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File 137922759693.png - (289.40KB, 500x620, your almighty maker.png) [iqdb]
58934 No. 58934
Patchouli Knowledge, the Unmoving Great Library, the sorceress of arcana complexus, the master of natural elements, was working on a particularly vexing incantation. Combining multiple elements with less-than agreeable compatibility, the mage took it upon herself to enchant the arte of fire, wood, and moon as an experiment. One which required all her concentration.

“Miss Patchouli! Miss Patchouli! An unidentified object is making a beeline towards the library at Mach one!” Koakuma’s frantic yelps ring across the grand library.

Patchouli says nothing. Her robe flutters softly with the stream of magical energy. She shuts her eyes and blinds herself from the physical world to see the current of mana. Within the tome in front of her is a vortex of tri-elemental power. The book waxes and wanes in power, its cryptic words on its pages known only to Patchouli Knowledge. Glistening beads of sweat adorn her forehead as she channels her magical incantations. The next step will require perfect execution and uninterrupted magical prowess.

Perfect execution.

“Yer never gonna catch me, ya gate guard! Wahaha!” A door from the side of the library topples down as a broom and its owner, Marisa Kirisame, enter the fray. She makes haste with her cleaning apparatus, zipping through the complex shelves.

And uninterrupted.

“Hey! Get back here, intruder!” Hong Meiling cries out in half-exasperation, half-determination.


“Nope~” A blinding light escapes Marisa’s mini-hakkero, unleashing a flurry of stars and lasers, eviscerating innocent books in their wake.


“MARISAAAAAAA!” Meiling screams out at the black-white magician at the top of her lungs. She retaliates with some danmaku of her own, throwing out vibrantly colored shots towards her assailant.

Patchouli’s footing on the ground wavers, as the entire ground shakes from the clash in aisle Arcane-Apparitions. Only a drop of mana left. But before she can finish her spell, a shockingly familiar beam shoots out from behind a bookshelf. “I-Is that master spar-”

An explosion of energy knocks Patchouli off her feet, blowing her away. Despite the impact, she was relatively unharmed. What remains of her magical circle and experiment is not. It suffered a direct hit from the Master Spark – only clouds of dust remained. When the clouds blew over, it resembled nothing like the magic circle that Patchouli painstakingly drew out. Patchouli expected that. But she didn’t expect it to look like that. For the first time as a mage, she was at a loss for words.

Marisa, zipping by with her broom, falls to the floor with a clatter. She sputters and does a double, triple, quadruple take. The witch hat falls from her head in the most absurd fashion possible.

“Hey now, did you surrender alrea- oh. Oh, my.” Meiling gapes at the sight.

From the charred remains of the magical circle contained a boy. Head cocked to one side, he looks at Patchouli with expectant curiosity.

Patchouli coughs violently, shakily taking a step backward. “Koakuma…please notify Remilia and Sakuya of the situation.”

It takes Patchouli’s assistant a few seconds to respond. “What? Oh, right away!” She scrambles out of the library calling for the head of the household. The boy in the middle of the ruined magic circle watches her leave, turning his head towards the fleeing Koakuma.

Patchouli, exhausted, leans on a bookshelf for support. It was not exactly her greatest day.

The sun shines a warm light outside, illuminating the bright green of the forest and the sky-blue lake. The fairies dance around the edge of the lake’s surface, shattering their lively reflections with ripples of the water.

The light glints off the window in the library of Voile, taunting your urge to play. You want to play! Very much! But Miss Patchouli ordered you to stay in her studies to…study. For at least an hour too! It’s hard, but Miss Patchouli said you were good at learning! You felt happy when she praised how fast you learned how to talk!

Ten minutes left until the hour is up! You can’t wait until you’re free to play! You stack tome number two-oh-four on the growing pile of deciphered magic grimoires. Nine minutes. In your excitement, you sped through reading the book! You can’t wait nine minutes anymore!

Oh, a great idea! If you read extra fast, Miss Patchouli will never notice you finished early! Flipping through the pages as quickly as you can, you memorize the content instantly so that you can play. You feel guilty that you’re tricking Miss Patchouli, but the world outside of the study room beckons to you! You must! Eight minutes left – and seven books read!

Let’s play~

But where? With whom?

[ ] Miss Koakuma is somewhere in the library! You should find her!
[ ] Miss Sakuya wanted to see you today. Now is a good time!
[ ] Outside! Miss Meiling always wants to play~
[ ] It’s tea time. Maybe Miss Remilia would like some company!
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>> No. 61067
Oh, I like this Remi. And Flan. And pretty much everybody else, too - especially Leo.

[X] Stay a while longer and talk to Flandre. After all, this is her dinner party now. Kinda.
>> No. 61068
[X] Stay a while longer and talk to Flandre. After all, this is her dinner party now. Kinda.

Since the whole thing was because we were worried about Flandre, we can't just leave her now.
>> No. 61070
[X] Stay a while longer and talk to Flandre. After all, this is her dinner party now. Kinda.

We did not just wreck half the mansion to ignore flandre.
>> No. 61071
[x] Stay a while longer and talk to Flandre. After all, this is her dinner party now. Kinda.

We can ask the fairy another time.
>> No. 61072
File 141162494870.jpg - (87.30KB, 600x450, flansy.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Stay a while longer and talk to Flandre. After all, this is her dinner party now. Kinda.

You should stay a while longer. Talk to Flan! After all, this is her dinner party, now that the dining hall came crashing into her place. Currently, she’s being surrounded by a throng of fairy maids. You make eye contact with her. Immediately, she slips away from the clutches of the fairies and hides behind you. The fairy maids are following!

