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Sorry, I was watching Toradora and doing housework.

>YAF loves to bitch and whine about everything.

Yep, that's me!

Picture by GD~
I've been saving it for this occasion~

[X] "..."

... and closes the door behind him. The priest comments the whole incident with a sigh. So would you, if he didn't do it already. The only thing that bothers you is the lingering certainty that you've heard those names before... And not under favourable cicrumstances. That probably means their arrival here doesn't mean anything good. But whatever, as long as you're here, and this priest continues on being interested in hearing your story, you're relatively safe. As long as he wants to hear it.
Wait, why the hell are you all tense? It's not like Kain or Eron came for you personally, it's just two 'agents' wanting to give an account on whatever they've been busy with. There's nothing to worry about.
"Sometimes it's troublesome..." Sanzo's voice brings your attention back to him. He looks a bit troubled indeed. "But let us forget about this little interruption."
"So, back to what we were discussing." you can't help but notice how determination found itself back in his stare. Uh-oh. This can't mean anything good. "I would have never suspected that there would be another person able to cross the Great Border... This is interesting. Truly interesting."
You observe carefully as he scratches his chin. Ehh. Great, just great. Wait, weren't you asking a question just before you were interrupted? That's right. Enough of this crap. There are some answers you need, if you are to understand what's going on. Border? Youkai? Flying men? What the hell is up with all that?
"... like I was saying," you try to resume the query from before "I don't have a slightest idea what that border thing is. I just found myself in a car with two idiots, and next second, poof!" you throw your arms out to emphase the meaning of that cryptical word "I'm crashing into a shrine. Which by the way looks awfully similiar to yours."
Crossing arms on your chest, you look into Sanzo's eyes with eyes as expectant as you can make them, hoping he gets the hint. To spell it out would be too much of a pain. Here's hoping he's not just another idiot.
"... I see." he exclaims slowly after a few seconds "It's... kind of hard to explain that to a newcomer, but... All you need to know, is that this place, Gensokyo, is surrounded by a magical barrier, which doesn't let anyone leave or enter."
"... magical."
You repeat in a tone as sarcastic as possible. What the hell was that? Alright, colourful hair you can understand, hidden elevators that leave to faraway places are stuff out of science fiction, but still relatively plausible, flying men are... less, but this is simply going overboard. It's like in that one video game, right? Next thing he's going to do is tell you to get him a magical stone so that he can contact with his god and destroy the barrier. Woo-hoo, like hell you're gonna believe that. Hell, you've seen many things, but that's just ridiculous.
"Yes," the priest still sounds serious though, despite your mocking face "As far as I know, only Yakumos can manipulate the border, but from what you said, there appears to be another person capable of that."
You can't help but chuckle irritatingly.
"So how come I've never heard about this place before?" you ask "I've never seen a blue blob anywhere on the world map, how come no one noticed?"
Sanzo shakes his head.
"It's not that easy... I don't understand how it works either... It's not a barrier in a strict sense..." he's lost in his own words "More like... Uh, another dimension? I don't know how to convey it in words..."
"... then don't."
You cut short his obscure, half-assed explanations. If it's really that complicated as he makes it out to be, then you're better off not knowing. Besides, the most important thing you've already learned. No one can go in, no one can go out.
That's... troublesome. Not that you have any reason to return, but... Staying here, with the current situation can't be good either. It's a checkmate. Unless you sort out this mess, or...
"Yes, you're right. More importantly, about that person... The one who brought you here."
Uh, here he goes again. Yes, you think you know who's the one capable of 'crossing the border', but... He's being held captive by Kain in the human village.
Oh, well. It's how it is, there's no point in hiding the truth. Besides, if there's anyone who can do something to help Renji bail out his friend, it's...

Wait, did you just think of helping that idiot?

"... he's still here." you admit quietly.
"Marvelous!" incredible. Just that alone was able to get Sanzo into high spirits. "Where is he? How can I find him? It's important. No, it's a matter of life and death!"
Whoa, isn't he exxagerating a little? Well, it's his business.
"... truth be told, he's currently--"
"Master Sanzo!"
God. Fucking. DAMN IT. This is getting irritating!
The front door opens again, and reveals the same guy as before. He gives Sanzo a short salute before announcing excitingly.
"Sir, the doctor from the bamboo forest has arrived and is requesting to see you!"
Sanzo casts his subordinate an annoyed glance.
"Didn't I say I'm busy? Tell him he'll have to wait, just like everyone else."
"But sir!" the guy doesn't give up "He's brought Eientei Corps with him, and is threatening to force his way inside if we refuse to let him enter!"
Wait... Bamboo forest... Doctor... Eientei... Oh shit. Oh for fuck's sake! The crazy doctor is here. Why? Wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Seeing how he was trying to hire Renji and Marry to get you out, he probably isn't cooperating with Kain, but... Wait, how did he know you're here in the first place?
... or are you just worrying for no reason? Maybe it's just a coincidence that he's here? But then, why would he want to tear the place down if they don't let him in...?
"... I understand." Sanzo replies after a long moment of silence "Where is he right now?"
"At the gates, sir."
"Good. Tell him he's allowed to enter. Dismissed."
The messenger disappears as quickly as he appeared.
"Forgive my rudeness." Not giving you any chances to ask, let alone retaliate, Sanzo grabs your wrist and begins to forcefully drag you towards the wooden gate behind the altar. "I don't know what kind of business could Eientei chief have with me, but judging from your reaction, you know him. And would rather avoid seeing him now, right?"
Oh. He noticed. Well that's good. And bad at the same time. Not having to explain is nice, but this could lead to some unpleasant consequences...
"Just stay inside for the time being. It's our holy place, so don't mess anything up."
He promptly pulls one of the big, metal rings, setting the gate ajar, and gently pushes you inside.

The gate closes behind you with a loud noise that echoes off the walls of a tunnel you have now found yourself in. Lit only by candles places in little alcoves in the walls, it appears to lead down, underground. You can't really see where it ends in this dim light, but... It's somehow scary. Is this a tomb? Or... another thing? Religious people always appeared to you as morons, and god knows what they might be hiding down there... God knows. What a terrible pun.

[ ] Explore further.
[ ] Stay here, try to eavesdrop.

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[x] Explore further.

The more YAF writes, the more i love him. My love for YAF is like a truck.
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{X} Stay here, try to eavesdrop.
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[x] Stay here, try to eavesdrop.
>> No. 19698
[x] Stay here, try to eavesdrop.

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[x] Stay here, try to eavesdrop.
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[+] Stay here, try to eavesdrop.
>> No. 19702
As per request.

[X] Stay here, try to eavesdrop.

Data gathering is always useful. ALSO, Damn you YAF now I feel like reading the whole story.
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Also, hey look - votes! Oh ho, why not write one more update?


[X] Stay here, try to eavesdrop.

Then it is only a good thing you don't have to go down there. Bah, that's not the only reason to stay here. If Eron is about to visit this shrine, you might as prick up your ears for any useful information. As long as you don't get discovered, it should be okay. As long as you don't get discovered. Well, unless you're planning on singing or crying out loud, no one on the other side should hear you.

It doesn't take long for you to hear the front door opening again, the sound this time being much louder than before. Uh-oh. Someone's really impatient here. You can hear multiple people entering, then sliding the door close.
"Doctor Yakogokoro." Sanzo doesn't let his voice betray any nervousness "To what I owe this fortunate visit?"
A short snort precedes the doctor's response.
"No banter, Sanzo. Where is she?"
"What do you mean?" he priest sounds authentically suprised "What she?"
"I don't have time for this. I know she's here. Hand her over."
"I wish I knew what could you mean."
Short, metallic snap.
"I told you," Eron sounds unexpectedly threatening "I don't have time for this. And neither does she."
"... your point being?" this time Sanzo is much quieter.
"Return her to me, and I won't burn this place down."
A prolonged pause follows the doctor's threat. That gives you a moment to think this through.
So he really is here for you. While it's still unclear how exactly did he find you, there's no doubt about it - he's here to capture you. For what? For Kain? No, that's rather unlikely... He wouldn't have tried to bail you out back then... Then what is it? If he wanted to simply take you back to the clinic, why would he use such drastic methods and words? This doesn't make any sense. Why is this all happening?
"... I see." Sanzo finally replies "But let me ask you a question first - how do you know she's here?"
Huh? Well, that's an interesting point, but... Why is he asking about it? Does it matter now? Unless he's...
"Science, Sanzo. Not like you and your primitive people will ever understand it. Let alone your false god."
"He's not false!" this time the priest sounds rather desperate. And offended. "I've seen him! I've talked to him! Ugh!"
His words are cut off by what you take was a kick to one of the soft parts of his body.
"I've dealt with your god. And I can say for sure. He's no god. God should be able to return one, miserable life to someone who deserves it. He's no god, deluded lunatic." another snort "Do you think I do not know what's going on behind those gates? Did you think no one would notice that there number of your people is gradually decrasing? You're feeding a parasite, Sanzo."
"I--ghh, don't--!"
"But enough of that. The girl. Where is she."
"I'm not going to--"
"You're not going to do anything stupid while I'm retrieving her."
"I won't allow you! Esoterica! Gray Tha--!"
Then suddenly, a noise louder than all the others.
You know that sound. Mostly from movies, but your memory serves you well enough to tell you, that it was a sound of a gun being fired.
Sanzo's scream makes shivers run down your spine. A real, authentic cry of someone who's been painfully wounded. It's...
"Science, Sanzo. Useful hint: take a tip from the elders."

You back away from the gate. He's got shot. Sanzo got shot because he was trying to buy you more time. But... for what? There's no other way out from here, than through this gate, straight into Eron's grasp, or down this tunnel... Where unknown awaits. Damn it. It's a check-mate. You're trapped here.
"Rozen!" Eron shouts on the other side "Block the doors, we don't want anyone disturbing our search."
"No, ma'am!"
"Now..." he pauses while his subordinate yells something illegible to someone "According to this thing, she's behind that gate... Oh, Sanzo, you cad. Putting a magical barrier on a door, so that it can only be opened from inside? How foolish of you. Were you hoping your false god would raise from his grave one day?" a snort again "Good thing I've got something just for the occasion... Rozen, arm the charge. We're going in with a boom."

[ ] Come out to them, slowly.
[ ] Make your escape down the tunnel, fast.
>> No. 19706
[ ] Make your escape down the tunnel, fast.
>> No. 19707
[ ] Come out to them, slowly.

>"I don't have time for this. And neither does she."
>> No. 19708
[x] Make your escape down the tunnel, fast.

Prove your existance YAF, more updates.
>> No. 19709
As gay as it sounds, it's really motivating to hear that. Thanks.


