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11205 No. 11205
[X] Go say goodbye to Vivi

Hm, now that you think about it, Vivi has asked you to see her before leaving. For what? That you don't know.
"Akyu, where is Vivi?"
Akyu puts her finger to her lips before letting out a quiet 'hmmm'.
"I don't know. She's most probably finished with her duties, and it's late, so maybe in her room."
Which is directly beside Akyu's. How convenient.
"Alright. She's asked me to give her a shout before leaving, so..."
Akyu nods.

Well then. Approaching the door with that weird yellow sticker, you knock slightly on it's wooden surface.
"A moment, please."
Her voice sounds from inside. A little commotion, creak of bed's springs, hurried steps, and the door opens...

Revealing the maid... Only that she's not a maid right now. Her long, silky hair hangs along her body, which is now covered only by a simple, white nightshirt, long barely enough to cover half of her thighs. Wow, she looks so diffirent from what she's like when wearing her maid outfit. There is a symbol on the chest are of her shirt. Yellow square with black gears. The same as on the door. There is also a caption under it, written in small, curvy font. Though hard to read, it's still in english, not in japanese.
-Ape____e __ce-
"Hey." her voice sounds irritated "My face is up there, you know."
Shit, you've gotten too absorbed in trying to read that sign. Coughing, you raise your gaze where it should look from the very beggining.
"Ah, yes. Sorry. I was trying to read this sign on your shirt."
She glances down, then looks back at you.
"Oh. So you can read english?"
A slight tug on your sleeve interrupts your sentence in the middle.
"Um... It's getting late, so..."
Right. Akyu reminds you of the obvious, making you remember that if you're not going to hurry up, you won't be able to find a place for spending the night at.
"Right. Sorry. Vivi, I'm going. You asked me to give you a shout, so--"
"I asked you to give me a shout. Literally. You didn't have to bother yourself with coming to my room."
Somehow, her scolding tone makes you cower slightly in embarassment.
"Sorry. Anyways, I'm going, so... Goodbye."
She nods.
"Goodbye. Altough I would've appreciated it if you gave me a shout earlier. You know, greeting and bidding farewell to guests is my duty. But now..." she glances at Akyu "... well, I guess it's alright to skip the ceremonies. Goodbye. I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow. Good luck on your... job."
After you acknowledge her goobye with a smile, she closes the door.
Well, that was... weird. Did she tell you to give her a shout just to bid you a farewell?
Huh, no use thinking about that now.
"Well then, I think I'll be taking my leave."

After giving Akyu a goodbye kiss, you leave the Hieda household and set off on a journey to the inn where you'd spent the previous night. The one after which all shit went down. Your life got practically turned upside down, from the peaceful one at the shrine, at Reimu's side, to the one where you'll have to work your ass off to mantain a decent lifestyle.
Sighing, you descend along one of the streets, towards the familiar building.

"Single. One night."
"Certainly. Again?"
"I guess my stay here got... prolonged."
"I understand. Rest well."
The innkeeper hands you the key.

Hearing the lock behind you fall in place, all the strength in your body dissapears, making the drowsiness surface and urge you to lay down and close your eyes... Just for a moment... Rest... Rest...
Cold breeze sways your hair, returning the bits of consciouness that were about to slip out of your brain.

[ ] Close the window
[ ] Ignore it, go to sleep

>> No. 11208
[x] Close the window

Hypothermia kills braincells.
>> No. 11210
[ ] Ignore it, go to sleep
>> No. 11212
[x] Close the window
>> No. 11221
[X] Ignore it, go to sleep

Nothing better than a cool breeze while you sleep
>> No. 11223
File 121328105778.jpg - (37.04KB , 142x387 , nero1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go check it out.
Near Side Route GO.
>> No. 11225
Fuckdammit. That.

[+] Go check it out.
>> No. 11226
{X} Close the window
>> No. 11228
File 121328170475.jpg - (8.79KB , 380x230 , frysees.jpg ) [iqdb]
>-Ape____e __ce-
>> No. 11229
[X] Ignore it, go to sleep.

I want Akyu sneaking in through the window during the night just to sleep with us.
>> No. 11239
>> No. 11243
[x] Ignore it, find a heavier blanket, go to sleep

it's thread 5
>>1606 >>5426 >>8541 >>9441 >>11205
>> No. 11244
[X] Ignore it, go to sleep.

a manly man is not afraid of a little cold.

and a shut window isn't going to deter anyone we'd want it to deter, anyway.
>> No. 11245
[x] Ignore it, go to sleep

Sorry Arcueid, we've got maids to chase.
>> No. 11249
File 121328421726.jpg - (20.55KB , 420x300 , 121313043119.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ignore it, go to sleep.

... meh. It's not worth, fighting the drowsiness just to close a damn window.
You'd give it a finger, just to emphasize your despise for it's efforts to make you strain yourself even more, but...
Before you know, you're already on the bed. Under a thick eiderdown, the warmth of your own body flood the tight space, making you...





You open your eyes.

Delayed information slowly shants throughout your sore body, seeping into your brain. Deep navy blue of flat surface above you feels somehow refreshing in comparision to your nightmare...

Which was...

You can't remember the contents.

Looking around, the familiar space of your apartment enters your view. Messy book cases. Dirty clothes on the floor. This is, without a doubt the room you've spent your last few years in. A dozen or so hours a day, this closed space would be your place of rest and entertainment. Unchanging. Ever the same. It's soothing stillness would allow you to calm down, forget the day's troubles and hassles.


It looks strangely unfamiliar. Even though everything is the same, it's still unsettling. As if... No one visited this place in years.
Stale air, full of dust. Spider webs on the corners of the walls. Dirty windows, letting in only a bit of white moonlight.

This is not right.

This is not your...


You open your eyes again.

Cold breeze sways the field of grass. Taking in a deep breath, you look around.
A tall hill. Grassy field. And in front of you...

Two giant trees.
Like a pair of lovers standing alone on this hill, their branches touching and interloping hight above the ground level.
Bright moonlight gives this scene a surreal feeling. Almost like if the space between those two...

Without thinking, your legs bring you close to that gap. The wide space between the two trees.
Something doesn't feel quite right here. Something is...

Your arms, like if guided by a higher will, raise high into the air. Your eyelids suddenly got heavier...

