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File 138499578536.jpg - (503.06KB , 2112x2304 , that other fairy trio by nftyw.jpg ) [iqdb]
59702 No. 59702
>[x] ...I got nothing. Help me, Clover!

I stop mid-sip and rack my brain, coming up empty. Damn it, Applepicker, think.

"...I have no idea," I admit. "But--but why is it my job anyway? I mean--"

"Because you're the man!" Clover insists, thumping the table with her palm. "You're supposed to be all seizing initiative and being bold! In charge and all that!"

"...Clover, that's stupid. Really, really stupid. Have you seen her?" I ask pointedly. "Do you really think I'm in charge of ... anything?"

"Excuses!" Clover shouts, sitting on the edge of the table beside me. "And besides, it's not that you're a man--"

"Not what you said," I grumble.

"--It's that you're her man." She pokes a finger at my chest (right in the geta-shaped bruise, though I'm too drunk to feel). "You don't think a dragon likes being swept off her feet?"

All right, maybe she has a point there--Meiling seems really thrilled whenever I express myself. Or break clubs over my arm. Maybe I can go defeat a feral youkai for her honor or something. "Okay, fine. So... give me some ideas."

She pauses, head tottering a bit with all that wine in it. "...Stars," she finally says.


"A night under the stars! Just the two of you! Maybe a picnic, or a walk, maybe snuggle under a blanket..."

"Might not even need one," I reply, slipping into a big grin despite myself. "She's warm. I mean, really warm. Hot, I might snfmg."

Clover removes her hand from my mouth. "None of that now. We're working here."

I shrug and pour another glass for the both of us, the first bottle already nearly slain. "I'm out of my depths here. So what about the town?"

"Well, you should find out what restaurants there are! And what she likes! And what there is to do!"

"Can't I ask her what she wants to do?" I ask tiredly.

"Absolutely not!"

"Dating is dumb," I grumble.

"You're dumb. All right, all right, let me think..." Clover snaps her fingers. "She likes to take care of herself, right? She was telling me she usually cooks for herself, and tends to her own little house."


"Take her out on a trip to the market. Buy some fresh groceries. Maybe try to cook with her. Cook for her!"

"We could make a dessert or something, if we eat out in the village," I nod. "Okay. She definitely is kind of ... practical."

Clover nods enthusiastically. "Sporty, too. Anything like that?"

"Please no," I whinge. "She's already running me ragged."

"Oh, please. It's not like you're slaying youkai for her."

"I had a spar with a wolf tengu this morning," I reply dourly.

She looks at me closely. "...Really?" I just turn and give her a hollow stare.

Solemnly, Clover tops off my glass.

[ ] ...You know, she's usually teaching me. Maybe I could teach her some fairy flying.
[ ] I give up. I'll either let her take lead like always or just ask what she wants to do.
[ ] Wait! I still have more ideas! (Write-in)
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>> No. 61895
[x] ...to scope out the town, and find some things to do.

SUN TZU SAID something about information which you possess that the opponent does not.
>> No. 61896
[x] ...to invoke the most dreadful presence in the mansion. Sakuyaaaa!

The most helpful and most able to make things not go egg-shaped.
>> No. 61897
[x] ...to invoke the most dreadful presence in the mansion. Sakuyaaaa!
>> No. 61898
[ ] ...To meditate.

Kazuki will need his A game on this one. What better way to prepare himself for what may just be the best night of his life?
>> No. 61899
[x] ...to invoke the most dreadful presence in the mansion. Sakuyaaaa!
>> No. 61900
[x] ...to invoke the most dreadful presence in the mansion. Sakuyaaaa!
>> No. 61901
[x] ...to invoke the most dreadful presence in the mansion. Sakuyaaaa!
-[x] Involve the maid
>> No. 61902
[x] ...to invoke the most dreadful presence in the mansion. Sakuyaaaa!
-[x] Involve the maid
>> No. 62212
Every night, I pray at my fairy shrine that this story will return. Please, Daiyousei, hear me.
>> No. 62973
Oh great and powerful Orbital Cannon, please come back to us and revive this board!

