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[X] "I know it's rude, but could I ask for my pay already? There are matters I need money for, and they are of utmost importance."

Hm, okay, so he had nothing else in mind for you to do? It's a bit... regrettable, now that you've warmed up. To be honest, as much as you hate to say it, you'd do some more cleaning. The energy, it has to be spent on something! And if he cannot provide a sufficing outlet... Well, to find it on your own you shall.
But then, there are more important matters to attend to. And it just happens so, that one of them is your lack of money, that you really, really need right now. There's no point in depending on Keine or Akyu to supply it, and it would even look ungentlemanly to do so, and the only other you can turn to in this matter is no one other than Kourin.
Wait, that's why you joined him here, right? To work for him. Which means, he has to pay you. Well, it's not like you've done very much, but still... In the first place, it's his fault for not having anything in mind! Alright, here it goes.
"I know it's rude," you start carefully "But could I ask for my pay already?" You observe his face, which remains unchanged from that embarassed, a bit stupid expression. Didn't he hear you?
"... what?"
Oh, it looks like he did after all.
"Uh... There are matters I need money for and..." you try to explain the situation "They are of utmost importance, I'm afraid. So, could you--"
"Sorry, but no."

Wait WHAT. Okay, it's not like you've done much, okay, but he KNOWS you need the money! Goddamnit, Kourin!
"Why? I haven't done much, but--"
"No, no, you did great, you cleaned my warehouse in just a few hours... But, you see..." he fixes his glasses while taking turning away from you "It looks like I'm... pretty much broke."
Oh GREAT. Just great! You've taken a job with an employer who has no money! How much better can it get? Hey, you're broke, wanna borrow some of my cash? Cool, it's not like I need a place to sleep in! Damn you Kourin, you could've at least said so sooner! Now what?
The two of you fall silent, and after a few minutes pass, he is the first to break the silence. With a big, resignated shrug, he sighs loudly.
"That's why I parasite off Keine, you see. Almost no one comes to my shop these days, and... Well, no customers equals no money. People in Gensokyo don't need this junk I sell..."
Well yeah, they may not need it, but... Shouldn't there be collectioners? People with interest in such things? Hell, you yourself wouldn't be offended if you had some of this stuff in your house! For example, that Kar98... How easier would it be to hunt with them? Gensokyo needs an industrial revolution and FAST. And Kourin should be the one to start it. Be a man, for fuck's sake! Literally, for fuck's sake! At least look manly to Keine! She seems to know something about the outside world, and you own stuff from there, come on! It's like two plus two equals four!
"Goddamnit..." you curse silently.
It seems to work like a trigger of sorts, as Kourin sighs again, and closes the record book he had opened in front of him all the time.
"Well, it's almost time to close the store. Let's get going, okay?"


In the end, you ended up back in the village just as it started to get dark. Kourin visibly relaxes after crossing the gate, and now with almost joy painted on his face, turns to you.
"So, I'm going to my angel's place. What about you? If it's about a place to stay at, I can ask her for help."

[ ] "Sure, why not. Let's go."
[ ] "No, thanks. I'll come up with something myself. Bye."
-subvote [ ] Go to nearest pub
-subvote [ ] Go to the inn
-subvote [ ] Go to Akyu's house
-subvote [ ] Go to the school, maybe you can break in somehow

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Can we have NanayaxHieda Aki
>> No. 17745

Do you want me to do it? Do you really, REALLY want me to do it?


Because I am ALREADY fapping.
>> No. 17748
[x] "Sure, why not. Let's go."

Damn it, Kourin, you useless bastard.
>> No. 17750
[x] "By angel, you mean Keine? Or Reimu?"
[x] "Sure, why not. Let's go."
>> No. 17753
[x] "By angel, you mean Keine? Or Reimu?"
[x] "Sure, why not. Let's go."
[x] On the way tell Kourin he has to start marketing his wares--demonstrations in the village, domestic consulting, advertising in the newspaper, pitching sales to the kappa, etc.
>> No. 17757
[x] "By angel, you mean Keine? Or Reimu?"
[x] "Sure, why not. Let's go."
[x] On the way tell Kourin he has to start marketing his wares--demonstrations in the village, domestic consulting, advertising in the newspaper, pitching sales to the kappa, etc.
>> No. 17759
[x] "By angel, you mean Keine? Or Reimu?"
-- [x] If it's Reimu: "I don't think showing up there would be very good for my health, but I'll go most of the way there with you."
-- [x] If it's Keine: "Sure, why not. Let's go."
[x] Regardless of which, tell Kourin on the way he has to start marketing his wares--demonstrations in the village, domestic consulting, advertising in the newspaper, pitching sales to the kappa, etc.
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Trap Wriggle would be better.
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Do it faggot, i wouldn't have asked for it if i didn't want it.
Make it happen, NOW.
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Ya, sorry guys, but there's party@my house, and I most probably won't be writing right now. Gonna come back to you later at night, smashed, and with gay H-scene done. Stay sharp.
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Oh god i love you.
>> No. 17766
I also found a working webcam and there's no saying what I might start doing with it when drunk, but this should be of no interest to you.
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This Thread gets more FABULOUS minute per minute.
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[ ] "No, thanks. I'll come up with something myself. Bye."
[ ] Go to Akyu's house

We need more moe.
>> No. 17772
[x] "By angel, you mean Keine? Or Reimu?"
[x] "Sure, why not. Let's go."
[x] On the way tell Kourin he has to start marketing his wares--demonstrations in the village, domestic consulting, advertising in the newspaper, pitching sales to the kappa, etc.
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File 121965652138.jpg - (176.99KB , 343x1024 , akyuonyourlap.jpg ) [iqdb]
Draw by Pygmalion.
>> No. 17839

>> No. 17840
>> No. 17841

Well, this is a pretty cool drawing, I wonder what the fuss is all aboHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNGGGGG
>> No. 17842
[ ] "No, thanks. I'll come up with something myself. Bye."
[ ] Go to Akyu's house
>> No. 17866
File 121971259137.jpg - (71.12KB , 738x1200 , Akyu004.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "By angel, you mean Keine? Or Reimu?"
[x] "Sure, why not. Let's go."
[x] On the way tell Kourin he has to start marketing his wares--demonstrations in the village, domestic consulting, advertising in the newspaper, pitching sales to the kappa, etc.

Angel, huh? Well, this is a rather inaccurate description, don't you think, Kourin? Well, help is always appreciated, no matter what it may turn out to be.
"Sure," you give Kourin an agreeing shrug "Why not. Let's go."
He sets off down the street without any further delays, leaving you a bit confused as for the exact destination of this surely hurried stroll. Well, all you can do is shake off the weird feeling and catch up to him just before he took a swerve in between buildings.
"Damnit, wait for me..."
"Hm?" he turns around with neutral face. Uh, it seems he didn't even notice that he's left you behind. Curse you, Kourin, why are you in such a hurry anyway?! "Yes? What is it?"
He finally stops in his tracks, letting you adjust the pace, then launches his legengines again. Okay, right, sure it's getting dark, but you don't have to walk so fast, now do you?
"You know what?" you try starting a coversation as the walk resumes "I've taken a look at all the things in your shop and...Well, I think most of them would be pretty useful."
"Mhm." he answers neutrally. You sigh.
"Listen, those carabines, those long things that shoot shit, how easier it would be to hunt with them? Yet everyone still uses bows. Except one person I know... But that's beside the point." you shake your head "Kourin, this is not a shop you're keeping there. It's a goddamn warehouse. Nobody will buy your stuff if you don't advertise a little!" This time there is no reaction. Now that's pretty rude, to dismiss you like that, isn't it. But to surrender is not an option here. "Hey, how about we make a demonstration tommorow, eh? Show people some of your wares. Hm? How about it? We can also make advertisements, or try to find a diffirent clientele? Maybe kappa? They like to dirty their hands with mechanical stuff."
He finally interrupts your enthusiathic speech with a sigh.
"You know," his voice is silent, but distinguishable in the silence of night "To be honest, I just keep that shop because I like it. Money, yeah, it's useful, but not the most important." he shrugs weakly "I guess I am just too lazy to do all that."
"That's why I said I can help..." you remark, just as silent not to let him hear. "Kourin," this time louder, you launch the contrarguments "You call yourself a man? Do you even know what a man should achieve in his life? Find a wife, have children, mantain a steady job. And while the first two ones you are on the best way to acquire, the job you now have isn't really profitable."
"I tell you--"
"And!" you're not letting him finish "Look at other people! Even Reimu makes effort to get money. No matter of what nature that effort is. You're a goddamn slacker, Kourin, and you need to snap out of it."
A moment of silence ensues before he graces you with a half assed response.
"I'll think about it."
Great, think about it. Well, it's not like you really care, it was just a spur of a moment kinda thing. A surge of good will towards someone you should despise, not help.
Hm, now come to think of it, it was pretty rude of him to dismiss you like that, right? Why not answer in kind then?
"So, Kourin, on the topic of Reimu. By 'angel', you mean her? Or Keine?"
A muffled hiccup escapes his mouth as he suddenly stops, his legs rooted to the ground mid-step. Oho.
"O-Of course," he turns his face to you, stretched in a forced smile. You can clearly see the corner of his lips twitching nervously. "By 'angel', I meant Keine. Angel of Salvation, yeah. Salvation. Since she lets me stay at her place and stuff. Yeah."
He keeps nodding to himself as his legs start moving again. Woah, that was an extreme reaction, but you'd expected no less. Trying to two-time a girl you like, eh Kourin? Aren't you a little bit too early for that? Well, it's not like YOU are to blame though... The events of past days suddenly return like a boomerang thrown by an experienced user, in a way so it hits in a carefully chosen moment. And the one who threw it in the first place was you... Well, as much as you still feel guilty for leaving the shrine, the fact that you finally found a place where you belong, a girl and a job (which doesn't look very promising, but to hell with that), makes your spirits rise a bit. Well, after all, it's not the past that counts, since you already discarded one, but present, and what you need to do.

While you bathe in various thoughts, Kourin keeps silent, and soon the two of you reach the same house where you sought help not so long ago. Keine's home.
It's really dark now. If it wasn't for the stars and lights in windows around, it would've been pitch dark here.
"Wait a moment." Kourin asks while boldly pushing the door leading inside. Almost like if it was his own home.... "Just a minute."
Then he disappears inside.
Even though it's silent, you can't really hear what's going on inside. Whether it is because of the humming of wind, or just because the walls are thick, it doesn't concern you, and you simply wait idly, ignoring the growing cold on your skin.

After a few minutes of peace, the door opens again, revealing Kourin, who, having his fist clenched, approaches you in a strange manner. Like if he was sneaking. Uh, what the hell is this about now?
"Here." he hands you a set of keys "These are for the school's gates and doors. You should manage somehow. Just return them tommorow, okay?"

After making sure a few times that you understand, he waves you goodbye, and returns inside, in the same sneaky, manner. Weird man, that Kourin. Well, whatever.
Now what? You could go check out the school or stroll around, but then again, there's that strange feeling you're forgetting something important... Something...

'Pay me a visit in the evening, would you kindly?' - that's what she said, right? And how could you refuse? Akyu chooses, her man obeys. How convenient, for both sides. Now, there's no way you'd ignore her plead, right? And so you depart into the familiar darkness, directing your step towards the house where your girl awaits...

And here it is, with dim light seeping from almost every window, it stands before you. According to your inner biological clock, it's long after Vivi's duty time, so you can't really expect her to... Wait, but if Akyu told you to come, wouldn't she make sure you can enter the house without problems? Well, that's a matter to discover.

[ ] Knock on the door. Politely.
[ ] Barge in! ALL GUNS BLAZING style!
[ ] Infiltration action. Find an entry point, then proceed towards the objective.
[ ] Howl like a wounded dog.


