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11117 No. 11117
[X] "Ren, are you trying to seduce me?"
[X] "Mary is unimportant. There is only you, Ren."

"Ren..." No doubt, this is not a simple coincidence. Her behaviour, her hazy eyes... Is she trying to... "Are you trying to seduce me?"
A malicious smile creeps onto her lips. Again drawing the hair from her face, she draws a line with her finger, sliding it down your body, starting at your chest, ending at waist, exactly at the point when your bodies are touching. This simple caress is enough to make your body spasm in pleasure. Seeing your reaction, her smile gets wider.
Neither confirming or dismissing, she lets out a silent purr. What is it? Is she having fun herself? Or is it only an act to make you sink further into her control?

Hell, you don't even care. It's been enough. Even if it stopped at that kiss, you would've been already sold to her. Her mere presence is overwhelming, how could you even think about resisting her when she's so close? That strange magnetism, her erotic aura, you wouldn't call yourself a man if you were to simply push her away. No man would be able to resist her. Even if she's just a normal human, even if her chest is nothing compared to Yukari's or Mary's, she's still superior to them.
Because she has this mysterious charm.

"Well, if you are... You're doing one hell of a fine job here. It's working."
"I'm glad to hear that." You feel her body rubbing against yours again. Does she even know what she's doing? If it keeps up like this... "So..." again, that finger, making circles on your chest "Tell me, please?"
That's enough. You've had enough. Why were you resisting this feeling for so long? Mary? Who is Mary? The only girl you know is...
"Ren..." you gather your thoughts. Two voices, screaming in your head, fade away temporarly. Two voices, one belonging rather to your body than to your mind, while the other one... You shake your head. "Mary is unimportant here. There is only you."
Her finger stops.
Her face lights up in a true, happy smile. Not a hint of mischievousness from earlier. Just a pure happiness.
"Thank you."
Her hair brushes your cheeks as she bends down, connecting your lips together yet again.

Hard floor. Starlit sky. Cold breeze. Soft sensation on the whole length of your body. The warmth of another person, her breath of your neck.
Ah, how many years has it been?
Even though your intentions in coming here were a bit... diffirent. Even though returning to the outside world would make all the effort to come here useless...
No, it wasn't useless. Because, thanks to the events that happened here, you got to know the girl of your life. She's from outside? Well, it doesn't matter. Even if she is, she's not simply yet-another-brick-in-the-wall.
She's special.
She is... Renko Usami, the one that made you lose your mind. The one that made you get it back again. The one that makes your body move on it's own.
The one you'll be taking with you, and hold onto her, whatever happens. In danger, in serenity, in happy times, and sad times, you're going to be with her.
Because... Isn't that what you call love?
Your hand carefully caress her back. Gently, using only the fingertips, you simply touch her skin, taking in every little sensation. Every square centimeter of her skin feels like the finest silk. She purrs quietly as you continue to slide your fingers along her skin, reaching under her t-shirt. Her ribs, shoulders, and finally...
Her body moves. Using her arms, she lifts herself up a little. Supporting them on your chest, she looks at your hands under her shirt, then at your face.
That mischievous smile makes it's return as she rubs herself against your outstretched arms.
"Oooh?" Sliding backwards, she makes your fingers bump against what has to be her breasts. The sole sensation and memories of that soft place makes shivers run down your spine, of course, concentrating their intensity in that one place. If it keeps up like this... "What do you think you're touching?"
"I-- uh..." you instinctively try to explain yourself, while desperately begging her in your thoughts to do that again. Oh god, how you want to feel that little lump of flesh under your fingers one more time... "A--"
"You're cute when flustered."
She says that in an amused tone.
Cute? Flustered? Do you have any idea what you're saying?
You shake off every last bit of embarassment.
"Well, Ren..." returning that shark-toothed smile, you mentally prepare for your next move, calculating the direction and force... "You look cute when aroused."
Before she's able to catch the meaning of that phrase, you make a swift move with your hands, and...
Out of the blue, simply as that, without mercy, though still relatively gently, you pinch her nipples.
She lets out a gasp, at the same time trying to moan. The results were funny to say the least. Her smile has disappeared, her eyes have closed. Strength in her arms apparently faded out, making her almost collapse down on you. Well, almost.
Because there's nothing to stop you from supporting her by grabbing her small, yet pleasant in touch breasts.
"N--..." she stutters. Looking down at you with kind of teary eyes, her hair loose, she looks incredibly erotic. Plus those little, hard things pressing against your palms... "Now you're just mean..."
Oh god, how cute. She's clearly enjoying herself, but doing her best to look irritated. You'd hug her... That is, if you weren't groping her breasts.
So, you just continue to smile mischievously.
"Geez, really... You're so..." she grabs a hold of your wrist, and supporting herself on it, she changes her position to a sitting one. Sitting on top of you, that is. Carefully, not to make your hand fall from her chest. She doesn't want you to stop touching.
"Um... Isn't it..."
"Hm? What is it?" still smiling, you cheerfully urge her to spit it out "Is there something wrong?"
"Uh... Don't you think it's a bit... uncomfortable here?"

[ ] "You're right. Let's go somewhere else." (specify)
[ ] "What do you suggest?"
[ ] "Well, it may be, but I can't wait any longer."

>> No. 11119
[ ] "What do you suggest?"
>> No. 11120
[x] "What do you suggest?"
>> No. 11121
[x] "You're right. Let's go somewhere else." The clothes shop in the human village.
Kill the shopkeeper and have sex on top of his ambiguously gay corpse.
>> No. 11122
[x] "What do you suggest?"
>> No. 11123
[ ] "What do you suggest?"
>> No. 11124
[X] "What do you suggest?"
>> No. 11125
[X] "What do you suggest?"
>> No. 11127
[X] "What do you suggest?"
>> No. 11139
>[X] "Mary is unimportant. There is only you, Ren."

Yeah this will end well.

What route are we even on anymore?
>> No. 11140
[X] "What do you suggest?"
>> No. 11141

Looking like Family ties with Ren ending.
>> No. 11144
>"You're cute when flustered."

First Gunman in Gensokyo and now here. What's with all the table turning?
>> No. 11145
>What route are we even on anymore?

I always had the impression that Mary and Ren's routes here were like the sisters' routes in Wind: a Breath of Heart, sort of. Well, saying it's like that game is simplifying things to a terrible extent, but I think you know what I mean.
>> No. 11146
[ ] "You're right. Let's go somewhere else." (Empty Guest Room #2)

Women like a decisive man.
>> No. 11149
But Renko has a need for control and consideration.

