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Thread 28753 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125962389198.png - (0.96MB, 800x807, touhou of the colossus.png) [iqdb]
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Previous thread: >>26288

This turned out different than what I had originally written. Not sure if that's a good thing, I think I preferred the old one.

I decided to take the time to reassure my aunt. No matter how tired I was, no matter what had happened, I owed her at least something of an explanation. She was worried about me, I understood that. She was the only family that I had left – she took me in when I needed it the most and that counted for a lot.

Going up to sleep could wait until later, I stayed downstairs with her, telling her about my day. “I spent some time in the village, looking around at the festival preparations, it looks like they're coming along nicely.” She nodded in agreement, giving no verbal interruption to my narrative. “I didn't stay very long there, I wanted to go to the shrine.” I tried to sound upbeat about the whole ordeal, telling her with a smile on my face about meeting Suika there. “-sleeping without a care in the world. I tell you, sometimes I think that she's more like a lazy dog than oni. What's more, she's totally defenseless when she's like that.” I had considered playing a prank on her at the moment, “She's lucky I didn't do anything to her while she was asleep. I needed to ask her things.”

Auntie listened in with amusement in her eyes, never interrupting, as I told her about my little adventure in the afternoon. I used the most descriptive words I knew to show just how weird and funny Suika was, all dolled up like that in that strange patterned coat and hat. It was something I didn't understand, and judging from the look on my aunt's face, she didn't quite get it either. I ultimately dismissed the whole thing with Suika as one of those adorable quirks that had endeared the oni to me.

She seemed really interested when I brought up Yuugi. “She was big, tall and only had one horn. But she was as lively and maybe a bit more excitable than Suika was.” I told her all about the encounter with Yuugi. I tried convey just how strange this oni w
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>> No. 30868
It's never an annoyance unless it's spam I suppose. In reply: Probably later today in all likelihood. Use the thread watching function or the rss feeds in to check more comfortably. They're there to help.

Academic commitments have mostly kept me busy or unfocused and in my free time I've tried to relax in other ways than by writing. I'd hoped to create a new thread but this one didn't fill as I thought it would.
>> No. 30874
>Probably later today in all likelihood.

>> No. 34646
next thread

kudos if you read every word of this one

Thread 30085 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126931769133.png - (706.16KB, 1350x850, Take a good look this is who you belong to.png) [iqdb]
30085 No. 30085 hide watch expand quickreply
Oh dear, it seems I went and failed to notice that twelve went into autosage eight posts ago. Silly me.

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>> No. 30558
Also the sisters could serve as a powerful and unexpected diversion. The moon sisters may keep a strict eye on Reimu, but never suspect anything about the musicians.
>> No. 30600
[X]...Music? Sounds like the instruments the Prisimrivers would use.

The sound of music being played is something I didn't expect to hear here, but given that it's a keyboard, violin, and trumpet ensemble I'm fairly happy to hear it because that means the Prismrivers are around. And since they're around, I should go talk to them if they're not busy. "Mind if I-" I start to ask Yukari if she'd mind my walking off to go talk to the sisters, but she's already off bothering Reimu. I guess we're on our own for a bit. "Nari?"

"Go on." Nari gives me her permission before she walks off to go pester the bunnies. Given how much her tails are flipping around I'm guessing some poor bunny is going to get a rude awakening here in a minute.

So one little person, all on his own, seeks to talk to the poltergeists and... I really shouldn't try to make that rhyme because I'd screw it up. Instead I'll just walk on over to the three lovely poltergeists and wait for a bit.

Fortunately I don't have to wait long since Merlin notices me shortly after that. She cuts her playing short and all but tackle hugs me. "Wade!" And I hug her back since there's really no reason to deny her enthusiasm. "I didn't expect you to show up!"

"And I didn't expect to see you in such a lovely yukata. It really suits you." A light blue piece with a white sash keeping it together, and a powder blue sun on it. Carefully applied light blue lipstick actually works as well...

>> No. 30605
Excuse me for useing this but...


