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File 141517065748.jpg - (166.26KB , 850x602 , into the bucket you go.jpg ) [iqdb]
61565 No. 61565
[x] Straight to the underground! Resolve the problem directly!

You might as well go straight to the underground! But the problem is how? “So. Flan,” you address her. “How exactly we are going to the underground?”

She just shrugs. Welp. This incident may be more complex than you think.

“Well, well, well...” Suika points to a very conspicuous well in the corner of the shrine grounds. “You could always take the well down. Reimu and I made an elevator of sorts. Well, it’s more like a hellevator. Hahahaha! Hah. Ha... anyway. We made it in case another incident like this ever happened.”

“As expected of Reimu!” She’s an experienced incident investigator. She would know. She’s prepared!

“...All Reimu did was tell me to dig and somehow it worked out.” Suika shrugs. “So, yeah. Just hop in the well and get on top of the bucket and it’ll take ya to the underworld.”

You hop on and squeeze inside, sitting on the edge of the bucket. Flandre sits on the other edge. “It’s... kinda cramped.”

“If Reimu can fit, you two definitely can! Not that I’m saying she’s fat.” She snickers to herself. “Oh, also. A note of advice. People may seem scary in the underground, but you can tell what kinda person they are by the look in their eye!”



Suika traces a circle around her chest with her hands. “Even if his or her eye is... somewhere else.”

“A third eye? Like a triclops?”

“Something like that.” Suika throws down the lever, wheeling you down under.

“But why a well? And why a bucket?”

“...Don’t ask.”

You descend down the wellevator... hellevator thing. The light from the surface eventually disappears, replaced by a faint glow underneath your bucket. You can still see where Flandre is, if only because of her glowy eyes. So that makes you feel better. “Ya ready to solve this incident, Flan?”

“Yeah,” her voice echoes around the confined walls of the well. “This is fun.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventure, Flan!”




You pat her head, missing slightly because of the dark. “Any time, Flan~”

The walls expand, leading into a rather large hole! The place actually has light! Not much, but you can see where you’re going. There are a lot of stalagmites and stalagtites on the outskirts of the road, but the road itself is neatly paved and relatively flat.

You squeeze out of the bucket, having to pull Flan out as well. You're safe! Relatively.

The road eventually leads to a bridge. A huuuuuge bridge. And yet, nobody’s here. It’s pretty quiet. The only thing you can hear is the sound of water dripping. As soon as you step foot on the bridge, the sound of rapid footsteps approach you.

“Heeeeeeey!” A person screams, dashing madly towards you and Flan.

“Hi!” you reply back. “I’m Leonotis, what’s your name?”

“Parsee Mizuhashi, nice to meet– hey, no. I own this bridge. I’m the one who asks questions around here. What’s your name, Leonotis?”

“...Leonotis?” She just answered her own question! “And this is Flan.” You point over to your vampire friend. She disappears from sight, finding safety behind you.

“Anyhow. You cannot pass this bridge. It’s mine.” She crosses her arms, huffing and puffing.

“Oh.” Maybe you should reason with her. “Perhaps we can fly around it?”

“Well... I suppose,” Parsee contemplates. “That’s technically not passing the bridge, so I guess it’s oka– wait, no!”

“...No?” Flan questions.

“No,” Parsee affirms.

“But you said it was okay just a moment ago,” Flan states, still hiding behind you.

“Not anymore!” Parsee boldly declares.


“Because... because... I’m really bored and kind of lonely.” Parsee’s desperately trying to fight back her tears. “No-nobody even comes here anymore! There’s nobody that even says, “Oh, hey Pars, how are you doing today?’ or ‘Good weather we’re having, huh?’ to me! I haaaaaate this bridge. I’m jealous of the people that can come and go whenever they waaaaaaaant!” She breaks into sobs.

“Uh! Erm!” What should you do!? Umm, think about it! “...Want to join us in our adventure?”

Parsee changes face, smirking with glee. “Kay.”

Flan, frowning at the sudden turn of events, grabs your hand and drags you along.

“Flaaaaan, whatcha doing?”

“...Jealous,” Parsee mutters, grabbing your other hand. Flan initiated a hand-grabbing train and it is absolutely dysfunctional. You have no idea what’s going on! Mayday, mayday! Flan doesn’t stop, moving through the underground streets. You seem to have entered the city of the underworld. Neat! You’d examine the place more closely, but your hand is currently Flan’s property.