It's quiet now. Even the wind stopped blowing.

Countless images, like an eerie slideshow, drive through your thoughts, appearing and disappearing.

Like if being sucked out, they escape your mind, flowing out of your forehead, concetrating, just before you, in that wide space...

When you open your eyes again, the sight before you is...


Like if someone torn a hole in reality itself, a large hole, filled with darkness of intensity you've never seen before, hovers mere centimeters above the ground.


Your legs bring you closer to it. Closer. Closer. Closer.

Then, acting on a sudden impulse, you jump inside.




You wake up with a start.
As if escaping from a terrible nightmare, you sit up, instinctively putting your hand on your forehead.
It's practically drenched with sweat.
Groaning, you try to move.
But there's something restraining your legs.
Almost as if someone was sitting on top of you.
Trying to see through the black stains on your sigh, you squint your eyes.
Before you, there's a figure of someone very short.
Long hair hangs down her body, setting itself on your covers, entangling your legs.
Two long horns stick out of her head.
A famliar, yet forgotten voice reaches your ears. You rub your eyes, making the stains disappear. In this pale white light, falling in through the window, you see her face.
Sitting on top of you...
Your oni, Suika Ibuki.
Smiles in a mischievous way.

[ ] "Hello."
[ ] "Um, excuse me? What are you doing?"
[ ] Hug her
>> No. 11252
[x] "...You're in my Akyu story."
[x] This Oni is an eyesore
>> No. 11254
[X] "Hello."
[X] Hug her.
[X] "How have you been? I was a little worried since I hadn't seen you for a while."

I still love Suika. Though I love my Akyu a little more.
>> No. 11264
[x] Hug her

>> No. 11265
[x]push her down
we all know that's coming, don't we? the talkan gaems can wait till later.
>> No. 11266
[x]push her down

It's our way to say hello.
>> No. 11267
I knew it! You fags not looking through the window, we missed something with Suika!

[X] "Hello."
[X] Hug her.
[X] "How have you been? I was a little worried since I hadn't seen you for a while."
>> No. 11268
[x]push her down
>> No. 11271
[x]push her down

Gensoukyo is still in Japan, guys. We must abide by local customs.
>> No. 11272
{X} "Hello."
{X} Hug her.
{X} "How have you been? I was a little worried since I hadn't seen you for a while."
>> No. 11273
[x] "Hello."
[x] Hug her.
[x] "How have you been? I was a little worried since I hadn't seen you for a while."

Damn, it feels like it's been forever since I--er, since Nanaya has seen Suika.
>> No. 11274
[x]push her down
She wants it, we just have to show it to her.
>> No. 11276
[X] "Hello."
[X] Hug her.
[X] "How have you been? I was a little worried since I hadn't seen you for a while."
>> No. 11278
[x] "Hello."
[x] Hug her.
>> No. 11281
[+] "Hello."
[+] Hug her.
[+] "How have you been? I was a little worried since I hadn't seen you for a while."
>> No. 11288
[x] "Hello."
[x] Hug her.
[x] "How have you been? I was a little worried since I hadn't seen you for a while."
>> No. 11355
File 121330053046.png - (243.61KB , 700x500 , Akyu066.png ) [iqdb]
[x] "Hello."
[x] Hug her.
[x] "How have you been? I was a little worried since I hadn't seen you for a while."

Seeing this girl made you realize.
That despite being with your beloved Akyu, you've actually...
Missed this mischievous oni.
Ignoring all the signals objecting against it, you wrap your arms around her and pull her closer, locking her in a tight hug.
Obediently, she lets herself be pulled in. The two of your remain like that for a moment.
"I've missed you."
"Mhm." you can feel her nodding slighlty "Me too."

Finally, you let go of her. She leans back, giving you another smile, this time less mischievous, more... Happy. Simple happiness lights up her face.
Man, altough it hasn't been long, you've really missed her.
"So," you decide to break the silence "How have you been? I was a little worried, since I hadn't seen you in a while."
"Nyahahaha!" she laughs cheerfully "What are you talking about, silly! It's only been one day!"
"Maybe, maybe. But it felt like an eternity."
"Awww." faced with your sincerity, she reaches out her hand and ruffles your hair. It feels good. "Now you're gettin all sentimental. How sweet of you." she flashes you another mischievous grin. "Well," she says, retracting her arm "How have I been? Hmm."
As if thinking intensively, she closes one eye and puts her hand on her forehead. She also sticks her tongue out a bit, making her look almost like a silly elementary school girl, not able to solve a mathematical problem.
"Oh, you know. Simple things." you decide to give her a hint "Like, what were you doing, etc."
"Oh. That. Right." she smiles again "Um, it's been a looooong day. And Reimu was REALLY pissed. You know, she was pretty harsh when dealing with you this morning, but... Well, when we returned to the shrine, she locked herself in her room. I was curious, so I decided to eavesdrop, and well..." her expression falls "I think she was crying. I--... I've never seen her like that before. I think..."
She falls silent.
Damn, now the mood's got very gloomy all of a sudden.
To lighten it up, you repay Suika for earlier, ruffling her hair.
"Hey, that tickles..."
"You know what, Suika? I'm really sorry that it had to end like this. But you see... I've fallen in love. With a very... nice girl. I can't help it." Suika looks up at you "But it doesn't mean I don't like you anymore. It doesn't mean I don't like Reimu anymore. I know I shouldnt've disappeared like that, but... Love is a complicated thing, Suika. When you're in love, you do stupid things. I... because of that, I made Reimu angry. I made you worry. So, I'm sorry." To emphasize your feelings, you pull Suika into a hug again. She doesn't retaliate. "If you could, say sorry to Reimu for me. I don't think she'd like to see me now."
She nods.

After that, the two of you cheered up.
You told her that you'll be working with Kourin from tomorrow on, and that you'll be able to meet her more frequently.
In return, Suika told you about other things that happened while you were troubling yourself with Akyu's person.
Apparently, Mima was trying to cheer Reimu up, only to enrage her even more. Well, how could she know that taking your shape and walking in naked into her room would make her angry?
The two of you shared a laugh, then went silent again.
"I think I should get going."
Suika stands up from the bed. Now that her weight is gone from your legs, you feel kinda uncomfortable.
She approaches the window.
"Well then." standing on the windowsill, she makes a piruet on one foot and turns to you "Goodbye. And good luck."

