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Yet another instance of my not having anything to say. Hope you like the OP.


[x] Go to heaven, collect two hundred dollars.

"I think going to Tenshi's father would be the most direct option. Plus I might slow down peach hat's stalking for a while." I pick up the sword with one hand and gesture to the waking celestial with a thumb.

"Can't handle being so popular?~" Yukari's taking this as an opportunity to tease me. "Getting to heaven isn't all that difficult though, seeing as Tenshi left a viable route there the last time she came down to cause trouble."

"Nnnngh..." Tenshi woke up right about then and sighed when she looked around. "Mayohiga... I lost again..."

"She seems pretty out of it. Is she going to be okay?" It does raise a question: Does the Sword of Hisou's power to absorb souls work on the one who's wielding it? I'd honestly feel terrible if I consciously inflicted on Tenshi what I went through up until now.

"Even if she isn't, her father will set things straight. If it's not too much to ask, would you mind carrying her? It might be a bit easier to gain audience if we bring her along." Yukari's got a gap open, and I'm left carrying the spaced-out celestial. I shouldn't complain though, once I'm carrying her it feels like she weighs next to nothing.

"Why don't I ever win?" The celestial's eyes don't focus on anything, yet she turns her head as if to look at me. "What did I do wrong?"

"Come on, no time to waste!" Yukari immediately drags me through the gap, which takes us to the top of an unfamiliar mountain. At first I think of Youkai Mountain but the general feel isn't the same.

"Eldest Daughter!" Iku swoops down from higher up and touches down just in front of us. "What have you done?!" Now she's looking straight at me.

"Calm down, he didn't do anything. We need to get a chunk of his soul out of Tenshi's sword, so if you could take us to Lord Hinanai?" Yukari referring to another being as 'lord'? It has to be little more than a sign of respect seeing as I doubt the gap youkai would seriously answer to anyone.

Iku does little more than sigh at first. "I saw the battle, Wade used the Eldest Daughter as a living shield against her own attack. You did save me a bit of trouble by bringing her here, but that hardly excuses him."

"So you're blaming him for trying to reclaim what is rightfully his? Especially when Tenshi was at least partially responsible for shattering him?" Yukari doesn't look like she's in the mood for this...

"There was no need for such a fight! Tenshi was in the wrong for using the sword in such a way, but willingly turning such a dangerous attack back on her when he possessed the means to defeat her decisively!..." Iku looked about ready to attack as well, this is about to get ugly...

[X]Set Tenshi off to the side and help Yukari defeat Iku.
[X]They're both being petty about this, look for this Lord Hinanai on my own.
[X]Clobber them both for playing the blame game. It's stupid.
>> No. 28990
[x] Bop them both on the head for playing the blame game. It's stupid.
>> No. 28991
[x] Bop them both on the head for playing the blame game. It's stupid.

Settle down ladies.
>> No. 28992
[x] Bop them both on the head for playing the blame game. It's stupid.
>> No. 28993
[x] They're both being petty about this, look for this Lord Hinanai on my own.

"Hey, man. Bitches be crazy, you know?"

Sagely brofist of the celestials.
>> No. 28994
[0] Bop them both on the head for playing the blame game. It's stupid.
>> No. 28995
[x] Bop them both on the head for playing the blame game. It's stupid.
>> No. 28996
[x] Bop them both on the head for playing the blame game. It's stupid.
-[x] Try to remark on how it should wait until you get a pool of pudding ready for them to wrestle in it. (A joke as to break the tension, though with Yukari, she might just run with the idea)

I know the sub option is silly, but I think if they are to fight, it should wait until things are resolved.
>> No. 28997
[X] Bop them both on the head for playing the blame game. It's stupid.

We're carrying Tenshi, so one of them gets bopped with her head, the other gets bopped with her feet.

Is it strange that I kind of feel like adding Tenshi to the harem?
>> No. 28998

Nope, we need to keep her in line, that and it'd be nice to give Nari a pet of her own.

But my main plans for additions would be Komachi and Yuyuko. (Girls that Yukari is interested in as well)
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Muuuuuhahahahahahahahahaaaaaa- Uh, you heard nothing.


[X] Bop them both on the head for playing the blame game. It's stupid.

You know? I'm also in no mood for this. Despite the fact that I'm carrying a spaced out celestial I should be able to at least bonk them with something, like a boot to the head.

"Boundary Sign!-"

"Light Orb 「Dragon's Gleaming Eye-"

Both were promptly interrupted by a boot thrown at each of them. "Give it a rest, you're both being stupid about this. What's done is done and no amount of ass kicking is going to change that, not unless one of you is Reimu in disguise." That got a reaction out of them.

Iku returns her outstretched hand and the spellcard she's holding back into her case. "...I apologize for my rash actions. However, mortals such as yourselves are not permitted within heaven. I cannot allow you to just waltz on in."

"I'm sorry too. There's no excuse for it." Yukari also returns her spellcard to her orange and purple case. "I am aware of that. I was thinking more along the lines of Lord Hinanai coming to meet us instead."

"That is an acceptable course of action. Wait here, and I will be back with him shortly." Iku then floats off a ways before suddenly dissapearing.

"Where'd she run off to?" I can't help but wonder about that since all she did was vanish.

"A gateway only celestials and elightened can see." Tenshi speaks up again, gaze still unfocused. "I don't know why though..." She then falls silent as suddenly as she spoke.

"She's correct in that regard. I did tamper with a few boundaries to make it visible to me though. I really do with Iku would hurry up... It's getting close to nighttime and I'd like to get back to keeping an eye on your human body so that Wade doesn't do anything stupid." Yukari's comment on the possibility of my doing something stupid causes me to roll my eyes. The physical me knows his limits. I hope.


Continuing later.
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Geeze, why do I insist on posting such small fragments on the comp? I'm not supposed to be Jerl dammit.


Well, the physical me has Nari with him, so I doubt he'll come to any harm if Nari is as inventive as me. She's seen almost everything I have so if she has to fight she can just pick something I've won with and defeat the threat that way, plus she's a youkai and can fight physical threats on even terms. That doesn't stop me from worrying worse than Yukari, seeing as one is my tether to the land of the living and the other is my beloved pet.

"I am keeping an eye on him you know, so don't worry too much. You're already in three places at once right now." It takes me a minute to figure out what Yukari's talking about, but she's referring to the fact that I have a physical body, a near-complete spiritual body, and a chunk of soul stuck in the Sword of Hisou.

"It's better than being everywhere. It really sucked not knowing what I did for a full year, especially the part where you got a giant cake for your birthday." I was trying to suppress laughter as I said that, not because of the cake itself, but rather the smart-ass idea Lily Black, Ran, and I came up with regarding the candles. Basically, we baked Yukari an absolutely massive cake for her birthday and stuck one candle on there for every year she's lived give or take a few years. It raised the temperature of the room about twenty degrees and melted half the icing before Yukari blew them all out in one go.

"Laugh while you can, because I won't be merciful in the slightest when you get to be my age." There's a rather dangerous gleam in Yukari's eyes when she says that. I'm hoping that she won't do anything like stick a certain nuclear-powered hell-crow on top of the cake...

"Hehe... Every few years you'll need a slightly bigger cake..." The celestial is still providing the occasional remark, which is about the only sign we have that she isn't comatose. "You're kind of lucky that way."

"One of these years Yuyuko might not be able to eat all the cake we don't eat." It's a long shot since Yuyuko is a bottomless stomach, but we can dream.

"Pff, good luck with that." It's Yukari's turn to roll her eyes. Justified by the fact that it is a completely ridiculous idea.

Our discussion is stopped by the appearance of a rather impressive looking man stepping out of thin air, along with Iku. The man bore a number of similarities to Tenshi, leading me to think that this is her father. Blue hair, red eyes, and the same skin tone along with some rather impressive white and blue armor. A nice looking cape and a few tattoos rounded it off in a somewhat odd way, but it still gave the air of someone you didn't want to mess with.

"Greetings, I am Lord Hinanai." The man starts off with a polite bow in greeting before continuing. "I take it my daughter has been giving you numerous problems?"



Yes, I am lazy today.
>> No. 29001
[x] Introduce yourself
[x] Explain due to the course of fighting you have part of your soul stuck in the Sword of Hisou and that you would like to have it back.

Not sure if we should mention her other misdeeds, since if we spill the beans in her kinky fetishes, we'd implicate Yukari.

But feel free to improve this folks.
>> No. 29002
[x] Introduce yourself
-[x] "More than you can imagine. We're here to see if you can retrieve the bits of my soul out of the Sword of Hisou.
>> No. 29003
[x] Introduce yourself
-[x] "More than you can imagine. We're here to see if you can retrieve the bits of my soul out of the Sword of Hisou.
>> No. 29004
[0] Introduce yourself
-[1] "More than you can imagine. We're here to see if you can retrieve the bits of my soul out of the Sword of Hisou.
>> No. 29005
[x] Introduce yourself
-[x] "More than you can imagine. We're here to see if you can retrieve the bits of my soul out of the Sword of Hisou.
>> No. 29006
[x] Introduce yourself
-[x] "More than you can imagine. We're here to see if you can retrieve the bits of my soul out of the Sword of Hisou."
>> No. 29007
[+] Introduce yourself
-[+] "More than you can imagine. We're here to see if you can retrieve the bits of my soul out of the Sword of Hisou."

A thousand years with this Yukari sounds pretty damn good.
>> No. 29009
[X]Introduce yourself.
-[X]"More than you can imagine. We're here to see if you can retrieve the bits of my soul out of the Sword of Hisou."

"Since you introduced yourself it'd be bad manners for me to withhold mine. The name's Wade, and I hope you can overlook the lack of bowing or handshaking seeing as I'm carrying Tenshi." I'm not sure putting the celestial down on the ground right now is a bright idea. "As for Tenshi causing me trouble, you have no idea."

"Consider it overlooked then. Actually, I should be the one apologizing to you for allowing my daughter to cause you so much trouble. From what Iku told me Tenshi had used the Sword of Hisou to absorb part of your soul, correct?" Somehow, I didn't quite expect Lord Hinanai to act quite like this. It might have something to do with the whole 'getting to heaven requires enlightenment' deal, or something along those lines.

"Exactly. We came here to see if you could release the bits of soul locked up in the blade. Well, if you can get my soul seperated from whoever else's is in there that'd be even better..." My somwhat awkward attempts to retrieve the Sword of Hisou are cut short by Yukari gapping the hilt straight in front of Lord Hinanai.

"That's simple enough to do seeing as souls aren't mixed together into one spiritual mass inside the blade." Lord Hinanai then utters what seems to be a simple command phrase. Lo and behold soul fragments start scattering everywhere, except one that enters Tenshi, but as that happens something feels wrong. This raises three questions in my mind: How big a chunk are we talking here, is it sentient, and how pissed off is it?

"Huh?" Tenshi's eyes focus on me for the first time since that Hisou Dragon tore a chunk of her soul out, and there's a mixture of anger and embarrassment on her face. "Why are you holding me like this?! Who gave you permission?" The fact that she doesn't move means she might feel something contrary to what she's saying. Though that kind of takes a back seat to the fact that my chunk of soul knocked the sword out of Lord Hinanai's hands and is forming itself into something other than me.

"Eldest Daughter..." There's a certain level of irritation in Iku's voice as she adresses Tenshi.

"What is this?" Lord Hinanai jumps back while recalling his sword back to him.

"Oh dear, is this where all your anger and hate went?" Yukari has her fan out and gapped next to me before she said that. "Given what I've seen of your mother and how long you've had to put up with her, I was curious why you didn't fly into fits of rage before now."

It's currently a foggy scarlet orb that formed itself out of a puddle and is scanning the area, ready to lash out at anything that earns its ire. Hard to believe that that thing is me in any sense of the word. Though a decade's worth of increasingly nasty relationship with my mother, having that brat steal my stuff and never so much as apologize for it, always feeling stuck and worthless in life, something my mother made point of reenforcing over the years... Heck, I probably would have lashed out at Tenshi far more violently.

The thing gives off an inhuman screech before transforming into something else. A pair of heavily armored arms pulled out of the orb's surface, followed by a pair of heavily armored legs, then its torso formed, and lastly a draconic head. The whole thing looks like what would happen if you crossed Meta-Ridley, FFVIII Bahamut, and the DyGenGuar into one form. It's eyes are locked onto Tenshi, who happens to still be in my arms.

[X]Maybe this is one part that's better left buried. Get the Sword of Hisou and reseal it.
[X]Just blast the ever-loving shit out of it. I refuse to let something like this get in the way.
[X]I wonder... Is Hate Sign powered by hate? Or is hate fuel for the spell?


The Sword of Hisou is crammed with all sorts of other souls, and you have to wonder what Tenshi was doing with that chunk of soul for so long...
>> No. 29010
[x] I wonder... Is Hate Sign powered by hate? Or is hate fuel for the spell?
>> No. 29011
[0] I wonder... Is Hate Sign powered by hate? Or is hate fuel for the spell?
>> No. 29012
[x] I wonder... Is Hate Sign powered by hate? Or is hate fuel for the spell?
>> No. 29013
[x] I wonder... Is Hate Sign powered by hate? Or is hate fuel for the spell?
>> No. 29014
[x] I wonder... Is Hate Sign powered by hate? Or is hate fuel for the spell?
>> No. 29015
[x] Turn into Kirby; suck it up.
[x] I wonder... Is Hate Sign powered by hate? Or is hate fuel for the spell?
>> No. 29016
>[x] Turn into Kirby; suck it up.

Damnit, now I'm imagining it.
>> No. 29017
[X]Just blast the ever-loving shit out of it. I refuse to let something like this get in the way.
-[x]"If I'm to use certain abilities, I need to subdue this part of me. That and it's for the best."
[x] I wonder... Is Hate Sign powered by hate? Or is hate fuel for the spell?

Time for Wade to fight his dark side.
>> No. 29018
[X]Just blast the ever-loving shit out of it. I refuse to let something like this get in the way.
-[x]"If I'm to use certain abilities, I need to subdue this part of me. That and it's for the best."
[X]I wonder... Is Hate Sign powered by hate? Or is hate fuel for the spell?

Time to fight the bonus boss

> Time for Wade to fight his dark side.
Come to the dark side, we have cookies!

inb4 it starts to resemble Darth Vader and is force choking us while single handily fighting off Tenshi, Iku, Lord Hinanai and Yukari with a Lightsaber the size of a 3-story house.

Shut-up you know that would be awesome.

Now lets hope it doesn't go Giygas. As great as that would be, Gensokyo would get a massive negative space wedgie from it if it did so.
>> No. 29019
I don't think destroying a part of ourselves is a good idea. Hatred is what makes us human; makes us whole.

If we truly wish to destroy it, we need to accept it, and kill it slowly by letting our feelings change over time.
>> No. 29020
[+] Have Yukari gap Reimu in. Hopefully, she can seal it before it causes any real trouble.
-[+] See if purifying it might be an option.
>> No. 29023

We're not talking about destroying it, but subduing it. Big difference.

That and I don't think something like that can be truly destroyed.

Since it might be an asset once controllable.
>> No. 29024
I suggested sealing and purifying it because, eventually, Wade's going to have to reintegrate it.

I don't know about you, but I sure wouldn't want a nigh-unrecognizable ball of hate and hostility being jammed into my head.

It may be overkill to have Yukari help, doubly so for Reimu, but it's better to be safe than sorry in circumstances like these.
>> No. 29025

Perhaps, but I was thinking more along the lines of fighting it, subduing it before reintergrating it.

But either path sounds good.
>> No. 29026
Ugh, not one of my better days. Still, update now.


[X]I wonder... Is Hate Sign powered by hate? Or is hate fuel for the spell?

Tenshi hops out of my arms as the hate soul starts stomping twoard us while I pull out something to hit it away with until I can think of something. Said something being a large red staff that has a Q-like shape on one end and a sharp tip that fades to white on the other.

The hate tries punching me first, which was just barely blocked by my bringing the staff up. Then again, and again, and again... The only way this could be more annoying is if it was trying to weild a giant spoon instead of rocket punches.

"Nothing's working?" I only just noticed the fact that Iku's blasting the hate with elecricity, as well as the fact that it isn't doing much of anything other than attracting its attention.

"Nothing is invulnerable! Keep attacking until it doesn't move anymore!" Lord Hinanai is having to duel the tail of the hate and is otherwise unable to get too close. That's not stopping his stones from getting up close and personal and blasting it.

Tenshi is wordlessly helping her father by sending out laser spewing rocks of her own onto the battlefield while keeping a reasonable distance from the beserk soul fragment.

Strangely enough, Yukari is also silent despite being the one putting the most effort into subduing this part of me. Now that I think about it, Yukari has danmaku for play, and danmaku for real battle, so is this the danmaku she uses for real fights? It has to be seeing as if she used that in a normal duel she'd have an angry miko on her ass faster than any of us could comprehend.

And I'm pulling my wieght in this fight as well, whacking and stabbing the beserk fragment in addition to everything else, and occasionally freezing it solid. Though Iku's initial assesment seems to be right, nothing is working. I start to wonder if this hate is like a spellcard you have to time out, which leads me to think about Hate Sign [Helldoken], which in turn makes me wonder whether it's empowered by hate, or fueled by it. Of all the times to really need Mima's opinion on the matter... Well, nothing ventured nothing gained right? If hate is fuel, then I can take the hate from the part that's attacking us and eventually subdue it by depleting all its rage.

"Hate Sign [Helldoken]!" I declare the spellcard and immediately feel its effects. First of all, I start to feel that normally irrational reasons to hurt someone are now perfectly legitimate ones. Though there is one part of me that's directing my hate to attack this part that's ruining everything. Staff's gone, now it's time to talk with my fists...

The me trying to wreck my day brings its fist down once more, but by the time it actually does it hits a log I left behind while appearing to the left. At which point I responded by firing a large green skull which I make hover over the beserk fragment until it explodes, causing the fragment to reel back in pain before firing an explosive blast that had its base in Mega Flare. At which point I just cause it to bounce off like it was nothing and it dissipates once it hits the ground. Now I'm done warming up. My next move is to leap back and start rolling a collection of objects into the beserk fragment before it can do much of anything...

"That's a rather interesting use of a spellcard." Yukari casually observes the increasingly ridiculous hax battle between Wade's two selves from a relatively safe distance. "He certainly isn't obeying any spellcard rules, but it's a fight against something comparatively worse so I'm not going to say anything."

"Why is he making it rain ducks?" Tenshi observes the fact that Wade's uppercut always seems to knock a few ducks out of the air, which are blue, black, or red in color. Occasionally a dog raises itself out of a nearby bush to hold one of the ducks up by the neck.

"I think that by declaring something like Hate Sign he's thrown all common sense out the window. How else can he keep summoning miniature versions of himself to aid him in battle?" Iku was eating popcorn for some reason. Why this is is anyone's guess seeing as it's up in the air about whether or not heavenly beings would bother with any kind of outside technology. Or maybe she popped some dried kernels with electricity, who knows?

"Thank you for removing us from the battlefield Lady Yakumo, I doubt he cares about what gets caught up in his attacks at this point." Lord Hinanai sits cross-legged on a floating stone to watch the conflict. "I do have to wonder why he would willingly give in to his own hate like that."

"Simple, it's a release for all the pent up emotions that had been allowed to fester for far too long. That and I think that the way the spellcard's being used has something to do with why the beserk fragment is starting to lose its color." The gap youkai regards the celestial long enough to give a possible explenation before giving her attention back to the fight. "I wonder... The Wade I know has no hatred in his heart, or at least so little that something like Hate Sign shouldn't be able to operate, so is he turning the hatred in the fragment into fuel for the spell?"

Another one bites the dust.

The framgent gives off another inhuman screech as it begins to lose form, but it's by no means defeated if it's shapeshifting is anything to go by. Why's it bothering though? I'll just smear it into the ground as many times as needed before it starts begging me to quit.

Ugh, stubborn thing, it's getting back up using Dark Faiz's form? That thing's piss easy until its third form, then it's just obnoxious. The first form's the easiest since all it really does is spit out those little sideways circular saw things until you kill it.

Meh, this is already getting old. How should I take this thing down? Maybe I should let my MP3 decide. I mean, I've only got a few hundred ass-kicking songs to work with.

[X]"IDOLA" the Devil's Shadow
[X]Vs. Prime Exo
[X]Crash Landing
[X]Mute City
[X]Robot Factory
[X]The One Star
[X]Riverside View
[X]Rock'n Rocks
[X]Vs. Miracle Matter
[X]Bloody Tears
[X]Revenge of Meta-Knight

All the choices are actual music titles, associated with one specific boss, enemy, or a song that belongs to a level or multiple bosses. This is an idea I wanted to implement for a while but never got around to doing up until now.
>> No. 29028
[X]Rock'n Rocks
>> No. 29030
[X] Final Destination (Brawl)

Since we're using our fists, why not turn into fists?
>> No. 29031
>> No. 29035
[X]Rock'n Rocks
>> No. 29036
[x] Rock'n Rocks
>> No. 29037
[x] Rock'n Rocks
>> No. 29038
[X]Bloody Tears


Nice Duck Hunt reference.

And was the mini-wades a Rare Akuma reference?
>> No. 29039
[x] Bloody Tears
>> No. 29040
[x] Rock'n Rocks
>> No. 29041
Yes, yes it was. Rare Akuma also references Duck Hunt and Katamari.

Also, sage because I didn't get the scheduled two updates a day done. Not that it matters since this seems to be the only story in /shrine/ that isn't dead or on haitus.
>> No. 29042
>so is this the danmaku she uses for real fights?
Is what the danmaku she uses for real fights? Her part was completely skipped, so this part makes me go "...wot?"

