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[x] "Indeed it does. How nostalgic."

Forsooth, she says the truth! Altough clouded, the past still remains clear to you, despite the shroud of unpleasant experiences, and while there are parts even your Watch mind would like for to remain concealed, there were also events of quite pleasurable nature. One of them would involve a similiar occurence, right? That is, being walked in on while enjoying the warmth of another person. Or not? Does it even matter?
Not really sure about her intentions, you decide to agree with the blonde bust revolution and stand up, to avoid unpleasant, unforeseen consequences. Wait just a moment, fair soldier - unforeseen? Oh no, clear is your knowledge about effects of your action if you were to say anything inappropriate for the current state of things.
"Indeed it does. How nostalgic."
Letting out a sigh, more of a theatrical gesture than actual sign of relief, you put your hands on your sides, then turn towards Reimu and Renko. The two of them seemingly restrain their instincts telling them to cleanse, purge, and kill your, obviously pervertedly-looking nature, as it has to appear to them right now, and simply stand, waiting for your... further actions.
Which you make sure to adjust according to both your Watch mind and the threat of receiving a few swift punches to the groin.
"Surely," you say after coughing to get their full attention "There must be a reason for this sudden intrusion. Is there, my dear host?"
Reimu is the first to regain control after astonishment, as she lets her shoulders slump a little before casting you an angry glance. Perhaps the remainder of what she had to witness five years ago is not a thing she expected to see so early in the morning. That is, if it's still morning. But then again, the letter said 'in an hour or so', and being as curious as she is, Maribel wouldn't let you sleep any longer than she herself did, isn't that right?
"Actually, there is, my dear" she syllabizes that word, as if it were hard to pronounce "Guest. But it is not you who we're looking for, but your precious, blonde girl. Am I right, Renko?" The said eagerly nods. Reimu responds in kind, then continues her speech. "To take ahead your question, yes, we knew she'd be here. It would seem that your mother doesn't consider you any reliable. She made sure to inform your... girlfriend here in person that she will transport the 'other her' here to Gensokyo in some time."
Your Criminal Scum tingles! There are inconsistencies in her words! Maribel has already been here after Yukari departed after giving you that peculiar gift! Besides, would they wait one whole hour before searching for their newly-arrived guest? You are a liar, Reimu, or a very good actor. Or there's something going behind the scenes and you've been used as a pawn... Whichever of the possibilities it is, it's a matter that will be resolved later. As for now, she haven't really explained their purpose here yet.
"I see." you cut to the chase by cutting short the topic of Maribel "Why are you looking for her though?"
"Oh, just wanted to invite her for our little tea party. To be honest, we considered inviting you as well, but since we found you in such... unpleasant circumstances, I guess we should annulate that. Am I right, Renko?"
Again, Reimu looks back at the still confused, or maybe consternated Renko.
"... I guess." she finally breaks from confusion "Hello, Mary. It's... good to see you earlier than I had expected to."
You can't help but sense something strange in her tone.
Maribel follows your suit and stands up as well.
"Good to see you to, Ren. Reimu, about your invitation, I gladly accept. What about him?"
Ah yes, finally to the point. Why is it that it's always the guy's fault in such situations though? The world is unfair! O' great Emperor, why does injustice exist?!
"Isn't that obvious?" Reimu gives you a fleeting, spiteful grin "He's a man, he ought to be helping the others set up the stalls."

Being practically shoved out of the shrine onto it's front steps, you deduct that indeed, there is no choice but immerse in your true endeavour - helping good citizens in their lives!
The sight before you is one to behold, as you've never seen this otherwise unlively square that expands in the space between shrine and the ridiculously long stairs contain so many people. If you had to compare it to something, it would probably remind you of an amusement park, with people bustling around, setting up small shops and stands, with food, souvenirs or games to play. But right now, the only thing you see are highlighted silhouettes of people who need help! Onward! To fulfill your purpose!
"Excuse me, kind sir!" you approach the nearest man, who is having problems with his stand's roof. "It would appear that you could use some help. Mind if I give you a hand?"
The man looks at you for a second before nodding.

"Thank you." he says after the two of you finally set up and lock in place the unruly roofing. "You really helped me there."
"Not a slightest problem. This is my duty, after all, and I enjoy doing this."
"Duty, you say?" the man scans you carefully "Do you by chance work for Hakurei Shrine?"
"At the moment, yes."
"Hm," he scratches his chin "Who would've thought, that the capricious miko would hire someone so--"
His words are cut off by a shout from somewhere behind him. It appears to be another shopkeeper in a dire need.
"Hey, you there! Could you please help me?"
"With utmost pleasure!" you shout back. "I'm sorry, we'll have to finish this talk later. Duty calls."
"Of course."


