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Because I need a spot to put all the stuff I think up that isn't directly involved with the story.


Studies of the Human Doll

Entry one:
I don't know why exactly, but I've found myself outright stalking another being. While I would normally consider such acts beneath me but this is a special case in the fact that the thing that has attracted my attention doesn't seem human. It takes the guise of one, sounds like one, smells like one, and even feels like one, yet whenever it appears it possesses powers no human should have as well as moving in a mechanical fashion. I can't help but wonder who would make such a thing...

Still, there's no sense speculating on something I know little about at best. Instead I shall focus my efforts on trying to find this enigma and claim it for my own. Now I have to plot where it has appeared in the past and figure out a pattern to allow me to get to it's next point of appearance ahead of time.

Entry two:
I have succeeded in acquiring the subject in question, and upon preforming some simple experiments I am left utterly confounded. It is not made of any material I am familiar with nor does it have any internal workings. This rules out this being a mechanical being but I am left with many more questions than I started with. Further experimentation should yield more conclusive results.

Wait, why is it fading?

Entry three:
Every time I see this doll-like being I find more questions than answers. Just this morning it was dismantled by the darkness youkai Rumia before I could get to it. After defeating her and shooing her away I attempted to bring it back with me, but it faded once again. This time it left fragments, most likely from the damage it received at the hands of the darkness youkai. It's strange though, it almost feels like these fragments give off some kind of warmth. Still, this will make my experiments much easier to complete with material that doesn't fade. I'm actually quite happy about this because it means I could very well be holding the key to creating an autonomous doll.

Entry four:
I've hit a dead end. No matter what I try the material refuses to yield its secrets. Simply inserting the fragment of material into a doll causes it to go berserk until the fragment is removed. This has an unnerving implication on its own, but even more concerning is the fact that it has been moving on its own as of late. It wants to exit this house, but why?

Entry five:
I have permitted the fragment to roam free under close supervision, and it has led me back to the site of the subject's earlier demise. To my surprise it began absorbing the other untouched fragments until the area was completely cleaned up. I can no longer ignore the possibility of sentience, but I should check with Patchouli to be absolutely sure...

Entry ten:
I have no words to describe the horror I felt when Patchouli confirmed what I had already suspected. After multiple acquisitions of the subject, even going so far to take it apart, it has grown ever more damaged. My colleague has assured me that the majority of the damage was there before I had even begun my work, yet I still... The subject is not a doll, but rather a sentient, living being that feels pain, pleasure, hunger, joy, sorrow, just like the rest of us. And I killed it- no, him, in the name of my idiotic quest to create a sentient doll. Killed over and over and over until I had a massive collection of fragments... Fragments that held its memories, emotions, abilities... And apparently it has become so broken it can't come back.

It's shocked me clean out of my desire to hunt it down. I can't continue my research knowing this. I am not a murderer.

I wasn't...

Perhaps if I ever see that person again, I could apologize...

As if that could ever make up for what I've done.
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Adventures in Dreamland (continuation from the dream sequence in >>29087)


I never quite understood why there was a castle in the middle of the Misty Islands. It doesn't matter because I need an arial approach to get into Castle YuYuYu if I want to avoid fighting my way up those god-awful stairs for who knows how long. ...And Heaven Clouds is where I left my Warpstar, so I have to use the cannon in the Misty Castle in order to get to it.

The fact that I have the Hammer ability from that Tweikers should be enough incentive for anything that would want to take a shot at me to back off, but with the way things are right now you never know. There's a couple Fairy-Dees that I just walk on past as well as a Fairy-Doo, who I just float over. The Mystion on the other hand... That gets pounded into the ground, as do the Nitoshies that jump out of the water at me. Strange creatures those Nitoshies, they seem to combine aspects of tiny squids and kappa from folklore which somehow manage to yeild a creature that's actually kind of cute. Then again, almost everything in Dreamland tends to be small and cute so I shouldn't be as surprised as I am.

Jumping from one platform island to the next is a bit annoying, especially with those Sunny sis jr.s camping them with their bombs. Ever smiling those mischeivous sisters enjoy causing trouble for anything and everything that moves. It's annoying since my only ranged attack forces me to give up my hammer ability but the Sunny sis can't throw skyward worth cherries so all it takes is some arial action and... it suicides by tripping backwards off the edge of the platform into the water below, bad news for it because not too many things around here know how to swim. I watch the Nitoshies tow it back to shore before moving on, dispatching the odd Nitoshy, Mystion, and Luna sis jr.. Soon enough I find the door I'm looking for which leads to the inside of a cave.

My problem with the Misty Island caves is that it's a haunt for those ever annoying Shingyobus, a red and blue idol head that either spins round really fast to try and ram you or teleports next to you. An all around annoying native but I'll just have to whack 'em as they come. I drop down the shaft spinning my hammer and am immediately rewarded with the sound of my hammer hitting wood along with the sight of a Kisuky dropping down on it to ensure it's KOed. While I do feel genuinely sorry for having to hammer something that helped me, I'd rather not have it drop on me the moment I stop looking at it. A satisfying whack accompanied with the sound of rock hitting rock tells me I have a bit of time before the next one pops up so I fly up the next shaft into a tunnel with a hole in the middle of it, two more Shingyobus and a bunch of yin-yang blocks covering another doorway. Since I'm in a rush I decide to hammer the Shingyobu that's hovering over the hole down it where it impacts a Star sis jr. rolling back and forth on its apple. I try to avoid looking at their impaled bodies as I destroy the yin-yang blocks that impede my progress as well as dodging the Ellydos that are floating in front of said blocks.

I then hammer past the Kisuky and blocks taking up the entiety of the tunnel and make my way deeper into the caves.

Part two coming later.
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>Repeated use of "Twei"

Why do you keep doing this? It's Tewi. Tewi!
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Because I keep getting the two mixed up in my head, that's why.
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> Then again, almost everything in Dreamland tends to be small and cute

Of course, it make up for it by having the ones not cute along the lines of Nightmare Fuel.

Trying to think of a combination of Yukari and Dark Matter and failing miserably.
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Not Yukari herself, rather her gap space mixed with Dark Matter.

Now imagine Flandre mixed with Marx Soul.

And just to give you more images, imagine what it would look like if Kirby enemies didn't just dissapear in a poof when defeated.

The next room in the cave starts off with a Fairy-Dee suiciding by walking off the ledge it was in into a pit, which is actually not that common despite the fact that their entire race is a few Maxim Tomatoes short of a full picnic. I simply consider this one to be dumber than usual and hop up the ledges previously occupied by the Fairy-Dee and encounter a sleeping Shoubel, a large tiger creature that's either bouncing around or sleeping in the most inconvenient places. This one happens to be preforming the latter of the two described actions so I wind up my hammer for a nice flaming uppercut that'll send it skyward. I'm just glad these things could sleep through the apocalypse otherwise I'd probably be mauled for whacking it like this.

Still, it's gone now, so I fly up the shaft until I get to an oversized puddle with a single Nitoshy jumping around in it and and oversived exploding nut right above it. I trigger the nut to fall and combine it with a hammer strike to knock the little sucker out so I can swim through without issue. Once on the other side I start flying up only to stop and wait for a Fairy-Doo to walk right on by toward its doom in the puddle I was pefectly capable of swimming through. I know what you're thinking: 'Why don't you save it?' I tried numerous times before but the ones who are oblivious to danger just walk right back into the danger without ever knowing it's there, so after the twentieth time I just said 'screw it' and moved on. Same goes for the odd Star sis jr., like this one rolling right on past me into the puddle the Fairy-Doo just fell into. A quick walk through the door and I'm on one of the castles on the island. Not the one I want but this one should have what I need to get to Misty Castle's cannon.

While I'm busy whacking the Crow Bert that decided to hound me I can't help but recall that Fairy-Dees are smart enough to build rafts when they want to cross water, or float on flower stalks with the really fluffy heads that catch the wind when they just want to get away. They wield umbrellas and spears yet for some reason completely lost to me they are the least intelligent creatures I've ever seen. Ugh Shotstones are always annoying seeing as I can't kill them, but at least these ones don't track me. Another few enemies whacked and I find a peg that should lead to one of the oddest areas I've ever seen. Taking the route opened up by smashing that peg into the ground reveals a doorway that anyone would otherwise have missed, which leads to the grounds just outside this particular castle.

A Ms. Sakick Touya is there to greet me for intruding on its territory, but I've fought this kind of enemy often enough to know what to do. First it tries to appear next to you in the direction you're running so you'll run into it then add insult to injury by ringing it's obnoxiously loud bells. It then pauses for a second or two before spontaneously producing a dozen music notes that fly off in different directions, but you can block those without taking any chip damage. However, it takes only one firey uppercut to bring the Ms. Sakick Touya down to size. Now for the reason I call this room weird. I float up the wall until I'm next to a bunch of stone blocks. I break those with my hammer and cross through the opening which reveals a maxim tomato, an lollipop, a Kirisame Sweeper, and a bunch of yin-yang blocks arranged to spell out ZUN. The first three are perfectly reasonable, but the blocks? Creepy.

Regardless, I eat the tomato, eat the delicious lollipop, ignore the Kirisame Sweeper, and enjoy stomping through the rest of the level with the protection granted by those ever mysterious lollipops until I get to another door, which leads to the inside of a tower. The fact that it's being guarded by a Fire Orin means it's the right one and that I have to kick it's ass again in before the warp star to the Misty Castle appears. To answer your unspoken question, it's a warpstar that only goes one way, and only on a set path, and there's nothing I can do to change it.

Still, Fire Orins are pretty easy to deal with seeing as two flaming uppercuts and a downward swing is enough to defeat them, which I pull off by timing my swing to when it lands so I can get off the other two attacks while it's still reeling from the first. Afterwards I hop on the warp star, crash through the upper floors of the tower while simultaneously apologizing to the inhabitants I just knocked out before I get out of earshot. Soon enough I'm at the final room before the boss area, and it's only guarded by a Fairy-Dee, a Fairy-Doo, and a Nehc who's only there to swipe stuff. A spinning hammer attack deals with all three, then I take a break to eat the grapes left behind by Queen YuYuYu's minions before going through the door to tackle the next boss.

