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Just going to repost some of my true one-shots into this thread and keep any future ones to this thread for ease of finding on my own part, including the Rin ones so i don't have to constantly bump the /underground/ thread, hurp.
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"Oh dear..."

That's the first thing you hear when you seemingly come to. You feel like you've been out cold for weeks. This is the last time you decide to explore a bit underground. You got yourself caught in a massive spider web and you haven't been able to free yourself since. You've just been waiting for the massive spider to come along and tear your guts out, but the silly thing is; it never came. You cursed your luck when you realized this, because you thought you would just starve to death on the massive web. But now, luck is now shining it's warm light upon you, for you've been discovered!

"Are you awake?" The girl's voice says. She's rather small looking, maybe just a child. She wears an interesting looking dress, as if her skirt contains something large, but you can't be sure. But you don't care, help is help.

"H-Hey." You speak back to her. "Can...can you get me outta here?" The little girl curiously tilts her head up at you.

"Hmm, I don't know...that's awfully big spider web you got yourself stuck into, mister."

"Yeah, I know! J-Just please, I-I really need help..." Your voice stutters from the weakness of being down here for so long. The little girl approaches you and attempts to free your leg, but to no avail. She then looks up at you worriedly.

"Sorry mister, but I don't think I could get you out alone." You have to grunt in frustration at this concept. The only time you get help and they're too little to be of any immediate use. But that's okay, you've been discovered at least.

"Then...then could you go out and find someone who can then? I don't care, anyone will do..." The little girl smiles brightly at the thought of being able to help you.

"Of course! Wait right there and I'll be right back!" You can't help but constantly thank the girl over and over again as she runs off into the darkness ahead of you.

And now, you are alone again. You can feel your stomach trying to eat itself from your starvation. Your hydration is weakening too, your throat feels so immeasurably dry. Your exhaustion takes it's toll on you and you seem to blank out yet again.

"Mister~! I'm back!" You're greeted by a familiar voice when you try and come to again. The little girl must've brought help. You immediately try to focus your eyes and shout out to her.

"Ah! Th-Thank you! Now please, ge-..." You freeze with fear and shock when you can see what's in front of you. The little girl's dress is demolished, ripped in pieces, exposing her bare legs...all six of them.

"Hehe, reactions like that are always priceless~" The little girl says as she approaches you. You try and wriggle yourself free, but like always, it's a futile effort, only more so now because of your weakened state. The two human legs leading up to her torso do the walking while the four, hairy, gigantic arachne legs spilling out of the sides of her hips seem to wave and claw towards you unnervingly. The bottom two then plant themselves in the ground and lift the girl up so that she can be face to face with you.

"Wh-What are you?!" You can't help but shout, just before the girl puts her hands across your cheeks.

"Who do you think, silly? This is my web. I haven't bothered checking in a while because I thought it was old, but I can see my silk is still as strong as ever." Close up and personal, you can now see the two fangs poking out of her mouth, especially as she licks her lips, caressing your cheeks as if searching for tenderness.

"Y-...You don't want to eat me. I'm nothing but bones! I haven't eaten in days!" The girl just looks at you, like it doesn't even matter.

"Then you should be able to understand quite clearly that a meal is a meal, right? Accept the fact that you're my prey~" The girl starts laughing while you struggle more and more, the fear is starting to get the best of you. You stop though when you feel the extra two, free floating spider legs starting to lightly run up your body.

"Wha...what are...you going to do...?" The little girl smirks, shortly before the two legs reach your abdominal area.

"I'm going to teach you a little lesson before you die, mister. You know, a person fears a spider's bite more then anything else. But, they fail to notice something..." Suddenly, you feel a very sharp and blinding pain enter the right side of your torso as one of her legs literally digs into you, burning, singing with a powerful toxin.

"GAAAHHH!!!" You shake and shiver in pain, unable to really take it, the most you can make out with your vision is the girl smiling more devilishly.

"A spider's fangs aren't it's only weapon..." Another claw rips into you, from the other side, causing you to scream out. You can barely make out the next few words out of your excruciating pain and misery. "A spider's claws can be just as deadly..."

Thanks for the meal~
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"Geez Reimu! You never let me do anything!"

That was the sound of a young celestial type girl, with long blue hair, and a very stylish dress. She liked having things go her way, and acted childish when they didn't. Despite her practically royal status, she was an immature girl at heart.

"Hey! Come back here! Are you going to run crying?!" Although it was something she tried her hardest not to do, there were still rare times where the little angel that could, just couldn't.

"Gah, I'm so angry! I wanna blow something up! She's so dense sometimes, I wish I could pop that damn skull off her shoulders..."

She was also somewhat destructive at times, not really caring much for other people's belongings.

Her name is Tenshi Hinanai. Having merely been inducted as a celestial through her family, rather then being a true one, her very human-like behavior was of course, to be expected. Some angels would in fact argue that she isn't celestial at all. She still wielded great power, however, power that she loved showing off. Lately, however, times have been difficult for her. Maybe she is coming of age and learning the true plight of humans as they grow into adults.

"Siiigh...I wish Reimu wouldn't be so cold," the little divine girl says, atop a lonely cliff in the sky. She would often wander about, playing through the clouds. When she was still a little girl, the clouds were her favourite play toy, which ended up growing into a mysterious power later on. "Great...now I'm bored again."

It's at this time, that one of her friends, a messenger that went by the name of Iku Nagae, happens to come across Tenshi.

"Oh! Tenshi, what are you doing up here?" The celestial nearly jumps out of her skin, somehow being approached by the woman without any sort of notice. She then hops back to her feet and quickly about faces.

"I-I-Iku! Don't sneak up on me like that!"

"Ahh...sorry?" Iku clearly doesn't seem very concerned about her frightening of the child, as she continues on all the while. "Is something the matter, though?" Tenshi looks at her friend with a bit of a pout before calmly looking off to the side.

"No. Not at all." Iku just sighs at this wonderful display of hiding the truth. The little angel always wore her emotions on her sleeve, and Iku had all but gotten used to this by now.

"You know there is no need to lie in front of me, tell me what happened and I will try my best to rectify the problem." Tenshi looks up at Iku for a moment to judge this situation, and then try to tell her, but of course, she very well can't and has to look away in shame as she tells the messenger her problem.

"I just had another fight with Reimu is all...I don't even remember what it was about. But she...makes me so angry." Iku starts laughing a bit suddenly, which Tenshi takes offense too. "D-Don't laugh!" Iku covers her mouth and tries the stifle the next few bursts of laughter.

"P-Please forgive me~" After calming down, the gentle dancer looks down at her celestial peer. "But perhaps you should go and apologize to her? If you have forgotten about it by now, perhaps she has too."

"That's very unlikely. This is Reimu we're talking about." Iku bends down a little to look at the angel at eye level, putting her hands on her shoulders.

"Yes, and that's exactly why you should go apologize to her." Iku just receives a rather unamused glare from Tenshi, but as much as she can see her guilt trips, she always falls for them.

"Fine, fine. I'll head on my way there now then." Iku smiles as she stands back up.

"That's the spirit. Do your best~!" The exasperated celestial just sighs and takes off, leaving the messenger there for her own duties to fulfill once more.

The blue haired girl wanders about though, instead of going straight to the shrine. Eventually she stops in a clearing in the forest. She looks down, and starts to seriously think about things.

"What's wrong with me? Has celestial life really bored me to the point to where I always feel irritable?"

You're nothing but a human, celestial life would be too good for you!

"Wh-Wha?! Who's there?!"

You're no angel, you're just a human given special rights. There's nothing celestial about you!

"No, no! You're wrong!" The poor girl starts holding her head when the voices that seemingly boom in from out of nowhere start laughing at her. "S-Stop this!"

Who died and made you boss? Oh, that's right, it was that poor excuse for a god you served!

Bad Celestials deserve no place in heaven! Be gone from this plane and never set foot on it again!

People like you are specifically why we have fallen angels. Go back to the dirty soil you once walked on!

Tenshi could hardly take it anymore, falling to her knees, holding her head, trying her best not to cry, but ultimately failing it as tears start running down the once rosy red cheeks of hers. Her immaturity was not due to her age, not due to her human heritage, but her sheltered life living in a place where she did not belong, that was her biggest hurdle, a hurdle she had yet to truly jump.

"S-Stop, please! No more, I don't care about your stupid heaven! Just leave me alone!!"

Do you think we'll give you the time of day after what you've done?

Foolish celestials like you deserve to be punished!

Your whole clan is a disgrace to us!

It is because of your family that we have to live with terrible reputations placed upon our heads! Repent for what you've done!!


The girl's eyes shoot open the moment she hears that familiar voice.


It's okay. Don't listen to them. We may only have been granted special permission, but they fail to see why the Nai-no-Kami had chosen us.


Things will be alright, just watch. One day, the Hinanai clan will be respectable celestials...and I'm sure it will be you who proudly leads them on to victory.

"Daddy...oh Daddy..." Tenshi starts sniffling, trying to clear up her cry. Tears more and more continue to stream down her face though.

Tenshi...Tenshi, what are you doing...?

Tenshi opens her eyes and notices a change in the voice calling out to her, upon looking up, she finds Reimu just now kneeling down to her.

"Jeez Tenshi, what are you doing out here crying like this? I swear, you're so hopeless sometimes..." The shrine maiden pulls out a handkerchief from her pocket and starts wiping the tears off Tenshi's cheeks. "Come on, don't take things so seriously, okay? Let's go back." Reimu is caught by surprise when Tenshi randomly decides to lean into her, giving her a tight embrace. At least, it was random to Reimu. To Tenshi though, it was far from that. It was a thankful gesture for one of the few people that was always there for her, and who reminded her every day of her true heritage, and that one day, she will carry it on proud and strong. As head of the celestial Hinanai clan.
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Ah! Rise and shine! Another bright and beautiful day! You hop out of the top bunk of your bed and land squarely on your feet. Score! Not like you couldn't save yourself if you took a nasty fall anyways.

Looking into the other two beds, you seem to be late in your endeavor of waking up. How unfortunate! Being the last to wake up is not productive to your skills as a leader. You must correct this right away.

You quickly skip to the bathroom nearby to do your usual morning tidying up, standing in front of the sink and the mirror above it. Hey, even when you've just gotten out of bed, you are the stunning image of cute and pretty. No time to admire yourself though, your peers are waiting for you! A quick brush of the teeth, washing of the face, and combing of the hair later, you think you've cleaned up nicely enough for now. No time for a bath of course, you must get ready for the task of the day! Hastily grabbing your hair bobbles, you affix your hair up into two little tails on both sides of your head and smile at yourself in the mirror. Perfect!

Running back into the bedroom and over to the drawers, you realize that the time of washing all the clothes has befallen you. You were the one designated to do it this week, but you've been putting it off for a couple days. But now is not the time. You'll do it some other time, for now, the time of awakening is, uhh...now! You sift through some clothes quickly and get yourself a clean skirt and shirt you need for the upcoming day. It's a bit wrinkled but that's easily covered up for now. It's unsightly but time is of the essence! Even great leaders like you need to make sacrifices for the effort of saving time.