Well, I don't want to sound whiny, but the votes come too slow. Sorry, I need to get up early tommorow, and it's already 1AM.
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Oh you Evil YAF

No on my Watch,
[X] Make your escape down the tunnel, fast.
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Time sure flies when you watch Akagi while waiting for YAF to update.
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Because just coming out and saying "Oh Hi, Sanzo you just took a bullet for nothing in the end I'm going to quietly do whatever the fuck they want." is so much better
>> No. 19715

But he DID take a bullet for nothing. He doesn't know our situation, and he never had time to find out. All he did was get in the way, and for it he got to eat a hot lead biscuit straight out of the oven. And depending on how fanatic Eron remains and how well we can actually escape, he'll just be the first.

Besides, wasn't Eron supposed to be on our side(and judging from what he said, he probably still is)? Something funny must have happened to warrant him charging into Moriya with guns ablazing.

At least talk him into getting Sanzo treated for a potential mortal wound. God damn.
>> No. 19716
>"Oh Hi, Sanzo you just took a bullet for nothing in the end I'm going to quietly do whatever the fuck they want."

Wow, that's some feat of emotional reasoning. Yeah, we let a terrible thing happen, but because we can't take responsibility for ourselves we're going to continue doing stupid, terrible things. Otherwise, the terrorists win!

>"Do you think I do not know what's going on behind those gates? Did you think no one would notice that there number of your people is gradually decrasing? You're feeding a parasite, Sanzo."

For all we know, Sanzo was just looking for another person to feed to his god.

>"I don't have time for this. And neither does she."

Christ could YAF make it any clearer than this?

[x] Yell "Wait!"
[x] Come out to them, quickly.

You don't want them blowing you up on accident because you're pussyfooting about.
>> No. 19717
[x] Yell "Wait!"
[x] Come out to them, quickly.

Changing vote. Eron's tracking us somehow, so escape seems largely counter-productive.
>> No. 19718
[ ] Come out to them, slowly.

Though I'm curious to see how is Suwaku. A parasite shota? Sure is interessing.
>> No. 19719
>"I don't have time for this. And neither does she."
>Christ could YAF make it any clearer than this?

Maybe Eron read the letter Kain found? And then, somehow, he discovered all the shit behind Fuku's work and now is after us too.
>> No. 19720
File 122420864524.jpg - (96.51KB , 594x794 , Kanaku.jpg ) [iqdb]

I don't think it's Suwaku.
>> No. 19721

If he knows about our Super AIDs now, I think he'd be more interested in treating it than anything else.

[x] Yell "Wait!"
[x] Come out to them, quickly.
>> No. 19722
Oh, and I'll be writing a new CYOA in /th/ soon.
>> No. 19723

Tell us more.
>> No. 19724
Stick to one, you can't do 2 at once. Finish this one first, then write another one.

Let us remember what happened when you wrote more than one, shit.
>> No. 19725

using diferent tools? It doens't look like your other drawings.
>> No. 19726
Won't happen again. Probably start in after a week or so.
>> No. 19727

At least use his trip.
>> No. 19728

Meh, YAF wanted one more vote so he could update, I did so and got interested in the process. I've been voting solely upon what I could see right now so until I catch up with everything either post those faster or deal with it.

Self-sage for obvious reasons.
>> No. 19729
Who are you anyway?
>> No. 19730
No you
>> No. 19731
I has a trip, can I YAF you're thread nao?
>> No. 19732
>I vote without actually reading the story.

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File 122421418310.jpg - (76.17KB , 350x350 , awesome.jpg ) [iqdb]
And we shall now take it upon our shoulders to spread this kind of awesome all over the boards.
>> No. 19734
Ho-oh, why not replying to the troll and make a gigantic self-centered shitstorm? Sorry, not enough of a fag.
>> No. 19735
Yeah, YAF is much better at this, I think I'll leave the trolling back to him. I'll go back to writan then.
>> No. 19736
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File 122421494897.jpg - (70.77KB , 640x512 , this-kid-is-awesome.jpg ) [iqdb]
He'll never be half the YAF I am.
>> No. 19738
[x] Yell "Wait!"
[x] Come out to them, quickly.

>> No. 19739
Sure is YAF around here
>> No. 19741




I'd make my escape down her tunnel.

Also, I'm going to repeat myself.
Holy. Fucking. Shit.
I love you, GD. I love you.
>> No. 19744
Sometimes Photoshop, sometimes MSPaint, sometimes both.
>> No. 19747
Updates, where?
>> No. 19748
[x] Yell "Wait!"
[x] Come out to them, quickly.
>> No. 19754

I don't know, you tell me.

Anyways, I ended up spending the previous night... hm, elsewhere, not at home, and while I had my laptop with me, truth be told, Troy and Butterfly Effect were on TV just after each other, so I ended up watching them both... And not writing updates.

Expect me today.
>> No. 19756
{X} Yell "Wait!"
{X} Come out to them, quickly.
>> No. 19757
[x] Yell "Wait!"
[x] Come out to them, quickly.

Holy shit. He's not joking, is he? He's really going to tear this gate apart only to get you. Goddamnit, why? What's so important in you that he'd forcefully take over a holy place and blow it up? Shit, shit, shit! And the priest... You didn't request any kind of help, yet it looks like he got shot because he tried to buy you more time... It was meaningless in the end, but... If there's a way to prevent any further damage to his property...
There IS a way.
You'd have to turn yourself in to Eron. You're the one he's pursuing, it's your fault for involving others in this mess. Even if you didn't request it, you still DID - indirectly - pull in Sanzo into your cause. Idiots, all of them. That's why you didn't want any help in the first place!

Your ears pick up a noise of something scratching against the wooden surface on the other side.

Right - they want to blow up this gate. And you're standing right behind it.
A cry escapes your lips before you can do anything about it. Cursed self-preservation instincts. There's no doubt that no matter who it is meddling with the 'charge' there, he already knows that you're here. Your last chance has been forfeit, and now there doesn't even seem to be a point in trying to escape. After all, unless this tunnel has another exit...
"Hold it."
Eron quickly throws an order, after which the scratching immidiately stops. Whew, at least that. That's one good point in a sea of disadvantages. Oh well. It's not like your chances to escape were ever larger than 'extremely slim' anyway.
Besides, what are you worrying about? Do you really have a reason to be afraid of Eron, or is it just another instinct kicking in? 'You're being chased, so run'? How silly. Didn't he say so himself 'count on me'? He wouldn't betray you like that... right?

You put your hand on the gate and try to push it open. Though unmoving at first, it soon surrenders under the pressure and begins to slowly set ajar.
The sight is - as expecting - unpromising. The front door is being blocked by the oh-so-familiar guys in black, two of them are also standing on the sides of the room, nervously glancing at something beside you... Which happens to be the insane captain Speak-In-Reverse, holding up a medium sized black box against the wooden surface of the gate.
Sanzo doesn't cease to writhe in pain on the floor, even after you speak up again.
"There." you give the perplexed doctor, standing a few steps ahead, a resignated shrug "You got me. What now?"
The questions come out more because of nervousness than curiosity. You're totally surrounded. Even if you could manage to evade Rozen, there's still Eron, not even mentioning the blacks at the door. There's no way you can escape from this situation. Officially, de jure fucked.
Still, it's better than risking getting caught in the explosion, let alone descending that creepy tunnel.
"What now?" you repeat, faced with no answer from anyone present "Tortures? Prison? I'm not going to--"
Effectively cutting your rebellous sentence short, Eron steps - no, more accurate would be to say that he jump - towards you, dropping a small object resembling a cellphone while doing so. Suprised, you prepare to jump back, or at least make a dodge or something when he comes near.
But before you can do anything about it, he's already there, with his arms raised. Despite the fear caused by being surrounded, you shift your weight to the other leg, ready to kick, but...
All that he does is close his arms around you, pressing your helpless figure to his chest. Hard.
A hug. It's not what you give a runaway criminal when you finally catch him, right? What is he thinking? What's this about?
Struck by this unexpected turn of events, you find yourself unable to even mutter a curse.
"Thank heaven..." he finally whispers, after a few seconds full of silence and consternation "You're safe..."
"... sa..."
You lips automatically try to repeat in bewilderment.
Safe? Safe? But you've just been--... No, it's what he means, right?
You're safe because he's here. He really thinks so.
Because he's come to rescue you. Almost poisoning a man and shooting another on the way, but it doesn't matter, right?
You're safe...

Like hell you are!

Using the opening created by this affectionate, but unwanted hug, you drive your fist into his side.
"Let me the fuck go!"
As planned! It wasn't really strong, but the suprise factor does it's part. Eron breaks the embrace and stepping away, struggles to catch his breath.
The others watch in silence as you reapproach the doctor and give his ankle a nice and swift kick.
"I don't have time?" crossing arms on your chest, you observe how he tries to reach to his aching foot and falls onto the floor as a result "What kind of bullshit is that?!"
There's no stopping it. As much as you'd like to shut up and look for a way to escape instead, the stress is enough for you to lose control. Shout, scream, insult! Let it all out! It doesn't matter anymore! The run is over. There's no going anywhere further! Give up!
"... haha..." Eron's muffled chuckle interrupts your messy thoughts "Hahaha... Hahahaha! I don't think you realize how appropriate that was." To your suprise, he sits up with a smile on his face. "Really, that's so like you... In many ways."
"In many... Wait, that's not the point!" you try to ignore the lack of hostility from his side. It's not natural. It's not natural, damn it! Why isn't he trying to retaliate?! And why are his subordinates just observing the whole incident without doing anything?! This is not how it should look like! "What the hell are you doing here?!"
"More importantly," he attempts to change the topic without as much as a shadow of remorse in his voice "Do you think you could roll up a sleeve and let me take a look at it?"

[ ] "Like hell I could! Fuck you!"
[ ] "... I suppose. You better have a good reason though."


Sorry if the quality is off. I kinda had to force this one out.
>> No. 19759
[‚úČ] "You wanna stick me, doc? How about getting the priest some medical attention first?"
>> No. 19760
[XXX] "You wanna stick me, doc? How about getting the priest some medical attention first?"

godo priest need good attnetion
>> No. 19761
{~} "You wanna stick me, doc? How about getting the priest some medical attention first?"

Poor Sanzo~
>> No. 19762
File 122435879184.gif - (28.17KB , 249x250 , [[[[[[[[[.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] "You wanna stick me, doc? How about getting the priest some medical attention first?"

So Eron's our 'boss'? Did he just find out a way to extract Headbitch or something, hence his sudden impatience and fanaticism?