[+] Rock'n Rocks
Hell yes, Soul Nomad.
>> No. 29043

Yukari has been said to use two styles: A flashier style mainly for show (yet rather effective), and a more serious style meant to defeat enemies (and possibly cheating by the spell card rules)
>> No. 29044
File 12603882035.png- (134.69KB , 300x205 , Olga Flow First Form.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Rock'n Rocks

Ooh, Rock'n Rocks? MP3 player, I like your style. Even though you're set to random and there's something like a 1/983 chance that you pick that particular song. Well, regardless it's time to take down the next form this thing takes.

The sound it makes next is like heavily garbled speech, which is kind of annoying seeing as I don't want this part to start talking. Well, at least it brought a massive blade to the party.

They size isn't everything, and I happen to think whoever wrote that up happened to stumble on one of the universe's truths. Well, in regards to combat. I mean hell, a bunch of bacteria can bring even the hardiest of warriors to their knees so how is this different? Well, because I'm the baddest of the bad, the maddest of the mad, the killer of kings and destroyer of worlds! The only and only invincible Gig!

"Haahahaha, You think that stupid form's going to beat me? Well, let's see if you're standing after a little DEMON FORCE!" I summon my kickass scythe as I talk and bring it and a cutting wave of crimson destruction down onto this pitiful monster... Only to have it blocked by its sword? What the hell?

No amount of force with break this form.

Oh great, now it's talking in my head. Wonderful. But it seems like we're on pretty even terms so this might actually take more than two seconds to end. "You can't be that delusional. Psychotic? Yes. Destructive? Also yes. But if you think I can't beat me then I'm embarrassed to call you me."

Which one is the destroyer?

"Me, obviously!" I bring my scythe around to tear off it's right arm only to get blasted away by that stupid crossbow thing on it's left arm. God damn it picked an annoying form. A blindingly fast movement later and it's now missing a tail though, so it's out one weapon.

You would destroy part of what makes you human?

"Who said anything about that? I just want to kick your ass so I can finish putting myself together." Next on the list is to let Feinne do a bit of my dirty work. Slash open a portal and let her fire outward... God damn Flow's fast.

I see everything you see, I know everything you know. To defeat me you must disown me.

"Shut up, you're representing my issues, and I'm representing my getting over them." This time I bring the scythe down to fake a Demon Force, only to bring it upwards to cleave this thing in two. Or just deal a crapload of damage, either way's fine.

Continue later.
>> No. 29045
Continuation. One of these days I'll actually bang out a full update on the computer instead of dropping a fragment.


Oh come on, it's still flying?! Ugh, Olga Flow's darting around and making it really freaking difficult for me to hit it, and on top of that it's firing charged beams from that crossbow thing on its left arm. It also happens to be the next bit I'm going to hack off given the chance, but how am I going to manage that when it just dances out of the way? Well, I have a few other attacks besides Demon Force, but they aren't as impressive. Thuris probably couldn't keep hold of Flow, Feinne can't blast it with her massive beam and who knows what Raksha would do.

Aaaaaand now Flow's crashing his sword into the ground and trying to- hey, wait a sec. Can't afford to think about it, just act! A blindingly fast cut later and Flow's sword arm has dropped to the ground, leaving the crossbow thing for an offensive weapon, but hell if I leave it there. While it's reeling from the pain I rush forward once more and hack off its other arm, leaving it more or less defenseless.

Huh, come to think of it Rock'n Rocks is just about done. Wonder what I should do about that?

[X]Reset the song so it can play again.
[X]Let the random select pick something.
[X]That fragment's going to take a minute or two to pull itself back together, select something. (specify)


I doubly hate it when the update is so close to finished when I have to post it or lose it.
>> No. 29046
[X]Let the random select pick something.
Feeling lucky. Also, strike while the iron's hot goddamn.
>> No. 29047
[X]Let the random select pick something.
>> No. 29048
[X]Let the random select pick something.

Let's see if Tewi is lurking about.
>> No. 29049
[+]Let the random select pick something.
>> No. 29050
>[X]Let the random select pick something.
I just know I'm going to laugh my ass off when it lands on something silly that either doesn't fit the fight or embarrasses Wade.
>> No. 29051
Nah, I think it'd just be a random pick from that list we voted from last time, all of which I would think are appropriate, hopefully.
>> No. 29052
[x]Let the random select pick something.
>> No. 29053
>[X]That fragment's going to take a minute or two to pull itself back together, select something. (specify)
That would be pretty funny, really.
>> No. 29054
We should pick the most awesome song ever
You know its awesome because it overrides every other theme song.
>> No. 29055
File 126042757373.png- (15.72KB , 427x250 , pandora.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 29057
[X]Let the random select pick something.
>> No. 29058
God DAMN my stuff gets taken away for the most petty reasons.


[X]Let random select pick something.

Ehh, I'm more interested in getting ready to take this things second form on right now to worry about a little thing like unfitting music. Though in terms of what I've got the most unfitting thing I have would either be Rose Confession or some piece of ambient background music so I don't have to worry too much. Hell, Red Ring Rico kicked ass until Dark Faiz got the best of her.

Oh look, it burned off the useless flight legs and tail and now towers above me on two legs, along with the reformed sword arm, crossbow arm, and two new mags that'll make this harder than it has to be. ...Vs. Miracle Matter? This ought to make it difficult for both sides then, seeing as Miracle Matter is only weak against what it's using and Olga Flow can change its attribute and spell vulnerability at will, and neither really have the means to hurt the other. Well, Miracle Matter can hit with fire, spark, and ice, which will do the same job as foie, zonde and barta. I just have to keep an eye on backlash from Olga Flow's anti-spell measures.

"You know, that form's somewhat reminicent of the Komeiji sister's third eyes." Yukari again merely comments on the situation from the sidelines, having decided that it wasn't worth the risk to help engage the beserk soul. Can't blame her though, I don't think I'd care if I hit her or not right now. "Of course their third eyes don't look like a white twenty-sided die, but that's beside the point."

"You forget that most of us probably won't know what you're talking about. If I had to guess I'd say a twenty-sided die is an outsider thing?" Iku had refilled her bowl of popcorn yet was floating upright instead of sitting, and she decided to share with Tenshi.

"Oh, it's a rather silly thing outsiders came up with. I don't think you've heard of tabletop RPGs?" The gap youkai began swiping popcorn via gap from the bottom of the bowl, which made for a rather interesting display where popcorn seemed to float up from the gap, at which point gravity made it fall back in until it fell back into the gap. Repeat infinitely.

"No, and I decline the explenation since it has no relevence to the current situation." Iku resumed watching the fight, more or less denying the gap youkai attention.

"You're no fun Iku. You're also too uptight at times, you need to relax." Another gap opens next to Iku's shoulder and Yukari begins massaging Iku's left shoulder.

This thing just doesn't learn, does it? No matter how hard it hits if it doesn't attack with what I'm attacking with the only way I'll die is if I hit with the wrong attack too often. Though you'd think that it'd at least learn to move away from the explosive bubbles I've been spraying out for the last thrity seconds or so. Or maybe it just doesn't notice? Can't be, but just to be sure I swith to Fire form so I can start torching it and one of those mags just in case I'm wrong about it being unable to damage me. My still being far smaller than the giant Olga Flow I easily slip between its feet and fire two pillars of fire from either side of me and give Flow a massive case of hot foot. Or maybe hot feet? Who knows.

Now it's trying to trample me? Doesn't it know that that's not going to work? Not unless it's trying to get me dunked in lava or something, but we're waaaaay too far away from the Hell of Blazing Fires to go to a lava field. Of course, this isn't the direction of the entrance at either the Moriya Shrine or the Hakurei Shrine... More like... Aw hell, I'm not stupid enough to feed myself to the fishes am I?! On top of that it's aiming its attacks to push me, not damage me so it has to be pushing me to the Sanzu to either try and get Komachi to think I'm dead or to do something unthinkable. Either way I'm not going to stand for it. I change my element to Cutter and start cutting into the fork of Olga Flow's legs to try and make it quit with the shoving or else beat it well before then. It's got its mags after me so I know I'm doing something...

And it nails me with Sword Energy, that ever annoying attack that is damn near unavoidable in the source game. The one that Flow only uses when it's low on health as a kick in the nuts to those who think he's beat. Worst part is I'm actually hurting from that now, and Flow's spamming it. I switch to Spark and float above it before launching those incredibly slow spark lasers a few times... Then shooting out a barrage of lightning that kind of resembles a Tesla Coil since I finally remeber that I can give the middle finger to the source games, especially when it comes to attacks.

Still, it's down again and growing less red. I don't like what it's turning into though, cause that's just going to be annoying...

[X]Reset the current song, Miracle Matter's got so much untapped potential.
[X]I feel lucky today, random select, don't fail me now!
[X]Pick something manually while I have time. (specify)
>> No. 29059
[X] Pick something manually while I have time. (THE GUN OF DIS)

>> No. 29060
[X] Pick something manually while I have time. (THE GUN OF DIS)
>> No. 29061
[X] Pick something manually while I have time. (THE GUN OF DIS)
>> No. 29062
[X] Pick something manually while I have time. (Shippu Jinrai)


I'd rather have some HOT BLOOD!
>> No. 29063
[x] Pick something manually while I have time. (THE GUN OF DIS)
>> No. 29064

I'd never noticed how huge DaiRaiOh's kneepads/anklepads were till now.
>> No. 29068
You guys certainly like your giant robots. I'm waiting for at least five votes for one option before I write to minimize the people left out.

Why did I expect that one to suddenly create a massive drill?
>> No. 29069

I wonder if someone will ever vote for this form?
>> No. 29070
[X] Pick something manually while I have time. (THE GUN OF DIS)
Sure why not.

By the way, is this the final boss?
>> No. 29071
[X] Pick something manually while I have time. (Shippu Jinrai)
>> No. 29072
I'm pretty sure more than a few people would be peeved if Wade used the last two attacks in that vid.

In terms of story, I'd have to say yes. It's actually a bit out of order since I thought anon would choose to deal with Tenshi before going after Gengetsu rather than blowing it off until now, so when I remembered that after finishing the duel with Gengetsu I realised I couldn't consider the main storyline finished so I was stuck trying to find a way to top the fight against her.

Oh, anon who said he'd be laughing when the MP3 player picks something unfitting or embarrassing? It's not the MP3 that's going to be unfitting.


[X]Pick something manually while I have the time. (The Gun of DIS)

It's forming monitors that are all too familiar to me, and the source of a little gaming rage since it took me more than a few tries to actually beat this one. I still have a little bit of time to pick something so I flick through the list for something that will let me wipe this thing out in the most violent way possible with the time I have.

THE GUN OF DIS is what I wind up choosing since Dis Astranagant has a few attacks that will be nice and ironic when I get stuck playing simon says with dance moves. Ugh, six free-floating TV monitors all connected with some kind of transmission and the face of a greaseball tv excecutive is displayed on all of them. For those of you who don't know, welcome Blank, the final boss of Space Channel 5 who you beat by outdancing his monitors and someone I'd love to fill full of holes for trying to make this embarrassing.

"I told you, I must be rid of you!" Blank's voice comes out nice and clear despite there being no speakers of any kind. "You go about collecting your soul as though it were actually worth something! Everybody knows that you're just another average joe on the street, so why try to be special?"

Screw this, I'm not even bothering with dancing to this screwball. I launch my Gun Slaves and order them to attack the monitors, which respond by dancing out of the way. Wonderful, Blank's dancing is now a defensive mechanisim.

"Up down, up down, left right right shoot! You can't feel the beat at all can you? Two left feet all the way!" And he's taunting me. You know, I haven't actually vented any of the rage despite the fact that I have the spellcard capable of ridding myself of the problem active. "You mad? Of course you are! You hate having people detract from your self-delusions!"

Wings down into firing position, charging attack, aaaaaaaim... And FIRE! Twin black and red beams speed twoard Blank's monitors, which he still manages to dodge without issue.

"Hahahahahahaaaaa! You're not playing by the rules by any stretch of the imagination, and that's why you lose!" Wait, the monitors are lining up sideways? Since when can Blank attack with- duh, my soul gives the middle finger to source games, of course it's going to counter-attack. Though it's actually firing in a recognizable pattern so avoiding the blasts is a matter of moving the right way at the right time.

Six more Gun Slaves added to the mix force Blank to keep moving lest his monitors get shot to hell before I have my fun. Of course, I can't have that. I have to blast this thing to itty-bitty pieces before this is all said and done! So I open up the chest plating and begin charging a massive bolt of energy, which I then promptly fire off without a second thought. It streaks twoard Blank and he seems to dodge it, right up 'til it just hangs there next to him while the twelve gun slaves back off just a bit to avoid getting caught up in what happens next. In this case, a concentrated explosion occurs right on top of Blank.

"Augh! See? You always play dirty! You're just a cheating jerk!" Blank's monitors look no worse off than before at first glance, but I can tell there's static just on the edges of the screens, which means I did deal some damage. Of course, he promptly forgot that the Gun Slaves closed the distance and paid the price in pain. "You- augh! You seem to think that this will let you win? Give up, you can't defeat yourself!"

I'm not even going to bother answering that. I just whip out a slightly smaller gun and promptly start firing off bolts of energy that move at about the speed of a sniper rifle. At this range Blank can't dodge, and the static continues to cloud the monitors ever so slowly.

"This can't end like this! You and I both know this, you're rejecting who you are!" Blank sounds a bit desperate now, maybe a bit more reasonable, but why do I care exactly? "Are you seriously going to give up humanity for a bit of needless revenge?"

Two rifles now, firing in rapid succession start putting cracks in the monitors. There's no reason to talk at this point. That part of me dug its own grave and now I'm going to kick it in there for a bit. The bolts Blank fires to try and stop me hit nothing but air as I begin moving around faster and faster, always circling to get a better shot. Maybe to blast those antennae holding this annoying thing together, perhaps to blow apart the screens, maybe to crack the casing and damage the precious electronics within so I don't have to look at Blank's ugly mug anymore.

"GAAAAAH! BOMB!" Blank holds up a spellcard? Oh hell. "Boundary Sign [Seventh Dimension]!"

The area around us is now and ever changing representation of an acid trip, and I note that my gun slaves have returned to me as bits of soul rather than as gun slaves. Somewhat problematic considering that they were forcing Blank in place, but not that big a deal. Well, not that they'd be that helpful in a complicated spellcard pattern...

[X]SHMUP ship time?
[X]Futile! Blow it away until it knows its place!
[X]Maybe I should use a spellcard of my own... (Specify)
[X]Well, Blank was beaten by Ulala getting a whole crowd behind her... Ugh, this sounds silly but Dream Sign [Raining Little Girls] would make a whole crowd of duelists.
-[X]Note to self, think up a less silly name.
>> No. 29073
[X]Well, Blank was beaten by Ulala getting a whole crowd behind her... Ugh, this sounds silly but Dream Sign [Raining Little Girls] would make a whole crowd of duelists.
-[X]Note to self, think up a less silly name.
>> No. 29074
[x] Well, Blank was beaten by Ulala getting a whole crowd behind her... Ugh, this sounds silly but Dream Sign [Raining Little Girls] would make a whole crowd of duelists.

>> No. 29075
[X]Well, Blank was beaten by Ulala getting a whole crowd behind her... Ugh, this sounds silly but Dream Sign [Raining Little Girls] would make a whole crowd of duelists.
-[X]Note to self, think up a less silly name.
>> No. 29077
[x] Well, Blank was beaten by Ulala getting a whole crowd behind her... Ugh, this sounds silly but Dream Sign [Raining Little Girls] would make a whole crowd of duelists.
-[x] Note to self, think up a less silly name.
>> No. 29078
[x] Well, Blank was beaten by Ulala getting a whole crowd behind her... Ugh, this sounds silly but Dream Sign [Raining Little Girls] would make a whole crowd of duelists.
-[x] Note to self, think up a less silly name.
>> No. 29079
H-hey, it's not fair to mess with a person's heart like that...


[X]Well, Blank was beaten by Ulala by getting a whole crowd behind her... Ugh, it sounds silly but Dream Sign [Raining Little Girls] would create a crowd of duelists.
-[X]Note to self, think up a less silly name.

First I snap back to normal before the barrage of dance themed bullets get too close so I don't get comboed into oblivion. Though what to do next? anything I can do Blank would just dance around since he's got six small hitboxes rather than one big one thanks to the fact that none of the monitors are connected. ...Overwhelming the opposition is usually a good tactic seeing as even Blank will have to start taking hits eventually. Sure I'll probably be breaking every spellcard rule in the book regarding fairness but at this point I don't think it matters too much since one, I don't think Reimu's watching, two, I don't think she'd care, and three, I think I'm actually stuck inside a pocket dimension created by the loose fragment's bomb. It's not exactly easy to craft a spellcard while dodging bullets, but since when did I care about such a trivial matter anyway? I'll pierce the heavens and set fire on fire if I want to! Grues will rue the day they eat me and be teleported to deserts!

Okay, maybe those declerations were a bit ridiculous, but you get my point. I'm not going to be stopped by some loose fragment on a ragetrip. Especially not one that requires dancing to beat.

"Stop monolouging and take this seriously!" Blank's adding lasers to the pattern, which I don't even notice. Yet I don't get hit by anything.

"Unbunch your panties, I'll be done in a minute." I really do wonder which part of me got the Hakurei spiritual power, because I kind of feel like I'm being guided through the pattern rather than having to use natural reaction times and peripheral vision to clear the card. This is going to be one hell of an exhausting card simply because of all the different duelists I'm going to end up emulating... Still, I've been a showoff ever since I got here so I might as well live up to my expectations. "Okay, Dream Sign [Raining Little Girls]!" ... Note to self: Think up a less silly name somewhere down the road. Preferably before someone thinks I'm a lolicon.

The effect is immediate. Miniature versions of every duelest I've ever met falls down to varying degrees around me, some above, some below, some in front or behind, but all connected to me by the same invisible string that I once had. Speaking of which I really should have Alice take a look at those to see if I still have them... Eh, beside the point right now. Each one moved and acted exactly how I want them to, even if I'm not consciously thinking it. As a result, Blank's spellcard becomes freakishly easy to dodge, especially since the beserk soul that took its form is starting to calm down now.

Still, I can't let me get away with being such an ass can I? I line up the mini-duelists by no criteria in particular and let them do as they wish while I emulate one in particular. While I could more than one, I kind of like the Yukari-like colors my clothes just turned into so I stick with those. I give a grin that is all too familiar with me and give the command to attack.

The variety is amazing when I stop and think about it. Mini-Yuugi and Mini-Suika gather up ever larger bolts of danmaku in some kind of contest to make the bigger impact, Mini-Nue was firing off a pair of laser rails and a very large bullet that traveled along them, Mini-Byakuren fired off a spiraling barrage of pink bullets, Mini-Reimu looked like she was using something along the lines of Hax Sign [You Just Plain Fucking Lose], Mini-Alice commands a Mini-Giant Shanghai while Mini-Marisa fires off a continus volley of lasers. Needless to say this, much like Mini-Reimu's attack, was a case of you just plain fucking lose. Blank knows it, he knows there's nothing he can do to stop it and can only accept the goldy juggling Mini-Shizuha, Mini-Minoriko, Mini-Hina, Mini-Kanako, and Mini-Suwako were giving one monitor. Another fell victim to Mini-Marisa, Mini-Yuuka, Mini-Mima, Mini-Evil Eye Sigma, and Mini-Gengetsu's beam spam. A third was being subjected to an elemental barrage from Mini-Patchouli, Mini-Mokou, Mini-Nitori, Mini-Iku whom I want to take home and snuggle, a second Mini-Suwako, Mini-Aya, Mini-Letty, and a Mini-Cirno who looked a fair bit bigger and more developed than her usual childish self as well as lacking the ribbon she usually wears.

Mini-Remilia, Mini-Flandre, Mini-Youmu, Mini-Konngara, Mini-Keine, Mini-Momiji, Mini-Kurumi, and Mini-Tenshi were all showing a fourth their skill with a blade whether it be a sword or claw. The fifth was being subjected to all sorts of unpleasentries by Mini-Yukari, Mini-Yuyuko, Mini-Sariel, and Mini-Mugetsu. The last and centermost one was under attack from my own beam spam while a Mini-Tokiko and Mini-Nari sat on each shoulder.

It didn't last too long after that since its spell shield broke across all monitors before the background reverted to normal. The soul that comprised it quieted down and reintegrated with the rest of my soul without issue and I now have an entrouge of little magical girls. At least until I have to let go of the pattern, at which point they all dissapear just as the sun dips below the horizon. I could swear Mini-Yukari regarded me with the same sly smile as the full-sized version before vanishing.

Speaking of which, I should probably get back to the others.

I didn't notice it at the time, but Hate Sign [Helldoken] had also reformed back into a spellcard before vanishing as well. It'd take another look through my deck of spellcards to realise it was missing, but I got one that was so much better to make up for it.

"Yukari, did Lord Hinanai have to take Tenshi back home?" The first thing I noticed was the absence of both Tenshi and her father. I think celestials have to sleep too, but I'd like to be sure.

"Yes, it's time for their evening activities. I bade them farewell on both our behalfs. Iku too since she said something about damage control, so it's just you and me." Yukari was floating just in front of me as she spoke before grabbing my arm. "Since it's almost dark out and since I've been awake all day like a normal person I'd like to get some sleep. You need to get some rest too since you'll be keeping an eye on your friends tomorrow."

"That makes sense. Gap us home Miss Yakumo." My comment earned me the physical image of Yukari sticking her tongue out at me as she more or less yanked me directly into her bed.

