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I'll be throwing whatever CoMN-related crap I come up with in here, just to keep it in one thread. You may also ask questions, if you have any - as long as they're CoMN-related, and I'll do my best to answer them.

The picture is, of course, a courtesy of Giddy. As much as I would like to make a witty comment about it here, there's nothing that comes to mind at the moment. So instead, just think how nice it would be to take her home, and give her a warm hug...

Now then, first off, something I just scribbled.


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Collaboration of Missing Numbers
Character profiles

Fukuzai Toorima
Age: 22
Outline: moderately tall, heterochromic (blue and violet) eyes and long, black hair.
Summary: homeless, antisocial, slightly egoistic, extremely selfish girl, who had lost her parents in an 'accident', and started a life of a wanderer shortly afterwards. Contacted by a mysterious employer through her cellphone (recharged on any possible occasion, in vain hopes of receiving a call from anyone), she begun working as a courier, relaying packages left in previously prescribed locations to people they were addressed to, and afterwards, picking up a small payment from the same place. That is, until she met and was forced to acquaint a certain, peculiar guy...
While incredibly selfish, she would often restrain from interfering with anything that was going on around her, even if the situation at hand concerned her own, poor person. The circumstances often swayed her around without a slightest sign of a protest, because 'it is better to let happen what will happen, than do something and regret it afterwards'.

Renji Usami
Age: 20-ish
Outline: tall, brown hair, a bit immature face, which trait he would often try to make up for by wearing seriously looking clothes
Summary: one of the two members of the Ghastly Field Organization, formerly established for the purpose of exploring and researching Gensokyo's fauna and flora, later degraded into a simple road-trip club to the said world, in order to relax, and perhaps piss of one or two important personae within the Border. Obsessed with military hardware, as well as detective story, he would often stalk people and fish for their personal info, justifying it by saying it's only a training before the real career. Other than that, a respected, professional gamer at the local arcade, ironically a klutz when it comes to classic, console video games. In spite of the appearance, he has a strong parenthood instinct, probably due to having been abandoned by his parents at the age of 16 - where they both died in a car accident. Ever since then, he's been living on his own, either by grabbing a part-time job for a few weeks, or parasiting off Marry.

Marry Han (Marion Han)
Age: 20-ish
Outline: tall, bespectacled, blonde, fragile-looking guy, often dressed in bright outfits
Summary: second, and the only other member of the Ghastly Field Organization. The only child of a rich family, that despite having a fortune in an arm's reach, retains decent levels of selfless generosity. One may try and say it's because he's got tons of cash at his disposal anyway, but it's really nothing of that sort. Currently renting an apartment not far from Renji's place, and neglecting the possibility of living in the large mansion his parents built for their only son, who would rather have a taste of a commoner's life, than have his servants dress him up every morning. A fan of militaria like his friend, he had acquired - through shady means - a set of authentic equipment under an excuse of self-defense when braving Gensokyo's wilderness. Needless to say, it often came in more handy than expected.

Hakurei Reymont
Age: 25-ish
Outline: tall and fit, an experienced fighter, in both magic and martial arts department
Summary: the head priest, and the only descendant of the Hakurei bloodline. Greedy and untrusting, he bears the responsibility of regulating any irregularities within the border through whatever means it takes. Despite the harsh appearance, he cares deeply for his wife and friends, just doesn't let it show... unless drunk or weak. Often working with the Yakumos, as he seems to feel indebted to them... And therefore usually does not hinder any incidents wrought by the Yakumo devil.

Rin Morichika
Age: ??
Outline: short, silver-haired girl, whose figure looks so delicate, it feels as if it could be broken with a single glance
Summary: junk collector, and the keeper of Kourindou - the only shop in Gensokyo that used to sell goods from the outside world. That is, until the Yakumo and Hakurei families allowed the industrial revolution to influence Gensokyo's only city-like entity. Having lost her job, she was taken in by Reymont, and soon the two fell in love with each other. Currently, she's a timid house-wife to the Hakurei shrine.

Yakumo Yuki (or The Yakumo Devil)
Age: ???
Outline: tall, ominous, mysterious and elusive for normal people, whom he often scares with the shrewd gaze of his golden eyes
Summary: the founder of Gensokyo, as well as the Yakumo company, seems to be holding the whole Human Village in an iron grip of his youkai hands. Not much is known about him, and truth be told, only those not afraid of suddenly disappearing dare to research his background.

Eron Yagokoro
Age: ??
Outline: tall and fit, of long, silver hair
Summary: the head doctor and host of the Eientei clinic. Said to be a genius of medicine, which granted him endless lifespan, through the use of the Hourai elixir. He is also said to be the only one to know it's composition. Even though, it would seem the ingredients are either hard or impossible to obtain, as his only daughter, Theia, could not be saved after falling victim to an unfortunate accident many years ago. Her body disappeared in unexplained circumstances, and nobody dared to question it's whereabouts. Soon after, the clinic was visited by the representative of the Moon, as the only facility outside of the Lunarian Empire, where Lunarians could work without having to cope with the imperial bureaucracy. Rumor has it the representative brought a son of the royal family along, under the premise of showing the boy how to deal with those who avoid taxes and duties enforced by the imperial law. Unfortunately for him, Eron figured stealing the boy, and protecting him from the life of an aristocrat, where behind every corner, there might be an assassin waiting to stab your back, would allow him to atone the inability to save his daughter. The representative was killed, a message was sent to the Moon, warning to never come down to Gensokyo, lest the boy is going to die, and Eron adopted the kid, treating him as his own child. The two soon established a bond, and never mentioned the brutal past again.