Flalala and Remrere, two of the stranger beings I've seen, yet their attacks are the simplest. In fact, I have to wonder if they're really trying to hurt me or are just playing and don't know when to stop because all they do is push around large blocks or Ellydos. They're more or less completely oblivious to my whacking them until one goes down, then the other speeds up until I get the best of that one too. It's really too easy, but I can't stop now, I have food to recover!
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I think many people imagine Flan as Marx, and with obvious reasons.
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I see your going through Spring Breeze from Kirby Super Star. Will you be doing some of the other ones? (Revenge of Myon-Knight, Mountain Way Faith (Parody of Milky Way Wishes)) And then continue for the ones in Ultra? (Revenge of the Queen, Myon-Knightmare Ultra)?
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Yeah, that is a bit too easy.

At first I was doing a simple Spring Breeze runthrough, but I switched gears once I started writing it here and gave it the length of Revenge of the King, which gives me a greater variety of enemies to pardoy. But I may very well parody Super Star Ultra in its entirety once I get a few other ideas out of the way.
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I know it's bad practice to mix up story elements, but this is a one shot to replace the next part of Spring Cherries that was eaten when I went to go look up Keines' name so I could spell it right.


"Ah, Wade, could you come help fold some of the laundry when you're done?" Ran passed me with a large load of towels, only stopping to ask for help. This was rather strange in itself considering that she usually has to be forced to accept help. ...She is looking rather run down as of late though.

"You're finally learning to ask. Of course." This gets a smile out of Ran, which is good enough for me as I make my way to go do something that'd probably wouldn't be worth reading. I'll make up for that particular flaw by telling you what's going on in the meantime.

Basically, Yukari took Chen and Nari out for a girl's day out, while Tokiko went to go visit her friends in the Forest of Magic. Ran flat out refused to go with either of them, her reason being that there was more work than usual that needed to be dealt with and she needed to catch up with it. After Ran refused to go with I told Yukari I'd stay and help her regardless of whether she wants it or not. So I'm now all alone with the fox youkai for until late evening. Not the most glamerous of circumstances, but someone has to help her, even if that someone is a human.

Finishing my buisness in the bathroom I start walking to the bedroom Ran always uses to fold laundry. I open the door and wlak through, only to find something that is the most beautiful sight in the world as well as the most unexpected. Ran completely naked on the bed, towels unfolded and forgotten on a nearby chair, with her using one of her tails to mastrubate furiously. I'm momentarily stunned, but out of a sense of decency I try to leave the room, only to find that Ran's extended one of her tails in order to shut and lock the door before I can get to it. I only have time to gulp before said tail wraps around me and reels me in toward the divine fox, who then shifts the tail holding me to where it's under my shirt so she can use the other seven to undress me. My boxers come off just in time for her to reach orgasm, and I'm helpless to watch as she soaks her tail with her own ejectulate before tightly wrapping each of my arms and legs with a tail and giving me the most predatory look I've ever seen. One thought runs through my head before she starts: She's going to rape me, and I can't stop her.

Two of her fluffy tails start teasing my nipples while another starts sliding around my anus. The four previously mentioned keep me utterly immobilized while yet another binds our bodies together. I can see why everyone in the Yakuko family plays with her tails so much, they feel to nice not to.

Now I've got an erection from all this stimulation, and Ran knows it. Her warm, slick, cum-soaked tail wraps around my shaft and gives it a nice firm stroke. Had I been a man of weaker constitution I probably would have just collapsed into her right then and there but I happen to be made of slightly sterner stuff. Maybe. Her movements are rather strange in comparison to the sex I've had in the past. Where my dick would normally be surrounded by soft insides it's surrounded by a slick, wet tail that's snaking its way back and forth rather than just pumping it, but it also feels like Ran's milking me. I can hardly complain about that...

"I've been waiting a very long time to get you all alone like this. How is it?" Ran's predatory gleam hasn't subsided in the least. If anything she looks about ready to top me.

"Wonder... ful..." That's all the answer she's going to get, and all the answer she wants seeing as she's slowing down her motions yet upping the pressure.

"How about this?" Oh gods now it's painfully slow but I don't want it to stop. "Hmm? I don't seem to be hearing an answer out of you~"

I can't help it, my breathing is ragged, my arms and legs are being rubbed with divine fluffy softness, the fur is tickling the inside of my thighs, she's split some of her ejectulate with the tails playing with my nipples and the one probing my ass. My mouth's open, my tongue's out, and Ran takes advantage of that by kissing me. Naturally she skips the foreplay and dives right into my open mouth with her own tongue, to which I can do nothing to resist, only ride the wave until she decides to let me go.

Or I let go first. Which seeing as Ran's lucious gold is being mixed with the white of my semen is exactly the case. Ran lets go of my dick and starts sucking on the end of her own tail, squeezing the mixture of her sweet fluids and my sperm out of her tail and into her mouth, intentionally letting some of it dribble out in the process to enhance the overall erotic look. Her next move is to take the last mouthfull and press her lips to mine, making me drink the mixture next. I can't do anything but drink until she's satisfied...


Part two coming later~
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I don't get why I dropped Ran smut in the middle of something innocent, but there's nothing I can do but finish what I started and drop you back into the sugar bowl world as if nothing happened.

But do let me know what you think.

After a minute of slow feeding Ran finally pulls away with a look of smug satisfaction. "I have to wonder... Your body language says you don't want this, yet you do nothing to stop me. You're powerful enough to force me away if you wanted, so if you really don't want this, why don't you?" Ran starts talking as she continues to tease me in the most sensitive places. "I have to think that either you're afraid you'll hurt me, that you're afraid I'll hurt you if you resist, that you've just come to accept your place as being mine instead of Yukari's, or that you really do want this and I simply haven't given you the chance to reciprocate."

"Why though?" I still can't do much of anything since she refuses to let go of me, but I can talk still. Small consolation when she's still rubbing her tails all over my body.

"It's not obvious?" She looks momentarily downcast by that before looking me directly in the eye. "It's because I love you."

"A confession accompanied by rape?" Maybe I can get through to her before she does... but... I don't think she regrets this at all.

Ran pushes me over to where I'm beneath her before giving me a much gentler kiss. "I don't want it to be rape though, I want you to enjoy it just as much as I do. But if I let you go now, you'll surely try to escape due to the fact that your fight or flight response is still strong." Ran slicks up her fingers before sliding them past my rim and into my bowels. "But that's just how I like it."

Her overall movements are much gentler than before, but she's still very much in control of the situation seeing as she still has me bound up in her tails for the time being. I actually expected her to join our bodies by now, but maybe she's waiting for something?

"Hmm... I think you'll like this." Ran extends her tails to keep me in place while she crawls backwards and lays on her back before spreading her legs impossibly wide and opening her lower lips wide enough to swallow me whole that way. It's somewhat concerning until I remember that she's a shapeshifter herself and that she's probably done this before. Her tails then slowly slide me in feet first until only my head is sticking out of her body, at which point she closes her legs around me head, which causes her pussy to clamp down around my neck. I can move, but not much seeing as she's testing the limits of how tight she can make her walls before it becomes painful, and they're getting quite tight.

"Ohhhh, that's perfect..." I don't quite understand how but she leans over to where she's looking down at me and places her hands on either side of her lower lips before gently rubbing them. "Getting eaten alive feels nice doesn't it? Too bad you need to breathe, otherwise I'd push you all the way down the hatch." Oh, she's mastrubating and giving me a neck massage. That actually feels really nice...

I can't really help it, but I start moving however I can, deciding to simply enjoy the experience while it lasts. I also start mastrubating, rubbing her walls to stimulate her and my own shaft to replace the usual stimulant, which works out quite well seeing as I can feel her juices trickle down my neck as I continue, but for some reason Ran has her hands clamped down on her skin that's surrounding my neck in order to cut the flow as much as she can, which just doesn't make sense to me. If you have to let it out, let it out.

"Don't give me that look, keep going, it feels nice." Yes, she used her shapeshifting abilities to make herself able to fit my entire body inside her yet is still able to play with my head. "Just a bit more~"

Her walls clamped down even tighter, which makes it hard to breathe and impossible to move, but it finishes getting me to oragasm. I feel my sperm leave my body once again as she reminds me of who's in charge, just in time for her juices to build up pressure around me. She's not going to- With a drawn out moan Ran gushes out her sweet juices with me sliding out of her, absolutely soaking wet from the ride. Her tails absorb the loose cum but leave me soaked, slick, and sticky.

"Feels good... You're not getting cleaned up either since I'm not done~" She's reverted back to the normal proportions and has now gone to plain ol' insert the dick into the pussy phase, which is probably going to be the last shot I can give for right now. Well, that and the sopping wet tails she's wrapping around us to envelope the both of us in a warm, wet cocoon of tail. She's wrapped her arms around me and has pressed her body to mine while wrapping her legs around my body as well before giving the first grinding motions. "Please, don't make me feel like a monster..."

I embrace her right back and use my remaining stamina to counter her movements, but I can't help but get weaker and weaker as weariness starts to catch up to me. Ran doesn't have that problem, but it means she'll be finishing up. As time goes on both our breathing goes ragged and heavy as we do our little improvised dance for what feels like forever until I let go once more, shooting my cum into her without a word from either of us. I collapse into her arms to try and get the point across that I'm done, and she lays down right along side me, keeping the both of us warm with her tails instead of wasting heat on the blankets.

"Ran..." I scoot up to where I can whisper directly into her ear. "I love you too." With that I slide back down until I'm using her breasts as a wonderful set of pillows.

"Wade, thank you." Ran runs on of her hands through my hair in a lazy way until fatigue forces me to sleep in her embrace. At least for a few hours since when I wake up there's absolutely no trace of our little daytime fun. I'm clean and dressed in clean clothes, the bed has fresh clean sheets, and it's late afternoon. I sit up and note that Ran has just walked in with the bed sheets we used earlier.

"Could you help me fold these?" Oh, you card.

"Of course." I move to help her with those, and this time we actually get the work done. None of the other Yakumos found out about it, but I think Yukari knows, and she's keeping her silence on the matter.


Spring Cherries continues a little later.
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That was certainly something.
>> No. 29177

That's putting it lightly.


Not sure if Kitsunes/Tenkos could change shape in the Touhouverse or not (it does differ from tradition in various ways, such as sunlight being a major hinderence to Vampires instead of fatal.)
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File 12611911415.png- (1.54MB , 926x1130 , JailTouhou2.png ) [iqdb]
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Is it ever specified? I get the impression that they're perfectly capable of it, just that there hasn't been any reason for Ran to change form.

