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 No. 1270
File 138372827295.png - (134.30KB, 652x562, Our-stage.png) [iqdb]
If I didn’t say I was a teensy bit nervous at the moment I’d be lying.

Trudging our boots through the second floor when we only planned for one. (“As long as we have a warp wire we should be fine). It was a little bit darker, The trees were thicker and less light managed to trickle in through the leaves and branches. But I couldn’t break the suspicion that we weren’t alone in this forest underground…. In spite of that my thoughts turned to this morning.

When Sakuya sent me to fetch supplies for a full day in the labyrinth she left me on a tight budget to say the least.

“We’ll need all the necessities, Medicas, Theracias, Nectars… We don’t have a medic so it’ll be up to me to make sure we all keep healthy…” She gave me that lecture early this morning. Patchouli and The Mistresses were off at the pub gathering information, so of course it falls on me to do the Grocery shopping.

“...And of course you mustn’t forget to buy a Warp Wire! Thats our last lifeline out there if things go south so don’t go forgetting it Meiling!” and of course I didn’t forget! I may do a lot of things but even I can fill a grocery list.

But that's the thing though, even though I know I bought it, when I last checked the bag (Poisoning. We had gotten Ambushed by a group of Venomflies when the Mistress insisted on taking a nap in the clearing) It was gone. Theres no way I didn’t buy it, I even took some money out of my own pocket to cover the 1000 en on top of everything else Sakuya listed for me. Where could it have gone?

Besides the venomfly ambush its been a smooth crawl throughout the day. Patchouli Alchemist would blast everything, Boss Remilia Dark Hunter would redirect things my way while weaving in and out…, Sakuya Survivalist would fill in the gaps, and while admittedly we mostly let Flan Landschneckt run wild, Anything she got the jump on wasn’t left standing for very much longer.

The only thing of note that happened besides finding that new resource point was playing with that squirrel Flan found…


That couldn’t be it.
 No. 1271
File 138372838469.png - (58.14KB, 1280x1024, 1207659920705.png) [iqdb]
But like I was saying I had a bad feeling about this forest, moreso than usual. Training as protector for a scant month is nothing compared to years of Martial Arts. The energy around here felt warped.

“CHINA, TO THE FRONT” my boss’ voice rang out with a sense of urgency. I had hoped I wasn’t right, but it seems prayers had been misplaced.

What befouled my sight was horrible.

A hideous creature of spherical proportions. It’s fur rough and ragged, (It we could be more accurate to say it was a sea of spines) and eyes milky white with a pure look of hunger I have not seen in ages. But worst of all was it’s terrible maw: Layer upon layer of teeth, yellowed by it’s foul saliva and tinged red with what I could only assume to be the blood of explorers. You could smell it’s putrid breath from where I stood, a scant 10 meters away.

You could feel it’s killing intent as well.

I took a defensive stance while Remilia , Flandre, and Sakuya rushed forward. Miss Patchouli flanked my rear and sounded like she was preparing some fireworks for this monstrosity.

I dare not looked back to check, I couldn’t afford to take my eyes off this foul beast for a second as I rushed forward to the spot my boss baited it to go.

However, luck had not been with us that day and it rushed past me. I turn on my heel and gave chase but it was too late.

> Patchouli died!

“Sis! they killed Patchy!” The younger mistress’ voice rang out, I could hear part surprise and part fear from her tone of voice

“YOU BASTARDS!” It was the first time I had ever heard my boss lose composure. There was a flash of red and I could tell the creature’s legs has been binded. Flan was quick to follow up and wailed on it while it was down but I knew it wouldn’t last long

Pressing all that into the back of my head I rushed forward to the tree Patchouli had been tackled into and picked up her body. Within seconds, Sakuya was at my side as well.

“Sakuya! Do you have the nectar?” It would do us no good in this situation but I had to ask.

“No we had used it all up earlier” she gave me a terse reply “It would do us no good at the moment anyway, we’re clearly out of our league here” It didn’t sound like she wanted to say that but she was right. We had to run while we still could.

But we were interrupted by the sound of screaming.

> Flandre died!
> Remilia died!

