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File 138483991717.jpg - (52.73KB, 850x601, angel of death.jpg) [iqdb]
I was still tied to the tree at that time, drifting in and out of consciousness. It was a tall, thick tree. I was naked, hugging this tree on my knees, with a series of ropes binding me there. My eyes were covered by a blindfold, and I could barely move my head. My neck was very stiff from holding it one position for so long. Hell, I was stiff everywhere – I had been stuck there since noon.

Night had fallen long ago. I could tell it was night because there was little light showing through the blindfold.

For hours, I had been waiting there for my death. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to die – maybe some youkai would find and eat me soon. Or maybe I would stand there until I died from sheer exhaustion. Either way, I had to wait. And wait I did.

Before long, I fell into sleep again.

~ ~ ~

I was awoken by my blindfold being roughly ripped off of my face. There was nothing to see, however. It was pitch-black. For a moment, I believed I had imagined the removal of the blindfold.

Then I could hear a whispering voice was in my ear.

“Good evening, human.”

My heart jumped from fright. I knew without a doubt that this was the end of me.

“Are... you my... Angel of Death?” I croaked. My throat was unbearably dry. I really needed something to drink.

I childlike giggle from the voice at my side. “Believe what you want,” says the voice, unmistakably that of a young girl. Oh, gods, why did it have to use the voice of a child? Was it really necessary to torture me any more? “Did your village leave you here?”

“I have sinned... a most grievous of sins....”

“Ah, so a criminal!” the girl exclaims, her voice audibly moving around in front of me. “My favourite, your kind always have such delicious regrets...”

All at once, the darkness disappeared. A scene appeared before me: the pale full moon, coating the area with light. There were many trees here, all tall and strong like mine. Strange, luminescent mushrooms grew here and there. Yet, despite the glory of the night, I had no eyes for it. The only thing that mattered was the girl standing five feet in front of me.

She had short blonde hair, tied on the side by a red ribbon. On her small body was a white blouse, covered by a black vest: both of these fit snugly over her luscious flat chest. To my disappointment, an ankle-length black skirt hid her legs from my vision. She held her arms out to her sides, forming a cross with her body. She lacked wings, but she was most assuredly my Angel of Death.

My erection throbbed despairingly at the alluring delicacy before me. She seemed to notice, taking a few steps backwards with a look of disgust. “Oh. You’re one of those...”

“I’m sorry...” I struggled to get out my feelings. I could feel my heartbeat in my ears. “You’re... the most beautiful... beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.”

“Is that so?” she asked. Despite her disgust a few moments earlier, she moved close, her face mere inches from mine. “You know, I’m going to eat you tonight. Are you just saying that so that I’ll spare your life?”

I felt lost in the perfectly round contours of her face.

“Whether you kill me... or not... you are utterly captivating...”

“I see.”

Her face was still very close. I needed to get closer – to run my hands over her petite body, kiss her, smother her in the love she deserv—

“You seem distracted.” Suddenly, she spun around, walking away. “Maybe I should leave you here forever,” she called back.

“No... please don’t go...” I moaned, trying to get closer, somehow. Insufferably, the ropes offered little room for me to get close to the angel.

She giggled, rotating herself around to face me again. Darkness covered my vision. My stomach dropped, a feeling of dread descending over me. This was it. She was going to kill me now.

Oh, the unfairness of it all! Here I was, stripped of my reputation, forsaken by my own village, and left to die in the forest. My own Death stood before me, the most exquisite of all beings, to torture me one last time. These were my final moments, and I was being made to suffer. Part of me almost felt that I deserved this, but the majority of my being protested against such harsh, unrelenting treatment. This was not how it was meant to be!

Her adorably voluptuous voice cut through the darkness, addressing me yet again. “I’m not hungry yet, but maybe I’ll keep you company until then, human~”

Hungry? I could only assume she used “hungry” as a metaphor to refer to collecting my soul. A fearful minute passed. Nothing happened. Another minute. Was she still there? There was no blindfold on my face, so she must be keeping it dark somehow... of course she was, she was my Death! She was my Angel of Death. She had stood in the stance of a cross; she was my crucifixion.

