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15752 No. 15752
[x] "I usually vent frustration after meeting people like you."

Grrr... Who the hell does he think he is, asking questions like these? Free time? What is free time? There's no such thing for homeless people, you sissy! Think again! What an irritating situation. Your pay was not where it was supposed to be, that guy in the office pissed you offed as well, and now this moron is asking questions worth of his idiocy. Great. Just great. Not a date, huh? Well, this certainly DOESN'T sound like a question one would ask on a date, NOW DOES IT?! What a shitload of crap. Now what, Renji? What the hell do you need that information for?

Nevertheless, hello real world, you can't be staying silent all day long just because something happened. Letting him decide things on his own would be a bad idea as well. Neither you can really tell what you do in your 'free time', since it's, as you remarked already, inexistant. Only now, because of this mess, you can spend a few hours more... leisurely. He's not going to release you anytime soon, seeing how things are.

Or can you?

"... I usually vent frustration after meeting people like you."
"Aww. So something did happen, huh? Don't worry. People are people. You can't really change them."
You're the one to say that. But yes, you can't. For example you can't just simply make Renji stop acting like a goddamn idiot. No matter how much you try, it seems. Hello, don't you get even a simple suggestion? Get out, this girl is pissed!
But instead of worrying, he smiles hapilly, seemingly at his thoughts. You flinch at that disgusting gesture. What is going on in his head, you don't know, neither do you WANT to know. Why won't he just let you go?! Freaking moron.
"There's just the place for, as you put it, venting anger."
"... great. Why don't you start driving already? The sooner we get through this the better."
"Hm?" he glances at your irritated face "You're not going to protest?"
"... is there a point?"
"True that."
He fires up the engine.

"... arcade. Why an arcade?"
Indeed, the place he decided to take you to turned out to be an ordinary arcade. The kind which usually is opened 24 hours a day, with kids constantly flooding machines' chambers with coins. That kind of mediocre 'entertainment' center. The signboard says 'Video World', but the building suggest something along the lines of 'Pre-war World'. A rundown tenement house, that looks like no one really tended to it ever since WW2. The upper floors lack windows, only gaping holes representing the places where they probably were in the past. That means, most probably, no one lives there. Hmm...
"Let's go."
Renji ignores your question, then marches onward, through the large, steel door. They creak loudly as he pulls them open. Dark interior attacks your senses with noises and smell of cigarettes as you obediently follow your captor.

"There you go." He puts three plain tokens on your hand. "Those are yours. If you want more, just ask. Do not squander them!"
He yells as he disappears behind rows of various machines.
Ugh... This place is cramped. Not only do the machines themselves take a lot of place, but it seems to be a lot of people here as well. At least the darkness makes you feel a bit more comfortable with all those kids around. No, there aren't only kids. Through the smoke, you can see a few older men, shouting something at one of them, playing some game while seeping on something that looks like a bottle of beer. Here and there, individuals at approximately your age enjoy themselves in silence, just like you, trying not to draw too much attention. Of course, the level of noise generated is inversely proportional to the age of players. A group of grade schoolers nearby cheer on their friend, playing some sort of fighting game. What a loud bunch...
You glance resignated at the coins in your hand. Three. You don't really like video games that much, but, since you're already here...

[ ] Pick a random machine
[ ] Go see what the idiot is playing. Bet he's slumping somewhere in the corner, engaging in some wimpy soltaire or whatever.
[ ] See what the kids are playing
[ ] See what the drunkards are playing
[ ] Leave the arcade

>> No. 15756
[x] Leave the arcade

>> No. 15757
[x] Pick a random machine
>> No. 15762
[+] UFO Catcher Game
[+] Try to get the creepiest doll available
>> No. 15764
[ ] See what the kids are playing
>> No. 15765
[ ] Go see what the idiot is playing. Bet he's slumping somewhere in the corner, engaging in some wimpy soltaire or whatever.
>> No. 15768
{X} Pick a random machine
>> No. 15771
[x] Play DoDonPachi
>> No. 15778
[x] Pick a random machine
>> No. 15780
[x] Pick a random machine
>> No. 15793
[ ] Pick a random machine
>> No. 15800
[X] Play The House of the Dead
[X] Pretend the Zombies are Renji to vent your anger.
>> No. 15801
File 121640429964.png - (234.36KB , 496x384 , 1153_1.png ) [iqdb]
>The House of the Dead

Best minor get in a long time. But I already have something planned. Congrats on making me search for my HotD2 CD.
>> No. 15804
[x] Pick a random machine
>> No. 15806
File 121640741636.jpg - (8.67KB , 315x210 , whatnigga.jpg ) [iqdb]
OPs going to be my new trademark pic from now on.
>> No. 15807
[ ] Pick a random machine
>> No. 15811
[x] Pick a random machine
But something she'd play.
>> No. 15818
No problem, but can you just update one of your stories not every.
Jesus christ just finish this one, i don't read the other shit you write.
And i want more of Fuku's hairy legs.
>> No. 15819
lol no.
>> No. 15821

Why write one when I can write at least two comfortably? Four are kind of a... tiring task, I admit, but I can manage, as long as I have free time. I am a man of vast versatility, you know. My usual afternoon session on PC consists of having seven or more windows opened simultanously - Opera with 4chan and thproj, IRC with #MiG and #touhouvn, WMP with music, CoMN.txt, TS4.rtf, at least one video game (windowed) and sometimes a table in Excel, EDraw, Delphi, etc.

Speaking of which, writing now.
>> No. 15827
[x] Pick a random machine

Normal routine of a regular in this place would probably consist of playing each of his or her favourite games, then after getting broke, watching other people play. Well, you neither have too much cash on you (just some pitiful remains of previous pay), or are familiar with the layout of this place. Nor you are experienced with video games. Wrong person in a wrong place, at a wrong time. But what can you do? Again, a possibility of escaping safely appears, yet you don't take on it. Why? The reasons are simple.
You don't want to face the circumstances yet. That pay got either delayed, confiscated or cancelled. Every possible case is bad for your status. No cash means no food. No food means empty stomach. Empty stomach equals a need to beg random people for something to eat.
The thought alone is sickening. You ARE homeless, but you have your own fucking pride. There's no way, NO WAY IN HELL, you'd EVER beg for food. Even on the verge of death, you'd still try to resist, even though you're pretty much conscious of the fact that hungry, you'd make no importance of such selfish things. Only later you'd regret and hate yourself while munching on someone else's breakfast. Brr. No. You can't be thinking like that. After all, if the circumstances force you, you can always try... asking Renji to...

No. No, no, no, nononono! You did NOT just bring that up! Never! He is nothing! A mere nuisance and disturbance in the daily routine of your life. To think of him as of something more than that would be to break your own principles! No matter how hard the situation may be, pride will always be one the first place. Always. Are you the one to say that? No, definitely. A proud person wouldn't be living on the street. A proud person would not let the things go the way they went. A proud person...

