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"Troublesome oni! Suika, where are you?!"

That's right, this is not a good day to be playing hide and seek! Drunken oni contests require their penalty games to be fulfilled! And since Reimu had gone to the village today, you decided that it would be best to fool around without her around - and such an occasion just arrived before you. The problem is, how is Suika to do her silly tasks if she's nowhere to be seen! What a selfish girl - running away like that! The rage wrought by her sly deeds has been threefolded! When she returns, this is going to be one HELL of a penalty game!

Misfortune wanted, that just as you were taking a corner in the overly long corridor of the shrine, something - or rather someone - was doing the same at the moment. Only from the other side.
Suprised yelp escapes your lips as a gust of cold air wraps around your face like a spring breeze, making you instinctively jump aside.
And land in something soft. To be exact, your back suddenly gets supported by two soft objects, and out of the blue, a pair of arms appears under your shoulders, preventing you from falling onto the floor. An unexpected, but appreciated help. Then, this person has to be...
"Mima?" you try turning your face towards your saviour, and - indeed - it turns out to be the said mischievous ghost "Ah, yeah, sorry, I wasn't paying attention."
Mm, yes, walking through her just like that, it couldnt've been pleasant for her. She once said that keeping physical form is a bit of a pain so she avoids doing that as often as possible... But this creates 'some' problems for other inhabitants... Too bad she's that kind of a person who has other people's problems deep up her nose.
"No, no. I don't mind." her warm smile assures you that she really doesn't "I should've payed attention too."
Taking her hint, you get back on your feet and face Mima on equal level. Well, almost equal. Altough her physical form is shorter than you, right now, she's floating a meter or so above the ground. Plus her hat makes her seem even taller...
"Uh, so what were you doing here?"
Mima puts her finger to her lips.
"Me? Oh, I was just looking around..."
You cock your head sideways and squint your eyes. Looking around? Mima looking around usually means she's bored. And that means trouble for all that find themselves in her path. This time, it happened to be you. Brace for impact? You better do.
"... anyways," you make a poor attempt at changing the subject "Have you seen Suika around? I'm trying to find her and--"
"Hey." she interrupts you without any remorse.
What is there to do other than shrugging?
"... yes?"
"Play chess with me!"


