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Just making a place here to deposit any possible shorts I make, whether they are a part of my current stories or not. Hopefully it fills up in an orderly, yet slow, manner.
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The office fell eerily silent as the office owner stared at the green-haired priestess sitting across from him. Holding a cigar between two fingers, the man exhaled a small cloud of smoke. His nerves at ease, the finely suited man slowly rose to his feet, Sanae smiling nervously as her eyes followed the man around his desk.

"So..."the man breathe out, his eyes half-open. "Let me repeat what you have said, Miss Kochiya. You wish that I, with my vast resources and faepower, simply hand over my assets in pure benefit for you?"

Sanae shakes her head quickly, a few beads of sweat dripping from her forehead. "Of course not, sir. The Moriya shrine only wishes for our mutual benefit. You will simply be assisting us to achieving our goals and when our goals are achieved you will be able to partake in those benefits."

"And now I ask... why? Why would I assist you in such a worthless venture? Does your own idiocy blind you to what's in front of you, Miss Kochiya? Did you not see the gates, the walls, the fairies that traverse the halls? Has it not come across you and your mistresses? minds that I have everything I want?" Another exhale, another cloud of smoke escapes your mouth. "If you truly seek a mutual gain, then what exactly do I have to gain?"

The green-haired priestess swallows for a moment, a hint of fear appearing on her face. "W-well, sir, you'll be aiding in making the Moriya shrine the dominant force in Gensokyo. Certainly you would love to partake in such an endeavor, yes?"

Rubbing his foreheads, the office man frowns as he scowls at Sanae, stepping closing to the frightened woman. "Silence, Miss Kochiya. All your mistresses desire is that I bow before them, bow before them like some slave. Do you not see that I have no desire in enslaving myself to another? Do you think I would surrender all I have done simply because you ask me to?"

"Of course not, sir, we would never dream of forcing you to submit to the Moriya shrine!" Sanae gasps out, trying to sink deeper into her chair. "It will be an alliance, where both you and the Moriya shrine are equal, both sharing in this power!"

"Silence," The office man snarls, Sanae whimpering as the businessman brings himself in front of her. Then, lowering himself until the two were face to face, the man pulled the collar of his shirt, revealing two, small scars on the side of his neck. "Do you know what I did to the last person who offered me power in return for my servitude?"

Sanae only shook her head, too terrified to even let out a squeak. "I'm certain you know of her, Remilia Scarlet. This scar here is all that's left of the blood she took from me. That time she stood above me, forcing me to my knees, as in ?reverence? to her humility in allowing me to even be in her presence. That time she offered to spare my punishment if I submit to her. I refused. She took as much blood as she wanted from me, draining me nearly dry. And she left me for dead."

Covering his neck, the office man returns to his desk, leaning over it. "And you know what happened the next time I saw her? The roles were reversed. I standing above her, the foolish girl too short to even reach my chest. She begged me to spare her, begged, Miss Kochiya, an almighty vampire begging to be spared, offering me gifts of power and wealth so long as I spare her pathetic life. And do you know what I did?"

"N-no...?" Sanae squeaked as she watched the office man return his gaze upon her.

"I liberated every last drop of blood she owed me, straight from her lithe body. I ensured that she paid me back for every ounce she stole, until her floors were glazed with her blood." The man sighs, taking a deep breath from his cigar, the smoke flowing out of his nose. "I left her alive, Miss Kochiya, mutilated, scarred, as a constant reminder to never think I would lower myself to others."

Sanae begins to panic, her eyes racing around the room, expecting something horrible to happen. However, the man continued to stand there, his cigar nearly spent.

"So, Miss Kochiya, is there anything else you wish to say to me?" The office man asked as he let the ashes from his cigar fall to the floor.

"W-w-w-well, Mister Wilson, although I can see your reason for refusing, I doubt that the rest of the Moriya shrine will be as... understanding," Sanae replies, the priestess sweating profusely.

"What did you call me?"

Caught off guard by the question, Sanae idly blinks at Wilson?s.

"What did you call me!"

"Um, um, isn't that your name, Mister-."

"You come before me, expecting that I submit before the Moriya shrine, and you do not even have the respect to call me by title?"