“Milady!” Sakuya’s Eyes were wide open, and within seconds she was off like a race-horse
“Meiling, take Patchouli as far from here as you can! We’ll regroup near the entrance!”

“Roger that!” but somehow, I didn’t think it would be that easy.

I ran my legs as fast I could in this heavy armor but I couldn’t cut the feeling of everything watching. Waiting. Like a hunter stalking its prey.

I turned the corner and ran through the shortcut we had found behind a thicket but when I got to the entrance…

It stood there.

I could only hang my heels in sheer terror as it turned it’s gaze towards. It’s jaw hanged wide open, dripping red with the blood. Fresh. Deep Red. Blood.

I turned my gaze and saw the members of town guard strewn about, It was a bloodbath, there were no survivors, and not a single corpse wasn’t torn apart with their entrails strewn all over.

I turned tail back towards the shortcut, I had to find sakuya. If she stumbled upon here after I roused that thing out of it’s feast…!

Conveniently, running through the same thicket again It was Sakuya.

Her hood on, her face looked haggard. On her shoulders were the bodies of the Scarlet Sisters, our employers, The heads of the Scarlet Night Guild.

“It’s no good, the beast is sitting at the Entrance!”

“That can’t be! I just escaped from it a moment ago!” she immediately rebuked.

Then, we both realized.

and when we realized, we also realized that we were surrounded.

The beast that assailed us but moments ago.

The beast that annihilated the soldiers no doubt sent to find us.

And another one, it’s skin tanged orange, but it’s eyes white with the same rage and hunger from it’s other kin.

“... Meiling.. the Warp Wire… you have it right”

I didn’t reply.

> Meiling died!
> Sakuya died!


fucking ties man.
 No. 1275
This is why you always keep multiple Ariadene Thread (or Warp Wire in this case) with you at all times. Because sometimes you get surrounded by multiple F.O.E.'s
 No. 1276
The fuck is a Landschneckt? You mean Landsknecht?
 No. 1335
File 13848476473.png - (110.11KB, 630x339, short1.png) [iqdb]
======= Tempestuous Temperments (Sturm & Drang) =======

“Here is your drink sir” “What took you so long, idiot”

Aiyyaaaaaaaaaaaah” “ Oi Oi, don’t be like that darling. Turn that frown upside down!”

“Oi girlie, whats the hold up on them dumplings, I’m starvin here!” “Coming right up!

“Maaaaan, there’s nothing to do in this dump… “

When Ms. Yakumo had sent me over the Netherworld I would have never foresaw working in an establishment such as this.

It seemed simple enough. Go to the netherworld, find the samurai that smells of mothballs (She had allowed me to sample a few from the outside world… their fragrance was… peculiar) and convince him to pay Ms. Yakumo a visit.

I asked her for a name. She said I’d know as soon as I see him. Of course I responded by asking how I’d know by sight if my only lead to find him was based on smell. But alas, she just covered her face with her fan and gave me the ever so vague response.

“When you see him, He’s the sort of man that looks like they would smell like mothballs~”

She was able to convince me it was worth my time by citing none of my ancestors have recorded anything about Gensokyo’s Netherworld and, quite foolishly, I ended up accepting.

I wholeheartedly regret my decision. It might just be my bad luck but.. Only but a month after I had arrived in the Netherworld, Ms Saigyouji had gone missing. Noticing the gap in power, Many of the more powerful spirits tried to take hold of the Land. It was but a bloody 9 months until things calmed down. It had seemed as if someone managed to bring all the warring clans under one banner..

I was drifting to town to town but near the middle of the conflict I ended up being tied down in this town because the local governor would not allow anyone to leave without his express permission. I applied many a times but . . . I ended up being unable to pay the exorbitant fees he requested of me.

So here I am, working and living in this cafe. The folks who run the store was nice enough but the clientele.. is not so pleasant. Today, it seems we have an extra rowdy bunch.

“*Sigh* shouldn’t we have kicked these men out awhile ago sir?” Normally we ask our customers to leave if they cause too much of a ruckus but the owner seemed extra lenient today..

“Now, Now, Akyuu. You must bear with it for the moment” As his wife was attending the dishes he was busy preparing the next order of dumplings for our guests. “You see that young man with the blonde hair? He’s the adopted son of the town’s governor.” tsk.

