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12218 No. 12218
[X] "You heard me."

"You heard me."
This phrase escapes your lips before you can do anything about it.
What was that? Why the hell did you say that? What the fuck were you thinking?!
But, there is no escape now. There is no...
Unable to contaminate your embarassment, you slam your forehead on the table. And again. And again.
Cursing your own stupidity in your thoughts. This is fucking awkward! Why the hell did you even make that choice of words in the first place?! 'I'd rather do it with my own mother'? Just what the fuck?!
"GOD!" you scream out in irritation "Aaargh!"
And panting hard, you remain there, with your face laying on the table.
"I..." Yukari's weak voice sounds again. Looking up at her, you see that she's averted her gaze, her palm pressed against her mouth. Her eyes run over you for a second before returning to staring at the wall. Is she... embarassed? "I... realize that there is a... possibility..." another glance "But... I..." she suddenly turns to you, slamming her fist on the tabletop. Her face, altough slightly red, expresses annoyance "We've done-- I mean, I've seen you doing it before-- I mean!" she stutters "But I'm still your mother! I can't simply--!" another slam, then she falls silent. Her eyes continue to stare intensively at your, equally red, face.
"Wait..." your thoughts are a mess. Not only did you say something extremely embarassing and easily misunderstood, and now... Seen? Done? "What do you mean, you've... seen... me..."
Covering her face with her hand again, she averts her gaze once more.
"B-back then..." her voice is silent, almost unhearable "W-with the... T-tear..." SLAM! She hits the table again "I couldn't do anything about it, okay?!" the angry expression returns. You could swear that her cheeks are getting redder with every passing minute "Our... Link... Is too strong, so I couldn't do anything about it! It's not my fault!"
"Wait. So does that mean..." you ask, feeling all strength leave your body "You... were observing... the whole thing...?"
"Y-yes... And feeling too."
"WHAT." you can't help but palm your face. But that's good. At least now you can't see her embarassed face "Feeling... Does that mean..."
"I told you, I couldn't do anything about it! Having my own body messed up like that, I--" she pauses for a moment "I really couldn't do anything to make Tear's sensations stop transferring over to my mind... I-- I really wanted! It's not... pleasant to watch your own... Go at it! Geez!" another slam "With Red, it was a diffirent thing, it was simply to give him the power, but when you... with the Tear... That was... almost..." you can't hear her last words. Her voice lowered into an unhearable whisper.
And seemingly, that concludes her speech.
Still having your vision blotted by your hand, you hear her slump down on the table and groan with displeasure.
Really... If there ever was a definition of awkward, this has to be a encyclopedical example of it.
She... not only watched your... intercourse with Mary, but felt it as well...
Goddamnit... Yukari...

[ ] "... I'll do it. I'll do it so let's get on with it and then leave me alone, okay?!"
[ ] "... I get it. You're my mother. So just... transport me to that girl and let's get on with it."

>> No. 12220
[ ] "... I'll do it. I'll do it so let's get on with it and then leave me alone, okay?!"
>> No. 12221
[X] "... I'll do it. I'll do it so let's get on with it and then leave me alone, okay?!"

Alright Yukari. Let's get this show on the road.
>> No. 12222
[X] "... I'll do it. I'll do it so let's get on with it and then leave me alone, okay?!"

I can only see this sex turning out one of two ways:

A. Yukari winds up getting absorbed enough in it and emotional enough to start apologizing to us while we nail her, turning the experience into some strange kind of catharsis.


B. It turns into some kind of crazy borderline hatesex that both parties get into, with the two of us hurling insults at one another the entire time.

"Such a filthy child, having so much fun fucking his own mother!"

"Well, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it, mom?"
>> No. 12223
{X} "... I'll do it. I'll do it so let's get on with it and then leave me alone, okay?!"
This will either be Bad End or awesome.
>> No. 12224
[X] "... I'll do it. I'll do it so let's get on with it and then leave me alone, okay?!"
time for the fun part to start.
>> No. 12225
[x] "... I get it. You're my mother. So just... transport me to that girl and let's get on with it."
Yukari's Yukari, but the mystery girl could be anyone! She could even be Yukari!
>> No. 12226
[X] "... I'll do it. I'll do it so let's get on with it and then leave me alone, okay?!"

