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18174 No. 18174
[X] Give Fujiwara a solid kick in the face. This fucker needs to learn his manners.

Oh no, he didn't. First you get transported to some plastic castle of rabbit faggotry thanks to his selfish behaviour, and now this fucker has the balls to do something like this. Now he's really crossed the line, your hate for him is divine. You were in bad enough mood because of the whole misunderstanding, but this is just overboard. And he keeps flailing you around like a goddamn rag doll. Stop it. For the love of everything edible, stop it, whatever the fuck you think you are doing!
"Anyways, Kazuma, what are we gonna--"
His grip is strong enough for you to lift yourself up using his arm as support. Impressive, that he has so much strength, but well, it will turn out against him in the end. How? That's simple.

Since you can pretty much use him as a horizontal bar and DRIVE THAT FUCKING SHOE OF YOURS INTO HIS FACE LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING NUCLEAR MISSILE.
Let him feel the usefulness of the most complicated invention since the wheel - the sole of your boot! May his face be forever deformed, for treating you like a toy! And for this whole ordeal!
Something resembling a pained, muffled groan escapes his - udoubtedly - crushed lips, and accompanyng that - something you hadn't foreseen - he let go of your wrist, which makes you fall flat on your ass onto the tiled floor. Nothing that you haven't experienced before, and it doesn't keep you from quickly standing up and running behind the dumbfounded 'Kazuma' guy. It also seems he's too suprised to prevent you from doing so as well. Just as fucking planned.
"Wha--?!" Fujiwara regains control of his body just as you take a glance from behind Kazuma's shoulders. "I save your life, and this is how you repay me?!"
Oh man, his face is a true theater of gore right now. For the first time you're grateful for those military shoes you - pretty much - stole from Marry. Those things are scary fuckers. A note to yourself - if you're ever gonna be in need of kicking through a steel door, use those. Well, Fujiwara's face is not made of steel, so he suffered much more damage than just a few dents. His lips are literally in pieces, and you'd be suprised if he still had all of his teeth. His cheeks have multiple cuts and bruises, as does the whole left side of his face.
On the other hand, his reaction isn't quite... fitting to the amount of damage you've done. He's unexpectedly calm.
"What the hell was that for?!"
You make no effort to form an answer, and just give him a finger from behind Kazuma's back.
"Tch." suprisingly his words are still intelligible, despite the state of his mouth "Whatever. Do as you please. I'm outta here."
"Oi, are you sure you don't want me to treat you, Fre--" the doc apparently felt a call of duty, but it came out for naught.

Not even five seconds later, you are left alone in the room with those two weirdos - the doctor and his... uh, superior? - still hiding behind the latter's back. Great. One nuisance has been taken care of, but now you've got two more to deal with. Why is it that no matter how many times you solve a problem, another one - or even more - appears? Well, at least the satisfaction of ruining someone's day keeps you in rather high spirits. Hell, you even feel an urge to say something nice to this little barricade of your that still keeps standing like if it's rooted to place. Plus you feel strangely energetic today, ever since the delivery...

[ ] "..."
[ ] "Well that was satisfying. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some urgent business to take care of."
[ ] "... you alive? Hey... uh, Kazuma?"
[ ] "... is he gonna be alright, that Fujiwara guy?"
[ ] "... hey... uh, Doc. You a real doc?"
[ ] "What are you standing there for? Move aside!", then shove Kazuma away and sit at the table again.

>> No. 18175
[X] "... hey... uh, Doc. You a real doc?"
>> No. 18176
{X} "... you alive? Hey... uh, Kazuma?"

>> No. 18178
[ ] "... you alive? Hey... uh, Kazuma?"
[ ] "... hey... uh, Doc. You a real doc?"
>> No. 18181

>> No. 18183
[x] "... you alive? Hey... uh, Kazuma?"
[x] "... hey... uh, Doc. You a real doc?"
>> No. 18184
[ ] "..."

It's like I'm really Ryougi Shiki!
>> No. 18189
This is the 7th vote now YAF, isn't it enough?

[x] "... you alive? Hey... uh, Kazuma?"
[x] "... hey... uh, Doc. You a real doc?"
>> No. 18195
>You make no effort to form an answer, and just give him a finger from behind Kazuma's back.

I lol'd

[x] "... sorry about your friend there, uh, Kazuma. At least, I didn't think it'd... turn his face into a pizza."
[x] "... hey... uh, Doc. You a real doc?"
>> No. 18196
[x] "... sorry about your friend there, uh, Kazuma. At least, I didn't think it'd... turn his face into a pizza."
[x] "... hey... uh, Doc. You a real doc?"

>> No. 18199
File 122041966581.jpg - (21.63KB , 170x170 , folder.jpg ) [iqdb]

I admit, unanimous voting is a bit unsatisfying, but no, I just went to sleep, that's all.

[x] "... you alive? Hey... uh, Kazuma?"
[x] "... hey... uh, Doc. You a real doc?"

Yeah, no matter what just happened, all you feel is cheerful elation, and no guilt or fright. None whatsoever. Man, it sure DOES feel good to kick someone's face every now and again. Altough you wish it'd be that idiot Renji's face next time, this'll have to wait. There's another problem to deal with at hand and you are more than eager to finish fixing it already and just be on your way. Besides, you can't leave the situation hanging like this, now can you? It may be not your style, but, well, it would also make you feel bad a little.
"... you alive?" you direct your a bit nonsensical question at the one who served you as an unmoving shield up till now "Hey... uh, Kazuma?"
Since there is no reaction, you try poking his back with one finger - just to make sure if he really didn't die. Which yields more results than you expected it to, as Kazuma jumps first up, then forward, away from you, ending this silly ballet with an 180 degree turn, making his pale face fully visible to you and the doctor.
"Y-yeah? What is it?"
You let your shoulders slump down and relax a bit, altough it's more of a troubled gesture. Trying to neglect his weird stare, you instead concentrate on the wall behind him, just to not be forced to look at his face and mantain a tolerable level of attention towards him.
"... like I said..."
Uh, this is screwed up. Why the hell did he react like that? This only makes things more complicated... And now you're left with those two, with apparently no way of returning to wherever you'd like to return. The village wasn't visible from that spot where you popped up so it has to be pretty far away from here... And the shrine, yeah, you'd rather not go back there just yet. So what? Stay here? Well, it's not like you have anything better to do, since everything you can do now is to wait for another message of the 'field agent', regarding the payment, but still... This place reeks of hospital, and therefore makes you extremely uncomfortable. You'd rather go climb the trees in the forest than spend leisure time here.
The doctor seemingly decides the silence was too long, and stands up with a distinguishable noise, so the two of you - Kazuma and you - would direct all the attention you have towards him. Clever move.
"Well, well..." he places his hands on his hips like some sort of scolding high-class lady "What are we going to do with you now?"
Hell if you know, but damn, at least this time, it would be nice if they let you actually decide about your own fate. When the future seems to be architectured by a carnival of idiots on show, you can only lay low and hope for the best, while what you really want is just to go your own way.
"Now, don't give me that look." he tries to shoo your scowl with a smile. Needless to say, in vain. "Where are you from, anyway? You don't look like one of those worker slaves from the village." no shit, sherlock "Moriya settlement, maybe? Forest of Magic? Scarlet Devil Mansion? Uh..."
You shake your head to all of his guesses, since all of them are pretty much wrong. But how can you say from where you come? One thing's for sure - you've never heard about this weirdass place, and you also have no idea how you got there. This stinks, and stinks like a rotten fish.
Then it hits you. At least two people asked you the same thing before, and it seems it could be a convenient excuse to conceal the place of your origin.
"I'm new here."
That's right. 'New here' - two magical words that everyone here takes with unfitting care.
And this one is no exception. Bah, even Kazuma somehow livens up a little at the mention of those.
"You're from the outside?" he asks.
And you can only shrug. Outside? Hell if you know what he means, but playing along is the only thing you can do here.
"Outside, huh?" the doc scratches his goatee in thought "No wonder..."
Yeah, right, no wonder.
But that's right, there was one more question you wanted to ask, just to make sure about... the purpose of this place.
"... hey... Uh, Doc? You a real Doc?"
He gives you a strange glance.
"Yes, realest 'doc' you could meet here in Gensokyo. Why?" Oh, great. Then your premonitions were right. This IS a goddamn hospital. Marvelous. Hearing no answer, the 'doc' resumes the previous topic. "Well, since it looks like you've been left in our care, I guess we'll have to show you our hospitality... It doesn't suit a doctor to leave his patient wandering alone in a dangerous world."
Oh yeah, right, only you are not his patient, but that's an insignificant detail, isn't it? Whoop dee doo, if everything here stinks like this room, you'll be bidding him goodbye soon.
"Eron..." the prince cursed into stone statue awakes from his idle slumber at last and looks at the 'doc' with unsure face "Maybe we could... uh..."
"Oh, it's rare to see our master Kazuma interested in a gi--"
You observe the whole show with mild annoyance. How long do they want to keep carrying on like this? And why do you have a feeling that there's another forced fate being prepared for you?
"Oh, it's okay, master. I understand you're... interested. Too bad, I wanted to examine her..."
'Examine'? What for? You're not ill, what the hell is he thinking?

[ ] Agree to be a guinea pig, going with this Kazuma guy could be dangerous.
[ ] That doc is crazy! Tell Kazuma you're not much of a chat, but you'll try to keep up.
>> No. 18200
{X} That doc is crazy! Tell Kazuma you're not much of a chat, but you'll try to keep up.

creepy eron
>> No. 18201
[x] Agree to be a guinea pig, going with this Kazuma guy could be dangerous.

Maybe we'll give him a dose of our SUPER AIDS.
>> No. 18202
[x] Agree to be a guinea pig, going with this Kazuma guy could be dangerous.
>> No. 18206
Cute kabuki-esque boy or creepy goatee man?

[x] That doc is crazy! Tell Kazuma you're not much of a chat, but you'll try to keep up.

Fuku likes younger (looking) guys.
>> No. 18207
[ ] That doc is crazy! Tell Kazuma you're not much of a chat, but you'll try to keep up.
>> No. 18214
[c] That doc is crazy! Tell Kazuma you're not much of a chat, but you'll try to keep up.

fi you know what i mean...
>> No. 18216
[x] That doc is crazy! Tell Kazuma you're not much of a chat, but you'll try to keep up.

Now we can take it for granted that Fuku likes little boys.
She had the hots for Aki and now she is going to eat up Kazuma.
>> No. 18219
File 122045508799.jpg - (173.35KB , 640x1920 , 1220385857178.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] That doc is crazy! Tell Kazuma you're not much of a chat, but you'll try to keep up.

Examine? No, fuck, even if you look at it without any weird associations, it still sounds goddamn suspicious. You are not fucking ill, hell, you didn't even intend to visit this place! For fuck's sake, YOU DIDN'T KNOW IT'S A HOSPITAL. There's no way you'd agree to become that crazed fuck's guinea pig. Even for one little 'examination', no way in hell. Whatever he meant by that, he's not going to receive it.
"Of course, you can accompany us, master."
Oho, looks like he's still attempting to sway Kazuma to abide by his plan. Well, too bad, doc, you're not going everywhere with this, cause your precious little guest is tired of being pushed around against her will!
"No." That's right, something you couldn't to way back with Renji, it now shouldn't give you any problems. The doc can go fuck himself with a rake for all you care. "Piss off, doc. Kazuma," you turn to the one you've chosen out of those two "I'm not much of a chat, but I'll try to keep up." then, after approaching him and grabbing his forearm, you add, much quieter "Just take me away from that psycho doc."
"Um... Mhm."
The doctor, still smiling with that annoying smile of his, speaks up just as you're about to close the door behind you after dragging Kazuma out.
"Pay me a visit later."

