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Thread 40658 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 150811588083.jpg - (135.65KB, 600x714, merlinthewhite.jpg) [iqdb]
40658No. 40658hidewatchexpandquickreply
Pic unrelated.


Front Matter. Skip this section if you wanna go straight into the story.

This story will probably be centered around the Human Village, with some adventurous moments. MC will most likely be close-to-earth and interacts more with the humans. There shouldn't be any fights more dangerous than… say, against Rumia in the dark with bare hands.

I deleted my previous CYOA: Endless Flight since I started to get spams from my exposed email address. Also, that setting was so complicated that I decide to scratch it all together (I suppose Anons don’t like massive original setting crossover. I will keep those at bare minimum this time). One idea, however, is stuck in my mind: a low-profile low-power white mage who can teleport. What can he/she do?

Important: I am not a native English speaker, but I am a professional English user. If you spot a grammatical error, it does not imply I suck at English. I fix many problems in each pass of proof-reading, and I always proof-read three times or more, but I always miss one or two places. Unless you spot consistent mistakes, most will be one-time only. Remember, for every grammatical mistake you spot, I have fixed at least ten. It is frustrating to spend hours to polish a wall of 3000 words and the only comments are about how I messed up plural forms (though I had that one coming because I did make the same mistake quite a few times). If you really want to comment on my grammar, try to mix it with comments about the plot. I do not have a problem with grammar-picking, but please remember that commenting on grammar is trivial, especially for native English speakers, but the action gives an impression that I did not put work on polishing: an impression which is completely wrong and misleading. Honestly, I think criticizing the plot is much more helpful than picking errors in my grammar.

TL;DR: I appreciate criticism on my plot, pace, settings, character development and interaction, and recurring grammatical mistakes. Skip one-time grammatical errors, please. Names follow Asian conventions: Last Name then First Name

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>>No. 40925
[X] Keine may disagree with the trip, but ask her anyways.

If we're the one escorting him, Keine should be fine with it. Plus I just think its better to let her know regardless.
>>No. 40926
Writing now. Currently my Internet connection is struggling to load the thread, so I might start a new one.
>>No. 41000
Please come back

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File 144972999557.png - (962.71KB, 811x1168, how did this reach thread 2.png) [iqdb]
38909No. 38909hidewatchexpandquickreply
[x] An assistant librarian.

"Heeeey!" I call, waving, "Koakuma!"

Koakuma's head jerks up from scanning the rest of the village. She puts on a burst of speed, swoops slightly, and does an acrobatic flip to land quickly without flipping her skirt. She touches down almost silently a few paces in front of us, straightens, and mutters a spell as she approaches. With a flick of her fingers and a few glowing runes, all four of her wings seem to just melt away.

Of course, most of the village just saw all of that, so it feels a little pointless to put on a disguise now.

"Miss Marisa," Koakuma says, bowing very slightly. She wears the tired half-smile of someone whose day isn't going well at all.

"Heya Koa," Marisa says, "yer a rare sight outside the Mansion. Ol' Patches send ya out book-huntin' or somethin'?"

"If only," Koakuma groans. "It's all hands on deck at the moment. Lady Remilia sent me to find you, among other people." She glances at me and Sekibanki. "I guess it might interest you too."

"Eh? Whassat ol' bat want with little ol' me?"
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>>No. 40657
[X] Kokoro is learning about this sort of thing too, right? Maybe talking to her might help!

Tsukomogami need to stick together!
>>No. 40665
[X] It's a long shot, but... Byakuren helped cheer me up. And it's hard to stay miserable around Kyouko!

Obligatory tide piss
>>No. 40680
Thread 3: >>40679

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File 137748033827.jpg - (457.99KB, 800x1130, 626973aaf6dae79f04a2730290845b49.jpg) [iqdb]
36704No. 36704hidewatchexpandquickreply
I apologize for the delay, school is already kicking my ass.
Anyway, Previous Threads:
Thread One >>35593
Thread Two >>35921
Thread Three >>36313


“Perhaps part of it was getting caught up in the moment, but I really do like Youmu and so at the very least I need to try and make things work between us. I would never forgive myself if I broke her heart,” you mumble to yourself as you let the water wash over you. You’ve been thinking for a while and you’ve used up all the hot water at this point. Serious internal debates should probably be done out of the shower when you have someone waiting to use it after you. You shake your head and wash your hair.