Thread 29655 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126578073280.png - (282.01KB, 774x1024, Youmu.png) [iqdb]
29655 No. 29655 hide watch expand quickreply
[X]Get some introductions done.
[X]Ask where Reimu is, she's supposed to be here.
-[X]In fact, inquire about why she's the only one present.
[X]Judging from her look she knows exactly why I'm reacting to Hakugyokuro this way. Ask about it.

I do have to wonder, is that shield the result of me automatically defending against this oppressive air, or is it just coincidence? It's not worth worrying about right now since the goddess in my head can't identify it and I have no information of my own. No sense wasting time with baseless speculation. Instead I will go ahead and get the introductions out of the way, and maybe ask about why Yuyuko is the only one present right now.

"I hope you don't mind the sudden intrusion Yuyuko." And little things like this just throw me off to no end. How is it that I got into this close-knit circle with barely any effort? I'm pretty sure I'm on first name basis with most people around here, including the most powerful people here!

"It's no trouble at all. I think Youmu might mind though~" And there's that enigmatic smile that only a few people can pull off sincerely. Yuyuko looks over the others, then me. "I think I'm going to change the order of things a bit by introducing myself first. My name is Yuyuko Saigyouji, the ghost princess of Hakugyokuro."

"In that case, I think I'll do the introductions myself. This is Naomi..." I gesture to Naomi, who in turn gives a polite bow. "-This is Marine..." Marine shakes hands with the ghost princess, who's all too happy to have a different greeting. "And this is Ben." Ben just looks awestruck, but I went through the same thing the first time I laid eyes on Yuyuko. "They're close friends of mine and I'm showing them around to the best of my ability to convince them to come with me."

"Really? Gensokyo has its perks, but it's not for everyone." The ghost princess crosses her arms as she says this. "Humans may have the capacity to learn magic and defend themselves, but that takes time. Not everyone is ab
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>> No. 30077
Well, it was thanks to her Buddhist mysticism that she became a Magician in the first place. It only makes sense to me.

>but it doesn't take a brian sergeon to figure out
Who's Brian Sergeon?

[+] Yes
-[+] "You already did have me first. You're welcome to have me again."
>> No. 30078
File 126923350166.jpg - (208.72KB, 500x603, ShinkiRemi.jpg) [iqdb]
I do not know about that, I've figured she took up magic when she started fearing death. But I could be wrong here.

But I hope SDLT includes such a remark somewhere, since it's true.

And for the hell of it, another Shinki pic from fuantei. I must say I like this style of Shinki, captures her motherly yet cute essence.
>> No. 30084
Ugh, I misspelled brain? That's a new low in my spelling... This is why one should always double-check their spelling.



"Yes, yes you may." I allow Shinki to lay on me and embrace me while I stroke her hair and place my free hand on her lower back. "You had my first, and you're more than welcome to have me again."

Shinki looks into my eyes as I say this, and I get the feeling she's going to say something. "Thank you, but when I took your first I might as well have been a wild animal. I was drunk, out of my right mind... I want to do this properly." Shinki then lifts herself off me ever so slightly to reveal that she's wearing a button-up shirt that is currently loose enough to display a tantalizing amount of flesh. In fact, it almost looks like she had planned this... I suppose that's why the edges of the shirt just barely cover her erect nipples. "So you had better be ready..." She leans back down to take my lips, and there is nothing innocent about this. After a few moments she starts running her tongue across my lips, then she forces my lips apart, then forces her way into my mouth while I provide only token resistance to her advances.
I let her think she holds the advantage for about a minute or two before turning the tables on her and stealing the leading role from her. She doesn't object my leading her tongue around for a bit while I grope her ass. She responds in kind by groping mine and rubbing my dick until it goes erect, at which point she pulls away. "That's a good start." There's a gleam in her eyes as she allows her shirt to fall away from her breasts until those wonderful melons are fully exposed. "Aren't we wearing just a bit too much still?" Her voice turns downright sultry as she slides my pants and my boxers down to my knees. She then slides her now soiled panties down as well, exposing her dripping crotch for my viewi
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Thread 29134 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126094309817.png - (1.86MB, 850x1200, Hakurei.png) [iqdb]
29134 No. 29134 hide watch expand quickreply
Because I need a spot to put all the stuff I think up that isn't directly involved with the story.