Now’s the time for a tactical retreat! To the back of the dining hall!

The coast is clear. Flan’s still hiding behind you. “It’s okay now,” you reassure Flan. “It’s safe!”

Clutching your robe tighter, Flan nods. “I feel the safest right here.”

In the back of the dining hall? “Well, okay. Makes sense. Not a lot of people here.” Hm, yes. That’s most logical. Yep. Yeah. Yes.

“Are you okay?” Flan’s worrying about you. That’s just silly.

“Never been better,” you reply as your left leg gives way for a split-second – but no less. Excellent recovery!

“You’re kinda wobbly, Leo.” Flan steadies you by the shoulders. Luckily, she was hiding behind you. You would have fallen over her otherwise.

“It’s been a long day!” And this was true. You’ve done many things today. Many exciting things! Like sleep and eat and... things that you can’t really remember as of this moment but they were cool and fun!

Flan is quiet for but a moment. She tugs at your wrist, moving you to a chair. She sits you down and then sits herself down, scooting her chair closer over to you. Miss Sakuya, being impeccably Sakuya-like, walks over nonchalantly, serves a few dishes to Flan, and waltzes away in one fluid motion. It’s amazing how Miss Sakuya always comes by at the perfect time.

Flan is greeted with Naan flatbread and hummus, lemon pepper rotisserie chicken (which is not to be mistaken with the more technical lemon pepper rotary chicken), and garlic mashed potatoes. Apparently, Lady Remilia likes the garlic mashed potatoes too. She said that garlic isn’t so bad but Dracula was allergic to it or something.

The chair is so comfy. The cushions are comfy too. And so is the table. And so is your face on top of the table.

...You shouldn’t be doing this. It’s rude to everybody in the dinner party! Stifling a yawn, you turn your attention towards Flan. She’s happily eating without reserve, savoring every bite. Flan’s just eating and eating and eating. She sits quietly in her chair, sneaking looks at you between bites.

“Aren'tcha gonna talk to people, Flan?”

Her wide-eyed red stare shifts directly at you. It’s slightly mesmerizing. “I don't know.” She twirls her fork between her forefingers. As a side thought, she adds in, “People are scary.”

“Oh, I see.” That’s true. People can be scary! But you consider yourself a member of people. “Then, am I scary?”

Flan finishes chewing. Then, setting her fork down on her plate, she starts twirling a lock of her blonde hair. After much contemplation, she replies.


“I'm happy then. Yaaay!”

A flutter of her crystal wings. Flap flap. “Me too,” mumbles Flan, all red-faced.

“Leeoooooooooooo~!” The crowd of fairies are back! “We need you for something!”

“Am I reaaally needed?” Suspicious. You're wary because the last time they said that, they ambushed you out of your study time and then Miss Patchouli got really tired and frustrated and sad!

“...Well,” pauses one of the maids.

Flan, distraught, looks desperately around the room to find the answer to your question. She has a moment of realization, then walks close enough to touch you. Standing on her tip toes, she pats your head shyly.



“I didn't mean it like that! I don't feel unneeded.” At least, not when your thesis on thermodynamics is almost complete. You're needed to revolutionize the current world of meta, physics, and metaphysics.

Understandably, Flan blushes at her mistake. “I feel silly.”

Feeling silly is silly. “You are silly!”


“Flan's silly. Very silly!”

She has no idea how to respond!

...And your head's on the table again. It's a huge problem that the tables are rather pleasant to nap on. It's a situation that must be addressed. You get off of your chair. “Flan.” You salute her. “Battle stations.” Commander Leo will assume control.

Private Flandre, who is both confused and startled, stands up straight and salutes you back hesitantly.

“I'm being called over to save a dimension outside of this physical plane.”


Silly Scarlet. You explain it to her again. “I must go save the dream world by fighting the sleepy-monsters.”

She replies with too much seriousness to continue your commander act. “Will you be okay?”

“I'm going to bed, Flan~”

“Oh!” Flan finally gets it! She nods earnestly, bobbing her head up and down. “I'll walk you over.”

“No need to be polite!” you exclaim, tripping over your feet. You're too exhausted to get up immediately. “Actually. I'd love some company.”

Flan helps you to your feet, pulling you up. You lead her forward. To victory! To sleep!

You feel bad that Flan has to walk you to your room, especially when you're wobbling all over the place. “Sorry for this~”


Walk walk walk. Flan hums softly to herself, the light tapping of her shoes echoing with each step she takes. You pass Flan's broken door, up the stairs, into the hallway, over the large hole that used to be the dining hall, up some more stairs and into the residence hall. The mansion is in a sad state of affairs. You can't walk for more than three minutes before seeing something that you broke or blew up. Anyhow. The door to your room is to the left. You've made it! You have managed to avoid passing out.

“Leo,” Flan interrupts your momentary celebration. Fidgeting, she hides her face behind her cap, save for her eyes, which are staring right at you. “...Thanks.”

“Any time!” Not that you would destroy her ceiling any time, because that'd be a safety hazard. Maybe only on special occasions. You should clarify! “Any time not meaning that I'd blow up your ceiling any time. You know what I mean.”

Flan, still hiding her face behind her hat, nods.

You wave her adieu. “Nighty night, Flan.”

“...Nighty,” she responds.

You enter the room and throw yourself into the bed, not bothering to change out of your clothes. You'll worry about that tomorrow. Technically, the tomorrow you're thinking of is already today. You'll worry about that tomorrow too. Today.