Also, I know, not the best idea I've ever had but that's just how it came out. It also didn't come as easily as the H-scene with Nari, which is kind of strange considering I was in a similar state of mind. Maybe I should have wrote it as a straight up giant H rather than what I did... Ah well, live and learn.

Spring Cherries resumes in the next update. (Spring Breeze parody)
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The Nari scene was mildly kinky but very nice.

On that note there's the matter of the Shinki scene redo as to do it justice.
>> No. 29197
And so I go back to writing SFW parody material.


Spring Cherries [Part Three]

The next room starts off with a Fairy Doo on a platform and a Lilly on the clouds below. Neither pose much of a problem as I float along overhead, dodging the periodic Shotstone blast and navigating around Keinfies. What in the world are Keinfies you ask? They are a small blue free floating creature that doesn't do much more than float there watching people pass by. If you turn your back to them however, they turn green, grow horns and a tail and chase you. I've heard horror stories about what happens if you get caught by one that's turned green, and I made a mental note to just bash any Keinfy I come across rather than risk turning my back on them. Well, it's a bit of prejudice on my part since some will leave you alone, but this corridor is loaded with them and there's no real way to tell if they're going to leave you be or not.

Whacking Keinfies left and right I get to the cloud that hides the next door, guarded by a sole Crow Bert that simply flies away once you get close. Simple enough to bait it out of the way and head to the next room, which starts off with a Luna sis jr. on the ground and a Lilly on a platform. Still no real issue here as I make my way past them, dodging an Ellydo in the process with avoiding those inconvenient spikes along the floor and ceiling only to watch a Sunny sis jr. impale itself on the same bed of spikes I just flew over. What an idiot.

Next is Crow Bert dodging as I take note of the fact that the ground has changed to stone tiling, meaning I'm getting close to the halfway point. There's still a Knuckle Meiling in the way as well as well as a few Shotstones, Kirisame Sweepers, and a couple Fairy Dees floating down with Kogasols. Knuckle Meilings are all about physical strength and martial arts which means physically they are very powerful, and they even have decent ranged attacks to give them some reach when facing opponents who try to play keep away with them. Kogasols on the other hand just drift with the wind until a Fairy Dee happens to catch one, at which point it will open its one eye and stick its tongue out to help the Fairy Dee attack anything that gets close. It's a mutual benefit for both parties since Kogasols can't control their flight and Fairy Dees don't know how to fight. It doesn't save the ones I beat away though, primarily because I don't want to deal with their joint surprise attack. The door is in sight and I slip through just as a Shotstone bolt catches up to me.

Next is a perfectly flat stretch of cloud that gives a good look at the storm brewing within the clouds, which isn't good for me since it'll probably hit before I get out of here. While I'm looking around to see if I can't spot the one way Transit Star a long, skinny shadow flys overhead which causes me to sigh. I mean, I really should expect the guardian of Heaven Clouds to show up but I always have the hope that I won't have to fight it the next time I come this way. Regardless, the guardian of Heaven Clouds is Kriku, a flying fish-like creature that can generate clouds, rain, and intense electricity by spinning its body in circles really fast, and it's quite skilled at using it to strike things from a distance. Throwing stuff at it is the way to go since it also summons Fairy Doos to help distract whatever it is it's fighting, but Hammer doesn't have anything in the way of throwing moves to work with. Though I have to wonder why it's not generating clouds yet... It instead chooses to loop around and try to hit me with its electrified body and drop bombs on me, both of which are easy enough to avoid since it tends to follow a patter whenever anyone fights it. Of course, seeing as I've dealt with Kriku often enough the same old patterns don't do anything to help it win and I score an easy victory. It flies off and I get the use of the Transit Star to get to the next area, which dumps me in a pool of water before I swim back out. The Crow Bert just mocks me until I hammer it into the large batch of Yin-Yang blocks not too far from here and also attract the attention of a Momiji Knight. Momiji Knights ustelise their swords in battle and are usually under the command of Myon-Knight, so it means I have to be getting closer to my goal if she's sending her army out to try and slow me down.
>> No. 29266
I am such a horrible liar.

The following has no bearing to the current story.

"Come on, this way!" Merlin's happily dragging me around the Harvest Festival, making me experience all the things I missed last time it rolled around. Not that I'm complaining, it means more time with someone I care about quite deeply and she knows the festival held at the Hakurei Shrine like the back of her trumpet. Which means she knows it really, really well.

"All right, I can run on my own you know!" There's truth in that statement, but I can't keep up with Merlin's incredible pace so I'm being half-dragged around the area by a cute energetic girl in a yukata.

This came about when I rediscovered my relationship with the Prismrivers, which led to my visiting them more frequently unitl I was practically living there. None of us had any problems with it, not even when Merlin and I realised that there was more than friendship between us. Lunasa and Lyrica weren't bothered by this at all, with the former of the two saying that this pretty much happened before Gengetsu took a dream hammer to my mind a couple months ago so it was no surprise that we fall in love like this again. So the days, weeks, months passed until the Harvest Festival held at the Hakurei Shrine was right around the corner and there was no doubt who my date was going to be.

Preperations were quite smooth as all I had to do was pick up some dress clothes Merlin hadn't seen me in yet while she has her sisters fit her with a rather nice yukata that wound up needing adjustment. The yukata in question was white with a powder blue sun off to one side on the lower part and some lighter clouds to give the image of a brand new morning. Fitting for someone with such boundless enegry.

Of course, there was the accidental walk-in where I managed to get plowed into with a chair the moment I opened the door. Not that I saw anything important, but they could lock the door or something next time...

"You're going to get dragged along if you don't stop monolouging." Merlin basically stops me from diving headfirst into a goldfish catching game with the least amount of effort possible. As in, just barely keeping me from falling in with one hand.

"Okay, I get it." I pull myself back upright while Merlin has a small laugh at my expense. "So what's this about?"

"Catching goldfish!" Merlin claps her hands together in excitement over the prospect of playing what turns out to be a pretty fun game. "The object is to catch goldfish with these little nets so you can take them home." Merlin sweeps her chosen net down to demonstrate and snags a fish on her first try, only for the net to fail, which means the fish falls back into the tub leaving Merlin with a broken net. "Like that, but without the net breaking. Two please!" I can tell this is going to be an interesting experience from the simple fact that one, the guy manning the game is already shaking his head as he hands out a couple nets in exchange for twenty-five yen each, two, Merlin is just a bit too enthusiastic about her attempts to capture the fish, and three, I'm pretty sure some of these nets are designed to fail if you take too long in the water.

I decide to take my own shot at it by scooping up a goldfish that had swam too close to the surface and promptly broke the net, which means I have to shell out a bit more yen to get a new one. Merlin's certainly getting a few fish, though her capture to net break ration is still tilting in favor of net break. I decide to be a sneaky git about this and apply a bit of my own power to reinforce the net, which goes completely unnoticed even though the man seems to be fairly competent in the magical arts. Of course, I was using something most people wouldn't use, so it only makes sense that a careful application to improve the catch rate would never be called out. In the end Merlin and I managed to clean out the entire game, but set them all back save one since neither of us had much interest in trying to procure an aquarium from either Rinnosuke or Yukari. The former's been calling himself MANnosuke as of late, which disturbs Merlin as well as anyone else, and the latter, while a nice person, is much more inclined to be a friendly pervert than anyone helpful.

"Shooting gallery? Want to take a look?" I don't even have to ask seeing as I'm once again being half dragged toward the attraction, which currently has a small child trying to shoot a target with help from Keine, who's actually wearing her usual outfit rather than anything fancy, and failing. Not because it's rigged, but more because the child can't seem to keep his aim consistant. He's having fun anyways, so why bother him? There's another position in the middle, so we take that one.

"Sorry folks, there's only two guns avalible since the third one got yoinked by a certain kleptomaniac witch." Tewi wasn't someone I expected to run an honest booth, but I doubt even she would be so quick as to cheat in front of Keine.

"Tewi, Kourindou's out of replacements and I really don't want to deal with the owner." Naomi was another face I didn't expect to see here, but she did help plan Eientei's game booth. Who else would think of paintball targets?

"Can't blame you, nobody wants to deal with him right now. Thanks anyways though, you know I'd rather send one of the rabbits out to check but Eirin wouldn't let me use one for that." Tewi seems honest enough when it comes to a genuine friend, and the distraction is enough for me to whip another gun out and start leaving large paint blots on the targets just as the two booth managers turn to look at me. Tewi whips around to see that I had carefully aimed around her while still leaving plenty of targets untouched for the others.

"So, what did I win?" I let the Heaven Punisher dissolve back into white fire to help emphasise the point.
>> No. 29268
>>29162 >>29172

That was certainly some action there. Hawt.


But I liked your NSFW ones... *cough*

Never mind me.
>> No. 29270

Is there more to this? I want to see how it really ends.
>> No. 29272
Insert comment here.


"Wait just a minute Mr. Sharpshooter, you're supposed to use our guns for this." And there's that smile I've come to dislike. Tewi's up to something and I don't really care to find out what, but I do want to win something for Merlin.

"So? You were out one, I improvised." Another ping resonated just after I spoke, meaning somebody else hit something. Naomi was off congratulating the kid Keine was helping so there wasn't anyone to keep the small earth rabbit's mischeivous nature in check.

"True, true, but you're going to have to do better than you did for it to count. You're a skilled shooter after all." And we're getting to the 'fun' part. "Nail every single one with a single bullet and you win." Bingo. The rabbit's impossible request that every shooter fears. Naturally, I don't have to follow the same rules everyone else does, which is a good thing because she's talking about a paintball round, and so I take out another weapon that should do the job nicely.

Merlin looks rather curious about how I'm going to accomplish this, Tewi looks somewhat amused, and I'm winding up my shot just as another voice rings out. "Tewi! Where have you been?" Reisen runs up to the stand in what appears to be a handmade marksman's outfit, and I note the lack of a firearm. Not that it matters since this is the bunny that fires bullets out her hands... "You're supposed to be helping Master right now! We agreed to swap every hour or so and you're late!"