Cut. Cut it out. Cut, cut, cut, cut! Stop! This course of thinking is useless! Sickening! Frightening! Yes, frightening! So stop thinking about it!
In a stupor, you shamble forward, only to bump against one of the many machines standing in this room full of smoke and happy cheers.
Cut that out.
'Final Fight'
That's what the title screen says.
Almost like if hypnotized, you throw in one coin into the slot and push the button with a drawing of a single person. The screen flashes and treats you to a story about a gang kindapping some wrestler's daugher. The man, of course, full of viking spirit and whatever that undoubtedly tiny brain of his might contain, sets off in a journey to defeat the gang and rescue his beloved child, rather than just whip out a hefty sum and solve the problem in a peaceful way.
The controls are raither intuitive, the stick being responsible for guy's steps, and two buttons for using his fists and legs (to make a ridiculously high jump). How simple.

The whole games seems to be concentrated solely on beating bad guys' faces for greater good, otherwise known as little blonde bitch that let herself be kidnapped.
Let herself be... kidnapped...
You frown in anger while another guy receives a kick in the gut from the main hero. Come to think of it, that one looked kinda like Renji. Oh, and this one too... And this one as well. Hm, this could be fun...

Fun as it was, you quickly died at the hands of the first boss, a guy with impressive dreadlocks. After the main hero landed flat on the ground, accompanied by his own pained scream, a giant GAME OVER appeared on the screen, along with a timer, counting down from ten.
Somewhere to your right, a loud cheer breaks through the air. A yell by at least eight or so people. Glancing sideways, you see a rather big crowd, gathered around one of the machines. Huh.

The countdown continues.

[ ] Continue
[ ] Check out other machines
[ ] Leave
[ ] Bother the kids
[ ] Check out the commotion
>> No. 15831
[x] Leave

>> No. 15832
[ ] Continue
>> No. 15833
[ ] Continue
>> No. 15837
[x] Leave
[x] Call your boss

Renji wants to impress you with his DDR skills? Fuck that noise.
>> No. 15838
[x] Continue
>> No. 15839
[x] Leave

Fuck it.
>> No. 15842
>Cut, cut, cut, cut!

I can't even pick which reference I want to throw out. Just pretend I said something funny.

[ ] Check out the commotion
>> No. 15843

You lost me.
>> No. 15846
[x] Continue
>> No. 15847
[x] Leave
[x] Call your boss

got my mind on my money and my money on my mind
>> No. 15853
[x] Continue
>> No. 15858
{X} Continue
>> No. 15860
[waka] Continue
>> No. 15861
[x] Continue
[x] Pretend that the kidnappers are YAF

I hate YAF, need to find me a Nigger picture and beat it up.
>> No. 15875
[] Continue
>> No. 15876
[x] Check out the commotion
Let's see what the kids of today are interested in.
>> No. 15890
[X] Check out the commotion.

NEET in real life.
>> No. 15922
[x] Leave

No pinball? Gay.
>> No. 15935
[x] Check out the commotion
>> No. 15936
[ ] kill troll with sword
>> No. 15951
>> No. 15960
[X] Check out the commotion
>> No. 15986
[X] Check out CoMN for updates.
>> No. 15987
[x]"YAF, hey YAF, where are you?"
>> No. 15988
[x] Anon said there's a YAF on /shrine/? Go investigate, you've never seen a Nigger before.
>> No. 15989
Ya, sorry, etc. I was rollin wit da vampires and demons, cutting up Lucipher's hordes, gettin stompy wit da boyz, servin the emprah, getting smashed with friends and so on... To be honest, I shouldn't even be here today, but looks like I got ditched. Well, shit.


[x] Continue

No, come to think of it, involving yourself with those people would be rather... unwanted. You're fine here with your three coins (now there are only two...) and an old, rather poor game. Yes, as long as no one decides to bother this calm, silent and inconspicious girl for no reason other than pure malice, you're fine with just staying out of everyone's sight.
Silly thing, just deciding took you at least six seconds, seeing that the counter is displaying a big, red '3' right now. Huh.
Wasting no more time, you throw in another coin and quickly push the start button again.
Back to game. Time to kick that dreadlock weirdo's ass.

Weakened by your character's previous endeavours, he quickly surrenders under the renewed flurry of strikes. Unfamiliar with advanced game mechanics, you simply keep mashing the punch button and press jump to avoid his strikes when he tries to retaliate. And soon he drops dead on the ground. Just like the rest of the bad guys you have met on your way to this bastard, his corpse blinks a few times before disappearing and a stage-end screen appears soon after, showing the results of your efforts in this short, but suprisingly entertaining play. Huh. No wonder people come here and spend all of their money to play those again and again. And taken the selection and number of machines in this arcade...

Another cheer from the crowd you noticed before. What are they so happy about? Is someone so good that actually made them, ugh, cheer on him? Is it even fun, watching someone else play? Shouldn't it be the playing itself that satisfies the... uh, player? Or they're just watching cause they can't afford any more coins? Whatever.
You have your own game to play, and it seems the next stage has already loaded. Onward then, to save the damn blonde bitch!

And just as you were nearing the end of the stage, you feel a tap on your shoulder. Startling as it may be, you restrain yourself from jumping up and instead just glance at the person who did that.
A young guy, probably in his twenties. Nothing out of the ordinary. No one you would know. Or recognize, for that matter.
"Are you..." he hesitates for a while before stammering out "Fu-ku-zai? You fit the description..."
Oh shit. Looking back at the screen, the split second you took to see who the hell was disturbing you was enough for your hero to receive a few blows. Well, shit.
Uh, what did he ask again? Fuku... Ah, yes. You ARE Fukuzai. Though the way he said that name was rather, hm, unskilled. Perhaps saying foreign names is too hard for someone so... ordinary? Whatever, it doesn't matter. He asked, and answer you shall... Or not. Shit, those distractions are making you receive hit after hit.

[ ] "..."
[ ] "What is it. You're a nuisance."
[ ] "No. Piss off."
[ ] "No, but I know her. What do you want?"
>> No. 15992
[ ] "No, but I know her. What do you want?"
>> No. 15993
[x] "What is it. You're a nuisance."
>> No. 15995
[x] "Disappear. You are an eyesore."
>> No. 15996
[x] "What is it. You're a nuisance."
>> No. 16007
[ ] "What is it. You're a nuisance."
>> No. 16008
[x] "What is it. You're a nuisance."

I'd tell him to piss off, 'cept for the off-chance that he's a contact for our employer.
>> No. 16009
[x] Keep your attention on the game. "Who wants to know?"
>> No. 16022
[ ] "What is it. You're a nuisance."
>> No. 16029

>[x] Keep your attention on the game. "Who wants to know?"
>Keep your attention on the game.

>> No. 16040
[x] "What is it. You're a nuisance."
>> No. 16049
[x] Breasts
>> No. 16050
[X] "No, but I know her. What do you want?"
[X] Eyes on the game.
>> No. 16060
{X} "What is it. You're a nuisance."
>> No. 16062
[X] "What is it. You're a nuisance."
>> No. 16070
File 121673987931.jpg - (59.04KB , 321x412 , fuku-wat2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Image, again, by Pygmalion.
[x] "What is it. You're a nuisance."