"Please, Mister Wilson, I didn't mean to be rud-"

Wilson slammed his hand onto his desk, the resounding noise nearly causing Sanae to jump out of her chair. "Again you say that! I am not Ulysses Wilson. I am the Faefather!."

"Please, no, Faefather, I was simply doing it out of habi-"

"More excuses, MORE EXCUSES!" The Faefather approaches Sanae, leaning in close so both were directly face to face with each other. "Does your mistresses teach you to be so rude to those who do not follow their religion?"

"No, Faefather, please don't kill me!" Sanae begged, the priestess nearly ready to break into tears.

A harsh silence again fell over The Faefather's office. The suited man lets out a soft sigh and turns away from Sanae. "Miss Kochiya, this is my last Cuban cigar. I do not wish to waste it in your presence."

Sanae, realizing that she will be spared, nods quickly. "Thank you, Faefather, I shall return to my shrine to inform the Goddesses of your decision." Not wasting another second, Sanae rushes out the door, the Faefather breathing in his cigar until the only thing left was a small stub. A golden-haired fairy quickly enters the office, bowing before Ulysses.

"The priestess has left the premises, Faefather," Sunny said in a strict tone. "What are your orders? Are we to attack her on the way back?"

"That will be unnecessary, Sunny. Miss Kochiya knows not to mess with us anymore. However, I wish to ensure that the Goddesses of the Moriya shrine also understand what happens when they ask me to submit to them. Prepare them... a counter offer, Sunny. Ensure that they will not refuse it."

"Yes, Faefather," Sunny bowed down again before leaving the office, the Faefather again alone. Returning to his chair, the Faefather closes his eyes, knowing well that the Moriya shrine will no longer pester him.

The following day, the mutilated corpse of a Kappa was found near the river. The head, which was nowhere near the body, was later found at the Moriya shrine, placed in the shrine's donation box.


This idea has been on the back burner for a while now and I decided to give it a shot at writing. Not sure where I want to go from here, but if there ever is more, I'll add them here.
Don Wilson - I like it.
Is this what would have happened if we would have let her drink his blood?
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The Hakurei Shrine was blanketed underneath a pile of white snow, the downpour appearing almost out of random. Several fairies were playing around in the snow, laughing happily as the Hakurei Shrine maiden and her guest watched from a distance. Though outside, Reimu was warmly wrapped in a winter coat, only her head, hands and feet sticking out from underneath. Sitting next to her, also wrapped in a large coat, was her guest, a man in his late twenties. Both persons were holding a cup of hot cocoa.

"Mmm, this hot cocoa is very delicious, Ulysses," Reimu commented as she took another sip.

"I'm glad to see that you like it, Miss Hakurei," Ulysses replied, also taking a sip from his cup. "There's nothing like a nice glass of hot cocoa on a cold day like this."

Reimu smirked after hearing her last name. "You're so formal, Ulysses. Why don't you lighten up? it's not like I call you Faefather all the time."

"I wish you did," Ulysses scoffed as he watched the fairies rolling up snow, already working on creating a full-fledge snowman. "it's proper to refer each other, as a sign of understanding. Are you saying you don't understand me, Miss Hakurei?"

Reimu lets out a loud cackle as he slapped Ulysses? shoulder. "Ulysses! How could I not understand you? You're just another guy looking for a purpose in life! And here in Gensokyo you're finding it, right?"

Ulysses laughed in reply, looking back into his cup of hot chocolate. "I guess you're right, Reimu. I've found quite a bit since I first came here. Before I was just a lonely man with very little to my name, and now I have a family. Of sorts, anyway."

"Heh, a family, huh? You starting to let those fairies get to you, Ulysses? And here I was thinking that they were simply tools for you, tools for you and your... antics," Reimu grinned, taking another sip of hot chocolate.

"Antics? Please, Reimu, you understand that all my actions are perfectly good. And besides, these fairies are quite fun, aren't they? they're like children yet at the same time like adults. Creatures of innocence and maturity all wrapped into a single-form. it's rather charming, don't you think?"

Reimu shrugged as she watched the fairies finish up their snowman, the fairies happily laughing at their work. "As long as they're your trouble and not mine, I'm fine with it. Though, I would like it if you didn't do anything that I would have to investigate. I've grown quite comfortable thanks to your generous donations, and I don't like it when I have to go out in the cold to deal with some problem that you could have avoided."