Okay, so now, you're standing in this stinking corridor with a failiure of a man to whose sleeve you keep clinging to. Well, shit, for some reason it doesn't make you feel bad. Just the opposite, you could say, if it wasn't for you constantly present irritation. So who should be the one to push the situation further there? He's the male here, but it's you who's wearing the pants it seems - literally and metaphorically. Just why are all of those people so... abnormal? The only ones that look responsible turn out to be crazy, and the only ones that act decently turn out to be some jacked up fetishists. Or little boys. O' god, for what sins?!
"... um? So what now?" the slowpoke finally realizes you were standing and staring at him intently for at least three minutes now. Good going, at this rate it will be whole eternity before you can get out of here!
"... you ask me, I ask you." you shrug, - still - holding onto his sleeve "Do we have to stand here though? This smell makes me want to puke." seeing no reaction, you decide to give him one more hint "Can we go somewhere else?"
Yeah, like for example, not here? Fuck, to be honest, you'd rather be working right now, but... Damn, only one assignment, and you still have to wait for the field agent to make his move. This is one of the moments you regret having such a mysterious employer...
"Somewhere... Maybe... My room?"
Your room. Genius. Kazuma, you're a bold fucking buy, suggesting something like this. Or just oblivious to the consequences to which this might lead. Or, the least plausible version, he just felt like his room would be a nice place to talk in.
No, wait. Looking at him, the least plausible option becomes the most plausible one.
"... why not. Where do we go?"
"Um... Through the operating theater..."
"There?" you point at the direction where you encountered the large door.
Not waiting for anything else, you set off in the shown direction, dragging the silently groaning Kazuma behind you.

This time, the door that neglected you passage earlier is open, the edifice behind it clearly visible, illuminated by four large spotlights, situated at each corner of this rectangular hall. All of them are concentrated on the very center, where a hospital bed stands, with a stool full of dirty appliances beside it. What is this, a stage for some fucked up reality show? Operating live, watch the intestines leak out of patient's stomach? Cool idea, you'd watch it, DEFINITELY.
Trying your best to ignore the painfully obvious fact that some unlucky defunct is still laying on the hideous table, covered only by a bloodied sheet, you glance around around and find yourself faced with a choice that you probably won't be able to make on your own.
Like in some goddamn video game riddle, there are two more exits from this room. And you have no idea which one to choose.
"This way."
And that's the moment when your unfulfilled guide finally wakes up, and switches positions with you, thus taking the lead. Turns out it was the left passage you ought to take. Hm.

Not long after, the two of you reach another section of the building, clearly of another purpose, since this one looks pretty much like the shrine did, with the same style of floors, doors and walls, and made of same materials. What a nice refreshment after the whole plastic-fantastic, sickening interior of the hospital part. You also can't help but notice how there are more of those black suits rabbits, glancing at your duo from the side rooms, apparently confused why would Kazuma drag a girl down the corridor with such haste. Oh, is he embarassed? It would certainly seem so...

The room that he offered you to take to turns out to be... Less cozy than you expected it to. To be honest, after he closed the door behind you, the only source of light remaining was the large hole in the wall, that he immidiately, after excusing himself (which made you release the grip on his sleeve at last), proceeded to repair. With brown sellotape.
To keep it brief, you can't see shit. And when you finally gathered enough courage to take a step, the only effect was you stomping on something that you couldn't even see. Something very fragile, judging from the crushing sound. Oops. Fortunately, he's too absorbed with repairing the hole that he didn't notice it. Good, good...

Choose what to do:
[ ] Fukuzai Toorima, get out of here as fast as you can!
[ ] Sit down right where you're standing.
[ ] Proceed anyways. It's his fault if he keeps fragile things on the floor.
[ ] "... why the hell is it so dark here?"

Choose a topic:
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... so what is this place?"
[ ] "... do you like hairy girls?"
[ ] ".. what did I just step on?"
[ ] "... are all of your friends insane?"
[ ] Other
>> No. 18221
{X} Proceed anyways. It's his fault if he keeps fragile things on the floor.
{X} "... why the hell is it so dark here?"

{X} "... are all of your friends insane?"
>> No. 18222
{X} Proceed anyways. It's his fault if he keeps fragile things on the floor.
{X} "... why the hell is it so dark here?"

{X} "... are all of your friends insane?"
>> No. 18223
[x] Proceed anyways. It's his fault if he keeps fragile things on the floor.
[x] "... why the hell is it so dark here?"
[x] "... are all of your friends insane?"
>> No. 18224
[X] Proceed anyways. It's his fault if he keeps fragile things on the floor.
[X] "... why the hell is it so dark here?"

[X] "... do you like hairy girls?"

Because Fuku is such a shotacon.
>> No. 18225
[ ] Proceed anyways. It's his fault if he keeps fragile things on the floor.
[ ] "... why the hell is it so dark here?"
[ ] "... are all of your friends insane?"

OH no..
>> No. 18226
[x] Proceed anyways. It's his fault if he keeps fragile things on the floor.
[x] "... why the hell is it so dark here?"
[x] "... are all of your friends insane?"
>> No. 18228
[x] Rape

The only true option here. He will never see it coming until it's too late.
>> No. 18229
[x] "... why the hell is it so dark here?"
[x] "... what did I just step on?"
>> No. 18232
[ ] Sit down right where you're standing.
[ ] "... do you like hairy girls?"

Fuku's inner girl dies now.
>> No. 18233
[x] Proceed anyways. It's his fault if he keeps fragile things on the floor.
[x] "... why the hell is it so dark here?"
[x] "... are all of your friends insane?"
>> No. 18236
[x] "Hope that wasn't something valuable."
[x] "...Why the hell is it so dark here?"
[x] "And are all of your friends insane?"
>> No. 18237
[z] "Hope that wasn't something valuable."
[e] "...Why the hell is it so dark here?"
[~] "And are all of your friends insane?"
>> No. 18238
Actually... I wanna see this...

[x] Rape
>> No. 18241
[x] Rape

hmmmm, this could be interesting.
>> No. 18242
Updates needed
>> No. 18245
[x] "Hope that wasn't something valuable."
[x] "...Why the hell is it so dark here?"
[x] "And are all of your friends insane?"
>> No. 18248
[X] "... why the hell is it so dark here?"
[x] "... are all of your friends insane?"

Them crazy-talkin' nutters.
>> No. 18249
File 122050719062.jpg - (54.03KB , 640x439 , DO WANT.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bitch ℳℴℯ x shota NEET h-scene?

Please god, please.

The idea of shotacon Fuku makes me hard.

Plus, being a pushy bitch, I can completely see her rationalizing it with "I've taken enough shit today and can't stand it, so that makes you my new stress toy."
>> No. 18251
[y] "Hope that wasn't something valuable."
[e] "...Why the hell is it so dark here?"
[s] "And are all of your friends insane?"
>> No. 18255
>> No. 18260
File 122054635199.jpg - (179.97KB , 900x816 , 1220421150205.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for not updating in the morning, but I was so sleepy I couldn't concentrate on writing walls. Also my mind is being constantly occupied by that Mokou thing I keep lusting after. I need to write it. I want to write it. I want to write some fucking Moekou.

[x] Proceed anyways. It's his fault if he keeps fragile things on the floor.
[x] "... why the hell is it so dark here?"
[x] "... are all of your friends insane?"

Uh, whatever it was, wasn't it his fault in the first place? This godforsaken room is too damn dark to see anything, and what kinda idiot keeps fragile things on the floor? Therefore, there is no reason for you to feel guilty, right? No reason at all. Besides, it couldn't be anything valuable, right? Normal people usually keep things like that in safer places. But then again, speaking of normal people...
He's still trying to cover every single spot in the hole Fujiwara made, with that brown tape...

This isn't how normal people act. Like, at all.

"... ehhh..."
But all you can do is sigh. You've gotten yourself into this situation, the coin you tossed has struck the earth, and now you must abide by it's outcome. Of course, you didn't have that much of a choice to begin with, but... Hell, there's no point in thinking about it now. What has happened can't un-happen, and you just have to endure it, until the bitter end. Besides... Being with him doesn't seem as terrifying as being with Fujiwara or Renji, for some reason...
"... why the hell is it so dark here?"
You decide to break the silence as you start moving on through the mess of things, closing up on Kazuma's position. At least there's a bit of light there, so...
"Ah, you see..." he pauses his answer for a moment, as well as efforts to repair the hole, measuring the left gaps with a professional glance. Like if he's done that many times before. "I just, um, like it like this. Dark. It's just that. Does it... um, bother you?"
"... no, not at all."
Just that, eh? So he's one of those people. Well, his getup suggested something like that, but now you're entirely sure, that he's a-- Oh damn, there goes another thing. This time the crack wasn't audible, but you can still feel something being crushed under the soil of your boot. Aww FUCK! Seriously, this guy needs to clean up this mess, and fucking soon! How the hell does he navigate here anyway? Fly over it all? Ridiculous.


Wait a moment. Wait a fucking moment.

"Um, there's an easy chair on your left. Yes, right there."
You follow his direction with your blind sight, and notice that indeed, despite it being barely visible, there is a rather comfy looking armchair standing amongst the sea of rubbish. Comfy. That means you'd rather sit on the floor than on that thing... But how can one simply reject Kazuma's offer? And so you find yourself falling onto the too soft seat, WAY too soft, if you can say what you think, and try to relax. Without any effects. Just being here makes you uneasy, let alone trying to find a position in which your butt wouldn't itch on this thing. For fuck's sake!
Still, you have to endure it. Endure it. Bear with it! God fucking damn it, it's just a chair! DEAL WITH IT!

He finally finishes his job, making cheerful fanfares sound in your head. At least the time you've spent observing him on this buttsore made your vision attune a little to the surrounding darkness. Still, you try not to notice all the things around, and instead concentrate on your unfortunate host. He gives his work an admiring stare, then proceeds to throw the sellotape behind his back, into the ocean of mess... If he's ever gonna find it again, it's going to be a fucking miracle.
"Finished~ finished~"
Looks like he's too happy about it to just sit down peacefuly. Oh well. Too bad your plans are to break his stream of joy with a rude question. Yeah, you realize it's rude, but still, you want to know.
"... are all of your friends insane?"
You can't see his face clearly, but - just as expected - this sudden question of yours makes him drop his hippy-happy behaviour.
"What do you mean?"
... wait, so he doesn't realize it?
"... uh, that guy... The one with rabbit ears..."
"Rozen? Oh, him..." he shrugs helplessly "He looked into a mirror one day and... Oh, I forgot, you're from the outside... Um, it's a long story. He's... He's..." you observe his efforts to find a proper word with mild amusement "He's still... Um, normal, you just need to... Understand him in reverse... Um!"
Oh man, this is great. The way he flails around his arms in embarassment is just too great too watch! Not enough to make your ass stop itching, but still. A little help would probably be appreciated though.
"You mean, you need to get him the wrong way to understand?"
"Yes! Yes! If he says 'no', he says 'yes' and the other way around!"
"Hm..." Weird stuff indeed, but well, after seeing floating men and elevators-teleportators, there aren't many things that could suprise you. "And the doc? Who the hell is he?"
Kazuma puts his hand to his lips.
"He's... He's just a doctor, that's all."
"Surely, doctors don't leave dead bodies on operating tables, now do they?"
"Ah, that..." he looks down on the floor "It's just his... hobby, I guess. He likes experiments. Stuff like that. Don't worry though! That guy was already dead when we found him!"
Already dead... This doesn't make you feel better one bit. Just the opposite. Why would they collect dead bodies? For experiments? This just keeps getting more and more stinky with every explanation. And here you hoped at least this boy would be fairly normal... Not counting his weird habits. 'Oh hey, I brought a corpse home, can I experiment on it, master?' 'Yeah, sure why not.'. Kazuma, why you? Why are you insane like the rest of them?!
"Of course, we help alive people too! That's what our clinic is here for!"
No, helping people and corpses somehow don't get along, Kazuma, and you should realize it.

Awkward silence ensues. Neither of you can come up with anything else, and this is really, really getting weird. Plus your ass feels awfully uncomfortable. Damn it, soft armchairs. Why are they so soft? You weren't made for things like these! A fucking flagstone would be better than this!
"Um... So, would you like to play some video games?"
There he goes, making a ridiculous offer again. But, you didn't expect anything more from a person like him. Sighable.

[ ] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
[ ] "... so you lookin' to play, huh? I know a better game. Catch me WHILE I JUMP OUT YOUR FUCKING WINDOW."
[ ] Wait, what the hell are you sitting here for? Walk out, calmly, bide him a polite adieu.
[ ] "..."
[ ] Staaaaaaaaare.
[ ] "... bring it."
[ ] Blatant write-in option
>> No. 18261
[x] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."

Jesus, Fuku were you not breastfed or something? Your daddy not hug you enough, or maybe too much?
>> No. 18262
[x] Staaaaaaaaare.

This option, it was made for me.
>> No. 18263
[x] Rape

He is asking for it!
>> No. 18264
File 122054958161.jpg - (54.95KB , 1024x576 , Nightmare Fuel.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Staaaaaaaaare.