[y] "What do you suggest?"
>> No. 11151
[x] "You're right. Let's go somewhere else." (Sector Z)
>> No. 11154
[x] "You're right. Let's go somewhere else." (Inside a whale's vagina)
>> No. 11156

I'm pretty sure we said something similar to Reimu and ended up boning Suika, so who knows anymore?

[x] "What do you suggest?"
>> No. 11157
Apparently the 'Family Ties' route is about how non-existent our family ties are.

Either that, or 'Family Ties' was tacitly retconned and replaced with 'Renko Route'.
>> No. 11195
>>10961 >>10981 >>11019

After this thing, am I the only one to think that Nanaya = Blick Winkel?

And that we will never activate all of the 90 flags?
>> No. 11196
Heh. The trans-route flashbacking is kinda spiffy. It's a shame Nanaya never became close to Mima in previous routes. I'd get a kick out of seeing him go instantly ballistic whenever Red showed his face.
>> No. 11197
File 121327777026.jpg - (41.96KB , 450x580 , 9557a4acb2c7e304fc0f647e66f225c5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "What do you suggest?"

Mm, now that she mentions it... It IS kinda uncomfortable. The floor's wooden, but still quite hard, making it a bit painful to be laying on it non-stop. Yeah, this situation could use some fluffy goodness. A matress, for instance. Or some pillows.
"I guess you're right." you theatrically shrug and frown "My back kinda hurts. What do you suggest?"
"Mmmm..." she mutters, trying her best to control her body, which, being touched by your fingers, automatically, as if following an instinct, rubs intself against them "I... Somewhere... Where we can lay down comfortably."
She bites her lip. Her troubled face reveals a change in her thoughts. What is it? Could it be that she has realized what's about to come when she makes the decision? Having second thoughts?
"Mm... I don't know... Maybe somewhere inside?"
Well, that certainly is a good idea to move inside the shrine. Though there is a possibility of running into Reimu on your way there, even though there is a possibility of getting scolded for doing 'those kind of things' in her house again... And Mary... She might still be up, and possibly, looking for either you or Renko... Or both...
But you can't really stay here, on this hard floor and chilly breeze. The former could be fixed with some pillows or a matress, but that would mean a lot of unneeded hassle. There is one pillow here, the one Renko was using earlier, but it's way too little to make the experience comfortable.
"Alright. Let's go inside then."
Fighting your body's resistance, you take your hands off Renko's chest. She looks disappointed as well, but quickly gathers her thoughts and stands up, giving you a hand to help you up. Which you gladly take.
Only now, you can feel the pain in your back intensify as it's muscles move, adapting to your upright position. Damn, it would be really bad if you stayed like this longer.
What a smart girl.

Speaking of her, she's still holding onto your hand. Apparently waiting for some sort of action from your side, she stares into your eyes.
"Hm? Ah, yes." you cough "We should get going, right?"
A bit confused, unsure what to do, you continue standing there. Now... Really, what should you do? Carry her? Let go of her hand? Lead her somewhere? No? Wait?
As if to clear your confusion, she pulls her hand from your grip, and taking a step forward, her arms grab your shoulders. Making a small 'oof' sound, she jumps up and wraps her legs around your waist.
While it feels incredibly arousing, you remain conscious enough to support her from underneath with your hands.
She giggles as you ponder where to put them, and try to find a comfortable position without touching what you shouldn't touch.
"Why are you so fidgety? Come on, grab wherever you want."
Oh hell. If there's a verbal permission...

You enter the shrine, carrying Renko. Using your feet to open and close the door, you're back inside the dark corridor. Now, where to...?

[ ] Your room
[ ] Her room
[ ] Dining room
[ ] Pick at random
[ ] Ask her where to go
>> No. 11198
[X] Mary's room.

Because the tension and thrill of being caught will make it that much better.
>> No. 11199

[x] Mary's room.

Same choice, different reason.
>> No. 11200
[X] Her room
>> No. 11201
[x] Mary's room.

Haha, wow. This is awesome.
>> No. 11202
[X] Mary's room.

Eeeeverybody eats when they come to my house~
>> No. 11203
[X] Toilet.
Time to take a dump.
>> No. 11206
[x] Dining room

Right on top of the table.
>> No. 11207
File 121327934338.jpg - (89.01KB , 797x1061 , watermark.jpg ) [iqdb]

We think alike.
>> No. 11209
Oh wow...the crazy possibilities of "Mary's Room". It made me suddenly think, "what if we had picked Reimu's room"? The idea of using the order to make Reimu watch Nanaya and Renko go at it cracks me up, it's so absurd. They'd both flip out. Though Renko'd probably kick Nanaya in the balls again.
>> No. 11211
File 121327961639.jpg - (77.23KB , 779x291 , normal_bowl_of_mayohiga_24.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11213
<YAF_GHOST> [X] Mary's room
<YAF_GHOST> What the fuck are you guys? Dumb?
>> No. 11214
[X] Her room
>> No. 11215

We should still have two continues.
>> No. 11216
>What the fuck are you guys? Dumb?

You have to ask?

Besides, I thought it would be funny.
>> No. 11219
File 121328070016.jpg - (22.11KB , 340x242 , 1206615112441.jpg ) [iqdb]

{X} Your room
>> No. 11220
[x] Maria's room
>> No. 11222
[X] Your room

It won't win, but damn. Seriously?
>> No. 11224
[X] Reimu's room.
[X] On her bed.
[X] On her good sheets.

If she complains, remind her of the penalty game. And remind her that we could make it much worse than this...
>> No. 11230
[X] Reimu's room.
[X] On her bed.
[X] On her good sheets.

i think this is clearly the best idea
>> No. 11231
[X] Reimu's room.
[X] On her bed.
[X] On her.
>> No. 11232
[x] Mary's room.

talk about a thrill
>> No. 11233
[x] Your room
>> No. 11234
[x] Outside. In the forest.