You're sleeping before you can worry about worrying about today-tomorrows!


And you awake. Your robe is all wrinkled. The yesterday-but-technically-today-you said that he'll worry about it later. And it happens to be later. So you fold-and-tuck the robe, placing it into the hamper. You put on a loose gray robe. Or is it grey? No matter!

What should you do today?

[ ] Play!
[ ] Explore!
[ ] Study!
>> No. 61073
[x] Play!
>> No. 61074
[x] Play!
>> No. 61087
[x] Explore!

Meet new people!
>> No. 61089
[X] Study!

Gotta study at some point or another.
>> No. 61090
[X] Study!
>> No. 61092
[X] Study!
>> No. 61193
File 141274608854.jpg - (310.14KB, 1280x1970, are you sure leo.jpg) [iqdb]
You should study! It's been a while since the last time you did.

But you need a warm shower first. Taking a pair of leggings from your drawer, you're off! Well. You call them leggings but you're not really too sure what they are exactly. They're like cotton pants, except they're all poofy and soft. No matter!

...The shower water's nice. It's so warm that you could fall asleep in it! And you do. But only for a minute or so. You should probably turn the shower off. Probably. Maybe.

The hardest part about taking a warm shower is turning the water off and getting out. You make a quick dash to the towel before you get all cold and chilly. Drying yourself off, you pull over the robe and get your leggings or whatever it is, on. Clothes equipped! Since the robe is loose, you tie the sash extra snug.

You're ready! You exit the bathroom and enter the brave frontier: the hallway. A light twinkles from the corner of the hallway. Many colored crystals poke out from behind the door. Flandre! She inches out but retreats once she catches sight of you.

“Flan~!” You run over to the hallway door, expecting to chase Flan around the mansion but instead you're greeted by Flan attaching herself to your side. A bit different from what you had in mind, but the end result is the same: you caught a Flandre! “So you’re finally out of the basement!”

Flan nods. “A change of scenery is nice.”

“It is, isn’t it?” You start to walk, dragging Flan along. You’re doing your best to get to the library quickly but Flan’s being pulled along too, so you’re careful not to walk too fast and trip.

“Where are we going?”

“To the library. I’m running over to go study for a while and catch up with my readings.” And how! You have so much to catch up on. Your reading backlog has been growing and growing and growing. “Do you like to read?”

“I think I like mystery. I pretend that I’m the detective that has to figure out who the perpetrator is.”

“I did that when I read Murder on the Orient Express~”

“...Me too. I like Agatha Christie.” Flan throws out a spellcard all of a sudden! Assume defensive positions! “I have a spellcard dedicated to her. It’s called ‘And Then There Will Be None?’”

Unassume defensive positions. “A grim spellcard for the soldier boy who hung himself. How tragic for thee, lone soldier boy!”

Flan looks puzzled. “Hmm? You don’t know the real lyrics?”

“The real lyrics?”

“She got m–” Then Flan completely drops her sentence mid-conversation, blushing. She’s really bright red! What happened!?

“She? Who? What?” You’re so lost!

She shakes her head left to right multiple times rapidly. “Never mind.”

You don’t get it. “Anyhow. To the library?”


Miss Patchouli is posted in her usual place – at the huge desk in front of all the gigantic bookshelves. “Leonotis, just in ti– Flandre. A rare visit. Do you need something?”

Flan, taking a slow step back, murmurs out, “No, not really.”

“Oh,” pauses Miss Patchouli. “I see.”

Now hiding behind you, Flan nods timidly. In a small voice, she adds, “Don’t mind me.”

“Anyway,” Miss Patchouli sighs. She has that tired look again! “I have something to discuss with you, Leonotis. I’ve been looking at your magical energy output yesterday. It does not particularly line up to how much energy you should have. It’s a little too much. A lot too much, actually. This is a chance to apply your knowledge. There is an obvious magical disparity. Do you know why?”

There are a lot of factors. You aren’t sure, so you’ll just give it your best guess! “Because I got excited and that excitement was channeled into magical energy?”


“Oh.” You tried.

“It is because you don’t only expend your energy when you cast spells. I haven’t figured out what it exactly is, but you consume some other kind of resource simultaneously whenever you utilize magic.”

“Oh, my mana?”

“Well, yes. Let’s call your mysterious source of magic ‘mana’ and define it as a separate entity from your magical energy. I have a hypothesis. Normally, when magicians utilize magic, they draw upon their own magical strength through a conduit.” Miss Patchouli coughs, flipping open a book. “For example, a grimoire, a staff, a mini-hakkero. They are all conduits. However, you act like a conduit for your own magic. Your magic needs no provocation by any conventional conduit. My conclusion yields two premises. First, you expend ‘mana’ as a secondary magical resource to raw magical energy and second, you act as your own conduit for magic.”

“I see! So what’s the conclusion?”

“...I do not know yet,” Miss Patchouli admits.

“Does this mean that I don’t need to use my grimoire anymore?”

“You are not required to, but I suggest you practice with it. Think of it as a sport.”


“Anyhow. Today's lesson. We’ll be going over non-spellcard magic one more time. The easiest ones to create are the elementals. We are essentially copying nature’s templates. For example, wind.” She flicks her finger in a direction and a little tornado comes out. “You can improvise how you channel your magic as long as you keep an image of what you are trying to create in your mind.”

“Yay! I do that a lot.” During spellcards, you tend to disappear into your own little world. So you attempt tornados, then whirlwinds, then hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, confluences and various other weather patterns. “But what about non-elementals?”

