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"How was it, Roa?" A voice is calling your name. "How was it to be on this side?"

It feels weird.

It's as if all your worries disappear. You don't know what just happened, but it's like suddenly all the restraints binding your arms and feet just dissolve into thin air. You feel refreshed. Filled. Brimming with energy. It's as if you can take on the whole battalion of spartans on your own. But how? What just happened? It doesn't make sense. This requires explanation.

"Open your eyes, Roa."
Someone is calling you again. her voice. It's not really a command, but it convinces you to comply.
"Open your eyes... and greet your master."

"Yes, Mistress Sinner. I bow to your will."

Someone else's voice. It doesn't matter. Your only concerns lie with mistress. It feels... familiar, somehow. But it's still not worth paying attention to.
"Argh! She's been yelling like that for a while! Roa, can you do something about that? I'm quite annoyed with her!"
"As you wish, milady."
"Ah..." Sinner continues. "You can drop the formalities. I want you to be yourself, like when we first met."
"Sure thing, I-no." You obediently comply.
"My, my! I miss that name! Now go and get rid of her!"

You jump down from the throne where I-no is sitting and land before the filthy, bloody rag. It's not a rag, really. But referring to it as a rag is more appropriate than the remnants of an arcane mage. The blue robe is now covered in crimson red. The slave is pinning it to the ground. They did a good job, but they're still stupid most of the time. You better take care of this yourself...

You lift it from the ground. The person is still coughing and wheezing. Well yeah, you are grabbing her neck. It must be hard to breathe. She's a ghost, right? So why's she struggling so much? It's not like a ghost has to breathe. A ghost doesn't feel pain, either. Or is it because of all those scribblings on the yellow pieces of paper tagged all over her body?

"Roa... Roa... why... why does it have to be like this...?...I...."
"Shut up, bitch."
A slap across the face. She flinches, but still manages to talk.
"No...Roa... don't... Please... come back to us..." What is this wet, clear liquid dirtying your hand? It flows out of her eyes. "Please... Come back to me..."
"Why should I come back to you? You hold no meaning for me."
"Please... *cough*... come back... remember my face... remember my name... I don't want to lose you... no more..."
"You are speaking nonsense, broad. What an eyesore. Now, Begone."

Slowly, you put the demon seal you received from Reimu, your trusted companion, on her forehead. The ghost mage is starting to shine, and becomes more and more transparent. So that is the effect of the ghost being sealed? You're lucky you can experience it this close. The ghost tries to say something, but no matter how hard she's trying to speak, you can't hear it. There's no voice coming out from that sealing circle. Nothing can leave the circle. Soon, as she struggles to say something, she disappears. Leaving only one stupid tag on the floor. You pick it up, and rip it to shreds. Good riddance. You think you can read what she was trying to say before being sealed, though.

"I love you", huh? Why'd she say that? Never mind. It's probably nothing of importance.

Reimu lands near you, tapping your shoulder.
"Okay. Should we clear this up? I gotta give you a welcome party. The bitch's gonna fuck you dry. I know it just by looking at her."
"It's not good to call the mistress 'bitch', you know?" You nudge her with your elbow.
"Ehhh. I'm gonna kick her down from that throne real soon. No need to respect my would-be slave, right?"
"Not if I do that first, Reimu. You're going to be my sex slave and underling."
"Hah! Such a bold claim!" Reimu cracks her hands. "Never mind that. Cut the chatter and get to it. Yukari and Ran are going to take all the fame!"
"Not much left, really. Just a false god, lancer, swordie, two mikos and some of the useless shit I don't even remember. I'm sure Yukari already steamrolled them all."
"We can just go messing up their plan so we can get all the fame later."
"Wicked." You give her a thumbs up.
"I know, right?"

And the two of you move in for the kill. Bringing pain and despair to the one who used to fight alongside you. Weird. There's no regret. In fact it's kind of fun to see them screaming, thrashing in pain and agony. It's satisfying to crush them both mentally and physically, drowning them in the sea of torment.

It's strangely satisfying.

"Good! Good! Roa, you are absolutely the best! I'm really glad you decided to be with me in the end! I'm so happy!"
You smirk. Soon, I-no. Soon. Not too long until you make use of her until she's breaking down, and then destroy her. Taking over the throne. The supreme ruler of Gensokyo. This, is your true goal since you are on this side. You are going to enslave all of them. Violate them. Rape them. Use them as your loyal servants and sex slaves. Conquer all who oppose. Crush those who dare raise a resistance. You start fantasizing about the day you rise on top of everything, and enjoy Gensokyo as you want it to become. You respond I-no's cheery comment with a cold, wicked smile.

