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9600 No. 9600
"Flandre, I need you to do something for me." You say.
She turns back to you. "Where's Meiling?" She asks.
"I don't know, but I'm going to go and find her, okay?" You say.
Flandre frowns, looking worried.
"What's happening?" She asks.
You step over to her and crouch down, wrapping your arms around her. She returns the hug.
"I don't know." You say. "I need to go and find out, but I need you to do something for me."
"What?" She asks.
"Stay here, go play in Meiling's room for now." You say, pulling back so you can get a good look at Flandre's face. "I'll be back in a while, maybe Meiling will come back first and play with you some, okay?"
Flandre nods, lower lip wobbling.
"What's happening?" She asks again.
You give her another hug. She holds on tight this time. "I don't understand." She says.
"It's okay Flandre." You say. "Just wait here, and I'll be back in a bit, promise, okay?"
Flandre nods, you give her another squeeze and she lets go of you, stepping over to Meiling's room and slipping inside. You hear her through the door, sitting down on the bed. There's no sobbing. Good, she's okay for now.

You run through the gates and down the garden path, scanning the lawn for the body Mima mentioned. Nothing, only the flowers. It must be round the back. Before you can take one step off the path, there is a crash of breaking glass. One of the Mansion's windows shatters and something comes tumbling out in a hail of broken glass, spinning backward, too fast for you to see properly.

Then she lands. It's Meiling. Feet spread behind her, fingers of one hand just touching the grass, breathing hard. There's a large shard of broken glass sticking out of her arm, multiple bruises and little cuts on all her exposed skin. She doesn't notice you, just looks upward at the window, gritting her teeth. Something comes barrelling out even faster than Meiling did, straight for her. It's a blur in the air, distorting everything around it. Meiling swings around with a grunt, high kick aimed at the shadow.

It connects. Now you can see it clearly as Meiling's foot breaks the jaw of a Fairy Maid, stopping in dead in the air. The Maid flops down to the grass and then spins to the side, snarling at Meiling, noise distorted by the snapped jawbone. Then you realise. It's eyes are red all through and there's a chunk of its leg missing. There's no blood coming out of the wound.

Meiling leaps backward, waiting for it to come at her again. Neither of them has noticed you. It roars something incoherent and runs at her.

[ ] Intercept, fists.
[ ] Intercept, knife.
[ ] Intercept, flying kick.
[ ] Let Meiling handle it.
[ ] Ignore the fight, head inside.
[ ] Call out to Meiling.

>> No. 9601
[x] Intercept, flying kick.

Good ol Belmont jumpkick should work. We should head inside ASAP but risking vamp-China and getting Flandre involved = no.
>> No. 9602
[x] Intercept, RIDER KICK.
>> No. 9603
[X] Intercept, flying kick.
>> No. 9604
[x]Use Knife.
>> No. 9605
[x] Let Meiling handle it.
[x] Ignore the fight, head inside.
She can manage that much.
>> No. 9606
[x] Intercept, knife.
Let's put the little guy to use. Who knows? He might be made of silver.
>> No. 9607
[ ] Intercept, flying kick.
>> No. 9608
[x] Intercept, flying kick.

Sonuvacrap. So the thing DID escape.

...I wonder if it wouldn't have escaped if we'd not spilled the beans, or if we'd just encounter the same situation even if we'd waited because Vampire-Antagonist moves at the speed of plot.
>> No. 9610
[ ] Intercept, flying kick.
>> No. 9611
[x] Intercept, knife.
Meiling seems to be having a little trouble. Do you think it might be because physical attacks alone can't kill a vampire fairy?
>> No. 9612
Drain my fairy maids of blood? Unforgivable.

Here's for hoping Eirin isolated and mass-produced the active agent in Belmont blood.
>> No. 9614
[x] Intercept, flying kick.
>> No. 9615
[X] Intercept, knife.

Soul, scatter, etc.
>> No. 9617
Since when could we do a flying kick?
>> No. 9618
[x] Intercept, knife.
>> No. 9619
Since when could we fight off youkai? Don't think, Anon, just do it!

[ ] Intercept, flying kick.
>> No. 9620
Hmm, makes me wonder if we could've avoided this if we'd wasted less time, and came back with Suika and Flandre much earlier, as soon as we had a chance to.

Well, no use crying over spilt milk now, but something to consider if this turn of events results in a bad end. We kinda -do- know that we have to come back now at least, rather than just "lolol trust sakuya", look what happened.
>> No. 9622
This is the worst possible situation ever, Remilia somwhere in the Mansion with Reimu at her heels hellbent to exterminate her and whatever is inside and on the other side the Vampire thing that she wanted to hide and possible an army of Vampire Fairies and probably a Vampire Sakuya too. And all of that because Anon voted stupid, well i hope we can leave that behind and try to straighten things out so that everything will be okay again, but i don't know how this will ever be possible. At least we have half of the blood just in case.
>> No. 9623
>We kinda -do- know that we have to come back now at least, rather than just "lolol trust sakuya", look what happened.
Well, yeah, we'd come back eventually no matter what. I'm mostly curious whether HY would have Sad/Bad End'd us for waiting too long, or if he'd just make the vampire antagonist move at the speed of plot (i.e. slower if we take longer).

I'm perhaps most curious about what would've happened if we'd told Remi what Sakuya was planning waaaay back at the beginning. Maybe Sakuya would have tried this anyway, but without our whip or the blood (not that those things helped much anyway?).
>> No. 9624
Several things to think about;

- Tell Remi at the start of day 4 (this implies betraying Sakuya's trust quite early, I'm not sure I like this)
- Kiss Sakuya
- Come back with Flan and Suika as soon as we get the chance to
- Come back at the same time we did now, but with Suika (it was suggested by HY that she'd have been great help).

I think that's other courses of actions we could've taken. Dunno what's the best.
>> No. 9625
Writing now.
>> No. 9626
lolno, worst situation is everybody already being dead or vampirized. Though rollback faggots would probably prefer that.
>> No. 9627
[x] Intercept, flying kick.
If this works, hooray. If not then we die, and thats fine too.
>> No. 9628
Yeah that's what I'm thinking. Perhaps if we came back earlier with Flan (and hopefully Suika), we'd have stumbled upon the same scene. I think that's definitely a possibility, given that this works mostly like a visual novel.
>> No. 9629
For me, and I'm sure most, there's no reason to rollback until we confirm Sakuya (and the others?) can't be saved. I'd support jumping in lake if someone important has to die. But otherwise we just have to try until the end.
>> No. 9630
[X] Intercept, fists.
>> No. 9631
Until proven otherwise, I don't think Anon voted all that stupid, just conflictedly. A lot of it boils down to how much confidence we had in Sakuya's abilities and confidence in our own decisions. Both have been tested pretty severly over the weekend. Under that stress, the differences in perception amongst the Anons have been made that much more explicit in the current situation.
>> No. 9633
Wow, this is freaking me out in an absolutely enternaining way. HY, you have me on the edge of my seat!
Go on, give it your best!
>> No. 9635
So...bloodbag, then letting that emaciated youkai loose, then head-slamming, telling us not to work on Flandre and Remi's relationship, and threatening our life, and NOW fscking up on her attempt to eradicate the other vampire.

Sakuya Izayoi. You have failed me for the last time.
>> No. 9636
If a fairy got bit that means that thing is running around loose in the mansion. LOOKS LIKE SAKUYA DIDN'T WIN.
>> No. 9637
Meiling is injured and she needs help. That is forefront in your mind, then it's the only thing in your mind. You don't think, you just react, you just move. You can't hit it bare-handed, it's too strong. You can't use the knife, it doesn't bleed and you're not fast enough to cut it up before it hits Meiling.

You sprint toward it from a standing start, leaping over a flower bed and springing up from your landing again, right foot forward. Meiling sees you just as your heel connects with the Fairy's head. How did you leap so high? You hear a loud snap and the Fairy falls away beneath you, sprawled face down. Your legs come together again and you land on the other side of the Maid.
"Nice kick." Meiling says.
You breathe out, hard, looking down at your legs in wonder. "Thanks." You mutter.
The Maid twitches on the ground and lets out a strange gurgled moan. One arm jerks out and she tries to right herself, but the hand slips. She tries again, slipping back onto the grass a second time.

"Oh no." Meiling says, screwing up her face. She steps over toward the Maid. "You might want to look away for this." She says.
You shake your head. What the hell is she about to do?
Meiling takes a deep breath and mutters something, raising her fist in the air. She breathes out sharply and her fist comes down, wreathed in yellow light. It hits the back of the Fairy's head.

Her skull melts like butter, leaving nothing but a gooey mess of blood behind. Her body stops moving.

Meiling staggers backward and doubles over, putting her hands on her knees.
"You alright?" You ask her.
You notice there's none of the Maid's blood on her hand.
She nods. "Yeah, just let me get my breath back."