Also, sorry for the recent lack of updates, but I just can't keep my level of motivation high enough to write. Yeah, return to school is nearing with giant steps, and I am trying to squeeze as much as possible out of these last days of summer vacation. By partying, drinking and taking it easy in the Zone. And lurking in IRC. I just hope that school will finally refresh my dull lifestyle a bit, and just as I could write like a fucking fist of the Dark Gods long time ago, I will be able to pull it off now as well.
Beer for the beer god, Akyu for the lazy bastard.
>> No. 17871

Fuck you YAF, that pic is making me despair and rage so much that I am not going to vote.
>> No. 17873
[X] Infiltration action. Find an entry point, then proceed towards the objective.
>> No. 17874
[ ] Barge in! ALL GUNS BLAZING style!
>> No. 17883
File 121972248140.jpg - (10.26KB , 200x200 , Akyu021.jpg ) [iqdb]
And here I was hoping to write some Akyu before going to sleep. Oh well.

System online.
Weapons offline.
ComSat disabled.
Motivation levels: Low.
Core shutdown imminent.
>> No. 17890
[X] Infiltration action. Find an entry point, then proceed towards the objective.
>> No. 17894
[X] Infiltration action. Find an entry point, then proceed towards the objective.
>> No. 17895

[x] Knock on the door. Politely.

Last thing we want to do is piss off Vivit.
>> No. 17897
[ ] Knock on the door. Politely.
>> No. 17898
Shit.... YAF, i was going to page 8 to look if This Shrine thread 1 is still here, and it is.

Because i was bored, i was reading it and saw that it was the most awesome thing you ever wrote. You never did manage to come even close to it again with whatever else you wrote.
>> No. 17904

Don't count on school to refuel your motivations, you're just going to have less time to write.
>> No. 17905
>Shit.... YAF, i was going to page 2 to look if Collaborations of Missing Numbers thread 1 is still here, and it is.

>Because i was bored, i was reading it and saw that it was the most awesome thing you ever wrote. You never did manage to come even close to it again with whatever else you wrote.
>> No. 17906
[x] Knock on the door. Politely.
[x] If there's no answer, try bouncing some pebbles off of Akyu's bedroom window.
>> No. 17908
Shit.... YAF, i was going to page 1 to look if Rumblings of a Writing Machine thread 1 is still here, and it is.

Because i was bored, i was reading it and saw that it was the most awesome thing you ever wrote. You never did manage to come even close to it again with whatever else you wrote.
>> No. 17910
[+] Knock on the door. Politely.
[+] If there's no answer, try bouncing some pebbles off of Akyu's bedroom window.
>> No. 17911
[x] Knock on the door. Politely.
[x] If there's no answer, try bouncing some pebbles off of Akyu's bedroom window.
>> No. 17912
Shit.... YAF, i was going to page 1 to look if Collaboration of Missing Numbers thread 6 is here yet, and it isn't.

Because i was bored, i was imagining it and saw that it was the most awesome thing you ever will write. You never did manage to come even close to it again with whatever else you wrote. Get back to work nigger.
>> No. 17917
[x] Knock on the door. Politely.

Not really that much of a choice here, huh? Charging in like a mad gunman would be not only rude but stupid as well. Besides, if you were to run into anyone other than Akyu or her father... Yeah, this could get ugly. Now, sneaking in? Yeah, that could work, but going in unannounced would only complicate things, should you get caught. That's boring. Why do you even think about stuff like this? Looks like the leisure time in the village softened you up a bit. Pardon, a lot. Ah, or is it stress that makes you reconsider things instead of following the wild call?
Sighing a resignated sigh, you approach the door and knock on it. Lightly. Politely. Like a goddamn gentleman you've apparently become. Oh well. Can one fight his own toughts? Probably not. So yeah, let's leave the craziness for another occasion, alright? Now, let's knock, knock, knock on the heaven's door...
In answer, the heavens send down an angel in a nightgown, that opens the doors visibly unnerved about having to do so.
The two of you exchange awkward greetings, which aren't really greetings, but will have to suffices as ones. You can't help but notice that she has her hair let loose again, making her look much more younger - and attractive - than she usually does. Hell, if it wasn't for her scolding, questioning gaze, you'd probably start having inappropriate thoughts about her, which would be a bad thing. A very bad thing indeed.
"So?" she seems to be sick of your examining stare enough to break the silence "What are you doing here?"
"Ah yes, right." you shake off the reverie, and take your eyes off the protruding curves on her nightshirt "I came because Akyu told me to."
She sends you an annoyed frown.
"... do you have any idea what time it is?"
"Can't be that late, right? You're still up."
She places her hands on her hips. Oh, cool.
"You have a point. But really, why do you always pop up at the least expected time... And today too..."
Troubled sigh escapes her pretty lips. What, is there something wrong? Why does she look so hesitant anyway? Well, better to ask for the truth than to cower from it.
"Vivi, is something the matter?"
"Hm?" she takes a short glance at you before shrugging "Oh, nothing. It's just that Father and Mother are out for the night and I was hoping for a peaceful night. And spend some time..." her words fade out as she realizes she said to much "It's nothing. Come in, come in."
She finally steps aside and gestures you to come inside.
"Sorry for intruding."
"Don't worry." Vivi closes the door behind her and turns the key sticking out of it's lock "Just remember I'm still here... And trying to sleep, do you understand?"
"Yessir!" you find yourself strangely obedient under her sharp gaze.
"Very good."
The two of you proceed up the stairs, to the first floor, Vivi leading the way, making it very difficult for you to keep yourself distracted from her wobbling hips. Oh damn it. Is she doing this on purpose? Well, whether it be so or not, her tired yawn blows away all the suspicion. She could simply be tired, which wouldn't be that weird. How hard is the life of a maid? Very hard it seems.
"Okay, I'm going to my room." she says as you finally reach the top of the stairs "And I require silence. At least a moderate one. Single suspicious sound and I'll come crashing through the wall, do we understand each other?"
You can only nod at her not serious, yet strangely frightening threat.
"Good night then."
The door to her room closes before you can even answer. Oh well, her call. You just wanted to give her a polite goodnight kiss, but if she doesn't want then it's her loss.
Now then, she gave an order to be quiet and abide by it you shall. Never invoke the rage of a sleepy girl, or heads will roll. Alright, since Akyu's door is just beside Vivi's, there's no need to sneak around. You boldly, but carefully take a step and grab the knob. Then, quietly, but still noisy enough to let the resident be warned of your presence, you open the door.

Akyu is sitting at her desk, immersed in hasty process of writing on a piece of paper with an old looking ballpen. Breeze from an open window sways her hair, but she makes nothing of it, too busy with scribbling words after words. Ah, the writer at work, huh?
"Mhm." she acknowledges your arrival a bit absent-mindedly.
You take the leisure of choosing a seat for yourself, and sit on the bed, then look around. Well, this room doesn't look very diffirent from it was before, only now it's a bit tidier. Had to be a hellton of work, to arrange those books in regular piles, pardon, towers. Good job, Akyu, now it's possible to move around more freely. You feel kinda tempted to peek under the bed, but keep those urges at bay.
"... beans.... yeah, beans..."
She mutters random words as her hand marks the appearance of another line. What could she be writing?

[ ] "So, you wanted to see me."
[ ] Try to see what she's writing. Maybe you can help?
[ ] Close the window. It'd be bad if she caught a cold.
[ ] Sit. Wait. Count the flowers on her kimono.
[ ] Freak out. Reverse the visit.



I don't know what to think about that, so I'll just be leaving this update here.
>> No. 17940
[ ] Try to see what she's writing. Maybe you can help?
>> No. 17943
[ ] Sit. Wait. Count the flowers on her kimono

When Naya is out of flowers

[ ] Try to see what she's writing. Maybe you can help?
>> No. 17945
[x] Close the window. It'd be bad if she caught a cold.
[x] Try to see what she's writing. Maybe you can help?

Akyu~ is A-cute girl~
>> No. 17948
[ ] "So, you wanted to see me."

Boring option GO
>> No. 17949
[x] Close the window. It'd be bad if she caught a cold.
[x] Try to see what she's writing. Maybe you can help?
>> No. 17953
>Oh, nothing. It's just that Father and Mother are out for the night and I was hoping for a peaceful night. And spend some time..."

With Akyu, amirite? Also VIVIT is hot.

[✍] Close the window. It'd be bad if she caught a cold.
[✍] Try to see what she's writing. Read over her shoulder.
>> No. 17991
[X] Close the window. It'd be bad if she caught a cold.
[X] Try to see what she's writing. Maybe you can help?
>> No. 17999
File 121999004821.jpg - (184.81KB , 828x749 , 1219631531452.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Try to see what she's writing. Maybe you can help?
[X] Close the window. It'd be bad if she caught a cold.

Absorbed like if her life depended on it. Well, it only fits her image, doesn't it? Even her silent mutters as she scribbles letters after letters, they make her look somehow adorable. Not that she wasn't already. This proves that no matter how boring the activity may be, if a proper person does it, it can change into the greatest thing possible.
Now, as much as you'd like to sit down and observe her cute expressions, the opened window kinda tickles your nerves. It's not really cold, but it still would be better to close it, than to let Akyu get sick. Mm, it could be a silly thought, but whatever. The prospect of having her ill in the summer, where one should enjoy the good weather, would be...

Holy damn. Sick Akyu. That would mean she'd be laying in her bed, sweating, dressed only in pajamas, with a cold towel on her on her forehead... And you'd sit by her side, and try to cheer her up, ask how she feels... And when she gets too sweaty, change her clothe--
Suprised gasp escapes your lips as you drive your own elbow into your stomach. Great, it worked, your Emergency Fantasy Break Mechanism. Good, good. Losing it here would be bad, extremely bad. Now, a few deep breaths. Yeah. Inhale... exhale... And again. Calm down. Yeah, just like that.
Okay, next, the window. Close it. Just like that. Good progress.

Akyu looks up from above her writings, and gives your resignated face a worried glance.
"Did something happen?"
You wipe your forehead with a sleeve, then smile weakly.
"No, nothing wrong. Say," you decide to seize the moment to change the subject for one that intrigues you the most "What are you writing?"
And it will serve as a mean of calming you down further too. Marvelous.
Getting to the point though, the thing she's working on doesn't seem to be her usual Perfect Memento thing. No tables, and even though it's all in japanese, you can tell it's not the thing. Wait, how did you manage to read japanese at that time? Squint eyes, concentrate...

'His.... swollen.... sheathe... sword.... sweat... swollen... moan... swollen... swollen... swollen...'
"---Hey!" her sudden squeal is accompanied by her body moving on to shield her creation from your eyes "Were you trying to read it?"
"Huh?" You break away from the whitish haze that conquered your thoughts while you were trying to 'translate' the bushy letters, and notice that Akyu is staring at you, blushing slightly, clearly irritated. Wha-- why? It's not like she told you NOT to read it... Well, her luck that you couldn't decipher it any further than those few words. "Uh, yeah, maybe."
"Geez." she puffs her cheeks as if to scold you. Which has rather reverse effect than the one she apparently intended, because now your urge to hug her is greater than ever. "Just let me finish and I'll show you, okay?"
You find yourself nodding eagerly at her innocent question. Madness! What magic is this! What manner of darkest arts has she used to take over your mind and soul so easily?! You're a witch, Akyu, a cute, adorable magical girl! Your spells are super effective, for they steal men's hearts instantly! Goddamnit, your parents did a hell of a good job, Akyu, and they know it!
"Oh. Okay, of course."
She stares at you for a moment more before relaxing and putting down the pen. She moans silently while straightening up on the chair, both her joints and the wooden construction creaking as she does so. Hm, that means she's been working on this for quite some time now... Oh, Akyu, you need to take care of yourself more, really... And with an opened window too...