Okay, let's intimidate the shit out of him.
>> No. 18265
[X] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
[X] Wherever you have to sit to play, make him sit on your lap. As payback for having to sit in that horrible chair.

Totally as payback. Completely as payback.

I-it's not like Fuku is a shotacon who just wants a boy on her lap, not at all!
>> No. 18266
File 122055245454.png - (202.66KB , 704x396 , stalker.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Staaaaaaaaare.

>> No. 18268
[X] Rape

I want to see it.
>> No. 18269
[x] Staaaaaaaaare.
[x] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."

This queer's going DOWN.
>> No. 18270
File 122056159326.jpg - (178.91KB , 581x800 , Baiken.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "... bring it."
[x] Character select: Baiken
>> No. 18271
[x] Wait, what the hell are you sitting here for? Walk out, calmly, bide him a polite adieu.

This is bizarro world, so I wonder whether he has NEET gaming skills. Well. Doesn't bother me either way.
>> No. 18272
[x] Staaaaaaaaare.
[x] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
>> No. 18273
nigger please
>> No. 18274
[x] Staaaaaaaaare.
[x] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
>> No. 18275
[x] Staaaaaaaaare.
[x] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."


>I want to write some fucking Moekou.

You, my good man, have some fine taste in fictional women.

By the way, loving your take on the Eientei crew.
>> No. 18276
[+] Staaaaaaaaare.
[+] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
Rozen eyehax'd himself? Heh. Nice.

You know, I'm half-certain Kazuma here might have something like a 2D complex, but might be trying to recover from it. Fuku should... Help him.

>> No. 18277
[X] Staaaaaaaaare.
[X] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
[X] Wherever you have to sit to play, make him sit on your lap. As payback for having to sit in that horrible chair.

I'll support getting Kazuma setup with Fuku. For delicious shotacon action.
>> No. 18280
{X} Staaaaaaaaare.
{X} "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
{X} Wherever you have to sit to play, make him sit on your lap. As payback for having to sit in that horrible chair.

lol k
>> No. 18281
[z] Staaaaaaaaare.
[e] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
[~] Wherever you have to sit to play, make him sit on your lap. As payback for having to sit in that horrible chair.

As do I.
>> No. 18282
[X] Staaaaaaaaare.
[X] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
[X] Wherever you have to sit to play, make him sit on your lap. As payback for having to sit in that horrible chair.

>> No. 18284
[X] Staaaaaaaaare.
[X] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
[X] Wherever you have to sit to play, make him sit on your lap. As payback for having to sit in that horrible chair.

>> No. 18285
But what about Aki?
>> No. 18288

Oh, he'll get his turn. That is, if a kind female has told YAF what it feels like to get your insides churned.
>> No. 18297
[y] Staaaaaaaaare.
[e] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
[s] Wherever you have to sit to play, make him sit on your lap. As payback for having to sit in that horrible chair.

What does it feel like to have a shota sit on your lap, /shrine/?
>> No. 18298
File 122064435768.jpg - (84.58KB , 312x643 , forestwoman.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is bad and I should feel bad.
>> No. 18299

I lol'd, but that doesn't take much nowadays.
>> No. 18300

She is Fuku, hear her roar.
>> No. 18302

hahaha wow
>> No. 18303
hot hairy legs, but way too less hairs.
>> No. 18304

Now draw her naked. C'mon, you will like it, you know it.
>> No. 18305

Hey GD, do you like Fuku? Then why don't you draw an yukkuri version of her? Like, Fukkuri, or Yukkuzoi.
>> No. 18306
Didn't someone do that already?
>> No. 18308

Yukkuri of Fuku? I don't think so.
>> No. 18309

I do.

See : >>9936
>> No. 18310
updates lazy YAF
>> No. 18311

Did he? When/where?
>> No. 18313
File 122070589186.jpg - (59.36KB , 503x404 , 1220467280533.jpg ) [iqdb]

Finally. There you go.

[X] Staaaaaaaaare.
[X] "... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
[X] Wherever you have to sit to play, make him sit on your lap. As payback for having to sit in that horrible chair.

Video games. One of the things you've never felt attracted to, other being - for example - dentists and enemas. And all circumstances suggest the horrifying truth, that this here guy, Kazuma, is one of those people who actually not only enjoy them, but even enjoy them more than other things. What else could he be doing in this dark room? Well, there's one thing that comes to mind, but you'd rather not think about it. As long as he doesn't grow mushrooms in the corner, the only logical explanation would be : he's a video game maniac.
It's cool. No, really, it's okay. For some reason, you can't feel any despise towards him. Just the opposite actually, the hint of anticipaiton in his question granted itself to you as well. Weird? It is. But damn, you don't have anything else to do, why not enjoy your leisure time... casually?
"Um... So...?"
All of a sudden you realize that you've been staring at him throughout your entire inner argument - whether to agree or not - and well, it seems he's gotten a bit anxious about that. Shit, were you really staring at him all this time? This is... This is somehow embarassing. Not that you have something against staring at him, but... You'd rather do it without him noticing. Well, shit. It's kinda awkward, but you cannot let him know that the one wearing pants feels uneasy, right?
"... why not. I guess I've got some time to kill."
Some time indeed. Until a message from your employer appears, you have a whole shitload of time to fool around. Until then, it is. Just try to relax. Yeah. It can't hurt to take it easy every now and again, right? Besides, the darkness of this room is somehow comforting... Too bad this ass-sore armchair ruins the whole mood. Fuck.
Kazuma's face lights up after you agree. It's heartening to see him like that, for some reason or another.
"Okay!" he clasps his hands together before turning around to the TV screen that's been bothering your sight for a while.
And not without reason. When the damn thing fires up, you almost jump back because of the sudden, bright light bombarding your eyes. God damn! Faced with the previous darkness, this is a fucking nuclear blast!
"... this kinda hurts."
"Hm? Did you say something?"
Kazuma turns his face to you, ceasing the meddling that he's been doing with a console of some sorts (or at least you think it's a console), and fuck, as much as you'd like to see his face, the damn light makes you unable to see anything but white and purple stains.
"... no... don't mind me."
Yeah, and you'd probably best try to adjust your sight to this damn thing. Blink! Blink, god damn you! Aw, shit!

"There, it's done. Here."
He hands you a controller of some sorts - how do they call them? Gamepads? - and looks around a bit anxiously. Oh, that's right. With this mess around, there doesn't seem to be a single free spot where he could sit at... Except... Your...
No, wait, what the fuck? Did you just think what you thought? What in the dark depths of rhino shit was that? No, no, no, there's no way Fukuzai Toorima would come up with such a thing! Never! What the fuck is wrong with you, Fukuzai?! This is wrong, this is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Why would you...?!
Damn it. God fucking damn it. When did you sink so low?! But... But...
Hell, fuck this. It's ridiculous alright. But is there someone to see it? No, other than him, no one will ever know. Then why not...? And, and of course! It will serve as a nice punishment for making you sit in this ass-sore! That's it! This way everything will be justified, right? Right?
"Hmm, where should I..."
"Come on." you try to catch his attention by patting your lap, and also put on the best smile you can manage to make. That has to look horrible... "What are you standing there for? Come closer. I don't bite."
God damn it. This is embarassing. For the first time in your life, you feel actually embarassed by something. Shit, shit, shit!
Still, not even a single trace of anxiety finds it's way onto your face. No, no matter how fucked up it is, Fukuzai ALWAYS keeps her face straight. Or smiling a horrible, deformed smile that she desperately tries to make look better. Argh.
"... eh? What?"
And you're not making it any better, Kazuma! Don't stand there and look confused! For fuck's sake, act like a man you fucking are and take on the offer! Just that! Is it really that much?!
"M... My lap. Sit on it."
There, here's a hint, a fucking obvious now!
"S-sit? B-but...?"
"DO IT."
A moment of hesitation, then an unsure movement. That's enough to make your nerves almost explode. And then, the soft sensation on your legs, and warmth... No, there's no way in hell you'd say that it feels good out loud, but... It does feel good. It really does feel good. What is this feeling? But... You haven't felt it ever since...
"I-is.. Is this okay?"
"... mm."
No, you'd actually appreciate it if he rested his back on your chest, but... This'll have to suffice. This will have to suffice. Even if it's like this...
"T-then, I'm going to start the game, okay?"
Oh, that's right. The game. You're supposed to be playing, right? That's right, the TV. TV. Concentrate there. On that screen with a weird logo and various options listed beneath it. What is it named? H...A...L...
But before you're able to read through the rest, Kazuma already taps keys on his pad, and as the effect, the logo and options disappear, only to be substituted by a loading screen. This game reeks of science-fiction crap, that you can say for sure. Not something you'd usually enjoy, not mentioning that you dislike video games in overall, but...
Oh, there it goes. The loading screen fades, revealing some sort of jungle-like environment, and two people... standing, wearing some weird armour. The screen itself seems to be divided in two, and soon the camera in both parts moves 'into' corresponding characters' heads. Weird numbers appear on the bottom of the screen, and as soon as they do, the top of the screen starts to move - according to Kazuma's directions that he inputs on his pad. Wait, so it has already started? How does this shit even move? You try pressing random buttons, and discover that some of them are responsible for moving the screen - or in fact, the character the camera is 'in' - and others make the weapon in the lower-right corner shoot. So it's that kind of game. Deadly hide-and-seek, with lethal weapons instead of shouting. How nice.
Okay, let's move on. There's no need to hesitate now that you've got the controls figured out. Come on, let's--


And there goes your character's head. You can only gape in astonishment as his body falls to the ground, and the other guy runs over it, crouching once above it's twisted, unmoving form. Wait, did he kill you? Did he just kill you? Even in a situation like this, he can concentrate hard enough to blast your character's head? Ghh, you're more than you look for, Kazuma... Okay, you're not gonna surive the next one...!


In the end, it was hopeless. You couldn't track him down even once. All you did was run around and die every single time, shot from behind, not even a minute after your character's revival. Annoying. Ah, how annoying. Irritating.
The scoretable that appeared after a certain amount of time passed tries to mock you even further, saying that not only did you lose, but got no kills as well.
Kazuma lets his shoulders relax, then sighs loudly and with distinguishable relief.
"Whew. I won."
Well, no shit.

[ ] "That's right, you won.... SCREEN-LOOKER."
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... so? What now?"
[ ] "... not yet. I demand a rematch!"
[ ] Throw him off your lap. RUN AWAY.
[ ] Throw the controller at the TV.
[ ] Blatant write-in option.
>> No. 18314
{X} "... rematch."
>> No. 18316
[X] "... rematch."

Son of a bitch.
>> No. 18322
[x] then live!
YAFKYU>Saguya still holds grudge against me, it seems.~
>> No. 18323
[X] "... rematch."
[X] Feel him up while playing to break his concentration.
>> No. 18324
[x] "... rematch."
>> No. 18325
[X] "... rematch."
[X] Feel him up while playing to break his concentration.

>> No. 18326
[X] "... rematch."
[X] Feel him up while playing to break his concentration.

>> No. 18327
[X] "... rematch."
[X] Feel him up while playing to break his concentration.
>> No. 18328
[x] "... rematch."

I can understand the desire of some shotacon action, but can't we do it with a little bit more modesty? I mean, meeting someone and then getting them to sit in your lap and then feeling them up just barely after you've been introduced to them for the first time? Are we trying to compete with Mima and Sanae in the slut olympics?

And if prince Kazuma has any dignity left as royalty, he's going to react by pimp slapping Fuku out of his house like the whore she is.
>> No. 18329
>shotacon action

I don't think Kazuma is a shota. He was described as a bit trapy, but that doesn't mean he is a shota.
>> No. 18330
[x] "... rematch."

>> No. 18331
[X] "... rematch."
[X] Whisper it into his ear with the dulcet tones of an adoring lover.

We will catch him off guard, one way or the other. Slow progression towards a reach-around, here we go...
>> No. 18337
[X] "... rematch."
[X] Feel him up while playing to break his concentration.

Yay! I'm helping!
>> No. 18338
[X]"How do I played game?"
>> No. 18339
Rematch won, YAF is writing.
How..... boring
>> No. 18340
File 122072761711.gif - (269.01KB , 365x400 , 1220716626448.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] "... rematch."

