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File 132381136289.jpg - (461.34KB, 900x1264, Aya is kind of cute.jpg) [iqdb]
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In 2011, a sudden crack in the Hakurei Border caused many outsiders to cross, landing in Gensokyo. By the time they expressed the desire to go back, the Border was already fixed, trapping them. Unhappy with this, those outsiders quickly changed things in Gensokyo, using and introducing many new and strange devices. One of them was the radio. Obviously, tengus quickly saw the potential of that invention, and Aya Shameimaru was the first to create her own talk-show, interviewing several Gensokyo figures.
The tape you're going to hear was her first show, recorded on 24th December.

Shameimaru Aya: Is this thing on?

Several high-pitched noises.

Inubashiri Momiji: Yes it is! Look at the red light!

Aya: Can you believe it Momi? I'm just talking here, and everyone can hear me! That's amazing!

Momiji: Not like we couldn't hear you before-

Aya: GOOOOOOD MORNING GENSOOOOOOKYO! My name is Aya Shameimaru! You probably saw me flying over Gensokyo, collecting data and stories from Gensokyo's citizens!

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>> No. 428
File 133600612562.jpg - (601.80KB, 1606x890, shoot the target.jpg) [iqdb]
Shameimaru Aya: Hello again, dear listener! This time, we're locked in a very strange building!

Inubashiri Momiji: It's called a police station.

Aya: How do you know that? ARE YOU A WIZARD?

Momiji: No. I just listened what people where saying when we got arrested.

Aya: Yeah, about that, I don't really understand that part.

Momiji: You mean getting arrested?

Aya: Yes. Is there something we did wrong?

Momiji: I don't know. Is kicking someone being curled in a ball a crime?
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>> No. 435
File 133668971291.jpg - (121.96KB, 850x582, they're so cute when they're young.jpg) [iqdb]
Shameimaru Aya: You okay, Momiji?

Inubashiri Momiji: J-just hold me, okay?

Aya: How nice from you, Momiji!

Momiji: Stop fooling around, that's really not the good time!

Aya: I know, I know. But you know, we...

Momiji: What?

Aya: The red light is on, we're currently broadcasting!

Momiji: Ha crap! Can you help me first? We can explain everything later!
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>> No. 437
File 133710547295.jpg - (428.82KB, 1500x2247, a winner is me.jpg) [iqdb]
Inubashiri Momiji: Is it on?

Shameimaru Aya: Yes it is! Hello again, dear listener! As you can remember, we're stuck in the outside world for something probably unrelated to that giant explosion from yesterday.

Momiji: I heard there was no survivors.

Aya: Don't be grumpy, Momiji. So anyway, I just had the best idea I ever had!

Momiji: You're finally going to sit when visiting the bathroom? Great new, I'm tired of cleaning after you.

Aya: Of course not, don't be silly. Sitting is a waste of time and I need to be fast.

Momiji: And I need to clean after, just like always. I swear to Lord Tenma, it's like watching a toddler.

Aya: So my idea was, since we're here, why not keep on the investigation on chrismas?
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File 133344294877.jpg - (868.63KB, 827x1169, 1c37daed5a0c5139da292797171edb26.jpg) [iqdb]
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Last night I had that dream again. Our world was black as night. Plagued by visions of a future world, again I could not rest. Those damnded people and their wicked ways.

I told of these dreams to our sages, appealed to the Arch. Warning of the darkness to engulf us. The twin Watatsukis laughed and took aback,
“Mr. L, won’t you please take some meds?”

Today I had that dream again. Our world was black as night. I flew amongst the stars on the wings of an Angel.
“Mr. L, do you feel okay?”

I look up, to a place beyond our time. Their sunlight doesn’t warm. Their colors don’t run.
Didn’t you want to flee?

I know the truth is out there.
Didn’t you want to see?
I know the truth is in here.
“Why should I believe you?”
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>> No. 417
Oh, and this part.
>Here, in a world once proud and free
I thought it referred to the unspoiled Earth before the humans ruined it with their technology.

I read this after playing Touhou Mother so the contrast between "the gray human city" and "the vibrant lush nature of Gensokyo" are quite deeply embedded in my mind.
>> No. 418

Thank you. Honestly, I didn't expect anyone to have listened to the song, but it's nice in a sort of post-reading way. I was considering linking it first and foremost as listening while reading, but eh, I thought it might've ruined the willing suspension of disbelief.