Ah where are my manners, I had almost forgotten to introduce myself.

My Name is Hieda no Akyuu. The Ninth Child of Miare. Normally my reincarnations are known for being quite sickly but I have been blessed with a stronger body than my predecessors. To the chagrin of many of my family’s elders I had been born with a stronger will as well. I won’t sugarcoat it: part of why I agreed to Ms Yakumo’s request was to get out of my caged bird lifestyle. It’s that I hated recording history. I love history! It’s just that my household is so… stuffy.

But I’m forgetting myself. I have patrons to serve.

“Hey old man. whatchuu lookin’ at?”

As I peeked my head outside the kitchen area I had noticed these men were harassing an elderly client. He was a nice man, tipped well. Came in often. I’d even call myself a little fond of him.

And this jerk was here pointing a sheathed sword in his face.

“Aint gunna say nothin old timer? Maybe some pain will get your attention”

And with that he pushed over his tea that I had prepared for him a scant 2 minutes ago. It fell all over the kind old man’s lap and he let out yelps of pain. I couldn’t let this continue.

“Excuse me sir bu-” but before I could reprimand him the Owner had covered my mouth with his hand and pulled me back into the kitchen.
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File 13848478671.png - (199.55KB, 630x339, short2.png) [iqdb]
======= Somewhere on the other side of town =======

“Governor-Sama, I-I beg of you!”

A man who appeared in his late 30s held his head low and bowed upon the ground.

Before him was the Governor of the surrounding prefecture, saddled up in his human chariot.
Surrounding him were several armed bushi. It was clear what was going on here.


“I’ve gotta keep this construction job! My family would die otherwise! Please, sir! PLEASE I BEG OF YOU” The man was on the verge of tears. As if he thought he would appear more pitiable he dug his face further and further into the dirt. If he did not throw away his pride, his family, whom he had been blessed to to find again in this world, would die before his eyes once more.

The Governor took a long draw of his pipe, taking in the situation. Perhaps he took joy in seeing how low a man would degrade himself. Certainly, this man was a scumbag. He himself had no power hurt others, but by filling the pockets of those who could he was able to rise into a position of Authority.

As if he finally deciding what to do, he turned his eyes to the man on the floor raised his hand.
He gave the beggar a come hither gesture, but It was fully apparent he did not want the man’s company.

He wanted his money.

The man, with no other choice left reached into his robe and pulled out 3 gold coins. He eyed them for a bit, but shook his head and handed them over.

The Governor looked at what was placed in his hands.

“And what the hell is this?” he asked.

“That that is all the money I have le-” The main raised himself on one knee to begin explaining himself but..

“This chicken feed can’t be considered money at all!”

The Governor threw the coinage he had just been given at the man. Considering the way the man flinched it probably stung a bit too. The man was in despair. Even in this life he was cursed to have a bloody death.

“Guards! You know what to do” At this, 3 of the toughest Bushi surrounding him had started to advance towards the unfortunate beggar.

Somewhere in the crowd, There was a girl watching. She was easily two-thirds of the man’s size. Dressed in green, with her eyes bespectacled and her head covered by a rackety strawhat.
She didn’t look that threatening at all.

But the man who stood behind her noticed when he hands clutched at the pair of swords at her side. He would not let someone so young foolishly lose their life.

“Don’t. You might not want to see it, but just let it go. This kinda stuff happens around here a lot. Nothing you can do about it” He laid his hand on the girl’s shoulder “See those three bodyguards of the governor? They’re famous even in the capital as being top-class fighters. Theres no way a petite girl such as yourself would be able to take them on, Understand?”

But girl’s gaze did not waver. Her eyes burned with scorn and resolve.[/s]
 No. 1337
File 13848533657.png - (169.82KB, 630x339, short3.png) [iqdb]
======= Back at the Restaurant =======

After a short scolding by the Cafe Owners I was let back onto my shift. It seems no matter how much these guys misbehave we can’t really kick them out or treat them badly.

What a bother.

As my thoughts drift along I hear the bells of the entrance ringing.