[ ] "See you. Say hello to Reimu for me. And give her my apologies."
[ ] "Who do you take me for? I'm the spider that's webbing in the darkness!"
[ ] Run up to her and kiss her
>> No. 11356
[x] Run up to her and Twinkie House her
>> No. 11358
[ ] "Who do you take me for? I'm the spider that's webbing in the darkness!"
>> No. 11360
[X] Run up and give her one last hug for now.
[X] "See you. Say hello to Reimu for me. And give her my apologies."

That oni is so hugable.
>> No. 11373
[X] Run up and give her one last hug for now.
[x] "Who do you take me for? I'm the spider that's webbing in the darkness!"
>> No. 11374
[X] Run up and give her one last hug for now.
[X] "Who do you take me for? I'm the spider that's webbing in the darkness!"


>> No. 11456
[X] Run up and give her one last hug for now.
[X] "Who do you take me for? I'm the spider that's webbing in the darkness!"
>> No. 11474
[x] "Who do you take me for? I'm the spider that's webbing in the darkness!"
>> No. 11478
>"Awww." faced with your sincerity, she reaches out her hand and ruffles your hair.

Soviet, ruffles, etc.
>> No. 11512
[x] Run up and give her one last hug for now.
[x] "Who do you take me for? I'm the spider that's webbing in the darkness!"

>"Well, when we returned to the shrine, she locked herself in her room. I was curious, so I decided to eavesdrop, and well..." her expression falls. "I think she was crying."
>> No. 11520
[X] Run up and give her one last hug for now.
[x] "Who do you take me for? I'm the spider that's webbing in the darkness!"
[x] "Oh yeah." Whisper conspiratorially into her ear. "Speaking of webs I'm weaving, my business partner will be filling the hole in the Miko's heart real soon. If you know what I mean."

I am the spider webbing in your hearts.
>> No. 11523
File 121335056481.png - (200.42KB , 341x718 , Cirno.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11525

Makes me glad we did Reimu's route first.
>> No. 11534
[X] Run up and give her one last hug for now.
[X] "Who do you take me for? I'm the spider that's webbing in the darkness!"

"Wait." As she was about to take off into the night, you stop her with a muffled gasp.
Not even letting her turn towards you, you run up to her and close her in a tight embrace.
Losing her ballance, she trips over the ledge of the window and would most definitely fall from it, that is, if you weren't hugging her with utmost affection.
"Suika," you whisper into her ear. Her hands simply touch your arms in a simple response to your sudden touch "What the hell do you think you're doing?"
"Huh?" she mutters in confusion
"Good luck? Who do you take me for? I'm the spider that webbing in the darkness!"
A moment of silence occurs.
Then, Suika bursts with laugher.
"Hahaha! You're right! I forgot about that! Sorry, my bad!"

You let go of her a few seconds later. She regains her ballance, again standing on the windowsill. With a cheeful smile, she makes a piruet once more, and giving you a last glance, takes off in the air.
"See you!"
All you can do is stand there and wave your hand until she's gone from your sight.

Sighing, you fall onto your bed once again. Though the visit from the cheerful uninvited guest woke you up a bit, now that she's gone, you can feel the aftereffects of getting woken up in the middle of a deep sleep.
Without a thought, you close your eyes.

Because of this comfortable silence that dominates your room, drowsiness takes over very soon.

There were no more dreams that night.


Next morning, you wake up energetic and refreshed. After doing whatever a civilised human would do in the morning (for instance, taking a shower), you leave the room and head down, to the counter, behind which, a never-changing, smiling person sits, and noticing you, gives you a warm greeting.
"Good morning, sir! How did you sleep?"
"Good morning. I slept well, I guess."
Politely answering, you hand the key back to that person and pay for your room.

There's not much left in your wallet.

Saying your goodbyes, you walk out on the street.
Warm saturday sunlight greets your smiling face, as you raise your hands high in the air, and give a cheerful shout.
"Good morning, world!"

Now, what to do? Your appointment with Rinnosuke is planned for the evening, when he's leaving the village. As for now, you could use something to eat.
Of course, you could always ignore the grumbling in your stomach and simply enjoy yourself somewhere else.

[ ] School
[ ] Keine's place
[ ] Wander around the village
[ ] Restaurant?
[ ] Akyu's place
[ ] Kill yourself something to eat in the forest
>> No. 11536
> that webbing

typos, typos
>> No. 11537
[ ] Kill yourself something to eat in the forest
oho, why not go sparrow hunting?
>> No. 11538
[x] School
[x] Look around for that a kid playing with a knife.
>> No. 11539
[X] Kill yourself something to eat in the forest

Hell yeah! Let's kill a deer with a knife! Or get eaten by a passing youkai, whatever works.
>> No. 11540
[x] School
[x] Look around for that a kid playing with a knife.
[x] "Hey kid, wanna go deer hunting?"
>> No. 11542
{X} School
{X} Look around for that a kid playing with a knife.
>> No. 11544
[ ] Kill yourself something to eat in the forest
>> No. 11546
[x] Kill yourself something to eat in the village, then go and rest at the school.

...oh wait, it's daylight isn't it? Nevermind then.
>> No. 11547
[ ] Kill yourself something to eat in the forest

>> No. 11550
[x] Kill yourself so something in the forest can eat.
>> No. 11551
[x] Kill yourself something to eat in the forest
>> No. 11553
>pierce the border of extacy

I see what you did there.
>> No. 11562
[X] Kill yourself something to eat in the forest

You're low on cash and every little bit could help later. So, the most profitable situation would be one involving getting a meal for free.
Pondering what to do, you ask yourself a question:
What would Akyu's father do?

Well, probably, he'd call for Vivi and ask her for a sandwich or something.
Grr, this doesn't help one bit!
But... Hm, he used to be a hunter, huh? Hunter. What do hunters do? Hunt. For what? For animals. What can you do with animal's carcass? Change it into a delicous meal.
"Crap! I just might be a genius!" You yell, ignoring weird stares people passing by give you. "Alright, onward!"