[X]Souls can't sleep. Or maybe I just don't feel like it.
[X]Snuggle against your love and drift off into Dreamland...


And that part's done. I also need to go back and see how many story days it is to the Lunar Viewing so I can think ahead by just a bit.
>> No. 29081
[x] Snuggle against your love and drift off into Dreamland...
>> No. 29082
[X]Snuggle against your love and drift off into Dreamland...

We did have a tiring day, I wonder what tomorrow will bring (If I could help it, it'd be Komachi day)
>> No. 29083
[x] Snuggle against your love and drift off into Dreamland...
>> No. 29084
[x] Snuggle against your love and drift off into Dreamland...
>> No. 29085
[x] Snuggle against your love and drift off into Dreamland..

Is Dreamland an actual place? If that means more adventures, awesome.
>> No. 29086

Good point and I wonder what'll happen since it seems Wade's body and soul are active at the same time.
>> No. 29087
[x] Snuggle against your love and drift off into Dreamland...

Yukari's already under the covers, and I am unable to resist the temptation to climb under there with her to sleep the night away even though I don't feel tired. Despite that her warmth and softness is more than enough incentive to try...


When my vision comes back into focus, I see a vibrant world all around me. This isn't Gensokyo, but since this is an actual dream instead of the result of my soul and body being split it's not that big a deal. There's a path a few feet in front of me which stretches off in either direction as far as the eye can see. The grass is all short and the trees have an abundance of ripe, juicy apples that beg to be inhaled. So I eat a few, savoring the taste before walking off in some random direction.

One thing seems kind of off though, my sight is closer to the ground than I thought it should be. I feel kind of blob-like too. I wonder why that is? It's a mystery for another time so I shelve the thought and keep on walking along the path up to the mountain and the castle on top of it. Why? No clue, it just seems like the right thing to do.

"Wade! Wade!" A voice? There's a red, blue, and black bird flying up to me. It kind of reminds me of Tokiko. "Haah... haah... I'm glad I caught up to you, the greedy Queen YuYuYu and her loyal servants have stolen the village's food during the night! I see you're going there already but I thought you should know."

"I don't get why the Queen is such a glutton, there's food all over Dreamland. Why pick on one little village than needs what it has?" I then take a good look at my arm. Short, stubby, and a deep chocolate color.

"I don't know either, but you're the only one who's gone toe to toe with the Queen and won. I hate shouldering you with the village's problems, but could you go get whatever's left back before she eats it all?" The bird lands and looks at me with a rather desperate look. It's true that I have beaten the Queen in the past, I'm not the only one who can. Usually everyone else who tries gets beaten up by Myon-Knight before they ever get to the inner chambers. For some reason she always hands me a sword so we can duel properly, which I pretty much always win.

"I can hardly refuse a friend in need. Tell the village I'm setting out to get their food back, it'll be good for their morale." I start walking off down the path to Castle YuYuYu without another word. Tokikon gives a cheery confirmation before flying off to the village.

I encounter some Fairy-Dees along the path, but I pay them no mind since they aren't doing anything wrong. The Burnin' Mokou rushing toward me needs to be taught a lesson before I get char broiled. A simple slide and inhalation is enough to get the point across, and I spit it back out against a tree to KO it. They aren't terribly aggressive but I suppose this one hasn't had breakfast yet... I feel kind of sorry for it so I get an apple down from the tree and place it right in front of the Burnin' Mokou as a form of apology.

Still, I need an ability to work with until I duel Myon-Knight, however long that takes. I could have copied Fire off that Burnin' Mokou, but I'm already well past it so there's no point. Well, this oversized Tweikers should do nicely. I just wish I didn't have to beat up everything in my path though... Thankfully Tweikers are rather simple minded, which is somewhat odd because they're remarkably tricky at times with fake-outs, spinning attacks, and various traps. This one doesn't seem to be at its best either so inhaling the rocks its attacks kick up leaves me with plenty of ammo to KO it with. I then inhale it to copy its Hammer ability and spit it out against another tree to make sure this one stays down too. A couple cherries fall onto it so maybe it'll calm down when I come back.

The rest of the way is rather scarce, which is strange considering this place usually has townspeople and the local forest dwellers harvesting the fruit. Of course, that could mean Whispy Ayakashi is acting up again... That is one mean-spirited tree. I have no sympathy for the beatdown I'm going to give it for disrupting the harvest.

Whispy Ayakashi looms overhead with its impressive full bloom, but the jagged face on the front is anything but pleasant to look at. The only reason it's not more of a threat is because there's a sacred rope sealing its mouth to keep it from inhaling any innocent people. However, I long ago learned how to knock this sucker out without damaging the seal. There is one advantage to taking this thing on, and that it can't change the direction it's facing while I can go around to the side where it's relatively defenseless and upperswing the thing into an unrefreshing slumber.

Now that that excuse of a boss is taken care off, I'm free to use the tunnel located behind Whispy Ayakashi...


That has to be one of the more screwed up dreams I've ever had. Well, it's morning and I'm curled up next to my darling gap youkai, who happens to still be asleep.

[X]Slip out, no reason to disturb her.
[X]Stay, the softness demands it.
[X]Just fall back asleep, if there's anything critical Ran will wake us.


I should feel bad for doing this, but I don't.
And no, this has no bearing on the story whatsoever.
>> No. 29088
[X]Stay, the softness demands it.
>> No. 29089
[X]Stay, the softness demands it.

I've imagined a Touhouish kirby game, but with Yuyuko as the pink blob in question.

Why not just relax before starting our day.
>> No. 29090
[X]Stay, the softness demands it.

Well that was unexpected.
And quite awesome.
>> No. 29091
[x]Stay, the softness demands it.

In Gensokyo, make sure to get rest and take it easy when you get the opportunity.
>> No. 29092
[x] Stay, the softness demands it.

If this keeps up, I'm going to have to marry you.
>> No. 29093
[x] Stay, the softness demands it.
>> No. 29094
[X]Stay, the softness demands it.

You know what? Today can wait just a bit longer. The softness of the gap youkai requests- nay, demands my presence. I shift myself on top of her and lay my head in the Yakumo valley while wrapping my arms around her, and feeling her reciprocate. I don't care what the Yama have to say on the matter, this is heaven.

"Having a girlfriend who encourages such behavior... You're truly lucky aren't you?" Yukari runs on of her hands through my hair as she speaks. She does have a point, I doubt I could get away with this with any other girl without knowing them for a long time.

"I'm not about to complain." Oh hell, am I drooling now? Eh, does it matter?

"You seem awfully tense this morning~" Now she's ruffling my hair and rubbing a hand on my back. I swear, if I had a tail it'd be wagging like crazy right now. "All stiff too~ We should fix that~"

I lift my head ever so slightly once I feel her nightgown move up, only bringing it back down to rest once I feel naked skin. Similarly I start to feel my clothes being tugged off until...

"I suppose I should simply resign myself to this sight every morning." Ran is in the doorway, rolling her eyes at the sight of me being ever more entangled in Yukari's web. "Regardless, breakfast is ready and Wade? You physical self might need some help, he seems to have an oni growing off him."

"Ran, were you timing this?" Yukari didn't look too thrilled at the fact that she had just been interrupted from her fun just as she was about to have it. "Keep this up and you'll be joining us one morning."

"You would most likely tire Wade out and take up the whole day in the process. Do remember that he has to keep an eye on his friends today and he can't do that if you're using him." Ran once again interrupts when master attempts to argue the point further. "The physical Wade does not possess the same level of power and stamina his spirit form does and Nariko has not been trained in Danmaku. On top of that neither Wade nor Nariko have established a Shikigami contract with each other to compensate for the overall respective lack of power and experience."

Yukari has a look akin to a child who has had its favorite toy taken away. She puts on a pouting face but responds to Ran anyway. "Why do you have to make so much sense all the time?"

"Because Yuyuko doesn't live here, and you've kicked your voice of reason to the curb long ago. Also, please get dressed before you come to breakfast." With that, Ran walks off in the direction of the dining room.

"This is my house, so I'll walk around in it however I want." Despite her mutterings she does gap casual clothes onto herself before dressing me the same way. I can tell she's thinking something up since she has that grin of hers again. "One should punish a servant when she's being bad~"

As we walk to the dining room I can't help but think that she's probably going to add a few people to our private night. Not that I'm about to complain mind you, the more the merrier after all! ...You know, I wasn't this perverted before. Next thing you know I'll be walking around in nothing but a pair of boxers. I roll my eyes at the concept as we enter the breakfast room, taking note that this can't be the quiet gathering that it usually is.

For starters, Nari is trying to help pull a determined oni off my physical body, Chen is talking with Tokiko...

>> No. 29095
[x] Happiness in, Oni out. You'd rather not see what happens when your physical body is crushed from this tug-of-war.
>> No. 29096
[x] Happiness in, Oni out. You'd rather not see what happens when your physical body is crushed from this tug-of-war.
>> No. 29097
[x] Happiness in, Oni out. You'd rather not see what happens when your physical body is crushed from this tug-of-war.
>> No. 29098
[x] Happiness in, Oni out. You'd rather not see what happens when your physical body is crushed from this tug-of-war.

I think we should see if we can give Suika some quality time at least before we go about uniting the two parts, if not plot to add her to the harem.

And I can imagine one night Yukari giving Wade a surprise: Komachi wearing only ribbons that do a poor job of concealing things.
>> No. 29099
[X]Happiness in, Oni out. You'd rather not see what happens when your body is crushed from this Tug-of-War.

Yeah, dealing with Suika before I find out what happens when my physical body gets crushed is probably a good idea. I know she doesn't mean it, but I don't think she's entirely used to dealing with beings that aren't as durable or strong as her so it's up to me or Yukari to pry the little oni off me.

Of course, seeing as she's merely hitching a ride on my physical body's back I think I have to worry about Nari's awkward attempts to get her off since I doubt she knows the full extent of her strength yet. I walk over and tap Nari on the shoulder to get her to stop, which causes the physical me to lurch forward unexpectedly, which causes Ran to have to step in and keep me from smashing my face into the floor, which prompts Yukari to just gap the little oni off saving all of us time, effort, and soybeans. Which promts the question: Why didn't she do that to begin with?

Now that that's been dealt with, we all sit down to eat. Even I start eating since it'd be a shame to waste any of Ran's cooking, plus it's a good opportunity to plan things out for the day since I'll be having to keep an eye on my friends for most of it. "So now that the dust's been settled I was thinking about having my friends visit Gensokyo today." Physical me starts by saying what I was about to say.

"Then it comes down to where do we go and what do we do." I continue...

"I have some ideas on the matter, but I figure outside input is always good." Then physical me...

"So I want to hear opinions on the matter since we can't go everywhere in one day and give a lasting impression." And I finish the train of thought.

"The village would be a practical choice seeing as it represents the usual standard of living for most humans." Ran adds her two cents in between bites.

"That's hardly the be all and end all of it Ran, I happen to have it on good authority that Princess Kaguya happens to enjoy company." Yukari points out another possibility, and it's one that I don't have any particular objection to seeing as Twei is already apparently friends with Naomi.

"I'm aware of that, it's just that you tend to enjoy the more dangerous locales such as the Underground. Or to be more specific, bothering the poor mind reader within the Palace of the Earth Spirits." Ran indirectly reminds me of a place I haven't gone yet, though it would most likely mean encountering Koishi again. I don't have anything against her, it's just she's not the best choice for clean conversation.

"Youkai Mountain's a good place to visit. Plenty of friendly goddesses and the kappa don't mind humans too much once they get over their shyness. Plus it'd be an excuse to bug the Tengu." Suika's suggestion sounds suspiciously like she just wants to go bother the Tengu, or maybe just one tengu in particular.

"There's always Moryia Shrine you know. Sanae's a good girl plus Suwako is never boring. I doubt Kanako will mind the company either." Physical me tosses in another suggestion while I think up another location not yet mentioned. "The Prismriver mansion is another possible choice."

"What about Hakugyokuro? It might not be the most living-friendly place in the world but it's not like you'll die just by being there. You'll never have to worry about running out of food either." It's kind of ironic seeing as Yuyuko is a bottomless stomach, but Youmu makes sure that Hakugyokuro never runs out of food. "There's also the Bhuddist temple not too far from the village. It takes a certain kind of person to live like that but there's no reason not to introduce a few friends to some of the friendliest youkai in Gensokyo."

"That pretty much takes care of locations then. Everywhere else is probably too dangerous, except maybe the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but I don't know what my status is with that place since I haven't dropped by other than to get back a chunk of soul." Physical me is done with his breakfast, which kind of suprises me since I didn't think I was that fast an eater. "The next question is what are we going to do about the fact that my body and soul are still split. It's ideal to keep those parts of me apart while they're here at least but I don't want to lose time because they fainted from seeing two mes at once."

"I know that there are plenty of solutions to that one, disguising my soul is one option, hiding my physical body is another. Having physical me guide one or two friends while the soul me guides another is one solution." I wasn't too fond of the third choice and the second seemed like it wouldn't necissarily work out all that well. "Then that leaves how do we get them here. Obviously a gap will be involved somewhere down the line, but we have to decide when and where to do it."

[X]First place to go? (specify)
[X]What to do about the split me?
-[X]Have me take the guise of weapons and equipment.
-[X]Take the form of a Mag.
-[X]An animal familiar of some kind?
[X]How jarring do we want to be about getting them here?
-[X]Ease it as much as possible.
-[X]Somewhat jarring so that they know they're someplace else.

>> No. 29100
[X]First place to go?
-[x] The village
[X]What to do about the split me?
-[X]Have me take the guise of weapons and equipment.
[X]How jarring do we want to be about getting them here?
-[X]Ease it as much as possible.

The Village would be a nice stop, as far as other stops it's specific to each friend.

Marine- Rinnosuke's
Ben- Hakugyokuro (Ben likes dueling after all)
>> No. 29101
[X]First place to go?
-[x] The village
[X]What to do about the split me?
-[X]Have me take the guise of weapons and equipment.
[X]How jarring do we want to be about getting them here?
-[X]Ease it as much as possible.
>> No. 29104
[x] First place to go?
-[x] The village
[x] What to do about the split me?
-[x] An animal familiar of some kind?
-[x] How about something sickeningly cute? The kind that ladies love to bury in between their breasts and take with them into changing rooms, yet can also use magic or grow in size and become deadly when the situation demands it.
[x] How jarring do we want to be about getting them here?
-[x] Somewhat jarring so that they know they're someplace else.

The trip here shouldn't be "Hello there, neighbor. My, such big teeth you have" but not quite "Fuuuucck I'm suddenly falling through the sky and there are eyes everywhere and fuuuucck".

As for the familiar, hoohoo. I guess you forgot how some of your readers think, am I right?
>> No. 29105

Thing is that this is regards to physical Wade, and we're not sure if anyone female would be tagging along enough to do such a thing.
>> No. 29107
Physical Wade can't perform any of the choices; he'll be leading them around Gensokyo, and our spirit form will always be there just in case we need to be of assistance. It's much better being able to fight on our own and grow to fly and carry them, since I know we won't be walking to each destination. A sword or gun is rather worthless.

We're going to have Marine and Naomi with us, most likely Nari, and we wanted Tokiko to meet our friends. Yukari might come along for the ride, and then there are girls in each location we'd be visiting, including the rest of the Yakumos if we start out here.
>> No. 29108
[x] First place to go?
-[x] The village
[x] What to do about the split me?
-[x] An animal familiar of some kind?
-[x] How about something sickeningly cute? The kind that ladies love to bury in between their breasts and take with them into changing rooms, yet can also use magic or grow in size and become deadly when the situation demands it.
[x] How jarring do we want to be about getting them here?
-[x] Somewhat jarring so that they know they're someplace else.

Works for me.
>> No. 29109
[X]First place to go?
-[x] The village
[X]What to do about the split me?
-[X]Have me take the guise of weapons and equipment.
[X]How jarring do we want to be about getting them here?
-[X]Ease it as much as possible.
>> No. 29110
[X]First place to go?
-[x] The village
[X]What to do about the split me?
-[X]Have me take the guise of weapons and equipment.
[X]How jarring do we want to be about getting them here?
-[X]Ease it as much as possible.
>> No. 29111
And it seems more of the voting base showed up to prove you wrong. As much as I don't mind being a perverted writer I'd rather that not become the sole draw of the story, or even an overwhelming part of it. If I wanted that I would have done this in /at/ instead.


[X]First place to go?
-[X]The Village
[X]What to do about the split me?
-[X]Take the guise of weapons and equipment.
[X]How jarring do we want to be about getting them here?
-[X]Ease it as much as possible.

"I think Ran's suggestion should be taken first." Physical me speaks up first after taking a fair amount of time to think about it. I was thinking the same thing quite honestly, it's quite safe there since no youkai is stupid enough to attack the village with Keine, Mokou, and the entirety of the Bhuddist temple protecting it and any human that attacks will be easy to knock out.

"As for me, I'll take the form of various weapons and equipment to protect my physical self and to avoid spooking them any more than this already will." Part of me seriously considered taking the form of some kind of critter that's a sickeningly cute boob-magnet until it or something it cares about is in danger, but I'm not quite to Yukari's level of perversion. That's what I keep telling myself at least...

"Yukari, would it bother you at all to take your car to gather them up and get them here?" Physical me asks the question that will dictate how we proceed, but I get the feeling I forgot something...

"Certainly. I assume going through some kind of tunnel to ease it as much as possible would be preferable?" Yukari received a nod of comfirmation from my physical self. "I promise I won't make them faint or anything this time either."

"Such uncharacteristic good sense." Ran comments on Yukari's satement rather dryly, but that's to be expected when Yukari's usual driving habits include 'break every rule in the book' which may or may not include the book on physics.

"Yes, enjoy is while it lasts Ran because I may do something to make up for it." Yet again with that dangerous gleam... Ran isn't fazed by Yukari's look though and merely sets about getting the dishes taken care of.

"We're having visitors over today?" Chen looks excited by the concept of meeting new people, made obvious by the fact that her tails are held high. I'm pretty sure that's when a cat is happy...

"Wade, wouldn't Ben and Naomi still be in school today?" Nari turns to me and asks the one question I should have thought of before bringing all this up: What day is it today? "You wanted to take a full day to show them around but it wouldn't be fair to get them in trouble."

Both mes facepalm. Hard. "Today's Friday, not Saturday. How did I forget that?"

"You went through alot yesterday without any kind of break to unwind, so are you really suprised you forgot somethin'?" Suika injects more common sense into the situation before taking another swig from her gourd. "You gotta remember to take it easy every once in a while otherwise the stress'll get to ya."

"So they'll come tomorrow?" Tokiko takes a second to ask her question since our planning interrupted her conversation with Chen.

"Either that or later today. Either way works, but if we do so today we'll have less time. Regardless we'll have some free time today so now it comes down to how do we want to spend it?" Physical me voices the question I was about to ask.

In regards to when I get my friends here:
[X]Today works, but it'll mean waiting until the school day is done for Naomi and Ben.
[X]Tomorrow would be better seeing as we'll have all day.

[X]Go bug Tenshi.
[X]Pay a visit to death today.
[X]Now that all this unnerving stuff is out of the way, maybe I can hold a conversation with Alice without leaving within ten minutes.
[X]See what the residents of Hakugyokuro are up to.
[X]I haven't bothered the owner of the anything goes shop in a while...
[X]Maybe I should see about patching things up with the SDM if necissary.
[X]See if it's possible to visit Kaguya today since I don't recall ever meeting her.
[X]Have I been underground yet?
[X]Super Shrine Sisters and the amazing Kero-chan! ...Moriya Shrine.
[X]Go see what's happening in the village today.
[X]Maybe I should go visit the Prismrivers...
[X]Find the Hakurei miko.
[X]Play pirates with Yukari and Suika Nah, that'll take too long.
[X]Get to know your local goddesses.
[X]Bother the tiger youkai that rests atop the temple.
[X]Teach that lake who's boss.


Short, but I bet you folks forgot about what day it is in the story.
>> No. 29112
[x] It's not like Yukari couldn't forge some doctors notes to excuse them from school today, or call in as a guardian with 'urgent family matters'. Besides, if they decide on staying, what difference does a few missed hours make? Who passes up the chance to go to a different dimension because they're in the middle of quiz?

I'm not saying to write anything that would belong there, I just thought it'd be funny. A little fanservice never hurts.
>> No. 29113
[X]Tomorrow would be better seeing as we'll have all day.
-[x] Try to see about sending them a message as to prepare themselves.
[X]Pay a visit to death today. And how lovely she is!

It isn't good to cram in a tour, we should give it a full day's worth as to have the most enjoyment.
>> No. 29114

Sure there's a time and a place for perversion, this isn't one of those times. Sensibility should prevail at times like these.

And to >>29107

Spirit Wade used swords and various guns to great effect, so chances are in weapon form, Spirit Wade would be effective. And who to say it's a mere sword, but a beam sword or a chain sword with spiritual properties?
>> No. 29115
Sensibility would be giving him free motion, ability to fight on his own and at will, shield everybody with ease, and become craft large enough to fly several people around Gensokyo.

Restraining him to an inanimate, danmaku-less, flightless form (or several, which would be smaller and lessen his overall power), only able to protect himself against weaker enemies, and only when able to do so when the physical half decides to - is not.
>> No. 29116
[X]Tomorrow would be better seeing as we'll have all day.
[X]Teach that lake who's boss.
[X]Maybe I should see about patching things up with the SDM if necessary.
[X]Have I been underground yet?
[X]Find the Hakurei miko.
[X]Pay a visit to death today.
[X]Go bug Tenshi.