“Oh, what’s this? A new opponent?” A woman floats down from the sky. She has a horn! Must be an oni! “Uh...” she pauses. “What’s going on here?”

You reply truthfully. “I have no clue!”

“Great!” The oni clasps her hands in excitement. “Let’s fight, cute stuff.”

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

“I WASN’T GIVING YOU A CHOICE, SILLY!” She roars, exploding waves after waves of danmaku.

You shake off Flan and Parsee, getting ready to danmaku. It’s battle time!

“Standoffish Courage「Don’t Move」!”

[ ] Move!
[ ] Don’t Move!
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>> No. 62087
After writing this in /others/, I had a hard time writing this story. Sorry for the delay.
>> No. 62088
[X] You once ate Miss Meiling's lunch even though you knew it wasn't yours.

And we never even told Meiling!
>> No. 62090
[x] Your greatest weakness is being tickled.

Eating Meiling's lunch is just too mean.
>> No. 62091
[x] You once ate Miss Meiling's lunch even though you knew it wasn't yours.

What a monster.
>> No. 62092
[x] You once ate Miss Meiling's lunch even though you knew it wasn't yours.

the greatest crime of all
>> No. 62093
[X] You once ate Miss Meiling's lunch even though you knew it wasn't yours
>> No. 62095
[x] You once ate Miss Meiling's lunch even though you knew it wasn't yours.

This is such an awful thing to do... Even adorable little Leo has his flaws...
>> No. 62096
[x] Your greatest weakness is being tickled.

Will this lead to a tickle fight, I wonder?
>> No. 62097
[X] Sometimes you pretend to study even though you're really not.
>> No. 62098
[X] You once ate Miss Meiling's lunch even though you knew it wasn't yours.

This was the tragedy Hitler was fighting to prevent.
>> No. 62099
File 143682981117.jpg - (121.11KB , 850x690 , sis!.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] You once ate Miss Meiling's lunch even though you knew it wasn't yours.

“You have to promise not to tell!” It is a dire secret that you have been hiding for eternity! It is something that you will keep to yourself – along with Koishi – to the grave.

“Of course.” She slaps a hand on your shoulder. “It wouldn't be a secret otherwise.”

“I...” You steel yourself, preparing to tell words that no soul shall ever hear again. “I once ate Miss Meiling's lunch, even though I knew it wasn't mine.”

“Egads, eating another person's lunch? How have you not been executed?” Koishi waggles a finger. “If your secret were to be exposed, it could yield devastating – no, hellish results!”

You collapse to the floor, weighed down by your guilt. You can't take the pressure! Something must be done! But before you can make a sprint to Miss Meiling, you bump into Koishi, suddenly appearing before you again. “Wah! So how do you do that?”

“If you must know, I consciously control the subconscious, subconsciously.” Koishi cups her third eye with her hands, beaming. “It's hard to explain.”

“But if you consciously control the subconscious, wouldn't that just be the control of your conscious?”

“I don't really think about it too much,” she says, tilting her head.

“Oh, I get it– wait.”

“Waha,” Koishi giggles, giving you a nudge from behind. You swear she was in front of you. Regardless of how many times she does that, it is still very mysterious. “Sorry. I subconsciously did that.”

“You completely lost me, Koishi so I will just nod my head and say I understand!” Usually, that works best. You know it does for Miss Sakuya!

“Sure, whatever floats your boat. Should we return to Satori and the others?”

“So you know Miss Satori!”

“More or less,” she shrugs. “Sometimes, we're sisters.”

“Sometimes?” you ask.

“Mmhm. We're sisters when I remember I'm Koishi.”

When she remembers she's Koishi? A fit of amnesia, maybe? Scary. “I don't follow!”

“Sometimes, I just, poof, disappear and all of a sudden I'm somewhere I don't really remember going to. Stuff like that, y'know?” She skips across the tiles of the floor, dodging the cracks with her shoes. A slight tapping from her feet echoes in the hallway. “It's like waking up from a dream and 'oh I'm not a dragon, I'm Koishi Komeiji, woops' kinda thing. Do you get?”

Ah! So it's like that. “I get. And I'm not just saying that.”

“Good! We can move on now.”

The hubbub of the once crowded dining hall is now less hub and a lot less bub. The plates have been cleared, the maids have disappeared to their work stations, and the underground family is now engaging in pleasant chats.