This is frustrating. To think that just having someone stare at your back while you're trying your best to avoid the damn mobs and their blows, and... Shit, another hit taken. And whose fault it is? Of course, this guy's. What the hell does he want anyway? 'Fukuzai', he asked you if you were her. For what? There are only two, pardon, three people that call you by this name. Your employer, and those two...
You can feel your face frowning. Out of these possibilities, either one is bad. Of course, contact with the former would be appreciated, but he (if it's a he) haven't met you face to face since... No, come to think of it, you've never seen him before. He's always been just a voice in the phone. Those guys that handed you the first package when you took up on his offer couldn't be him. You'd recognize his voice later, and those guys didn't stint you their nervous voices. Guess they were just asked to hand the thing over and explain things to whoever came asking about 'assignment'.
"Uh, excuse me?"
He speaks up again, this time much more unsure than before. Oh right, lost in thought, you haven't noticed that he's still standing there, staring at your back. And the game...
Great. Just great. Thanks to the damn bastard, you've lost yet another credit.
"What is it." you exclaim, rather than asking while turning around to face the intruder in your silence "You're a nuisance."
He flinches, but it seems that manly pride, or whatever of it was left in his rather poorly developed body, as opposed to his impressive stomach, has awakened, and he decides to straighten up and look at you with superiority. Now what the hell is this about?
"So, you are that Fukuzai?"
"... that?" you repeat, disgusted at his manner of speaking "Listen, if you have nothing interesting to say, just zip it and disappear."
"Very well, fair maiden." 'Fair... maiden'? Oh great, it's one of those fantasy-obsessed fatties who spend whole days imagining they're knights and shit, while they're just miserable excuses for youngsters, feeding on their own dreams while neglecting the real life? Just who you needed right now, a retard with a delusional calling. On the other hand, who else would have enough free time to waste it here? Trying your best to keep a straight face and your palms where they belong (that means, not on your face), you just glare at him with spite. "I deliver a message from The Master. You are to see him immidiately, if 'such thing won't disrupt your own progress'- as he phrased it. What say you?"
As much as you'd like to tell the fatty that by standing up straight, he's just making his stomach stick out more, his words are, suprisingly, worth of considering. The Master? Either his knighty manner of speaking kicked in again, making him call people strange names just for the heck of it, or there is really someone who calls himself 'The Master' here that wants to see you, for whatever reason he may have.
The countdown has ended on the machine you have just finished using. Taking the voice as a hint of sorts the guy relaxes his undoubtedly strained shoulders and taps his boot on the floor once.
"Shall we go then?"

[ ] "Fine. Take me to your leader, pitiful earthling."
[ ] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."
-subvote [ ] Write-in (leave, play, search, etc)
[ ] "... I guess I have no choice then."
[ ] "... I am sorry to inform you that I lied. I'm not Fukuzai."
>> No. 16071
[ ] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."
>> No. 16072
[X] "... I guess I have no choice then."
>> No. 16073
[x] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."
>> No. 16074
[ ] "... I guess I have no choice then."
whichever route this starts us on, it has got to be better than Renji/Merry.
>> No. 16075
[ ] "... I guess. Whatever."
>> No. 16077
[ ] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."
[ ] Continue playing
>> No. 16079
[x] "... I guess I have no choice then."
>> No. 16080
[x] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."
>> No. 16081
[x] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."

You chose your words...poorly.
>> No. 16082
[x] "Fine. Take me to your leader, pitiful earthling."

>> No. 16084
[ ] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."
>> No. 16085
[x] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."

Give Renji a chance to rescue Fuku like a knight in shiny armour.
>> No. 16087
>knight in shiny armour.
Why did I get a Repercussions of Evil/Full Life Consequences vibe from this?

[x] "Fine. Take me to your leader, pitiful earthling."
>> No. 16098
{x} "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."
>> No. 16101
[x] "... I guess I have no choice then."

He must have been sent by our employers, and I want my money.
>> No. 16102

Hm, on second though, he may have been sent by Renji, and I don't want more Renji. Fuck, maybe we should just have checked the comotion out, but I'm pretty sure that was Renji impressing a few kids with his game skillz.

Fuck this shit, I'm changing my vote to something that won't win [X] "... I am sorry to inform you that I lied. I'm not Fukuzai."


Did Pygmalion take a liking for Fuku?
>> No. 16107
[ ] "... I guess I have no choice then."
>> No. 16110
Renji is hiding something big from her, i am going to jump on the bandwagon that says he is Fuku's boss.
That Guy here even talks like him.

[x] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."
That Faggot can piss off, i want male Yukari
>> No. 16115
[x] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."
>> No. 16148
[x] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."
-subvote [x] Call your employer.
>> No. 16178
File 121685734631.jpg - (152.51KB , 1280x1024 , 121660845985.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Tell that 'Master' of yours to piss off."

Useless nuisances, those. Who the hell has the testicles to name his pitiful self 'The Master'? Whether it's a name given by his followers, or simply a sign of egoism, still, it sounds ridiculously idiotic. And then there's this guy, acting like a godforsaken knight, unaware of the fact that this alone, not mentioning his posture, makes him look like a moron in a stranger girl's eyes. Was it his intent, you are not quite sure about it, but letting alone his stupidly polite behaviour, the real contents of his words, not their style, are what interests you.
Another thing that even those seem poor faced with the firm contruction of your mind. Whoever it is that knows your name, it can't be good to answer the call. Even if it's the employer of yours, shrouded in mystery, that made the call, doubtful it is, the assumption that he himself would come out just because of something so trivial as a delay in the delivery of payment. No, perhaps that is the reason, but still, to confront another messenger that knows nothing except the words he have put in his mouth, would be too much for you to take. Besides, if you ingore the hail and continue on progressing as ever, he will have to, eventually, contact you by normal means.

And if it's not that, but someone else (and by that, you mean Renji) that calls you, it's even better. The reason that he might have can't be of good nature. To be honest, you'd rather NOT see his face anymore, and only the prospect of escaping only to be found again keeps you from running away. That, and the sudden lack of life-giving income. The situation is bad, to say the least.
The fatty knight grows weary and impatient as you ponder the futility of any actions that would lead to meeting 'The Master' and stare at the poor messenger. Poor in both verbatim and rhetorical sense.
Tapping your shoe on the dirty floor, you turn around back to the machine, where a pre-recorded gameplay movie started to play, to relieve the undoubtedly boring, compared to the game itself, ugly logo.
"Tell that 'Master' of yours," you exclaim, throwing in the last coin "To piss off."
Accompanying your disappearance of attention towards the messenger, the BGM or the game kicks in, deadening his protesting blabberings. Whatever it is that he's saying, which is probably somthing about being loyal, or some other dumb, 'knightly' shit, you aren't interested anymore. Be it either an employee of your bread-giver, or that stupid captor of yours, both should know when to fuck off, and when (and how) to try to strike up a conversation with this humble delivery girl. And this way, is definitely one you will NOT accept.


"How was it?"
The idiot finally decided to appear before you, red on face, but smiling nonetheless, after a rather long wait that you had to endure after getting beat yet again. You give his figure, emanating with joy a short glance before looking aside.
"... more entertaining than waiting for you to finish your childish plays."
"Aw. I told you, if you wanted more, you could've just--"
"Listen." you grew sick of his voice, so you just cut it off with a sudden exclamation "I am not interested in your ways of entertainment. I didn't even want to come here in the first place. It was fun while it lasted, but I despise you and your money. I do. not. want. to hear ANYTHING about cash from you, of all people."
As intended, the protest made the smile vanish from his mouth. Finally, the moron understood something, it seems.
No remorse is present in your mind when he looks down in grief.
"You could've just said, you know..."
Yeah right, and he'd listen! Of course! There'd be no 'oh, you'll see how fun it is' shit! Right! Of-fucking-course! Piss off Renji, you with your twisted ways of showing even more twisted, and pointless affection! Fuck you! Just fuck you!