"C'mon, what's the big deal? You're a big and strong bunnygirl, you'd really make little ol' me do Eirin's assistance work?" Ugh, Tewi's intentionally blocking two targets, meaning I'm going to have to make a trick shot. "'Sides, I have to watch this guy to make sure he doesn't cheat."

"This coming from a compulsive liar." Targets locked, ready, aim... Fire! One round strikes one target, then bounces off to strike every single one in the booth before smacking Tewi in the back of the head. "What? You were blocking the return path."

"Hilarious. Now I need to go wash up. Stall's all yours honey-bunny." Tewi hops out of the booth and allows Reisen to walk in. I know the small rabbit's not going to let this one slide, but that's an issue to be dealt with later.

"Hmm? Why's this stuffed animal ticking?" Reisen held up the stuffed dragon and started looking all over for the source, only to have it breathe paint on her outfit. "You two might want to come back later, I have to see how many if these she's managed to rig."

"After all that Tewi still managed to avoid giving you your prize." Merlin looked a little crestfallen about that but changed gears not too long afterward. "But Reisen did say to come back later, so let's just find something else to do!" A quick farewell to the annoyed moon bunny and we're back to running around for a bit before coming to a stop in front of a booth that sells masks. A quick purchase later and Merlin has an oni mask shifted off to one side of her head.

"Why an oni mask?" Thankfully our pace slowed down to a walk after Merlin realised she was running me into the ground, and looked like she was simply looking for a place to sit down so I could recover.

"Eheh~ It's because you're gonna get taken home!" The musician leads me to the water fountain that Yukari gapped in soley to add to the atmosphere and the noise level and had the both of us sit down in front of it.

"You do that on a routine basis, what's the difference?" It's true, Merlin usually dissapears with me to take me home in a smiliar manner to how Mima keeps bringing Tokiko home to the shrine. Of course, most people have that reaction to Tokiko once they hear about her circumstances...

I'm treated to a sly smirk that bared some teeth before Merlin uses her superior strength to pull me even closer to her until she could hold me without a gap between us. "I mean permanently. We've been going out for a few months now, and thanks to that tabloid bird everybody knows how close we are." 'Tabloid bird' means Aya in case anyone was wondering. She snapped a photo of the two of us in the Hakurei Shrine hotsprings together along with several other moments that were supposed to remain private. We've been half-jokingly discussing ways to get back at her ever since. "I want to make it official soon."

"Official?" I can't help but look Merlin directly in the eyes with a quizzical look since this is a rather sudden departure from her energetic running, but that's Merlin for you. Able to go from being sunshine incarnate to soberingly serious at the drop of a hat.

"Official that you're going to live with me and my sisters from now on. I can wait until you've finished helping Reimu get her shrine back to a respectable state, but no more than that!" Merlin takes her free hand and points directly at me in emphasis. "So, next item on the agenda: How do we get back at Aya for all those lewd photos?"

"I still think getting Yukari to sic a tentacle monster on her would be the way to go." This has been another ongoing discussion between us ever since Aya snapped her first photo of Merlin and I swimming in the lake. We've come up with some pretty humiliating things since then, and the list just keeps getting bigger as time goes on.

"Oh come on, there's charm in chains. Plus you'd get to see me in leather." Merlin's idea is to just break Aya outright so she won't take another photo of us without seriously considering the risks. That could backfire spectacularly of course, and neither of us actually had the means to act out on our ideas but it was still fun.

"Aheheheh... Tentacle monster? Chains? J-just what are you two talking about?" An all too familiar crow girl has been tied to one of the lamp posts via gap, so I can imagine she's finally annoyed Yukari. Or maybe the gap youkai heard my suggestion.

"I do believe they were once again discussing all the naughty things they're going to do to you if they ever get their hands on you~" And enter one Yukari Yakumo, who's wearing a surprisingly plain violet and orange yukata. Her hair's been done up into a neat bun tied with red ribbon while a lock of hair on each side of her head draped down in front of her ears to enhance the overall look. Though to be perfectly honest if Ran and Chen weren't flanking her and she didn't act the way she usualy did I doubt either of us would have recognized her.

"Lady Yukari, do remember that there are children present." Ran points out an obvious fact that Yukari's conveniently ignoring.

"Aw, I'm not a kid anymore mama Ran." Chen crosses her arm and pouts just a little before breaking the act. "Though I don't really want to see what mama Yukari's going to do next."

"I'm not going to do anything." Yukari gently caresses Aya's cheek as she speaks. "Yet~"

"Time to go you think?" I nervously glance over to Merlin, who nods in response. We slip out before Yukari breaks her attention away from the crow tengu and head for our next destination.
>> No. 29273
Nice little what if story so far, and if it's going where I think it is, we might be seeing our first Merlin H-scene ever in the history of THP (I might be wrong here)
>> No. 29274
We can only hope.
>> No. 29277
And I suppose you want them to do it beneath the fireworks as a symbolic banging. Come on, do all my side-stories have to involve naked people going at it? I'm not Patchwork you know.

No offence to Patchwork.


One gap youkai-evasion later and we're in the food court, which has a number of stands that cater to anything and everything a human or youkai might want to eat. Well, almost everything seeing as there's no human flesh, cooked, raw, or still breathing to be had. Of course, I'm not in the mood to eat anyone so I start pointing out stands that happen to be selling food the both of us like. Merlin then drags me over to a stand run by a pair of people I thought would be sampling food rather than selling it. The all too familiar scent of cherry petals and the long line meant it could only belong to a certain duo from Hakugyokuro.

"Thank you, come again!" The ghost princess Yuyuko Saigyouji hands out a pair of delicious looking shiskabobs on a plate to a captivated young man who looks perfectly prepared to make a repeat visit before the night is out. Of course, it can't have anything to do with her cheery disposition or the moderately revealing outfit she's wearing. "Ah! More customers! Youmu~ Two more please!"

"Lady Yuyuko, you can't have sold everything I've just made can you?" Youmu turns her head to look at what must have been a warming platter only for her to widen her eyes in shock. "You ate ALL of them?!"

"I couldn't help it!" Yuyuko adopted a cute whine as she recoils from her servant's outburst. "Youmu's cooking is so delicious I couldn't let it get cold!" Oh, now I get it.

"All part of the routine, eh?" I can't help but think that either Yuyuko planned this or she's thought it up on the spot. Regardless, it's an act and she knows I just called her out on it.

"Is it that obvious?" Yuyuko starts munching another freshly made shiskabob once an irate Youmu turns around to prepare more. "Telling the truth and using some charm to make the sale is perfectly acceptable though, don't you think? People get to sample Youmu's cooking and we make some extra money off it so we can do more." She does hand us each a plate with a couple shiskabobs each, and waved my money away when I pulled it out to pay. "Making such close friends pay when they've done nothing but good things for me is rather self-centered, take these as a token of my appreciation."

"It would mean more if you actually made them." Youmu casts something akin to a death glare at Yuyuko for her antics.

"So meaaaaaan!" Yuyuko once again recoils at her servant's comment, but doesn't quite make it believable enough for it to go unnoticed by either Merlin or myself.

"Ouch." Merlin takes a bite out of her kabob anyways as we watch their antics just a bit longer. At least until the line behind us starts to grow again, at which point we vacate the area before someone got violent. Sure I could kick the crap out of anyone who tries it, but this is a night to relax and have fun. "What do you think?"

"About the food? It's a skill level that surpasses mine by a long shot. Quite good." It was a question with two meanings, so I just answered one because I'm being a bit lazy about it.

"That, and the festival as a whole." Merlin looked to the sky for a moment before looking at me again. "Everything's so lively, the atmosphere is just right, and the fireworks will start soon." She falls silent for a moment to give me time to answer, but cuts in just as I'm about to speak. "Think we could find a nice quiet place to watch just a little before they start? It's hard to cuddle when there's a crowd around you."

"Like I'd refuse you. Of course." I then take another bite to give myself time to rethink my answer to the first question. "The fesival is wonderful. Aside from my friends inviting me along to holiday events I never experienced anything like this. Or rather, anything quite like this."

"I'm glad." Merlin gives a full smile before finishing off her last kabob and placing both the used sticks and the plate in the nearest trash can. "At first I was a little worried about how you'd react, but I'm happy you're enjoying this as much as I am."

"And I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world." We both look at the large clock tower that Yukari gapped in to let people tell time. "About fourty-five minutes until the fireworks start."


Yuyuko never comes out as a ditz when I write her...
>> No. 29281

But you already implied they've done... 'interesting' things in the past, and thus voided your 'get out of writing H-scene free card' (If they haven't done it at all, we wouldn't press the issue)

That and some see sex as a sort of... climax to the arc that is romance.

That and It'll be a year or so if not more before Patchwork does a third run, and even then it'd be the Prismrivers or Higan.

And we wouldn't expect super kinky sex like with Ran.

But on the fireworks topic, that would be a nice time since you brought it up.
>> No. 29288
File 126207734484.jpg- (473.65KB , 830x1200 , Memory_of_Dreams_03.jpg ) [iqdb]
>That and some see sex as a sort of... climax to the arc that is romance.
Some watch too much anime/VNs. Romance gets better after sex, they're missing the good part.
>> No. 29289

That is what is called the resolution of romance's arc. I wasn't even mentioning the story arc at all, just the arc known as Romance. I know about that well; just look at SDM LA.
>> No. 29291
Okay, some of you are just going to have to deal with the fact that I also enjoy writing pure stuff along with the odd H-scene, and this is one instance of the former. Yes, they've done 'interesting' things before to the point where they're fairly comfortable with seeing each other naked. However Merlin is not like Yukari and shouldn't be expected to act as such.


"Think we should pay your sisters a visit?" Lunasa did say she was going to play some music, then Lyrica decided she'd help and they both decided to get a vocalist to take my place so Merlin and I could go out on a date. I'm actually kind of curious as to what they're doing right now.

"Sure! I want to see what they're doing before I drag you off someplace to enjoy the fireworks." I know she doesn't mean anything perverted by that, but it still sounds like she wants to do something perverted with me. Of course, that could just be my own imagination...

I take notice of the fact that Merlin's actually going at a walking pace rather than a 'drag Wade across the festival' pace, which is nice considering that I'm starting to get physically tired from running around so much. Though not only is the trip going at a slower pace, it also ends quicker than I thought seeing as we're following the sound of someone singing.

