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File 144825258136.jpg - (91.53KB , 850x832 , Remi Tycoon Thread 2.jpg ) [iqdb]
62708 No. 62708
[x] Get Mystia to sign a contract.

Remilia scratched her fang. An opportunity like this was begging to be taken advantage of, but she would have to be careful. Fate was monstrously unpredictable. She liked to give the impression that she could bend it to her will, but in actuality she was little more than a secretary, sending it the occasional note that it may or may not pay attention to. When it did, it was under no obligation to work in her benefit, and if there was anything that brought down fate's ire, it was someone trying to game the system to their advantage.

She could do something minor, though. Fate didn't seem to mind minor pokes and nudges, if they were spaced out appropriately.

"Sakuya, my fate-papers and fate-pen."

"Yes, milady."

A hidden pouch in Sakuya's apron held the paper Remilia reserved for fate contracts. There was nothing exceptional about it, but it helped make the whole affair feel more special. Remilia took the papers and walked back towards Mystia.

"Food's up," Mystia chirped, and presented them with two bowls of grilled eels over rice, chopsticks sticking out of them. Remilia thanked her own brilliance that she spent so much time farting around in China and Japan, so she knew how to use these effectively. Sakuya was halfway to scooping up food with her hands when she saw Remilia pinch the chopsticks between her fingers and followed suit.

Remilia took a bite. It wasn't bad at all. There was certainly a unique terroir from the food around here.

"Mmm, this is quite nice. Mystia. You really do deserve more customers for this fine food. In fact, I may have a solution for you. My name is Remilia Scarlet. You could consider me a lucky charm of sorts."

She tapped the paper on the table. "You see, with these enchanted sheets, I can send a message to fate. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask it to give you more customers."

"A-Are you gonna tie a red string to my finger?" Mystia asked, her face suddenly red. Her ears lowered like a cat's.

"No need to fear, my dear--"

"Y-You seem nice, but I hardly know you!" Mystia covered her face with her hands.

"I'm afraid I don't--"

"I'm a working woman! I'm not ready to settle down and live the family life!" Her wings flapped inside the crowded kitchen.

Remilia cleared her throat loudly. "I'm afraid there's a miscommunication here. I can assure you, whatever you think I'm going to do, that's not what I'm doing."

"Oh! Okay." Mystia folded her wings back up and lowered her hands.

"What I would like is for you to sign this contract, just as soon as I'm finished." Remilia scribbled quickly, trying to finish the contract before this birdbrain could get any more wild ideas in her pretty little head.

"What's it say?"

Remilia knew she couldn't outright lie; that was another thing that fate hated. She chose her words carefully.

"More customers will come your way, but on one condition: If asked about your success, you must tell them it was thanks to the Scarlet Devil Mansion's blessings."

Mystia cocked her head. "What if I don't say that?"

"Then you lose fate's blessing."

"Oh, that's great. So it's no-risk?"

Remilia grunted. "I make no guarantees."

She passed her the paper, now completed, with a space at the bottom for Mystia's signature. Mystia reached for a pair of glasses hanging from a small hook on the kitchen wall. Remilia tensed. If she read all the fine print, she might ask more and more questions. Mystia picked up the paper and adjusted her glasses. She looked up and down over the paper, then nodded, smiling wide.

"I can't read this," she said.

Remilia realized she had been writing in French this whole time. Including the note she left in the village.

"It's just the same stuff I told you already. No need to worry."

"That sounds legitimate and trustworthy," Mystia said. She picked up the pen and wrote her name along the bottom in big, bubbly letters. At least, Remilia assumed they were big and bubbly. She could barely read Japanese to begin with.

"Then, it's settled. We are bound by fate, platonically," Remilia said.

"Huh. I don't feel any different." Mystia put a long fingernail to her chin.

"Just wait, my dear. It will come." Remilia took the contract, folded it up, and slid it under her collar.

Mystia shrugged, still evidently not understanding. She slid off her glasses, her smile coming off with them when she noted Remilia's half-full bowl. "You better eat your food, you know. It's getting cold."

"Ah, yes, right."

Remilia had hoped to make a dramatic exit, but a slow exit after grilled eel would have to do. She ate quickly, and as soon as her food was finished, she set her chopsticks across the bowl.

"Well then, I must be go--"

"Did you like it?" Mystia squeaked, beaming.

"Yes, it was nice. I'd love to stay, but duty calls at my mansion."

"Alright. Fly safely!"

"See you later, Mystia." Remilia grinned back, then stepped away from the stand. Sakuya scarfed down the last few bites of food, then stood up.

"Wait, you've still got rice on your cheek." Mystia leaned over with a napkin and wiped her cheek.

They had to leave quickly, Remilia thought. This girl could give Meiling a run for her money, and pleasant, well-meaning people made her uncomfortable.

