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[Returning from the village after running errands for Reimu.]

And here I am.
At the bottom of the goddamned staircase leading to the house of the red-white witch. A horrible slope I will have to take yet again, thanks to her purposeful absent-mindedness. Why am I even doing this? Running errands for her, that is. Do I still feel guilty about what happened earlier?

One, two, three, I just up the stairs, taking two or three at once with every step.

Hell, not like this kind of thing is going to tire me out, not me - a man who's chased youkai through a literal jungle before. It's just that this kind of activity is... boring. I could be jumping rooftops now, man! Leaping around the human village! Pissing off the villagers! Flirting with that beautiful teacher, whom they call a 'protector' for whatever reason! But instead, I have to run idiotic errands for this selfish shrine maiden. What a bother.

Eighty seven, ninety...

A noise comes from above, making my senses sharpen in a split-second. Old habits die hard.
A shout. Hurried steps.
I speed up my pace, still inhaling air at regular intervals. Can't lose it now. As much as I'd like to act all tired and 'accidentialy' bump into her at the very top, bury my sweaty face between those two hills of squishy meat... Mm.
But, but, it's not the time for that. One of the voices I don't recognize, and to top it off, it's a male one. Either a visitor - very unplausible, or a troublemaker. Oh well, a fight every now and again does make life more interesting, and so I hope for the second option.

And guess what, my prayers were answered.
Because as soon as I reach the top, my eyes are met with a very peculiar sight.

"So what? What are you going to do?"
The one saying those spiteful words is a guy - undoubtedly a guy, standing in the middle of the front yard, his back turned at me. It can't escape my eyes that he's flailing around a small, jingling bag. Oho. I think I already know what's the issue.
Reimu stands on the front steps of the shrine, biting her lip, looking consternated.
"You have no proof this money is yours." the guy resumes his speech, sounding almost like if he was boasting about something "I'm just a villager who wanted to donate, but changed his mind after being treated like the worst of scum by the selfish miko." he holds back a chuckle, still waving the bag around "I don't think anyone will doubt this kind of story."
I sigh mentally. Is that guy an idiot? Let's face the truth, no one comes to donate these days. What a moron. Does he even have a brain? One way to find out.

I reach to my pocket and whip out my knife, but this time, without the metallic click I came to like so much. No, not drawing his attention yet.

Reimu appears to have noticed me, at last. About damn time.
Her lips mutter something like a silent plead.
"Stop me, if you can." and the idiot of course had to assume it was directed at him.
"Don't do it..."
Again, she blurts out such nonsense.
Why? Why should I hold back? I can see what took place here. I have it figured out. That guy's a thief, and it would be only appropriate to punish him. Penalty for a crime is death. So why would an embodient of killing instinct hold back, in a situation like this?
I lower my stance, ready to 'dash' and take his life in an instant. My eyes know exactly where to look, my hands are already preparing to make a proper move. Two swings, one stab. Cut his clothes, those violet, fuzzy eyesores, and pierce the main artery. He's not even going to feel it. Alright, maybe a bit, for those few seconds before losing consciousness. You could say he's going to die in his sleep. He doesn't deserve such a mellow death, but I can't go all out in front of her. Not after what happened between us.

[ ] Just kill him.
[ ] Sigh. Holster the knife. Snatch the bag out of his hands while leisurely passing by.
[ ] Pin him to the ground, wait for Reimu's approval. This is her house after all.

>> No. 20272

Option one:
[X] Just kill him.

I get closer.
She shouts something, but I don't listen. I've no time to listen.
I've no time at all.
Because even before a whole second passes, I'm already behind him.
In less than a blink of an eye, I make the first move. Grab his arm, and force him to turn around.
Cleanly, like if there was nothing in it's way at all, my knife slices through that disgusting, furry collar of his vest. My body spins around, using the momentum of the previous slash to prepare for another. He can't even step back.
Again, using the same trajectory, I trace a line in the air, only grazing the end of my knife's blade against his throat.
But that is enough. Enough for a thin, red line to appear on his neck, and gradually grow, visibly, even in those two or three milliseconds I take to make another spin.
"It's over."
And then, I insert my blade into his throat.
It's not even a stab. I don't even put any force into it. Just like that, as if I was stabbing a block of butter with a red-hot knife, it sinks all the way inside, finally stopping at the spinal cord.
I let go of the handle to crouch down and grab the bag that fell out of his grasp, before it reaches the ground.