Relief? Oh no, he didn't! It's not over yet! This burning spirit, so unknown to this humble girl is burning with an awesome power! The power of revenge! The power of vengeance! Kill! Maim! Burn! No way you'd go down that easily! He won, but that was because he had the advantage of being more experienced! It means nothing! What is this feeling? Why do you feel so stingy inside? Hell, even if he IS sitting on your lap, this just isn't enough to make up for the crushing defeat, no way in hell!
Still, letting him know of your newfound power would be pointless. And out of character. No matter what's going inside, no one can ever know about it. A few deep breaths. Inhale... Exhale... That's right. Calm down. There's no point in rushing in. He may carry the skill that proved your own undoing the previous round, but with a little bit of cunning...
"Mmm!" he stretches his back and moans in an overly cute way "I guess that's i--"
"... rematch."
You cut into his statement like a fingernail drives into wet skin in a perfectly measured moment. That causes him to turn around and, well, turn back to the TV as soon as he realizes that your face would be close - really close - to his if he stayed like that. Better for you as well. The self-control is working on overdrive mode already, it doesn't need any further disturbances. Inhale... Exhale...
"... rematch. Let's play again."
The only answer that meets his - undoubtedly - rhetorical question is your meaningful silence. You have decided, and as much as you dislike video games, letting him 'win' just like this would leave a stain on your honour. Not that it isn't stained already, but still.
With a sigh, this time more irritated than relieved, he stands up. Mm, wait a moment. Does he need to--
"How about we play something easier? I've got some--"
Oh wait, does he intend to go easy on you with some cheap-ass kiddy game? Who the hell does he take you for? Damn, usually, you'd just tell him to do as he wishes, but now, it's diffirent. The emotions still mingle in your thoughts like a poisonous gas, influecing the actions that could lead to something that would inevitably end in a bad way, a very bad way. At least you find enough control to mantain your voice calm and relatively neutral.
"... no. This one. I said rematch."
He stops mid-way to the console and looks back at you. Again, you're unable to see his face because of the display's light, but...
He shrugs.
"Whatever you say, lady."
Without even looking at the screen, he presses a few buttons on the gamepad and a loading screen appears on the TV again. Wait, but he's still standing there, so why--
Oh. That's a bit disappointing. You would have nothing against him sitting on your lap again, he didn't have to squat down over a pile of rubbish there on the floor... Of course you are not going to say anything about it. Not anymore. Not going to let those silly thoughts take over again. There's a time when the cord has to be cut and those stupid intentions to fade away. And that time has come. The calm wait for the map to load makes your raging emotions subside... And realize how stupid it was for you to let them roam freely like this. To be honest... You don't really feel like playing this game anymore. Ugh.
Still, backing away now would be even worse. Let's take this all the way to the bitter end, then. All the way to the bitter end.

And bitter end is what you received. Not only did Kazuma keep silent throughout the whole match, but all you achieved was one - lucky - kill that only made your statistics look more miserable, for some reason. Well, at least one. No matter that it was a lucky shot. Just one is enough.
You put away the controller with a feeling of disgust. You've scored one, but it doesn't make you feel any better, actually. And the fact that Kazuma stayed silent... Well, what were you hoping for, anyway? Sure, he is cute, but...
No, fuck, those stupid thoughts again. Calm the fuck down, Fukuzai! What's wrong with you?!
Without your notice, Kazuma already stood up and turned off the console and TV as well, all without a word. Pleasant darkness fills the room again, putting your weary mind at ease. At least there's no need to keep your face painfully straight anymore. No one can see it anyway.
A silent sigh escapes your host's lips as he straightens up again. You can't really see it, you feel that he's turned around to you now. Stare. He's staring. Without a word...
As well as you know this tactic, having it used on you instead of being the one to use it is simply... Unsettling. What the hell does he want? And why are those weird thoughts trying to resurface again? Oh damn you, Kazuma, speak! Speak, goddamnit! Needs more talking, and fuck, this is coming from a person like this, so just abide, okay? Just--

Knock, knock.

Great. Just as he decided to break the silence, something had to interfere. And you feel conflicted whether to feel relieved or disturbed. Who could it be, anyway? Oh, but don't you know the answer already?
"Master? Are you there?"
That crazy doc apparently decided to make you fulfil his earlier plead by force. Like damn, he's the last person you'd want to see now! Okay, with a few exceptions, but still!
Kazuma keeps silent, still staring at you with eyes which you can't see in the surrounding darkness.

[ ] "... come in."
[ ] Whisper. "... shouldn't you answer?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] Stand up. Go to the door. Walk out like the doc weren't even there.
[ ] Stand up. Go to the door. Open it.
[ ] "You're interrupting! Go away!"
>> No. 18341
[X] Whisper. "... shouldn't you answer?"
>> No. 18343
[x] Whisper. "... shouldn't you answer?"
>> No. 18344
[x] Whisper. "... shouldn't you answer?"


He is now. YAF agreed don't bother him about it.
>> No. 18345
[X] Whisper. "... shouldn't you answer?"
>> No. 18348
File 122073084530.jpg - (656.80KB , 1650x1545 , shotacon.jpg ) [iqdb]
{X} Whisper. "... shouldn't you answer?"
>> No. 18349
>> No. 18350
When will Fuku get a little boy to play with YAF?
>> No. 18351

>> No. 18352
Kazuma: Umm, what's that poking me?
Fuku: ...
>> No. 18353
[x] Whisper. "... shouldn't you answer?"
>> No. 18354
File 122073617058.jpg - (233.64KB , 1474x1446 , jesuswhat.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18355

Oh god, angry and cynical Kazuma is awesome.
>> No. 18356
File 12207371245.jpg - (105.22KB , 688x900 , thisistoomuch.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18357
File 122073769923.jpg - (104.19KB , 688x900 , justasplanned.jpg ) [iqdb]
luls, I totally forgot I promised to update once more today. Silly me.

Also obligatory shoop.


[X] Whisper. "... shouldn't you answer?"

Yeah, right Kazuma, just stand there, that's going to solve everything. What are you, embarassed about being discovered? What is there to discover? That nosy doctor already knew that you're having a guest in your room, right? Now, well, you didn't mention it in his presence, but still, that guy has that stalker-y feeling about him. Like he could hear everything and everywhere. And knew every single detail... This question was probably just an excuse to barge in, in case of there not being an expected response.
But still, this sneaky atmosphere feels too good to just break it like a thin glass.
Instead, you lean over to Kazuma, still rooted in place, and whisper conspiraciously.
"... shouldn't you answer?"
Yeah, you better do, kid. Before the troubling misunderstandings appear. And they always appear in these kinds of situations, right? Not that this girl here knows much about them, but...
"Ah. Yes, right." he whispers back "I'M HERE! GIVE ME A MOMENT!"
At least he swallowed your hint without any larger problems. Obediently like a puppy, he makes his way through the mess, and towards the door. Knocking a few things over on the way there, judging from the sounds. You, on the other hand, decide to ignore your sore ass - and damn, having that guy on your lap didn't help it one bit - lean back and relax. At least a moment of relative serenity, before an inevitable storm that this crazy doc undoubtedly brought with him. That kind of people always has to mess up other's plans, no exceptions.
"Ow, ow... Auch!"
Kazuma seems to stumble upon some larger trouble before you finally hear the door opening, a beam of light invading the dark space from behind them.
"Are you alright, Master?"
Mm, just as expected. He's so worried about his 'Master' it's almost sighable. Yeah, you've got a serial murderer in your house, ask everyone around if they're alright, in case they're dead. Clever.
"N-No, I just tripped on--"
"You don't happen to have any wounds? Cuts, scratches?"
"No... Why?"
"That's good."
The doc sounds pleased.
"Why do you ask, Eron?"
"Just my usual worry, don't mind it. More importantly..." he pauses for a moment "You two didn't, by chance, did you?"
A moment of silence precedes Kazuma's suprised gasp.
"W-W-What are you talking about?! Of course we didn't--!"
"I see. I'm sorry, I shouldnt've asked about such a thing. I'm just happy that you're alright."
"I-Is that what you came here for? To ask me if I'm alright?" Kazuma still sounds disturbed, but much more irritated as well.
"No, of course it isn't. I wouldn't bother you about such a trivial thing, now would I?" no, of course, then what the fuck are you doing right now?! "I'm here about Fujiwara." huh? What is it now? Did that idiot come again? "But I'd like to ask it... in private, if you will. Not here, okay?"
Yeah, sure, why not. They can have their own secrets, right? It's none of your business. Besides, this whole situation gives you a perfect opportunity to think things through.
Only after the door closes behind those two, you allow yourself to let out a sigh.

To sum it up, you're pretty much stuck in this place. Unless someone guides you back to civilisation, there's no way you'll be able to return to the city on your own. How far is it anyway? Has to be more than 5 kilometers... Well, even if it's farther, you're not afraid of walking. All the issues with this matter are bound with your lack of knowledge about the surroundings of this lone hospital.
Your ass is still itching. At least now you have the luxury of scratching it without anyone making any funny comments.
To be honest, not counting the ass-sore chair, you're actually feeling... good here. None of that uneasiness you've experienced in Renji's flat and shrine is present anymore. Maybe it's because of the darkness, maybe because of something else... Or someone else... It doesn't matter one way or the other, as long as your employer's field agent will be able to reach you. When will you get a message from him anyway? Usually, you'd receive a call or something the next day's morning, but now, when it's out of range... Why the hell is it out of range anyway? They have a city here, and a damn big one at that, why wouldn't they have antennae for cellphones? Do they even have regular phones here? Doesn't seem so.
And those weird-ass buildings? Both shrine and this one have that distinctive style you've only seen in books and TV before, and you don't remember seeing them in the city you've been staying in... Come to think of it, why the hell aren't you outraged by all those strange things happening? Falling cars, floating men, elevators... And now those rabbit-people. Why doesn't any of these suprise you anymore? Or you simply can't be bothered? Too busy staring at Kazuma's ass? What was up with that, anyway? You haven't felt like this since... Since long ago. And it's one of those feelings you'd rather seal inside, forever. No good can come from getting attached to people, especially if it's about you. Gotta stay neutral, and oblivious to all the irrelevant things. Then why...
"No, he didn't say anything! I told you already!"
The door opens, abruptly ending your train of thoughts. Kazuma bursts in, apparently pissed off by something.
"I apologize, but I really need to know--" the doc, on the other hand, sounds calm as always.
"Nothing! Not a word! Like if you didn't know him!"
"You're right. I'm sorry."
"Is that all?"
"... yes. Please be careful."
Loud wham! marks the end of their conversation. Quite a way to end it, isn't it? At least it's heartening to see Kazuma can get pissed too, if teased correctly. A fact worth of noting. For what? This'll surely come in handy later, in one way or the other....
"Ehhh..." all the anger from his voice evaporates instantly with that loud sigh "That Eron..."
Well, it didn't last long, now did it? Or was he only acting?
And why the hell are you wondering which one was it?

[ ] "..."
[ ] "... what was it about?"
[ ] "... that was rude of him, don't you think? To as such things..."
[ ] Stand up. There you go. You were dreaming. Run away. Preferably through the window.
[ ] That doc needs to answer a few questions. Hope that he's in a forthcoming mood.
[ ] "... I'll be going now, sorry.", then leave, politely bidding Kazuma adieu.
[ ] "... so? What do you want to do now?"
>> No. 18358
[ ] "... so? What do you want to do now?"

Fuku's rape face is AMAZING.
>> No. 18359
[x] "... what was it about?"
>> No. 18360
[x] "..."

>> No. 18361
{X} "... so? What do you want to do now?"
>> No. 18362
[x] "... what was it about?"
>> No. 18363
[x] "... so? What do you want to do now?"
>> No. 18366
[x] "... so? What do you want to do now?"
>> No. 18367
[x] "... what was it about?"
>> No. 18368
[x] "... so? What do you want to do now?"

Kazuma molesting games
>> No. 18369
[x] "... so? What do you want to do now?"
>> No. 18370
[X] "... so? What do you want to do now?"
>> No. 18371
Unanimous vote is unanimous.

[X] "... what was it about?"

Voting to be different.
>> No. 18372
[x] "... so? What do you want to do now?"

Fuku knows what she wants to play with him.
>> No. 18376
File 122078767010.jpg - (247.91KB , 700x1000 , 1220781170879.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "... so? What do you want to do now?"