Koishi holds up her hand in signal for you to stop and quiet down. Crouching down behind a chair, she whispers to you, “Wait.”

“What am I waiting for?” you whisper back.

“Operation: Muss Satori's Hair is go.”

“But what do I–”

And without a word, Koishi is gone. You peer out from behind the chair, focusing on Miss Satori. She is currently talking to Lady Remilia.

“And so?”

“Most likely the spell that our dear Leonotis used was also the one he had used when he collapsed the first floor of this mansion.” Lady Remilia chuckles. “That was–”

“Adorable?” Miss Satori chimes in.

“Interesting,” Lady Remilia finishes her sentence.

“Interesting, meaning, 'I had to hold myself back from pulling him into a deep embrace,' yes?” Miss Satori grins.

“Satori, I am attempting to save face,” Lady Remilia sighs, placing her hand on her cheek. “You are not required to voice my inner monologue.”

“I do it in–” Miss Satori pauses, turning to dodge a tackle from her sister. “–good jest.”

“Sis!” Koishi pops up from the floor, hugging Miss Satori. “You dodged again!”

“Koishi,” Miss Satori croons, “I can always tell when you're about to pounce. Oh, so you met with Leo already? Oh? Oho? A secret, you say?” The mind-reader, stealing a glance at you, gives you a slight smile. Turning her attention back to Lady Remilia, Miss Satori dips her head. “Forgive me. I forgot to introduce my sister. This is Koishi Komeiji.”

“Hi,” says Koishi. She does not relinquish her grasp on her sister. “I'm Koishi Komeiji.”

“So I've inferred. Does she also–”

“No,” Miss Satori shakes her head. “She fortunately does not have the ability to read minds.”

“I see,” replies Lady Remilia, fluttering her wings in response.

“Ah, also.” Miss Satori dips her head. “I have a favor to ask of you. Do you know where Miss Patchouli might be?”

Lady Remilia, in a rare expression of genuine surprise, nods. “I do. She is the guardian of Voile. I am willing to direct you to her, but do you have business with our mage?”

“Something like that.”

“I will take you to her quarters later then.” Lady Remilia brings her attention over to you. “Leonotis. While I escort Satori, would you show our guests to their chambers?”

Sleepover! You get to do something! “Kay!” You search for Orin and Okuu, finding them at the exit of the dining hall. Okuu seems to be chasing Orin around!

“Let's sleep together, Orin~” the hellbird cries, diving for Orin.

“No, your wings are too hot and you radiate heat like a furnace. It's like having three blankets smothering me, stooop!” Orin successfully dodges Okuu, jumping out of the way of the bird's clutches.

“Orin! Okuu!” You call out to them.

“Leo!” Orin turns but immediately is caught by Okuu's big hug. “Guh.”

“Leonotis!” Okuu repeats.

“Looks like everybody's staying for the night! Isn't it exciting?”

Okuu smiles and swings Orin around. “A sleepover!”

Orin, helpless in her friend's arms, resigns herself to her fate. Her warm, hug-centric fate. “Well, I guess this is nice in its own way.”

You nod. “Yeah! We don't usually have too many guests that stay the night. I'll show you to your rooms!”

The two closest guest rooms are next to the library, so you easily find your way there. There are more guest rooms, but sometimes you get lost if you don't pay attention. You don't dare press your luck – you have to be the reliable one here, guiding Orin and Okuu to safety!

“Here it is!” you declare. “The guest rooms!”

Orin flicks her tails side-to-side. “Would you care to join us for a sleepover?”

“I can't!” You shrug. “Ever since Miss Koakuma asked, I'm not allowed to join sleepovers anymore.”

Orin makes an odd face. It's the same face that Miss Koakuma makes when Miss Patchouli doesn't let her do something fun.

“More pillow and blanket for me!” Okuu grins, puffing out her chest. “C'mon, Orin.”

“I want you to stay as far away from me as possible, Okuu,” sighs the cat, grudgingly entering the room with her friend.

Okuu waves. “G'night, Leonotis!”

“Night night!” You suppose it's best to head to your own room too. A few hallways later, you reach your own room! But before you open the door, you can feel the presence of an intruder! Footsteps! It's... “Flan!”

“Hi, Leo.” Flan's clutching a pillow with both her hands. The plain white cushion is currently covering half her face – you can only see her red, glowy eyes.

“Whatcha up to?” you ask. “Danmaku? Pillow fights? Danmaku pillow fights?”