A scream from the only witness of this spectacle. A short, gurgled gasp from my victim.
One, unsure step of the now-dead body. Amazing. He doesn't even 'live' anymore, yet the body's acting on it's own, clinging onto every last bit of life it may have inside. What a pathetic sight. So stubborn. So silly. So... disgusting.
"... what an eyesore."
Just having this... thing touch my possession is a disgrace. A shame. A bother. I can't let it do as it pleases. Not this disgusting peace of meat. And yet it dares, it dares and persists in having my knife stick out of it's throat. How selfish. What the hell does it think it is?
I can't let it do as it pleases.
That's why, clutching the bag in one hand, I make a leap.
Land one foot on it's shoulder. Free hand on the handle of my knife.
"Get lost."
Turning mid-air, I give it's head a kick, as strong as possible, sending it flying several meters aside. It leaves an amusingly straight trail of blood in the air before falling to the ground with a loud, disgustingly wet noise, it's neck twisted at least 180 degrees from it's original position. A fitting end for an eyesore.

With a silent tap, I make a landing, and flick my knife, trying to get the blood off. In vain. What a bother.


My senses react before my mind, and make me make a light sidestep, avoiding a fist directed at my face.
"What the hell are you doing?!" Desperate, almost crying voice of a creature whose arms are being held in air by my own hands. I reacted without even knowing. It... She... Reimu flails around, trying to break free. What am I...? "Let me go!"
She cries again, and I find myself unable to refuse. Heat of the battle still present in my senses, but I somehow manage to release her wrists.
She's panting like a wounded rabbit.
"What did I do?"
I repeat her words.
Didn't I just help you, Reimu? This bag - I glance at it - it's your money, right? You should be grateful. Without me, you'd have to chase the thief on your own, and given your condition... Would you manage to catch him? I doubt it, I seriously doubt it. Appreciate it, Reimu. Appreciate the effort I put into helping you, damnit!
Yet, all her face shows is accusation. A hateful stare directed at me.
"You just killed a villager, that's what!" she shouts, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.
"I helped you--"
"YOU DIDN'T!" I almost step back at her desperate interruption "Killing is not a way! They're going to come, to look for him... And then... they'll see the body... And associate the facts... and then... then..." as if suddenly realizing something, she hiccups a bit - probably trying to hold back tears - and falls silent. "... what should I do?"
"What should you do?" I blink "How should I know?"
"... it's your doing."
It is, can't argue with that.
"What of it?"
Now it's her turn to blink in suprise.
"What of it? Do you realize what you have just done? It's a holy ground. It's a shrine. And you mercilessly killed an innocent man--"
"He wasn't innocent. He was a thief." I remark.
"That doesn't justify killing him!" I swear, one more second and she's going to burst into tears. What the hell, Hakurei. You should be used to killing. Isn't exterminating youkai your job? Does a little bit of blood scare you so much? "Commiting crimes shouldn't be punished with death... It's not.... If it was... I...."
I sigh. This is troublesome. I don't get her at all. That bastard wanted to steal her money, probably rending her unable to live on without begging for food for the next week or so, and she... She has problems with me bringing him to justice?
I take a step towards her.
"No." and she immidiately responds by stepping back "Don't think about it. Don't touch me."
"I didn't--"
"You did." she cuts in "I know your kind too well. I... I shouldn't have taken you in. That was a mistake on my side. I even... No. Go away."
"Go away?" I hold back a chuckle "Are you driving me out, Hakurei?"
"... yes." she answers after a moment of hesitation "Get out of here. I can't have someone of your kind around. If you want to live... just go away. I don't want to kill you. I don't want to... exterminate you."
"You're speaking as if I were a monster."
"You are a monster, Nanaya." she steps back again "You are a monster."

[Village routes, forest routes
youkai/bloodline path, Reimu as the main antagonist/nemesis]
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Option two:
[X] Sigh. Holster the knife. Snatch the bag out of his hands while leisurely passing by.

That guy is a fucking criminal, and doesn't even try to hide it. Bah, he practically brags about his ingenious plan! Why should I hold back?
But... she asked. That girl asked.
As a man, what should I do, being pleaded to like that? If I simply ignored her request, it would be like... Like neglecting her request, duhh. The point is, what should a man do in a situation like this?
The answer is: forfeit. Calm down and abide by the woman's whim. Isn't it like that everywhere? We, men, are the heads of the world, but women are the necks.