The minutes grew longer, and still she made me wait. Wait for what? Waiting for me to crack? Or... maybe she was judging my life. Maybe she was deciding whether or not I had to die... If that was the case, there must have been something I had to say... maybe I could reason with her.

“Angel of Death...”

If she’s still there, she’s listening quietly.

“...please listen to my Sin... and decide for yourself if I must die.”


...She’s not there.

I must have died already. She’s ferrying me to the Hell, where I will suffer for my Sin. There I will face an eternal punishment, tortured until the universe collapses in on itself—

“Go ahead,” said the angel, cutting into my thoughts. “Regrets make you all the tastier~”

She’s still there.

I tried to nod, but I could barely move my neck.

“Thank you... thank you...”

And so I began my tale.
So it this guy a pedophile then?
Short answer? Yes
Long answer? Stay tuned~

So we talkin like...a month kinda soon? Or Duke Nukem Forever kinda soon?
Heh, my soons are long, aren't they? I get that a lot...

At the moment, I'm a little tied up by the NaNoWriMo challenge. It's easier for me to write my CYOA during this challenge since the CYOA is already established; this short is something that takes a bit more planning to be set up properly. Hence, the update might be after the challenge is over. If I get to a point where I'm happy with the next part of Apparitions, I might post it sooner than that.
File 138587159247.png - (633.75KB, 850x1205, queen-of-shadows.png) [iqdb]
My name was Hideki.

I was born an only child. My father was a doctor and my mother was a teacher at the local elementary school.

As a child, I held a strong curiosity for the world around me. Naturally, this got me into a fair amount of trouble over the years. Despite all of these things, I wasn’t a strange, perverse child like some would have you believe. At fourteen, I had several good friends, decent grades, hobbies – I was perfectly normal.

Sometimes I would write poetry. It was a secret pleasure of mine. I liked to speak of what was in my heart using beautiful flowing words. Concepts, ideas, and a blend of language, creating poems that reflected my feelings of those days. It was like a diary, only less about the details around my life and more about the words in my heart. These poems were too compromising of information. Nobody could ever see my poems. Ever.

One of the subjects I often wrote about was this girl named Mari. She was a student at the school where my mother taught. She was also my neighbour. I hardly ever spoke to her, out of shyness. I was also afraid of what her family would think if she became my friend – you see, she was only ten years old at the time. I was fourteen. Between adults, four years wasn’t too odd. In childhood, a four year age gap was an eternity. I would never tell anyone about how I felt about Mari. That kind of information was also too compromising.

For some unexplainable and frustrating reason, the girls at school never stole my affections. I looked at them, but they didn’t have that same spark that Mari had... I never quite understood it. The answer to why I liked Mari was a mystery that both haunted and invigorated me.

Fortunately, my feelings for Mari were never brought to light or requited. Life moved on.

For several years, I advanced in my studies. I wanted to become a teacher. Contrary to what you might be thinking, my reasons for wanting to teach had nothing to do with being nearer to the objects of my attraction. At the time, I had no idea I was what I was. I merely desired to empower my fellow human beings with knowledge, as knowledge leads to power.

Over those years, I tried to date, but there was never that spark in any of the women I dated. I found myself searching for that same spark that Mari had held. I wasn’t sure what it was, or how to find it, but I noticed that the only time I saw that spark was when I was around young girls. I struggled with this concept.

For a long time, I denied it. As long as I never thought about what I was, I would be okay. That was an unsustainable idea. Eventually, I had to come to terms with what I was, and when I finally did, the full weight of everyone hit me like a mountain. I felt like I was a monster. I had heard of stories of people like me before. They were despicable – or I had always thought so. For me to be one of them was devastating beyond words. I became angry with myself for being this way. I pleaded to all and any gods that I could think of to take this curse away from me. My request must have been too much for gods to accomplish, or perhaps they thought I was unworthy. Either way, bargaining didn’t work.

I sunk into a horrible depression, one that consumed me. I wrote many poems during these months of my feelings – it was an agony, this un-appeasable curse, an agony that no human should have to feel. I wanted to be normal. I wanted to be able to fit in and not be the monster that I was. And yet, I could not, no matter how much I wanted to be.