Note to self: If this goes sour, throw that fucking cell phone at him and get the fuck out of there.
>> No. 19763
[x] "You wanna stick me, doc? How about getting the priest some medical attention first?"
>> No. 19764
[x] "You wanna stick me, doc? How about getting the priest some medical attention first?"
>> No. 19765
[x] "You wanna stick me, doc? How about getting the priest some medical attention first?"
>> No. 19767
Why do I keep reading that as 'you wanna stick it in me'?


[x] "You wanna stick me, doc? How about getting the priest some medical attention first?"

What the hell? This is confusing to say the least. Not only does he freaking hug you out of the blue, after chasing you for - how long? No, wait, actually, it's not like you've been running away for weeks, but... Hell, it still felt like an eternity, and you haven't done a slightest thing to make it easier for him. It would have been a miracle if he found you in the forest, and to think that he appeared in Moriya so soon after you arrived... Is it a coincidence? Or... No, he mention something indicating that you were behind the gate... Was it that cellphone thing? Could be, but how exactly did he...
Wait, it doesn't matter now. What's more important is finding a way out of this mess. But most of all...
Sanzo is still laying on the floor, a pool of blood slowly growing beneath his shoulder. All because of you... What he did was unasked for, but still, such sefless behaviour, from someone unrelated... This is fucked up. You just can't understand it. Why would he help you, risking his own life in the process? He didn't have any hidden motives, as far as you can tell, so why? Or is he just a tremendous idiot who doesn't know when to stop? In that case, he's brought it on himself, but still...
You turn to Eron, who's just sitting on the floor, unmoving.
"... you want to stick me, doc?" your hand touches the bridge of your nose in a gesture that you did only to hide the nervousness "How about getting the priest some medical attention first?"
That's right, if he has time to mess with the healthy person, he could as well treat the injured first. It was his doing after all. Your case can wait, whatever it is.
Eron's smile is still present.
"What's that?" he says in a mocking tone "Since when you're concerned about others?"
You snort.
"Since they started to help me out of pure kidness, rather than some hidden motives they keep hidden from me."
"Ouch. Stingy." he takes a deep breath, letting that idiotic smirk finally fall off his face "Of course I'm going to help him. I AM a doctor, after all. But those in more critical condition should be treated first."
More critical? What the hell is he on? That guy got fucking shot, for fuck's sake! What can be more critical than that? Decapitation? This is exactly why you disliked this bastard in the first place - cryptic, unclear reasons for even more cryptic and unclear words. What a pile of steaming bullshit.
"... more critical... look, this guy got shot. He's bleeding." you try to keep your voice as calm as possible, despite the constant urge to burst out and start to yell "Why are you--"
"As I said." he interrupts "There are people in grave need of attention."
"There's no one--"
"You are. And that has everything to do with my presence here now."
You are... But you're perfectly fine, right? You're feeing good, right? There's nothing wrong... Except the gradually growing weariness, but that's natural, right? Except the sudden loss of control over your muscles yesterday night, but that happens sometimes, right? It's nothing out of the ordinary. It's normal. So why does he think you're ill? You're fine. You're just fine. This whole incident is pointless, you don't need his help, you don't WANT his help!
"What are you talking abo--"
Your shaking voice gets cut off by something hard and cold touching the back of your neck. The sensation, followed by a short sting makes you jump back and take a swing at whatever caused it.

It falls to the ground.

A syringe.

"What did you--?!"
"Thank you, Rozen." Eron stands up while saying those words.
Indeed, the one standing behind you is no other than the insane captain. How come you didn't hear him approaching? And what the hell was in that syringe?
"What did you--?!" you try to repeat the question, but...

It comes suddenly. Nausea. Horrible, overthrowing haze, slowly making it's way to the center of your brain, taking away the ability to see clearly.
Blurred. All is blurred.
You try to make a step, but end up falling onto your knees. What the... It's like your legs started defying all the orders you send them.
Then the pain sets in. Strong, unforgiving. Hitting all the sensitive spots, bones, muscles, teeth, eyes, all of them at the same time. You want to scream, but your body is already on the ground, unable to do anything but breathe like a fish taken out of water.
Your eyelids, heavy as lead, close on their own, no matter how hard you try to make them remain open.

"You were supposed to do that if she rejects the second injection though..."
"Suck it up, ma'am."
"No need to apologize... It's sort of easier this way."

Then everything melts into one, regular sea of darkness...


First, there comes a sound. Constant, loud, irritating. Drilling in the very grey matter of your brain, like a set of needles slowly piercing the most sensitive spot it could find. Screeching sound.
You try to open your eyes, only to have them get bombarded by an excessive amount of blinding light. It hurts. It hurts like fuck, but you can't scream. Your lips are limp.
Your whole body feels like if it was restrained by chains. Can't move. Can't move at all...

It can't remain like this, right?

Then there's one method of waking yourself up... Something you've done a few times before, if the situation called for quickly waking up.
Mentally bracing yourself for the pain, you bite your lip as hard as you can.

The heat of blood flowing down your chin is almost burning. But it does it's part. Adrenalin rushes in your veins, bringing the missed consciousness back onto it's spot in your head.
Though your eyes are still half-blind, the first examination of your surroundings doesn't foreshadow well.

Your limbs are chained to a bed, and all you're wearing is underwear. So the feeling from before wasn't an illusion. That's one bad thing.
Second is - from the looks of this room, it appears you are in a hospital. So would suggest the shelves full of medicaments and tools, and this blinding lamp above you.

Third thing is - a bit to the right, Eron's face is staring at you with a warm smile.
"Good morning, princess." You try to mutter a curse, but all that comes out is a dry, hoarse groan. "Here, let me help it."
He takes another syringe out of his pocket and without ceremonies - not counting wiping your skin with a moist swab - sticks it into your exposed stomach.
You can't even feel any pain when the red fluid enters your body.
"Give it a few seconds."
So he says... But no matter how much you'd like to tell him that his medicine has failed, there's no doubt it hasn't. You can at least move your tongue and lips freely now. The rest of your body is still kinda numb.

[ ] "... what did you do to me...?"
[ ] "... where am I...?"
[ ] "... what the hell was that...?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] Try to move, break free, whatever!


Sorry for the long wait. I'd said I'd like to update at least four times today, but I lost my motivation somewhere on the way and ended up fooling around in IRC and playing vidya instead.
>> No. 19768
[x] "..."

2 Updates today. Good work, everything else is bonus now.
>> No. 19770
{X} "... Explain."
>> No. 19771
{X} "... Explain."

>> No. 19772
File 122437302256.gif - (44.97KB , 540x850 , 7b41c50a58d75ee2931815235206855f.gif ) [iqdb]
Also, my horrible grammar has just been pointed out to me on IRC. Sorry for that. That's what happens when I force myself to write.
>> No. 19773
[x] "... Explain."

>> No. 19774
{X} "... Explain."

Oh god what.
>> No. 19775
[x] "... Explain."

Start talking, nutjob.
>> No. 19776
[x] "... Explain."

... stomach? There's something off there, why did he inject your stomach, of all places? What was that thing, anyway? It worked so fast, it's almost unbelievable. It's like it fixed everything in literally an instant. Well, not completely, but at least all your senses are clear, as opposed to their previous, hazed state. You can make out Eron's features without any problems - the same getup he wore throughout the time you'd spent at his clinic, two-coloured, doublet-like shirt and a white lab coat thrown over it. What's more, you can see all the syringes sticking out of his pockets. Why does he carry them around...?
No, it's not the time to wonder what kind of sick hobbies could he be into. You're trapped, strapped to a hospital bed, THIS should be your number one concern right now. And while your limbs gradually feel less and less numb, no matter how hard you try to struggle, it's useless - you can't move at all. If you gathered all your strength, maybe you could knock the bed over, but that would mean unpleasant repercussions for your face, as it would get to meet the tiled floor, very closely.
Then you might as well settle down... for now.
"... you..."
As if he sensed your resignation, Eron takes out a tissue and wipes the blood off your chin. Having done that, he steps back and lets his shoulders slump down a bit as he crosses arms on his chest. You can't shake off the feeling that he's nervously glancing at something behind you.
"It needs some adjustments, I admit. Sorry about that."
What? What is he on about now? What needs adjustments? And why is he apologizing? This doesn't make a slightest bit of sense.
"Explain what?"
He answers your question with another question. How annoying. Like if he didn't know what you mean. This whole situation seems to serve some concealed motive of his, why does he try to keep it secret, despite it being so obvious? There's no other reason for him to chase after you with such fervor, right? Goddamnit, why does everyone...
"Everything." you decide to ask the impossible, if only to give him something to think about while you look for a way to escape in the meantime.
And he just smiles.
"That would take a lot of time, wouldn't it?"
Exactly, and that's why this girl wants you to think about it, moron! Goddamnit, that's why you hate smart people! Younglings are so much easier to talk to... Still, you can't give up just yet. He's not keeping you here for naught, there is a reason, and you must get to know it.
And there seems to be no easier way than to ask directly.
Now that's an effect! He turns around, and pulls a chair from under a desk, then quickly sits down. Not much, but still a moderate success, considering the indiffirence he treated your previous question with.
"I guess," he says while crossing his legs like some sort of homosexual king on a throne "Because people can't throw away their feelings no matter how hard they try. You should know a thing or two about it, right?"
This is even worse. It doesn't answer anything at all.
"... I don't get it."
"Of course you don't. There's no way you'd remember. I personally sealed away your memories. With the help of the technology you-- I mean my Theia helped to invent."
Memories? You? Theia? Is he right in the coconut? Damn it, you're on about something else! Stop fucking reminescencing and get to the point already!
"... you're not making any sense. Who the hell is Theia?"
"My daughter. My deceased daughter."
Despite all the anger you try to channel to him, the sudden sadness in his voice catches you off-guard, and almost makes you apologize. Almost.
"But it's a thing of the past." faced with no reaction, he continues to speak "I can't ever have her back, because of my own foolishness. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter anymore. We're here now." he stands up "You're very ill, Fukuzai."
"... why do you..."
Paying no heed to your silent question, he approaches the door and places his hand directly on the spot he's injected the red liquid before. His touch is warm, almost soothing.
Your eyes meet his when he leans over your laying body.
"Surely, you had to notice that something was off, right? Why are you here? Where are your parents?"
"My parents..."
The mention of them makes you recall the events of that fateful day. It started so casually. You got home from school, kissed your mother, went to your room... Then, a phonecall... And a big, gaping hole, filled with blackness... And after that, blood. A literal sea of red. And horrible, deformed, violated corpses of your beloved parents. Red stains on your shoes. On your clothes. Arms. Hands. Fingers. Pieces of meat under your fingernails. Sickeningly warm dribble on your chin. Disgusting taste in your mouth.