“Ah, irrashaimase.” I greeted the person before they peeked their head in. Customary, according to the Owner’s wife it often pressures them to come in even if they didn’t mean to ring the bells. Ah-

This one looked like trouble too.

Could that raggedly ball of of grease and fuzz even be called hair? What’s more, she(?) carried a blade on her back and wore loose clothing. A beige tunic with a dark red… jacket? She wore shorts that ran down right above her knees, A style uncommon to this area. But most peculiar were her feet. Sure enough she wore ordinary wooden sandals but around her ankles.. It appeared as if there were some blue markings. If one looked closer you could see the skin bulge out around them… were they scars of some sort?

Ignoring my lucid stare, sat herself down on the serving bench and made her order. If I wasn’t paying attention, I would have missed the way she eyed the other men seated… could she be one of those loosy-goosy travelers I hear so much about!?

“Water.” Her request broke me out of my fantasies. What a rough voice… but unmistakably female
“Ah, Water?”
“Water, Yeah.”
“Um… I can’t serve a customer who only orders water. If you have no money could I please ask you to try somewhere else-- EEP!”

With the mention of money she pulled me in close. Oh my. I thought she looked like a vagrant, but after getting a whiff of her I’ve practically confirmed it!

“‘Those 10 guys givin’ you trouble? 50 Dumplins, I’ll take care of them right here. right now.”
I considered it for a second.
“How about 35?”
“What? No way sister. 50 and not a single dumplin lower.”

Are these jerks worth that much of my money? I give a minute to lull it over.

“Hey Bitch! Where’s my tea!”

But it seems like duty calls. I file this woman’s services in the back of my mind, If they cross one more line.. .

Ah! Shit!

I lose my footing. And my face hits the floor. There’s a yelp of pain from both me and the guy who got splashed. Even though my face is burning, I force myself up and try to start an apology.

at the hell was that for” Aiyaah. It seems like the person I splashed on was the young man with the blonde hair. The Governor’s Son.
“I-I’m sorry. It was an acciden-”
“I don’t wanna hear it. I can’t let something like this pass you know, How you gonna make up for this?”

By the time I finally understand the meaning of his words, I can already feel the Men approaching from behind. Ahhh this is bad. This is really really baaaaaaaad.

“Hm, a finger should do. Oi, grab her you two”



They got me. These goons got their hands on my back, arms, and head. I can barely struggle to move. What can I do in this situation?

======= Back at the other side of town =======

As the three bushi surrounded the man in despair. The Governor couldn’t let him go without a few words.

“Hey you, don’t look so down. I’m sure that’s enough to get you across the Sanzu. Although, I bet that lazy old sow would let you onboard with the lint in your pockets,” The bastard governor let out a hearty laugh. He figured he’d order his guards to pick up the blooded coins from his mangled corpse afterwards anyway. Can’t waste good feed no?

The Carpenter on the floor cursed the world. There was no justice with a man like this in power. He’d give anything to kill this bastard where he sat.

“Dammit…” But there was nothing this man could do. Not at the moment. Unarmed with but the cloth on his back and the sweat of his brow what could he do against 3 of the Governor’s finest men?

“Please step aside. You’re blocking the road”

The girl in green stepped in front of the man on the floor. No one could tell what kind of expression she had under the shade of her hat.

“Just who do you think you are?” One of three asked.
“Do you intend to interfere?” Asked another.
“To serve a lord and do as he asks… Is that honor?” She questioned the three.
“Of course it is” Was their syncd reply.

“Even if that Lord’s worth is lower than dog-shit?” The crowd gasped. No one expected such vulgar words out of such a young girl.

But the girl was anything but young.

“What was that!?”
“Watch that tongue of yours, girl!”

“To cut down a man who has done nothing wrong.. “ She removed her hat. Behind her glasses shone eyes of contempt. “ You spent all those years honing your skills for this..?”

The Trio’s hands grabbed a hold of their hilts. Ready to draw at moments notice.

“To be completely honest, the lot of you are worthless”

That did it. Their anger flared, the trio of guards drew their swords and rushed the girl.

In response she simply threw her hat up and…

======= Back at the Restaurant =======

There was a drawn blade to my neck. I gotta think fast. Quick. With haste.