Time passes quickly as you help more and more people with their work, sometimes having a little chat while doing so. What interesting things one might get to know when listening to rumours and otherwise uninteresting banter! For example, someone named with a name you couldn't catch married a girl you've heard about, Hieda Akyu, because of which there was a giant party at the village, not long ago. Another person, named Tanaka, found a strange cart made of metal, with equally weird wheels, which also had roofing. Not being able to harness his donkeys to it (no latches anywhere), he simply left it where it was, for other people to see.
"You done?"
A shout from beneath interrupts your thoughts. Indeed, you haven't noticed, but it seems you are already done with fixing another stall's scaffolding. Jumping down from it's roof, you hand the hammer back to it's thanking owner, when suddenly...


Your Criminal Sense goes off. Somewhere to your right, in the thicket of bushes, on the outskirts of shrine's square! A movement! No doubt, sneaking around like that, it has to be a thief or trespasser!

[ ] Pursue the evildoer!
[ ] Offer a pray to the Immortal Emperor to gain his blessing and thus protect the festival from any criminal scounders that might decide to crash it.
[ ] Sneaking around is one thing, but you cannot arrest someone just for doing that. Take it easy.
[ ] Shout up a general levy and chase the trespasser together!


And that's it. I am leaving. Ten days, Croatia, no computers, no laptops, chilling only. I'll be leaving this section's activity for this time in Kirin's hands. Hint: this is a moment in which you're supposed to vote and tell me to have fun/kick Anonymous of Croatia's ass/jump off a cliff, depending on your preference.
[x] kick Anonymous of Croatia's ass off a cliff

[ ] Pursue the evildoer!
[x] Pursue the evildoer!
Stop right there, criminal scum!

>And that's it. I am leaving. Ten days, Croatia, no computers, no laptops, chilling only. I'll be leaving this section's activity for this time in Kirin's hands. Hint: this is a moment in which you're supposed to vote and tell me to have fun/kick Anonymous of Croatia's ass/jump off a cliff, depending on your preference.
[x] Forward ten days.
[x] Pursue the evildoer!

Have a good trip. As homework, YAF, I want you to write a 500 word essay on the pros and cons of spellchecking.
[x] Pursue the evildoer!

Okay, the Imperial-Guard-style internal monologue needs to end soon. It was funny at first, but don't beat it to death like you're doing, YAF.

Also, I can't help but hear said internal monologue in the voice of Norio Wakamoto.
[x] Pursue the evildoer!
Should be Tau from now on, for the greater good.

[x] kick Anonymous of Croatia's ass
[x] Jump off a cliff
[+] Pursue the evildoer!

[+] Have fun jump-kicking Anonymous of Croatia's ass off a cliff
[] kick Anonymous of Croatia's ass off a cliff
[] Pursue the evildoer!

Meh why not, also I agree with >>16418 , If you're going to go all Warhammer with this, do it a bit better

I. played. too. much. LoK. Can't. stop. thinking. with. it's. style. Hash'ak'gik! Hash'ak'gik!
if you have time to talk. GO WRITE.
I did. ;_;
[x] Jump off a cliff
Just die YAF, just die.

Like, what's LoK? Just the full name, I know it's a game.
Legacy of Kain. Not bumping because I want that HNNNNGGG pic of the Shikigami Pair to stay on top.
Just save it, you, you...
[X] Pursue the evildoer!

Drive! Pursue! Chase! Catch!
A wave of sudden impulses! Telling you to stop the sneaker as soon as possible! Very, very evil Mr. Troublemaker shall meet his judgement today! No one crashes Hakurei's festival on your watch! Whatever creature may hide in those bushes, be it human or not, the time has come to get it's supsicious actions to a stop!
And so you launch yourself, to some passerbys suprise, towards the bushes, and ignoring their lashing branches, reach your hands out to where you last saw movement.

And here it is! Your fingers meet soft, warm flesh, and immidiately close it in a firm grasp.
"You're mine!" you shout in excitement
But what's yours - that has yet to be discovered, and so you direct your blurred gaze towards the prey that rests trembling in your hands.
It lets out a growl, that deformed thing. It is an eyesore to look at, resembling a tremendously abominated face of someone you know, but being only the face at the same time, with no limbs whatsoever. If you were to call it with one word, it would probably be 'head', as it is exactly what it is - a severed head, only still alive, gaping at you with Reimu's scared eyes. It even has a ribbon resembling that capricious miko's.
"What in the hell..."
You yourself can't believe the sight before you, as it appears hideous to both your common sense and soul. The thing, the head, it keeps staring at you with teary eyes, trmbling in fear, in some unknown physical processes that allow it to move around despite the lack of limbs.
"Yuu... Yuu... Let me go easy..."
It speaks! That ferocious abomination knows human language! And it appears to have understood the circumstances, and is now trying to appeal to your mercy!
"Did I condemn Reimu to this nightmare when I left the shrine?" you ask yourself a meaningless question.

