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24073 No. 24073
[X] Roster : Mima, Adahn, Momizi.

After the breakfast, you all gather at Moriya shrine's front yard. You actually have no idea how this "Extreme Kan-Keri" works, and you decide to just wait and see. Chulainn is discussing with Clay. They seem troubled. You don't have any idea what's in store for you. But you can assume it might not be good.

"We're all here, right?" Kanako arrived last. "So let's get ready! We're going to have some exercise with....THIS!"

It's a... what? Soccer ball?

"Soccer! I bet all of you know what a soccer is, right? We're going to play Soccer!"
"Uh, wait... Kanako?" Mima asks the excited goddess. "What about Kankeri we planned earlier?"
"Scrap that! We're playing this instead! Uh..." Kanako murmurs something for a second and then returns to her cheery self. "...Anyway, team up! This is going to be fun!"
Momizi's ears twitch a little, and she frowns.
"What is it, Momizi?" You ask.
"I heard she said '...and I'm quite bad at it so I'm not playing that. No way.' "
Oh, so this is the reason she switched the game. That was unexpected from a mature-looking person like Kanako.

You do a rock-paper-scissor and both the captains (You and Kanako) Select your teammates one by one. You got Mima, Adahn and Momizi while Kanako got Klay, Kuu and... Suika? Since Sanae and Hina refuse to play it, they take the role as a referee. Sanae is the main referee since she's probably the only one familiar with the rules, Hina and Star take the role of line referees

"Do you really know how to play, lady Yasaka?" Sanae asks her.
"I know!" She shifts her leg around, doing air dribble. "I'm Tsubasa!"
Sanae sighs. Yep. She knows nothing except from the manga, "Captain Tsubasa".
"Alright. Do you know Wakabayashi?"
"Oh! The goalie?"
"Yeah. That's the most awesomest position, you know? The impregnable fortress none shall pass. Way better than just a Tsubasa." She places both her hands on Kanako's shoulders, looking straight into the goddess' eyes. "And you are the only one who can do this, Lady Yasaka. You are the team's hope!"
"Okay! Just leave it to me!" Kanako is all fired up again, and takes the goalkeeper position. Somehow You're not really sure if Kanako is Sanae's guardian anymore.

The rest of Kanako's team also get in their position. Ku and Suika are double forward while Clay takes both sweeper back and midfield role. For your team, you are Striker. Mima is playing midfield while Adahn is playing back and Momizi take[s][s for present tense] the goalie position. That was pretty random for a positioning, since you used a coin toss to decide.

Sanae blows the whistle, and kickoff.
You got the ball now, and before you even move towards their direction, The ball is already stolen from your foot. Chulainn just takes it away like your skill is just a child's play.

"Too slow, man. Too slow!" He taunts you while easily blowing past you.
But not for long. Mima stops him with her raw power, and sends Chulainn rolling on the ground.
"Let's see how you handle THIS!"
Mima smashes her full-power shot. The ball flys towards the goal like the fist of an angry god. It's spinning and glowing bright red, flinging a shrapnel of danmaku around while the ball spins. Kanako does not expect that the shot will be coming at her in just five seconds after kickoff, so it went through and add a score for the 'Roa team'.

"Hehheh~! First to five wins, 'kay? It's not really fun when the game's going to end in five minutes!" Mima giggles, and throws her smug grin in Kanako's direction.

There's a scream coming from your side. Your reaction is fast enough to see Momizi falling down after being thrown up sky high by kanako's shot. Adahn jumps, and catches Momizi midair. Saving the doggirl tengu from breaking her neck.

The ball is also there in the net. And the score is now 1-1.

"Five minutes, huh? I'll make it four. With my team's victory!" Says Kanako. Her dendrobiu---her rope is extended. Covering all the goal like a spider's web.

This might turn out nasty. You need to think of some strategy. Fast. Or Kanako is going to tear your team to shreds.