Not necessarily in that order.
>> No. 29117
[X]Teach that lake who's boss.
[X]Maybe I should see about patching things up with the SDM if necessary.
>> No. 29119
[X] Tomorrow would be better seeing as we'll have all day.
[X]Go bug Tenshi.

Turnabout is fair play.
>> No. 29120
[X]Tomorrow would be better seeing as we'll have all day.
-[X] Try to see about sending them a message as to prepare themselves.
[X]Pay a visit to death today.
>> No. 29121

I don't think we can cram in two things like that (it's one then the other)
>> No. 29122
[X]Tomorrow would be better seeing as we'll have all day.
-[X] Try to see about sending them a message as to prepare themselves.
[X]Pay a visit to death today.
>> No. 29123
[X]Tomorrow would be better seeing as we'll have all day.
-[X] Try to see about sending them a message as to prepare themselves.
[X]Pay a visit to death today.
>> No. 29125
[X]Tomorrow would be better seeing as we'll have all day.
-[X] Try to see about sending them a message as to prepare themselves.
[X]Pay a visit to death today.
>> No. 29126
Update delayed due to realtors touring the house.

I'll try to remember to get that side-story thread up next time I'm on the computer since I have more than a few things I want to write out.

[X]Tomorrow would be better seeing as we'll have all day.
-[X]Try to see about sending them a message as to prepare themselves.
[X]Pay a visit to death today.

"I think waiting to bring them over until tomorrow would be the best choice. We could get away with spiriting Marine away today but I think there'd some suspicion if Ben and Naomi were suddenly yanked away from school." Physical me points something out that wouldn't be in our best interest. While Naomi typically spends a great deal of time away from home Ben leads a stable relationship with his parents. It'd turn into a huge hassle none of us would want to deal with.

"I'll want to give them a message somehow, like a letter delivered to their homes via gap or something so they'll know we'll be coming to get them tomorrow." Maybe I could have worded that bit better than I did, but it gets the point across. Yukari gaps in a piece of paper, an envelope, and a pen which I then use to compose the letter to my friends. Before I can ask how one letter is going to let all three know she duplicates the letter, envelope and all, gives them accurate return adresses and gaps them into today's mail.

"Well, that takes care of that doesn't it?" Yukari then rests her head on the palm of her right hand as she looks at us. "So what do you plan on doing today?~" Uh-oh, she's got that tone of voice again...

"Well, I was going to go bug the reaper today." I didn't have much else in mind excpet maybe showing that lake who's boss. It can't go around mocking other peoples presence just because it feels like it!

"Does that mean I need to stay home?" Nari looks at the spirit me in a way that would probably make any normal person want to hug her. "But, Wade's also staying home right?"

"I figure Yukari could walk us through the forming of a shikigami contract." Phsyical me looks to Yukari now in a somewhat nervous way. Of course, they way she's looking at us would make anyone nervous.

"That's a perfectly good way to spend the day~" Yukari gets up and walks over to both the physical me and Nari before grabbing them both. "First we'll need a bed~"

"Huuuuh?!" Physical me lets loose his explemation of surprise but makes no move to resist the gap youkai.

"So confused..." Nari seems to have overthought the whole 'spirit Wade, physical Wade' thing and hasn't even noticed Yukari pulling her along.

"Huh boy... Toki, let's go play outside for a while!" For some reason Chen seems to know what this means and is actively trying to get Tokiko away from Yukari's antics before the ibis gets sucked into it. "Unless you want to go with Wade?" She then points to me.

"If it's not troublesome to you, do you mind if I go with Chen?" Tokiko asks a question that's far from required, but I'll answer it anyway.

"Not at all. The area around the Sanzu is no place for the living, and I'd rather not accidentally lead you to your doom. You mean too much to me to risk that." I get up from the table, only waiting for Tokiko's response before figuring out some way out of Mayohiga.

"Thank you..." Tokiko has a slight blush again, though if she was going to say anything else she was promplty cut off by Chen.

"Okay then, let's go!" Chen starts pulling Tokiko along but stops at the doorway and turns to me. "That means you too, you haven't learned the trick to getting out of Mayohiga without mama Yukari's help."

Chen did go back to tell Ran where she was going while Yukari was busy doing what she's doing before leading both me and Tokiko out twoard the edge of the village. Stragely enough when I tried to walk out past the edge of the village I found myself walking right back in.

"Ahahaha! That doesn't work silly!" Chen has a short laugh at my expense before walking up to the edge of the village herself. "Mama Yukari made it so that beings from the outside can only get in, not out. Never really explained why but it's not all that important."

"Why is that?" Tokiko asks the next question as she walks up beside Chen.

"Because there's a trick to getting out! Watch." Chen starts waving her hand through the edge of the village until it hits something solid, at which point she starts casting some kind of magic to create some kind of doorway. "Tada! This'll take us out to Mystia's stand, which is where I'm taking Tokiko. It'll be easy for you to get to the Sanzu from there, especially since you're a soul rather than a living being."

Before either of us could speak the energetic Nekomata drags us both through and shuts the door to Mayohiga behind us so nothing can get in that way. While Chen said this would take us to Mystia's stand, it's more like the general area around it. It's good enough for Chen though, seeing as she's bounded into the air with a surprised Tokiko trailing along behind her.

Now that I'm all alone once more, I try to keep the mental images of what Yukari's making Nari and my physical body do while I lift off into the air and head off to the Sanzu so I can say hi to its ferrywoman. During transit I wind up spotting a purple umbrella floating about on its own. To be more specific, I noticed it after I ran into it.

After no more than a seconds worth of thought I decide to grab the umbrella and take it with me at least part of the way. This prompted a reaction from the umbrella, who chose to just accept the ride for now.

"You know, it's rude to touch a girl down there." Kogasa had decided to lay along my back, my evidence being that I twisted my head around to take a look after she tapped me on the head.

"Wait, you can feel where my hands are on the umbrella?" Okay, that's surprising. I kind of wonder- no, no. Away bad thoughts, I don't need that kind of thing right now!

"I'm a tsukunogami, so technically I am the umbrella." Kogasa's line of logic causes me to shift my grip downward on the umbrella handle, down to where I estimate her legs would be if I were holding a human instead of a karakasa. "Better, but next time go a bit more up."

"Any particular reason you decided to damn the torpedoes today?" Well, so long as she's here I might as well make small talk until I get close to the Sanzu.

"You say that like running into a friend is a bad thing." Oh dear Shinki no. I did not just start a pun contest with Kogasa.

"You should really consider the impact of your actions before you do them." I should feel bad for doing this...

"Afraid I'll get crunched somewhere down the road?" I can't help but notice that either Kogasa's flying along with me or she's impossibly light. Either way despite the fact that she's laying on me I don't feel any weight.

"Watching your speed would be better than becoming a smear on the windshield." Okay, lots of little red flowers I've forgotten the name of, check. Small blonde poisonous doll, check. River off in the distance- wait, poisonous doll? "Hey, Kogasa?"

"What?" I can tell she's spotted the doll cloaked in a purple cloud of poison, but I'd still like some confirmation on the matter.

"Does that look like a doll shooting clouds of poison at us, or is it just me?" And it's getting closer. Plus it smells kind of weird...

"Looks like it." Suddenly Kogasa's umbrella is in her hand instead of mine, leaving me to be her spirit shield. Not that I'd be much use against a cloud of poison mind you.

[X]Greet the newcomer. You can't poison what's already dead.
[X]Repel the next boss!
[X]Just transform into something that can outrun a flying doll, I don't feel like fighting.
>> No. 29129
[x] Repel the poison!
-[x] Change yourself into Air Man and blow away the poison.
-[x] If that fails, transform into the Asterlion (SRW OGs mech) and get out of there with haste with Kogasa.
[x] Continue on our way if it goes well.

We're not out to pick a fight with Medicine, and it'd be foolish to underestimate her.


If that Shikigami ritual is interesting, think we can see what happens during it?
>> No. 29130
File 126093000898.jpg- (235.90KB , 849x971 , sample-f765e2eb1ab04e4bc672670e65ee7e53.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Repel the poison!
-[x] Change yourself into Air Man and blow away the poison.
-[x] If that fails, transform into the Asterlion (SRW OGs mech) and get out of there with haste with Kogasa.
[x] Continue on our way if it goes well.
>> No. 29131
[x] Repel the poison!
-[x] Change yourself into Air Man and blow away the poison.
-[x] If that fails, transform into the Asterlion (SRW OGs mech) and get out of there with haste with Kogasa.
[x] Continue on our way if it goes well.
>> No. 29132

Vid of an upgrade version of the Asterlion, but I choose it due to its speed (it has impressive movement and mobility stats, a human scale one of these might be able to beat Aya in a race)
>> No. 29133
I'm with >>29129 , I want to see this Shikigami ritual. Especially if it involves a bed, which might mean sex is involved.
>> No. 29135
[x] Repel the poison!
-[x] Change yourself into Air Man and blow away the poison.
-[x] If that fails, transform into the Asterlion (SRW OGs mech) and get out of there with haste with Kogasa.
[x] Continue on our way if it goes well.
>> No. 29137
I'd think that making a contract with the body when the soul isn't in it would make the results weaker, or not yield any at all, unless it's possible to form a contract with the soul half as well, and double-up or at least fill in the blank when the two combine. I'd also figure upon merging, that there may be complications regarding the contract, either voiding it or forcing us into two again. It's true that we're basically the same entity, but we're broken and very different in comparison with power, not to mention all of the excess crap we have in our soul.

It'd be nice for Wade to get a full power up, and be able to easily recover some of the power he used to have before the merge.
>> No. 29138

Are you suggesting, sir, that we have both halves of our being "forge a contract" with Nari at the same time? That we should repeat the process after being merged, to ensure that the contract works properly? Because if that is what you are saying... then I agree.

At this rate, Nari is going to be having kittens long before Wade and Yukari ever get started. I approve.
>> No. 29141

I dunno but I think we should at least get a look at what's going on perhaps in the side story thread or such. (or perhaps when the two parts merge, Wade'll get memories of what happened)
>> No. 29143
Perverts, all of you.

You don't even have the excuse of being corrupted by a gap youkai.


[x] Repel the poison!
-[x] Change yourself into Air Man and blow away the poison.
-[x] If that fails, transform into the Asterlion (SRW OGs mech) and get out of there with haste with Kogasa.
[x] Continue on our way if it goes well.

You know, while I could probably take the poison I doubt Kogasa has that convenient resistance so I should blow it away in the most infuriating way possible. Which means transforming once more.

I am going to be nerfed as hell once I finally merge...

Next thing Kogasa knows she's hitching a ride on Airman instead of Wade, and Airman decides to blow away the poison clouds before they ever become a problem. This causes the doll that was hiding in a cloud of poison to be exposed and I note that this doll is yet another blond girl. I keep thinking that such light hair color is supposed to be rare in this part of the world yet it seems every other person has that hair color.

"Will you stop ignoring me?!" Now the doll is floating just ahead of me. "Geeze, I can't make heads or tails of you. First you're human and now you're something else entirely, just what are you?"

"Isn't it rude to ask for someone else's name or species before giving your own?" Keep that arm cannon trained on the doll... I've got a passenger to keep poison free.

"Weird, I was sure I already told you my name. The name's Medicine Melancholy, and you're my latest test subject!" Medicine points at me once more before covering her body in that poison cloud. Kind of pointless since the droplets of poison that form the cloud are light enough to be blown away, but whatever floats her boat. "Hey, stop that!"

"No." Short, concise and to the point.

"Fine, aerial poison is obviously ineffective so I'll try something else!" Now she's condensing the poison onto her hands to create more solid spheres, which could prove more problematic than plain old clouds. She throws them at me with no regards to the fact that it takes a quick movement in any x-coordinate to move away from them. "You're bent on stopping my research aren't you?"

"I'm not even interested in fighting, so can I just go?" Now I start dropping to the ground, well away from the doll but she can still throw those poison orbs at me. Or she could just start shooting danmaku in an attempt to incapacitate me. Though I think she's surprised by the fact that I chose to start jumping toward the river.


Continued later, unforseen interruption now.
>> No. 29145

Yukari did say she needed a bed... so that has us to wonder, and you never did answer the question of what's exactly going on.
>> No. 29146
>Perverts, all of you.

And proud!
>> No. 29148
So if I said I spontaneously said I had a Ran H-scene that makes full use of her tails to rape Wade in mind, you'd be hounding me to write it.


Jumping around as Airman is certainly throwing off Medicine's aim. By the time the bullets she fired reach me I'm either too far up, too far down, or just too far away for them to do much of anything other than burn the flowers. ...I hope Yuuka isn't anywhere within a two mile radius right now.

I notice that I'm able to jump ahead unimpeded, yet Medicine is attracting every fairy in the area, which slow her down by shooting danmaku at her. Well, not much of a slowdown but it's enough for me to start putting on bursts of speed to get away from her. Soon enough I've lost sight of the doll and have arrived at the Sanzu river.

"You're going to hang around here?" Kogasa reminds me that she is in fact still on my back by speaking up.

"I wanted to talk to the ferrywoman for a bit. You don't have to stay if it bothers you." Still in the guise of Airman, I walk on over to the tree Komachi tends to sleep next to while her boss isn't looking and sit there myself.

"That and I think that doll's going to catch up fairly soon. I'd rather not cross this river right now, so I'll see you later!" Kogasa then speeds off in order to get away from the dead feeling that always seems to permeate this place. Not that I care either way since I'm already dead, but it matters to the living mortals.

I take a peek around the tree and see that the lovely reaper is rowing her way back to shore. It'll take her a few minutes to get back so I kick back and shift form completely so in case Medicine does show up she won't bother me. To be more specific, an oversized flower.

"Stupid human. Did he really think that those fairies were going to stop me?" Medicine looks around the area, and even looks right at my floral disguise before turning to look at the sides of the river. "Where'd he go? He can't be foolish enough to try crossing this river..."

"Huh, it's the doll youkai. Hey there little doll, what're you doin' here?" Komachi's ship pushes its way onto shore before death herself comes stepping out of the craft.

"Looking for a human who came running to this area. Did you see any?" Medicine's animosity vanished upon speaking to someone that clearly isn't human.

"Human? Nnnnnope, no humans. Well, no living humans, but you want the live ones, right?"

Medicine merely sighs upon hearing this. "I guess that human was faster than I thought... Thanks for helping me look." The doll floats off after that, leaving Komachi alone. That's what it looked like anyways.

Komachi then glanced at me out of the corner of her eye, smirked, and walked over. "Let me guess, Medicine mistook you for being a living human instead of just a soul, and you came running here to hide."

[X]Stay silent, the doll is not gone.
[X]"Actually, I just wanted to see you."
[X]"Komachi! I'm spiriting you away!"
[X]Try to strike up a more normal conversation.
>> No. 29150
[x] Stay silent, the doll is not gone.
-[x] When she's gone try to strike up a more normal conversation.
>> No. 29152
[x] Stay silent, the doll is not gone.
-[x] When she's gone try to strike up a more normal conversation.
>> No. 29153
>you'd be hounding me to write it.

Well, not exactly hounding you, more like begging you and offering you sexual favors until you you do.
>> No. 29154
[x] Stay silent, the doll is not gone.
-[x] When she's gone try to strike up a more normal conversation.
>> No. 29155
[x] Stay silent, the doll is not gone.
-[x] When she's gone try to strike up a more normal conversation.
--[x] Ask how she's been doing
--[x] Inquire about what he might have done to help her in the past, since from what's remembered, she was quite nice for a someone whom you basically stripped.
---[x] Apologize for that (Mostly; since otherwise you'd be lying)
--[x] all while taking it easy, since that's what she likes to do, right?
--[x] If she remarks on 'your girlfriend' objecting, reply, "Oh I don't think she'd mind, her nose was bleeding at the sight"

changed my vote.
>> No. 29156
[x] Stay silent, the doll is not gone.
-[x] When she's gone try to strike up a more normal conversation.
>> No. 29157
You're only hurting yourself.

[x] "Komachi! I'm spiriting you away!"
-[x] Quickly transform and initiate hyper-jump. Treat Komachi to some Mokou-grilled chicken and sake.

That's an interesting proposal to my reasoning.

Let it be so.

Must not imagine. Must not-HHHHNNNGGGHHFFFFFF
>> No. 29160
Bah. Bored I am, add to side story thread I must.

Also, short update.

[X]Stay silent, the doll is not gone.
-[X]When she's gone try to strike up a more normal conversation.

As much as I'd love to answer the shinigami, I think I can smell Medicine coming back this way so I decide to stay silent.

"Eh? Oh." Komachi sniffed the air before realising why I hadn't changed back yet. This is a relief for me since I'm pretty sure I'd have to fight the poisonous doll should she find me, and I'm not really in the mood to fight right now. I mean, I've only been fighting every day for the last four or five days, give me a break! While I'm monolouging Komachi leans her scythe against the tree and promptly sits on me, with her rear resting on the center of the flower form I've taken. "Comfy. Maybe I oughta use this flower as a seat more often."

"Stupid human wold have to be faster than a tengu to get away that fast... Maybe he's hiding? ...Nah, a human can't hide here." Medicine passes by while talking to herself. She's obviously trying to figure out how a human of any kind could possibly get away from her, especially in conditions that should have favored her. She doesn't stick around for long though, moving past us at a rate faster than she was coming toward us.

"Didn't feel like smelling her posion." Komachi gives a rather lazy explenation for why the doll was flying away so fast. "I know it's not really fair to ask, but could ya stay like that for a bit? I want to take a nap and you make a nice bed."

"You know, as nice as it wold be to have a healthy girl sleeping on me I'd rather not get lectured clear into the next century because your boss caught us like this." I deflower myself, no, not in that way, and lean against the tree as myself. Not that something like that would stop the laziest death god in Gensokyo from using me as a seat, but the hope was always there.

"Nah, Eiki would only lecture you for a couple hours if you pay attention to her. I think her record is five years for one coontinuos lecture, but that was becuse the guy in question was practically a walking sin who never once redeemed himself." Now she's getting comfterble regardless, spreading my legs so sh can sit between them, shifting a little lower so she can rest her head on my chest... Stop making this so appealing!

"Did the guy in question go crazy?" I couldn't help but ask that seeing as I couldn't imagine anyone putting up with five years worth of lecturing without offing themselves, hacking off their ears and filling them with soundproofing material, or eventually being taken to the funny farm because they start going crazy.

"I think he got tossed in a padded room about four years, eight months into it. Apparently he started trying to attack Shikieiki to get her to stop." And her hair's got a nice soft floral scent to it, I can't resist putting my arms around her...

"Seriously?" But part of me still tries to act normal.

"Nah. Boss planned for a daily thing over five years, but it started to get in the way of her work after a week so she dropped it." There's only so many times I can restate the fact that Komachi's curled up on me and I worry how much her boss is going to chew us out for it when she checks up on her shinigami, but it'll have to do seeing as Komachi's just lying on me for however long I decide to let her do so.

"So her record's just you making things up?" I tilt my head down to look at her, only to find she's tilted hers up enough to look at me.

"That part's true. If you calculate the number of hours boss has lectured me, it actually comes out to fifty years even but five is the longest string of daily lectures I've had to put up with." I have a newfound respect for Komachi's endurance.

"Anything intereseting in your day besides the lecture count?" The more I think about it the more I begin to realise that I'm actually attracted to multiple women, and my interaction with Komachi is just reinforcing that fact.

"Nyet. Most of today's souls were boring. It's no exaggeration to say that you're the most interesting thing that's happened so far." Straightforward and honest, huh?

[X]If I'm the most interesting thing that's happened today, I should make her day more interesting.
[X]Komachi wanted to take a nap right? It's no issue to sleep with her is it?
[X]Soft shinigami or not, I don't want to be here when Shikieiki finally show up.
>> No. 29161
[X]If I'm the most interesting thing that's happened today, I should make her day more interesting.
>> No. 29163
[X]If I'm the most interesting thing that's happened today, I should make her day more interesting.

Time for an little adventure and bonding with Komachi~
>> No. 29164
[X]If I'm the most interesting thing that's happened today, I should make her day more interesting.
[X]Soft shinigami or not, I don't want to be here when Shikieiki finally show up.

We want a foursome with Yukari and Nari, correct?
>> No. 29165
[X]If I'm the most interesting thing that's happened today, I should make her day more interesting.
>> No. 29166

More or less; at least once if not making Komachi part of the harem. Since we do know that Yukari likes her on some level.

Speaking of 3somes and such, I wonder if there'd be a scene where both Wades double team Yukari or Nari. (Yeah we're such perverts)
>> No. 29167
[X]If I'm the most interesting thing that's happened today, I should make her day more interesting.
>> No. 29168
Sheesh, how am I supposed to get updates done faster when it takes so long to get five votes for one option? I don't really enjoy closing vote before the majority gets their say.


[X]If I'm the most interesting thing that's happened today, I should make her day more interesting.

"You know, I could always fix that." I lean back on the tree as I finish thinking the situation through.

"Fix what? My boredom?" Komachi still doesn't look too interested in moving from this spot. Not like she'll have much of a choice here in a minute.

"I'm just giving you some warning for when I make your day more interesting." With that I decide to pull a Yukari and just spirit the shinigami away to some other place. It should be fine since otherwise she'd be napping right now, and I think that's even more boring.

The view changes considerably considering I basically gapped the both of us somewhere completely different. Instead of a sea of poisonous red flowers and a river there is a flower field off to one side, a forest behind us, and the village in front of us. The fact that we're still leaning against a tree is just a coincidence.

"You know, if you wanted a date you could have asked." My brazen kidnapping is rewarded by Komachi bringing her scythe down on my head pole-first. Not that it really hurt since she was being pretty soft about it, but it's her way of saying she might not go so easy on me the next time.