At some point several depressing years later, I realized that if I could not change, than I needed to make the best of how things were. I did not come about this conclusion easily, but the important thing is that I finally did realize this. As long as I didn’t do evil, I would not be the despicable creature I had originally thought I would be. I resolved at that moment that I would be a good, trusted member of society, no matter where my attractions lay. I still decided to pursue teaching, but I would never teach young children, to lower my risk of hurting anybody.

- - -

“Wait a minute,” my Angel of Death interrupted. “You keep saying you didn’t like ‘what you were.’ What exactly are you?”

I frowned, confused. Had I not been clear enough in my story?

“Do I have to explain the details? I am only attracted to... to young girls. I am abhorrent.”

A few second passed as she (presumably) pondered this statement.

“So, if I did this...”

I could feel a small cold hand on my chest. Her hand slid down to my thigh, sending a tingle of excitement through my body. After a few seconds, the hand moved away, leaving me alone again.

“...even something as small as that would make your instincts run wild, right? Since I appear as a child of your kind?”

I stay quiet, struggling with my lust for my Angel of Death. Her beauty shined on me, even in complete darkness. She was cruel for using her perfection to taunt me in my weak state. Like a rose, she possessed beauty, but also thorns. Somehow, this made her all the more pulchritudinous.

“Go on, finish the story. I want to hurry this up and eat,” she said.

I shut my eyes tightly, too terrified to face her, even though I already couldn’t see anything. With a heavy breath, I continued telling my tale.
His story kind of reminds me of the novel Lolita.

Will be interesting to see where it goes.

I really want to read that, but am too afraid to order it online.
Thanks, I was hoping I could give off that sort of vibe.

I've been wanting to read Lolita for a long time. I finally requested it at the local library last week so I guess I'll finally get to read it soon. ur turn

So? How was it?
Unfortunately, I only got to read half of it. Then sickness took away my chance to continue, and then Christmas busy-ness. By the time I was free again, the book had to go back to the library. Naturally, I'm going to re-obtain it eventually.

I'll reserve my full opinions until I read it all, but from what I did read, it was really good.

and no, Apparitions is not dead
File 139036468846.png - (284.78KB, 630x630, splatter.png) [iqdb]
For those of you who still check this story once and a while, the next update is almost complete. If all goes well, it should be up before the end of January. Though, since when have we been able to trust the word of a writer on THP?

Also, on an unrelated note, I managed to purchase Lolita. This time I'll be able to actually finished it without worrying about library shenanigans.
File 139123757014.jpg - (310.04KB, 662x920, smile.jpg) [iqdb]
My father (the doctor) used to say, “the best medicine in the world is an ounce of prevention.” It was so cliché to me that I could have sworn that he had plagiarized the phrase from something, but I took the philosophy to heart regardless.

Oh, if you had seen the great pains I went to avoid the fallen angels of my desires; if you had watched how I redirected my gaze to my feet when those glowing beauties smiled in my direction, or had you heard the excuses I concocted to escape social convention at the homes of my students (where one might meet young family members), you might see me in a different light! Let if be said that Hideki treated his disease in very strong doses of prevention, so strong that an outsider may label me a pedophobe (“a person who fears or hates children”). I could not let myself give in to the temptation crafted by the perfection that walked among my fellow humans. I could not allow myself to be distracted by those tiny, slender limbs, or the round face still purified by traces of baby fat. I could not. I would not.

Had you met me in those days, you may have found a decent, attractive young man, shining with potential for the future. The sheer charm and intellect this man radiated would swoon any woman, but he was unshaken by the advances of the opposite sex. You may even begin to doubt that this man was a heterosexual, had you have been there. It was very little would you have known of how much I suffered. The hormones of the human body were my natural enemy. It seemed to be forever that was I plagued by desires that could never be quenched. If you had seen this deeper, hidden side of this bright young man, and had you seen the good morals he desperately tried to keep in spite of it all, you would have looked upon him with pity, not disgust.

During my years as a teacher, I never once alluded to my disease. I climbed in my reputation as a conductor of the passing of knowledge. I taught at the local high school, an extended branch of the elementary school where my mother worked. This may seem like a dangerous situation, but I assure you that my duties at said high school never crossed into my mother’s workplace. I made sure of it. My medicine was prevention; I could not afford to skimp on a proper dosage.