[ ] Leave Meiling here, go inside.
[ ] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.
[ ] Ask Meiling what happened.
[ ] Ask Meiling where Sakuya is.
[ ] Ask Meiling if she's seen Remilia.
[ ] Ask Meiling what she just did to the Fairy Maid.
>> No. 9638
More like catastrophically failed. Even the fairy maid from last time only got herself bit, and escaped without letting the thing loose. Sakuya didn't even manage that. She fugged up royally.
>> No. 9639
I lol'd
>> No. 9640
[x] Ask Meiling what happened.
[x] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.
>> No. 9641
[x] Leave Meiling here, go inside.

No need to get a verbal update. We'll find out the situation while on the move.
>> No. 9642
[ ] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.
[ ] Ask Meiling what happened.
[ ] Ask Meiling where Sakuya is.
[ ] Ask Meiling if she's seen Remilia.
[ ] Ask Meiling what she just did to the Fairy Maid.

Or at least

[ ] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.
[ ] Ask Meiling what happened.

>> No. 9643
[x] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.

>> No. 9644
[x] Ask Meiling where Sakuya is.
>> No. 9645
[x] Ask Meiling what happened.
[x] Ask Meiling where Sakuya is.
[x] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.

In that order
>> No. 9646
[X] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.
[X] Ask Meiling what happened.
[X] Ask Meiling where Sakuya is.

I know we're short on time but I'd rather not run into the mansion blind.
>> No. 9647
[ ] Ask Meiling what happened.
[ ] Ask Meiling where Sakuya is.
[ ] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.
>> No. 9648
[x] Ask Meiling where Sakuya is.
If she's dead, well, time to get our stuff back, at least.
>> No. 9649
In Sakuya's defense, there may have been a little more we could have done: gave her all of the blood, or the kiss for example. No way to tell if that would have made a difference, but it may not entirely be her fault.

If you faggots pick a wall option for this when we should be moving, you deserve whatever trauma awaits.
>> No. 9650
I think Meiling would have cried to us already, if Sakuya was -dead-.
>> No. 9651
The general idea, I believe, is that we ask her while we rush inside.

Everyone agrees with this, right? Gotta let HY know.
>> No. 9652
Unless Meiling doesn't know because Sakuya was left for dead by the thing at the top of the staircase, and all Meiling has encountered are panicked fairies asking for help and vampire fairies.
>> No. 9653
Yeah, true.

Well, if Sakuya died, the lake better be ready!
>> No. 9654
[x] Ask Meiling what happened.
[x] Tell her to go to Flandre.

Remember, Flandre is frightened and waiting in Meiling's shack.
>> No. 9655

Yeah that's what I thought was implied. Run and talk.
>> No. 9656
[ ] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.
>> No. 9657
Hmm. I can get behind letting her catch her breath and talking to her while we move (I guess).

Huh. Just realized that the vampire has probably been loose for some time. Last time, it took quite a while for the bitten fairy to achieve full transformation (enough time for Eirin to make it all the way from Eientei). Shit, how long has that thing been loose?
>> No. 9658
[x] Ask Meiling what happened.
[x] Ask Meiling where Sakuya is.
[x] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.
>> No. 9659
[x]Ask Meiling what happened.
[x]Ask Meiling if she's seen Sakuya/Remilia.
[x]"I need you to do something for me Meiling. Flandre's in your room. Keep her safe."
>> No. 9660
Flandre knows how to keep herself safe; and she's immune to vampirism.

The concern here is whether we can trust her to stay there or not. Flandre getting out could be a great help - or could be disastrous.
>> No. 9661
[x]Ask Meiling what happened.
[x]Ask Meiling if she's seen Sakuya/Remilia.
[x]"I need you to do something for me Meiling. Flandre's in your room. Keep her safe."
>> No. 9662
Think of it this way, the kiss yes we chose wrongish.

But the blood, if Sakuya was going to fail either way if we had given her all the blood she would've wasted on of our weapons. This way we have something to back her up with maybe.
>> No. 9663

>> No. 9664
File 12123675832.png - (198.14KB , 711x1100 , JOJO-v03-c19-p011.png ) [iqdb]
>[ ] Ask Meiling what she just did to the Fairy Maid.
This is obvious. Meiling has the power of the Ripple.
When we do the Meiling route, we better get that too.
>> No. 9665
[x] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.

This better story better give me my DESPAIR fix.
>> No. 9667
File 121236762589.jpg - (56.55KB , 1024x768 , flt.jpg ) [iqdb]
Have an image macro to go along with it.
>> No. 9668

Or Sakuya was gonna use her portion of the blood to save herself from becomin' a ubervampire with time hax.
>> No. 9669
So perhaps the kiss would've made her immune to vampirism for some time?
>> No. 9670
[x]Ask Meiling what happened.
[x]"I need you to do something for me Meiling. Flandre's in your room. Keep her safe."
Whoops, forgot Flandre.
>> No. 9671
She has some, a little anyway.

And you're assuming she could even get the vampire down to that stage, if she couldn't then she would've wasted our blood.

Even if the small amount of blood didn't work it may have weakened the foe.
>> No. 9672
[X] Ask Meiling if she's seen Remilia.
[X] Tell her to go to Flandre.

Seriously now folks, even if we gave Sakuya everything she asked for, all the blood, the kiss and our life's savings, do you really think we'd have a happy day at the shrine and find her waiting at the gate with the vampire dealt with afterwards? Really?

What I'm thinking is that our actions in this section of the story do not affect the plot per se (unless we actually tell Remi preemptively), but they do determine our allegiances and exactly how the situation's going to pan out.
>> No. 9673
[ ] Wait for Meiling, take her with you.
[ ] Ask Meiling what happened.

seems smart
>> No. 9674
Writing now.
>> No. 9675
No, but maybe it'd have given her a better chance to survive by the time we come back.

I think her not succeeding in killing the vampire was pretty obvious from the get go. The final boss is ours to kill.
>> No. 9676
File 12123683782.png - (313.67KB , 1352x1100 , b38e23d48175aa4afd40ee8816e39849a7dc115b.png ) [iqdb]
Oh god, how manly would it be if we learned ripple in Meiling's route. Every new post HY would have to describe our ridiculous pose.
>> No. 9677
Must... stay... awake.
Is this going to be the last update for tonight? Seriously, I have to go to sleep.
But on the other hand, I don't want to miss out on anything. Reading tomorrow is not an option!
>> No. 9679
>> No. 9680
"What the hell happened here Meiling?" You ask.
Meiling waves a hand at you, breathing in and out slowly.
"I don't know." She says, trying to straighten up again. "The Maids came out to find me, told me most of them had barricaded themselves in the servants quarters because something had got out."
"Something?" You ask.
"Whatever it is, I haven't seen it." She says. "Just this ... this ..." She gestures down at the body of the Fairy. "This thing. I'm sure I glimpsed another one in there somewhere, but it was too fast to catch. Heard another window break as well."
"What about Sakuya? Have you seen her?" You ask. You can feel your heart pounding against your chest at the question.
Meiling shakes her head. "I can't find her." There is a tiny note of panic in her voice, but her expression doesn't betray it.

"Here." She holds her hand out to you.
"What?" You ask.
"Squeeze it really hard." She says.
"Uh ..."
"I need to pull this out." She points at the large shard of glass sticking out of her arm.
"Oh, right." You take her hand and squeeze.
"Harder." She says.
You squeeze. She reaches over with her other hand and yanks the glass out in a blur of motion.
"Ow! Shit!" She shouts and almost crushes your hand in hers. You wince but hold on. She grits her teeth and you see the blood flow from the wound slow to almost nothing.
"Alright." She lets go of your hand and wipes her forehead.
"Let's go." She says.
"Okay." You follow her inside the Mansion's front door.

"Stay sharp." She says. "Watch my back, I'll watch yours."

There is only silence from the rest of the Mansion.

[ ] Kitchen.
[ ] Servants quarters.
[ ] Library.
[ ] Remilia's room.
[ ] Stone staircase.
>> No. 9681
[x] Stone staircase.

>> No. 9682
[x] Library.

Koakuma, Patchy, possibly Alice
>> No. 9683
[x] Library.

Let's pick up some more backup, yes?
>> No. 9684
[ ] Stone staircase.

We need to get a grip on what happened. If that thing is loose, then checking out where it began is the top priority.
>> No. 9685
[ ] Stone staircase.
>> No. 9686
[ ] Library.

>> No. 9687
[X] Library.

We need more reinforcements
>> No. 9688
[X] Kitchen.
[X] Servants quarters.
[X] Library.
Save everyone we can. And Patchy, Koakuma and Alice should have been able to hold out.
>> No. 9689
[x] Library.
>> No. 9690

Damn, Hong. You're hard as nails.
>> No. 9691
[x] Library.

probably best to check on everyone 'not expecting' this to happen
>> No. 9692
[ ] Servants quarters.
[ ] Library.
[ ] Stone Staircase.
in that order

we gotta check to see if one of those mini freaks touched our Patchy
>> No. 9693
Sounds like a plan...but shouldn't we rush straight to the source to see if, you know, Sakuya is bleeding to death?

