disturbance, before continuing through the forest. It would be dangerous, if I don’t settle this before it comes back to haunt me.

Stepping through the thick vegetation, I could hear someone as I got closer. Darn it, if I could see where was it coming from. The forest was covered in darkness, limiting myself to rely on my other senses. Can’t they fight fair and square? I suppose not.

Stopping for a moment, I strained my ears as I tried to capture any signs of moment, though it might seem to be futile. A minute passed, and there wasn't anyone or anything that moved. Was I being paranoid? I strained my ears again, hoping that I wasn’t hearing things at all.

Another minute went by, and that's when I found it. I could barely hear it, but it was a small giggle, belonging to a little girl. I proceeded carefully, ensuring that my footsteps would not be heard. Getting out of those troublesome bushes, it seems that I had found myself in a small clearing in the forest.

The moon was visible, and so was my little culprit, sitting on the ground with a branch in her hand. With her back facing at me, she was giggling to herself, like there was something that was supposed to be funny around here. I could tell that she wasn’t from around here, for starters.

She had short, blond hair, which wasn’t that common as far as I can remember. She was dressed in black, top to bottom, with signs of wear and tear that was rather obvious from the signs on her clothing. Can I believe that she was a youkai? I guess I wouldn’t know, if I don’t find out for myself. I couldn't sense anything from her, to be honest.

As I went closer, she suddenly turned right at me, startling me for a second. I was surprised, as she stared right at me with those red eyes of hers. Was it naivety that I saw as I looked back into her eyes? Or was it something much more sinister? I could not tell.

“Ah. Hello.” I smiled at the girl, who was still staring at me. I tried to avert my gaze from that pair of red eyes, feeling uncomfortable with them staring constantly at me. “What might you be doing here? It’s pretty rare to see someone out here, in the middle of night. Are you lost?”

That was quite sudden. I was even surprised, blurting it out just like that. She just kept staring at me, and then, she giggled. Really now, what was it that was funny for her to giggle like that? She smiled at me, which surprisingly fitted her innocent look.

“So, are you a human?” The girl spoke; her voice was gentle and had a hint of childishness to it. “Can you help me with something?”

“S-Sure, what is it?” I watched her, as she pointed at the ribbon-like ornament that was bound to her left side of her hair. “You want me to remove this?”

She nodded, smiling at me. I had my suspicions about that ribbon-like ornament, noticing the odd writings on it. However, I don’t think it would be a problem if I just remove it for her...right?

[] I couldn’t bear to leave this alone, so I removed the ribbon-like ornament.

[] Something...doesn’t feel right about this. Something...

[Note: Inventory and Status checks are welcomed. Periodical checks will be done too.]

Comments are welcomed. I used MS word, which helped with the writing process.
>> No. 29243
[X] Something...doesn’t feel right about this. Something...

Do you really want to fight an Ex-Boss right off the bat?
>> No. 29244
[x] Something...doesn’t feel right about this. Something...
Of course.
>> No. 29257
File 126164069034.jpg- (211.94KB , 435x600 , Reimu20.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Something...doesn’t feel right about this. Something...
I leaned in closer to the girl, trying to get a closer look at those writings. When I touched that ribbon of hers, I could feel shivers running down my spine, sensing a powerful seal that was contained in that ribbon-like ornament.

I flinched, backing away from the girl. My right hand was tingling from the touch of that ‘ribbon’, my suspicions confirmed. Something or someone much more powerful was sealed within this little girl, which I could barely sense from that brief moment of touch. I guess I should be lucky that I didn't do anything stupid.

“...Who are you?” I got my charms at the ready, backing away even further to put a good distance between the two of us. The girl giggled at me, which she stood up and started dusting her skirt. Granted, she did have the advantage, but I’m sure that there’s a weak point hidden within her too. “...I’ll ask again, who are you?”