However, sometimes one runs out of medicine. With increasingly better foresight, this will become increasingly unlikely. However, there is always a modicum of a possibility that the Mistress of Fate or some other destiny-oriented deity will ensure that one lacks the medicine he needs.

Ah, but I’m still speaking in metaphors. My apologies. Allow me to say that again, in clearer words, so that the average layman may understand. (Not that you are average or a layman by any meaning of the words, dear Angel.) You see, I was on a small vacation from my duties as a teacher – school term had not started yet for that year. I usually spent my “vacations” by reading, or writing, or taking walks around nice scenery like one of these local parks I particularly liked, among a few other things. I’ll admit; my life was very ordinary, but I still managed to enjoy it.

It was during one such walk that I let my guard down; it was then that I allowed myself to glimpse an ethereal beauty beyond any other creature of her kind. I had decided to settle onto a bench overlooking a crystal-like pond. There were only a few trees to shade me from the warm noon sun. In my hands, a book. The title escapes me, but I recall the subject matter being a simple romance. After some time, a mother and her daughter came by; they seemed to be having a picnic.

If I had been treating my disease, I would have stepped away then to avoid the girl who accompanied her mother. She appeared to be at the tender age of eleven or twelve, which was quite dangerous for me. However, I let my guard down. I reasoned that I could read my book and ignore the two there. They would have their picnic, and then they would leave, and I would be fine.

Oh, if only I had responded to my conscience! If only I had been thinking more clearly that day. Nay, nay, if only I could say that I had given in to my moral deliberation and stepped away from that girl and her mother. Alas, I will not lie: there the forbidden fruit that sat, her supple limbs exposed in the warm summer air, her round cheeks and small lips and illustrious eyes all contributing to that glamorous face of hers; I was tempted, tempted beyond any prior enticement my poor mortal body had been subjected to in the past.

In the face of temptation, I failed. I failed to fight it, I failed to run from it: instead I bore the full weight of it. At first, I went back to my reading and successfully ignored the newcomers. After a half hour or so, the two had fallen asleep on their picnic blanket. By that point, I was unable to fight temptation any longer, and turned to watch the sleeping beauty. I could safely view the girl from afar without receiving any strange stares from her mother.

I followed the steady rise and fall of her chest. She wore a simple dress; it wasn’t baggy, nor tight, but fit comfortably and gave the perfect view of her small, precious body. Her long black hair was tied into a ponytail and adorned with several ribbons that complimented her nicely. I must have stared at her for years, soaking in every detail of her beauty.

After a time, her eyes fluttered open, meeting mine. I glanced away quickly, pretending I had been reading. That only seemed to further her curiosity, however. She rose to her feet, stretching with a yawn, and then approached my bench.

“Hey, mister.”

I ignore her. Perhaps if I had ignored her for long enough, she would go away, and I wouldn’t say something I’d end up regretting.

The girl was unperturbed. “Mister?”

The words on the page made no sense to me. I read the same sentence three times. I was feeling clammy and sweaty. Was the sun really so hot?

“Mister, why were you staring at me like that?”

Perhaps I could intimidate her away. I fixed her with my best cold grown-up stare. “Huh? What are you talking about, young lady?” To call her that... somehow, using those words only made her all the more enchanting.

She furrowed her brow. “You were staring at me for a while... you looked like you were hungry. Did you want a snack? We’ve got a lot of food left over—”

“No,” I spat through gritted teeth.

Of course, that was a lie. Of course I was hungry. Not for any normal food of nourishment, but rather for the fruits of lust. All around my brain, warnings were flaring up. My conscience and other moral compasses were sending a vast number of alarms across my body, but at the same time, other parts of me were filled with longing. Alas, she was a seductress, a goddess; she lived amongst us mortals to seduce young men like me. She had cast an inescapable spell over me, and even with such a moral compass as mine, I could not resist her. Surely it would work out, I thought. Surely the girl and her mother would depart and I would be free of the spell. So, I gave in; I decided to speak to her, at least. A simple conversation. It would be harmless.

“I mean...” I pause. The words on the page may as well have been in a foreign language. With a sigh, I set the book down and looked right into the girl’s captivating eyes. “I’m sorry for staring. You’re... you’re a beautiful young girl.” Alas, I did not give her true beauty the proper justice in that first conversation.