Ten minutes later, you've left village's perimeter and submerged into green sea of leaves and branches. Ahhh, you almost feel like at home. So many places to hide, so many possibilities to lay a trap! Using the trees, you could even make an attack from above, falling on unsuspecting enemy's head!
This is one wondrous killing chamber. No wonder youkai hunt in forests at night.
You can hear the sounds of wildlife all around you. Bird's chirping, hum of swaying trees, faeries' giggles somewhere to your right...
"Well then", you whisper to yourself "Let's begin the hunting game."

[ ] Lay down, wait for some animal to come into view
[ ] Is faerie meat edible? Hell yeah, it is!
[ ] Sneak around, try to spot something to kill
>> No. 11563
[X] Sneak around, try to spot something to kill.

No killing the adorable faeries.
>> No. 11565
{X} Sneak around, try to spot something to kill.
Do not want Cirno's anger :<
>> No. 11580
[x] Is faerie meat edible? Hell yeah, it is!
>> No. 11581
[x] Sneak around, try to spot something to kill.

Mmm. Harkens back to the days of Nanaya True End.
>> No. 11586
[ ] Sneak around, try to spot something to kill
>> No. 11589
[x] Sneak around, try to spot something to kill
on the prowl...
>> No. 11597
[x] Is sparrow meat edible? Hell yeah, it is!
>> No. 11598
[x] Is faerie meat edible? Hell yeah, it is!
>> No. 11601
File 121337825388.jpg - (88.54KB , 530x550 , NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sneak around, try to spot something to kill.

>> No. 11603
don't worry, they won't die even if they are eaten.
>> No. 11604
[ ] Is faerie meat edible? Hell yeah, it is!

Probably isn't due to reincarnation but it'll be fun
>> No. 11606
File 121337855877.jpg - (98.36KB , 356x500 , 1690293358_8f6073ef71.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Sneak around, try to spot something to kill

Well, no use in trying to lay a trap. An active method of hunting should prove vastly superior while hunting for the white whale... Wild boar.... Eh, whatever.
So, not wasting any time, you ready your knife and start rummaging around in the bushes.

No luck.
Despite being as cautious as possible, you haven't spotted even a single animal that would make a nice meal. Sure, there were some wild rabbits, but they were too fast, even for you. Besides, not really knowing these grounds, you can't really move around freely.
Muttering a silent curse, you continue hacking through thick undergrowth.

Someone tugs at your sleeve. Startled, you turn around, ready to attack, but...
It turns out it was a small girl that catched a hold of your shirt. Roughtly the size of your forearm, dressed in a cute, green dress. Her hair and eyes are also green. She continues to hold onto your sleeve as you look at her in confusion. Her eyes are gleaming with curiosity. Shaking with anticipation, she awaits some sort of reaction from you. You can't help, but think she's kind of... Cute. Not in an erotic or moe way that Akyu is, but she has a charm of her own. Just like teenage girls go squealing around about little porcelane figurines, you could squeal while hugging this cute lilipute. Her half-transparent wings flutter in the air.
You notice another one, floating around somewhere nearby, seemingly trying to hide herself between the branches of a tree. She looks kind of frightened. Her dress and hair are blue.
Tug, tug.
The green fairy tugs at your sleeve weakly, trying to turn your attention back to herself.

[ ] "What's your name?"
[ ] "... fresh meat."
[ ] "Flap off."
>> No. 11608
[ ] "... fresh meat."
>> No. 11609
{X} "What's your name?"
>> No. 11610
[X] "What's your name?"
>> No. 11612
[ ] "What's your name?"
>> No. 11613
[X] "What's your name?"
[X] "Do you like flowers?"
>> No. 11614
File 121337899890.jpg - (14.43KB , 180x185 , race_argonian.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11615
[ ] "What's your name?"
>> No. 11616
[ ] "What's your name?"
>> No. 11617
[ ] "What's your name?"


>> No. 11618
[ ] "... fresh meat."

Delicious Daiyousei
>> No. 11619
[x] "What's your name?"

Sup Daiyousei. Didn't expect to see you around.
>> No. 11620
[X] "What's your name?"
[X] Start singing.
>> No. 11621
>> No. 11622
What? Nanaya must be hungry
>> No. 11623
[X] "What's your name?"
[X] Start singing.

>> No. 11624
[x] "What's your name?"
Stay alert, this might be a prank.

They still feel pain.
>> No. 11625
[X] "What's your name, little girl? What's your name?"
>> No. 11626
File 121337993464.jpg - (52.89KB , 800x533 , E_MIi_flowers.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "What's your name?"

Damn, you can't get the thought out of your mind. She's... charmingly cute. Really. If you weren't so confused about her behaviour, you'd hug her here and now.
"So... What's your name?"
Hearing your voice, she jumps up cheerfully, giving you a beaming smile. Flapping her wings faster, she circles around you, making you spin around, trying to keep her in your sight. She doesn't say anything. Just smiles.
Could it be that she can't speak?
"Uh, so can you tell me your name?"
She stops mid-air, and puts her hand to her mouth, as if remembering something. You cock your head sideways in confusion as she smiles again and tugs on your sleeve once more.
Gently dragging you along, she approaches a small small tree, with another plant wrapped around it's stem.
It's not too high, maybe around 1.8m if you straightened it up. It has small, obovate leaves and little, red flowers subtended by a pair of petal-like bracts.
She lets go of your shirt and flutters to the plant, pointing at it cheerfully.
The other fairy still keeps her distance.
"You want me to guess your name?"
The green fairy claps her hands, emanating with happiness. She seems to be enjoying this little game.

[ ] Guess her name!
>> No. 11627
[x] Eat the flower

>> No. 11628
Or you could always

[ ] "I've had enough of your sass." and bite off her head
>> No. 11629

You should know that anon doesn't know shit about flora.
>> No. 11630

I googled a fragment of description and the result was on the first page, first result.
>> No. 11631
{X} "Milii?"
>> No. 11633
[x] Milii

>> No. 11636
[X] Emily
>> No. 11637
[x] "Milii?"
>> No. 11638
[x] "Milii?"
>> No. 11639
I'd say her name would be

[ ] Emily

just from the "E. Milii" thing.
>> No. 11640
[X] Emily
>> No. 11641
[x] Emily
she'll nod when we get it right
>> No. 11642
[x] Emily
>> No. 11643
[z] Emily
>> No. 11644
...crap, we can't even play a game of twenty questions to pinpoint the letters of the fairy's name. The little critter probably never learned the alphabet.