You rush out of the bedroom, now finally prepared, and stop in the kitchen, and there they are, your two precious friends!

"You're late."

Luna is already eating breakfast. Star had just finished serving herself. The black haired fairy smiles over at you.

"Oh, Sunny~ Just in time, would you like breakfast?"

"Of course I would!" You shout out, trying to overcome Luna's unamused presence in the room. You think you did a good job. "A-Anyways, I'm not THAT late."

"We've been up for over an hour trying to get you out of bed." Luna says back at you, as you sit in your chair. You're not about to give her the honor of a real response though. You're bigger then that. You just give you a quick tongue sticking out and that's that. So mature.

"It's still bright and early, so no worries." You hear Star say, as she introduces you to your breakfast. "You still remember our plans for today, right?"

"Huh? O-Oh, yeah! Of course. Why would I forget?" Truth be told, you're not particularly of a memorizing mood right now, but you think the delectable food in front of you will fix that.

"That's good~" Star goes ahead and sits herself down after saying that. "It is a very important day for us, and we should make it very memorable." You get the feeling Luna was saying something after that, but you weren't listening as you were too busy engrossed in your delicious food. In fact, it's not long after that it's done.

"Ahh~" You breathe out, sitting back in your chair. Oh man, that was amazing. "Thanks for the food...~" Star mildly giggles at your silliness. But that's right! Today is a day of great importance! And that is because...uhh...what was it again?

"Sunny..." You blink for a moment, interrupting your train of thought to look across the table and over at Luna, who called out your name. "You do remember why today is important, right?" Uh oh, busted. No matter, you'll find a way out of this, your pride as a leader is at stake here!

"I-I do! Today is very important, of course." With that, you stand up, a proud fist in the air. "And to celebrate such an important day, we're going to really pull the non-existent pants over that shrine maiden's head! It'll be the biggest prank yet!"

"Sounds great! The perfect way to spend the day." Star says, marking it as a good idea. You knew she would, she's smart and sensible. Just like you are. Luna on the other hand, seems skeptical.

"...right. Well, regardless of whether or not you remember, pranking the shrine maiden is always worth it. So what's the plan?" You have to think about it for a moment. Of course, since today is apparently very important, the prank itself has to be big. Very big. But what?
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"W-Why do I...have to do this..." You cry softly, trying to gather information as to your current state. A very sad state, of course, you can't bear the sound of your blazer jacket hitting the floor. It hits it with an awful thud, a cold, blunt one that makes you wonder why you're even here. What you wouldn't do for a nice warm bath and carrot juice. But no, here you are, standing in front of your would-be master, facing a mirror, a body length mirror, at that, so you can see just entirely how bad your miserable expression is. Effecting your entire body. You get no response though, except a gesture you can see in the mirror, the person behind you waving their finger about, telling you to keep going. This only makes you shed more tears, for the embarrassing pain you're going through.

You gently loosen your tie, trying not to both accidentally and purposefully strangle yourself. You want to live, but the extreme weight on your heart right now is so much to bear. The hot tears of anguish continue streaming down your face, streaking your cheeks and dirtying your once beautiful face. The droplets are soon hitting the floor, as your eyes have watered so much by now. Your tie slowly slips off your hand and onto the floor below, as you soon now work your way to your shirt, reluctantly. Button by tiny button you undo them, watching the gleeful expression of the perpetrator behind you in the mirror. You further undo your shirt, exposing the pink, carrot printed bra underneath. Your arms start shaking, not wanting to continue, but you must. You slide the shoulders of your shirt off your arms, and yet another, soft, yet sickening thud is made on the freezing floor below you.

You shakenly and very reluctantly reach for your backside when you see the menace behind you gesturing downward, something you were afraid of, personally. You take a gulp, finding that your mouth is dry and exhausted, and carry your hands down your bare stomach and to your pleaded skirt. You move one of the flaps and start unzipping it slowly, every notch in the steel that the zipper has to go through making an undeniably painful sound to you. The skirt loosens and the draft you feel more or less feels like the chilly grasp of death. Your breathing and panting has more or less become erratic and disfigurable, your fear reaching new heights. You lightly gasp in terror as you notice that your skirt has fallen off your hips, and now rests laying flat around your ankles.

You look in the mirror and see the antagonist gesturing to unhook your bra. You try and keep yourself from whimpering, because that would only be showing more weakness, something you don't need to be doing. Not at this point, knowing that even an ounce more of it, and you could be staring at a fate worse then death, worse then even this. You feel yourself practically choking on the dehydration in your mouth and throat, hindering your ability to cry more. Your eyes are stained with tears and experiencing the utmost pain. Stinging, throbbing, blurry...but you must press forever. For if you disobeyed right now, the consequences would be very severe. So onwards, your hands go on, behind your back and not so steadily unhooking your bra. The moment it loosens, your chest expands slightly, and you can only stare at it in horror in the mirror. You then reluctantly slide the straps off your shoulders and it finally comes off. You're now staring at your busting bare breasts in the mirror, shaking from both fear and the cold. The cold is more readily apparent on your nipples, which are sticking out like sore thumbs, and you honestly wish they hadn't been.

Then, it strikes you. The one gesture you were most afraid of. You were praying, hoping that they would let you go after that. Put then, they make a pulling down motion with one hand...and your heart is stricken with fear. Your eyes stare widened at the mirror for a while before you notice the figure behind you about to get up, you then quickly and hastily force your hands onto your hips, closing your eyes tightly, in case you weren't able to make it in time. After opening your eyes and looking back in the mirror, they appear to have relaxed back in their chair. You look down at your pink panties and your eyes well up in pain and sadness. You then close your eyes, knowing that defeat is but a short pull away.

Your very slowly slide the thin pair of undergarments down your hips, across your thighs and over your knees, knowing the fact that you have to bend down, exposing a very, very important part of you to this insane dealer, only makes it all the more painful. When the soft fabric is around your ankles, you slowly stand back up again, shivering, shaking, in a condition of complete fear, pain and sadness. Your heart is beating irregularly, your breathing has become erratic, your vision has become blurry, your sinuses have become clogged, the despair you're feeling is very real and very painful. You weakly lift one foot up to get it through your panties and do the same for the other. You're now standing, completely nude, in front of a mirror, displaying your full, bare figure to both yourself and your assailant.

It's at this point, your mind enters a state one could only describe...as lunacy.
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"Ah...such a nice full moon out...so beautiful...so radiant...wouldn't you agree mister?"

You would reply. But you can't. You're currently tied up by some very rough material to the walls inside the bamboo mansion. There are sliding doors just in front of you that are wide open, displaying the light of the full moon seeping in. In between you and the door stands your captor, a long haired rabbit youkai, with red eyes that invoke madness in anyone foolish enough to stare into them, you included.

As for your inability to speak, that was just one of the many horrors introduced to you when you had the misfortune of stumbling here. For this maniacal youkai had literally stitched your lips together, with medical stitches.

"You're convulsing, do you know this? Can you feel it? That fear welling up inside you. Exhilarating isn't it?"

These are of course the words of the rabbit as she approaches you with the smile that denotes insanity. They can't be yours, your lips are sealed, literally. Can't be anyone else's either. You can't imagine anyone else being stupid enough to approach this rabbit as she is.

"Huh? What's that? You can't feel it? Ohh, maybe that's because you're too used to welling up inside others! I despise people like you, going around and merrily sticking your dick into things where it doesn't belong. And what about me? What about poor, ol' me that's just sitting here, waiting for some sort of prince charming to come rescue her, huh? Huh?! I don't get you, I don't get any of you, you...you humans make me sick!"

Her maniacal smile had instantly trodden into that of extreme anger as she made a jab about you welling up inside others. She continued staring into you with those glowing red eyes, everything's starting to become a blur the more she does so. Her exasperated voice rings in your ears every time she insults you.

"What...what the fuck is wrong with you anyways? No, no, don't answer that...it's because you're human, isn't it? Hahaha...yes, that's it. Certainly nothing I can't fix with my own two hands, now is it?" Her demonic smile returns as she's saying this, and your fear jumps up another few levels. "But no." Her smile suddenly turns to a frown as her bloodshot eyes pierce into you. "Nothing could cleanse that...that human mind of yours for all it's worth. Indecisive, compulsive, demanding...you're pathetic. People like you deserve to die...die! DIE! DIEDIEDIE!!!"

Slam, stab, pierce. Her hand collides with your shoulder with extreme force, and without her seemingly realizing it, her hand literally disappears into your shoulder. Blood sprays force, tattering her blazer. She freezes upon realizing this and pulls her hand out. Her claw ridden fingers are drenched in your blood.

"Huh? What's this? I don't remember these being on my fingers..." She seems to be referring to the blood at first, but you realize she's staring at her claws as if they were never there before. It becomes clear with her next comment. "Well fancy that. They're covered in your blood too." She then lifts her stained hand up to her mouth, slowly licking the back of her finger from the base all the way up to the tip of her claw, looking at you intently. "Ah...delicious. Haha...of course it would be though. It's not like I'm a vampire, but I'm still a youkai at heart." She then gets close to you. Very close. Her body presses up against you and her face is mere inches from yours, staring at you with those madness driven eyes of hers. "And youkai. They feast. On humans."

She then starts laughing. It starts out slow, but as she backs away from you, it turns into this maniacal, sanity deprived laughter that no person with a right cog in their head would ever make. She isn't just out of it, she's totally nuts. Bonkers. Her empty, diluted red eyes, bloodshot to hell and back, accompany her wide open mouth in a fit of laughter. With a toothy grin she then looks back at you with only one clear intention on her broken mind.

"Yes! Blood! Let's see more of it!!" In a flash, a long sword-like blade of red energy materializes in her hand and she brings it down upon you. Your shoulder is in excruciating pain. You're certain it was just cut clean off. You can't feel it or the arm that was once attached to it at all. You would scream right now if you could. As tears stream down your face, you're afraid to look at the damage, fearing that it might result in further shock. When you're overcome by the need to though, you find your arm still in place. No damage was done at all. When you look back at your captor with fear and confusion stricken all over your face, she just continues laughing at you. "Hahahaha! Priceless! Just priceless is your expression right now! Your arm is still there! Why? Oh, maybe the blade I'm holding right now isn't actually real, right?" She then walks over to you and with her free hand, picks up one your own hands, and forces it to spread open, baring your palm. Then, just to prove a point, she takes the blade she had 'cut' you with earlier, and makes a clean, slow slice across your palm. The pain is utterly unbearable, but it does it's job; your palm bleeds as your hand shivers in pain. "I can assure you. It is very real."

More laughing commences. You don't know how long she laughs at you, taking obvious insane pleasure in your fear and confusion. The blade she flails about with comes damn near close to striking you on multiple accounts and she even taunts you with it, as if teasing you by waving it about dangerously close to you. You just want out. You can't bear it any further. But the ropes holding you to the wall do not budge, they feel industrial strength. No matter how much you struggle, your escape is never granted to you. Eventually the bunny tires of teasing you, and relinquishes her blade, staring at you straight in the eye with her scarlet irides of lunacy.