It doesn't matter one way or the other. What they were talking about is their own business and it has nothing to do with you. Besides, even if it had, you still wouldn't give a damn. If they, by chance, try to force you to do something again, well... No prison you couldn't escape from, eh?
What's important now, is to find a way to change this situation from a slightly awkward to one that the both of you could enjoy. But what is there to do? Chat? Neither of you are good at that. Play games? Been there, done that, it's old business. And you're not really that much of a match to him.
... wait. Why should you be the one to fix the current state of things? He's the host, and he should act like one!
"... so?" you turn around in the ass-sore to face Kazuma, who's still standing still at the door "What do you want to do now?"
Might as well give him a motivating kick. It's always better than an idle wait for enlightment to visit his little head.
"Hm? Oh, well..."
Huh, he's totally back in that i-am-just-an-insignificant-kid-don't-mind-me mode. Where's that anger from before? Kazuma, can you act manly only towards men? That's dissapointing... A bit. Well, it's not like you expected something decisive from him in the first place. It seems that no matter how momentary outbursts can be satisfying, his real self will return, sooner or later.
With a sigh, you lift yourself off the armchair, and trying your best to ignore your sweaty butt, make your way towards Kazuma, who seems to be in a weird standstill. He doesn't even flinch when you stop inches before him. Well, this is going to be out of character, but a little act every now and again does make life more interesting. Don't you think, Kazuma?
"Hey, look." you force your voice to become as gentle as possible, though in your ears it sounds more like a tyrranousaurus with diarhhea "We're alone here... In your room... Boy and girl..."
Oho, at least it achieved a reaction of sorts on his side. Despite the darkness, you can clearly see that he's taken a step back. Just as expected.
"W-what do you..."
"Oh, isn't it obvious?"
Though you have to put all your acting skills into this little play, it's quite satisfying to see him back away like that. Strangely satisfying, really. What's this? Pleasure of seeing someone finally run away, while you spent half of your life running away yourself? Twisted joy of seeing someone experiening the same pain as you? Maybe? But there's also something else...
"B-but I..."
"Oh don't be embarassed. I'm sure you wouldn't... mind... right?"
"... nnn..."
All he does in answer is moan quietly, as if very, VERY conflicted about something. No wonder.
But that's what makes you go wild.
Now you've lost it.
Your arm springs forward like a paw of an attacking lion and grabs his shoulder with the strength of an iron tongs. Before he's even able to escape, you pull him forward, making him land head-first in your bosom... And you to slip on another piece of rubbish, then fall straight on your ass and back.
Sharp pain in your coccyx is irrelevant when faced with the fact that Kazuma's face is hovering merely centimeters above yours. You can clearly feel his warm breath on your cheeks. This is... unexpectedly pleasant. Who would've thought that this...
"I... I want..."
His words are muffled, but full of determination. He gave in to the mood so easily... How weak... But adorable at the same time. Just as planned. Just as you expected. He's so predictable.
"... don't worry." your voice falls to a whisper "Even if it's your first time... I'm going to be gentle. Is it alright?"
He blinks a few times before averting his gaze, his blush deepening even more.
"It's alright..." he says so quiet you can barely distinguish the words "Because I had Reese's for breakfast."

Shock and disgust hit your poor, weary head like a charging triceratops. All the traces of arousal disappear immidiately at the mention of those words.
"You had CANDY?! For BREAKFAST?!"
"NOT CANDY!" Kazuma cries at the top of his lungs, suddenly strenghtened by the blessing power and joy of glorious cereal "REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER PUFFS!"
Both of you suddenly spring onto your feet, your hands met in a strong, affectionate clasp. Kazuma's face changes into that of deformed expression of chocolate-y happiness. Your disgusted grimace disappears too, forceless in the face of pure, heavenly cereal. Suddenly, long, snake-like tongues emerge from your mouths, twirling and entwining together mid-air, your eyes suddenly growing three times in diameter and staring at each other's, lost in a world of peanut butter and crunchy morning nutrition.


>> No. 18377
File 122078854414.jpg - (94.70KB , 264x351 , 1148943979880.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18378
Now that's my kind of ending!
>> No. 18379
>> No. 18380
File 122078973623.jpg - (197.57KB , 1291x1046 , auztsisap9.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sweet end...
>> No. 18381
Good show, my man. Good show!
>> No. 18383
lol the hell?
>> No. 18384
I can't take it easy like this!
>> No. 18391
[x] "... what was it about?"
>> No. 18401
File 122085318290.jpg - (454.68KB , 768x1024 , 1220816884265.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here's your actual update~


[x] "... so? What do you want to do now?"

No matter. Asking him about that little quarrel would be not only rude, but pointless as well. That doc is just an overprotective parent, that's all. And he's showing it the wrong way, definitely. Why the fear? Do you really look THAT dangerous? What is he afraid of? That you'd do harm to his precious 'Master'? What kind of way to address someone is that, anyway? This is all fucked up.
Kazuma takes his time to - presumably - calm down a bit before proceeding back towards your position, a lone armchair amidst a sea of clutter. That raises a question - where does he even sleep? You couldn't see any bed here, not even before the only source of light has been covered... with sellotape. Does he really spend whole days in this refuse heap?
That's a bit... pitiful.
Having dragged his body through the initial sectors of mess, he finally returns to his spot on the floor in front of you, and in front of the TV screen. The only thing that breaks the silence is his loud sigh as he sits cross-legged in the only free space of the floor.
"Ehhh..." And you can't help but stare at his barely visible, but clearly resigned face. He notices your gaze and gives you a slight smile. "What's wrong?"
What's wrong... What's wrong indeed. What the hell is wrong with you? Why does it feel so good to be here? Almost... comfortable. The anxiety you felt while being inside Renji's flat and Reymont's Shrine are gone since the moment the two of you left the 'hospital' section of the building. Now it doesn't frighten you to be... inside. There's none of that urge to run away present while you're here... Why?
You feel almost like... at home?
"... nn." you shake off the weird feeling with a shrug "Nothing."
Now he's interested. Ugh, not exactly what you needed. Curiosity finds it's outlet in his smile, and now it seems he won't give up so easily... Why doesn't this piss you off?
"No, really." you overtake his inevitably upcoming question "It's nothing. I was just... lost in thought."
... it doesn't look like he believed you. Nonetheless, what ensues is a long-lasting silence, the both of you simply enjoying the serenity of this dark room. No words are spoken between you two for at least a few minutes.

But then again, you can't carry on like this forever. There's no anxiety, but still, this idle awaiting is not something you particularly enjoy. Apparently choosing to let him grab the baton wasn't that great of an idea.
Looks like the one to break the silence has to be you...
"... so?" you pause for a moment to make sure you've catched his attention "What do you want to do now?"
That's the best you can come up with right now. Not much, but maybe it'll motivate him to come up with something to do. If not, well... Taking the lead isn't exactly your thing, but what has to be done - has to be done. Unless you want to spend an uneventful eternity among these mountains of rubble.
"Want to do..." he raises his gaze towards the ceiling, bathing in pleasant darkness, just like anything other in this room "... I don't know... Hey."
"... mm?"
"I don't know your name."
He doesn't... Oh wait, that's right. You still haven't even introduced yourself. Tsk, such a slip...
Slightly embarassed about the fact, you lift yourself up from the chair and reach your hand to Kazuma, who stood up as well.
"Fukuzai. Fukuzai Toorima."
"I'm Kazuma. Kazuma Houraisan. Pleased to meet you."
The two of you shake each other's hands. For the first time in your life, you don't feel disgusted about doing such a thing.

After returning to your previous positions, Kazuma looks a bit more in high spirits. That slumpy attitude he had because of the talk with the doc is no longer present. That's good. Good, right?
"Say," the initiative is his this time "You said you were... 'new here' - that's how you put it, right?" indeed, he's right. You confirm his statement with a nod. "Then you're from the outside? Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself? I'm..." he pauses for a moment, averting his gaze, apparently looking for a proper word "Curious."
Curious, is it? Well...

[ ] "Who knows? I'm not even sure myself. What the hell do you all mean by 'outside' anyway?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... I'd rather not talk about myself..."
[ ] "... okay, but on one condition." - if you are to tell your story, he has to tell his, no other way.
[ ] Door. Fukuzai. Combine those two.
[ ] Change the topic to something else.
>> No. 18404
{X} "... okay, but on one condition." - if you are to tell your story, he has to tell his, no other way.

Houraisan's storytelling time~
>> No. 18405
[x] "... okay, but on one condition." - if you are to tell your story, he has to tell his, no other way.
>> No. 18407
Damn, do you realize how perfect Kazuma is for Fuku's raging shotacon lust?

--He's immortal. That means he can't be taken away from her, not forever at any rate.

--He'll always be that young. Permashota.
>> No. 18408
[x] "... okay, but on one condition." - if you are to tell your story, he has to tell his, no other way.
>> No. 18410
This man is onto something

[x] "... okay, but on one condition." - if you are to tell your story, he has to tell his, no other way.
>> No. 18411
[x] "... okay, but on one condition." - if you are to tell your story, he has to tell his, no other way.
>> No. 18412
[Q] "... okay, but on one condition." - if you are to tell your story, he has to tell his, no other way.
>> No. 18413
YAF Nigger updates
>> No. 18414
File 122090469874.png - (92.02KB , 407x405 , advicedog.png ) [iqdb]
Unanimous voting is boring and unanimous.
[x] "... okay, but on one condition." - if you are to tell your story, he has to tell his, no other way.

That's kind of childish. Clearly, not a question you'd expect an... adult guy to ask. But then again, isn't that exactly what he is? A child? And since when do you know what an adult man would do? So far, every single responisble-looking guy you've met turned out to be either unreliable or outright crazy. Still, it's kind of enjoyable, to talk with Kazuma like this? What's this? Did some pesky, paternal feelings get in the way of your principles?
But is there really a point in defying them? One can only match, move by move, the machinations of their own feelings, lest he would go crazy, right? And if you have to break your own rules, then so be it. It's not like you're REALLY doing it against your will.
There's one little problem though. Just sharing your history like this, without any recompensation would be simply unfair.
"... okay?" you can't help but smile at his anticipating face. Heartwarming. "But on one condition."
"Eeh? Why?"
His dissatisfied scowl is almost funny to watch.
"... it's not that bad." you try to be as gentle as possible "Don't give me that look."
"So what is it? Name it!"
Making a 'now-now' gesture with your hand, you lean back on the armchair, just to escape his gaze for a little while. Also, to tease him a bit. It's really pleasuring, for some reason. What do people call this feeling?
"... if I'm going to tell my story..." you disregard his eager nods and continue your short pause "... you're going to tell me yours."
"Eeeh?" he looks disappointed "But mine isn't really that interesting..."
"Nor is mine." you cut short the discussion "Now, can I start?"

"I was born twenty two years ago. In an insignificiant place, in a hospital situated in a suburban area, in a generic city. There was nothing special about me. Just an ordinary girl, trying to make her way through life. I had friends. I had partners. I had... a loving family. I had a life. Until... One day, one memorable day, it all ended abruptly. I was watching TV in my room, when my cellphone suddenly rang." you ignore Kazuma's strange stare and continue the story "It was one of my classmates, she wanted to ask me about homework... And then... Then, after a few lines, I... suddenly lost consciousness. Everything went blank. Next thing I know, I wake up... and... They were dead. My parents. I... I don't even want to remember how their bodies looked like... Violated... I... I don't want to..."

Long moment of silence ensues before you finally decide to resume the monologue.
"I ran away. I put on my shoes and ran away as fast as I could. It didn't matter where I directed my steps, I just wanted to get as far as possible from that terrible scene. I don't know who did it. I don't know how did it happen. I don't know why I was the only one spared... I... Just wanted to leave it all behind.
I found out that people can live off the things that streets give them. Throwaway clothes, tools, things of everyday use... I learned to scavenge them. Why didn't I just contact other members of my family? I... didn't know them. All I had were my parents. No one else. That's why no one even became worried about one, little runaway girl... My friends too... Seemed to have forgotten about me...

And then, one day, after spending a night in an abandoned house, my cell phone rang again. For the first time in many months, I received a call. It was... Some guy, I didn't know him. He offered me... a job. A job to deliver... mysterious packages to people. For cash. He never really revealed himself, but I didn't care. All I wanted was money. To survive.