Lunasa is sitting on a bench playing a violin in front of a small crowd while Lyrica and Mystia sit a small distance away. Though if Mystia's not singing, who is?

"Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand..." That sounds like Lunasa... I never got the impression that she had a particularly good voice, yet she sounds quite good. "I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me..."

"Lunasa's singing on her own?" Merlin takes a seat next to the other two and I follow suit. I'm actually not too interested in the conversation but am instead listening to the violinist's song, which sounds oddly familiar.

"Yep♪ She really surprised me when she said she wanted to give it a shot♪ She never showed much interest in vocal work before, but she insisted on doing this one solo♪" Mystia had decided on a rather nice looking pink dress that matched her hair nicely, which meant she was probably going to do some singing on a stage rather than just wander around aimlessly. I could be wrong though.

"Take me out, to the black, tell 'em all I ain't comin' back..." Now that I take a good listen Lunasa's actually got it down fairly well despite this originally being sung by a man rather than a woman. It suggests that she's been practicing a fair bit before this, but I doubt anyone knows when or where. "Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me..."

"Her singing is actually quite good. It makes me wonder why she's never shown off her voice before." I can't help but muse out loud about this. I mean, people play their instruments and sing all the time and it's a well known fact that the Prismrivers are all capable of multitasking their musical capabilities with danmaku, so why not singing?

"Simple, it causes too much strain when the three of us play together." Merlin answers the question in an offhand way. "The three of us are all above average singers, but the problem is that our voices and natural pacing are so different that any attempts to sing while playing actually makes us screw up the whole song."

"And the person who sings as well as plays an instrument in a band is often considered the leader, and since we often depend on the harmony-" I actively snort at the word 'harmony'. Merlin gives me an annoyed look in response. "What's so funny?"

"I've been hearing the three of you play for months now, and harmony you aren't." It's not exactly a secret either, anyone who listens closely will notice that any song the Prismrivers play actually seems to have a small arguement between the three. This is probably because of their powers trying to gain control of the music, but it actually makes the song sound better, or maybe more... alive I guess? Than the rare times they do work in perfect harmony.

Merlin's annoyed glare finally caves under pressure and she simply sighs. "Yeah, you're right."

"Hey, don't make me feel like I swiped Lunasa's power to inflict melancholy on others. That same conflict in your music is actually what I find so good about it." Come to think about it, if Lunasa's playing the violin, shouldn't everyone be feeling less energetic than they are?

"There's no place I can be, since I found Serenity... But you can't take the sky from me..." And with a small finish Lunasa stops playing, and recieves a round of applause for her trouble, to which she takes a bow. After that she makes her way over to us and sits down next to me, only to note that the crowds haven't dispersed and seem to be making their way to us. "Oh great, the rabid fans are back."

"Eh?♪ What do we do then?♪" Mystia hasn't gone unnoticed either, and is looking increasingly nervous about the situation.

"Easy, ditch 'em." Lunasa seems to just vanish, as well as Lyrica, who grabs hold of Mystia, then Merlin grabs me and vanishes as well. The result is the five of us appearing in a world that has slightly washed-out color but a perfect view of the normal world.

"Don't worry, we haven't lost a passenger yet." Merlin's usual energetic state is back and it's now infectious seeing as I'm sporting a goofy grin. "You're so silly~" She then picks me up... "I'm kidnapping my boyfriend for a while, see ya!" And takes off with me in her arms, leaving the other two sisters shaking their heads and Mystia downright confused.

"So where are we going?" I note that after a minute or two the world's returned to its normal coloring, and that we're no longer anywhere near where we just were. In fact, it looks like we're sitting on top of a particularly large pillar of stone that sure as hell wasn't here before.

"Right here!" Merlin deposits me on the grassy surface before sitting down as well. It seems like Merlin is happily oblivious about who could cause this pillar to suddenly shoot up out of the ground, or what she'll do when she sees us. "It's a nice view don't you think?"
>> No. 29292

I never expected sex out of the blue, or something particularly kinky. (Perhaps a rather chaste scene in bed at the end of the night)

Oh well seems that first Merlin scene will have to wait yet another year or so (Unless that Gensokyo futures story ends up on a Merlin route)

But it's a nice side story so far regardless.
>> No. 29304
Your H-scenes are energetic and fast paced, not to mention kinky. It wouldn't hurt to try something slow and passionate. Sex under the fireworks is a good place to start, or at the end of the day, as >>29292 said. I'd at least like to see you try.

Sure, she may not be so perverted as to do it in public, but with Aya tied up, doing it in the cover of bushes and trees isn't terribly kinky at all.

It's a special scene: we're at a festival with a rarely used character in which we happen to sincerely enjoy your portrayal of her; you can't expect us to be completely accepting that you'll be ending it on a purely non-intimate basis.

That's like a cake without frosting, man. It just feels so wrong. You may have given it some back-story, and it may not be an actual vote-required part of the CYOA, but it's like you're Normal End-ing us. Sweet, but not satisfying.
>> No. 29305

Yeah if Yukari lets Wade, Merlin would be no3 on the list of girls to add to the harem. (I say that since if Yukari says no, well I'd listen for sure)

Though Aya would be more for Nari than Wade.

But it's nice to see someone mirrors my sentiments.
>> No. 29318
Oh sure, gang up on me why don't you?

Though now that you've actually made a half-decent case on the matter I may very well do a Merlin H-scene. Even though this thread was supposed to be the clean one, and another was supposed to be opened in /at/ for all the smut, but I think that idea died when I wrote the Ran tail scene in this one.

Though I do have a rough idea of what to do with it.

There's still time before the fireworks start, but Merlin insists that we stay on this pillar so we have the best possible view of the show. Of course, I already know that's unlikely to remain the case seeing as the pillar's shape, color, and size are consistant with a certain angry peach hat, and that she's very likely to kick us off, perhaps literally, before the show starts. It's not enough of a reason for Merlin to stop laying on me or even to look worried when Tenshi finally hops on top of the pillar and gives the two of us a death glare.

"And just what are the two of you doing here?" Sure enough, I can hear her brandishing her sword at us as she approaches. She's still got the hat on, and a yukata that matches her hair, along with large white cloth ribbon thing that has different colored tassles hanging off it that are arranged in the order of lowest energy visible light to the highest. The material appears to be a silky material, though it must be tougher than usual given how unrefined Tenshi can be sometimes. "Ugh, a date? You're practically begging me to beat the crap out of you." Despite her words, Tenshi doesn't act on them and instead chooses to remain passive for now.

"Oh, this isn't a natural thing?" Merlin perks up when she picks up on the idea that this actually belongs to Tenshi rather than being a convenient formation of rock for us to cuddle on.

"Of course it isn't you ditz! Do you really think random pillars of rock just pop up out of nowhere?" The celestial's taken a seat next to me despite her clear disapproval of the poltergiest musician cuddling with me. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that Tenshi never quite got the idea that I don't 'belong' to her in her head and gets annoyed whenever I spend time with another female. It's her problem though, I only made it painfully clear that I didn't like her that way and likely never would yet she insists on pursuing me.

"Weirder things have happened." Merlin seems to be oblivious to Tenshi's displeasure, or is otherwise just flat out ignoring it. At the rate this is going I'm pretty sure Tenshi's going to launch us off the pillar in as violent a way as she can manage without permanently damaging me. I can recover from some pretty serious wounds, but losing a limb outright is just bad for my health no matter how you slice it.

"Ah, there you are Eldest Daughter." Iku's head peeks over the edge of the pillar, and her body follows suit. She's also wearing a nice scarlet yukata with white frills to match her scarf, and I get the impression that it took some convincing from Tenshi to get her to actually wear it. Unlike the peach hat, Iku is far more refined and rarely wears anything other than her usual outfit. "Why are you- oh."

"I think she's jealous." Four little words that set the celestial's eye twitching. Iku merely gives a silent prayer before Tenshi launches Merlin and I clear out into the woods, well away from the festival. This isn't a good thing seeing as even though I'm powerful, I'm still human and the more animal-like and child-like youkai eat humans. And the plants? They eat and rape everything. It's a little like Silent Hill 2 in that regard, except I have my girlfriend and I'm not being followed around by a blood-stained Pyramid Head.

Well, there's also the matter of mister ground coming to meet mister face, but that problem is solved long before it goes critical. I basically sprout a jetpack and fly down to the ground with Merlin clinging to me the whole time. It's a nice feeling though...

"This sucks, the trees almost completely block the view..." First thing Merlin talks about is the lack of view, but my worries are a little more immediate.

"I think we ought to worry more about the fact that we're probably at least a mile into the forest." I can tell because the air is absolutely saturated in magic, which means I'll have no trouble fighting whatever comes our way. Of course that means I have to actually see what's coming so I can fight it without being back attacked and taken out in one go.

"What?!" That little revelation causes Merlin to almost shout, but she catches herself and simply clings to me instead. If I'm going to have problems fighting whatever's in here, then Merlin will end up faring much worse. "Why does Tenshi have to be such an asshole? She didn't need to launch us clear into the center of the forest!"

"Beats me, though we're not in the center by a long shot. If we were we'd be much worse off, and the forest itself would probably look much different than it does now." At this point you can gauge your distance into the forest by how thick the magic is, but from what I've learned the forest changes the further in you go to a much more frightening place than the usual where even the trees move like living things despite being made of wood. Strangely enough it's impossible to get that far in by the air, so we're realtively safe unless we head the wrong way and accidentally go into the deeper recesses on foot. Thankfully I think I know where to go and as such start walking that way. And preparing for the worst in case things go south.

Of course, we could just FLY back. I facepalm for forgetting this little fact and simply fly up with Merlin and head back to the festival, just a few minutes before the show starts.

"That killed the mood." She's flying under her own power, but still clings to me. "You're strong enough to wipe out anything you come across, yet you choose the easy way out? Don't you know a couples bond grows more when confronted with that sort of thing?"

"I'm pretty sure I couldn't kill an entire living forest, and even if I could I'd have to deal with Yuuka right afterwards which would kill the mood and possibly me, which would be even worse." I touch down a small ways outside the festival since Merlin did want to watch the fireworks away from the crowds, and this little spot in the forest has a nice view of the chunk of sky people were going to shoot them into.

"I know... But a little excitement gets the blood flowing, gets some excitement going. Excitement is a good thing remember?" She lets go and takes a few steps forward, right into a suspiciously slimy patch of mud that sure as hell wasn't there a few seconds ago. "I suppose I should clean this off before we get home, big sis won't like it if I track mud through the house again."