Why do you remember all that? Why now, just because he mentioned it, you recall it all?

"My parents..." you mutter, fighting back nausea and tears "... they're... dead..."
"So that's what happened..."
Such a cold, indiffirent comment. As if he knew who they were. That bastard. What does he know? He's just a lunatic from a faraway country, why does he act so high and mighty?! All of them, all of them, all of them acting as if they could understand, as if they could understand what you had to go through!
"But..." he continues "How did you... You didn't feed it on your own, right?"
He's not making any sense. This is simply cruel. First making you recall all those things, and now making ridiculous questions. Does he have a fucking heart?
"... you don't know, do you. Maybe they had a replacement after all, in case something like this happened..." Yes, go on! Spout more nonsense! Everyone can understand you, so just go on! "Now, don't worry. It was in the past. No one will punish you for what happened. Relax."
And then you notice - you've been contracting your stomach muscles so hard they started to hurt. Why? Why, why, why, why, why, why?!
Still, no words escape your lips. Not a word of complain. Not a single insult. There's no time, nor is there will to do it.
"It's all in the past. Relax."
"... I don't trust you."
He sighs.
"I know. As much as it hurts to hear that, I know."
"... why are you doing this?"
"I had to make sure. Though I've been pretty sure ever since I saw you. Not many people have eyes like yours."
"I don't know what you've been doing for all those years. I'm suprised that you're still alive, considering what's lurking inside you. I don't know who got their hands on the command list, but I swear, as soon as I put my hands on him... Though that's probably what kept you alive."
"... I don't get it." you muttter.
"You don't have to." he looks straight into your yes with an unexpectedly serious face "I'm not going to lose you yet again. Not now that you've been returned to me. Not again. I'm not letting you go."
He's delusional. That has to be it. There's no way to explain all this crap he's spouting. Again? Lose you yet again? You haven't known him for more than a few days, and he's... Unless there's another reason?
"If I knew that you could be cured back then, I wouldn't have allowed this all to happen. But your disappearance gave me time... To find a way to help you, Fukuzai. I can help you. I can cure you. You can start a new life. You can live normally, without feeding the thing inside you."
Feed...? New life...? Cure...? You're not ill... are you?
"... I don't get it..."

[ ] "... feed?"
[ ] "... I'm not ill..."
[ ] "... why do you care?"
>> No. 19777
{X} "... I'm not ill..."
>> No. 19779
[x] "... feed?"
[x] "... why do you care?"

Another Update? YAF is crazy!
>> No. 19780

Yeah, but as much as I'd like to update again, it's already 4AM, so I think I'll be going to sleep. Too bad, plot exposition gaems have just begun...
>> No. 19781
[x] "... feed?"
[x] "... I'm not ill..."
[x] "... why do you care?"

>> No. 19782
>Feed...? New life...? Cure...? You're not ill... are you?

[x] "...feed?"
[x] "Oh fuck you, I saw this movie. Let me guess, I'm pregnant with the Antichrist? Or maybe some kind of alien?"
>> No. 19783
How long until the end?
>> No. 19784
[x] "... I'm not ill..."
[x] "... why do you care?"
>> No. 19785
[x] "... feed?"
[x] "... I'm not ill..."
[x] "... why do you care?"
>> No. 19787

Not much.


[X] "... I'm not ill..."
[X] "... why do you care?"

Indeed. You don't get it at all. It remains unknown to you why is Eron doing all this, his words are unclear, meaningful, but cryptic. Just like always. Everyone holding secrets, concerning your poor person, but never revealing them. Even your deceased parents...
But it's in the past. Just like he said - it's in the past. There's no reason to think about it now. You had cast those painful memories away once, and though they returned, it shouldn't stop you from throwing them away again. As soon as you escape. As soon as you break away from his grasp. Because you can't let yourself be held captive. You just can't. You can't let him hold you here forever.
"... I'm not ill..."
That's right. He has no reason to say such things! You're perfectly fine! There's nothing wrong with your body! It's just that it's weak sometimes! There's nothing wrong with that! Such things happen all the time, so it's perfectly normal, right?
Eron shakes his head.
"Perhaps 'ill' is a bad word. My bad." he lets out a short sigh "Your condition is much more complicated."
"I'm not ill!" you repeat, much louder.
"Of course you're not." the doctor gives you a bitter smile "Dead people can't be sick."
"... wha...?"
What nonsense is this? Dead? No one's dead here, for god's sake! Is he blind? Dead people don't talk either, yet he's having a conversation with you. It doesn't make a slightest bit of sense. It just doesn't make sense. Is he high? Drunk? Delusional? He's insane. No doubt, he's a loony. Crazy, old man. Like he said - his daughter died, and that's why he went insane. And now you have to suffer the repercussions of his unknown, twisted motives. What an ordeal. What a fucking load of bullshit.
"You're not alive." he continues, ignoring your perplexed stare "Something else is living in your stead. Haven't you noticed anything? What happens when you don't feed it? Nausea, lack of muscle contraction, drowsiness. You had to notice something."
... it's true. It's happened a few times before. But you deducted it's normal, so... No, he's just spouting nonsense. This is all fucked up. You can't be listening to him. You mustn't believe his words! If you do... If you do...!
"... then how come I'm still..."
"I don't know." he pauses for a moment "I honestly don't know. You kept feeding it, that's for sure, otherwise you wouldn't be here today, but... If the host family died, then..." another, long pause "I don't get it. It's just too mysterious."
Mysterious indeed. So mysterious it doesn't make any goddamn sense. Why does he act like he knows your family? Why does he call you 'dead'? What the hell is 'living in your stead'? Feed...? Everyone has to eat, what's so special about your case? There's nothing wrong with...
But your parents...
Why did you...
Why did they...
This is bullshit. He's doing this because he's crazy. There's no reason for him to know anything about you, there's no reason for him to offer to 'cure' you! There's nothing to cure in the first place! You just... Need to... As long as you're alive... Eat...
What is it? What is that lingering voice in your head saying all those things? Shut up! Shut up, goddamnit!
You can't trust him.
I know! Just shut up already!
"... why do you care?"
He smiles that bitter smile again.
"I don't know. I'm just an old man that can't help but cling to every little bit of hope he can find."
"... hope...?"
What could he be hoping for?
"I've lost many things that were precious to me. Home, family, wife, and my daughter. My only child. I watched her pass away." the corners of his lips twitch a little when he says that "I watched her eyes close as her heart stopped beating. I watched as her smile disappeared from her beautiful face."
".. it has nothing to do--"
"It has EVERYTHING to do with you!" he suddenly yells out "You're all that remains! There's no way she would ever return, but you're here! I'd already lost all the hope for ever seeing her again, but then one day, you showed up at my doorstep. How can you expect me to throw away all that's left of my beloved child?!"
Unbelievable. In the corners of his eyes, you can clearly see small, glittering drops of water. Is he... crying? What nonsense... You don't know him, he doesn't know you, so why... Nothing he says makes any sense. Yet why...
"I'm not going to let you go again." his voice is trembling as he whispers that "I'm not going to let you go. Please. Let me cure you. I beg you. Don't take away my hope. That's the least I can do for her."
"... how can you do that?"
Eron slowly pulls away from you, wiping his eyes with a sleeve.
"There's only one way. We can't bring you back to life... But we can protect the thing living for you from dying."
"Hourai Elixir. I don't suppose you remember the name."
... can't say you do.
"... no."
"You don't need to. All that you need to know, is that currently three people are in the possession of that thing. Two of them you've met before - Frederic Fujiwara and..." he stops for a moment "Kazuma Houraisan, my ward." Kazuma? What does he have to do with all this? What the hell is that Hourai Elixir? "All you need to do is make him listen to a recording I made... That is all. You don't need to do anything else. Just that."
Just that? It's... too simple. How is that supposed to 'cure' you? He's crazy. Don't listen to him. It's pointless. Just escape and go on with your life. Just find a way...
"Fukuzai Toorima." Eron leans over you again. His face expresses no emotion other than curious determination "Do you want to live? Do you want to live, Fukuzai?"

[ ] "... just to make fulfill your sick wishes? Sorry, I'd rather die."
[ ] "... yes. I want to live. Let me do it."
>> No. 19788
{X} "... yes. I want to live. Let me do it."

well alright then
>> No. 19789
[ ] "... just to make fulfill your sick wishes? Sorry, I'd rather die."
>> No. 19790
Congratulations, Fukuzai. You're a walking Cotard delusion.

[x] "...Live? I thought you said I was dead?
[x] "Well, whatever this is I'm doing right now, I want it to continue."
>> No. 19791
[ ] "... yes. I want to live. Let me do it."

live on!~
>> No. 19792
[X] "... yes. I want to live. Let me do it."
>> No. 19793
[x] "... just to make fulfill your sick wishes? Sorry, I'd rather die."

God damn this is a difficult choice.

I'd rather not be a crazy doctor's replacement goldfish.
>> No. 19794
[X] "... yes. I want to live. Let me do it."

You're not dead. You're not ill. You're alright. There's nothing wrong going on with your body, so why, why, why, why is he so desperate to help you? Can't he see? You're alright. As long as you do what has to be done, you can live on just fine, there's no reason to be concerned about anything. There's no reason to be worried, no reason, so why is he...
But what if he's right? No matter how crazy he might seem to be, such determination, you can sense nothing false about it. He's being sincere. He's really worried. Why...
"... I..."
When you speak up, his hopeful stare gets even more intensive. What nonsense. It's ridiculous. You don't get a single thing. You can't comprehend what's happening here. But does it matter?
No. You may not be ill. You may not need medical attention.
But it's not what he asked.

Do you want to live?