After muttering a few more pointless words, he simply left the filthy arcade and headed back to the outrageous car, and you followed suit. Better to follow him now than regret it later. Occasions to escape were plentiful today, but as long as his pitiful worry hovers above your head like a rain cloud, there's no point in running. He'd just keep searching until you're found again, or until you leave the city. Which won't happen unless the payment...
This is jacked up.
"Alright, FukuZAI." as if intending to be spiteful, he emphasizes the last part of your 'name' "Tell me then, aside from escaping by grasp, is there something else you'd want to do?"
Maybe it's unbelievable, but looking at him, you notice hints of anger slowly creeping onto his up-till-now sad face. Be it a good or bad sign, an answer would be appropriate.

[ ] "No. Do as you please."
[ ] "... I lack physical exertion. I'm starting to feel stiff."
[ ] Use your charm to knock him off the tracks and RUN, FUKU, RUN!
[ ] "Just let's get back to your home."
[ ] "... the post office. I want to check it again."


Just because I'm feeling like it, I'm going to tell you that you missed an awesome scene with Fuku and Renji playing HotD2 together. Checking out the commotion would bring it to you.

So, you missed a scene where Fuku and Renji play HotD2 together (the former being forced to, but finding it amusing and being unexpectedly skillfull), and defeating Hierophant TYPE-B with one final shot, where Renji would make some cheesy (and annoying for Fuku) gestures, getting dangerously close to a serious beating, for touching Fuku suddenly without permission.
>> No. 16180
[ ] "... the post office. I want to check it again."

Money money money
>> No. 16181
[x] "... the post office. I want to check it again."

Normally I'd just head to Renji's, but checking for money is good too. Must avoid reliance.
>> No. 16182
>Just because I'm feeling like it, I'm going to tell you that you missed an awesome scene with Fuku and Renji playing HotD2 together. Checking out the commotion would bring it to you.

Great. The less time spent with Renji, the better.

[x] "... the post office. I want to check it again."
>> No. 16185
[x] "... the post office. I want to check it again."

>Just because I'm feeling like it, I'm going to tell you that you missed an awesome scene with Fuku and Renji playing HotD2 together. Checking out the commotion would bring it to you.

But Renji is an annoying faggot, so yeah.
>> No. 16188
[x] "... the post office. I want to check it again."
>> No. 16191

>Just because I'm feeling like it, I'm going to tell you that you missed an awesome scene with Fuku and Renji playing HotD2 together. Checking out the commotion would bring it to you.

And nothing good or important was lost.

[X] Post office
>> No. 16193
[x] "... I lack physical exertion. I'm starting to feel stiff."
Training games with Renji, time to beat him up.
>> No. 16201
[x] "... I lack physical exertion. I'm starting to feel stiff."
>> No. 16205
>So, you missed a scene where Fuku and Renji play HotD2 together (the former being forced to, but finding it amusing and being unexpectedly skillfull), and defeating Hierophant TYPE-B with one final shot, where Renji would make some cheesy (and annoying for Fuku) gestures, getting dangerously close to a serious beating, for touching Fuku suddenly without permission.

thank god

[x] "A pharmacy. I need to buy a razor."

He apparently forgot he was taking us the salon, so may as well sidestep it now.
>> No. 16207
[x] "... the post office. I want to check it again."
>> No. 16208
[ ] "... the post office. I want to check it again."
>> No. 16209
Wow, I'm feeling like a dick for doing that to Renji. But dammit, this is not a melts-like-butter character, this the motherfucking Ms. Srs Bsns herself.

[x] "... the post office. I want to check it again."

So while I want to apologize, she is NOT a schizo. And because of that, I am seriousing the fuku up.
Seriousing the fuck up.

>> No. 16212
[X] "... the post office. I want to check it again."
>> No. 16214
Not as planned YAF?
>> No. 16216
>So while I want to apologize, she is NOT a schizo. And because of that, I am seriousing the fuku up.

Why doesn't she just fucking call her boss then?
>> No. 16219

Don't mention the spa specifically.

[x] "You need to buy some things. If you're going to force me to live up to your standards of appearances, you're going to be the one to pay for it."
>> No. 16225
File 121694219952.jpg - (292.18KB , 600x400 , xgcwo0.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "... the post office. I want to check it again."

Well then, possibilities are plenty, but their usefulness vary significantly enough to reconsider them all. If you let Renji do as he pleases, consequences could be... unpleasant, especially if he chooses to follow his earlier, blurted out in shock, promise. And that's something you'd rather avoid. Looks don't really matter when being homeless, let alone some moron's idiotic reaction, just because he saw hairy legs. What's up with that anyway? Bet he has a damn forest down there as well, what's the big deal? It's a fucking natural reaction, dumbass, to -gasp!- warm the body when the environment is too cold! Whoop-dee-doo, Fukuzai has hairy legs, great me catastrophe! Fuck.
Returning this soon would be, to be honest, appreciated, but a bit... Hm, disappointing? Well, it's not like you had anything more than checking the post office to do in the city, but it still feels better to be outside than in that cramped apartment.
Speaking of which...

"... the post office." you make up your mind and answer "I want to check it again."
Hell, the chances for your pay being there are low, inexistant even, but it's still better than letting him decide, or returning. At least it'll serve nicely as a method of killing time before the inevitable. Which is... what?
"Again? Haven't you been there already?"
Great. More useless questions. Does that bother you, Renji? You asked a question, received an answer, now GET ON WITH IT.
"... just go."
He stays silent for a couple of seconds before sighing loudly.
"Ehhh. Okay."


Back at the familiar building, he stops the car's engine and sighs again. Either you've crushed his spirit or he's just irritated at having to drive to the same place two times. Or, he had something else in mind, a cruel fate for you perhaps, and by choosing to visit this place once more, you've ruined, or postponed his plans.
As you open the door, he throws a last comment.
"Whatever you're looking for, it's not there."
And you just ignore the probably true statement and slam the door close. Be it true or not, discouragement is the last thing you need now. Can't you at least let the girl cling to her hope, Renji? Or is it the fact that the sooner this girl gets her money, the faster she'll be able to finally cut ties with you that ticks you off? But then again, does he even know what's your business at the post?

Useless thoughts linger in your mind as you near the white building.

Careful not to pick the same cashier that served you later, you stand in a line and wait for your turn.

Politely, you ask for a search for an envelope with 'Fukuzai Toorima' as the recipient's name.

And with an apologizing smile, the clerk returns from the backroom. The very instant when you saw her return empty-handed you felt a sting in your chest. Disappointment, huh? No wonder. This means you'll have to...
"I'm sorry. There's nothing for 'Fukuzai Toorima'. Are you sure...."
The woman engages in a useless monologue that is most probably meant to assure you that nothing's decided yet, that the package may be simply late, et caetera, et caetera...
And all you can do is waiting for her to finish while biting on your fingernail.
".... damn it...."