Hi, Wriggle.
>> No. 11235
ohicwutudidthar, and i like it

[X] Reimu's room.
[X] On her bed.
[X] On her.
>> No. 11237
[X] Reimu's room.
[X] On her bed.
[X] On her good sheets.

hahaha oh wow
>> No. 11238
[x] Mary's room.
>> No. 11240
[x] First Reimu's room
[x] Then Mary's room

We're going for a combo!
>> No. 11241
Naturally we won't SAY that we're going to Mary's room. Renko might try and veto it, so we'll just carry her straight there and THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE.
>> No. 11242
[X] To the window
[X] To the wall
[X] Til the sweat drips down my balls
>> No. 11246
[X] Mary's room.
>> No. 11247
>> No. 11248
[x] Reimu's room
[x] Mary's room

>> No. 11250
File 12132843846.png - (14.40KB , 695x379 , 12050999189248.png ) [iqdb]

How about no?
>> No. 11251
[X] Crawl underneath the House.
>> No. 11253
[x] go on the roof
>> No. 11255
[x] Kourindou
>> No. 11256
[x] mary's room
>> No. 11257
[X] Call for Tewi

She'll know where to go.
>> No. 11258

This anon has the romantic spirit.
>> No. 11259
[x] Inside Yukari's portable Rape Dimension
>> No. 11260
I am still for going to the toilet, the man needs to take a dump.
>> No. 11261
[x] Inside a whale's vagina
>> No. 11262
Bah, romance. Too many posts of Nanaya and Renko staring into one another's eyes and being flustered and insecure, or lovey-dovey and entranced. It's time for this party to get CRAZY!
>> No. 11263
[X] Jump from the roof.
>> No. 11269
[X] Jump from the roof.

doing it for air-time, very sensual indeed
>> No. 11270
[ ] Dining room

Why is this not winning? It should be WINNING!
>> No. 11275
[X] Mary's room.
No way around it.
>> No. 11277
[x] Inside Klein Klan's vagina
>> No. 11279
[x] The Lake.
>> No. 11280
[x] Your room.
[x] On the roof.
Either works.
>> No. 11282
[X] Mary's room.
>> No. 11283
[X] A roof-top sport for outdoor types
>> No. 11284
File 121328910083.jpg - (37.57KB , 450x500 , 8035d9e61992f703003566a8c1c87c06.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Mary's room.

A crazy thought crosses your mind. Hm, why not? After all... And the thrill of getting caught...
Definitely, it's worth trying. But, but, you can't simply say it like that, now can you?
Cheering to yourself, you set your steps in the direction of Mary's room.
"Hm? Where are we going?"
Renko asks in silent voice.
"You'll see."

A few moments later, you're standing in front of your destination's doors.
"Hm, isn't this--" Not letting Renko finish, you kick open the door. Holding back the urge to scream something nonsenical, you boldly barge in. "W-what are you--?!"
Well, damn. She's not here. What a waste of your time. Still, it's better than nothing. After all, she will have to return here at some point, right? That's why...
With a swift kick, you close the door.
Renko, still holding onto you, nervously looks around.
"Isn't this... Why here?!"
Oh wow, now she's scared. Or embarassed. Or both. The sight of her flustered face makes your heart race in adoration and excitement.
Unable to restrain yourself any longer, you step up to Mary's matress. Kneeling down on it, you urge Renko to slide off along your legs and down on the soft covers. With a silent squeal, she sinks into the thick eiderdown.
The sight of her red face makes you lose it.

Ignoring her muffled protests, her silent objections, you bury your head in her breasts.
Or rather, slide her t-shirt up and start carresing them, while the white fluffyness closes itself around your connected bodies. Why does Reimu even have this kind of bedding? Isn't she supposed to be poor?
"What are-- ahh! If we get discove--nnnn!"
Renko still tries to protest even though you're running your tongue over her pink nipples, while petting her thighs, sliding your hands up and down her smooth skin.
Her voice breaks into loud moans as you suck on one of her breasts, making her body jerk up violently.
Even if you weren't touching her, her moans alone would make you raging hard in an instant.
Come to think of it, what's so special about her?
Her body is average. Not outstanding. Her breasts are nothing special. Perhaps, they're even smaller than average. What is it then? She has nothing at all. No powers. No concealed talents. She is...

Not what you came here to see.

You wanted an escape. A glorious adventure, a sigh-seeing tour among magic and foreign surroundings. And she... she has none of that. Even Mary beats her in this department. Since she has the connection to Yukari.

And yet...

You can't help that feeling. To fall for such an ordinary being... It completely clashes with goals that you wanted to reach. It pretty much nullifies all the efforts you've gone through to get here.
Because, if you're going to return, with this girl at your side...

Then why?

But there's no helping it. This ordinary girl, she totally stole your mind.

Her average breasts. Her not outstanding personality. Her serenity. Ordinary face. Ordinary lips. Her...


Perhaps, that's not what you wanted. Perhaps what you were seeking weren't the thrills of roaming the unknown.
Perhaps, all you were longing for...

Was this feeling...

Her almost teary eyes, staring at you with a mix of suprisement and anticipation.
Only now, you notice that you've stopped moving. That all you're doing is staring at her average face.
At those not outstanding lips.
Her presence is overwhelming. Just like before, being this close to her, feeling her warmth, makes you...
"I love you."
Whispering that from the bottom of your heart, you bend down.
As if inviting you, her lips part, allowing you to...
Connect them with yours and...
Engage in a chaotic dance. Giving in to the pleasure, she takes the initiative and slides her tongue inside your mouth. Though a bit taken aback by her boldness, you silently obey her movements, answering, twirling around, mixing your saliva with hers.
That is not enough.
It really is not enough.
You want to give her more.
More pleasure. More delight of this contact.
Your hand, guided by that wish, slides down her body, along her chest, stomach, abdomen... Reaching a layer of soft fabric, it slides inside and...
She breaks the kiss and pulls her head back. Her body jerks up violently as you slide your fingers inside her most private part. Her wet walls squeeze your fingers, as you move them further inside.
She lets out that weird moan. Holding back laugher, you lock your lips in a kiss again.
This time, the initiative is yours. And this time, it's her turn to be obedient.
In and out, in and out, your fingers, now wet with her love juices continue to invade her hot slit. Your tonges, absorbed in a crazy dance, search for more pleasure, bending to their limits, exploring every little irregularity of each other's.
You're starting to lose it.
You've been hard for some time now, but...
If it wasn't for your earlier relief, you'd probably come already, being so aroused by this intimate contact.
But all you hear is a plead for more.
Coming from both Renko's lips and your thoughts, as you break the kiss and stand up. Taking them out of her shorts, you slide your fingers along Renko's body, leaving a trace of wet liquid on her smooth skin.
She continues to pant heavily as you unzip your fly and let your pants fall down. You take off your shirt and throw it aside.
Your erection pushes on your briefs from inside, creating a nice tent on their surface.
Renko stares at it passionately as you grab them and...

Without warning the door to the room opens.
Behind them, Mary's smiling face. Her body freezes in place. Without changing her expression, she closes the door.
Too dumbfounded to to anything, you just stand there, unmoving.
After a few seconds, the door opens again, revealing Mary, wearing the same expression as with the first time.
"Excuse me?"
She says in innocent voice.

[ ] How would you handle THIS situation?
>> No. 11285
[+] "Well, don't just stand there. Three's a party!"
>> No. 11286
>>Without changing her expression, she closes the door.
>>After a few seconds, the door opens again

Hmm, this seems familiar...