The trip back to the mansion went without much to note. Remilia could see by the moonlight that the grape seeds planted just days ago were already hearty sprouts. For once, the night made her feel tired. She couldn't resist a yawn once she dismounted from Sakuya.

"Still adjusting to the new cycle," she mumbled to herself as Sakuya held open the door for her.

Progress had been made, but there were a few loose ends bothering her. She needed to check with Patchouli, and throw a rock at a faerie, and one or two other things. This was when she was normally at her most active, but right now she wanted a nice, long nap.

[ ] Give in and adjust to being active during the day, then do things tomorrow.
[ ] Stay up, have some tea, and do things tonight.
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>> No. 63645
Closing Votes!

[x] Lesson one: preparation. Gather information on those dastardly fae.

If you know yourself and know the enemy, something something, that's good and you'll definitely win.
>> No. 63646
Sunday Report


“Contained within this diary is the current plans which I, Remilia Scarlet, am most elegantly engaged in for the purposes of gold, glory, and/or lack of anything better to do. Typhon willing, it will also keep me from putting too much on my plate at one time.

Who am I kidding, I’ll do that anyway.


— There’s a big feckin’ hole on the second floor of the mansion. That should be dealt with post-haste. During Sakuya’s last visit to the Human Village, she put in an order for mortar, along with brewing supplies, so repairs can begin as soon as those arrive. Or as soon as we pick them up. Whatever.

— I’ve had a semi-proper introduction to some of the local bigwigs who stopped my little mist ploy, by which I mean a shrine maiden named Reimu came by and got off-her-rocker drunk and a witch named Marisa came by and flirted with Patchy so badly that she gave her an asthma attack. I was glad they didn’t seem to hold a grudge against me, but now that I see this written down, perhaps they do.

— The “furniture stall” set up in the Human Village market district, run by Margeroux and Charlotte and composed entirely of old furniture I don’t need anymore. It’s succeeding despite all odds, so I hope Sakuya remembers to send those two back to work this morning after the collective sleeping-off of hangovers.

— Started up a vineyard on some of the hilly areas just outside the mansion walls. Sakuya’s time-stop powers can’t fully replace the agricultural cycle, so some elbow grease courtesy of Meiling and some faeries is needed regularly.

— A time-stopped beer tub is awaiting some form of beer-starter that Sakuya was supposed to get. Hopefully the faeries looking after it haven’t taken to bathing in it or whatever other terrible ideas enter their heads.

— A lady named Yukari dropped by and warned me that Flandre might want to slip out of the basement. I played cards with her for a little bit so that should all be solved and fixed, right? Yeah, let’s go with that.

— A contract was signed with an adorably daft birdgirl named Mystia Lorelei who runs a seafood cart. I should probably check in at some point to see how that’s going and make sure it hasn’t accidentally resulted in anyone putting a bounty on my head or anything.

— A pissant little daemon named Blümchen has taken up residence in the library, and by ‘residence’ I mean ‘shackles.’ She’s so annoying that hell doesn’t want her back, so I need to find some way make other people find some way to smuggle her back down there and get her out of our collective hair.

(This'll be hitting autosage soon, so expect the next update in a new thread!)
>> No. 63647

Speaking of, I wounder what kind of romantic interest this Remi might have. Surely the ever-enigmatic Scarlet Devil herself doesn't dream of remaining a secluded spinster all her unnatural life.

I saw we petition the author to get Blümchen added to the Official Route List™
>> No. 63648
Sunday Report


Truth be told, poor Remi's options have been limited lately. Patchy's too grumpy, Meiling's too pure to catch on when she flirts, Sakuya's hiding a few extra dimensions under her skirt, and the faeries are, well, faeries. Still, dating a daemon who wants to make her life miserable might not be the best idea.

On the other hand, Wakasagi's curiously attractive for a fish-woman...

Will Toamnă's secret faerie knowledge save the day? Will the hot cocoa be delicious? Will there be a few more holes in the Scarlet Devil Manion by the time Remi returns? Find out in the next update, coming When It's Ready.
>> No. 63649

I can't help but notice that Flandre is missing from the list. Please keep in mind that, according to the ancient bylaws of this site, imouto route is always an option. But seriously, there are definitely some waifu tier fairies here. Remilia should learn to keep her options open.
>> No. 63650
That sounds like some Habsburg talk to me, anon.
>> No. 63651
>> No. 63652



>> No. 63653
File 153800533961.jpg - (141.56KB , 2048x1090 , image.jpg ) [iqdb]
C O N F O U N D T H E M!
>> No. 63654
Gotta date the miko
>> No. 63655
nah, fam, obviously gotta date the qt dullahan
>> No. 63656
Sunday Report

Not much to say for this week, other than some more progress and fixing a surprise broken turlet. Please resume your regularly-scheduled Remi route discussion.
>> No. 63657
All this talk of romance is disgusting. Do you truly believe any of the unrefined swine in Gensokyo are worth to receive the love of the eternally young mistress of the night?
>> No. 63658

No way dude. That Semen Demon would definitely just use Remi for her body and infinite riches, then toss her away like a used napkin.