If this fucking phone doesn't take that sage to be valid like it didn't last time I'll fucking kill myself
>> No. 62974
I miss this story. I miss you guys.

I've wanted to continue it for a damned long time now, but I think I've come to realize my original plans aren't really going to lend themselves to a good story--at least, not as I've doggedly tried to stick to them.

So I want your help. What did you read FoSL for? What needs to stay? At this point I've become so stuck I'm more than willing to drop spoilers for days on my plans going forward to get the story to roll again.

The delays and hiatuses suck, but I will say I've been writing other things continually. I'm sure I'm a better writer than I was a ye--

...A year and some more ago. And then before that. God damn it.

Hit me up, people. I want to 2hu again.
>> No. 62975
Doing cool stuff as a fairy, supposedly the lowest tier in Gensokyo. It's like... being Cirno, but with brains behind it. Who would ever suspect a fairy?

Also, seducing dragons. That really rocked too.
>> No. 62977
[x] ...to invoke the most dreadful presence in the mansion. Sakuyaaaa!

I have no idea whether or not I've voted on this already. ... Oh well!

"Formal Declaration of Apology for Setting you on Fire."

Also, everything else.
>> No. 62978
The romance, the lewdness, the fairies, the...I don't actually remember what else happened in this, but I'm sure it was all entertaining.

You don't need a big dramatic plot if you don't want. Just keep doing fun slice of life stuff!
>> No. 62979

I honestly can't think of anything about it I didn't like. If I could only pick a couple of things, I'd say doing stuff as a fairy and your really likeable characters
>> No. 62980
I can't think of anything about this that I didn't like. Get back to work.
>> No. 62981
Frankly, the most entertaining part of the story, for me at least, is Kazuki himself. He feels like a character should, in the sense that I could see him as an actual person. He fits in well enough not to overshadow, but stands out without having to rely on Canon characters. It's a good balance. You also write good scenes with Meiling, lewd or clean.

Call me a sucker for alternate time lines too, cause I really want to see how he would progress through the games, and what Kinda butterfly effect would come about because of his involvement.

And on the most random note, The achievements at the end of each chapter? One of the best non-plot idea I've seen in this story. More of those please.

All in all, I would kill to see more of Kazuki and his misadventures.
>> No. 62982

I read it because I liked the damn story. To me, it isn't any more complicated than that.
>> No. 62983
The idea of a little guy beating the odds, the exploration of the consequences of main characters rampaging around in their 'incidents' all the fairy lore, etc.
>> No. 62984
In all honesty, I really, really need to re-read this again to be able to make completely cogent points rather than vague rambling, but...

First and foremost, I'll admit that the big draw to me was the relationship between Kazuki and Meiling. As we started getting a sense of the rapport they had, I realised just how "real" the relationships of the story felt. Maybe I don't always agree with the interpretations, but I still love them because of who they are and, more importantly, who they are to each other. While Kazuki has the most defined moments with everybody, they don't outshine any of the others.

Which brings me to the next bullet point. Like someone else said, Kazuki is a pretty well-done character; he's not some shoehorned-in avatar who exists for hijinks. For being such a "lowly" and otherwise "unimportant" part of the setting as a fairy, his motivations feel so solid. I don't know anybody like him, but I can sure imagine him as a real person. And it's much the same for the others: They're not cardboard cutouts waved around for the author to make a point to the audience. When they speak, they speak to the world they inhabit. That's a mark of good writing.

I could probably go on about worldbuilding (something I have a weakness for in spite of its potential sins) and the entertaining hijinks that I recall, but this isn't a gush session. What I want to say underneath a lot of this heaping of praise is that you, Mister Author, come across as a fairly character-driven writer. You do a great job with characters and making them interact. That's a strength you should play to going forward, however you develop the plot -- and I personally think this could still be a full-blown "story arcs and developments" type of story, though others might want slice-of-life. In any case, this humble anon has been deeply and hopelessly in love with this story for a while and hopes it returns with the force of a Meiling scorned.

TL;DR: Meiling goes in every field.
>> No. 62985

All of it. I like ALL OF IT.