"Fine, tell me I can't have fun with this why don't you?" I put on a mock dejected look, which causes the shinigami to just smirk at me.

"Careful, you might just become more ham than human if you keep that up." Komachi gets up regardless and dusts herself off even though we were sitting on grass. "So, where do you plan on taking me?"

"You know, I didn't think that far into it." I get up as well and give a good-natured shrug. "I'm kind of burned out on fighting right now, so I figure we'll just go around for a bit."

"Around where? Just walking around can be dull too." Oh ho, are you challenging me shinigami? I bet you don't recall who you're talking to!



Yeah, short again but you seem to like choosing your own transformation bits...
>> No. 29170

I suspect this might be an effect of christmas vacation (some people might do their posting at school or such)

But on the matter we can try going underground in while

But I am curious if Wade did anything for Komach in the past (What else explains the remark from her about some of the 'money' being from her, shortly after Wade caused her to flash Reimu, Aya, him and Yukari)
>> No. 29171
[x] "How about the underground then? I don't think I've ever gone down there before."
>> No. 29173
[x] "How about the underground then? I don't think I've ever gone down there before."
>> No. 29175
[x] "How about the underground then? I don't think I've ever gone down there before."
>> No. 29176
[x] "Well what have you seen in this land? I've explored many places."
[x] "And even then, I could take you there in style." Transform into say an R-type ship or vic viper, but customized for comfort of the cockpit.
[x] "If you don't have any ideas, we can always go underground. I heard it's an interesting place, and I haven't been there before"

This is my shot at it. Feel free to improve it.
>> No. 29178
[x] "How about the underground then? I don't think I've ever gone down there before."
>> No. 29183
File 126120214987.png- (343.54KB , 567x318 , Panzer Dragoon.png ) [iqdb]
[x] "How about the underground then? I don't think I've ever gone down there before."

"How 'bout we go spelunking? I haven't been underground yet I don't think." Nope, aside from Koishi I don't recall anything about the underground other than it being the home of Youkai who were banished down there because the abilities they wielded were simply too dangerous. Essentially it's like a giant prison for those youkai.

"That used to be the Hell of Blazing Fires didn't it? Wouldn't hurt to see what the new owners have done with the place. So, we just flying the plain old way or...?" Komachi's pretty much expecting me to be over the top about this, so why deny her? That and I just feel like it.

So I turn into the Dragon from Panzer Dragoon Orta and wait for Komachi to climb aboard.

"Thought you said you were burnt out on fighting? That form looks like it packs a punch." The shinigami hops on my back and situates herself before I kick off toward the Hakurei shrine and the entrance to the underground near it.

"This form is also quite fast and agile, though it's better to be safe than sorry in terms of what we'll encounter down there." A bit higher pitched in tone, but it's still more or less me.

"I wouldn't expect much trouble from the Oni or the Komeijis. The youkai down there? I see your point." The shinigami has no problems staying on my back as I put on a burst of speed before diving down the hole that leads to the Palace of the Earth Spirits. This surprised a few fairy fodder who were thinking about going past the entrance into the light so odds are I'll either have to be particularly nimble or else I'm going to have to blast something with homing energy bolts.

"Those fairies just don't know when to quit..." I promptly dash past a formation that appeared in front of me, though unlike the enemies in Panzer Dragoon these don't keep up with me so it's easier to ignore them. I'll have to worry about them on the way back out though...

"Eh, everyone knows they aren't too bright. I think the underground versions are even worse because of how hostile they are. You might have to start shooting them down soon, they've got group tactics." Komachi points out the rocks they're knocking down from the ceiling and the formations that have shown up to fill in the gaps. I briefly consider shooting them all down but flying through it all is much more exhilarating as well as giving a bit of satisfaction for getting through it all in one piece.

Of course, it'd be even better if they hadn't managed to fly alongside me to start shooting...

[X]Just blow them all up.
[X]Pacifist runs are more exciting.
[X]Wait, why are they able to move this fast?
>> No. 29184
[x] Wait, why are they able to move this fast?
>> No. 29185
[x] Wait, why are they able to move this fast?
>> No. 29186
[x] Wait, why are they able to move this fast?
>> No. 29187
[X]Wait, why are they able to move this fast?
-[x] Consider changing to a faster form (ZoE2 Vic Viper or the Asterlion)
>> No. 29188
[X] Fly very quickly, straight toward a wall.
[X] Just before impact, stop abruptly.
[X] Watch fairies crash into wall, and be on your way.
>> No. 29189
[x] Wait, why are they able to move this fast?
>> No. 29190
[X]Wait, why are they able to move this fast?

Something's wrong here, fairies are pretty quick but they shouldn't be able to keep up with me in this form. "Komachi, how much do you know about the fairies of the underground?"

"Not much if this is anything to go by. I'm not using distance manipulation either." Komachi's now shooting down the fairies for me since I don't really feel like it, but the time for pacisism in this flight to the underground city is coming to an end.

"I'm going to have to shoot them down aren't I?" It's now rhetorical. Not only are they keeping up but the ones from before are catching up, which means I'm having to deal with an absolutely lunatic level of projectiles being shot at or dropped on me at any one time. As a result I have to start shooting them down in droves or else we'll get crushed. Well, it's a minor inconvenience for death and souls, but it's still annoying enough to warrant fighting back.

"Eh? Fairies don't have individual clocks, what's going on? Their values are as screwed up as yours!" That's right, shinigami can see the death in others. Well, more like the clocks which tick down to when a soul has to return to Higan for processing but you get the point. "Wade, did you ever check down here?"

"I don't remember the underground so I assumed that I've never been there. Why would fragments show up in places I've never been?" I have to blast apart fairy and stone alike to keep from being hit, but I notice that among the pieces of paper that float my way there are some annoyingly familiar bits of silver that automatically home in on me. "Wait, the fairies? Why would they hold fragments?"

"They probably found a few and didn't know any better than to touch 'em. Looks to me like they've figured out how to get some use out of them." Komachi starts bringing her scythe down on the offending fairies, which I now notice seem to have a silvery glow to them and explode a bit more spectacularly then the normal ones. "Just blast them and don't worry about it, you seem to know how to knock them out without killing them."

"Says the one carving fairies in half." I continue blasting away regardless until the tunnel widens out more and more until we're flying over rooftops. The residents didn't expect to see death flying in on a dragon-like creature, or the entrouge of particularly violent fairies trying their best to bring the shinigami and her mount down before everyone else starts beating them up for putting holes in the streets and houses.

"'Ey! What's with you lot?!" Yuugi flys up to find out what's going on only to be swept up in the slipstream behind me. This doesn't stop her at all however, she simply grabs onto my tail and pulls herself onto my back, elicting a small cry of pain out of me since it friggin' hurt. "Answers. Now."

"We were just coming down here to look around when these things started attacking us. We can defend ourselves right?" Komachi aims a coin at a particularly evaisive fairy and takes it out by flicking the coin at it. Given Komachi's skill at using them as though they were bullets I think you can imagine what happened to said fairy. "Besides, we're not the ones doing the damage."

"You're not lyin'... Sorry, I thought the two of you might've been responsible for makin' the fairies more annoying than usual. They're not that big a deal unless they get into the town itself, but I haven' seen this many trying to wreck stuff." Yuugi manages to sit cross-legged on my back, which wouldn't be so annoying if I didn't already have a passenger.

"Excuse me, but I don't really have room for two in this form so either hang on tight or get off." I have to make myself heard before the added weight gets me hit too much, especially since I don't think getting knocked out here is a good thing.

"Huh? Wait, 's that you Wade?" The larger Oni regards me with a shocked look for a few seconds. "Didn' know you could change form! And sorry, didn't think I was heavy enough to throw you off."

"Don't take it the wrong way, it's that this form can't seat two people safely." Those fairies are really getting annoying...

[X]Keep the extra passenger?
-[X]Yes, and at least increase body mass to where I can safely take two.
-[X]If I keep her on me I'll get ground into spirit chunks from all this danmaku, drop her off somewhere!

[X]Can't keep letting them wreck the city! (Where to?)



Never did check down here did ya?
>> No. 29192
[+] Set down at the nearest clearing.

We're stuck being nerfed until we set down somewhere and ditch the PD dragon form. Homing lasers never miss, and unavoidable danmaku is forbidden, after all.
>> No. 29193

thing is I don't think the fairies are playing by spell card rules, thus we don't have to either.

[X]Keep the extra passenger?
-[X]Yes, and at least increase body mass to where I can safely take two.

an extra gunner makes up for the size increase (that and I think growing some wouldn't make us that weaker)
>> No. 29194
[X]Keep the extra passenger?
-[X]Yes, and at least increase body mass to where I can safely take two.
>> No. 29195
[X]Keep the extra passenger?
-[X]Yes, and at least increase body mass to where I can safely take two.
>> No. 29196
[x] Keep the extra passenger?
-[x] Yes, and at least increase body mass to where I can safely take two.
>> No. 29198
First you have to ask yourself: Would Reimu or Yukari care if you broke danmaku rules to deal with a bunch of rabid fairies who are making a mess out of everything?


[X]Keep the extra passenger?
-[X]Yes, and at least increase my body mass to where I can safely take two.

"I think I'll hold on tight then. Show me what you can do morph-boy!" Yuugi takes a more appropriate position for sitting on a flying creature, and I settle for increasing my body mass to where I can take two people without having to worry about throwing one off by accident. Coincidentally, it also meant that I could fire bigger individual homing lasers which hit harder but fly a bit slower. "Just a size increase on everything, huh? Heh, not bad."

"If it isn't broken, why fix it?" Any continuation to the conversation is stopped by my charging a bomb-like attack and changing course to throw the remaining fairies off course so I can fire off this nifty little attack that happens to hit pretty much everything I can target. Which thanks to my position, means everything. "They go down pretty easily don't they?"

"Why didn't you do that earlier? Would've saved us some work!" Komachi give another rap to my body in annoyance before watching the fairies fall to the ground where other Oni are already gathering the ones we shot down earlier.

"Because it takes time to build up enough reserve power for that kind of attack. If I could just use it as easily as a normal shot type I wouldn't have bothered waiting." Well, there's a few glowing stragglers so I bring them down and collect the silvery fragments they drop.

"What are those?" They don't escape Yuugi's notice, which prompted the question.

"Fragments of my soul that were scattered across Gensokyo after a few months of my initial arrival. I'm surprised by the fact that there are fragments down here seeing as I don't recall ever being down here before." Now they're all dealt with, so I land on a particularly strong rooftop to enjoy the view and carry on a conversation without any wind noise.

"Seriously? How does that even work?" Yuugi has even more questions on the matter, but thinks about it for a moment. "Eh, scratch that, you probably don't know any more than I do on the subject."

"Hey, don't feel bad Yuugi. I'm a shinigami and I don't get it. It caused in uproar in Higan when they found out what happened." Do Komachi and Yuugi know each other?

"Wait a sec... Komachi? Geeze, how long's it been?" Yuugi and Komachi exchange a brofist upon finally recognizing each other. "Last time I saw you our kind were talking to Higan representatives about moving in down here, and we snuck off with a few others to have a drinking contest 'cause it was so boring."

"I think a few hundred years at least. My job's monotonous enough to where I can easily forget what year some event happened in." So now they're holding a conversation as though nothing happened. "How about we go relive old times? Wade here decided to make my day more interesting so he should join in too."

"I'm in spirit form rather than human. That'd be a rather unfair advantage seeing as I could just make myself unable to become drunk." That still brings up the question of what happens to food and drink spirits eat, seeing as I haven't had to go to the bathroom in a while.

"Heh, 's that really what you think? Ghosts get drunk too ya know." Yuugi's now challenging my point, which is pretty justifiable seeing as I don't know if that'll work for certain.

[X]Soul vs. Oni vs. Shinigami, who will last longest?
[X]I distinctly remember passing out after just a couple bottles before, maybe I should sit this one out and watch.


The previous choice mattered, just not in the way you thought it would. This choice matters too, so pick wisely.
>> No. 29199
[X]Soul vs. Oni vs. Shinigami, who will last longest?

If the lovely shinigami insists Wade joins in, why not? With Wade's luck, he'd end up waking up naked to an equally nude Oni and Shinigami.

But I wonder about the other choice and the logic that can be used to support it.

Since the main goal is to endear ourselves to to the lovely ferrybabe, I think we can agree on that right?
>> No. 29200
[X]Soul vs. Oni vs. Shinigami, who will last longest?
>> No. 29201
[X]Soul vs. Oni vs. Shinigami, who will last longest?
>> No. 29202
[x] Soul vs. Oni vs. Shinigami, who will last longest?
>> No. 29205
You really should have considered the fact that Wade does not possess a Mikio-level tolerance for alcohol before blindly voting for the get smashed option. Not that either one leads to anything bad mind you, just that you might not get what you expected next time.


[X]Soul vs. Oni vs. Shinigami, who will last the longest?

"You're on. Where's this going to take place?" This form might have arms, but I don't think the owners of whatever tavern we're going to won't appreciate a dragon getting drunk and trashing the place worse than a bunch of rabid fairies.

"A place I happen to sell my excess brew to, we'll get a discount and it'll attract more customers for the store owner." Yuugi leads the way while Komachi and I follow. The place she has in mind is a modest-looking tavern that's situated in the town square that happens to smell strongly of alcohol. The current smell is probably some sort of concentrated brew only an Oni, the dead, or gods could drink safely and even then only in relatively small amounts. Of course, that begs the question of how I know that little factoid. "'Ey barkeep, we're gonna have a little drinking contest, could ya set us up with the usual?"

"It's Raiden, not barkeep. Anyways, what's this little contest for? Your latest conquest?" Raiden? Nah, can't be. Skin's not red enough and he happens to be wearing too much. Besides, what's a god of thunder and lighting doing underground?

"More like a meeting of old friends and an invite. Hasn't turned into a conquest yet but unless this one-" Yuugi points to me with her thumb. "-has a freakish tolerance for our stuff it'll probably turn into one."

"Heh. Good luck to you kid, only a handful have outdrank Yuugi without cheating, and no offence, but you don't look like you can hold your alcohol all that well." 'Raiden' sets out a medium sized barrel with multiple spouts along the bottom rim that are a perfect height for a typical tankard. "All set up for the first few minutes. I'll be getting the next ready and I'll expect the tab to be picked up by whoever once you all recover."

"First one who wakes up pays the tab?" Yuugi looks to Komachi with a confident smirk. They must have done this before.

"First to wake, first to pay rule. Anything for the winner?" Komachi grabs her tankard and fills it to the brim, while Yuugi and I follow suit not too long afterwards.

"Winner gets to do what she wants to the losers." By 'she', Yuugi must mean herself because even Komachi's confidence faltered for a second there. "Ready? Get smashed!"

'Raiden' had some time before he had to replace the barrel so it's obvious where the growing crowd of spectators came from. Either that or the brew being brought out is a special kind only used for these kinds of drinking games. Regardless, we had company and I'm already at the point where I stopped caring. All that mattered right now was using my fighting spirit to kick reason to the curb and pierce the heavens- no wait, wrong context, uhh, hell, I can't think of anything right now other than use my spiritness to increase my alcohol tolerance so I can win. None of us showed any sign of slowing down, and we would do anything particulary interesting for the next few minutes. That's when the barkeep decided to give us each our own barrel to work with so he'd have a bit more time to sit down.

"Thousand yen on the human!"

"That's a sucker's bet, thousand for him to outdrink the shinigami!"

"Five thousand on the shinigami!"

"Ten thousand on Yuugi!"

"What kind of wimp picks the easy choice? Same value, but on the human!"

"Your funeral little lady."

Wait, 'little lady'? Sounds like Kikuri's voice in that second to last one. Eh, I'll talk to her later when I'm not so busy and drunk. Next on the agenda is to forego the tankard and just drink straight out of the tap, which earns a round of applause since I'm downing a whole damn barrel in one go.

"That kid's insane!"

"Niiiiiice, cute and crazy."

"Those three are going to drink my entire stock before they're done..."

"Nyahahahaha! Don't worry gramps, I'll keep 'em from running out!"

"Coming from you that's slightly worrying."

"Thousand yen says short stuff's liquor knocks them all out in one go!"

Yuugi's also keeping pace with me while Komachi's going with the slow but steady route. I'm starting to wonder if this is won by consuming the most within a time limit, who's left standing, or if the barrels are counted after we're all knocked out. Eh, I lost track anyways so what does it matter? Let's just skip forward a bit to the next interesting bit.

"Is that kid human, or is he some kind of youkai?"

"Suika, do me a favor and go grab some of Yuugi's stock. I'm not getting drunk out of stock before the day's done. And let me know how many you bring in so I know not to count it in the bill."

"You got it!"

Things that bother you never bother me I feel happy and fine, haha! Living in the sunlight, loving in the moonlight, having a wonderful tiiiiiiime~ I don't live alot I don't need alot coffee's only a diiiime, living in the sunlight loving in the moonlight having a wonderful tiiiiiime~ Hmmhmhmmmhmhmhm, hmhmhmmmhmhmhmm, hmmhmhmhmhmmhhmmmm...


"Wade, are you feeling alright?" I put my hand to Wade's forehead to check for a fever or something, because he's acting rather strange. "I admit I was wrong about your voice, but you should tone down on the Weird Al before Ran pitches a fit."

"Why wood why thank this?" He sounds... drunk. It's not normal by any stretch of the imagination, but I find it more amusing to sit here and watch him do whatever it is he's doing than help. It's not like he's going to hurt himself~

"Lady Yukari, who's singing Weird Al, and why are the lyrics butchered so horribly?" My cute little Shikigami walks in to ask about the situation just like I thought she would.

"Butchered? I thought it was an improvement. I certainly underestimated his voice though, he carries such a nice tune when drunk~" Wade doesn't even notice the gaphax I'm using on him to keep him out of trouble right now, which makes me wonder what his spirit half is doing to cause this. After all, what else could cause such a sudden change?

"He could use some lessons from the Prismrivers." I should probably get my boyfriend to switch gears to something else before Ran tries to muffle him with her tails or something, suffocation is bad when you can't open a gap to breathe through.

A quick rap on the head seems to be enough to make him sing something else, this time it's 'Sailing to Philadelphea'. ...I'm going to have to smack him again fairly soon, the pace is absolutely annoying. "I think we'll have to get him to sing while sober first before we go sending him over. I think sending him drunk to the Prismrivers, who have all expressed some level of interest in him, especially Merlin, would result either in him doing something untoward to them or them to him. I wouldn't mind watching the results of the latter though~"

"Would it kill you to stop being perverted for five seconds?" Ran looks about ready to leave the room from the particular song.

"I figure I'll suffer a seizure or something if I don't, maybe have an explosive orgasm or have milk shoot out my breasts in a lethal fashion. That would be a rather nasty mess~" Yes, turn that wonderful shade of red Ran~ Oooh, now I'm getting all worked up~ "Also, the ritual failed. The only thing I didn't have them try was actual connection between bodies, but since Wade technically lacks a soul it won't make an ounce of difference if we do it now."

"I see, so it'll have to be the day after next?" Ran's having to let Nari recover seeing as it was still rather exhausting for both parties to try so many contract rituals in one go. I didn't enjoy shouldering my shikigami with a task I'd rather take on myself (and maybe gain another shikigami on the side) but Wade's enough of a handful as it is. What to do...~

[X]Sober him up myself. Boring but some things are more fun to do to a sober person than a drunk.
-[X]Have my way with him afterwards~
-[X]See about setting up something with with my friends for later...~
-[X]Get him to sing, I'd like to know just how good he is.
-[X]What to do~

[X]This is actually pretty amusing, so I'm just going to sit here and watch. And make him change songs.



If you can't tell who you're playing as right now, I will track you down and put my foot up your ass for being so dense.
>> No. 29206

We weren't expecting to win, just indulging Komachi. That and as a shapeshifting spirit, we have a few advantages... or so I thought. Though I get the feeling we missed up on making progress with Komachi in the process.

[X]Sober him up myself. Boring but some things are more fun to do to a sober person than a drunk.
-[X]See about setting up something with with my friends for later...~
-[x]But first, find that shinigami and 'make her take responsibility' for this. She put him up to it. And it's my turn to have some fun~
-[x]Then Call Wade in for a nice surprise~

here's my shot at it.
>> No. 29208
[X]Sober him up myself. Boring but some things are more fun to do to a sober person than a drunk.
-[X]See about setting up something with with my friends for later...~
-[x]But first, find that shinigami and 'make her take responsibility' for this. She put him up to it. And it's my turn to have some fun~
-[x]Then Call Wade in for a nice surprise~

Wait wait wait.... so Spirit Wade getting drunk also affected Physical Wade and got him drunk too? Or is Spirit somehow transferring his drunkeness to Physical?
>> No. 29209
[X]Sober him up myself. Boring but some things are more fun to do to a sober person than a drunk.
-[X]See about setting up something with with my friends for later...~
-[x]But first, find that shinigami and 'make her take responsibility' for this. She put him up to it. And it's my turn to have some fun~
-[x]Then Call Wade in for a nice surprise~
>> No. 29210
Who are we right now?
>> No. 29212
[X]Sober him up myself. Boring but some things are more fun to do to a sober person than a drunk.
-[X]See about setting up something with with my friends for later...~
-[x]But first, find that shinigami and 'make her take responsibility' for this. She put him up to it. And it's my turn to have some fun~
-[x]Then Call Wade in for a nice surprise~
>> No. 29213

>> No. 29215

It's Yukari; no one else is that over the top perverted.

And at this rate perverted things will be done to Komachi.

