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14709 No. 14709
Finally done. The damn article... Really, who would've thought that you'd end up working for Aya Shameimaru, of all people? While that slutty tengu sure has the zeal, she knows practically nothing about REAL journalism. Well, your knowledge in this matter isn't too great either, but as an outsider, you know this and that about the craft. To say the truth, it all was just a giant misunderstanding that led you to taking up a job in her 'newspaper', caused, of course, by her impolite curiosity.
At least it led to taking up a job quite worthy of it's discomforts, including irregular working hours and... Well, work at home, when you should be spending time with your partner, instead of reporting on Gensokyo's opinion on 'three-field system'. Who cares about those things? Isn't Bunwhatever an ordinary tabloid? But it seems you're the only one receiving boring assignments, while Aya enjoys peeping and eavesdropping.
Sighing, you settle back on the chair. Shio haven't called you yet, nor have the maids. That means it's still not time for supper. There's a bit of time to relax then...
Absent-mindedly reaches down to the space beside your chair. There, as always, is a head, eagerly petting against your palm. It's long, hair feels good in touch as you ponder about your next assignment...


You chuckle. This whole situation... Those two, and their motives... Your presence here... This is all simply ridiculous. Why would they be fighting? Because of you? Two girls, fighting over such a...
But all the odds speak for this probability. Bah. It's no longer a probability. Because, what Yuuka said...
"So? Who do you want to belong to?"
She repeats her question. What a ridiculous woman. 'Belong'. Why does she keep repeating this word? Isn't love about something else? 'Belong' is just...
You chuckle again. This is all just a grotesque parody of some love comedy novel. Reimu Hakurei, and, Yuuka Kazami. Two girls who you would've never suspected of doing something as childish and pointless as this. All because of... What?
Your silly actions? False hopes that you kept giving to the red-white miko? The together-alone session with Yuuka? Those weird feelings that surface every time you see her charging at you with insanity in her eyes?
That's right. All of those, served only one purpose. Even though you didn't realize it, you actually wanted to...

'Have' both of them.

Deciding between them two is useless. There's no helping your affection towards Yuuka, but Reimu is still your dear friend. Though your relationship is no longer than three days, lots of things have happened, and, well, you just can't stop thinking about her as someone dear. With Yuuka, the situation is even more... Compressed. If that's a good word to describe it. Even more things happened in even shorter timespan. It's hilarious how right circumstances can sway people's feelings.
But they both are...
'Very well.' You smirk. 'Why lessen your loot if you can carry both of the bags? Throwing away one just because they collide with each other would be a waste.'
"Who do I want to beling to?" you smirk at Yuuka "I'm afraid you underestimate my ego, Yuuka Kazami. Belong? Feh, don't make me laugh! I belong to no one. Not even a god, if there is one, can order me around! Therefore!" you make a wave with your hand. Yuuka continues to smile maliciously. "Instead of answering your question, I return it! I ask of you, Reimu, Yuuka! Which one of you is willing to become my belonging?"
Yuuka breaks out in uncontrollable laugher.


Knock, knock.
Sudden knocking on the doors makes the head beneath your hand jerk up in suprisal. You quickly pat it a few times to calm it down. She still hasn't grown used to this, it seems...
"Excuse me."
Familiar figure wearing at long, white skirt and a matching shirt with puffed sleeves enters your room. She glances at the thing under your hand sitting on the floor. Her face grimaces in disgust before returning to usual, cold and collected expression.
"Hello, Shio." you greet her as usual "I presume you're here about supper?"
She nods. Her silver hair sways along with her movements, sending around faint reflections of the candlelight coming from your desk.
"Yes. Also, miss... tress Yuuka," she corrects herself "Is attending a meeting today. She will be absent from the meal, and until tommorow's noon."
"You're acting like her personal maid." you remark in amused tone "Even though you're only--"
"I'm staying at her house. It's only natural I would try to show my gratitude in one way or the other."
"Whatever you say. You really act like her maid though. You should cut back on the mannerism before people start misunderstanding things."
"People?" she says mockingly "It's been an eternity since anyone came to visit... Of course, except her earlier raid with her friend and now your sudden intrusion."
Uh-oh. Now she's glaring at you in spite. To think that she still holds grudge for what happened when you first arrived here... When was that? A month ago? She sure takes her time to forgive you. Even though you have forgiven her already. And voiced it out as well.
"Shio, you're so kind to Yuuka, so why are you so mean to me? Come on, you could forget about that incident already. It's not like it was my fault, if I can remind you."
"I will listen no longer to your gibberish. Supper's ready, my duty here is done. I'll be seeing you in the dining room."

You slowly stand up and approach the door that Shio of course closed behind her. She should really control her mannerism, at least when she's trying to be rude. Which she obviously was, just a moment ago. What a hopeless girl. Her habits, apparently taught by an overzealous mother, or whoever was raising her, seem to keep a higher spot in hierarchy of her personality than her mood.
Well, it's not like it's a bad thing...
Out of a habit, you keep the door opened for a few seconds before closing them behind you.
"Dinner time! Come on!"
You exclaim out loud to no one in particular.