Seriously, everything you've done so far has been awesome. I don't often get emotional from reading stories, but you've wrung tears out of my stony heart over and over again. Kazuki×Meiling and Kazuki vs. Patchouli stand out in particular, but if I listed any more I'd end up writing a summary of the whole damn story.

I dunno know what you do, but I want you to do more of it.
>> No. 62986
File 146147413116.jpg - (249.07KB , 1150x1250 , Meiling.jpg ) [iqdb]

I mean, I can dig that. Meiling.
>> No. 62987
You dig? I dig.

>> No. 62988
File 146152511251.jpg - (200.41KB , 850x638 , sample-461a02db4e525eeea0ec36349f1ac4ca.jpg ) [iqdb]
Meiling is a miracle of the universe!

And Kazuki is definitely written well, I also especially enjoyed seeing glimpses into fairy culture and his interactions with his fellow kin.
>> No. 62989

I remember reading something somewhere about plot development. The basic idea was, you create characters, give them something to react to, and then bounce them off of each other. You still get conflict that way, since character A might end up hating character B or something, and everything is more organic, since you aren't forcing characters to act out of character.

As everyone else is saying, you do characterization better than most people on this website. Everyone in the story has clear, concrete motivations, and the result is that the plot has always felt, for lack of a better word, right. I'd been looking forward to the upcoming plot events, just so I could see Kazuki and Company hanging out with Yuyuko and Company.

What I'm saying is, your writing is excellent and I want moar
>> No. 62995
Gensokyo from a Humble Fairy's PoV, the whole scoring Meiling thing is just a nice bonus.

Just seeing him witness/interact with Gensokyo is an appealing thing, no epic plots needed.
>> No. 62996
Why did you bump I got excited you goddamn nigger
>> No. 62997
Yeah, how dare that guy bump the story at the top of the board! Now thanks to his carelessness this story is at the top of the board, instead of being all the way down at the top of the board where it used to be. Why his heinous actions buried an unprecedented zero stories! Truly he is the scum of the Earth.
>> No. 62998
Shush, guys. He's just a newbie.
>> No. 62999

In case it wasn't already blatantly obvious, I was being sarcastic in >>62997
>> No. 63001
It's almost like you can't comprehend the fact that people use the homepage to check for updates
>> No. 63002
I use the front page to check for updates.

I'd rather see a link on the front page leading to a well-intentioned accidental bump than a link on the front page leading to a well-intentioned accidental bump and a post like >>62996.
>> No. 63003
I stopped writing my Fallout story in 2012 and I regret that fact every time I think about it, largely because of the amount of time I spent on building it and it's world. I hope you continue your story, but moreover I hope not doing doesn't spoil your enjoyment of this site.
>> No. 63004
Welcome to THP. Don't bump dead threads, no excuses.


While it might sometimes wake up a writefag, so to speak, it is often not worth raising up anon's hopes for nothing. That's why it is discouraged.
What you prefer is, obviously, irrelevant.

I'm not sure if you're actually The Fallout Writefag but, in case you are or he's reading this: thanks for writing the best story of this site.
>> No. 63005
>I'm not sure if you're actually The Fallout Writefag

Well I can't prove anything unless I had a Luna Dial to go back in time and acquired a trip.

>thanks for writing the best story of this site.

I had at least as much fun writing it as others did reading it. Just wish I had contacted IRC to copyedit/proofread some parts. And the best story on the site was Retrospective and Astronomical Narration.

Forgot my sage up there. Sorry for fagging up your thread TTSC. You said you had a Rumia story?
>> No. 63092
Dear Daiyousei,

Please raise this story from the dead.

>> No. 63285
I still have some faint hope ;_;
>> No. 63368
The year is 20XX. All hope has died.
>> No. 63497
I am sad. I am mad.

I want someone to take up the reins and do something else like this.

>> No. 63589
File 152825347696.jpg - (691.62KB , 2300x3163 , DevcMASV4AAURFv.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes I am bumping this. Shamelessly. Get mad folks, I think it deserves it.

After speedrunning this story in less than half a day, I really, really, really want to see this back up.

