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Log Entry-1: Prologue

"A certain shrine maiden by the name of Reimu Hakurei spent all the money she saved up through extortion of the blackest kinds. Not even the Gap Youkai could believe it, nor did she really care. She most likely planned it out anyways. Now you ask, why would that lazy miko need the money for and why extort the local farmers out of their hard earned money?

Simple. Tea and ingredients for a Valentines Day homemade chocolate."

.."This writing style sure is odd" as you state to yourself out loud. Scratching the back of your head, you continue to log the days events into your journal.

"The chocolate was to be given to Miss Hakurei's truly unfortunate crush. Myself.
Now, I knew Reimu has harbored an unprecedented crush after I repainted the entire shrine.
During that time, I had the fortune to befriend that Gap Youkai. Being the snoop she is, she had the habit of telling me the then new information on Reimu and her quest to win my heart."

You leisurely put down the pencil, having hit a mental roadblock. Idly, you stare out the window right about your old desk. Perhaps you should go into more detail about a certain part before you continue on....

[] How you received the job to repaint the shrine.
[] Describe the oddball nature of your friendship with the voluptuous Gap Youkai.
[] Write more on Reimu, like her 3 sizes.
[] Brief backround on yourself.
I plan on keeping this story short and sweet.

>> No. 22288
[x] Write more on Reimu, like her 3 sizes.
[x] Brief backround on yourself.
>> No. 22289
[x] How you received the job to repaint the shrine.
[x] Write more on Reimu, like her 3 sizes.
>> No. 22295
[] Describe the oddball nature of your friendship with the voluptuous Gap Youkai.
[] Brief backround on yourself.

We've had enough of reimu.
>> No. 22296
[x] Describe the oddball nature of your friendship with the voluptuous Gap Youkai.
[x] Brief background on yourself.
>> No. 22303
[x] Describe the oddball nature of your friendship with the voluptuous Gap Youkai.
[x] Brief background on yourself.
>> No. 22304
[x] How you received the job to repaint the shrine.
[x] Describe the oddball nature of your friendship with the voluptuous Gap Youkai.
>> No. 22309
[x] How you received the job to repaint the shrine.
[x] Describe the oddball nature of your friendship with the voluptuous Gap Youkai.
>> No. 22311
[x] Describe the oddball nature of your friendship with the voluptuous Gap Youkai.
[x] Brief background on yourself.
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Writing now.
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Now realizing that your journal entry lacks the important bits of information, you don the pencil once again with renewed vigour and guts. It would be at a terrible disservice to leave the reader in the dark. Namely about that Gap Youkai and who you are. And with this new inspiration you start to narrate the jotted down sentences using the forgotten and overlooked 2nd person point of view; while writing it down in 1st person.

“Who writes such things in 2nd person anyways?” I state to myself, out loud.

“You started your life in Japan, born to a Chinese father and a rather Aryan blonde haired, blue eyed mother. Being of a foreign decent in the xenophobic Japan and all while living in a small, uninteresting village never helped that matter either. In short, your childhood sucked. So, as a way to stick on to Japanese society, you became a full-time delinquent and part-time petty thief. Shortly after this “career choice” you were driven out of your “hometown”. Your family moved promptly moved to Lake Kawaguchi, Mt.Fuji. There you attended high school for a year only to drop out after Grade 10....to become a full-time thief for hire.”

“Having been a thief, you managed to become a jack-of-all trades, master of none. Now your life of running from old grandmas, children, police and dangerous Yakuza lead you to become a repairman for everything. This continued until your 18th birthday, when you received an unheard of payment from a customer of yours. This would eventually lead you to Gensokyo’s Human Village to collect this payment."

“1 year after you moved to Gensokyo to continue your career, you meet the bubbly Gap Youkai while completing that faithful job at Hakurei Shrine.”

“The Gap Youkai’s name was Yukari Yakumo. Species: Youkai
Occupation: Annoyance.“

“This “woman” of sorts was indeed a very feminine youkai. Her height at 5’10” towered over the average Japanese standard, long blonde hair that many Kogal’s strived for. A chest that many a men wish to smother themselves in.....In short, Yukari Yakumo is that fabled “Perfect Woman”

“Thus, a shame she is a reality-warper, unrelenting tease of a youkai. Or, so she has acted around many of the habitants of Gensokyo. Now, you do not want to get into detail about the rap sheet Ms.Yakumo has. An EXTENSIVE collection of stories and the like is readily available.”