“It is different for each individual. My expertise relies on the five base elementals, so I have little to say about the subject matter. But what I do know is that non-elemental magic, barring danmaku, tends to be less tangible. Therefore, it is harder to visualize. Hrmm.” Miss Patchouli points to Flan. “Flandre!”

“Y-Yes!?” Flandre exclaims, jumping up from the sudden outburst. Well, as much of an outburst Miss Patchouli could make. Obviously, she was not prepared to be a student in this lecture.

“How do you practice your magic?”

“Um... I just find the eye of the object and it just goes kyuu~”

Sounds like an interesting way to use magic.

“...As a reminder, don’t do that to people,” Miss Patchouli wearily states. “Leonotis, you as well.”

“It’s okay for meteorites, though,” notes Flan.


“Of course. Any questions?”

“Yes, yes!” You do have a question! “Why do you reject my revision on the fundamental laws of thermodynamics?”

“This question is irrelevant to the lesson. However, I will answer it anyway. Your theory's credibility cannot be ascertained because there is no quantifiable data for your hypotheses.”

“Some things cannot be proven by experiments alone, Miss Patchouli! You have to feel it!”

“...Any other questions?” Miss Patchouli looks straight at Flan, ignoring you.

“Miss Patchouuuuli, that’s mean!”

Flan, cupping her hands, creates a small bubble. It floats up to the air and pops, leaving only remnants of magical light.

“Good. Self-study is now in session.”

“Miss Patchouuuuuli!”

And she leaves! How cruel~

Welp. At least you can catch up on your reading. It’s a good time to finish that book on various magic – Advanced Basics: How to Basically Advance Intermediate Magics. Or maybe Dr. Diddit’s Who Dunnit? The Locked Room Mystery and How Magic Wizardry is the Solution. Or even the well-received magical text book, Magic Makes Sense so You Don’t Have To.

You can’t choose which one to finish! So you’ll just read them all. You just need a desk now. Luckily, the library has some!

You move over to a wooden table. Or maybe it’s a faux-wooden table? They all look the same. Flan sits on the other side, having picked up a copy of Sophie’s World. Furrowing her brow, Flan silently mouths the text of the book to herself – she’s in her reading zone.

It’d be a shame if something interrupted her~

It really would, because books are precious and deserve to be read. And Flan would miss out on a good reading experience if something did interrupt her!

Hmm. You’ll read slow today~

Twenty-three books later, you realize that you may have forgotten to read slow. You have created a book fortress, with a wall of books to your left and a wall of books to your right. Sneaking a peek over your book castle, you see that Flan’s just about done with her book. Yay! She snaps the book shut. One book conquered~



“I’m being called.”


“Called, Flan. To the outside.”


“Outside! Want to come?”

Paaaaaaaaaaause. Flan’s a deer in the headlights, except you’re not really sure what headlights are! “Okay.”

“We’re venturing to places somewhat unknown, by roads... um.”

“...taken somewhat but not too much?” Flan offers.

“Yes! We’re on the same page, dear Flandre!” The venturing begins! But where to?

[ ] Visit Marisa! You faintly recall that Flan knows her.
[ ] Go around the lake! Cirno and Dai are probably nearby.
[ ] A trip to the human village! Because why not?
[ ] Elsewhere!
>> No. 61194
[x] Go around the lake! Cirno and Dai are probably nearby.

This calls out to me
>> No. 61198
[x] A trip to the human village! Because why not?

We haven't been there before!
>> No. 61202
[x] Visit Marisa! You faintly recall that Flan knows her.

Just seems like the best option.

Somehow I don't see this going remotely well.
>> No. 61204
Why? I don't think Cirno'd be spooked.
>> No. 61217
Flandre is likely to spook the humans if she has any sort of reputation, so that's probably not all that good an idea. Also, Marisa might well be more receptive to Leo's theory then Patchouli is.

[x] Visit Marisa! You faintly recall that Flan knows her.
>> No. 61231
[x] Visit Marisa! You faintly recall that Flan knows her. 
Marisa knows Flan. We know Flan. This is a good idea.
>> No. 61238
[x] Go around the lake! Cirno and Dai are probably nearby.

Because more Dai.
>> No. 61239
[X] Go around the lake! Cirno and Dai are probably nearby.

Bonding through thermodynamics.
>> No. 61241
[X] A trip to the human village! Because why not?

>> No. 61242
[X] A trip to the human village! Because why not?
Here you go.
>> No. 61243
[x] Visit Marisa! You faintly recall that Flan knows her.

Fuk you're ties
>> No. 61244
[x] Visit Marisa! You faintly recall that Flan knows her.
I hate you two from the bottom of my heart.
>> No. 61245
>> No. 61291
File 141343288644.jpg - (106.12KB, 850x600, minus two.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Visit Marisa! You faintly recall that Flan knows her.

Mmm. Places, places. Places to go, places to be. But not just any place! A place where you can go with Flan. “Oh!” Realization. “Why don't we visit Marisa?” You faintly recall that she knows her.

Flan flutters her wings, creating a sound akin to wind chimes brushing against each other. “...Kay.”

“Alrighty then! Off to Marisa's!” You waste no more time. Once more, you drag Flan along through the hallways and doors and everything else. Suddenly, your feet are off the ground. Flan's flying! And now you're being the one dragged along. Well, it's either that or falling face first onto the ground. Your grasp on her hand is slipping. “Flan. I need to report on my current circumstances now.”

“Hrm?” She doesn't seem to notice that you're hanging on for dear life.

“I might fall and go splat.”

“Don't worry, I'm strong.”