Unfortunately this type of thing (and my writing in general) tends to go heavy into wordplay and repetition, and whilst it is delightful to my eyes/ears/sensory organs, it makes it very difficult for those who aren't natively learned in English.


That does come right after the machines rising from the planet, so I probably should have modified that one at least a bit. 'Here' and 'there' are wonderful concepts for minimalist writing, though. They just tickle the little bit inside me involving attention whoring writing.
>> No. 422
Don't know the song but it's ok I guess. Probably not more than that because I don't know the song

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File 133458836488.jpg - (348.04KB, 838x1200, memories.jpg) [iqdb]
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A thousand murmurs, a hundred distant conversations. They mourned and they questioned, their collective cry changed between intrigue and sorrow like the wind changed directions.

One had to wonder if they were more concerned with the commotion, or the wounded.

“Healer, please, this way!”

The delegation met me at the edge of the topmost village. As I proceeded down from Tenma’s roost, more and more joined us. They kept a respectful distance, weaving their words into the mountain wind, and I could only catch glimpses.

Her wings, her wings, they cried. Their legs, their legs, they cried. What a dastardly exchange. As a Healer I could only shake my head and continue walking.

“Healer, please, it’s right along here now.”

The delegation and its followers bow out of the way for me, leaving me to my work. I can only pray to the Dragon god that the injuries are not too severe as I prepare myself for what awaits.

I open the door.
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>> No. 413

This story is included in my Gensokyo of "Will trumps matter". Aya can fly if she just believes hard enough. I did, however, leave the end up to your interpretation.
>> No. 423
Makes me wonder what happened to her. Very nice, good job
>> No. 429
Just wanted to note something here. Not trying to be condescending, but a fun note.

>Her wings, her wings, they cried. Their legs, their legs, they cried. What a dastardly exchange. As a Healer I could only shake my head and continue walking.
>Their legs, their legs, they cried.
>What a dastardly exchange.

Aya lost her wings, but the Tengu made sure the unseen antagonists humans, it's always humans were justly punished for their crime. Unfortunately, even if wings aren't required for Aya to *possibly*, fly, legs certainly are required to walk.

On another note: Watch this space. I plan to do another short about the youkai mountain, possibly this weekend. I have to finish up an update before I crack at it, though.

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File 132927832020.png - (737.43KB, 1000x751, current events.png) [iqdb]
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The sound of a pen scratching itself across an old pad. A hand lifted just barely off the paper to avoid smearing the fresh ink. Beads of sweat that percolated on a furrowed brow and were dried by the summer breeze. A page full of dwarven words pressed together as if in a crowd, confusing and burdensome to observe at a glance. A long shadow cast by a folding chair on the green grass. A bare steel sword as close at hand as the next blank sheet of parchment…

A man sat quite alone in a wood-and-canvas chair on the shore of a certain lake. The shore was not exceptionally grand, nor exceptionally beautiful compared with the rest of the lake. It was in fact much like nearly every other piece of shore on the lake, sparsely cast in shadow by the thinning forest behind it with an abrupt and beachless drop-off between the dark soil and the calm water. But that a man was there at all was enough to make this particular shore unique; the thick trees stretched a boundary miles deep between the water and any sort of hospitable dwelling, and the denizens therein were of a rather unhospitable nature to be sure. A sword he had, but of what benefit it would be to him when the time came to use it was another matter.

He sat quietly with his writings, seemingly unconcerned with these things. At a glance it was plain he was not a man of the field; he was thin and wiry, his skin lacking the tan of the sun, his hands slender and unscarred, his dark hair untangled and smooth. Simple clothes of tan and brown billowed out around him, clothes tailored for a man of his size but not of his weight. His brown-grey eyes looked away from the page as often as they looked at it, gazing out at the lake and shore and sky. He liked it there. It was calm there. Calm… and simple. There he did not have to fill his mind with the worries of his family or his house or his wallet. There were no wayward sounds of hammers or yapping dogs, no aeroplanes or motorcars, no intrusive neighbors or uninvited guests. Here he could remove himself from all the distractions of life, both the bad ones and the good. Here he could be at peace, alone with his thoughts and his words.