Sudden, loud noise, coming from the said window cuts short your paternal divagations, and makes your nerves automatically react by sidestepping and...
No, in fact, you couldn't move, because the lovely partner of yours apparently decided to constrain the lower part of your body in some sort of girly reflex. Oh man, does it feel good...
Noticing what she's just done, she quickly retreats back onto the chair, and lets her face be flooded by a deep blush. Awww, what are you getting so embarassed about? It's only natural to be scared, look even this Nanaya here jumped up a bit.
But yeah, come to think of it, what could that be? It sounded as if someone threw something relatively heavy at the window... It's still in one piece though. Good grief. It would be bad if it shattered.
"S-sorry!" she apologizes "I just...!"
"It's okay." you give her a reassuring pat on the head while still having all your attention turned to the window. What the hell could that be? Is someone throwing stones at your girl's window? This disgrace requires bloody repentance! Punishment for the bold criminal! Blood for the vengeful husband! Let the hounds of war be let loose! Let the wounded moose cry out in pain! Raging resolve, blood and thunder, ashes to dust!
"It.. .It was probably just a bird.... Um... Sorry for changing the topic but..."
You stop imagining yourself in a giant mech, rummaging through the village, killing everyone suspicious, and instead turn your attention to Akyu, who seems to have collected herself already. She's also staring at you with a weird face...
"Hm? Yeah, sorry, I kinda lost myself there for a moment. What is it?"
"You could use a bath."

You freeze in place after hearing that phrase. Could use. A bath. Could use a bath, she said. A bath. You. Could. Use. A bath. That means, you stink. Yeah, most probably, stink. It's stink. Stink, right? You stink. She should've felt that when she hugged you in a fit of fright. Right then. She hugged you. And smelled it. The horrible stench of an overworked, male body, dripping with cold sweat. After a whole day of working in the fields. That has to be it. You are screwed. This is all over. You should've been careful not to overdo it, but now it's too late. Too late for anything. All that is left, is your blade. The one that you reached for instinctively when it happened. When that something hit the window. Your only friend. Farewell, world!
And as you are about to take a dive through the window, the very same you were glad to see in one piece, Akyu raises her arm up to her face, and sniffs on it.
Then, she says something that makes your thoughts speed up like a spider on crack, surfin through it's web.
"Hm, I should take a bath as well..."

[ ] Very yes.
[ ] Still, you're worried what that thing was.
>> No. 18000
[x] Still, you're worried what that thing was.
>> No. 18004
[x] Still, you're worried what that thing was.
>> No. 18005
{X} Still, you're worried what that thing was.
>> No. 18007
[x] Still, you're worried what that thing was.
>> No. 18008
[x] Very yes.
[x] Still, you're worried what that thing was.

Both are doable. Take a quick peek out to see what we can see followed by the bath with Akyu.
>> No. 18013
[x] Very yes.
[x] Still, you're worried what that thing was.

>> No. 18020
[X] Very yes.
>> No. 18026
[X] Very yes.

Vivi could beat up any potential intruder.
>> No. 18030

""And I require silence. At least a moderate one. Single suspicious sound and I'll come crashing through the wall, do we understand each other?" "

Whilst it sounds good in theory.. if the person making the noise continues whilst we are having a 'bath' with Akyu well.. it wont leave us in a good situation considering that Vivit will probably walk in on us. Which I doubt will lead to a threesome. Then again Anon kicks reason to the curb so who knows what can happen..
>> No. 18032
[+] Very yes.
[+] VERY yes.
>> No. 18033
[ ] Very yes.
[ ] Still, you're worried what that thing was

Hmmmm... An Aya nosing for a scoop?
>> No. 18034
We also might want to consider who/what is causing the sound, and why.
If they're there for Akyu, then are we to do nothing while someone attempts to woo our beloved? I think not!
And if they're there for us, that's even less reason to ignore it. Either it's something important, or it's trouble. Neither one is something we should ignore, even if it's for bath-time with Akyu.
>> No. 18035
[Q] Still, you're worried what that thing was
>> No. 18037
[x] Still, you're worried what that thing was.
>> No. 18053
File 122008474118.jpg - (143.40KB , 599x599 , getoutofhere.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18062

That game isn't really worth 7 minutes.
>> No. 18239
Needs less 7 minutes and more HOLY SHIT BATH TIME WITH AKYU.
>> No. 19202
File 12229417879.jpg - (216.85KB , 575x759 , 85eb9dee64e0265f242e8572d71f7f32cen.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Still, you're worried what that thing was.

While the enemies of Akyu still drawn breath, there can be no peace. And altough the visions brought by her words are heartwarming to say the least, the is no rest until you make sure that your precious treasure is safe. You may appear blind to her implications, but it is only natural that you would care about her, right? And by showing this, by sacrificing the undoubtable pleasure, to ensure her safety - isn't that what a real man should do? That is correct, good friar! To stab yourself in the balls, in order to protect the one you love is a good thing to do! And even in pain - you still serve the greater cause!
"Well then," you put your hands on your hips and rise your chest, proud of your own resolve and willpower "Please do, my dear, while I sweep the garden in search for the intruder."
Akyu appears suprised for a moment. But it is of no concern to you. Fixing your shirt, you start marching towards the door.
"B-but it wasn't--!" she stutters and retreats out of her sentence mid-way through "Fine!"
While your mind screams in warning at the spite in her last word, there's no backing away now. Whoever dared to disturb Akyu's peace, shall be severly punished, that is, if the said culprit is still here.
Down the stairs and out the door, you sink into the night.

The lights in the house being turned off make the garden bathe in calm darkness. Perfect. There is nothing more you could possibly be wishing for. The familiar click of your knife's backlock mechanism is like a trigger for your body to fall to the ground, on all fours, like an animal that just awoke in your head.

You're a motherfucking spider, webbing in the motherfucking darkness.

And like a spider, you quickly dissolve into the bushes and tall grass surrounding the house. Searching every corner, taking heed to every disturbance in the stale air that could possibly be caused by the intruder. Impudent fool, whoever it was! The thoughts of elaborate tortures that await him when you finally catch even a slightest glimpse of his poor figure are exciting at least. You can't help but let a smirk creep onto your lips. That's right, candles, wax, lubricant and wooden stools are only a few of the tools you're going to use on him! Fear not the knife, fear the seven nights of indescribable pain!

But there is nothing. Disappointing, but as hard as you look, there is really no one in the garden. There are some traces and brokes branches on the bush growing under Akyu's window, but that's about it. Nothing less, nothing more. Even circling around the house yields no results, beside the obvious waste of time.
"Feh." with a displeased snort, you put your knife back into your pocket and shrug "I guess he got away then. No matter. Next time, I'm gonna take him to a date in hell."

The logical thing to do now would be to return, and so you do. Back through the front yard, and to the front door, you march, fighting off the strangely depressing disappointment.
"What took you so long?"
But the sight that greets you inside the house is enough to make it all go away. Standing on the stairs, apparently interrupted by your return, stands Akyu, wearing nothing but a slightly oversized towel. Her hair is dripping wet and ruffled, which makes her look even more... Should you say - fetching? Dishy? Incredibly arousing? Or perhaps everything at once? That has to be it - it's like if she was appealing to both your manhood and your heart at once, which she is, actually.
"Er..." you try to find proper words to answer her, despite your mind being full of 'holy shit Akyu' and 'oh my god, bare legs' right now "Uh, yeah... I guess..."
She tilts her head sideways at your nonsensical response.
"Did you find anything?"
"Uh... not really..."
Relief crosses her face, but is immidiately substituted by some sort of malicious spite. Her arms find support on her hips, in what probably is some kind of scolding gesture.
"I hope you enjoyed searching the garden then!" she puffs her cheeks and looks away "And I hope you're going to enjoy your bath! Alone!"
With that, she turns away and resumes her trek up the stairs, leaving you dumbfounded, standing at their base. She's almost at the top now...

[ ] "Oh no, you DIDN'T!"
[ ] "Fine! Indeed, I am going to enjoy it! Alone!"
[ ] "... but I don't know where the bath is..."
[ ] Run out, and into the night. Howl to the moon.
[ ] Follow her, apologize or something.
[ ] "Maybe I should ask Vivi to take a bath with me then!"
>> No. 19203
Get back to writing Fuku.
>> No. 19204
[x] "Oh no, you DIDN'T!"
You leaft a spot. Let me help you clean it up.
>> No. 19206
{X} "Oh no, you DIDN'T!"

Oh hey it's this thing
>> No. 19207
[x] "Maybe I should ask Vivi to take a bath with me then!"

>> No. 19208
[x] "Maybe I should ask Vivi to take a bath with me then!"

Jealousy gaems
>> No. 19209
[x] "...Your towel is slipping, dear."
[x] Bound up the stairs and take her in your arms as she stops to check.
[x] Gently tug the towel off.
[x] "Well, it is now, anyway.
[x] Apologize like the dashing romantic motherfucker you are.
[x] But sexily.
[x] Don't overdo it.
[x] "Now, perhaps you can guide me to our bath?"
>> No. 19210
>[x] "...Your towel is slipping, dear."
>[x] Bound up the stairs and take her in your arms as she stops to check.
>[x] Gently tug the towel off.
>[x] "Well, it is now, anyway.
>[x] Apologize like the dashing romantic motherfucke—

>> No. 19211
[X] "Oh no, you DIDN'T!"

Sucker tried to play us and Kourin never paid us.
Someone's going to do the goddamn Dance of Sorrow for this.
>> No. 19212
[X] "Oh no, you DIDN'T!"
>> No. 19213
[ ] "Oh no, you DIDN'T!"
>> No. 19214
[x] "Maybe I should ask Vivi to take a bath with me then!"

This'll at least get you a response other than the sound of a door slamming.
>> No. 19215
[ ] "Oh no, you DIDN'T!"
>> No. 19225
[X] "Maybe I should ask Vivi to take a bath with me then!"

>> No. 19290
[X] "Maybe I should ask Vivi to take a bath with me then!"

Voting this too simply for CLANG CLANG CLANG.
>> No. 19414
[ʦ] "Maybe I should ask Vivi to take a bath with me then!"
>> No. 19415
File 122377109223.jpg - (118.01KB , 524x800 , b23be7db1854aa0126a0d206f009bed3.jpg ) [iqdb]

Gee, thanks for reminding me that this thing exists.


[x] "Maybe I should ask Vivi to take a bath with me then!"

Fine! Let her be! Taking umbrage, will she! Here you sacrifice yourself to ensure her safety, and she pays you back by acting all high and mighty? Or maybe she's expecting an apology? Oh ho, why not act rebellous for once! If she wants to act like an offended princess, then so be it! Sorry, Akyu, your knight is off duty. Enjoy your room, alone.
You shrug, more to yourself than to anyone else, as Akyu is already at her chamber's door.
"Well!" you adjust your voice to be loud enough to reach her "Maybe I should ask Vivi to take a bath with me then!"
The only answer from her side is a loud, offended snort and a sound of door closing.
"As appealing as that sounds, I think I'll pass."
You almost jump up at the sudden intrusion in your satisfied silence. Oh, you know that voice. And know it well. But it's the last voice you'd like to hear now.
Following an instinct, you spin around and take half a step back.
It's her - the peculiar maid. Dressed in her nightgown, with untied hair, looking at you with what seems to be mocking indiffirence. When did she--?! No, more importantly, what is she doing here?! Shouldn't she be in her room? Unless...
"I don't know what this was about, but 'then' would suggest that my Akyu has offered you to take a bath with her, am I mistaken?" uh-oh. The calamity of her tone only makes her sound even more threatening "A bath... with MY Akyu..."
Shit. It's like if she was shooting lasers out of her eyes - her glare is THAT sharp! You're in deep shit here, Nanaya, and there's no way out. You can run, but if there's one person you can't run from, it's this girl. Her mere presence is overwhelming. This maid... This maid is the scariest opponent you have ever encountered!
"It's not like that..."
"Youngsters these days..." she snorts "Progressing so fast you begin to wonder when to expect a child..."
"Vivi, I told you, it's--"
"Ehh, my little Akyu is growing up."
Vivi sighs. Suddenly, all the dangerous atmosphere she was emiting is gone. Vanished. Just like that, all the red lamps in your head go out. You can hear yourself taking a deep breath, completely unvoluntarily. Huh? So that was just an act? Why is she suddenly so calm?
Carefully, you try to read her face. To no avail. Her expression is pretty much the same as before, it's just that her stare... or rather, aura, suddenly changed.
"... growing up..." you find yourself repeating her words, only to break the silence.
"Anyways, what are you doing here?"
"What am I-- ah, yes!" as if she was a teacher, and you were a kid, you straighten up and try to make yourself look credible "Something hit the window so I went to investigate!"
"No, I mean why-- Oh. Wait. So you went outside?"
"... you know I'm the house guardian here?"
"I know, but I couldn't just--"
"Take it easy." she cuts in "You can relax, I'm not going to let anyone break in. That's my duty."
Surely, it is, but still... To ignore the danger, that would be unlike you to do so. Maybe it's just the primal craving for adventure, or will to protect your girl, but refusing them would be to refuse your very nature. It had some unforeseen and unpleasant consequences, sure, but at least now you know that there's no reason to worry--
Suddenly, something catches your attention.
"Vivi... in your hand..."
"Hm?" she looks down at the object which catched your eyes "Oh, this is the something that hit the window. I found it in the garden, passed out." A miniature human with wings. Green hair, green dress. Innocent expression. A face you came to know not so long ago, namely, this morning. Emily, the fairy who was not afraid of humans, is now being held in a ruthless maid's steel grip. Unconscious. "This little nuisance tried to get inside three times today! I can't believe how nosy those things can get! Well, now she'll learn to check if the windows are open before charging at them, hehe. Hey." she turns to you "What should I do with it?"