After turning the water off and wrapping a towel around your waist you step out of the shower and over to the sink. On the very edge of the sink is a small package wrapped in brown, now moist, paper with a small note written on it.

“Dear Aaron,
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>>No. 40609
[] You tell her the truth, that Yukari's your mom.
>>No. 40610
[X] You tell her the truth, that Yukari's your mom.
>>No. 40632
I don't suppose you're still here? Could use some more Moon in life.

Thread 40151 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 147806631292.jpg - (216.78KB, 850x581, touhouisweird.jpg) [iqdb]
40151No. 40151hidewatchexpandquickreply
A micro story that should be updated once a day, work willing.


You are Clownpiece. You live in Reimu's Basement. You want to prank someone.

But not just anyone.

A FAIRY should get your pranking today!

[ ] Go prank that Big Fairy with the pretty wings.
[ ] Go prank that Stupid Fairy with the strength and cold and stuff.
[ ] Go prank the Three Fairies. A Three for One that'll go down in legend!

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 40585
It will happen! Tonight/tommorow morning! It took me a surprisingly long time to decide what to do this update.
>>No. 40586
You double-posted, and you didn't even have them a day apart. You soggy sack of bollocks.
>>No. 40587
Posting from a phone is a hell I'd wish not upon my worst enemy.

Thread 40379 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 148635732577.jpg - (357.37KB, 650x433, Underground.jpg) [iqdb]
40379No. 40379hidewatchexpandquickreply
[X] Back to bed, not going to get involved with this

Yes what about the summit that has nothing to do with the Hakurei? You slip away and make your way back to your room, nope not getting mixed up in this. You keep that thought repeating in your mind as you fluff your pillow and snuggle back into your bed...

Damn it why does the sun always hit you right in the face in the morning?! You yawn and work the kinks out of your neck as you stand. “Good morning Gensokyo.” You mumble softly as you smile and seek out one of the few things you brought with you from the outside world, granola bars! You take a bite from your favorite travel treat, blessings of the Hakurei upon however thought up these things. You finish the bar and make a note to see about replenishing your stash, the 15 bars you have left wont last long at this rate. Alright time to get going! You dress and repack your small bag before making sure your wraps are nice and tight. You slip into the camp and make for the base of the mountain, passing out bright smiles to the few wolves you pass. “Mmm...a lot of them are red faced for some reason...maybe a cold is going around?” You shrug as you approach the large gaping hole in the earth that serves as the main entry way to the underground. You stretch for a bit before shooting into the air and making a lazy loop before blasting down the hole. The path is deceptively clear but the walls have jutting areas and parts of the tunnel close up suddenly...huh...this...feels like....! Your eyes widen even as an maniac grin grows on your face. You dance around a hazard and nod, oh heck yeah! You don't care how silly this is you are doing it! You do your best to shift your voice. “Now lock on to the strongest power source it should be the power generator.” You grin and change your voice again. “Form up, and stay alert we could run out of space real fast.” Your flight becomes more daring as you push your skills to the limit. Your grin shines out as you thread the needle, a small open space in a intruding rock shelf, when a danmaku orb shoots past you and impacts the cave roof. You glace back to find a small mob of cave fay following after yo
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>>No. 40580
Alright it looks like we are going to the underground for IIS. I'm going to be very busy for the 4th (the curse of being a great cook) but I should have the start ready to go the day after. I'll post a heads up here when I do. See you all then
>>No. 40581

IIS is now up guys
>>No. 40583

I think this is how you link to other boards...

Thread 38175 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 14232479339.jpg - (551.86KB, 1584x1683, darejanthread2.jpg) [iqdb]
38175No. 38175hidewatchexpandquickreply
First Thread: >>37747

You are Darejan the Lucent Mirror, Seeker of Darkness. Once, you worked with a group to try to protect and preserve portions of the World from the searing horror of the Light. Or at least, you thought you were doing that at the time.