“I-I didn't mean it like that, Flaaaaaaan~!” Oh. Oh, whoops. You're falling! You're falling and you can't get up! You flail wildly, grabbing at anything to slow or stop your descent.

Whoosh.. You're safe. Flan's got you in a princess carry. Prince carry? Anyway. Two red eyes stare back at you, filled with questions. But they only ask one. “...Don't you already know how to fly?”

“I do! Just... I can only fly after I get some momentum.” You shrug. “I self-taught myself, so I don't know the correct way to fly.”

“That's dangerous, Leo.”

“I know! I have so many things to do, though! Like... err. Studying and scouting missions and, um, venturing? I'm not really helping myself much, am I?”

“Not at all,” agrees Flan. Well! At least she's honest about it.

“Um, Flaaaan. Can we get down? I can still fly, y'know.”

“Don't worry, I'm strong~” Flan does a spin in the air, spinning you along with her.

“You're just teasing me now, aren't you, Flan?”

She doesn't reply, but twirls once more.

Yep. She's definitely teasing you.

“Oh. Leo. Where exactly is Marisa's house?”

“The Forest of Magic. It should be past this forest, which happens to be the Forest of Particularly Uninteresting Events. You know, it's pretty weird. Supposedly, the Forest of Magic is supposed to be dangerous and scary but it's pretty close to the human village. Plus, it's dangerous for commonfolk like me to enter but I've had no problems yet!”

“You're considered commonfolk?”


“I never realized that Gensokyo is such a scary place,” Flan mutters, slowly drifting back down towards the ground.

“It is, isn't it?”

And now you're here at the Forest of Magic, with its thick thickets, grooved groves, and treelots with lots of trees. You're finally allowed to set foot on the ground again! As soon as you do, you trip on a root, uprooting your foot from floor. Err, ground. Scrambling over the grassy terrain, you regain your footing.

Flan stifles a chuckle, but immediately trips over the same root. You do the polite thing and pretend you didn't notice!

Several trippings later, you're at Marisa's house. You can tell that it's Marisa's and not Miss Alice's because it's covered in shrubbery. Miss Alice would never stand for that and would have the house promply unhedged. You knock twice on the door, then twice more for good measure. No response.

Welp! You didn’t take into account that Marisa might not be home. Might as well leave! The door, however, says otherwise, creaking open as loud as it possibly can. “Well. The door’s open, Flan. Let’s go~”

“Should we be doing this?” asks Flan.

“Probably not,” you reply truthfully. But you’re curious what wonders you may find in the Kirisame household!

The inside is a sight to behold. To clarify, it’s a complete mess! Books are clattered everywhere, with vials and flasks strewn all across the floor. A faded sign that reads “Magic Shop” in faded letters lays face-up on a desk. Despite all this, it’s quite cozy. However, one thing looks out of place! It’s a bookshelf to the side of the room. Unlike the house’s other inhabitants, the bookshelf looks neat – pristine, even. The books have their spines intact and are untainted by various concoctions that are spilled all over the place. A lot of them look really familiar... Ah!

“Leo?” Flan tilts her head, giving you a dubious look.

“Flan, lookie.” You point to the books on the second highest shelf. “It’s one of Miss Patchouli’s books. She was looking for this one. Elemental Vivace: Musical Magics. And this one. And this one! Oh, I’ve been meaning to read this for some time now.” You’re reclaiming these!

“Um, are you sure about this?” she questions, as she’s handed two books.

“Always, Flan,” you reassure her, taking the rest of the books into your custody. A couple of other books foreign to you are on the shelf as well. Soul & Automatio sounds interesting, but you won’t take them. They’re not Miss Patchouli’s and they’re certainly not yours.

Then, the door clatters shut. Then open again! “...Did I leave the door open, again?” You’re not sure whether to answer her or not. Before you can decide, Flan speaks up.


Marisa promptly freaks out! “Whoa!? Intruders!?” She brandishes her mini-hakkero and squints, taking a better look at you and Flan. Her gaze falls to the books in your hands. Flan’s as well. “Well. This is fairly ironic.”

“Um,” you pause, thinking of a good retort, “turnabout is fair play?”

“Indeed,” Marisa nods, rolling the mini-hakkero around in her hand. “But how should I deal with these troublemakers?”

“...Let them go nicely?” Flan suggests. Good job, Flan!

“Tsk tsk, naive.” Marisa clicks her tongue, wagging her finger at Flan. She escorts both you and Flan out the door. In a flash, she draws out a spellcard. “Let’s danmaku, ya hooligans!”

Love Sign「Non-Directional Laser」

A burst of stars explodes from Marisa’s mini-hakkero, forcing you to dodge to the right. You keep dodging right, running through the stars at full speed. Flan’s already in the air, weaving through heavy danmaku traffic. You shortly join her, gaining altitude quickly. “Flan!” You call out to her. “Give me the rest of the books! Shoot, and I’ll move!”

“Hey. That’s my catchphrase, buddy.”

Flan drops the books, and you flip to grab the books, barely grazing the lasers in the process. You start moving, she starts shooting. The spellcard’s easy enough – though you feel like you’ve seen it before. No matter. All you have to do is dodge the little stars, squeeze through the big stars, and not get hit by the shiny lasers.

Spellcard get~!

“Very good! This two-on-one thing is hard.” Marisa excitedly shouts. She throws out another spellcard. “But I’m not done yet!”