Of course you do. Of course you want to live. Because no matter how pitiful your life might be, it's all you had. Until now, ever since that fateful day, all you had was this life.
A life that is not yours.
"... yes..." you try to resist the hopeful stare of his blue eyes. It's almost painful, to see someone being so concerned about such a pathetic person as you. "I want to live. I want to live. I want to live on." as if it couldn't believe your own words, your mouth repeats them a few times "I want to live. Let me do it."
Even if it means succumbing to his will, to his delusions, you still want to live on. Even if he's simply lying, it doesn't matter. He wants to help. Whatever your problem could be, whether you are aware of it's existence or not, if he says he can help it, then so be it.
The chains restraining your legs suddenly let go when Eron presses a button on the side of the bed. Before you're even able to sit up, he's already pulled up your shoulders, and as before, he closes his arms around you in an embrace that's way too tight and affectionate for people who have just met a few days ago.
"Thank you." he whispers "Don't worry. You don't need to do anything. I've already prepared all that's needed. Just make the Houraisan child listen to the recording."
"... mhm..."
For some reason, be it exhaustion or something else, you don't even feel like trying to resist.
"The dose I injected the parasite with won't last for long... So make haste. As soon as you wake up, make haste. But for now..." he lowers his voice even more "Sleep, and dream seven dreams."
Huh? Isn't that what your mother used to say someti--



Even though you opened your eyes, the surroundings remain as dark as they were while you still had them closed.
Somewhere to the left, in the distance, an irregular clicking reaches your ears, still half-deaf after the forced nap you just had. Why did you fall asleep so suddenly?
Attempting to stand up, you hear something crack in one of your hands.
Rectangular, plastic object.
"... recording..."
Though you can't see it, your mind recognizes it as one of those handheld dictaphones you've seen people use sometimes, in school or on the TV... It makes sense. He said something about a recording, so this has to be it...
Still blind to anything but impenetrable darkness, you start shambling towards the direction the clicking sound comes from...

And soon after, encounter a sliding door, that you promptly push ajar.
You're here. Kazuma's room. Your instincts didn't fail you. They led you straight to the target. The little boy sitting on an armchair, playing something on his large TV screen. He doesn't even notice as you step inside and close the door behind you.
Pardon, he does. Perhaps because you intentionally kicked a few things laying around to grab his attention. There's no point if you take him by suprise...

By suprise?

What are you thinking about? You're here to show him this recording, not... Take him by suprise, whatever that could mean.
"Uh..." you squint your eyes before the light of the TV screen "Hello... I guess."
His yell is more like a suprised squeal of a girl that has just seen her favourite action movie actor. He quickly jumps off the armchair, throwing the controller aside, and begins to run towards you, through the sea of clutter...
Only to fall face-first onto the floor just before reaching you.
You find yourself kneeling down and grabbing his shoulders.
"... you ought to be more careful."
Using your arms as support, he clumsily sits up. Not without amusement, you notice that he's now sporting a giant bump on his forehead, alongside a silly, childish grin.
"Heheh. Sorry."
Unable to resist this sudden attack of his innocent charm, and pat his head lightly, trying not to accidentaly touch the bump. Can there be anything more sincere in this world? He was so happy to see you that he forgot about his own safety just to appear at your side as fast as possible. How beautiful. You could search the earth multiple times, but you wouldn't find anything more pure than this.
A smile unvoluntarily crawls onto your dry lips.
"Hello, Kazuma."
"Hello." he answers, fighting back tears, but still smiling.

The two of you sit in front of each other, just smiling, for a minute or two.
You decide to break the silence.
"... so, how's your figurine?"
"Ah!" he jumps up a little "Tewi fixed it for me... But, but! More importantly, I'm suprised he found you so fast! I've only asked him to look for you yesterday."
Yeah, that's rather-- Wait, what? Tewi? Found you?
"Uh... Tewi?"
Kazuma nods eagerly.
"Yes, yes! I thought I was a bit too harsh about that figurine just before you left... So I thought I'd ask Tewi to look for you! He told me that Eron had borrowed one of his tracking devices earlier that day, and that he probably put one on you, so it shouldn't be a problem to..." he pauses for a second "What is it?"
Goddamnit. So THAT'S how he found you, huh? Tracking device? That cellphone thing... So that's how it was, huh, Eron?
"... Tewi didn't find me."
You try to stand up, but...

Your legs are limp.

'Won't last for long...'

Is this what he meant by that? No, it can't be... But no matter how hard you try to move, the muscles just defy every order you send them. Fortunately the rest of your body is still operative... Shit, if it keeps up like this, it's going to end like in the forest...
"He... didn't?"
"No." you answer while still trying to get your legs to cooperate "Eron found me... And brought me back here... Goddamnit..."
"Eron... Why?"
"He thinks I'm ill... Shit, why won't they move..."
Suddenly, Kazuma's worried face appears just before yours.
"Then you shouldn't be here, silly!" he almost yells "Why are you here! You should go to the hospital wing...!"
Ah, but you've already been there. And got sent here. With this dictaphone...

[ ] "Kazuma... Listen to this.", then push the play button.
[ ] "... I can't walk..."
[ ] "He... he told me to make you listen to this recording... But it might be a trap..."
>> No. 19795
[x] "Kazuma... Listen to this.", then push the play button.

Let's do this.
>> No. 19796
{~} "Kazuma... Listen to this.", then push the play button.
>> No. 19797
[x] "Kazuma... Listen to this.", then push the play button.
>> No. 19798
>Not much.

Already? Seems like it just started and it's already over.
>> No. 19799
[x] "Kazuma... LISTEN TO MY SONG!" Then push the play button.
>> No. 19800
[x] "Kazuma... Listen to this.", then push the play button.

That's right. You're not here to cuddle with the boy. You're here to cure yourself. You've come this far, there's no point in retreating now. Besides, you can't really retreat now, can you...?
No matter how suspicious it looks, no matter how mysterious all this crap sounds, if that's the way... Then so be it.
"Hey, don't just sit there!" Kazuma clumsily tries to grab a hold of your shoulders and pull you up. Of course, in vain. You're way too heavy for him. He's just a small boy, after all. "We have to go! Come on!"
Silly. There's no point in that. He... Doesn't know anything, does he? Eron seems to know you from somewhere, insists that you have something to do with his daughter, but Kazuma... He doesn't know anything at all. He's just sitting in this room all day, lost in his own world...
But it has to end. In your guts, you can feel that when you finally cure yourself, it's all going to end. Then...
"Listen to this."
Trying not to think about the repercussions of what you're about to do, you press the play button on the dictaphone.

For a moment, nothing happens. Kazuma stares perplexed at the little device, and so do you. All that you can hear is the noise of the video game still running on the TV, and silent humming of the tape.
But then...
"Kazuma Houraisan." Eron's voice. A bit distorted, but clear enough to understand the words. "If you're listening to this, then that means Fukuzai is with you, and Eientei has been cleared of staff, servants and cooks. It's doors have been closed from outside, so that there is no way to escape." short pause "Kazuma, you've been a great son, but your life has played out it's role. You were a great substitute, but I do not need you anymore."
"... what... What's that supposed to mean?"
You glance at Kazuma's confused face. Substitute, huh...
"You were a great test subject. Thanks to you, I was able to store Hourai Elixir in a living being, without it being aware of the fact. You were a great container. But most of all, you did great to distract my paternal instincts while I awaited the return of my daughter. For that, I thank you, Kazuma Houraisan. But this is the end."

Then, silence.

Is that... all? All that trouble, just to rely this message? It's... Ridiculous. How can it...
"Fukuzai..." Kazuma asks in a weak voice "Whats... that supposed to mean?"
His eyes are glittering in the dim light illuminating the room. Tears, gathering in the corners of his eyes, fill you with a feeling that you haven't felt for years.
That message... From someone acting as a father to him... It had to hurt.
You try to find words of comfort, but there's nothing that comes to mind. Empty.
"I... t-thought..."
"Fukuzai." suddenly, the voice from dictaphone sounds anew "The time is up. For you and for him."
What? Wasn't that message for him? Why is it suddenly--

"Number One Hunder And Five."

Everything goes black milliseconds before your hand, moving on it's own, literally shot at Kazuma's throat, reaches it's target.


"So it has come to that after all..."
You're not even suprised when the oh-so-familiar girl appears before you, in a world composed only of blackness.
Why haven't you noticed it before? This striking similarity? Long, black hair. Blue yes, but one with a diffirent shade than the other, almost violet.
For the first time, she doesn't have that mocking smile on her lips.
"This isn't what I wanted."
It's ridiculous how much sense it makes now. That dream. Deceased daughter. And holes in your memory.
"You're... Theia, right?"
The girl's mouth stretches in some sort of bitter grimace.
"No." she answers with suprising confidence "I'm Fukuzai. We gotta stick to the rules, right?"
"You know more than I do."
She shrugs.
"Of course. I'm your... guardian angel."
"Then what is happening right now?"
She falls silent, her gaze dropping to her feet.
A few seconds pass before she finally speaks up.
"You're feeding. You just tore open Kazuma's stomach and started devouring his internal organs. Intestines, kidneys, liver, muscles... Then, you're going to drink as much of his blood as possible. That means, as much as the parasite within you can take in. I don't know much about the Elixir, nor do I know much about the parasite, but I guess that's what my father was trying to make you do - feed the former to the latter."
"I'm... I'm sorry, Fukuzai."
You can't help but look at her in confusion. What is she suddenly apologizing about?
"... huh?"
"If I knew they'd find Aki so fast, I would have never... It's all my fault. Fukuzai?" She looks up again, straight into your eyes. "Can I ask you a question?"
"... go on."
"What are you going to do now?"

[ ] "... I'm going to kill that bastard."
[ ] "... I don't really get it, but I'm cured, right? I'm not going to throw away this life."
[ ] "... I don't know."
>> No. 19801
[x] "... I'm going to kill that bastard."

Poor Kazuma.

Time to lower the curtain, cut off all your ties here and raze this place to the ground.
>> No. 19802
[ ] "... I'm going to kill that bastard."
>> No. 19803
{:>} "... I'm going to kill that bastard."

Saw that coming. :>
>> No. 19804
[x] "... I'm going to kill that bastard."
>> No. 19805
[x] "... I'm going to kill that bastard."

Even if it was somewhat expected, this update leaves me angry.
>> No. 19806
[X] "... I'm going to kill that bastard."

What are you going to do?
That's a difficult question. You tried not to think about what's to come when you wake up, and she's asking about something so...
But is it really that bad? What's there you haven't seen before? It's happened before. More than once. You just... don't remember it. But it still had taken place, so... Is there anything to be afraid of? Just a little bit of blood and gore. What are you scared of? Seeing him dead? It's not your fault. It's not your fault in the first place.

You didn't even know him that well.

This is why you wanted to avoid getting attached to anyone. Because of this. Because you were afraid it might happen again.
A smirk creeps onto your lips, completely against your will.
That's right. He was nothing. Just a boy that you happened to meet. Just an irrelevant person who got dragged into this mess. He was no one important.

And that's what it makes it even worse.