[ ] You're the keyman. Attack using your innate power and coat's power with teammate's support.
[ ] Let Mima go all gung-ho with Kanako while you clear the way for her.
[ ] Adahn decides. Send the ball to her and see what will happen.
[ ] Switch Momizi as a winger and you replace her goalkeeper position. Her speed can tear through the enemy's defense with ease.
[ ] All-out attack. Leave someone (specify) as a goalkeeper and just fight them head on.
[ ] (something else)
>> No. 24075
[ ] Let Mima go all gung-ho with Kanako while you clear the way for her.
>> No. 24081
[x] Let Mima go all gung-ho with Kanako while you clear the way for her.
>> No. 24083
[x] Place Adahn as goalie and make Momizi the winger, as well as support for Mima. You take back field.
[x] Exchange currency for power and speed in your foot movement. You'll have enough time to prepare for Ku and the others in this position.
>> No. 24088
What to vote, what to vote...
>> No. 24089
Touhou soccer?
[] Twilight spark your way to victory.
>> No. 24090
[x] Let Mima go all gung-ho with Kanako while you clear the way for her.
>> No. 24099
[x] Let Mima go all gung-ho with Kanako while you clear the way for her.
Mima seems like a good enough shot, although, I'm worried about having to get past Clay and Kuu.
>> No. 24109
[ze] Let Mima go all gung-ho with Kanako while you clear the way for her.
>> No. 24168
[X] Place Adahn as goalie and make Momizi the winger, as well as support for Mima. You take back field.
[X] Exchange currency for power and speed in your foot movement. You'll have enough time to prepare for Ku and the others in this position.

Guys, this is practice! Show some competence.
>> No. 24285
>> No. 24286
File 124382140355.jpg - (52.76KB, 572x800, fb8add373dd91f03f9c9e47c3bf911dd.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Let Mima go all gung-ho with Kanako while you clear the way for her.

You do realize that you don't have any fancy shots like Mima and Kanako did, and by the look of it the shot looks solid enough to score a goal. In that split second, you run back to the goal, grab the ball and quickly kickoff before anyone can notice.

"Mima! You take the point!" You give her an order. "Just get as close as you can and do that shot again!"

You leave the defense to the couple, and run along with Mima to the front. You hope that they can at least prevent Ku and Clay from scoring a goal, but for Suika...
Let's hope that her accuracy sucks.

As expected. Kuu and Clay are the playmakers. Their teamwork is formidable. You and Mima are having a hard time trying to get past them and just keeping the ball in your team's possession is already a troublesome task.

Mima is struggling with Clay now, and as Kuu decided that she won't make a pass for sure, he rushes in to doubleteam her. Dead set on protecting her, you get in between Kuu and Mima and collide with him, which gives Mima more time to deal with Clay.

"I can't wait any longer! Here I go!" She raise her leg up high, ready to fire.
"Not yet!"
Clay slide-tackles with all his might. His feet does touch the ball, but that overwhelming power cannot be stopped. Clay is blown away, along with the ball. It spirals towards the goal again, maybe with even more power than before. But what is different this time is that Kanako has already prepared for it.
The shockwave knocks everyone rolling on the ground, but after the smoke dies down, The ball is there at Kanako's rope.

She stops it with raw power.

"What?! That's just... crazy!" Mima is taken aback by Kanako's feat. Your leg just refused to move again after witnessing that clash of powers. It's ridiculous. A goddess, fighting with greatest arcane magician even through mere Soccer can be terrifying. And you have the first class seat to be a part of this awesome moment. Somehow this just made your blood boils.

Kanako picks up the ball and pass it to Kuu. You rushes in to intercept.

"It's already settled, Roa!" He almost laugh when he dribbles past you. "Your speed is too slow! You can't catch me like this!"
"Oh yeah? THINK AGAIN!"
In the clash between you and Kuu, you smashe him with Mammonite-powered charge. Yes, Kuu is fast. But in terms of pure strength goodness, you have an edge over him. The golden dust twirls around your leg and with a loud bam you send Kuu flying away like he just running head on into a truck. Of course, it's not a foul because the only thing your leg touches is the ball.

Good thing that Mima is not really fast, so she's still not retreating that far back. After you defeated Kuu, you run alongside her and charge towards the goal.

"Roa!" She calls out for you.
"Mima!" You answer in kind.
"Let's do it together!"
"Both of us, together as one!"

Kanako is standing at the goal with her rope extending to full power, ready to receive any and all kind of attacks.
"Come! You will never get past me!"

[X] Design your finisher!

Yes. Finisher. The idea of playing Touhou soccer is fun, but I realize that if this drag on any longer it will stall the rest of the storyline. Design your awesome finisher, and we'll move on to the next part of the story.
I might write some random scene for this, though. Since Suika, Adahn and Momi didn't have much screentime.
>> No. 24288
[x]Critical Rave:Galactic eclipse
>> No. 24289
Anyone else thinking of the Marble Screw from Precure?
>> No. 24296
[x] Magician Heart~ DOUBLE-SMASHER!