We finish having sex with her, and just before she leaves we get the ominous line:

"If I don't get pregnant, we're going to have to try again."
>> No. 12227
...hmmmm. Is Yukari trying to display characteristics similar to Renko, thinking it will garner our affection? Maybe she actually wanted to bear our child in the first place, and her mention of the other girl was the "stick" to her present behavior's "carrot". After sexing up Red, she really shouldn't be embarrassed about this, so I can only infer that her present display is a calculated act.

Goddamn your manipulations, Yukari.

[x] Kill Yukari when she's distracted during sex.
>> No. 12228
File 121363035610.jpg - (52.68KB , 466x570 , remiq.net_6634.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "... I'll do it. I'll do it so let's get on with it and then leave me alone, okay?!"

Wallowing in this awkward atmosphere, the two of you remain silent.
What she was trying to make you do was unfair. To impregnate some girl who you might not even know, just for the purpose of prolonging the Yakumo bloodline... It's wrong. Most definitely, it's wrong. Wrong on so many levels. But, if what she's saying is true, she really needs that child. For the good of Gensokyo, and... She may have some hidden intentions, but, if it's important for that secluded world...
She loves that world, doesn't she?
All the trouble she's went through... It's for it's safety, right? Even if she has some hidden purposes... The main target is Gensokyo's safety, right?

But it's still wrong. Just... It wouldn't be alright to harass some girl who may have nothing to do with this just because she has appropriate genes.
Besides, isn't it Yukari's fault in the first place? Creating Mary, then throwing her out... Then carrying on with that ridiculous plan... And then, carelessly abandoning her children, just like that...
No, whatever she says, it's mostly her fault.
It's her fault that the situation became like this in the first place. Then...

Wouldn't it really be proper for her to give birth to a heir on her own?
Sure, you had your hand in disposing of that crazy brother of yours, but it's her fault.
Her fault.
That's why, it would be most suitable if there are no bystanders involved.

Just she and...

"... I'll do it." Your voice sounds incredibly weak in this heavy atmosphere. Still covering your eyes, you stand up. "I'll do it, so let's get on with it, okay? Just, after that, leave me and those two alone, okay?!"
Your voice sounds rather weepy than angry.
"... why... Am I not your mother? After all, I was the one that--"
"I don't care!" you interrupt her with a shout "I'm... not able to think of you as my mother! Didn't I say that before? I don't care. I don't care if you're my mother. My real family is... somewhere else. You are not my mother, Yukari Yakumo. I may carry your blood, but you are not my mother."
You take your hand off your face. Yukari, still slumped down on the table, looks at you, rather saddened, with an unsure face.
"I'm..." she averts her gaze "Sorry. I... I know it will sound strange coming from me after all I've done to you... But... I'm sorry. For being such a bad parent."
She looks... somehow... really... pitiful. Despite all her threats she was sputing just a few minutes ago... Now she looks so....
Why is it.
Why is it, Yukari.
You're a youkai. A scheming monster. You're an evil mastermind.
So why is your face so...

"You are not my mother. You are... Yukari Yakumo. That's all. That's all I need to know."
Unable to keep that compassion within yourself anymore, you lean over the table.
Scattering the empty cups around. Throwing aside your math notes that she was looking through. Ignoring her shocked expression.
Closing your eyes.
You connect your lips with hers.
In a simple gesture. You can't see her face. You can't feel her body under your fingers.
But... her lips... her trembling lips...
They tell you all you'd ever want to know.

She falls off her chair. With a muffled shriek, she falls to the floor. Landing on top of her, you still keep your lips pressed against hers.
Finding support on her shoulders, you move your body closer to hers. With your eyes still closed, you force your tongue in between her tightly sealed lips.
She gives up.
Taking your feelings in. Taking your urges in, she lets your tongue enter her mouth, seeking it out with her own.
She's a... Damn good kisser. The sensation of the movement in your mouth. Her bodily warmth slowly seeping through your clothes, reaching your skin. Her hands grab a hold of you shoulders, just as yours did with hers, and she pulls you further down.
Guess that... those thousands years of life... really taught her some amazing things...