"Can you see it yet?" She gives you a serious look, or at least as serious as she can muster under her panting, trying to catch her breath from all the maniacal laughter she's been bellowing. "Am I real? Or am I fake?" Suddenly, you look to the side of you, and discover that there's a second insane rabbit that looks exactly like the first staring at you just the same way. "Is your pain real? Or is it all an illusion?" You look back to the front of you, and find that the first bunny is now missing. You had her eye on her the whole time, where the hell did she go? Well, except for just then of course. "You can't tell can you? The line between reality and illusion." You look to your other side, a third senseless girl, how many of them are there? "That line is under my control. You are my puppet." You turn your head a hundred eighty degrees. The second rabbit is now missing. You turn your attention to the third one on your right side back again, she's still there, but with a wide, psychopathic smile plastered all over it. "You're all mine now and there's nothing you can do about it!" You look back in front of you, she's there again. Looking to both your sides, you realize you were right all along, there's three of them! "Are you scared yet?" All of them seem to talk to you all at once but only one mental voice booms forth. "You wanna go back? Well...I can't let you do that!"

With a single swipe, your vision blurs for a brief moment and the next thing you know, you're staring at your intestines pouring out of your cut stomach. You can't feel it at all, is it another illusion? Even so, just looking at it makes you ill. Then the unimaginable happens. The screwy rabbit picks up pieces of your guts and starts chewing on it. The blood and excrement gets all over her happy, cheery face. You would vomit right now. You really wish you could. But on top of having your stomach piling out of you, your mouth is still nailed shut.

In fact, you just realized that these aren't stitches, but steel nails driven through your lips.

"Hahaha! Your insides are so tasty! Is it real? Is it fake? You don't know do you! That's the scariest part! And what if I were to show you just now how real this is?! That would be fucking spectacular, wouldn't it?!"

You don't know how much longer it goes on. Your endless decapitation at the hands of this creature. Many times your arms and legs fall off, but they all always reveal themselves to be an illusion set up by her. Her mad eyes. They control you. They feast on your sanity. You can't even be sure if your life is real any more. Is this all a dream? Or is it truly real? Or is the fact that this is real in itself an illusion?

You lose all grasp on humanity and reality. Nothing exists anymore.

Just this wayward little bunny, with nowhere to go.
File 13122925448.jpg - (582.37KB, 601x850 , fc5cd074eea12b7a61bd3a1989f3eebf.jpg) [iqdb]
There she walks, beside you into the village you grew up in. There she walks, the woman you met so long ago. Beside you, the woman you met, right here in this village, though you didn't know it at the time, and didn't recall it until that fateful evening, there on a snowy hill. Looking up at the bright moon, peeking out from behind the dark clouds. Staring at you. Peering at you. Filling you with so many emotions. Those soft lips you felt as you gave her your heart, and nothing more, nothing less. Those firey red cheeks, those black cat ears and her lucious crimson hair, all of it you fell for with alarming speed. Here she walks beside you, into the village you grew up in, where you met her, so long ago.

"Satoshi, what are you thinking?"

"Ah? Oh, nothing..."

The kasha has a habit of attracting attention wherever she goes, but due to her nature as a youkai, it'd be bad if she walked in as she were. Whenever the two of you go the human village, Rin usually wears a large hooded robe, to hide her tails and ears. The most you can see is her feet and her face, though Rin usually attempts to put on her most human-like expressions while walking around the village. Maybe that's why you enjoy taking her out here, because that's when she looks most endearing.

"You're a bad liar, Satoshi." Rin says that to you with a dissatisfied face.

"Huh? It's the truth. Come on, if we're going to shop, eat and go to the theater all in one day we can't idle around." She just gives off an annoyed sigh and continues walking beside you again.

"Whatever. We have plenty of time until the show starts, so there isn't in any need to be in a hurry." Oh, this silly cat. You just can't win with her.

"Right, right, let's take our time going around the market then. Or would you rather have a long dinner instead?" Rin looks over at you a bit indifferently.

"It's up to you. Though a long dinner usually means more food, something I won't argue with."

"Haha, alright, we'll spend as much time as can eating out after we get some shopping done then."

Shopping is normally the last thing you do on a trip to the village with Rin, but you're here particularly late today, it's already early evening and the shops will likely close by the time you get out of the theater. The play you intend on watching with her comes on rather late. It happens to be about a couple who ends up dying, and being sent to the afterlife, exploring the many facets of it, before being separated and having to find each other through death and reincarnation once more. Since death is a big part of the plot, Rin herself is very excited to see it, as would be expected of her, of course.

The two of you start with one of the trinket shops Rin wanted to explore. You have a few things to pick up from the food market, but you might as well spoil Rin a bit and let her have what she wants first.

"Hey, Satoshi! How do you think this looks?" You distract yourself from one of the random corners of the trinket shop to look at what Rin's picked out. It looks like a little necklace, line with chain pieces. It's a little unusual, but it seems to have a bit of a rough kind of look to it, something that would make a lot of people look a bit more intimidating.

"Is that a necklace? Looks interesting to say the least..."

"I thought it would look good on Momi, actually. It seems to suit her, don't you think?"

Even though the two are often at odds with each other, it's slowly becoming clear that they can manage to get along at times. Momizi has accepted Rin as part of the family and Rin has accepted Momizi as...well, someone who leeches off the house, but she seems to enjoy her company anyways.

"Hmm, you might be right. It does goes with her ha-" You stop yourself suddenly when you realize something. "...isn't this a dog collar." All Rin does is grin at you mischievously.

"You saw through it huh? I was hoping I could slip it out from under your nose. What do you think? Wouldn't it look fitting for her to squat down and say 'bow wow' with this on?"

"Dammit Rin!"

...you're still working on it though.

After a short scolding that Rin just happily shrugs off, the two of you are separate once more. You're looking at the various charms the shop sells. Since your quest to become immortal, or at least long living, you've had a penchant for charms and the like. You wonder if you're starting to become more like Marisa. You always had some slight packrat tendencies.

"Oh Satoshi~" You hear Rin's endearing voice behind you. She probably wants something a little expensive, so she's going to suck up to you and get it. It usually works, you can't help but spoil the cat at times.

"Ahh, yes Ri-" To your shock, surprise and befuddlement, Rin instead has what seems to be a long, rather phallic looking object...it's intended use is pretty obvious by itself, but as if that weren't enough, Rin is clearly running her hand across it like she were giving some sort of slow, sensual handjob, right next to her face, bearing quite the seductive, if vexatious look.

"You know this would be awfully handy for the nights where I can't have you...and if not, well...you could always watch~" It takes a hell of a lot of willpower not to scream out at this notion. You've really come to see the hard way that as time goes on, Rin seems to be adapting more and more at taking advantage of her sexiness.

"R-...R-R-Rin! P-Put that back!" You probably wager that your face is redder then an apple, as Rin seems extremely amused, but she keeps the seductive look on her face while trying to mix it with a bit of pouting.

"Aww...you wouldn't want to see how far into me I could push it?" She says to you, approaching you shortly before leaning her slightly shorter body into your highly embarrassed self. "Or maybe, you'd rather have...something else go in there~?" Rin ends the fiasco by running her hot tongue up from the bottom the object's shaft up to the tip.

Wait, hot? You think you're getting a little ahead of yourself, the mere mental image is getting to you.


You had to convince her a little to not get the damn toy. In the end, you promised her that if she needed you for that, you would always help her, and she agreed that the real thing is better anyhow. Just how it came down to that much you're not so sure of...

After walking out of the trinket store with but a few charms and a small toy Rin could amuse herself with later, thankfully not sexually related, you get a bit of food shopping done and head down to the human village's restaurant. You had to make sure Rin didn't get any fish this time around, as it would probably stink to high hell by the time you got out of the theater. When you sit at a table at the restaurant, you make sure you choose one a good distance away from the small bar the restaurant contains at one side. It doesn't help too much with the noisiness, but you don't let that deter you from your evening out with Rin.


"Hm?" You look over at Rin, with a mouthful of noodles still in your mouth. It's a bit of an odd choice for a supposedly romantic dinner, but you've often heard tales of successful meals involving pasta served like this. Rin doesn't seem all too interested however, but it looks like something is also on her mind too.

"Do you still think we belong together?"

"This again?" You ask her, expecting something you believe you've heard quite a few times since your confession to Rin. "We're not all that different, and even if we were, what's to stop us from being together?" Rin just sighs, shaking her head a bit.

"You don't get it, I mean, look around, all these humans enjoying their meals in many...human ways." Rin seems to close the hood around her a bit more, as if nervous that her ears might pop out. She feels rather anxious around large groups of humans when she's trying to hide from them. Rejection is something she doesn't take very well, you've learned. "I couldn't possibly fit in with any of them..."

"Well, to be honest, neither would I. Why do you think I moved?" Rin looks at you a bit inquisitively. It's like she never thought of it before, but you hardly believe that.

"Is that so? What makes you think you still belong with me?" You keep yourself from sighing, and just look over at your feline friend.

"Because, I love you Rin. And you love me, so is there any reason to believe otherwise?" Just like that, Rin starts giggling a bit, holding back her laughter.

"Satoshi, that's so expected from you." You're feeling a bit unamused now.

"Oh? Would you rather me get all philosophical about the differences between human and youkai then?"

"That would be expected of you too, but for now we should just focus on enjoying our time together, eh?"

"That's something I would say."

"You like to rub off on me. In more ways then one." You hear the chopsticks you were holding scratch the plate below the food you were digging around in. How is it that she can take you off guard so much like that?

"...hah. Touche."

Even throughout the half a year you've spent living with Rin since she returned, your conversations with her never seem to get tiring. Almost everyday you can hold long, interesting talks with her about the past, present and future, and still have plenty more to talk about. You're not sure how long it will last, but you're intent on being grateful for every engaging topic the two of you find yourselves in. It's been even better since she had moved in with you. She was a little reluctant to leave her dear master and best friend, but Satori insisted that Rin stay with you, so that the two of you could get a better feel for being husband and wife. Not that the thought ever crossed your mind, holy shit you think you'd fall into a coma before that could happen.

On the other hand, you wonder if Rin has ever thought about it...

The conversation over dinner seems to be not much but small talk after that, with the occasional teasing on both ends. Mainly from her though, since she happens to be very good at pushing all your buttons, and pulling all your strings. She does it with alarming frequency too. But the more she does it, the more attached she becomes to you, and by the time the two of you are approaching the theater, you have a kitty cat wrapped around your right arm, clinging to you like some lovesick school girl. She might very well qualify for one too, look-wise.

"Mmm, Satoshi~" Rin looks like she's on cloud nine here. Cats, while independent, still valued companionship very closely to their own lives, and the more time you spend with Rin, the more obvious this becomes. She's probably holding herself back too, due to your position in the human village. You're certain that if you were back home, you'd be listening to a loud purring noise echoing through the room.

"We'll get there soon, Rin, calm down." Though, she might also be happy that she's about to watch something highly related to her interests too. You yourself aren't too thrilled...

The two of you find a pair of pillow seats somewhere near the back. The theater is a bit crowded. High class residents sit up front with the tables, while you mainly chose to stay back in interest of keeping Rin away from any snoopy patrons of the theater. It's a bit unfortunate, but it'll have to do. Rin doesn't seem to be worried about it, thankfully.