[ ] Eat the thing, so that it never sees daylight again
[ ] Release it easy as it tells you to
[ ] Spit in it's face
[ ] Throw it away
{X} Take its ribbon.

What is this shit
[x] Release it easy as it tells you to

Take it easy.
{X} Take its ribbon.
[X] Spit in it's face
[X] Take its ribbon
[X] Eat the thing, so that it never sees daylight again
[X] Throw up what you ate and throw it away.
[ ] Take its ribbon.
[ ] Eat it easy.
[x] Eat the thing, so that it never sees daylight again

These things were meant to be eaten. They could solve world hunger!
[x] Take its ribbon.
[x] Drop-kick it easy.

Goddamn I hate yukkuris.
[x] Take its ribbon.
[x] Eat it easy.

I wonder how Nanaya will react to a Yukkuri of himself?
[x] Throw it away

This Yukkuri is an eyesore. Disappear.
[x] bring it to reimu.

I want to see how she reacts
[+] Eat it easy
Mmm. Sweet bean paste.
[ ] Release it easy as it tells you to

Normally I'd vote to eat it, but on the off chance it's Reimu's pet...
File 121871301217.jpg - (137.55KB, 605x800 , 2e0f333f05883a945d97a7a383b91a2c6a47a8b9.jpg) [iqdb]

And that is your problem, reader! You force your own habits to cower, just because a prospect of something bad happening arises? You are weak, and untrue to your true self! Kick your own ass and vote how a man should do! Hit straight from the bridge and don't beat about the bush!
[x] Take its ribbon.
[x] Eat it easy.

I wonder how Reimu will react to watching us eat a deformed version of her face.
[x] Wake up.
No way is this shit really happening in my BKC.
[x] Take its ribbon.
[x] Eat it easy.

The more you see the less you know, the more you'd like to let it go! But not such fate is destinied to lead this pitiful thing's life. Besides, it's twisted resemblance of Reimu combined with sweet bean paste smell strangely arouses your senses.
"Let you go?" you smirk at the thing "But it would be a waste if I let a perfectly fine meal roam about instead of eating it, right?"
It's face, however ridiculous it looks, changes it's expression into even a more terrified one. Despite it's obviously apparent horror, reach for the ribbon it has tied it' shair with - or, someone tied it's hair with it, since it possesses no limbs capable of that tast - and quickly rip it off with one hand. The head - as you decided to call it in your thoughts - remains unmoving throughout the whole process, that is, until you hide the ribbon in your pocket and open wide your mouth. Of course, no matter how disgusting the thought of eating Reimu's head is, this sweet bean paste smell is simply too much for your hungry stomach to take.
"The belly rules the mind." you say to the thing in a fitting, philosophical tone "And those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it. Let it be delicious!"
"Yuu!" it struggles a bit with it's limbless body "D-- Don't do it easy! Take it--! Tage iw eaww--!"
It's cries slowly die out as you bite off more and more chunks of this soft, warm matter that resembles freshly baked bread in texture and bean pasta in taste.

Finishing the meal, you throw away the inedible parts - hair and eyes, and burp loudly, like rules of savoir-vivre say to do after eating. With satisfaction, you give your stomach a pat, and let out a pleased sigh.
Now then, it didn't take that much time to devour this abomination, but you certainly took as long as possible, trying to savour the taste. On top of it, you're really full right now. The rustling of people fussing around in the shrine square is still audible - that means the preparations aren't done yet. Or, that the next stage has already started.
One way or the other, it seems that you are still free to do as you please, since there are no voices shouting out your name that would reach your ears.

[ ] Go back to the shrine!
[ ] Dive deep into the forest!
[ ] Use the ribbon as a bow tie.

'Take It Easy' on Others added to spell list
[x] Use the ribbon as a bow tie.
[x] Back to the shrine!

{X} Use the ribbon as a bow tie.
{X} Back to the shrine!

cool story bro
[ ] Go back to the shrine!
[x] Go back to the shrine!
[x] Use the ribbon as a bow tie.

dango~ dango~
[x] Dive deep into the forest!
[x] Use the ribbon as a bow tie.

Time to make up for lost time. Dive into Gensokyo's world!
Now, let's just hope Reimu wasn't keeping that thing as a pet.
Because if so, we're fucked.
Oh man, I can't believe we ate the poor Yukkureimu. I like and pity them so much.

Neverfear. They can regenerate and lose their memory. We have just scored a free meal.
There's dozens more where that came from. If you see one, then an infestation is already underway.

[+] Go back to the shrine!
[+] Use the ribbon as a bow tie.
[X] Go back to the shrine!
[X] Use the ribbon as a bow tie.