Flan pauses for a moment, swinging her pillow around idly. “Staying in the basement is a little lonely.”

“Oh! Are you going to be staying in the guest rooms?”

She shakes her head. “I have my own room.”

“I'll walk you there!”

She shakes her head again. “No need. My room is right here.” And so it is! It is the room next to yours.

A new discovery. “Was this always your room?” you ask.

She nods. “I haven't used it in a long time. I liked the basement better.”

“And now?”

“I don't mind the mansion nowadays.” She squeezes the pillow tighter. “It's okayish now.”

“That's a relief.” It really is. Flan staying in the basement really worries you. “Everyone misses you. Miss Sakuya and Miss Meiling have been thinking about you, y'know.”

“...I see.”

“Just saying!” It's getting late. You should head to sleep now! Chatting with Flan can happen tomorrow. “Anyhow. Good night, Flan!”

“Nighty,” she curtseys before shutting her door.

Now then. Sleep awaits. You head into your room and unpocket the old book you saved from the underground. Leaving it on the desk, you prepare yourself for the sleepiest of sleeps. But the sleeps never arrive. Despite being so tired from before, you can't manage to fall asleep.

Perhaps a quick walk around would suffice.

[ ] A trip to the terrace.
[ ] A night stroll to the garden.
[ ] A quick walk around the hallway.
>> No. 62100
[x] A trip to the terrace.
>> No. 62101
[x] A night stroll to the garden.

That's no fun, being denied sleepovers with Orin and Okuu. Sooner or later it'll happen
>> No. 62102
[x] A trip to the terrace.

I feel like this is somehow a Remi option. Have we had a chat with Remi yet?
>> No. 62103
[x] A trip to the terrace.

Sounds like a good place to go.
>> No. 62328
[x] A night stroll to the garden.
I'm enjoying this story so far.
>> No. 62336
File 144298829867.png - (331.67KB , 720x540 , satoris.png ) [iqdb]
[x] A trip to the terrace.

You decide to take a trip to the terrace. Nothing better than a quick walk around the roof, enjoying the night sky. The walk to the terrace is... actually kinda difficult. Maybe you're more exhausted than you initially thought. However, you are rewarded with the sight of the full moon, coupled with many a star to lighten up the darkness of the night. What you do not expect is Lady Remilia sitting cross legged on the roof railing, looking up at the night sky. “Lady Remilia,” you call in a hushed tone, careful not to shock your mistress. “Why are you awake at this time?”

Lady Remilia, without even turning her head, replies, “Leonotis, child, I am a vampire. Vampires are nocturnal by nature.”

“Oh.” You feel silly for not realizing. How ignorant of you! “My mistake, Lady Remilia.”

Your mistress turns to face you, throwing her legs over the railing. “Now, I counter with the same question. Why are you awake, Leonotis?”

“I couldn't sleep, so I went here to see the night sky.” You take another look at the stars shining ever so brightly in the sea of black. They are trying their best not to be overtaken by the glow of the moon. “I'm glad it's so pretty tonight.”

Lady Remilia nods, quietly soaking in the beauty of the stars above. “Leonotis,” she calls your name. “Did you take good care of Flandre today?”

“To the best of my ability, Lady Remilia!” You hope that Flan had a fun time. Solving an incident together was fun. You hope she felt the same. “I think we had a lot of fun. I sure did.”

“I apologize for asking you such a question... but she is dear to me. Very much so.” Lady Remilia brushes her hands against her heart, closing her eyes. “Little Flandre is finally coming out of her shell. For years and years, she chose not to open up. But now, even if only a little, she is growing. For that, I thank you.”

“Ahh, I didn't do anything special!” All you did was bother Flan until she finally gave up and played along with you. “It was all her.”

“You may think that you did not do anything special, but you did.” Lady Remilia floats down from the railing, gently tapping her shoes onto the ground. “Your entire existence is special. I do hope you realize this.” She reaches over and embraces you gently, as family would.

You do not know how to respond, so you hug back. Maybe Lady Remilia will feel some of that happiness that you're sending her. And with that, your body finally realizes that it is exhausted. Your eyes grow weary and your legs become heavy. “Lady Remilia, I must resign to sleep. Thank you for your time~”

“Rest well, dear Leonotis,” she replies, once again focused on the moon and stars.