Loving Heart「Double Spark」

...Double spark? Suddenly, stars everywhere. It's hard to move around with the books, but you manage to fly to an area with some breathing room. There's a lot of space, now that you think about it! It's almost as if–

Bwoom! And then a giant laser came piercing through the air. You scramble through the air, speeding away from the line of destruction as fast as you can. Flan's in a similar situation, but she dodges the other Master Spark with ease, having no books to slow her down. You don't think you can dodge another one of those death-lasers. Fortunately, Flan takes down Marisa's second card before you have to. Yaaay~

“Wah, ya got me. As a reward, I'll let you have those books you painstakingly fought for.” Marisa shrugs. “It's yours now.”

Flan blinks. “...Weren't they ours in the first place–”

“Anyway. Let's head in, shall we?” Marisa dusts herself off, floating back to the ground. You and Flan do the same. Back into the house! “So what's up, Leo? Got something for me? Errand? Confession? Executing your evil mastermind plan?”

“Oh, we were just venturing~” you reply.

“Adventuring?” asks Marisa.

“Venturing,” corrects Flan.

“Oh, venturing!” Marisa really gets you. Other than when you have to danmaku her. Maybe she'll be sympathetic to your pursuit in the knowledge of thermodynamics?

“Actually, Marisa. I have an important subject matter to discuss.”


“What if I proposed that the first fundamental law of thermodynamics is outdated?”

“Hmm.” Marisa scratches her cheek, nodding slowly. “Go on.”

“So what I have so far is that the input energy with any given mass, administered from a headpat, though not necessarily only by headpats, converts to a greater output energy from the headpatting. The output energy tends to exceed the input energy even if mass is unchanged.”

“Let me thiink about that.” Marisa does a sudden sneak attack on Flan's hair, ruffling it with no mercy. Flan fidgets the entire time. You realize that you're next once Marisa turns to you. You can't run! You can't even hide! Noooo~

Headpats feel nice. Marisa has good technique.

“From a cursory study, I'd say that it makes sense.”

“I knew you'd believe me, Marisa! Yaaay!” Tackle hug administered! The books you were holding clatter to the floor.

“...Do you think Patchy'd mind if I borrowed you for an indeterminate amount of time?” Marisa asks a grave question.

You recall several escapades of Leonotis kidnappings. Miss Patchouli was not very amused. “Um, maybe?”

“I might just do it anyway.”

“That's slightly scary!”

Marisa gives you a thumbs up. You're not sure if that makes it any better! “Oh, right. Flan. Does Remilia know that you're out?”

Flan shakes her head.

“Should I be worried?”

Flan shakes her head.

“Great.” Marisa squeezes Flan's cheeks with her palms. “This is the first time I've actually seen you outside. Don't make too much trouble for Leo, alright?”

“Leo is a troublemaker~” Flan adds inappropriately.


She only giggles in response.

“It's settled,” Marisa declares. “Both of you are troublemakers.”

“I refuse to be grouped with this slanderer,” you cry out in protest.

“Me too,” she adds in. Strange how she can act so innocent while being so cruel.

“Enough, you fools. Both of you are idiots as well.” Marisa spins around in her chair, wheeling it around the room. She picks up a little screwdriver, fiddling with it and another thing on her desk.

“Hmm? Whatcha doing, Marisa?”

“Lately, I've been looking into some new magical magicky magic. It involves powering up an experimental mini-hakkero.” She tinkers with the thing on the desk. “Trying to see if I can pack some more punch into it.”

“Even more than a Master Spark?”

“Much, much more!” She smacks the table with her hand. “But only if I can get this thing to work properly. It just doesn't receive enough energy.”

“Hmm.” You've an idea! “What about making the thingy convex so that it directs all of the energy into a single focal point? It'd take more energy as its input, right?”

Clatter. Marisa drops her thingy. “Leo. Are you a genius?”

“Just a humble theorist~”

Marisa furious fiddles with the object, now sporting a drill-looking tool in hand. “Uh. This might take a while. You may or may not see me in the next couple of days.”

Glorious! “Flan, look. The beauty of inspiration. Isn't it wonderful?”

Flan tilts her head to look at the spectacle from another angle. “Um... I think so?”

Marisa's preoccupied now. Maybe it's time to take your leave? So you do!

“Leeeeeo!” Flan yells, still inside the house. She returns with... another Flan. And the books. “You forgot about these!”

Two Flans? “Question, Flan.”


“Am I seeing things?” Because you definitely are. Two Flandre Scarlets!

“...I don't think so?”

You pinch the cheek of Flan. Err, the first one without the books. She gives you a concerned gaze. Then, moving onto the second one with the books, you pinch her check. She also gives you a concerned gaze.

“Kay. Just checking.”

Anywho! Err, anyhow. What to do now?

[ ] Tourism. Pay the Hakurei shrine a visit.
[ ] Mountain climbing. Visit the Youkai Mountain!
[ ] Trekking. Keep going through the forest.
[ ] Go back home. You’ve secured the loot!
>> No. 61292
[x] Trekking. Keep going through the forest.

Want to Meet Alice and return her books to her.
>> No. 61294
[x] Tourism. Pay the Hakurei shrine a visit.

oh god all the options look great
>> No. 61295
[x] Trekking. Keep going through the forest.

But not for Alice. For Shanghai.
>> No. 61305
[x] Tourism. Pay the Hakurei shrine a visit. 

Can Reimu face the cute?
>> No. 61307
[x] Tourism. Pay the Hakurei shrine a visit.

A donation of free head ruffles.
Everyone wins.
>> No. 61328
[X] Trekking. Keep going through the forest.