And so, not without regret, I holster my knife and sigh. Silently enough for him not to hear me, but loudly enough to let the world around me know - what a goddamn bother it is to be with her. Why am I doing this again? Oh, I don't even want to know the answer.

Ah, and just like that, I start leisurely walking towards the shrine, outwardly not paying any attention to the thief, my eyes closed, my mouth taking deep, refreshing breaths.
That is, until I feel the 'hostile' presence get close enough.
Muttering a sarcastically suprised gasp, I easily snatch the bag out of his fingers. Like taking a candy from a kid. Laughable.
He lets out a dumbfounded groan while I continue strolling towards where Reimu is standing, still looking a bit worried about the whole thing. Only when I send her a playful wink, her shoulders relax and slump down a bit. She worries too much, that girl.
"H-hey!" Ah, yes, of course, he wouldn't give up so easily, right? No, perhaps because he feels stupid for letting his guard down like that, his resolve to retaliate is bigger than it would normally be... "What do you think you're doing, rascal?!" Ah, how irritating. He really is stupid, isn't he. Doesn't he know who he's insulting? I'm a goddamn spider, motherfucker. Calling me a 'rascal' is highly inappropriate! "Give that back!"
Of course, only a fool would listen, and I'm not a fool, mind you.
"No way." I throw a half-assed response, without even looking back. "Go choke on a youkai dick."
Ahaha, this is awesome. Jut by taunting a little I made him actually start charging towards me. No, I can't see that, but damn, he's not trying to hide it. Heavy steps, loud panting, this guy doesn't know jack about sneaking. At all.
I sigh and shrug to Reimu.
Three, two, one...
"Give it ba--"
My body spins with it's arm outstretched, my hand clenched into a fist. Half-circle, 190 degrees, curved trajectory.
Cutting off his words, I drive my fist into his face.
His human body, helpless against such an impact, flies several meters backwards, landing on the stairs' edge. Aw, I messed up. I wanted him to roll down the slope. Tch, tch, too bad.
He tries to stand up, but all it yields are a few pained coughs.
I send Reimu another wink - partially to assure her of the lack of murderous intentions on my side, partially just because I enjoy this situation - and start walking towards the guy, grinning like an idiot.
He looks up, reciprocating the spiteful stare. Tough guy, huh? Now that's... annoying. So he's looking to play, huh? Alright, I guess I've got some time to kill.
"Who the hell do you think you a-- ghh..."
He tries to insult me again, but mother nature's on my side today - his voice dissolves into another series of coughs.
"Aw, aw, aw." I force a fake worry into my tone "Look at you. All dirty and beaten up. Bet ya didn't see that comin', huh?" a grin stretches my lips "You've chosen a bad day to mess with the Hakurei, stranger."
"Why you..."
I squat beside him, taking care to kick some sand into his eyes while doing so.
"You see, I happen to like that girl. Mhm, I know what you villagers think about Reimu, but tell ya what." I lower my voice to a whisper "You can tell everyone this: if they ever try to do something to my shrine maiden, the spider of Hakurei is going to rape them in their sleep. Just like I'm going to rape your ballsack with a knife if you don't get out of here in... let's say, three seconds."
Amazing what resolve can do to one's body. I mean, move it at such amazing speed despite being tired and wounded. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm laughing like a moron, I'd probably care enough to see if he actually took more than three seconds to jump down at least 20 steps down the stairs.
But, but, that's not all.
"Ya forgot something!"
With a cheerful yell, I throw the bag of money at his escaping figure.
Bingo, it knocks him down like a rag doll.

A pair of hands wraps around my shoulder, accompanied by something warm pressing against the rest of my arm. Reimu.
"... will he be alright?"
I look down at the guy, now tumbling down the stairs like a wooden beam.
"No, I don't think so."
"Serves him right."
Ah, ah? Didn't you just ask me not to hurt him? And now what? 'Serves him right'? It's astonishing how fast this girl can change her mind.
"I should've given him at least one more-- pffh!"
My words get cut off by the spectacle that greets my eyes when I glance aside, at her, clinging onto my arm. I know, she's doing it more to make sure that she doesn't trip and fall down the stairs as well while leaning forward, observing the guy slowly tumble out of her sight, but... Goddamnit, from this angle, I can see down inside her shirt. N-no, there's nothing to see there, just that... bandage wrapped around her chest, but...
"Hm, what's wro-- wha?"
I quickly jump aside, breaking free of her grasp. Jesus, for what sins...? Why does she torture me so? That was uncalled for, Hakurei! Pleasant, but goddamnit, uncalled for!
"I'm gonna get the bag!"
Without waiting for her answer, I quickly descend the stairs, trying not to let my mind wander too far inside her clothes.
Damn you, Hakurei. Damn you.