Despite the fact that there was that one muddy spot, nothing jumped us or tangled us in its tentacles so we simply moved spots. Quite honestly I wish Yuuka weren't so punishing about killing flowers, sometimes I think the rapist flora come into bloom specifically to make their death a double edge for whomever bests them. Though if anything does try to rape Merlin, it'll get a massive drill to the face.

"I really wish you wouldn't take this so lightly Merlin, I don't want to see something just arbitrarily rape you while I can't do anything to help." My concern is genuine, but Merlin giggles anyway.

"Silly, if anything really bad happens I'll just make the both of us incorporeal and escape that way. You shouldn't have to worry about me anywhere near as much as I worry about you in these situations." Duh, poltergiest. Of course she's got the full scope of ghostly powers at her disposal. "You're still human."

"That doesn't stop me from doing so. This place seems safe enough, should we watch from here?" The view isn't quite as good, but there's not much I can do other than demolish a few of the trees and potentially alert something nasty to our presence.

"This'll work just fine." Surprisingly, Merlin gives in easier than I expected, and proceeds to snuggle with me for a minute or so...
>> No. 29320

I don't think a rather 'clean' loving scene between two people really quite counts as smut. That's more than I could say about someone getting tail-raped then being used as a 'toy' by a giant woman.

But this story seems to have some usual AoS things.
>> No. 29327
Think you can write something about Wade and Tokiko at some point?

Tokiko is love after all.
>> No. 29408
Third time's the charm...

Anyways, any nsfw material will be spoiler tagged.

Merlin was content to just snuggle for a few moments, but climbed on top of me just as the fireworks began. Why she would is beyond me since we both enjoy them. "Hey Wade, you might think that this is a bit spontaneous, but do you know what Oni are famous, and infamous for?"

I can't help but raise an eyebrow at her question, but I answer it all the same. "For starters the fact that they love liquor and can down several barrels before passing out."

"Are you poking fun at my wine drinking tendencies?" No Merlin, I'm poking fun at the fact that it doesn't take much for you to start acting weird. "Go on, what else?"

"They despise theivery, are extremely straightforward and honest, and hate soybeans." I rattle off the next three just in time for her to lean in and give me a quick kiss. The result was the musician having a light blush.

"So I failed the thievery test, I don't like soybeans that much, but saying that I love you is hardly a lie... Two out of three, I'm looking pretty Oni-ish now aren't I?" She tilts her head to where I can catch a glimpse of the mask she bought earlier, then it dawns on me that she might want to play the role of one. "C'mon, that's not all."

"They have no inhibitions, and they commit crimes of passion instead of crime of theivery that we humans commit." With that answer I've inadvertantly given her the fuel she needs to actually get going.

"Then it should be fine if I commit this little caper~" She gets off me and takes a step back, then just stands there for a moment. Before I know it the cloth holding her yukata in place comes loose and falls to her feet, which in turn allows her yukata to fall open to reveal her body in all its glory. It's not like I haven't seen it before but something about this particular encounter, be it the framing, mood, lighting, or fireworks, takes my breath away. With a sly little smirk she climbs back on me. "You know, those pants will have to go... the shirt too~"

Lo and behold my pants are pulled down to my feet and my shirt is pulled off to be set on the ground. She then runs her hands along my chest, letting her gaze drift upwards until her eyes meet mine and her hands gently grasp my shoulders. She then snakes her arms around me as she closes the last little bit of distance between us to lock lips with me, which conveniently causes her warm body to press against mine. After a minute or two she catches me off guard by slipping her tongue into my mouth, which I happily play with once the shock wears off. At least until she pulls away anyways.

"So... where do you want to start?" Her blush, her smile, the feeling of her smooth skin against mine, her scent wafting through the air, that gaze that makes me see no one else but her... They all conspire to make me say 'you', but that's just too much too soon.

"I think getting drunk from you would be a good place to start." Merlin responds by shifting off me and sitting all of a foot away from me, spreading her legs wide and allowing her already slick lower lips to part in anticipation. It's not what I want to do first though. "No, not like that. Come here."

"Huh? Oh, okay..." I use my hands to guide her to sit down with her back leaning into me, but in the same position as when she was facing me. "Now what?"

I don't answer with words, but rather by sliding my hand along her belly, then to her thighs, then run it through her pubic hair before teasing the opening just a bit before slipping a pair of fingers into her fold. The result was her tensing up for a second before relaxing into me as I slip my fingers in and out before I slowly massage her insides in the gentlest way possible. I could feel her body rewarding my effort with her warm juices dribbling out past my fingers. I decide that's not enough and being holding her against me as I use my free hand to tease one of her breasts, and it's not too long after that before she's writhing against me while making happy little moans that happen to coincide with her body spurting out more of her fluids as time wears on. Just as a particuarly large firework goes off I feel her walls contract around my fingers and I quickly remove them before placing them directly in front of her opening in order to collect some of her fluid before it's all wasted. A particularly drawn out moan plus her body relaxing against mine with no sign of supporting itself signals the start of a stream of thick sticky fluid which I do my absolute best to collect before the stream stops.

Not relinquishing my hold of my precious woman I bring my hand to my lips and drink down something that may as well have been something you'd give as an offering to a god. Obviously, I can't be satisfied with such a small amount...

"You know, for me to get properly drunk, I'll have to drink straight from the tap." Merlin turns to look at me as best as she can, and with a particularly large blush gives me an enthusiastic nod. She's enjoying this as much as I am!


First part of however many.

Is this what you had in mind anon, or am I still moving to quickly with it?
>> No. 29410
I see no problems with this, and it's a nice start. (Merlin was always the one with the boobs you know, but she's nice regardless)
>> No. 29443
Huh boy, I should finish this one up and get back to writing side story material...

As usual, nsfw content will be spoiler tagged.

Somewhat reluctantly I relinquish my hold of Merlin to let her move away from me so she can turn to face me. Her face might be a bright red right now, but she's smiling sincerely. "Go on..."

And now that I have permission I move towards her, then downward until my face is level with her glistening crotch, which I give a small lick. Of course I shouldn't expect that her second load would come to me as easily as the first so I begin to tease her fold with my tongue before taking her soft flesh into my mouth. Next I close my eyes and allow my other senses a chance to take everything in, such as Merlin's ever more intoxicating smell, the warmth and softness of her thighs, the sound of her panting, and the taste of her fluids. Of course I can't stop now that I've begun since her legs have haphazardly closed around my head and she's once again trying to move around so I simply keep going until I feel her body reward my efforts once again. I drink down the fluids before sliding my tongue in and out to ensure that I'm getting everything, which in turn causes Merlin's breathing to become somewhat melodious. It's kind of strange how she's carrying a tune even in this situation, but what else would I expect from her? Ah, there we go. A buildup in her movements both conscious and unconscious that quickens in pace despite my slow and steady beat. Of course, anyone looking at my body could tell that could tell that I'm no less excited seeing as I've grabbed onto her somewhere down the line as well as having my own dribble of emissions pour out of my manhood.

And before long she gives way once again, leaving me struggling to swallow down everything her body's providing but in the end she's simply too much, and embarrassingly enough I'm unable to down it all at the pace she gives it. Her fluids spill out of my mouth onto the ground even as I'm downing mouthfull after mouthfull until the flow stops, which in turn leaves me mildly dissapointed since I wasted so much.

After taking a few minutes to recover Merlin shifts her legs away from me before lifting me back up to look at her. "Remember what we said, you don't become a master instantly. Don't worry about it." With that she locks lips with me once more to clean my mouth of her fluids before licking my face clean. By the time she's done I'm left with a rather shocked expression on my face while Merlin sports an amused one. "Nothing wrong with enjoying ones sweets is there?"

"Not at all..." But for the moment I should let Merlin rest since I've made her come twice now. Sure she's got more stamina than I, but it's still pleasant to cuddle with her in between actions. "So we're going to start sleeping together after this?"

"It's only appropriate." Despite what I might have thought earlier, Merlin's face takes on a slightly more intense shade of red as she speaks. Of course, since she's a poltergeist I have to wonder how red she could consciously make herself or if this is another unconscious function that she hasn't forgotten. "The only reason we haven't before is because you've been helping Reimu with her shrine, along with getting wrapped up in all sorts of weird incidents. But about what I said before? I'm not going to wait until you're done helping Reimu, I'm going to kidnap you from the shrine tomorrow~"

"What, I can't just follow you home like the lovestruck puppy I am?" We shift positions once more to where Merlin is leaning her head against my chest as we both rest and calm down for the next part. In the meantime, we'll talk.

"That's no fun. I have to wear some nice ninja gear, infiltrate the Hakurei castle and battle my way through leigons of samurai, ninja, and monks before facing down the miko herself. Only when she's defeated will I ascend to your sleeping chambers and snatch you away to make you mine." She gently clutches my arm for emphasis as she states her ridiculous, not to mention impossible since the Hakurei clan has no samurai, ninjas, or monks, plan. It's still amusing to listen to either way.

"And I suppose I'll be wearing a kimono, have my then grown out hair done up into an elaborate bun, and wear some makeup?" This really is getting silly. It's like she's reversing the gender roles of some ninja game or movie. Then again, seeing as males who are capable of keeping up with the female youkai are so few and far between it might make sense that in the right setting the males would be heavily guarded and the women would be the warriors. ...Not that they aren't already mind you.

"I'll spare you the makeup if you grow your hair out." Merlin absentmindedly plays with a lock of my hair before her eyes take on a rather dangerous gleam. "But you know, it's not fair that you're the only one who gets drunk. Did you think to offer me anything?"

"Eh? Uh, I guess I wasn-" She silences me with another kiss as she demonsrates the difference between us. Namely slowly pushing me over until I'm laying with my back on the ground, at which point she merely pins me to the ground with her hands as she shifts downward to my erect manhood.