Much time passed before something changed. I met a guy... A very annoying one. He used his wits to trick me into staying at his home. And because of his selfish behaviour, I was forced to put up with his importunity. He made me hang around with him, and even go on a trip into the forest with his friend... That's how I ended up here. One moment we're in a dark forest, and next second, we're falling towards a weird shrine.--"
"Hakurei?" Kazuma interrupts your long monologue with a weird question.
Hakurei? Did you hear that name before? Anyways, it's better to simply agree than to get into useless discussion.
"I suppose. Anyways, I spent a night there, then got a message from my employer... A guy named Hieda Aki, I was to deliver him a message. I don't know how exactly my employer got to me in this weird place, but... Well, that's how I ended up in the village. Then, after doing the job, I went to visit the city hall, when your friend, Fujiwara, barged in and demanded transportation." you sigh "For some bizarre reason, I got dragged along with him. That's all."

Kazuma silently ponders the contents of your story as you try to clear your throat. You haven't spoken this much words in one go since... Well, since long ago. And recalling all those events wasn't particularly a... pleasant experience. Still, what wouldn't one do to see such a cute face smile?
Except he's not smiling.
"A few things felt a little off... I couldn't understand some... And it was pretty boring."
Just like that, he summarizes your carefully spoken story as 'boring, hard to understand and 'off''. Great, Kazuma, you don't make your guest feel any better. Good going.
"W-Well..." you desperately try to find a way out of this uncomfortable situation "I told you it's boring, right? Now your turn. Your turn."
Yes, the faster he begins his own story, the better it will be for your state of mind.
>> No. 18415
File 122090472024.png - (93.65KB , 407x405 , advicedog2.png ) [iqdb]
"I don't remember much from my childhood." he begins with a strange statement like that "I only know I'm from moon and that I used to be a member of royal family. The only thing I remember was that Eron used to take care of me when I was younger..." it doesn't make any sense. You try to comprehend the meaning of his words, but all that comes out is unreasonable bullshit. Moon? Royalty? Still, you dare not to interrupt his story "Actually, all I remember is living at this place - Eientei, here in Gensokyo." Gensokyo... Haven't you seen that name before? Somewhere? Nah, can't be. At least it's sound explains people wearing those eastern-kind-of clothes. Gen-So-Kyou. Really. Where the hell is it, anyway? "I think all my friends stayed back on the moon..." Wait, he can't mean THE Moon, right? Maybe it's just some bizarre-named city or a place... "The only one that I knew was Eron, Rozen, Tewi and other bunnies." Bunnies. "Until I met Fujiwara. But that's a long story. Anyways, every day was pretty much the same for me. Ever since the revolution nothing's been happening. It's a bit boring, to live for more than one hundred years in a place like this..." One... hundred? "I sometimes wonder if I should go on adventuring or something like that... But I'm too scared. I don't like leaving my room. So I just stay here and... You know. Just stay here."
Just stay here. It's kind of... sad? No, pathetic rather. But there's no way you'd say this out loud.
"... is that all? That was kinda short."
Kazuma gives you an unsure smile.
"Ahaha... I told you it's boring. I'm sure Fujiwara has many better stories to tell. I..."
His shoulders slump down a little, and his gaze falls to the floor. Is he embarassed about his hitherto experiences? Or maybe he's feeling the same as you, disappointed that his conversant didn't like his story? Perhaps even both.
"Well..." you shrug a little "A few things felt a little off," a few? "I couldn't understand some," some? More like 90% of it. "And it was pretty boring." pretty boring.
Kazuma lights up at your malice a little, and this time his smile looks more authentic. At least that.

Your silence suddenly gets interrupted by a loud gong song somewhere in another room. A signal of some sorts? Most possibly yes, since Kazuma lifts himself up like an obedient boy he probably is, and dusts off his clothes.
"Looks like it's dinner time. Um," he hesitates for a moment "You'll stay, right?"
"... why not."
"Great." he smiles again "I'll go to the kitchen and inform the servants that we'll be having a guest. Oh, Eron wanted to see you, right?" did he? Maybe. It's not like you paid any attention to that old, crazed pig. "If it's okay with you, I think now would be a good time to pay him a visit. He's probably in his office."

[ ] "... actually, I'd rather go with you."
[ ] "... and where do I find his office?"
[ ] "..."
[ ] R.U.N.
[ ] "... can I stay here? Just call me when it's ready, okay? Please?"
[ ] (lie) "... okay. Where is his office?"
>> No. 18416
[x] "... and where do I find his office?"


I need a drink.
>> No. 18418
[x] "... and where do I find his office?"
>> No. 18420
Careful not to saound like a whore.
>> No. 18422
{X} "... actually, I'd rather go with you."

I will never trust any incarnation of Eirin
>> No. 18423

The one over in CUtMaS in /eientei/ seems legit. That said,

[x] "... actually, I'd rather go with you."
>> No. 18424
[x] "... and where do I find his office?"
>> No. 18425
[X] "... actually, I'd rather go with you."

Ah, my dear shota, what fun we'll have together!
>> No. 18429
[x] "... and where do I find his office?"

Surely nothing untoward will happen.
>> No. 18430

Don't go overboard though, else Fuku might explode and leave a very unconfortable Kazuma behind for the curse of virginity.

[x] "... and where do I find his office?"
>> No. 18431
[X] "... actually, I'd rather go with you."

>> No. 18433
[X] "... actually, I'd rather go with you."

Sure, why not!
>> No. 18434
Sorry for not updating in the morning, I overslept and found just enough time to refresh /th/ once before leaving. Updates when I'm finished with tea and STALKER.
>> No. 18437

Actually disregard that, I suck Duty cocks. I don't feel like updating today.
>> No. 18438
I can't say i am surprised. I was expecting this from you YAF.
One time a useless nigger, always a useless nigger.
>> No. 18440
File 122098796410.jpg - (302.32KB , 692x3195 , thegame.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 18441
This made me RAGE and laugh at the same time.
>> No. 18464
[x] R.U.N.

Illness Bad End, GET?
Mystia Bad End, GET?
Random Eientei Trap Bad End, GET?
Inquiring minds want to know.
>> No. 18466
More Fukuzai please~
>> No. 18467
>> No. 18470

YAF said: Not until you draw some Fuku hentai.
>> No. 18494
[ ] "... can I stay here? Just call me when it's ready, okay? Please?"
[ ] Get naked.
>> No. 18499
File 122116310558.jpg - (179.68KB , 600x450 , 1221159886552.jpg ) [iqdb]
I am amazed. Taken aback. Not only did you just choose to blatantly ignore an advice of someone whose good side you want to get on, but miss the second and only remaining chance to discover a major plot point as well... That makes me wonder, why did I even bother with coming up with a backstory for it all... Your uncautious hitherto progress shall be taken into consideration. In calm idleness, a preparation for storm goes underway. Gusts of remorse shall sweep the land of it's vermin, and settle on a truth that can't be liked. Wake up and greet the new day, Fukuzai. Wake up and smell the blood.
>> No. 18500
tl;dr - "You can't read the author's mind? Haha, sucks to be you. Enjoy this bullshit."
>> No. 18501
[9:40pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Why did people choose to ignore an advice of someone whose good side they want to get on?
[9:40pm]ォ+ GenericDrawfag サ Hm~?
[9:41pm]ォ Klaymen サ in after the game
[9:41pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Besides, why hasn't anyone pointed out that Eron's worried for a reason? Come on, he's not a person to be an overprotective parent, he asked about wounds and kissing for a FUCKING REASON.
[9:41pm]ォ@ Kapowサ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ ツ
[9:42pm]ォ UBOA|VIDYA サ I voted to go see him
[9:42pm]ォ UBOA|VIDYA サ I think
[9:42pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ GODDAMN
[9:42pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Maybe I should just drop all the fucking backstory, all the events and plot twists I've thought up for Gensokyo Day 3 and write a bunch of H-scenes, huh?!
[9:42pm]ォ@ Kapowサ sounds good to me
[9:43pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Oh ho, why not Patchwork myself?!
[9:43pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Fuck you people, fuck you.
[9:44pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Fuck you in the ass with my spade. Roughly, without lubrication. While being smashed into a pulp with an armchair.

[9:46pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Saaaay. Would you like to... make Kazuma the... 'final' target of this route?
[9:46pm]ォ@ Kapowサ the end
[9:46pm]ォ UBOA|VIDYA サ what
[9:46pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Answer me.
[9:46pm]ォ UBOA|VIDYA サ no
[9:47pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ But you'd like to fuck him, wouldn't you?
[9:47pm]ォ UBOA|VIDYA サ ...
[9:47pm]ォ UBOA|VIDYA サ that's beside the point
[9:47pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Very well.
[9:47pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ lelouchsmirk.png
[9:47pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ I shall make your dreams about shota H-scene come true!
[9:47pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ lelouchgrin.png
[9:48pm]ォ+ GenericDrawfag サ :|
[9:48pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ You WILL have your Kazuma!
[9:48pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Light_cant_laugh_yet.png
[9:48pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Indeed, you will receive what you desire so bad.
[9:48pm]ォ+ GenericDrawfag サ Everytime a writefag foreshadows, I want to stop reading their stuff
[9:49pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Oh? But isn't that what you strived for?
[9:49pm]ォ+ GenericDrawfag サ >lelouchgrin.png
[9:50pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ But to be honest, I've just thought of something really, REALLY sinister.
[9:50pm]ォ+ GenericDrawfag サ no shit
[9:50pm]ォ Ranmilia サ Guh. I'm here, is there something someone wanted mods for?
[9:51pm]ォ+ GenericDrawfag サ Amazing.
[9:51pm]ォ@ Kapowサ do it
[9:52pm]ォ+ GenericDrawfag サ .. what
[9:52pm]ォ UBOA|VIDYA サ yes I know
[9:52pm]ォ@ Kapowサ something funny goes here
[9:53pm]ォ+ GenericDrawfag サ Foreshadowing makes me facepalm
[9:53pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ FUKU DIES
[9:53pm]ォ@ Kapowサ since when is foreshadowing bad
[9:53pm]ォ Sakuya|updated サ SleepWriting makes me facepalm...
[9:53pm]ォ UBOA|VIDYA サ yaf's cock tastes delicious
>> No. 18502
Your copypasting sucks
>> No. 18503
YAF, you're just forgetting your audience, here. Anon of /shrine/ is about as sharp as a bowling ball, and twice as dense.

You are not making obvious clues obvious enough. I know it seems obvious to you, but until it gets written out, all the little twists and turns of plot and mystique exist only in your mind. We cannot be blamed for your failure to express them to us.

Scream to the heavens if you must, but the fault lies with you.
>> No. 18505
didn't feel like editing it this time.
>> No. 18506
File 122117246025.jpg - (253.47KB , 784x593 , patchy005.jpg ) [iqdb]
>[9:42pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Maybe I should just drop all the fucking backstory, all the events and plot twists I've thought up for Gensokyo Day 3 and write a bunch of H-scenes, huh?!
>[9:42pm]ォ@ Kapowサ sounds good to me
>[9:43pm]ォ YAF|sleepan サ Oh ho, why not Patchwork myself?!

Oh, ouch. Cut my heart out, man.
>> No. 18507

WHAT? It was fucking obvious that seeing Eirin was important! God dammit, the disease has made itself important with that BAD END and when there is a doctor asking to examine you, you fucking ignore it??

Fuck you.
>> No. 18508

Truth hurts, man.
>> No. 18509
There's been virtually no sign that Fuku is even infected outside of that BAD END. And that shit just came out of nowhere, leaving folks like me to assume it's just another SHARK END - an ending given by the author to punish the reader for not going along with his railroaded plot.

Furthermore, it's not like anyone's said we're not going to submit to an examination by Eron. We just haven't done it yet. Last I checked, we're still in Eientei.

tl;dr - No, fuck you, buddy. No lube for you. Get the doctor to see to your bloody ass on your way out.
>> No. 18510

>There's been virtually no sign that Fuku is even infected



>When you wake up though, you don't feel any more rested than you felt before falling asleep. In fact, you feel even worse. Like if you were not sleeping, but doing... things all night long. Perhaps it's because you got too used to beds? Goddamnit. At least your mind seems to have cleared a bit. It's certainly easier to think now. Your legs though... Ugh, hurt all over. Maybe it wasn't too good to sleep outside?

Hell, someone even pointed it out in that thread.
>> No. 18511
I thought this was just another one of YAF's brain out random vote is okay lololol adventure.
It seems that he put some serious thoughts behind it.

I only wish he would be more serious at times instead of being a troll and a fag all the time.