“Her friendship with you is what subtlety drive this tale. Despite being a “god” of sorts, with 2 servants under her beck and call, Yukari tends to rather enjoy being under your command. Yes, she treats herself as your own personal Shikigami. This treatment clearly contradicts everything Ms.Yakumo has done. The influx of at least 2 dozen humans from the “Outside” over the years has been her doing (mostly); she clearly treated them with the same regards of nothing more than a cosmic plaything.”

“Many of a men dreamed of such a woman to be their slave. However, this is Yukari Yakumo. You and I can never trust such a being. You personally feel this is nothing more than another scheme of hers, and using such method is a way to get you to do what she really wants. Hope still lives in your heart that such a thing involves inter-species copulation, but alas side-tracked you have become.”

Next part will be short. Also, I am feeling this protagonist and wish to continue his story of adventures, possibly. This update post was acting weird, too. Missing breaks and not being posted in the thread, etc.
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>this protagonist

A fanfiction writer? That's a step beyond self-inserts, you know.
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With that last sentence entered into the journal, you decide to leave the entry unfinished. Sitting down for so long at the desk has left a growing hunger in your stomach and the need to use the bathroom. You place the pencil down beside the journal and promptly leave your office. Having been side tracked by the thought of Yukari, you’ve lost the flow of thought needed to explain your friendship with that woman, not that you would admit that to yourself though. You head towards the kitchen, intent on having some sustenance needed to defeat this hunger.

After eating a plain cheese and pepper sandwich with a glass of milk, you head towards the bathroom. Oddly enough after dropping the pants and planting said buttocks on the toilet, the need to relive yourself disappears. “Well, might as well organize my thoughts as I wait.” You state to yourself as per usual. Placing your chin into the palm of your hand, you lean back against toilet’s water tank and go over the interactions between yourself and Yukari.

“You must be the painter, are you not?” Yukari Yakumo says while leaning out of her gap.

“No, I’m not. I’m the plumber, as you can see.” You state while holding up a few cans of red paint and brushes. Not wanting to be annoyed before you even start your job, you simply continue walking after finishing your end of the conversation. After placing the 1st half of the materials down beside the shrine’s donation box, you turn around to see the rest of your gear piled up neatly. A content, smiling Yukari patiently floats in her gap to the left of the pile.

“Ah, thank you. You saved me another trip down the stairs.” You say. After being in Gensokyo for so long, you’ve become unnerved to such things. However, this is Yukari. One would have to be terribly naive to think she is a good samaritan without an ill intention.
“What’s the catch?”
Looking visibly surprised, Yukari stumbles over herself as she speaks. “Wha--? Catch? You make it sound like I wouldn’t do such a thing without a return of some sort!”
“Fine, then why are helping a stranger?”

“You don’t want your Shikigami anymore?” retorts Yukari as she attempts to hide crocodile tears. Now you feel surprised yourself, did she really say that? “Excuse me, can you say that again?”
“I’m your Shikigami~” You already can really do is sigh, much to Yukari’s verbal approval. It would be best to just play along; you grab a sanding blocking and scraper and waltz over to the shrine’s entrance.
“You know, that Reimu has a crush on you.” Yukari bluntly states as you sand down the one of the pillars of the aged torii.

“Is that so? Then explain to me why she sent that horned little girl to request this job?”

“She was too embarrassed to visit you at your house.” “Sure thing.” A momentary silent passes through before you continue.

“Did you not already gap enough Outsiders to woo that miko?”

“I did, but she could not take a liking to any of them.”

“I assume that is because Ms.Hakurei has preference made after all her first couple of boyfriends before your helping hand, right?”

“Tsk tsk. That is where you are wrong. Reimu is still a fresh 17 year old, my dear master.” “Great to know, my Shikigami” you remark.

Next you....
[] Continued with the small talk.
[] Shoo'd Yukari away so you can focus on finishing.
[] Commanded her to help like a proper Shikigami.
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[] Continued with the small talk.
>> No. 22330
[x] Commanded her to help like a proper Shikigami.

Oh shit.
>> No. 22332
[x] Commanded her to help like a proper Shikigami.

Damn right, woman.
>> No. 22334
[x] Continued with the small talk.

Friends, right?
>> No. 22337
[x] Continued with the small talk.
>> No. 22338
[x] Continued with the small talk.
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Writing now. Expect an update later tonight or early tomorrow.
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As you continue to complete the finishing touches on the torii’s pillar, the small talk between you and Yukari continues. Deciding it is best not to work yourself into a corner asking Yukari to help is your main reason. Perhaps it would be best if you waited until you were sure Yukari was not pulling your leg about the whole Shikigami issue. The responses to her questions become rather automatic, ranging from “I prefer boxer briefs” to “I don’t like the taste of the Aki Sister’s wine.” During this conversation, she as stopped leaning out of her gap and now sitting on the edge of “it”, legs crossed. A standard pose on her part.