Renji looks almost amused when you slip back onto the seat beside him. Does he derive pleasure from this? That 'nice guy'? Guess even those types are not devoid of natural spite after all.
Crossing arms on your chest, you cast him an angered glance.
"... what are you smiling about."
He shrugs.
"I told you. Well, now that we're done, can I ask you a question?" seeing no response from your side, he just asks it on his own accord "Why are you so desperate about getting - whatever it is - what you are waiting for?"

[ ] Answer truthfully. Tell him about your job.
[ ] "... heed my question instead. How did you know it wouldn't be there?"
[ ] Think up and excuse (write-in)
[ ] "... not your business."
[ ] "Whatever. It doesn't matter. Why don't we move on already?" (write-in a place)
>> No. 16226
[ ] "... heed my question instead. How did you know it wouldn't be there?"
>> No. 16227
[x] "... not your business."

I wonder how long it will take for Renji to kick us out.
>> No. 16228
[ ] "... heed my question instead. How did you know it wouldn't be there?"

>> No. 16229
[X] "... heed my question instead. How did you know it wouldn't be there?"
>> No. 16230
[X] "... heed my question instead. How did you know it wouldn't be there?"
>> No. 16231
[X] "... heed my question instead. How did you know it wouldn't be there?"
>> No. 16232
[x] "... heed my question instead. How did you know it wouldn't be there?"
>> No. 16233
[x] "... heed my question instead. How did you know it wouldn't be there?"
>> No. 16234
[ ] "... heed my question instead. How did you know it wouldn't be there?"
>> No. 16236
Fuck you YAF, 4 months for the next Kara no Kyoukai episode.
This reminds me too much of it.
>> No. 16243
File 121695188761.png - (76.04KB , 800x600 , akibakko-118553120677443.png ) [iqdb]



[X] "... heed my question instead. How did you know it wouldn't be there?"

This is suprising. For him to re-state something so bold directly. And suspicious. Maybe for no reason, but it sounds almost like if he was...
No, no way, right? He couldn't possibly...?
You shake your head. No, to even think that he'd be the one, it's stupid. And groundless. A useless assumption, made by your own scattered thoughts, looking for any explanation, be it a rational or nonsensical one. Perhaps just letting them wander was a bad idea in the first place. After all, does the reason matter? The only thing that should worry you is the result, the one that you have to endure right now. Just like with the job itself, you shouldn't be concerned about people you deliver things to, nor about the packages' contents, only concentrate on getting it done. Or rather, taken the current situation, on surviving. As long as you remain in this guy's good graces, food and roof is not going to be a problem, no matter how troublesome it might be for both parties. The job, well, you'll have to either wait for the next call and demand an explanation, or call yourself, and rely on a dram of luck to catch someone on the phone.
Looks like Renji grew weary of waiting in silence for you to form an answer and decided to urge you to hurry up. How pushy. Isn't he supposed to be the nice guy?
"... heed my question instead, if you will." Your lips come up with a fitting solution following a sudden idea that entered your mind. Not waiting for his agreement, you proceed, as he did before, without worrying if he wants to answer or not. "How did you know it wouldn't be there?"
Suspicious. No matter how you look at it, it's suspicious. It can't be taken as a simple coincidence, especially because there was some grim satisfaction in his smile when you returned empty-handed. Whatever it is you're hiding, Renji, you better spit it out now, before it gets... ugly.
But he, instead of showing expected suprisal, or perplexity, simply lets out a rather mocking chuckle. How... sickening. Did you ask something improper? Or is it just that natural spite flowing out through the wound of humilation? Whatever it is, you remain silent, waiting for this attack to end. No reason to counter or retaliate, unless you want to make it look like a joke, which you don't.
"Why so serious?" he finally asks, wiping his eyes with a sleeve "Are you really that worried? Maybe that I took it away while you weren't looking? How childish of you, Fuku." your eyebrow twitches when you hear that insult, but your mouth retains it's shut state "It's logical." He turns to you, letting go of the steering wheel, then crossing arms on his chest, as if mirroring your irritated gesture. The mocking smile of his, so-very-annoying, accompanies the frustrating, matter-of-factly explanation. Like if he was talking to a child, not conscious of basic society and institution principles, he modulates his voice to emphasize every 'important' word. "People working at the office, the ones delivering the packages, we call them 'postmen', work from 8AM to 6PM. Therefore, if the package, or a letter wasn't there in the morning, it's not going to be there at the office until the said hour of 6PM, when the postmen return with undelivered mail. So, to get what you are so eagerly waiting for, you'll have to ask for it later... That is, if it's still en-route to this location and in a postman's bag. Which I take it is, seeing your... determination. Easy enough?"
He watches calmly as you bite on your thumb fingernail. Great. Fucking great. Now you're feeling kind of stupid. This could be it, if the payment really is late. Then, all the commotion, was it for nothing? Fuck. If it's right, you've made an idiot out of yourself. You could swear the corner of his lips raised even higher when with a loud snap, your nail breaks.
"It's not good, to do that."
"... do I look like I care?"
Shrugging helplessly, he lets out a big sigh and places his hands back on the steering wheel, while you ravel over the futility and stupidity of your actions. Was it... the reason for his anger? Then why didn't he just say so? Was he... just being kind?

That is, if the things he said are true.

Renji takes a look at his wrist watch.
"Marry said he's going to make a dinner."
"... so?"
"How about we eat something in the city?"
Huuuuh? Now what's that about?
"... what?"
"What I said. To be honest, Marry's cooking is..." he frowns, as if recalling something unpleasant "... unexpectable. You never know what you may find on your plate. I don't think you're a... fastidious person, but the things he can do with pork are just simply terrifying. In a bad way."
A shiver shakes his body, more a forced one than a 'real' tremble, but at least it seems he's back in high spirits after being so... upset. Quite a fast change, but perhaps the fact that he made you feel stupid helped a bit.

[ ] "... isn't it just an excuse to spend more time with me? I don't like the game you're trying to play, Renji."
[ ] "... whatever. Do as you please."
[ ] "Terrifying, you say?" snort "I'd like to see that." (and see Renji trying to eat it)
[ ] "... I'm not really that hungry. Don't you have any more interesting propositions, professor Renko?"
[ ] "... if it's a date you're trying to trick me into going to, then fuck off."
>> No. 16246
[x] "... whatever. Do as you please."
But towards the story, too. You're not doing very well at making this interesting, YAF.
>> No. 16247
[ ] "... whatever. Do as you please."
>> No. 16249

Calm before the storm. You're on the last branching before 'Wild Night' on the flowchart.
>> No. 16250
[x] "Terrifying, you say?" snort "I'd like to see that." (and see Renji trying to eat it)
I am still convinced that Renji is the bad guy here and that he hides his true self behind that nice guy image.
Is it finally time now for male Yukari?
>> No. 16251
[x] "... whatever. Do as you please."
>> No. 16262
[ ] "... whatever. Do as you please."

Let's hope we get some food before we get Wild Night'd
>> No. 16265
[X] "... whatever. Do as you please."