[ ] "Give her to me."
[ ] "I heard fairies are edible. Shall we test that theory?"
[ ] Nanaya to the rescue! Free her from death's embrace while screaming her name!
[ ] "More importantly, about that bath..."
[ ] "Throw it away and make out with me."
>> No. 19416
[X] "Give her to me."

This is the fairy that Nanaya "studied"

An apology is necessary
>> No. 19417
[x] "I hear they're good pickled in vodka."

drunkan fairy gaems
>> No. 19418
[x] "I heard fairies are edible. Shall we test that theory?"

Om nom nom nom nom.
>> No. 19419
[X] "Give her to me."

I doubt it will be that easy, but oh well.
Could her attempting to get into this particular house three times on the same day we met her are in any way related, I wonder?
>> No. 19420
[x] "I heard fairies are edible. Shall we test that theory?"

>> No. 19421
[x] "Give her to me."

>> No. 19422
[ ] "I heard fairies are edible. Shall we test that theory?"
>> No. 19423
[X] "Give her to me."
>> No. 19424
[✓] "Give her to me."

>> No. 19426
File 122381385449.jpg - (16.70KB , 400x297 , MrTVlxUrDeuxnr14aMZpFYQ1o1_400.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 19428
[x] "I heard fairies are edible. Shall we test that theory?"

Eat that Fairy, DO IT.
>> No. 19431
[ ] "More importantly, about that bath..."

>> No. 19432
[X] "Give it to me, I'll deal with it.
[X] "More importantly, about that bath..."

You'll get a slap, but at least she won't ask any more questions about the fairy.
>> No. 19433
[x] "I heard fairies are edible. Shall we test that theory?"

>> No. 19438
[x] "I heard fairies are edible. Shall we test that theory?"

Vote change so we get to see an awesome bad end.
>> No. 19440
[x] "I heard fairies are edible. Shall we test that theory?"

What should she do...? Of course, give you back your precious friend-- No! Wait! She must not know that you've dealt with this troublesome being! It could lead to some bad, baaad misunderstandings! Hopefully, she does not suspect why did Emily try to get inside the house so hard, but damn, you don't know either. Now, what to do? What should you say...?
This won't work, right?
No, it DID cross your mind when you first met her, and seeing how she's unconscious now, totally defenseless... It could.... no, what are you thinking about? She's a living being, an intelligent one at that! She even fed you some fruit and--... Fed you... Oh goddamnit, what are those thoughts?!
"I heard..." your lips begin to speak against your will "That fairies are edible."
Vivi frowns at your sudden, nonsensical statement. Oh man, what did you just say? Edible? Perhaps they are, but... Oh, hell. No backing away now. Besides, that thing can't even speak, it's just like an animal, right? And there's nothing wrong with eating animals, right? In a way, fruits are animals too! So she did the same exact thing! Yes! That's it! No reason to worry about it! It's not like you developed any feelings for her, right?
"Edible?" the maid in nightgown asks "I've heard about people eating fairies before, but--"
"Hey, you're a good cook, right?" freed of fetters of guilt, you face her ironic stare with happiness worth a better cause "Shall we test that theory? Late night snack never hurt anyone."
"Late night, eh...?" she gives the unconscious meal a pitying glance "... alright, I guess we can try."

Having arrived in the kitchen, Vivi pulled out everything one would need for making a meal out of meat - a pot, a board and a big butcher knife. She also took the little dress off the future snack, making you shiver at the sight of it's naked body.
It's just food. It's not a living being. Calm down, goddamnit. What the hell are you, to get uneasy at the mere sight of something resembling breasts? Hell, Vivi's butt, covered only by a portion of her gown and panties should be much more appealing! What's more, it is! So get your eyes off the fairy! Now!
That's right, just like that! That's the spirit! See those buttocks? Good, eh? Now keep an eye on them!
Vivi firmly grabs the knife and raises it up into the air, ready to swing it down. Ready to swing it down. Still ready... And still ready...
Is she going to do it or not?
"Vivi, what are you--"
And then you notice - her hand is trembling. And so is her whole body. What the...
You try to take a look at her face, but she quickly turns away.
"D-don't look..."
Don't look at what? Uh, isn't she supposed to be cooking? Whay is she hesitating about?
"Vivi, what are you talking about?"
"What am I talking about!" she suddenly jumps at you, grabbing both your shoulders, looking straight into your eyes. Oh shit. So fast. So fast you almost don't notice when she pulls herself so close to you that your noses are almost touching. "What am I talking about!" she repeats.
There are tears in her eyes. Authentic tears. Combined with the rhytmical shivering of her body, the conclusion is obvious - she's crying. Crying, Vivi - the perfect maid, practically the head of Hieda household. Crying. About what? This is ridiculous.
"Vivi, what are you--"
Your words get cut off by an incredibly strong shake she gives your poor body.
"I can't!" she's almost screaming "I can't do it!" oh god, oh god, a while longer and you're gonna vomit "Look at her! Look at her pretty hair! Look at her cute, little body! Have you seen her eyes? She's so cute I want to give her a hug and rub her against my face! How can I kill her like that?!"
"Vi-- vi-- sto--"
She doesn't stop.
"Have you ever seen such an adorable thing?! How am I supposed to kill her?! How am I supposed to cook her?! Would you cook and eat Akyu?! Would you?!"
"--I--- wo---"
"She's too cute! I intended to throw her out but I couldn't bring myself to it! I had hoped you'd take her along or something! And now you want me to cook her?!"
Oh jesus, where does she get all this strength? It's like if you were caught by some kind of gigantic robot and being flailed around like a rag doll. Oh god, why won't she stop?!

[ ] "Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"
[ ] "I get it! I get it! You don't have to cook her! Just let go of me!"
[ ] Start crying with her, tell her how horrible excuse for a man you are.
>> No. 19441
{X} "Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"
>> No. 19442
[ ] "Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"
>> No. 19443
[X] "Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"
>> No. 19445
[x] "Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"

Emily must taste like candy.
>> No. 19446
[x] "Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"

YAF said this will lead to a bad End that he really wants to write.
I prepared the Stage for you.
>> No. 19447
[ ] "Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"
>> No. 19451
[ ] "More importantly, about that bath...
>> No. 19477
>It's like if you were caught by some kind of gigantic robot

oh u

[x] Start crying with her, tell her how horrible excuse for a man you are.
[x] Then ask if she still wants to pass on that bath.
>> No. 19478
[X] "Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"

Hurry up and write your BAD END
>> No. 19480
>YAF said this will lead to a bad End that he really wants to write.
Apparently that's only if we decide to molest Vivi after this. So, choose that next so we can CLANG CLANG CLANG and then go back and NOT KILL EMILY. For fuck's sake.
>> No. 19500
YAF, BAD END, write, etc.

And after that is done with:

[X] "I get it! I get it! You don't have to cook her! Just let go of me!"
>> No. 19503
[X] Start crying with her, tell her how horrible excuse for a man you are.

"I am a failure as a father and a son."
>> No. 19522
[X] "I get it! I get it! You don't have to cook her! Just let go of me!"
>> No. 19523


[X] "I get it! I get it! You don't have to cook her! Just let go of me!"
>> No. 19524

...I see. You only see funny uniforms and moeblobbiness. You don't see lifelong subservience like I do.

I'll show you what it means to cook things.
>> No. 19542
[X] "Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"
>> No. 19559

>> No. 19560

>> No. 19820
File 122446030896.jpg - (261.42KB , 700x560 , Akyu011.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"

You grab a firm hold of her shoulders, if only to stop the shaking. Of course, it fails, but having some sort of support helps to make them a bit more bearable.
"I can't do it!" she continues to cry "She's just too cute!"
Too cute, she says. Well, it is an undeniable fact that she's cute, but that's not the point here. The point is - you're freaking hungry. Hungry for fairy meat. Ever since you first met her, there's been that underlying, lingering urge, to grab her petite body and sink your fangs into her soft skin. Sick. Sick like fuck, but holy shit, it turns you on quite a bit. Plus this is a great opportunity to take a closer look at what you couldn't the last time around.
"Vi-- damni-- Vivi!"
As if finally noticing your continuously interrupted protests, she suddenly stops shaking your poor, exhausted body, and stares at you for a few seconds in what you take for confusion.
"Aa-- Ah!" Next thing, she jumps away like if you were a red-hot pot, and frantically waves her hands. "I'm sorry-- I got-- It's just that--"
"Enough already!" How long does she want to keep carrying on like this?! She didn't get the hint, you might as well spell it out! "Vivi, you're a maid, you're supposed to be able to do this kind of thing! Cooking, I mean!"
You ignore her stuttering buts with irritation, and instead grab her forearm, then quickly drag her trembling body closer to the table, and therefore Emily's unconscious body. The eyes of the maid are fixated on the miniature girl, and she doesn't even protest while you put the knife back in her hand.
"Vivi, cut her neck. It'll be easier from there on."
She looks at you with tears flowing down her cheeks.
"I... don't want... to..."
"Vivi, cut that sweet fairy's neck." you repeat your order.
"N--... n-no..."
"Cut that sweet fairy's neck... would you kindly?"
"N-n-.... I don't..."
Despite her still muttering that, her hand moves up, over Emily's body, and after only a second of hesitation, swings down.

The cut is clean. The fairy doesn't even move when her head gets separated from her body. Perfect. Now all that has to be done, is to finish the preparations.
Since Vivi doesn't seem so keen on hesitating anymore, you return to the table and take a seat. Ah, how nice. Waiting idly while a girl prepares you a meal. How nice. Really, how nice.


"It was good."
You put away your eating utensils and push away the now clean plate. It wasn't much, sure, but it was still satisfying. Incredibly satisfying.
Vivi, on the other hand, doesn't look too happy. She's resting her upper body on the table, face burried in her forearms. You can't help but notice how her hair forms a beautiful spider web-like shape around her head like this.
"I hate you." she suddenly exclaims, just before you were about to stand up and leave.
"Really. Why?"
"You made me do such a thing."
"What thing?"
"... that fairy..."
"Didn't you treat her like an animal yourself though?" you remark "Fairies are not human, remember that."
"Still!" she springs up, making her hair scatter all around. Her eyes are still teary. "It was cruel. You didn't have to eat HER."
"But I did."
"I hate you."
"Well then, princess." you put your hands on your hips and put on a mocking face "How ever can I repay you?"
She frowns a bit before making a timid suggestion.
"Get drunk with me."
She slams her fist on the table, making it creak dangerously.
"Let's get drunk like dirty pigs. Let's puke on the floor and then wake up in the morning with vomit smeared all over our faces."
Uh, not exactly your kind of thing, though the prospect of getting drunk with Vivi does indeed look interesting...