She glanced away from my gaze, her cheeks dyed rose-red by my compliment. My heart began to beat at a constant, rapid rate, like the pendulum of a longcase clock. For every second that passed, a million thoughts flowed through the river of my mind. It was an eternity in those short beautiful moments, but it was sickeningly unsatisfying.

“I’m sorry,” I added, smiling. “I did not mean to embarrass you. You reminded me of an extraordinary rose I once had in my garden. Tell me...” I place two fingers on her forehead, as if I were feeling for fever. “...what is this flower’s name?”

“You mean me? Yuriko Inoue,” she said.

“Ah! I take it back. You are not a rose,” I said, pulling my hand away from her. “You’re a lily! ‘Lily-child...’ Your name is almost as beautiful as you are. As for me, I am Hideki Wakahisa. It is an eternal pleasure.”

An eternal pleasure. The way her dress casually concealed her upper torso region was taunting; I could just imagine the tiny, gleaming breast buds that rested beneath the layer of fabric. My manhood, concealed by the book on my lap, throbbed demandingly.

“Uh, Mister Wakahisa, what are you doing out here in the park? Aren’t you lonely on this bench by yourself?”

A bit of an odd question to jump to, but it only served to prove that Yuriko was not any normal child. She was obviously special. She seemed so alive... that familiar spark radiated from her, just like it had when I was near Mari as a child. I welcomed the spark; I greeted the familiarity with a grin that nothing could destroy.

“No, I am alright. My book keeps me company.”

I hold up the book in question. Again, I cannot recall the title, which is only a sad reminder of the fragility of human memory.

“Oh, you like books, huh?” she said it with a noticeable drone in her voice.

“Are you not enlivened by them?” I said, making a sweeping gesture to the heavens. “It is a great privilege to be able to read the knowledge of ages long past, or be entertained by the arts of another mind.”

“Hmph. I don’t get it.”

“Lily-child, do not fret. I know many people, even grown-ups such as myself, who do not appreciate books in the same way I do. We are all different from one another. For example, I like books, and I like you, but others may—”

I stopped mid-sentence. I did not mean to say that. She narrowed her eyes, staring at me with puzzlement.

“...I mean, you’re a wonderful young lady. That’s all. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

She accepted the excuse. Bless the innocence of children. Bless them for the social cues and sexual undertones that float over their heads. Bless them for the way they move and hold their bodies; for the way they reveal so much without realizing. Ignorance is truly blissful. Even then, the girl was leaning forwards a bit from the waist. I could easily glimpse the top of her collar bones.

It was then that the sleeping woman awoke; the one I thought was Yuriko’s mother. I came to learn that she was not the mother of Yuriko, but instead one Keine Kamishirasawa... arguably one of the best teachers in the village, as well as one of the village protectors. I had not met her before, but the rumours seemed to be true: she was a beautiful woman, all things considered. Except that ridiculous hat of hers was quite unnecessary.

She was familiar with my name, because apparently she and my mother were friends. We exchanged small talk, and the woman even invited me to check out her school sometime. I brushed it off with a noncommittal “sure.” The two departed. I can still remember the smile Yuriko gave me as they moved away, and how it sent me into a bliss I had not known for years. A smile was good.

At home later that day, I relieved my urges in the company of none but myself. As I settled into bed, I decided that I would at the very least see the workplace of Miss Kamishirasawa and my mother. Prevention was my medicine, but there was no harm in looking, right?

That’s what I told myself. Anything to see Yuriko again.


Wow, I managed to keep my word after all.
Whew...I thought I adequately prepared my body to read this update but...damn...that's good stuff. I'm not entirely sure what compliment I should give here, given the subject matter. Suffice to say; I'm very much awaiting more updates with bated breath.

Waiting warmly.
Eheh, it might take a little longer than I thought. Good thing summer is coming up...
File 140211991971.jpg - (170.44KB, 500x708, EX rumia I guess.jpg) [iqdb]
It was weeks before I worked up the courage to meet Miss Kamishirasawa at her home of service: the school where my mother also spent her days teaching. In the past, I had avoided the place for many months. I had relayed a menagerie of excuses to my mother as an act of prevention. My fortitude had been stronger. That was all then; intentions and motives long gone to my hopeless mortal mind. I was enchanted by an angel and could never go back. My fate was set from that point.