"Yes master. I aim to please."

Alternate BAD-END 01 : The corruption of soul.

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Isn't it sad, Micchin? ;_;
>> No. 23237
And yet I don't find anything bad about this ending.
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That was obviously bad end, but still, it was... Strangely satisfying and hot. It would be best not to get this, though.
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Well then. With that one finished, I have an announcement to make.

SW and lawyer story will be put on hiatus. For at least two weeks. Maybe more.

The thing is, There's a big holiday season coming up here in my country. And I'll be moving to my hometown, that is, without any internet connection. I'll be writing the update for the latest choice, though.
And I feel like I need to catch up with all the good stories in the board. I haven't read much lately, not like the day I first joined THP. So I'll gonna dig up the archive and marathoning them, like the day I enjoyed SDMLA and YMLA and TS1.

And, maybe I'm just attentionwhoring you guys, but I feel a little bit down lately. Like, I feel... unappreciated. Like. Why do I keep writing, sort of. I used to tell myself I write because I love writing and I'll write even if there's no one reading it. Maybe I'm wrong. When I look at my thread and saw only two or three votes after two days, I feel down. Maybe this break will make me miss you guys more, and increase my work quality.

With that said. Well... See you later.
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Good luck with your move.

And remember that even if you get few votes, there are people reading your work, enjoy your writing and wait patiently for when your next update arrives.
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I thought this particular holiday was 3 days to 1 week at the most.
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Kirin ;_;
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There's someone who wants to see this alternate path as a playable story, so I give it a go. Tell me what you think.

This is awesome.

You just got the power to dominate anything that dares cross your path. The fool doesn't realize she gave you too much power. With this, you could just kill her and proclaim yourself as the new emperor. But nah. That's not a good idea. She's still useful. You can milk her for what she's worth. Make use of her until she's no longer usable and then disposing of her is a better alternative.

Somehow, only you and you alone are suddenly stronger. Reimu is still only Reimu. Converted, yes, but still maintaining her power as normal Reimu, not the powered-up Reimu. It seems that all the converted people, youkai and human alike, are still as powerful as before they were converted. You don't really know why, but it's a good thing. Now you are the strongest of all. To you, Reimu is just a stupid human with some recognizable power. You could even take on Yukari yourself if you wanted to, but that's gonna be a tough job.

You take some time to try harness your newfound power, and head to the battlefield ahead. Waltzing into the fray like it's just a garden full of flowers.

There they are. The duo of the Moriya shrine. Clay and Ku are standing in the middle of the angry crowd. Covered in blood which dyes their clothes red. The corrupted villagers keep charging at them, but are being repelled by their weapons. Somehow they manage not to kill anyone. Foolish move, you have to say. It's more tiring that way. Not that they have a luxury of manpower either. They are outnumbered. And by sticking with their stupid code of honor and being goody-two-shoes, they are going to die. You will be the one who makes it happen.

"Roa! How's your side!?" Chulainn stabs another incoming villager in the leg, and whacks him with the shaft. "...You managed to seal her, right?!"
"That's right. I'm here to help you."

Fools. You really don't know? What a fool you are.

"Chulainn. This is strange..." Clay speaks. "The villager's still under control. It's not supposed to happen."
"Then sealing her doesn't solve the problems. We need to get back and regroup." You suggest calmly. One of the foolish villagers dares standing behind you, so you send him flying with just a push.

"Whoa, Roa! how did you become that strong?!" The lancer's impressed.
"Maybe it's the side effect after sealing her."
"Well, I guess. Let's just get the hell outta here first!"

The three of you begin to plow your way out of the siege. With your power you complete it like it's just a simple task anyone can do. But Clay, who has been following you from behind, puts his claymore on your throat and stops you dead in your tracks. The villagers are startled too, and cease to advance.

"What the hell are you doing, Clay?!" Ku catches his shoulder, but Clay shakes it away.
"Answer me, Roa. How did you seal her?" His grip tightens, and the giant blade digs into your throat a bit.
"I just used the old device that the legendary person used to seal her."
"Show me the proof!"

This guy's not fooled by your act, huh? Well, it's gonna be easier if you can follow them to the rally point and kill them all there. But this will have to do.