>>With a loud noise, you slam the door close. What. The. Hell.
>>With resignation, you open the door again. Only to be faced with kneeling Mary. Seeing you, she puts her hands on the floor and bows down in an old-fashioned japanese way.

[x] "Ah, I know how you feel."
>> No. 11287
[x] "Close the door, would you kindly?"
>> No. 11289
[X] Pick up Renko, and dash past Mary. All while grinning like a madman.
>> No. 11290
File 121328972924.jpg - (64.62KB , 800x600 , 800px-Frank_Fontaine_1st_(Fire)_boss_form.jpg ) [iqdb]
>would you kindly

WHAT did you just say?!
>> No. 11291
[x] "Fuck. She isn't listening. Okay, chew on this. CODE YELLOW."
>> No. 11292
[x] "Well, don't just stand there. Three's a party!"

Haha oh wow
>> No. 11293
[x] "Well, don't just stand there. Three's a party!"
>> No. 11294
[x] "Close the door, would you kindly?"

In b4 some anon writes a huge statement that would never work in this situation. There's no time to be verbose now.
>> No. 11295
This Shrine needs to have all choices write-in only.
>> No. 11296
[x] Keikaku doori.
>> No. 11297

Well it's not like I'm discouraging write-ins. Just the opposit, actually. It's always fun to write unpredictable choices. Unless they're incredibly stupid. Which they almost always are...

You know what, disregard that. I suck Mary's cocks.
>> No. 11298
Write that you blonde nigger.
>> No. 11299
File 121329066164.jpg - (12.09KB , 200x281 , 1169681930883.jpg ) [iqdb]

>Mary's cocks
>> No. 11300
[x] "Well, don't just stand there. Three's a party!"

We know Ren wants it.
Now's probably the best time to suggest it, at the peak of her desire!
>> No. 11301
I meant more like giving no choices, let Anon think of something like in Gunman.
>> No. 11302
File 121329216199.jpg - (58.67KB , 500x500 , Akyu006.jpg ) [iqdb]
Since I'm busy wih housework atm (took a short break), here's something I'd want to know:

After this route, would you like to repeat the TRANSPARENT NIGHT event? If so, would you like it to happen at the same time it happened earlier or sometime else?

pic unrelated, Daddy's Daugher~
>> No. 11303

Wouldn't we need to repeat to reach your all knowing grand plot climax after we've done it all?
>> No. 11304
Surprise us.
>> No. 11305
Yes; surprise us.
>> No. 11306
I think it could be an interesting addition, as long as nobody forgets what it implies. Plus, you gave us one taste, might as well follow through.

Random times would make it more interesting, in my opinion. Not knowing when we'll get the opportunity that we get, only that it'll be there.
>> No. 11307
[X] Surprise us.
>> No. 11308
Uh, I think I didn't make it clear.

I meant THIS TN. THIS, as in FAMILY TIES' TN. Will you want to repeat it through scene selection?
>> No. 11309
[X] "Excuse ME." Continue.
>> No. 11310

Probably a good idea. It will let us get a better handle on exactly what TRANSPARENT NIGHT is all about, so that we understand how to deal with it when it comes up in the next route.
>> No. 11311

Well, It isn't really "Family ties" until we're boning Yukari.
>> No. 11312
[X] Pick up Renko, and dash past Mary. All while grinning like a madman.
>> No. 11313
[X] Go back one choice and don't be retarded this time.
>> No. 11314
File 12132962802.jpg - (34.33KB , 736x736 , 120836032514.jpg ) [iqdb]
>boning Yukari
>> No. 11315
Sure, why not.
>> No. 11316
>Well, It isn't really "Family ties" until Yukari is boning us.
>> No. 11317
>Well, It isn't really "Family ties" until we're deboning Yukari.
>> No. 11318
File 121329675551.png - (428.00KB , 750x600 , fb4b1ec8d83672a6bcd4a175235af34d.png ) [iqdb]

[ ] "Close the door, would you kindly?"
[ ] Pick up Renko, and dash past Mary. All while grinning like a madman.
[ ] "Excuse ME." Continue.
[ ] "Well, don't just stand there. Three's a party!"

Now, please choose wisely, WOULD YOU KINDLY?
>> No. 11319
[ ] Pick up Renko, and dash past Mary. All while grinning like a madman.
>> No. 11320
Thing is, we kind of already did that. As far as I can tell Family Ties was locked in there and everything past that has just been a (very, very, very) extended epilogue where we pick who to end with.

Of course odds are YAF has some more mindfucks in store, but it's been like a week of writing and nothing's really happened so who knows.
>> No. 11321
[ ] "Well, don't just stand there. Three's a party!"
>> No. 11322
[X] Pick up Renko, and dash past Mary. All while grinning like a madman.
[X] To Renko's room.
>> No. 11323

[X] Go back one choice and don't be retarded.
>> No. 11324
[x] "Come in and Close the door, would you kindly?"
>> No. 11325
No, we skipped deboning and cooking and went right to carving. That didn't work out at all.
>> No. 11326
[] Pick up Renko, and dash past Mary. All while grinning like a madman.

Fine, I'll vote.
>> No. 11327
[x] "Come in and close the door, would you kindly?"
>> No. 11328
[] Pick up Renko, and dash past Mary. All while grinning like a madman.
>> No. 11329
[X] "Excuse ME." Continue.

Naya's a nonchalant bastard.
>> No. 11330
[x] "CODE YELLOW." Pee on Renko's face.

Giving Renko a golden shower while Mary dies of a heart attack. This is the only path.
>> No. 11331

Anemia option is a no-go.
>> No. 11332
[x] "Come in and Close the door, would you kindly?"

Dashing past Mary with our pants around our ankles? I don't think that's going to work out well.
>> No. 11333
[x] "Close the door, would you kindly?"
>> No. 11334
It will be even better then.
[X] Pick up Renko, and dash past Mary. All while grinning like a madman.
>> No. 11335
[X] Pick up Renko, and dash past Mary. All while grinning like a madman.
[X] Run straight to Reimu's room. Penalty game and all that.
>> No. 11336

This is it, it's her trigger phrase.

>> No. 11337
[ ] "Well, don't just stand there. Three's a party!"
>> No. 11338

Yeah, I want to re-do that and see what happens.
>> No. 11339
File 121329921647.jpg - (283.21KB , 1024x768 , 90ed5df3d85fa4702bf006451bb6be12.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Pick up Renko, and dash past Mary. All while grinning like a madman.