You and Mima kick the ball at the same time - the background turns into a hazy, golden mist; time slows down, the ball bursts into a myriad of glowing colors, a flash of blinding light fills the arena - suddenly, all returns to normal. The ball has made it past a surprised Kanako, spinning against the net. The team lets out a cheer! You and Mima proceed to ballroom dance across the field, ending with you sweeping her off her feet and engaging in a hot and steamy kiss, causing everyone to look away out of embarrassment. The day is ours. VICTORY!
>> No. 24298
[X] Sekiha Love Love Tenkyoken

... what?
>> No. 24300
[x] Magician Heart~ DOUBLE-SMASHER!

Hey Kirin, ever seen Shaolin Soccer?
>> No. 24310
[X] Magician Heart~ DOUBLE-SMASHER!

>> No. 24319
[X] Magician Heart~ DOUBLE-SMASHER!
>> No. 24385
File 12444219102.jpg - (52.41KB, 600x600, gyreal.jpg) [iqdb]
Roger. Processing it now.

PS. For those who can read this, มีคนไทยเล่นบอร์ดนี้มั่งมั้ยเนี่ย?
>> No. 24392

Sorry, I don't speak Vorticon.
>> No. 24393
Something about people on this board playing, I think.
>> No. 24395
Motherfucking dogthings in motherfucking tracksuits.

>> No. 24672
File 124580648823.jpg - (585.06KB, 700x1000, eeeadc7cbf7df2853b7d9d8d069b76f6.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Magician Heart~ DOUBLE-SMASHER!

The only thing that stands between you and the goal is Kanako, the goalkeeper who can stop Mima by herself. But that's if only Mima is making the shot. If you two do it together, the power will be overwhelming. You run towards the goal in a straight line, aligning yourself with Mima behind you. If you have another companion, you could yell "JET STREAM ATTACK!" without fear of copyright infringement.

"Here we go, Mima!" You give her a signal.
"All right!"

With some nifty footwork, you lob the ball up and behind yourself with your heel, while Mima (who had been gathering her momentum and magical power for a while, now) leaps into the air up above your head.

"Magician...!" You two yelled in unison. "...Heart--!"

You charge your Mammonite power and overhead-kick the ball, while at the same time, Mima jump-volleys it with her full strength, forming a cross in midair. A blinding light shines, and a furious gust of wind blows about after the impact. What drives towards Kanako is a spinning ball of blue, red and gold which leaves a long, sparkling trail in its wake.


Just then, Suika appears between you and Kanako.

"I won't let that pass!"

Suika bursts into mist, then transforms into hundreds of mini-Suikas. Her miniature forms jump onto her companion and form a strong net by grabbing each other's arms and legs. The shot plows into the blocking net, and creates a screeching, almost burning sound from the sheer force of the ball's friction. But it isn't long before the ball continues to rocket forward, blasting through the oni-net with ease. The cute sound of mini-Suikas scattering into the air, yelping in distress is something truly golden, making you wish you had a microphone to record it.

Kanako, being the last line of defense, readies her rope. She turns that cannon-like thing towards the incoming ball.

"If you fight me with force, I'll return it sevenfold!" she shouts. The barrel begins to glow as it charges up magical power for the counter-shot. "...KANAKOOooooo---Cannoooooonn----!!"

The timing and positioning is so perfect it's funny. Just before the 'Kanako Cannon' fires, the ball make its way into the barrel. It makes a 'plomp' sound as it plugs itself there, blocking the barrel completely.


The light from the deafening explosion is blinding, and your consciousness fades to white...
>> No. 24673
File 124580669561.jpg - (125.08KB, 1000x750, 1ae65e281b73f031b87e7771b5adb765.jpg) [iqdb]
When you open your eyes, you feel your head resting on something soft. Looking up, you see Mima slowly stroking your hair, and from the position, you must be resting on her lap. You attempt to push yourself up, but Mima pulls you back down to her comfy lap.

"Finally awake, huh? Took you long enough." She giggles a bit while she messes around with your long, silky black hair.

"Ugh... what happened?" you ask. "There was an explosion, and after that everything just went white..."

Once again you try to get up, but even without Mima's interference, you still fall back down, feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

"Well, Kanako just self-destructed or something. And the ball went in the net. When I ran back to you, you had already been knocked out. I mean, jeez, your face was as white as an eggshell. I was so worried about you..."