Though without Patchu around we couldn't do anything about it, probably. So eh.
I wonder where Remilia is, also.
>> No. 9694
[ ] Library.

Oh boy, HY you're trying to start a civil revolt in anonymous aren't you?
Inb4 MASSIVE argument about where to go.
>> No. 9695
[X] Library.
Make sure Patchy, Koakuma, and Alice are OK. They can help us fight, too.
>> No. 9696
[x] Stone staircase.

There may be a trail of destruction to lead us in the right direction.
>> No. 9698
[x] Servants quarters.
[x] Library.
[x] Stone Staircase.

It's out, it's biting maids. We don't know where Sakuya is and trying to save her at the expense of everyone else in the mansion is silly anyhow. Patch can probably take care of herself, she is the locked girl with the secret room, after all, but a peek in to make sure wouldn't hurt.
>> No. 9699
[X] Library.
Why not, it's always a bad idea to just rush into the end without thinking. First get some help and know what is going on, information is the key instead of rushing in blindly into a situation.
>> No. 9700
That's all for tonight, don't want to write more right now and leave you in the middle of something that should be fast. Time for sleep.

Back tomorrow!
>> No. 9701
I can see it. "No one picked Remilia's room. This will be taken into consideration."

All anons: FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 9702
[x] Library.

Rescue the harem. RESCUE THE HAREM!

I wonder if Koakuma is ok. I mean if she is susceptible to other emotions she must be a wreck right now.
>> No. 9703
[X] Tell Meiling it's too dangerous for her
[X] Stone Staircase
>> No. 9704
I lol'd.
>> No. 9705
Off to sleep, finally. Been a fun ride, HY. Thanks a bunch!
>> No. 9706
Must find that whip. MUST!
>> No. 9707
[x] Stone staircase.
Go the epicenter.
>> No. 9708
Remember HY saying we'd need the help of all the SDM regulars for this?

[X] Go get Flan and Patch
>> No. 9709
File 121237510543.jpg - (73.41KB , 520x554 , 120725841580.jpg ) [iqdb]
Seconding THIS with all caps. Seriously, assuming we can make it to where ever we decide upon (looks like the Library right now), Anon needs to go back, or at least send someone to Flandre to either to stay with her or bring her to us. It is debatable whether bringing Flandre inside the mansion is dangerous or not, but that does not change the fact that leaving her all alone when she is obviously distressed is a VERY bad thing.

Also, do we know if Reimu has made the scene or not? We just kinda bolted from the shrine before.
>> No. 9710
If we didn't pass Reimu on our way to the SDM then she probably got here ahead of us.
>> No. 9711
[X] Go get Flan and Patch

True, true. Changing my vote to that.
>> No. 9712
Do we honestly want to expose Flan to REAL COMBAT? I'm pretty sure all that she's done in the past is danmaku, not real life-or-death fighting with people killing, turning into mindless murdermachines, and bleeding all over shit. If we go back for her then we might seriously fuck up her mental state.
>> No. 9713
As an aside, I'm kinda interested in HYs characterization of Mima; the hints of disappointment when we acted out, the crude language, the outward hostility and subsequent responses that hinted to a recklessly flirtatious nature...

If this shit wasn't so epically awesome, I'd say it's a shame HY is limited to the SDM.
>> No. 9714
A very good point: a lot of the updates have spoken to the efforts the residents of the SDM have gone through to make sure Flandre isn't exposed to blood. While almost everyone involved is a youkai, and youkai blood seems to be the alternative of choice for Flan by all concerned parties, it doesn't change the fact that she doesn't know where it comes from and it is probably in everyone's best interests to keep it that way (for the time being).

However, it doesn't change the fact that Flandre needs someone to be with her right now. Leaving her alone presents an even split between her staying in Meiling's room or coming into the mansion. It's not a chance worth taking, especially if the "Why I Assault Flandre" was written with current characterization in mind. Personally going back, or sending someone she trusts (or some reasonable proxy there-of), to make sure she stays or comes (depending on the situation) is definitely better.
>> No. 9715
I loved her attempts to get us to whack off in front of her in the bathroom.
>> No. 9716
I'm sure we can somehow work out our stupidity with Remilia. Anon didn't really understand what was upstairs and what kind of danger Sakuya was in. This was partially the fault of Remilia for trying to keep secrets from us which caused us to make bad choices. After this situation she may open up more to us and let us in on things, but this would also mean we would have to tell her our secrets. I don't want to be hypocritical but I really don't want to show Remilia that letter.
>> No. 9717
You know, I'm still puzzling over how everyone can be so eager to trust in someone who not too long ago was perfectly willing to snuff our asses in our sleep, as well as go along with a plan she proposed that leaves a LOT of unknowns for us, and with a very high probability for something to go wrong.

Without knowing exactly what is up there, why it's there, why if it's so dangerous it's STILL up there, nor what relation it has to Remi, we agreed to help Sakuya kill it.

I know it seemed simple enough. She does her thing while we keep Remi out of the house and happy. But what happens after that? I don't mean whether or not Sakuya is waiting for us, or if we get our whip back. I mean, how do we go about addressing the issue of why, in the period of time we were out with Remi, the thing that was living upstairs suddenly died?
If it's been in the mansion for a while, I would think that sort of thing wouldn't go unnoticed for very long.

Without knowing the specifics of the matter, would we really end up looking good from this? I doubt it.

Of course that's clearly not how things are turning out, but it's still not looking good for us. The second we got the feeling something was wrong, we proceeded to do things that pretty much did absolutely nothing but score us negative points with Remi.
We went behind her back and agreed to send her maid and friend on what would appear to be a suicide mission. We tried to keep it a secret from her, but then blabbed about it to others who pretty much ensured Remi would find out about it. To top it off, we ratted her out to possibly the WORST person to tell this sort of thing to, from Remi's perspective.

And now that we're back at the mansion, and things seem to have gone to hell. The thing is probably on the loose, there are casualties among the fairy maids, Reimu is most likely in EXTERMINATE mode, and Sakuya is nowhere to be seen.

But isn't it odd? When the thing attacked that fairy maid last time, they were able to get down the stairs without it following. If these otherwise useless beings with minimal offensive ability could get away from it like that, how is it that the far-more combat-capable Sakuya couldn't do it, especially with her time-stop abilities?

I almost have to wonder, did that thing REALLY get loose?
Or was it perhaps...released?
>> No. 9718

It may have been unintentionally released by Sakuya. She could of been rushing to escape and didn't have time to activate the traps.
>> No. 9719
If we were talking about it escaping when the fairy maids were attacked, I could believe they didn't have time.

But when we're talking about someone whose very ability is to STOP time at will?

I find that slightly harder to believe.
>> No. 9720
The fairy maid was also not trying to fight it, but rather, was probably up there to feed it, and then it failed to run away.

It's been hinted that Sakuya was fighting that thing, from that scene in the bathroom. She must've been throwing silver knives at it.
It's entirely possible that the thing hit her, wounded her, and she dropped the luna dial, thus not being able to stop it from escaping or run away herself.
>> No. 9722
I do understand your distrust, but there's two key things here;

1. Sakuya needs her Luna Dial to stop time, and;
2. Unlike the fairy maids, she was actually trying to FIGHT the thing. Sakuya may have been unconscious when it ran away.
>> No. 9723
It is rather bizarre that the fairy maids managed to escape without releasing the creature while Sakuya didn't. But due to that odd telepathic link, I think Sakuya was doing her best to actually kill the thing.

I can only assume that there were magic seals/traps keeping the Staircase Vampire trapped, and the fight with Sakuya caused the main seal to fail or be damaged. This would explain why the maids, who merely ran, escaped and were not followed.

Eh, well. We'll get the explanation eventually.
>> No. 9724
>>But due to that odd telepathic link, I think Sakuya was doing her best to actually kill the thing.
I suppose one thing that can be said in defense of Sakuya is that she likely had no way of knowing that we would get that little vision like we did, so odds are she really was fighting the thing seriously rather than just putting on a show as part of some bizarre set-up.

I still can't help but think there's something odd about this whole thing, though. I'm just not quite sure what it is.
>> No. 9725
[x] Library.
Having Patch/Koakuma with us would be useful.
>> No. 9726
This isn't the endgame, not by a longshot.
>> No. 9728
Is this getting the Lord of the Rings of the LA?
I think you are already wrote more words than MiG.
Someone needs to count.
And someone needs to update the Archive.
>> No. 9729

(If not that, I'll wager on some disagreement/trouble with Flandre becoming a plot hook; nothing like our own overpowered little sis becoming the final boss).
>> No. 9730
"Have you seen Patchouli yet?" You ask Meiling, not taking your eyes off the darkened hallway in front of you.
"No." She replies. "She'll be in the library, but she'll be fine."
"We could use her help though." You say.
"Right. Let's go. Don't run, keep your eyes peeled." Meiling starts off down the corridor, not walking normally, tensed and trying to look everywhere at once. You follow her slowly, casting a quick glance down every corridor you pass.
"I can't hear anything." Meiling says to you under her breath.
"Listen." She says.
You realize how quiet the Mansion is, normally there are Fairy Maids scurrying around all over the place, like a comforting sort of background noise. Now there's nothing, the absence of ordinary daily sounds makes it feel even creepier in here.
You nod to Meiling. "At least it means we'll be heard if we shout."
Meiling frowns. "I don't think that's a good idea right now."
"I wasn't suggesting we try." You say.