[ ] "Sorry, but no. Hate me all you want, but I need to see Akyu now."
[ ] "Bring it."
>> No. 19821
[x] "Bring it."
>> No. 19822
[X] "Bring it."

Here comes the BAD END
>> No. 19823
[ ] "Bring it."
>> No. 19825
[x] "Robots can drink?"
[x] "...Robots can get drunk?"
>> No. 19826
[x] "Bring it."
[x] Back 3 choices.
>> No. 19827
[x] "Bring it."
>> No. 19828

>> No. 19829
Feeling KIRA today?
>> No. 19835
ITT YAF is counter-trolled.
>> No. 19841

This is my story, Anon. I am in charge here! I am in charge!
>> No. 19842
>> No. 19911
[ ] "Bring it."

>> No. 19981
Hey, YAF. Update this.

>> No. 19982
Mite slow on the uptick, aincha, son?
>> No. 19983

uptake, not uptick
>> No. 19986
>> No. 20058
YAF, would you just retcon the fairy eating and killing and nonsense shit and get this back on the road?
>> No. 20060
I never liked this shit. I am disappointed in YAF, i said i won't bother him again, but still.
>> No. 20061
Fuck you, this story was awesome.
>> No. 20131
File 122672265880.jpg - (147.10KB , 500x500 , 1669640.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 20138
>> No. 20144
Don't bump this.
>> No. 20165

Why? This is the only story you haven't finished yet.
>> No. 20168
File 122713649141.jpg - (76.00KB , 350x490 , d438060f85d107ec8ce6f4716d8bd91e.jpg ) [iqdb]

It was going nowhere from the very beggining. It's like The Bold and the Beautiful of CYOAs. We could go on forever, and the end would still be out of reach. Plus you're pushing down the other stories.

moe unrelated
>> No. 20185
File 12273867908.jpg - (59.73KB , 1280x720 , 1227386226810.jpg ) [iqdb]


[X] "Bring it."

Hell, why not? You've just had the most delicious meal in a long time, a very long time, downing it with an equally good alcohol would be only appropriate, now wouldn't it? Like if that wasn't enough, the one proposing such a pleasantly sounding activity is a really attractive girl dressed in nothing but underwear and a nightgown, what's there to hesitate about? Wasn't it you who said that a man should use his life to the fullest? And to deny such an opportunity would be simply breaking the said rule, right? Carry on, then! Carry on with this spectacle, to the bitter end!
"Bring it!"
You send Vivi a mischievous glance. Too bad she doesn't notice this nonchalant excess, or at least doesn't show it.
With a stare so determined you could swear it's about something way more important than just getting drunk, she fervourly stands up, making a swing with her arm that could probably break numerous bones if it came in contact with your body.
"Correct answer!" her voice is almost enthusiastic "Let's get shit-faced!"
Not caring about her charms bouncing all around while she dashes past, she falls to her knees beside something that resembles a chest, and hastily lifts it's lid.
They say that not everything that glows is gold. Certainly, while it would be nice to see a chest full of gold, what's inside, is even more valuable. Green, brown, transparent, and one blue - bottles of various colours rattle joyfully as Vivi plunges her hand in between them, apparently intent on taking out something from the bottom. Now, the logic would suggest that the deeper a thing is burried, the more valuable it is, right? Even more so exciting!
"Found it."
With a mutter of satisfaction, she presents you a bottle, of a rather small size, but undoubtedly full of exclusive alcohol - the label and a wax seal hanging off it's neck on an old-looking piece of string - signs of something so good it can't be just poured into your ordinary bottle. The party is slowly starting to warm up.
While you are still examining the fancy container, wondering what manner of divine pleasure could be closed inside, Vivi doesn't waste any time. Before you know, there are two cups on the table, and a girl sitting by them, giving you impatient looks.
"Ah, yes, yes."
Mitigating your absent-minded behaviour, you sit beside her - no protests here - and give the bottle one, last, admiring glance before unscrewing the cap.

It stinks.

"Uh, Vivi?" a bit perplexed, you turn to the young maid "What's this?"
"Gin." she answers almost instantly "Strongest you can get in Gensokyo." a quick, concealed smirk "So, what are you waiting for? Pour it!"
"... just like this?" you still cannot quite believe her words. Sure, it's not like the concept of drinking gin is foreign to you, but... "Straight?"
"Gin. Straight." again, a serious and fast answer "It even sounds rather cool. Gin. Straight." she repeats "Heh. Give it to me, boy."
Annoyed at your hesitation, she snatches the bottle from your hands, and pours herself a full cup, without a moment of wavering, a slightest hint of remorse.
And downs it in one go.
"Whoo!" a satisfied groan escapes her lips. You can smell the putrid stench of alcohol all the way here, mainly because you're sitting next to each other, but... Hell. "Now, you, you." It's your glass' turn to get filled with the transparent, stinking liquid. The fact that it lacks any distinguishable colour makes it appear even worse. "Come on." she pats your shoulder "You're a man, you should be able to take in that much! Remember, don't stop. If you're gonna stop mid-way, you might as well forfeit."
So she says... Of course, it's not a big deal to down a glass of alcohol - rum, vodka, liqueur, wine - but there's something repulsive about gin. The smell? Perhaps. Shouldn't it smell pretty much like vodka? Which smells like spirit, but that's another thing.
Oh well. The joyful looks she just keeps on giving you can't remain unanswered.
Clamping your nose with your fingers, you put the glass on your lips... A second of hesitation, and then...

It all goes down.

At first, leaving no trace of taste, nothing at all. It quickly runs down your gullet.
Only when you put away the now empty glass, the warmth of alcohol becomes tangible. In both your throat and mouth, like if there was a fire inside your stomach, but - to your horror - not unpleasant at all. The taste is a diffirent matter, undescribable with words you can come up with now, preferably to be erased as soon as possible.
Vivi smiles.
"They say the first one enters the worst."
"Uh-huh." you gasp out, giving your chest a few light punches.
"Let's put that theory to the test!" Not even waiting for your answer, she pours another two glasses of gin, puts down the bottle, and raises hers in the air. A toast? "This one's to all the good people in the world! Let the life be easy on ya, bastards!"
The last word almost gets drowned in a sudden wave of alcohol entering her mouth.
The first enters the worst... huh? So she said, so she said. Alright then, maybe it will taste better after the second or the third dose? Quite possible, indeed.
"To all the girls in the world." you mimic her gesture "Let your minds be easily swayed, and clothes unzipped."
Divine warmth spreads through your chest yet again after you gulp the gin down like if it was tap water.

How true it was, your tired mind cannot determine. At the moment, all it can be occupied with is holding onto the thing - whatever it is - allowing you to sit straight without giving in to the wave of earthquakes that has apparently decided to haunt the world around you. Almost like on a ship during a storm, only more sway-y.
"Ain'den a plahn swong der outta sky! So I shoht it!"
Vivi, who has somehow found her way onto your lap during one of the toasts, appears to be talking about something, but while words are coming out of her mouth, none of them make any sense. Illegible blabbering is all that manages to break through the haze of alcohol dominating over your senses. No matter. Just gotta hold onto that... thing... Hold onto Vivi... and try to ignore the leprechauns biting on your calves. It doesn't hurt at all, so as long as they don't start pulling on your hair, it's okay. Silly little things, shouldn't they be out gathering gold for lucky travellers? Lazy little bastards, them.
"Un' den ark ork holdeded bazooka at me!" thank god she's not waving those arms around, it'd be a disaster "Mok' darka - he shaid! Err... Nahya?"
"Yesh?" with utmost difficulty, you interrupt the observation of one of the green midgets trying to built a space rocket out of a fork and a lemon, and turn to Vivi "Wuhh... Whah... What izz id?"
"Meah... Meh doob'z gettin' khinda unkomfffur... table."
You squint your eyes.
"... doob?"
And in answer, she makes a bitter face.
"Muh doo... bhoo... muh boob." Her... her boob? Why would it be getting uncomfortable? What's going on here? Did one of those fuckers find a way under her nightgown? He's in for one hell of a punishment... "H-hghey... D-don't... Uh, don't squeeze!"
A batch of suprisingly understandable words breaks your out of your inner sanctuary of brutality, temporarily stopping the process of thinking up possible tortures one could perform with a body as small as a leprechaun's. Don't squeeze? What could she...?
Out of some unknown impulse, your hand decides to try out doing what she's just asked not to do.
With quite a pleasant effect, one might say. Because it sure does feel comfortable squeezing such a round and soft object. More resilient than a pillow, warmer, and most definitely nice to touch. But what exactly...?
Your eyes try to concentrate on your left palm, but all they see is a blur of white and pink, the latter probably being the colour of your fingers, and the former... Shit, squinting your eyes doesn't help at all. But holy damn, does it feel nice. So, just a few more squeezes, okay? There shouldn't be anything wrong about it, right? It's just a... What the hell is it?
>> No. 20186
"I shaid do--!" And another one. Soft and warm, springy and squishy. Perfect toy for your fingers to play with. "Ssss--stop it!"
And then, like if the whole world decided to put it's weight on your head, the sight goes black, painfully dark, and kind of confusing as well. Because all of a sudden, the floor jumps at your back, violently slamming all the circles of hell against your poor vertebral column. At least you think it's the floor. Unless the ceiling suddenly grew tiles, it's the floor that just attacked you.
"Ow, ow..." Miraclously, groans of pain come out in their supposed form, as opposed to all the other words before. And the vision is slowly returning as well. "Whawid jusht..."
This is definitely not what air looks like. While you're supposed to look up, and perhaps see the hypothetical ceiling, lamps and all that trash, there's something blocking your sight. Something... Something dressed in white, squatting over your laying body, with a storm of silky hair covering half of it's blushing face. Blushing and angry, you might want to add.
"Why didya shtop?"
It speaks. And only thanks to the voice, you recognize the thing as Akyu's personal maid, Vivit. Wait, weren't you drinking with her a moment ago? What exactly happened? You just squeezed that object a few times, and then... you found yourself on the floor. How mysterious. Thank god for the alcohol making you unable to feel the pain in your back. Instead, all that attracts your senses is the incredible warmth originating at the point where her crotch, only one layer of fabric away, is touching your stomach.
"Whhhy didai..." your lips try to repeat her words, but fail miserably "Did I... whut?"
Rub, rub, rub. Her hips, like if thrusting against an invisible wall, slide her legs - and genitalia - weakly along your shirt. An incredibly erotic gesture, but surely, it's unintentional, right? Still, it feels so good... So good you can already feel yourself getting hard down there, despite the leprechaun on her head making funny faces at you.
"Viwhi, wha--whoo--!"
The attempt of sitting up, so carefully planned, turns out to be an impossible task. Instead, your face - your poor, drunk face - lands right in between the two soft pillows that have been floating above it.... Wait, aren't they actually attached to something?
Those are...
Oh shit.
Jumping back, or at least trying to, despite being pinned to the floor, you cover your face with your arms.
But even that doesn't help. Grabbed by their wrist, they get pulled away, revealing rending you totally defenseless against the lustful stare of the girl sitting on top of you.
... lustful?
There's something wrong here. That stare, those eyes, whose eyes are those eyes, this intensive gaze, the warmth on your palms, one placed, forced to touch, put on one of her breasts, just like it was before, the other one, the other one, the other one, the other one, the other one, even warmer, almost burning hot, moist, on her, on her, on her...
"Yer a man, rift?" her face gets even closer. Her breath, almost as hot as her body, brushes against your cheeks "You shud bhe able to thake it... I've alhways wanted to do this..."
She moves in. Literally rushes, charges, aimed straight at the heart of your very existence, keen on destroying you in one blow, one single attack, one simple sensation, that even through the thick mist, feels incredible, feels amazing, feels... So good.
Her lips press against yours, making shivers run down your drunk body, your fingers twitch, brushing stronger against whatever they might be touching now. Her hips jerk up a bit. She tries to moan, but alas, her mouth is too budy trying to slide it's tongue into yours.
And you're more than happy to oblige.
Like a hangar's gate, opening to take in a plane, you unseal your lips, and immidiately start responding to her movements. At first a bit nervous, acting more out of instinct than will, your tongues, entwined with each other, twirl around, inviting, luring each other to enter their realm, their territory. A battle of wits and guts, to decide who shall lead the dance after this brief introduction. But it wouldn't be fair if you fought straight. Not at all. She knocked you down, forced into doing this, so... It's only natural to lay a trap, distract her, make her give in, no matter what it takes.
The first thing that comes to your mind are your fingers. Already half-immersed in the moist slit, you push them in all the way through, as far as you can reach.
Just as planned, her hips, her whole figure jerks up, feeling those fingers enter even deeper. You barely manage to retreat from inside her mouth before she suddenly clenches her teeth.
"Hhow izzit, Vihvi?" you ask, whispering into her ear while she's desperately trying to hold back the moans, caused by your fingers twirling inside her stomach "Good?"
Amazing, truly amazing! You've no idea if she's a virgin, and even though her reaction, the sensivity to the caress would suggest so, the hole is wide enough to contain all five of your fingers. All five. It's not something Akyu would be able to take in, right? Akyu...?
Who's Akyu?