I raced through my mind. My eyes turned at the girl who just came in. Gods, is she picking her nose while watching me? How can she treat something like this so casually! Still..


“Haaaaaah?” The group of guys who surrounded me looked confused. “Wuzzat? Two-Hundred Dumplings?”

“YOSH! Seem’s like your lives aren’t worth squat. Thats like what, 15 apiece?” The raggedly woman hopped out of her seat.

There were 10 of them. 10 of them. I know the education in the Netherworld is a little lacking but…

“The fuck you say?” The man with the sword to my head turns his side to address her.

“It’s the price I’m getting for your lives. Easiest lunch, breakfast, and dinner I’ll ever make.”
“You trying to make me mad, miss? You sure got some spunk.” Excellent. The thug with the sword stepped away from me.

Now if I could only do something about the two holding me down.

“You really think you can take me on? Now that I’ve got a look’it you I’m pretty sure I could cut you clean in half missie.” Not a completely unreasonable assessment, you could practically see her bones.

“Let’s see you try, asshole” The woman didn’t seem even the slightest bit intimidated. In fact, I could guess that she even looks glad he’s threatening her. Is she getting a rise out of this..?

I could hear the two draw their swords. When I saw the woman lop off the man’s Sword Arm I flinched. I knew the Netherworld had abandoned the Spell Card Rules with Ms Saigyougi’s Absence but this is the first time I’ve seen such bloodshed.

The man’s face is stoic for but a moment. But as he looks at his side his eyes pop wide open. Yikes. That’s a pretty loud wail he’s making. To think he was about to do something like that me just a few seconds ago. Serves him right! I can feel my freedom immediately.

With a lunatic like that who wouldn’t want to grab a hold of their weapons.

“Don’t give me any of that crap where you come at me one at a time. Fuck your honor, COME AT ME ALL ONCE YOU BASTARDS.” Issuing a challenge, she raised her arms wide open.

Is this girl suicidal..? I don’t wanna risk moving right now but I can already see the rest of the staff fleeing outside or cowering the corner.

“Don’t screw with us you fugly whore!”

======= Back at the other side of town =======

.. And with a single stroke, the girl slashed through all of them at once.

Their guts spilled out onto the floor. One cut in the stomach, another cut in the abdomen, and the third had the blessing of being half the man he once was.

As the ground was colored red, The girl caught her hat on the other side.

She turns her gaze to The Governor. Her sword resting on the floor, ready to go at a moments notice.

As you would expect, The Governor was caught off-guard at this mysterious turn of events.
How could something like this be happening to him? No matter. Every man has his price. He couldn’t lose face in front of his subordinates. Funny enough, even though he had about twelve of his men standing behind him he didn’t feel safe at all.

“Hold On, Just wait one moment. What is it that you want? Money? I’ll give as much as you want! So just hold on one second! Okay?”

The girl in green gritted her teeth. Disgusted, she turned around and picked up the coins at the Carpenter’s feet.

“Ah.. you..” The man stood amazed at his savior. She easily looked like she weighed half of him. In spite of that she took down The Governor’s best enforcers in one draw.

“I’ll keep these, ok?” With that, the girl trotted past the man on the floor.

With a mixture of fear and respect, the crowd dispersed and let her through.

“S-Somebody arrest that girl at once! Don’t let her get away!” The Governor lost it.
He couldn’t be humiliated like this. She couldn’t just walk away like that. He’d make sure she’d be dead by the end of the week. No one should get away with that! Not in [b]his[/]b city!

But even though he ordered her capture. None of the men that stood behind him moved an inch.
Cowards. The Lot of them. He’d have their heads! But that would be a meaningless waste of manpower.

Amusing. That this man who cannot even lift a blade promises this girl’s death. Even more amusing is that the job is already half-way done for him.

 No. 1338
File 138485984094.png - (326.41KB, 620x309, short4pause.png) [iqdb]
======= Back at the Restaurant =======

4 of them rushed him at once, I’m pretty sure I saw the others flee. All that tough-guy attitude and they’ll run away from a fight like this?

Although, you have to admit. This girl sure was intimidating. She was more like a wild animal than human.