"Nehh, can I take my hood off? My ears are getting stuffy."

"You know how much of a racket it would be if you were caught?"

"Well then I'll have to sit behind you then."

"But then you wouldn't be able to watch the play..."

"Geh, how disappointing." All you do in response is roll your eyes. It's time for the play to start any moment now anyways.

The play starts off about a couple and their first meeting. Things play out innocently enough, the two get along right off the bat, and soon find out more and more interests about each other. Through a few coincidences, they end up together, happily. The story doesn't end there of course, it's only just the beginning. The couple only get a brief amount of time together, as the man dies of a terrible, but natural disease later on, forcing the woman to live alone the rest of her life. The man is treated to an extravagant afterlife, akin to heaven, where all his greatest creativity and pleasures come to life. But he can't enjoy them without his significant other, who faces continued difficulty with struggling through staying alive without him, until she finally ends up committing a brutal suicide, leading to her soul into hell. The man goes on a difficult journey through the afterlife to fetch his significant other from the clutches of demons, so that he may enjoy heaven together with her. The journey, while not overly long, was frought with lots of hardships and despair, showing how much determination he's willing to go through for the love of his life. It eventually ends with a big climax involving the woman being narrowly rescued from the bottom reaches of hell, and the couple live a happy afterlife together.

You yourself quite admired the story. You always enjoyed stories where such effort gets put on display and rewarded. Rin on the other hand, appears to be nodding off on your shoulder.

"Hey. Rin. Wakey wakey."

"Nuhh...?" Rin returns to reality a little groggily, snapping out of her stupor slowly. "Nya, Sato...shi...?"

"Good morning Rin. Or should I say, good evening? Did you sleep through the whole play?"

"Play? Ah! I guess I did kinda..."

"Jeez, you were so excited to see this too."

"Yeah, kinda weird, I thought I'd be able to stay up since it's about death and all..."

You don't let it get to you much. Rin was never one for reading or watching sappy or romantic stuff herself, even if she dabbled a bit in it with you. Though that's mainly her teasing you and leading you by a string. Still though, there are plenty of times where the two of you share a very calm, peaceful and gentle moment with each other. Such a thing in fact happens soon after the two of you leave the theater. Even though you usually make it a note to go home before dark, with Rin around, you typically don't have to worry, as she is powerful enough to overcome most of the deadly youkai in the forest, even late at night. She's even been training herself more often too, and keeping the forest in check, so that the two of you can have more safe trips through it. For now, the two of you are resting by a large tree behind school. It happens to be the same tree you spied her at, resulting in your move into the forest. You're laying on the ground, leaning against the base of the tree, and best of all, Rin has happily snuggled into your arms, making herself quite comfortable.

"Satoshi..." Rin starts to say suddenly, gripping your arms a bit tighter, though it's still with a tender grip, as if wanting you to embrace her further.

"Yes, Rin?" You reply back to her, doing just as she wants you to.

"Mmm...do you think we'll see each other in the afterlife?"

"So you were paying attention to the play."

"Some of it..." Rin says with a faint, tired smile.

"I'm sure once we both come to pass, we'll spend the rest of our afterlives together, forever. For all eternity. But before that, we still have decades ane decades ahead of us. Maybe even centuries. I want to live just as long as you do, Rin. I'll go to any length to achieve that." Rin seems to stare up at you dumbfounded, though the expression is still tired.

"You'll really do that, Satoshi...?"

"Yes. Because, you're important to me, you mean the world to me and I wouldn't be able to force you to bear such a long lifespan without me." After a few moments of staring, Rin's expression softens with a deep, heartfelt smile, before she gently turns over in your arms, now facing you as she nuzzles her face into your neck.

"Thank you...you mean the world to me too, Satoshi." The purring kitty snuggling up to you makes your heart feel further at ease. You go ahead and pet her luscious red hair gently with one hand, holding her in a tight embrace with the other, and her purring becomes even more noticeable. The isolation from the rest of the village means that you're able to enjoy Rin's more feline features, and it gives Rin a better chance to unwind after hiding herself for so long.

The stars in the sky start appearing, one by one. The crescent moon has been on the rise for a while, the sun has finished setting and now the sky is getting dark. Under the tree, you and Rin lay, joined purely by the intense love for each other the two of you have. You think you could stay like this, for a very long time. Of course, you can't do that, but maybe one day you will. For now, you're busy keeping up with the busy life you and Rin have, together with Momizi. This life will continue being busy, because you don't think Rin will ever let this relationship between you and her grow old and stale.

You wouldn't want it any other way, though.
File 131229361215.png - (679.98KB, 600x600 , c216387b06308e97aa58e062b9686257.png) [iqdb]

Rin's been looming over that desk for a while now. You had one put in your room because Rin had requested it. She wanted to get into writing and drawing for some reason. You guess it's the influence from that one woman who is constantly at your heels like a loan shark. She's lent you so many utilities from the outside world, including this desk, you just know she's going to demand repayment sooner or later. Rin seems to be having trouble with it though, for some reason.

"...Rin. What's wrong?"

"I can't think of anything to write. There's just no inspiration..." Rin looks like she's really troubled by this as you approach. Indeed, her paper is blank and empty, clean as the slate of a newborn. You suppose helping your dear lover out would be prudent.

"Well, some of the best writers take inspiration from events around them. After all, if you write about what you know, then it'll be easier for people to connect to it."

"Huh...you're right Satoshi! Good thinking!" Just like that, Rin starts eagerly getting to work. You didn't think it would be that easy.

...actually, no, you're starting to regret what you just said now.

"R-Rin, what are you writing?"

"Hehehe, take a look!"

"Jeez, where did she go...?" You say to yourself as you walk around your house. It's easy to lose someone who's so small, apparently. Then again, she can make herself small enough to be stepped on too...

"KYAH!!!" A fact that makes itself known when you nearly step on something and fall to the floor in a haphazard and clumsy way. As your chin meets the bottom painfully you spy your prey whizzing out from under you and under the bed. You've had about all you can stand with this girl.

"Dammit! Urgh...get out from under there!"

"No! You're a big meanie face!" A big...what, is she some sort of child or something? You can understand why someone would want you to put her in someone else's care.

"What did you just-..." You stop for a moment. You spy the girl's tail poking out from under the bed. This is your chance. You quickly grab hold of it before it can escape your sights.

"Eek!" The girl squeals out as you grasp what is probably a rather tender spot for her, but you're not about to let her get away from you this time. You pull her out, tail and all, revealing the dark gray dress and short hair she bears, with both legs spread out to both sides quite comically. Her big, floppy ears spring up from under the bed as you pull her out all the way. As amusing as this is, you're not quite pleased with her right now.

"Okay Nazrin. Are you going to take a bath now?" The girl just crosses her arms and looks away, without really changing her position.

"Nope. Poopie heads like you shouldn't be listened to."

"W-Wha-..." You're impressed by the level of childishness this girl is displaying, quite honestly. You can't really take it anymore. It's take to make a stand. "Urrgh. Listen, you're going to wash yourself whether you like it or not!"

"Kyah! Let go of me you bad man! Don't touch me there!"

"Shut up and take it off! You're not getting your stupid clothes all wet!"

"I'm not taking a bath! No! You can't do this to me, I have rights! Rights I'm tellin' ya! NOOO!!!"

"Wha-...I'm not that bad, Rin!"

"Kekekeke!" You can't stand Rin's mischievous nature at times. You don't believe you have the willpower to rape an innocent girl...you think.

"And further more...who the hell is that anyways?"

"Huh? Some smart ass mouse I met a while ago. She's a total bitch if you ask me."

"Somehow, even though I've never even heard of her, I can't help but doubt that's how she actually acts..."

"Aww, is poor little Satoshi buttmad because he's not being written like the perfect little man that he is?" Rin cheerfully and teasingly pinches your cheek as she says this with a baby voice. You feel about as unamused as you did in what she wrote. "Okay, okay, hold on, I got just the thing."

Yaaawwwn. That was a good nap. For some reason you've been getting a little too into napping on the love seat for some odd reason. You don't know why. It must be your new guest. Even though she's so energetic. Actually, that has to be precisely why. She wears you out fast, and probably herself too since she tends to give herself catnaps as well. She doesn't seem to be around right now though, oddly. Although you smell something rather delicious in the air. It just couldn't be...

"Hmmhmhmhmmm~" There she is, the small cat-eared girl standing on a small stool and preparing what appears to be dinner. For how young she looks, her abilities are very impressive.

"Chen, are you cooking?" With a little surprise, the young child turns over to you.

"Oh! Satoshi, you're awake!" You walk around the counter over to where she's cooking, she seems to be frying some of the fresh fish you had been keeping around. Chen goes back to paying attention to her activity happily. "Yes, Master Ran has always been very keen on teaching Chen on how to do things on her own~" She seems so mature, you have to wonder why you were told to take care of her like this. "Although fish is the only thing Chen really knows how to cook..."

"Are you kidding me? I love fish!"

"Really? Chen does too!" With that exclamation, the two of you hug each other tightly. "I love you Satoshi!"

"I love you too Chen!"

"...you know Rin, despite what you may think I don't actually like fish all that much."

"B-But...you always enjoy it when I cook it."

"Well...that's beside the point! The point is why do I act so much like a pedophile in this one?!"

"Kekekeke!" You're starting to regret giving Rin this chance now. This new hobby of hers has been nothing but trouble. "Oh come on now Satoshi, hugging a little girl is considered a crime now?"

"I'd rather not know what you intended on continuing that with."

"Master Satoshi, I brought you and Master Rin lunch." You hear Momizi's voice as she walks into the room holding a platter of several sandwiches. You think you're happier seeing Momizi herself more then the food though.

"Momizi, tell Rin to stop this nonsense at once!"

"What nonsense...?"

"Wow Satoshi, resorting to sicking your guard puppy on me? Have you lost all confidence as a man~?"

"If I did, it would be because of you."

"Er, excuse me..." Momizi seems to break up your losing battle with Rin using her own curiosity. "But uh...what is that matter, exactly?"

"Oh, perfect, I know exactly what to write now with you here Momi!" Your hand meets your face in short order, before she even begins writing.

"Oh no..."

Hmm, let's see, the laundry is done, the kitchen and bathroom is clean, everything appears to be organized...I guess there's little left to do. Perhaps I will check the Masters' room for anything that could use tidying up. Although I utterly detest having to do so for fear of stumbling across something painful I wish I had never seen...

The room seems pretty neat...in fact, it looks as if it had been tidied up already, very recently no less. I wonder if this calls for investigation...Master Satoshi has been away all day. I doubt Master Rin has the tenacity to actually clean up after herself...unless...she's preparing for-

Urkh...no, those thoughts are detrimental to my health. It is for the best that I don't think about tha-

"Why hello there, Momi."

Oh no! Master Rin has caught me in Master Satoshi's room! Well, it's not as if that's a crime or anything, but given the situation, perhaps I should be on my guard.