And oh, how unjust Lady Fate was! She led me down the rigid path that led to the school entrance, trees peeking overhead at my poor, poor self. It was there in the gardens of the school that dozens of little angels gallivanted about, communicating in an elaborate language of loud and excited words that marked their mysterious pixie languages.

Among them stood the shepherd, Miss Kamishirasawa. As I came into her view, she watched me for a few quiet seconds, trying to evaluate who this stranger was, why he was here, and whether or not he was an enemy. The shepherd’s gaze was adept at finding wolves among her sheep. My true wolf nature was well-hidden, however. So much so that I could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing; a man that radiated the friendliness of a child. I could be seen as an equal to her, I was sure. As a smile crept onto her face in recognition, I was reassured of my hypothesis.

“Ah, Mr Wakahisa~” she chirped, bowing her head in greeting. “I was not expecting you.”

I smiled. The smile had been practised for at least an hour the night before. It was fabricated in a way so that it would seem respectful, wise, and also a tad warm. It was a smile meant for the shepherd. “I have decided that I would take you up on your offer the other day in the park. My mother has also been asking me to visit from time to time, so I thought it would be nice to pay you both a visit.”

As I spoke, my eyes scanned among the herd for my Lily-child. There were many sheep in this herd, but I was only searching for one.

“Oh, I see! I’m glad you’re interested in seeing the place. I was actually just about to call everyone in for class—”

“Would I be a hindrance if I quietly observed in the room with you?”

“Erm,” she uttered, taken aback. “Why?”

A few horrifying seconds passed. My mind froze.

I bowed my head in a dramatic fashion. “My apologies,” I said, “that was an undue request. Please forget I said anything.” My Lily-child had finally come into view. There she stands amongst her friends, far overshadowing them with her brilliance. My soul moves towards her, but my body remains firm. I could not destroy the fabrication, I tell myself; I must remain a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The moment I revealed my lie was the moment I would perish. “I would like to discuss something with you, but I shall wait until after classes are over for the day. Is that acceptable?”

“Yes. In fact, I would also like to speak to you about something. Thank you. I’ll see you after class.”

She rallied up her sheep, and together they stepped and stumbled through the school entrance. Close to right of the shepherd was my Lily-child. They all disappeared through the gates of their land of learning, leaving me to ponder quietly outside.

I wondered for a moment why Miss Kamishirasawa had wanted me to visit her there in the first place, but until I could speak to her there was no way for me to answer my questions. With nothing to do, I left the area for a while, taking a trip down a suburban street close to the school.

The streets were relatively populated; people talking or walking between the quiet little homes. Nothing was unusual or amiss. It was a utopia among humans. However, I could never feel at home with these people, no matter how hard I tried. Out in the open, I felt out-of-place, and no amount of assimilation could make the sensation fade away.

Upon a bench was a young girl. She stood out from the other people around her like a shark among a school of fish; her manner of dress could only be described as unusual, and in her hand was an umbrella. She seemed to place a high priority on keeping the sun from meeting her soft-looking skin. Her hair, light blue in colour, gave off a regal aura. Her eyes were closed, as if she was asleep, but she was clearly consciously holding her umbrella to block the sun.

As I passed in front of the girl, her eyes snapped open. I jumpd back, startled by her deep blood-coloured eyes. They stared into me, unblinking. Her face betrayed no emotion as her scarlet gaze took me in.

I realized that she was not entirely human.

“Good morning,” she said, neither joyful nor upset. Neutral. However, I could not shake the feeling that she was not as appeared. This feeling alone made her seem less like the young angel that was her form, and more like a creature in the most delectable of disguises. I fidgeted.

“Come, sit,” she said, patting the spot next to her on the bench.

Despite my wariness, I gave in. I was too curious to pass her by. Even though I could tell she was not a normal person, neither was I. I was an abhorrent creature. She was probably the same way. I was compelled by our similarity, and so I sat down next to the girl. She smiled to me.

“I beg your pardon in advance, Miss, but you’re not... you’re not a human, are you? Are you a youkai?”

She laughed. “It’s the eyes, right? They always give me away. I hear the humans in the Outside World have a solution for that sort of thing. Coloured lenses that you put in your eyes. Ah, but I’m rambling. Allow me to introduce myself.”