It was a risk, a
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>> No. 396
>five years ago
Go ahead and stop me now if this is out of line but, how old are you exactly? I've guesstimated somewhere along the lines of mid-twenties but reading this excerpt from when you were supposedly "bad" at writing makes me question either your acumen with writing or your age.
>> No. 397

Oh, no, you misunderstand me. Only the name "Æquode" was from five years ago. This short itself was still written in February 2012. Trust me, if I posted the tripe I wrote when I was 19, it would show and show hard. I can't even bring myself to reread that stuff. There is plenty of room to question my younger self's acumen.

But to sate your curiosity, I'm currently 24 years old, and approaching 25 faster than I'd prefer.
>> No. 398
File 133342848978.jpg - (45.91KB, 349x264, 1306641105579.jpg) [iqdb]
Cool shit.

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File 131229037861.jpg - (1.06MB, 900x1272, e33802979940c7a5137302a71f17bb88.jpg) [iqdb]
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Just going to repost some of my true one-shots into this thread and keep any future ones to this thread for ease of finding on my own part, including the Rin ones so i don't have to constantly bump the /underground/ thread, hurp.
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>> No. 307
File 132537971515.jpg - (479.46KB, 1920x1699, 5f97236fa3b62639131a6291214bf5a2.jpg) [iqdb]

"You're tired."

"No I'm not!"

Rin grumbles as she sits in front of the fireplace... well, so close that you could swear she'd set her dress on fire if she moved an inch closer. You're sitting in the recliner watching her, with Momiji behind you, watching the snow fall through the darkness out the window. It's the new year. At least soon. You can't really be bothered to count the time until then. It doesn't feel tense, but you can't help but feel that there's a certain melancholy in the room. The two have been getting along better but...

"Master Satoshi, how long do you intend on keeping Rin up?" Sometime recently, Rin got Momiji to stop calling her 'Master' too... you're not sure how she did it. You'd be somewhat envious if you weren't questioning her methods.

"I can't just make her go to bed, if she wants to stay up there's not much I can do."

"That's right." Soon after saying that, Rin lets out another drawn out yawn. You feel bad for her, you're not entirely sure why she's staying up as she always avoids it. Maybe she just wants to spend new year's with you? But why is she being so grumpy about it? You don't quite understand. You get up and you're about to join Rin on the floor, until Momiji suddenly intercepts you before you can move after standing, leaning against your back with her hands tenderly on your shoulders.

"Uh, M-Momiji... what are you doing?"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 308
Good stuff! This is a great read to kick off my new year. Thank you.
>> No. 377
File 133228190763.jpg - (102.95KB, 300x412, bda6e33e1088ae785f028bdbde279cb3.jpg) [iqdb]
"Master Satori, let's go out into the garden again."

"Alright then. If you insist."

There she goes again. Dragging Master Satori off...

What happened to us, I wonder? If you asked me, I would spend hours upon sleepless hours trying to figure that one thing out. Just like I am now.

Maybe it was when she left for a year on Koishi's request, to see the world for what it was. She came back a different person but she was still the lovable Okuu that I befriended... or, well, so I thought anyways. It's been a while now. Sure, we were both happy to see each other again, but after a few months, we've just been arguing. Over and over. Now it feels like Master Satori's attention is divided between the two of us, rather then given to the both of us at once. It even feels like Master Satori is giving more attention to her then to me now. She doesn't really know how I feel though... neither of them do. I'm good at hiding that part of myself at least, even if I wear the rest of my emotions on my sleeve. My heart is usually too clouded with self doubt and contempt for Okuu for Master Satori to really know, I think. If she does know, she's not saying anything about it, much like the rest of it. But what does that mean? Does she just not care about me anymore, even though she probably knows about my bad feelings towards Okuu now?

I'm being childish. I know this. But I can't help it. Maybe in the end I'm too anti-social to know how to deal with this. I never liked dealing with others before Master Satori took me in. I was always getting into fights. I must have looked awful back then, covered in scars and blood all the time. Master Satori spoiled me, and now, I'm not sure how to deal with no longer being spoiled without regressing back to how I used to be. Spiteful, hateful and alone. I loved my friendship with Okuu, Koishi and most of all, Master Satori. I loved them more then life itself. But now it feels like they're slipping away. Am I to blame? Did they just simply lose interest in me? It's hard to tell anymore. I'm probably just too blinded by my own hurt feelings to
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File 133051086021.jpg - (217.90KB, 850x1202, aprin.jpg) [iqdb]
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I wasn't exactly the most social type, you see. Although living in a crowded apartment, I managed to secure a room for myself, fit with a bed and a small kitchen. It was nothing luxurious, but it was definitely accommodating to my needs. While most people would shy away from social isolation, I thought it was less stressful. There was always a tension in the air whenever I was around others, people smiling at me with pinched faces and handshakes that were nothing more than a silly facade of politeness. It's not that I didn't want to talk to people, but there was never any opportunity to have an honest discussion ever.