We still need to convince other researchers about our theory.
>> No. 61329
[X] Tourism. Pay the Hakurei shrine a visit.
>> No. 61337
File 141387316349.jpg - (272.01KB, 567x654, oh a geyser no big deal.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Tourism. Pay the Hakurei Shrine a visit.

“Now that Marisa's absorbed into the world of wonder we call magics, why don't we go and bug Reimu! The shrine's not too far from here.”

Both Flans nod. The one without the books does the speaking. “Okay.” Flan and Flantwo, the one with the books, are under your guidance. Enough dilly-dally. To the shrine!

Hmm. This is tricky. You'd naturally fly out, but you're a hundred percent likely to collide with the trees, due to how thick the forest is. The Forest of Magic is rather dense in its greenery, much to your dismay!

Oh well. Walking out is nice, too. This time you're careful not to trip over any stray vines or roots! They won't catch you off guard this time. But you also keep an eye on Flantwo, who also has a stack of books to worry about. “Doing alright, Flan?”

“Yes,” the two of them say in unison.

Well, okay then. “I could hold the books if you want, now that there are less people shooting at us.”

“S'okay,” Flantwo declines your request. “I'm strong.” The original Flan agrees, nodding to herself. The other herself. It's getting rather confusing!

“Question, Flans! How should I differentiate between the two of you?”

Both Flans hold a quiet discussion. After conspiring with her fellow Flan, she has come to a conclusion. Flan points to herself. “Flan. No books.” She points to herself. Err, the other self with the books. “Flan with books.”

“Alrighty!” Good enough for you!

Now that you're past the forest of magic, you're clear for lift-off! The Forest of Particularly Uninteresting Events is sparsely populated with trees, so you're able to fly out with ease. Flan and her book lackey, Flan, follow suit. You pass the human village nonchalantly, waving to its residents. The village quickly passes by as scenery as you keep heading east. On top of a lonely mountain, which looks more like a tall hill, is the cluttered but homely shrine that is Reimu's shrine and home. You land on the patio of the shrine. Knocking!

“Come in,” a voice croons from inside.


“Oho, what do we have here?” Reimu, leisurely laying her head on an old fashioned heating table, is wrapped around with many blankets. It's a Reimu burrito.

“Reimu~ I've come to visit! I... I don't have any donations though.”

The shrine maiden shakes her head. “Nonsense, Leo. No need to donate. You're a good boy. Now, c'mere.” She pulls you in for a hug. “This is donation enough.” Then Reimu coughs violently, pushing you out of the way!

“What's wrong, Reimu?”

“Sick,” she groans. “Caught the Hakurei flu.”

Flan, who was peeking from the door, sneaks in. Immediately, Reimu stands up and grabs you in a headlock, drawing out her charms. “Oh, it's you!” She wheezes out with a sick vigor. Pause. “...Who are you again?”

Flan looks terror-stricken! “Flandre Scarlet, um, sister of Remilia Scarlet.”

“Oh. Right, I forgot.” Reimu scratches her head. Book Flandre enters the room as well. “And who are you!?”

“Also Flandre,” the original Flandre answers.

“The two of them are with me!” you add in. “We've come to visit together.”

Reimu, to respond, hacks, coughs, and wheezes. “Okay.” She sits back down, covering herself with the many blankets on the floor.

“Um,” Flandre pauses. “...Should you be that close to Leo when sick?”

“Don't worry, the Hakurei flu only affects shrine maidens. I'm sure of it. I've only gotten Sanae, the other lovely shrine maiden, sick so far.”

Flan mulls over it for a moment. “Maybe she has a weak immune system?”

“No way.” Reimu shakes her head. “She lives on top of that blasted windy mountain and can still wear those skimpy clothes of–”

Just then, a geyser explodes from the side of the room!

“– hers.” Reimu pours herself some tea from the thermos on the table. Looks like simple green tea!

“Oh, can I have some too?” you ask.

“Sure,” she replies, “just don't use my cup.”

“But I thought only shrine maidens can get sick from the Hakurei flu?”

Flan apprehensively taps Reimu on the shoulder. “Err. Is this normal?” She points to the overflowing water in the room.

Reimu sips her tea. “I've been through worse. Might be another incident.” Turning to you, she asks, “Leo, can you go check it out? You can be me for the day.”

“Should the shrine maiden be this carefree?” you question.

Reimu shrugs noncommittally.“Yeah, sure, why not. I'm on sick leave.”

Oh! “I wasn't aware that shrine maidens had paid vacations!”

“We don't have paid anything.” Reimu sips her tea again.

...Oh. You bow respectfully towards the shrine maiden. “I promise to bring donations next time.”

She pats your head before retreating back into the blankets.

Flan, in response, pats Reimu's head. Reimu sneezes.

But what do?

[ ] Be Reimu with your trusty sidekick Flandre! Solve incidents!
[ ] Don't be Reimu! Marisa can handle things, maybe. Err. Whoops.
[ ] (Provisionally) Be Reimu! You might want to ask Miss Patchouli for permission first.
[ ] Call out to the other shrine maiden for help!
[ ] Something else?
>> No. 61338
[x] Call out to the other shrine maiden for help!

Why fixing this would require...a miracle!
>> No. 61339
[x] (Provisionally) Be Reimu! You might want to ask Miss Patchouli for permission first and maybe some advice.
>> No. 61341
[X] Be Reimu with your trusty sidekick Flandre! Solve incidents!

Maybe we should send Book!Flandre back home first though, so the books aren't hurt in the inevitable danmaku.
>> No. 61345
[X] Be Reimu with your trusty sidekick Flandre! Solve incidents!