"Hello, Master Rin. Don't mind me, I'm jus-"

"Makin' your rounds? Checking up on me? Seeing if I had done anything...naaauuughty~?"

What...what is this? Master Rin is behaving very oddly. She is approaching me with a scary, sly look on her face. What...what does she intend on doing? Maybe she found out...

"I-I do not know what you're talking about, Master Rin. I was merely seeing if I--...!"

What is she doing? She put her hands on my chest so brazenly that it halted all thoughts within my mind and froze me on the spot. Now she is pressing herself up against me in a highly awkward fashion...

"Well you know what I think Momi? You've been bad. You've been a very bad dog."

"I-I-I have not, I have b-b-been behaving j-j-j-just fi-i-ieehhhnnn!!"

"Bad dogs need to be punished~"

As I attempted to finish my sentence she started groping and squeezing my breasts with an unreal experience behind it, as if she had not only been doing this all her life, but as if she knew exactly in what way to do it to produce the largest scale reaction out of me. It was unspeakable...!

"A-Ah, M-Master Rin, p-please sto-...a-ahh..."

"I'm sorry Momi, but discipline is something a master has to teach their pet, and you are in very much need of being taught an important lesson...~"

"N-No! Please! M-Master...Rin...!"

I was somehow powerless to stop her. The earlier molestation had paralyzed me from the neck down and she used that chance to pin me briskly to the bed behind me, quite effortlessly. Is this why she set the bed? Was this her intent all along? As her hands wandered about my helpless body I could not bear to think of why she would do such a thing to me of all people...

"No, s-stop, any...anything...but...n-n-no..."

"Come on Momi, stop lying, you're enjoying this aren't you? Such a dirty mutt you are."

"No! I am not dirty!"

"Please, look at you, you're getting wet off of just this aren't you?"

"No! Why--"

"Let me just check!"


No, she's reaching for it, my one treasured place only my chosen mate is destined for! No matter what I do, I cannot stop her...!

"Oh my..."


"Take a look Momi...you're drenched."

I look on in horror as I see the two fingers Master Rin had dipped into my underwear are now sopping wet with my own bodily fluids. I feel deeply ashamed and terrified...


"Momi...maybe this will teach you something."

"T-...Teach me...what...?'

"That you're...really...very perverted!"


With that notion, she thrusts two fingers into me at such shocking speeds that I was afraid that she would break me. But no matter how much I resist I cannot deny that my body is begging for more...

"M-...M-..." Momizi is so shocked, she can't even speak. Her face is riddled as appalled and furiously embarrassed. Her face could not possibly be any redder right now.

As much as you'd like to savor how cute that is, you're too busy being just as mortified.

"R-R-Rin...don't tell me...that you swing that way too..."

"Kahahahakekekekeke!!" Rin on the other hand, seems to be enjoying this far too much for her own good. "Oh man, the look on your faces is just priceless! Really!"

"S-Shut up Rin! Stop writing that smut right now!"

"Oh come on Satoshi, you'd love to know what I would do to that poor pup~"

"M-M-M-M-Master Rin, you wouldn't...!"

"No, she wouldn't, not as long as I'm here."

"Pfft, spoil sport." Rin regrabs her pen and looks back down at another sheet of paper. "Hmm...alright, I'll write something that doesn't involve Momi then."

"Satoshiii~ Dinner's ready!"

You hear the beautiful singing voice of your lovely wife from the kitchen as you were playing with your beloved guest. You look at the playful child in your lap.

"You ready for dinner, Chen?"

"Of course!" The young catgirl happily exclaims, grabbing onto you as you carry the tyke over to the kitchen. There, your sweetheart stands before the stove, finishing it up, dressed in an endearing yellow apron with her fiery red hair done up in the cutest ponytail you could ever imagine.

"Just sit right down and it'll be right there with you~" You sit Chen down in one of the chairs at the dining table and sit yourself down as well, as your dear honey sets the delectable dinner in front of the both of you. You can't even begin to wait to dig in.

"Thank you for the meal!"

The deliciousness of the food is second to none. It's an otherworldly experience only your beautiful spouse could give you and your new dependent.

"This is really yummy Mama Orin!" Your better half smiles heartily at Chen's happy proclamation.

"I'm glad you like it~ I've been working on this recipe for a few years now."

"It certainly shows." You tell her as you're working through your feast, speaking in between bites. "This is most definitely your best cooking ever. I love you so much, Rin." Your dearly honored's flushing face grows brighter the more flattered she becomes.

"Oh man, come on now, stop it you're embarrassing me~" Looking down at the exquisite food before you, something dawns upon you.

"Jeez, you do so much for this family and yet I just sit here and get spoiled half to death..." Suddenly, you feel Rin randomly cuddling up to the side of you, quite closely.

"Oh come on Satoshi, you do plenty enough for me and you know it...~" At that moment, you feel your other side being warmly cuddled up to by yet another member of the feline persuasion.

"Chen is willing to do as much as it takes to help too!"

"Hahaha...! I guess then it can't be helped!" You can really feel yourself being heated up as the two hot bodies snuggle closer into you, sandwiching you with pure bliss.

"Mmm, so for how much you do for us, I guess we should pay you back then...?" The shimmering eyes of your mate is very enticing, just as enticing as those belonging to the young girl on your other side.

"I'm all up for that, Mama Orin...~"

"...Master Satoshi...you..."

"It's not like I'd actually go through with that! And Rin...you really do swing that way don't you..."

"Kekekeke! You worry too much Satoshi. Really, have no fear because I would not let a single female soul lay their real hands on you~" You can't believe how Rin is acting right now. Though, you take a look at Momizi and sense a small bit of hostility in her. She doesn't display it though, and immediately discards it, sighing softly.

"I am going to go start washing dishes then. I do not have time for this nonsense." She then turns and leaves out the room. Despite the stoic nature of how she said that, it felt rather off-standish to you. You then look at Rin, who seems a bit unamused.

"Geez, if she's still upset by that then she really does need to get laid."

"Rin! Have some regard for other people's feelings!" Rin just shrugs you off though, sitting back in the chair and letting her head lean back over it, looking at you upside down.

"I have plenty of regard. I mean, I let her stay here, right?"

"That's...urgh." You just merely let your face meet your palm in a slow, and calm manner to try and get over how stupid this all sounds. It's things like this that threaten the very peace of the family you've always wanted.

"...Satoshi." At least Rin is keen to pick up on when you're really upset. "L-Look, conflict between me and her is unavoidable, even you know this, but I'm trying my best to get along with her! Even if it's for similar reasons, neither me nor her would let anything threatening near you so we have a common goal in keeping you safe and happy, something I'm glad she's around for."

"Why, because I'm helpless and weak?"

"Oooh...why do you have to bring that up?" Rin is looking at you with a pouting face now. An upside down one, where her hair is obeying the proper laws of gravity. It's actually quite cute and makes you forget that you haven't quite caught up on becoming youkai just yet. So you go ahead and move onto the next thing that logically worries you.

"Alright, alright, so tell me this then. I told you to write about what you know, so why are you writing this small girl together with me when I've clearly never met her before?"

"Huh, Chen? Hmm..." Rin looks up while she's thinking, which is to say, down at the floor...you guess. Which is up to her. Wow, that's a little confusing you think you'll stop giving that too much attention. "Well, I've only met her a couple times but I guess she's sorta how I imagine what our daughter would be like."

Even though your calm demeanor has not shattered, your stance is frozen. The very idea of having children with Rin still is...

".....o-o-o-our dau-...daughter...huh?" You can barely erk it out. Your voice is cracking. You wonder how Rin can stand saying something like that so casually. She is in fact puzzled by your nervousness.

"Uhh, yeah...is something wrong?"

"Well, uhh...h-hahaha." You're trying to forget your own shakiness and try to shrug it off. "W-Well, I think that if you have inspiration for it, even if it's not something you necessarily have experience with, you shouldn't let that stop you from writing about it!" Rin just stares at you for a couple moments, and you have trouble gauging whether or not she bought it.

"...I think I know where you're going with that." She then flips herself right side up and begins one more story.

"Mooom! Big sis is being mean to me agaaaiiin!"

A peaceful talk with Rin is shattered as still rather young son runs into the room, rubbing his poor head in pain as the angry elder daughter of yours runs in after him, not too much older however.

"He's lyin'! I didn't do a single thing to him!"

"Oh man, what'd you do to him this time...?" Rin's response only serves to infuriate the little girl further.

"I just told ya that I didn't do anything!!"

"Calm down you two." You warn the children as you go over and pick up your dear daughter. She's still a child, prepubescent at that, while your son is even younger. It's been a hassle with these two, but it's been fun down the line with Rin. "You know there's never any need to hit your brother like that."

"I didn't!! Agh!" Your precious offspring flails about in your arms wildly, making it difficult for you to keep hold of her. Meanwhile, her sibling is busy crying while Rin inspects the damage.

"What did I tell you about lying to your parents?"

"I ain't lying! He just bumped his head is all!"

"That's not true!" yells the smaller boy, who's still recouping from his losses. Rin just sighs and puts him down while she gets a closer look at the girl in your arms.

"Come on now, apologize or I'm not fixing you dinner." Just like that, the once feisty child is now mortified.

"What?! You can't do that!"

"I can, because I'm your mommy." Your daughter seems pretty threatened by this as you put her down in front of her younger sibling until she looks away and forces it out.

"Fine. I'm sorry I hit you..."

"Meanie." Rin just sighs before rustling through the older child's hair.

"Come on now...did you tussle with him before you hit him or something? Your hair's a mess."

"I don't care about my hair!" The whiny girl proclaims this despite the fact that she clearly doesn't like her hair being messed with. She must like it the way she wants it. Rin just puts her hands on her hips.

"Don't be that way. If you don't pay attention to your looks then you'll never get a sweet, charming man like your father~"

"C-Come on now Rin..." You're pretty embarrassed she would say something like that in front of the kids, but that's just like her you suppose. Always teasing you to the very end.

"You mean someone weak and puny like my stupid brother? No way!"

"Well no one would like a big meanie face like you anyways!" The two exchange raspberries after the two remarks from each party. Rin knows exactly the music to sooth the savage beast however.

"If you two behave today and tomorrow, then I'll bake both of you a special cake, how's that?" Suddenly, the tension between the two completely disappears as the two hop up and down in happiness.

"YAY! Cake tomorrow!"

"Cake cake cake! I'll do anything!" Rin has to stifle a bit of laughter at seeing the two get so giddy so quickly.

"Alright, alright, calm down. Just play nice and you'll get it, okay?" As the two agree, the elder one drags the other back out of the room for another game to play. Despite their differences, the two get along exceedingly well; much like you and Rin are.

"She acts so much like you, before we got together, you know?"

"Yeah? He acts so much like you before we got together too, nice and wimpy~"

"H-Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Rin just laughs and gives you a quick peck while leaning into you.

"Nothing, but I'm glad you've been trying to make up for your faults. Gotta do somethin' to stave off that bad luck that follows you around." You just roll your eyes, trying to shrug this off.

"Yeah, well, I'm just making the most of what hand I've been dealt with is all." With that, Rin softly pushes her head into your shoulder.