"I think it's worth it to see your troubled face. I faint a little, and I get to see this feminine side of you... truly a profitable trade, no?"
"Oh, how very eloquent." She pinches your nose, obviously hiding her embarrassment. Yeah, it's a fair trade, all right.

Right now you're quite anxious about the cause of your sudden blackout. You look around, and notice it's already nighttime. Suika and Star are not too far away, sleeping. The oni girl snores loudly, while Star just curls into a ball under her thick blanket. You let out a sigh, and finally manage to gather enough willpower to break away from Mima's lovely lap.

"I envy them a bit, you know? These kids don't seem to have any worries."
Suika make an unidentified gurgling noise, follow by the most generic bit of sleep-talking ever: "Mnnnnggg... I can't possibly have anymore..."

You have to wonder, though. In Suika's case, is it food or liquor she's dreaming of?

You eat the soup Mima saved for you from today's dinner, having kept it warm with a magical flame inside the bowl. Not in the soup, but the bowl. You neither know nor ask just exactly how she managed to do it. You're simply happy that she thought to do it at all. The warm soup revitalizes you once more. You're not sure you could go back to sleep again, tonight, so instead of idling about in this room, you decide to go out for a walk with Mima.

The wind is very soothing, and it helps your confused mind, making it easier to become calm and collected again. While strolling around the shrine, you ponder today's event.

"So I collapsed after that?" you ask Mima. She's doesn't float along tonight as she usually does, but instead walks beside you, holding your hand.
"Yeah. Your face was so pale, I thought you were flatlining, or something."
"Come to think of it... I don't have any money on me." You rub your chin, thinking. "...so what did I just burn for for that magical power?"
You turn to look at Mima. Her expression shows she's just as worried as you.
"Maybe you should stop using it for a while. I don't know what effects the cost of doing that might have had on you. I've never seen magic like this in my studies, either."
"I'll think about it." Well, that's bad. If you don't have the power and the coat, you're nothing but a helpless ordinary human... With a perfect body and long, shining, silky black hair, of course.
"No. Just thinking about it won't do any good. I'm putting a ban on your power, starting right now."
"If you use it again without my consent you're going to get punished." Her face is serious, like your homeroom teacher back in grade school. "And if I do punish you, I can guarantee you're not going to like it."
You nod vigorously. You're fairly certain you know her well enough to understand if she's just fooling around, or being serious. This one is the latter.

As you walk past Kanako's bedroom, you see a person with black wings sprouting out of her back. She's sitting on the porch, tying her shoes. You recognize her from that last party at the Hakurei shrine.

"Hello there. Are you Miss...?"
"Aya, Shameimaru Aya; Bunbunmaru News. How's it going, Roa?"
The tengu girl straightens up as you and Mima arrive. She's not in her usual white-black dress, but in a black catsuit that gives off a special-ops sort of feel, instead. With the pale light of the moon, you can clearly see her shapely hips under that tight camouflage suit. If you had the chance, you would love to stroke those hips of hers, along with her wings. ...You had better keep that fantasy in your head, though.

"You're not in your usual outfit today."
"Yeah, you're not the only group aware of the situation!" she says. "The tengu are mobilizing as well. So right now, I'm not here as Aya the reporter, but rather Lieutenant Aya of the 1st Airborne Scout division."
"...But all of your forces are Airborne by default."
"Nice one; I like it." She stifles a laugh. "And because I'm not a reporter today, I'll keep that to myself."
Aya points at Mima, who is hugging your arm close, and smiling at the reporter girl.
"I'm serious about this relationship, so don't you turn this into a scandal!" Mima says, pouting. It's kind of weird for her to be this cute, but it's still nice. Aya just grins at the pair of you.
"So what are you doing around here, Lieutenant?" you ask.
"Confirming that the tengu and Moriya will help each other in times of trouble. It's thanks to Chulainn; he actually impressed Lord Tenma, and is on good terms with my people. He even decided to leave Sergeant Momizi posted here to help you out!"
"You rank higher than Momizi?"
"Eh, ranks are rubbish, anyway. Momizi and I are still good friends. Well... She always treats me as her superior the rest of the time anyway, but I guess that's Momizi for you."

Aya flaps her wings once. It seems that she's about to leave.
"I've finished my job here. Anything you need?"

>(Ask about a topic, or give a message to deliver...)