You make the final walk back to your room, passing hallways and stairs. As you enter your room and plop down on your bed, you can hear the faint voices of someone murmuring something.

And then morning comes. You were going to sleep in, but the sound of a voice yelling across the hallway jolts you awake. Could it be an incident? You smooth down your hair and swing open your door, running towards the action. On the stairwell, you can see Miss Patchouli and Miss Satori talking to each other. Miss Patchouli looks noticeably upset, furiously motioning with her hands.

“I have tried to make do with your pets' lodging and tried to accept it on a democratic basis. I have extended the privilege of self-determination to both the servant I own and the child I mentor!” Miss Patchouli shouts, scowling all the while.

“However?” Miss Satori asks, voicing out your mentor's inner thoughts.

“However,” repeats Miss Patchouli, adjusting the fringes of her bedridden hair. “This morning I woke to the sound of a thousand 'Ooooooorin~'s and a high pitched 'Stooooooooooop~' that rose to a full crescendo adjacent to my room. The harpy shrieked 'Let's take a bath together, Orin!' enough times for me to say this: the democracy is over and all rights are will now be wronged.”

“Could we not move Orin and Okuu to another room?” suggests Miss Satori.

Miss Patchouli freezes, mulling over the idea. Her temper fades to exhaustion. Then, rubbing the bridge of her nose, she responds, “It would be possible. But more importantly, I wish for my night's worth of rest back. However, I do not think you have the power to return that to me so I will make do with this. For now.”

“If it is any consolation, I will scold the two later today... oh?” Miss Satori takes notice of you, coming over to ruffle your hair. But not too much! She knows that you already have bed hair right now.

“Leonotis.” Miss Patchouli murmurs, saying your name more like a statement than a hello.

“Good morning, Miss Patchouli, good morning Miss Satori~”

Miss Satori leans over and whispers in your ear very secretively, “Leo, Miss Patchouli is a little tired. I think she will be very happy if you postpone your studies with her to another day.” And just like that, Miss Satori clears her throat.

That's your cue! Probably. “Um. Miss Patchouli?”


“Could we... postpone our studies to a later date?” You look up to Miss Patchouli, hoping that she doesn't see through your facade. “Please?”



Miss Patchouli wobbles, gripping the stairway railing to steady herself. “On second thought, I will allow it, if only for today.”

“Yay! Thank you, Miss Patchouli!”

“Now, if you will excuse me, I think I will go lie down.” Miss Patchouli turns face, floating more than walking. You hope that she'll be okay!

“I hope that Patchouli gets some good rest. It does not take a mind reader to see that she wasn't well rested.” Miss Satori says, patting down your hair to smooth out the craziness that is your bedhead. “So, what will you do now, Leo?”

After you freshen up and shower, you'll...

[ ] Go find Okuu and Orin!
[ ] Bother Flan!
[ ] Visit Miss Koakuma!
[ ] Guard the gate with Miss Meiling!
>> No. 62337
[x] Guard the gate with Miss Meiling!

Hopefully this'll win.
>> No. 62339
[X] Visit Miss Koakuma
Quickly, while Patchouli is too tired to stop us!
>> No. 62340
[x] Go find Okuu and Orin!

>> No. 62341
[ ] Guard the gate with Miss Meiling!
>> No. 62343
[x] Go find Okuu and Orin!

A good host entertains guest!
>> No. 62344
[x] Visit Miss Koakuma!
>> No. 62351
[X] Bother Flan!
>> No. 62367
Requesting tiebreaker.
Actual update will most likely be after I update in /others/.
>> No. 62369
[x] Visit Miss Koakuma!
>> No. 62379
[ ] Guard the gate with Miss Meiling!
>> No. 62381
Alright. I should have called my votes after the tiebreaker but I forgot to. Because of my error, I won't call it for Koakuma. Next time, though.
I'm still not going to call it in case anybody wants to break the tie again.
>> No. 62382
[X] Visit Miss Koakuma

Might as well vote then
>> No. 62383
[x] Guard the gate with Miss Meiling!

>> No. 62384
[x] Visit Koakuma

Just catched up. Very nice story so far.
>> No. 62385
[X] Visit Miss Koakuma

This is the only path guys
>> No. 62397
File 144506728626.jpg - (184.22KB , 850x616 , vroom vroom devil.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Visit Miss Koakuma!