Eventually you come to the library doors. Through the window you can see the sun starting to dip towards the horizon, you estimate it will be dark in about an hour. Meiling sees it too.
"That's not good." She says. "We need to hurry."
You gently push open the library doors, Meiling gets behind you as you peek inside. There's nothing amiss. You step inside and Meiling follows you.
"Come on." She says. "We need to hurry!" She runs off, feet padding quietly, along the wall. You follow her as quietly as you can, hard as it is to be silent while running. She's got a lot more stamina than you have, more agile too. By the time you reach Patchouli's tables, you're out of breath.

"Miss Patchouli!" Meiling skids to a halt and bows.
Patchouli is sitting at the table, reading a book. She glances up at you and Meiling.
"I just got ba-" You start
Patchouli cuts you off. "I know." She looks back at her book.
"Miss Patchouli, there are-"
"I said I know." Patchouli says. "I knew the moment it got out."
Meiling just stands open-mouthed for a moment.
"I think we could use your help." You say. "I don't know what it is and neither does Meiling, but I'm guessing it's a vampire."
Patchouli sighs and nods, putting her book down.
"The best course of action would be to wait for it to return to its room. It will, eventually." She says.

"We can't find Sakuya." Meiling says.
Patchouli raises an eyebrow. "Ah." She stands up, but not slowly like usual. This time she bobs up in the air. She doesn't float like Remilia and Flandre do. Her method seems like like she's actually walking on a cushion of air, or relaxing back onto the open space.
"Then we have no time to waste." She says.

[ ] Tell Meiling and Patchouli what Sakuya was doing.
[ ] Tell Meiling and Sakuya that Remilia is back too, maybe followed by Reimu.
[ ] Ask Patchouli where Koakuma is.
[ ] Ask Patchouli if she can do anything for any other infected Fairy Maids.
[ ] Don't stop to talk, keep going (input destination).
>> No. 9731
[x] Tell Meiling and Patchouli what Sakuya was doing.

I want that whip back.
>> No. 9733
[ ] Tell Meiling and Patchouli what Sakuya was doing.
[ ] Tell Meiling and Sakuya that Remilia is back too, maybe followed by Reimu.

Wow, I'm off the net for two days, and all this happens. It's the first of the north star only works when I'm gone.
>> No. 9734
>Eventually you come to the library doors. Through the window you can see the sun starting to dip towards the horizon, you estimate it will be dark in about an hour.
This reminds me of the fight with Dio, i wonder if China or Patchy has to die to give us a hint how to beat it.
[ ] Tell Meiling and Patchouli what Sakuya was doing.
[ ] Tell Meiling and Sakuya that Remilia is back too, maybe followed by Reimu.
We need to give them an overview of the Situation.
>> No. 9735
>China or Patchy has to die

This lake. I'll drown in it.
>> No. 9736
[X] Don't stop to talk, keep going (Stone Staircase).

Perhaps too early to go there, but as Sakuya's last known location it's also about the only lead we have right now, aside from trying to track down wherever Remi and/or Reimu are.
In any case, if Patchy got up like she did and said there's no time to waste, then we had damn well better take her word for it.

Besides, assuming she doesn't already know what Sakuya was trying to do (and if she knew enough to be able to tell when the thing got out, and we returned, there's a chance she would) we really don't need more people thinking we're total idiots at the moment.
>> No. 9737
[ ] Don't stop to talk, keep going - kitchen
Maybe it'll be drawn by the bloodbags.
>> No. 9738
>"Then we have no time to waste." She says.
[x] Don't stop to talk, keep going (Stone Staircase).
We should take her word for this and explain what's going on when there ISN'T a vampire raging around in the mansion.
>> No. 9739
[X] Tell Meiling and Patchy that Remilia is back too, maybe followed by Reimu.
[X] Ask Patchouli where Koakuma is.

Need to find people for now. Details can wait 'till later.
>> No. 9740
[x] Don't stop to talk, keep going (Stone Staircase).

If it's not the time to gather everyone yet, then we gotta get moving already.
>> No. 9741
[✓] Don't stop to talk, keep going (Stone Staircase).

Step on it, faggots!
>> No. 9742
>>"The best course of action would be to wait for it to return to its room. It will, eventually." She says.

Curiouser and curiouser.
Who the hell escapes from somewhere only to willingly return to the place they escaped from?
>> No. 9743
[x] Don't stop to talk, keep going (Stone Staircase).
Retrieve (what's left of) Sakuya before the FINAL BOSS comes back.
>> No. 9744
That also seems to imply it's not the first time that it's gotten out, as well. Why'd Patchouli be so sure otherwise?
>> No. 9745
[x] Don't stop to talk, keep going (Stone Staircase).

Ok, making my vote that then.
>> No. 9746
[x] Don't stop to talk, keep going (Stone Staircase).

>> No. 9747
Not to mention that her lack of worry about it makes it seem like aside from the whole "attacking and changing maids" bit that it's not much of a threat, or at least not nearly as much a cause for concern as when Flandre first got out.

...you know, I hope we get to at least see this thing soon. I'm starting to feel bad about having to call it an "it" all the time.
>> No. 9748
Didn't expect so many replies so fast in the middle of the day, went off to play SWR. Writing now.
>> No. 9749
>> No. 9750
File 12124164431.jpg - (247.95KB , 1364x2000 , Warcuied.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hi, Belmonymous. I'm so happy you and I are finally about to meet.
>> No. 9751
Don't tempt me to write a comedy end with Arc turning up.
>> No. 9752
Is it Battle Royal time yet? Belmonymous, China, Patchy, Remilia, Reimu and IT. Last touhou standing.
>> No. 9753
"Right Patchouli, no time to waste." You say. "We need to find Sakuya, she might be in trouble."
Meiling nods, Patchouli just floats a little closer.
"We could check that staircase, right Patchouli?" You ask. She nods.
"What staircase?" Meiling asks.
"You'll see." Patchouli says, raising one hand lazily.

Suddenly it feels like you're held in a howling wind for a moment, but the wind is everywhere, even inside your head. The next thing you know, you're standing in the corridor with the staircase. Meiling blinks and rubs her eyes. Patchouli looks completely unfazed.
"Quicker that way." She says.
"Shit." Meiling says, dropping into a fighting stance. You follow her gaze but you're not fast enough, a blur of motion is coming right for you. Meiling jabs out her arm as it passes and another infected Fairy Maid slams sideways into the wall.
It flips back up, you catch a glimpse of it's face and notice it has a huge chunk of it's neck torn right off.
Meiling kicks it in the head before anyone else can react, it flops backward again.
"Miss Patchouli!" Meiling shouts.
A stream of something hits the Fairy, encapsulating her in a bubble. It freezes solid and she hits the ground with a loud thump.

Patchouli has a lazy expression on her face.
"You just ... froze her." You say , stunned.
"The ice will hold until I release it. Somebody needs to fetch Eirin. Let us hope she still has that blood of yours." Patchouli says.
Then something drops from the ceiling, right onto Patchouli. She falls to the ground in a tangle of limbs. Something screams and you see a claw raised into the air.

[ ] Dive in, rip it away from Patchouli.
[ ] Grab the raised claw.
[ ] Knife the raised claw.
[ ] Shout for Meiling to help.
[ ] Ignore it, they can deal, get up the stairs now.
>> No. 9754
[X] Grab the raised claw, take your knife and cut it off.
[X] Knife into the Skull.
>> No. 9755
[X] Grab the raised claw.
>> No. 9756
[x] Grab the raised claw.
[x] Kick the thing away and run up the stairs.
>> No. 9757
[X] Dive in, rip it away from Patchouli.
>> No. 9758
Say goodbye to our fingers. :x
>> No. 9759
[x] Grab the raised claw.

Cutting it won't stop it, unless we can cleave it off. I don't think our knife is quite large enough.
>> No. 9760
[x] Knife the raised claw.
If there's one thing Sakuya admitted, it's that we are decked out like a vampire hunter. Maybe our knife is made of silver. And thus capable of fucking vampires up. Call it a hunch.
>> No. 9761
HY, what kind of Knife does Belmonymous carry with him?
>> No. 9762
A mafia-esque flick knife. No comments on whether it's made of silver or not though.
>> No. 9763
Holy shit marathoning the archives was a bad idea.

[X] Grab the raised claw, take your knife and cut it off.

And I'm off to bed.
>> No. 9764
[X] Dive in, rip it away from Patchouli.