Studies of the Human Doll

Entry one:
I don't know why exactly, but I've found myself outright stalking another being. While I would normally consider such acts beneath me but this is a special case in the fact that the thing that has attracted my attention doesn't seem human. It takes the guise of one, sounds like one, smells like one, and even feels like one, yet whenever it appears it possesses powers no human should have as well as moving in a mechanical fashion. I can't help but wonder who would make such a thing...

Still, there's no sense speculating on something I know little about at best. Instead I shall focus my efforts on trying to find this enigma and claim it for my own. Now I have to plot where it has appeared in the past and figure out a pattern to allow me to get to it's next point of appearance ahead of time.

Entry two:
I have succeeded in acquiring the subject in question, and upon preforming some simple experiments I am left utterly confounded. It is not made of any material I am familiar with nor does it have any internal workings. This rules out this being a mechanical being but I am left with many more questions than I started with. Further experimentation should yield more conclusive results.

Wait, why is it fading?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 29941
he was pwned so hard he couldn't go into phase two.

The real phase two of this side tale: Alice's sexual healing
>> No. 29953

By that boy after he returns stronger than ever and crushes all opposition, shattering her mind in the process, and reshaping her into being his personal child-bearing sperm dumpster.

I'm kidding. That will never happen.

>> No. 29955
That was bad and you should feel bad for even thinking it.

Though I was kinda kidding with the Sexual healing , but it'd be really nice if SDLT did such a part.

Thread 23926 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124206455787.jpg - (487.52KB, 1300x1526, 2785336.jpg) [iqdb]
23926 No. 23926 hide watch expand quickreply
Warm. Warm sun, warm wind, warm skin up against mine, warm hands stroking through my hair, warm feeling all through my body. Warm, is what it is, when I first wake up, and that's just the best way for it to be.

"Good morning." A voice from my back, too calm for her own good.
"Mmm..." Still hard to talk. Gotta work out the sleep from my throat with a drink.
"What, already? You haven't been awake five minutes."
"That's the best time to have a drink though! Feel that burn, getting you all ready for the coming day!" Before she has time to react, my gourd is at her lips, full of liquor so strong I can practically feel her getting hotter with every struggled "glug." I dunno why she's struggling, though, I'd be plenty happy if a friend was sharing her drink with me. Maybe it's a human thing.

Speaking of sharing. "So Reimu. Whatcha got planned for today? Other than coughing and stuff." Which is apparently pretty high on her priorities judging by how she can't even get out a sentence between 'em. Five or six swigs later she manages to choke out, "Not drinking. You just gave me enough to last me two weeks."
"Well. Suit yourself, but I'm feeling kinda bored already..."



You are an oni. You have no social or physical inhibitions, and your writer is mildly insane. Have fun with this, or I'll have fun for you. Don't even bother with caution, or I will discount your votes.
226 posts and 30 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29881

Then permit me to be exceptionally blunt: I don't really care what you write (though awesome Suika would be nice), just write damn you. Not only am I tired of being virtually the only writefag active in /shrine/ but I enjoy your work quite a bit.
>> No. 29905
You're the fastest updating Writefag here, and I think the main reason people bother checking /shrine/. Ever since YAF got smited, this section hasn't been the same. The rampant bias against Reimu doesn't help much.

We're always looking forward to your writing, such a shame you had to end ONI, since it's a story were Anon could go wild, since who's able to stop an Oni, or better yet an Oni with her gap youkai best friend? If this pirate scenario was updated with UFO in mind things would be even more interesting.

Still I'm sure anon will welcome your ideas warmly.
>> No. 29913
Pfft. What ideas?