She rose to her feet, fixing me with a powerful gaze. She proudly proclaimed, “I am Remilia Scarlet, the Scarlet Devil. Perhaps you have heard of me.”

I could say that I have, but I knew very little about the girl. No, perhaps the term “girl” would not fit her. Even if she appeared in the form of a young girl, I at least knew she wasn’t one. She was something else. A youkai of the night that fed on human blood.

“Yes, I have heard of you, Miss. However, most people in this village refer to you simply as ‘the vampire.’ ”

She smacks her tongue against the roof of her mouth. (No, listen, my Angel: it is only that tsk tsk sound. Have you never heard that sound before?) “What a frightfully uncultured title. Does this village have no eye for enigmas and mysteries?”

“Perhaps the humans here are too jaded by the mass number of enigmas and mysteries in this land?” I introduced myself, “I am Hideki Wakahisa. It is a pleasure.”

She grinned. “Likewise.”

“What brings you out to the human village, Miss Scarlet?”

She placed her hand on her chin. I remember that it had looked a little too purposefully done. “We are just running a few errands.”

We? I wondered if she was accompanied by someone.

“Wakahisa, there’s something strange about you.”

I was concerned by the new topic, but I tried not to show it. “Yes? What is it?”

She leaned in close, her lips hovering next to my ear. A warning light went off in my head, but again I resisted it. “Just a moment ago, I felt like you weren’t an ordinary human,” she whispered. “I wonder. You’re a monster just like me, aren’t you? You are definitely human, yes... but most of your fellow species would call you something else.”

I wasn’t sure how the vampire knew so much about me already, and to be quite honest, she had begun to scare me. “You would be... correct.”

“I always am.” She settled back onto her side of the bench. “Would you like me to tell you your future?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I can see it very clearly...” she closed her eyes. “Yes. Your fate is a very sturdy path. There is little room for change... It is as if your life is a linear story inside of a book.”

I furrowed my brow. Her words had set off something upsetting inside of me. “Don’t tell me anything about it.”

She ignored my words. “If you continue along this path, Hideki Wakahisa, you will be destroyed. You will lose your humanity, piece by piece, until you become a monster beyond your darkest nightmares. A mere apparition of your former self. And then—”

Hoping to stop her, I reached forward to grab her wrist. Now, believe me when I say that I would never physically hurt or subjugate a woman, no matter how inhuman she appeared to be. I had thought the motion would break her out of her strange trance, but before I could so much as touch her skin (which, as I said before, looked quite soft), my own wrist was locked into an iron grip by the hand of a stranger.

I looked up, meeting the cold stare of a young woman with silver hair. In her other hand was a knife.

“You may not lay a hand on my mistress,” said the woman.

Remilia waved a hand absently. “Don’t worry about it, Sakuya. I would never let an creature such as this touch me.”

The woman released me. I scrambled off of the bench, only stopping once I was two arm lengths away.

“Mistress, everything has been taken care of here.”

The Scarlet Devil leaped off of the bench. “Very well. Let’s get out of here. I’m starting to get hungry.”

They begin to walk off, but then Remilia stopped, turning to face me. “Good luck. I suggest following a different path than the one you’re on right now, assuming you want to live at least half as long as most humans. Your lives are pitifully short.”

She turned back, and the duo continued on their way. I was left with nothing but a sick feeling in my stomach, haunted to my utmost core by the vampire’s ominous words.


>tfw reposting after seeing a tiny typo

Anyway, it's great to be posting here again.
And thus, the groundwork of actual plot in a romance fic is set. Brilliant work, as always.
Ah, if only this was a romance fic though~

You're right. Whether it ends up being romance, tragedy, or whatever else, at least it's goin somewhere.
File 140367307894.png - (28.64KB, 113x111, blush.png) [iqdb]
I'm not even going to post a WriterExcuse™. I've been lazy lately. I did a bit of writing today, though the update is not finished. Just, uh, hang on everyone! Thank you for your patience.
File 140639245643.gif - (318.37KB, 480x270, oops.gif) [iqdb]
Okay, I'm gonna come out and say it now: I'm probably not going to finish this story.