It'd make sense if our knife were silver, but we don't know that it is, so we don't know for sure we can do any damage. Priority here is making sure this thing doesn't kill or turn Patchy. All we have to do is keep it off of them for a second without dying, so she or Meiling can deal with it for sure.
>> No. 9765
[X] Grab the raised claw, take your knife and cut it off.
>> No. 9766
[+] Knife the raised claw.
>> No. 9767
File 121241940645.jpg - (121.89KB , 400x567 , 1196961331702.jpg ) [iqdb]
Updated the RTF file (just broke 200 pages). I'll mediafire it when there's a break in the action (update or story-wise).
>> No. 9768
[X] Grab the raised claw, take your knife and cut it off.

On the one hand, I want to dive in and tear it away from her, on the other hand I'm worried that it might grab her when we try to tear it away, taking a chunk of her with it.
>> No. 9769
Can you give me a word count? I'd like to know how much I've written

Also, writing now.
>> No. 9770

That includes minimal notes about write-ins, but that's a whole mess of words right there.
>> No. 9771
Bloody fuck. I feel like a machine.
>> No. 9772
How much has MiG and WUiG?
>> No. 9773
[X] Dive in, rip it away from Patchouli.

GTFO Mai Waifu
>> No. 9774
Quick as a flash you grab the wrist in front of you, twisting it back hard. Your efforts are rewarded with loud snap and a roar of pain. You glance down and see the face of another former-Fairy, screeching up at you. You see her legs tense before she leaps towards you. You let go of the wrist and fall backwards in an attempt to dodge.

Patchouli's hand comes up and she gently places an open palm against the side of the Maid's face. She shuts her eyes and the Fairy's head explodes in a shower of gore, splattering you all with a film of blood and brains. Meiling stands, open mouthed with shock, dumbly wiping a chunk Fairy meat away from her face. You try your best to ignore the mess, getting up and heaving the body off Patchouli.
"Thank you." She says, floating up into the air once more. "Just a second."
There is a rushing noise like before, wind inside your head. But you haven't moved anywhere. The blood and gore is cleaned away from Patchouli and Meiling. You look down to find yourself spotless as well.
"Drying blood dulls reaction times." Patchouli explains, turning to face the stairway. "Come on, up we go." She says.
Meiling snaps back to her senses and steps towards the stairs. "Ill go first."
"No you won't." Patchouli says. "I need to turn things off as we go up."
Meiling nods and Patchouli floats through the doorway.

Inside, the staircase is exactly as you remember it. Blank grey stone walls, curling out of sight. You walk up and around the curve, stopping whenever Patchouli does, which is quite often. She mutters something or waves a hand and then continues. You swear there are strange looking holes between the brick-work when she stops, or your feet make a different sound against the stone.
"They're all off." She says. "No wonder it got out."
"What on earth was Sakuya doing?" Meiling asks. "What is this place? What's up here Miss Patchouli?"
"Something you're better off not knowing about, it will be explained once the crisis is dealt with. As for Sakuya? I have no idea what she was doing, but I can't feel her around here."
"Then we should leave and check elsewhere!" Meiling says, sounding panicky.
"There are many reasons I would not be able to see her." Patchouli says. "She might be up there, come on." She continues floating upwards.
"What was she doing?" Meiling shakes her head and follows after Patchouli.

[ ] Tell them what Sakuya was doing.
[ ] Keep quiet and follow.
>> No. 9775
[X] Tell them what Sakuya was doing.
No need to hide things anymore.
>> No. 9776
[] Tell them what Sakuya was doing.
>> No. 9777
File 121242125118.jpg - (106.48KB , 435x550 , 120714655752.jpg ) [iqdb]
MiG: 76,126
YWUiG: 40,647 (as of before the most recent updates)

So ya, HY is some kind robot.
>> No. 9778
[X] Tell them what Sakuya was doing.

No sense in keeping quiet at this point.
>> No. 9779
[X] Keep quiet and follow.

Don't want to break Patchy's concentration.
>> No. 9780
>This isn't the endgame, not by a longshot.
Considering this, this could go up to 200.000 words. HY is writing a fucking book here.
>> No. 9781
[X] Tell them what Sakuya was doing.
Maybe we should give them the, urm, redacted version of what transpired.
>> No. 9782
And this is only one route. What the hell have I given life to?
>> No. 9783
I don't know. But it's beautiful!
>> No. 9784
Years until you are done writing all the paths.
>> No. 9785
[ ] Tell them what Sakuya was doing.

Belmonamous has been going through a "And then I told Marisa the truth" phase today. Might as well keep it going.
>> No. 9786
I salute your commendable efforts sah'!

[ ] Keep quiet and follow.

Normally I would choose otherwise, but the idea of Remillia finding out last makes me think telling anyone before her a bad idea.
>> No. 9787
Kira rapes us when we aren't smart, HY only lays it on when we're dumb. Note the difference.

Also, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF double pasted an update, word count 100 less than stated.
>> No. 9788
[x] Tell them what Sakuya was doing.

Pachuri power fuck yeah.
>> No. 9789
Also, am I the only one who is worried about Flan? Well, I guess it's much better than her seeing all this.
>> No. 9790

Our faces were just covered in gore. I don't know how mentally stable HY's Flandre is, but that surely would of tested it.
>> No. 9791
Flandre would just destroy everything when she sees someone attacking us, but due that she doesn't know how to hold back, like the matter with Alice, she will just blow everything to hell including us. So yeah, Flandre is better off outside and doing nothing.
>> No. 9792
Seems like a "fucked either way" kind of thing though. Left alone in Mei's room or coming with us. I guess the former is slighty less bad. Though poor Mei may come back and not find any consoles...or any room.
>> No. 9793
Writing now.
>> No. 9794

Look at the bright side. She'll get a newer redesigned room!
>> No. 9795
Made by Alice.
>> No. 9796
"I er ... I know what Sakuya was doing." You say, feeling sheepish. Telling everyone about Sakuya's plan hasn't worked so far, but now you know that everything has gone to shit your own honor is less important than saving her life.
Meiling turns to face you, Patchouli stops for a second.
"Make it quick." Patchouli says.
You tell them everything, as fast as you can, skipping details that aren't important right now, you know speed is of the essence.

"Why didn't you say something!" Meiling almost shouts at you.
"I didn't know this was going to happen, I'm sorry Meiling." You say. "I just want to save Sakuya now, whatever happened to her."
"But that-" Meiling starts, looking furious.
"Now is not the time for arguing." Patchouli says. "Words later, action now. Up." She floats away again. Meiling glares at you once, then breathes deeply and heads off again.
You walk the rest of the stairs in silence. They go round and round again and again. How can this tower not be seen from the outside of the Mansion? Just by the point you're starting to get too tired to keep up your pace, the stairs level off, replaced by a plain stone floor. The room is about ten feet square. Patchouli holds up a hand, you and Meiling stop just behind her.

At the end of the room, opposite the top of the stairs, there is a doorway. The doorframe is steel, covered in rivets. The door itself looks like it could withstand a nuclear blast, easily a foot thick.

It is wide open.

"I can feel someone in there." Patchouli says. You can see something just inside the doorway.

It's your whip.

[ ] Go forward, grab the whip and slam the door.
[ ] Go forward, grab the whip and check the room quickly.
[ ] Send Meiling to check the room while you take the whip.
[ ] Ask Patchouli if she can get the whip from here with magic.
>> No. 9797
[ ] Go forward, grab the whip and check the room quickly.

predicting dio
>> No. 9798
The suspense is killing me, just too damn good written.
Something about the whip just being there screams
[X] Ask Patchouli if she can get the whip from here with magic.
>> No. 9799
[x] Go forward, grab the whip and check the room quickly.
>> No. 9800
[X] Go forward, grab the whip and check the room quickly.

It calls out to me...
>> No. 9801
>"Now is not the time for arguing." Patchouli says.
Good thing Patchu is level-headed. Meiling seems rather displeased.

[X] Go forward, grab the whip and check the room quickly.
>> No. 9802
[X] Go forward, grab the whip and check the room quickly.