Thread 29583 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126523491195.jpg - (284.64KB, 600x800, 842da9ffe9db6734e769b0b60bfca902.jpg) [iqdb]
29583 No. 29583 hide watch expand quickreply
You wander into the sealed cave after having thoroughly tossed the weak barrier aside. Really now, it may have stopped you in the past, but the pathetic humans taking care of this item of sheer value to you are clearly showing a strong lack of interest in keeping it safe for you. Just as well, you wanted it back now anyways, and this way, you don't have to snap a few necks to get what you want. Everybody wins.

As you approach the pedestal brimming with black luster, you feel a small sense of satisfaction. After today, you will be back to full power, and you won't have to take shit from anyone anymore. Not even, ugh, him, god forbid you take anymore from that sad excuse of a demon. No, in fact, you won't have to take anything from any demon back in hell anymore. Once you're at your fullest extent, you think you'll take it over. What a nice prospect. Being able to command a massive legion of demons at the beck of your call. You think you'll do some remodeling while you're at it. Both downstairs and up here. Gensokyo was always very cold, you could probably stand to heat things up.

Just as you reach for the pendant stationed on top of the pedestal, you hear a voice. Someone's entered, without your permission. This just won't do.

"Hey! Who are you?! This is off limits!" Why yes, yes it is off limits. Precisely why this girl behind you is violating that very rule is what you want to know.

"My identity is of no importance. More importantly, who do you think you are, addressing me in such a manner?" You turn around a bit and spy a red-white. This shrine maiden has guts, you'll admit. To not know who you are, she must also be quite dense you figure.

"My name is Reimu Hakurei. I'm the keeper of the shrine that oversees this cave. You're not taking that pendant...are you?" Quite. Dense.

"...and if I am?"

"If you're a youkai, then I must exterminate you." You want to burst out laughing, her? Exterminate? You?! She makes very good jokes. But you don';t falter the least bit, oh no. You continue y
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 29659

Besides, after getting her ass handed to her, I think her pride is a bit shaken right now as it is. To just barge in, only to get our ass kicked again would not be good for the ego at all. Besides, currently we know Marisa does indeed know Reimu, but just HOW MUCH she knows about her, we're unsure of. So >>29646 aside, we shouldn't just go off and try to kill what could be a valuable source of information, despite how much we currently don't like her.
>> No. 29763
File 126678486093.gif - (49.21KB, 339x479, rin1a.gif) [iqdb]
[x] Knock on the door, you have more business with Marisa

Why not. We want info, let's get it.

So, how long until we pick up an adorable, helpless traveling companion for no apparent reason? I give it 3 threads.
>> No. 29821

Keep dreaming. Maybe my /forest/ story will be about Rinnosuke turning into a female by being splashed with cold water.

Oh wait.

Thread 29332 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126249836735.png - (1.63MB, 1000x1400, Hakurei and Moryia.png) [iqdb]
29332 No. 29332 hide watch expand quickreply
[X]"I think it's quite cute."
The vote below wins, but I'm going to start on the writing tomorrow since writefag is tired. =_=


[X]Whatever you do, do not linger on her chest area.
[X]"I'm paying for that one."
[X]"I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."
246 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29652
[X]Get some introductions done.
[X]Ask where Reimu is, she's supposed to be here.
-[X]In fact, inquire about why she's the only one present.
[X]Judging from her look she knows exactly why I'm reacting to Hakugyokuro this way. Ask about it.
>> No. 29653
[X]Get some introductions done.
[X]Ask where Reimu is, she's supposed to be here.
-[X]In fact, inquire about why she's the only one present.
[X]Judging from her look she knows exactly why I'm reacting to Hakugyokuro this way. Ask about it.

Works for me~
>> No. 29654
Huh. Looks like it's about time for me to begin a new thread. It's been a while since I've last had to make one hasn't it? At least compared to when I first started and forced people to F5 to keep up.

Thread 29203 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126136808131.jpg - (634.59KB, 1000x1420, Reimu74.jpg) [iqdb]
29203 No. 29203 hide watch expand quickreply
Oh, hey. Hi there, nice to meet you all. I probably suck at this, but hey. Try and read a little. A generic (probably) CYOA of Reimu.