Of course they aren't worthy. Not yet at least. Assuming Banki doesn't turn this outing into a massive orgy, some of Remi's classiness is sure to rub off on them.
>> No. 63659
>implying Remi cares about class
>implying Remi isn't just thirsty for the nearest pair of tits
>> No. 63660
File 153842519394.jpg - (218.27KB , 850x849 , edited to protect their identity.jpg ) [iqdb]

Yea, I guess her standards have to be quite low if she considered getting it on with a dog tier like Sakuya. But hey, at least that means the final dog frontier has a shot of being explored.


Thanks for keeping up with the Sunday report thing. You've definitely motivated me to be a more active member of this community.
>> No. 63661
Please. Remi obviously wants superior mermaid rack.

>> No. 63662
Sunday Report


Yes, good. You folks voting and responding and debating the merits of wolfboobs are what keep the story going. A story's just as dead with no voters as it is with no writer, after all.

Unfortunately we'll be on this autosaged thread for a little longer as I continue working out the details of the update.
>> No. 63663
>debating the merits of wolfboobs
That's not even an argument because fishtits surpass mutt mammaries in every regard!
>> No. 63664

How do you figure that? OP hasn't given any indication as to how everyone's three sizes stack up, and her canon tits ain't anything to write home about. Also, Remi wouldn't have a shot at getting her anyway. She probably has dudes tryna get up in that sweet, sweet fish booty on the daily, being a princess and all.
>> No. 63665
You touch on a good point, friend.

OP, illuminate for us the glories of small-fry breasts!
>> No. 63666
Sunday Report

The good news: I took the time to plot out the rest of the DDCrew events, including room for options and changes and such.

The bad news: turns out Remi's actually more of an ass gal
>> No. 63667
>more of an ass gal

Expound for us the shapes and sizes of small-fry heinies, then.
>> No. 63668
File 154005905036.png - (1.02MB , 824x1060 , fa days.png ) [iqdb]
>more of an ass gal

Damn son. I guess the Loli Vampire Bowl was over before it even begun. I for one am glad we've been blessed with this revelation prior to the scheduled story reveal.
>> No. 63669
Sunday Report

On the subject of DDCrew butts:

Wakasagihime's Fishbutt: scaly. It's a little... disconcerting at first, but once you're used to the texture she's got a sizable dorsal donk. Like the rest of her scale-parts, it's soft and pliant when at rest but can work up some surprising tension and firmness. A blubble-butt, if you will.

Kagerou's Wolfbutt: it might look to be on the soft side due to Kagerou's extra layers, but beneath the surface fat, her butt-muscles have been toned from years of scampering and running on all fours, like rocks wrapped in wool. She could probably crush a walnut between her cheeks if she tried hard enough.

Sekibanki's Sekibooty: Small but perky and shapely; unfortunately, any attempts at further investigation were promptly stopped by a swift football punt between the legs.

Whew, hopefully that'll distract the thread from my lack of progress this week.
>> No. 63670
All I'm hearing is soft butt vs hard butt vs small butt, and if it comes down to who Remi wants to make into her personal butt pillow, I'm gonna guess it's the Waggy.
>> No. 63671

You got it all wrong bruv. Remi is a small girl, and thus requires a small butt pillow. Normal sized tushies, whether blubble or hard, would throw her sleeping posture out of alignment.

BeckyBooty is clearly the only option here.
>> No. 63672
Okay, but consider that Fishbutt is adjustable. It can even go from bubbly to firm. That's more utility than the Banks' miniature rump.
>> No. 63674
Sunday Report

Hello, all. You may have noticed that November is approaching, and November means a new THP NaNoWriMo contest, complete with a shiny prize.

(Thread here: >>/gensokyo/15589 )

Unfortunately, it wouldn't really be feasible for me to NaNo-ify Scarlet Tycoon. A story about juggling multiple things and completing long-term plans isn't the best fit for daily updates, and I wouldn't want to write myself into a corner or slip up and have to chuck things out. That doesn't mean I'm going to put Scarlet Tycoon in the fridge for a month, it just means I'm going to be trying something different for NaNoWriMo.

So! With that said, there are a couple different options, and I wanted to check in with you fine folks and see what you think.