[x] "I'm sorry...I have no idea of what this flower is called."
[x] Continue looking for food.
>> No. 11645
[X] Emily
>> No. 11646
[ ] Emily

Sup fairy.
>> No. 11647
[ ] Emily
>> No. 11648
[x] "I don't think that flower is called "Annoying Gnat"".
>> No. 11649
...the fairies know the latin genus-species name of flowers?
>> No. 11650
[ ] "Emily, Latin for 'gets raped in a forest'"
[ ] Meaningful look
>> No. 11651
File 121338158957.jpg - (65.27KB , 448x530 , awesome cirno.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes. Those are the only words they know.
>> No. 11652
[x] Milii. Emily.

Hmm... You've never been a pro in botanics, but... Well you certainly HAVE read some books on that when looking for a way to decorate your apartment with some greenyness. Of course, being fastidious as you are, you wanted a plant that wouldn't require too much attention and water. Which led you to rummaging through various tomes of botanical knowledge, looking for something suiting.
Hmm... Small leaves... Climbing... Red flowers...
Euphorbia... Euphorbia...
"Mi... Euphorbia Milii... Emily?"
She claps her hands again after you say that name. Happily fluttering around your head, she continues her silent applause.
"Ahaha..." you can't help but let out a troubled laugh. That was completely random, but it seems you got it right. "So your name is Emily."
She floats in front of you and grabs your hands. Or rather, your fingers. One from each palm. Then, she tries to lift them up. Not wanting to disappoint her, you help her a little, and she begins spinning around, jumping up and down, dragging you along.
Man, she really is cute. Acting like a little child and all... And her green eyes are really charming. You're growing tired of this all, but you can't bring yourself to break her cheerfulness. I mean, one would have to be a monster to make her sad! Just look at those eyes and beaming smile!
Tears of happiness come out of your eyes while you continue to spin around with that little girl. You're tired, hungry, but...
Aaaaah, so happy! You're so happy! Making this girl happy made you happy! So delightful~!
But then you remember about the other fairy.
"Hey," snappin out of your blissful trance, you say to the green one "What about her?"
She stops spinning around and glances at her blue friend. Letting go of your hands, she turns around, waving at the shy fairy.

[ ] Do nothing
[ ] Run up to the blue one, dance with her
[ ] "Sorry, gotta go." then run away
>> No. 11653
[ ] Run up to the blue one, dance with her

So cute. ;_;
>> No. 11654
[X] Run up to the blue one, dance with her.

Forceful gaems.
>> No. 11655
[ ] Run up to the blue one, dance with her
>> No. 11656

or if this isn't going to win.

[ ] "Want to help me find some breakfast?"
>> No. 11657
>> No. 11658
[ ] Run up to the blue one, dance with her
>> No. 11659
[x] Run up to the blue one, dance with her

>> No. 11660
[X] Run up to the blue one, rape her.
>> No. 11661
<%YAFKYU> Jesus, just kill the fucking fairy already!
<%YAFKYU> Her blood tastes like chicken!
<+GenericDrawfag> I'm tempted to draw it.
<%YAFKYU> Do it
<%YAFKYU> Naya snaps one fairy's head
<+GenericDrawfag> Don't know if wanna.
<%YAFKYU> bites it off
<%YAFKYU> and asks the other one if she wants a piece
<Kapow> monster
>> No. 11662
>> No. 11663
[ ] Run up to the blue one, dance with her
>> No. 11664
[x] Run up to the blue one, dance with her
>> No. 11665
File 121338314413.png - (14.21KB , 400x350 , Hooray!.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11667
File 121338351960.jpg - (23.98KB , 215x412 , post-379582-1136347061.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Run up to the blue one, dance with her

This is too much. Simply too much. The sheer cuteness of those beings, it makes your head spin. You're no longer able to contain this happines within you.
Just like that, you burts with cheerful laugher. Not controlling your body, you run up to the blue one, and to her fright, grab her little hands. Overflowing with this familiar feeling of ultimate happiness, you begin to spin her around, in a childish dance of joy. At first reluctant, but when Emily joined, she started smiling as well.
The three of you spin around, you laughing like an idiot, while the two fairies remain silent, only opening their mouth as if wanting to laugh, but never letting out a sound.

Spin, spin, spin.
In this crazyness, you ask the blue one about her name. She simply points you to a puddle of water nearby.
"Water... Wa... Aqua?"
She answers with a smile, but then, as if realizing something, breaks out from your grasp and flies up to your face, putting her little hands on your mouth.
Her flustered face hovers just in front of your nose.
Now that she's so close, you can see that she's as cute, if not cuter, as Emily.
Embarassed, Aqua's cheeks get red.
"Hey, you shouldn't be embarassed about someone saying your name!"
She tries to keep your lips shut, but to no avail. You and Emily laugh cheerfully at her embarassment.

Soon after, your trio, led by Emily, submerge deeper into the forest.
Their happiness, their actions... They are overwhelming. You feel like you could stay with them forever.

Deeper in between the trees.

Into the unknown.

Into the green world.

And you did. No one heard from you ever since. Some people missed you. Some wondered what happened to you. Some... cried.
But you couldn't care less about that. Spending the rest of your days in the forest, slowly getting attached more and more to that silent duo, you became silent yourself. Forgot about the goods of civilisation.
Forgot about...


Well, at least you got to eat a breakfast that day. Composed of fruits and various plants, of course. Because, how could you even think about hurting any animals when those two were watching?

>> No. 11668
File 121338358884.jpg - (34.38KB , 736x736 , 120836032514.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11669

>> No. 11670

>> No. 11671
Eating innocent creatures with macabre wit?

Stop stealing my shtick YAF, you'll further desensitize anonymous and make my life harder.
>> No. 11672
File 12133839114.jpg - (52.93KB , 331x331 , saber_charmed.jpg ) [iqdb]
>She answers with a smile, but then, as if realizing something, breaks out from your grasp and flies up to your face, putting her little hands on your mouth.
>Her flustered face hovers just in front of your nose.
>> No. 11673
>> No. 11674
Feels good man.
>> No. 11675
File 12133846527.png - (2.89KB , 271x255 , yaffyeat.png ) [iqdb]

Emf emf...

Yeah, uh... Wait, what? I'm in the middle of a meal here?
Yeah, I'm having a fai- nevermind, what's the problem?