"Me? Problems? Surely you're joking, Reimu. Have I really done anything to cause an incident large enough to require your attention?" Ulysses replied, giving Reimu a calm look. After a few seconds of staring at each other, the two of them broke out into another bout of laughter.

"If you say so, Ulysses, if you say so..."Reimu drank up the rest of her hot chocolate, the young shrine maiden letting out a large smile stained dark by the drink.

Ulysses then pulled back his sleeve, glanced at his watch and then sighed. "I apologize, Miss Hakurei, it seems like I must take my leave for now. I have important business back at my home."

Reimu nodded as she watched Ulysses stand back up, adjusting his hat and coat properly. "Don't forget to bring more hot chocolate! it's been a while since I've had such a good drink that wasn't tea."

"Of course, Miss Hakurei, I would gladly bring us some more hot chocolate next time I come by." Ulysses gave Reimu a warm smile before walking off the steps, motioning his fairies to him. "Say goodbye to Auntie Hakurei now."

"Good-bye, Auntie Hakurei!" the fairies said in unison, curtseying politely. The fairies then joined back with Ulysses, the group taking their leave, the Hakurei Shrine disappearing behind them. With his fairies surrounding him, Ulysses strode through the snow, his face looking down at the ground, his hands in his pockets.

As they moved further, Ulysses began glancing about, the path slowly disappearing beneath more and more snow. The trees had begun to close around the group, the fairies starting to grow more cautious. A sudden blur in the distance sparked the fairies into action, taking positions to protect Ulysses. However, the blur moved quickly and struck without warning, scattering several fairies away and throwing snow everywhere.

When the snow had settled, Ulysses stared at his attacker, his eyes narrowing in contempt. Before him stood a large wolf, the wolf drooling noticeably.

"A human, heh... you should've thought better than to travel with just fairies..."the wolf cackled, snarling loudly. "I'm going to enjoy eating you..."

Ulysses continued to glare at the wolf as it circled him, the fairies trying to approach it but were tossed backwards by a quick swipe of the wolf's claws. Soon, the wolf took still, eyeing Ulysses carefully. The two beings stared at each other, Ulysses? firmly holding his ground, his hands still in his coat pockets.

The wolf leapt forward, claws and fangs bared, intent in devouring Ulysses.


A shot rang out, the wolf falling to the ground helplessly, blood from the bullet hole staining the snow a deep. Ulysses held his revolver tightly, his hand steady with fury. Seeing the wolf crippled by the bullet, Ulysses approached the wolf slowly, each step filled with an unleashed fury.

"Foolish human! Your weapons will not stop me!" The wolf snarled again, trying to get up to its feet. Another shot to the wolf's left foreleg forced it down again. "Grah! I will not be beaten... by a human!"

The wolf continued to attempt to rise, a third shot, and then a fourth shot ringing out, each aimed at the wolf's hind legs. With each leg struck, the wolf finally collapsed, still barring its teeth with fury. A fifth shot to the wolf's torso caused the wolf to howl loudly in agony, blood pouring profusely from each wound.

"You.... you... human! How... you act with... the fury of a demon!" the wolf whined as Ulysses stood above the wolf, the man aiming his revolver at the wolf's head, cocking the hammer back.

"I am no demon," Ulysses coldly responded as he pulled the lever. "I am the Faefather."


The bullet tore through the wolf's skull, the wolf finally slumping down dead. Ulysses only stared at the corpse, his eyes still filled with contempt. Placing his revolver back in his coat pocket, his fellow fairy companies returned to his side, some still recovering from being tossed back with such force.

"What shall we do with the wolf, Faefather?" one of the fairies asked, Ulysses turning to the fairy, the fairy reeling back in fear of the contempt that still dominated Ulysses? eyes.

"Bring it back with us," Ulysses answered as he started walking back through the snow. "This wolf's head shall be a trophy long overdue."
Obligatory ambiguous Christmas-y like story go!


Despite a blanket of snow covering its roof, the Faefather's estate was abuzz with activity. Fairies were running down the hall, each one having an excited look on her face. The annual dinner of the fairies was just a few days away. Each fairy knew her part to play; no fairy in the entire mansion was idle. The kitchen and dining hall were the places of the most activity, with fairies either working hard on preparing the meals that would fill the tables in the dining hall, and other fairies filling said dining hall with as much decorations as possible.