>> No. 14710

"Hahahaha! You're a bold one, aren't you!" Yuuka has problems with fighting off the amusement. You can only watch her reaction, hard on the outside, but actually shivering in uncertainty on the inside. "Belong to you, eh? Heheh... I'll tell you." she straightens up and looks in your eyes "If you were hoping to make me yours this way... You're a hundred years too early to say such things to me!"
An alarm goes off in your brain. This can't mean anything good. This won't end well.
"Yuuka..." Your voice sounds weak, faced with her intense stare. "I understand you consider yourself a... higher being..." relax. You know her weak point. Even if she decides to attack, you still have a chance at retaliating. Relax.
She only smiles at the mention of her rude, but justified conviction. After all, she IS a higher being. There's nothing wrong with her acknowledging that fact. Only...
"But...?" she speaks up, unexpectedly gently.
"That's right." you finally manage to shake off the insignificant worries. You've crossed the line. There's no backing up, you have to continue whatever might come. "There's a but. Your question... And my agreement to become a woman's belonging, whichever of you it may be, it would break the natural order of things." her smile widens "In animal world, there are cases when it's the female that's in the charge of... Most stuff. But among us, humans, it's the male who takes care of his family. It's the male that 'hunts' for the food, place to live in, et caetera. Therefore, as I said, more appropriate question. I do not expect you to--"
"I refuse." she quickly interrupts "I might have some feelings for you, but I'm not going to become your belonging."
"T-Then..." a voice from behind, but you ignore it. So does Yuuka.
"Wait a moment. You refuse to become my belonging, but want me to become yours?" you snort "Don't you think there's something wrong with that?"
"No. I could rip you to shreds if I wanted. Doesn't that make me the superior one?"
"I-I will..."
"Ah, of course it does!" you raise your hands in an exalted 'god-for-what-sins' gesture "But do I have to remind you, that I know your... weak point?" she flinches. Perfect. "That because of it, I had you moaning and all wet on top of me?"
"Tch..." she smacks her tongue "You men, all so cocky..."
"But yes, of course! It's our role, I told you. Even if you ARE superior in terms of strength, I am the male here. Therefore--"
Both you and Yuuka turn towards Reimu, who, kneeling on the ground, is covering her face with her hands. Through the gaps between her fingers, you can see the unnaturally red skin.


"Thanks for the meal."
You politely sat the above while putting down the eating utensils. It's better not to risk Shio's wrath by not abiding by basic mannerism rules while she's the only one eating with you. When Yuuka is with you, she somehow manages not to burst with screams when you forget to say thanks or accidentialy drop something, or make a noise, or talk, or...
Man, eating with this girl is a pain. If you were to take her out for a dinner, there probably wouldn't be a place in the whole world that would satisfy her needs for a 'proper' meal.
Well, at least she let you eat the chicken in a slightly uncivilised, but more comfortable way than using fork and knife. That means, with your fingers. Which are all dirty and greasy. Well, no wonder.
With a sigh silent enough to not reach Shio's ears, you slide your hands beneath the table. Soon, there's a soft tongue sliding along them, licking off the tasty fat.
"Say, Shio."
"No talking."
"... but I already finished."
"I said no talking. Don't you know the basic rules of..."
There she goes again, breaking out in a lecture about history of savoir-vivre. You've heard it at least five times throughout last two weeks and you're honestly sick of it already.
Standing up with a thump, you abruptly interrupt her speech.
"I'm tired. I'm going to sleep. Goodnight."
"--oh. Okay. Goodnight."
At least she let you go unpunished this time.


"... what?"
You can only ask in astonishment as Reimu's arms begin to shake in spasms, accompanied by rhytmical sobs. No wonder. If she really said what she said... That had to take a tremendous amount of effort, for her to let it out.
Yuuka, as opposed to your suprisal, breaks out in laugher.
"'Naya'? Hahahahaha! Are you really so desperate, Reimu?"
"D-don't laugh at m-me!" the miko pants out in between sobs "I j-just want to b-be... w-want to be..."
"Hahahahaha! Want to be - what?"
"I w-want to be..."
Yuuka takes a few steps towards Reimu, causing the latter to frantically back away. The ominous spikes above her arms have disappeared. It seems she's... no longer able to...
"Want to be with him? That's what you're trying to say? Too bad, Reimu. Too bad." now she's just a step ahead of her "I have decided. He's going to be my man. You can't have him."
"But... I d-don't..."
Yuuka kneels down before Reimu.
"Of course," her tone is mocking "I won't be leaving behind a, nomen omen, friend of mine unsatisfied."
Reimu takes the hands off her face. You can't help but feel disgusted at how messed up it is. Red cheeks, wet skin, red eyes, crumpled hair, stuck to her forehead and eyelids. How... Pathetic.
"Of course." you can't see Yuuka's face, but her voice alone betrays that she's smiling. What kind of smile it is, you don't want to know. "You'd make a great dog, Reimu. Don't you think, 'Naya'?"
Struck by the spiteful nature of those words, you can only gape at Yuuka's innocent smile.
Reimu only stares at her in fear. Then at you. And back at her.
Reimu... A dog? Does she... Really intend to humilate her so much?
After all...
If that's the way...
>> No. 14711
File 121529650182.png - (268.69KB , 708x1000 , 5ba77d14707ff5ef7afbb951cc88fd662ed6a48f.png ) [iqdb]

And thus, Reimu Hakurei became the pet animal of Kazami household.

And you... gradually got used to her wearing a collar and a leash. To her prohibition of speaking. To her forced animalistic behaviour. Forced by Yuuka's brutal training.

In the end... In such a short time, she really became a dog...


Altough it was true that your were tired, your sleep is a agitated one. Ironic. As if there was something laying on your stomach, making you unable to breathe properly, something...
You wake up with displeasure being the main signal in your head. Looking down at your eiderdown-covered body, you find the source of all the anxiety.

Reimu Hakurei is resting her head on your stomach, clutching the fabric with her hands. Crying. Silently, as if careful not to wake you up, she continues to sob desperately.

[ ] "Reimu?"
[ ] Go back to sleep. There's nothing wrong with letting a dog sleep with his owner.
[ ] "Get off me. Bad girl."
>> No. 14712
[X] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14713
[X] "Get off me. Bad girl."