Digging deeper inside, into the cavity of pleasure, making her shudder with every inch, every centimeter, every millimeter of this trek to the center of Vivi, feeling the inside of your underwear getting more and more tight, you keep whispering mocking, intimidating things into her ear. Not caring anymore if they're appropriate or not, or what manner of words they are. All that counts, all that matters, all that you need to do is to reach it, reach the end, reach the very core, touch it, feel it, push it, rub it, stick your finger inside. Inside her womb, inside her cervix, and see how she reacts, she how loud she screams, see how...
How did this get here...?
Just when your wrist started to plunge inside, your fingers encounter something... something.... something so unexpected it freezes your every momevent. Hard, metallic, unmovable, but moving, slowly turning. What the hell...? There's another, just beside it. Another one, turning too, and no matter how hard you press, you can't set them ajar, can't stop them from turning. But what are those things - cogs? Gears? - doing inside her...?
"D-don't stop!"
You've no time to ponder the futility of such a thing existing in such a place, because Vivi, apparently now drunk not only with alcohol, but pleasure as well, grabs your forearm, grabs it with a strength one wouldn't expect from such a slim girl, and... And...
Without any hesitation, forces it deeper inside.


Right between the metallic discs.

Her groan gets blotted out by the sudden wave of pain. Not even alcohol can block such a strong pain. Fingernails, crushed, smashed in between the cogs. Even so, she continues to push your hand inside. Bones, all the little bones in your fingers, all the little shards of shattered bones entering your flesh from inside. Crack after crack.
You want to scream, but she quickly starts kissing you again.
Agony. Pain. Suffering.
One by one, all the bones in your palm get forced in between those two turning gears. And grinded like trash. Your all of your fingers, your hand, and she still didn't stop.

When it reaches your wrist, you quickly pass out, thankful for the blissful nothingness.

>> No. 20187
If I were ever to have my hand crushed and mutilated beyond any hope of repair, that's how I'd like it to happen.
>> No. 20188
Only glad i never cared for this.
>> No. 20189
File 12273962299.png - (575.32KB , 625x850 , 1766154.png ) [iqdb]

[x] Back 3 choices
[x] "Give her to me."
>> No. 20190
[x] Back 3 choices
[x] "Give her to me."

Neat. Now to wait for your next bout of whimsy. Or drunkenness; either one is fine.
>> No. 20191
I let out a girlish cry of delight to see this was updated, and had a hearty chuckle at the bad end, despite how I raged over how faggoty and stupid the choices you all made that brought us to it were.

[x] Back 3 choices
[x] "Give her to me."

Let us now unfuck this story. I desire to marry the little girl Akyu.
>> No. 20192
[x] Back 2 choices

I'll show you what it means to cook things.
>> No. 20193
You people are living in a dream world, there will be no going back, the Bad End is final.
>> No. 20195
I want to believe. ;_;
>> No. 20216
Kicking it in hopes of tricking it on.

[x] Back 3 choices
[x] "Give her to me."
>> No. 20267
Russian bumping is serious business. You can stop now, cause this story is deader than Fuku. We can't continue with a hand-less protagonist, now can we?
>> No. 20277
File 12281787293.jpg - (23.57KB , 210x260 , ash-evil-dead.jpg ) [iqdb]
>We can't continue with a hand-less protagonist, now can we?
>> No. 20284
File 122822425486.jpg - (86.48KB , 478x585 , AAAkyu Bad End.jpg ) [iqdb]
What a shitty BAD END.

See pic for a superior BAD END.
>> No. 20285

Also posted original on /at/ if anyone is interessed.

>> No. 20286

Been there, fapped to that.
>> No. 20388
File 122856133933.jpg - (38.74KB , 400x430 , 1dce46e4de98cf730d04fcca315bee9a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Come to decide that the things that I tried were in my life just to get high on.


[X] "Give her to me."

That's her. No doubt, it's Emily. There's no way you'd ever mistake those clothes, little body and hair for anyone else's. And now, she's being held, unconscious, by that... That brutal maid.
Danger senses tingle. The atmosphere grows tense.
"I wonder why would she want to get in so badly though." she completely ignores your silent call "I guess I'll just lock her up in a cage and wait till she wakes up... Then, there's going to be a whole more lot of things to do... Heheh."
She snickers. In a totally evil way, she chuckles like a mad doctor while looking maliciously at the poor fairy. No. Why? There's no way you'd allow her to just... No, not to Emily. Hell, this may get you some negative points, or even a penalty of sorts, but damn, you're not going to just leave that girl in the maid's brutal grasp, are you?!
"Give her to me."
With a voice as cold as possible, you ask - no - ORDER Vivi to hand over the poor thing. There's no such thing as asking in those kinds of situations, and whether she complies or not will decide about the next move.
"What?" she appears to have not heard "What'd you say?"
"Give her to me." you repeat, without changing your tone a slightest bit "Give me that fairy."
She frowns, then glances at Emily once. Then looks back at you.
"Huh? What would you need her for?"
"Just give her back."
"You..." her lips suddenly stretch in a mocking smile "You're not thinking about another perverted thing, are you."
No, damn it! It's you making weird accusations here! And not only that! Lock her up in a cage? Is that how you treat humans-- uh, that is, fairies? You're a sick, sick woman, Vivi.
"Return her to me." you lower your stance "And I'll let you go... girl."
And that denial is enough of a trigger.

You jump forward. No, practically leap, in one, simple move, closing the distance between the two of you. She tries to back away, retract her arm, but it's all way too slow.
"Duel is a hassle!" your hand springs forward, snatching Emily out of her grasp "A merciless hassle!"
The time resumes. Vivi almost trips on her own feet while stepping backwards.
And you just give her a cocky smirk.
"Woe to the conquered." and hug the fairy while pointing a finger of your free hand at Vivi "And you have lost. The day is mine, Vivi!"
"Why you..." for a second, you can hear something like... whirring, coming from an unknown direction. But it disappears after a short moment. Strange. "... whatever. Do as you please. Just don't... Don't do anything stupid."
Without any further ado, Vivi retreats into one of the corridors.

And you are left alone in this room, with the fairy pressed against your chest.

[ ] Follow Vivi.
[ ] Go to Akyu's room.
[ ] Go outside.
[ ] Eat Emily.
[ ] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily.
>> No. 20393
[X] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily, then eat her.

The temptation is too much.
>> No. 20401
[x] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily.

No eating this time
>> No. 20403
[x] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily.
>> No. 20412
[X] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily, then eat her.

Nom nom nom.
>> No. 20413
[X] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily, then eat her.
>> No. 20414
[x] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily.
>> No. 20415
[X] "Eat" Emily.

If you know what I mean.
>> No. 20419

You know what, someone, I'm not going to mention the name, suggested a relatively non-oppresive method of 'eating' Emily. Namely, dipping her in some sort of sweet cream, then licking it off her...

Whatever floats his boat, but I wouldn't like to get hair onto my tongue. Ew.
>> No. 20447
[X] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily, then eat her.

I'm projecting my hate of Emiry onto this fairy.
>> No. 20450
[x] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily.
>> No. 20463
[X] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily, then eat her.

Rape and vore? /d/ would be proud.
>> No. 20464
[x] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily.
>> No. 20468
[x] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily.

I'm all for acting crazy, but I just can't bring myself to vote to eat her. It's the damn cuteness.
>> No. 20472

People like make YAF sad.

[X] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily, then eat her.
>> No. 20473
[x] Follow Vivi.

What was with that whirring? Is she carrying kitchen appliances around under her dress?
>> No. 20485
File 122867322182.jpg - (85.46KB , 500x640 , 122079534526.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily.

Stop trying to kill her you faggots.
>> No. 20641
[X] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily, then eat her.

Stop trying to save her you faggots.
>> No. 20653
File 122893195066.jpg - (257.71KB , 902x1300 , 1228927099410.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Find a peaceful place and examine Emily, then eat her.

Ah, alone at last, with your precious, poor Emily safe in your hands. You don't even want to know what exactly was that brutal maid planning to do with her, but one thing's for sure - it wasn't anything nice. How could she? How could she even think of violating this petite, adorable body? Inhuman. That girl is inhuman! Propesterous! With a cute face like that, she wanted to let out her sadistic tendencies on someone completely defenseless! How lowly! Good thing you were there to stop her before it advanced too far. God alone knows what kind of twisted tortures Vivi had in mind...
"Really..." you mutter to yourself while patting that little head of the sleeping fairy "How could she..."
But it's useless to think about that now. The crisis has been averted, Emily is back in your hands, and everything's alright. Sure, there's no telling when she will wake up, but at least she's still alive... One might think the force of her body impacting against glass would be enough to break something inside it, but... It looks like Emily's a tough one.
A smile creeps onto your lips, completely against your will. Just looking at this small, sleeping face is enough to fill your dark soul with liiiiiight-- I mean your heart with warmth. But it is not safe here. Although Vivi may not feel like taking revenge now, she may try to come and take her back any moment, not mentioning Akyu... What would she say if she saw you with Emily, smiling like an idiot? Well, seeing how she was rather annoyed about you going outside, rather than engaging in perverted activities in the bath... This can't be good. Nope, it's not good at all.
The only thing you can do, then, is escape. Find an empty room in this house, and carefully tend to the sleeping fairy.

Fortunately, it didn't take long to find a safe haven, relatively distant to both Akyu's and Vivi's rooms too. It's a storage room of sorts, but there's only enough light to see walls of cardboard and wooden boxes laying around in unorderly fashion.
Sighing with relief, you put Emily on one of those, then carefully scan her little body.
Nope, as far as you can tell, there aren't any fractures or cut wounds, and although her clothes are a bit dirty, they seem to be untouched as well. What a relief, if someone was to happen to her... Well, if there was, what would you do? Wait a second, aren't fairies supposed to be reborn after death? In that case, would she still remember about you and... And that little incident?
But what if...
No, you did not just think of that again! Alright, she does look delicious, but to think about such thing is going overboard! Why, ever since the first time you saw that cute figure, those simple clothes, why was thing thought always haunting your weary mind? But... She's just looks so delicious, so... No, you can't! You can't be doing this! This is wrong, arousing, but wrong, the thought alone gives you a boner, but fuck, this is completely wrong! So wrong! So wrong, yet...
Stepping back, you cover your face with one hand, panting heavily.
But if fairies indeed come to life again after death, is eating her really that big of a deal? She's unconscious anyway, she won't feel a damn thing, so... So...