All the circuits in your brain melt at the same time.
Surely, you've come here with the hope of getting discovered, but now that it has actually happened... A flood of thoughts, suggestions, conflicting orders. Calm down, PANIC, run, run, close the door, invite her, close, run, run, run, run!
One of them surfaces from the sea of others. Your body reacts practically on it's own.
You try to rush forward, but something makes you trip.
You fall flat on the floor.
Yeah, right, forgot that your pants are still entangled around your feet. Well, shit.
Ignoring girls' confused stares, you pick yourself up and theatrically dust off your legs and torso.
Making a suggestive cough, you run up to Renko.
She squeals silently as you pick her up. An insane smile creeps on your lips.
No time to lose. Another dash.
You run past dumbfounded Mary, giving her a flash of your teeth, probably scaring her with that mad smile of yours and your lack of clothing. As well as the lack of clothing on Renko.
As much as you'd like to see her face though, it's impossible. Because before she even reacts, you've already taken a turn and disappeared in a dark corridor.

Calming down a little, your brain starts functioning normally. Surely, that was exciting. Getting caught by Mary, that is. Who would've known that you have something from an exhibitionist in you?
You laugh at your own silliness.
Now THAT was something that's worth all the trouble! Who cares if you'll be too embarassed to face her tomorrow! You're on high spirits now! Nothing can stop you!
Oh right, except that.
Renko gently pats your shoulder.
"Excuse me, but what was THAT?!"
Uh-oh, she seems angry.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?! How do you think I'll be able to face her tomorrow!?"
She pouts at you, completely oblivious to the fact that her body is completely exposed for you to admire.
"Hey!" you try to answer as calmly as possible "You should've said something! Like 'let's go somewhere else'! Yet the only thing I was hearing was 'Ahh! Ahh!' and other moans!"
"T-that was--" her cheeks suddenly got redder. As if she wasn't red enough to begin with "A-anyways!" her gaze becomes sharp again "What are you planning to do NOW?"

[ ] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[ ] "Let's just forget it, okay?"
[ ] "What do YOU want me to do?"
[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."
>> No. 11340
[X] "What do YOU want me to do?"
>> No. 11341
[X] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[X] Reimu's room.

That's her penalty. She has to watch, without saying a word.
>> No. 11342
[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."
>> No. 11343
[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."



>> No. 11344
[x] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[x] Reimu's room.
If only Mima was here to see this.
>> No. 11345
[x] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[x] Reimu's room.
Collect on her penalty by making her watch every second of it.
>> No. 11346
[X] "I'm going to do you here and now."
>> No. 11347
[x] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[x] Reimu's room.

Now I've lost it.
>> No. 11348
[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."
Before that call everyone here and get them all to watch.
>> No. 11349
[x] "Let's just forget it, okay?"
>> No. 11350
[x] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[x] Reimu's room.
Do it faggots.
>> No. 11351

>> No. 11352
[x] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[x] Reimu's room.

Oho, why not kill ourselves.
>> No. 11353
[ ] "I'm going to do you here and now."
>> No. 11354
[x] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[x] Reimu's room.

Raymoo. Your good sheets. I'll be ruining them.
>> No. 11357
[x] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[x] Reimu's room.
>> No. 11359
[x] anemia option

how about we just pass out and make ourselves look like fools
>> No. 11361
[x] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[x] Toilet.
>> No. 11362
DAMN, anon is schizo. First he's bugging YAF for hot dickings with Ren and Mary, and now when the opportunity presents itself, he's voting for random shit that's wasting our time and ability to score said threesome.

>> No. 11363
File 121330136283.png - (209.97KB , 410x438 , 1208387921447.png ) [iqdb]
[x] "Of course, I'm going to take this all the way to the end. As for the place..." (specify)
[x] Reimu's room.

"Of course," you force your voice to sound like that of a teacher speaking to his class "I'm going to take this all the way to the end."
Renko's expression remains unchanged.
"That's what I thought, but--"
"Oh, worry not! I've got something planned already!"
"I'm already scared..."

Now, it should be around these parts.... Somehow, you remember which room Reimu uses to sleep, even though there is no rational explanation for this knowledge.
Well, it's not like it matters, right?
Renko seems to be oblivious of whose room it is.
"Um, what's so special about this place?"
"Oh, there's something VERY special inside."
Nonchalantly, you open the door and step inside.
Well, that's a pretty ordinary room, you wonder what's so unusual about it to make Reimu sleep insi-- HOLY SHIT! This is fucking awesome! Reimu is laying on her futon, staring blankly at the ceiling, not noticing your entry. She's wearing exactly the same clothes as Renko, only in a slightly diffirent colour. Huh, so that's why they looked familiar... No, wait, that doesn't explain anything...
Renko is the first to make a noise. Renko breaks from reverie and looks up at the intruders who infiltrated her room. That is, your half-naked (or in Renko's case, naked) duo.
"What are you do--" Her face freezes as she notices your state. "What. The. Hell."
Great! She's so confused she hasn't taken any hostile action towards you!
Now it's time to kick in and...!

[ ] "Oops. Wrong room."
[ ] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" (of course, enter order here)
[ ] "Hey Reimu, look what I got here. Wanna share some?"
>> No. 11365
[X] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" (of course, enter order here)
>> No. 11366
>Renko is the first to make a noise. Renko breaks from reverie and looks up at the intruders who infiltrated her room.


[ ] "Oops. Wrong room."
>> No. 11367
[] "Oops. Wrong room."
>> No. 11368
[x] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" Watch us. The penalty game demands it.
>> No. 11369
[ ] "Oops. Wrong room."
>> No. 11370
[x] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" Join us. The penalty game demands it.
>> No. 11371
[X] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" Watch us. The penalty game demands it.
>> No. 11372
>Renko is the first to make a noise. Renko breaks from reverie and looks up at the intruders who infiltrated her room.

>> No. 11375
The radio said "No, Reimu. You are the Renko"
And then Reimu was a Renko.
>> No. 11376
[x] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" Join us. The penalty game demands it.

>> No. 11378
[X] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" Watch us. The penalty game demands it.
>> No. 11379
[ ] "Oops. Wrong room."
>> No. 11380
[X] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" Watch us. The penalty game demands it.

As awesome as having her join us is, I still somehow doubt she's above killing us and never speaking of it again.
>> No. 11381
[X] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" Watch us. The penalty game demands it.
>> No. 11382
[X] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" Watch us. The penalty game demands it.
[X] "Oh, hey, if you want some of this, just ask." Make a gesture towards Renko.
>> No. 11383
[X] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" Watch us. The penalty game demands it.
[X] "Oh, hey, if you want some of this, just ask." Make a gesture towards Renko.
>> No. 11384
[X] Step in boldly "NANAYA SEVEN ORDERS YOU!" Watch us. The penalty game demands it.