Cold, Nanaya. Cold.
>> No. 14715
>> No. 14716
This is just a side story, right?
>> No. 14717
Living with Yuuka must've had some effects to Nanaya.
[X] "Get off me. Bad dog."
...And I want to see broken Reimu.
>> No. 14718

Yeah. Two, three choices at most. Potential H-scene.
>> No. 14719
>>And thus, Reimu Hakurei became the pet animal of Kazami household.
Ow, cruel.
[X] "Get off me. Bad girl."
>> No. 14720
>Ow, cruel.
>[X] "Get off me. Bad girl."

Says who.
>> No. 14721
[X] "Reimu?"

Does this Reimu have dog ears?
>> No. 14722
Hey it's already bad. No reason to try and make it better.
>> No. 14723
>> No. 14724
[ ] "Reimu?"

This doesn't look like Renko H to me.
>> No. 14725

It's only you.
>> No. 14726
[x] "Reimu?"

You know, Yuka's probably let us borrow some of her power at this point.

So we've got power, a nice place, and our own personal slave.

We're pretty much Red right now.
>> No. 14727

Shit was so cash.
>> No. 14729
[X] "Get off me. Bad girl."
>> No. 14730
File 121530644612.jpg - (5.29KB , 151x68 , mydogyaf.jpg ) [iqdb]
o haha
>> No. 14731
Haha, oh wow. This party got crazy.
[x] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14732
Cupcakes tommorow, I don't feel like writing walls now. Besides, I'd wake up everyone in da haus so yeah.
Don't worry though, my H-meters are up and running, and since it's Reimu, my motivation should stay high as well.
>> No. 14733
[x] "Reimu?"
Damn, this is harsh.
>> No. 14734
[X] "Reimu?"

I knew I was soft, but damn. Youmu's got nothing on me when it comes to Reimu.
>> No. 14735
[X] "Reimu"
[x] Hug her.

This story...makes me feel bad....such that I no longer wish to read it....
>> No. 14736

Dog Reimu~~
>> No. 14737
[x] "Get off me. Bad girl."

Already fapping so hard
She needs to be disciplined, hit and rape her, make her feel the joy of being a dog!
>> No. 14738

That would be animal abuse.
>> No. 14739
File 121532603965.jpg - (32.11KB , 276x298 , 9205c3277c2c3ec32ac553d370ea8515.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Get off me. Bad dog."
>> No. 14740
{X} "Reimu?"
>> No. 14741
YAF is secretly trying to increase Anon's love for Reimu. DO NOT FALL INTO HIS TRAPS
>> No. 14742

Good luck of that ever happening. The only shrine maiden for me is Sanae.
>> No. 14744
Enjoy your Slut, who jumps any man she sees.
[x] "Get off me. Bad dog."
>> No. 14746
[+] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14747
Yeah, I know. First Rinnosuke, then Nanaya... damn, Reimu.
>> No. 14750
What? I thought it was first Nanaya, and then Rinnosuke after Nanaya ran off and TRUE END'd himself.
>> No. 14751
[x] "Reimu?"

This reads a little more GRIMDARK than what Anonymous had first imagined. Yuka is harsh.
>> No. 14753
[ ] "Get off me. Bad girl."

You must show her who is the master in this relationship.
>> No. 14755
[X] "Get off me. Bad girl."

Bad girl. You will have to be punished! WITH SEX!
>> No. 14756
[X] "Get off me. Bad girl."
She will learn to enjoy the pain when we are done with her.
Needs to be more hardcore.
>> No. 14757
This reminds me of Cool Devices, the episode with the Bunny and the Cat.
>> No. 14758
I hope I'm not too late to vote.
[X] "Get off me. Bad girl."
Normally I'd vote for ignoring option, but it has no chance of winning, so...
>> No. 14759
>Cool Devices

Ewww. I remember trying to watch this. Said my pass after half of the first ep.
>> No. 14761
"Old MacDonald had a farm
Ee i ee i o
And on his farm he had some chick (being raped by pig people)
Ee i ee i o"

Fucking Cool Devices. Disturbing stuff.
>> No. 14762
Most of the time it was boring, only liked the part with the bunny girl, that was a bit hot.
Good old times.
>> No. 14763
[X] "Get off me. Bad girl."

God, I hate weekends, nobody writes anything. Well, I guess writefags need to live a bit too, but meh.
>> No. 14764
It's not that bad, last week and this weekend were just slow.
YAF works hard anyway, let him rest a bit and drink much.
Yes, get drunken YAF, waiting for my chance to arise here.
>> No. 14765

Yeah, I'm having a repetition of Friday's night. Booze, Gayass and instant soups. I'm a lazy nigger.
>> No. 14768
>waiting for my chance to arise here

>> No. 14769
File 121536995387.jpg - (105.58KB , 958x539 , 1215368669563.jpg ) [iqdb]
someone just said Gayass?
>> No. 14770

Hooray for noodle people.
>> No. 14771
[x] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14772
[x] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14775
[X] "Get off me. Bad girl."
>> No. 14776
>> No. 14777
[x] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14779
[x] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14781
[o] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14785
[X] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14786
[X] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14787
[X] "Get off me. Bad girl."
>> No. 14789
[x] "Reimu?"
>> No. 14790
YAF will post his FABULOUS Adventures with Nine later.
>> No. 14791
This would explain why he was gone for a day or two.
>> No. 14792
File 121545590032.jpg - (23.36KB , 471x466 , yaffynineball.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 14793
File 12154559386.jpg - (281.44KB , 873x1193 , 498a9b977f75b5bc9494d6f3fd0dc2cdfa458cdc.jpg ) [iqdb]

Except it wasn't Nine but someone else.


[x] "Reimu?"