[cuh-rayzee option, Reimu points, shrine routes]
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Option three:
[X] Pin him to the ground, wait for Reimu's approval. This is her house after all.

Don't, she says. What then, shold I simply ignore him and walk by like if he wasn't even there? What's with the inconsistency in your pleads, Hakurei? Do you want me to help, or...
But there is a way to reconcile those two, right? As much as I'd like to simply stab that fucker's neck, there are always more... gentle ways. And if she wants me to hold back... Man, I'd rather have her say such things in bed, not when there's a potential fight for me to engage in. I haven't had a good fight in a long time. Not that this guy would prove to be a decent challenge. But you sometimes just want to take out some pawns, for the sadistic pleasure of it alone. Feh. I smack my tongue. What a bother.
Irritated, infuriated even, by having my toy be snatched from my fingers, I simply approach the guy from behind and grabbing his collar, force him onto the ground, then spit on the ground beside him. Eat dirt, bastard.
"Gwa--?!" he gasps in suprise. No wonder. Haven't seen that coming, huh? Even in anger, those instincts still work, eh? No wonder he didn't hear me.
"Shut your asshole." I throw an insult at the back of his head, still pinning it to the stony slabs, then turn to Reimu. "What now?"
"W...what now?" She gives me an unsure glance. What a bother. Make your mind already. "How should I know?"
I groan, unable to hold the irritation back any longer. To top it off, I can feel the guy sneakily reaching for his pants' pocket, probably unaware that nothing can escape my sharpened senses.
"Look." I try to sound as calm as possible, despite being quite pissed off. "It's your house. Your shrine. You asked me to not kill him, and so I didn't. I should've just went ahead and gave him a good stabbing."
So he is armed after all. Guess this kind wouldn't risk an escapade to Hakurei's turf without having an ace up his sleeve. He's almost reached it now.
"I know, but..." Reimu falls silent for a second "I just don't know..."
"Look." Can't let you do that, asshole. Without even glancing back, I stab his hand mid-air, stopping it's sudden swing directed at my side. My fingers, almost on their own, catch the object that fell out of his grasp, and throw it aside. I don't need to look to know that it was a crudely sharpened knife, and that it's blade sank all the way in in the nearest tree. A pained yell breaks through the afternoon air. Weakling. "He tried to stab me. Can I kill him now?"
"Too late."
Enough banter. I can't take it anymore. His blood has already been spilled, there's no point in holding back anymore. I didn't plan on letting him live in the first place.
Ah, the pleasure of having your victim squirm under your feet, knowing what's about to strike... He screams again when I pull the knife out of his palm and raise it high in the air, like a priest that's about to offer a bloody sacrifice to some sort of dark-tentacle-god. In my case... The god would be whatever bored entity watching over Hakurei Shrine. Rejoice, god. The feast is about to begin.
Then, I swing it down.

"Aw, fiddlesticks!" A silly curse escapes my lips as the knife flies out of my grasp. Knocked away by something so fast I couldn't even catch a mere glimpse of it, but damn, did it hit my fingers hard. It kind of hurts. "What the hell was that for?" I look at Reimu, standing with her arm outstretched merely meters away. "Here I was trying to appease your gods, and you thank me by shooting my hands?" Another so-fast-I-can't-see-it-at-all projectile cuts the air millimeters away from my ear. "I get it, I get it!" I raise my arms in the air, in a surrendering gesture. "Whatever! Do as you please!"
Still muttering curses, I let my body stand up, only stopping to tear the bag out of the pitiable bastard's fingers. Bet the ground's cold, eh? Serves you right.
Passing by Reimu, still frozen in the same pose, I allow myself to sigh with displeasure.
"I'm just gonna put it back."
Then leave the scene, not even wanting to see what she does to the guy.