You send the magical power through your coat, and the coat bursts into omni-directional bar of lights, sending everyone around you sprawling. After the light dies down, Ku and Clay can clearly see what color Roa is.

"Roa, you're already....?!" Ku can't believe his eyes.
"I just realized my true potential, that's all."
You pick up Clay's sword. To you it's as light as a feather and you twirl it around with ease. Nice sword. You punch it in the middle, and the sword breaks in two.
"...My potential to become the ruler of this land. A land which you are not part of."

Before anyone can act, you throw the 10000-yen banknote at Chulainn. He's not a newbie in terms of combat and he blocks it with his spear. But your plan is not that simple. As the note contacts, it bursts into 500-yen coins like a shotgun slug. Chulainn can't possibly block them all and some of it embeds itself into his body. Clay, seeing that his comrade has just fallen, rushes at you with all his might, screaming like a savage. He lost his focus. Clay's move is easily read and you counter him with the mammonite-enhanced punch. You can't see his face because the blood covered it all. Jesus, that's gotta hurt. You think you just popped his skull.

"Nngh!.... This little pain can't stop me!" Chulainn rises up again. Well, at least his endurance deserves some praise.
"Oh, no no no. Chulainn. You got hit with only one of that, and you're already dead."

With a snap, you blow Ku into bits. Numerous coins inside his body burst out into deadly shrapnel of 1-yen coins. One of the alternative uses of your power you haven't realized until now, which proves useful in combat. You bathe in crimson rain and laugh. Laugh at your ex-comrades' powerlessness when they face you in battlefield. You are not the same guy who came to Moriya shrine and got beaten up badly, nearly holding his own against two of the best warriors in Gensokyo that night. Now, those two died. Died by your hands, even. A surge of ecstasy pumps through your veins, bringing great pleasure and delight to your heart.

After you finish them off, you head into another battle. Yukari and Ran are fighting with the rest of Moriya folks. Kourin and the rest are probably fighting with the old Eientei's owner.

You lick your lips, and plan your next move....

[ ] Join the battle as Yukari's allies.
[ ] Join the battle as Moriya's allies.
select stance
---[ ] Kill them all.
---[ ] Kill your enemies, and then backstab your allies.
---[ ] Backstab allies, then join the other side, then backstab them again.
---[ ] Capture everyone. Rape them later when you have time.

Write-ins are always welcome.
>> No. 23497
[x] Join the battle as Yukari's allies.
---[x] Capture everyone. Rape them later when you have time.

Great googa mooga!
>> No. 23498
[ ] Join the battle as Moriya's allies.
select stance
---[ ] Capture everyone. Rape them later when you have time.

I like both families. Had to flip a coin.
>> No. 23505
[x] Join the battle as Yukari's allies.
---[x] Capture everyone. Rape them later when you have time.

>> No. 23508
>Capture everyone. Rape them later when you have time.
>Capture everyone. Break them down to be your servants and slaves.

Come now, if you want to play evil, then go the whole nine yards.

[X] Join the battle as Yukari's allies.
---[X] Capture everyone. Rape them repeatedly in front of eachother later, until they all break down and become your willing servants and slaves, who constantly yearn for sexual satisfaction from you.
>> No. 23509
[X] Join the battle as Yukari's allies.
---[X] Capture everyone. Rape them repeatedly in front of eachother later, until they all break down and become your willing servants and slaves, who constantly yearn for sexual satisfaction from you.
>> No. 23510
[X] Join the battle as Yukari's allies.
---[X] Capture everyone. Rape them repeatedly in front of eachother later, until they all break down and become your willing servants and slaves, who constantly yearn for sexual satisfaction from you.

Changing vote. This is much better.
>> No. 23512
Oh yes, you're awesome.

[X] Join the battle as Yukari's allies.
---[X] Capture everyone. Rape them repeatedly in front of eachother later, until they all break down and become your willing servants and slaves, who constantly yearn for sexual satisfaction from you.
>There's someone who wants to see this alternate path as a playable story, so I give it a go.
That must be some horribly twisted person.
>> No. 23513
Are you one of the mighty morphing Power Rangers? No? Well neither are the rest of us.

It's not twisted, it's just the less-played side of the field. Good and evil are in the eyes of the beholder.
>> No. 23514
The person who initially brought up the idea of this being made into playable route was Vodka. And we all know how twisted he is.
>> No. 23520
This is almost an XRATION END.