Yeah, I could say that I was pretty anti-social. Even at work, I never bothered talking to anybody, only speaking when I had to present. I never really liked office jobs, but I managed to stick with this one anyway, working for some water purification organization. It wasn't the greatest, but it was a reliable source of income.

Anyway, I digress. Today, I had found an...interesting cat to say the least. When I discovered her, she was laying down on her stomach, panting heavily from a gash that ran down her thigh up to her lower abdomen. I was hesitant to lay my hand on the cat. No collar. I waited alongside it to see if her owner would come dashing from the shadows, screaming bloody murder. After I realized I was being stupid, I gently picked the feline up, using my arms to cradle her.

She had woken up by the time I tended to her wound. She stared at me with wary eyes, her two tails swishing back and forth.

“...You have two tails?” I ask the cat. Was I being stupid? I'm pretty sure I was, because it looks like the cat is eying me with uncertainty. “Never mind then...”

I finish up the wound with a neat bandage wrapped carefully around her body. The white cloth contrasts greatly with her dark fur. The cat didn't look too grateful for the treatment, shuffling around uncomfortably. I didn't have any cat food with me, so I pour some milk into a small bowl. The cat promptly ignores the bowl, directing her attention to the tiny bedroom. I follow her to my room, watching her recline on my middle-
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 370
I've always wanted to see something like this. Plus Rin with loose clothes~
>> No. 371
Be careful with your perspective, sir - you went second person for a couple of lines near the end.

That aside, I like what you wrote here, though it's anyone's guess how much of that is caused by me fanboying over the kasha.
>> No. 510
too used to second person perspective. sorry about that.

Thread 167 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 132054447395.jpg - (17.43KB, 512x512, fun_with_acronyms.jpg) [iqdb]
167 No. 167 hide watch expand quickreply
I'd never thought I'd return here.

I never would have dreamed that I would.

In my blissful ignorance, I'd assumed it was all over. Closed, you know? Cleaned up, swept into a bag, zipped shut, left to dry up in the mortuary for a few hours, then tossed into an incinerator and gone with the smoke. A fitting end. I always was inclined towards the malignant. I enjoyed the thrill. It gave me something to occupy myself with in between the bouts of spontaneous humanity. I never figured that one out. I wasn't entirely human then—still aren't—and yet, I felt obliged to entertain the form given to me by her.

I like to think I disappointed her. After all, she was always the bad one, the wicked one. She haunted me and the others, always. I can scarcely remember all the times we met and ripped at each other's throats. It has been so long. I think we might have loved each other. I think that was why I was beside myself every time I killed her. I loved the way she bled. Endlessly. And because she never died for good, I could always count on her to regale me whenever I wished. I was her flesh and blood, after all. It wasn't that I was stealing it from her. I wasn't. I was merely… enjoying myself. She had more of me inside her, and I revelled in seeing more of myself, more and more. And I humoured her, too, at times. She was full of me, and I was full of her. It was exhilarating. How I loved those days.

And then there were they—the others. A she, whose innocence almost matched her attitude. I remember defiling that innocence. It was sweet, but also sour, like a barely ripe fruit. I never was fond fruit, but hers was a first. And then the other she—the small, inhuman one. She was bright as a burning house and reeked of alcohol. I loved her smell. I could get drunk on her smell alone. I wanted to kill her, but never did. I wonder why. I had so many chances, and yet…

I remember another one. She lived in the village nearby. A child still. I cannot think why, but she roused my interest. It could have been because she was unattainable. I tried to chase her many a time. I do not recall how those times ended. I can only
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>> No. 364
Actually, no I don't. Tell.
>> No. 366
I'm usually available on Rizon; look for a fellow named Reav. Otherwise, I'm on Steam, id/homelessgirls.
>> No. 1479
Very well then:Wriggle.