Quick question: am I the only one who likes Renji? He seems like a pretty amicable guy.
>> No. 16266

>> No. 16272

"amicable" isn't the right word. Try smarmy, ineffectual, predictable, overeager, obstinate, creepy...
>> No. 16274
[x] "... whatever."

Squall option.

Just watched Kara no Kyoukai part 3.

R. Shiki is fucking awesome.
>> No. 16283
[X] "Terrifying, you say?" snort "I'd like to see that." (and see Renji trying to eat it)
>> No. 16286
[ ] "... whatever. Do as you please."
>> No. 16289
[x] "Terrifying, you say?" snort "I'd like to see that."

Suffer, Renji!
>> No. 16291
[x] "... whatever. Do as you please."
>> No. 16303
File 12170363136.jpg - (46.58KB , 514x472 , 121021466826.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "... whatever. Do as you please."

Does it even matter? He doesn't want to eat his friend's cooking, well his loss. Or gain. It's his business, not yours. Why does he even bother with asking you? Is there a choice, in the end? After all, you ARE forced to stay with this idiot as long as your payment is still en-route, or as long as the threat of getting stalked after escaping hangs above your head. His glee at making you feel stupid isn't helping either.
"... whatever."
You slump back into the seat, crossing arms on you chest. This is totally useless. Food is for eating, not enjoying, but if he's so fidgety, like a goddamn princess, then you might as well let him do as he wants. It doesn't matter one bit what happens to you. Hell, if he decides to eat at a mediocre fast-food drive-by, then let it be. It doesn't bother you at all. Just get. Going. Already...
"Uh..." his voice sounds troubled "Can I...?"
"Do as you please."
You quickly cut off his worries, angered by this whole indecisiveness of his. Oh hey, I'm holding someone prisoner, why not treat her like the prime minister of Finickytia? Whoop-dee-doo, fucker, she doesn't care. So just get going already, slow wimp!
Fortunately for your mental status, he quickly fires up the engine and retreats from the way too familiar parking space.

In the end, the two of you ended up at a fast-food restaurant after him saying something a normal one being too 'stressing' or 'unsettling' for you to eat at. To be honest, you felt insulted, but remained silent nonetheless. Answering to such words ins't exactly the best way to deny them. Nor is arguing or riposting with even more of them.

After ordering whatever seemed most filling position from the menu (and looking with disgust at Renji paying the hefty price with a smile), the two of you took a seat in the most concealed corner of this restaurant. The overwhelming smell of burnt oil is somehow... unpleasant, but you retain a straight face, by which I mean a scowl, and pay no attention to Renji's blabbering, only nodding from time to time to keep him satisfied.
The meal arrives at your table after three minutes or so, finally setting your free from under the constant bombardment of uninteresting words. Almost happily, you sink your teeth in a breaded chicken leg. So does Renji, but not before observing your face for a few seconds. Distressing as it was, you let it slip and just enjoy the food.

Finishing the last bite, you lick the fat off your fingers and take a short glance at Renji's ration. He's still eating.
"Hm? What is it?" he asks, noticing your stare, for which you promiste to beat yourself later in your thoughts "You can help yourself if you want."
"Fuck you."
Giving him a brief, and also meaningful answer, you return to surveying the situation behind the nearest window.
"Ah, just as I expected."
His remark only grazes your mind, as no attention is being paid to his irritating voice. Yes, that's how it should be. Let him talk, and just nod from time to time. As if you were talking with a mentally unstable psycho. You are a psycho, Renji. You're a crazy coconut. Seriously. No other excuse for this shit you're doing.
Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. Uh-huh. Mm, yes of course. Feh.


Strangely, relief is what you feel when you are gret by the unwanted, yet familiar hall back at the apartment building. Maybe it's because it finally gives you a chance to escape, even if it's only for a while, from the company of this idiot, or you are getting used to this type of...
No, it's definitely the first option. You can't ALLOW yourself to get used to being indoors. That would only... Make your life harder. It's better to just return to old way of living, as fast as possible.
It's already late afternoon, surpising how much time did the two of you waste on, as it was revealed in the end, useless things.
"You're late."
Marry's bespectacled, irritated face is the second thing that greets you, him emerging from the living room, with arms crossed on his chest, with a visible grudge. Oh, right, now come to think of it, you two are -purposely- late for the dinner that he made.
"Are we?" Apparently Renji chose the most fitting, for his stupidity, tactic, deciding to play dumb. Pardon, 'play'? "Late for...?"
"Dinner. Now I'll have to heat it up and--"
"Oh don't bother." Renji quickly interrupts "She asked me to just eat in the city, because it all took so long..."
Wait, WHAT? Now it's YOUR fault? What the hell is this shit?! Fuck you, Renji, the fact that your prisoner cares not, doesn't make you authorized to blame everything on her! What the hell are you doing?!
"Really?" with doubt, Marry tries to estabilish the matter.
"Yeah, she was soooooo hungry. Or at least she said so."
The bespectacled cook frowns.
"I'm not quite able to imagine that..."
"Forget it! We can eat it tommorow, right?"
With a happy cheer, Renji marches onward, grabbing his friend's arm, then pulls him towards the living room again. Before disappearing behind the corner, he does a thing you'd punch him in the eye for - he winks at you while giving you a thimbs-up behind Marry's back. What the fuck.

[ ] Join them. Some things need clarification.
[ ] Take a nap.
[ ] Leave this crazy house.
[ ] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.
>> No. 16307
[ ] Leave this crazy house.
>> No. 16310
[x] Join them. Some things need clarification.

>[ ] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.
oh u
>> No. 16311
[x] Leave this crazy house.
>> No. 16312
[x] Leave this crazy house.

If we leave now we can escape from Renji. Hopefully.
>> No. 16315
[x] Burn down this crazy house in a fit of clairvoyant sanity.
>> No. 16317
[x] Leave this crazy house.

Bandwagoning for freedom!
>> No. 16318
[x] Leave this crazy house.

Run Fuku! Run away from the crazy gay duo that dwells within thine house that thou art standing in.
>> No. 16319
[x] Leave this crazy house.

Time to get the fuck out of here. Hopefully Mankari will save us!
>> No. 16322
[x] Leave this crazy house.

Better damn well do so, but what if it's a ruse to a Bad End? Since Nanaya was with Renko and Mary when he went to Gensokyo, maybe it'll be the same for Fukuzai and she needs to be with them?

Meh, who knows?
>> No. 16324

Even if it might be a bad end, the idea of getting away from Renji is too big of prize to lose sight of.
>> No. 16328
[x] Go search the bathroom for prescription bottles. This guy is obviously medicated.
>> No. 16330
[ ] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.

Fuku's utter hatred and contempt for all things bright and cheerful are kind of refreshing.

I'm really looking forward to seeing just how she'll end up in Gensokyo.

...she will, right?
>> No. 16337
>[ ] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.


[x] "Fags."
[x] Leave this crazy house.

As I turned and left the room, a gust of wind blew through, and the Akagi OP hummed gently in the background.
>> No. 16367
[X] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.
>> No. 16371
[ ] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.
>> No. 16379
{X} Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you have learned today.
>> No. 16380
[x] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.
My power is maximum.
>> No. 16381
[x] Leave this crazy house.
>> No. 16382
[x] Leave this crazy house.
>> No. 16383
[x] Leave this crazy house.