>I've only gotten Sanae, the other lovely shrine maiden, sick so far.

>“She lives on top of that blasted windy mountain and can still wear those skimpy clothes of–”
>Just then, a geyser explodes from the side of the room!

The last incident to involve geysers was a Moria shrine conspiracy. Clearly this is revenge for getting Sanae sick.
>> No. 61346
[X] Be Reimu with your trusty sidekick Flandre! Solve incidents!
-[x] Send Book Flandre home though, we need to protect those books!
>> No. 61365
going in blind into this instead of trying to read up on it?
>> No. 61366
File 141422581713.jpg - (118.83KB, 393x283, a very relevant image.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Be Reimu with your trusty sidekick Flandre! Solve incidents!

Since nobody else will step up, you guess you’ll have to be Reimu! Flan can be your trusty sidekick. “Looks like we’re going to have to solve the incident ourselves, Flan. But how do we become Reimu?”

“It’s easy,” replies Reimu. The real one. “All you have to do is shoot people until the incident is resolved. I’ve done that with every incident to date. So far, so good.” She gives you a hearty thumbs-up.

“Hey, that doesn’t sound too hard!” It’s pretty neat being Reimu! “But we don’t have to shoot, right?”

“Well, no, but I find it easier.” The miko shrugs.

She’s the expert on this subject matter! “Got it!” You’re almost set to go! But before you do, you should probably keep your acquisitioned books safe. “Book Flan! Attention, soldier!”

Book Flan salutes, back straight, holding the stack of books in one hand. The pile nearly topples over, but Book Flan catches it before everything flies to the floor.

“Orders?” She plays along.

“Get the package, err, packages, back home safely. If you don’t, there will be consequences! Dire consequences!” A suitable punishment must be delivered if she fails. You’re thinking about tickling her!

“Y-Yessir!” she replies with gusto. She disappears, the books disappearing along with her.

Reimu, huddled under several blankets, scoots forward. “Go henceforth, serve your liege or whatever. Make me proud.”

“Yes'm! As the temporary Reimu-in-charge, I'll ensure this incident gets resolved without complications!”

“Well about that...” she hmms and hrms. “It's okay if you can resolve the incident with complications too. I don't really mind.”

“What a scary implication that is,” Flan comments.

“Go, go. I'll be here, drinking tea.” Reimu lazily waves the two of you off.

Before exiting, Flan adds, “But what about the geyser?”

“What ABOUT the geyser?”


You're off!

“Oh hey Leo-and-friend, whassup?” A voice from near the donation box! Two horns poke out from behind it.


“We're instigating,” declares Flan.

“Dontcha mean 'investigating'?”

“Well, we're Reimu right now, so we're supposed to–”

“Aaahahahah!” Suika boisterously guffaws. “I get it! I totally get it!”

Flan tilts her head quizzically at the oni. “Erm, that wasn't a joke...”

“So! Anything unusual happen lately?”

“Mrmm,” Suika taps her forehead with her index finger. Her face brightens up at a sudden realization. “Oh! No matter how much I patch all of my shirts up, the same hole always reappears. It's mysterious.”

Flan points to Suika's head. “Those.”

“What, my hair?” Suika skeptically holds a few locks of her hair.

“...No,” Flan shakes her head. “Those.” She draws two imaginary triangles with each of her hands on her head.

“Oh? My horn– Ohhh.” Suika has a rare moment of clarity.

Incident resolved! Let's go home! “Mission complete, Flan! Let's tell Reimu we got the job done!”

“Yay,” she cheers nonchalantly.

Your work is done.

Except a geyser blows through the pavement and into the sky, water sprinkling the entirety of the Hakurei shrine in a drizzle. It feels rather nice~

“Looks like it's coming from the underground.” Suika pauses, frowning at herself. “Well, duh. It's a geyser. I gotta stop pointing out the obvious. Anyhow! Might wanna check up... down? Check down there. Underground. You know what I mean. It's either something down there or the work of those Moriya peoples again.”

Startling news. You've gained some critical pieces of information. Now you have some direction to start working towards this incident. “Thanks, Suika!”

“Yep! Come visit again sometime soon. Reimu's been getting really lonely, bugging me every day saying, ‘Suikaaaaaa, I’m soooo lonely where are our friends wahhh.’ Every. Day. Did I mention she does this every day? Point being: visit.”


It's either the Moriya shrine or the underground. Where should you go?

[ ] Straight to the underground! Resolve the problem directly!
[ ] To the Moriya shrine! You might figure something out.
>> No. 61367
[X] To the Moriya shrine! You might figure something out.

Suika was the totally unrelated stage one boss, we still have a few more to go before we resolve the incident so we can't just head straight to the source.
>> No. 61369
[X] To the Moriya shrine! You might figure something out.

goddamn Reimu is amazing.
>> No. 61370
[x] Straight to the underground! Resolve the problem directly!

I'm sure the underground can manage to scrape together five more bosses.
>> No. 61386
[x] Straight to the underground! Resolve the problem directly! 

Aunt Satori finds another delicious shota.
>> No. 61388
[X] To the Moriya shrine! You might figure something out.
>> No. 61403
[x] Straight to the underground! Resolve the problem directly!

Underground crew is love.
>> No. 61416
[x] Straight to the underground! Resolve the problem directly!
>> No. 61469
[X] Straight to the underground! Resolve the problem directly!

Satori will look into our heart, and be so overcome by the direct contact with pure cute that Flan will literally have to pry us out of her embrace.
>> No. 61577
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