That and basically Komachi did put Wade up to it, and now she has to pay a deliciously perverted price. And it'll be a step closer to adding the mountainous shinigami to Wade/Yukari's harem.
>> No. 29216
So my voters are perverts, smart-asses and advocates of sarcasm. Anything else you want to tell me anon?

Also, little miss gap youkai is watching you mastrubate vote.

[X]Sober him up myself. Boring, but some things are more fun to do to a sober person than a drunk.
-[X]See about setting something up with my friends for later~
-[X]But first, find that shiningami and 'make her take responsibility' for this. She put him up to it, and it's my turn to have some fun~
-[X]Then call Wade in for a nice surprise~

First of all I really should sober him up before he does something incredibly stupid. He's only human (for now) and not to mention powerless without his soul to fight for him, especially since his pet has yet to be trained in any sort of magic. Add another item to my large 'to do' list... Sorting this issue out shouldn't take too long, a few tweaks here, modification there, aaaaand~

"Asleep? ...That's one way to keep him out of trouble for now. Ran, I hate to burden you further but could you watch Wade as well? I need to go deal with this at the source and I'd rather Wade didn't go off trying to wrestle bears or something." Ran may not be in the room, but she can hear me. I know she's also responded positively so she'll be along shortly to take him to a room. "Oh, and if you absolutely have to have your way with him, wait until I get back could you?~" Ufufufufu~ A nice little disgruntled response, and now it's time to go after that shinigami who did it. How do I know she was the one who put Wade up to it? I read the votes~
Ah, the underground. Home to the Hell of Blazing Fires, the Palace of the Earth Spirits, and aincient village that exiled and self-exiled youkai built, and Dijon Mustard. Okay, that last one was really invented by a French alchemist who tried to turn rocks into gold but I can make up facts to make things more interesting. Not that the current scene needs much improvement mind you, though I am annoyed that so many people are giving my little Wade experience in the matter before I get to him. Maybe I should just go back in time and seduce him so I can have his first that way. Nah. Though why the Moon of Hell is going at him like that instead of either oni or the shinigami is beyond me. Yuugi tends to like boys like him and I think Komachi wouldn't need too much persuasion if the right man came along... Bah, I'm getting off track again with all this monolouging. Yes, Kikuri and Wade are having sex, no, I'm not going to relay it to you~

I can't really bring myself to end such a beautiful moment of ectasy, not when they're both enjoying it so much, so I'll just watch for a few minutes~ And fix the drunkeness on this end so Wade's physical body won't be so addled when I get back to him. Though I have to wonder where that shinigami is right now... Ah, the next room over I bet! I poke my head through the wall only to see that she's also rather preoccupied with Yuugi, so I bet she was one of the two losers in that drinking contest. Engaged or not she should take responsibility for her actions, but preferably not when drunk off her ass to the point where coherent movement is difficult. Another bit I think I'll file away for later~

...Or maybe not. Wade should be recovered by now shouldn't he? I think I'll just yoink the shinigami and sober her up before making her take responsibility~

"Hey! What're you think 'yer doin'?!" Yuugi raises an objection to losing her partner, but I don't really care right at the moment~

Come to think of it, my chosen room is a fair bit colder than the one I was just in, so I should let it warm up first. In the meantime... "Yuyuuuuu~ Where are youuuuu?" I poke my head into Hakugyokuro to look for my irreplacable friend. Thankfully she's never too hard to find.

"Decided to pop in hmm?" Yuyuko's working on a rather lovely bit of pottery right now so I think I'll make this quick as to not cause her to accidentally ruin it.

"Are you free to come over two days from now? I'm hosting a kind of party and was hoping you'd come." Focus, focus, ignore the shinigami yanking my panties down...

"Of course I would! Though usually you merely crash Reimu's parties, I have to guess that it has to do with a certain male friend of yours~" Yuyu hits it on the nose in an instant. Just one another reason why I doubt I'll ever find anyone else like her. "Don't give me that look, it was fairly obvious the two of you were close even then, seeing as you decided it was okay to force him to violate my chastity. ...Don't worry, it's a joke."

"Thank you, I'll see you then~" I then dive back through the gap when the shinigami yanks me down onto the bed, apparently nowhere near done exhausting herself. I spread my legs and let her start there while I give a heads up to my other friends~

"Suika, I know you're here~" Back in that lovely little tavern sits my favorite pettanko oni, drinking her sake and beer. Along came a gap youkai, who popped up beside her, and asked 'Yo! What's in the bowl, bitch?' No, it went more like 'Party at my place in two days' and 'woohoo!' That's all nice and settled~ Next one~

"Yukari? What are you doing here?" Shinki looks genuinely surprised at the sudden appearance of my head in her teacup, even more so at my blushing face.

"Wondering if you'd like to come to my little gathering two days from now. I know you don't get to get out of Makai much and I wanted to see you again." I give an exact measure of the 'desire' by giving her the most pleading look I can muster.

"Of... of course. I'll be there." Perfect~

"By-a-ku-reeeeeeen~" Oh, this one should be nice and difficult to accomplish seeing as she's a buddhist monk and is working to free others from the desire of flesh, among other things. Though she had her first taste of love a long time ago, and it was all~ my~ fault~

"Yukari! I didn't expect to see you here." The lovely motherly monk looks up from her scroll to see my worked up state. "Please, not again. I'd be straying from the path of enlightenment if I agreed to whatever it is you've come up with."

"Oh come on, showing another what love really is is only bending the rules, not outright breaking them~" Oh, I have to make that shinigami work a little longer to not draw attention to the floating head trying to tempt Byakuren back into my embrace.
"I suppose I don't have much choice, do I?" Byakuren understands her position quite well. Even if she refused I could force her hand and make it so that she did it willingly, which I was perfectly prepared to do~

And once that's done I decide to call Wade in for a nice surprise~ A little sooner than I want, but a threesome is fine too~ "Wade~ Come here~" In a matter of moments there will be a Wade sliding the door open and~ ...

"Not so loud please..." A hangover? Oh screw that, you're getting a cure for it. "Yukarin?" And Wade's back to his usual self~ "Do I even want to ask why you've got a naked shinigami eating you like that?"

"Well, she's the one who put you up to getting drunk so I felt she should take responsibilit-yyyyyy..." Wonderful~ That shinigami knows the proper use of distance manipulation alright~ "I brought her here so she could pay the price for such actions. So come here so I can undress you proper~"

[X]Go forth into my waiting lover's arms.
[X]...Just watching is fine.
[X]I'm not comfortable with the idea of two women at once.
[X]Are you nuts?

Back in control of Wade if you couldn't guess.
>> No. 29218
[X]Go forth into my waiting lover's arms.
>> No. 29219
[x] Go forth into my waiting lover's arms.
>> No. 29220
[X]Go forth into my waiting lover's arms.

Does this mean Yukari AND Komachi? What's not to like?

Hey Wade's girlfriend is the biggest pervert in Gensokyo. I keep saying if the main girl ended up being say Reimu or Alice, we wouldn't be so... BOLD.
>> No. 29221

Christmas comes early at /shrine/.

Fuckin' a right man.

[X]Go forth into my waiting lover's arms.
>> No. 29222
[X]Go forth into my waiting lover's arms.
>> No. 29223
[X]Are you nuts?
[X]Why only two?
>> No. 29225
File 126146943645.png- (295.84KB , 560x700 , YukariChristmas.png ) [iqdb]

Speaking of early christmas; look at this pic.


Good reasons why: The two girls are: Either our girlfriend or would be future girlfriend. I.e. Not just a one-time fling.
>> No. 29227
[+] Go forth into my waiting lover's arms.

Mountains like that make me want to take up geology.
>> No. 29231
Hey guys, my next post will be Dec. 26!

...Pfft, yeah right.

Anywho, smut starts here for the odd anon who doesn't want to see it.

[X]Go forth into my waiting lover's arms.

Sliding the door shut behind me and locking it, I walk towards the temptress and embrace her, giving a light kiss on the lips before letting her do what she will. A pleased grin crosses her face as she pulls me onto her and yanks my shirt off while Komachi pulls my pants off. Of course, I can't let Yukari stay dressed for this now can I? Her dress must go, and it will be by my hand.

Slowly but surely that poofy dress slides up Yukari's body and reveals that she has indeed once again forsaken a bra. After letting the dress fall where it may I bring my lips to Yukari's while feeling Komachi start rubbing her body on me while embracing me tightly. The result was me being sandwiched between two beautiful women and getting nice and hard from it, a point not lost on the gap youkai since it was now prodding her. I feel my shaft penetrate something warm, soft, and tight but I can't tell exactly what since my lips, and now tongue, are being occupied by the gap youkai, who has increased the amount of pressure by bringing both myself and the shinigami even closer to her. This results in Komachi making an erotic moan while bouncing her lower lips on my rear while I grind my dick in that unknown hole in circular motions while feeling both hot bodies against mine. On an almost unspoken agreement Yukari parts lips with me and opens a gap to reveal her own soaked lips spread wide, which invites my mouth to gently clamp down on it and start sucking on it. In the meantime Yukari's opened another gap directly in front of her mouth so she has something to do. Who's doing what is beyond me, but the point of all this is to make each other feel good right? So long as we make each other happy we don't need anything else.

I, being the first to grind am the first to cum, letting loose a stream of white which causes the shinigami to moan happily before resuming her own grinding. I have to guess she's now grinding against Yukari's mouth since the warm, soft sensation left my rear a few minutes ago. I then feel my manhood slide out in a slow pull that leaves me wanting more before a drier hole replaces it. This time it causes the soft flesh in my mouth to thrust inward a bit more as it starts to react to my caress, a pleased in and out motion that matches the feeling my dick is getting, meaning my partner is Yukari this time. Yukari's hand find its way to the inside of my thighs and pushes on it just as I'm about to start pulling it in and out as though to tell me to let her have her fun. Instead her other hand finds its way to the rim of my anus and starts rubbing it with a level of finesse that makes it obvious she's done this before. Always a gentle rub, no penetration of any kind yet the result is the same: I let loose my second shot, while Yukari finally lets go of her sweet juices and lets me suck it all down until I'm left teasing the last drops from her. Coincidentally Yukari then closes the gap in front of my mouth and changes it out to an ample breast, which I starts teasing without so much as a second thought on the matter, and unless I'm very much mistaken whichever woman I'm pleasing right now is actually lactating. Not a bad way to get a drink so long as I treat it with the same gentle teasing as I have with the other sensetive bits. The shinigami lets loose yet another moan as Yukari finishes up with her before settling down to start licking my tip, then bringing it into her mouth to quietly suck and slurp it. This has to be the laziest bout of sex I'll ever have, but seeing as who I'm with I shouldn't be surprised at all.

Next it seems Yukari has started licking and sucking on one of my nipples to help me along. She's not getting any milk out of it unlike me but it still feels nice. Letting go into the shinigami's mouth is even better seeing as she's determined not to make a mess. I feel the shinigami's mouth reluctantly allow my shaft to slide back out before entering another soft entry point. Yukari's pulled her breast away and closed the gaps between us in order to show me the smile on her face, one that makes it plain that she's going to want more at a later date. Left to our ungapped devices Komachi resumes rubbing her warmth around my rear as I begin grinding in Yukari. Yukari begins thrusting to add to the motions before pulling my head down into another loving kiss that involves more of our tongues rubbing each other in a moment of pure bliss. I break away just to watch my dick slide around in Yukari's vagina with a perverse facination, the fact that both of us are leaking fluid isn't helping the image, neither does the lips giving way around my hard shaft, or the fact that both our parts have started adding their own little natural motions. I look back at the gap youkai, who gives a genuinely happy smile before the three of us simultaneously let go, my seed sliding into Yukari while her sugary syrup of a love fluid squirts out along my shaft, and Komachi's fluid starts sliding down my rear making every motion sound pleasantly wet. I'm exhausted though, and settle for just lying between them while hearing their pleasant little melody and sliding myself downward to let myself be trapped in marshmallow hell...

"A-[i]hem[/]." Aw crap.

[X]Ignore Shikieiki and hope she goes away.
[X]You have no means to defend yourself, just accept what's coming.
[X]Invite her. Yeah freaking right. Shikieiki did not come from Higan just to join in on a threesome.


I soiled a perfectly good pair of boxers writing this, so you twits better find it enjoyable to read as I found it to write.
>> No. 29233
I think our plan is to get ourselves out of this mess without Komachi being punished, even if Wade himself has to take the punishment.

If Yukari was awake, she'd be able to help.

Just some notes as to inspire perhaps an awesome write in (I might think of one myself... I hope)

But the good news: We're one step closer to netting ourselves Komachi into the harem. (Sure right now Yukari did the most stuff with Komachi, but we can always play catch up later. And with Yukari's talents, perhaps both Wade and Yukari could 'love' Komachi in the way only a man knows how to 'love'. That's excluding if Wade's still in two or not then)
>> No. 29235
[x] "I would think an expert of morality would knock on someone's door before coming in"
-[x] Explain how things went and how if it was anyone's fault it was yours.
-[x] Consult with Yukari if she's awake.
--[x] Try to keep her from any funny ideas that involve the yama and/or is about to be done now.
-[x] Say that sharing a bed with those you care about isn't a sin.
-[x] "It's not like that flower incident is happening again."

the goal try to defuse things, taking what blame isn't neutralized for Komachi, and trying to knock Shiki off her guard with a joke or two.

But I can imagine this can be improved.
>> No. 29236
I don't think Wade knows about the flower incident...
>> No. 29239

Oh well it could be hand waved by one of Wade's 'lost' memories that he now has back or he's talking out of his ass and manages to hit the mark.
>> No. 29245
[x] Ignore Shikieiki and hope she goes away.
>> No. 29246

Mind if I ask your reasoning? Since I don't think that would work, it'd just annoy her even worse.

Though it might buy time for Yukari to wake up and work her magic.
>> No. 29247
[x] "I would think an expert of morality would knock on someone's door before coming in"
-[x] Explain how things went and how if it was anyone's fault it was yours.
-[x] Consult with Yukari if she's awake.
--[x] Try to keep her from any funny ideas that involve the yama and/or is about to be done now.
-[x] Say that sharing a bed with those you care about isn't a sin.
>> No. 29248
[x] "I would think an expert of morality would knock on someone's door before coming in"
-[x] Explain how things went and how if it was anyone's fault it was yours.
-[x] Consult with Yukari if she's awake.
--[x] Try to keep her from any funny ideas that involve the yama and/or is about to be done now.
-[x] Say that sharing a bed with those you care about isn't a sin.
>> No. 29249

I didn't really have a reason. I just voted for it because I felt like it.

[x] "I would think an expert of morality would knock on someone's door before coming in"
-[x] Explain how things went and how if it was anyone's fault it was yours.
-[x] Consult with Yukari if she's awake.
--[x] Try to keep her from any funny ideas that involve the yama and/or is about to be done now.
-[x] Say that sharing a bed with those you care about isn't a sin.
>> No. 29250
[X]"I think an expert on morality would knock on someone's door before entering."
-[X]Explain how things went and how if it's anyone's fault it's yours.
-[X]Consult with Yukari if she's awake.
--[X]Try to keep her from any funny ideas involving the yama and/or is about to be done now.
-[X]Say that sharing a bed with those you care about isn't a sin.

...I did get Komachi in trouble, the least I can do is take the hit for her. I slide back out from between the two beauties between me and adress the Yama personally. "You'd think an expert on morality would knock before entering." Any will to crack a joke died under Shikieiki's withering glare.

"I did knock. The problem was that the door did not withstand said knocking." The Yamaxanadu looks the three of us over with a great deal of irritation, but refrains from making any moves yet. I note that Komachi is no longer drunk and is fully aware of what's going on.

"Look, don't punish her for the stunt I-" I start trying to defend the shinigami but am immediately cut off.

"Silence. You are not the sole factor in this, and while admirable, you will not be allowed to shoulder the crime yourself." There goes any attempt to reason with her... "You actively disrupted the flow of souls from Gensokyo to Higan. Not that it made so much as an ounce of difference considering just how much my shinigami slacks off, and the fact that she'd normally be sleeping this time of day, but that doesn't excuse you. Yukari Yakumo, you are also responsible for creating this scenario by way of bringing Komachi here under the pretense of 'making her take responsibility for her actions' with the intention of making her have sex with yourself and the Hakurei spirit." Wait, now I have to cut in.

"Sorry, but who are you referring to when you say 'Hakurei Spirit'?" Shikieiki pulls out her cleansed crystal mirror and uses it to look through something as an answer to my question.

"That's strange, Wade is supposed to be underground right now doing... things..." Shikieiki slows down and acquires a blush of ever-increasing intensity until she actively tears herself away from the view so she can continue. "The Hakurei Spirit awoke yesterday, and in your body. Yet you say you're also Wade?"

"Not unless there's some deifning trait that suddenly makes me look like a diety to you." Komachi's giving me an apologetic look as she slides off me and sits upright, leaving me in the arms of one Yukari Yakumo, who also sits up be does not relinquish her hold of me.

"This will warrant further investigation. In the meantime however... KOMACHI!" Shikieiki's sudden yell makes everyone else jump except the shinigami in question, who merely sighs in resignation. "Were you really drunk at all when you were pleasing yourself?"

"Eheheh, guilty as charged boss." Komachi seems to get a handful of fresh clothes in an instant while removing the slick substance from her body in one go. I get the impression she's had a lot of time to figure out little tricks that make distance manipulation practical for more than just her job.

"It's not a crime to share a bed with those you genuinely care about is it?" I don't quite know why I said that, other than breaking Shikieiki's rather annoyed once-over of Komachi's impressive body.

"No, but..." She peeks into her mirror once more before continuing. "I'm curious about how you can have genuine feelings of love even towards death itself. That and how far those feelings can spread. Even if you're not aware, you have feelings for more than a few people, which may very well be your undoing if you're not careful." With that little bit of advice she turns to Komachi. "Stop taking advantage of him unless you're willing to commit to him fully without fear of retribution. I won't stand by and let something pure get tainted because you're bored while I'm at work. And get dressed already, it's too early for you to be parading around in your birthday suit!" With that both death and her boss vanish without a trace, leaving me rather confused.

"Yukarin, did we just get let off the hook?" I ask of my lover.

"Oh, you weren't banking on purity to get you out of this? She did raise some rather interesting questions though. Such as what's going to happen now that the God of Hakurei Shrine is getting enough power to begin displacing your own." Yukari's words make me worry about this more. I'm me and no one else, and I haven't started spontaneously remembering bits that aren't really mine so why am I worried? I turn around and hug Yukari tight, primaily because I want to wash those worries away with bliss for just a bit longer. She kisses me in response and turns me around so she can start rubbing my back. "The Yama's entrance killed the mood you know. But it is nice to hear your feelings for me are real, even if I have to share them. Ufufufufu~ Who's harem will it be in the end, mine or yours?~"

"Think what you want. If I'm a god then it makes sense that I have consorts." I can't help but tease back as Yukari starts straddling me to get at my back better.

"A harem by any other name is just as sweet~ You know, I wonder if I could get the Moriya goddess to do a polygamy marrige. It'd make things more flexible, even if we'd have to make everyone agree to share you~" Her teasing does carry some meaning, just as Shikieiki's warning did. "You're still feeling it aren't you? Okay, turn over so I can work you until every bit of desire is cleansed from your body~"

Somehow I've woken up with a drunk Kikuri and a physical connection between us, which would be more than enough incentive if it wan't for the fact that I now have a mild headache that just won't go away. And I'm pretty sure Yukari's doing all sorts of weird stuff to the physical me, but nothing I can do about that from here. What to do?...

[X]Stay, kick headache to the curb and go beyond the impossible bottle.
[X]Hair of the dog that bit me and all that. Now I need to find a dog...
[X]Painkillers please.
[X]Being all slick feels good now, but just wait till it dries out some. Take a bath or something.
>> No. 29251
[X]Being all slick feels good now, but just wait till it dries out some. Take a bath or something.
[x] Then some painkillers if it persists.

A bath might help with the headache

I wonder if that was a mission successful or not. Though I think for now focusing on reaffirming things with Komachi comes first before any more pursuits.
>> No. 29252
[x] Being all slick feels good now, but just wait till it dries out some. Take a bath or something.
[x] Then some painkillers if it persists.
>> No. 29253
Some notes on the write in I did and the results

I wasn't expecting the whole blame to be removed, but to show the thought behind it (I think Komachi caught the gesture)

And to catch her off guard, which didn't quite work... but hey I tried, and it brought up some interesting commentary.
>> No. 29254
Are we going to have to fight the Hakurei Shrine God in the future?
>> No. 29258
[x] Being all slick feels good now, but just wait till it dries out some. Take a bath or something.
[x] Then some painkillers if it persists.
>> No. 29259
[x] Being all slick feels good now, but just wait till it dries out some. Take a bath or something.
[x] Then some painkillers if it persists.
>> No. 29260
Now why would I go and confirm something like that, hmm?~


[X]Being all slick may feel good now, but just wait until it dries some. Take a bath or something.
-[X]Take some painkillers if it persists.

First order of buisness: Get cleaned up. Being covered in a slowly drying slick just makes me feel dirtier than I already am. I manage to slip out of Kikuri's grasp, who then bunches up the sheets and pillows to hug them instead, and make my way to the nearest bathtub or shower stall. I forget about the clothes aspect but I've got my trusty duffel bag so I've got plenty of spares. Come to think of it I think I've seen the physical me carry one of these around, which makes me ponder how that works. At least until I run into Yuugi.

"'Ey there. Pff, you're setting a bad example by running around naked." Yuugi seems to have missed the part where I look about as good as I feel, which is probably pretty bad right now. "Aw, come on, don't give me that look. You were about to miss the bathroom so I figured I could point you to it. ...I better clean up the fresh drippings too."

