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My compensation for not updating today. Enjoy.


All her smiles. All her little gestures that made her look adorable despite her disfigured features. Even those abominations gave her that kind of submissive appeal. The one that made our relationship grow in strength throughout all these days we've spent together behind the back of my 'wife'.

That monster who decided to ruin it all. Ruin both my and her lives, end it abruptly, in a most violent manner possible.

I carefully scan the disemboweled remains of what I used to call 'Reimu'. Now, without remorse, without a slightest trace of disgust, I admire the shades of crimson red that adorn the wooden floor she was forced to sleep upon. The pools of sickening liquid that was still seeping out from her opened abdomen just yesterday. Now only a dried reminder of it's former beauty, caked stains on otherwise perfectly flat surface. The stench is horrible. But it's nothing compared to the smell of my bounty, the one I acquired at the cost of my beloved 'wife'.

I still remember her suprised gasp. When she came to gloat over my despair as I was trying to vomit what was most probably my own child, served to me with cold neutrality, as a dinner for me to satiate my hunger on. I remember how she taunted me, seeing my despair and utmost efforts to get rid off all it's remains out of my stomach.
Now very calm, oblivious to the gory spectacle before me, I recall her words.

"Cheating on me behind my back, will you?" she said in mocking tone.
I could merely glance at her between violent spasms as I tried to let it all out. She was smiling. The damn bitch was smiling. Smirking at my defeat. Probably at her success at pulling such a disgusting plan flawlessly.
"How did you..." I muttered, forcing out the words. And in return, her smile got even wider.
"Shio told me about it. There is nothing that can escape the careful eyes of a mansion's master after all, be it through her own sight, or her servants'."
So that was it - I thought. The very one who abused my lover, the very one who treated me with cold reserve, the very one whose life I speared due to my precious one's pleads. As much as I wanted to kill that witch, I couldn't go against her words. She wanted to retain current state as it was. Only happy with so much attention she got from me. Broken. Depressed. Devoid of her former arrogance and malice. Reduced to something less than a woman, something less than a normal human.
To a pet. To a pitiful animal, happy for everything that her master throws at her, regardless if it's food or violent blows.
Something that she never deserved. Something that should've never happened.
"How do you feel now?" the green-haired monster asked me.
Everything I could do, was vomit. Until all of my feelings disappeared at once.

How suprised she was when instead of despair, she was faced with my sudden movement. How ironic that she gasped in suprise as I stabbed her weakest point with a blade that miraclously appeared in my hand just in time. I was amazed myself. That I moved before she noticed. Probably scared as well, when she slowly glanced behind her back, where I stood, with another blade raised, loaded with mana, ready for another strike, this time more deadly.
I wasn't scared. I wasn't afraid.
That time, I could feel nothing. Nothing at all. Only later, a wave of delayed feelings flooded my mind. But then, there was nothing inside my thoughts. A black void.
"Revenge?" she asked in a weak voice, not able to stop the mana leaking out of her body. I knew her weak point. A wound that she received long ago, a scar that tainted her abilities up to the end of her life. But I also knew, that even with that wound opened anew, she could still rip me to pieces with just one thought. But I couldn't care less at that time. "How pitiful. You have no means to kill me, even if you wanted."
My saner part of mind flinched at her words. Indeed. She was right. A fearless youkai, a creature of no natural weak points and superior born-in power. One suited for killing humans with a mere gesture. That was the kind of thing I married.
"Ah, you are right." my insanity replied "But you can be stopped."
"Even so, I will regenerate sooner or later. Do you think I'll let this disgrace slip by?"
She was right. But still...
"Your words are heartening." my insanity chuckled abruptly "For you would never fear me, until I could truly do you harm. You really should reconsider the collection of your library, Yuuka. How ironic if your own creations, your own research, should prove your own undoing."
"No!" she almost shrieked "You are nothing!"
"And to nothingness both your natures shall give in."

I listed to her screams with utmost delight, as I cut her earthly shell into small pieces. First her head, separated it from the rest of her body. Then her breasts, shoulders, arms, thighs, knees, calves, feet, all the little pieces I used to admire and caress, now treated with the cold steel like if they were just meat, destinied to be devoured by carnivores. Like my own child, so cruelly made into a meal. Driven by my rage, I impaled the largest chunk of her body and released all the mana I had stored in the blade. The effect was spectacular. Almost like if an explosion took them apart, pieces of her flesh splashed on the walls of the room. And my clothes. And face.
But my work was not done yet. I knew I had to finish it, lest I'd regret it later.
Her heart. I had to find her heart.