[ ] Don't eat her after all, run before the carnivorous thoughts take over.
[ ] Off with her head. Swallow it like the sweetest of candies.
[ ] Use her as a tea bag.
[ ] Boil her, mash her, stick her in a stew.
[ ] Just... release this tension... But don't eat her!


I was trying to write that GTS scene, but encountered a writer's block... So I decided to post this AAA update I had prepared earlier instead. Sorry. ;_;
>> No. 20667
[x] Just... release this tension... But don't eat her!

All over her
>> No. 20669
[ ] Use her as a tea bag.
[ ] Just... release this tension... But don't eat her!
>> No. 20670
[x] Off with her head. Swallow it like the sweetest of candies.

Om nom nom nom nom.
>> No. 21054
[x] Just... release this tension... But don't eat her!
>> No. 21055
[x] Just... release this tension... But don't eat her!

Come on, you fucked this story enough times.
>> No. 21057
[x] Just... release this tension... But don't eat her!

no idea if i already voted for this
>> No. 21058
[ ] Off with her head. Swallow it like the sweetest of candies.
>> No. 21059
[X] Just... release this tension... But don't eat her!
>> No. 21060
[X] Use her as a tea bag.

Whether it's dunking her into a cup of hot water, or attaching her to our crotch and putting her on someone's face, either way is fine.
>> No. 21061
[x] Don't eat her after all, run before the carnivorous thoughts take over.

Leave the fucking fairy alone, you faggots. Eyes on the prize: Loli goddamn waifu.

>[x] Just... release this tension... But don't eat her!
In before this choice is just as stupid or bad.
>> No. 21062
[x] Don't eat her after all, run before the carnivorous thoughts take over.
Only just now realized this story came back to life.
>> No. 21066
[x] Just... release this tension... But don't eat her!
>> No. 21067
[x] Just... release this tension... But don't eat her!

It is can be Akyu GTS now?
>> No. 21083
] Off with her head. Swallow it like the sweetest of candies.
>> No. 21087
[X]Eat option.
>> No. 21089
File 123047685199.jpg - (32.52KB , 420x300 , yaffywith.jpg ) [iqdb]
In case anyone is wondering what the hell is up with dem ol' Yaffers, they're currently experiencing a writer's block, and are doing their best to get rid of it, mainly by plaing excessive amounts of vidya.

Stay sharp.

pic unrelated
>> No. 21090
Lies, all stalling tactics
I want to see some TS before the year is over
>> No. 21093

Yaffy-san! Hey yaffy-san! What games are you playing?
>> No. 21094
Lazy Nigger, still nothing
I want Yuka
>> No. 21095
File 123062399827.jpg - (392.50KB , 600x848 , 1dea06de14a69f436065ea27a5887c5d.jpg ) [iqdb]
for Uboa

From the most foolish ideas,
Others are born,
And imbued into paper.

Sometimes people just land in certain, unfair circumstances' cold embrace without the slightest idea of what's going on, or why they're met with such a ridiculous situation or dilemma. Sometimes, they realize it's been brought on their head by themselves, yet refuse to accept the ridiculousness of the issue at hand, and often resort to most drastic and unsuitable methods of dealing with it, thus worsening the aforementioned circumstances to the point of no return... Thus ruining their life, relationship, financial status or just their pants.
As you may have already guessed, I'm mentioning all this because of one, simple reason - it is relevant to what I'm facing now. Now, truth be told, it's not that drastic, neither is it really serious, at least in the 'importance' factor, nor is it particularly... solemn, so to speak. No, perhaps from the outside, it might look like a trifle unworthy of mentioning, since we're always risking our lives, every day, in our lives inside Gensokyo, and I'm no exception here, but...Well, there are more and less nonsensical ways to end one's life. Being held by a hand of a giant girl's is one of the latter ones.
I admire how her stuttering can still sound cute despite the ear-shattering volume. To be honest, I suppose it might as well be an illusion, created by my sudden...
Ah, yes. You still don't know what exactly is going on here, do you? You don't know the reason for a giant girl to be holding my shrunk body in her oversized hand over a pile of books, glaring at me with lustful eyes, right? Let's say that this cramped room serves only as an irrelevant background for those events, and the bed is it's central point. Almost forgot, there's also a mischievously-looking fairy observing us - both small me and the big girl with curious eyes, sitting on the table in an... at least weird position. No, I don't want anyone to tell me why exactly is she sitting like that, nor do I want to know where exactly is her right hand right now. In the first place... Well, not that the reason really matters now, seeing how the next few seconds can decide about my survival or peril... Oh well, let's have a flashback, shall we?

Okay, stop the tape at the spot 5 minutes prior to the aforementioned. See? That's me right there, panting and sweating over an unconscious fairy's body, in some sort of dark, narrow storage room. I've heard people say that men can do it in whatever place given, no matter the conditions, and back then, I was facing such a sudden urge, irresistible, overwhelming call to... Well, you know. We're man, there shouldn't be any problem in leaving the unspoken unspoken, after all, we all do know that's it all turn out to be in the end. As much as I'd like to be, I'm not an exception in those things. I too, like every single one of us get those urges, sometimes in the most inappropriate moments. Just like back then.
"E-Emily..." I gasped out the name, fighting off dozens of hurrying thoughts at once with only one hand "S-s...."
Yes, I was about to apologize. I was about to apologize for what I was about to do. Namely? Do you want me to spell it out? Do you really? Alright then. It's not like I am embarrassed or anything, because - like I just mentioned - we're all men. We shouldn't hold back in front of each other. So what I was about to do was...
"... ahhn..." a soft moan escaped her unconscious lips at the least favourable instant.
I was about to throw off the earthly shackles of my manhood and stroke it furiously over that pretty body of hers. Over those revealed thighs, over that too short skirt, over those bare shoulders, over her cute, sleeping face. And to be honest, I didn't even think about the repercussions. It lies not in our habit to take those into consideration until it's too late, same with me. I wanted to yank out that raging boner of mine and masturbate all over her innocent figure. It was all that mattered at that moment. I'd screwed up with Akyu earlier, and probably avoided a certain death at a teen maid's hands too. I should've been happy, right? I mean, it's not every day you get to wank over an unconscious fairy, right? It's not every day you get to shamelessly betray your future wife in such an immature and dastardly way. Even if the object in fapping question is someone as adorable as Emily. Oh, what I'd do to come over that petite body! What I'd do to see her wake up with my semen on her face, shyly wiping it off with both hands, then tasting it and giving me a smile. None would stand before her warm expression, at least in a metaphorical sense. Because 'physically', I'm sure everyone would stand. At attention.
But I was wrong. It wasn't about masturbating to that extraordinarily cute sight. I wasn't about covering her in steaming hot jizz, to satisfy that sudden impulse. It was... about...
Her name crept onto my lips on it's own, completely cutting off every hitherto emotion. I... I suddenly remembered.

And so, grabbing that body I was about so soil, I stormed out of the storage room, as if driven by some preponderant, superior ambition.

It hadn't taken me a full minute to appear at her room's door, and having ensured Emily's lack of consciousness, I gently knocked on the door. A series of loud noises ensued, somehow reminiscent of... Well, I didn't want to make any assumptions, but it reminded me of a sound a book would made, should it suddenly be yanked under a bed. Don't ask - I myself weren't sure why exactly did I know such details. Sometimes I just know some things for no particular reason - that's how it is.
"Akyu?" I tried calling her name, but no response came from the other side "Can I come in?"
But adding the latter bit yielded an effect, in form of a rather muffled, quite illegible agreement. Something like... a verbal nod, if you will. Those advanced speaking figures had always been beyond me. Nevertheless, one would have to be dumb not to get the hint. Progress slowly, the situation might be inflamed, especially since I was carrying and unconscious fairy in my hands - that was what I thought.
>> No. 21096
File 123062422235.jpg - (57.06KB , 600x800 , b9a4b6cb721a09992be6fb52d316a893.jpg ) [iqdb]
And turned out I was kind of right. Akyu, sitting on the bed among the sea of books, gave me a slight glance, her face covered in reddish hue, indicating that - whatever it was - I might've interrupted something important. For my own convenience, and convenience of others, as well as my fairly stable psychological state, I shan't spell out what exactly did I suspect her of doing.
Of course, my unusual luggage couldn't remain unnoticed for ever, and so...
"N-Naya?" despite the blush, she gave my companion a flabbergasted look, soon turning it to my face instead "What's that?"
'That' indeed, Akyu! I'd heard people often see fairies merely as humanoid animals, but to see my beloved one show such figurative myopia, it hurt. It hurt, Akyu! Surely, you'd be able to perceive the beauty of a small body, am I mistaken? Or at least you should be. Since... er... you know. Uh, come to think of it, good thing I didn't say that aloud. I'd already filled the daily quota of stupid mistakes, another one would tip the scales and set up many unfortunate events in motion, I'm sure. Be it karma or pure, distilled luck, damn, that was close.
"Ahem." I cleared my throat, trying to make my tone sound as inconspicuous as possible "That is not important now. What matters is..." I paused for a moment, looking for proper words "I wanted to... apologize."
"Apologize?" despite all the odds, it seems that in the end, confusion reigns superior over embarrassment, as she cocks her head to the side, completely forgetting about whatever she had been doing up till then "What for?"
Ah, and here comes the obvious question. But I had already been prepared for that.
No heed towards Emily, I made a swing with my free arm, and hit my chest, sending quite unpleasant waves down my body. Ack, bad measurement of force can screw up everything. But no such trifles shall impede by speech!
"For denying your needs, my dear Akyu." another swing, that time purely for the sake of dramaturgy "What a fool I was! What a great and intoxicating innocence! How could I be so naive!"
"It was my fault you had to take care of the stuff on your own! Yet I had the courage to interrupt your play!" I deduced it would be best if I kept speaking of the matter without naming it directly "But that was exactly my reason! I came to apologize... and make up for earlier mistakes!"
She retreated a bit seeing my charge, only to bump into a pile of books stocked on the bed, ruining the elaborate edifice without even as much as noticing it. And I, couldn't care less. Because after all, a man's words must always be kept true. Plus, only a fool would waste such a chance.
A chance to lean over her a bit frightened figure and taste her lips in a boldest manner possible, that is.
A fierce kiss that caused her body to shudder! A touch that made her muscles contract, I slid my hand inside her bathing robe's top's slit and begun feeling around without remorse. Ah, that's right. I was right, speaking of appreciating things smaller than average. After all, how could I be wrong about it, if I - a professional in the field of small breasts - was the one speaking? Indeed, the sheer excitement of touching her now erect nipples with the tips of my fingers is unspeakable. I could say here, that my manhood answered in it's usual way, but who cares? In the end, what matters is her body, defenseless under my assault, under my continuous attacks on her underdeveloped breasts. All that matters are her weak struggles as I continue to gently violate every smallest spot of her breasts.
But just as a sea mammals run out of air and must resurface, I too had to break the kiss, to inhale some fresh oxygen. As much as it hurt, survival stands even higher on the pyramid of priorities than breeding is. Not that my goal was to breed, but you catch the drift.
Silence ensued as the both of us were trying to catch our breaths, oblivious to everything around... That is, until the earlier dilemma finally decided to kick in again.
"N-Naya..." Akyu whispered my name in a weak voice "S-so... what is that...?"
Curses! I'd completely forgotten about the other cause of my visit. It being of course the mischievous fair I'd been grasping in my other hand for quite some time, before the realization hit - I was actually touching two girls at once, the bigger being my embarrassed Akyu, and the other... Now awake fairy I'd rescued from Vivi's dangerous clutches. Could... Could that actually count as an erotic triangle? Was I... two-timing both of them on their very eyes?
Emily shot me a rather offended stare before breaking free from my confused fingers, and sitting cross-legged on the nearest flat surface. Namely - no, it wasn't Akyu's chest - the table beside the bed.
"Uh..." I hesitated with my words "That's... Akyu, this is--"
"Oh I know who it is." to my surprise, her words sound sharp "She'd tried to get inside the house quite a few times in the afternoon."
Inconceivable! Why would Emily try to...? But, hadn't I mentioned living in the human village to her some time ago? It couldn't be hard to find me... Even for a mute fairy. And seeing how I'd also visited the fairy cafe... Yeah, she could've asked there. Ah, I wonder whether those kinds of circumstances are fortunate or not...? Though I must admit, I was rather proud of her, in a brotherly kind of way, for being such a clever fairy.
I turned to her with a question inscribed on my face.
"Did you...?" In answer, she nodded, with quite a courageous expression plastered on top of a grin. I might have gotten a wrong impression, but it sure did smell like a personal war back there. A war between two girls... That would be a scary war indeed. I had to soothe the situation a bit. "I don't really know what's going on..." even if it was through obvious lies "... but... er..."
"Why is she here?"
But I wasn't given the leisurity of handling it on my own as Akyu cut in with another question. Not that I blame her - she had the right to demand an explanation for this situation, as well as my reasons, since, well, I was the one who brought her here... While I should have probably... I don't know, release her? But wouldn't she just attempt breaking in again? Besides, why was I worrying about the hypothetical past while solution for situation at hand had not yet been created?
"Uh..." still, even with my burning, manly passion - in more than one manner of speaking - I couldn't come up with anything plausible. Because, let's face the truth - what could I say? "Akyu, I..."