I give a silent thank you before heading inside to set my bag down and to ensure that there is in fact another towel handy so I can keep my other one clean. Once that's accomplished I start... Okay, I clean off the emission and use the toilet before drawing the hot water so I don't contamiate it with my own fluids. I want to get clean, not even dirtier than I already am.

Once the tub's full I turn off the tap and note that it's one of those japanese-style bathrooms where you have to clean yourself off before using the tub. I don't really care what order it's in so long as it gets done, so I get to work washing myself off with some rather strong smelling soap, presumably for getting the smell of alcohol off or masking it, and a brush. Since nothing happened I'm not going to bore you with the details but instead slide into the bathtub to let myself soak and rid myself of this Shinki-awful heada- Shinki dammit, I'm a spirit, I don't have to put up with the ails of the flesh! One headache denial later and I'm feeling almost human and am now simply enjoying the hot water before deciding what to do next. It's almost noon too...

Okay, lunch isn't necissary for someone like me but I may as well. I also need to go check up on Kikuri since I have no freaking clue what happened there other than I got shit-faced and she jumped me when I was going to sleep it off. I think physical me dealt with Komachi already so I don't have to worry about that, so now it's down to where do I go after the first two?

I exit the tub and dry myself off, making sure to drain the water out so whoever comes in next isn't forced to deal with it before putting on the Alice made clothes and opening the door to reveal a surprised yet sober Kikuri.

"So this is where you went!" She allows me to slip past her but follows me afterwards. "I'm sorry about earlier, I shouldn't have done what I did."

"I don't remember that. I think I forgot that spirits don't have to stay drunk, and wound up getting all the nasty side-effects like headaches, memory loss and the like." I took note of the fact that the Moon of Hell was also perfectly clean and had a fresh change of clothes. "I accept your apology regardless of whether it was necissary or not."

"It was nothing short of rape, it was necissary." She's back to her normal self then if she's acting more like she's on the job. "If I invited you to lunch, would you accept?"

"Yes, yes I would." I started following Kikuri after that, and ended up in front of a grill restraunt, which isn't a bad choice at all since I enjoy grilled meat. And suddenly I feel guilty for leaving Nari alone. She's with the physical me so it's not like I really am ignoring her, but it feels like it.

"Is there something you want to say?" Kikuri's voice snapped me out of my thoughts and brought my attention back to the situation at hand and the boisterous oni who just joined us. I get the feeling Kikuri knows something other than what happened earlier is bothering me.

[X]It's nothing, just head in and eat.
[X]Confide in the moon of hell.

[X]After lunch, where should I go? (specify)

>> No. 29261
[X]Confide in the moon of hell.
[X]After lunch, where should I go?
-[x] Go hang out with Reimu.

I think we could use a neutral sounding board.
>> No. 29262
[x] Confide in the moon of hell.
[x] After lunch, where should I go?
-[x] Go hang out with Reimu.
>> No. 29263
[x] Confide in the moon of hell.
[x] After lunch, where should I go?
-[x] Go hang out with Reimu.
>> No. 29264
I know I shouldn't expect too many votes on Christmas day, but it still doesn't feel quite right when I don't wait for more.


[X]Confide in the moon of hell.
[X]After lunch, where should I go?
-[X]Go hang out with Reimu.

I have to think about my answer before giving it, but only for a few seconds because I really do feel like I need a neutral party to talk to. "Yeah, there is. Let's go in first so you can take your order, I'm not really hungry." What? It's not because I feel melancholic, it really is because it feels like I just ate. Which is weird because I don't think my physical self has eaten lunch yet... Of course, I'm a soul anyways so what does it matter?

"Alright then, let's go sit at a table." Kikuri leads me off to a table of her choosing after telling the cook what she wanted and applying the proper payment, which in this case was a bottle of something she later described as 'paint thinner with some flavor added'. Note to self: If Kikuri ever offers me a drink, check the contents with a fine tooth comb because I have no idea what her standards on drinking are.

Once we've settled down at a table I start to think about what I'd like to talk about. It's not like there aren't enough subjects, it's just what do I want to talk about first? Like it or not I left my parent's place on very bad terms, and I feel guilty for making my dad put up with whatever childish bull my mom's doing in response to my leaving. Now that I think about it there's also the matter of that one kid and how he doesn't have me to pick on anymore, who knows who his next target is going to be? There's the whole issue of the Hakurei spiritual power residing in either one half of me or both and how the shrine always felt dead when I take it with me for any length of time. I'm going to deal with my friends tomorrow so other than remembering my preperations that should go off without a hitch with the operative word being 'should'. Of course I feel guilty about leaving Nari half alone with the physical me and the Yakumo family, I love her a great deal while she's also my girlfriend-slash-pet so it only makes sense that I start to feel like I'm ignoring her when I'm off on little side adventures like this. Heck, I'm supposed to have her become my shikigami, train her in the magical arts so she can defend herself properly, and maybe just cuddle with her. Then there's the question of how long do I really want to stay as two seperate entities? Shikieiki mixed up physical me for the Great Hakurei Spirit, so who knows what'll happen if I put it off too much longer? I could probably come up with plenty of other subjects, but I don't want to keep Kikuri from her work any longer than I need to.

"It's nice to see that you're taking the time to think your issues through like this, not too many people do that." Kikuri recieved her order while I was thinking and spoke between mouthfuls of what appears to be grilled ribs.

"Or maybe I've just got that many?" I lock eyes with Kikuri, who's watching me with just as much interest while I form coherent sentences in my head. Naturally my mouth tears up the script, pisses on it, tosses it in the paper bin, sets it on fire, and dumps it in the urinal. Of course, what else is new? "First of all, you know my soul and body have been seperated yet connected for what, over a year? I think it's safe to say I'm officially tired of it. It feels like one part of me is basically an echo of myself, or like the shell of a Hermit Crab that the crab happens to be out of right at the moment. With the Hakurei spirit waking up I figure it's only a matter of time before I become permanently nomadic if this isn't resolved soon."

"Oh? Well, if it is waking up it would no doubt be somewhat lacking in power due to all the faith it has lost over the years since it fell asleep. It's likely that it would try to use your body in order to keep itself from dissapearing, but there's no way to tell if it simply wants to use you to accumulate faith or take you over outright. You may want to ask it yourself at some point, though I think the worst that will happen is that it turns out to be as lazy as its shrine maiden." Okay, serious answer. Now to drop more serious questions on her.

"Next issue: Back at my old home there's this kid who's a few years younger than me who's been stealing my stuff for years and recently assaulted one of my friends as well as tried to kill me. By leaving the outside to reside in Gensokyo I've basically left this in the hands of people who don't know what that kid is like or what he'll do to get what he wants. I haven't been able to reason with him nor have I been able to get him locked up so he won't harm anyone else. What should I do if I ever get the chance?" Even though it hasn't been obvious, I have been worried about that what that kid might do to my friends and family now that I'm not such a convenient victim anymore. Naomi can defend herself, and Ben knows enough about bladed weapons to where he could probably take an armed assailant on with no problems, but what about Marine? My parents aren't spring chickens anymore either and probably couldn't defend themselves against a smaller, faster target. I doubt I have to worry about my youkai friends though, since every single one of them outclasses a regular human by leaps and bounds.

"As they say, 'Karma's a bitch, ain't it?'" That's not advice I expect out of someone who's normally level-headed and calm. Or am I just that terrible a judge of character? "If someone's gone so far to attempt or succeed at killing and endless theivery, their karma's got to be pretty black by now. Meaning it's going to bite them in the ass one day. Have things not gone his way lately?"

"As a matter of fact, no. Last time he threw his knife at me it just bounced off my duffel bag and I tossed it into a storm drain. Before that Nari almost ensured his arrest before he took a knife to her, and before that Yukari returned the bike he stole within twenty-four hours and she knows about him." Before I started wandering Gensokyo as an unconscious dreamer that kid got away with damn near everything, but now? I really have to wonder.

"Exactly. His crimes are being paid back to him, and I doubt that he's going to be able to avoid the brunt of it much longer." Kikuri seems pretty confident about it. It doesn't stop my worrying, but it makes me feel a little better.

"Number three: Keeping the Hakurei spirit away from its shrine is having some rather nasty side-effects. I think I already know the solution to this one but I could use a third-party opinion on the matter." Said idea is simply spending more time at the Hakurei Shrine, but that can't be the only option.

"One option would to be to help build up faith in the shrine or in the god residing within your physical half. Give it a helping hand and it may very well be able to vacate you without dissapearing. As an example, you know about the bits of paper that appear when you beat up enemies right? There's a special green one that ups the amount of faith a person has. Or you could try to get people to start believing in the Hakurei Shrine's god again, though that certainly won't be easy seeing as most people have forgotten about it." Kikuri's more or less done with her ribs, and I still feel rather full. At this rate I'm going to have to inquire about what Yukari fed me for lunch. "I really should get back to work now, thank you."

"What for?" I can't help but wonder why she said that. "For confiding in you?"

"That implies a certain level of trust." That's all I get out of her as she vanishes into thin air. I never quite got why the people who work in Higan got to use such a strange method of teleportation. Must be a death thing.

Though I can start working on one of those things by heading off to the Hakurei Shrine. Not only do I need to deal with the issue, I also owe them a great deal seeing as Suika gathered me back up from what may as well have been oblivion. Reimu saw fit not to throw me out and treated me with a level of respect I don't think too many people get. Then there's Mima, who I just want to see more of. I bid farewell to Yuugi, who had decided to keep out of the conversation I was having with Kikuri and zip towards the way I came in, despite the fact that it had a large number of grumpy fairies ready to attack whoever came close. A swift change to the Pyro-GX and I'm blasting them away with a cold efficiency more suited for destroying psychotic robots built by an evil mining company. I pass a blonde girl with pointed ears and green eyes who looks at me with a rather irritated look, then a spider-girl along with her friend that seems to live in a bucket. I'm moving too fast to say hi or to stick around but I am kind of in a rush, albeit a self-imposed rush. The fairies who gave me problems before scatter when I leave blast holes in the rock walls with my attacks, leaving the way out nice and clear. A few seconds more and I'm once more out in the bright sunlight, and the only thing missing is the massive fireball that the Descent pilot has to outfly at the end of every mine.

I shift back to me so I can freefall for a moment before taking a three-point landing on the shrine's front grounds in a pile of leaves, earning me a swift swat on the head from an irate shrine maiden and getting some laughter out of the oni and self-proclaimed 'evil' spirit.

>> No. 29265
[x] Apologize for the mess.
[x] Ask them how their day was.
[x] Inquire about the Hakurei god, and to restore faith, offering your own suggestions.

Just my shot at it.
>> No. 29267
[ ] Is that a peach hat I see?
>> No. 29269
[x] Apologize for the mess.
[x] Ask them how their day was.
[x] Inquire about the Hakurei god, and to restore faith, offering your own suggestions.
>> No. 29271
[x] Apologize for the mess.
[x] Ask them how their day was.
[x] Inquire about the Hakurei god, and to restore faith, offering your own suggestions.
>> No. 29275
[x] Apologize for the mess.
[x] Ask them how their day was.
[x] Inquire about the Hakurei god, and to restore faith, offering your own suggestions.
>> No. 29276
How in the world can Phantasy Star Online soak up so much write-time? Aside from searching for those damned presents from Santa that give really good items...

Also, Euladaveil don't spawn often enough in PS0.

[X]Apologize for the mess.
[X]Ask them how their day was.
[X]Inquire about the Hakurei god, how to restore faith, and offer your own suggestions.

"Sorry about that." Diplomacy time! Though this time it's not about telling someone to go to hell and having them look forawrd to the trip, but rather to keep an annoyed Miko from swatting me with that broom again.

"You will be. I'm not redoing this pile, so you clean it up or I'll seal you to a toilet." Reimu's only half-teasing as she hands me the broom, though I get the impression she's actually hiding something. I start to do as Reimu asked when the leaves spontaneously formed one bg pile, then compacted down to an orb about the size of a bowling ball. "Eh?! Suika!" She sounds annoyed... "Why don't you ever do that for me?" But the last part that was said in an undertone suggested that she might just be a little jealous.

"Reimu, ya always tell me to go away when I try to help!" Suika tries to be dramatic but fails miserably. Her amusement simply cannot be contained.

"Usually because you're drunk off your ass when you offer, and it's never an offer to help with work." The miko walks towards the shrine and only stops to invite me in. This is going to be an interesting afternoon...

"Huh boy..." Mima shakes her head as I walk past, prompting me to stop next to her to hear her out if need be. "You've certainly made things more interesting."

"How so?" The little oni walks in before me, singing about beer in an off key tone.

"Let me put it this way: They might be different as night and day, but when it comes to men they're like twilight." Mima takes a second to chuckle at my confused look before continuing. "Reimu and Yukari have similar tastes in men, so once the latter become interested in a man the former will start to develop an interest. The reverse is also true."

"You sound like you're speaking from experience." Mima got up and smirked at me before walking into the shrine, leaving me curious as to why she said that.

"I went through the same thing once with a rival of mine back while I was alive." Her body language told me she wasn't going to offer any other tidbits that would offer insight as to why she said that or what it meant, so I tagged along behind her until we got to the main sitting room. I can't help but notice that dead feeling's back...

"So, how was everyone's day?" I'm almost afraid to ask seeing as Reimu is already preoccupied with prayer, which isn't something I usually see her do.

"Not too good I'm afraid." Mima is sitting cross-legged at the table with a rather concerned look for the miko. "She's been praying every couple hours ever since you left. Normally this would be an improvement, but things have been getting worse ever since you've left."

"The dead feeling?" I take a seat next to the 'evil' spirit and take note of the cup of tea Ruukoto set down before me. I offer her my thanks before returning my attention to the green-haired one.

"You can feel it too, huh? At first I thought it was just because Reimu was being left alone when she needed someone to talk to, or just plain jealousy of Yukari snaring herself a boyfriend, but I noticed that it only started going away once you returned." We watch the miko restart her prayer in a somewhat more shaky voice for a minute. "You're once again the source of the issue, what are you going to do next?"

"Losing the shrine's god would be a massive blow wouldn't it?" I get a nod in return. "So I'll do the only thing that can be done: Restore faith in the Hakurei Shrine god before Reimu flips out over it."

"Good luck, she's been asleep for the last hundred years or so to conserve the faith energy she has. She probably doesn't even have enough left to properly manifest as a goddess since nobody prays to her anymore." Mima finishes off he tea and sets the cup down in front of her, then looks straight ahead at the miko. Reimu's been awfully oblivious so far... "If you could put on a show or something, that might remind people of the fact that the Hakurei Shrine still has a god. I get the feeling you've got a few ideas as well."

"It comes down to two things: Beat the stuffing out of enough things with yin-yang orbs to remind get those faith items or fake a show." I get the feeling I should have started on this sooner, seeing as the miko is not acting the way I remember. "Either that or transfer the Hakurei Shrine goddess to Reimu."

"Not sure what to think about that idea. It'd have to wait until you've merged body and soul so you can make sure you've got the whole thing." Even though Mima's talking, I'm more distracted by Reimu. Specifically the fact that she's staring right at me.

[X]Time to go put on a show.
[X]Come on, doesn't Mima brag about being the evil god of the shrine? She ought to know more about faith gathering than that!
[X]Maybe I should consult actual goddesses before I do anything.
[X]Try to take Reimu's mind off things. Who knows what she'll do if I keep flitting in and out like this.
>> No. 29279
>"I went through the same thing once with a rival of mine back while I was alive."


[X]Time to go put on a show.
>> No. 29280
>"Reimu and Yukari have similar tastes in men, so once the latter become interested in a man the former will start to develop an interest. The reverse is also true."

Interesting... Perhaps Reimu should be next on the list after shoring thigns up with Komachi, her or Merlin.

[X]Try to take Reimu's mind off things. Who knows what she'll do if I keep flitting in and out like this.
[X]Maybe I should consult actual goddesses before I do anything.

That is unless they contradict. But I'd think getting the assistance of say the Akis or the Moriya shrine would be nice. (They'd have pointers on how to gather faith)

I wonder what effect transfering the goddess has on Reimu. (And it's it's a goddess, it's a weird feeling being in a male body then)
>> No. 29282
[X]Try to take Reimu's mind off things. Who knows what she'll do if I keep flitting in and out like this.
[X]Maybe I should consult actual goddesses before I do anything.
>> No. 29283
[X]Try to take Reimu's mind off things. Who knows what she'll do if I keep flitting in and out like this.
[X]Maybe I should consult actual goddesses before I do anything.
>> No. 29284
The options aren't mutually exclusive, but be aware that certain combinations will eat up more time than others. The current majority vote will probably eat up the rest of the in-story day.

Also, if there are more grammar and spelling issues than usual please bear with me. I got food poisoning last night around eight pm and couldn't fall asleep until around one am. As a result I'm fairly tired, but can't do anything about it since 'people your age don't take naps!' happens to be my mother's mentality. Not even if I really need it.

Normal writefag functions will be restored fairly soon.

[X]Try to take Reimu's mind off things. Who knows what she'll do if I keep flitting in and out like this.
[X]Maybe I should consult actual goddesses before I do anything.

"She's all yours." Mima gets up from the table and walks off with her usual swagger, leaving me with a miko who probably doesn't understand this any better than I do, and a maid that just takes it in stride. Or maybe Ruukoto's just oblivious, who knows?

"What did she mean by that?" Reimu briefly stares off in the direction of the evil spirit before fixing her gaze on me once more. "You're not thinking about trying to take me out on a date are you?"

"Mistress, I believe Mima was merely attempting to stir up trouble again." Ruukoto finished picking up the cups in the time it took for Mima to leave the room. "Though you do seem more stressed than usual, perhaps taking some time to enjoy yourself would not go astray."

"But..." Reimu's attempt to object dies before it even forms.

"Raymoo, last incident got resolved yesterday! Go have a little R&R before I force feed you some liquor to loosen ya up!" So Suika was wide awake? I could have sworn she was asleep. "If ya won't listen to me, listen to your maid."

"The shrine will not fall apart while you're gone Mistress. Remember, I'm just as capable of handling troublemakers as you are." Okay, so Ruukoto qualifies as a Ninja Maid? Or a mix between that and Battle Butler. Hard to say seeing as I've never seen her fight before. She does carry Reimu off to get some casual non-miko clothes, with minor objections from the miko.

"Man, she's been gettin' worse all the time." Suika sits up and shakes her head a little. "Funny thing is, if certain myths are true Reimu could become a goddess herself when she dies and make the whole point moot."

"I think she's worried about what happens in the meantime." I'm going to have to visit Youkai Mountain sometime today since there are at least five goddesses living there, two of which I know for a fact are highly experienced. They should know how to gather faith.

"It's like you when you were gatherin' your fragments. It looked like a really big emergency but if ya gave it enough time the problem would have solved itself since the fragments would've just gravitated to you, or I would've taken care of it for ya." The little oni shamelessly drinks straight from the bottle to wet her throat. "Same deal here. It looks like a big problem until you stop and think about it. Then you start to see that it's not such a big deal and it's nothin' to get stressed out about."

"Isn't the Hakurei Shrine goddess important?" This kind of contradicts everything I've experienced so far, so I want to hear her reasoning.

"Sure she is! But she's also pretty close to just dissapearin' since she's almost outta faith, and the border's not collapsin' is it?" Suika's extremely laid back about this. I have to wonder what it would take to get her to take this seriously. "Faith is important to keep the border goin', but it's not the shrine's goddess people need to be prayin' to. Not that it matters yet since the border's a joint effort between Yukari and Reimu and the latter's not a diety."

"So it's okay to let the goddess just dissapear?" Now she's not making any sense to me.

"Pretty much. Sure Reimu won't be happy but she's got people to support her and'll start supporting this place entirely under her power. Or you could just merge miko and goddess once you get put back together." I'm starting to wonder if I need to be as drunk as Suika is in order to understand why a shrine could afford to lose its diety.

"Now go on! We've taken enough time as it is." Ruukoto shoos a somewhat uncomfortable Reimu out into the main living room. I do have to wonder about the extent of Reimu's wardrobe since she's got a pair of hiking shoes lined up at the door, a pair of brown cargo pants, a red sweatshirt, a black and white windbreaker jacket, and a yin-yang pendant. Her hair is also loose for a change and it easily goes down to her lower back.

[X]Go see if there's anything interesting going on at the village.
[X]Go head off to Youkai Mountain. The goddesses aren't the only interesting things there.
[X]Who to visit? (specify)
[X]Just some aimless flying/walking/whatever.
>> No. 29285
[X]Go see if there's anything interesting going on at the village.

I think a normal outing in the village would be a nice change of pace for Reimu.

And I think then we can go up to the mountain.
>> No. 29286
[x] Go see if there's anything interesting going on at the village.
>> No. 29287
[+] Go see if there's anything interesting going on at the village.

I'm for investigating the option of having the goddess merge with Reimu. It may not be the right option, but we won't know until we ask questions.

Besides, it's not like it isn't already a miko's job to have deities dwell in them. Reimu does it herself in SSiB.
>> No. 29290
[x] Go see if there's anything interesting going on at the village.
>> No. 29293
Man, holidays really do kill the voting don't they? Eh, can't really wait either way given that I'm trying to keep at least one update a day going since I've had to slow way down since I was updating when I really wasn't allowed on the computer.


[X]Go see if there's anything interesting going on at the village.

"Should we go then?" Reimu doesn't look terribly confident about being forced into more causal clothing, but I happen to find it a nice change of pace.

"Certainly." I step out with the miko and begin walking down the path to the village...