Ah yes, FAIRY END, huh? Well, there are two ways to avoid it. Don't give in to the cuteness or just fucking eat them. Eat those little insects like the spider you are. They all taste like chicken anyway.
>> No. 11676
I wonder what yaffy tastes like.
>> No. 11677
[x] Back one choice
[x] Fairy fuck, fairy fuck, it's awwwrite
>> No. 11678
File 121338496177.png - (2.84KB , 271x255 , yaffyeat.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 11679
File 121338497353.png - (2.73KB , 271x255 , yaffyeat2.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 11680
Fairy End is superior.
>> No. 11681
File 121338499080.png - (1.67KB , 271x255 , yaffhewashereasecond ago.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11682
Eating them would make Naya no better than a youkai. And we know how that shit ends.

[x] 1 choice back
[x] "Want to help me find some breakfast?"
>> No. 11684
[x] 1 choice back
[x] "Want to help me find some breakfast?"

It's yaffy season.
>> No. 11685
[x] 1 choice back
[x] "Want to help me find some breakfast?
>> No. 11686
[x] 1 choice back
[x] "Want to help me find some breakfast?"
>> No. 11687
So, anyone here read Fetish Fairies? man, that was so long ago. It brings back memories.
>> No. 11688
Don't give in to the cuteness? But this Nanaya lives to give in to cuteness! It's why he's on Akyu Route.

[x] "Want to help me find some breakfast?"
Find me some fruit or hover uselessly while I go rustle up some grub.
>> No. 11689
>[x] "Want to help me find some breakfast?"
They're our breakfast

>> No. 11692
Bondage Fairies, rather. It really has been a while.
>> No. 11694
One of the first Hentai Doujins I ever found, fond memories. Weird that even at thirteen years old or so I didn't find anything weird about faeries having sex with insects, didn't get off on it. It was just, y'know, there.
>> No. 11695
[15:29] <Kapow> why do you want to kill fairies
[15:29] <+GenericDrawfag> THEY'RE FAIRIES
[15:29] <Kapow> chicken tastes like chicken
[15:29] <+GenericDrawfag> Also they ended us
[15:29] <Kapow> go kill a chicken
[15:29] <Pygmalion> SO I CAN GET POINTS
[15:30] <%YAFKYU> And then masturbate with their corpses
[15:30] <%YAFKYU> Oh, Scorn would be happy to see that
[15:30] <%YAFKYU> NO PYG
[15:30] <Pygmalion> BUT I HAS NO HAIR SO YEAH
[15:31] <Kapow> what if akyu was shrunk to fairy size
[15:31] <Kapow> would you want to kill her
[15:31] <Pygmalion> Mini-Akyu...
[15:31] <Pygmalion> YAF, you are now imagining mini Akyu riding the front pocket of your shirt!
[15:33] <+GenericDrawfag> I'd step on fairy-sized Akyu.
[15:34] <Terminal-tan> Isn't that a fetish? Stepping on small things like mice and hamsters.
[15:34] <Kapow> so what, it's the size?
[15:34] <+GenericDrawfag> It is?
[15:34] <Kapow> if the girl is defenseless enough you want to kill her?
[15:34] <Terminal-tan> Sure is.
>> No. 11696
[15:35] <%YAFKYU> sorry, I had to get a tissue
[15:35] <%YAFKYU> the blood, it is everywhere
[15:35] <%YAFKYU> Fairy Akyu...
[15:35] <%YAFKYU> FUCK! AGAIN!
[15:35] <Kapow> you are now writing fairy akyu dream sequence
[15:38] <%YAFKYU> ...
[15:38] <Kapow> DO IT
[15:38] <%YAFKYU> But I'll save that idea for later
[15:38] <%YAFKYU> Or I'll do a side story
[15:38] <%YAFKYU> Naya wakes up and finds fairy Akyu sleeping curled up on his chest
[15:39] <Terminal-tan> He then serves her as breakfast
[15:39] <Kapow> better if she can talk
[15:39] <%YAFKYU> So moe I'm gonna eat her!
[15:39] <Terminal-tan> The sizzling noises coming from the pan drowns out her screams.
[15:40] <+GenericDrawfag> ( ´∀`)
[15:40] <%YAFKYU> Oh nom nom nom
[15:40] <%YAFKYU> Someone post this log on board
[15:40] <Pygmalion> Dan Kim urges rising...
[15:42] <%YAFKYU> :>
[15:42] <%YAFKYU> Bring forth the despair!
[15:43] <%YAFKYU> Then we shall smite this board! And RULE it all!
>> No. 11699
File 121338665315.jpg - (39.50KB , 800x386 , 800px-Carambola_cut.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] 1 choice back
[x] "Want to help me find some breakfast?"

"So, uh..."
Trying your best to supress the urge to dance with the blue one, you try to bring yourself into stating your business here. Man, it's hard to concentrate when they both look at you with those cute eyes...
~sparkling, sparkling~
Emily's eyes seem to be sending words like these straight through your mind, and into your heart. The desire to hug her is immeasurable!
But... But... BUT!
Resist the unresistible!
You've fought moebeetus inflicted by Akyu, the cutest girl in the world! How could you fall for something of such a low level! A fairy? Feh! Make it an army of naked, squealing fairies and we'll talk!
New resolve, new power, new answers! Reverse the cuteness and spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, SPIN, SPIN, SPIN!

"So, could you help me find something to eat?"
Scratching your head in embarassment, you direct that question to Emily.
She cocks her head to the side.
"Oh, you know. Fruits? I'm hungry. Hun-gry." you point to your stomach "I want to eat." then to your mouth "Understand?"
She stares at you in confusion for a while longer, than, rasing her finger, she gives you a smile. Fluttering her little wings, she flies up to you and grabs your sleeve.
"You're taking me to food?"
She nods. Obediently, you let yourself be dragged by this small girl.
The blue one follows silently behind.