One option is a sort of Tycoon Gaiden: a break from the current storyline (where Remi is busy in the forest) to have traipsing about with other shenanigans. Or it could be a broader look at the mansion, including interludes and episodes with Patchy, Meiling, and the other residents of the mansion, getting a look at their stories and what they get up to while Remi's off running from scheme to scheme. It'd mean more of the Remi hijinks you know and love, but I'll say in advance that I don't know how much if any of it would wind up being 'canon' once we return to Remi proper.

An alternative would be to do a separate story. In case you can't tell, I like writing the daily life aspects of fantasy settings, writing things about the faceless schlubs that make up most of Gensokyo. I was considering doing a NaNo story about a small-time human landowner, visiting various places in Gensokyo as he does his business, giving a peek into my headcanon of how the humans of Gensokyo earn their keep and dealing with riveting intrigue like "well my great-great-great-grandpappy said I own that field over there" and "the Human Village Council will be on my ass if I don't fix the roads but the peasants keep demanding to replace their labor obligations with cash payments."

What do you think? Any strong opinions one way or the other, things you'd like to suggest, or death threats feedback?
>> No. 63675
Separate story, please!
>> No. 63676
I think there's enough Tycoon for one story. Not that it's not good, just there's no reason for there to be more, if that makes sense. Besides that, doing it twice over might turn it into a chore.
>> No. 63677
I'm ok with anything as long as there are fairies involved.
>> No. 63678
Seconding this anon.
>> No. 63681
I'd be fine with something new and different. a human perspective is fine too
>> No. 63682
Thirding this anon. You write the best fairies.
>> No. 63766
Sunday Monday Report

Oh beans, I forgot to check in here yesterday. My NaNoWriMo story is up at >>/th/199414 , and that's been taking up the writing-juices, but it's also a reminder that writing can be a lot easier and a lot more fun than I make it sometimes, so I'm going to ganbaru to not let Remi languish while I work on it.
>> No. 63771

>> No. 63858
File 154222715299.png - (371.22KB , 600x713 , actually more worried but.png ) [iqdb]
>no report
>> No. 63913
>> No. 63917
File 154273962063.jpg - (1.07MB , 1398x1000 , ops.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sometime report


And then had two exams and PANICd my way through a few days. And I have an unfortunate habit of looking at NaNoWriMo contests and going "I should write a story that requires paying close attention to what has and hasn't happened already so that I need to make sure each update progresses the overall plot without going too fast and ending early."

I'm a little honored that so many of you are still checking an autosaged thread during Nano-Reimus so if it's any consolation, your fear and panic from being accidentally abandoned by me gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. While the dream goal of continuing work in Remi during November hasn't really petered out, just imagining I'm beefing up my writing-muscles and stocking up on Remi energies to unleash as soon as the month of December hits.

I'm usually on the unofficially official unofficial THP Discord so feel free to hop in there and yell at me: https://discord.gg/UPHZMWy
>> No. 63978
Sunday Report

Last week of Nano-Reimus,which means soon Remi will have my undivided attention. It's been a good crop of stories this November, and you should definitely check them out if you haven't already. See you again soon!
>> No. 64036
Sunday Report

Back in the swing of things. Resuming a draft-in-progress after a pause is always an interesting process, and usually involves some cleanup work. I don't really have much else to say about it, but I'll hopefully have more next week!
>> No. 64037
Sunday Report

Things are going! Progress is being made! Words are being word-ed!
>> No. 64041
Sunday Report

Christmas happenings have gotten in the way, but progress is continuing. I'm finally starting to like the look of the update, and it's starting to feel 'right.' I can't promise a release date, much as I wish I could, so instead I'll wish you all a happy holidays.
>> No. 64042
Sunday Report

Nothing happened this week. There's not much of a reason, just some things that need working on. I'm planning out how to break out of the Holiday sloth and pull myself together within the week.
>> No. 64043
Sunday report

After some responsible life choices, I'm back in the saddle. As proof, I'm holding myself to a self-inflicted challenge: if I'm not working on the second draft by the next report, I'm going to tell my friends and family members that I suck toes. See you next week.
>> No. 64044
Sunday Report

Responsible choices continue, the first draft is completed, and my hypothetical toe-sucking activity remains unknown. We'll see how things go in this next phase -- the hardest part so far was just wrangling the scenes and keeping them from spiraling off in different directions, so now that that's taken care of, I'm cautiously optimistic about next week!
>> No. 64045
Progress Report

Second draft is coming. It's slow going, but I'm doing what I can.
>> No. 64055
Sunday Report

Hello, everyone. I'm going to be putting Sunday Reports on hold for a while, just until I've got the next draft done and the update's in the neaten-and-polish phase. Don't worry, it's just a temporary thing. It's mostly just that there hasn't been much to say, and it'll go back to normal once Remi is back on track.
>> No. 64218
Hope the story hasn't died yet.
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