Not five minutes later, the door I earlier entered through opens again, showing panting, tired, and probably very sweaty miko angrily storming in.
"So?" I try to start a conversation while she's taking off her shoes "How did it feel?"
Ah, so cold, so angry.
"I don't suppose you just let him go, hm?"
"Of course not. But I didn't kill him."
I sigh.
"You're too soft, Hakurei. Acting like this is asking for them to come back some time later and take revenge."
Apparently too irritated to deal with unfastening them, she simply rips the laces and throws her shoes against the wall.
"Too bad for them." she gives me a sharp glance "I'm not just an ordinary girl."
"Whatever you say, lady." I slowly start walking away, intent on disappearing in one of the corridors "Just don't run back crying when they kick your cute butt."
"Like I'm gonna!" she shouts behind me.
I can't help but smirk.
"Too bad! I really like the feeling of your breasts pressing against my chest!"
"What?!" Haha, I can almost hear her choking on her own saliva! "We never--!"
"If you change your mind, I'll be drinking with Suika. See ya!"
Perfect timing. Just as I take a turn, something cuts through the air where my head was a split-second ago.
"Shut up!" I can hear her shouts echo down every single corridor of the shrine "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

[neutral option, no points, possible optional event at the human village (backalley ambush)]
>> No. 20275
Collaboration of Missing Numbers


Actus reus, ad libitum.
Wrongful act, at one's pleasure.

When the wind whistles down a cold, dampening street, sweeping moist leaves, circling around little rocks, which the path is gravelled with, I grab my coat's sides and pull them tighter together, blocking off the unpleasant, chilly sensation trying to find it's way under the thick layer of fabric. It feels like if it were attempting to seep inside through every single, smallest gap, and I couldn't make it go away, no matter how hard I tried to get rid of it. One of autumn's weather's merits, I guess. Good thing my home's not far from there. I really need to save some cash up for fuel. If the winter's going to be as harsh as it was last year...

My name is... I would like to say something cool like 'it's irrelevant', or 'I can't tell you my name, it's a secret'. Unfortunately for me, I'd have to lie to say something like that. I'm no one special. Just an ordinary 20-years-old, tearing his uncomfortable way through everyday life, trying to survive until the next day. And then over and over again, trapped in this endless, hopeless cycle, leading distracted, blunted life, with no goals or targets whatsoever. Of course, just like everyone, I do have dreams. Wishes too. But they're just momentary whims I cling onto, not to let the routine get to my nerves.

My name is Renji Usami. Sounds japanese, right? Well, too bad. I'm not japanese at all. My grand-grand-grand-et caetera-grandfather happened to be a descendant of some asian family, but the yellow bloodline soon got mixed with other kinds, and - thankfully - I don't possess any japanese traits. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against japanese, but I just enjoy being a tall, not-slanty-eyed, coat-wearing bastard who doesn't have to worry about being late for his train, nor is obsessed with 2D cartoon girls. I just want to be normal. And for that purpose, I took up on a boring job, in a completely ordinary company, working as an office bitch - or if you will, a male secretary, picking up phones and whatnot. Not a honourable occupation, I know, but it has it's good sides. For example, I can access to the company's most confidential data, and use it to my own advantage. Of course, I haven't really made use of that fact, other than raising my pay a bit, through a mellow... blackmailing. Outcome justifies means - it's ironic how my own boss' motto turned hostile against him in the least expected moment. Good for me, bad for him. Whatever to survive. And it really helps. The only downside is that the usual way I take to get there on feet - when I'm not using a car - leads through a slightly desolate place. A gravelled path going alongside a small river. At first I was amazed that such an unused, vast space hadn't been bought and utilized, but soon I came to appreciate those minutes of peace and silence it gave me every time I walk along it, allowing me to vent anger and irritation before - or after - a long day of bitching at people over the phone. Or being bitched at, whatever it is at the moment.

Either way, the fact stands firm - every day I have to take the same path, where no one disturbs my peace.

That is, usually.

There's one spot where the path leads under a small bridge, directly beside the river, rather than branch off somewhere away. Since the river is small and narrow, there hasn't been a single situation where it would flood the path, and well, the atmosphere below the bridge is kind of... soothing. Reminding one of secret hideouts he would find and occupy with his friends during his childhood. A completely unrelated place, making you unwillingly dig up memories from the past...
But today, something's diffirent.
It seems that I'm not the only one taking this path.

"Hey. Why are you sitting there?"

My lips blurt out a half-assed greeting almost without my interference, making me mentally back up a bit. I should've just walked by, places like this aren't really the best ones for making acquaintainces, but...
She raises her stare, until now burried in her sleeves along with her face, and directs it at me, still a bit amazed by my own stupidity.