So, changing my vote to

[x] "... and where do I find his office?"
>> No. 18512
Pure conjecture until proven otherwise. Try again.
>> No. 18513

I'd copy and paste some further proof, but at this point I WANT Fuku to kill Kazuma's stupid ass. Lord knows people might stop humping his leg and start paying attention then.
>> No. 18514

Go see the flowchart for the prologue. There are some Disease flags there, faggots.
>> No. 18515
Why can't we have both? Kazuma and some decent route.
>> No. 18516
That would be quite entertaining.
>> No. 18517
No, it would be fucking stupid.
>> No. 18518
No, it would be entertaining.
>> No. 18522

Don't you dare YAF, don't you dare. CMN is awesome, it's your best work so far and you know it! If Anon screwed up, then punish him, not give him Hscenes or whatever.

Just do like you did when we tried to escape from the Renji plot hook: BAD END us. BAD END, or try to find a way to give another chance.
>> No. 18525
File 122124403622.png - (289.84KB , 522x531 , 1221157271692.png ) [iqdb]
What are YOU doing here, of all people, of all places?

Your post hurt me. Really. The first two verses.

No, it would be fucking stupid.

Your words are heartening. Thanks.
>> No. 18527
File 122124411815.jpg - (283.77KB , 960x840 , 1221055029817.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "... actually, I'd rather go with you."

Wait a moment. See that doctor? He's gotta be shitting you. There's no way you'd visit that crazed prick in his office all alone. If there was someone else with you, it'd be a diffirent story, but it seems Kazuma is not really keen on accompanying you... Well, fuck this. Weren't going to comply anyway. As rude as it is to blatantly refuse this boy's direction, better to live without any traumatic memories and in remorse, than to die knowing that some old fucker...
"I really gotta get going, so--"
"... actually." you interrupt, thus receiving a few more seconds to think up an excuse. But what could you do now? Lying would be even worse than simply refusing... "I'd rather go with you."
This again. Your mouth acts before the rest of your conscience, spewing out words which shouldn't be ever said. Great, another possible misunderstanding you'll have to deal with. Shit, shit, shit.
Kazuma gives you a weird glance before blinking a few times.
"Oh." He says.
Just that. Is he considering what he should do? Just what you needed, another awkward silence moment. Why is it that you lose control when in front of him? Really, what sort of bullshit is this? Take heed, Fuku, if it continues like this, you might end up in deep shit. A very deep shit, full of diarrhea and chunks of peanuts. Remember that one time you've spent more than five minutes with another idiot? What has come of it, besides trouble? Nothing.
Still... Damn it, just looking at his consternated face somehow makes you... so soft inside.
"Um, it's... okay, I guess..."
That sounded forced. His face may be gentle, but damn, that was forced. He was embarassed earlier by having you clinging to his sleeve, is he afraid you'd do that again? Well, you can at least restrain yourself from that, right?
"... no, don't get me wrong." you try to make the situation a bit better by making up an excuse on spot "I just don't feel like visiting... Eron... right now, I can do that later, okay?"
"Hmm." he mutters "I guess... L-let's get going, okay?"
You can only nod.

Altough you did indeed restrain yourself from grabbing his sleeve (which wasn't really that hard), he still seemed very uneasy up to the point where the two of you arrive in front of an undistinguishable door - the same as many others in this... complex. The only thing that's diffirent is the smell. A kitchen alright, no doubt.
"Um, just wait here, okay? I'm going to..."
Without finishing, he quickly slides the door slightly open, then slips inside. Through the gap, you can catch a glimpse of one of those big men in black in front of a stove. That is, before Kazuma closes it behind him. Oh well...

About twenty minutes later, you find yourself in a long, yet narrow, and very crowded room. Crowded with those black guys nonetheless. Well, Kazuma did have a reason for asking for a bonus cover, but now that you see this ridiculous amount of plates and cutlery, it's just... silly. How many people live here anyway? And why they are all unnaturally silent?
Oh, here come the meals... And Kazuma too. Why would he - the 'Master' - carry things as well is a mystery to you. But then again - it's none of your business.
>> No. 18529
File 122124429463.jpg - (71.64KB , 554x182 , 1221013156693.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Alright!" he shouts when all of the bowls and other stuff are in place "Everyone, thanks for your hard work today! Let's begi-- wait a moment. Where's Eron?"
Hm? Oh yes, now that he mentions it, you caught no sight of that crazed geezer. Neither can you see the reverse-talky guy... Better for you, but worse for Kazuma it seems, as he looks a bit worried.
"Master Eron said he'd be leaving for the human village in a bit when I came to report two hours ago." two hours... Uh, you've been sitting in Kazuma's room way longer than that, right? He must've left after checking up on you two, undoubtedly - since you're pretty sure he'd do that again if he were at home. Overzealous parent figure is not something you'd enjoy. Poor Kazuma. "I do not know for what purpose."
"Ah..." Kazuma looks at the reporting mass of muscles with understanding "I see. Alright, looks like we can begin without him. To arms!"
In less than a second, the table turns into an image of battlefield. Uh, no matter how civilized they are usually, these guys are real monsters when at the table... And what is that, carrots? Why the hell carrots? Oh wait, bunny ears... Carrots... It makes sense. Too much of it, actually.
So instead of futile pondering, you devote yourself to finding something normal to eat for yourself. Of course, only after seating your ass near Kazuma.

"-- so I asked that guy, and he told me to find a tear of something something... I'm stuck at that quest."
And so your pretty boy ends a boring story about - you presume - one of his video games. Boring. Boring as hell. Still, you sat through it without a single complain. Well, at least someone talking to you meakes eating a bit more pleasant. While the chaos still ravages around you two, neither of you shows any signs of uneasiness. Just the opposite - Kazuma strangely opened up a bit now, smiling much more than he did in his room. Hm.
"So anyways," he resumes his speech after you give him an acknowledging nod "When I heard you were from the outside world, I thought you'd be able to tell me... No, but I probably got the wrong person, right? You're not... uh..."
You're not... what? What the hell happened now?
Before you're able to finish, the door to the room opens quickly, making enough noise to break through the fuss of battle, and causing everyone to direct their attention to the one who made such an indiscreet entry.
Eron, only now in a weird - no, scrap that - hilarious two-colour uniform, and a white coat thrown over it. His wind-blown hair suggests that he's just returned from his trip to human village... Or another place, it doesn't matter.
"Eron!" Kazuma stands up to greet him, with what you note as an overly warm shout. What is he so happy about? "Welcome back! Where were you?"
"Hm?" the doctor gives you a fleeting glance before turning to his kid "Ah, yes, I was visiting a friend in the village... Personal business, I'm having a day off after all, right?"
"Ahaha, no need to explain yourself! Come, come, eat! You have to be hungry, right?"
You can only grit your teeth when Kazuma drags his a bit reluctant caretaker to the nearest free spot... Which just happens to be the one on your left side. Great, just what you wanted.
Fortunately, he doesn't even spit out a single word to you, and simply proceeds to eat what's been left from the suits' feast... At least that.
"... uh, so about that question..." you try to reignite the conversation from before "... I'll try to answer, so ask away."
"Hm? Will you? But you're not really a... gamer person, right? From what you told me about your life..."
For some reason, you feel the doc jerking up a little at that moment. Only slightly.
... what a fucking creep. If you got something to say, say it, goddamn you.
"Yeah, just ask away..." you try to not notice the doc anymore, which is a bit difficult since he's sitting so close to you...
"About that game... The Elder Skulls V... Did they ever release it? I've played TES4: Bolivian, and it was pretty good, with all the NPCs, quests and AI, I still remember that one where you had to collect an elder skull with all those blind nuns around, it was really-- eh?" oh shit, he noticed - your confused stare "I-I'm sorry." he makes a stuttering apology "I got carried away, uh, I already said that you don't have to-- Just forget it!"
Oh god, he's so red he could be served as that poor carrot the suits devoured.
"... no." you try to console him "It's okay. Don't give me that look."
"Ahaha..." he lets out a troubled laugh "Yeah, you're right. Sorry."

While the awkward atmosphere hung in the air for some more time, you quickly switched to another topic and the rest went pretty much like your conversation before Eron's arrival - with Kazuma talking about irrelevant little things, and you nodding and listening.
That is, until the doc finished eating.
"Thanks for the meal." Doing his best to ignore the black suits, who - having finished their chaotic feast - are now busy with arm-wrestling each other and telling perverted jokes, the doc stands up and heads for the door. "I'll be in my office, if you need me, Master."
"Eh?" Kazuma ceases his chit-chat for a bit "I thought you had a free day today?"
"Yes, yes of course... I just want to make sure of something, don't worry, I'll be finished in no time."
With that, he leaves.
Looking at Kazuma, you notice that he's a bit saddened. Hm, had he hoped that Eron would stay here longer? Those two aren't in a really good relationship, are they?
What's more important, the doc paid no attention to you at all, for which you are a bit grateful. At least you have to give him that - when he wants to ignore someone, he does it with mastery worth a better cause.

[ ] "... okay." stand up "I think I'm going to pay him a visit now." - you should be able to catch up to him.
[ ] "... damn, it's getting late..."
[ ] "..."
[ ] "... what an unlikeable fellow. Who the hell does he think he is?"
[ ] Go bother the black suits.


Again, I would like to apologize for slacking recently, but due to the low air pressure I've been feeling very, VERY bad. Plus I did something to my wrist while doing the gardenwork and now every little movement hurts like fuck. Believe me, writing is hard in these condition. Still, I stand firm on my hill and look towards the future, which I hope is a bright one.
>> No. 18531
>Your post hurt me. Really. The first two verses.

It wasn't meant to hurt you, just praising you that you finally get serious.
>> No. 18532
[x] "... okay." stand up "I think I'm going to pay him a visit now." - you should be able to catch up to him.

Intentionally unsatisfying walls were most unsatisfying.

I suppose this choice could be rationalized by Fuku going to see him on the basis that if she gets Eron done and over with, now, she'll have more --and specifically, more uninterrupted-- time for shota molestan gaems later.
>> No. 18533
{X} "... okay." stand up "I think I'm going to pay him a visit now." - you should be able to catch up to him.

bad feeling but whatever
>> No. 18534
[ ] "... okay." stand up "I think I'm going to pay him a visit now." - you should be able to catch up to him.
>> No. 18535
[+] "... okay." stand up "I think I'm going to pay him a visit now." - you should be able to catch up to him.
>> No. 18537
>Your words are heartening. Thanks.

Heh, no need to thank me.

[x] "... okay." stand up "I think I'm going to pay him a visit now." - you should be able to catch up to him.
[X] After that, ask where is the bathroom. And those shave legs.

I want GD to draw some Fuku hentai, dammit.
>> No. 18541
[x] "... okay." stand up "I think I'm going to pay him a visit now." - you should be able to catch up to him.
>> No. 18547
File 122129548874.jpg - (90.14KB , 852x513 , 1220850606979.jpg ) [iqdb]

Ah, then it was me who got things wrong. I apologize for the confusion. Also, why so serious? Can't I fuck around when off duty and be serious while working?

No, being praised is always nice, unless it's a dishonest praise. It really does feel good to see someone appreciating your work.

Ah yes, about the status report, I wanted to throw in an addinational update yesterday, but since I felt like vomiting, I just went to sleep... Meteopathy is a bitch to deal with. As for today... Well, I'll be leaving in an hour or two, and return tommorow, so yeah. Sorry.
>> No. 18549
You can fuck arounde all you want when off work, but you do it too while you work.
This just gives the feeling of lol all fun no care.

COMN is really good, the idea behind is interesting and it is something fresh after TS did get worn out. It's one of the best LA here atm.
>> No. 18563

No, HLA is the one of the best. CoMN is only decent.
>> No. 18564

>> No. 18577
[X] "... okay." stand up "I think I'm going to pay him a visit now." - you should be able to catch up to him.

Nonetheless, you have an obligation to get done, as not only did the doc request meeting with you, but also Kazuma seems to think it's something necessary... Well, for the peace of mind of the latter, you can sacrifice a bit of your own pride and go see that geezer, right? There shouldn't be anything wrong with that.
"... okay." instead of a sigh, you begin your line with an agreement - more with yourself than with anyone else "I think I'm going to pay him a visit now."
Kazuma ceases observing the Blacks still going at it (arm-wrestling, of course), and turns to you.
"Eh? What do you--"
"Doc." you interrupt, not eager to engage in another pointless discussion "I'm going to see him. You wanted me to as well, right?"
He nods, albeit a bit hestitantly. Well, that's that. You feel a little bad for leaving him like this with those uncivilized guys, but decision has been made and there is no backing away now that you stood up.
Besides, seeing as the doc was trying his best to ignore you, bugging him will surely give you that grim pleasure of defying him.