Lets get the fuck out of this crazy place.
>> No. 16385
[x] Leave this Crazy Horse.

"I was tired of fighting. I went to the Spotted Tail Agency and asked that chief and his agent to let me live there in peace. I came here with the agent to talk with the Big White Chief but was not given a chance. They tried to confine me. I tried to escape, and a soldier ran his bayonet into me. I have spoken."
>> No. 16387
[X] Leave this crazy house.

Enough. Seriously, enough is enough. Your petty actions, pointless worry, that invades the privacy of the one you're worried about, your constant, irritating interference, and now nonsensical excuses and blames. The last straw has broken the camel's back, Renji. The coin you so eagerly tossed in the air has struck the earth, and now you must abide by it's outcome. Too bad it had to end on the side that finally made your object of affection break.
With a mocking grunt, directed at no one in particular, as there is no one to hear you, you reach for the shoes that you just took off. It almost feels good to feel their warm touch, incidentially being actually your own, on feet. Swiftly, quickly, not to cause any suspicion, you turn around and silently open all the locks that the far-sighted, or rather paranoid moron made sure to close. Without a single creak, the door opens before you, revealing the way too-familiar hall. To the right, there was a dead end, with a single window to let in some light, and to the right... Yeah, to the right, from where a refreshing breeze, light but palpable blows, lies your destination.


And not even the thought that soon you'll be chased around like a dog is enough to ruin your smile that involuntarily crept upon your face. It doesn't matter what that idiot said about finding you, the only thing that you want right now is a gulp of fresh air and unrestrained will to go wherever you want. Quietly, you close the door behind you, still wary not to make too much noise, and jog down the chilly hall, towards the stair case. Then, taking three or more steps with single jumps, you finally escape the building.

The grey sky greets you with relief that you couldn't experience when going outside in the company of your captor. Perhaps it's not being outside itself that fills your soul with glee, but the knowledge, that from now on, you are no longer restrained by chains that someone else put on your joints.

Too bad, that when, led by euphoria, you jumped onto the street, holding back the laugher, the said answered with a sudden noise, a hooter, and immerse pain in your legs.
Then, everything faded into black.


It's hard to breathe. The air is stifling. Almost like if something lingered in your lungs, effectively preventing the air from filling all their capacity. Only allowing shallow, short, ragged inhales.
It's dark. So immersively dark it makes you shiver, in both excitement in fear. Or rather, it's not a shiver that runs down your spine, but a weak tremble, dulled even further by...
As your eyes get used to the darkness, you see more and more details of the surrounding envornment. White walls, same ceiling, doors, two large windows... White covers on your laying body. Laying on an equally white bed. White bandages around your legs, supported by strings that keep them hovering a few centimeters above the surface of the matress, all coming out from a scaffold that crowns the bed, like a canopy, only made of white pipes instead of silken sheets.
Not without astonishment, you notice that your left hand too, is wrapped in similiar bandages, from the feel, being actually plaster casts, not just simple bandages. That means...
A slight noise from your healthy arm's side makes you turn startled, and discover something even more, or maybe not, suprising.
Resting his head on the bed, is the very one whose fault it is. Your captor. Renji Usami. With instinctive disgust, you take a notice of something that makes you flinch even more. His hand, moving lightly with his every breath, entangled with your own fingers.

But the attemps to take it away come to nothing. You... can't move your body, even a slightest bit.




The feelings that not even once before surfaced in your uncaring consciouness now invade with full strength. The strength that your body lacks. Now you realize what it was that prevented you from breathing effectively. You are so weak that even those covers seem heavy as if made of lead.
But you don't surrender. Try after try, you make futile attempts to move your body.

Of course, needless to say would be to say that they all are in vain.

>> No. 16388
Creak. Someone enters the room. The still-calm part of your mind makes a note that it's the sleeping idiot's best friend.
Not even greeting escapes his mouth when he takes a seat on another chair, then looks at you with the most neutral face you could ever imagine coming from him. You can only glance sidways at that disturbing expression.
"... go--ghh..." you try to speak up, only to choke on the hoarseness of your own throat.
"Take it easy. Don't strain yourself. I talked with the doctor." his voice is calm. But something is wrong here. All that happened was you getting hit by a car. There's no reason for your throat being so hoarse, for your lungs to be so hard to make them work, for all of your muscles being so weak... "You've been in coma for two days. We... found you on the street not long after you... left. I won't comment on that. If you saw how Ren reacted... Well, to be honest, I haven't seen him so worked up since... Long time ago." Marry shrugs helplessly
"... I don't ca--ghh..." again, this pain prevents you from speaking.
"I told you, don't strain yourself. That is, if you want..." he falls silent. Now what is it this time? Damn, you don't have TIME for this! But then again, with your legs and arm broken... "I'll be blunt." he finally makes up his mind "Fractures should be the last thing to worry about for you. It looks like you got that... Strange disease, the one that was being reported on TV-- Oh." he suddenly straightens up "I guess you haven't heard? Two guys had been found collapsed in their houses, showing the same symptoms as you now... Problems with breathing, lack of strength, random pains in all the organs and muscles. They... they died soon after, gradually growing more and more weak. Doctors don't know what it is. I'm afraid you'll meet the same fate." he bites his lip as if it were a difficult message to pass on. But you... feel nothing. No worry, no sense of losing something precious. No fear. Only a calm certainty that this cruel fate, was something waiting for you from the very beggining. An unexplainable thought.

He stayed for a few minutes more, shaing your silence, before finally standing up and taking Renji onto his shoulders, muttering a goodbye when he was slipping out of the room with his sleeping friend. That idiot had to be really tired, or really lazy, not to wake up after being stolen like this.
And you, simply went back to sleep, tired by both being awake and processing all the things that guy has just said.

Your cellphone hasn't rung even once in all the days that you spent in the hospital, slowly dying away.

No one except the idiotic guy visited you. Every time he would come and start talking about random things, you would turn away and stare blankly out the window, ignoring everything he has to say.


I opened the door as always, expecting the usual groan of displeasure at my arrival. I knew she probably didn't enjoy my company. But I couldn't help it. I still had that ominous feeling that everything here, is my fault. It was pointless, just as my worry for her when she was still... healthy. Yet, I couldn't help it.
I quickly sat at my usual spot, then took out chocolate box I bought on my way here. There was a pile of the previous ones on the bedside table, of course all of them being bought by me. She hasn't opened even one of them, let alone eating from it, but I kept buying another box whenever I visited her. Call it stupid, I couldn't help it at that time.
'Hello, Fuku.' I said, as always. I knew that this time was diffirent, but I kept sticking to the routine, not wanting the fact to strike my weakest point yet. Then I fell silent for a few seconds, pretending I hear her response. I couldn't take my eyes off her shoulders, unmoving, off her back, also still as a statue's one. Tears welled up in my eyes, but the less sane part of my mind dismissed the fact.
'You know,' I continued 'Today when I went to work...'

My usual banter ended along with the setting of the sun, with orange light flooding the room.
I stood up and walked up to her.