As if that care transferred itself into your mind, you too, careful not to disturb the stale air around you, whisper silently.
The figure laying on your bed, still clutching onto the eiderdown covering your body, flinches visibly, perhaps frightened by your sudden call. Her ears, the very same Yuuka transplanted magically out of some sort of twisted spite, quiver once, then cower flat on her head. But other than that, she doesn't move. Her usual, ragged clothes look even dirtier than usual in this dim light. It's suprising that Yuuka let her wear those. It was only thanks to your intervention that Reimu doesn't have to run around naked. It would be distracting and...


Does it even matter anymore? Back then, when you weren't so used to her being a 'dog', it was still... disturbing, but now, if something like that was to happen, would it bother you? She can't speak. She can't act like a human anymore. Why? Yuuka only said she 'taught' her how to behave like a dog. What method it was, you don't know, neither want to know. After all, it all became but a distant, unpleasant memory after she really became an animal...
Cringing in fear, Reimu keeps still, as if afraid of your reaction to any movement now. You can see wet dribbles on her cheeks, through the gaps between her fingers, covering her face.
She shivers violently when you lift yourself up from the soft pillows.
Gently, but firmly, your exclaim her name again. But to no avail. The only reaction is her cowering even more. With a troubled sigh, you reach forward and place your palm on her head. What is she afraid of? Getting scolded? Surely, you've done it a few times before, but that was long ago and... For radically diffirent things than sneaking into your bed and crying. Though, can it be called a cry? No, cry is usually accompanied by moaning, or--
Then you remember. That Yuuka did something to Reimu's voice. It was only once that you noticed the greed, ethereal collar around her neck, but definitely, it was Yuuka's doing. Ever since you acquired the 'source', mostly because of Yuuka's temporal weakness due to the regular fluctuations of magic, and their effects on her wound, you've been able to perceive 'magic' more 'physically'. Books in the library didn't prove to be useful, as they are ones meant for a person acquainted with magic from his or her birth. Shio refused to talk about it after you mentioned acquiring the 'source'. And Yuuka... Yuuka only said she did it because Reimu's occasional outbursts were annoying.
It's... convenient, for sure, seeing as she became your pet, but...
Like this, you won't be able to get an unambiguous answer. Then...
"Reimu, relax."
As softly as possible, you grab her shoulder and force her to lay down on her back. At first she resists slightly, but seeing that you won't back away, she obediently gives in.
Even after turning around fully, she still keeps her legs bent up, pressed agains her lower body. Her tail, enclosed between her knees, comes into view. That too, is an effect of Yuuka's sick imagination. 'Dogs ought to have tails', she said. And you, though still reluctant, agreed. Judging from Reimu's groans, it had to be a painful process, to have her spine grow significantly while still being conscious... It was so unsettling you left after two minutes or so, then returned after they were finished. Only to find out that Reimu not only had grown a tail, but a pair of ears too. It was... cute, in it's own right, though the process itself, Reimu's screams, were still sounding loud in your mind.
Now that you recall it, and with those wet eyes staring at you in fright, you're... Kind of feeling disgusted with yourself.
But, if you're to heed an answer from her... Your skills should prove to be enough to remove the spell and then put it back on, without any visible traces of tampering. And since your 'source' is essentialy Yuuka's, there shouldn't be any significant differences in energy configuration.
Putting your hand over Reimu's eyes, you whisper reassuringly.
"Calm down. It's going to hurt for only a moment."
You concentrate on her neck. There, flickering in unison with your varying level of contentration, a green, glowing collar, placed slightly over the physical, leather one. Built with little, almost invisible to naked eye orbs of energy.
Reimu flinches as your figers brush against her skin when you grab the 'collar'. It's slightly warm, even though it doesn't really 'exist' in strict sense. There's no sense of touching it, no sense of it 'being' there in the first place. Even the warmth itself is... Something that is more 'supposed' to be there, more than actually 'being' there. Magic is a complicated business, especially to those learning it from the very basics. Marisa had to go through one hell of a learning session to learn all the stuff she knows...
Wasn't she one of Reimu's 'friends'? Yet she didn't come even once to ask about the miko. Even Yukari, who said herself she was worried about her, only asked for access to Reimu's 'source', not asking about anything else. Of course, the one to decide was Yuuka.

Mixed feelings tarnish your thoughts as you 'rip' off the collar from Reimu's neck. It flinches once before disappearing into thin air. Not fast enough to prevent your from remembering the energy pattern.
Eigh, seven, three. Next seven in the middle. Add singular particles for addinational stability. Direct the output to the middle of the circle. Not that complicated.
Still repating the numbers in your thoughts, you turn to Reimu.
"You can speak now. What's wrong?"
Uh. Your words sounded a little bit too harsh than you had intended them to.
She twitches lightly, then opens her mouth.
"... ghh..."
Hoarse groan escapes her lips. No wonder. It's been a whole month since she's spoken last. You wait patiently for her to clear her throat.
"... it... hurts..."
Finally, after sitting up and hiding her face in her hands again, she speaks up.
"Hurts? What hurts?"
"... S-Shio..." her voice gets weepy again. You get a feeling she's going to burst into tears any time now. "... S-she..."

[ ] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"
[ ] "I didn't remove the spell to hear your stutters. What did she do?"
[ ] "Reimu, I can't hear you."
>> No. 14794
[x] "Reimu, I can't hear you."
>> No. 14795
[x] "Reimu, I can't hear you."
>> No. 14796
Where is the booze in that picture? YAF is always drunk.
>> No. 14797
[x] "Reimu, I can't hear you."
>> No. 14798
[X] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"
>> No. 14799
[ ] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"


>> No. 14800
[x] "Reimu, I can't hear you."
>> No. 14801
[X] "Reimu, I can't hear you."
YAF is drunk, but YAFFY drinks tea, like real men do.
See, there's a cup next to him.
>> No. 14802
[x] "Reimu, I can't hear you."
Speak louder bitch.
>> No. 14803
[x] "You can screw with his family, but you can't mess with a man's dog and walk away whole. What did she do?"
>> No. 14804

...Why am I paired with YAF?
>> No. 14805
It's not YAF. It's YAFFY.
>> No. 14806
you two make such a dreamy couple. And all the things you have in common, like drinking and even more drinking.
>> No. 14807
Nine doesn't drink, he's too busy playing Moemon and not writing.
>> No. 14808
Is that you Nine?
>> No. 14809
[x] "Reimu, I can't hear you."
>> No. 14810
{X} Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"
>> No. 14811
[x] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"

She's not my dog. She's my Raymoo.
>> No. 14812
[X] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"
>> No. 14813
[X] "I didn't remove the spell to hear your stutters. What did she do?"
>> No. 14814
[+] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"
>> No. 14815
[ ] "I didn't remove the spell to hear your stutters. What did she do?"
needs more animal abuse.
>> No. 14816
[X] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"
>> No. 14817
[X] "I didn't remove the spell to hear your stutters. What did she do?"
>> No. 14818
[X] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"

Do want cathartic pity fuck.
>> No. 14819
[X] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"
>> No. 14820
[X] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"

Aren't you -always- nice to your pets anon?
>> No. 14831
Oi oi. I believe the phrase was along the lines of "who would belong to me?" Yuuka and--apparently--Shio are messing too much with what rightfully belongs to Nanaya. He should go Gilgamesh on their hides.
[x] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"
>> No. 14835
[X] Naked drunken YAF.
>> No. 14838
>> No. 14849
[X] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"

We take good care of our belongings.
>> No. 14874
[X] "Reimu, I can't hear you."

In this story Reimu is a dog, so treat her like. Reimu agreed, don't pity her about it.
>> No. 14876
The votespam, it is screamingly obvious. Thank god it's just a side story.
>> No. 14878

Sup, samefag?
>> No. 14879
Because 24 votes over 19 hours clearly means vote spamming.
>> No. 14880
Yaf, hey Yaf, when will we have our updates?
>> No. 14881
>> No. 14882

Bawwww, I wants to play JE... Aarite, aarite, raitin nou.
>> No. 14883
[x] "Reimu, I can't hear you."
>> No. 14884

>> No. 14885
File 121553474390.jpg - (158.01KB , 488x500 , 8dd2e40d603f18322b286a183ee52d3825a86148.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Hug her. "Now, calm down. Tell me. What did that witch do?"

Shio? Yeah, she doesn't like Reimu too much, but... There's always someone in the household who will hold protest against pets, no matter how much time they've spent there already... And it looks like Shio is such a person. Not that you didn't know this already. Not only does she make that face when she sees your pet, but makes well-defined prohibitions about Reimu's presence in certain places too. 'Don't let that damn dog get closer than 10 meters to my room!', she said. Of course, that's not the only restriction she made. Despite being just a guest, as you remarked earlier, she really acts like a maid or even a householder to this mansion. Strange thing that Yuuka lets her do all this.
But, what could Shio do that would make Reimu cry? She should've gotten used to her coldness by now, yet now there she is, cringing in chaotic spasms again.
How sad...

Acting on a sudden impulse, brought forth by her pitiful sobs, you grab her shoulders. She can only gasp in suprisal as you pull her up, ignoring her weak resistance. Pressing her tightly to your chest, you use your other hand to pat her head. She tries to squirm, but you don't let go.
It's been... A long time since you've done this. Hugger her like this. When was the last time...?

There wasn't.

The last time you've felt her warmth so closely was the memorable day when you entered Gensokyo. After the same compassion as now has overthrown your reason, you hugged her against her will, apologizing for your harsh words. But back then, she was still...

"Now, now." you whisper gently into her ear. She's still trying to push you away. "Calm down. Ssshhhh..."
Her protests grow weaker with every pat, and soon, no longer than after a minute or two, she rests resigned on your chest. Her deep, but ragged breathing brushes against your neck.
".... hurts..."
"I know. I know. Now tell me. Shio did something to you, right?" you keep stroking her head "Don't worry. Tell me what did that witch do." A shudder shunts her body, to which you react by embracing her tighter. A pained moan escapes her lips. "Reimu, did she..."
She keeps silent. It hurts... Could it be that...?
The damn cold witch did harm to your Reimu? Indeed, it is a possibility, seeing her hate towards her, but to go so far on just a... No, it's wrong, thinking like this. Even though you've grown used to her becoming an animal, there is still something wrong with perceiving her just as a pet. Of course, she still IS a pet, but...
Then again, what were you doing all this time, if not treating her like a pet? Those ragged clothes, consisting of only a ragged undershirt and underwear. Those ears and tail. That basket she uses as a sleeping place. But she agreed to become your belonging, your dog, so why...?
But her closeness, the very same that you had a chance to feel in the past, it made the memories come back like a boomerang, again tampering with your view on her purpose, her real self, and...

You shake your head. It's useless thinking about this. Pet or not, though she is a pet, there's no use...
Noticing that she's squirming again, you loosen up your embrace a bit. Those all thoughts, they made you unconsciously squeeze too tightly.
Why are you even apologizing? This is awkward. Without a doubt, she feels embarassed about it as well.
Though no word of protest reaches your ears, you can almost feel her uneasiness. Shaking body. Chaotic breathing. Trembling hands.
"So..." you find your own voice strangely weak "Did she hit you or..." Slight nod. "That Shio... Is it serious?" Nod again. "Blood?" And again.
Alright, so this is it. Shio hit your Reimu. For what? No, it doesn't matter now. She said it's serious. That there was blood too. Okay then.
"Reimu, let me see it."
Ignoring her sudden astonishment, you push her away and lay her down on your bed. Her eyes express only fright when you pull up her shirt. What's beneath...