Blue-and-violet heterochromic eyes give me a half-conscious glance. Was she sleeping? In such a place?

And then it hits me. Her getup - ragged, tattered clothes, not matching each other's colour no matter how you look at it, clearly meant for warming one's body rather than making it look fashionable or even attractive. An old backpack. Long, black, greasy hair. And those eyes...
Call me a lunatic, but the very moment they looked at me, I knew. I knew. Those were eyes of someone who has seen way too much in his life. Just by having them look at you, you could almost feel the... sadness and... something else. Those eyes, where have I seen them before?
Ah, that's right...

And she just stares at me without a word, probably even more suprised than me, although not showing it at all.
"Aren't you cold?" I try speaking again. "It's raining, you know."
To prove my words, I close and flick my umbrella, making droplets of water spray all around. Of course, not at her. It would be stupid to allow such a thing to happen. Still, there's no reaction. She rubs her eyes with her wrists like a sleepy cat, but doesn't mutter a word. Is she...
"You alright?"
I ask, again, in a tone more cheerful and completely unfit to the current situation. Why is it that whenever I'm faced with a situation that requires delicacy, I'm unable to control myself? And all I can do is ease the embarassment by playing along with those stupid lines. I just want to walk away. I've nothing to do with her. I just want to walk away, but those eyes... Still staring at me...
I can't. I just can't.
Am I going to stand here, rooted in place until she tells me to leave her alone or get lost? Damn you, Renji Usami! Don't be so weak! Those poor, hazy eyes shouldn't be enough to sway your instincts!

She unseals her lips, which - now I see - are so dry that they cracked in some places. I wonder if those are the only wounds she bears... Still, I can't let it show. I just need to maintain this leisure atmosphere my careless mind decided to introduce to this clearly awkward situation.
"What do you want from me?"
Her weak voice barely reaches my ears.


Don't mind me, just dumping stuff.
>> No. 20276
This is why there are no good writers in /shrine/.

Deja vu?
>> No. 20280
Great stuff.

So, when you get to the point where you break off in /th/, does that mean all of Renji's narratives will then be voiced by Fuku? E.G. The coffee shop, Maribel encounter, etc?
>> No. 20287
>> No. 20288

Nope, I don't think so. I've been considering changing the scenario a bit, taking out a few touhou elements, perhaps making it a little more of a... standalone story. I wasn't really fanfiction to begin with, I may as well attempt to cure it from the cancer. I really like Fuku, and I want her to live on, even if it's just inside my head. The problem is, I can't find enough motivation to progress on my own. If I do, however, I think I'll go with the optional unfolding described in http://www.touhouproject.com/th/res/65829.html#67168 and write the missing part about escaping Gensokyo, kidnapping Kazuma and whatnot.

No trip, cause I'm not posting from home, and I can't remember the new one at all.
>> No. 20291
I wonder what happened last night that made you delete the thread and change your trip
>> No. 20292
Saved as "Collaboration of Missing Author 01.htm"
>> No. 20293

Let's say that the fact that three people knew my previous trip has finally caught up with me. I posted in the thread, informing about my involvement in a creation of a loli shootan game, about doing a re-write of CoMN, and a few other things (in other words 'LOL BLOGGING XD', durr), and then drama kicked in. Almost entirely without my interference. FOE went all drama queen on everyone, someone raged, someone saged... And whoever it was that started posting with my trip on - Jerl, Terminal, or that third guy (an anon) - apparently pissed off both Anon and the mods. Or should I say, a mod. Enough for him to declare that I'm 'ban-on-sight' on THP, supposedly. Don't know about that, really, since I haven't heard anything directly from him.

Mm, but yeah. I'll be trying to progress with that rewrite. Doing some research why exactly was the Ordinary Day the only creation of mine I can read without wanting to cry, trying to implement it into the story, and whatnot... It will be hard to go on on my own, since it pretty much renders me motivation-less, but I'll try. I love Fuku too much to simply let her go.


Oh you.
Also, I don't see what that '01' is there for.
>> No. 20294
oh well, i only posted one reply with the CG picture and went to bed and 11 hours later it was gone.
Was very promising with FOE fagging around and ensuing drama, thought i could get some laughs...

Can we have TS1 Rewrite, and get your old trip back
>> No. 20295

Haha, you actually got accused of being me making fun of myself. But yeah, that thread was, if I may use such a crude expression, lulzy. It's amazing how just a mere appearance of my humble self can create such... Disturbances on the boards. Zero-effort trolling, at it's best. Why troll myself when I can other people do it in my stead and still get all the infamy? This is why I love you guys.