“Why do all seemingly powerful Youkai have a habit of carrying a umbrella on their person?” you question the youkai in a cheesy, interviewer like tone. While reaching into her gap to withdraw hers, Yukari’s response was, “We have to keep our supple skin protected from the dangerous UV rays of the Sun, of course!” “Now riddle me this, thief, why is headgear so popular here?” “They act as a antennae to tap into the dormant lay lines of power, which are then amplified by the Border fluctuations to power danmaku users?” “You are exactly right, Mr.Thief. The umbrellas act as secondary antennae. Powerful youkai need a lot of power.” “However,” you say in a scholarly tone “Ms.Kazami does not sport said headgear.” All you get out of her is a “Ah Fufufufufu~”

With the shade provided by Ms.Yakumo’s umbrella, you inspect the now bare pillar. Not a sliver of aged, chipped paint remains stuck to it. A well-placed gap removes the pile surrounding it’s base, thanks to the help of the Shikigami. Wasting no time, you power through the last pillar. The small talk has by then taken a friendly, albeit still odd, acquientence like tone. Before you can even get into further inquires about how the Yakumo Family secured Mayohiga’s land, the horned little girl interrupts, appearing out of nowhere.

“Leimu wants you to just finish the torii for today, and finish the rest after.” “Wait, what?! Why?” not even bothering to hide your surprise, “I can finish at least it and half of the shrine before the end of today!” Taken aback by your spectacle, the oni tries her best to elaborate on the matter. “Please cool down, as long as the shrine is finished before the end of the week, it’ll be alright...”

After a brief pause, she continues “Your payment wouldn’t be changed, alright?” “It’s not the money, I just like finishing what I started at reasonable times....but this is Reimu after all.” “Leimu is a odd one, but she wanted you to have this gift to her decision.” Reaching into her dress she pulls out a small black sphere. “I shrunk her gift of a box of rice crackers and a manju into this. Just throw it REAL hard into the ground to reverse the effects." She explains as you put the small sphere into your breast pocket. “Ah thank you....what is your name again?” “Suika.” “Thank you, Suika” And with that, she runs off back to the shrine. Yukari quietly observed the conversation, adding no input. She did remind you the top of the pillar needed to be finished and your lack of a ladder to do so.

“And how is the Shikigami going to solve this minor oversight?” “Like this!” You feel yourself fall through the ground only to just as fast, feel yourself sitting. In the air. In front of the torii. On the same gap she floated on before. Expect her back is towards yours with a cool shade provided by her umbrella. All the necessary tools float lazily to your side, suspended by their own ribbon ended gaps. The vertigo is still present in your mind, only to be worsened by the beaming high noon sun. You cannot help but feel this looks silly to an observer, but onwards! You have a job to finish!

The rest of the time drifts by and when it’s all said and done, it’s about 5 o clock. Normally a job like this would have been done sooner, but you felt you should take your time with it. After placing your tools into the shrine shack for safe keeping, Ms Yakumo bids you farewell for the night. With that, she is gone as soon as she appeared. Now alone at the base of shrine’s steps, you begin talking to yourself again. Weirdo.

“I wonder what I should do now that I have some free time...” Briefly going over various plans of action, you ultimately decide on one on 3 choices you planned out.
[] Head to the local pub for a beer or two [] Relax at your house [] Head to the village’s only restaurant (of sorts) and eat supper there.
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[x] Relax at your house

I would have gone with the restaurant, but then Reimu wouldn't be able to invite us over for dinner.
>> No. 22378
[x] Relax at your house

Sounds reasonable.
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A little advice, from a pedantic writer. Try to keep the dialogues in their own space instead of pushing them in between the lines of descriptions. It's easier to make out who's saying what and when, when they're in separate, otherwise empty lines. Just sayin'.
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Addendum: and update more often.
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Oh, I have the update complete. Just revising it.
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No updates till Wednesday, maybe.
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Two posts.
This must be a record or something.
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Do you not check any of the other boards?

PLAGUE lasted two posts.
A story began in /forest/ that I believe lasted one.
A "troll story" on /sdm/ lasting two updates after Saguya gave hacked modo a premature end (I don't think he was trolling. I think he was just that bad).
I'm sure there have been more. Those are just some of the more recent ones.
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Op did say that it was a "short story"