[ ] "Hey, Aya... I need to ask you about---"
---[ ] General activity of Sinner's forces.
---[ ] Info on the tengu's preparation
---[ ] The Scarlet's stance in this conflict.
---[ ] The situation of Rinnosuke's group.
---[ ] (define topic)
[ ] "I need you to relay a message, if you don't mind..."
---[ ] (define message)

You can ask as many things as you want, but Aya's going to leave soon, so you had better prioritize your questions appropriately.
I'm sorry about the long disappearance. I promise I'll update more frequently, since I think I'm out of my usual down-in-the-dump syndrome.
>> No. 24676
File 12458109168.png - (199.03KB, 800x790, aya - scout.png) [iqdb]
>Lieutenant Aya of the 1st Airborne Scout division

>> No. 24677
[O] "Hey, Aya... I need to ask you about---"
---[O] General activity of Sinner's forces.
---[O] Info on the tengu's preparation
---[O] The Scarlet's stance in this conflict.
---[O] The situation of Rinnosuke's group.
>> No. 24678
[d] "Hey, Aya... I need to ask you about---"
---[a] General activity of Sinner's forces.
---[~] The situation of Rinnosuke's group.
---[z] Info on the tengu preparations.
---[e] The Scarlet's stance in this conflict.
>> No. 24683
[x] "Hey, Aya... I need to ask you about---"
---[x] General activity of Sinner's forces.
---[x] The situation of Rinnosuke's group.
---[x] Info on the tengu preparations.
---[x] The Scarlet's stance in this conflict.
>> No. 24684
[x] "Hey, Aya... I need to ask you about---"
---[x] General activity of Sinner's forces.
---[x] The situation of Rinnosuke's group.
---[x] Info on the tengu preparations.
---[x] The Scarlet's stance in this conflict.
>> No. 24685
[x] "Hey, Aya... I need to ask you about---"
---[x] General activity of Sinner's forces.
---[x] The situation of Rinnosuke's group.
---[x] Info on the tengu preparations.
---[x] The Scarlet's stance in this conflict.
>> No. 24688
File 124597842568.jpg - (35.33KB, 500x500, mkreal.jpg) [iqdb]
Walls of information, huh?
Right away sir!
>> No. 24700
Also Hooray!
>> No. 24719
File 124635706557.jpg - (47.83KB, 400x550, yukako.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Wall of informations.

Just before Aya takes off, you call her out.

"Aya, I still have some question to ask you."
"Huh? Okay..."

You starts by asking the most important one first.
"So you are scouting the area around Gensokyo? What did you find out about Sinner's force at Eientei?"
"Quiet. There's a several rabbit scouts patrolling the bamboo forest but that's all. No major movements. I'm worried about that." Aya rubs her chin. "It's too quiet. Like a calm before storm. We better watch out."

No movements, huh? That's strange. That last attack should make some significant damage to Eientei's force, but only a couple of days, things are back to normal. What's hiding behind the endless corridor of Eientei? You can only guess.

"Did you pass by Kourindou, or Forest of Magic? Did you see anything unusual?"
"Yesterday I saw Mokou and Kourin dragging Marisa away from Alice's house. I don't know what they did inside, but from the way they're so eager to run away from there, I suppose there must be something happened... And I think it's not a good one."

Now that's confusing. Mokou said she would go take a look around the forest of magic and look for some helping hands, but after hearing this news you're quite troubled. Is everything all right on that end? Maybe you need to go back soon.

"What's the preparation on your side, Aya? You told me the Tengu is mobilizing too."
"Sorry, hon. Military secrets." She shrugs. "But if you really want to, I can arrange an official request in the name of the aliiance for an appointment with Tenma-sama later."

Tenma-sama, huh? Must be some bigshots in the tengu ranks. "Sure. I'll leave that to you, if you don't mind."
"Don't sweat it. We're friends, remember? This is the least I can do." Aya pats your shoulder. You can feel it that she really means what she said. Maybe you need to change your view about people in media industry. "I'm sorry I can't help you more than this. We need all the firepower we can get."
"I understand. One last question, then."
"I actually need to leave right now though. But go ahead. Fire away."
"Any news on the Scarlets?"
"As far as I know they're living their life as if nothing happened. The renovation works stopped, though. The Kappas evacuated from the site and hauling all their machine back. The report from their side said they'll stay hidden underwater until things resolved."
"Hey! How could they do that!? Any proud civil engineer should not leave their work unfinished like that!"
"Guess they value their life more than working ethics. Well, that's not surprising. I'd do that too if I was in that situation."