"If they dealt you me, then maybe you're luckier then we both thought..."

"...yeah, you're right. We wouldn't have had two wonderful children otherwise."

"Huh...so that's what you think our kids will be like?"

"Yeah...it would be pretty nice if they turned out like that, wouldn't it?" You look over to Rin's face quickly. She has a very forlorn look on it, this is clearly something she's serious about. It's rare that she gets emotional like this. Behind that smile is an endless sea of torment and sorrow based upon the fact that this perfect image of offspring between you and her may never come to light due to the complications inherent between the two of you genetically.

"...I'm sure they will. After all, they'll have us as their parents."

"H-Huh?" Rin seems a little surprised at your notion as you stand back up.

"We should make a note to try just as hard as they will try for us. If we do everything in our power to make it happen, I'm sure that the two of us together could do it...don't you agree?" As you give Rin a sincere smile, she returns to you with tearful expression of love.


The touching moment is then broken up by a loud clattering from outside.

"M-Master Satoshi! The pantry fell apart!"

...well, so much for that.

"Listen Rin, keep at it. I'm sure one of these days you'll write something spectacular that we can show our children down the line. They'll be proud to have us as their parents."

"...thank you, Satoshi." Rin smiles softly up at you, with one of the tears welling up in her eyes escaping down her cheek. It's an uncharacteristic part of her that you enjoy seeing once in a blue moon that it appears. It reminds you that Rin is every bit as human as you are, and that it'll always stay that way.

File 131229444870.jpg - (639.45KB, 2480x1869 , d57d7680e4f0854ffbbf57af842dcf6b.jpg) [iqdb]
"Ugh, dammit!"

"Rin, stop! You can't go on anymore!"

"Stay back Satoshi!!!"

The bodies of youkai are unique; you can decapitate, destroy and obliterate them as much as you like, but they somehow still have the perseverance to respawn their bodies after a given amount of healing.

"Why won't you fucking DIE?!"

"Low life youkai like you aren't worthy of my great power!"

"Rin! Get away! We need to run!"

"I've almost got him down! I can do this!"

Still though, youkai are not totally invincible...in particular, certain youkai are able to strike at the very soul itself...

"Ghn! GAGH!!"


"How pathetic, a single second of letting your guard down was all it took..."

When the essence of youkai is harmed in this manner, it can take just as long if not longer then a human's mortal wounds to heal...and are every bit as fatal...

"Rin...Rin, stop this, please, you-..."

"Ugh, I have to...protect you...Satoshi..."

"You're--...! No! It's not worth it!"

"That's right, whether or not you fight both of your lives are mine!"

"God damn you!"

Depleting a youkai of it's spirit, and 'killing' their soul...is akin to wiping them away from existence. They will effectively die, in mind...body...and soul.



This is bad. You can see scars everywhere all across Rin's body. Not just ordinary scars though. These ones are inflicted on the very existence of youkai, you're told. It's why you absolutely forbade Rin to engage in combat with it. But the worst case scenario came about, and she felt there was no other choice. This has, so far, resulted in the massive black, bipedal beast holding Rin in one of his gigantic claws.

"I have full control over your very life and you dare defy me?"

"Gurgh...shut...up...you piece...of fucking...TRASH!" With a loud shout, Rin causes herself to self destruct, quite possibly one of the last things you'd want to see her doing.

"Rin! No!!" Flying out of the puff of flames comes Rin, bouncing across the ground with her momentum created from her explosion. The tall behemoth had already lost his left arm in the battle, and now the majority of his right hand has been mutilated beyond repair. You wonder if this neutralizes the bigger threat present; the beast's claws.

Inspecting Rin as you run over to her lifeless body, you see deep gashes cut into her everywhere. No blood oozes out from the wounds however, instead you can see what appears to be the manifestation of her very soul threatening to just fly away. Small bubbles break free from the open wounds only to fade out of existence moments later. Somehow, the sight horrifies you more then the sight of her blood.

"You...BITCH!" The massive youkai, as if disturbed by his lack of arms for a few hours, starts rushing towards you and Rin with a vengeance. You're determined to protect your lover, but the hellcat herself has different things in mind.

"Satoshi, move...!" Rin pushes you out of the way just as she quickly generates a massive fireball and chucks it into the offensive foe's face, disorienting him by quite a bit.

"Gu--...arrgghhh!!!" With his head still a blaze, he flails about blindly. The fireball Rin threw this time seems to have had some lasting effects, unlike the fire she had been using previously, as this fire burns blue with the taint of death.

Actually, you don't like this. Rin's fire usually doesn't turn blue unless she's in critical condition. Her fire becomes infected with the scent of her own demise approaching. It's extremely rare that you ever get to see it, and despite how pretty it might look with her hands glowing a soft blue from the flames about on them and the rest of her body, for you, it's the most mortifying sight you could ever lay eyes upon.

Before you realize it though, one of the beast's wild flails suddenly tosses you aside, as you had gotten sideswiped by the broken appendage that it still had left attached to it's shoulders. Rin deftly dodges the swipe herself, but you hit the wall and look onward just in time to watch the behemoth bury it's snout right into the ground...succesfully catching Rin it's mouth.


You can only look on in sheer terror as the giant starts chewing on Rin. It's most certainly the most gruesome thing you've ever had to bear witness to. All you can see is Rin's essence being spilled out of it's mouth like juicy blood. It's over. It's all over. Even the ugly bastard's teeth can do that too. There's no way she could survi-


As the massive brute screams in pain and agony, bending backwards unable to contain the spicy chaos within it's mouth, a huge pillar of blue fire erupts from within it and spews out at a wall, revealing Rin pinned to it in hideously bad shape, leaving her to simply fall to the ground lifelessly. On the other hand, you look at the behemoth, and it seems he's had enough. The heartburn was a little too much for him, and he's taking this time to stumble away, trying to find a source of relief for having all his innards toasted.

He'll get his soon enough. You know Alice is well on her way here. The hulking youkai stands no chance against her in that condition. Rin, on the other hand...

"Rin, Rin! Speak to me! Yo--...!"

You freeze up the moment you kneel down to her. You slowly move just enough to pick her up in your arms and get a good look at her. Nearly half her face, as well as a good quarter of her head, appears to be bitten off. She is completely missing her left arm, her torso is literally in shambles and her legs are twisted beyond repair. She is more like a totally gnarled doll now. An absolutely terrifying sight if you had ever seen one. Over half her body is rapidly spilling her essence, her very soul, onto the ground. The feel of it is warm, like blood, but at the same time, much less thicker and absorbent. It almost feels even more mortifying, somehow.


"Rin! Rin, do-don't talk, please, I-I just needed you to let me know you were still alive. P-Please, I--"


Your eyes widen as Rin attempts to speak to you in the absolute grave condition she's in. Her voice is strained to the core, and her body convulses in pain and sorrow. Despite all this, in that one single eye she has left, she looks at you with a soft, painful smile.

"I...couldn't...keep our....promise..."

"P-...Promise...Rin, s-stop, just stop, please, you need to rest! Y-You need to stop using energy so you can...can..."

"Live? Sato...shi...I...can't..."

You feel like you're going to cry. No, you think you are. You can see your own tears falling onto the incomplete cheek of Rin's and yet, somehow all she can do is slowly and agonizingly reach up and softly touch your cheek with her horribly damaged hand, still smiling.

"Rin...please, no..."

"I'm sorry...but...at least...I prot-...ected...y-yo--...!" At this moment Rin suddenly retreats her hand as her body convulses further, you hadn't noticed at first, the wounds on her soul have been spread, it's starting to take over her body now. Soon she won't be able to hold a physical presence. Alice won't make it in time, not even to see her die.

"Rin!! No!! Don't die on me, not now!!"

"Erk! S-Satoshi...!!" With one last breath, one last look, as her body starts dispeersing, now having begun totally falling apart, Rin gives you one last parting message. "I love you..."

You didn't even get to say anything back. Or even do anything. The moment she uttered those words, you could no longer feel her presence around you. She completely vanished, without a trace. As if she had never existed to begin with.


All you do is sit there feeling helpless to it all. If only you had done something sooner. If only you tried harder to prevent something like this. If only...if only you paid more attention to Rin. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. But you feel as if your time with her was cut far short then it should have been. You didn't have the chance to do everything you wanted to do with her...you don't think there would have been enough time in the whole world that you wouldn't have wanted with her though. With her existence depleted though, you have doubts that you would see her even in the afterlife...
File 131229452066.png - (29.47KB, 600x600 , 169fc6654fd0f3e59eaf0c922b753620.png) [iqdb]

You should have realized it sooner, when you heard that telltale snicker. That mischievous grin revealing those sharp fangs holed up in her mouth. It should have clued you in but you suppose after she spilled the beans to you, you forgot all about it.

"What did you call me out here for, Rin?" You were busy fixing a leak in Momizi's room. It had been bothering you for a while now. You didn't think the old storage room that she now occupied was that run down. You must have checked the state of the room at least fifty times before moving furniture into it for living quarters but to this day you still find new things wrong with it. You guess your rush to try and patch it up before Momizi came back home from shopping was another reason why you disregarded Rin's strange behaviour at first.

"I called you out here for something very important, Satoshi! Can't you act a little less off standish then that?"

"Just get it over with, I'm in middle of hard work here!"

"Hrrm..." The unamused look she gave you, you didn't think much of it, but it had a hint of revenge in it. You think that your initial responce to her calling you out may have fueled how much she enjoyed telling you. "Well fine then. I called you out here because I recently found out something, something that is the bearer of our fruits of love~" You felt she was being strange at first, but you were curious too. Boy, that one proverb you would often hear about Rin, never felt so relevant until she uttered those words with hands clasped together, wearing the most love filled, content smile. "For you see, I...am pregnant, Satoshi."


You probably would not have had to tell anyone that hearing those words sent miles of shivers down your back and awoken ages of fears residing deep down in the darkest corners of your soul. You were not yet prepared to be a father so soon.

"You heard me, Satoshi. I, Rin Kaenbyou, am pregnant, fertilized, with your child~" As if to try and endear to you despite the obvious state you were in, Rin bent down a little and looked up at you with the ever charming smile she would give you anytime she wanted to show affection towards you. "Aren't you glad?"

"G-...G-...G-Glad? I...y-...w-w...we..." You could hardly speak, you were starting to be afraid that maybe you were entering a panic attack at that point. You just didn't know what to do.

"We? Yes, Satoshi, we are going to be loving parents very soon~" Rin was obviously enjoying it very much. You had never thought that the playful, free Rin would be happy to be a mother. It made you very happy at the time, but it was trying to join along side a gigantic mixture of other rather unsure emotions that you didn't really have time to express it.

"W-W-W-W-We never even had a talk about this! Y-Y-You...!" Before you can get your bearings back together enough to continue talking, which would have taken a while anyways, Rin walks up to you and gently holds your face in both her hands, looking into your eyes lovingly. It looked so convincing that you could have swore your heart just exploded.

"Well we can talk about it now, can't we? Daddy Satoshi~?"

If your body didn't know any better, all your bodily fluids would have left and slowly dripped out of your mouth right then and there. How could you have resisted something like that?