Chess. Why chess? And why did you agree to such a ridiculous request? Chess. Damn, you've never been good at chess, bah, sometimes you'd even lose in a match against yourself, let alone playing with someone else. Did she know about that? And why the hell chess, anyway?!
Now the situation is tragic. No, it's not tragic. It's totally screwed up. Your king was left alone on the battlefield, in absence of it's servants, forced to fight a still-marching band of pawns and towers, as well as a hetman and opponent king.
"Your move."
Gleeful at her control over situation, Mima urges you to make a move, smirking mischievously and sending you strange glances at the same time...
"Mima, you're not reading my thoughts, are you?"
She makes an obviously false offended face. So painfully fake you almost flinch.
"Me? Why would I do something like that, I wonder? It's just a game, right?"
A game with a ravenous spirit - ravenous for other people's misfortune at that - is not what you'd call 'just a game'. No, just the opposite. It's like a battle for one's life! There is no place for mistakes! The bet is your life, and should you fail, she would be free to do with it as she pleases!
With shaking hands, you get a grip of your king's crown, and slowly raise it's figure into the air. Like a weird stamp, you slam it down on the board, on a neighbouring spot. That's right! This spot is the best! It was made for you! No one can take you down if you stand on this spot!
"Check." Mima moves her pawn "And mate."
How can this be! For you to lose to that woman! What manner of twisted insult is this! No, wait, this cannot be! Inconceivable! Your eyes run through the board, seeking a single possible path of escape from her forces, but... But...!
There are none. She is right. It's a check-mate. But unlike real life, you cannot fight for your life till the last breath and drop of blood.
Throwing your arms towards the ceiling, you stand up and yell the name of your nemesis. For what sins were you punished with such an obviously cheating enemy?! This is unfair! Most definitely unfair! A rematch? What good's it going to do?
The malicious spirit fans her grinning face with her hand. No, that's not how winners smile! That's the smile of a traitor!
"What's the matter? Why the glare? Didn't I win fair and straight? We all had the same amount of pawns."
"That's not it--!" you try to protest, but to no avail. She deliberately ignores your every word.
"Now, are you ready for your penalty game?"
Oh, so it was all about that! A roundabout method of making you do her bidding, and in a totally legal way too?! Cunning plan, Mima! Very cunning! But this can't end yet! Unfair as it might be, this man is not going to let you win!
"Mima, I'm sorry." your hand ventures towards your head as inconspiciously as possible "I can't let you throw me around like that. Forgive me, but I have to--"
But before it can reach it's destination, the same feeling as not so long ago appears on your back.
"Can't~ let~ you~ do~ that~"
Her words are like a mocking sound, underlining the fact that she's grasped your arm, and is successfully preventing it from reaching your face.
"Mm," she purrs straight into your ear. Damn it! She knows exactly how to dull your senses! "Why don't you listen to what I have to say first?"
Shit, shit, shit! Why are you getting aroused by that? Yeah, her breasts do feel nice and and soft... Her breath on your ear is really pleasant, but... This is too much. What does she want anyway, that she's so desperate? Or perhaps, is this another game? Very well. As long as it's not chess, then this man is at your service! As long as it's not chess. Bring it on then, Mima.
"Sure." you say, putting as much confidence in your words as possible "Why not. Speak up."
She strenghtens her embrace on your body.... Whether this is another countermeasure for your potential escape, or just a simple gesture, you can only wonder.
"Mm, what's with the sudden change of attitude?"
"Just get to the point."
Again. Rub, rub.
"Mm, don't you like it though?"
You sigh.
"That has nothing to do with it."