Finally, unable to hold back your breath any further, you draw back. Gasping for air, you notice that a thin dribble of saliva is still connecting your mouths. Yukari, seemingly throwing out all the embarassment, looks at you, panting hard, with quite a pleased face.
"So," you say in a mocking tone "Are you ejoying yourself?"
She returns the malvolence with a similiar voice.
"Was it your plan to fuck me from the very beggining?"
You smirk.
"You're a sharp one, Yukari."
"It's in the blood."
She chuckles.
"Well," you say, sitting up. Reaching for your shirt's collar, you start to unbutton it. Looking down at Yukari's flushed face. "I won't say I love you."
She returns your malicious smile.
"I won't hold my breath."
Then, lifting her upper body up a little, she reaches to her back, where her dress' zipper is located.


next part in writing
>> No. 12229
While we're doing the dirty with Yukkuri, Mary's gonna have to go find a toilet and schlick.
>> No. 12230
File 121363297766.jpg - (182.52KB , 676x1000 , 3ooc.jpg ) [iqdb]
Having gotten rid of the unwanted obstacles, the two of you move on onto your bed. Kissing and spinning around all the way there. Being a bit too short to reach your lips with her while standing, she simply wrapped her legs around your waist and her arms around your neck. Throwing away all the moral restrains, she presses her naked body against yours. Her full breasts are brushing against your chest. Her moist crotch is rubbing your abdomen.
Then, as you're about to lay her down on the bed, she makes a sudden move... and...
You trip and fall down. Landing on the soft matress.
And Yukari lands on top of you.
With a mischievous smile, she settles herself on your thighs.
"You dirty..." But before you're able to finish, she grabs your shaft at it's base and spits on the tip. "What are you--shiiiiiiit!"
A curse escapes your lips as she begins to rub her palm against your now wet glans.
"Ooh? Feels good?" Her body slides along your legs, closer to your manliness. You can feel her moist parting touch your shaft as she continues carresing the tip. "Oh, look!" she states with a cheerful voice "Looks like you're ready!"
Indeed, in just a few seconds, she's made precum ooze out. With such a simple caress.
"So, tell me." she says as she lifts her hips up, situating her slit directly above your manliness. Spreading her legs more, she lowers her hips. You can feel the very tip of your erection enter her wet and incredibly warm hole. Then she stops. "Were you planning to fuck me from the very beggining?"
Fighting back the overthrowing pleasure, you return her shark-toothed smile.
"Were YOU planning to fuck me from the very beggining?"
She slides down more. Her tight walls are squeezing your meat, inviting it further, almost sucking it in. But she doesn't move.
"You're such a dirty boy, saying things like that to your mother."
"You're such a dirty mom, doing things like this to your son."
She chuckles at your riposte.
"Want me to stop? I have no problems controlling myself, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too pleasant for you."
As if to demonstrate the thruthfulness of her words, she pulls up a little.
Your shaft slides out of her hole a bit. Thanks to that, you can see that it's totally covered in her love juices. Even if she tries to preserve a straight face, she's still enjoying it.
"So," she continues "Be a good boy and--"
Not letting her finish!
Gathering all your strength, you push your hips upwards.
It enters. All the way in at once.
Yukari's sentence breaks into a loud moan as she loses control over her body and falls down onto your chest.
"Control yourself, huh?" You say mockingly when she sends you a flustered glance from under the storm of her golden hair. "I wouldn't call this control, Yukarin~."
"Why you..."
Again, not letting her finish, you grab her shoulders and force her to roll around, landing on her back. Not once exiting her warm insides, you change your position to missionary.
"I kind of knew you'd do that..." she pants out.
Smiling, you begin to pull out of her, then, just when your tip is about to slip out, push it all the way in again.
Yukari's back arches up as she covers her mouth with her hand.
Looking at you with teary eyes, she mutters out.
"You little--- eeeh?!" Again, interrupting her, you grab her enormous breasts. She glances at your hands in shock. "Y-you're unexpectedly bold when it comes to-- ahhh!" She jerks up again as you thrust your whole shaft in. "S-sto-- What are you--- uuuh!" Ignoring her protests, you quicken your pace. With every push, her moans grow in volume. "You dirty little-- ahh! Why are youuuuuu! Ah! Ah! Ah! I'm your---uhh!"
Seeing her like this, unable to control her reactions... It's strangely satisfying.
Fondling her breasts, you continue pumping in and out of her inside, faster and faster with every thrust.
"So, Yukari. How do you like it? Doing it with your own son?"
"I've already-- ahh! Once! I felt! Ooh!"
"Oh, I guess you did." what is this strange satisfaction? "With Mary, just like you said, right? How did it feel? To feel all she felt? The sensation your walls getting parted and caressed? It had to feel good, right?"
"It--! Good! Yes! Yes! Yes!" She throws away any intentions to dismiss your statements. Giving in completely to the pleasure. "Yes! Do! Hardd--- ahh!"
Her illegible moans fill the room. Accompanied only by obscene slapping sounds and your hard breathing.
Faster. Faster.
The sensation of her tight corridor is too much to take.
The impulse, the so-familiar white haze creeps into your head again.
You lose control. Your hips are moving on their own.
Harder. Harder. Harder.
In prefect synchronisation with your thrust, Yukari's mouth spits out erotic groans. Her hands, clutching tightly the sheet beneath her twitch as you speed up.
And faster. Faster.
And suddenly, you feel that familiar snap.
Your mind goes blank.
Instinctively, you try to pull out, but Yukari's legs wrap themselves around your waist, not letting you exit her warm hole.
"All... in..."
She says in muffled voice as your head falls onto her breasts.
Throb. Throb.
With each heartbeat, a portion of semen shoots out of your glans, and into Yukari's womb.
Throb. Throb. Throb.
You can't help, but feel proud of yourself. And enormous amount of unexplainable pride dominates in your mind. Coming inside her... It really is... Satisfying.
She pets your head gently as your manliness gradually limps still inside her.
>> No. 12231
Fapping at the speed of light.
Family Ties just got incredible awesome.
>> No. 12232
The circle is complete.