Emily stops.
It seems that you have arrived at your destination. A rather big tree, in the middle of a small glade.
Gesturing you to sit down, Emily flies up and disappears betweet the tree's branches.
Sitting on the ground, you let out a sigh.
Seriously, why has it come to this? Time is seeping through your fingers while you spend time with this silent duo... You have to hurry up. Otherwise...
Well, consequences can be severe, but now all you can think about is food.
The blue fairy sits directly opposite of you, keeping a safe distance of two or three meters.
"Uh..." her stare is making you feel uncomfortable "Hello? What's your name?"
Pouting, she closes her eyes and snorts. Oh well. Looks like you won't be befriending this one.
Something gently hits the top of your head. Reaching there, you find a strange object.
Bringing it into your view reveals it to be a...
How were those called again? Starfruits?
Emily descends from above, happily observing your reaction to receiving her gift.
She raises her little hands to her mouth and demonstrates - this is how you should be eating it - she seems to say.

They're sweet, but filling. A good substitute for a real breakfast, for the time being. Large amounts of sugar will at least give you some energy.
Spitting out the last seeds from the last fruit, you clasp your hands together and bow to Emily, in a traditional japanese gesture of appreciation.
She returns the bow, politely placing her hands on her thighs.

Alright, what now?

[ ] "It was fun meeting you two. But I have to go."
[ ] Try talking to the blue one
[ ] Those fairies are eyesores
[ ] Do fairies wear underwear?
[ ] Does Emily have breasts?
>> No. 11700
[x] "It was fun meeting you two. But I have to go."
>> No. 11701
[x] "It was fun meeting you two. But I have to go."

no molesting the fairies
>> No. 11702
[X] Do fairies wear underwear?
[X] Does Emily have breasts?
>> No. 11703

>[15:40] <+GenericDrawfag> ( ´∀`)

Do it. Fry her. ( ´∀`)
>> No. 11704
[ ] Do fairies wear underwear?
[ ] Does Emily have breasts?

>> No. 11705
[X] Do fairies wear underwear?
[X] Does Emily have breasts?

She's asking for it. Women are always asking for it.
>> No. 11706
[x] Do fairies wear underwear?
[x] Does Emily have breasts?

rape faeries nao?
>> No. 11707
[X] Do fairies wear underwear?
[X] Does Emily have breasts?

>> No. 11708
File 121338819555.jpg - (76.94KB , 600x600 , 4dbf581a216284b4a09491090272096f.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11711
[+] "It was fun meeting you two. But I have to go."
>> No. 11712
[X] Do fairies wear underwear?
[X] Does Emily have breasts?
>> No. 11713
[z] "It was fun meeting you two. But I have to go."
>> No. 11714
[x] "It was fun meeting you two. But I have to go."
Sugar won't last. Especially not for Nanaya. He owes Akyu plenty of protein.
>> No. 11715
[X] "It was fun meeting you two. But I have to go."
>> No. 11716
[ ] Do fairies wear underwear?
[ ] Does Emily have breasts?

>> No. 11717
[X] Do fairies wear underwear?
[X] Does Emily have breasts?

DO WANT fairy rape.
>> No. 11718
File 121338973292.jpg - (180.09KB , 596x555 , 1212680518040.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Do fairies wear underwear?
[X] Does Emily have breasts?

Hmm... Observing her joyful dances, you can't help but notice how her dress jumps up and down, occasionally revealing her smooth thighs.
That makes you wonder.
For example, do fairies wear underwear? It would be kinda logical for them not to, since they live in the wilderness and reincarnate and... Wait, if they reincarnate, do they reincarnate with full clothing? Or do they have to find their previous body to retrieve it? And if they live in the wilderness, why do they wear clothes at all?
Intriguing. Truly, a mystery of life and existence. Emily, noticing your interested stare, hangs mid-air and gives you a warm smile, leaning forward, supporting her arms on her knees.
That arises another question.
Do fairies have breasts? Or rather, does Emily have breasts? From what you've seen, fairies have very underdeveloped bodies, but this one... Her dress is rather loose, so she might as well hide something underneath it.
Curiosity takes over your actions.
Why not...? But if... There's no one here to see it anyway.... But what about... Nah, they're just fairies... It's not like they're going to TELL somone about it.
Well then.

You reach for Emily with your hand. Seeing your gesture, she outstretches her arms, like if to hug your incoming fingers, but...
To her shock, you grab her dress and pull it up.
Well, it got cleared up. Fairies DO wear underwear. Where do they get it, shall remain a sweet mystery. This particular one wears a miniature pair of ordinary, striped panties. Of course, the stripes suit her colour pattern, panties themselves being white, and the stripes green.
You nod to yourself.
"As expected, as expected."
Ignoring her bright red face and her hands which she has now placed on her mouth in an embarassed gesture, you pull her dress higher, to reaveal...
To your disappointment, a perfectly flat chest. The only irregularity are two nipples, sticking out slightly of that otherwise smooth surface. They're green.
Curiously, you poke your finger against that chest.
Emily opens her mouth as if wanting to moan, but no sound escapes her throat.
Hm, there's a layer of soft skin, beneath which, you can feel her miniature ribs. When you press harder, a faint, almost inexistant pulsing can be felt on your fingertip. Her heart.
Muttering to yourself, you continue examining her body. It seems to have a smiliar structure to human's, only the wings sticking out of her scapulas.
Suddenly, there's a soft kick on your hand, and Emily, insanely embarassed, disappears above you, in the thicket of the large tree.
"Wait!" you yell "I wanted to examine your legs as well!"
But to no avail. She doesn't return.
There's an angry tapping to your right.
You forgot about the blue one.
She glares at you with quite displeased expression.

[ ] "Adios, pretty." then get the hell out of here
[ ] "So... What are you going to do, huh?"
[ ] "You jealous?"
[ ] "Wait, you're a fairy as well..."
>> No. 11719
>only the wings sticking out of her scapulas.

should be

>not counting the wings sticking out of her scapulas.
>> No. 11720
[x] "You jealous?"
>> No. 11721
[X] "You jealous?"

She wants it. YAF, I demand that we are allowed to fuck the fairy.
>> No. 11722
[ ] "You jealous?"

>> No. 11724
{X} "You jealous?"
{X} "Well, you're a fairy as well..."
>> No. 11725
File 121339036786.jpg - (188.03KB , 600x2400 , shittyshit.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fairy end sux

shit sux
>> No. 11726

I drooled a bit.
>> No. 11727
File 121339048753.jpg - (15.66KB , 640x360 , 1182411318884.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 11729
[X] "You jealous?"
>> No. 11730
File 121339088713.png - (2.46KB , 200x200 , 1191698156892.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11731
[X] "You jealous?"