Thread 296 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 132532837482.jpg - (84.06KB, 850x806, sample-db3bd8a37c308380dfa7b0ad37f8444e.jpg) [iqdb]
296 No. 296 hide watch expand quickreply
A clunky old shrine was placed right on top of the hill right next to the human village. Its musty exterior and general inaccessibility made both travelers and compatriots of the shrine alike shy away from visiting it regularly, not to mention its close proximity to the Hakurei shrine draws hesitant visitors in the general vicinity. Rano, a lone man twenty years of age takes care of the shrine, as he is its only priest. Different from most priests, he wears civilian attire and talks to people in such a carefree way that they feel comfortable talking to him about anything. Neither youkai nor humans are considered beneath him.

Despite this, the priest displays surprise when the children of the human village now scurry to his ancient shrine to come over and play.

“Come on, Mister Miko, play tag with us!” A small child with tiny blond curls that dangle down to her shoulders. Her black dress with white frills at the end flourishes as she bounces up and down excitedly.

“My bones are too old to play tag.” He groans in mock pain, although he's just too lazy to get up and run. “And if you call me a 'miko' again, I will eat all of you like a youkai! I am not a shrine maiden!”

The children scream and flee, giggling all the while. The young priest chuckles to himself, as they run around the shrine, chasing each other with a youthful innocence that the priest envies lightheartedly. His daily worries seem to melt around him as he watches the children frolic through the old shrine's interior, exploring the place with a certain awe. From the corner of the priest's eye, he sees the jovial eyes of the children, all out on their own little adventure throughout the shrine. He sighs with inner contentment, watching them with restrained glee.

But when the sun comes down, all the little ones are exhausted from their “journey” so he escorts them back to the village. As the priest waves goodbye to all the grateful youths, he discovered that the way back was the hardest for him. It wasn't because of the steep cliff he had to climb, but it was the fact that he had to do it by himself. He shakes off his bitterness. It wasn
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 306
The dialogue feels off. I have no idea why.
Poignant ending.
>> No. 311
I'm glad I got to reading this. Good work.
>> No. 322
That was awesome.

Thread 290 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 132518727784.jpg - (515.50KB, 850x565, ruined cityscape.jpg) [iqdb]
290 No. 290 hide watch expand quickreply
walk through the streets of a dead city. I have about forty pounds of gear on my back, or eighteen kilos if I feel like being metric. Being metric is one thing that helps keep me sane. Converting things from the Imperial system to the metric system even though I think in Imperial units provides a nice mental exercise.

My dog, some sort of sighthound, probably descended from a whippet, trots along beside me. I named him Mirage after the French fighter jet. I was young and a bit foolish. Not as bad as my friend's cats who are named after a few lightning-slinging pocket monsters.

To be honest, I lied when I said that the city is dead. There's life everywhere. People, like me, still make their homes in it. However, with the ruined farmland, it became near impossible to support the throngs of humanity. There are a few like me who still eke out an existence in this urban frontier. There are also the feral animals and plants overrunning cement and concrete.

I'm relatively well-prepared for hunting and dealing with any unfriendly bandits. I've got a bow. I'd rather a rifle, but I can't afford one. Thankfully, the bow is very stealthy and arrows are generally reusable. I've got a revolver, a single action that accepts either .357 Magnum or .38 Special. I've got a hatchet and a flare gun. With practice a hatchet is as good as a crowbar for breaking through stuff. The crowbar is a weapon of a free man, though. A flaregun is always good. A green flare is invite for a peaceful meeting. A red flare is a call for help. Even bandits acknowledge flares. Other bandits and hunters will hunt them if they don't.

My dog barks, spotting something.


Score. I never mentioned what I hunt. I hunt yukkuri. Basically, they are intelligent and durable, for a certain value of both terms, pastries. Typically, they are filled with some sort of sweet azuki bean paste. If you like Asian confections, they are pretty tasty. Nobody knows how they got here. However, they are an obnoxiously invasive species. All the wrecked farmland, their fault. They are the reason for this urban jungle
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 293
Well, an obvious example is the last sentence.
>"I'm Yukari Yakumo, a pleasure to meet you,” shes says, offering her hand.
That should be "she says". Because even if you wanted to wrote "she's said", that's incorrect.