Though it needs more heart-rending betrayal and corruption of something beautiful.

But that shit is fucking boring.

[ze] Go back to writing the actual story.
>> No. 23521
>[ze] Go back to writing the actual story.

>> No. 23523
Stop that.
>> No. 23669
Hey, you. Update.
>> No. 23673
which one?
>> No. 23676

>> No. 23734

Sorry. That's not gonna happen soon.
I got too much drama on my side, and I don't feel like doing anything related to writing right now. In fact, I feel like quitting, but that would be irresponsible of me. I also want to see this story finished, and I intend to do just that. But for now, please give me time. It seems that the time I asked from you guys is not enough to make me feel like writing.

The hiatus is indefinite until I can do something about my depressive self.
>> No. 23740
Heh, I wondered where YAF went. You might want to get an enema before he crawls too far.
>> No. 23748
It took me a few moments of thinking about it until I saw what you did there, but I laughed all the same.

It's true, though.
>> No. 23773
Where the fuck is YAF anyway?
Blair was going fairly well and he fucks it up and quits- again?

For what its worth, I do enjoy reading your stories.
>> No. 23792
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it - or didn't - when he just deleted everything. I was never so pissed off at him before than right at that moment. He literally made me fist-slam my desk in anger. There's a crack in the wood there, now.
>> No. 23797
I've still got Blair saved. That help it any?
>> No. 23798
Well I'm sure someone somewhere has it saved; and then there's the archive. And yes, it does help a little. But mostly it was the very action that infuriated me. He's just such a... 'pain in the senses', is the best I can come up with right now.
>> No. 23815
Kirin, please don't do this. You know that people enjoy your stuff so suddenly thinking that you're horrible is stupid.
YAF continously acts like some sort of annoying rock star, that's what it's been like for a while now.
>> No. 23819

Sorry, but Blair was garbage.
Why? Because YAF remade his tripfag reboot(again) to that Norse HY like name.
Then everyone figured out it was the faggot YAF due to his very noticeable "writing" style.

Finally, he most likely had another mental breakdown and DELETE EVERYTHING went down.

But he'll be back with another LOL RORSCHACH-esqe AUDIORANT.
Attention Junkies always come crawling back.

Now, Kirin. Don't leave man. You have delivered a great story with a lovable, if odd, characterized Touhous and OC's from stories past and present.

I would hate to see you up and fuck off like Tetrominion when the story was just getting legendary.
>> No. 23824
I thought Blair was garbage because of the terrible writing?

Also, kirin, you get your ass back in here or so help me I will fill it full of the broken end of a wine bottle.
>> No. 23825

YAF and terrible writing is like a rose with thorns. I just wrote that with that in mind.
>> No. 23826
It'd be good, but the unpleasant crap all over it needs to be trimmed off in order to even get close enough to experience it?

>I would hate to see you up and fuck off like Tetrominion when the story was just getting legendary.
It's so goddamn true.
>> No. 23827

Too many thorns, dude. Too many thorns.
>> No. 23828

Seriously, guys. This kind of comment is what keep me going through the difficult times.

I'll try to write something for you guys as soon as possible, but I'd like to play around with my sidestory a bit (In fact I don't know how to write the current kick-the-can scene, seriously) and when I got a rough idea of what I should write in SW and dark SW I'll get to it right away.

If I'm not writing, feel free to go kick my ass in IRC.
And... uh... Thanks. Your encouragement helps.
>> No. 23829
Blair was rather good. I liked it very much it's just YAF that fucks up YAF Threads. He got some serious mental problems and drama always seems to follow him around. he takes no advice from people, tolerates no criticism and can't ignore trolls like most people do. Trolls come to him because he trolls himself.
Like said >>23826 YAF needs to trim that shit off because it puts people off. Things were fine for a while, he wasn't getting that many votes but was improving but of course he wasn't happy with the way things are and now shit all over again. Starting stories and dropping like crazy pisses people off.

YAF you faggot, get rid of all the shit and faggotry and i will read whatever you write again.
>> No. 23831
Can we just stop hijacking Kirin's thread and let him/her continue? This is not YAFgotry discussion thread, y'know?
>> No. 23833



Spoken like a true bro.
>> No. 24070
proofreading is in progress. Should be done when I get home.
>> No. 24309
Yay~ Congrats, Kirin!