When I started this short story I set out to write things I had never written before. I thought this would be a learning experience for me, but... Well, I've recently realized that I am not at the right level to write what I had planned. Rather than fail miserably I'm going to cancel the rest of this.

Sorry to those who were looking forward to it. If there is anybody who still wants to know what would have happened, the least I can do is give a brief summary of the to-be plot. Let me know if that is the case.
A summary would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the heads up.
While I appreaciate the heads up, I'd prefer to see such an unique story continued, even if we get a watered down version of your ideal.

If he doesn't want to write it, then that's all there is to it. I would rather not see a nice premise like this one ruined by an unmotivated author.
File 140650822196.jpg - (61.78KB, 250x250, storytime.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm honoured that this story found the interest of you all.

In the next update, Keine was going out of town for one week. Usually at this point she would enlist a substitute teacher for her class. At this time she had had enough interactions with our protagonist to trust him as the substitute teacher.

During the course of the week, Hideki got closer and closer to his Lily-child, Yuriko. It leads to great despair as he ends up crossing the line and doing something sexually unacceptable. When Keine returns, she learns of this incident, and is stricken with feelings of betrayal and grief. She blames herself and falls into despair. Hideki, on the other hand, feels immense guilt for what he did to Yuriko and for his betrayal to Keine. He flees the village, hoping to die to some forest youkai.

However, Fujiwara no Mokou sees that her friend is in such despair and tracks Hideki down. She beats him, "returning some fraction of the pain you have given that little girl." Then she takes him out to where hungry youkai usually lurk and tied him to a tree to be eaten.

This, of course, brings us up to the beginning of the story. Rumia meets Hideki and listens to his life story. However, rather than kill him once he is finished, she sees an opportunity. She offers up a contract to him: become her shikigami, and then kidnap children for her. Bring them to Rumia. If she gets enough of them, she said, she will use their essences to erase everyone's memories of the entire incident with Hideki. (Even his own.)

Hideki is reluctant to take up such a contract -- for he is essentially trading angels for his own self -- but the thought of Keine and Yuriko smiling together again drives him to accept.

Becoming Rumia's shikigami allows Hideki to hide within shadows. He stalks the human village at night, using his powers to snatch children away. Rumia eats them all. On some days she lets Hideki give in to his own sexual desires before she eats them.

Normally he would be too guilt-stricken to do these things, but unbeknownst to Hideki, the reason he can continue doing these horrendous deeds was due to his connection with Rumia. She uses her powers as his mistress to slowly drain away his empathy and morality, until he becomes a mere apparition in comparison to his former self. He continues to lead children to their deaths. He asks his mistress each time, "how many more?" To which she always replies, "a few more."

Finally, he can no longer take it. What little humanity that is left in him arises one night, and he kills his Mistress.

...that didn't stop her, of course. Rumia is a youkai. She hunts him down in a horror-esque chase scene, and when she finally caught up to him, he begs for mercy. She smiles, offering they continue their partnership. He was safe...

...Until, without warning, she pins him up against a tree. From there, she crucifies and then devours him.

Rumia has her part of the contract to follow through, of course. She uses the combined energy from the destroyed wishes of the children she devoured to grant Hideki's wish: Yuriko, Keine, and Mokou all forgot about what Hideki had done. To them, he had disappeared the day before he became a substitute teacher, never to be seen again...

As you can see, Remilia's prediction comes true. To those wondering, there was no message/lesson intended for this story -- it was always meant to be a tale of despair and nothing more.


I'm very sorry to disappoint you, Anon. Actually, the reason the last update took so long was the same as my reasons of cancelling the story. Even if I could force out this story, the updates would be so far apart that it'd hardly be worth my time or yours. I've at least learned from that that I should only make projects public if I know I'll be able to finish them. I hate to disappoint people in this way.
You know what? I'm okay with that not being written.

Yea that's why I didn't read it. I didn't want to ruin the glorious head cannon I built up in anticipation for this story's progression.
Hmmm, that's unfortunate. I would have enjoyed reading such a tale of suffering.
Oh, what sort of headcanon was that? You've piqued my curiousity...

To be honest, it would have been fun to write! Well, some of it. (Mainly just certain scenes with Rumia.) But yeah, a lot of it would have been beyond my abilities. Maybe "one day" I'll be able to write a true tale of despair.
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