Kick in and let your young spirit drive you!
Stepping further in, you try to raise a hand, but that's rather impossible, having it holding Renko and stuff, so you satisfy yourself with just raising your voice.
"Nanaya Seven orders you! Watch us! The penalty game demands it!"

Silence ensues. You remain standing, with an insane smile plastered over your face. Renko... Well, Renko is just staring at you in bewilderment. While Reimu...
Her face reveals mixed emotions. She is pissed off. And confused. And there's something else...
But yeah, the anger is the leading emotion here.
Proud of yourself, for saying such a thing so boldly, you don't move when she stands up.
"What..." she takes a few steps forward you, her hair covering her face "What makes you think..." she's close... really close... "WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I'D DO THAT?!"
Without any warning, her fist lands on your face.
It hurts. It hurts, but still...
She retracts her hand and starts massaging it.
You can feel a dribble of blood flowing down your lips.
"What the FUCK are you thinking, you SICK fuck?!"
"YOU CAN'T BREAK THIS FACE!" Bursting out with manly power, you scream at Reimu. "My resolve! My flaming spirit! The back of mine is burning red! I order you, Reimu! Under the rules of our penalty game, I ORDER you! You are to watch me and her," you nod at Renko "You have to watch us go at it! Such is your order!"
Another one lands on your face.
"WHAT the FUCK are you THINKING?!"
Reimu's angered yell makes your ears hurt, making it a nice accompaniament to a vast choice of diffirent pains in the rest of your head. Another dribble of blood flows down your face.
"For FUCK'S SAKE! I told you, I ASKED YOU NICELY to RESTRAIN yourself from doing SUCH things in MY SHRINE, and here you come BRINGING A NAKED GIRL TO MY ROOM!"
She violently pushes you aside. Not being able to preserve your ballance, you fall flat on your ass.
"AND YOU'RE HALF NAKED YOURSELF!" she opens the door "Be happy that I didn't kill you! It's only because she seems to not mind... ARGH! NEVERMIND!"
Giving you a last scowl, Reimu storms out of the room.

Alright. Now what the hell were you thinking. The surge of adrenaline you received earlier fades away, leaving you as much dumbfounded at your own actions as Renko probably is.
"A-... Are you alright?" She says in an uncertain tone "You look... pale..."

[ ] "I'm okay..."
[ ] "That BITCH! Damn you, Reimu Hakurei! I'll fuck you next time!"
[ ] Reimu's sheets!
>> No. 11385
File 121330428724.jpg - (106.78KB , 1024x768 , 1177680350386.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Reimu's sheets!

I don't care anymore.
>> No. 11386
[X] "I'm okay..."
[X] Reimu's sheets! Let us soil them with sex!
>> No. 11387
[X] Go back however many choices it is now and either take Renko to her room for the actual plot or tell Mary to come in and close the door because it would be somewhat interesting to see what happens with that.

What, Anon. Just what. This is why I don't usually vote here.
>> No. 11388
[x] "I'll get you next time, Gadget. NEXT TIME."
>> No. 11389
[ ] Reimu's sheets!
>> No. 11390
>This is why I don't usually vote here.

Then maybe you SHOULD to COUNTER all the stupidity and FAGGOTRY, huh?
>> No. 11391
lol, well, not as planned.

[ ] "I'm okay..."
>> No. 11392
I'm doing so now! It doesn't help. Drop, bucket, etc.
>> No. 11393
[ ] Reimu's sheets!
Like the rabbits until all is soiled with our manly juice.
>> No. 11394
The FAGGOTRY is over 9000, it cannot be countered.
>> No. 11395
File 12133053506.png - (294.93KB , 453x362 , 121045886550.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Reimu's sheets!

Even though in despair, there is still a little bit of resolve lingering in your mind. Even though one chance of taking the intercourse to a whole new level of spicyness is gone, there is still much to do. There are still possibilies.

Like, doing it on Reimu's sheet. Yeah, that would certainly be nice. Surrounded by that malicious miko's scent... Yeah, even if her personality is trash, she still has a quite sexy body. Her scent has to be a nice one.
So, you pick yourself from the ground and stand up.
Renko preserves her meaningful silence as you lay her down on Reimu's bed.
Now then...
You try to kiss her, but her hands press against your shoulders, stopping you mere centimeters before her face.
"Uh..." she seems to hesitate for a moment "I think... We should... Stop..."
You can't believe her words.
Using a moment of your confusion, she slips from your grasp and stands up.
"I'm sorry. I think you should... get a rest... Tomorrow is going to be..."
Without finishing, she silently leaves the room.

Resignated, you fall on Reimu's matress.
The size of your failure hits you like a steamroller, completely crushing your ego under it's steel wheels. As if someone kept hitting his fist on them, the pain of realizing your mistakes gets worse with every second.
How. Could. You. Screw. Up. So. Badly.
What the hell were you thinking? Doing something like that? In the first place why did you bring Renko to this room? She has pretty much forgiven you being caught by Mary, yet you've done something like this...
You feel like smashing your head against something.

[ ] Just go to sleep
>> No. 11397
[ ] Fap yourself to sleep thinking of Reimu.
>> No. 11398
>> No. 11399

also, maybe if we despair enough we can an hero and go back to not fucking up our opportunity with renko
>> No. 11400
File 121330558047.png - (14.49KB , 212x228 , 1212871763160.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11401
[X] Go back however many choices it is now and either take Renko to her room for the actual plot or tell Mary to come in and close the door because it would be somewhat interesting to see what happens with that.
>> No. 11402
File 121330569868.jpg - (104.71KB , 450x338 , 1187173187715.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 11403
>> No. 11404
[x] Ask the skull what to do.
[x] Call for Tewi
[x] Jump in the lake
>> No. 11405
[ ] Give a knife fellatio

Suicide is the only answer
>> No. 11406
[X] Just go to sleep.

I'm not despairing at all, because I've had my fun.
>> No. 11407
[X] Laugh yourself to sleep.
We've had our fill of shenanigans for today.
>> No. 11408
"Some anonymous nutcase somewhere has to be sabotaging my life! That's the only explanation! I AM NOT CRAZY!"
>> No. 11409

This is fucked up.
This is seriously fucked up,
What the FUCKING HELL were you thinking?!
Scratching your head in irrtation, you get up.
There are no more sexual thoughts in your head.
Self-hate and despair well up, filling your mind with undescribable sadness.
You really feel like commiting a suicide now. Like, cutting your wrists. Or, shooting yourself in the head. Or jumping off the roof.

You can't stay here any longer. Reimu's overwhelming scent makes you wail in despair even more.

Wandering around the corridors.

In resignation, occasionally bumping against the walls.

Like in a drunk lethargy, you stumple along the dark corridors.