With her eyes closed, she kept 'staring' at the window in what I knew was an eternal sleep.
It was like a dream. As if someone else was controlling me at that time.
I kneeled, letting the tears flow down, not caring about my dignity or pride. I couldn't care about such things when a girl, the one I cared for, even though I had just met her a few days ago, was dreaming a neverending dream before my eyes.
'I came to see you. Tell you I'm sorry.'
My hand almost automatically grasped hers. A gesture she would never let me do when alive. I knew that, but I couldn't restrain myself from doing it.
'You don't know... how lovely you are.'
Before I knew, my lips had connected with hers. A goodbye kiss, one she would never give me. I wanted to believe that a single pulse I felt in her palm the moment I kissed her was not an illusion. I wanted to believe that she could still be returned to life...

I was overtaken by grief and broke in tears. And that girl, simply continued to stare with her eyes closed, setting sun painting her sleeping face orange.

That girl, who I had come to adore, just because she reminded me of myself.

Prologue - DEPLETION
>> No. 16389

>> No. 16390
File 121711362011.jpg - (22.18KB , 321x412 , 121673987931.jpg ) [iqdb]
Welcome under Fukuzai's brigdge.

I am Fukuzai Toorima, the protagonist of this story. You guys seem to have stumbled upon a BAD END, so early in the story at that. Let me tell ya something - as much as I hate that idiot Renji (what the hell was he thinking, kissing me against my will?! Oh wait, I was dead? Well, nevermind.), I haven't escaped when he gave me chances earlier for a reason, right? You should know that best yourself.
... uh. So, is that it? Can I go back now? Or are you going to stare at me until I explode or what? No, seriously, think again. Hell, I have no idea why I died either, but I guess it didn't happen just because the writer was pissed, you know.
... what are you standing there for, morons? Move on. Damn, you're annoying. Go back to humping your plushies or whatever you were doing, and just let me do my job. Jesus.

[ ] Join them. Some things need clarification.
[ ] Take a nap.
[ ] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.
>> No. 16391
[ ] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.
>> No. 16392
>> No. 16393
[ ] Join them. Some things need clarification.
>> No. 16394
[ ] Join them. Some things need clarification.
>> No. 16396
[ ] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.
>> No. 16397
>Should of seen this coming anon.

Maybe if I was a fucking oracle I would've seen that coming. That was a Deus Angst Machina.

[x] Take a nap.

The less time spent interacting with or thinking about Siegfried and Roy, the better.
>> No. 16398
[x] gb2/kitchen/ and try Marry's cooking. Considering what you've been forced to eat on the streets, it can't be that bad, right?
>> No. 16399
[X] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.

The price for wanting to escape from the gay duo is death? Damn.
>> No. 16400
>Before I knew, my lips had connected with hers. A goodbye kiss, one she would never give me.
FUCK. Harass us while we're crippled and then desecrate our dead body will you, you sonuvabitch? Bad End was expected due to avoiding the plot hook, but being stuck with Renji while crippled--truly the worst Bad End possible.

[x] Take a nap.
Renji avoidan' gaems.

No wait, maybe Fuku should spend more time with Renji. Try and infect the bastard with that illness.
>> No. 16405
[X] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.

Well, I didn't want to escape but only because we were still unsure of the source of our payments and whether they were still on good terms and stable conditions.

Or in other words, whether we'd even SURVIVE after escaping.

I mean, I wasn't expecting it that quick but still.
>> No. 16413
>I mean, I wasn't expecting it that quick but still.

Blame people on IRC who drew me away from my plans to make an illusionary choice on your railroad to a bad end. They told me to just end it swiftly and move on.
>> No. 16414
I approve of their advice and the chosen outcome.
>> No. 16420
Here, Holy crap I was right, we went into a Bad End, I'll be damned

[ ] Lay down on the floor and meditate on what you've learned today.
>> No. 16422
>It looks like you got that... Strange disease, the one that was being reported on TV

>> No. 16426
So, this mystery disease.
Did it reach Madagascar?
>> No. 16428
President Madagascar!

Some homeless girl in Japan just got hit by a car!



>> No. 16430
[X] Join them. Some things need clarification.
>> No. 16442
[x] Join them. Some things need clarification.
>> No. 16444
[X] Join them. Some things need clarification.
>> No. 16460
[X] Join them. Some things need clarification.
Do we get any more updates?
>> No. 16461


>> No. 16488
YAF will never return.
He left us for good, the vacation is a LIE.
>> No. 16489

And nothing of value was lost
>> No. 16530
>> No. 16541

Jesus, am I the only who likes YAF? Even if the answer is obvious, I still ask it.
>> No. 16544
You're not the only one, I just ignore people like >>16489 , I don't even know why they come to /shrine/.
>> No. 16545
I hate him, but i like the Reimu that he created and most of his stories.

This is the only reason why i am still here, but the person named YAF is an eyesore and annoyance.
>> No. 16546
YAF's cool, brah.
>> No. 16547

Nah, YAF is cool enough. Can't really complain about a dude who writes a good story.
>> No. 16657
Is YAF back yet? How long until his return?
>> No. 16658
He died.
>> No. 16659
Rumia ate the body. With duck sauce.
>> No. 16837
File 121812015628.jpg - (463.63KB , 788x958 , Raziel.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 16838

oh u
>> No. 16844
>> No. 16850

Fuck yes, you're back!

>> No. 16856
He's completely pissed. Don't expect much tonight.
>> No. 16857
10 points to wthe opne who tells me why I get drunk s sonn after coming abckf even thjough I was dfrunk 80% of the timne whjen I was there/

Alsoi, Fuku has bfyckibg sexy lkegs. The fact is undedsiccabler.
>> No. 16860
What are you doing here, i thought you finally died.
Can't have everything, so now


your only worth after all.
>> No. 16861

Eh, did he tell why?

Btw, how was your trip to Croatia YAF? Kicked AoC's ass much?
>> No. 16864

Pissed = drunk I suproose.

Anywasy, my trytirp tp C otiatoa can be summarised as vollows:
1) HOT
2) Fucking hot
3) Drunk 80% of the time
4) Girls
5) Girls
6) Girls
7) Swimsuits
8) Swimsuits
9) Swimming
10) Screaming out 'ANONYMOUS OF CROATIA COME OUT AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN!' in public yielded no results
11) Fuck yes, Karlovačko - it's good, though still nothing compared to my favourite Żywiec
12) On the last day I woke up in girls' room and remember nothing from the previous night. No one watnted to tell me what happened either.
13) Salt water is bad for body hair
14) Hair on head too
15) It's sticky
16) And I mean it
17) Waterbikes with slides are the fucking awesome
18) I can insult people and they understand nothing
19) 17 hours of jouyrneying by bus is bad for your ass
20) Diarrhea
>> No. 16865
>Alsoi, Fuku has bfyckibg sexy lkegs. The fact is undedsiccabler.

Awesome. I think.
>> No. 16866

>> No. 16867

So randum, lol ^___^
Thread hidden, like every other one in /shrine/
>> No. 16870

Did you get laid?
>> No. 16871
Then don't come here, you ultrafaggot.
>> No. 16874

Same works for me and /border/
>> No. 17084
Faggot, where is the update?
I waited for you YAF!
>> No. 17094
[ ] Join them. Some things need clarification.