Door'll probably end up getting slammed behind us, anyway.
>> No. 9803
[ ] Ask Patchouli if she can get the whip from here with magic.

could be a tarp
>> No. 9804
I think the best we can hope for now is that Sakuya is hurt but not bitten. Well...even if she's bitten, she can still be saved.
We just have to hope that she's not mortally wounded or dead.
>> No. 9805
It can only be a trap by vampirified (is taht even a word? Hello nonce word!) Sakuya. Nobody else knows there's a man looking for his (stolen) whip.
>> No. 9806
[ ] Go forward, grab the whip and slam the door. (from the inside)
I don't know what I'm expecting, but this seems to be an appropriately foolhardy and cinematic response
>> No. 9807
So who else is expecting Vampire Sakuya in there slamming the door shut the moment we get the whip.
>> No. 9808

>> No. 9809
[x] Send Meiling to check the room while you take the whip.
Bless you guys for still having faith in Sakuya.
>> No. 9810
[x] Go forward, grab the whip and slam the door.
Don't be such a pussy, anon.
>> No. 9812
[ ] Send Meiling to check the room while you take the whip.
If EEEEEVIL Sakuya's in there, she's (hopefully) less likely to try anything against Meiling.
>> No. 9813
Actually, HY. Do you mean slam the door when we're inside, so that nothing gets away, or slam the door and get away from the room?
>> No. 9814
[X] Go forward, grab the whip and check the room quickly.
>> No. 9815
You all want to shut the door with Sakuya potentially in that room?
>> No. 9816
He probably will not do this anymore, because Anon is expecting this now.
>> No. 9817
Slam the door from the outside, not while you're inside. Sorry if that was worded too vaguely.
>> No. 9818
Yeah. Are we shutting the door and leaving a potentially bleeding to death Sakuya inside, or are we shutting the door BEHIND us? Either way, we have to check the room. If we die we die, and we try again, if Sakuya dies, it's perhaps not a bad end but we just killed a resident of the mansion.
>> No. 9819
Ok then anons, you know what to do. Let's check out the room. Take a risk, don't be faggots.
>> No. 9820
[X] Send Meiling to check the room while you take the whip.
>> No. 9821
>If EEEEEVIL Sakuya's in there, she's (hopefully) less likely to try anything against Meiling.

Less likely to attack the woman she beats daily in what looks to be an abusive relationship?

Right. Hang on to that dream.
>> No. 9822
[X] Go forward, grab the whip and check the room quickly.
>> No. 9823
[x] Go forward, grab the whip and check the room quickly.

Then we'll bravely run away.
>> No. 9824
If we want to slam the door and get away anyway, Patchouli will probably stop us. She said she sensed something there. She'd probably tell us to be careful while checking the room as well.
>> No. 9825

We'll be right there to back her up if anything happens.
>> No. 9826
Smacking Meiling in the eye is one thing, tearing her to bloody shreds with a hail of knives is another. You really think she'd be more likely to kill Meiling than us?
>> No. 9827
Well she does have that mental link with us. If anything I'd rely more on something like that, a more instinct-based thing holding her back from killing us, than any relationship she may have with Meiling.
>> No. 9828
Writing now.
>> No. 9829

What won?
>> No. 9830
Doesn't matter. It's music-facan tiem anyway!
>> No. 9831
>It's music-facan tiem anyway!

What kind of music is it? Mood is important.
>> No. 9832
"Wait here." You say. "I'm going to check it out."
"I'm right behind you." Meiling says.
You walk over towards the door, slowly, trying to stay as silent as possible. The room beyond the door looks just as plain as the one before it, except for being made of steel rather than stone. A couple of feet away from the doorway you stop and crouch down, Meiling does the same.

You peer inside, trying to see into as many corners of the room as possible, making sure there isn't something waiting for you. There's nothing you can see, but you don't have a line of sight to the corners nearest you. You estimate the room is big enough so that if something is waiting in one of the corners nearest the door then you would have just enough time to jump back out again after grabbing the whip.
"Can you see Sakuya?" Meiling whispers in your ear.
You shake your head. No Sakuya, but a lot of blood, smeared on the floor, a couple of splashes near the outside of the door as well. Looks none too fresh, but still sticky and wet.
You inch forward and reach out to the whip. You can just about get your fingers to the end of it, but it's not enough. You stand up again and step forward, not making a sound before you grab the whip's handle and draw it back as quick as you can. You notice the whip is slick with blood.

You risk glancing left and right around the doorframe. Nothing, only the blood. The room is empty.
"Anything?" Meiling whispers again.
You shake your head.

Then you hear it. Half-way between a hiss and nails down a blackboard, the noise echoes inside your head, making you wince with pain. You hear Meiling draw in a gasp behind you.

You look up.

There is something wedged in the upper left corner, next to the door. You can't make it out, like it's wreathed in heat haze. There is only a sickly green and that fucking noise in your head.

It twitches.

[ ] "Sakuya?"
[ ] Back out, slam door.
[ ] Jump backwards, call for Patchouli.
[ ] Whip it.
>> No. 9833
[x] Jump backwards, call for Patchouli.
>> No. 9834
When a problem comes along, you must [X] Whip it.
>> No. 9835
[x] Jump backwards, call for Patchouli.

Tempted to whip it, whip it good.
>> No. 9836

>> No. 9837
File 121242875987.jpg - (25.68KB , 399x599 , 399px-Devo.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Whip it.
>> No. 9838
[X] "Sakuya?" ;_;
>> No. 9839
[x] Jump backwards, call for Patchouli.
"What is that, Patchy? What the FUCK is that?"
>> No. 9840
[ ] Whip it.

Awwwww shit
>> No. 9841
This might get Meiling in trouble. She darts into the room, something takes a bite out of her.
>> No. 9842
[x] Jump backwards, call for Patchouli.
>> No. 9843
[X] Jump backwards, call for Patchouli.

Don't want to whip it when we have no idea what the hell it is.
>> No. 9844
[X] Jump backwards, call for Patchouli.
>> No. 9845
[X] Whip it.

Worst fears.
>> No. 9846
[ ] Jump backwards, call for Patchouli.
Need to ID it first, since it didn't go for us as soon as we stuck our head in the room.
>> No. 9847
[x] Jump backwards, call for Patchouli.
On a semi-unrelated note, where's Remi and the armpits?
>> No. 9848
Writing now.
>> No. 9849
Interesting. The vampire critter would return to its room on its own?

I'd wager they're having a battle royale with the vampire critter--that is, if the person we've encountered is not the vampire, but Sakuya.
>> No. 9850
Well that would be an epic fight, Belmonymous vs Sakuya.
>> No. 9851
So if I tell someone I've been reading and they ask what, can I call this a novel yet? Because, I mean...come on.
>> No. 9852
[x] Jump backwards, call for Patchouli.

You let loose a piercing whistle.
>> No. 9853

Just say assorted works of fiction.
>> No. 9854
Not giving the thing in the corner a chance to move any further, you spring backward out of the room, landing on the balls of your feet, pulling the trailing whip after you. Meiling rushes to your side but you step back again.

None too soon either. A grey-green blur appears in the doorway and something lashes out at the space you occupied a moment before.
"Patchouli!" You shout, shoving Meiling out of the way and ducking after her.
A beam of flame crosses the room in the blink of an eye and smashes the thing, whatever it is, back into the room. Patchouli lowers her arm.
"Shut the door!" She yells.
You hurl yourself at the door, slamming your whole body weight against it. The door swings shut, but too slowly. Just before the lock clicks into place there is a hand in the gap, claws inches from your face. It's mottled green, covered with what look like black liver-spots. The claws are razor sharp. You jerk your head back to avoid having your face ripped off, the claw snaking out further as you're forced to relax your pressure on the door.

Then you hear a rush of breath behind you and Meiling's foot, wreathed in yellow light again, breaks the arm against the side of the door. There is a scream like a wounded lion, reverberating around inside your skull. You can see the arm healing even as it twists back through the gap. You push on the door against, assisted by Meiling as well now, but it won't budge that final inch. Something bangs against it, knocking you and Meiling back. There is a sound of cracking from behind you and the door bucks, slamming shut with the force of a pneumatic piston. Patchouli coughs loudly for a long moment in the silence that follows.
"Thank you Miss Patchouli." Meiling says from the floor. Seems she's out of breath for now.
"Was that it?" You ask. "Was that the thing that got out?"
Patchouli nods weakly, trying not to cough again.
"Then why did it go back to its cage?" You ask.
"It's complicated." Patchouli says, breathing deeply again. "But the crisis is not over yet."
You nod.
"We still need to find Sakuya." Meiling says, getting up. You roll the whip up, wringing the blood out.

[ ] Tell them about Remilia being back, possibly followed by Reimu.
[ ] Demand to know what that thing is.
[ ] No time to stop (input destination).
[ ] Tell them you left Flandre in Meiling's room.
>> No. 9855
[ ] Tell them about Remilia being back, possibly followed by Reimu.
No need to spend ages over the explanation, but they should probably know.
>> No. 9857
[x] No time to stop (input destination).
[x]Servant's Quarters
>> No. 9858
[x] No time to stop (Wherever the Fairy Maids are).
>> No. 9859
[x] No time to stop. Servants' Quarters.
[x] Tell them about Remilia being back, possibly followed by Reimu.

Time to drop the other shoe. And see whether something's going after more victims (i.e. fairy maids).
>> No. 9860
[X] No time to stop (Kitchen).

One crisis at a time, thank you.
>> No. 9861
[X] Tell them about Remilia being back, possibly followed by Reimu.
[X] Tell them you left Flandre in Meiling's room.

Need to take everything into consideration, so that we can come up with a game plan.
>> No. 9862
[X] Tell Meiling you left Flandre in her room.
[X] Tell them about Remilia being back, possibly followed by Reimu.
>> No. 9863
[ ] Tell them you left Flandre in Meiling's room.