And that was when I heard the horn of approaching cavalry sound in the still, evening air. Except instead of rattling hoofs, it was a series of silent flutters, then a loud snap...
It was her, no doubt, but... When I looked at her, something... Something weird happened. As if though she was flying away from me, without actually moving, her figure was gradually getting distant... And not only her - everything in the room seemed to grow... bigger.

The truth revealed itself when I looked down at my body.
>> No. 21097
File 123062475839.jpg - (186.20KB , 800x635 , 4aba4e0f72aa389219985e1d82b95e02.jpg ) [iqdb]
I was...


And so we return to our present dilemma. Here I am, imprisoned in the grasp of five fingers - currently as thick as timber beams - with Akyu's face towering somewhere above, giving me a strange, hazy stare. There's something wrong with this. It's... not her usual expression. There's something terribly wrong with that. And Emily... Why is she sitting there, with her hand between her legs? Am I... dreaming? This can't be happening. Sure, this IS Gensokyo, but you can't simply shrink people just like that, Emily! Undo it! For christ's sake, stop fooling around!
"Akyu... Emily..." I try calling out their names, but to no avail. I can't help but notice how everything looks... so different from this perspective. Those books, suddenly larger than my own body, this bed, big as the Red Square itself, the other furniture, everything around... And of course, Akyu. She... she really looks like some grotesque giant from Greek mythology and whatnot. I don't care, it's not like I'm suddenly going to stop loving her just because she... grew in size - or rather, just because I shrank a bit - but... Those eyes are not normal. There's something going on I can't grasp, and I don't like it. "Akyu--bwuh?!" My second yell gets cut off in the least expected manner possible. Because, who would expect a giant girl to press him against her own chest, like some sort of living massaging tool. "Akyu--?!"
Truly, a massage tool. I knew there was something wrong, but to start being dragged all around her chest was not something I would have ever expected. Her skin rubs against my face and clothes like sandpaper, only much more smooth. I can feel the sweat slowly seep into my bangin' getup, and hell, thank god she's after a shower, otherwise it might have been much less pleasant. And... I'd have never guessed I'd say this, but... Thank god for her being so flat. Had she a pair of giant knockers, this ride would have been much more... extreme.
Nevertheless, this isn't funny at all! I'm not some goddamn sponge to be rubbing me all over her chest! If I could only make her stop, find a way...!

And I do. My blindly flailing palms discover a solution, in form of a basketball-sized lump, somewhere on her skin.
Loud, very loud moan cuts through the air when I squeeze it with all my strength, all my might, just to stop the accursed rubbing movements... And despite all the odds, I succeed. She stops. Thank god, she stops. Oh, how happy I am. How freaking happy...
Unless I notice what exactly was it that I catched in such a reckless manner. Needless to say, it was one of her incredibly pink nipples. That lump which fits right into my hand is nothing other than one of them. I am... amazed. I mean, it's not like I haven't seen them before, but... From such a perspective?
Sudden quake awakens my dulled senses, informing me of something large slowly flying trough the air above me. Her other arm. Where is it...
"Oh no..."
You gotta be kidding me. I mean, I wanted to get there in the end, but not now, not like this...! Don't do it, Akyu! Don't... Don't take off your underwear! God, please, I know it sounds ridiculous in my mouth, but don't do it!

Too late. I lose the grip on her nipple as she pulls my helpless, tiny body down across her chest and stomach, making my head briefly fall into her bellybutton, and further down, down, right between her legs, where the nightmare awaits me. The nightmare of her own crotch that I desired so much, now like a vertical gate to hell, gaping before me, foretelling the impending doom and slaughter. She's not going to... Is she...?
Her voice, although loud, reaches me as if through a mist. A mist of confusion and fear, that is. Those warm, moist walls are getting closer with every passing second. And every single one feels like an eternity of constant, psychological torture. I try to squirm, but to no avail. I try to scream, but my yelps are drowned in the thin air, full of erotic tension. No one can hear me. Not when I'm so small. Not even... Emily, who is apparently enjoying the whole situation... By wriggling her fingers between her legs, a blush scattered across her face, adding even more ufnitting cutesy to the dirty scene.
In vain I try to call forth the strength that rescued me so many times in the past few days. No matter how hard I try, there's nothing I can do.

Nothing I can do to prevent those walls...

To prevent them from swallowing me whole...


Into the wet abyss.

Walls of steaming hot flesh rub against my body while all the openings of my body are flooded with the accursed bodily fluids. Back and forth, back and forth she slides me within herself, not paying heed to the fact that like this, I won't be able to breathe, I won't be able to... Survive. My hair is soaked. So are my clothes. If I could see anything, I would probably say something about the darkness slowly conquering my sight... But instead, all I feel is...

That rubbing...

And sound of liquids flooding my ears.


With a gasp, I awaken from the shards of tattered visions. Something, as if on a cue escapes my body, releasing all the tension at once, all the stress and fear, all the strife and conflict that tormented my soul for quite some time now. A true blessing of release of all the negative things.

I pant heavily, holding something soft and hot with one hand, supporting my weakened upper body with the other.
It's dark around.
But even the darkness cannot shroud the heart-stopping sight that greets my eyes when I glance down.
"I... did it..."
There lies Emily - the green fairy who fed me in the forest when I got lost. Her hitherto sleeping face is now substituted with another one - fully awake, wide-eyed, perhaps a bit shocked. No wonder. Her small body is covered with the thick, white fluid. And my... manhood is placed right between her legs, touching her soiled, tiny underwear with the very tip.
She glances at me and the tool of destruction between her legs alternatively.

[ ] Apologize, run.
[ ] Lick it off. You owe her that.
[ ] Do nothing. Await her reaction.
[ ] Call for help.
[ ] Cockslap!



Slander! I am genuinely trying my best to get better at vidya!


Lately, anything I can get my hands on. TF2 if it's online, various others if it's offline. PSI-Ops, Hitman, currently experimenting with Arsenal RC2 in Stocker. I'm also saving up for a Dreamcast. Re-Volt was an awesome game.


Obligatory 'who the hell is Yuka?' here.

Allow me a little rant. I don't really feel like continuing 4S after whan HY did to the previous thread. Motivation has been sucked out of me like sperm is sucked out of dicks that Sanae sucks, and I'm left without any fuel, anything that would drive me to re-form my entusiasm for that story, other than a few, poor ideas for later events. To be honest, if I had my goddamn choice, I'd have restarted TS and gone back to the roots with some gramatically improved Reimu, or - another possibility - try to come up with more CoMN-related material. Of course, another run of it is out of question, for reasons you should know, and because I don't feel like restarting Fuku's and Renji's relationship. During my two-week hiatus, I'd started working on a now-stalled project whose goal was to re-write CoMN from Renji's perspective... In a form of a choice-less block of text, something like a... a novel, perhaps. Unfortunately my attention was lured away from that, and I doubt I'd be able to continue it on my own now. Keyword: on my own.

I know, I shouldn't start a story only to drop it after - how long? - two weeks? - but it's how it is. It's not my fault, but you can blame me all you want for being an unmotivated, lazy fag.
That's it, for now. I'm off to update data on my external hard drive I'd named after my own fucking character. Yeah, Fukuzai requires more gigabytes, lest she's going to wink me to death with those fancy front lights of hers.
>> No. 21098
>>What a fool I was! What a great and intoxicating innocence! How could I be so naive!
Ai Ai Akyu, starring Voryn Dagoth as Nanaya. Goddamn it.

Good scene.

[xxx] Do nothing. Await her reaction.
>> No. 21099
...is YAF dieing?

>> No. 21100
[X] Do nothing. Await her reaction.
>> No. 21101
Wow YAF... ,just wow.

[x] "You won't belive what dream i haved. You were in it, books and Akyu's vargina and... ,why is my penis on you?
>> No. 21102
[x] Do nothing. Await her reaction.

It was well worth the wait~
>> No. 21103
[X] Cockslap!
>> No. 21104
File 123068918043.jpg - (66.61KB , 453x640 , top02.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] Handkerchief. Clean the poor girl off.
>> No. 21105
[x] Caps lock
[x] Is an anagram for
[x] Cockslap!
>> No. 21106

... don't tell me - more giant-fags? [/clever pun]
One is more than enough, damnit.
>> No. 21107
>Obligatory 'who the hell is Yuka?' here.

Just doing to get your attention. Bleh, you are quitting after all the work i did to get you back to writing?
Were the CG homolust threads, all the whining and insulting for nothing?
Now that HY is gone, YAF quits too. Well, i can wait for you to write again.
A happy new Year YAF.
>> No. 21108
File 123073425380.jpg - (363.58KB , 1280x960 , DSC00210.jpg ) [iqdb]

It's not like I'm quitting in a stricte sense, I'm just quitting 4S. Thanks to aforementioned circumstances, I'd totally lost the enthusiasm for that story, and decided it would be better to leave it, rather than force it out. I'll still be writing Faggotry and AAA, those two will become my mains, for the time being, until I start something CoMN related or have another go at TS. In fact, I'd update AAA again today, as well as Faggotry, but you see, there are not enough votes, and I'm leaving for work. Yeah, I'll be working tonight, so don't expect anything to pop up here. Sorry, I need the money.

Happy new year.

Fukuzai(H:) unrelated.
>> No. 21109
Hmmmm, i really would wish something Reimu related from you. I miss the old TS Reimu, i always liked how you wrote her.
But that is probably me, and i don't blame you for stopping. Shit went on and it's understandable. Due that i don't read Faggotry and AAA, i will keep on waiting for something else.
Have fun at your job, not everyone gets money from his parents so that you don't need to work.
>> No. 21112
[X] Cockslap!
>> No. 21113
Ahh, finally home, after 16< hours of constant work... And still no votes. Oh well, I guess not everyone spends his new year's eve browsing THP. Mm, not that I'd be able to update anyway, in this state I'm in. God, so tired...

>Due that i don't read Faggotry

Please do. Vodka and I put a lot of effort into planning it, and even though there's a shitton of inconsistencies in the beginning, due to us not consulting each other before writing - for example numbers of remaining classes changing suddenly, David being introduced at least two times, and a couple of others - it's gotten more stable and thought-out as we went. Plus, hell, Aoi is the target, Adahn is a clumsy schoolgirl and Fuku needs help, do you need any more reason to read?
>> No. 21114
File 12308264711.jpg - (165.01KB , 1018x800 , 1230817182757.jpg ) [iqdb]
Welcome home YAF. I have some Yomi to cheer you up if you want.

>Please do. Vodka and I put a lot of effort into planning it

Allright i will read it.
>> No. 21118
[X] Cockslap!