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She lets out a disappointed moan, making her chest push even harder against your back. Damn it, this is distracting. As much as you'd like to mantain a clear mind, it's just too tempting to give in to her warmth. Still, you have to... You have to...
Your body sinks lower into her almost passionately hot bosom. Lower, lower, your ears are now touching those soft pillows... There's no strength in your arms, nor legs, nor anywhere else. Shit, shit... Did she use some sort of spell on you? Why is it so warm?
"Have... sex with me." With an innocent smile, she drops the bomb. Wait a moment. Wait a fucking moment! Did she just say what she said? Or did you mishear something? Have... have becks? Break necks? Learn techs? Flex? Clean decks? "Come on."
Her hands immidiately appear on your chest, taking advantage of your temporary weakness. Wait a moment, Mima!
"Wait! What do you mean, 'have sex'?!" oh damn, that sounded more pathetic than you intended it to "Why would we--"
Her finger closes your protesting lips with no effort at all.
"Sssh. Better listen to what others say, lad. One day you might end up in a baaaad~" accompanying that prolonger word, one of her palms slides farther down, towards your pants "Misunderstanding... If you..." shit, your zipper! It does nothing! Why the hell can't you move? It's not like it's... not pleasant, but... Damn, if Reimu finds you two like this, it's going to be... "Are nice... I'm not going to paralyze you completely. Mm, how about it?"
But wait, isn't Reimu gone for the whole day? And Suika disappeared somewhere... Could this be another of Mima's schemes? No, she couldn't possibly get rid of both of them, just to... Hell, it is complimenting, and really, but this is not how it--
Your body jerks up unvoluntarily the same moment Mima's fingertips touch your member's glans. Shit, before you noticed, she's already slid her fingers inside not only your pants, but briefs as well. And now... Oh damn, this is too good. Way too good. You've been already hard, but her touch made the pre-cum gush forth like an impatient river, just waiting for a right moment to go wild. She seems to have noticed that too, as she dips her finger in the sticky liquid. Bah, there's no way she wouldn't notice it, having her fingers wrapped around your glans like that.
"Mima, slow do--"
"Slow down?" a hearty laugh accompanies her grip getting stronger for a second. That alone makes your senses go wild. Like a malfunctioning computer, you switch between high and low awareness levels, that making your head go numb. The only thing that remains constantly strong are the waves of pleasure her fingertips give your most delicate part. She gives it a fleeting slide along the very tip, lubricating it with your own pre-cum. Holy shit, did that feel good. "Why would I? I'm not even wet yet..."
She might say that... But what you can do in the current situation? With her wriggling her hand around in your pants, and head burrowed in her enormous bust, there is nothing... Unless... "Oh, here? Does it feel good?"
Damn right it does! She found your most sensitive spot! How the hell are you supposed to answer when even breathing is hard! Her fingers are like little streams of water, gently brushing the skin of your glans, sending more and more mind-dulling sensations. Everywhere. They're everywhere, caressing every single spot. Still, you have to... You have to...!
Break away! Ineffective spell! You can't be the only one receiving pleasure! That's why, gathering all your strength, you defy her caress and forcefully turn around...!
Only to fall face-first on the floor. It's gone. Her touch, her warmth - it's all gone.
She escaped! Silent giggle behind your back betrays her position. And so you turn around, gritting your teeth, towards the malicious ghost.
Who's now sitting on the ceiling. Sitting. On the ceiling. Head-down, she's sitting cross-legged (legs!) on the ceiling. Dumbfounding, but you manage to mantain the scraps of sanity. Damn it, only now that her touch is gone, you can hear the screams of your own thoughts, wanting more.
"Mima, what are you--"
She clicks her fingers.
And with that, you begin to fall... No, more accurate would be to say that you begin to ascend. But like if the gravity was reversed, you fall straight on the ceiling, just like you did with the floor a moment ago. The landing is not soft.
You try looking 'up', and found yourself startled at the sight of a table... standing on the 'ceiling' - in reality floor - a chess board on it, not even moving from it's previous position. As if the gravity changed only for you... And her.
Suddenly, her grinning face blots out the stupefying sight.
Before you're able to answer with anything, she clicks her fingers again.
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Her clothes are gone. Like if they were never there in the first place, they're suddenly gone. The sight of her naked skin immidiately makes you hard again. Neck, breasts with protruded nipples, belly, hips, thighs, and... It's enough to make you rock-hard again. Just that? Oh god, since when are you so weak?
Speaking of which... Why can you see your own dick? You're pretty sure you've been wearing clothes just a moment ago... Oh wait. Right. Yours are gone too.
"Relax." How can she say that when she's squatting astride above your naked body! "Come on, I don't bite. You can touch."
Again, with that calm face, she suggests something so ridiculous. Can... touch? But, if she gave the permission herself, then...
Your hands act on their own. Without any command, as if steered by some outside force. Onto her breasts. Without a moment of hesitation, they begin to massage them, first gently, then harder... She moans in pleasure, then leans forward, her hair forming a nice, shielding tent around your bodies. Damn, why didn't you notice earlier that she has such long hair? No matter.
Your tease was enough for her to lose strenght in legs and fall 'down', onto your body. In a way so her wet slit lands directly on your shaft. Was it intentional? Had to be, since she starts sliding back and forth, riding your hard member like a wagon rides it's rail, yours and hers pre-cum mixing together, making obscene, schlicking sounds.
Slide, slide, slide, slide.
But this time it's diffirent. There is nothing dulling the pleasure anymore. Just pure, unaffected impulses. And all the strength in your body is back.
Slide, slide, sliiiiiiide.
"Mm..." Soft purr escapes Mima's lips as her clitoris rubs against the glans of your dick yet again. "I... mm, think I'm... umm... Yeah... ready..."
It's a signal! Permission! Time to begin the main event!
You nod slightly, then reach towards your still connected genitalia. In just a few seconds, they're going to unify even more... Mima obediently raises her hips a bit, so you can position yourself... Your member's glans just at the opening of her hole...
And all of a sudden, she pushes down violently. In one second, or not even that long, you enter her wholly, like if it was sucking you in. Her inside is calling out to your senses, screaming, ordering, caressing, flooding every single corner of your shaft with love juices. Wet, warm, hot even, the wave of sensations floods your mind like a ram banging at the gates of castle insanity. Your fingers are twitching at the sheer pleasure her corridor gives you.
And she doesn't stay neutral as well. You can see her chest raising and falling as she gasps for air, desperately, as if unable to keep herself calm.
"Am... Amazing..." she mutters in between pants and spasms "Nn... I'm... Going..."
Ignoring all the impulses telling you to cum here and no, you try raising your hips a little, giving Mima a sign to start moving. This can't end here, right? Not yet, it has all just begun. She nods.
And slowly, slowly, you start sliding out of her. Clearly, like in a high-def television, you see every single droplet of her juices flow down your erect shaft as it leaves her heavenly warm insides. More, and more, and more, and soon only the very tip is still submerged in that sea of pleasure. Your senses are screaming. Your reason is forfeit! Her flesh is yours! Onward, towards the peak of insanity, bathing in white haze!
Your hands grab a hold of her hips and urge them downwards. Again, you slowly immerse in a world of wet warmth, listening to Mima's muffled moans, gradually getting stronger in both numbers and volume. Then again, slide out. And in. And out. There is nothing else that matters at the moment.
Her breasts soon begin bouncing up and down, taken by the unforgiving physic laws, telling them to move according to your rhytmical thrusts. As much as you'd like to catch those soft pillows of flesh, the control in your hands has already been taken - again - by that ravenous ghost. Then you notice - that your crotch is literally flooding with her juices, and should any of it splash around, it would fall 'up' to the floor.
"Ahh~ ahh~ mmmh~"
Her pleased moans only serve your resolve to grow and make the unevitable come faster than expected.
"Mima...! I'm going... to...!"
Dang, this is bad. You can't stop, addicted to the pumping motion, still sliding in and out of her at the same pace. Your wings are clipped, and you can do nothing, nothing at all to pull out before...


