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A wise man once said that men are fated to rule the world. Gifted with reason, they created tools to fend off beasts and tame the wilds, bending even Mother Nature herself to their will.

Those words still ring true even to this day.

Men have created a civilization that rivals even that of the gods. Their buildings reached the skies; their ships ran deep into the ocean; their vessels tore through the clouds.

However, it wasn't always like this.

There was a time when humanity lived under the thumb of nature. Their days were filled with paranoia and fear of the unknown; of things that lurk in the dark; of things that they couldn't comprehend.

Those days gave birth to the creatures known as ?youkai?.

Humanity's shadow came into being.

Born from human thoughts, they held powers surpassing those of even the strongest humans. Tearing mountains with their bare hands, bestowing deaths upon mortals just with a simple flick of their minds, and summoning darkness that cover even the sun itself.

Such was the strength they possessed.

However, their existence was one of the accursed. They were a blight; a crime against the universe and its unmitigated, eternally binding laws.

They were a lie, a fantasy born of the wild imaginations of humans.

So they were cursed, maledicted with an imaginary existence, only present as long as the humans feared them, for they were born of those fears in the first place.

A miserable fate indeed.

Thus, it began. The bloody days. The violent days. The days where there was no peace between humans and youkai.


And time flew by. Like ants crawling on dirt, men changed little by little, step by step, a fact went unnoticed by the youkai.

Humanity grew beyond what even their forefathers could foresee. No longer did they dread the unknown, for the unknown was now in their grasp. No more sacrificing of young maidens to appease a mountain spirit when a volcano erupted. No more crying and begging to a harvest god when their crops failed to grow.

No more fairytales. No more fantasies. No more lies. A new era. One based on truth. One based on reason.

Thus, as a lantern shone upon the dark, so did the humans realized.

There's no need for youkai to exist in this world.

The scale tipped. Rejected by the humans, the youkai began to fade away, returning to whence they came from: fantasies and imaginations of humans.

However, some amongst them refused that fate.

Be it by providence or luck, one of them had the power they sought. The power to bend reality itself.

Her name was Yukari Yakumo. No one knew where she came from or where her origins lay. A walking enigma, the embodiment of mystery itself.

Alongside those who still wished to live side-by-side with the youkai, she created a new world; a new land where her kind can live in peace, away from those who had spurned them.

Gensokyo, The Land of Illusions. A name most fitting indeed.

Thus, it began. A new age where humans and youkai could live in peace.

However, like a sage once said, nothing could last forever. All things are destined to end.

This was such a tale.


Thanks to YAF for giving me that great book and to Fyhlen for proofreading this story. Without their help, this update wouldn't be possible.
Interesting. Continue.
I can only imagine this ending with a human invasion. I don't know what to think about that but I'm intrigued.
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It was no secret there was still some animosity between humans and youkai in Gensokyo. Whether it's a natural disaster or the ?disappearances? of humans, you could trace the cause back to those creatures.

That being said, you can't lay all the blame on them, for their actions were a necessity towards their own survival. Without human fear, they would eventually cease to exist.

Such was the capricious balance that held this land together.

And sadly, there were those amongst the humans who desired to tip that balance.

His name was Mr. Fujisaki, one of the nobles living in the Human Village. With a thick mustache and a gray beard, his face was perpetually decorated with a frown.

He wasn't always like this however. He used to be an easygoing man with a laugh that's famous for waking babies from their sleep. What changed him, you may ask?

The answer rested inside a small garden behind his mansion. There, you would see an exquisite tombstone, decorated with lilies and roses. It belonged to his beautiful wife who had departed to the Netherworld a few years ago.

Mrs. Fujisaki was never a paragon of health. Cursed with a frail body, she could only pass her days sleeping in her room or reading books in her husband's spacious library. Even so, she's never seen without a smile in her face.

It all changed when a certain disaster struck. A red mist, covering the entirety of Gensokyo, manifested without warning. It blocked the sun; succumbing the land into a perpetual night.

Sadly, nobody knew it was poisonous for humans before it was too late.

To most people, it only caused headaches and nausea, along with some fever if you were unlucky.

The wife fell ill; a fever that no doctor was capable of healing. Each night she would wail on her bed, coughing out blood in her sleep. The Devil's Curse, they called it, christened after the vampire who created the mist.

Then, as the mist dissipated, so did the woman's life.

Hence, the Society was born. A brotherhood for those who despised youkai; a fellowship for those who yearned freedom? freedom from the youkai's grasp.

"What a silly dream! Those foolish humans really believe they could achieve that?" said the youkai.

And so they laughed; laughed at the prospect of humans dominating over them.

And it was indeed a reasonable laugh, for it was like a worm who dreamed to topple a dragon from its throne.

However, life is like a wheel, sometimes you're at the top, sometimes you're at the bottom.

And the wheel began to turn; its gears led by the heavens themselves.
Oh, I almost forget. Thanks to Ofri for his proofreading service.
Oh Christ, you're really writing this, aren't you.
Oh yes, I'm really writing this and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Do you even know what I'm writing?
We're assuming something with the 96+ percent chance of ending up grimderp with death, blood, gore, etc.
Grimdark? Yes, you could probably call this story that.

Death? No Touhous will die in this story.

Gore? Only a little bit.

You will know what this story's about in the next update, that is, if I don't change my mind.
How can gensokyo fall without causalities? And better question: How can there be gore without casualties.

I'm just wary of the likely result as there's two big names in grimdark: one started as a joke and the other became a joke. I'd love to be proven wrong though.
Huh, who are those two big names in grimdark you're talking about?

I think one of them is Warhammer 40K (In the Grimdarkness of the far future, there is only WAR!, ect). No idea on the other one.
Frank Miller, back before he descended into the self-parody (All girls are whores! for one)
Matt Ward.
And better question: How can there be gore without casualties.

Youkai can be cut into five pieces and survive. And there are things far harder to kill permanently than youkai in Gensokyo.

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