It's been a while since you've greeted Miss Koakuma. You should go do that! You hope that she has some time to play. With Miss Patchouli temporarily out of service, Miss Koakuma could be piled up with work. Should you even go bother her then? Well! If she is doing work, then you suppose you could help, too. To the library!

Ah, Voile. The Grand Library of... Grandness. The books are in order, the fairy maids are shuffling quietly through the aisles, and Miss Koakuma is flying in your general direction. The two of you make contact, and by force of motion, you are flying too via inelastic collision. Newton would be proud.

“Ah, Leo~! Fancy meeting you here!” She pulls you in for a hug, still flying at standard Koakuma velocity. “You are now my accomplice. We're going for a little trip, you see!”

Wah. A storm of bullets trail behind Miss Koakuma, just barely missing the devil. Miss Koakuma, in turn, accelerates past acceptable traffic limits and zips past the Enchantments aisle. “Where are we going, Miss Koakuma?”

“Away, my cute Leo! Away to freedom and fun!” Miss Koakuma giggles, taking a sharp left past the next bookshelf. It's a skill only a librarian's assistant can pull off consistently.

“You silly little thing,” murmurs a familiar voice. Even throughout the sudden chaos the erupted, you can clearly hear it! It's Sakuya! “Now, you can maybe run away from your responsibilities, but you can't run away from me.”

“You'll never catch me, maid!” shouts Miss Koakuma, who has already been caught by the chief maid. Time powers are strong.

“Koakuma, darling, I need you to work with me here. Miss Patchouli told me to keep watch over you. I promise you that I won't get in your way as long as you do your work.” Miss Sakuya, who has been busy lecturing Miss Koakuma, only now notices you in the devil's clutches. She raises an eyebrow. “You caught a Leo along the way?”

“It, uh, just sort happened, ehehe,” Miss Koakuma grins sheepishly, relinquishing her hold on you.

“Dear Koakuma,” Miss Sakuya sighs, shaking her head, “I'll ask you one more time. Please return to your work.”

“Okaaaaaaay,” Miss Koakuma groans, floating lethargically back to the front desk. “When can I apply for my vacation days?”

“Your vacation days were revoked ever since you spent them all harassing Leo.” Miss Sakuya keeps watch of the devil, keeping the same pace with her. The chief maid takes a hold of your hand, gently guiding you to follow her. “Now, Leo. I heard from the fairies that you went off and solved an incident in your free time. I'd like to hear more. I'm sure Koakuma would too, while she's working.”

“Miss Sakuyaaaaa,” whines Miss Koakuma, “do you hate fun?”

“Fun is for those who do not live in perpetual overtime,” replies the maid. “So, Leo, care to share your exploits?”

“Okay!” You take a moment to recall everything that happened in the past few days. “Wait... what was the incident about? Oh, right! Hell was about to explode!”

“Didn't Old Hell explode anyway?”

“Well, yes,” you blush, “That was my fault. But! I learned a new ability from that! Here!” You show your audience your newly found powers. You breath in. Then breath out. The world goes black as you close your eyes. A bright yellow warmth glows throughout your very being, flashing in bouts of energy. You feel the same heat from Old Hell, growing in an almost insatiable want for power. But you quell the beast and maintain the flames that wish to spread.

Then, crashing through the door, Okuu speeds through the air, diving straight toward your position. “Did anything noteworthy happen here? Like, persay, fission!?” She glances to and fro erratically, searching for... something! Okuu furrows her brow, biting at her thumbnail in confusion. “Strange. Must have been a false alarm. I could have sworn that some kind of Hellish energy was pouring out somewhere around...” She points straight at you. “Here!”

“Well, I don't think you're completely wrong,” replies Miss Sakuya, tapping her finger to her chin. She places her hand on your head, giving it a little pat. “Leonotis is very good at learning things, even if that means he's learning how to create nuclear energy.”

Okuu joins in, very thoughtfully petting your cheek. “This warrants further observation.”

“Chief Maid Izayoi,” chimes in Miss Koakuma, “I think a break is in order.”

“Keep working, assistant.”

“Sakuyaaaaaaaaa!” bawls Miss Koakuma, “You guys are all having fun without me! Why can't I pet the Leo!?”

“If you run from the authorities, you are to be punished.” Miss Sakuya says, matter-of-fact.

Okuu beams happily. “I understand! Once, I ran from Satori because I didn't feel like working! So, after that, I was not allowed to do anything that was categorized as an experiment or a 'fit of curiosity' for a week,” she laments, sniffling.