"My, he's going to wind up in more than a few pairs of pants once this is all said and done." Yukari happens to be watching all this, but didn't make herself know until now. "Too bad Reimu wouldn't share with me if she ever does decide to keep him. But he's mine anyways~"

"Just what are you planning you old hag?" Mima steps back in with a book in hand and a confident grin. "Trying to use Wade to fufil your own perverted fantasies with Reimu?"

"Old hag? This coming from someone maybe a century or three younger than myself." Yukari went from thoughtful to annoyed in the span of half a second if anyone was interested in keeping track.

"At least I'm proud of my age, unlike you 'Ms. Seventeen years old'." Mima took up a seat near the window in order to read the book better. "I know you're already trying to figure out how to make the completed Wade transfer the goddess into Reimu, and your mind's been stuck in the gutter for the last few hours so all you can think of is intamite mana transfer."

"So what's wrong with trying to bring someone else I love into the group? ...I don't want to leave her feeling like this. Reimu means quite a bit to me and I know despite what she may act like she's really quite jealous." Any annoyance dissolves quickly once Yukari is certain there's no one else listening in on the conversation, and sits down opposite Mima. "Truthfully I'd prefer to just have Reimu and Wade to myself, and maybe Wade's pet, but things just didn't work out that way."

"The whole 'Wade's attracting a harem' thing is getting to you, huh? The kid's not even trying either." Despite the fact that the evil spirit wasn't looking at the gap youkai, she was in fact paying attention to anything Yukari said.

"I know that. I'm actually starting to seriously consider resetting things so I can clear the way to bring together those of my choosing instead of whomever Wade accidentally brings into the fold." The gap youkai takes a look out the window to hide her worried expression, but that doesn't really help considering who she's dealing with.

"You're afraid you're going to lose him somewhere along the line." Mima marks the page she had been looking for and pushes it into he ghostly tail for later. Said tail quickly became legs again after that.

"I've lost more than a few men prematurely for various reasons, so it makes sense that I'm a little worried." Yukari doesn't even notice that Ruukoto had brought out a couple fresh cups of tea while she was staring.

"'A little'? You're borderline paranoid. You keep Wade's physical body with you or your shikigami at all times, you keep tabs on his soul, and now you're considering updating your past self with future knowledge so you can pull him to you more effectively. You need to calm down before you do something you'll regret." Mima takes a sip of her tea afterwards. "Though I get the feeling that the only way you're going to calm down for real is to get the two of you hitched."

"Eh... heheheh, that may very well be true." Well, things have been settled for now, so back to the miko and the soul.


Next part comes later.
>> No. 29294
Well, it's a busy time of year for me, at least. Plans to make for classes, planning a budget for the coming year, dealing with the inevitable seasonal stresses... Kinda nibbles away at the free time, y'know.
>> No. 29295

Yukari should know better that all she needs to do is say no, and Us voters would stop pursuing whoever she said no about.

Since the way I see things is that Yukari and Nari are the top girls in Wade's life. Any other girl would be in a lower tier and such.

Though it wasn't in my plans (not sure about the other voters) to seriously pursue Reimu just yet, but the way I see it, setting down some groundwork isn't a bad thing.

But on the votes matter: More votes do come about if there's conflicting opinions, not when everyone is on the same page.
>> No. 29296
Yeah, I know controversy creates more votes but the earlier comments about slowing down to let as many people vote as possible haven't quite left my head.


The path to the village is pretty freaking long, especially when you tack on the fact that we're walking the whole way rather than flying. Still, it has it's charms. The leaves are all brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow, plus they're scattering along the path to add to the overall effect.

"You just don't get autumns like this where I come from." Considering suburbia isn't exactly nature-friendly this is kind of a given. The same cherry tree I enjoy watching in spring is just as nice to look at in autumn, but that's one tree one small chunk of land. This is thousands of trees as far as the eye can see, and the two simply cannot be compared.

"I have to agree, there weren't as many trees nor were they this healthy." I can tell she's either holding back the questions she really wants to ask or she doesn't have much interest in learning about a place she'll probably never visit again. "Now that I think about it the air had this weird smell to it no matter where I went."

"And on the flip side I've never smelled air this clean before." Another difference is the air quality. In the city there's this rather pungent smell in a large part of it, and the wind just blows it anywhere it wants to inflict it on others. It's kind of scary just how used to it I am if I can actually tell there's a difference between the qualities there and here. "You can thank technology for that. For all the good it does people it certainly has its drawbacks."

"I wouldn't know much about that, all the electricity in Gensokyo is provided by a fusion power plant in the underground, the Kappa started sharing their technology with the humans who would accept it, and the Lunarians in Eientei work miracles with their medicine." I can't help but stare after that. From the sounds of it this little sealed land might be on par with the outside world and without any of the drawbacks.

"It's little things like that that make me wonder where humanity screwed up." Of course, it could be right around the time humans stopped respecting nature as a whole. I wonder if that was right around the time Gensokyo came into being?

"Who knows? But you don't have to deal with the outside's rules anymore, just mine and Yukari's. You're lucky they're so simple." I think she wants off the current subject and is ever so subtly hinting at that.

"No killing or else?" The trees are starting to thin a bit, revealing the vast countryside and the little village not too far off. This really is picturesque...

"Don't forget 'don't annoy the shrine maiden'." A quick look at her tells me she's at least kind of joking...

"Shouldn't that be 'don't tease the shrine maiden'?" No way she's going to catch that little reference, seeing as she's probably never played a video game in her life. Then again, why would she want or need to? It seems like there's always something to do here, someplace to go, people to visit.

"That too, but annoying me gets you in more trouble." My prediction is correct. If I was wrong she would have tossed in a subtle nod to the joke.

Now we're clear of the forest and for the first time I haven't been randomly attacked, jumped, or run into someone who happens to be going the same way as me. I guess fairies are just attracted to shiny things then if they only pop up when someone's shooting danmaku. The rest of the trip is just random small talk about Reimu's day and the both of us taking jabs at just about everything. The village guards don't even pay us much attention as we enter, though we do earn more than a few looks. Though this should be expected seeing I doubt the miko frequently comes down here wearing non-shrine maiden clothes, and probably even less often with a guy that looks to be around her age.

Reimu's pretty much oblivious to the chatter but it kind of annoys me seeing as I never liked being the center of attention in a big crowd like this.

>> No. 29299
[x] Ask if there's a nice food stand that you could go to.
-[x] Ask how she deals with her fame, since you might end up famous yourself... not that you meant to.
>> No. 29300
[x] Ask if there's a nice food stand that you could go to.
-[x] Ask how she deals with her fame, since you might end up famous yourself... not that you meant to.
>> No. 29301
[x] Ask if there's a nice food stand that you could go to.
-[x] Ask how she deals with her fame, since you might end up famous yourself... not that you meant to.
>> No. 29303
[x] She looks really good in this outfit.
-[x] Maybe she'd like to try on clothes?

>> No. 29306

This sounds good, good enough for me to change my vote.

[x] She looks really good in this outfit.
-[x] Maybe she'd like to try on some other clothes?

It'd be nice to see Reimu in different outfits, since i think more modern stuff might bring out rarely seen parts of her appeal out (She's not just arm pits after all) That and it'd help with the whole "Reimu the teenage girl" angle.
>> No. 29307
[x] Ask if there's a nice food stand that you could go to.
-[x] Ask how she deals with her fame, since you might end up famous yourself... not that you meant to.
>> No. 29310
Let's see if THP craps out this time...

As for votes, I'm saying 'the hell with it' and merging them so I have more to work with. I seriously doubt many people are going to complain about a bigger update.

[X]Ask if there's a nice food stand you could go to.
-[X]Ask how Reimu deals with her fame, since you might become famous yourself someday. ...Not that you mean to.
[X]She looks really good in this outfit.
-[X]Ask if she'd like to try on some clothes?

The crops are almost ready for harvest, yet nobody's really preparing for it. It kind of makes sense seeing as the villagers wait for Minoriko Aki to give them her blessing so they'll get the absolute maximum yield out of their hard work, and that won't happen until the first half of the Harvest Festival when she and her sister Shizuha are invited to the party and paid tribute to in the form of a cut of the harvest. That's about three weeks away so give it a week and this village will be buisier than ever in preperation for harvest, storage, and celebration.

That still doesn't answer what we're going to do to pass the time so I break the internal monolouge before I get swatted on the head or something. Just in time too, seeing as the miko's looking at me. Though that could also have something to do with the fact that I was close to walking into someone else, but that's corrected before it becomes a problem.

"Is there some kind of food stand? I figure a snack or something would be-" I didn't even bet to finish my sentence before Reimu leads me off in the direction of a bakery. Not what I had in mind, but it'll do.

The interior of the bakery is pleasantly warm and carries the smell of fresh baked goods. It's not one of those places where you can sit down and eat so we'll have to limit what we buy to what we can carry, though in my case I could probably cart off the whole store but there's not much point in that.

"Hello Reimu, brought a friend this time?" The shopkeep appears to be a middle-aged man who hasn't seen the sun anywhere near as often as the fire in his ovens. Brown eyes and hair along with some simple clothes and an apron make it so he'd be hard to spot in a crowd.

"Yup, Ruukoto insisted I go out with him, and once Suika joined in I couldn't refuse." Oh come on miko, stop making this sound completely involuntary on your part. "His name's Wade."

"Hmm? Wade is it? Interesting, he seems pretty lifelike this time." While Reimu and the middle-aged man are chatting I take some time to look over his wares. The cinnamon rolls catch my eye almost immediately with the way the light shines off the glaze, though the lack of an easily detectable aroma suggests they aren't fresh baked but instead pulled out a few hours ago. "And he still doesn't blink when he monolouges." Wait what.

That snapped me out of my thought process and caused me to look at the man, who's now sporting an amused grin at my reaction. Reimu's absolutely lost on why that particular phrase would get a reaction out of me but that ought to be cleared up here in a second if I'm right. "Do you still sleep while meditating?"

"Pretty sharp when you're actually paying attention." The man's form is replaced by a familiar Youkai Chimera, more commonly known as 'Nue'. "I doubt you expected me to be working at a bakery though."

"Oh, you've met Nue?" Reimu seems to have gotten her order together somewhere along the line and decided to start munching on one of the cinnamon rolls I was eyeing. "I didn't expect you to drop your diguise in front of others though, especially when people can just look in through the big window."

"Erk." Apparently Nue didn't think that part through completely and promptly rushed into the back room before we could sort out how much Reimu owed her or what I wanted to buy.

"That wasn't very nice." My complaints are mostly silenced by the roll Reimu handed me, though I can't help but wonder if the Miko payed for all this.

"Don't look at me like that, she put herself in that position and I just pointed it out." Next is finding someplace nice to sit and eat, which Reimu is already working on to great effect. "And yes I did pay for these. Do I look like a kleptomaniac to you?"

"I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me." I didn't think she's the type to take everything not nailed down or on fire, or both, or even to put out the fire and yank the nails but it's still fun teasing her about it. Now I just hope she doesn't turn purple and sprout tentacles. Come to think of it, that's probably more in Nue's territory.

"Smartass. I could have made you pay for these you know." The threat is quite serious, but the miko doesn't sound too annoyed over it. I think it has more to do with the crow tengu in the skin-hugging ninja outfit jumping around the rooftops with a camera in hand to get a better angle. A less enthusiastic Momiji is following the tengu around, but who knows what for. "I swear, if Aya doesn't cut that out I'll sic Yukari on her."

"It was only a matter of time anyways given how much time she spends snapping photos of private moments." I'm tempted to reel her in from here so I can swipe the film, but I think she'd see that coming. "Though that does bring up another question: You're the Hakurei Shrine maiden who solves the seasonal incidents so you must be well-known. How do you deal with that? The fame I mean."

"Pff, fame? If you can call having no donations and the odd external attempt at arranged marrige by aristocratic families 'fame' then I guess I am." From the sounds of it it's a somewhat bitter subject with her. "Personally, I just ignore it as best as I can. Sure I might be the talk of the town for a bit and that nosey tengu might publish some extra stories about me in her paper for a while, but it goes away pretty quick once the usual routine sets in again." She looks at me with a cinnamon roll in her mouth. "Why, you're worried you're going to end up famous or something?"

"Gee, I don't know. I don't seem to have any appreciable limit to what I can do, I beat up Tenshi in front of a large audiance not once but twice now, caused a major fireworks show that you'd have to be blind not to see. Little things like that." The dramatic list gets a chuckle out of the miko.

"That's all? You forgot the fact that you're basically taking me on a date, so you'll probably have to deal with some of my persistant suitors at some point. That and you're also close with Yukari." I give Reimu a somewhat puzzled look to silently ask why she'd say such things with a tengu ninja lurking about, and my only response is a smile.


I couldn't help it, the mental image was too strong.
>> No. 29311
Reimu's gonna be taking Wade home?
>> No. 29312
Part two of update I really should have been able to complete the first time.

Also >>29311
You've given me the mental image of Reimu running away with anything she thinks is cute. Stop that.

Upon hearing Reimu's last comment Aya simply flies back to Youkai Mountain with a somewhat distressed Momiji in tow. I can't help but give the miko an annoyed look since this is going to end up being more trouble than I really want.

"That got her to go away didn't it?" Reimu then divides up the remaining rolls so each of us would have exactly one half of what was left.

"At my expense. Now I'll have to deal with whatever hate and discontent Aya's little embellished story will bring about." I take the time to savor my last roll before folding up the bag and putting it away. ...You never know.

"Come on, nobody really reads Aya's newspaper. Besides, most people can tell the difference between one of her exaggerations and the truth or even pick the truth out of the former." Reimu isn't bothered by this in the slightest. But then again, why would she? She's not the one who's going to have a month's worth of stories written about her. Plus, I'm not reassured by her reassuring because some people take everything too seriously. "So, do you have anything else in mind?"

"Well, there is one thing..." I can't help but notice that Reimu actually looks quite nice in her casual outfit, and wonder what some different clothes might do for her. "I was thinking something along the lines of, 'as punishment for giving Aya news material at my expense, you have to go try on other outfits.'"

"Eh? Why would you want me to do that?" Duh, because I want to put you in different clothes to see what works for your body. Nothing overly crazy like leingerie or skimpy swimsuits seeing as I already have an S-Rank pervert of a girlfriend for that, but more along the lines of other casual wear, primarily because I think the miko has never explored causal clothing much. That and her usual outfit can't be comfortable in winter seeing as it's basically late-spring, summer, and early autumn wear for when the weather is warm. "I'm almost afraid to ask why you're looking me over like that." Because it's cute when you look uncertain about something.

"Relax. I can't imagine you having much in the way of casual wear, or winter wear for that matter, so I want to get some other nice clothes for you." There ought to be a clothing store not too far from here, though if I want more modern stuff I'll probably have to go to Kourindou, which isn't necissarily where I would want to shop at just because the owner's a jerk as far as I'm concerned. "There's no shame in a guy wanting to make sure a lady friend is properly clothed right?"

Reimu merely snorted at that statement. "Usually people want to see me in less clothing, not more."

"I have Yukari for a girlfriend, and she made sure I'm not going to have random erections for the rest of the day." I start walking towards the clothing store I happen to know of while Reimu follows.

"Of course. She gets a boyfriend and she makes sure she satisfies him before letting him out into a sealed land full of cute magical girls who could steal him from her." I get the feeling the miko is better versed in Yukari's thought process than I first thought. Either that, or Reimu's a closet pervert as well as a jealous type. "Anyway, that clothing store you think you're going to? That moved a while back."

"Oh. So you know where it moved to?" I stop and turn to the miko in order to make a decision.

[X]Follow the miko.
[X]The fashion here hasn't changed in years I bet. Despite how much I dislike the owner, head for Kourindou.
[X]Actually, scrap the clothing idea and come up with something else.
>> No. 29313
[X]Follow the miko.
>> No. 29314
[x] Follow the miko.
>> No. 29315
[X]Follow the miko.
>> No. 29316

She'd have to get Yukari's permission first.

[X]Follow the miko.

Why not?

>Aya in tight ninja clothes

Damn it, well Wade should ask Yukari if we can get Nari her own pet Tengu.
>> No. 29317
[x] Follow the miko.
>> No. 29319
[x] Follow the miko.
>> No. 29321
[X]Follow the Miko.

"I do. And as an added bonus I'll even take you there." Reimu does in fact look like she'll lead the way, so I simply follow her as she makes her way through the streets. Though after a minute or two it's pretty clear we're heading into the richer part of the village, which means any shops located there would cater to the richer villagers and be more expensive to buy from by default.

"Moved into the upscale area huh? They must have something the well to do folks are interested in." Of course, I can't help but wonder if the miko has unterior motives by parading me through here seeing as she mentioned something about the possibility of having to confront her suitors, but it's too late to back out now. We're still getting stared at regardless.

"Outsider fashion is a real money maker right now since it's considered a symbol of status here. The aristocratic families and bachelors tend to make appointments all the time to get fitted for new clothes. Personally I think it's a waste of money, but I'm not going to try to drive it through their thick skulls." I can tell we're getting close now since I can see the sign for the store. Though the fact that Reimu just brazenly walks in without a care in the world might mean she's actually fairly well respected, or that nobody's dumb enough to try and treat her as beneath them. "Store's not too big, but I think you've figured that one out."

"You're awfully talkative today, what are you up to?" I do start looking through what they have and mentally file away possible combinations that might work.

"Do I look like Mima or Yukari to you?" That's it, Reimu's displaying way too much enthusiasm for something as mundane as clothes shopping. I'll either have to go with it or make myself look like an ass though, but honestly? I don't care either way.

"I'd say they're rubbing off on you." I do pick out a few things of interest that might work for her while she picks up some new undergarnments, presumably so she can swap out her wrappings for something that further removes her look from that of the Hakurei Shrine maiden. Not that I'm complaining seeing as I don't think she's really shown off anything other than her smooth, hairless armpits.

Reimu then takes the outfit I chose for her and makes her way to the changing room, at which point I step away from the women's section myself until the miko's done. Naturally she had in fact evaded the question, or guessed I meant it as a rhetorical one and simply chose not to respond. Either way I'm left wondering what I should look at in terms of clothes for myself or to just sit there and wait. A question answered by a third possibility I hadn't expected and didn't think was very likely: A purple haired girl in a rather elaborate outfit walking over and noticing me.

"Have you found everything alright?" If I remember correctly, this is Hieda no Akyu, a girl who only ever lives to her late teens, maybe early twenties before passing on. Then she reincarnates with her memories and personality intact, but under a different name. Apparantly this is the result of some kind of deal being made with Higan to become Gensokyo's history recorder in exchange for said reincarnation. There is the issue that she's sort of an unreliable narrator at times so the things that go into her scrolls and books aren't always as accurate as other people might like. On the flip side, she doesn't intentionally embellish, exaggerate, or twist what other people say or do to make it more exciting.

"I have, thank you." I can hear Reimu changing clothes from here so she must either be in the process of taking them off or putting them on. Though the only reason it would matter is that it would change how long I would end up talking to Akyu.

"So you are Wade?" I get the impression that Akyu is interested in conducting an interview or something. Something I'm not too terribly interested in doing since I really don't need, or want for that matter, the attention that would come with it.

"I am. You'll also note that I'm considerably different than I was the last time you saw me." But Aya's going to be printing that damned story about me and delivering it to every doorstep the very next day, so what difference does it make?

Reimu chose that exact moment to cut off the conversation by walking out of the dressing room in a fairly tight pair of slacks, yes I do know the irony of those words, a long-sleeve shirt that seems to help emphasise the fact that she does in fact have a fairly healthy chest, and... not much else. It's not fancy, but it brings out her more feminnine side regardless. "What do you think?"

[X]"I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."
[X]"I think it's quite cute."
[X]"I'm paying for that one."
[X]You know, does Reimu have any formal clothes, like a ballgown or anything? Sure it's just a fantasy but get her to try on something more elegant.
[X]Suddenly I'm not so comfortable with sticking around when Akyu's taken an interest...
[X]Whatever you do, do not linger on her chest area.
>> No. 29323
[X]"I think it's quite cute."
[X]Whatever you do, do not linger on her chest area.
[X]"I'm paying for that one."
[X]"I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."

I like these.
>> No. 29324
[x] Try to find a way to part ways from Akyu, perhaps arranging another time in the future in which to talk to her. She might end up killing whatever mood that might develop.
[X]"I think it's quite cute."
[X]"I'm paying for that one."
[X]"I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."
[X]You know, does Reimu have any formal clothes, like a ballgown or anything? Sure it's just a fantasy but get her to try on something more elegant, since it'll bring out her charm even more.
[X]Suddenly I'm not so comfortable with sticking around when Akyu's taken an interest...
[X]Try not to linger on her chest area, but if caught, apologize and compliment her.
[x]Take mental notes as to tell Yukari about this, she likes Reimu, right?

(Hey if she gets the attention of a guy that's shared a bed with both Yukari and Komachi, it's saying alot; though I think that's something best left unsaid at this moment)
>> No. 29325
[X]"I think it's quite cute."
[X]Whatever you do, do not linger on her chest area.
[X]"I'm paying for that one."
[X]"I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."
>> No. 29326
[X]"I think it's quite cute."
[X]Whatever you do, do not linger on her chest area.
[X]"I'm paying for that one."
[X]"I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."
>> No. 29328
[X]"I think it's quite cute."
[X]Whatever you do, do not linger on her chest area.
[X]"I'm paying for that one."
[X]"I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."
>> No. 29329
I guess I'm the only one worried about Akyu possibly ruining the moment that might come?

True my vote might have been wallsome, but he never did give a limit.
>> No. 29331
[x] "I think it's quite cute."
[x] Whatever you do, do not linger on her chest area.
[x] "I'm paying for that one."
[x] "I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."

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