And I did.
Still throbbing, pulsating with the disgusting force of youkai power of life, it fit perfectly into my hand. And I, full of glee at my discovery, drived my blade through it and stuck it to the wall, painted in red. Even though, it didn't give up on throbbing. How stubborn. But according to Yuuka's own research, as long as it remains wounded, closed in the neverending cycle of death and revive, she would be never able to 'live' again. Assured by that fact, I progressively gathered all of the remaining body parts and using everything I could find, decorated the bloodstained wall with them, making a wall of disgustingly soft flesh around the sickening organ.

On the wall, my 'wife' found her place of resting, cut into several pieces.

Now, sitting at this chair that I brought here especially for my dear lover, I gazed upon the massacre. Whenever I would see a trace of stinking youkai blood getting closer to the corpse of my beloved one, I would wipe it away with utter disgust. I couldn't allow something so filthy desacrate something so pure. I just couldn't.

I don't know how many hours passed for me in this enclosed space, full of gore and sickening stench. It was an instant when I suddenly realized that it's not done yet. That I couldn't rest assured just yet. After all, the battle wasn't fair. Yuuka wasn't the only one that abused my dear lover. No. To say the truth, the only thing that she's done was killing her. And her child. My child. The punishment she received was less than she deserved but I'll have to be satisfied with that.
Because there are still things to be done.

I carefully fold my fingers in a complicated gesture Shio taught me, to call her whenever I wanted her services. Magical resonance tickled my senses when I clicked my fingers, placing them in the second stage of the gesture. Now, I only have to wait...

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And there she is. Not five minutes after I settled back in the chair, admiring the bloody show, the door opened, revealing her pitiful figure. I am gret by her scowl, only to see it deform into an expression of astonishment as she notices the gore screaming theater on the walls and floor. Not letting her speak up, already knowing what she wants to say, I jump towards her with my fist raised high.
Then swing it down, driving it into her petite, naturally pink lips.
Something breaks under by twitching fingers. Probably her teeth. But to stop now, would only serve to give her a chance to retaliate. I grab her collar, then pull her inside the room, my mind occupied with planning while my body throws her like a carcass, onto the floor.
She swallows hard as I sit ontop of her, my knee pressed hard against her abdomen.
"What's wrong?" I ask "Wasn't it fun, when you did that to her?"
She opens her mouth, intent on answering, but the only thing that escapes her lips is a low gurgle. Because of that, I notice what my earlier blow did to her oral cavity. Shards of bones, now only miserable remains of her formerly perfectly white teeth, painted with red, sticking out of her tongue, insides of her cheeks and palate. Disgusting? Perhaps. But does it matter? She's done worst things to my precious thing, only to heal her wounds afterwards and do them again.
For that, she has to be punished. All sins are atoned in the end. And most effective atonement is the one achieved through repetance of one's sins on his own body.
But to just violate her body wouldn't be enough. My insanity, my burning rage demanded violation of her mentality as well. And one part of my body already came up with a fitting solution.
Immoral? As hell. Unfitting for my otherwise calm personality? Hell yes. Arousing? Like nothing ever was in my life.

Well then, why not? My body already issued it's opinion, now I can only abide by it. Shio is weak. Her body, underdeveloped in every sense, was nothing compared to my strength. Only her magical power was a threat high enough to make me reconsider my actions once. But it had it's own flaw as well. With her mouth wounded like this, she can't chant the activation words for her spells. It's a win-win situation. She's not strong enough to make a kick in the guts even hurt, neither she is able to cast any spell.
I decide to give in, and the very same moment my arms start ripping off her clothes. Those light, thin robes that she wears all the time. Her breasts, now exposed, glimmer slightly with light reflected by her sweat, undoubtedly a sign of her uneasiness. The size of her bust is miserable, compared to Yuuka's rack or even Reimu's. They're not turning on a slightest bit. It's irritating. Even the exposure of her slit doesn't arouse me enough to make my member stand and prepare for the invasion on her privacy. I let go of her collar for a second, and open my fly, whipping out my still half-limp manhood.
I can't put it in yet. Nor can I use her mouth.
No matter. Even if I can't put it in, it's not like if I'm in great hurry. She's not going to bleed to death or anything. Yet. I start rubbing my glans against her dry slit, as my other hand begins to caress her nipples. Only to scratch them with the tip of my fingernails a second later. She screams. For some reason, it makes me harder. Is it that, then? Do I have to claw on her skin to make her scream? She doesn't want to let out any other sound beside that. How stubborn. How fucking irritating. Was Reimu this silent when you abused her? You goddamn witch.
Without remorse, I plunge my nails into her skin and pull them down along her flat chest, leaving a trail of exposed flesh behind them.
As planned, she can't stand the pain? Why? Why are you screaming? Does it hurt? It didn't hurt when you were doing that to this girl there, that now lies dead because of your inability to keep your mouth shut? Annoying. Fucking frustrating.
But my body disagrees. Quickly pumping blood to my member, it makes it ready for penetration. Why do I derive such pleasure from her suffering? I guess I will never know. The only thing that matters now, is to impale her undoubtedly tight and unexplored insides onto my shaft.
Her screams grow in volume as I plunge it in, ripping mercilessly through her hymen. Was that a moan, or a shriek of pain? I don't care. Starting to pump back and forth, I claw more and more skin off of her chest, casting aside the chunks of it after every stroke. Her arms are devoid of strength as I invade her virgin corridors and reach the cervix. Even though it's the end, I still instinctively try to push harder. Seeing no avail, my hips draw back and partially exit her still dry walls.
No. There's something wrong with this. Reimu was diffirent. She was... pleasant to penetrate. This girl is...