After getting more information, you decided to leave the escalating conflict, sealing yourself within your own weapon, entering into hibernation as you drifted between the stars.

Something caused you to crash land here in Gensokyo, and before you recovered from the impact, someone touched your Keyblade. A month later you found a native holding one of their own.

The might and versatility of the Keyblade is not to be underestimated. Your sense of personal responsibility for the impending chaos leads you to trek across this strange sealed land, securing and sealing your errant technology from the hands, hearts, and minds of this place.

For their own good.

Whether they see it that way or not.

[***] Skip to next divider if gamey stuff isn't your thing [***]
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 39150
Okay, calling it!

and that typo in the choice sears my soul (meant investigative, not investigating, gah)
>>No. 40416
damnit lark
>>No. 40420

If you're gonna bump a dead story, at least say something worthwhile.

Thread 39961 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 147524538549.jpg - (62.46KB, 900x506, mayohiga.jpg) [iqdb]
39961No. 39961hidewatchexpandquickreply
[X] A storage room for lazy things huh? Detective mode activated!

Right well now would be a good time to just sit back and enjoy some tea as you wait for Ran to return.

You feel your eyes slowly drifting to the dark hallway. Oh come on Ran what kind of person drops a hint like that and then just leaves?! ...maybe that's her game? Well in that case you are staying right here! ...but what if she KNEW you would think that in an attempt to make you not go in the hallway?! Ok no no enough of this I know that you know that I know kind of thinking, that way leads to madness. You take another long look at the hallway.

Ahh screw it. You get up and slowly edge to the hallway halfway expecting Ran to pop out of nowhere and bust you or something like that. You take a fortifying breath and walk inside. Well it is dark in here but not as bad as you thought as you can still see at least. The hallway goes on for a bit before ending in an ornate dark purple door. ...wait really? You take another look around...yep this is it, not a single other door in sight. Seems a bit overblown for just a storage room...but then again Yukari. Well might as well go all the way now that you are here. You slowly open the door to some kind of large chamber. The vaulted ceiling has been painted to show...you are not really sure...events in Gensokyo's history? You see your sister and some of the other residents of Gensokyo in some of them so that might be it. There are bookshelves overflowing with modern titles as well as scrolls and old tomes. There is a large panting on one wall of Yukari shearing drinks with a man with the largest mug of beer you have ever seen...maybe he's an oni? A pile of amazun boxes are stacked over by a large wardrobe. Turns out the kappa have a item ordering/shipping business. You know...this places feels less like a storage room and more like a-?!?! You only just now notice the large bed with its single occupant. -bedroom...oh shit.

Yukari is slumbering peacefully, her long golden hair spilling around her as the thin purple sheet does little to hide her figure. You quickly about face and thank all the gods and goddesses t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 40377
Straight to the underground
>>No. 40378
Down, down to Oni town.
>>No. 40380

Writing Sign: New Thread

Thread 39699 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 147197914891.jpg - (107.76KB, 1215x810, Shrine 2.jpg) [iqdb]
39699No. 39699hidewatchexpandquickreply
[X] Did something just phase through the shrine wall?!

You blink and look again...mmm...you could have sworn you saw... You quickly shift through the few ofuda you have on you and bring out a detector one. This style of ofuda was one of the first that mother showed you how to make, you place it on a surface and the symbol on the paper changes a different color depending on what type of energy it feels. You march over to the shrine wall and slap it on...ahh damn it! Dark blue...a spirit. Dealing with spirits is a tricky business as until you can identify why it is hanging around you are always flying blind. You duck back into the shrine to gather some things.