With one mans slash she sifted to the side. Bolting past the next guy she pushed the noggin of the unfortunate man behind me down. Using that momentum, she did a flip in the air and landed right next the last guy. As that one motioned to cut through she backstepped. It looked as if the guy behind him had her, but she ducked low and scooted around by his side, The blade managing to slice the top of her poofy hair.

.. .Did she just stab the guy’s heart from the back with a hidden knife?

Bah. You won’t look a gift horse in the mouth at this point. If there’s a lull in the battle after the first kill you bet I’m getting out of here!

I’m able to make it outside where the owners are standing. Feebly spectating the violence inside their store. Well, if they’re going to stay, I’ll stay too. I owe them that much at least.

Besides. I don’t wanna get on this gal’s bad side. She’s a lunatic!

As the remaining ones surround her she shifts side to side with a spring in her step. It’s as she’s pumped to get some more action. Or maybe she can smell the steaming dumplings from the kitchen over the blooded iron in the air.

“Hey... whazza matter? Ya all seemed so EAGER to get a piece of me for before I ganked your friend here.” She’s boasting. Boasting over her kill! Just what kind of person DOES THAT.

“What are you, an idiot?”

The blonde hair man addresses the guy slaughtering his men casually. At least this one seems like he can walk like he talks.

“You don’t get it do you? I don’t think you get it all, toots.” He shakes his head. “My pops is the governor around here. No one can lay a finger on me without paying the price.”

With that statement he rocks his head back and forth, cracking his neck. What a tough guy thing to do.

“Hell, I bet they don’t even live to see the next morning. You understand now right? This aint wartime anymore yanno? Folks who can do nothing but swing around swords are nothing but--”

To his credit, he ducks before the gal can slice his head off. Got his topnot though. You can see the cold sweat pouring from his face. So much for the tough guy act.

“.. you understand what I just said, right?”
“You’ve gotta! It’s common sense around these parts! Just who do you think you are!”
“Your common sense doesn’t mean jack shit to me buddy.”

The blondie looks completely bewildered at this. “..what?”

She leans in close.

And says plainly for all to hear.

“I’m from the Outside World buddy”

His jaw drops.

haha oh wow.

You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve heard stories of how crazy these outsiders can get but this one really takes the cake. Looks like the blondie is trying to pull himself together, but he’s not convincing anyone at this point.

“.. Listen, my old man’s got three of this state’s champion badasses in his pocket.” He’s trying that card this late in the game? His face is stern, but his shaking hands and dripping chin betrays his true emotions. He gets a surprised look of the gal’s face though. He looks a trickle more confident at that.

“Huh? You scared? Ready to apologize now you dumb bi-- AIIIIIIIIYEEEEEEEE”

She kicks the sword he was resting his hands & chin off and his face falls into his knees.
She’s got a terrible grin on his face now. You shudder to think she’ll do next.
“--Hey, gimme yer hand.”

He’s trying to crawl back, basic flight or fight instincts you guess. But as the woman steps forward and he finds his back to a wall he’s not left with much options. He timidly offers his his shaky hand to the ruffian girl.
“ALL RIGHT YOU BASTARDS. The bunch of ya’ll proved you aint worth my time. I want you to get these 3 badasses on the count of 10 you hear me!?” She shouts her demands.

But what’s that guy’s hand gotta do--



The Governor’s Son is yelling in pain right about now. That sounds painful.

“ONE.” she says “AHUH-TWO”

His men are running off with their tails between their legs now. They hesitated on the fist finger but seeing their boss double over in pain must have been too much.

Of course, one guy stays back just in case. These guys are thugs but at least they’re not stupid.

He’s yelling and crying and you could see the snot coming right out his nose if you were here.

I can’t help but pity the man. I don’t feel bad for him though, You reap what you sow right?
“Man. This is getting boring. Do they really not care about you? Some buddies you picked eh? Maybe if I break all of them at once they’ll come running…”

At that his eyes are practically bursting out of their sockets!


As if the man’s prayers are being answered from the other side of the store: A megane with two swords at her hip enters the room.

“......................... Ah, you’re in the middle of some business. Please pardon the interruption”

The girl’s pupils shifts to side and she tries to turn away. If I could describe her face in one word right now it would be: NOPE.