Miss Sakuya ruffles your head again. “What do you think, Leo?”

[ ] Authority should be listened to!
[ ] Authority should be listened to, except when you think something's wrong!
[ ] Authority exists to not be listened to!
>> No. 62398
[X] Authority should be listened to!

>> No. 62399
File 144509531568.jpg - (349.31KB , 869x1273 , typicalcustomersupport.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Authority should be listened to, when it comes from people you love!

Or respect I guess.
>> No. 62402
[x] Authority should be listened to, except when you think something's wrong!
>> No. 62403
[x] Authority should be listened to, when it comes from people you love!

This is the most heartwarming option. Picking the most heartwarming option will cause everyone's heart to be warm, meaning more head pats will come.
>> No. 62405
[x] Authority should be listened to, when it comes from people you love!

Because daaaawwwww.
>> No. 62414
[x] Authority should be listened to, except when you think something's wrong!
>> No. 62429
[x] Authority should be listened to, when it comes from people you love!
>> No. 62430
[X] Authority should be listened to, except when you think something's wrong!
>> No. 62579
[x] Authority should be listened to, except when you think something's wrong!
>> No. 62589
[x] Authority should be listened to, when it comes from people you love!

Moe incoming.
>> No. 63394
Moral, is this dead? I liked it.
>> No. 63402
It's on the backburner for now. I don't want to give up on this story entirely but don't look forward to any updates soon. I have my hands full with other stories at the moment.
>> No. 63698
It's a shame that I'm letting this story go, but I think it's really for the best. The plot's still so far away, and with how slow I update my other stories, I think we'd all die of old age before I complete this. So, sorry everyone. Another story bites the dust.
>> No. 63699

It suddenly becomes precious when you realize that you have so little of it left. Gone are the days where I’d fall asleep in Miss Meiling’s garden patio only to wake up eight hours later, the day already passed by. Then Miss Sakuya would scold me, but she’d be indulgent—like she always is—and would tell me that she’d “save the lecture for next time,” and this would repeat many next times later.

Here I pose a question to you: How long of a lifespan does a homunculus have?

It is a worthy question, since the answer isn’t so readily found! A year? Five? In this case, the answer is seven and a half, give or take a couple months. Too bad there isn’t some formula to figure it out—because your guess as to why I have seven-or-so years is as good as mine.

Now, you might be asking, “How do you know you’re on your way to your expiration date?” The answer is pretty simple, but I’m sad there’s no fancy deduction or formula: I can feel it. The oil in the lamp is almost out. I was created with finite resources—and so, I have finite energy. I guess the same can be said of all living creatures, but Miss Patchouli only had so much mana to give to me, right?

That being said, isn’t that amazing? Miss Patchouli gave me enough mana to live for almost eight years! That in itself is a miracle—or maybe it’s just a testament to how incredible she is. But I’m guessing you have another question: “What’s stopping Miss Patchouli from giving me more mana?”

Unfortunately, this is where the oil lamp analogy stops making sense. Mana is a pool of energy, and it replenishes and depletes with rest and usage respectively. But sooner or later, that well dries up. Theoretically, I could live forever if I could somehow funnel external mana to myself. Would I want to? Heck no, but I digress. Mana doesn’t work that way. It ebbs and flows, and nobody—not even Miss Patchouli—can completely control where it moves.

If you really think about it, my entire existence is a fluke. I probably shouldn’t have happened, but I did, and I’m kinda proud of that! I’m the one-in-a-million happening, the guy whose life defies all odds. So… you know where I’m getting at.

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be dead.

I’ve always wanted to say that! Doesn’t it give that mysterious sense of dread? Or maybe not—I guess it doesn’t because I’ve already explained why I’ll cease to be, so it loses most of its impact. But that’s intentional. I didn’t want everyone to start off reading this letter like it was supposed to be a postmortem farewell. This isn’t that. This is a letter of gratitude to those I met in our short time together. Sorry it’s in such a rush, but you can forgive me, right? Time is waning, so I’ll be brief.

Fairy maids: Thank you all for being my partners-in-crime. I wish I could list every one of you here, but there’s just so many that I don’t want to make this a fairy maid checklist. I had lots of fun with you guys—like the time where we spent the whole day planning Miss Sakuya’s birthday party and got no work done, and then Miss Sakuya found out and lectured us all. But she couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. Moments like those, I still remember fondly.