The Faefather began his usual patrol, walking through the several rooms to see how everything was progressing. As the Faefather approached, the fairies would quickly drop what they were doing and give him a quick curtsey. Each curtsey and greeting put a smile on the Faefather's face as he continued moving through the halls, passing several paintings of different fairies and humans.

Although the foyer was one of the main rooms of the estate, it was strangely empty at this time of year, most fairies too busy ti spend any time there now. Nonetheless, the Faefather stood there, examining his home with wide satisfaction. The Faefather was proud of his accomplishment, knowing that not less than two years ago, this area was nothing more than an empty forest, only a few fairies being in this area. With the Faefather's progress, the fairies throughout Gensokyo began to flock to him, employment under the Faefather being viewed as a satisfying alternative to going it alone, especially for the respect such a position would garner with others.

Finished with his admiration, The Faefather retired to his private study, waving to a couple of more fairies along the way, each fairy he greeted nearly fainting in such joy to be happily greeted in return by such a famous man to fairy kind. To them, this man was not such a leader, but an inspiration, an inspiration to fairies to truly gain the respect they so desperately want.

Back in his study, the faefather relaxed, his shoulders easing up as he sat on his leather chair, a sort of throne and with him as King. Taking a cigar from his mahogany smokebox, the Faefather allowed himself a pleasant time for a quick smoke, lighting up the tip before taking a deep breath of relaxing tobacco smoke. Yes, this is the life.

A soft knock on his study door quickly caught the Faefather's attention, his eyes carefully scanning the door.

"Ulysses?" A familiar voice asked, followed by a few more knocks. "May I come in?"

"Ah, Luna, of course my door is always open for you," The Faefather happily responded as he watched the door creak open, a small fairy floating in from the opening. "So, Luna, what do I owe the pleasure for today? Perhaps some champagne is in order? Or maybe some brandy. Would that sound nice, Luna?"

Luna gave a oft smile and nodded slowly. "Of course, Ulysses, I would love to try out the brandy." Luna floated up to the Faefather's desk, planting her shoulders on the edge. The Faefather smiled as he opened one of the drawers, taking out a small bottle and two glasses. Pouring a bit of the liquid into the cups, the Faefather placed one of the glasses in front of Luna before taking the other glass in hand.

"So, what shall we toast to today, Luna? I was thinking of letting you decide today," The Faefather offered, holding his glass at eye level.

Luna thought for a moment before smiling widely. "Let's toast to our continued good fortune, and that fairies may continued to be happy here," Luna answered happily, raising her own glas up and clinking it with the Faefather?s. With the two persons taking a sip, both Luna and the Faefather let out a loud laugh.

"Of course, of course, that is a given, Luna. I make sure that all fairies here are as happy as they can be, but of course I ensure that you are the happiest, Luna.."

Luna blushed as she took another sip of brandy. "Isn't that a bit unfair, Ulysses? I mean, you shouldn't be sacrificing other fairies happiness for mine."

"Why would it be, Luna? I would never dream of sacrificing another fairy's happiness for yours. I of course just give you more. it's only right for all you've done for me, Luna. Why, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be the man I am, and this wouldn't exist at all."

Luna continued to blush, letting out another small smile. "Well, thank you, Ulysses, I'm glad to know you think that way, and that you're not becoming a monster like others would say."

The Faefather sighed, setting his glass down before giving a warm smile to Luna. "I simply do what I must to ensure that my fairies are as happy as they can be, and to ensure that others will respect that, no matter what it's because of you that I've found purpose in my life again, more than being just a businessman, but being someone who is truly making a difference in life."

The Faefather stood up from his chair and approached a nearby cabinet, a happy look on his face. "That reminds me, I was saving up a treat for us both besides this brandy. I'm certain you'll enjoy this tasty treat."

Luna nodded, "Spending time with you like this is a treat enough for me."

"As it is for me, Luna, as it is for me," The Faefather responded happily. "Here we go... wait, this isn't right."