You look at her with mild curiosity. She flinches under your examining stare. Or rather, underessing stare?
Whatever it is, she's not pleased.
"What is it? You jealous? Want me to touch you as well?"
Her face changes to that of a fright. She takes a few steps, or rather flaps back as you stand up.
"Well, I wouldn't mind examining another one. You've got diffirent wings. That could mean a completely diffirent skeletal build. Touch and feel your skeletal build."
Step. Outstreching your hand, you walk up to the blue fairy. She seems to be too scared to move.
But, as you were about to catch her, suddenly, like if someone impaled a needle in your palm, an intensive pain.
Instinctively, you retract your hand. There are no wounds, but the pain remains.
Damn, what did she...
Blue floats in the air, with her finger aimed at you. With a face that says "Don't fuck with me", she gestures you to get out of here.
But you're not going to comply. After all, what is a pain in comparision to opportunity of examining such a strange being with your own hands? Maybe you could even find something that Akyu missed! Yeah, that'd be one way of impressing her.
But this one is a sharp one. She won't allow you to simply touch her like Emily did.
So, you have to use wits.
Acting as if about to leave, you suddenly make a 180 degrees sping and dash towards Blue.
You're fast.
But still, too slow.
Hundreds, thousands of miniature needles pierce your hand and forearm.
"Ghhh..." groaning in pain, you fall to the ground, clutching your pained arm. There are no wounds. But the pain remains.
Blue sticks out her tongue at you, then follows Emily's footsteps... Wingsteps? Wingflaps? And dissapears in the treetop as well.
Having you senses dulled by the pain, you simply remain sitting on the ground, panting heavily.

After a few minutes, the pain subsides.
You sigh with relief. Looks like fairies' danmaku doesn't have any long-term after effects. Either that or you're still about to discover them.

[ ] Go back to village
[ ] Climb the tree
[ ] Call out for Emily
>> No. 11732
[x] Call out for Emily, apologize
>> No. 11733
[x] Go back to village

Enough with this misadventure. Your future awaits.
>> No. 11734
[ ] Go back to village
>> No. 11735
[X] Call out for Emily, apologize.
>> No. 11736
[x] Call out for Emily, apologize
[x] Go back to village

>> No. 11737
[ ] Go back to village
>> No. 11738
[x] Call out for Emily

We might as well examine fairy Dungeons while we're finding the answers to science's pressing questions.
>> No. 11739
[X] Climb the tree
[X] Call out for Emily

I liked the faeries. Fairy End was alright, save for crying Akyu.
>> No. 11740
{X} Call out for Emily, apologize, leave
>> No. 11741
[x] Call out for Emily
>> No. 11742
Suddenly, fairy ninjas.
>> No. 11743
[x] Call out for Emily, Apologize
>> No. 11744
awright, sorry for the delay, eatan games, etc, gonna get baack to work in a few minutes. seven or so will do.
>> No. 11745
[ ] Go back to village
>> No. 11746
[x] Call out for Emily, apologize
[x] Go back to village

To think you've went through so much pain to...
To what? What did you achieve? Well sure, you got to see half-naked Emily, but... Was it worth it? Because despite your violent behaviour, the only thing you've managed to break was her heart. Damn it. Now you're starting to feel bad.
Seriously, now thinking back, what the hell were you doing? Surely, it was tempting to examine a magical being, but... The way you've done this... It was wrong.
"Emily?" you call out to the tree. No answer. "Um, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have..." crap. You're feeling kinda awkward. Come on, she's only a fairy! Why are you even apologizing? Still... "If I can ever repay you somehow... Come and find me, okay? I live in the human village, so if you ever need anything..."
Resignated, you shrug.
"Anyway, I'm going now. Goodbye. And sorry."
Without looking back, you leave this sunny glade.

After finding your way back to the village, you start strolling aimlessly along the streets. Seriously. It was nice spending time with those two, but you've wasted much time.
It's probably around 1PM or something around that.

[ ] Shops
[ ] Akyu's place
[ ] Keine's place
[ ] School
>> No. 11747
[x] Shops
The clothes shop. Suddenly, TRANSPARENT NIGHT. Time for revenge!
>> No. 11748
[x] Akyu's place
>> No. 11749
[ ] Shops
>> No. 11750
[x] Akyu's place

Clothes shopping can come later, after we get moar money.


Also, bondage gear for Akyu.
>> No. 11751
[x] Akyu's place

Might as well greet the future wife.
>> No. 11753
[x] "Want to help me find some breakfast?"
They'll probably give us fruit, but meh
>> No. 11754

( ಠ∀ಠ)
>> No. 11755
>> No. 11756

( ´∀`)why hello there~
>> No. 11758

Get out Merupo.
>> No. 11762
File 121339844124.jpg - (36.07KB , 562x562 , Reimunaya.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 11763
File 121339869781.png - (188.14KB , 916x990 , Komachi smirk.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11766
[x] Shops
>> No. 11792
[x] Might as well break into Kourin's shop now and start doing inventory.
>> No. 11797
would Akyu be at school right now?
>> No. 11799
>fairy Dungeons
Go read the original Bondage Fairies. You will see more than you ever wanted to see of fairy dungeons in there.
>> No. 11802

Yeah, probably in Keine's office, like where she was the first time we met her.
>> No. 11837
>Bondage Fairies

I downloaded this and I'm deeply disappointed. What the fuck. Seriously, what the fuck.

Also, why the hell did you wanna rape Emily if you didn't want to eat her?
>> No. 11838
>> No. 11846
They're all on Aeris dies, just keep reading the me till you find a story you like.

It comes in three or four flavors: Bondage Faeries, Bondage Faeries EXTREME, the new Bondage Faeries and one other I think.
Extreme was the best IMO, the first story arc was pretty harsh but kind of awesome.
>> No. 11849
>Also, why the hell did you wanna rape Emily if you didn't want to eat her?

I'd laugh, but you're not joking.
>> No. 11857
File 121345969023.jpg - (121.31KB , 658x595 , e26c3950bfe6145bc7cedfe43400b58e.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd eat her, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 11908
The original Bondage Fairies is All about the bondage part.

The rest is mainly about hot fairies fucking each other and/or various woodland creatures.

And the occasional Fun Woodlands Biology Tip.
>> No. 20260
>> No. 20270