Finally, your body finds a door, which it opens with a little difficulty.

Open space. Fresh air.
The very place where you told Renko she is the only woman in your heart.
"Damn it."
You sit on one of the chairs and bang your head against it's head rest. And again. And again.
You can't believe it. Even though those were your own actions, still... What kind of devilish spirit gave you these thoughts?!
Bang. Bang. Bang.
Continuously, ignoring the pain, you hit your head against that chair.

Bang. Bang. Bang.
The little opera of violent sounds continues on for a while.
Then, you hear footsteps behind you.
A silent knocking.

[ ] "GET LOST!"
[ ] "..."
>> No. 11410
[+] "..."
>> No. 11411
[ ] "..."
>> No. 11412
[x] "..."
>> No. 11413
[X] Go back however many choices it is now and either take Renko to her room for the actual plot or tell Mary to come in and close the door because it would be somewhat interesting to see what happens with that.
>> No. 11414
[ ] "..."

finally, our cute bug comes to relieve us of our pain
>> No. 11415
[X] "..."

I thought Naya acting retarded was amusing, myself.
>> No. 11416
[x] "...You showed up."
>> No. 11417
[x] "..."

It's just a bit of morse code lads.
>> No. 11418
[X]"Nothing to see here, keep moving."
>> No. 11419
[X] "..."

You can't be bothered answering. There is no need. Neiher there is resolve. You simply ceased to care about anything.
There is nothing more that matters. Nothing more... There is no one...
Just your lonely despair.

"Can I come in?" Someone's voice asks you from behind. Who is it? "Or rather, can I come out?"
That someone tries to make lame joke. But you don't care.
Remaining sitting as you are, with your back turned at the door, you preserve your silence.
That is, until...
A lock of golden hair appears on your shoulder. A face... A beautiful face enters your view, mere centimeters from yours. You can feel the warmth emanating from her cheeks.
"Mind if I bother you a bit?"
Her gentle voice makes her breath brush against your face. That feeling... That alone breaks through your sadness.
You'd want to hug her, but remain concentrated enough not to give in to that desire.
"I take that as 'yes'."
She disappears from your field of view, then reappears, now in her whole person, before you. Wearing a white nightgown, complete with a rather silly-looking cap, she stands in front of you, with her arms crossed on her chest. Silence ensues.

"So, I take it something happened?"
"You've done something silly?"
She sighs.
"That's it then."
"It wasn't my fault!" you burst out, completely against your will "I didn't want to do that! I... got carried away, somehow!" you try to make excuses "I didn't want it to happen! I--"
Her sudden embrace cuts your sentence in the middle. Lowering her voice, she whispers in your ear.
"Don't explain yourself." Simply as that, she bends down and hugs you. You can feel her long hair brush against your naked limbs and torso. You can feel her breasts poking your skin through her nightshirt. "Just remember... If something happens... I'll always be there for you... Just like..."

[ ] "Just like?"'
[ ] "Thank you." hug her back "But I can't take it anymore. Goodbye, Mary. Sorry for not keeping my promise.", then break free and run into the forest
[ ] "Mary..." hug her back
>> No. 11420
[X] "Mary..." hug her back.
[X] "Just like?"'
>> No. 11421
[ ] "Thank you." hug her back "But I can't take it anymore. Goodbye, Mary. Sorry for not keeping my promise.", then break free and run into the forest
>> No. 11422

>> No. 11423
[X] "Mary..." hug her back.

Aww. She's making the same promise to us that we made to her. Best... aunt(?) ever.
>> No. 11424
[ ] "Just like a mother? You can come out now Yukari."

>> No. 11425
[ ] "Thank you." hug her back "But I can't take it anymore. Goodbye, Mary. Sorry for not keeping my promise.", then break free and run into the forest
>> No. 11426
[x] "Mary..." hug her back
>> No. 11427
[X] "Mary..." hug her back.

Hey, we tried to keep our promise, and she's trying to make one to us. That's sweet. We shouldn't go and destroy her efforts.
>> No. 11428
File 121330871953.jpg - (92.86KB , 588x800 , 1211753768014.jpg ) [iqdb]

I have used Maribel's form to communicate with you. Until we estabilished... TRUST.
>> No. 11429
[X] "Just like?"'
>> No. 11430
[ ] "Just like?"'

Hey aren't our bits still out?

>> No. 11431
[x] "Just like?"'
>> No. 11432
File 121330955581.jpg - (98.50KB , 800x743 , 200o.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Mary..." hug her back.

The flood of honest feelings is enough to break you out from your sadness. Faced with her sudden gesture, so pure, so sincere, you can't help but want to return those feelings.
So you do. Gently, as if she could break at any moment, you wrap your arms around her body.
The two of you remain like this for a few minutes.
After that, she sits down on your lap.
"Sorry," she whispers, still holding onto you "My legs started to hurt a little."
Her weight, the closeness of her body... It reminds you of all these times you've spent close to each other. On your first day here, when you woke up using her laps as a pillow, then your talk, interrupted by Renko. And then, that nap on this very terrace, and waking up with her cuddled up to your chest...
Come to think of it, when did it all went wrong?
When Red showed up? When Mary became lethargic due to Yukari's closeness?
Wasn't that... all for her sake? All this ordeal, wasn't it basically to help her?
And because of that... You got really close to Renko.
Isn't that unfair? While doing everything in your power to save one girl, you've gotten close to another.
How... How does she have to feel... Being ditched so... Unexpectedly?
You feel sorry for her. Yet another mistake of yours that you probably won't be able to fix.
You sigh in resignation.
"Hey... That tickles."
Looks like your breath brushed against her ear, making her jump up a little.

After another few minutes spent in silence, she pulls back.
Her beautiful eyes stare at you, awaiting some sort of reaction.
Her dreamy gaze. Golden hair. Naked legs.
What is it? Is it because of your earlier unfulfilled excitement? Why is she so... tempting? Why do you feel like... Sliding your hand along that hair? Why do you suddenly want to...

Have all of her?

[ ] Why was I so blind?
[ ] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!
>> No. 11433

Clothing equipped:
>> No. 11434
[ ] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!
>> No. 11435
[x] Why was I so blind?

Wanna see a train wreck.
>> No. 11436
[ ] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!

This playthrough has me so confused!
>> No. 11437
[x] Why was I so blind?
>> No. 11438
[ ] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!
>> No. 11439


[ ] Why was I so blind?

>> No. 11440
[X] Why was I so blind? I still love them both!

Haha, we're indecisive again.
>> No. 11441
[x] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!
>> No. 11442
[x] Why was I so blind?

Oh fuck it.