You have no idea how, but it was Eron who set this fate in motion. His machinations made you what you are in the first place. And to top it off, he dragged someone completely unrelated into this.
The answer is clear.
His sin needs a punishment.
"I'm going to kill that bastard."
The girl doesn't even as much as change her expression. She just stands there, unmoving, looking in your eyes. Is she trying to read your thoughts? Does she even need to? If she is who she is, then doesn't she know what's going on inside your mind? Why won't she just admit it? It's not like you'd get angry or anything.
"I know." she suddenly speaks up "I can see why you want to get a revenge."
"So?" you ask in a mocking tone "You going to stop me?"
"No." she shakes her head weakly "It's your life. If I took it back after protecting it for so many years, wouldn't it be rather pointless?"
"You got a point there. Isn't he your father though?"
"He is. But I'm not who I used to be. Right now, I'm no longer your guardian angel. I'm just an annoying voice in your head."
Can't argue with that. She is an annoying voice in your head. No matter what she's done for you, right now, she's just that. Then why is she still here? Why won't she disappear?
"... you're a nuisance."
"I know that even better than you do."
"Then disappear."
Her gaze falls back down to her feet. That's right. Suck it up, bitch! Someone needs to change his socks here, because you smell DEFEAT!
"You won't need me anymore."
"I never did."
She lets out a muffled, grim chuckle.
"Very well. Then we shall not meet again. Wake up, Fukuzai. Wake up and smell the blood."


It's not what you see after waking up that determines the rest of your day. That's what you always told yourself when sleeping under a cardboard box. It's what you feel beneath your back. Grass, dirt, concrete, or a warm bed. It's where you wake up that defines how your day's gonna pass like.

Needless to say, this one isn't really promising.

You can't even rub your eyes awake, because of the thick layer of dried blood on your skin, and pieces of meat under your fingernails. Where there would usually be thick, unpleasant saliva dribbling down your cheek, you find even more of the disgusting, red matter.

The world is sea of red.

Floor, and the toys scattered around. The TV, still on, displaying a 3D character with a pair of guns standing in the middle of a street. That soft armchair which gave you some serious butt itches.
All is covered in sickening red.
But the worst thing is the pile of meat laying before you. Limbless, violated, torn apart. No longer anything resembling a human being. If it wasn't for the bones and hair sticking out here and there, you'd think it's just that - a pile of raw meat.
You don't even want to look down at your clothes.
And then, you just need to wait for that bastard to come back...


You put down the little notebook and look up at the person who's entered the room. In the dim light of Eron's desk lamp, you can't make out his facial features, but there's no doubt - it's the loving father himself.
"Hello there."
You greet him as leisurely as you can. There's no point in betraying your true motives yet. Isn't that what he did? Hid everything from you, even though it directly concerned your survival. Eye for an eye, Eron. Now you're the one with someone else's life in your grip.
"... I take it it's done."
"Oh, of course, I did. I did it hard. You might not want to go there. Shit's nasty."
You can't help but grin at his reaction. Even though he set it up, your words still scare him. How ironic.
"... I didn't want it to end like that."
Didn't want? DIDN'T WANT? Hilarious! He's still trying to deceive you! How amusing!
"Hahaha! Sorry, Eron, but you're not fooling anyone."
He takes a step back. Yes. Be afraid. You know what's coming, don't you? You're not stupid. You knew it would come to this sooner or later. What were you hoping for? A sappy bad end where your dauther jumps into your embrace after killing your adopted son? Not this kind of story, Eron. Boo-hoo.
"It's not like you think. You don't know--"
"Of course I don't!" you try to hold back another salve of laugher "You never told me! But guess what? I know where you keep your gun. That's one thing." Not giving him any time to react, you pull out the pistol you've been keeping under the desk this whole time. "And I don't think I need anything else right now. Where's the lockdown button?"
He bites his lip, constantly staring at the pistol aimed at his chest.
"How do you know--"
"I've read your diary. Hope you don't mind."
"Why would you--"
"Oh don't play stupid, daddy." you interrupt "I knew you'd come alone to check if everything went as you planned. You couldn't let Rozen or anyone else see what happened to Kazuma, right daddy?"
That's right. He assumed that you're going to silently succumb to his will. That you're not going to rebel.
"Stop calling me 'daddy'..."
"No. There's some grim satsifaction in infuriating you. Lockdown button."
"Left topmost drawer..."
Not letting your eyes off the opponent, you reach towards the indicated place and indeed, there is something that feels like a button. Without any further delays, you confidently press it as hard as you can.

Somewhere in the distance, several sounds of metal hitting against metal echoe through the corridors.

"Now, if the age hasn't got to you, and what I read is right, no one should be able to access the facility from outside."
He nods.
"That's right."
Now that's reassuring. Until you yourself press the button again, no one should be able to disturb your peace. Ah, how great. Just what you needed. Lots of space, and no nuisances.
Except this one.
"Fukuzai, you don't know what you're doing."
You give him a mocking grin.
"Did you know what you were doing when you made that recording?"
As expected, no answer other than troubled silence. Is he really that blind to his own mistakes?
"What is it? Have something to say? Say it."
"... why are you doing all this?"
Why? Why? He has to ask why?
"I could ask you the same question."
"I see." To your suprise, all the stress disappears from his face at once. His shoulders, up till now tense, relax, and slump down a bit. "But there's one thing you haven't foreseen, Fukuzai."
"And what would that be?"
"I know more about you than you yourself do. I know everything. You're my daughter. You're mine. And if it has to come to that, then so be it. Missing Num--!"

You pull the trigger, successfuly interrupting his poisonous words.
>> No. 19807

I stop in my tracks and look back in the direction of the shrine. There, behind it, a view that anyone closer to nature than an average John would give a kidney to see. Vast expanse of green - trees, bushes, mountains, forests, small settlements... A true miracle, a place where one can feel closer to mother nature.
And somewhere behind those trees, I left something precious.
"Hey." my friend cuts perfectly into my thoughts, interrupting the silent contemplation of what I came to love "You coming?"
"Yeah, yeah." I promptly wave my hand at him "Just... Admiring the view for the last time."
That's right. We won't be coming back again. Because of what happened in the last few days, this place is not safe for us anymore. First we upset the only person that we knew could offer us shelter. Then, we got involved in a murder case. I helped the main suspect escape, for reasons unknown even to myself, and my friend there sacrificed his freedom for the sake of the mission. And then, I practically blew up the prison to get him out.
Yeah, not exactly being inconspicious there, were we.
"Are you sure you want to leave?"
"What are you talking about?" I ask, suprised "We have no life here, unless you wanna return to that cell and call it a thug's life."
"You know what I mean."
That's right. No matter how hard I try to deny it, all this mess was the fault of one, unimportant person. A girl whom I had met a few days ago, and took home. A girl who I helped to escape. Who later ditched me moments after I had opened up to her.
Because of her, we can't come here anymore. Because of her, one place became a battlefield.
But you know what? I can't blame her. I knew, from the very beggining, that there's more about her than there appears to be. I knew that she wasn't... normal. But I couldn't care less.
"... there's no helping it." I reply "She chose her own path. A real man has to know when to stop."
He gives me that mocking, all-knowing smile I often see in situations like these.
"You fell in love with her, didn't you?"
Did I?
"I don't know."
"If you don't know, then it's the biggest proof that you did."
Perhaps. Maybe he's right. But I can't interfere any more. Maybe, if something went diffirently, if I... Didn't do what I did, if I showed her how important she is for me, maybe then... But it doesn't matter now.
"Like I said," I force my voice to sound cheerful "A real man has to know when to stop."
"Hm... is that so?"
I give him a jab in the side.
"It is. Now let's get going. I'm starving."


You return to the room with a plate of sandwiches and step over Eron's violated corpse. Who would have thought that his own words would lead to his daughter taking away his - how he described it - immortality? At least you were right not to throw away the damn dictaphone after all.
Putting the plate on the desk, you quickly sit down and continue reading where you left off.



I cut out patient's stomach and replaced it with the best specimen of Artificial Heart parasite I could find. If what Yakumo said was true, it should take up the role of heart, digestive system, liver and all the minor organs' roles, process nutritients, pump blood, etc, at the price of feeding on body's antipathogenic substances and microorganisms. I don't yet know how exactly should I feed it, but right now I can only wait.



A miracle happened. While I was keeping watch over her body, she suddenly started breathing again. The Yakumo devil fulfilled his part of the deal.



I don't know what to do. I've been keeping her in a state of coma, and trying to find a way to feed the parasite, but the only effective way was feeding it human blood or saliva. The latter one was less effective, but still allowed it to work for a short period of time. I don't know why artificially manufactured substances don't work, it's just...



I have received a message about a Moon representative being transferred to Eientei. I told Rozen to take care of all the preparations. I don't have time for that kind of ordeal.



The representative - now I know his name - Kazuma Houraisan - will arrive tommorow. I still haven't found any alternate way to feed the parasite.



I put Theia under strong hypnosis and contacted my relatives in the outside world. They will make sure to feed her every now and again, and use the commands to make her not remember it. It's cruel, but it will have to suffice. For now.
I also swept the cortex of her brain with the tool she helped me invent for patients that went through heavy trauma. It will probably make her forget almost everything, but... It's for the best.

Now I can only wait for Yakumo to take her to her host family.

I know, that some day, I'll be able to cure her.

I can hear Rozen knocking on my door. The representative must have arrived.


You put down the diary and gulp down the last bite of your sandwich.
The supplies in the kitchen should make you last for at least a week. There's no doubt that someone will try to get in, but the traps and gates should keep them out, unless they bring a nuclear warhead to tear the place apart.

That means you finally have some peace.

What next?

We'll see...

Cruel Fate
>> No. 19808
>> No. 19809
File 122445239339.gif - (545.51KB , 150x113 , yesyes.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19810
That didn't seem too cruel.
Anyway, hooray~
>> No. 19811
So, is Fuku going to starve herself to death?
>> No. 19812

Better than eating people.

Still, poor Kazuma.
>> No. 19813
File 122445528260.png - (361.45KB , 640x448 , 1224371341360.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19814
[x] New Game+
>> No. 19815
I demand Eron/Fuku Route.
>> No. 19816
File 122445685434.png - (109.64KB , 1024x768 , fukyer.png ) [iqdb]

Oi, codegeass faces are my department.

Anyways, since there's not much going on, I might as well rant.

First of all, I'm not happy with this ending. It feels rushed, mostly because you guys chose the shortest way possible. Secondly, it's a BB version. There were 4 endings planned - AA, AB, BA, and BB, in order from the happiest, to the saddest. Of course, they would also vary depending on which characters you befriend during the gameplay, but you get the idea. This one was the worst you could get with Eientei crew. Yet you flawlessly chose options that led to it's unfolding. First, you decide to ditch a person without whom you'd probably be long dead. Then, you decide to enter a dead alley, which is Moriya Shrine , and what's more, stay there, despite being given numerous opportunities to leave. Next, you satiate your own curiosity, instead of making your escape down the tunnel, where you could hide from Eron's tracking device. From there, it was a straight path to the BB ending.
Now, the original BB ending involved Fuku getting her memories erased, being imprisoned in a secluded chamber, then fed random people by Eron, using the commands, and at the end of the day, getting her memories erased again. That idea was scrapped, as it would require you to oppose Eron's proposition, which I knew you wouldn't do.
What might interest you, is that if you chose not to play the recording, depending on your next choice, you would get a bad end, or a scene in which Fuku forcefully eats out Kazuma while he's still conscious, in a rather erotic way. But you decided to go a diffirent path. Perhaps it wasn't a bad thing.