Nevertheless, to linger here any longer would be a waste of time and newly acquired nutritions. Come to think of it, are bean paste buns high calorific? Not that it matters now...
Then your attention gets drawn by the ribbon, which you took off the peculiar thing's hair before eating it... Why would something like that have such thing, is a mystery, but the resemblance is too obvious to ignore. You get a horrible premonition, but quickly sweep it out your head, as there is no point in ruining a day so beautifully started.
Out of a silly impulse, you wrap the ribbon around the collar of your shirt and burp again, gleefully at the prospect of having Reimu see it like this.
"He who eats alone, chokes alone. Rest in pieces, fragile thing, and let your body dissolve in vivid colour." you smirk "The poisonous acids will at least reduce the fat."
And off back towards the shrine you go.

Of course, you wouldn't be yourself if you didn't help a few, or should I say, a lot of citizens on your way there. Hold this here, bring me that, grab this for a moment, wanna do it, could you pass me that, and so on. Not a real job, those unimportant tasks, but it still feels good to strain your muscles a bit. Nothing like some exertion after eating.
"You're doing it wrong."
A young voice interrupts your cogitations while you stand in front of a food stand, asked by it's owner to hold watch over it as he answers the call of nature. Lazily, you glance at the kid who said that, which reveals nothing special. Just a kid, maybe around 6 years old or so.
"Oh?" you close one eye and say spitefully "What is it that I am doing wrong, kiddo?"
"The cutlets." He points to the grill before you, where a dozen of juicy meat pieces is happily sizzling above red-hot charcoal. "They have to be turned every two minutes, and you've been standing there idly for two and a half."
He gives you an all-knowing smile before crossing his arms on his chest.
"Listen kid." you say, slightly angered. "T'is not my stand, I don't give a damn about those cutlets. Buzz off."
"Whatever. And your necktie is stupid."
"Why you little...!"
He quickly dismisses your threat by showing you his tongue, and runs away.
You slowly grab a fork and turn over all the cutlets.

It was long before you finally entered the shrine building again, but at least you feel a lot better now. Fed, a bit tired, but happy.
Passing by one room, which happens to be the kitchen, you see that Reimu is having a guest over, and that guest is no one other than the nine-tailed fox lady. When did she arrive? Well, no matter. They seem to be immersed in work, and haven't noticed you.

[ ] Greet Ran
[ ] Greet Reimu
[ ] Greet both
[ ] Look for Renko
[ ] Check up on Mary
[ ] Inventory
[ ] Greet both
>Lazily, you glance at the kid who said that, which reveals nothing special. Just a kid, maybe around 6 years old or so.

oh god it's Naya's brother-son hellspawn isn't it

[x] Greet both
[x] Inventory
[ ] Greet Ran
[x] Greet both
[x] Inventory

idort option
[x] Greet Ran

Been a while, Ran. Wonder how she thinks of us after that incident so long ago.

Probably the only person who can appreciate how much of a fuck-up Yukari is, other than Naya.

[x] Greet Ran
[x] Inventory
[X] Greet Ran
[X] Inventory

>grab this for a moment, wanna do it
>wanna do it

[X] Greet Ran
[X] Inventory
lol no
YAF are you continuing this?

inb4 lol no
YAF Nigger, it seems he stopped writing. He has spent his whole writing energy already.
Just an empty shell left, his writing just hasn't got this awesome anymore.

Nah, I just grew bored of this 'Naya' character. I need a breeze of refreshment....

How about a crazy gunslinger courier going everywhere on his motorbike? Also, his companion would be a tsundere loli goddess.

Yeah, you could call it "Kino no QUALITY".

But seriously YAF, if you're going to lift a character from another source, do it wholesale. Don't do it piecemeal.

Don't go creating new stories like that YAF, you already have four to write (TS, BKC, CoMN, AAA).
File 121988935086.png - (157.94KB, 553x584 , whatever.png) [iqdb]

I see Only Two.


Lift from another... Wait, why Would I do that? And what exactly makes yOu say that? Also, why Kino? Kino means Cinema in Polish, but I don't think it Has anything To do with It...
>Kino means Cinema in Polish, but I don't think it Has anything To do with It...


I raged, then I lol'd.

You can't leave BKC like this, and TS needs to be recovered from the depths of fail.

But seriously, don't go creating any more, you already have enough.



Hey, totally by an accident (browsing random tags on danbooru), but I actully discovered what you meant by Kino no QUALITY and ripping off characters. Yeah, a slowpoke, I know, but damn, it's hard to come up with anything original these days. Here I think up a character, only to be informed that someone somewhere already made one that has identical traits. Pretty demotivating, if I can say so. Also, Kino is moe.
Actually, >>17922 sounds vaguely like Shigofumi.

You know what's motivating? Writing is motivating. So get back to work nigger.

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