Is a scenery of grief and gore. Over her formerly smooth and healthy skin, a sea of bruises and scabs found it's home. Countless cuts and other wounds. Made with various tools. You can recognize those made with knives, but other ones... Blunt and sharp, all kinds of methods of harming, all looking equally painful.
Disgusting. This sight is disgusting. Who would do something like this to such innocent stomach, sides and back...?!
"Reimu, did Shio do all this?"
No answer. Over all of these older and newer bruises is a visibly fresh cut, going all the way from her ribs to abdomen. Blood is still seeping from it, painting the theater of gore in bright red.
"Reimu!" you yell out, grabbing her collar "Tell me, damn it! Did Shio--?!"
"... yes..."
Silent confirmation. That's all she manages to say before breaking into tears again.
That Shio! Cold and collected, huh?! Hurting your Reimu, huh?! Damn it!
There's no time to lose. No, there is. Judging from the amount of clotted blood, it's not really that fresh. Why didn't it close up already?
Fuck this.

Throwing away unnecessary thoughts, you squad over Reimu's body and put both of your hands on her abdomen.
Healing spell. That's what your are searching for.
Proper configuration of energy output. Correct numbers. Positions. Strength. Intensity.
All of these run through your head. Closing your eyes to make concentration easier, you let out the energy through your palms, and seep into Reimu's body. Green light fills the room, so bright you can see it through your eyelids. There's no sound at all. Magic, contrary to popular belief, makes no distinguishable sounds when used. Of course, danmaku user add sonic properties to their bullets to give an addinational hint for dodging or grazing them, but it's not a necessary adition.
Here, on the other hand, the only sound that reaches your ears is Reimu's groaning.
Like strength after a long exertion, you can feel all the life force leak out of your body. Of course, it's not life force in strict sense, but depletion of mana always wears the body out. And healing spells are the most tiresome to cast.
With one eye, you glance down at Reimu's stomach. All the smaller bruises have disappeared already, but the largest one, the most recent, still is visible on the background of her light skin.
Then, just a bit more... More energy... More output...

It closes. A scar will remain, but that's all you can do.
Exhausted, you fall down on the bed beside Reimu. Panting hard.
It was... Too tiring. You lay there for a minute, trying to get your breathing back to normal pace.
Numbers still twinkle and dance in your thoughts, slowly disappearing into empty void, returning your senses into their place.
And when you regain control in your fingers, it hits you that something is touching them.
With difficulty, you turn sideways and see...

Reimu holding onto your hand, pressing it against her lips. Her eyes closed, but you know she's not asleep. Simply as that, she expresses her gratitude.
This is... Just too...
A surge of long-forgotten emotions returns like a speeding train, hitting your weakest spot, forcing tears into your eyes.

Fighting them back with all strength, you pull Reimu, to her suprisal, into a tight hug.
>> No. 14886
I may be missing something here, but who's Shio?
>> No. 14887

<%YAFKYU> Do not steal
<%YAFKYU> She hasn't appeared in TS yet
<%YAFKYU> I've decided that Yuuka living alone would be too convenient for Naya
<Ataisai> hmm
<Ataisai> true
<Ataisai> she has servants though
<Ataisai> afaik
<%YAFKYU> Fairies
<%YAFKYU> Yeah, but fairies aren't even minor NPCs
<Ataisai> or had, in LLS
<%YAFKYU> They're food.
<%YAFKYU> An overly-mannered, cold magician, on the other hand...
>> No. 14888
Shio sounds like our fucking in-law. A freeloading in-law who motherfucking kicked our motherfucking dog.

I want to torture her to death, but because she's family, I guess I'll follow the family tradition and just plain stab her to death.
>> No. 14889
surprisal is deprecated, just like surprisement.

just use 'surprise', ffs.
>> No. 14890
Hell, the only one who can torture and hit Reimu are we, not some other fag.
Better teach her not to touch our dog again.
>> No. 14891
>I guess I'll follow the family tradition and just plain stab her to death.
You have my knif--vote.
>> No. 14893
File 121554324930.jpg - (89.36KB , 398x530 , 2162b2a9547101f3b057c78dcdb7ffab38900471.jpg ) [iqdb]
Before you know, you're kissing her lips. Out of compassion? Maybe. Out of guilt? Definitely. Out of those boomeranging feelings? That's right.
She doesn't respond. But doesn't resist either. Obediently, as if any defiance would break this pleasurable moment, she simply receives your caress.
Animal? No. Pet? No. Right now, she's no longer either of these. She's just...


Pulling her up ontop of you, not even once severing the contact between your lips, you slide your hands under her shirt. Touching all the places where those horrible wounds were. Feeling the unnatural warmth, emanating from her skin because of the inflow of magic energy. Your energy.
Her back arches up when you touch the skin just under her breasts.
"... w-what... are..."
Her sudden question interrupts your kissing. You pull back a little, and look in her frightened eyes. She tries to turn away, but you stop her by touching her nose with yours.
"There's nothing wrong with this, right?" she blinks. You can only smile at that gesture. "It should be natural, right?"
Altough you're not sure yourself of what you're talking about, you still try your best to sound reassursing. No, seriously. 'Natural'? Your reason chuckles at the statement, but... Skinship is needed between a pet and it's owner, right?
Wait. But didn't you just came to a conclusion that Reimu is not a pet anymore?
This is all too complicated. Is but isn't. Do you want her to be? Or not?
Too confusing.
And the only answer is the one lingering in the warmth of her lips.