The one good thing about this ending is that it allowed me to keep the originally planned ~100k words cap. Endings AA and AB would take much, MUCH more development, and probably take around 150k-200k words to finish.

That is all. For now. You're free to ask questions if you have any.
>> No. 19817
>a scene in which Fuku forcefully eats out Kazuma while he's still conscious, in a rather erotic way

Can you write that as a extra?
>> No. 19818
>What might interest you, is that if you chose not to play the recording, depending on your next choice, you would get a bad end, or a scene in which Fuku forcefully eats out Kazuma while he's still conscious, in a rather erotic way.

Do not want.

>That is all. For now. You're free to ask questions if you have any.

Are you going to start the second run immediately? Or are you going to work on BKC or AAA in the interim?

Also, why didn't Eron or Kazuma regenerate? Was it because the elixir was eaten out of them? If so, then given that Fuku ate the elixir, she'll be locked in there for eternity?
>> No. 19819
What were the other three endings?

Is there a good ending in which Fuku stops relying on everybody else in one way or another, in a way that doesn't pursue anyone's 'route', or is such a thing not possible?
>> No. 19830
File 12244644039.jpg - (12.93KB , 200x195 , AlbumArt__Large.jpg ) [iqdb]
I couldn't sleep. So there.



>Was it because the elixir was eaten out of them?


>If so, then given that Fuku ate the elixir, she'll be locked in there for eternity?

No. Fuku is dead. She's a corpse, powered only by the thing inside her. Everything that she eats, goes through the parasite, and gets processed, like it would be in a normal, functioning human stomach. It also pumps the blood, filters it, and does everything a dead body can't do.

I had one hard time coming up with a logical explanation for Fuku's disease. I actually went as far as making research about dead bodies, atp, organs' functioning, to think up a biologically explainable reason for a corpse to raise. Of course, the parasite is still a fictional thing, but you get the point.

To keep it brief: no. The parasite is the one that became immortal.

>Are you going to start the second run immediately?

Truth be told, I'm considering quitting. Don't get me wrong, I fell in love with Fuku, as a character, and I like writing about her, but it's the wait that's killing me. I'm a machine, but machines tend to rust if left standing around idly for too long.
It's always like this:
1) I write an update and get all excited about continuing.
2) No votes.
3) I start doing other things instead of waiting idly, while my enthusiasm gradually disappears.
4) When there finally are enough votes, updating feels more like a chore than a pleasure.
And I'm the kind of person that hates having any kind of chore to take care of. At the very end, I was so impatient, I actually started writing after one option got two votes, instead of usual five. Just to get this over with.

It was easier back in the days, when I could refresh a thread, and there would be one or more votes every time I did that. Then /shrine/ begun slowing down, to such an extent, that all I can pull are two updates a day.

So, unless THP gets a sudden surge of readers that would make me able to update faster, or someone nukes my house, I'm not going to write. I don't need another chore to take care of on my shoulders.

>Is there a good ending in which Fuku stops relying on everybody else in one way or another, in a way that doesn't pursue anyone's 'route', or is such a thing not possible?

Hard question. It's always been a principle in CYOAs that you have to hook up with someone sooner or later, otherwise you're going to get struck by a BAD END. It's no diffirent here, especially given Fuku's condition.
But only one of the three 'hooks' for the good endings has an actual route-like events. The other two, while you have them accompany you, don't try to get into your pants.
>> No. 19831
File 122446855911.jpg - (53.87KB , 704x396 , 1224467815477.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Truth be told, I'm considering quitting.
>> No. 19833
File 122448130733.gif - (402.77KB , 300x168 , DESPAIR.gif ) [iqdb]
>Truth be told, I'm considering quitting.
>> No. 19834
File 122448307723.jpg - (56.68KB , 704x396 , phone.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Truth be told, I'm considering quitting.
>> No. 19836
File 122448958118.jpg - (36.48KB , 704x396 , do not want.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Truth be told, I'm considering quitting.
>> No. 19837
>Truth be told, I'm considering quitting.

>> No. 19838
File 122449157815.png - (4.25KB , 300x300 , Shocked asian american.png ) [iqdb]
>Truth be told, I'm considering quitting.
>> No. 19839
"Truth be told, I'm considering quitting."
-> awesome.jpg
>> No. 19840
File 122450026466.png - (23.82KB , 336x336 , awesome_med.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19844
What the fuck did you do to that filename?
>> No. 19847
File 122453237267.png - (115.16KB , 700x204 , 1224518714296.png ) [iqdb]
Here, lemme join.

Seriously though, I have decided that I need to quit. Altought the ideas for another paths in CoMN are plenty, and I could probably pull off at least two more playthroughs, this crap is way too tiring. HY called it a snowball effect. I call it a vicious circle. The only time I feel like updating is right after I finish writing the previous one, and ever since TS2, there hasn't been a situation where I could update in that short period of time when it actually feels good. If I received votes at HY's rate, it'd be diffirent. Bah, it's not about the numbers, it's about the speed. Five little votes in half an hour would do, but I'm probably asking for too much.

I feel bad about it. Because I love to write. Because leaving /shrine/ to two semi-active newbie writers seems to be rather cruel. Because I feel responsible for this place. I started trolling solely because waiting for votes idly was boring, and now it's getting back at me. Or maybe it's something else, I don't know.
One thing's for sure - if writing feels like a chore, then it's better to quit it, no matter how hard you want to continue.

YAF out.
>> No. 19848

Don't lie to yourself, you'll write here again.
>> No. 19849
File 122454204344.jpg - (74.26KB , 690x1100 , 1a56d1ad143b7e116fac483eb5d6c190.jpg ) [iqdb]

You may hope so, but if I really do, I'm not going to this in this section, nor under this name. And it's not going to happen anytime soon.

Shoop unrelated to rant, related to thread.
>> No. 19850

Ditching AAA?
>> No. 19851
File 122454626285.jpg - (254.93KB , 1272x718 , 1224467867892.jpg ) [iqdb]
>If I received votes at HY's rate, it'd be diffirent. Bah, it's not about the numbers, it's about the speed. Five little votes in half an hour would do, but I'm probably asking for too much.

You will never get as much attention as HY. At best you can get half of it. I call it hurt pride. HY comes back and you see that he gets all those votes, all those attention, all that talking and you on the other hand who writes day for day gets only half of it. All that planning and thinking, all the ideas, all the research and it doesn't get honored.

I read everything that you wrote, but TS1 was your best work. That is why i would have wanted an only TS1 Reloaded Reimu only next.

YAF's been writing 6 months already nearly non stop. /shrine/ is YAF. Reimu is YAF. I don't read anything else beside HY's, only some votes to bolster Teruyo's work up.

One picture a day until you write again or i get bored.
>> No. 19852
File 122454814794.png - (23.28KB , 361x446 , stuff.png ) [iqdb]
>I call it hurt pride.

Indeed, that also had it's part in making this decision. I thought that this place was dead. That because of it's half-alive state, CoMN got only as much attention as it did. But it turns out it's not dead. It's pretty much alive and in great condition. That it wasn't it's death that made me unable to write more than 2-3 updates a day.

How can I not feel hurt in this situation?

I gave CoMN my all, until the Moriya scenes. After that, I just wanted to end it as fast as possible. I really gave it my all. I know I've said it before, but I'm going to repeat myself. "The worst punishment for a writer is for his work to be not read". I've come up with a scenario that should have allowed gradual revealing of the plot and background. I came up with characters that no one has come with before. Gave them traits that no one tried to use before. Thought up a character archetype that's never been used here before. And for what?

TS1-style gameplay is no longer possible. Back in the days of TS4, I made two tests, if anon can still vote and act like he did back when TS1 was still in making. He can't. The boards were taken over by grim&dark and serious stories, there's no longer space for leisure, cuh-rayzee stories like TS1. TS3/3.5 and 4 are the best proof. Naya went from spontanic, crazy killer, to a smart, considerate fellow who tries his best not to hurt anyone in his surroundings. Even in AAA - which of us would hesitate to eat the fairies if given the opportunity back in the days of TS1?

But it turns out that even when I tried to make a serious story, people just don't get it. Or don't want to get it. Or think it's one of those oh-so-randum stories that keep popping up like mushroom after a storm.

I ask you - why should I bother? It feels like a chore, and even though I take pleasure in carefully planning out everything and writing it, if my audience refuses to even TRY to interprete it, then why should I bother?


I am.
>> No. 19853
>>/shrine/ is YAF.

This. You will be missed.
>> No. 19854

A writefag takes pleasure in writing.
If you don't get happy by writing, yes. It's better to stop.
But after a conversation with you, You still loves to write. BUT the readers does not read. And votes.
Damn, I even get 5 votes in 3 days. I'm far worse. It's the lack of voters that gonna make you quit, right?

So don't quit. Not yet.
Just go rest your mind. Like HY did with his long absence. and after that, comes fresh. Cleanse your name of YAF the Niggertroll and become a whole new level of writefag.

>> No. 19855
You go around the boards shouting "LOL I TROLLED YOU"

Are we supposed to care when you're feeling down?
>> No. 19856

lol no

It's just that if you want to read my shit, you should give me a reason to write it, because I don't see any.
>> No. 19857

I like CoMN and all, but you're giving yourself way too much credit.
>> No. 19858
File 122455641978.jpg - (130.99KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20080413275306.jpg ) [iqdb]
>The worst punishment for a writer is for his work to be not read

This is total shit.
There are at least a few people that read your story. Other writers get way less than that.

>Just go rest your mind. Like HY did with his long absence. and after that, comes fresh. Cleanse your name of YAF the Niggertroll and become a whole new level of writefag.

You want to know why you don't get that much attention like HY? It's because you are who you are. YAF the troll, the guy who screws around everywhere. How do you think people will ever take you and your stories serious like that. Let's not forget your constant drama and fagging around.

We are sick of that shit.

I ignore this all and care only for what's important. If it was someone else posting the same, it would get the attention it deserves.

I demand your whole notices and whatever you have of 6 months writing. Even if it's polish or whatever.