Now kick her skanky ass out of here and steal her clothes.
>> No. 12234
I wake up to see a Yukari H-scene.

It's gonna be a great day today.
>> No. 12235
File 121363407919.jpg - (492.52KB , 1200x960 , 3nw5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Few minutes later, Yukari stands up.
"I guess I should thank you."
"Thank me." Unable to move, you can only observe her carefully as she begins to put on her clothes. "For what?"
"..." She doesn't answer. Finishing dressing up, she stretches her back. "Mmm." she groans in a sitsfied way. "Well, that tired me out."
Your body is heavy. Your eyelids fell as if they were made of lead. Your vision gets blurry....
Yukari sits on the edge of your bed.
Her fingers touch your forehead.
"Thank you for... showing me that it can be pleasant."
"Plea... sant...?"
The words are coming out with difficulty. Why is it so...
"Yes. But now... I'm afraid I'll have to make you forget about all this. I would like to forget about it myself, but..."
"For... get..."
She nods.
"That's why... Sleep, my dear son. We'll probably never meet again. Goodnight and... goodbye."

And just like that, you fall asleep.


Opening your eyes, the familiar navy blue ceiling of your room enters your view.
"Damn..." You're feeling tired for some reason. "What the hell was I... doing yesterday...?"
You remember getting home after work, but after that...
Well, you deduct that you were just incredibly tired.
Standing up, with some difficulty, you look at the clock.


"... FUCK!" You totally forgot! You had a date with Renko and Mary today! "Shit, shit, shit!"
In panic, you throw around the room, looking for something to wear.
In cupboard, nothing. Shelves, nothing! You'd have to iron something, but it would take too much ti--
And then, you notice a set of clothes folded nicely on one of the chairs.

It's a navy blue uniform.

"Did I even have something like this?"
And it's ironed already as well. Weird...
But putting it on, you feel strangely good. It's really comfortable, despite looking very official.
Taking a last look in the mirror, you put on your shoes and storm out of the apartment.

"Late as always!"
Renko scolds you from the distance. Beside her, sitting on a bench, Mary sends you a beaming smile.
What is she so happy about?
"Sorry, sorry!" scratching the back of your head in embarassment, you aproach the girls "Guess my alarm clock didn't ring. Sorry."
"Really." Renko sends you a last scowl before cheering up. "Well, you're lucky that we were late as well."
"But, but, let's not waste time anymore, okay?" Walking up to you, Renko stands on her tip toes and plants a kiss on your cheek. "Good morning."
Then, Mary does the same, still wearing that mysterious smile.
"So, what are we going to do today?"
"Oh, we thought," Renko answers "That we could spend the day... normally. Cafe, restaurant, bowling... How does that sound?"
"Fine by me."
Giving them a warm smile, you grab their hands.

"Well then, shall we go?"


r e p e a t a g a i n



>> No. 12236

>> No. 12237
>> No. 12238
We got "the gland", right? Now we can do forest?
>> No. 12239
Is it can be Wriggle time nao? :>

>> No. 12240
[x] Extras
[x] Unleash the fucking GLAND
>> No. 12241
File 121363478480.jpg - (90.07KB , 384x580 , 9dfb95a0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alright, I'm getting a short break with Freespace 2. After that, I can write some more.