>> No. 11443
[x] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!
>> No. 11444
[X] Why was I so blind?

I like them both. But Mary IS the more interesting one.
>> No. 11445
We get so far with Renko and now you want Mary?
>> No. 11446
What happened to Mary being unimportant eh? Fucking faggots.
>> No. 11447
[x] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!
>> No. 11448
[ ] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!

Oh fuck Anon, you've done enough retarded shit today. You've already fucked up an h scene and now you want to fuck things up more.
>> No. 11449
File 121331107962.jpg - (13.40KB , 370x268 , 1207676002989.jpg ) [iqdb]
I give up reading this
>> No. 11450
[ ] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!
>> No. 11451
[x] I like both.
>> No. 11452
There are three camps here, the pro-Renko camp, the pro-Mary camp, and the pro-Mary-and-Renko camp, which continually switches members, but always keep some support.
>> No. 11453
[X] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!

I swear, if Yukari is fucking around with us somehow... border of love and friendship or some shit...

Oh well, I guess that would be her parting gift. We're leaving Gensokyo tomorrow, apparently. Guess that means no boning Momkari. Le sigh.
>> No. 11454
[x] Carry Mary to Renko's room and force them to make out
>> No. 11455
[x] Carry Mary to Renko's room and force them to make out, fap silently while they do so.
>> No. 11457
[X] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!
>> No. 11458
[x] Carry Mary to Renko's room and force them to make out
What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 11459
File 121331274550.jpg - (50.22KB , 600x461 , blood_splatter.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] How could I think something like that! I love Renko!

No. This is wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
She is not the one you love.
She is not the one that resides in your heart.
She is.... Not... Renko...

Using all your strength to fight the urge to take her, you push her away.
"I'm... sorry..."
You mutter out.
"Sorry about what?"
She asks, seemingly confused. But it's a false confusement. She was... She was trying to seduce you. Using the moment of your indecisiveness, she was trying to...
"I can't love you. I'm sorry, I can't love you. The one I love is..."
Sadness paints itself over her face. Defeat. That's the thing dominating in her expression.
"Why... I thought that..."
"Listen, I can't! I know I said I love you both, but...!"

Your voice dies out.
All the strength in your limbs disappears. No, in fact...
Looking to your side, you see that you have no limbs at all. Your arms and legs disappear in black holes, hovering in the air. Those are... You've seen them before...
Mary looks up at you. Her face, stretched in an insane grin...
Her voice has changed. Deeper, more mature. You recognize that voice.
"Yu... Ka... Ri..."
Her smile gets wider.
"Yeah, that's me."
Looking down, you see a knife fixed deep into your stomach. A simple, kitchen knife with wooden handle. How... pathetic, to be stabbed with something like this.
You don't even feel the pain.
"What... are you...."
"Oh?" she says in amused tone "That's obvious, isn't it? You killed my heir. And I need one."
"Why... Don't you... Have Ran...?"
"My reasons are my own. Ran cannot inherit my power. Only those of Yakumo blood are able of mantaining the border's existence."
"Then... why are you hurting your only son....?"
Even wider, her smile stretches her lips to their limit. A bit more and her cheeks will rip apart.
"You're no good. You're too weak. Too... powerless. You can't be my heir. But you still have that little bit of Yakumo blood in your veins. The only beauty in this chunk of useless flesh. And you will pass that blood further, whether you want it or not."
"What do you..."
She lets go of the knife, leaving it sticking out of your stomach.
"You're going to impregnate the Tear. Then, I'm going to extract the child from her. That way, I'll kill two birds with one stone. Get rid of the nuisance and get a heir."
You try to struggle as Mary... Or now Yukari, slides down your briefs.
Without any shame, she starts to play with your manhood. Using techniques you've never seen before, using both her hands and tongue, she makes it hard, against your will and thoughts. You're not feeling any pleasure. Yet, your body responds to her caress.
As soon as it gets hard enough, without ceremony, she strips off her clothes.
And, sitting on your thigs, without any foreplay, impales Mary's body on your erection.
Just like that. It's not for pleasure. Dry. Not for the delight of sexual contact with another person. Painful.
Just, a simple act of impregnating a female.

Twp minutes is all it took. Even though you were trying your best to struggle, your body reacted on it's own, and shoot it's load deep inside Mary's hole.
Exhausted, you lean back on the chair.
Not able to move. Not able to think properly.
The blood flowing from your wound mixes with Mary's virginal blood and various other fluids. It's painful.
It's painful to live.
It's painful to see her being controlled like that.
Mary... Yukari stays on your gradually limping member for a while longer, then stands up. Her breathing slowly returns to a normal pace.
She pulls the knife out from your stomach.
The blood dribbles on her legs are a passionating thing to watch, as she raises her arm.
"Now that the deed is done... I have no use for you."

And those little patterns of blood streams are the last thing you see.

>> No. 11460
[X] How could I think about something like that! I love Renko!
>> No. 11461
File 121331282530.jpg - (25.88KB , 512x512 , 121098276438.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Guess that means no boning Momkari.
>> No. 11462
Oh Mary, such a cum dumpster...
>> No. 11463
Also, this bad end was brought upon you guys for being complete retards today.

Instead of just sitting there and having your delicious h scene, you guys decided to fuck around at every chance, and thus, this is the result of being so fucking stupid.

>> No. 11464
File 12133130957.png - (2.88KB , 284x245 , yaffyfacepalm.png ) [iqdb]
Hm, let's see, Anon got BAD END'd yet again.

Let's examine the situation...

First, you confessed your love for Renko. Good, good.
Then... went to Mary's room?
Dashed out like a faggot?
And then... What?! Reimu's room?!
Jesus christ, Anon.

Damn you guys. I think I need a beer. Seriously.
>> No. 11465
[x] back to >>11197
[x] Her room
>> No. 11466
At least they didn't [x] Burn the shrine down in a fit of insanity.
>> No. 11467
Back to >>11284
[ ] "Well, don't just stand there. Three's a party!"
>> No. 11469
[x] back to >>11197
[x] Her room
>> No. 11470
new thread
>> No. 11485
File 121331501472.jpg - (9.50KB , 170x284 , 1067144852_m.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anons, you is all dildos.
>> No. 11486
The Mary-form is dead, inssssect.
>> No. 11488

Are you afraid? What is it you fear?
>> No. 11506

I was sort of hoping to bone Momkari later on. With consent and some bizarre emotional tension on both ends. Like some kind of fucked up reconciliation. Not the standard love making sex we get with H scenes, but instead some kind of strange sex with a bunch of hardly definable feelings behind.

But, of course, I suppose we'll have to be less retarded for that one.
>> No. 11509
This thread progressed from slow to SUPERB.