The back door opens a few minutes later and you step out. You are in full shrine keeper mode, the modified keeper outfit (for close combat fighting) mother made for you is spotless and your hands are wrapped and ready for use. These are not just any hand wrappings however as these are the same wrappings that mother used when she was learning the first fighting style of the Hakurei, also know as the Hakurei Divine Motion style. When she judged you competent enough in Divine Motion these hand wraps were her gift to you. You lift a fist in front of you and smile. What a gift! These wraps had been soaked in 2 generations of Hakurei blood and now were now stained blood red beyond cleaning and they had holy properties. Simply touching these wraps would burn lesser youkai and a normal human using them could leave damage on even the thickest hide. When in use by a Hakurei like yourself the effect become largely amplified...still you hoped you could deal with this spirit without violence.

You set up a small ring of 5 stones and place an ofuda on each one, Haven, Earth, Holy, Youkai, and on the stone in front of you you place the now blue detector ofuda. You place a blank ofuda in the middle and start to pray. This is a simple summoning ritual but rather then trying force the spirit out of hiding it is more of a soft tug. If this doesn't work you will have to more on to stronger methods. You keep this going for 1 minute...then 2...then 5. And you never halt in your praying, just pray and wait. Many spirits are often shy or
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 39959
[X] A storage room for lazy things huh? Detective mode activated!
>>No. 39960

Thank you. New thread will be going up sometime tomorrow
>>No. 39964
New Thread

Thread 39415 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146885949517.jpg - (6.13KB, 200x140, Hakurei shrine.jpg) [iqdb]
39415No. 39415hidewatchexpandquickreply
Home is where the Donation Box is

So this is my first story here so let me give you a little info. My stories will have a simplified skill system that is based on what you encounter in the story itself. After all no point in spending points in paper mache if you never get the chance to use that skill right? Let me show you how it works.

At the start of any story I make something like this will show up.

Name: (What they are called)

Gender: (Male, Female, and so on)

Age: (How old they are)

Description: (What they look like)

Personality: (How they act)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 39698
>>No. 39710
New thread: >>39699
>>No. 39877
[X] Wander around the village.

Thread 39234 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 14598673317.jpg - (74.08KB, 1019x598, Team-Fortress-2-Arena-Hakurei-Shrine-Map_1.jpg) [iqdb]
39234No. 39234hidewatchexpandquickreply
You are stepping off the bus, you have arrived at the college campus you will be teaching history classes at for the year. As you walk among the buildings trying to recall the lecture hall you were given your mind wanders. You remember the events leading up to this point.

You recall acing your SAT s in sophomore year of high school and getting bumped up a grade. You remember the countless hours of studying you dedicated to the history of the world. You remember denying yourself a social life to further your goals. You remember working your damnedest to get into Yale and graduate on the dean's list.

You remember the soul encompassing feeling of satisfaction when you graduated a year early and on TOP of the deans list. Now here you are. At the same place your grandfather taught history for thirty some odd years. You fulfilled your promise to him. You took his place so he would always know the students he cared so much for are getting the quality education they deserve.

… so why do you feel so…


After all, you're the youngest overly qualified teacher in this school's history. That's a hell of an accomplishment… right?

As you ponder your emotions you find your lecture hall. 'ah well.' you think to your self. 'after I teach for a while I’ll probably get right in the swing of things. I'm just a bit jittery on my first day.' when you open the doors an unexpected sight greets you.

A woman in a rather poofy dress is sitting by your podium. Before you can say anything she looks at you and stands up. She strides over to you in a way that you might call predatory. She looks at you strangely, her eyes almost seem to glow. After a while you decide to speak up but she interrupts immediately. “when your students arrive I’m going to help you play a prank on them.” she says in a casual manner. “what do you mean?” you ask.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 39269
Please for the love of all that is good and just in this world capitalize your story's title and get someone to proof your updates. Shill on the irc if you need to, there's ninety people there with diddly to do.

I don't remember if I voted on this update, but:
[X]Jog every morning and after work. +30 Agility
[X] Do a project about Japanese history.
>>No. 39397
[X]Jog every morning and after work. +30 Agility
[X] Do a project about Japanese history

I'm not bothered by it.
>>No. 39521
I'm back.
life's been in te way lately, if any of you still want to be a part of this then i'm bringing back our professer freind for his october full of exersise and japanese history.

in late september after everything calms down.

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