Oblivious to the consequences this might bring forth, you continue to caress her body gently, using both your fingers and tongue. After taking off her shirt, you lay her down on the bed and lean over her, kissing her neck and chest. Her legs wrap themselves around your waist, making you have to fight back intesively not to fall down on her body. Her hands clutch the covers tightly as she moans under your erotic stroking.
Do dogs wear bras? No, you don't think so. Therefore, removing it would be appropriate.
You grab Reimu's shoulder with one hand and lift it up, so that your other hand has access to her back. Quickly unfastening the primitive zip, you grab the bra and throw it aside, exposing Reimu's small, but cute breasts. She glances down at them, now visible for you to admire and cowers her ears.
Which catches your attention.
Girls aren't supposed to have ears like this. Does she even use them for anything other than expressing emotions?
Well, it doesn't matter if she does. They contradict with the rest of her body. Then, with your hands, you cover them, pressing them to her head. The only reaction are her eyes widening even more.
Now this is inconvenient. Looks like you've been rended of two valuable tools for caressing her body, just because of some ridiculous thought. Though stupid, it still came from your desire to make the situation more comfortable for your tired mind, so messing with it would only make the situation harder, right? Then there's no need opposing it. It's not like your hands were the ONLY thing you can use for...

Ah, right. Back to business. That means her breasts. With both your hands still on Reimu's head, you slide your own body lower, so that your face is on the level of her chest. Those breasts, so diffirent from Yuuka's, so diffirent from Shio's (lack of said), yet still undoubtedly a pair of nice ones. Well, you can't be staring forever, now can you? Show's over, time to work.
And of course, your work is to 'prepare' her for what is to come earlier.
Thinking about it is useless. It's only a natural course of action, no matter who, or rather, what she is.
The only thing that matters are her moans interlaced with weak protests. Her hands are still holding tight onto the covers, moving along with the each arch of her back. To think she's so sensitive...
You feel yourself getting harder against your own will. Or rather, against your reason, but according to your instincts. Your own thoughts are a mess. Do it with her? It's wrong, doing it with a pet. But if she's not a pet, but a girl, would it be right? What is she, then? Those ears, this tail, tickling your legs, those animalistic reflexes, reactions... But on the other hand, her face, neck, breasts, legs, arms...
Again, too complicated. Is it really necessary to think about it? Why does your mind shove those weird reflections into your consciouness? To make you feel bad? Of course, the one you love is Yuuka, but... She's the one who made this girl look and feel like this. And Shio...
You feel frustration well up within. All of these, all three of them, all those feelings, thoughts, voices telling you to back away, and the ones urging you to take her now and here... What to listen to? What to hear and what to ignore?
>> No. 14894
File 121554327090.jpg - (147.33KB , 600x849 , 1b16aa75b5af6f837e32fb436419216b0056d5ed.jpg ) [iqdb]
But hasn't it already been decided? The moment when you decided to bring her warmth close to yourself again, making the memories of those happy days spent with 'human' Reimu come back, isn't that what made this...
Irritation. Anger. At what? Her? Yuuka? Shio? Yourself?
No matter. All of this spite, it all turns into something diametrally diffirent.


And that's all you need to know.

Though a bit abruptly, you break away from her legs' captivity. Ceasing your caress. She only looks at you dumbfoundedly, before...
You grab her body and turn it around, onto her stomach. She lets out a silent squeal as you lift her ass up, while her upper body still rests on the bed.
"... what... are..."
Again, her weak voice. What is she intending to do? Make you retreat? Or just the opposite?
Hoping it's the latter, you pull down her panties, exposing the now visibly wet slit and round ass cheeks. The sight alone makes you want to go wild. Quickly disposing of your own clothes, you position yourself behind her, kneeling down.
The height is perfect. You don't even have to correct the height. You put the tip of your manliness on the opening of her parting.
"... eh..?!"
A gasp. Didn't she expect it to come so soon? Or she wasn't expecting it to come at all?
But if it has come to that...
She can only moan as you slowly make your ways inside her warm hole, cosntantly, but slowly forward, absorbing every little bit of her hotness, letting the love juices serve as a lubrication and wrap themselves all around your shaft.
Stumbling upon a wall of soft flesh, you make a quick push to rip through it. Shudders shant down Reimu's body, making her moan louder for a second. You stop your venture for a moment to let her take few deeper breaths.
"... I would... have never... thought..."
She tries to pant out something despite you still being inside of her and her hoarse throat.
"Would have never thought that...?" you try asking.
"... That... I... with you... Nnnn...!"
She moans as you push slightly deeper. If she can speak, you may as well continue. It's not like you didn't know what she wanted to say...

After a few seconds, it's all in. Resting for another few, you grab a firm hold of her ass cheeks and pull out, stopping just before your tip leaves her slit. Then push it back in. Then back out. Slowly quickening your pace, all in acompaniamanet of her erotic moans and squeals. Her soft, but incredibly warm walls wrap tightly around your shaft, squeezing harder every time you move it inside of them.
Soon, you reach a comfortable pace without making her suffer too much. Bah, judging from her uncontrollable groans, she's enjoying it as well.
What was this position called again? Doggy style? How appropriate...