"I wonder if you taste as good as you smell?" It makes sense that as time goes on my intamite smell might waft by her nose. She takes a deep whiff before licking her lips, then licking the tip, sending shudders down my spine. I feel her lips close around the tip as she begins to lick and suck at it while her skilled hands began rubbing the shaft as though it were a trumpet. Though what sane man would complain about this treatment? There's not a whole lot I can do to improve this situation, in fact anything I do might ruin it, so I allow her to do as she pleases for now. Another shudder and I start to feel my body give a little, little drips of fluid leak out the tip as she continues until... I try to hold back my cry, but it's too much. All I can do is quiet it down to where it's fairly soft as Merlin does what I was unable to: Suck down everything my body gives her. She gives the shaft a few more rubs to make sure she doesn't miss a thing, only parting her mouth from my erection when she's absolutely certain my body's done.

"So is an encore preformance in order?" I look up at Merlin and speak between gasps while she once again lays on me. Now our smells are mixed to create something that's ours and ours alone.

"Mmm... Maybe some other time." Once again our lips meet, but this time it's just the pressing of lips. After that she settles down on me once more, perhaps the second to last time while in this forest. I also can't help but notice that the fireworks are increasing in intensity, which means there's not much time before they end. And as much as I don't want to think about it I can't imagine what Tenshi would do if she caught Merlin and I like this, because despite her unpleasant attitude she really does get attached to people and will actively look for them if she launches them somewhere. "And once I rescue you from the Hakurei Shogun, I think I'll take you home by horseback. ...Nah, I think I'll just carry you home while displaying some impossible ninja feats."

"Expecting me to be light as a feather then?" Not that my weight will matter to Merlin at all seeing as she's physically stronger than I am, but I should shove thouse thoughts out of my head before I actually like the idea.

"No, a nice lithe weight befitting a princess. Featherweight means I'd have settled for stealing your underwear." A teasing tone as she pushes off me once more. "Should we go for the main event?"

I shift up as well and look at her for a moment... "We should."


Hmm, three parts seems like it would be enough. I think I'll toss in some post H material to help make up for the length of the third and last bit.
>> No. 29484
Any more stuff on the side story front?
>> No. 29488
Maybe, maybe not.

Of course, the simple fact that I'm posting should tell you one way or the other.


Honestly, I'd be perfectly content as is but we've already come this far it only makes sense that we finish right?

Without a word, yet with a sincere smile Merlin positions herself by sitting on my legs before wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my torso. She then gently starts taking the head into herself, a feat that I feel no particular need to rush since she's going at a pace that's comfortable for herself. And she's already making little motions even though we aren't fully joined yet. It's cute the way she's pulling herself closer to me with that blushing face and determined expression. "You can put your arms around me you know..."

I hadn't even realised that I was just sitting there, something I'm quick to correct just in time for her soft flesh to push against my loins. Another strange idea comes to me in the form of moving myself in tune with a waltz, something that elicts a surprised look from my partner before she breaks out into laughter. It's such a silly idea but it fits perfectly, so we forego using out legs and dance with our connection while Merlin hums a fitting tune. "Hey, Merlin?"

"Hmm? Oh, don't tell me you're about to blow! I've just gotten started!" She looks at me with pleading eyes, but that's not what I wanted to say.

"I think I'm good for a little while more. I wanted to say that this feels like dinner and a dance." I'm having to carefully time my sentences since unlike my poltergeist partner I have to breath and these motions are making it a bit harder to talk.

"I would have thought that we'd have dressed better than usual at a dance. Or have dressed period." Merlin's decided to make me stop talking by speeding up her grinding, taking satisfaction at how I'm trying to keep up and how I'm reduced to mere panting.

Despite my busy state I can't help but notice that the fireworks, like myself, are reaching their climax and will end soon. Now I'm trying my hardest to time my last load for the night with the final burst of fireworks which causes Merlin to briefly kiss me once she realises what I'm doing. Holding me to her with an increasing yet not uncomfortable about of force Merlin begins thrusting herself on me while I begin playing with her ass, using a finger to probe her depths in order to speed things up. After a minute or so, just as the fireworks reach their fullest display, a white wave of pleasure causes the both of us to slump against the tree. I do that because I'm utterly spent while Merlin simply plays along.

Under the starry sky, with a warm breeze blowing past and the grass beneath us I take one last lungful of Merlin's scent before saying one thing. "Good night." And blacking out. She really was more than I expected.

Warm sunlight forces me awake, and I notice that I'm not in the shrine, nor am I in that little grove where I spent part of the night with the one I love. I'm actually in the Prismriver Mansion...

"We're going to need to work on your stamina." Merlin's sitting right beside me, looking right at me. She leans in close to share a good morning kiss, hopefully the first of many. "You better get dressed, breakfast will be on the table soon and it won't do you any good to go hungry!" She gives a wink as she tosses me a set of clothes.

"I'm going to enjoy spending the rest of my life with you." I take off the sleep wear I had on and put on some daytime clothing before heading to the dining room, hand in hand with my darling Merlin.


And so ends this little bit. Now I can work on sfw material as I think up how to do that Shinki scene redo...
>> No. 29660

Don't forget the little Nari x Aya x Nazrin scene either.
>> No. 29876
That last attack wall slammed me into the border of duel and caused me to lose grip on my double-bladed lance, which came very close to landing on me point first. Thankfully it didn't do that and instead landed on the flat of the blade. Still, how am I on the losing end?

"Even with all your tricks, this is the best you can do?" Seriously, how did this kid get this tough? Especially this kid? "I don't understand how you managed to avoid death so many times before? I should have been able to get a knife between your ribs the first time."

"Actually, I'm more wondering who you sold your soul to in order to get this strong this fast." And the helmet's cracked off already? Either that's a sharp blade or he's got someone backing him up. Regardless I stand back up and recall the space lance to my hand just in time to catch my opponent in the gut and hurl him away. Unfortunately this doesn't do a whole lot since whatever spell shield he's using is just that strong.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Now he's throwing swords? They're easy enough to cut through since the Space Lance is just that sharp, but there's just too many! Good thing I still have a mostly intact set of armor on or I might be in trouble.

"It doesn't really matter, I'm just curious as to who I'll have to beat up next." But two can play at that game. Now multiple Space Lances have appeared around me and have begun to spin rapidly until they look like large silver disks. They then proceed to cut through anything and everything that gets in the way, which just happens to include those bouncing swords but manages to miss the one I really want to bring down. Hurry up guys...

"Face it, your friends aren't going to be able to help pull you out of this one! I spent too much time getting this set up for anyone to break this border until I'm done. And if you think your girlfriend's going to manage to break it... Well, she's just a stage four in strength. You really shouldn't have relied on her as much as you have." And now he's trying to cover my blind spots with sharp blades. This kid's replicated Unlimited Blade Works from the looks of it and seems to be able to control every single one with absolutely no effort. Destroying the blades doesn't do anything either since they just keep coming back!

"You really should learn not to judge people by their appearance alone." I lob a large blue missile at him, which then detonates with enough force to shake the whole duel area and everything in it. I'm also happy to note that the border is starting to crack and that the mini missiles that spawned out of it have all caught him in the blast. I start flying from here on out since I have no idea what this person will try next but it can't be anything good.

"It won't matter if she turns out to be some kind of demon goddess. You'll be lying in a pool of your own blood before anyone can help." More blades, but I can't help but crack a smile in response. Once she gets in here, this guy is as good as vaporized.

>> No. 29882

"I have to ask though, are you really trying to kill me or are you messing around? I've seen fairies put up more of a fight than you." It's nice being able to make your imagination into reality since it gives you opportunities that few if anyone else could have. Such as emulating Descent II's Desert Boss' immunity to kinetic weapons. Kind of convenient how that brat's swords fall into that category.

"How are you doing that?!" It doesn't occur to him to try something else for a few moments at the very least, mostly thanks to his sudden frustration at being unable to hit me with his primary weapon. As such he switches to energy bursts, though unlike his swords these are comparatively fewer in number and are much easier to deal with. At least until he figures out to sheath his favorite dagger in energy to let it bypass my shields... "It doesn't matter what trick you use, you're only delaying the inevitable!" He then thrusts out with the short blade, completely ignoring the fact that I both out-reach and out-maneuver him. As a result I'm able to use the thrusters on my Tekkaman Blade armor to fly out of the way while simultaneously thrusting downward. This doesn't really work...

Not only does he manage to grab onto the space lance when he should have been sliced by it, but turns around and wedges it into the joint of my left leg before kicking away. Now dodging is going to be a hell of a lot harder now that my knee's been impaled... I respond in kind by one again impaling him on the other end of the space lance and using it to nail him to the border somehow. After that I shed the armor and call several more Earthshaker missiles into existence then proceed to launch every single one into him. Of course, I'm not dumb enough to believe that that would actually finish him if he can more or less shrug off mortal wound after mortal wound but this will disorient him if nothing else. Kind of scary considering that this effectively knocked the border of duel out of it's spot on the ground and allowed it to roll around freely.

I recall the space lance I used to pin that kid to the border of duel with only to note that he is more or less standing, even if he is smoldering and his clothes are burnt in places. "Now you're just being difficult." I really have to wonder who gave him all this durability seeing as he hasn't been slowed down all that much. He then crosses the distance between us and it's all I can do to keep him from landing a fatal blow, instead taking a gash to the arm.

Great. This has gone on too long, I've been burning up too much stamina, and on top of that I can't escape. The most I can do is play keep away, but even that's getting more and more difficult thanks to the blood loss...

At least until a familiar blond girl walks in as though this were perfectly natural for her to bypass a powerful border. "Wade, I really do wonder if you enjoy pain sometimes."

>> No. 29884
So this is what it would be like if THAT BOY came into Gensokyo.

Awesome. Though I am wondering how he got so powerful and who gave him that power, because I'm sure it wasn't Yukari, your version actually nice, instead of a Bitch with a capital B.
>> No. 29886
I wonder which continuity this is: Alternate normal (Nari and Yukari as confirmed girlfriends) or Merlin only?
>> No. 29888
File 126758266227.png- (26.16KB , 119x119 , Awesomeface.png ) [iqdb]

See pic. Yukari and Nari are not stage four, and Merlin isn't blond.


"Alice, could you save the snark for later? I'm kind of bleeding here." I know she's coming over here regardless but I don't need to hear her commentary about how she thinks I'm an idiot for trying to take care of this myself. I only beat this kid about a dozen times before, you'd think she'd have enough faith in me to do so again.

"Quiet you." Alice undoes the lock on her grimoire before casting some kind of healing spell. Of course, the lock is undone so that must mean she's about to get serious for a change. As in: 'You're about to get your ass kicked every way known to man and several known to monkeys.' "Now stay put and let me deal with this."