“You wouldn’t happen to be one of those badasses would you?” The thuggish gal and red let go of the governor brat. With a running start she dashed towards the new arrival, she aimed at her blade at her head.

Anticipating that, the glasses girl ducked and drew her top sword out. As if on cue, The other gal hopped over her and kicked off the side of the building with a blade overhead.

The girl in green (did I mention she was wearing green?) shifted to the left and spun around, trying to slice her opponent on landing. But she was too quick, in the time it took for her to reach half her rotation she already flanked her side and given her the run around.


The stood across from each other, no more than 5 feet apart. You notice the girl with two swords has left hand on the smaller blade…

“You’ve got the wrong person.” Is she trying to reason with this gal!? “If it those “badasses” you want, they just died a few minutes ago”
“Dead?” an incredulous reply to an incredulous statement from the afro-girl.
“I was the one that killed them” --this girls a monster too!

And with that they’re at it again! The girl in red bounded forward with a horizontal cut, ducking the automatic dodge-and-counter coming from the other lady and transitioning into two quick sweeps. As she’s lifting herself up the glasses girl takes her opportunity to rush in.

One. Two. Three. Slashes one after the other.

Duck. Hop. The Gal even had the audacity to cartwheel up and back over the table for the last one too!

The green girl gives chase to her jumping off the tables and tries to cut her off at the end of the table. The wild gal somersaults by, kicks over a table, Jumps over the table for a flipping slash maneuver and then kicks off the support beam into an overhead chop in an attempt to get a hit on her opponent.

This catches the other girl off guard, but she manages to step to side on both unorthodox attempts on her life. Hell, she even manages to avoid the turnaround cut and the follow-up spin-around slash after that.

Just when it looks like the ruffian is going to fall flat on her face, one of her hands touch the floor and suddenly what looks like a total loss of momentum transitions into a roundhouse kick! This further leads into another sweep which forces the other girl back.

With her string of attacks over the sword-megane tries to chop her while she’s down. But she parries with the metal undersoles of her sandals. She kicks the blade off and they’re right into eachother’s personal space again.

Was this girl raised by monkeys or something!? Such an unorthodox style.. You’ve never seen such a thing your entire life! Well, actually, some of Marisa’s stunts come close, but not anywhere near this fluidity.

Every time one cuts into the other they dodge it and respond with something of their own. Sometimes the momentum goes on longer than others but it’s clear that the more unorthodox fighter is throwing the other one off guard. The glasses girl loses her footing though and she pays with it by losing the hat off her head.

.. Silver Hair? Oh man she looks livid right now.

...Oh god they’re coming right at us!

The old couple and I quickly back off to the side while the ruffian gal ducks under a chasing slash, The green girl hot on her trails.

We rush back into the store… only to see oil on the floor.

And the one arm man with a torch in hand. This guy..! I want to deck him right now but my legs are frozen. I can do nothing as he drops the torch onto the ground. Bursting the floor into flames, Everyone inside rushes out.

Not wanted to get trampled I force my legs to move and run with them, In the distance I can hear the madman's cackling.


But it was cafe.


Inside the burning building, The two ronin girls stood.

To the left: Was a wild child. From the poofy-dark-matted hair, tanned skin, and the rags that hugged her body, but especially the scars of shackles on her wrists and ankles, that this one had a criminal record.

On the right: Was a stoic bespeckled girl. Hair that shone like the moon, adorned with a black Ribbon. With katana in hand and perfect poise, she could be the perfect model of a trained swordswoman. Silver-green vestments adorned with the seal of a near bygone era would betray her identity, but it seems no one had noticed.

They stood in a building wrapped in flame, slowly but surely falling apart. Were the two mad women fighting without care to their surroundings, or were they just so invested into the battle that neither could retreat while both were at a standstill?

“Talk about a heated battlefield am I right..?”
“Aren’t you going to run?”
“Heh, don’t put yourself out on my account, lass.”

With nothing left to be said they rushed eachother, but before they could make contact it the inflamed ceiling fell flat on them both.


I did this as excuse to not break nanowrimo and get in some practice for action scenes.
Did most of it from memory so I wonder if I remembered most of it right...

I'll finish it the next time I don't get enough votes.


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