About my old trip - for the time being, no. I'm gonna keep using it on 4chan and other boards, but not here. Like I said, having people troll under my name is amusing, but I've grown a bit weary of it.

And about re-writing TS1... I don't know. It's way too short to make a decent standalone story. Besides, what fun would be there in writing it if it was stripped off the most amusing element - crazy write-ins - and made just an ordinary story progressing on it's own? Let's face it - TS1 was (although I still hesitate to admit it) good only because we were actually cooperating. Later playthroughs were much worse, because for one reason or another, my readers suddenly changed their plans and wanted to make Naya a wussy moralfag, not a crazy assassin that I wanted him to be. Same thing happened to the would-be second playthrough of CoMN where instead of following the character's personality, like you were supposed and did in CoMN1, suddenly there were a lot of seemingly random choices, in places where they shouldnt've appeared.

The whole thing reminds me of the events before the 'death by Yukari in Maribel's body' BAD END in TS3.

To summarize. Re-write - no. TS doesn't have the potential to become a standalone story, as opposed to CoMN. I would gladly make another playthrough of it, but THP is not able to provide the things that decided about it's goodness anymore. Namely, fast, crazy, funny votes and insane write-ins.

But look at me still talking when there's writing to do, looking out there makes me glad I'm not you... etc.
>> No. 20296
haha, that's why TP is so much more fun with you. Just one post from you and all hell breaks loose, this one week was boring and just as you came back drama.
TS1 would be probably not loved and lesser votes than anything else. But still, i miss the daily updates, i have nothing to read, nothing interesting around here. And waiting one week for Owen to update enough to read it in one go and Teruyo's story being shit at the moment doesn't help.

That is why we need to revive something old, that hasen't been around since ages and that was liked and read in it's time. And probably most of all the loveable Reimu you created.
But you are right with everything you said, sadly. You could always try BKC and see what happens....

Now go write, i will read it
>> No. 20298
>You could always try BKC and see what happens....

>> No. 20299
File 122833877832.jpg - (139.37KB , 1024x768 , DSC00114.jpg ) [iqdb]

I could, and I'd be more than willing to go back to business, as the hiatus is kind of killing both my creativity and motivation... Which I'm going to need, for the loli shootan work and daily life. I admit, it was kind of rash of me to make such a... grandiose and 'definite' leave, then returning just like that. I've missed writing for THP, that I admit, but having my work fucked up by stupidity still haunts my resolve, like a...
But I'm digressing here.
BKC, huh. Like I said, I could give it a go, ideas are not a problem, and if I really find myself unable to come up with anything, I can always continue the storyline from the latest iteration... Albeit the query is: is it worth it? Not many people visit /shrine/, and I seriously doubt it more people would come here so soon after my - or should I say, 'our' - little excess over at /th/. My point is, if it's daily updates you seek, this here is not the place. Shouldn't you rather be reading HY's story in /sdm/? And no, as I already remarked some time ago, five votes for one option is the limit, and I'm not going to lower it. I have OCDs, or obsessions as I like to call them, perhaps that's why World of Goo is literally driving me mad... but that's beside the point.
If we were to make BKC enjoyable, we would need two things: first - the one you mentioned - daily updates, in other words, fast gameplay. I'm all game, since this and the next week are practically free for me, due to... health issues of mine, so I could pull it off. What about you?
And second - no considerate moralfaggotry. Naya is not a character to think before acting. All he needs is logic. Remember the triple-string of BAD ENDs back during TS1? That wasn't because of a bad strategy, it was about tactics. No thinking about future more distant than 5 minutes away. Simple, quick and selfish decisions. 'He's superior indoors, so I should get outside where I may gain advantage' is right. 'I should look for Reimu first because she may be angry at me later on, or what's worse - she may be dead, so I need to find her and tell her the story and... blah, blah, blah' is wrong. Simple as that. Tactics, not strategy. No reconsidering eating the yukkuri just because it might be Reimu's pet. Neither TS nor BKC were stories where you had to face the consequences of your actions. CoMN, yes, a lot of the choices had long-winded consequences rather than imediate ones, and The Ordinary Day was even worse than that - actually the choice whether to let Maribel buy the coffee (and later on get deliberately insulted by Fuku) or do something else was to decide what would happen at the cafe. Should you not offend the girl, she would have protected Fuku from Renko. Same with the movie, but the results of this one are quite easy to foretell. The third choice, about taking up on the offer or refusing it was rather pointless, to be honest, since the thing was already decided by Maribel letting Renko harass Fuku, but perhaps if you chose to agree, Renji would've forced Fuku to go... And thus reach an entirely diffirent ending. But that's a thing of the past, Anon my man, and to dwell in it when there's a future before us would be at least inappropriate at the moment.