The Faefather opened the cabinet and was shocked to find it was empty, the Faefather opening and closing the cabinet several times, thinking this might be some mistake. Luna floated over to the cabinet, looking a bit worried.

"Ulysses?, is something the matter?" Luna asked, the Faefather returning her question with a look of worry of his own.

"I don't understand it, I left a good treat here for us to share here earlier, but now it's gone. I don't recall at all of opening this cabinet between from then and now...Hrmm, unless..."The Faefather shut the cabinet closed and sighed. "And it was a good treat too, just made for the two of us. Oh well, I apologize, Luna for nothing having this treat for us."

"I don't mind at all," Luna replied contently, "Just being with you is enough for me."

The Faefather smiled and nodded as well. "I guess I should be heading down to the kitchen to see how the fairies are holding up on their baking I would love it if you would accompany me for that."

Luna smiled widely. "It would be my pleasure to accompany you, Ulysses."

The Faefather and Luna walked towards the door, The Faefather opening it for Luna like a gentleman. However, when the Faefather opened the door, there standing in the doorway was another fairy, sniffling a bit, a look of guilt on her face."

"Yes?" The Faefather asked, looking down at the fairy, the fairy refusing to look at him. "Well? What's wrong, young fairy?"

"I... I..? The fairy started, trying to talk between tears. "I'm sorry, Faefather! I didn't mean to do it!"

"Do what? The Faefather continued, Luna floating by his side and also staring at the fairy.

"I didn't mean to walk into your study, but I saw the door open and I was wondering if there was something wrong. You weren't in there so I was about to leave but I could smell a delicious aroma coming from one of the cabinets. I knew I would get in trouble but I just couldn't help myself so... I opened the cabinet and ate the delicious treat you had there. Please, forgive me Faefather."

The Faefather stared at the guilty fairy, a look that was of neither anger nor happiness on his face. Leaning down at the fairy, The Faefather grasped her neck and motioned her to look at him. "Tell me, fairy, what is your name?"

"D... D... Diana, Faefather sir," the fairy answered, a few tears still streaking down her face.?Please, I understand whatever punishment you give me won't be sufficient enough to pay for the crime I have committed."

The Faefather continued to stare at the fairy and closed his eyes. "Well then, Diana, I guess there's only one thing appropriate for the crime." The Faefather stood back up and looked at Luna. "Luna, you don't mind me bringing Diana with us down to the kitchen, do you? She'll be helping us to bake a new treat for us to eat."

"She is?" Luna asked.

?I am?" Diana gasped, a look of surprise on her face.

"O f course! Who better to help us than the one who got to eat it? I'm certain she'll be able to make sure that the treat we bake is just as good, if not better than the last one!" The Faefather

Diana stared at the Faefather before quickly nodding. "Of course, Faefather sir, I won't let you down at all!"

"That's the spirit!" The Faeafther patted Diana on the back. "Come on, let's hurry while there's supplies left for treat baking."

The Faefather soon made his way down towards the kitchen, a fairy flanking each of his sides. As soon as the Faeafther stepped into the kitchen, all the fairies quickly stopped what they were doing and greeted the Faefather in unison.

"Don't mind us; we're just going to do some baking here. You can continue with your with your duties." The Faefather shouted, the fairies returning to their cooking quickly as the Faefather continued walking to an empty area

Gathering up all the necessary supplies, The Faefather watched as Luna and Diana began mixing the ingredients together, forming the basis for their delicious treat. However, Diana was a bit too quick with the mixing, a bit of the batter flying out of the bowl, and right on to the Faefather's shirt. The kitchen became deathly silent as all the fairies stared at Diana.

Diana tried to hide her face, completely embarrassed at what she did. The Faefather, however, only smiled. Wiping off the smudge, the Faefather let out of a big laugh, patting Diana on the back and watching everyone else return to their cooking. Happy to have resolved the crisis, The Faefather continued to supervise, handing Luna and Diana whatever other necessary utensils they needed. After several hours of cooking and baking, the treats were done and brought out to a specially made table for three, the treats laid out for each of them.

Sitting across from each other, Luna and the Faefather smiled as they watched Diana happily eat the treats she helped to make. Soon, each of them took a bite and nodded in approval. Soon, the dining hall was filled with the joyous laughter of the Faefather and his fellow fairies.


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