"R-...R-...Rin..." As you were about to give her a great big hug though, you shook your head and made sure you weren't getting too far ahead of yourself first. "W-W-Wait, but I'm-"

"Yes, I know. You're still human, Satoshi. It isn't as if a child between a youkai and a human isn't unheard of though."

"No, it isn't, but it isn't like all the places you hear of it are shining examples of a happy ending..."

"Satoshi, you're worrying too much. This is inevitable and you know it. Even if our child comes out as a half breed, all we can do is try out best to get them to fit in, right?"

"Yeah, bu-wait. If?" With her arms wrapped around your neck, Rin hung off you while looking away innocently.

"Well there's a chance our kids won't be perfectly half bred..."

"You never told me this. In fact, no one else has either." Rin then looked at you as she explained it to you.

"Well, tell me this then, have you ever heard of a half breed between youkai?"

"Uhh...huh?" You didn't quite get it at first, until Rin went further into detail.

"Like, a half cat, half dog, just to name an example?" You knew who she was referring to, but in the interest of keeping your attention focused on reality and not fantasy, you decided not to give it much thought. "I'm sure you have, but there are plenty more 'pure' youkai of one race who have parents of different species. My point is that depending on what way luck swings, our child will either be a pure youkai, a pure human or a mix of both, a half bred youkai and human."

"Huh, I see. Well, I guess that does make things a bit easier...except that I haven't gone anywhere in extending my lifespan yet!" Rin just giggled at you when you took notice of another thing getting in the way, something you felt was very odd.

"It'll be fine, right? I'm sure you can find a way while being the world's best daddy, right?"

"You're kidding me, right? I lose enough hair just trying to decrypt Alice's vague instructions on that! I couldn't..." You had to stop yourself when you noticed Rin's expression starting to turn sorrowful.

"What are you saying, Satoshi..."Don't you want to father our child? A child we worked so hard towards...?"

"A-Ah, Rin, I-I didn't mean it like that..."

"Pfft." Rin, in typical fussy feline fashion, looked away and blew you off as you were trying to reconcile. "You males are all the same. You got to do the fun part and now I gotta do all the work."

"What? That's not fair! You seduced me into it over half the time!"

"Are you calling me a slut, Satoshi?" Rin asked you in such an angry tone that you couldn't help but feel a little intimidated. Still, you couldn't just back down. Especially not in such a situation.

"N-No! Hardly! Look, I'm just worried that I won't be able to find time to...father our child...and be able to get through the ordeal of matching your lifespan at the same time." It took you quite a bit of courage to spit out those words. You're so young, you can't believe you're giving the idea the time of day. After you had said that however, Rin seemed to study you for a bit before smiling and wrapping her hands back around your neck, giving you a noticeably very loving kiss.

"Oh Satoshi, don't ever change, even if you are a worry wart I will still always love you to death." Rin then just let go and left you mildly stunned there for a moment, walking away before stopping midway to look behind herself towards you with a bright smile. "And by the way, happy April Fool's~"

It took a few moments for that to sink in while you just stood there feeling like an idiot.


Sure enough, Rin's cunning wit proves time and time again just how gullible you really are...
I laughed so hard. I think this is my favorite story from this thread.
The Reisen stories are just too strange, and the Yaname story is... kind of a bad end. Not really my taste.
That story, however, is heart-breaking.
File 131591057375.jpg - (534.65KB, 600x849 , b1ffdfd8cfa0a3c0724a8def46b871a6.jpg) [iqdb]
Disclaimer: old. The original text document I kept this in dates back to February 2007. It's probably not all that good (read: it's terribad), but I saw it in my saved files looking for something else and I figured 'hey I may as well post this on THP for kicks.' That I've kinda wanted to show that I'm not totally dead but have been too ashamed of my own laziness and inability to organize myself to really do so. So, without further ado, quite possibly my first attempt at writing toohoos

...I am Koakuma. The librarian assistant at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Assistant to none other then the great magician youkai, Miss Patchouli. She is my life... I would do anything for her. I've always looked up to her and I would never do anything bad to her. However, as much as I care about her, I'm not sure if those feelings are mutual...

Koakuma approaches Patchouli with an armful of books. Patchouli herself, however, appeared more interested in engaging in conversation with Sakuya, the head maid of the mansion. As Koakuma attempted to get her attention, it seemed as if the only response she deserved, was none at all.

It hurt. I could barely ever get Miss Patchouli's attention. The look on her face too...it always stayed the same. She never looked happy, nor did she ever look sad. As she kept this ever static face while ordering me around, I always felt a bit... I don't know, probably... like I don't even... matter.

Koakuma looks down, her eyes being shielded by her bangs, as she receives order after order to find more and more books. Today had been an especially rough day it seemed. All the while she had tried talking to Patchouli, but all she was worried about at the moment was either reading her books, or talking to Sakuya. Koakuma could no longer endure her pain. She soon found herself, walking down the halls of the mansion, almost ready to collapse. Her heart in turmoil, her body falling apart at the seams. She tooks slow and paced steps to her room, feeling like a raging storm inside. You couldn't tell from the outside, unless you looked at her blood red eyes, full of tears of regret, sadness, and despair.

I stepped into my room slowly, closing the door behind myself and leaning against it. Oh the pain I had, Miss Patchouli... maybe she doesn't care about me after all. Sakuya too... in fact, it's rare I get to talk to anyone in the mansion. Even the door guard, who's apparently even lamer then I am. I couldn't take it anymore. The pain inside my heart was explosive, and I needed to release it... somehow...

Koakuma's blood shot eyes peer around her room slowly, until they stop on her only weapon inside her room, a lonely knife. A knife that would soon be engulfed in the only light in her eyes, separating it from the rest of her room, telling her it was her only option. She could feel the weapon pleading to take it by the handle and do as she pleases with her own life.

I had thought that maybe, I could cloud over the deep, scarring, emotional pain with physical pain. I never knew how right I was, so I... I just kept going. I just didn't stop! I couldn't stop myself! I kept going and going and going... it felt so good. However, I wasn't paying any attention to the consequences of the constant abuse I was putting my body through...

Patchouli was walking down the halls wondering where her assistant had run off to. It was unlike her to just disappear like that. "Maybe I was over working her and she needed rest. I will go wish her good night if that is the ca-" Patchouli stopped herself upon noticing she had almost walked into a seeping pool of blood crawling out from under Koakuma's door. A panicked look enters her face as she immediately opens the door and finds what could only be described as a nightmare come to truth.


I thought I had died. The pain was so unbearable, I could feel the cold grip of death taking hold of me and ready to send me into the depths of hell. The thought of having taken my own life into my own hands was an empty prospect, I wasn't sure if it made me happy, or feel even sadder. However, I soon found out that my life had not been to waste, as when I woke up, I saw...Miss Patchouli. Her face was unlike anything I had seen on it before, she looked... sad. Worried even. I never had seen her worried about anything in my whole life. Yet...

Koakuma's thoughts that maybe she had died and went to heaven were interrupted by Sakuya, standing next to Patchouli, who had been sitting by Koakuma's bed, grasping her hand with both her own hands, spoke up. "What were you doing Koakuma? Why didn't you call us for help?" Remilia chimed in, who was standing beside Sakuya. "Maybe that is because she was too busy taking her own life to bother~." It was true, and it didn't make Sakuya or Patchouli feel any better, obviously. "Koakuma... if you ever have any problems, you should please let us know. We're always here to help you."

What? I didn't understand at the time but... Sakuya was basically telling me, that anytime I needed help, I could come to them because... I didn't know what to think at the time, it was such a shock. But then, I looked at Miss Patchouli's face, she was still worried, and her face...was so much softer then I had ever seen it before. Then, she told me, "She's right. You are a part of the family here like the rest of us, we care about you. Do not make us worry like that again." Family..."Care..."The blush on my face was indescribable, and I was so happy, I could cry... and in fact... I did...

Patchouli and Sakuya's faces both entered a state of worry more as they laid eyes upon Koakuma's tears, running down the sides of her face as she was lying down. "Koakuma?! What's wrong?" Koakuma shook her head and wiped a few tears from her cheeks, then smiled warmly. "Nothing. Nothing at all. Thank you so very much."

The feeling of Miss Patchouli's hands were so wonderful, I could feel the love she genuinely had for me through the way she gripped them as she worried...and as she smiled. She smiled... Miss Patchouli, of all people, smiled... for me. It was right then and there, I had finally realized, they did care.

Sakuya smiled and looked at Remilia, who promptly feels the situation was resolved and starts walking back to her usual activities. Sakuya looks at Koakuma, wishes her good luck and then, heads back to her usual chores herself. Patchouli however, stayed back, right there beside Koakuma's bed. She continued holding her hand tightly watching over her precious assistant, someone she had taken for granted for all too long it seemed. Her smile geared toward her though, was something Koakuma would never forget.

These days, life passes on as usual in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. I still work for Miss Patchouli as her assistant, and things continue on as normal. I still get books for her, she still talks to Sakuya and... Sakuya still has problems with the door guard apparently, but that's nothing that will change anytime soon. I find it cute. But Patchouli... her smile will never leave my memory. All I do is still take orders like usual but I don't care. Just knowing that they all care for me and that they're there for me, anytime I need them... that's all I need to be truly happy.
File 131591184435.png - (148.72KB, 500x700 , happiness_28.png) [iqdb]
Did you found Happiness, Koakuma? Nice story Sukima.

Also, there's no "NSFW" box.

Hey, thanks for finding the original pic that I think inspired that story.
It's good for an old work back from a few years ago, but it would be pretty crappy writing from you if say, you wrote it yesterday.
File 132537971515.jpg - (479.46KB, 1920x1699 , 5f97236fa3b62639131a6291214bf5a2.jpg) [iqdb]

"You're tired."

"No I'm not!"

Rin grumbles as she sits in front of the fireplace... well, so close that you could swear she'd set her dress on fire if she moved an inch closer. You're sitting in the recliner watching her, with Momiji behind you, watching the snow fall through the darkness out the window. It's the new year. At least soon. You can't really be bothered to count the time until then. It doesn't feel tense, but you can't help but feel that there's a certain melancholy in the room. The two have been getting along better but...

"Master Satoshi, how long do you intend on keeping Rin up?" Sometime recently, Rin got Momiji to stop calling her 'Master' too... you're not sure how she did it. You'd be somewhat envious if you weren't questioning her methods.

"I can't just make her go to bed, if she wants to stay up there's not much I can do."

"That's right." Soon after saying that, Rin lets out another drawn out yawn. You feel bad for her, you're not entirely sure why she's staying up as she always avoids it. Maybe she just wants to spend new year's with you? But why is she being so grumpy about it? You don't quite understand. You get up and you're about to join Rin on the floor, until Momiji suddenly intercepts you before you can move after standing, leaning against your back with her hands tenderly on your shoulders.

"Uh, M-Momiji... what are you doing?"

"I just wish to be close to Master..." The way she says it, it sends such warm feelings to your heart... at least, up until you see Rin staring up at you with contempt and jealousy. You silently shake your hands to signify that it isn't what it looks like, but she just turns her head from you pouting. Argh, this isn't what you wanted!

