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Aya Shameimaru, an honest tengu reporter, was busy sorting out a few books inside the cabinet to do some rearranging of furniture. Our lovely crow newspaper editor alphabetized each book and set it in its corresponding place.

A particularly heavy book practically flung itself out of its place and onto the floor, making it very inconvenient for our beautiful Aya Shameimaru. Realizing that she must indeed pick it up, then place it back into the cabinet, she did so. Or, would've done so.

The extraordinary Aya could not avert her eyes, as the contents of the book were splayed out like an immodest woman's legs. Then, she realized that it was not a book at all, but a handwritten journal. And on the left hand corner, it was labelled, 'Momiji.'

Aya could not resist smiling at that point.
Momiji Inubashiri
? ? ? ? - First Day of the Winter

Wake up early for morning guard duties ?
Practice danmaku (30 min.) ?
Attend the mandatory meeting ?
Force Aya to attend mandatory meeting ? ?.
Try out the new grilled food in the human village ?
Deadline for newspaper - one week ?

I hate Aya! She really needs to grow up and think of others for a change! Being her subordinate is the worst, I wish I was paired up with someone more competant like...


I don't know, but I seriously wish it was someone else!
But, I heard if you write things down, they will happen eventually.

...Idon't want that to happen either. I didn't really mean it, so I think I'll cross it out now.

There, now it should be all safe, right? Not like you'll answer, but it feels nice venting away my stress in this thing. Aya Aya Aya Aya Aya. Ayayayaya.

I guess I can't say I don't really hate her, but I sure as heck don't like her! Well, maybe a tiny bit. I always thought it was cool when she

...Okay, I'm not going to continue that. Why did I write in pen!" This is stupid, and I feel stupid for writing this.

...Why am I continuing to write in this journal in spite of that? I'm such a lousy writer, I should stop.

I really should stop. This is terrible.
I should go on a hiatus and leave without telling anybody, yeah. Or maybe just write once every month or so. Four months maybe, or even a year, I don't know! I might as well force out what I'm writing so I can get it out of the way. But in the end, I'll just railroad the main cha? ? ?
Our nimble Aya Shameimaru could not rip her gaze away from the journal. It was compelling of Momiji to write such slander and blatant ramblings. But instead of portraying shock, Aya did the opposite. How could she have not known that Momiji was a talented tabloid writer!" She must consider this immediately. Something trivial, such as the door opening occurred. But Aya could not be interrupted, flaying away her notes and writing on every empty space possible.

"Oh? Are you taking notes from a book? I'm glad to see you reading for onc-? The entering wolf tengu dropped her sword sheath on the ground, causing it to clatter. "Is that my journal?"

"Ah." The world reappeared around Aya. Suddenly, the danger level increased. "It fell from the bookshelf, so I merely picked it up and put it on the table! I'm still in the middle of writing my notes for the paper!" An excellent recovery and sophistry by our sultry Aya.

"Why are your eyes scanning the page?" She growls, sharpening the blade of her sword.

"I am re-reading my notes, Momiji." Aya remarks with a hitch in her voice.

"Could I come closer?"

"Not at all, friend!" The great crow tengu replies shakily. As Momiji comes in for a closer look, Aya holds her breath.

"I see now. Sorry." She shakes her head in disgust, turning around. With a deft hand, Aya had switched her notes with actual an actual tabloid outline during her conversation.

After Momiji leaves, she clicks her tongue. "Typical writers."
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I was not coherent when I wrote this, nor did I use a proofreader at all. In the span of 15 minutes. I was a bit delirious for a few days, and wasn't able to write anything in any story. I will try to get better and start writing tomorrow.
It somehow took me until now to get the joke at the end of the second post. If only I knew where I put that slowpoke.jpg...

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