"Oh god, what's with the terrible weather?" I sighed, as I climbed the steps back up to my shrine. That last couple was a troublesome one, asking too many question about how i do my job even. looking into the far distance, i sighed, putting my ahnds onto my waist. "Geez, you would think that this would be gone after a few days..."

Oh yes, I should introduce myself. Reimu Hakurei, shrine maiden of the Hakurei shrine. If you didn't know what i was talking about, I could help you to understand.

Let's see, it was sometime about this month, a peaceful summer with little troubles with the local youkai. Then, one morning, instead of the warm sunlight, i was greeted with this ominous red mist.

I could barely feel warmth of the sun, let alone see it. God, i want my warm weather back.

"Reimu, Reimu..." I mumbled to myself as i continued my trip back up. "Maybe you should have a look yourself, eh?"

I really should, don't I? As the shrine maiden, it was my duty to ensure peace in Gensokyo, not that i like it alot. However, the mist isn't threatening anyone right now...

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 29336
[x] I should be careful, since she still has the advantage.
Well, she does
[x] The ying-yang orbs might do the trick.
They use homing magic, useful if you don't know what the fuck you should do.
[x] Remain still, gain your bearings.
Too soon to spend magic yet.
>> No. 29337
[x] >>29336

Sounds good.
>> No. 29417
[x] I should be careful, since she still has the advantage.
[x] The ying-yang orbs might do the trick.
[x] Remain still, gain your bearings.

Ya, alright.

Thread 28989 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126016420021.png - (1.20MB, 850x637, Hinanai.png) [iqdb]
28989 No. 28989 hide watch expand quickreply
Yet another instance of my not having anything to say. Hope you like the OP.


[x] Go to heaven, collect two hundred dollars.

"I think going to Tenshi's father would be the most direct option. Plus I might slow down peach hat's stalking for a while." I pick up the sword with one hand and gesture to the waking celestial with a thumb.

"Can't handle being so popular?~" Yukari's taking this as an opportunity to tease me. "Getting to heaven isn't all that difficult though, seeing as Tenshi left a viable route there the last time she came down to cause trouble."

"Nnnngh..." Tenshi woke up right about then and sighed when she looked around. "Mayohiga... I lost again..."

"She seems pretty out of it. Is she going to be okay?" It does raise a question: Does the Sword of Hisou's power to absorb souls work on the one who's wielding it? I'd honestly feel terrible if I consciously inflicted on Tenshi what I went through up until now.

"Even if she isn't, her father will set things straight. If it's not too much to ask, would you mind carrying her? It might be a bit easier to gain audience if we bring her along." Yukari's got a gap open, and I'm left carrying the spaced-out celestial. I shouldn't complain though, once I'm carrying her it feels like she weighs next to nothing.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
248 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 29328
[X]"I think it's quite cute."
[X]Whatever you do, do not linger on her chest area.
[X]"I'm paying for that one."
[X]"I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."
>> No. 29329
I guess I'm the only one worried about Akyu possibly ruining the moment that might come?

True my vote might have been wallsome, but he never did give a limit.
>> No. 29331
[x] "I think it's quite cute."
[x] Whatever you do, do not linger on her chest area.
[x] "I'm paying for that one."
[x] "I think you need a full wardrobe of cute casual clothes, let's look around more."

Thread 28607 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125910379030.jpg - (457.27KB, 750x750, yukari02.jpg) [iqdb]
28607 No. 28607 hide watch expand quickreply
New thread for S.L.D.T
249 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 28985
So it's the dried and cut route it seems.
>> No. 28987
Well, this is rather sudden. I thought a date was supposed to be involved or something.

You lost me.
>> No. 28988

Going to see Tenshi's dad is a good choice if dull, hence what I meant by cut and dried (Good but dull),

But I don't really mind, a good chunk of the day few by and I'll just wait until tomorrow to try furthering my goals.

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