Have another Lelouch. Gonna post 2 a day now.
>> No. 19859
inb4 WAAAAAAAAAmbulance.

Oh, and badmouthing other writers doesn't really help your case. Not everyone can spend that much time with instant replies.

Quality > Quantity.
>> No. 19860
File 122456019346.jpg - (24.17KB , 300x300 , 2653_JackSparrow300.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, forgot my sage.
>> No. 19861
For all these people going "YAF you'll be missed, don't stop!"... you'd think that if they were actually familiar with him, the first lesson they'd have learned would be "Don't feed the troll."
>> No. 19862

You are forgetting something. I troll solely because the boards got slow. I troll because you stopped keeping me busy with writing.
>> No. 19863
Just keep telling yourself that
>> No. 19864

Also because I absolutely love trolling, and I was a troll (a tripfag at that) long before I became YAF. But my point still stands.
>> No. 19865
you just proved my point
>> No. 19866
File 122456850912.png - (131.47KB , 480x270 , 1223924158203.png ) [iqdb]

Hell, you want me to stop trolling? Then come on, suprise me. Keep me busy. Flood me with votes so that I will have no time to even think about trolling.

Or enjoy getting trolled by an inactive writefag.

Latter option preffered, at least for now.

>> No. 19867
File 122456946555.jpg - (124.08KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20080413568308.jpg ) [iqdb]
Have some Kanon.
>> No. 19870

Post him nude and we'll talk.
>> No. 19873
I have none, but i will find it for you.
>> No. 19883
File 122465587733.jpg - (110.34KB , 1280x720 , 1624567463895.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19888

So? You said there would be Kanon. Where is Kanon, anon?
>> No. 19892
File 122468930827.jpg - (123.05KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20086417528265.jpg ) [iqdb]
I tried to find some. But all that Suzaku/Lelouch was turning me gay.
>> No. 19893

Is that a bad thing? We're all gay for Lulu and Suzak anyway. Or at least should be.
>> No. 19894
Quite feeding the YAF. This thread is making it hard to see updates on kirin and paperboy with its foolishness.
>> No. 19897
What updates?
>> No. 19898
I promised to post until he will write again
>> No. 19899

Hey, I'm saging. You just can't see it. Don't blame me, bro.
>> No. 19900
thats cool.
>> No. 19901
So what about that Kanon? Am I going to finally see some naked, britannian goodness or not?
>> No. 19902

After you get back to writing, maybe.

>"The worst punishment for a writer is for his work to be not read".

Bullshit, I've read everything you've written so far. Except for the sequel of My Dog. Seriously, Anon is a pussy.

>TS1-style gameplay is no longer possible. Back in the days of TS4, I made two tests, if anon can still vote and act like he did back when TS1 was still in making. He can't. The boards were taken over by grim&dark and serious stories, there's no longer space for leisure, cuh-rayzee stories like TS1. TS3/3.5 and 4 are the best proof. Naya went from spontanic, crazy killer, to a smart, considerate fellow who tries his best not to hurt anyone in his surroundings.

I guess we matured? This kind of behaviour is usually a bad thing, and the Reimu End while most of us were going for a Suika End confirmed this. I know you love Reimu more than any other characters, but as long as you give us an option of going for who we like, she will be as good as a broken glass.

Or, like, blame Kira.

>Even in AAA - which of us would hesitate to eat the fairies if given the opportunity back in the days of TS1?

Raping is prefered over eating. Had you given a rape option, we all would have gone for it. Vore just isn't attractive, you know?

>Because leaving /shrine/ to two semi-active newbie writers seems to be rather cruel.

It is. They can't handle a whole board on their own.

>Because I feel responsible for this place.

You are.
>I started trolling solely because waiting for votes idly was boring, and now it's getting back at me.

LEARN WITH THIS. People associated stories with writers! A good writer means a good story! But names are more important than everything, and having a bad reputations will cause the story become as bad as the writer's fame is!


Seconding it while fixing it.
>> No. 19903
>After you get back to writing, maybe.

Oh come the fuck on!
>> No. 19904
Still searching.
>> No. 19905
Everything you said, except I wouldn't have eaten the fairy back in... fuck, in ever. That's not cuh-ray-zee, that's stupid.

>Bullshit, I've read everything you've written so far. Except for the sequel of My Dog
Oh, do read it. It does something rather clever with My Dog's ending.
>> No. 19907
I think your explanation of why we got the bad end kinda sums up the exact reason you don't get votes.

You plan out these scenarios assuming anon is going to work them out when 90% of the needed information is passed to us via unreliable means, if at all.

How the fuck could we know Moriya was a dead end? It seemed more like it was a place where something interesting would actually happen. Since when does visiting a place suddenly lock us into a bad end? Oh, and staying behind cementing the bad end? Heaven forbid anon not do exactly what you wanted, heaven forbid we actually want to hear a fucking explanation for whats going on.

Let me tell you why TS was fun for us. It was fun because we actually had some level of control over the narrative. We weren't being punished every other post for not doing things the EXACT way you wanted them to go.

And, until the end drew near, there wasn't nearly as much groping in the dark at dream sequences and black outs and so forth. The unknown factor was there, but it wasn't really a huge part of the story till the end. We were free to do fun and interesting things... not being yelled at for not triggering some random event you deemed important.

The problem isn't us not being able to do a story like that anymore. The problem is you. You like to troll. You troll in your threads, you troll outside your threads, you troll when you're bored, and worst of all, you troll in the stories themselves.

I can't say I won't miss your writing, because despite constantly shaking my head at your antics, I still read every single run of TS (despite it turning to crap sometime around TS2 or 3), and I read every single update for this story, despite seeing the ending coming from a mile away.

The other reason you don't get votes is simply because theres no fucking REASON to vote. Half the scenes ended in such a way where it really felt like it didn't matter which way we went, because it would have been the same shit either way, and every single option has hidden consequences that only YOU are privy to. I think we kinda got sick of getting fucked around at every choice.

In short, if you want updates, take a hint from some of the other writers. See WHY they are getting votes. Listen to your readers when they tell you you're pissing them off.

If you want to quit, that's fine too, but know its your fault for not taking criticism and trolling when you should have been figuring out what was wrong.
>> No. 19908
File 12247522899.jpg - (285.38KB , 989x1505 , 1224742781622.jpg ) [iqdb]
Daily Dosis
>> No. 19909
File 122475232469.jpg - (234.69KB , 969x1515 , 1224742808422.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19910
File 122475241360.jpg - (210.84KB , 712x498 , 1224743616548.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19916
>Since when does visiting a place suddenly lock us into a bad end?

Oh, no, no, no. You got it all wrong. The thing that locked you into the 'bad' ending was playing the recording while it was clearly suspicious, if not downright obviously dangerous. The thing that guided you to the path leading to it was giving yourself in to Eron in the shrine. You don't usually surrender to a villan, especially if he shot someone just to get to you. Doing that was plainly stupid, and that's why you were punished for it. As for Moriya, according to this thing right here, you would be visited by either Eron or Tewi by the end of the day anyway... And should you stick with the right side, you would be given a chance to pursue the 'good' variant of the ending. Or, you could always stick with Haruhiko-- I mean Renji, and try to sort things out on your own... Or kill him in a fit of hungry insanity.


You know why did it end as it did? Because I grew tired of it. That's why you were given that pre-planned end, which was originally supposed to be a classic BAD END, with an option of continuing from the last choice or some earlier scenes. I just threw in some addinational information and called it a BB Ending, that's all.

And what, no reason to vote? From what I've seen, the moment that got the most votes was the one involving shaving. Shaving. I mean, shaving is fuckin' CRITICAL for the story's development, right? Much more so than, let's say, choosing whether to abide by Eron's fishy plan or defy it. It doesn't matter what you choose in the end, as long as the legs are shaved, right?

Oh, and speaking about trivial, irrelevant things, do you remember breaking Kazuma's toy? Yeah, that was really important. Otherwise, Kazuma wouldn't even remember you. For a reason you will never know, because you decided to be too big of a pussy to dig around in his office while he was away.

>Half the scenes ended in such a way where it really felt like it didn't matter which way we went, because it would have been the same shit either way

Feels predictable? Then try to change it. That's what write-ins are for. I've always been saying that I'm NOT good at coming up with choices, and that I greatly encourage write-ins. Don't say things like that, if you don't even try to change the story's flow. I mean both not voting and bandwagoning like horny rabbits.

Either way,

>> No. 19917

>Feels predictable? Then try to change it. That's what write-ins are for. I've always been saying that I'm NOT good at coming up with choices, and that I greatly encourage write-ins.

Although it's after the fact, why not switch to write-in only in that case? It seems like a reasonable option when you're bad at making interesting choices.

In before hypocrite.
>> No. 19918

Speaking of stories that don't get enough votes...

Hey you. Update.
>> No. 19919

>> No. 19920

>> No. 19921
LOL /eientei/ HIJACK XD
>> No. 19927
File 122484168651.jpg - (132.89KB , 399x550 , suzakulelouch13.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19928
File 122484171943.jpg - (97.26KB , 502x363 , 1224821533899.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19929
File 12248417574.jpg - (51.56KB , 452x385 , 1224781257278.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19930
File 122484184614.gif - (57.43KB , 700x400 , 1224821634447.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19931

Oh my...
>> No. 19932
Tomorrow more homolust.
>> No. 19933

I'll be waiting.
>> No. 19935
File 122492566062.jpg - (413.40KB , 1132x800 , 1224875849163.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19936
File 122492572059.jpg - (40.67KB , 350x467 , 1224909435915.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19937
File 12249257673.jpg - (134.85KB , 500x706 , 1224909459160.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19938
File 122492582676.gif - (42.34KB , 350x445 , 1224909486130.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19939

Mmmm, white button-up shirts... My fetish.

Don't stop, sweetheart.
>> No. 19940
It seems that i don't need to post daily CG anymore. My work is over.
>> No. 19984
File 122528284766.jpg - (32.96KB , 604x340 , 1166293700503.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wow. I really can't believe I went through ten threads just for this. Then the /th/ thread gets deleted. I feel as if someone just ran over my dog, though that could just be from the flu.

Damn it, YAF. God damn you.
>> No. 19987
YAF is dead.
>> No. 19989

This only somewhat eases my pain. Somewhat.
>> No. 19991

Am I, now.
>> No. 19995

Oh noes, joking
>> No. 19998

A part of you is dead. Small part, perhaps(every pun intended).
>> No. 20000
File 122538808868.png - (174.36KB , 512x767 , quickfuku2.png ) [iqdb]
Fukuzai GET.


Nah, I feel rather alive.
>> No. 24644
So, where's our AA, AB and BB ending.