Even though she's probably fodder faced with Flan's immense power, i don't wana see her cry because she had to kill a crazed Sakuya that might attack her
>> No. 9864
[X] No time to stop (Servants quarters).

Quit wasting time talking.
>> No. 9865
[X] Tell Meiling you left Flandre in her room.
[x] No time to stop. Servants' Quarters.
Change of mind.
>> No. 9866
[x] Tell them about Remilia being back, possibly followed by Reimu.

This is important info.
>> No. 9867
[x] No time to stop. Servants' Quarters.
[x] Tell them about Remilia being back, possibly followed by Reimu.
Drop this bombshell while we're running.
>> No. 9868
[X] No time to stop (Servants quarters).
One crisis over, only 2 left.
>> No. 9869
"Remilia's back at the mansion. Reimu's here as well, and she knows about the vampire."
"I told Flandre to wait in Meiling's room."
We can explain both points in, what, a minute?
>> No. 9870
Well, well. This really does seem to be a...different sort of vampire from Remilia. I mean, if Remi could drink enough blood to turn fairies, I doubt the fairies would end up similarly mindless and violent. It's almost as if this is a mutant vampiric strain.
>> No. 9871
And if we're just TELLING them, and not explaining, we only need 10 seconds. The rest can be questions from them, along with a veto on our destination in case one of them has a better idea.

I'll add to my earlier post (>>9859)
[X] Tell Meiling you left Flandre in her room.

If Meiling or Patchu have a better idea on destination as a result of this information, they can just re-route us.
>> No. 9872
[X] No time to stop (Kitchen).
[X] Tell them you left Flandre in Meiling's room.

>> No. 9873
Like some kind of zombie-human hybrid.
>> No. 9874
[ ] Tell them about Remilia being back, possibly followed by Reimu.
[ ] Tell them you left Flandre in Meiling's room.
Do both quickly.
>> No. 9875
>>"Have you ever seen a vampire depressed? Or furious? What happens when Flandre loses control?" You hear a loud swallow from behind you. "What happens when they ... when they ..."
>>"What happens when they ... when they ..."

When they what indeed.
>> No. 9876
When the Vampires cry.
>> No. 9877
When they ally thesemves with Dracula-tan, go out, and kick random ass.
>> No. 9878
"No! I must kill the vampire-zombie!" Reimu shouted.
The anon said, "No, Reimu. You are the vampire-zombie."
And then Reimu was the creature up the staircase.
>> No. 9879
Sorry, 7 minutes.
>> No. 9880
Damn, well you deserve it, even machines needs some rest from time to time.
>> No. 9881
[X] Tell them that Remilia came back but Reimu followed her, also Flandre is in Meiling's room now. And urge to find Sakuya!
>> No. 9882
I always do wonder why his breaks are always 7 minutes though. No more, no less. 7 minutes.

I guess it's a mystery I'll never find out. Or something everyone already knows because it's a reference to something, and I'm dumb.
>> No. 9883
Now that i think about it, Sakuya!jOmBcI54aU!!WwAwN5BJHj wasn't even here in yesterdays RAGE session.
>> No. 9884
Wasn't this asked earlier?

Know your memes. GM once said "7 minutes, tops" then disappeared for two days. People never let her live it down.
>> No. 9885
>Or something everyone already knows because it's a reference to something, and I'm dumb.

This is it.
>> No. 9886
>> No. 9887
>You can see the arm healing even as it twists back through the gap.
Skittery son of a bitch heals FAST.
>> No. 9888
So if Reimu kills Yuarki, it's the end of the world?
>> No. 9889
If either of them die, it's the end of the world. Maribel dies in her sleep when Yukari does, and the dream of Gensokyo is destroyed. If Maribel's version of Renko dies in her dream, her perfect world of Gensokyo slowly crumbles.
>> No. 9890
Oh figures.
>> No. 9891
Everyone is going to be pissed at us, we'll have some explaining to do. What is our excuse for our stupidity?

We didn't really understand what the thing upstairs was and didn't fully comprehend the danger Sakuya was putting herself in. If we would of known what that thing was then we would of done something to prevent it from happening.
>> No. 9892
File 121243835463.jpg - (198.53KB , 472x780 , 1201025135130.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9893
Wait, you're saying Reimu is Yukari's Renko?
>> No. 9894

That RAGE fest felt so good. I believe most of us got out a good amount of hate for each other and today better decisions can be made.
>> No. 9895
[x] Anemia option.
>> No. 9896
you lost me.
>> No. 9897
Slowpoke here. Time for an explanation on why trusting Sakuya was a bad idea.
First, Remi is stronger than Sakuya. Even with timehax there is no way Sakuya can be stronger than Remi. Stage 6 vs Stage 5, Human vs Vampire, Sakuya may have been a hunter that failed, etc.
That said, there is no reason to have Sakuya attack that creature alone.
If it is stronger than Remi, it is stronger than Sakuya.
If it is not stronger than Remi, then she is choosing to keep it imprisoned for some reason we don't know - and Sakuya may not even know.
If the former, Sakuya will get her ass handed to her (gee, I wonder what just happened...).
If the latter, then killing the vampire is a bad idea in the first place.
What we SHOULD have done was refused to help Sakuya, and told her that she will get no help from us unless she convinces Remi to fill us in on the creature. Sakuya obviously can't tell us herself, but she might be able to convince Remi to clue us in. THEN we could have a proper decision and attacked with a united front, or left it there because Remi wanted it that way.
>> No. 9898
We tried to trust in Sakuya until the visions in the shrine bathroom, then we panicked and became irrational (stupid). The hardest thing to explain would be calmly talking about tea and donations before blabbing shit to Reimu in private. I have no idea how to explain that, it's insane.

Were we supposed to know that Reimu is THE LAW in Gensokyo, and handles all major incidents personally and with great force? It would be slightly less stupid if we didn't know that. Only slightly.
>> No. 9899
Well, we at least asked Patchu, Koakuma, and Sakuya about what was up there. Just about all of them told us Remi would tell us in good time. When we bring it up with Remilia, she clams up and cranks the moe to 11, we HNNNNNGH, and the subject gets dropped. So, we've made a reasonable effort and SDM has been less than forthcoming, so our ignorance isn't entirely unfounded.

As for Sakuya, well, she can keep a secret and we can't. Everyone knows our involvement in this debacle since we choose the "tell the truth" e v e r y s i n g l e t i m e. Easier to get angry at the new guy than a member of the family that's in serious trouble right now.
>> No. 9900
Actually, there were faggots saying "Guys. TRUST." the entire time.

Many of us didn't want to trust Sakuya, just that we didn't want to tell Remi either.
>> No. 9901
Back, writing now.
>> No. 9902
Yeah, but they didn't win. I'm just trying to sort out a way to explain our actions.
>> No. 9903
File 121243992485.jpg - (28.65KB , 320x320 , happycookie1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 9904
As to why we suddenly decided to not trust Sakuya and head back to the mansion? Well, tell the truth (again): we saw something and it freaked us out. For the tea thing, we were waiting to discuss the issue outside of Remilia's presence since she always seems to get really upset whenever it comes up. Obviously backfired, but that's the motivation.
>> No. 9905
I wonder what would've been a course of action to take though. HY through Mima pretty much told us "you idiots, you didn't tell Remilia", but was that really the right thing to do? We wanted to keep our word to Sakuya.

Personally I think that we should've come back with Suika and Flandre, but there's two big problems with that;

1.- Convincing Suika to actually come, if she doesn't randomly want to out of curiosity (we had a good chance to bring her along on this turn of events, and it was again hinted by the story that that'd have been a good idea).
2.- What the hell would happen when Remilia goes out and gets ready to go back home, and Flan and us are nowhere to be seen?

So what we should've done, was talk behind Sakuya's back from the very beginning? Refuse to help her, and have her try anyway, increasing the chance of her getting fucked up?

I mean, we acted pretty stupid, I can get behind that. But were the other choices presented to us really that much better? The only things I find absolutely inexcusable are wasting time with Mima, talking about tea as if nothing happened, and telling Reimu, but by then we were desperate already. The story played with us there, what with Reimu telling us that she'd help us out if we ever need anything.
>> No. 9906
Oh god this is my fault. I was the one who posted it on the other thread.

I deeply apologize.
>> No. 9908
An in-game reason that doesn't appeal to Anon's MPD? Hmmm.

Sakuya convinced us that the thing upstairs was a Bad Thing, and--seeing what it did to the Fairy--Belmonymous was convinced. However, despite it being a Bad Thing, for some reason Remi didn't want it killed; Belmonymous, baffled by this, was persuaded by Sakuya that it was a Good Thing if Sakuya killed it, but that this ought to be kept secret from Remi lest she interfere despite it being a Good Thing. Then, after the vision, a pressured Belmonymous who didn't want to reveal this secret, ended up running for outside help. And we all know the rest of the story.