After you hold her back for so long, Aya flaps her wings. She steady herself and ready to take off.
"I'd love to stay and chat, Roa. But y'know... duty calls."
"Thank you, Aya!" You have to yell or else your voice can't reach her. It's like you're talking near a helicopter going to take off. Well, she didn't flap her wing THAT fast, but you think it's a good analogy anyway.
"I'm surprised, Aya. You can really become useful for once." Says Mima.
"What are you talking about? I'm always helpful! Bunbunmaru news are accurate and trustworthy!" She waves at you and Mima, one last time. "Shameimaru Aya, Taking off!"

The gust of wind created by Aya blow you off your feet. After your head stops spinning, you take back your analogy earlier. Aya is not a helicopter. She's a fighter jet. The white trail created by her leaves a long, white line in the night sky. Mima is, to your surprise, standing on her feet like that gust of wind earlier is nothing but a wind from a paper fan. You decide not to ask. You already know the mages and Youkais around here can bend physics and logic as they want it to be. being normal human in a land full of magic is quite disheartening, indeed.

"Does she do that often?" You get on your feet.
"Nah. She's such a showoff like that. I bet you think she's awesome right now."
"Wow, if that's just a showoff I have to say I'm impressed."
"Hmph. That was nothing. I can show you something much more awesome than that!"
"In a sleepless night like this, I have no reason to decline your offer." You try your best to look as charming as possible. "Impress me, my dear."

Mima shows you various tricks and magic she can do. Some of them is weird (Whoa, Mima! Did you just summon a tentacle monster?!) but most of them really blow you away. Any logic cannot define these things you're experiencing. After a short while, Kanako joins you. Following by Sanae, Hina and the rest of the crew. Even Star woke up and join the fun. Moriya shrine is covered with a festival-like magical fireworks fantasy for hours with all the contestant hyped up to create the most magnificent, extraordinary fabulous danmaku play possible.

Watching fireworks while holding the hand of the person you love. Sigh, you hope this could last forever....

<end of day>

Next destination;
[] Tengu Mountain. You need powerful allies, and the Tengu is no doubt one of the strongest faction.
[] Kourindou. What happened after the forest of magic incident? You need to find out.
[] Scarlet Mansion. Why are they so calm about all this? Talk to them might uncover something. You want to take a look at the construction progress too.
Blarg. Downbooru is down. So have some random stuffs in my drawing folder.
>> No. 24720
[x] Kourindou. What happened after the forest of magic incident? You need to find out.
>> No. 24721
[O] Kourindou. What happened after the forest of magic incident? You need to find out.
>> No. 24722
Wait. You drew that?
>> No. 24723
My friend drew that. As well as those two Kaguya and Mokou pic earlier.
>> No. 24767
File 124701669191.jpg - (100.41KB, 600x600, 945dce3cea199743e3e7fca9f41b759b.jpg) [iqdb]
Anyway, with the current number of votes I got I still can't write the next part. I'll busy myself with Lawyer and DarkSW for a while.

Until then, please vote more!
>> No. 24768
Fuck, forgot to vote.

[X] Kourindou. What happened after the forest of magic incident? You need to find out.
>> No. 24769
[x] Scarlet Mansion. Why are they so calm about all this? Talk to them might uncover something. You want to take a look at the construction progress too.

Suddenly, the Scarlet Devil Mansion becomes the Scarlet Devil Fortress.
>> No. 25233
File 124818994374.jpg - (199.27KB, 523x450, 2ceae7cffca54696944daccee333e502.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Kourindou.

The next day, your group departs from the Moriya Shrine early. Looks like all of you are used to waking up early. It's probably normal around here. But for you, the night owl that could stay all night reading or doing assignment, this is quite something. It's only six in the morning but almost everyone is awake now. You watch Suika and Star merrily waving their hands as you part with them, flying into the sky. All of them except you can fly, and that's kind of unnerving. You think you need to learn how to do that sometimes.

The old university life of yours is almost a vivid dream to you now. Sigh.

Arriving at Kourindou, the first impression you recognize is the front yard is unexpectedly tidy. The grasses are all trimmed and leveled. The flower-beds are also being taken care of. Soon after you touch the ground, Aniki emerges from behind the bush he's probably working on and greets you. He's in his usual uniform: topless, Fundoshi, and he's glistening in man's sweat.

"Greetings, brother! How's it going over there?"
"Everything is going along smoothly!" You happily take his hand and shake it despite his sweaty body. You're glad that he's alright.
"Marvellous!" He smiles. "I want to give you all a hug, but I doubt you want to dirty your costume!"
"No thanks." Mima rolls her eyes.
"Too bad I cannot order stuffs from the other side anymore, but I got you a replica of your favourite shirt!
"Wow! thanks, Aniki!"