“Is that so?” The girl grinned this time, bobbing her head to the side. Her red eyes were watching me, like she was checking me out for her next meal. “I’m Rumia, Miss Shrine Maiden.”

She started to walk around in a small circle, singing something that I could barely understand. I still had my charms up, ready to strike whenever she made her move. Though, I could have sworn that my surroundings were gradually disappearing from my sight, like there was some sort of spell going on.

Then, before my eyes, everything just simply vanished, a pitch black world. Okay, this was bad. I didn’t really expect this to happen, to be honest. This was irritating though. She could attack me anytime she likes without a warning. I’m wasting valuable time here too...

“Okay...first thing. What am I suppose to do?” I muttered to myself, thinking up a plan as I stood my ground. “I can’t do anything if I cannot see her...”

“Shrine Maiden, perhaps you could just give up? I could use a meal now, you know~” Rumia giggled, her tone sounded more forceful now, like she was mocking me. I could take all the insults from her and still beat her to a pulp. “Pretty please, with a cherry on top? I’m terribly hungry, after that stupid fairies ruined my plan~”

“...What fairies?” I called out, finding that sudden tidbit of information rather interesting. “I thought YOU were the one who attacked the village?”

“Is that so?” Rumia sneered, starting to laugh. “Those stupid fairies were the one who attacked the village, from that mansion over at the lake~ Why, they ruined my dinner and supper at the same time! If it wasn’t for that lady...”

She sounded like she was restraining herself, from missing her dinner or whatever that was. Right, what she said was quite useful. So, the fairies, which attacked the village, came from that creepy-looking mansion from the lake? Sounds like I have found my culprits, for that recent attack. Perhaps they were involved with the mist, if I’m lucky. Now, maybe I could do something about Rumia now. I had gotten what I needed to know from the hungry youkai here, blabbing it all out for me.

“I thank you for the information.” I bowed a little, exposing my neck there for the second. “Now...I should be getting along with my trip, if you would be so kind to let me go already?”

“Silly Shrine Maiden, didn’t you heard what I just said?” Rumia sounded amused, giggling yet again. God, it’s getting on my nerves. “I missed my dinner and supper! And the only source of food I can see here...would be you, the naive shrine maiden. You would make a nice meal, indeed.”

“...” I rubbed my forehead, feeling extremely annoyed with her constant boasting, threats, whatever! I needed to go and it will be now. “Very well...”

[Note: Spell options are available. I guess using IaMP spell cards should be okay. Or would you guys prefer EoSD?]

Confronting Rumia -
[] I should strike first, though I have absolutely no idea where was she.
[] I should be careful, since she still has the advantage.
[] (Insert write in)

If attacking -
[] The ying-yang orbs might do the trick. [Magic consumption.]
[] Charms and needles just for her. Tons of them, in fact. [Item consumption]
[] (Insert attack method)

If defending –
[] Remain still, gain your bearings.
[] A protective barrier, it might hold. But who knows for how long? (Magic consumption)
[] (Insert defending method)
I would prefer write-in by the readers, so be creative. Boss Fight 1, go. Picture unrelated, I guess.

Merry Christmas eve.
>> No. 29298

I have no idea.

>> No. 29302
Take your time. I didn't expect my CYOA to go all that smoothly anyway, to be honest.

If anyone want a escape option, it's there for you too. Just a good write in will do. ;)

Happy new year, in advance.
>> No. 29335
Can somebody with a better head for this than I vote, please?
>> No. 29336
[x] I should be careful, since she still has the advantage.
Well, she does
[x] The ying-yang orbs might do the trick.
They use homing magic, useful if you don't know what the fuck you should do.
[x] Remain still, gain your bearings.
Too soon to spend magic yet.
>> No. 29337
[x] >>29336

Sounds good.
>> No. 29417
[x] I should be careful, since she still has the advantage.
[x] The ying-yang orbs might do the trick.
[x] Remain still, gain your bearings.

Ya, alright.

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