So, what say you?

By the way, I'm not talking to Ataisai or Amazing Larry here, am I?

picture kind of related
>> No. 20301
File 122834485177.jpg - (146.78KB , 600x699 , 1228267922573.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I admit, it was kind of rash of me to make such a... grandiose and 'definite' leave, then returning just like that.

Well, first of all i was pretty pissed that you left like that without finishing the work that you started due to no reason at all. But i knew you would be back and write again in no time. Yyou said it yourself, you want and need to write. Good and Epic things like MiG are missing these days. The big ammount of votes is missing too, even HY's Stories had more votes. Kira needs to write again, GM needs to write again. And Doujin quit his project.

>Albeit the query is: is it worth it? Not many people visit /shrine/, and I seriously doubt it more people would come here so soon after my - or should I say, 'our' - little excess over at /th/.

Probably not, people don't like you. YAF the troll is what they see. Even if you try to make something serious, when they look at the name, they RAGE. Now i know you said that you wrote something with another name, but it's still a fact.

>My point is, if it's daily updates you seek, this here is not the place.

I don't mind irregular updates, you can make it up with big updates. The point is, we have enough serious stories, it needs another
"This is my donation." take the money from that man's pockets and drop it inside the donation box
I'm the motherfucking assassin sneaking in through the window jesus christ

I miss that style, was pure awesome.
And who can forget
[X] Pretend to be playing chess
Things like that.

>Shouldn't you rather be reading HY's story in /sdm/?

I don't like it, something is missing.

>I'm all game, since this and the next week are practically free for me, due to... health issues of mine, so I could pull it off. What about you?

I have time the whole day long.
Don't even know what i wanted to say anymore, you can try to restart a TS1 or BKC, if you don't get what you mentioned above or if you get no votes or people are trolling or if you are unhappy about it you can stop and say it's not going to work again. That was back then when it worked, but now not anymore. Or you can make another CoMN in any way or whatever or however you want. Or write one of your ideas. Because i am pretty sure that i am the only one that wants another TS or BKC like 6 months ago.
Just write whatever you enjoy to write and doesn't feel like a chore.

I am no one
>> No. 20302
forgot sage
>> No. 20304

Didn't someone suggest a TS/CoMN crossover? I think that may swing your creativity in another direction. Never hurts to experiment, anyway.

Naya: "I am a spider webbing in the darkness"
Fuku: "You're a cunt is what you are"
Naya: "I'll fucking teach you how to swim"
Fuku: "I'll fucking teach you how to drown"
Naya: "God damn it. You're an eyesore!"
Fuku: "I could say the same about you, you whiney little bitch"
Naya: ;_;
>> No. 20310
>Now i know you said that you wrote something with another name, but it's still a fact.

Funnily enough, that was quickly becoming one of my favorite stories on this site. Imagine my surprise when ragecorp turned out to be YAF (Loved the Mokou, by the way). It is a shame nearly everyone thinks "YAF the Troll" instead of "YAF the Writer."

>Because i am pretty sure that i am the only one that wants another TS or BKC like 6 months ago.

Incorrect, for I as well share your desire. Too bad two ain't gonna cut it. Though, regardless of what he decides to write, I'll read it.


You makes me laughs.
>> No. 20316

You know what, and that was only a test I decided to make to see if I can change to first person narrative without greater problems... But yeah, that story was fun. I even remember it enraging Anonymaster, because of pseudo-australian accent Mokou had.


Hahaha, nice one.
>> No. 20340
>Not many people visit /shrine/, and I seriously doubt it more people would come here so soon after my - or should I say, 'our' - little excess over at /th/

In my case, I stoped visiting /shrine/ because there was no more YAF here to write.
>> No. 20376
>In my case, I stoped visiting /shrine/ because there was no more YAF here to write.
Damn. I do not have words enough to describe how much you fail, you close-minded fuck.
>> No. 20378

I, for one, while not hesitant to admit that it's kind of silly, feel flattered by that kind of mindset.