After you exchange some backslaps, hugs and whatnot (which the girls prefer not to join you for some reason) all of you enter the shop. Reisen, who is working on something, sees you first. She calls out for Mokou and the girl pokes her head out of the kitchen. Her face is all blackened, as if she just ran through a coal mine.
"Howdy, Mokou!" you happily greet her.
"Hey there."
"Whatchadoin', Mokotan?" says Suika as she hug Mokou from behind. "Ew, you smells like charcoal!"
"I'm trying to cook something for everyone, but... uh...." She shrugs. "...accident happens."
"More like you messed things up, Mokou!" It's Keine. She's as lovely as ever even with all that black smudge over her face and body. "I'm amazed. How can you turn a simple omelette into a piece of carbon?"
Mima sighs, tired by the whole ordeal. "Step asides. I'm taking over the operation!" And she push the two asides, disappearing into the kitchen.

Come to think of it... Marisa, right? You heard from Aya something had happened at Alice's house that involved her being dragged away. Probably a good idea to pay her a visit. You ask Reisen who is seen working with cloth pieces of sorts.
"Hey, Reisen. I thought you would be the one to cook." You initiate some small talk. "...I mean, I think you must be pretty good with these kind of stuffs."
"Ah yes. I'm quite confident in my skills. But Mokou insists that she does the cooking for today. Well, from the way things turns out, I think I will have to do the lunch and dinner myself."
"Looking forward to it. So, do you know where Marisa is?"
"She's in the back. Sleeping, I guess."
"A pleasure." Reisen returns to her... tailoring? Wow. This rabbit girl would make a good wife and a good mother. If you don't have Mima right now, you won't mind trying to hit on her.

You follow Reisen's direction with Star in tow. You haven't talked to her much since the Moriya shrine. Well, it's not your fault. She can't talk, right? But you are definitely sure you heard her laugh at Chulainn back then. Did she get her voice back? You watch her following you closely from behind, thinking about various things to start a topic. Come to think of it, you don't really know anything about this little fairy. Instead of embarrassing yourself by starting an uninteresting topic to a girl who can't reply back, you just pick her up and let her sit on your shoulder. Star giggles a bit as you do.

You spot a person lying on the old couch. She's full of bandages and bruises. The trash bin is full of bloodied tissue papers. You can't imagine what she just went through. As you approach her, she seems to notice you and brush her disheveled golden hair asides, trying to sit back up.

"Hi." She say that in a weak voice. "Long time no see, eh? Sorry that I can't stand up and shake your hand. I'm sore all over, ze."
"M... Marisa?"
"It's me. Remember? Back at the party." She groans a bit as she shifts into a more comfortable, or less painful, position.
"No... I mean, yes. I remember you Marisa. But... Who did this to you...?"
"Alice is just being pissy, Y'know? Maybe she got a period. She didn't mean it, ze. I know her that much. After I get a 'lil bit better I'll go to her place again. Poor girl's probably crying her ass off right now."
"What? Alice did this to you? Aren't you two good friends, if I'm correct?"
"We are, ze. We are." Marisa sighs. "She's probably misunderstanding again. Well, y'see. I went there with Mokou and Rinnosuke. Going to convince her to side with us.... Oh right!"
Marisa give you a light punch on the shoulder. "...You're going to fight that evil grinbitch? GJ, ze. You're the man!"
"Haha, thanks." You try to give the most ensuring smile you could muster, but your worry make it come out pretty bad. "...please, tell me more."

"Alright. So, I went there with those two. Alice confined herself in the house so we have to break in to get her. After she saw me, she was all fuming, crying, blablablah. Hugged me so tight and declared that she wouldn't let me go no matter what. Alice wouldn't even listen to a word we said. After she saw those two, she started screaming something about them taking me away from her and started shooting. She even used her grimoire, ze! She's that serious! And because of that, I..."

The blond girl clenches her fist. The wound under the bandages starts bleeding again as she puts a pressure on it. You look into her eyes, and you can sense... regret.

"I shot her. Even if it's just a light shot, but I did shoot her. I... I shouldn't do that, ze. I really should not do that."
"What happened after that?" Even if it's painful for her, you need to know.
"Alice snapped. She went berserk and become a whirlwind of Danmaku, firing at everything. I don't know what happened after that, ze. But Rinnosuke and Mokou dragged me away. That's all I know."
Marisa holds your hand. Her weak arm is trembling. You can feel her blood as she clasps her hand over yours.
"Please. Roa. Save her."
"I will, Marisa." Maybe this is not the thing you really decide, but there's only one answer she wants to hear right now. "I will."