In frustration, I grab my knife and place it on her stomach. She can only gape in terror as I cut it open, slowly, trying to give her as much pain as possible. Her screams fill the stinky air, not ceasing even after I throw the blade aside. Her revealed instestines move with my every push. It's almost amusing to watch, but it's not why I have done this. My goal right now is pleasure, which her dry corridor can't give me. I'll have to flood it then. With my hand. Which I mercilessly submerge into the tangle of her organs, looking for that moving part, which doesn't even belong to her. And I find it. Wrapping my fingers around one peculiar part of her insides, I feel the pressure on my shaft grow significantly. This has to be it. Then...

With my fingernail, I cut through the flesh. Pleasant warmth floods whole of my manliness, filling every nerve with extacy. I pay no attention to the fact that it's her blood that serves as a lubrication. I let it flow out of her hole, and down to the floor as she yells in pain. This is what I was aiming for. Now I can enjoy her most private part and derive pleasure from it. At what cost? Cost of the integrity of her body, but does it matter? I'm going to discard it afterwards anyway, so she should be grateful that she's still alive and able to gaze upon her exposed intestines. Yeah, she should be grateful.

"How do you like it, Shio?" my mouth pants out in between heavy breaths as I near my climax "Does it feel good? Does it feel bad?"
Mercilessly, I pump her body, now a theater of abomination just as Yuuka's and my lover's. Does it always have to end like this? In blood and gore? Every person, every single creature I come in contact with, ends up wounded sooner or later. Is it a fatum? Or just a stupid coincidence?
Regardless, I continue to invade her insides, until I can feel the border of my endurance getting too close to control it anymore.
Just as I did to Reimu, just as I did to Yuuka, I shoot my seed inside of this girl's womb.

But this is not where, or how, it ends. My body is spent, I have received my reward, but my revenge still awaits it's fulfillment. I retract my hand a little and search for another organ of hers. And find it.
Her womb. Now full of my semen, throbbing slightly, I violently pull it up. Ripping it out from her body.
She can't even scream anymore. Is she dead? It doesn't matter.
Like a gruesome trophy, I hold her womb above her exposed intestines and admire the dribbles of red and white fluids fall down from it. The harder I squeeze, the more leak out. How amusing. What will happen if I just crush it?
Of course, what happens is my semen and her blood splatter all over her violated body. Distasteful.
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"Well then..."
Finally standing up, I remind myself of my purpose.
There's still one person I have to take care of. The gate guard. After that, it'll be all over. This life, this miserable existence, lenghtened by Yuuka's 'source' and my own efforts. Am I immortal? Probably. Then, after I kill that sickeningly cheerful bitch, I think I'll just stroll around the mansion for a bit.
In this space that was born from Yuuka's imagination. That exists as long as her heart's still beating.
And even if it takes whole centuries for it to finally stop, I will continue to walk in these corridors.

And then, disappear along with this fake reality.
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Now that's a satisfying end.
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It's like the true nanaya psycho end I always wanted, but you failed to deliver.

I'm torn between wanting to see it continued from what little is left, or wanting you to leave it as is so you don't become a one-trick pony with good grizzly gore.
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More satisfying than the first part. I'd think that at this point Yukari would more than approve of Nanaya becoming her successor.
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That was incredibly satisfying
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Superior end is superior.
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ITT, YAF gets revenge on Yuuka voters.
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>ITT, YAF gets revenge on YAF

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This turned out better than I expected it to.
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Fucking beautiful.
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>More satisfying than the first part.

Because you faggots went easy on Reimu while I had a battalion of gory violation prepared for her in stack.
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>Because you faggots went easy on Reimu while I had a battalion of gory violation prepared for her in stack.

Yeah that's great. Guess we shouldn't be voting for Reimu now for fear of guro BAD END.
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Mentioning Reimu in presence of Yuuka who is probably embarassed for doing something as childish as the thing she did was while being her guest? Yeah, sounds like a silly thing to do.
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You know, people keep talking about the faggotry in /shrine/, but it's hard to see through this. Fucking brilliant man.
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Faggotry in /shrine/ is a meme.
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Keep telling yourself that
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The faggotry in /shrine/ is made up of memes, if that's what you meant.
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I don't get a thing you say.