Lady Remilia: You gave me more than just a home and family. You took care of us all and made the Scarlet Devil Mansion truly live up to its name. I’ll confess: when I was younger, I humored your villain theatrics because I thought it was really cool, but I never once thought of you as one. Behind that devilish exterior lies a kind, compassionate soul who cares for her family, friends, and maids. You will always be my Lady.

Meiling: Thank you for being my teacher and confidant. I know, I know—I’ve finally dropped the “Miss” in front of your name. You were there for me when I had troubles, and, no questions asked, you’d always help me in my time of need. You’ve taught me so much: how to appreciate the finer details in life, how to have fun, how to have good character. Please guide the others as you have guided me.

Koakuma: This is a little embarrassing to me, but you’re like a mom to me. You’ve nurtured me, cherished me, and though (or should I say especially?) Miss Patchouli had to pull you off of me at times, you’ve shown me how much you care about the two of us. Please keep smiling as you always do because it’s the kind of smile that encourages others to do the same.

Sakuya: If Miss Koakuma is like my mom, then you are like my older sister. You were strict but lenient at the same time. I’d always bug you, but you’d take time out of your day to pay extra attention to me. Of course, that might have come with a scolding, but you’d always take it easy on me. I respect you because I always wanted to be like you: trustworthy, hard-working, loved by those around you, intelligent. But, please, as one last favor to me, do take some time to rest! You need it once in a while.

Flandre: You and I, we’re brother-and-sister-in-arms. Doesn’t really fly off the tongue, huh? Anyway, don’t let me disappearing on you get you down. I’ve seen you grow so much in our time together—the time where you’d hole yourself away in the basement seems like it was forever ago. But I can’t take your hand and pull you along anymore. It’s time that you set off on your own adventure—but remember that you’re not alone. You have everyone else in the Scarlet Manor with you. So, please, keep searching for your happiness.

Patchouli: Now, this is probably where Miss Koakuma would point out, “Wait, but shouldn’t Miss Patchy be your mom, not me?” Maybe. Miss Patchouli, you did create me. But—I think you know this too—we’re linked through mana. We’re parts of a whole. What is mine was once yours, so you feel it too. That’s why you will be the first to know why I’m writing this letter. And, like me, you won’t say a word about it to the others. But in any case, thank you—for everything. Really. I don’t have the right words to say it all, but thank you for giving me a chance to experience life and happiness, and thank you for bringing me to this world that I cherish so much. And if you’re reading this, I want to say that I’ve always known why you named me Leonotis. Thank you for that.

So ends this chapter. I love you all so very much.

Sincerely and ever yours,
Leonotis L. Knowledge
>> No. 63700
File 154102385534.png - (175.71KB , 719x508 , thank you.png ) [iqdb]
Leonotis was alone on the terrace with one hand propped up against the railing. With his other hand, he rubbed an envelope between his fingertips as he looked down on Misty Lake, its blue gently enveloped in pale moonlight. Otherwise, it was dark. Cumulus congested the skies, much to his chagrin.

“Leo,” said a voice, softly, though he jumped anyway. Two crimson eyes briefly met his, and as they shifted, Leonotis heard a faint jingling of crystal wings.

“Hey, Flan. Looking to see the stars tonight, too?”

“No.” She looked to the sky, but all she found was gray. “It’s cloudy.”

“The moon’s peeking out, so I was thinking maybe the clouds’ll go away if I waited.”

“Maybe,” she said, smiling. “Do you think they’ll leave tonight?”

“Don’t think so. They look like the stubborn type.”

“Um, Leo,” Flandre said. “The maids and I are having tea together, so… would you like to join us?”

“Isn’t too late for tea?”

“I’m a vampire,” she replied, matter-of-fact, “and they’re fairies.”

Leonotis laughed, pocketing his envelope. “Fair point! Tell you what—I’ll go. The stars aren’t playing nice tonight.”

“Okay, good! Let’s go.” She took his hand and giggled. “Come, come. You don’t want to keep them waiting forever, do you?”

It was a rare moment for Leonotis—that Flandre was the one to yank him aside and drag him by the hand. He smiled and let himself be pulled along. “Yeah, you’re right.”
>> No. 63702
At least it got an ending of sorts. Can't help respecting a writer who bothers to do that.
>> No. 63713
Mad respect for not letting it die without some kind of conclusion. I will reread it whole now.
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