"Th-Thank you, but I--urk." You were about to step forward away from Momiji, until it becomes apparent that this would be a bad idea, as she grips your shoulders with such intense might that you fear she would rip them right off if you so much as budged an inch. Likewise, you can feel the contempt coming from her as well.

"... stay..."


Just what kind of mess have you gotten yourself into? You could swear that all these torn feelings are going to tear you up eventually. You want to be with Rin... no, wait, but Momiji... argh. They both deserve better then this, that's for sure. You don't want to put either of them down, but at this rate, there's no telling what bad omens await you. All you can really do is stand there helplessly and watch Rin pout while satisfying Momiji's desire for the time being. You see the kasha even stand up, and you fear that she's going to leave because it, sending your heart into a quick turmoil. You're almost about to ignore your shoulder being ripped off to stop her when she suddenly turns towards you and does the same thing her rival has been doing, leaning against the opposite side of you gently in a soft embrace that you're now feeling from both ends.

"Ah... R-Rin, what are-"

"The same thing... you idiot."

There's no doubt about it. As Rin lays her head on your shoulder and Momiji rests hers on your back, the air is most definitely solemn. These girls are depressed about something. Well, only one thing they'd both truly be depressed about, really. With a big sigh, you manage to push the two off you long enough to take a seat in the middle of the couch, inviting the two of them to sit next to you, which they do without hesitation. With Rin on one side and Momiji on the other, your shoulders bear their weight, both physically and emotionally as they lay their heads down on each one, resting their tired emotions. Living with these two has really brought to light just how similar to humans youkai can be... or maybe it's that very influence that gives them that. You wonder what these two would be like if not for you. Would they not have these emotions if they hadn't met you? You have heard that they both were vastly different people before. You briefly wonder if it would have been better if you never met them before quickly throwing that thought out of your head. It's not something you should really be thinking about in this situation now.

Soon though, Momiji ends up getting up first. Quickly looking at Rin tells you that she seems to have fallen fast asleep leaning against you, like a real cat would. Momiji on the other hand, seems restless.

"I'll leave you to enjoy your time with her. Please don't squander it." These words alone twist your heart painfully, so much so that before she even takes two steps, you can't help but briskly grab her hand and proceed to stop her in any way you can.

"Absolutely not. You're family too, and I love you just as much I love Rin... I couldn't bear parting from you so please." All Momiji can do however is stare back at you, eventually tears beginning to well up in her eyes before she wipes them away and makes the right choice of sitting back down.

"You're correct. Please forgive me for doing something so stupid."

"Don't say anything like that. I know you mean well, but I care about you too."

You sit back after a few moments of silence, with Momiji seemingly thinking about something, you suppose. You feel tired yourself suddenly, for some reason. Maybe it's because you're very comfortable now. Soon though, Momiji says something that quickly snaps you out of potential slumber.

"She's rather cute sleeping like that, isn't she?" You look over at Momiji before looking at Rin. Indeed, the feline looks like a harmless kitten while she sleeps next to you.

"Ah... yeah, I suppose she is."

"She adores you so much... I'm sure I don't have to tell you how envious I am." You look back over at Momiji, who appears to be looking down with a solemn smile on her face. She's being rather uncharacteristic right now, but as much as it worries you, you let her continue. "I wish nothing more then for you to you be happy, Master Satoshi, and many times I have thought that leaving would be the best option so that you would be able to live peacefully with Rin..." You would say something to prove her wrong about it, but you get this feeling that she knows more then well enough about that. That you would be sad if she left for something like that. She would be too. "Knowing that you care for me so much is painful, excruciating and agonizing, but at the same time I would never be able to enjoy the true happiness of having a family if not for it, so I wish to thank you... both for showing me that as well as teaching me the strength of bearing such awful burden."

"Momi... I should apologize, putting such a burden on you in the first place." Momiji then shakes her head and takes your hand in hers while resting her head on your shoulder again.

"Not at all. You bear it together with me, so that I never have to bear it alone. Never alone..."

... that's right. She isn't alone. You realize again that before she met you, she was a lone wolf, fending for herself, not really aware of any feelings before you came around. Knowing that you're bringing her such safety warms your heart, at least enough for you to get some sleep...


"She's pretty cute sleeping like that, isn't she?"

This is the first thing you hear after randomly waking up in middle of the night and looking towards Rin, who appears to be in middle of undoing her braids and letting her hair down. You soon realize she's talking about Momiji, who you take the time to look at after hearing it. She's right, the tengu looks like a peaceful pup while sleeps next to you. Hmm... you suddenly get this feeling of deja vu.

"Uh... yeah, I guess she is."

"She looks up to you so much... I don't think I have to tell you jealous I am of that." You look back at Rin, looking down at the ribbons she took from her now gently falling crimson hair. She too is beginning to be uncharacteristic but maybe it's the odd sense that this just happened not too long ago that keeps you from saying anything. Things seem to quickly change, ever so subtly though. "You know, a lot of the times I feel like I'm losing to her, and maybe you'd just be happier if I went back underground... then you wouldn't have to deal with my stupid jealousy and just live quietly..." Now this, you know, is not something you can stand for. Momiji knows better, but Rin, as you've come to realize, isn't quite as strong emotionally. Maybe it's part of the influence from having been spoiled by Satori for so long, but you know Rin wouldn't say something like that and be able to recover from it on her own.

"You should know better then even I do that if you did that, it'd be far from quiet. I wouldn't be able to take it." Rin just continues staring downward sadly. She knows she's a burden, but unlike Momiji, she can't bear it on her own like this. It pains you to see her like this, but at the same time, it also gives you resolve. Knowing that your actions can turn the tide and make a difference, you suppose that is what keeps you glued to Rin so tightly. "I know it's really painful, knowing that our feelings are causing so much pain, but would you be so happy otherwise without all this? Without us...?" Rin shakes her head, wiping a few tears from her eyes before going back to her spot on your shoulder, resting comfortably.

"No, I wouldn't... thank you, Satoshi."

"You're welcome, Rin."


You know, I miss Master Satori. She taught me what being a family meant, and how warm it feels. Her and Okuu... I wonder what they're doing now.

You don't regret coming here?

I have a new family now, one that loves me just as much. While I'd never abandon Okuu or Master Satori, she told me to go out and see the world for what it's worth... that there's more to it then the palace and former hell that I lived in.

She couldn't do that together with you?

She has her reasons... as well as her own family. No, in fact, maybe that is her reason. Because she cares about her family so much, that she's happy enough to know that they're going out and being happy on their own. That we aren't being shut in and holding ourselves back from learning what the world out there is truly like.

What about Satori...?

She's getting there. It's difficult for her, because of her power... but maybe one day, she can walk around on the surface, and not be afraid...

Yeah, that's right. Rin's circumstances... are far different. You're together with her not to show her the values of being a family, but for much greater, stronger, deeper meanings. A meaning you hope to instill in all the people that you meet someday. The day that human and youkai can walk together side by side without letting such things get in the way. You hope to usher in that day, someday...
Good stuff! This is a great read to kick off my new year. Thank you.
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"Master Satori, let's go out into the garden again."

"Alright then. If you insist."

There she goes again. Dragging Master Satori off...

What happened to us, I wonder? If you asked me, I would spend hours upon sleepless hours trying to figure that one thing out. Just like I am now.

Maybe it was when she left for a year on Koishi's request, to see the world for what it was. She came back a different person but she was still the lovable Okuu that I befriended... or, well, so I thought anyways. It's been a while now. Sure, we were both happy to see each other again, but after a few months, we've just been arguing. Over and over. Now it feels like Master Satori's attention is divided between the two of us, rather then given to the both of us at once. It even feels like Master Satori is giving more attention to her then to me now. She doesn't really know how I feel though... neither of them do. I'm good at hiding that part of myself at least, even if I wear the rest of my emotions on my sleeve. My heart is usually too clouded with self doubt and contempt for Okuu for Master Satori to really know, I think. If she does know, she's not saying anything about it, much like the rest of it. But what does that mean? Does she just not care about me anymore, even though she probably knows about my bad feelings towards Okuu now?

I'm being childish. I know this. But I can't help it. Maybe in the end I'm too anti-social to know how to deal with this. I never liked dealing with others before Master Satori took me in. I was always getting into fights. I must have looked awful back then, covered in scars and blood all the time. Master Satori spoiled me, and now, I'm not sure how to deal with no longer being spoiled without regressing back to how I used to be. Spiteful, hateful and alone. I loved my friendship with Okuu, Koishi and most of all, Master Satori. I loved them more then life itself. But now it feels like they're slipping away. Am I to blame? Did they just simply lose interest in me? It's hard to tell anymore. I'm probably just too blinded by my own hurt feelings to see it. My fear as well... I'm afraid that you're going to stop paying attention to me in middle of doing something with me to tend to someone else now, Master Satori. Before, I never would have thought that would be possible. I thought you loved me the most. I thought I was the one you wanted to be with. I thought that maybe... I was your world. That I was all that mattered to you, just like how you are all that matters to me now.

Was I short sighted to think that?

I'm too scared now. It already hurts enough. The more it happens, the more painful it gets. I don't know how to deal with it anymore other then to just be alone all the time. But that's painful too. At this rate though, I think I'd rather have that. Every time you turn your head away from me, Master Satori, it feels like an arrow was sent through my chest. My heart tightens up and it feels like hot, metal claws are trying to pop it like a giant, red pimple. You never see it, nor do you ever know, since I always push it out of my mind each time it happens, but I cry from this pain! I don't want to deal with it anymore. I just want to be alone now because I've just lost hope for saving this. Saving myself from this awful misery. From what I've become. I wonder if you think I'm a monster now Okuu. Am I? Have I really changed that much? Or is it that you've just changed enough to be able to see me for the selfish, childish cat that I really am..."

Ugh, this isn't like me. It isn't like me at all. I used to be better then this. I was stronger then this. I've been spoiled so much... I'm not even regressing back to who I used to be before I met Master Satori. No, I'm just being emotional. I'm being a whiny bitch that got too used to always getting what she wanted and can't deal with not having what she likes anymore. You spoiled me rotten, Master Satori... I wonder if you know this? I wish I had your power sometimes, so that I knew what you were thinking. But I bet that power is every bit as painful to have as it is a god send. I don't even want to think of how you'd feel if you saw all these thoughts running through my head and heart right now. This is my only solitude... together with these corpses, in a place that only I know about. I leave these thoughts here so that you may never see them, Master Satori. Because I don't want to hurt you. If this pain tells me anything, it's that above all else, I don't want you to be in pain either. That's something I'd never forgive myself for.

Maybe the dead will make me feel better. They would never hurt me. They would never turn away from me. They're dead. How could they? I would always be able to rely on them. These are the only friends I need right now. They don't understand my emotions but... they'd be there for me, at least. They're the only ones who will ever know about my awful feelings that I'm sick and tired of.


Cold. Hugging a corpse feels cold. But in the end, it's what I'm left with... I'll just have to deal with it. It's not as satisfying, but I won't be hurt anymore. Not like this.

Thanks, you guys.

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