Pick two:
[ ] Beautiful Killing Chamber 2 #RELOAD
[ ] Beautiful Killing Chamber 3: Third Festival
[ ] Night on A Drunk Liar Bonus Scene
[ ] Ai Ai Akyu
>> No. 12242

Well. I get easily irritated by antagonists that control and manipulate the protagonist. At least Red only tries to kill us.
>> No. 12243
[ ] Ai Ai Akyu
>> No. 12244
[x] Night on A Drunk Liar Bonus Scene
Because the only thing better than Wallachia is a drunk Wallachia.
>> No. 12245

[ ] Night on A Drunk Liar Bonus Scene
>> No. 12246
>> No. 12247

Mima Route, Forest Route, and Catastrophe Route all sound interesting. The first because we stomp Red into the ground and save Mima; the second because of Wriggle; the third because of an antagonistic protagonist and DESTRUCTION.
>> No. 12248
[X] Night on A Drunk Liar Bonus Scene
>> No. 12249

What we going for now on this?
>> No. 12250
[] Beautiful Killing Chamber 3: Third Festival
This. Don't care which others you do.
>> No. 12251
[x] Night on A Drunk Liar Bonus Scene
This sounds interesting, surely we have some time to look at this.
>> No. 12252
Somehow, it reeks of furfag.
>> No. 12253
[ ] Night on A Drunk Liar Bonus Scene
>> No. 12254
[x] Beautiful Killing Chamber 3: Third Festival
>> No. 12255
>> No. 12256
Special Furfag Shopkeeper route.
>> No. 12257
[+] Night on A Drunk Liar Bonus Scene
[+] Ai Ai Akyu

Also, I came.
>> No. 12258

[ ] Night on A Drunk Liar Bonus Scene
>> No. 12259

So were FOREST end and Reimu good end both just as planned for Yukari?
>> No. 12260
[x] Ai Ai Akyu 7
>> No. 12265
[ ] Night on A Drunk Liar Bonus Scene
[ ] Ai Ai Akyu
>> No. 12301
>"That's why... Sleep, my dear son. We'll probably never meet again. Goodnight and... goodbye."

Yukarin.. ;_;
>> No. 12323
Even after all this, i just can't hate her.
>> No. 12324
I'll forgive Yukari once she compensates us properly for treating us as a disposable pawn. Until then...well, let's say I no longer begrudge Red for treating her badly.
>> No. 12326
Oh wait. Retcon >>12324--we received The Gland from Family Ties, so I'll consider that compensation. Whether it's sufficient compensation will be determined after seeing its effectiveness.
>> No. 12327
[ ] Night on A Drunk Liar Bonus Scene
>> No. 12329
She is after all a true Youkai, and they are not human after all. So it kinda is no wonder that she seems evil and cold hearted, cause thats just what she is.
And nothing we do can ever change that, just like Scorn explained yesterday about Rumia, can be said about her.
Reimu always had her in control until Nanaya came along.
>> No. 12340
Are you using "true Youkai" as a technical phrase? Otherwise, I'll object to youkai being generalized as "cold-hearted and evil", because Suika is a youkai as well.
>> No. 12357
No, she's an oni. They're kinda different.
Otherwise, she wouldn't be unhappy to be the last of her kind now, would she?
>> No. 12449
AFAIK, oni is just a subset of youkai (same goes for tanuki and kitsune), so the distinction isn't relevant to the point made in >>12340. Sort of like how "ogre" is a subset of "monster". It's possible to be the last "ogre", while still being classified as "monster". The objection is still legit because the claim was made about youkai, and oni is a subset of youkai.
>> No. 12484
Your MOM is a subset of youkai.
>> No. 12485

Yes, that is true.
>> No. 12486
Actually, that's incorrect. Oni are not youkai at all. They're closer to true demons, since they actually originate from Hell, whereas youkai all originate from the earthly plane.

Suika just happens to be an exceptionally human-friendly Oni.
>> No. 12496
No permanent animosities, no RIP AND TEAR, tea parties only, Gensoukyou.
>> No. 12498
Well it was stated that the one who behaves like a Youkai the most is Yukari, so i used true Youkai.
I can paste the text, but i rather don't want to go to that new site.
Youkai are not humans at all, so they see humans as food and something lowly.
That way they seem evil and cold hearted, and that's probably why Yukari behaves like she does. Only in TS she is very extreme.