TL;DR: I blame Sakuya. Belmonymous is just a dumb human. Mima agreed.
>> No. 9909
"Wait a second." You say. "Before we rush off again, I need to let you both know."
Meiling glares at you, hands on her hips. "What is it now?"
Patchouli looks at you levelly. "It better be important, we need to hurry."
"Yeah." Meiling says. "Sakuya could be anywhere, hurt!"
"I just don't want to cause another major panic right in the middle of this one." You hold up a hand to stop Meiling butting in again. "When I came back I left Flandre in your room. She was upset but I calmed her down, didn't think letting her come inside was a good idea."
Patchouli looks at Meiling, then back at you. "Was she aware of what is happening?"
You shake your head.
"Somebody needs to check on her, regardless." Patchouli says. "If there are any more infected Fairies, they may be drawn to her."
"What?" You ask in shock. "Why?"
"Too complicated to explain right now. China, I want to to go make sure Flandre is locked in your room."
"Not until we find Sakuya!" She says.
Patchouli looks at Meiling for a long moment. "Very well."
"Another thing." You say. "Remilia came back here before me, Reimu knows about that ... thing in there." You point at the metal door. "She may have been right at Remilia's heels, I'm not sure."
"What?" Patchouli asks, voice harder than you've heard it before. She pinches the bridge of her nose, rubbing her eyes.
"So yeah, we need to hurry." You say.

Patchouli raises both her arms. "Where to?"
"Servant's quarters." You and Meiling say in unison.
There is a swishing around you again, wind inside your head and then you're standing outside a door on the ground-floor corridor.
Meiling drops into a fighting crouch and takes in the surroundings. You do a quick turn, hand on your whip. Nothing.
Patchouli floats to the door and knocks on it sharply.
There are a few muffled screams from behind it and the sound of someone clambering around.
"Y-y-yes, w-w-who is it?" A voice comes through the door. Sound's like a Fairy's voice.
"Open up." Patchouli says.
"S-s-sorry M-m-miss Patchouli." The voice says. "We c-can't open the door."
"There's no vampires out here." Patchouli says.
Meiling steps over to the door, ignoring Patchouli. "Is Sakuya is there?" She shouts through the door.
"No." The voice replies.
"Shit." Meiling turns away, gritting her teeth.
"How many of you in there are unaccounted for?" Patchouli asks, calmly.
There are hurried voices from inside before the reply.
"Seven of us are missing." The voices comes. "Please help them."
"We will, stay there for now." Patchouli says.

"We killed one on the lawn and there were two upstairs." Meiling says quietly, so the other Maids won't hear.
"That leaves four." You say.
"That is not-"
Suddenly Patchouli's head jerks up, eyes wide.
"Something's got to Koakuma." She vanishes before you can even reply.
"Shit!" Meiling exclaims. "What now?"

[ ] Input destination(s) (you/Meiling).
>> No. 9910
Two mentally fragile vampires, a miko, a frivolous oni, and an even MORE frivolous spirit. Really, the miko seemed the best choice for trustworthy/reliable assistance at the time...until we found out HY's Reimu was 'LAW Miko, lol'.
>> No. 9911
[x] Kitchen (you)
[x] Flandre (Meiling)
>> No. 9912

Oh, please, let our library assistant be alright!
>> No. 9913
[X] Input destination(s) (you = Flandre/Meiling = Kitchen).
>> No. 9914
[x] Kitchen (you)
[x] Flandre (Meiling)
Good idea, best to seperate.
>> No. 9915
>"Something's got to Koakuma.


Where the hell is Sakuya's room anyway? Normally, that's where I'd head, but if neither Meiling or Belmonymous knows where it is.... Geh.
>> No. 9916
[X] Kitchen (you)
[X] Flandre (Meiling)
>> No. 9917
Huh. I haven't the faintest idea as to where to go next.

[x] Kitchen.

That's where that corridor was, right?
>> No. 9918
[x] Library (you)
[x] Flandre (Meiling)

We need to maintain our fighting strength for the time being so getting Patchy back would help
>> No. 9919
>>Something's got to Koakuma." She vanishes before you can even reply.

[x] Kitchen
As useful as it'd be to have Meiling go check on Flandre right now, we need the numbers. Alternatively, we could get Flandre and take her with us, since the vampire fairies are supposedly attracted to her anyway.
>> No. 9920
Separating sounds bad. Meiling, Belmonymous, and Patchouli were all almost nailed by vampire fairies, except they were there to help each other out. And there are still four of them out there prowling around. What happens if we run into TWO of them, instead of just one?
>> No. 9921
[ ] I'll check on Flandre, you two go to the library and help her. Come find me at Meilings's hut when you can.

Face it, Belnonymous is dead weight to them right now and Flan needs attention.
>> No. 9922
[x] Kitchen (you)
[x] Remilia's Quarters, THEN Flandre (Meiling)
She wants to find Sakuya too. Don't just send her off to Flandre right away when we still haven't checked a few spots.
>> No. 9923
[X] Input destination(s) [Kitchen]
Enough with the splitting up, we'd be screwed if we ran into a fairy vamp. Also, there's no guarantee that Koakuma's in the Library (why didn't Patch warp us along with her?)
>> No. 9924
[x] Kitchen

'cause I don't know where Sakuya's room is. After this...Meiling's room, definitely. Hopefully Flandre will just 'kyuu kyuu' any vampire maids that show up.
>> No. 9925
Huh, looks like I missed the point about the vanishing.

But I stand by my choice.
>> No. 9928
>Face it, Belnonymous is dead weight to them right now
Belmonymous provided timely assistance for both Meiling and Patchu when they fought vampire maids.
>> No. 9929
Patchouli is more than capable of taking care of herself, why would we go to the library?
>> No. 9930
[x] Kitchen (You)
[x] Remilia's Quarters (Meiling)
>> No. 9932
[x] Kitchen
>> No. 9933
[x] Meiling to libary, probably Koakuma is in danger, is it Sakuya? I don't think a fairy can hurt her..
[X]however you must go to the kitchen or to the Mistress room!
>> No. 9934
[x] Kitchen (you)
[x] Flandre (Meiling)
>> No. 9935
[X] Library

Enough of this splitting up nonsense! China almost got dealt with with the first vampire when she was alone, Patchi almost became 17 scattered pieces if we weren't there, and we almost got zombified hadn't it been for Patchi. We NEED to keep out circle of protection in tact.

As for Flandre, it's not like she can die or be seriously wounded if she encounters one. Worst case scenario, she'd nuke all of SDM front yard to deal with one hostile Fairy Maid. Do you really want something that fragile and dangerous tagging along with us? We need all our allies, but Flandre needs to be kept in the dark about this, at all cost.
>> No. 9937
[x] Kitchen
Not the library. Koakuma may not even be there, and if Patchy wanted/needed our help, she would've taken us with her.
>> No. 9938
Patchu can teleport, and all our encounters with the fairy maids have been over in seconds (except for Meiling's initial fight). By the time we get to the library, everything should already be over (unless by some fluke the remaining four fairies are ganging up on Koakuma).
>> No. 9939
[x] Kitchen (You)
[x] Remilia's Quarters (Meiling)
>> No. 9940
[x] Kitchen (Anon)
[x] Remilia's Quarters (Meiling)
>> No. 9941
>until we found out HY's Reimu was 'LAW Miko, lol'.
Are you stupid? Wait, I already know that, you voted for this to happen.

Reimu made her personality clear enough when she interrogated us and almost threw us out of Gensokyo. And it's canon - hell, it's the ENTIRE PLOT of most Touhou games that Reimu goes out and solves major problems with force. And we go and tell her there's something more dangerous than Flan locked up in the mansion, and it might be escaping.
>> No. 9942
[x] Kitchen
>> No. 9943
Writing now.
>> No. 9945

Reimu flies around and prevents and investigates every major problem in Gensokyo. I'd say an unknown vampire attacking Remilia's mansion would get her attention.
>> No. 9946
lolno. I wasn't around for that thread.

Also, the common trait for Reimu in the games is "carefree" and "laidback" not "LAW/ORDER hardass". If Reimu were a LAW/ORDER hardass she wouldn't stop have stopped the night--making it more dangerous for humans--just on Yukari's whim.

Also, sorry that I don't define a character's entire personality spectrum just from one brief conversation encounter. Whoop-de-doo, she decided to vet us before letting us in.
>> No. 9947
[x] Kitchen, then Flandre (Anon)
[x] Remilia's Quarters (Meiling)

can't let her tears touch that dusty ground
>> No. 9949
hey can it be new thread tiem pls

this one takes a while to f5, also splitting with china seems like a checkpoint good for starting a new thread
>> No. 9951
[x] Remilia's Quarters
It's already been said, but splitting up is pointless. Not only are we making ourselves more vulnerable, but Remilia and Sakuya will almost certainly be found together. Since the vampire-thing's back in its room, we should really come across Remi hunting down the v-fairies or something, and if we haven't it's probably because she's somewhere with Sakuya's [unconscious/dead] body. Reimu may well be there too.