Kazuma Houraisan
Age: ??
Outline: very young looking despite the respectable age, he seems to be fond of a bit too long, black hair and not washing it for months
Summary: one of the many children of the royal Lunarian family, adopted by Eron after the incident in Eientei. Prohibited from going outside by the doctor - 'because it's dangerous' - he got used to, and came to love the new lifestyle of a shut-in, whose only passion is video games and toys. He was also one of the two guinea pigs for Eron's research on the Hourai elixir. Shy and extremely timid, he's your typical kid who doesn't go outside or talk with people too much.

Theia Yagokoro
Age: ??
Outline: moderately tall, heterochromatic eyes, favours long hair, black like tar
Summary: the only daughter of Eron Yagokoro and a Lunarian princess, her birth was the main reason for Eron's banishment from the Moon. She showed interest in more scientific aspect of medicine, as opposed to her father's herbal approach. A talented constructor and inventor, she was often said to have inherited Eron's intelligence and ability to learn fast, only in a slightly different, more carefree way. Defiant and rebellious, she would often make nothing of her father's advices, which led to numerous accidents and other cases where one or more people would get hurt. Could never understand the beauty behind immortality, and refused to take part in the Hourai Elixir research programme. Died in unexplained circumstances.
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I appreciate the "-ish". I can't even picture Renji being any younger than Fuku.
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>I can't even picture Renji being any younger than Fuku.

I can.
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I am personally squicked out by Renji's overly effeminate nature and would've been into the story much more if he turned out to be a "jerk with a heart of gold" parallel to Renko's "tsundere"
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I haven't had the occasion to answer this, and I'm currently experiencing a wave of insomnia, so might as well...
You see, while the world was indeed genderbent, and the characters remained - theoretically - the same, only with their sex changed, some of them had had their personalities changed slightly... For example Kazuma. I've always imagined Kaguya as the spoiled princess type. Kazuma was basically a shy shota. Not really the same, not really reversed, but I think it fit the role.

Now, Renji was one of the main-er characters, and truth be told, I'd allowed myself to experiment a little with his personality (you couldn't spy the hints of overzealous care during the first couple of scenes), to fit the story, or rather the protagonist, in a way so that they were almost meant for each other, but at the same time, there was a conflict between their personalities and goals. Someone told me, some time ago, that Fuku, despite her harsh shell, actually makes you want to take care of her, ensure her safety, whether she wants it or not. I think Renji was an outlet for those feelings, for both me, and the readers. Another person said, regarding the scene in the forest (where Renji sung 'Cemeteries of London' while hugging Fuku from behind), that had it been told from his perspective, it would have been way more awesome. But girl whose thoughts narrated the story, made it seem as if though it was a really bad thing, in spite of the - I think - heartwarming climate that accompanied the scene.
So, to keep it relatively brief, Renji's character was changed accordingly, to give the story a flexible, easily usable persona, to act as one of the three plot hooks, and also emphasize the fact that Fuku, regardless of her selfishness, was still an ordinary girl, who needed help as badly as anyone in her situation would.
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If anyone is interested:
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What the fuck is this shit?
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ha... ha... hahahahahahaha!
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I liked CoMN, so this actually has my attention.

>a project that had started as poor Touhou fanfiction, but was later stripped of anything except the setting that could suggest it being such a despicable monstrosity.

Aww, how harsh~
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Stop jerking yourself off, YAF.

No one liked CoMN.
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>Stop jerking yourself off, YAF.

Swing and a miss. Care to try again or are you done trolling this evening?
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A project that had started as poor Touhou fanfiction, but was later stripped of anything except the setting that could suggest it being such a despicable monstrosity.

Now it's just poor original fiction, so it has no charm anymore.
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Goodbye, Touhou!

Hello, My Immortal!
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And now it's gone. YAF, would you please stop proving the trolls right? Seriously, you've become such a bitch ever since that crap with the mods. There have always been trolls that dislike you on principal, this is nothing new.

Christ, you used to be one of my favorite writefags here. I ignored your trolling and the rants didn't bother me, but this is just too much. There are people that don't like you. Get over it. Hell, you're probably just going to delete this thread as well, so I'm just wasting my time here.
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Nah, I simply realized I don't want to do the same thing all over again. I'm a guy who gets bored really fast, you know. I need something new. A change of scenery, if you will. Fuku's gotten stale.
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...you've sung this song before.

Thrice before. And that is being nice.
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It's the thing I hate most about him. He's so incredibly transparent, and yet he thinks he can hide his true intentions with such shitty excuses and lies.
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He's a loose cannon man. Better duck before he shoots.
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Yeah, he probably is getting off to all this talk centered around him.
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All depends if he is on a manic or depressive day.
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Whatever, man. Think what you will. Truth be told, I read these comments--or reaction images, rather--only after I had scrapped the project. I just hate re-doing things, you know. I've done CoMN once, and I utilized the best of the abilities I had at that time. Sorry, Uboa. That vore scene is probably going to suffer the same fate, but it's not like I can do anything about it. Re-doing anything while I've already given it my best feels useless.
But yeah, think what you will. And please do refrain from posting- in--or at least bumping--this thread.

Picture not related, but I find is somewhat cute.
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Get out and stay out, would you kindly?
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You've hated the sad ends you had to write, but you aren't willing to go back the necessary number of choices to fix the damn thing.

Is it possible for you to become even grater faggot?
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YAF, get the fuck out.

Just leave.
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I asked.
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>>23920 goes for you too.
Fucking lolipyres...
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Mission Accomplished!
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Are you still around YAF?
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He's on /jp/, art fagging it up.
Proof in pic related, also here is his work.
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>that thread

Hahaha, YAF never ceases to amuse me.
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He really is a great source of entertainment.
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That Guy is just another train wreck. Now i need to get back to 4chan to kick his worthless nigger ass.

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You cannot polish a turd, Anonymous.
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>That Guy
Couldn't picture anything else but him after I read that.