You let Marisa rest and excuse yourself. Now that you hear about the situation, even a blockhead like you can understand there is something wrong with Alice but you don't really know really happened. If you don't know the cause, you can't discover a way to help her either.

[ ] Ask Aniki. He's the awesomest so he can help you for sure.
[ ] Invade the kitchen and help out Mokou, Mima and Keine.
[ ] No use thinking. Chill with Reisen, Suika and Star.
[ ] Try to research about Alice's strange behavior by yourself.
>> No. 25239
Votes in order:
[x] Try to research about Alice's strange behavior by yourself. If it doesn't work for some reason:
[x] Ask Aniki. He's the most awesome so he can help you for sure.
[x] Invade the kitchen and help out Mokou, Mima and Keine.

Can't believe I've missed this one, so I'll do some backtracking this week.
>> No. 25241
[O] Try to research about Alice's strange behavior by yourself. If it doesn't work for some reason:
[O] Ask Aniki. He's the most awesome so he can help you for sure.
[O] Invade the kitchen and help out Mokou, Mima and Keine.
>> No. 25283
[d] Try to research about Alice's strange behavior by yourself.
If it doesn't work for some reason:
[a] Invade the kitchen and help out Mokou, Mima and Keine.
- [z] Ask Mima while you're in there. She probably knows the two magicians better than anyone here.
If all else fails:
[e] Ask Aniki. He's the most awesome so he can help you for sure.

Fuck, I can't believe I forgot to vote.
>> No. 25379
[x] Try to research about Alice's strange behavior by yourself. If it doesn't work for some reason:
[x] Ask Aniki. He's the most awesome so he can help you for sure.
[x] Invade the kitchen and help out Mokou, Mima and Keine.
>> No. 25575
[x] Try to research about Alice's strange behavior by yourself.

The others would just tell us to stay out of it, and might even go out of their way to prevent us from trying. There's the possibility that everything will work out by itself, but with Marisa banged up and Alice an emotional wreck, better now than later. Less trauma for everyone.
>> No. 25586
>> No. 25587
File 125038493624.jpg - (29.55KB, 320x240, DoraDaemon.jpg) [iqdb]
Got it.
>> No. 25606
File 125196870229.jpg - (37.18KB, 460x300, blood_spatter.jpg) [iqdb]
If there is something going on about Alice, you should find out what it is as fast as possible. Some odd feeling tells you that this cannot wait. After walking around in circle for a while (it may look stupid, but it helps you focus) you decide to just find some info by yourself. Now, the problem is about where to look...

First thing you can think of is Google. Duh.

You give a random start by rummaging through the old junk Kourin have. You found a stockpile of used books, new and old alikes. There's something like a scroll and tome, or even a tablet. And at the same pile there is a gaming magazine, old playboy magazine with some mysterious stains, and a book about C++ programming. After you done a through search through this useless pile of crap, you found nothing that involves a sudden aggressive behavior and paranoia. There is one case that has the most resemblance, and it's a zombie virus. You don't think this is the case. Well... if it is, now you won't hesitate to have a gun in handy all the time.

The lack of clue put you at a loss. You don't even know what's going on. You can apply logic either because this is a land without logic. When you don't have anywhere else to go, the person you could turn to is Aniki. Since when that the bond between two of you have become this close? It's strange that someone that you just met a couple of days ago can be the person you respect the most. You just go out to the front and ask Aniki straight. He probably know something about this.

He should be out front, but... huh? Aniki is nowhere to be seen. There's a hovel on the ground where he was earlier, and... a trail of blood?

You summon your coat and put it on despite how ridiculous its design is. This might be troublesome...

[ ] Follow the trail of blood ASAP. This can't wait.
[ ] Get everyone first, then follow.
>> No. 25607
[O] Follow the trail of blood ASAP. This can't wait.
>> No. 25610
[ze] Call for anyone nearby, and then follow the trail of blood ASAP. Some backup would be nice, but this can't wait.
>> No. 25646
[x] Follow the trail of blood ASAP. This can't wait.
>> No. 25762
[x] Follow the trail of blood ASAP. This can't wait.
>> No. 25768
[x] Follow the trail of updates ASAP. This can't wait.
>> No. 26045
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