Like a baloon suddenly getting pierced, you let out a long sigh. Against your will. All the movement stops.


With every beat of your heart, more and more sperm gets shot into Mima's burning hot womb. It feels... even better than the sex itself. For some reason... You are satisfied... Very satisfied... And feeling your gradually limping member still inside of her as she embraces you tightly, still panting hard, is just... heavenly...
"So--... Sorry..." she mutters into your ear "I... shouldn't... ha-- have... squeezed... so hard... next time..."
"... next time...?" you try asking as she stopped at those words.
"... next time..."



Both of you jump up at the same time when a loud noise interrupts your silent dialogue.
"What the FUCK are you two doing?!"
That voice, that annoyed voice... It can't be anyone other than...
"R-Reimu?!" Mima almost squeals in suprise. Indeed, Reimu is standing directly beneath you, droplets of various liquids barely missing her clothes and face as they fall down. "I tho- thought you'd be home la--.. later!"
Damn, her still having problems with breathing doesn't make the situation look any better. Let alone the fact that you're both sitting on the ceiling, naked, hugging each other. Oh man, this is bad.
"WHY DON'T YOU TWO HAVE A SEAT OVER THERE." the miko says loud, with an extremely steely voice.
"Reimu, I--"
With tears forming in corners of her eyes, Mima clicks her fingers again.


In the end, cleaning the whole shrine would be much better than what happened to you as a punishment.


So yeah. I couldn't let Kirin be the only one with a done Mima H-scene. Also, I guess this should serve as a compensation of sorts for my recent... slacking. I really don't feel motivated lately...
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This is the closest we will ever get to a Mima route from YAF.
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You forgot the part where Red knifes her for the eighth fucking time~
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You suck YAF, get back to writing delicious Fuku x Kazuma.
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>You suck

>really don't feel motivated

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no problem
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All joking aside, I liked it a great deal.
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It was good~
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Your skills have improved, Fox.
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>cross legged

I see what you did there.
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Felt good bro.
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I approve.
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Don't necromance months old threads.
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