And so you found yourself walking down the unfamiliar corridor in a leisure, but hasty fashion, with no sight of the doctor anywhere. His office should be in the 'hospital' part of the complex, if you deducted correctly. That would mean you'll have to go through that operating theater and turn... right, was it? Well, here's the door...
Not even a second after you placed your foot on the tiled flooring of the twisted theater, a hand - or at least you hope it's a hand - grabs your face from behind. In vain you try to struggle, wanting to break free of that hostile grasp - the thing holding you is too strong.
"... let me--!"
And suddenly, it's gone. Trusting the instincts, you jump away, turing around mid-air, to force the assaulter.
Which turns out to be no one other than the creepy doc. What the hell was he thinking?! What the fuck was that about?! Suddenly grabbing you from behind, fuck, and you even wanted to go easy on him! What manner of bullshit is this?!
Still, you're not going to give him the satisfaction of making you scream or complain. None of these. Just a cold scold, to counter that neutral smile of his.
"If I were..." he speaks up, not even a brow twitching on his face "A hungry youkai, you'd be long dead. Really, you have to be more careful... And aware of your surroundings... Fukuzai?"
His last word was more of a question than statement. Does he not remember your name? You DID introduce yourself, and properly, right?
"What did I do to earn a girl stalking me in my own clinic?"
Earn. Oh yes, earn. Well, 'Eron', you've earned yourself the trust of a certain young boy, and fortune wanted that he somehow managed to break through this girl's egocentrism. Long story short: shut the fuck up.
"... you wanted to see me, no?"
A moment of silence ensues between you two.
"... yes. Yes indeed." a bit forced. Like if he was admitting something false. Well, yeah, he did his best to ignore you at the dinner, but didn't he say himself 'pay me a visit later'? ... nevermind. Let's get this over with.
"So, here I am. Lead on."
"Whatever you say, lady. This way."
Finally, some initiative. While following him obediently through this brightly lit hall makes you look a little bit silly, fuck, there's no one to see it, why do you even care.

Finally, he stops in front of another indistinguishable door.
"It's here."
No shit. Again, you obediently follow him inside the room, dark, with no apparent sources of light whatsoever... Only to bump into his back at the second step.
"Shit!" Woah. It's the first time you've heard him curse, but if you bumping into him caused that... "Forgot about--! You!" suddenly, his hands are on your shoulders "Get out! For a moment!"
And before you're even able to react, the door to his 'office' closes with a loud thump. What a fucking ordeal.

Finally inside, the only thing that seems to be missing is a pile of papers on his desk - now not present. Well, it's not like you mind a little mess, damn, Kazuma's room was in a much worse shape... Why did he go so far? Anyways, you're not here for talks, but for business. Just get this done, and return... Where? To Kazuma? Uh... Maybe. Let's not think about it now, shall we?
"... whew." the doc visible relaxes after you take your seat on the opposite side of his desk "So? What brings you here?"
Your lips twitch at that question. What brings... Wait, he's joking, right? Fuck, he does feel a little uncomfortable, nervous even, but damn, now that you went through all the effort, he could at least serious the fuck up, damnit! This kind of unreasonable person is a doctor? Damn, now it suddenly seems alright to sympathize with his patients. Does he do that with all the people who visit him? 'There's you prescription, see me tommorow'. 'Hello, what's the problem?'. Sure, that makes him sound pretty reliable. What the hell is this, amnesia? Fuck, you reminded him not even a minute ago!
"... you wanted to see me, no?" repeating yourself makes your blood boil, but damn, you can't let him see it at any cost "... this is the second time you ask me about that..."
And of course, his answer is that ridiculous smile.
"Ah, yes, yes, that's right! Ahaha!" really, there's only one more person you know who can make you furious with a single line, and you'd rather not meet him again. And this here guy seems to have designated pissing you off to death as his life goal. "Uh, actually, I just said so for the heck of it, really! I wanted to give my Master a little kick in the butt, you know!" lying. He's obviously lying. Was the whole show at the dinner just to show you that he's not interested anymore? "Now, to be honest... Uh... I don't know how to put it. Ehhh..." a short sigh, his smile disappears "Your intrusion was an unexpected one." suddenly, he sounds all serious "I... I suppose you don't know why Yuki sent you here, right? The thing is... Uh, hey, it's getting pretty late, isn't it?" OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE. Here he finally started to get to the point, and all of a sudden - THIS?! What the fuck is this shit?! "I suppose, since you're not from here... Do you have a place to sleep at? If not, I'm sure one of our guest rooms is unoccupied, not many people visit us anyway... And Master doesn't have many friends. So? I can't let a girl wander around alone at night."
Yeah, right! You're fucking right! Why not talk about bullshit irrelevant things instead of getting serious?! The fact that he's obviously trying to dodge the topic is even more irritating.

[ ] "... a girl, huh? Well, if that's how you see me, then I'm sure you'll blush a pretty pink when I kick your ass if you stand on my way out of here!"
[ ] Leave. Without a word.
[ ] "... I guess."
[ ] "..."
[ ] Suspicious. Don't let him change the topic.
[ ] Drop it. It doesn't concern you anyway. Agree and take a room, as long as it's free.
>> No. 18582
Delete it or cease complaining, YAF. Not that difficult.

[x] Suspicious. Don't let him change the topic.
>> No. 18583
[x] Suspicious. Don't let him change the topic.
>> No. 18588
Cheer the fuck up.

{X} Suspicious. Don't let him change the topic.
>> No. 18592
lol i missed YAF going emo

[x] Suspicious. Don't let him change the topic.
>> No. 18595
File 122147534465.png - (89.74KB , 407x405 , advicedogfuckschool.png ) [iqdb]
Fuck you, Advice Dog. Fuck you, people. You could've at least agreed with me, it'd make me feel better.



[X] Suspicious. Don't let him change the topic.

A room? Whatever, you don't need those luxuries and you never even asked for them. He wanted to see you, so here you are, yet the situation just reached a stalemate because of this ridiculous act. Why can't he just get to the point? Instead, always digging around, beating around the bush... It's annoying. For the love of everything holy, it's annoying.
Anyways, why such a poor attempt to change the topic of discussion? Does he have something to hide? Well, wouldn't be strange, this kind of people gives off that feeling. Especially thanks to that insincere smile and intensive stare. Ugh. Can't let a girl walk alone at night? Sure, why not let her stay in a house full of insane men instead? And the fact that one of them is the one to propose that only makes it worse.
That's that, you have no interest in discussing beds now. It would be nice of him to reveal the purpose of this ordeal right away, but since it's come to this... Looks like there is no other way but to interfere with his carnival of carelessness.
"... whatever." you try to make your voice sound as cold as possible - and his flinch reveals it's success. But alas, that everpresent smile is still stitched onto his lips like a mask of sorts. Drop the act already, would you kindly? "I did not come here to discuss being your guest."
"Still, it would be rude of me to--"
"I don't care." your rude, but honest interruption makes him flinch again "Either you get to the point or I leave now. It's your choice, and I have better things to do than fooling around with an old fool."
Oho. The corners of his lips moved, albeit only for an instant, but it fills you with a twisted joy nonetheless. Does he take your words seriously? Well, this unexplainable attitude will become his undoing, if he wants to carry on like this. No concessionary tariff with this girl, too bad.
"I see." he puts his hand to his face, supporting it from beneath "I guess... you're right. I shouldnt've called you without a good reason. I apologize."
Huh. So now not only does he renew the attempt of forcing that matter with 'Yuki' to slip by, but tries to convince you it wasn't there in the first place? Oh, he's not choosing his words carefully, and your care-meter drops lower and lower with his every statement.
"So?" you ask with a mocking shrug "Is that all?"
"..." the answer is silence. Instead of just telling you to fuck off, he spins around on the chair, giving you a nice sight of his back and long, silver braid. "Actually... I know you're not going to listen, but... I'd like to ask you a favour nonetheless."
"Go on."
"If... something bad happens..." his voice is calm, very calm, almost comforting "I'd like you to... count on me. You can count on me, Fukuzai. Please, count on me."

That's enough. You're sick of him speaking in riddles, and this ridiculous, unreasonable request was the drop that swayed the scale. Count on him? Why the fuck would you do that? Hell, if he were the last person on earth, you'd rather DIE than count on this... this bastard. Why bastard? Hell if you know, he's a bastard, and that's all what counts. Fucking, crazed geezer, rambling on idiotic things, making you... Argh!
Without a word, you stand up from your seat and head for the door. This damned doctor doesn't deserve even a slightest agreement or farewell from you. Damn, if it were possible, you'd like to be teleported as far away from him as you fucking could. Count on me, feh! Where the hell did that come from?
"Guest rooms are in residental section, where Master's room is." he quickly throws in another unneeded advice as you angrily swing the door open "Every door has a key hanging on a hook beside it. If there is one, the room is not occupied. Make yourself at ho--" short pause "...home. And, one more thing. Master is in his room, asleep, so I would like you to not disturb hi--"
He tries to shout as you close the door behind you, but you're way too pissed to take heed to his words.

The journey through the hospital section and operating theater went uneventful. Only after entering the residental part of the complex did you see occasional 'Blacks', now dressed drastically diffirently - in white pajamas - sticking their heads out of their room, talking with each other, falling oddly silent as you passed by.
Wait, where were you going anyway?
With an angry glance sideways, you discover what the doc described as 'an unoccupied room'. Beside the sliding door, with an out-of-place keyhole in one wing, there's a hook stuck into a wall, a small, silver key strapped to it with a piece of string. Then... it would be alright to take this one, right? Or...
Well, it's not like you're NOT tired, after all this mess, but it's still relatively early... No, wait, actually, if you were on your regular schedule, you'd be dreaming of... various things already. Ugh, all those events really messed up your internal clock. This is bad.

[ ] Take the key. Go inside. Lock the door behind you. Sleep.
[ ] Take the key. Go inside. Sleep.
[ ] Fuck this shit, go to Kazuma's room.
[ ] Get out of here, now, then run with all your strength and might.
[ ] "... what the fuck is your problem, people? Nothing to see here, shoo!", pout at the curious rabbits.
[ ] No way you're going to sleep here. Find a way outside.
>> No. 18596
File 122147581188.jpg - (289.89KB , 768x1024 , 1221470266693.jpg ) [iqdb]
For all of you finding pleasure in my suffering, I am glad to inform you that vomiting has been making me pretty gloomy lately. What's probably less pleasant for you to hear, is that I'm enjoying being a grim, sarcastic asshole, instead of abiding by my usual carefree and malicious behaviour. That is all.
>> No. 18597
[x] Take the key. Go inside. Lock the door behind you. Sleep.
>> No. 18599
{X} Take the key. Go inside. Lock the door behind you. Sleep.
Do not want nightly visit by Tewi

Get well soon, Yaffy~

>[ ] "... what the fuck is your problem, people? Nothing to see here, shoo!", pout at the curious rabbits.
>> No. 18600
[x] Take the key. Go inside. Lock the door behind you. Sleep.
>> No. 18601
[x] Take the key. Go inside. Lock the door behind you. Sleep.

in b4 KAzuma cmoes in...
>> No. 18604
[x] Take the key. Go inside. Lock the door behind you. Sleep.

Not sleeping is bad for Fuku. There's time to molest Kazuma later.

I hope.
>> No. 18605
[x] Take the key. Go inside. Sleep.
>> No. 18626
Cheer up, sick YAF. Either you'll get better, or you'll die - in which case you can go out with the satisfaction of leaving all of us hanging.

[+] Take the closest unoccupied room to Kazuma's.
[+] Take the key. Go inside. Lock the door behind you. Sleep.

As an aside, I still think it was a serious dick move when anon chose to harass Kourin. Female Kourin is moe.
>> No. 18627
And this would be me, and my shitty short-term memory, reading one update and failing to remember passing by the new thread along the way.
Ignore, please.
>> No. 18629
Got to agree with the Kourin thing.

Diiiick move.
>> No. 18641

Fukuzai diiiiiiiiiiiick
>> No. 18655
File 122159099384.png - (14.88KB , 329x302 , Who's_that_pokemon.png ) [iqdb]
>Fukuzai dick