But unfortunately, I'm no proofreader, so I can only point and laugh at obvious mistakes, but I'll probably miss the sneaky one.
>> No. 295
Well, thanks. I don't try to write things that are obnoxious to read. If I am screwed up in this sort of respect, I have no problems with taking it down, fixing it, and then reuploading it.
>> No. 314
Lost my password. Can't delete for fixing. My bad.

Thread 98 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 131562879360.jpg - (137.26KB, 850x850, Icecoldchills.jpg) [iqdb]
98 No. 98 hide watch expand quickreply
Just making a place here to deposit any possible shorts I make, whether they are a part of my current stories or not. Hopefully it fills up in an orderly, yet slow, manner.
Marked for deletion (old)
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>> No. 237
File 132371150844.jpg - (706.03KB, 815x1662, 9562529815f6e38acb1da752e47792cb.jpg) [iqdb]
The Hakurei Shrine was blanketed underneath a pile of white snow, the downpour appearing almost out of random. Several fairies were playing around in the snow, laughing happily as the Hakurei Shrine maiden and her guest watched from a distance. Though outside, Reimu was warmly wrapped in a winter coat, only her head, hands and feet sticking out from underneath. Sitting next to her, also wrapped in a large coat, was her guest, a man in his late twenties. Both persons were holding a cup of hot cocoa.

“Mmm, this hot cocoa is very delicious, Ulysses,” Reimu commented as she took another sip.

“I’m glad to see that you like it, Miss Hakurei,” Ulysses replied, also taking a sip from his cup. “There’s nothing like a nice glass of hot cocoa on a cold day like this.”

Reimu smirked after hearing her last name. “You’re so formal, Ulysses. Why don’t you lighten up? It’s not like I call you Faefather all the time.”

“I wish you did,” Ulysses scoffed as he watched the fairies rolling up snow, already working on creating a full-fledge snowman. “It’s proper to refer each other, as a sign of understanding. Are you saying you don’t understand me, Miss Hakurei?”

Reimu lets out a loud cackle as he slapped Ulysses’ shoulder. “Ulysses! How could I not understand you? You’re just another guy looking for a purpose in life! And here in Gensokyo you’re finding it, right?”

Ulysses laughed in reply, looking back into his cup of hot chocolate. “I guess you’re right, Reimu. I’ve found quite a bit since I first came here. Before I was just a lonely man with very little to my name, and now I have a family. Of sorts, anyway.”

“Heh, a family, huh? You starting to let those fairies get to you, Ulysses? And here I was thinking that they were simply tools for you, tools for you and your... antics,” Reimu grinned, taking another sip of hot chocolate.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 272
Obligatory ambiguous Christmas-y like story go!


Despite a blanket of snow covering its roof, the Faefather’s estate was abuzz with activity. Fairies were running down the hall, each one having an excited look on her face. The annual dinner of the fairies was just a few days away. Each fairy knew her part to play; no fairy in the entire mansion was idle. The kitchen and dining hall were the places of the most activity, with fairies either working hard on preparing the meals that would fill the tables in the dining hall, and other fairies filling said dining hall with as much decorations as possible.

The Faefather began his usual patrol, walking through the several rooms to see how everything was progressing. As the Faefather approached, the fairies would quickly drop what they were doing and give him a quick curtsey. Each curtsey and greeting put a smile on the Faefather’s face as he continued moving through the halls, passing several paintings of different fairies and humans.

Although the foyer was one of the main rooms of the estate, it was strangely empty at this time of year, most fairies too busy ti spend any time there now. Nonetheless, the Faefather stood there, examining his home with wide satisfaction. The Faefather was proud of his accomplishment, knowing that not less than two years ago, this area was nothing more than an empty forest, only a few fairies being in this area. With the Faefather’s progress, the fairies throughout Gensokyo began to flock to him, employment under the Faefather being viewed as a satisfying alternative to going it alone, especially for the respect such a position would garner with others.

Finished with his admiration, The Faefather retired to his private study, waving to a couple of more fairies along the way, each fairy he greeted nearly fainting in such joy to be happily greeted in return by such a famous man to fairy kind. To them, this man was not such a leader, but an inspiration, an inspiration to fairies to truly gain the respect they so desperately want.

Back in his study, the faefather relaxed, his shoulders easing up as he sat on his leather chair, a sor
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