So, answering your questions: what do I like here? the setting. The characters, and the romance.
Come on, a great fairy OC that falls in love and gets seduced by Meiling? Amazing. The action segments, and all the personalities - the description of Remilia's appearance was amazing! - indeed hitted me, deep. Flandre's story is great too, as sad as it is. I want to see the end of it.
I love how Meiling is a real personality (something rare in fanon) - proud, brave, kind. But also friendly, teasing and sexy. Can she be more perfect than this?!
Not to talk about the Rumia segment, or the first one where we saved Marisa. All great. So yes you are writing a really amazing story that should continue.

What we want to see? More interactions, more day to day stuff, punctuated by developments on Flandre's reconciliation with Meiling and her sister and by more info about what Rumia is thinking about, and if it's helping her somehow. And that damn date man! I want to see Kazuki have a good time with her love!

If your plot is not satisfying you, rewrite it. Cut, paste, think. Ask for ideas, but these are already a lot of ones in my opinion.
There is all Gensokyo to space with!

You have here something that can easily come down as one of the best stories of the site. Just this.

Of course you are free to do what you want, no one is forcing you. Just remember that we haven't forgot your story - seeing from all the messages above mine - and we'll be here to see it get back to life.

I hope this moved your resolve, or helped in any way. Cheers man, and take it easy.

>> No. 63590
Not even mad. Just frustrated by the fact that this story is dead.

Incidentally, the writer has been “done with” the site for a while. I can pretty well tell you for a fact that he ain’t seeing your message. Maybe there’s a one-in-million chance of him changing his mind, but I highly doubt it.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
>> No. 63591
Any given reasons of why he has just disappeared? After writing something this good...
>> No. 63592

Because he's not emotionally/mentally mature enough to realize his self-defeatist attitude isn't consistent with reality. The emotional response to the prospect of him quitting showed the only one with any doubts was the author himself.
>> No. 63593
Gonna say it's more to do with him feeling like THP's anons are too toxic to put up with anymore. That's the sentiment I got from more than a couple of big names who quietly flipped the bird to the site and left.
>> No. 63594

That would be pretty strange. Post 2015 THP isn't any more toxic than most anonymous image boards/Fan-fiction repositories. I mean yea, there's sometimes users who get shit for posting with a name, and maybe an author or two who'll post angry, self-entitled rants over something silly. Buuuuut besides all that we've been pretty tame these past few years.
>> No. 63595
Hey, I'm just reporting things that have been said without explicitly repeating their words. Guys like TTSC have made up their mind pretty much, so trying to convince them otherwise is impossible. I've tried with no luck.

Which means the story's dead and will stay that way, even if the writer himself won't deign to come back and say that.
>> No. 63596
But how? Here in this thread I see only people that wants this story to be back. All the replies he got when he asked what we wanted from the story are here damn.

So where is this "toxic" people he claims so much to be here?

I've seen this reasoning before here. And I have to say that it's just bullshit for the most part. Remember, assholes are everywhere, there's no way to avoid them.
But from what I see here, only a minority is like that. Most of us just wants to read a story in peace and comment about it. I dunno, really.

(Sidenote - the only thing that I don't like of an authors behaviour if I have to say it is exactly this: leaving without a single word. Is it that hard to come and post just a two-line post to say that the story is stalled/in hiatus/etc?
If all authors started simply doing that it would be much easier to know if a story is still up or not, and if we should still keep an eye on it or not. And maybe hope it comes back.
I know, they maybe feel the guilt of it and don't wanna put down the readers, but really listen: by not saying anything you're doing way, way worse. For real. I can tell personally.
And keep in mind: I am not accusing anyone. It's just constructive criticism. I don't wanna fight or yell over this, because that doesn't accomplish anything, never.
...Ok sorry, back to main argument.)

tl;dr this focusing over 'toxic' fans/posters thing is just stupid in my opinion. Look over them, and you'll see all the people that appreciate your work and want it to be done!
>> No. 63597
Dude, he has a complex. Logic and common sense need not apply.

It's like trying to talk someone out of depression: you're talking to yourself.
>> No. 63622
I cast thread necromancy to laugh at all the anons down here.
>> No. 63623
epin trolling bro ecks dee
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