"Are you two just going to ignore me? Seriously, I could end the both of you right now!" And he's getting impatient. So impatient in fact, that he's just launched another barrage of blades. I try to warn Alice but she's already aware of it by the time I open my mouth. The result is a red wave of danmaku washing the blades away and turning them against their master. "There was nothing in your file about massive red waves! Alice Margatroid, the Seven Colored Puppeteer doesn't have that kind of power!"

Alice's eyes turn a brilliant shade of purple just as she turns to actually look at our foe. "Alice Margatroid doesn't exist. Though I don't think anyone except the four who tore my home down to ruins knew that little fact." In truth, she pretty much showed me her heritage before. Just once though, when we were spilling our secrets out to each other. Before then I had never understood why her eyes would change to every color under the rainbow except purple, but now? Maybe you ought to see for yourself.

"So who am I dealing with?" He's got three swords in each hand and is ready to summon dozens more. It's a little too late though, he wont get off more than about a dozen before he has to switch tactics.

Alice's book floats in front of her, then she flips the pages of the grimoire from front to back in an endless cycle. She doesn't need to do that but I think she's caught a bit of my hamminess somewhere down the line. Both Shanghai and Hourai have drifted to her left and right shoulders, and then it changes.

It's not a big change, just sprouting six relatively immaterial wings, but this is enough to solidify the point she's about to make. "I am Alice, daughter of the Demon Goddess Shinki, who is both the creator and ruler of Makai. Do you have any last words?" Then suddenly, dolls! Dozens of them! I get the feeling she's going for the theatrical approach before completely and utterly kicking his ass.


And next part comes later.

I thought 'What would happen if Alice ever got serious' and this happened. Yeah, pretty spontaneous.
>> No. 29890
I stand corrected, also nice.... you know what I'm going to request, yes? (Don't worry I'm not serious, since that Mind the Gap guy is covering that angle, but if you won't mind... a Naomi/Tewi threesome perhaps or something with Koakuma?)

Though I kinda wished we spent a bit more time with Alice, but at least in the main run-through, it's nice to have her as a friend.

But I asked that since in a different timeline, like this, who knows what Yukari's doing. But at the same time, That Boy might have gotten his power the same way Wade got his.
>> No. 29891
Half expecting some horrible plot twist where Wade loses, and that kid uses his powers to subjugate Gensokyo and brainwash all the girls into being his willing slaves. My better judgment says that you probably won't do that though, thankfully.

Still, let us play as the kid if you write it?
>> No. 29892
> let us play as the kid

No, I Wanna Be The Guy.
>> No. 29893
A taste of the conclusion to AoS, perhaps? Now I'm intrigued as to what if that kid really DOES enter Gensokyo and cause massive mayhem.

>perhaps or something with Koakuma

Remilia somehow finds out that Wade is sans powers and so she has him kidnapped and taken to the SDM to answer for the mayhem he caused? With rather...interesting...consequences?

Just throwing something out there.

Still awaiting the Nari x Aya (x Nazrin?) scene...
>> No. 29894
>>29890 Here and I realized I forgot a point

true Alice was a stage 3 boss, but it's not really indicative to her power. She's a playable character in IN, so that has to put her around at least stage 4-5 though if she opens her book, she'd easily reach EX stage.

Yeah the boy's going down HARD, especially since EX Alice in Mystic Square had some nasty tricks, such a reflect barrier which turns your own attacks against you.
>> No. 29896
Sorry about that outburst, got a bit carried away thinking. It's just that you're the only guy who might do a Tewi or Koakuma loving scene anytime soon. Don't really worry about it.
>> No. 29916
File 126783152288.jpg- (770.23KB , 1200x1200 , AHAHAHAHAHA.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm waiting for a real alternate continuity side story. One in which Wade has a deep, loving, meaningful marriage.

Picture related.
>> No. 29918



Now you're just tossing out writefag-bait, and it's working.
>> No. 29919

Do it.
>> No. 29920

They'd never marry a IMPURE earthling, sure perhaps mess around just to utterly fuck with Yukari, but nothing more than that. Though it'd be an whole another matter if they were willing to get Exiled for Wade.

And what do you mean "Real"?

You still owe us that Shinki side story (And perhaps that Bird/Cat and perhaps mouse scene)
>> No. 29922

Bad End route preview, perhaps?


Well Eirin did it for Kaguya, Reisen did it on her own...it's not very likely, but it's almost impossible.

Damn it, we MUST have that story! Though I also am curious to know what would happen if Nari came across Mystia...
>> No. 29933
Are you going to finish up the Alice side story?
>> No. 29938

I may have been recently healed but I'm still feeling a little light-headed since I lost a fair bit of blood beforehand. Regardless of my state I still feel the need to help my beloved and move to her side.

"You are tired and in need of rest so you can recover from the blood loss. My spell was unable to restore what you had already lost so while I do appreciate your desire not to let me face him alone, I would much prefer it if you would let me handle this." Alice smiles at this and pushes me behind her almost immediately afterwards. After that she starts off by launching bright red waves of danmaku at her foe which are large enough to force him to weave side to side in order to avoid them. She also threw in literal streams of bullets that most likely have been only for show has she not changed position every so often, and to top it off she fired a spread of bullets that are aimed at her opponent. I almost feel sorry for the poor sap since I doubt Alice is operating under the spellcard rules right at the moment.

He is weaving through it all but gets some fresh obstacles in the form of lasers and bullets fired by Alice's dolls. As a result he is quickly trapped and pummeled senseless by the intense barrage. Yet despite the fact that it looks like his entire front half has melted off he still gets up, and he begins hurling blades again only to have them bounced back into him, impaling him since he wasn't able to dodge his own reflected attack.

Alice shifted gears and began firing large enlongated yellow bullets that tracked the opponent so long as they were in front of it. This was all she and her dolls fired but given the number and density I'd have to say that kid is going to get juggled senseless again. My prediction is pretty much correct since Alice hasn't given him any time to regenerate and as such the bullets leave an even more charred and disturbing piece of human-shaped flesh behind when she's finished with that spell. She then moves on to a focused stream of bullets that looked more like a flurry of leaves, then something that looked strangely similar to Suwako's [Froggy Braves the Elements] except less dense, then a spiraling hailstorm of orange bullets that fell inward toward her foe. In all of this I can't help but wonder why I was having so much trouble with him while Alice is beating him left, right, and center. Then again, I didn't bother with rule-less danmaku either so I doubt he was expecting it.

And with that Alice stops to give the piece of charcoal time to regenerate into something recognizable, and it is pissed. "You... How do... *cough* You think you've *cough* won?..." I suppose his mouth regenerates first. "So the stage *wheeze* three boss thinks *cough* she's all hot shit huh? Well, eat thi-"

He stops talking and looks at Alice in utter shock. Numerous magic circles have appeared on her wings, her dolls, and all around him. He seems to realise what this means and starts pounding on the space between the circles in a mad attempt to escape her trap, but all this does is let Alice know that he knows just how screwed over he is right now. A cruel smile graces the puppeteer's face. "You've been a pest for quite a while you know. You've hurt Wade in more ways than I thought possible, harmed anyone close to him to draw him out to your little deathmatches... I think you have underestimated our abilities while overestimating your own."

That kid is now frantically throwing blades left and right in an attempt to break his cage, which doesn't work in the slightest. "I don't know why I'm worried, I can survive anything now!" Now he's regained some confidence, though it's already wavering.

"I confess that your ability to regenerate has worried me somewhat, but you seem to be vulnerable to poison and disease. This means you aren't immortal." Alice refers to how those who have consumed the Hourai Elixir are immune to the natural causes of death. Why she hasn't begun attacking is beyond me, especially since it looks like she wants nothing more than to end him. "That should be enough time." And with that the barrage begins. Lasers of all colors fire outward from the puppeteer's wings, hands, and dolls and into the cage that the kid has been trapped in. This causes a spectacular light show as said lasers bounce within the cage without end. After about a minute or so Alice creates another circle above the cage, but this one opens just a little bit to let a red fruit drop through. It looks like an apple-sized cherry...

"Alice, what is that?" I can't help but wonder why she'd summon a fruit of all things, and it's clear that I'm wondering why she doesn't just vaporize him.

"He is 'The Kid', is he not? I'm merely adding a touch of irony." Maybe I shouldn't have let Alice use that computer...

The red fruit is still falling down at its excruciatingly slow pace and I note that Alice lets up to give the kid time to see what's coming. Burned, blackened, and unable to move the kid's eyes, or what's left of them, widen in horror as the delicious fruit comes tumbling down to gib his body into little pieces. All of a few seconds later and there's nothing but a blood stain on the ground where a burnt body used to be. The fruit itself gave the last of it's life to end a grave threat. Farewell delicious fruit, you will always be remembered in our hearts.

"Wade, it's just a giant poisoned cherry. You don't have to mourn it." Alice interrupts my moment of silence with an attempt at logic, but I don't really feel like it.


"My little girl is all grown up." Shinki stands just outside the gate to Makai alongside her gate guard.

"Never would've thought she'd accept her true nature like that." The scythe-weilding gate guard just leans against the rock face next to the gate itself with her scythe off to her side.

"I didn't expect it either. That doesn't stop it from being a wonderful thing Sara. I thought she ran away because she didn't love me anymore, but this tells me otherwise." Shinki looks off in the direction of the light show her daughter produced and wore a soft smile on her face. "I wonder when those two will get married."

"Huh boy..." Despite her tone Sara was also smiling. "I'm guessing you approve of her boyfriend?"

"Of course." Was all the demon goddess said.



Also, if you twits didn't metion I want to be the guy I never would have used the delicious fruit.
>> No. 29939
Nice tale, and nice reference.
>> No. 29940

~now entering phase two~

Final Bosses always have more than one phase
>> No. 29941
he was pwned so hard he couldn't go into phase two.

The real phase two of this side tale: Alice's sexual healing
>> No. 29953

By that boy after he returns stronger than ever and crushes all opposition, shattering her mind in the process, and reshaping her into being his personal child-bearing sperm dumpster.

I'm kidding. That will never happen.

>> No. 29955
That was bad and you should feel bad for even thinking it.

Though I was kinda kidding with the Sexual healing , but it'd be really nice if SDLT did such a part.

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