Her warmth and wetness is so comfortable you wish you could stay forever inside her hole. That you could be always listening to her pleased voice, to that obscene slapping which sounds whenever her butt hits your abdomen. That you could always be holding her like this...
But it has to end, right? Everything ends. As much as you'd like to keep fucking her for a century longer, you already feel the excitement slowly reach it's peak. Like a scabrous worm, slowly coursing between your shaft and brain, and finally, growing larger, slowly making it's way to the tip, filling all the blood vessels along it's way with violent pulsation. Feeling it almost reach it's destination, you quickly grab Reimu's shoulders and pull her up.
Your body falls backwards, and hit the wall behind you, making you stop in a half-sitting position. And Reimu's does the same a split-second after. It hurts, but you don't mind. You can feel her hands brush your testicles as she gives in to urge to touch herself down there. You on the other hand, feel an urge to grab her breasts. Which you do, while still pumping your manliness into and out of her hole.
It draws near. There's no helping it. You could use magic to prolong the process, but you're too exhausted. You could pull it out and wait for a minute or two, but you can't bring yourself to do so.
And all of a sudden, it ends. With a silly 'snap' in your mind, your nerves, strained to hold it back for as long as possible give up.
Throb after throb, it all goes in. Your seed, into Reimu's womb. Your thoughts are too clouded to realize what it means. Your hands are too busy clinging to her breasts to do anything else.
And she, only lays back on you, letting her head rest against your shoulder while your member is gradually limping inside of her.
>> No. 14895
File 12155433089.jpg - (276.55KB , 1000x750 , 48005a148c500e77fdc6cb0b9a9d1035df3f2293.jpg ) [iqdb]

"Do you want me to do something about it?"
You finally bring yourself to ask a question, after hours of awkward silence. The two of you, of course, cleaning up beforehand, rested on your bed, thinking things through.
".... no."
Her weak answer makes you jump up.
"You want to leave it as it is?!"
She smiles reassuringly.
"... it's... okay..." cough. She still has problems with speaking. ".. as... long... with... you..."
"Then, you want to remain an animal?!"
Only a slight nod. You're bewildered. After all this, she wants to go back to as it was?!
"Reimu, I can't--!"
"... deal with it... I just... want... to be..."
You can't bring yourself to refuse those eyes. Why does she want to go back to being an animal? Fear? Or, is she unable to return? Grown used to it? Those ears, and tail will forever be a stigma of what Yuuka has done to her, but... She still... Can go back...

"... I understand." you finally answer. "I still can't just let it slip by. I'll re-make that spell, but I'll give you a command to deactivate it. I'd rather not cast it again on you, but Yuuka might notice." you shiver at the thought of what she might do if she found out about this... "Whether you're okay with this or not, I'm not going to back away. A pet ought to listen to it's master."
She only smiles weakly in agreement.


After that, your life returned to normal. Yuuka returned and found to evidence of what happened. Shio seemed to be unaware of it as well.
The only thing that changed, was your attitude towards Reimu. The two of you would talk with each other whenever left alone, and every time Yuuka would leave for the night, you'd spend it with Reimu.
Eight months passed since that day.


One evening, you were eating dinner with Yuuka and Shio when suddenly an unnecessary question appeared in your head.
"This meat," you poked a cutlet with your fork "What is this?"
Ignoring Shio opening her mouth to protest, Yuuka smiled and answered.
"New type of meat. I'm sure you haven't had it before." ... what a strange smile... "I've prepared it myself, so please, eat and tell me what you think~."
Yuuka prepared a meal herself? Now that's a rare occurence. Of course, she's not a bad cook, but seeing how unusually active she's gotten lately, it's strange that she found enough time to do it.

"Thanks for the meal."
Politely expressing your gratitude (something that came with Shio's overzealous mannerism over time), you stood up and headed for the exit.
When, a memorable line sounded behind you. Quiet, almost like if not meant for your ears to hear.
"Shio," Yuuka said "Did you know that our dog whelped recently?"
Memories of that night came back in an instant. Could it be that...?!
No, wait, this cannot...?

Led by worry lined with joy, you stormed down the corridors until you reached the room where Reimu usually spent her time. And when you were about to turn the doorknob, a bad feeling hit you.
Stench of blood.
Strange feeling in your stomach.
Premonition that you'd rather forget than take into consideration.
But, there's no turning back.
Quietly, you slipped into the room.

Only to be gret by a gruesome sight. Reimu's body, sprawled on the floor, in unnaturally bent pose. Stench of blood stronger than the usual smell of the mansion. Pools of red liquid, staining the pretty and expensive-looking carpets. Intestines and organs spread on the floor, as if in a twisted kind of gory puzzle. Her wrists, ripped apart chaotically, as if with something way too blunt for such a task. Her empty eyes. And finally, a gaping hole in place of her stomach.
Realization hit you hard in the stomach, like a fist, making you fall down on your knees.
And all you could do was to vomit.


Vomit it all out. Everything that was left from your child.

From that day forth, your days at Kazami mansion were full of silence.
>> No. 14896
>> No. 14897
File 121554412888.jpg - (11.25KB , 275x213 , 1188019997697.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 14898
>> No. 14899
>> No. 14900

Shoulda used protection
>> No. 14901
delicious reimu meat is delicious
>> No. 14902
In the end, it was worth it.
>> No. 14903

>> No. 14904
After that is finally done, when do we get back to the main story and where is the update?
>> No. 14905
File 121554913019.png - (21.47KB , 419x464 , 1205899880753.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 14918
That's not Reimu's meat.
>> No. 14926
What. The. Fuck.
>> No. 14946
...what the hell, YAF. What the hell. (Well, it's kinda awesome...in a creepy sidestory way.)

>From that day forth, your days at Kazami mansion were full of silence.
Hopefully because we erased every single living thing in it from the face of the planet--permanently.

...but you won't sway me from Yuuka route so easily! I must complete her route as progress towards the Transparent Night Matsuribayashi End!
>> No. 14965
>> No. 14978
File 121561179991.jpg - (25.40KB , 352x441 , vergilse3zb2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Well, it's kinda awesome...in a creepy sidestory way.

Now I feel a little motivated!
>> No. 15043
>> No. 15045